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Mosaic: BlipBlop App User Positive Comments 2022

Mosaic: BlipBlop app received 59 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mosaic: blipblop?

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Mosaic: BlipBlop for Positive User Reviews

No wordsThis is what human kind has led up to.Version: 1.1

10/10Pure Fun.Version: 1.1

VibrateTurn off vibrate in sound settings on your phone.Version: 1.1

This game is intenseThis game is honestly the peak of humanity. All of the homies play it!!! Make a new update. Game play is amazing!.Version: 1.1

Amazing game (in moderation)I was streaming e3 from my home when I saw a new mobile game experience called BlipBlop. I thought it looked rudimentary, yet still intriguing. Within 30 seconds I had the game installed and ready to play. I instantly launched the game without hesitation because I was so excited. I played for a good 3 hours and thought the game was insanely fun, but then my wife said it was time to leave for our anniversary dinner. I had totally forgot that we had a meal out, and was shocked. I told her I’d be ready within a few minutes, but had to finish collecting some blops. She said she would be waiting in the car for me, but I was getting close to obtaining a total collection of 100 million blops, and was only 30 million away. I looked down at my phone then looked back up, and 30 minutes had gone by. My wife got out of the car and came inside, and told me that she was mad. I told her that she could go back to the car because I would be ready to go very soon. I was only 10 million blops away from a total of 100 million. She said fine, but also said I needed to be quick because the restaurant didn’t stay open all night. I started collecting more blops then realized I was only 50 million away from a total collection of 150 million. After 2 hours I finally hit my total of 150 million. I was extremely happy at first, but then I looked out my window and the car wasn’t there anymore. My wife left without me. I decided it wasn’t a big deal so I just kept collecting blops. The next day I woke up and to my surprise my wife wasn’t at the house yet. I knew she must have gotten caught up in some major traffic to be gone that long. I didn’t worry yet, because her parents house is only a few minutes away. She may have just gone there for the night. I kept collecting blops, when I noticed it had been 8 weeks since my wife had left the house. I tried to text her but she had blocked me. I cried because I knew this must have been the end of my marriage. I knew I should’ve went with my wife to our anniversary dinner that night. I still feel bad to this day, but at least I still can collect all the blops I want to without distractions..Version: 1.1

Terrifying ...... that I would actually spend an hour playing this and will shortly fo back for more. I missed a meal! It’s like crack cocaine..Version: 1.1

Definitely a Simple Game to pass the timeThis game is extremely simple It’s something to just pass the time / or get kinda addicted to.Version: 1.1

Simple time wasterLike the title says, this is a fun time waster flicker when you got nothing else to do. Like many others, I downloaded this after the E3 reveal of Mosaic. Definitely will check out the real game once it’s released..Version: 1.1

Update the leaderboardsBeen playing this game for 2 weeks now and I've been top of the leaderboards a few times but it's annoying how long it takes for the leaderboards to update and show my current blob count, right now I should be 1st but I'm 9th, again super annoying..Version: 1.1

Stupid tap tap tap gameStupid game... that I can’t stop playing cause it’s so addictively fun! What has my life came to?.Version: 1.1

Almost sure this is and adI’m pretty sure I saw this in a video game So I’m pretty sure this is an ad.Version: 1.1

No-pressure clickerAll of the satire-based reviews aside, this is a really solid game. Delightful noises, simple prestige system, no pressure to be on it all the time but rewarding for when you are. It ‘s stripped down and scratches the clicker itch without flooding you with ads in order to get anywhere. If i could give this game more stars, I totally would..Version: 1.1

BlipBlop to the topEvery blop counts..Version: 1.1

YeyAlmost got arthritis but cool game. And I played it for 1 hour and recorded it. Yeah..Version: 1.1

Lost my friends for thisStood in the driveway for 200 hours straight tapping my screen..Version: 1.1

It’s just goodIf you like tapping, you’ll like this.Version: 1.1

Game inside of a gameI love how creators but a games inside of a game and I always wish that second game was real and now my dream has came true.Version: 1.1

WeWe live in a society.Version: 1.1

AddictingThis game is like crack and the sound design is extremely fun. could we please have a setting to turn off vibration??? it gets really annoying after a while.Version: 1.1

Life changingAs my mama always told me, if you ain’t blippin, you ain’t livin..Version: 1.1


Life changingI was in the final stages of traumatic diarrhea poisoning, when my doctor prescribed me BlipBlop. It’s been eight years now, and I’m 100% recovered. BlipBlop saved my life..Version: 1.1

Blipping and BloppingIt is so easy to get blops! I have over 1 million blops..Version: 1.1

E3 time wasterLove it.Version: 1.1

Too Many Blips, Even More Blops!Best Game of E3.Version: 1.1

Please......introduce a MAX UPGRADE button. Thanks.Version: 1.1

Dystopia never felt so goodI do not question society I just blip. I am a cog and that is all I want. I can’t wait for the new surprise mechanic update where you buy chances at earning chances to get a booster that gives you a chance at earning more blops. Also the leaderboards seem to be broken. How can I possibly measure my efficiency against others in order to prosper in our winners and losers corporatism 😭.Version: 1.1

Can’t stop the BlopI’m blipping and blopping and occasionally taking a break to relax and work for a bit then it’s back to the grind. Suggestion- on level up bonus and frenzy bonus - update my blip value so I know how many modified blips I’m blopping..Version: 1.1

<3I just started a new job, got married and had my first child. BlipBlop made it all possible. Thank you BlipBlop..Version: 1.1

PerfectI just find the vibration very annoying.Version: 1.1

Can’t load the gameThere might be some bugs!.Version: 1.1

Stupid FunWhere you can ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” ...and then continue to do it. Because playing a monotonous game within a game about the monotony of life in order to earn trophies in real life that isn’t actually real life at all, but instead, a facade of an achievement that humans somehow put value upon is fun. 👍.Version: 1.1

Aw yeahYou get to blip some blops.Version: 1.1

VERY FUNYou blip to get blop. You can even not blip and you will still get blop!.Version: 1.1

I need helpExtremely addictive.Version: 1.1

Got it as a joke, I’m addicted helpI got this as a joke from the E3 reveal, why is it actually addicting to play send help my hands are going numb from the constant vibrations of my phone. Please I need to escape.Version: 1.1

I blipped I bloppedBut most importantly I flopped, welcome to Blip Blop.Version: 1.1

HUmans of late capitalism.Version: 1.1

MindblowingWhy would you need anything else?.Version: 1.1

My sister is hookedOne day in December 2019, my sister played mosaic, she thought the game was ok, but what really got her excited was the app that the guy was addicted to. This app/ game made her interested, she didn’t download it, but u showed it to her, but then she got a phone. And she downloaded it. She’s had it for 2 days and already has over 6 Million Blops, she’s trying to beat the world record. I am not really a good player but when I play I tap a lot until my fingers hurt..Version: 1.1

10/10Top tier game 🔥🔥.Version: 1.1

I feel like such a tool enjoying this gameAs I first started playing this game I immediately recognized what it was doing and started laughing as I watched the achievements roll in. Beautifully clever and simplistic, this game will fill that itch for your clicker-addiction, and it’s free, so you have literally no excuse not to try it.Version: 1.1

Starting an ARG for a video game = best way to rep a gameI like the whole feel behind this game. As you progress through this blank and horrible game, you realize the setting in Mosaic. It’s drawing attention to me and I really want to play this upcoming game..Version: 1.1

Just a tapping game!Visuals are smooth, sounds are entertaining and there aren’t any ads! If you’re looking for time to waste it’s a pretty entertaining way to watch numbers go up!.Version: 1.1

This app changed my lifeI have never ever blipblopped that much in my life, and I’m still wearing dark clothes outside in the rain. We live in a society..Version: 1.1

Love me some BlipBlopEasy 5 stars. After the divorce and my mother’s death, BlipBlop is the only thing helping me get through these tough times. The joy of constant blipping in order to get more blops sends a steady rush of dopamine through my body with every tap. But I’ve wasted enough time already, I need to go blip some more!!.Version: 1.1

Dark and scary and not unfunnyPart ad, part satire, and part actually addictive clicker game. Sure, it starts as a joke making fun of mobile clicker games, but as it’s addictive gameplay sticks its hooks into you you can’t help but keep blipping to get more blops. The disturbing realization that stripping a clicker game down to its math does nothing to reduce its dopamine rush dawns on you. Where’s Mosaic so that I can at least enjoy a full game with a proper atmosphere while feeling this depressed?.Version: 1.1

Super funJust a great, bare bones, idle clicker game. Super minimalist and just basic fun. I wish I could turn off the vibration though. Maybe there is a way and I’m just really slow though..Version: 1.1

Blip blip blip bliiiiipIt started with just one blip. Then I thought a few more blops couldn’t hurt. But when I entered into the Blip frenzy, I really couldn’t stop blippinnnnn. I was then saved by the autoblip, which is like having a fourth hand to blip with and it finally gave me time to eat, call my mom, and write this review.Version: 1.1

Blip till you die!I played Mosaic and I immediately got hooked onto Blip Blop even before I started the actual game! Then I thought “Is there a Blipping’ app??” And I was surprised to find there was an app! 5 stars thank you for blessing me with the Blippiest Bop!.Version: 1.1

Changed my lifeBlip blop gave me hope at a time when i never thought i could love again.Version: 1.1

Da 🐐 no 🧢The ads don't stop your clicking..Version: 1.1

Amazing gameI can’t seem to stop blipping! Get all the Blops!!!.Version: 1.1

Pleas read thisWhen I got this I loved it but I thought it was only going to be a taping game but when I started playing it.Version: 1.1

Fascinating ExperimentAs soon as I saw the E3 demo for Mosaic I downloaded this app. Yes, it is a taster for the Mosaic game and therefore could be considered advertising but it’s a full app with no ads, some achievements and goals. The sounds are particularly compelling. My wife and children laugh at me because I find this game to be somehow very relevant in this world of huge variety and many totally meaningless wastes of time. This could be one of those... In terms of longevity I don’t know how long this would really last; after all when Mosaic comes out I’ll be buying it right away. I do love this tremendous way of increasing attention on an upcoming title. Good job. Now, I must just spend some more time collecting blips... I want to get to a trillion... 😉.Version: 1.1

Blip on the RadarThis is my jam. Tap games are about simplicity. This game nails it! (I can’t find the sound though. I’d love to find a way to play this while listening to a podcast!).Version: 1.1

Best GameI got this from E3 I thought it was gonna get boring quick but I got really addicted to it instantly.Version: 1.1

Perfection in a bottleTL;DR: Less is more. Good game. Free. This is everything I want in an idle clicker game. Simple mechanics, NO pay-to-win tactics, NO in-game currency for real $$$, not too much grind and not too little, good and addicting gameplay, plus beautiful UI. This game is like a living definition of the phrase "less is more" and is very minimalistic. I quite like that about it, but I know that's not for everyone. It's also free. Like free free. No pay to buy, no pay in game. Lovely all around. :).Version: 1.1

Best game ever!Blip to get blops, I’ve got over 100 million blops and counting. Super addictive! Can’t get enough blops!.Version: 1.1

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