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NFL OnePass App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

NFL OnePass app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NFL OnePass? Can you share your negative thoughts about nfl onepass?

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NFL OnePass for Negative User Reviews

HorribleTrying to buy tickets for Friday night draft, says I need an access code and the app constantly crashes. Just an absolutely awful way to buy tickets to an event.Version: 3.36

Won’t workKeeps saying network error when trying to log in to fan pass. I know I am using correct info as I can log in to all other nfl stuff online and apps..Version: 1.0

Horrible appGarbage.Version: 3.32

Schedule doesn’t match at all..Says “autograph signing” wait in line over an hour then the say “no autographs” players don’t show up, show up late, leave early.. really disappointing for my 2 sons.. 👎🏼.Version: 3.43

Horrible appDoesn't send you any useful information. Slow, lags, works as hard as Kapearnick. Useless..Version: 3.32

Just gets stuckSeemed to register with Apple ID ok but then when you try to proceed it just completely sticks on a ‘close window’ screen and won’t do anything else - very frustrating.Version: 3.47

Terrible appWho made this app? It is such a hassle to register for draft experience reservations..Version: 3.36

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work.Version: 2.4

Unable to RegisterWebsite doesn’t allow you to register with no reason or guidance to get the registration complete just a message saying we are unable to register you..Version: 3.44

This is bull crap, no where, does it show where you can cancel your free subscriptionCan’t find unsubscribe area..Version: 2.1

App is garbageI’m in Miami right now and trying to find out where all the festivities are and the app will not load on my Android phone or my iPad! Terrible app, the NFL should be ashamed!.Version: 2.4

No Pro Bowl InfoNFL can you please update the app with PB info?.Version: 2.3

I can’t registerI’m in Vegas looking at the NFL draft stage and the app won’t even let me create an account..Version: 3.45

Bad appI entered my NFL details to download the app via the email the NFL sent, then this app rejects the same log in details!.Version: 3.40

Worst app experienceHow does the NFL that makes billions of dollars in revenue not have an app that is decent. Embarrassing that they would put this kind of product on the market..Version: 3.36

Password issuesJust reset password and app keeps telling me credentials aren’t valid..Version: 3.32

App still shows its for Super BowlDownloaded the app as I read its required to attend the 2022 Draft next month. When it loads however all of the data is for this past Super Bowl, including giving you a chance to win tickets?!? I fear that I will miss out on trying to get tickets to events since all of the data on the app is invalid..Version: 3.43

TerribleI just want tickets to a free event. This is so complicated and awful and the app is horrible. I registered online, got a QR code, but the app couldn’t read it? Why?.Version: 3.32

Garbage.The entire app is garbage and the entire “nfl Super Bowl event” is garbage. Thumbs down. If I could give it no stars I would..Version: 3.32

TerribleWhy can I not log out? I had to delete the app altogether and reinstall. Absolute garbage..Version: 3.41

Absolute garbageEchoing what so many others have already stated. How does the NFL and their unlimited resources allow a product like this to hit the open market? Much less when it’s integral to the fan experience and actual adherence to the necessary safety protocols in place?.Version: 3.36

Does not link properlyAbsolutely Horrible. Continues to ask you to log in to your NFL account but refuses to recognize that you ARE logged in and places you into a continuous loop asking you to reset your password. Garbage. Probably blocking people from getting specific market-only perks as the NFL mafia does. Only way to beat them is to create accounts in each market with area-code and IP specific numbers. Such a shame!.Version: 3.32

Remove this requirementThis requirement of having a phone and app to enter an event shuns poor people and people that don't like carrying a phone with them all the time. Also, stop asking for my location (let me disable asking for my location)..Version: 3.32

GarbageMulti billion dollar league makes absolute trash app!!!!!!!!!!’ Can’t register because it says that the emails don’t match and get stuck in an endless loop. Straight up garbage.Version: 3.44

Horrible appFor such a big and successful company, the NFL has an absolute horrid app....Version: 3.36

Lack of iPad SupportThis app could really use an iPad-compatible version. It also freezes a lot on launch..Version: 3.32

Login problemLogin doesn’t work..Version: 3.32

Doesn’t start properlyFirst time opening app it asks to allow notifications, after that it asked to share location but when you tap continue (the only option) nothing happens. Restarting phone or app doesn’t alleviate it..Version: 3.40

TERRIBLEWaited in line to take a pic with Lombardi trophy ... wasn’t allowed to take my own photo ... THEIR PHOTO NEVER LOADED - TERRIBLE APP AND EXPERIENCE.Version: 3.32

Waste of timeIt’s basically just the schedules for certain events (like the draft). Just look it up on their website. What’s the point in having an app for it?.Version: 3.44

Zero stars - absolute garbageThis app doesn’t work. NFL should do better. Created account online even though I have like 5 other NFL accounts, apparently this one is different from the others. Can’t login on the app. Continuously saying there is a connection issue. Just a garbage app that doesn’t work..Version: 3.32

Doesn’t workUnable to log in. Error message say incorrect login credentials but I know it’s correct because I have no problem logging into NFL site & app. I’ve emailed for assistance and haven’t received any response..Version: 3.32

Can’t log inNeed info on tickets to win for super bowl game!!!!.Version: 2.3

TerribleDoesn’t allow you to register for any events.Version: 3.32

2021 draftSays nothing about that you can only get tickets for one day I’ve downloaded this app over a month and a half ago waited waited waited then it comes times to get tickets everything sold out for the draft was able to get one Friday evening for the fan experience went back in to try to reserve something for Saturday it will not let me do anything now this is the worst app in the NFL they have dropped the ball big-time.Version: 3.36

Update doesn’t work at allThe “help” robot they have doesn’t work. Doesn’t answer and the link it pops up with to reserve tickets doesn’t even work. And supposedly there are new times released for experiences to reserve and it’s not showing.... please fix this Quick! If this is the “exclusive” way to reserve and handle the event... please make sure it’s in working order.Version: 3.36

Log in problomsWon’t let me log in keeps telling me to request a password reset which I do but that comes up as Error ☹️☹️☹️.Version: 3.40

App Does Not WorkI’ve tried to create an account for over a hour. No matter how many times you submit your account info the app doesn’t allow you to submit and just loops at the account submission page. Not sure how many one star reviews need to be submitted before the NFL does something. Either the web team doesn’t care or doesn’t have a clue what their doing..Version: 3.36

Forced promotionThe App forces you to add your email and phone number without opting out for promotional correspondence and texts..Version: 3.36

Not validingYour site will not validate while creating an account..Version: 3.32

Unable to access NFL draft ticketTerribly unresponsive app. No response when I emailed them either. Trying to secure ticket to attend NFL Draft in Vegas.Version: 3.43

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