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Great game but few thingsI love this game. Been a gundam fan for many years and watched almost every gundam series so to able to use the parts of my favorite gundams from different series is amazing. The story is very interactive and challenging :). The events for good as well. Now the issues I have are 1. The rewards are the events are worth the grind; the problem is there needs to be more than one ways to earns points or coins to buy them cause not many people who play to get these rewards can buy harp chips, some i think don’t have access to money and as what everyone else has reviewed on. The drop rates for particular parts and pilots needed for said events in order to get more points or coins makes it difficult. An easy fix in my opinion would be to make a capsule category that only drops parts to help boost the multiplayer for events. 2. The customization could be brought out more in terms of color options to color one’s gunpla. Other than that, I’ll continue to play the game cause its fun..Version: 1.1.4

Good but whyI played to chapter 4 but if I want to play event daily missions it said I have to download full data about 1to 3 GB but after I did the next time I load into the game to play daily missions I have to download all the data again and I had enough to wait 20 min to play event and daily so I only played story can you guys plz fix that.Version: 3.0.0

Constant Game crashAlways crashes mid loading screen of the main menu and when it does, it crashes no matter what when I try to access my gunpla.Version: 2.1.1

Wishing there was another wayWhile I truly enjoy this game, the combat is pretty good, the character design is a little tricky when upgrading parts- I have to go back and forth to find the right part I want to upgrade. I am also just very unhappy with the reward system- like the games random grab is very uneventful and when you’re playing at a high level it’s a real bummer getting parts that are useless. It’s the same with all their other games, and they’re all great games, but at the end of the day the game almost requires you spend money to get to a certain level. Which is really frustrating at the end of the day when you’re just trying to enjoy and play. Love the concept of this game though, and it’d be cool if they developed variations of the levels - like a duel scenario, or capture the flag. The AI is pretty predictable but it’s a mobile game so expected.Version: 1.0.3

Wish it wasn’t shutting down nowI just started playing this and now I am in love with it but then I realized its shutting down. This is the only Gundam game I played i wish the servers didn't shut down on June 4 I just want them open pretty much.Version: 4.1.3

Honestly don’t need money to play this!I’ve played for almost 100+ days and reached level 140 without even needing to pay. You just need to learn how the system of the game works and it will work in your favour without needing to spend a dime. I’ve collected a lot of rare gunpla without needing to pay and I’m satisfied of this experience!.Version: 2.0.1

So much to do.There is really too much happening. It’s fantastic..Version: 3.0.0

Constantly updatesOk guys I really love this game it’s a wonderful app always changing the game and giving me more mobile suits to customize and play with but as of until recently I went from doing one big update a week maybe two to like doing three or four updates every to day or even better every time I open the app So if you guys could plz fix what your fixing so I can get back to playing that would be great.Version: 2.4.3

HeyIf anyone reads my review it’s not working when ever I open it I have enough storage and everything I need but it’s still not working so someon pls help.Version: 3.4.0

This game is opI love this app.Version: 3.3.1

Forever will be missedSad see this game shutting down in June even though didn’t get play long just started my Gundam collection building the modals guess only Gundam game out is Gundam evolution for all media gaming supports.Version: 4.1.3

I love/hate this gameThe game overall is great. Especially if you want to build and customize your gunpla. It is a gotcha game. So the micro transactions are heavy. You can get through it without them, yet it is hard to beat later levels without rare parts. It’s a grind without paying. The arena is fun at first but then you run into so many pay-to-win gunpla. So many times I’m matched against someone who is “weaker” than be but then find out they have a bunch of rare healing items and it’s impossible to kill them. On top of that there is a bug where they can use their EX skills over and over without charging. So it’s so frustrating. But other than that, it’s great for collecting and going through the story. Gameplay is pretty solid but can get repetitive after a while. Play it if you are a Gundam fan for sure. If not I’d stay away..Version: 3.3.2

Just hangin itWell I’ve always like the Gundam games so when I got to download this the first couple of min the app would just hang at the menu waiting for the game to load, I thought no big deal game probably had a lot of gb. But after all the loading prompts it finally put me in the game and first play was like WOW, tutorial was good, movement was good and the animations are just awesome as well as the drawing of the characters and other cameos. But after I got into the gundam building and finished it was hanging again and I had some connection issue. So I just went back to title and cleared the cache and that worked but had to do the tutorial again no big. But then after that the game would just hang at every loading screen and it got progressively worse, with the same message that stated connection issue and made the game unplayable. I wanna play this game and start grinding but because of the connection error that just made it unplayable. Can you please fix 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 but other than that everything else was awesome I would give it a 5 but a 3 is all I can manage.Version: 1.0.3

Great, but could improve.I got the game in pre-register so I got some powerful bots immediately and have a strong custom team. The customization is great and the painting is fantastic. Gameplay is smooth and works very well. The story is great and has a good flow. You feel like you’re the character and it makes you connect with your gundam so much that I don’t like changing it’s look and weapons even if they’re more powerful I can just upgrade them. I do however have a few complaints. 1. Short story so far but that’s easily fixed with the obvious story points they’ve implemented. (I beat the current story in like 2 days without spending any money) 2. Personally I wish you could make your thing with sana official just for fun but again they’ll probably add that in. 3. I would love a pro circuit that you can do to pvp against other players I’m assuming this is in the works. 4. On top of that I would also like for clans or guilds to be added so that you may have massive gundam battles that would be super fun. 5.My final complaint is that when you’re buying the gundam parts off a roll it shows these golden legendary pieces but you can only get up too epic which from what I can tell is 2* below the max so I can’t get 5 or 6* rolls yet this will probably be added and would be nice to make an overpowered gundam. Overall great game I’m going to recommend to friends and will continue to watch as they develop the game more..Version: 1.0.3

My Gundam ExperienceI’d like to first off state that this game is a fun and awesome time passer that’s easy to learn, pick up and put down, and enjoy. Now I’ve only read the first couple mangas in the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series, but I just love giant robots punching the scrap out of each other for entertainment. Ever since then I’ve been waiting for a good Gundam game to come out on mobile, PC, or console, and so this was an instant download. After the first few hours of gameplay I had gotten the hang of things and gotten attached to my own Gunpla. I appreciate loot box systems and the fact that you earn the in-game currency at a quick rate allows you to harvest as many parts as needed for your preferred build. I’ve gotten invested in the story so far and can’t wait to see how it turns out. Thank you developers for making a fun game for me to get into..Version: 1.0.3

This game updates every freaking day!I love this game but I can’t sit down and have a quick game, it updates to starts and it updates when I do an event, and it’s like this everyday! I can’t play it!.Version: 2.4.1

Great game howeverIt’s a great game but it should be called gundam breaker mobile like it is overseas.Version: 2.3.1

Has great potentialI’ve been playing this game for a while now and have had plenty of fun but there are a lot of things this game can work on and add to make it a lot better. 1. Is definitely PVP with real time players because right now you can only fight AI. 2. Is More Side events that can grant you different rewards because once your done with the story and clear a few of the regular events it’s basically the same thing and it gets boring after a while, they need a few things added to switch things up I don’t know what but maybe adding a power strike event to test your Gunplas power , or I would like to see harder missions to give you great rewards. 3. Is the definitely the gatcha system, it really is crazy how many haro coins you have to spend and the ratio of getting a part you want, they need more step up Simmons and start off with a lower haro chip spend like 300, then 500, then 1000 etc.. 4. Lastly is the customization, I think there could be more added to the customization to make the player truly feel like that’s their one In a kind Gunpla, like being able to modify certain Gunpla parts, allowing parts to have more then one color so like a part head piece can have a gold but you can also add a color to part of that gold etc. other then that I think this game has a lot of potential.Version: 2.0.0

Should not feel this way-at-allThis is a gotcha game that really screams gotcha. The risk and reward don’t match up ,everything detail about the game is yes good, but as far as fulling a spending aspect no way, I’ve been playing since month two and the game still feels like it’s at that point month two, I usually don’t rite reviews at all cause I both am free to play and I spend when I feel I can or just to support. But when you get a feeling of disgust from something that’s suppose to put you in a good mood while you can play it cause let’s face it high their content is at 30 to 35 en and it being capped out at 210 is a total of 5 to 6 missions ,play at your own Rick but I advise to not spend anything on this game until what you pay for you actually get it and until more of us realize this they are just bullying us in a ally and leaving us with a inside out pocket!😪.Version: 2.1.2

Great gameI love the game, best gundam/GUNPLA game so far. However there’s definitely a few things that need to be fixed/added. There’s no way I can find to get the a required material to tune up past level 60. I’ve searched l, you can’t buy them and you can’t get them through achievements. I’ve got quite a few parts/pilots I’ve taken to 60, but now way to go higher without the material. The pilots are a whole other confusing situation. It’s great that they all have different job classes. However the correct class for the pilot would be way better. Have the developers even watched or read any gundam? Heero from gundam wing and Mikazuki from IBO was in no way, shape or form defensive. We need more missions, and open up the arena to more than 3 battles a day. The only new content we get now is through events. When you do release new gundam they hardly ever come with the correct pilot available either. Don’t get me wrong, game is great, play it everyday, just open it up so we can play..Version: 1.0.5

Help my for my problemeMy aplication is bug the start it.Version: 2.2.2

Arena FixGood game overall, I enjoy gundam and the concept of it all. This game does a good job at letting people immersive themselves into the game. The only issue I have with this game is how glitchy it is at times and the arena. It’s the same issue where despite my team having much higher CPWR than the opposing team I still lose because my AI teammates don’t do enough work and end up getting killed leaving me to a 1v3. It’s like in the end CPWR doesn’t even matter it’s just the matter of who gets EX skill first that’s all. And most of the time the enemy team gets their EX skill before i do. There should be a better way to counter enemy EX skill other than using your own EX skill right after they use theirs. It’s just a dumb and pointless mechanic that leaves players at a huge disadvantage. Another issue is that there should be an improvement in combat. Controls feel unresponsive at times and sometimes am unable to shoot while moving my mech. And fix the targeting system, prioritize targets that are closer to you and should not have to be so hard to get. I would say the best way to improve that would be to allow either horizontal camera access or point and click enemies instead of relying on the lock-in. Lastly, add a buy all function or buy what is selected function in the capital shop. It’ll make things much easier..Version: 2.3.0

Best Gundam game ever madeThey have new events every week new Gundams every week . They are a lil tight in game currency but they do have very good deals every 2 months so If you don’t mind spending 20 dollars every 2 -3 months and waiting for the Gundam u really want you’ll get it. Gacha is a lot better then what it was . The game also has inferno missions that make it challenging and not dull for late game players. The story is fine am not a big wifu person but if ur into that you’ll love the story. I spend about 20 dollars every month but I enjoy the game very much. It also regularly gets updates to new ways to enhance ur gunpla and experience. I’ve played this game since launch very pleased on how much better this game has become and will continue to grow. I say give it a shot and enjoy ..Version: 2.1.0

Thank you for fixingEarlier, I was upset about not earning point for builder training . Good you fixed and I am earning points..Version: 2.4.3

Fantastic, fun, but flakey.I would say in the last decade of gundam games being released, this is already one of the better ones. The customization in this game is really in depth and actually fun. Money has always been the object stopping many younger kids and adults from building and buying gunplay kits, but this game allows easy customization and pallets swapping of kits. If you unlock it, you can slap in on your gunpla. Gameplay wise, it is stupidly entertaining to just sit there and destroy things with your dream gunpla. For years i’ve wanted to build custom gunpla, and this game really does give creative gundam fans an outlet to do so and build. Flakey, 3 crashes and extremely long download and load times, like i am talking literal 10 minutes sometimes to download half a gigabit. the game also slows down severely during the title and menu screens, but the gameplay is smooth and fun. GWGB is a fun game, serious it’s free and give you so many tools to use, just be weary that right now it is unstable and really slow even if using wifi for the downloads (which i have gigabit, and found by using my cellular data i somehow downloaded my in game data faster).Version: 1.0.3

Pretty good so far, with a minot nitpick or two.I’ve played for a few hours as of now and the game is pretty fun. I like the different levels of automatic play so that you can have a hand free for of you’re eating or something. I was initially worried when I saw the energy meter, but you get one energy back every five minutes, and you instantly receive an amount equal to your maximum when you level up (I’ve often had time where I have twice my maximum energy level). I’m sure it will get harder in the long run, but there are also item drops that can replenish it. Even the premium in-game currency (Haro coins) are fairly easy to grind out as long as you fulfill all the bonus mission objectives (you can get a maximum of 60 per story mission where I’m at). The capsules aren’t terribly expensive either. There are also daily log-in bonuses, though I’m not sure how long you have to wait for them to refresh day by day. My only real gripe is the limited coloring options. Some of the pallets color the parts in very questionable ways and the fact that you have to unlock every part of a kit before you can use its color pallet feels like it’s going to be a slog to unlock the ones you want, though the option to buy a rotating collection of parts in the shop somewhat eases this. All in all, I’m enjoying my experience so far and looking forward to seeing where the game goes from here..Version: 1.0.3

Cool appThis is such a cool app I love it.Version: 2.2.2

Probably my new favorite mobile game to dateI've always been a HUGE Gundam fan, so when I saw this game available for pre-order, I pounced on it. now that I've actually played it, I can officially say that I love the hell out of it. since I pre-ordered, I got to start with one of my favorite units ever, the Wing Gundam, and because of that, I might be a little biased in favor of the game. but even not taking that into account, it's a really solid Gundam experience, with the battle system feeling really good to use, kitbashing together a custom unit you can be proud of takes maybe about 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay(and on how the parts fall your way), there's all sorts of little things here and there that nod to the main series, and overall is really enjoyable. sure, you can spend money on it if you want, but it's never necessary, and nothing is pay-to-win. you go, you fight, you conquer. and you use the spoils of war to get stronger. tl;dr, get the game if you're a Gundam fan, and if you aren't, it's still a great game to play, and maybe even introduce you to the series..Version: 1.0.3

Fun game for casual or seriousIt's definitely not for everyone but they give you a lot of free parts in the beginning..Version: 2.0.1

This game is not p2wI am not struggling to get the parts I want I have played this game for 2 DAYS and I almost have the ENTIRE gundam Helios set I’m f2p by the way.Version: 3.0.1

Wish there wasIt’d be nice if every single player mode or event could be played either online or offline..Version: 3.3.1

From 5 to 4 stars and dropping fastHonestly this is a great game except for the drop rates which are utterly atrocious at every part of the game whether using haro chips to get better gear or pilots you will almost never receive a purple (I have not got a single purple in my last ten x10 pulls for gear or gunpla parts) so to build an entirely base line purple (meaning parts started at purple level) it would take a couple hundred dollars and that’s with each pieces ability being at tier one to tier each piece up takes 8 of the same piece at purple and ten at gold eight equipment slots means 80 pieces needed to max out everything you are talking thousands to tens of thousands of dollars just to make one and that’s if you get lucky and only pull the pieces from the same gundam. And this is cause by the fact that the price for enough haro chips for one x10 Pull is $14 so utterly unfair as you are not even guaranteed a purple only a blue (quality tier from highest to lowest is gold, purple, blue, green, white). Also the drop rate of items from events is awful. Only play if you have the money to get what you want or don’t really care what you are forced to play with as you won’t be given even the opportunity to pick a gundam or pilot to start with in one of the many play styles so utter failure there as well..Version: 1.0.3

It feels like I’m playing a betaThe game is decent...until you reach a certain point where the story mission went from easy to extreme mode. Near the end of Chapter 6 is mostly the breaking point where you HAVE TO use haro coins to extend the time limit of a story section. The reason is the power level of one npc is 3x stronger. Even stacking up your gunpla team won’t be enough. Therefore, it incentivizes to use haro coins and if you ran out, buy them. Out of all the free coins I got up to this point, the highest rarity that I received is 4* torso and legs. The free battle and material battles are dull. Collecting parts is messy and unorganized. Lets say, you completed multiple sets and you grind missions for resources. When your inventory is full, you check and you can’t remember what part is the completed set so you can’t get rid of it. Going back and forth the collection sectoon is a headache and there’s no markdown to show it in the inventory. Lastly, screen issue. Who the f’k says ‘portrait mode is the best to play’? It works well for PokemonGo, but this game doesn’t. My fingers from my left hand started to cramp up for holding it too long that I feel like I might get carpal tunnel..Version: 1.0.3

Great game, but….This is an amazing game/app BUT during the end of an event if you’re in the middle of a fight and you haven’t collected the event rewards from the achievements you lose everything, so it’s like you spent all that time FOR NOTHING and honestly I’m a little angry at the app for this!!! This is a bug that needs to be fixed!.Version: 3.1.3

Not badGood game but I'd prefer it if you had the option of a landscape mode and possibly an fpv/HUD view other then that it's fairly solid.Version: 3.4.0

Good, but...Let me start by saying that, overall, this game is quite enjoyable. I’ve always loved gundams and just robots in general and I also love being able to customize my character(s), avatar(s), etc. So this game did a very good job of getting my attention and keeping it. It’s tons of fun to swap around pieces and experiment with different builds. That said, a major flaw with this game is the tutorial. While it did a great job of explaining the basic principles of combat, upgrading, and building, it did a very poor job of explaining more advanced features. For example, how to set a class, how to upgrade skills, and how to use gear. I have been playing for a few weeks now and only just found out that I could use other parts to upgrade. I also just found out about gear. And I only found out by visiting a tips and tricks thread that other players made. I wish I’d found out much sooner because I wasted so many parts that could have otherwise been used for upgrades and to swap for gear and such. Please flesh out the tutorial so that future players don’t follow my errors..Version: 1.2.2

Its mehBeen playing since the start. Im giving you a 3 and thats being generous, only because i love gunpla and this game has a great concept, its execution, however, not so great. Im not even going to talk about gacha rates.. Gameplay, when not constantly loading , is either stupidly easy, or ridiculously hard. Its pretty frustrating to say the least to have fully maxed parts on all of your machines, and still not being able to complete the top tiers in events. I log in once a day, just to get free stuff, maybe tinker around with a gundam or two, and bounce, because i cant be bothered to play. Game overall just feels too cumbersome and while its fun to build and paint, i dont find it fun to actually play. Storyline is a throwaway, unless youre super into the build divers series. I could care less, skip. Energy recovery rate is the worst in any game ive played, there really is no way to just play and test out builds. So you could put all your resources into parts that end up being trash in the end, further limiting you, if ftp. The only thing i like is the building system. Until something changes gameplay-wise, probably wont be playing this much, if, at all..Version: 2.0.1

Great Detail, Fun Gameplay.Ever finish building your newly bought Gunpla, pose them and put them on your shelf just wishing they could come to life? This game satisfies that very feeling. They basically base the game off Kit Bashing so your in game Gunpla is a masterpiece built from different models. You’d think it would look odd seeing pieces from different models collide, but the painting option really makes the custom model look great. The gameplay is smooth, although the friendly AI in the tutorial is so strong and quick you barely get much done action-wise as they do all the work. But after the tutorial, you’re in full control and experience some fun, and even mildly challenging gameplay early on. So far, doesn’t seem like a Pay to Win.. but it’s a Gacha game and I assume the true gacha nature will show sooner or later. But as of now, definitely download if you’re a Gundam fan or looking for a new game to play..Version: 1.0.3

So fun!!!Very good.Version: 2.0.1

Good but could be great...This game is a very good game. The graphics, even on my Xr, are very good. The story mode is very in depth and interactive. I haven’t come across something like that in a while but I’m also a casual gamer. The parts upgrade system is very well done and the allá vending machine parts system for getting new and better parts is good. All in all it reminds me of Dragon ball Legends. Here is where the game could use some improvements. The story mode is very short, once you have completed you have opportunities to complete other modes but no other opportunity to really make Haro chips to the same level as the story mode. This kind of forces you to either complete every mode 100% or spend cash to get them. They didn’t really have the server support to handle the network traffic necessary to make the Vs mode work. The drop rate of items to make the Event mode fun are low. It has the potential to be an amazing game but it needs a serious rework of the Haro Chips, Key Item drop rate, and upgrade to gold items (making the pink upgrade chips more available). If nothing else, just make the upgrade items more available and make the Haro Chips cheaper and the drop rate will work itself out. -C.Version: 1.0.3

Awesome game but stumbles on the fundamentalsTo start, I love this game. Fun to build, fun to play, great grind. It unfortunately falls short when it comes to where and how I play. If I play on my IPad I have to transfer the data from my phone. Why? Also when transferring I might loose some of my items and that’s a bummer. For a game where you are doing paining and photos as a part of it, why am I not allowed to use a bigger screen sometimes without a bunch of hassle? Combat is a bit unresponsive, especially using the shield. And it could use a bit of a streamline with the currency systems. There are like 12. Once you get into it, it really is a lot of fun. The premise is perfect because it really feels like you are playing with tiny robots fighting each other and the animations are perfect. I won’t stop playing it, hens the 4 stars, but some quality of life improvements seem to be in order..Version: 2.4.3

I love the game but I love if this feature was in the gameI like the like soooooo much but I wish you guys add this feature like if you have a model kit like me I have a gundam barbatos lupus rex just scan it and you have the parts why I want this feature it’s just it’s sooo annoying if you got like 1500 haro chips and it took you long but if you do the capsule summon you get green and it annoyings me because I work so hard to get 1500 haro chips and you get like green parts that’s why I will love this feature so plz in future updates can you guys add this feature..Version: 2.2.4

Great game but would love a first person modeThis is an amazing game but I would greatly appreciate a first person mode and with the new update I can’t even access the loading screen, I have tried deleting and re-downloading but nothing seems to work :(.Version: 2.1.2

Needs workI own the PS4 version of this game that bombed because of how the game plays, and you had to farm to get parts and there is still no way to balance the game due to the frames, needless to say that if they would have stuck to the third builders that never made it to America they would have had a hit. This is a scaled down version of the bad title, there needs to be a shop that you can buy all the mobile suits you want to use, and they need to be reasonable. If you can buy a white version that you can build up plus the gatcha system for gunpla in this game it would be much better, and with the new digimon games coming out this on will have to step it up or no one but hard core mobile gamers will pay for anything. Also every gundam from G to wing to, age to the whole builder series needs to be in this game to be successful. It’s a good game and I gave you more that $20 hope it helps....Version: 1.0.3

Not playableSince the new update, I’ve had to download the updates 4 times and still can’t play. Should have left it as is. And now none of my gunplas show up.Version: 2.1.0

I truly enjoy this game butThis is by far one of the only games I constantly log into and play even though I’ve only had for a short time, just over a week or so. If you like Gundam and like to build gunpla this game is great, allowing you to mix and match pieces from your favorite gunplas. They have gundam from every major show even recent ones so it’s quite up to date, I was even surprised to see gundams from GundamZ, which wasn’t a very well received show but sold a lot of action figures. Anyways if you truly enjoy gundam or gunpla pick it up and play a while However after the servers went down for maintenance my game now prompts me to update the game files (.8gb) every 24hrs and asks me to redownload the full game (another .3gb on top of the other) to. I don’t know if they’re is a fix for this If someone knows of one or if the producers of this game see this please help?.Version: 1.0.5

Love the custom skins but needs workI really enjoy the new custom skin feature , it’s what I have been waiting for a long time ! The only thing that bugs me is that some parts I want to keep and some I want to change , to use those parts in a skin I would have to take them off of my actual gunpla making my gunpla considerably weaker. That and the ex skills available are exclusive to what the skin has so I cannot use my powerful parts for their ex skills along with the skin itself. Please gunpla battle team make it so I can mix and match the parts with custom skins and the parts I actually want to keep on my gunpla. What I’m asking essentially is that you let me fill in empty part areas on my custom skins with the actual parts that the gunpla has equipped so I don’t have to remove the parts I want to use ,just to keep their ex skills which ruins my stats and tags. I really love this game and this is the first feedback that I have given because I feel a lot of builders share my sentiment. Thank you again for all your hard work Gunpla team , I really do love your game and want your custom skin feature be everything it was meant to be, a way to cosmetically enhance your gunpla without changing the stats, parts and ex skills that I DO want to keep on my gunpla..Version: 2.1.0

Great game but needs tweaks.This game and is amazing. It’s one of my favorite games to play. But I find myself avoiding it at times because of the daily GB download every time I log in. When I do play this game it’s for hours at a time. It’s addicting and so fun, But when I leave the app and come back I have this big download that can take any ware from a couple minutes to almost an hour. I wouldn’t mind having the app itself take more storage to avoid this problem. And do weakly update downloads instead of daily ones. And the other thing is u have to have the app open for it to continue to download. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if it only took like a couple minutes to download, but when it takes an hour, then it’s a problem. In summary my only problem is the download issues. Other than that it’s a perfect game. The fights are fun, customizing is great, and so far I love the story and have gotten attached to it. But this daily download is a big problem. If it wasn’t for that I’d give this game 5 stars. But until they fix this download problem I sadly have to leave it at 3..Version: 1.0.5

Fun but...Story is fun, original, and easy to burn through. I found myself wanting to press on especially when you get to the end. Hopefully more is added. I will say that one chapter consisting of nothing but 10 straight battles disguised as “practice” was a little annoying. Building is the most fun aspect about the game although the painting customization could be expanded a bit more (like allowing players to select colors to specific pieces of each part). The drop rates of parts in this game is absolutely HORRENDOUS. The parts you truly want have a 0.x%-1% drop rate, majority of the time you're getting junk parts you don’t want CONSTANTLY and they fill up your inventory quickly. You could just spam 10X item drops but after the story Haro Chips are so hard to come by that you cant even do that. Which is disappointing due to the fact that certain drops are only available for a week at most. The drop rate needs to be increased, while the cost of acquiring item drops need to be decreased. And create more opportunities to get haro chips. PLEASE..Version: 1.0.5

Awesome game!This game is really enjoyable. I’ve been looking for a mobile game to play for a while with this kind of collection aspect. It is super polished, intuitive, and detailed. I’ve just been getting into the animated series, but this game is everything any fan of the series could want from it. The loading screens are a bit slow, but that’s understandable with the intensity of the game software. Some of the balancing on missions are also way too easy or way too hard, they don’t seem to scale. I would also like to see some mobile suits from 08th MS Team or origins Red Comet. Maybe I just haven’t unlocked them yet because the game is huge. It would also be neat to add some story or event modes that go through different story arcs from the series to unlock series specific parts. Overall great game, I highly recommend. Thank you!.Version: 1.4.2

Amazing gameI always wanted to play a mobile gundam game and here it is, it has plenty of customization although you’re gonna have to grind if you’re like me and are looking specifically for gundam parts and not zaku or anyother, there is variations in weapons finishers but enemies are repetitive and bosses but I enjoy it Doesn’t make it feel as a draw back when you get to see your gundam getting better and actually progressing and the game is not pay to win which is amazing considering the route most other companies take with these loot base game but this game is not pay to win you can win currency in missions and special missions to obtain better parts for your gundam overall a great game. My only issue is that once I reached the final story mission every time I try to play it or any other event or mission my phone takes me out of the app and I have to restart the app again..Version: 1.0.3

The story is really interesting! The battling not so muchThis game can be played completely free. By 25 minutes in I had a gundam I really liked. The story arc of this game is really interesting (tbh I hope they release more of it). The characters are enjoyable, and the layout of events make sense, but the battles are awful. While you can put a “AI” on your kit and have it fight for you (which is the only way I played after the tutorial) it’s still slow, clunky, and just boring. The amount of times I just wanted to skip battles for the story is insane... at a point you’ll be so over powered you can just start a battle then get up fix a sandwich and it’s done and you don’t have to suffer through watching it. If a speed up button was included for say 4x speed that would be much better. Overall it’s a good game if you love the gundam franchise, and with my numerous kits displayed on my shelves I can say a gundam fan loved this game. I just hope for more story missions and just stuff to do. Overall A- rating. Some points were deducted for the horrendous battles..Version: 1.0.3

Game is a blast, however...This game is really really enjoyable, however I would like to be able to have the option to switch between the appearance of modified parts. For example I love the modified version of the Harute, but I don’t like the appearance of its base form. Also, I would love to see more returning events like the rebawoo one, since I missed out on those parts. Or maybe even a similar system as the 4 star exchange tickets but for 3 star parts from previous events. I would also like a 75% for one of the parts in a 10 pack to be a 5 star. It’s a pain when you grind hard chips just to receive 10 rare or common parts. I also agree with people that say harp chips are hard to come by since I finished the story, and really don’t feel like spending a ton of money just to maybe receive a 5 star part. The game is really fun however since there are loads of opportunities for customization and gameplay..Version: 2.3.1

#dual_wieldingKeep them in sr and lr classes, but release restrictions for left and right hands? Only complaint is the downloads, but I love this game. I have decent wifi and my time zone reset is in the middle of the afternoon..Version: 2.1.1

Fun But Needs MoreThis is a fun little game, especially as a Gundam fan, and the story mode is enjoyable (if a little barebones), but once the story mode is over it feels like the game ends. There really isn’t much left to do other than run daily quests and free missions but... why? For what purpose should you do them when those are all that there is to do? Running daily missions just to run more daily missions isn’t much fun and the drop rewards are minimal at best. Haro Chips (the game’s in-game currency that costs real money) become incredibly difficult to get once you complete the story mode. A recent update made it so when you complete bonus objectives each one gives you ten Haro Chips but the bonus objectives can only be completed once and can’t be re-completed when you replay a mission, so you quickly run out of options there as well. Why not just have each mission reward twenty Haro Chips each time you complete it? The game is fun for a while and has some nice customization but it could be so much more and so much better. There needs to be more to do and an easier way to earn Haro Chips..Version: 1.0.5

Energy System Needs WorkThe story, artwork, and gameplay are great, but the energy system keeps you from playing for any amount of time. You use energy to play the game, but energy use is high and energy recovery is low. In the current event, I can only play two battles before running out of energy. Two battles take maybe three minutes to complete. So I play for three minutes then I’m done playing until my energy recovers. Please look to other successful gatcha games and see how their energy systems work because the one this game has is unsustainable. Edit: After playing more, I have found that Haro Coins, the in game currency used to get more parts, are given freely at first, but they become increasingly difficult to obtain. With constant events, you need a huge amount of Haro Coins. It would be nice to have a lower cost for gatcha pulls or a way to earn more Haro Coins..Version: 1.0.5

Another pay to play busted arena...What is it with these types of games and the absolute pay to play arena systems?!?!?!?!? You give me only 3 chances each day to win matches in the arena with only 3 chances to update my enemy list for all 3 daily chances and then you put me up against people 750,000 to 1,000,000 power points ahead of me?? Seriously game! I’m level 39. 39!!!!! And I’m being pitted against level 139?!?!?!? WTH is wrong with you people?!? How is that even remotely competitive, fun, or fair?! So I’m just maligned to just get my 3 daily LOSS coins and hope I can get something with them once every 3 days in the exchange before you switch the items... SERIOUSLY FLAWED SYSTEM! FIX IT NOW! Or this game will go nowhere fast. Domination by cheats, hacks, and flawed game play kills more games than anything else. Fix your arena system. I should not be up against people 100 levels above me OR 1,000,000 power higher than my mechs!!!!.Version: 1.2.2

Don’t buy haros for events...Ok so I’ve been waiting for this weeks event an even wasted money not a lot but enough for 5 event pulls but I got blue color pulls on the events what the this is one way to lose players you should removed the blue pulls on ur event specially who spends money just to get a blue pull come on seems like who ever spends money on this game will not get a single things of what you wanna get seems they want you to buy more haros for a chance of not gettin what you want lol what a waste of money an time if this keeps up!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love the game just pull mechanics are terrible too al waste so if you want parts just save your haros cuz the game will indicate that you haven’t spend any money on the game you have a better chance of gettin the event parts you want by saving your haros... #DONT BUY HAROS!!!! Better chance of event parts pull is u use saved up haros from quest an achievements...Version: 2.1.2

Great gameIt’s all I play!.Version: 3.0.0

Only one thing really wrong with itThe chat message length in crew/guild/whatever you wanna call it’s chat is way way too low. It desperately needs to be higher so we aren’t forced to go to discord to be able to properly communicate.Version: 2.4.3

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