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A Dance of Fire and Ice App User Positive Comments 2024

A Dance of Fire and Ice app received 101 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about a dance of fire and ice?

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A Dance of Fire and Ice for Positive User Reviews

Good but needs somethingWe need iCloud support to synchronize the progress in iPad and iPhone..Version: 2.1.0

Well put together, but here’s something you could addHonestly I love this game, the moment I downloaded it, it kept me up until 4am! It’s a simple concept bent to its limits, and I want to congratulate you guys for that. As I’ve played I’ve thought of some new feature that would make the game simply soooo much better: 1. An option to turn on auto restart from the settings menu to save us from having to wait like 5 seconds between attempts. 2. A feature that automatically calibrates as you play but doesn’t include outliers because the player might be getting distracted. One way you could achieve this is by using a system to get the mean ms (not including outliers) and as it gets more fine and closer to the perfect calibration, it gets harder to change so that one bad day/attempt can’t totally mess up your calibration. 3. A custom map editor! I mean where is it! This game without a custom map editor is like geometry dash lite compared to the full geometry dash! I know this was long but I hope you think over these killer suggestions, thank you..Version: 1.15.5

Make 5-X possibleThe game is good but 5-X is impossible so make it possible.Version: 2.1.0

Love this game but there’s some vibration bugsOverall, 10/10 rhythm game, the music is good the gameplay is good etc etc. my only issue but it is a very frustrating one is that the vibration randomly cuts out towards the end of songs sometimes, and it’s very disorienting and often causes me to mess up and lose. If this bug is fixed it would be a perfect app.Version: 1.15.4

Great game, better on PCThis truly is an amazing game, but I much prefer the pc version. I hope that in a future update, there would be a way to download and play / create custom levels like the PC version :).Version: 1.14.1

A few small bugsThere are a few small bugs in it. Say for instance sometimes my clicks/taps don’t register, there is an odd midspin tile in PA-X, but apart from that this definitely is one of my favourite games!.Version: 1.14.1

Amazing gameTLDR: worth every penny, a few quality of life changes that I think are necessary/would make the game better. This is one of the best or if not, the best game I’ve ever played. You don’t need to be an experienced gamer to play, and get good. It is worth every single penny. The dlc (while hard) is absolutely amazing, (even though the harder version of world five isn’t out yet) and gameplay is simple, and fun to learn, as well as being difficult to master, making the acceleration of difficulty perfect. I reached the crown island levels and 100%ed the game otherwise, and the game up to this was amazing, I can’t recommend it more. For the devs: After beating world b and the dlc I was slightly dissatisfied with the two new planet colors, as the diamond/true ice one looks slightly bigger than true fire and has a different trail. Every time I close-close the app (like not just going home, but actually closing it), dlc settings like “hold tile behavior” and “invulnerability during free roam” are automatically reset to the default, being slightly annoying I also play the game on iPad, but for some reason the dlc levels do not appear as cleared, even though I got the achievement, and clicked recover game progress using achievements Also, all of the levels that are not main levels in the main game have the same problem I wish the calibration would show the chosen colors of the planets.Version: 2.5.7

Little problemThis game is great but I'm wondering if you have to complete everything first try on world 1 to get passed danc of fire and ice 1X as its only letting me up to 47%.Version: 1.14.1

Best Game You’ll Ever PlayThis year has been so...strange, to say the least, but this game has honestly made it so much better. I don’t know what it is about this game, but it’s so amazing and makes me feel satisfied and content while playing. The music, the simple yet challenging gameplay, the extra levels at the end— they all tie into each other to make this a truly amazing game to play. I’d honestly pay 3x this game cost just to experience it all again! The developers of this game deserve all the praise and congratulations because this app is truly a masterpiece. While the game may feel short to some, there’s a lot you can do here and the app is constantly updating and adding newer levels. My sister and I are absolutely HOOKED on this game and we'll sometimes challenge each other to see who can get highest on the speed runs. Thank you for such a great game I can’t get enough of it! The developing team deserves a clap on the back!!.Version: 1.9.2

Awesome game, but...This game is amazing and I constantly find myself coming back to it. I just have one problem, though. When it comes to speed trials, worlds 6 and 8 seem wrong. World 6's target speed is 1.1x, which is barely faster than normal, while world 8's target is 1.3x, making it extremely fast. This wouldn't normally be an issue, but seeing as it is these two worlds specifically, it is one. World 6 is averagely paced or even slow in the eyes of some, while world 8 is a much faster world. I was even able to beat world 6 at 1.3x speed within just a few attempts, while I am still struggling at 1.2x speed on world 8. So if you see this, please swap the target speeds of these two worlds..Version: 2.5.2

Incredible game, but there are a few bugsThis game is absolutely incredible, I literally LOVE this game. There are a few bugs though, like how in IT GOs dragon part, the camera is always zoomed in for some reason. In the Neo Cosmos menu, if you go to the puzzle section and scroll down extremely far by abusing a glitch where you scroll and pause the game, you are able to see a classic version of the menu, basically the same thing to the PC menu..Version: 2.4.7

Greatest gameThis is the greatest game ever in existence although you could make it go a bit easier other than that amazing but you need level editor and custom levels otherwise amazing.Version: 2.4.7

Redefining rhythm gamingThis game is a MUST play especially if you like the rhythm game genre, personally if you have a pc id say get the pc version and support the devs other game which is in early access called rhythm doctor, if you cant this version is still JAM PACKED with things even including a dlc adding even more things and this game is STILL being updated with community maps coming to the game as official ones, for example level MO-X is a community made level that was made official for a collab with muse dash..Version: 2.5.7

WowThis game is just absolutely amazing definitely worth the price.Version: 2.4.2

THE MOST NEEDED 2 CHANGES1: 120 and 144 Hz SUPPORT With all of these new phones (like this iPhone 13 Pro i'm using) having higher refresh rates, games like this are going to have to update with <60Hz support because just imagine this game with double or more the reactivity and responsiveness… 2: (MOST NEEDED) Player Made Levels It might be a challenge, but we need to find a way to import songs from somewhere like files (on iPhone) or streaming apps that we can use to make levels and upload to something better than the steam workshop like on pc. If there could be an online player made level search, I would never stop playing this..Version: 1.12.1

Perfect gameThis is so simple, yet so fun, the difficulty is just perfectly balanced to make it a fun game. Those were the best two dollars and seventy nine cents I ever spent..Version: 1.11.2

Rlly good gameAs frustrating as this game is I absolutely LOVE this game. I’m not good at rhythm games and trying to control multiple things is just a no for me, so just having to tap anywhere on screen made things so much easier to understand and more enjoyable for me. I beat the game and DLC on my laptop and I’m almost done with the game on phone too. I’m super excited to play the DLC here too! I’m so glad they added it! Also the songs are AMAZING, I always find myself humming it or tapping the rhythm..Version: 2.4.0

I like turtlesFirst off I want to express that this is one of the best rhythm games I have ever played and I really enjoyed playing it, now with that out of the way I want to ask if you guys are planning to add rhythm doctor to mobile? I don’t know if it’s possible or not but I would really enjoy playing rhythm doctor, that’s all!.Version: 2.5.7

Why is it easier on mobile?The method of input on mobile is just the same as on pc and it’s just as easy to play the game so why does mobile have to be so much easier? The timings are not strict at all and I was able to beat the hardest levels almost immediately after struggling on them on pc. The trend of mobile being harder to use is kinda dumb and especially irrelevant for rhythm games. I wish you would make the game just as hard as on pc to make it fair for everyone. Other than that phenomenal game. I still enjoyed it despite its easier difficulty and the levels and soundtrack are great..Version: 2.4.7

Wonderful Game!This game is a beautiful thing. It has a great concept, top-notch game mechanics, and the best design I have seen in a game in a long time. The one and only problem that I have is the limited content. I know that there's a whole plethora of user levels on the steam version, and I don't see why they can't be ported to the mobile edition. But still great game, and I can't wait for what the devs will add in next. EDIT: 9-X is broken again guys please fix, I'm doing speed trial.Version: 1.14.1

A few bugs.This game is perfect but theres a bug i found while doing a speed trial of It Go. At 77% the game froze for about 0.2 seconds, which is almost an entire beat. Because of this, I died. When i respawned, the screen was zoomed in. It zooms in for the entirety of the section until you hit the checkpoint. Please fix this, bye!.Version: 2.4.7

A Drummer’s GameI love this game!!! It’s addicting and so much fun to learn. As a drummer I found this game easy but delightfully challenging at the same time. I found a level with the title of Triplet and I knew that this game either has been created by a drummer or someone that has looked up percussion elements. I 100% recommend for anyone that wants to get better at rhythm in a fun way!.Version: 1.12.0

EmomomoHow do you get emomomo.Version: 2.1.0

One of the best rhythm games!This game is easily one of my favourite rhythm games, it’s amazing and the beats are in sync with the levels.Version: 1.3.7

Better then geometry DashThis game has a lot of unique mechanics in it and I love it more then the game called geometry Dash.Version: 2.4.4

Absolutely beautifulThank you devs for the new update! I have always enjoyed rhythm games and ADOFAI has always been absolutely phenomenal. Thanks devs!.Version: 2.4.0

Visualizes music perfectly.A fun game, both to watch and play. You’ll learn a thing or two about music, or at the very least, get a very good challenge out of it!.Version: 2.4.4

Just got through the first world and it is so fun.It’s the best game in the world.Version: 2.4.7

I’m stuck on the first level on a dance of fire and ice I think and I’m strugglingI love the game I even play it day after day it’s just soooooo funnnn.Version: 2.4.7

Cool and goodWhere neo cosmos dlc?.Version: 1.15.5

Amazing game!I love this game. It has so much challenge to it. Even if you think you can’t do it, you get it eventually. That being said, the pause menu should be improved. Not saying it’s a bad pause menu, but I think it should have a 3 second count down so you have time to react to get back into the song. Otherwise, the game is perfect!.Version: 2.4.7

The perfect game but one questionI left a review saying that it was perfect and it still is and last time I said there was a screen bug and they fixed that. So the game is now perfect but I have one question: is one forgotten night on ADOFAI mobile? I got this game on steam and I saw that if you do something in the hub on computer and I thought that level was challenging and I liked it and I wondered if it was on mobile so I looked it up and nothing showed up and then you replied to my review so I’m doing this the same day. I’d one forgotten night on mobile?.Version: 1.9.2

Y’all deserve 5.0 starsThis is by far one of the greatest “music” related games I have ever played. Besides osu! this is 2nd on my top 10 list of greatest “music” games. My favorite song is “The Midnight Train” it has such a good rhythm to it and great piano in the background. I even downloaded the track so I can listen to it in my free time. Good job and I hope to see more updates to mobile version!!!.Version: 2.1.0

Finally, a fun mobile game!Although it’s paid, it’s only $2 which really isn’t much for an entire game and it has no ads which is great. I played a html version on an unblocked games website on the school computer and when I got on the bus I found this on the App Store. It’s very fun and I highly recommend it..Version: 2.1.0

No editor on mobileGreat gameplay no dlc or editor on mobile please fix this I would be soooooo grateful because I’ve always wanted to make my own levels.Version: 1.15.5

NiceThe game was fun in all I loved it and it look tap on the beat and it could help me in my future that now I have the game it had all kinds of worlds and it’s pretty if you ask me but just saying I could play the drums with this skill I learned from world one I could be a professional at the start! Y’all should really get this game it’s a one time purchase and you could discover news ways to listen to music while playing this game.Version: 2.5.5

This close to perfectNeed more charts and where are the muse dash collab songs?.Version: 1.12.1

Love this gameI love playing g this game and I’ve completed it on pc and have played their other game, Rhythm Doctor, on pc. Just now I was in the middle of trying to complete the level “Jungle City” (I think that’s it’s name), and near the end of the song, the 3D Touch just stopped. I thought maybe it was something wrong with my phone so I retried the level and it was working again, and stopped working at the same spot. Other than that tiny bug, this game is super awesome..Version: 1.9.5

Well thought out!This game shows itself to not be a quick game you finish, I haven’t finished but I have found it wasn’t a game that I got stuck as well, the artwork in the background is amazing and the songs feels like you can follow it. Most music games put synchronised music behind the gameplay but this feels like we’re playing the music. The simplicity of it is crazy I thought I was easily going to beat the first world easily but it took me forever, this helps with not making it repetitious and is not for all people. For me I don’t think I’m going to find any better music game out there. This game is definitely on the top of best games for me and would like to see more but don’t rush any of the game development, I want to see the best you can do not more content dumped on it. Can’t wait for more!.Version: 1.12.1

The bestI played 20 rhythm games on my iPad so far this is in my top5 recommended. Why because it is at an affordable price, it has good music, it is perfect for beginners and finally addictive. I have been playing it for a month now finally completed every course. The only thing I do wish you add is custom songs that you don’t have to pay for. Also an editor so you can make your own maps. If you added this you would get more downloads. Any way great game in general would recommend..Version: 2.4.7

This game is pretty coolThis game is a nice game it takes some getting used to but once you’ve got the hang of it it gets fun but I wish when you paused and came back it has a countdown so it doesn’t just start suddenly I also wish that their was a level editor or something since it seems perfect for that but still this game is really cool.Version: 2.4.5

This game is amazing, however…Got this game on Christmas as a gift, and I have the DLC and nearly everything unlocked, but my main issue after playing for so long is the calibration settings. It would be extremely beneficial to have the arrows in the settings menu go by increments of 5 or 1, because the 10 increments are not precise enough for the desired timing that I want. This game also has a really bad issue (mostly on iPad), where the tap is seen by the game as “too late” or “too early” even when its on time. The levels and secrets in this game are really fun, even when they make me want to throw my phone or iPad into the ground 😅All in all, this is a good rhythm game, just with those 2 really bad issues..Version: 2.5.7

CrashedGreat game lots of fun beats to play Can’t play anymore now it’s always a black screen.Version: 1.11.2

BugsThe bug is that there is an menu sound playing through the game randomly but its random..Version: 1.14.1

Very nice game.This game is probably the best rhythm game I have. There is one bug though. I do not know if I am the only person that has this bug. In world PA-X even if the graphics are very high, the background is blank and when I pause the game, I could see the normal background. Can you please fix this bug. It would be well appreciated..Version: 1.15.5

Great game but one thingNow this is a great game but plz add a level editor be cuz I REALLY want to make levels and show how much potential my levels have also this is (optional) but could you maybe also add a share level button also where you can rate levels basically like geometry’s dash level system also thank you for your time.Version: 2.4.7

Aight so here’s what I suggestYou guys obviously don’t have to do this but... Can you guys add a level editor where you can use newgrounds music (or any kind of music)? Or you guys can add expert mode for each world where you face extremely hard patterns (with remix or the music possibly)? This mode only unlocks after you’ve completed the world with 100% or more accuracy and completed the recommended speed in speed trial. This game has some potential to grow and I’m looking forward to the next major update!.Version: 1.5.1

AdofaiThis is the best game ever worth the money.Version: 2.4.7

Good but needs somethingIts good but you should add that we can have custom song.Version: 1.15.5

Good Rhythm game but…It’s a good rhythm game! I love it already but it is getting frustrating and I haven’t made it past the first level, I heard it was a mobile thing, but it’s extremely touchy like keeps saying I’m too early but I just don’t see how I am whenever I am literally on beat? Sometimes the start of the level it would say I’m too early like…I okay?.Version: 1.14.1

I love it!! Great game, enjoyable, easy to play :) Just a quick question, would you be updating the newer level soon? I would love to be able to play it on mobile too!!.Version: 1.1.2

AmazingWhoever left a 2-star and said it’s too difficult... needs to GIT GUD KID!!.Version: 1.9.5

Just ran into a bugAs I was playing a level without music someone called me and the level started to play two drum hitsounds consistently and I tapped a few times then it said overload and put me at the last checkpoint I passed I don’t know why it did that but I started to play again but they called me again but this time it didn’t stop and I died I don’t know what that was about but I would like for you guys at 7th Beat Games to fix this please and thanks. :P.Version: 2.4.2

Amazing overall!I love this game so much. The style and overall energy and atmosphere this game brings is amazing. My only complaint about it is one of the best worlds in the game, that being world 11, is locked behind one of the most difficult worlds in the game, being world 8. I would like to see something similar to PC where you can skip around where you like and go back to revisit other worlds later or not at all. Still a worthwhile investment as the game is highly satisfying to play..Version: 1.12.1

Buggy but also doesent add Game CenterYou know you could add like a little bit of an update where you could add Game Center to check on your scores also the the Game Center is buggy when I play the game it just freezes and when I come out of the game the music keeps on going and then it stops.Version: 2.5.7

Perfect!A friend introduced me to this game, and I now have 70 hours in it (and I’m better than them). What I’m trying to say is that this game is impeccable! I love how unique and fun it is. It feels so good when you just get that level you’ve been working on for days. I have found a minor glitch, though. On the level Emomomo, if you pause during the countdown, the level background starts early. It doesn’t affect gameplay that much, but it’s just a pointer in case you feel the urge to fix it. Otherwise it is a perfect game with no issues!.Version: 2.4.7

Very good port of a great gameOf course, it is a bit easier on desktop and lags on my very old iPad mini, but otherwise it’s pretty good!.Version: 1.1.2

Honestly the best few bucks I’ve ever spent on a gameI really love this game. When I first encountered it, it was a gameplay video of someone playing on pc. The keyboard clacks were hypnotizing and I nicknamed the game an “adhd trap” I was so captivated by it! This game is so entertaining and so fun to play when I’m offline or bored. Keeps me focused and happy!.Version: 2.4.7

Great game for all music studentsThis game is incredibly creative, at the same time instructive. I introduced it to my entire studio of young pianists and was proven to make a huge difference in rhythmic after just days into playing. It could be a good supplement to any ear training class. Great job guys! However, I’m saddened by the fact that the iPad version of the game has such limited features compared to the steam version. Laptops are obsolete for some now a days, any plans for an expansion package?.Version: 1.12.1

Potential. Level editor.I see this game having potential with a level editor to have this game last a long time. The game is great and it could last longer if there was a level editor. I know on pc there is level editor but for the mobile community it will be nice to have. Will there be a level editor any time in the future?.Version: 1.12.1

Highly RecommendThis game is definitely harder on a phone then it is a computer. Still a fun game. There has already been a few times where it’s not registering my taps and its hurting the play through a little bit. Can’t be my phone since it’s a new phone but who knows. Either way, super fun and addicting. I hope the game grows and adds more levels.Version: 1.12.1

Amazing’I have beaten all the levels, and I want to know if there are any secret ones I can find or access. I also do wish you can add a level editor so people can play custom levels and create them. It’s just boring haven beaten all the levels then just being stuck with the speed trials..Version: 2.4.7


Great game but missing featureAmazing game ngl but can you add the feature where you can play the boss levels at 0.5 speed?.Version: 1.12.1

AmazingIt is good, I like to play it on the bus.Version: 1.11.2

This game is great! Just needs a level editor and an ability to play others level!This game is very fun so far, the calibration feature for bluetooth headphone users is awesome, and good music! I hope online stuff gets added in the future. And a way to use keyboard on mobile would be nice too. Edit: I just got the steam version, and it’s really fun! I hope some of the features from that get put here!.Version: 1.14.1

One of the best games on iPadOne of the best games out there! Should be way more popular! Anyone getting this won’t be disappointed! Structured well, challenging, doesn’t take two minutes to finish, controls are perfect, songs are all fun and different. I loved the level 4, 9, and 11 level songs.. the other ones were great for training though. Wish there were more!!!!.Version: 1.6.2

Awesome game. Weird bug.This is a great game 6 stars lol but i just witnessed a really weird bug. When you tap to begin a level, it will say: Get Ready. 3 2 1 Go! But what happened is it just said Get Ready, and stays there as i play the level. Doesnt say when i start playing, so i closed the game reopened it and it was fixed. Weird though..Version: 2.4.7

Fun but it needs 1 thing for sureI hate it how you can only practice the parts you’ve beaten but other then that it’s a great game.Version: 2.4.4

Very creative rhythm game!I’ve been played by this thing a ton for the past few weeks! The concept of translating rhythm to angles is something I’ve never seen before, and which quickly distinguishes this game from most other rhythm games. The levels have good variation in style and difficulty, and the music is very good! I just wish there were more levels, as well as a level editor (which is available on the more expensive pc version). Overall, the fun this game gave me has been well worth the price. 9/10! :D Btw, as of writing this, in addition to the 12 main levels, there are 4 bonus/secret levels spread throughout the game, which is not immediately obvious when you open the game. I won’t spoil how to access them here. P.S. Level 3 is harder than level 4 and maybe even level 5 for some reason, you have been warned!.Version: 1.9.2

Holy cow😲.Version: 1.11.2

Simply IncredibleA phenomenal game, made even better now by Trans-Neptunian Object, It Go, and Neo Cosmos. Just one problem that I have with each of those new worlds: for whatever reason, when I get a Pure Perfect on any of them, it still says "Congratulations!" instead of "Pure Perfect!" and the accuracy text on the level select does not turn gold like the rest of the worlds. Other than that, there's nothing bad I could possibly say about it, and I'm curious about what the "To Be Continued..." is foreshadowing!.Version: 2.4.4

1 wordEpik.Version: 2.4.7

One of the best rhythm gamesVery good game Actually works with Bluetooth headphones.Version: 1.10.5

Great for Flow StateThis is such a simple but effective game for getting into a flow state. Almost as good as my mindfulness app! Hoping they keep adding more worlds. Heaps of fun to play with my little people too..Version: 1.11.2

#6 in music??? How???Blah blah I ain’t gotta say much on how this is one of my favorite games of ALL TIME. The music, the art, Neo cosmos LORE- And all those animals that try to kill you through the main levels (lol) I also like how you manage to put minesweeper in the game. Just one recommendation, if you can, can u manage to put online levels for mobile? You don’t have to if it’s too complicated, it’s just that I’m on mobile and it would be nice to play online levels..Version: 2.5.7

Mobile players…This is an extremely good rhythm game but is probably a pain for most mobile users. I have been struggling on fast levels and extras for so long that i just gave up..Version: 2.4.4

Addictive rhythm gameThis is soo worth the money! It awakens you for the next move and to help pay attention! I love the game and how good it is. It’s beats are amazing! Plus it doesn’t have bad reviews that are actually because of the game and not the person playing or just the, not updating. The game HAS to be the best rhythm game, going at top 3 on the chart of paid games! Love it!.Version: 2.4.7

Awesome game - one flawThis game is great, really gives a sense of rhythm like you are the drummer in the many varied original tracks. The only problem I have, occasionally (1 in every 5 attempts) it will not register your input and you miss the beat :( it’s not user error as the haptic feedback doesn’t respond either when the bug occurs. If this worked 100% consistently it would be the best rhythm game on the App Store.Version: 1.11.2

The issue with taps not registeringThis game is absolutely beautiful, i play this game all the time and i always get upset when I’m almost done with a level and i lose because the game isn’t registering my taps, I would tap the screen on the tile, yet it won’t do anything. This only happy sometimes but when it does happen is when I’m ab to beat it which is why I get upset. Please get this fixed.Version: 1.15.4

More levelsPlzzzzzz ADOFAI GET MORE LEVELS ITS SO FUN!.Version: 2.4.7

Very fun game but one thingThis game is very fun and challenging and it keeps me occupied and makes me very focused. But there’s one thing, after you pause the gameplay and press continue it just goes. I think when you unpause there should be a 3 second countdown before it continues. But besides that this game is very fun and I think you should download too!.Version: 2.4.7

Screen glitch but awesome gameThis game is really fun and I love it but a couple minutes ago when I tried to log into the game it did not let me in. Even when I closed the game or turned off my phone. I even tried to delete the game but it still wouldn’t let me in. I was wondering if you guys can fix this glitch. Thank you!.Version: 1.11.2

Amazing game but…It’s a brilliant game and really fun, however it feels like there could be a really good feature. I feel there should be a way to download and make custom levels which will definitely increase the game’s popularity. You can already download levels on the steam version so why not make it on the mobile version..Version: 1.14.1

This is a really fun game!I got this game because I saw other people play it. I was expecting a little bit of entertainment, but it was so fun I played all the way to level 8 in one day! If anyone is reading this, I recommend you get the game. Although I would really love this game if you added a custom level creator, But if you don’t that’s ok because I know you are busy making new levels. :).Version: 1.11.2

Really good but a few problemsWhen you start a level the start has corners. I think you could make it round. The next problem is that when you have a checkpoint the ones before it is not glowing like you stepped on it and the starting tile is glowing. The next problem is when you practice 9-x (classic pursuit) when the UFO is sucking the tiles up you spawn in the UFO then if you click on the next tile if your tile is normal then you teleport to the tile. And if you press practice and previous you will practice the tutorial which you can’t do..Version: 2.4.7

Definitely a pass on the vibe checkI heard about this game before because I play osu! so I hear about a lot of other rhythm games and this is definitely the best one besides osu! that i’ve played. Also the fact that you can play on computer and on phones and iPads, I think that makes it way better of a game and also since it’s so cheap. I love the music in this game it’s really fun..Version: 1.11.2

This game slaps, but it needs one key feature to bring it home.It needs the option to press a button for a tap, or to replace taps in favor of buttons. What I mean by this is when you have a game controller connected to your phone, you should be able to press the buttons on that controller connected to your phone, to ‘tap’ the screen. I recently got a phone holder clip for my controller, but the only thing it’s really good for is minecraft, terraria, and shooter games; Which is unfortunate! While I do enjoy the haptic feedback on iphone 12, i would much prefer a tactile button, since if you were playing with a controller, you would have more screen to look at, unobstructed by your fingers. If y’all see this, thanks for reading through! I hope this feature can be implemented. :).Version: 1.12.1

A big bugI can’t play the game because when I press it down it doesn’t do anything happened today but all of the other days it was working..Version: 2.5.3

Good but theres an issueHi its a great game and cures my boredom but i dont know how to get custom levels or if there even is any on mobile.Version: 2.4.7

In game bugBought the game and I loved it, played through the first two worlds but when I got to the third the screen went black. Closed and opened the game and it still didn’t fix. Finally uninstalled and reinstalled and now it goes black on the first world. Going to get a refund if it’s not fixed..Version: 1.11.2

Great game but some problemsSo I’ve played the pc version of this game, which is great. I loved it. So when I saw that I come play it on the go, I was excited. I’ve almost beat it, I just have to do the speed trials, but I’ve found something. Firstly, on map 9 the transition for the track aren’t working (when the alien ships deposit them) so it’s a little weird trying to find when/where to press. Another thing is, the vibrations cut out randomly. I’ll be doing a map, and towards the end, the vibrations cut out and it disorients me and I end up either hitting too early and failing or missing entirely. Also, the option to turn on and off vibrations doesn’t work, as I’m still getting vibrations..Version: 1.14.1

Dlc, i have the options but where is the dlcI have the dlc options and i do not know where the dlc is or where u can buy it, also add more stuff on mobile cuz like it makes it more fun like add the things that the steam version has.Version: 2.1.0

This is awesome.Sure, some of the levels are extremely hard, but all that makes you do is remember the pattern of the beat, to successfully hit the notes. For example, I was stuck on the final level in world one. Not to mention the songs are awesome. But I was stuck on one particular part, trying over and over again, when I finished the level, I was proud of myself. This game is just a cool and calm rhythm game, making you feel proud of yourself after finishing one really hard level. Keep up the good work..Version: 1.12.1

Absolutely wonderful game, but one suggestion…This game is THE BEST rhythm game to play on your phone, computer, or whatever device that supports this. This game is super fun with amazing music and visuals, secrets, and addition game add-ons. Keep in mind that these devs made RHYTHM DOCTOR. But one suggestion though: Add a countdown after you pause the game. I sometimes accidentally hit the pause button, and don’t have enough time to get ready to tap for the next beat to continue the level. Astonishing game and DLC!.Version: 2.4.7

Good gameThis game is by far one of my favorites. I even have it on my computer where you can add custom levels on it. There is only one thing that bothers me on the mobile app though, sometimes when I press on the screen it just won’t recognize that I’m doing so and it messes up my game or whatever round I’m on. I’ve noticed this happens a few times then I try to click it again right after it passes and it doesn’t even give me the “late” message that it usually does it I click late. It might just be a device error. But that is all. Otherwise this game is very fantastic.Version: 1.12.1

UnderratedHonesty this game is much more complex and hard then it looks and is a lot of fun, really does deserve more attention 5/5.Version: 1.6.2

Awesome game but has issues.I love playing this game but whatever I edit in my settings it automatically goes back to its default settings. Calibration is always off no matter how many times I try. Also there r not enough songs so the level editor or custom song downloads would be great..Version: 1.14.1

Can you add custom levels/level editor?Now, don’t get me wrong. I love ADOFAI. But even if you just added the things in the title, it would make the game all the more expansive and give experienced players a new challenge or let them set qualification challenges for the newer players such as myself. Like, I still have this feeling that I want to master the games complicated techniques in those custom levels such as Casanova. Oh and, can you pls also add the neo cosmos DLC to mobile? If any of these are unaddable, I understand completely. Thank you!.Version: 1.15.5

Best game ever, but one thing.Great game, but in world 9-X if you do practice mode in a certain place your in the UFO. please fix this glitch..Version: 2.4.7

Amazing100/10 game, so fun and so addicting.Version: 1.12.1

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