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Resume Builder+ Professional App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Resume Builder+ Professional app received 15 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Resume Builder+ Professional? Can you share your negative thoughts about resume builder+ professional?

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Resume Builder+ Professional for Negative User Reviews

Cant open cv after completing itSaved as file, sent as email, sent as message.... cant find the downloaded cv anywhere on my ohone.....Version: 2.0.1

GlitchyThis app almost works, but it’s just too glitchy. Most of the previews of your résumé don’t look the same as the document he receive. I’ve had it several times happened where my document looks perfect in a preview and then when I Apple download the résumé it has multiple typos in it that I never put there. Sometimes just deleting the middle of a word or inserting the achievements section to the middle of my work experience. I’ve saved about a dozen PDFs from this app and none of them are correct, all of them end up with weird typos and formatting mistakes that don’t occur in the preview of the document..Version: 2.4

MisleadingThe app itself is easy to use but the description of using their templates is misleading. It walks you through each section in layman’s terms but once you are almost to the end the section of adding your skills will come up with a screen that pops up a price menu to upgrade for a fee but there is an option to “skip” this section and move forward. So then you come to the “finish” section which pops up a boatload of resume templates, all of which you can tap on and view what your resume will look like before downloading. All, and I do mean ALL of the templates require you to purchase before you download and print. There is one exception though; the very first template among the list of other impressive, paid for templates, is free to download and print. That one in itself is not impressive and too busy if you are looking for a simple layout; which is what most employers prefer. And my final thoughts regarding the app, there is no way of deleting your information or any information explaining the steps on how to accomplish the deletion whatsoever..Version: 2.0.1

Decent app. Misleading perception.What I mean by misleading perception is that it seems like this is one of the best apps out there for Resume building based on the rating score and the amount of downloads compared to other apps but this app is quite tame with features for an application that you have to pay for. I’ve had more options in free resume builders online with more customization. For an application that you have to pay for, you’d think it be much better. It isn’t. One major gripe I have with this one specifically though is that you can’t make minor edits to the text or margins. This is a problem when you want to download as PDF and send to an employer when the Resume looks strange because of the formatting (for example, the date of a previous entity being printed on the second page rather than squeezing it into the first page so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing). For a quick and dirty solution—which is what I needed it for—I’d recommend it. I worked around the various issues. If you want something that’s actually good and customizable, find something else..Version: 2.4

Não recomendoFazem um currículo muito básico com apenas um layout gratuito e qdo enviado p o e-mail não fica disponivel para visualização. Tem que pagar para ter acesso a outros layouts. Não recomendo..Version: 2.0.1

Lowest Rating PossibleI built my résumé on this app. Then when I go to download the PDF it never allows me too. Although I am a premium app subscriber meaning I paid money to use the app this app serves me no purpose if I cannot download the PDF. I suggest to other people find an app that won’t take your money and give you no product. Granite the app looks great and building your résumé was easy. But the end game is downloading your app so you can give it to a potential employer. I am very dissatisfied! One star review. Thievery is unbecoming of any company. You take money to provide a service and then don’t deliver the product. Shameful. Tsk tsk tsk….Version: 2.4

Waist of timeCannot complete a free resume, need to pay 16,99$.Version: 2.0.1

This app is amazing, best resume builder app I’ve ever seen.. but….basic/financial concernsWhen I downloaded this app I was charged I believe 6.99$ I can’t remember if it’s a monthly thing or a one time thing and there’s no where in the app where there’s like a home or area about anything other that making the resume builder and it’s causing me so much anxiety because I can’t find out if I’m going to be billed monthly and I truly can’t afford it. Not to mention I’ve had horrible experiences before with downloaded “totally free” apps and come to find out they were charging my card all this money and im afraid it’s going to happen again since I can’t get any answers from this app or searching online. Why is there no area to cancel or do something with your app especially since it wasn’t free, and most people can’t remember the charges of every single app etc… however this app is truly AMAZING … I love my resumes ….. I guess before I download apps I need to keep a log somewhere of how they charge even though on OTHER apps I have been very mislead. And I truly don’t have the money so im a wreck because there is no possible way to find out was that a one time fee and it doesn’t match the monthly prices is days they bill on the online website unless there’s more than one resume builder pro name company…… please help and if I am going to be charged the app needs to be ca cancelled..Version: 2.4

Not what I expectedThis app is very easy to use, offers suggestions, etc. but, you better proof read several times before finishing and downloading.! Once you download your resume, there is NO way to go back and edit it or change any part of your work experience. It will let you change your name, address, email, phone number, etc, but NOT your work experience. After finding this out, I thought that by buying the PRO, I would be able to edit and use another one of the templates, NOT the case, you can choose one of the many templates, but the resume you’re not happy with just transfers onto the new template. Now I’m out the money and stuck with a resume I’m not proud of. 😞.Version: 1.3

Limited customizationThe process of creating your resumé is seamless through this app. It’s very easy and I was able to add unique things to my resumé which I liked. I’m rating this as two stars (but I’d really rate it 1) because I find it completely unnecessary to pay $7.99 for only one month of access to it. A one-time purchase of MAYBE $2.99 for what the app actually offers would be reasonable. On top of this, the templates are terrible. Some of them look kind of sleek, but you can’t even edit where everything is placed. The alignment is off and messed up for many of the documents, and I’d rather just make my own resume on Microsoft Word. There are over a hundred templates, but they all have basically the same layout, and a lot of them don’t even look that professional..Version: 1.8

Good AppIt’s ok would be better if we didn’t have to pay..Version: 1.8

Dear students,Do not even think about using this app if you don’t have any work experience. The resume is just blank, it’s almost like giving your employer a sheet of copy paper. And also the last section that is labeled “Additional” (let’s you add more specific things about yourself), literally doesn’t work. I put that I wanted to add skills and pressed next to choose a resume format and then it just showed me literally a blank paper with only my littlest information at the top and 3/4 of the page empty. No company would want to receive this so zero stars for sure..Version: 2.0.1

Simple enoughI think there should be at least two templates to choose from in the "free" version. I'd like to compare Aesthetics before committing to a service that I won't be using constantly. Once you create your resume, you make a few tweaks and send. It's not like you're going to overhaul it every day with a new "template." Offering two choices is just common sense when you're showcasing your product. Also, more info upfront before you go through the grind of inputting job experience for the gazillionth time. To make this a viable service, there should be a function for importing a resume, or your LinkedIn profile work history. Typing that over and over is the most annoying aspect I'd the process and while this app was lean and simple (thus not annoying), a more dynamic interface for showcasing your talents would set it apart. I'm writing this before seeing the final product so this review is based on the process of creating the document only. The elevator pitch section could use some effective examples as the statements provided are basically HR gobbletygook. I'm just looking for the best way to grab attention to set up a meeting. I doubt this will be the panacea..Version: 2.0.1

New resumeGood.Version: 1.8

Needs UK interfaceGod tool but targeting US market. Limited information within app. No menu..Version: 2.0.1

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