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Easy To UseI started using the app almost 2wks ago. I used the free version and thought I’d give that a try first before upgrading to the Plus version. I just upgraded today. It’s worth it. I like how it reminds you to drink your water and tacks it , has a built in step tracker and “education corner “ where there is a few courses to learn. There is also a menu with what looks like 100 or more recipes. Tips & recipes on what to eat when breaking fast. Track your weight and your progress with this app. I really like that it will tell you what process your body is undergoing at certain points of time during the fast. Very interesting and cool app. I’m sticking with my fast and while I’ve not gotten on scale yet to weigh in , I can tell I’m feeling much better and my clothes are looser. It’ll be easier to get into the habit of eating when I’m actually hungry (which I’m not during fast ) Vs eating out of boredom and this app helps with that. If you serious about changing your health , give it a try. The free version is great as is. I just wanted to explore a bit more and got the Plus version . Either is good. Do it!.Version: 1.45.0

Fastic way of loosing weightGreat way for me to loose weight no counting calories and easy for me to stick to because you have a “window” every day that you can eat as normal , still have a long way to go but feel confident that I can achieve my goal 👍.Version: 1.16.0

Possible bugHi team, Just noticed that after I stopped my fast I get a notification after two hours stating to stop the clock. I am using an IPhone XS Max iOS version 14.7.Version: 1.62.0

Great app.Great app. Only one thing bothered me and it’s minor but on the pop up that congratulated me on lasting longer than the previous week the word “then” was used when it should have been “than”. Nothing major but something easy to fix I suspect :).Version: 1.16.0

Just getting started with my journey to trying to manage my food life!!As the sentence above suggests, ‘Food life’! We all have to eat to survive, but for me, it’s short cuts, anything tasty and quick, forget the calories or trying the complication diets. It’s too hard and I hate half fat, this or low carb that, I get bored very easy. However, I tell you what I do like, a challenge! So this app is a very simple to use food management aid, I want to reduce the window of the time I eat, from virtually all day, to 5 then 4, 3 and eventually 2 hours. In doing so, I’m not only reducing the amount of food I eat during the day, but I’m also feeling a little refreshed, less sluggish day by day. Each day I’m reaching my goals and feel quite proud of myself and I love the little health prompts and the guide as to what’s happening within my body as I pass certain milestones during the fast. I would definitely recommend this app for people who want to review their ‘Food Life’..Version: 1.41.1

Love it!Thanks to this app, the beginning of my fasting journey has been super easy. It’s fun and practical to use and it gives you some acceptability and motivation as you see the rewards for those days when you have to skip fasting. I loved the free version but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the Plus version even more..Version: 1.78.2

I like it!***Editing review: there is a problem with Fastic widgets. The fasting progress doesn’t show correctly. It still asks you to press to start fasting even if you are already fasting. *** I like the features, it’s very cute. And it’s not expensive at all. I tried noon, it has similar features and everything but it’s bit too expensive. I like every time when a milestone passes, they tell you okay this is where your body starts burning stored fat. And that gives you motivation to go on I drink a lot of coffee so generally I don’t feel hungry even without doing fasting. I was unconsciously doing fasting for years, but I never followed any professional guidelines. I think this is finally the app for me, because I tired so many weight lost app and none of them really worked. I will update my review after 3 months and see how it goes. Thank you developers! :).Version: 1.66.0

Change it back to the original display under fasting clock.Change it back to the original display under fasting clock! I need to see the goal hours too! It was good before, don't change it please!.Version: 1.78.1

Happy with it butHave a new phone and can’t log into the same email address as my previous phone it just says address already in use Cant log into Facebook cause it’s already logged into on my old phone. So it doesn’t allow you to save any history or progress from other devices Other than that I’m happy with the app.Version: 1.45.0

Polished, but not perfect.This is a very polished app and for some people, I can see it being well worth using - both free and paid version. For myself, it feels simultaneously too ‘pestering’ and inflexible. The daily list of tasks, including menu suggestions that I’m not interested in, just feel like filler. The fasting timer is good but due to my work/lifestyle, I can’t fast in reliably scheduled windows. I may have a day with only 8 hours fast and then one with 20 hours. It can be discouraging to break ‘streaks’ over and over despite overall improvement in intermittent fasting, health and weight loss. I can break a fast and be told I have only an hour before my next fast begins. I also find the ‘glasses of water’ measurement to be a bit confusing because I drink it by the bottle and don’t know how they measure glasses in ml. It is a good app, polished like I said, but I’m not sure it’s for me..Version: 1.24.0

Simple et efficaceLes rappels m’aident à bien m’hydrater. Les conseils sont utiles et simple à comprendre, pas de grande théorie scientifique incompréhensible, juste le gros bon sens.Version: 1.78.2

A caring coachI love Fastic! I’m so glad for the reminders I get to drink water and when to start fasting. The information the app developers put together for users is so helpful. I love the fasting graphic on here so that if I feel I’m struggling to reach my goal of a 12 or 16 or 20 hr fast, I can just go into the app and it’ll tell me what phase of the fasting period I’m on and what’s happening to my body. I also like the weight scale and seeing that orange bar steadily working its way to my goal weight. Seeing my progress visually really helps me stay motivated. If you are young and have been struggling with hormones and losing weight after gallbladder surgery, thyroid or hysterectomy or any other gynecologist type required surgery, I can honestly tell you intermittent fasting, exercise and using Young Living Esential oils and supplements have been helping me so much! It’s been months now since I’ve been on any anti depression medication thanks to Young Living’s emotional support oils and Fastic for the coaching. Also using MyPlate to track what your eating is also helpful in addition to the Fastic program! My only bummer comment is that there’s so much other great information but it’s only available if you pay for Fastic plus and not everyone has the money nor wants a health app we have to pay for to see content that could be helpful..Version: 1.56.0

Free Version Is EnoughMy husband and I downloaded this app to try a new approach to our weight loss journeys. The free version is perfect - we found it really motivating and easy to use, and it shows all the information regarding the stage of fasting you’re currently in, and has weight, water and step trackers. I upgraded to the premium version with high expectations but sadly, it seems to not offer much more. You have access to recipes (some with very high calories, but if you’re fasting most of the day this is probably why) and it gives you a little motivational challenge each day such as throw out all your treats 🤨. Other than that I can’t see anything else you get. I won’t renew my subscription but will defiantly continue to use the free version!.Version: 1.16.0

Love itI started fasting during the Covid lock down in NZ... since being on this journey I have lost weight, slept better, fitter, more active and having a happier life.Version: 1.22.3

Enabling bad eating habits on children?This is a great app. However, I am concerned of how many kids are on this app. I’ve seen girls as young as 13 asking for tips on how to lose weight with fasting!! I am scared the chatroom is providing a space to encourage bad eating habits! None of the adults on the app seem concerned with the claims made by the girls and it scares me. I strongly recommend the chat be taken down since there is not a lot that can be done otherwise to prevent them from going on this app..Version: 1.12.1

Great coach for reflecting on life choicesI started 16:8 without this app, and then found it after I’d already lost a number of kilos. I was finding that I’d started choosing fast, carbo options to eat and wasn’t really staying focussed on exercise. Having the whole picture in one app helps. Weight, steps, fasting tracking, hydration is good. And the coaching tips help me change the little things that need changing to keep it up..Version: 1.27.2

Great appGreat app, easy to use and makes fasting easier. Only reason I gave 4 and not 5 stars is that there is very little integration with HealthKit. Syncs with steps in HealthKit, but not water intake or body weight which you can track in the fastic app.Version: 1.59.0

Easy and educationalI love the education notes. They are simple and basic and they work well for me. I read them every morning before I get out of bed. I also really like watching the stages that I’m in. It motivates me to know that in just a couple more hours, my blood sugar will stabilize. Or that my body will eat itself. Joking, but not. It’s also refreshing to have a weight-loss app that isn’t insanely complicated or too busy. My Fitness Pal hurts my brain. I also feel like I don’t need a carb counting app bc 6-8 hours of calorie intake is not that hard to calculate in your head. I try to stay busy during the low blood sugar stages. Walking outside helps. My issue is that I am a habitual snacker. I feel empowered when I survive 18 hours without a snack. I am proud of myself! I’m on day 8 and I’ve lost 5 lbs..Version: 1.30.1

Simple and effectiveI struggle with eating whenever I feel like and overeating. I’m an above average size fellow frame wise at 6”1 and have always teetered between being in and out of shape. Sweet are a love I’m sure many of us share. I also smoke pot which give me heavy cravings of any kind of food. I used to be able to fast for several days at a time in my 20s when I was at peak performance. I’ve struggled in my 30s to maintain this level of focus. This little app has given me a goal and a schedule to follow. So far it’s only been 3 days but I’ve hit 16 + hour fasts each day in a row and I feel great. I haven’t ate before I sleep at night during this streak and that’s always been key for me personally. So for me, the app has a simple interface and is educational enough for me to feel like I see why I’m doing what I’m doing. It works for me try it. So far I feel better. I hope you do as well..🥰.Version: 1.44.0

Brilliant!Easy, convenient, adaptable- and effective!!.Version: 1.18.0

Great app needs just a minor fixThis is a highly informative and fun to use fast tracking app. The free version offers excellent information and is quite useful. The cons are the subscription necessary to unlock the full features. Instead of offering a one time purchase and then generate income trough other means they opted out for the suicidal subscription model. A one time purchase would generate a huge list of dedicated and ready to buy customers. A subscription generates drop offs as other apps appear. It is suicidal. The other con is that the app locks you in rigid fast times instead of allowing you to select what suits you best life the free “LIFE” app does. Well worth downloading it..Version: 1.30.1

Day 3So I’m only on my third day using Fastic, so I’m not sure how my opinion of the app will change going forward. Pros: very nice layout, user friendly, has the fasting tracker that works quite well. Room for improvement: Currently I can set me fasting time. I fast from 4pm-8am. However, if I break my fast at 8:30, the timer still tells me to start fasting at 4. It would be great if stopping the fasting timer would start an eating timer depending on what ratio you have chosen to follow. Then the window would adjust and I personally would feel like the app was taking away a stressor. Additionally the reminders to drink water are at strange times. I get four or five in the morning but none in the evening! I thought I might be based on the length of time since I last entered that I drank, but no. Every day 9-12 I get multiple notifications and then none until about 3pm. I’d like that to be improved..Version: 1.19.1

It just plain works!At 60+ this app, the free version, has given me a new lease of life. In 48 days I have gradually lost 7.4kgs- over 16lbs. ‘18.6’ has become a way of life and to be honest it is easy. Just black/green tea, black coffee and water until mid day; eat what I want until 6pm and then stop. I have made a couple of diet changes; no cows milk and a green salad with salt and dressing at some point every day. I have also quit booze for an initial period of three months since April 1. My diet changes may continue to eventually exclude wheat and include daily kafir but that will be for after lock down ends. Alongside this I have an exercise regime for 5 days a week; three days with a single kettlebell circuit of 11 exercises and two with a 10 minute HIT workout using ‘Downdog HIT’. Just before 6pm there is a lovely coffee with full goats milk and 2 squares of 70% dark chocolate. A highlight of each day and a perfect way to start fasting again. I feel slimmer, fitter and I am close to being under 12 stone; a weight I last was over 40 years ago. Certainly a 5 star outcome from a free app!.Version: 1.14.1

Track your fastingI have been intermittent fasting for a few years and have always wondered when I was entering autophagy and hated remembering when I started fasts or would often have a snack cause I thought I was faster “a decent while”. This app allows you to track exactly when you start, when you should stop, lets you know when you enter each stage, allows you to easily adjust the schedule and ratio you want, and most of all having the timer gives you that little bit of encouragement we all need. If you only have an hour to autophagy which makes your body younger and then just a couple to get maximum benefit, it is easier to stay the course. Even as an old pro at fasting I have found this app very useful if you are considering or are doing fasting, or simply want to age slower or look and feel younger, this app is for you..Version: 1.45.0

It’s working!!This is a great app for helping you stay on track with your intermittent fasting. It is encouraging as you achieve goals and allows for the occasional day of rest. It helps keep you accountable too as you record your activity and fasting. I love it! I’ve lost weight too 😊.Version: 1.38.0

ReviewJust started. This app is user friendly.Version: 1.82.0

Simple to use and motivatingSimple to use and motivating app that helps to keep you on track and gives little bits of information along the way. Still trying to work out how to sync my steps from my Garmin to the app..Version: 1.36.2

Looks like a really nicely laid out & designed app!So far so good, I thought maybe 5/7 days would be enough to fast but it seems like 6/7 days is expected so I’m going to see how I do before signing up. The app itself looks neat, really cute, clear design & it’s nice to have the representation & info of what’s going on in your cells at different time points during the fast. The free version doesn’t show challenges so I’m not sure what they are? but the example lessons look motivational, a bit like noom lessons according to my sister. Water tracker, step counter are included free. Not sure about the nutritional stuff as again there’s no example on the free version..Version: 1.21.0

Big Fat Exit!I was determined to nail this intermittent fasting because I want to shift the stubborn pounds of fat that have crept around my body. I have never been overweight in a serious way but with the advancing years a coating of fat has settled and has proved impossible to shift. Time for a much more radical approach, in terms of changing some life long and in some cases, bad habits. Building new habits, exercising some self discipline and determination. Apart from weight loss the other benefits for the brain and the heart IF is the way to go. The FASTIC app is an excellent app, it has been a source of bite sized facts and information that encourages you to continue in the knowledge you are doing good things for you body and your brain and I will continue with this way of eating - losing weight is an incidental benefit. Thankyou FASTIC for the support and encouragement..Version: 1.48.0

Super appliJ’adore Fastic, les encouragements nous donne un petit boost supplémentaire ainsi que tous les bons conseils et merveilleuses suggestions de repas, je recommande fortement !!.Version: 1.78.2

Fastic is fantasticI’ve tried other fasting apps which do the job very basically but I didn’t really enjoy them or feel motivated. I am using the free version of this app and i am finding excellent. Did a 50 hour fast and then an 18hour fast and i will continue to use this..Version: 1.60.0

Fairly EasyI just started this program and am hopeful for results. I’ve lost four pounds in five days, but I’m guessing that’s water. I do try to rehydrate. Anyway, the Fastic app is pretty straightforward and easy to use for the most part, but some features are confusing. I don’t understand the idea behind the flames and the “freezies” or “coolies” or whatever they’re called, for example. Also, I want to stop sugar, but I live with my boyfriend and his son and grandchildren. The son brings home sugar for the boys all the time, so I can’t remove it from my home, so I can’t progress in the app. I suppose I can lie. Also, since the little ones are so all consuming of my time and energy, I keep forgetting to use the app to record start and stop times and water consumption, though I am fasting and drinking water. It took a little bit to find out how to edit my weekend fasts, but I figured it out eventually. Unfortunately, I can’t add water consumption..Version: 1.52.1

Super App - just one queryThis is a great app. I am using it everyday. Best motivation for fasting ever. Great graphics. Just one query - how do I edit the data I put in the weight section? I put in the wrong numbers on the initial couple of dates, a typing error, and now can’t seem to change it? When I click “Edit data” it takes me to those numbers and dates but I can’t change them. Any suggestions?.Version: 1.22.3

Really good app - has some glitchesThe app is really simple, encouraging, and good. But if I decide to do a full day fast, it goes nuts. Let’s say I fast for 30 hours, the extra hours (after the day has finished) don’t go into the next day. I’m still fasting, 145h and counting, and when it got to 144hs, it crashed. And the counter stopped, and displayed that I only fasted for 80 hours. So i had to manually change it it 143:59 (tho im still fasting). When editing fasts you have start and end, but there should be a checkbox that reads IM STILL FASTING as well.Version: 1.48.0

It’s HelpingI’ve used this app for about a month now and lost 10 pounds so far. It tracks your fasting windows and allows you to adjust/edit the times so you don’t feel like you failed if you are off by an hour or so. I do not use the plus plan because I don’t like paying for apps; but this app has been very useful in helping me track my eating and fasting windows. Not only is it encouraging with their tips, the UI seems more relaxing and positive compared to the other calorie count apps where it is loaded with ads and tempting photos of food. Also, the latest update where you get to see what your body is doing during the fasting milestones has been a great addition. It keeps me from binge eating because it reminds me of how my body is working to help me lose weight. I appreciate this app’s graciousness for those who are using it for free and I will continue losing weight at my own pace. Again, there is no pressure and you get to document how you feel after every fasting period..Version: 1.33.1

Great appI came across this app advertised while playing a computer game on my iPad, it caught my attention as just the day before my doctor said going with out food for 14 hours would really help my fasting BSL and insulin resistance. So I downloaded fantastic and have found it so helpful I was happy using the free version but am glad I took out a three month subscription to really get a good grounding.Version: 1.63.2

Newton this appPlus am really enjoying the app as it is give me educational moments as I move through my time restricted diet. It’s also encouraging me to drink water and be mindful as I move through my 24 hour cycle. Minus I would decrease the volume of information being pushed me on a daily basis I would also reduce the number of promotions for the advanced pay-as-you-go service. Less is more and let me work through this app for a few weeks without being constantly prodded to upsell or buy other products. It’s annoying. Gain my trust and then offer options is a better way to go..Version: 1.83.1

Really good potential.So I’ve tried this app and another one and by far this is a good app specially with all the information that’s provided as well as dishing out more info along your journey. The community it creates is a good thing too. There’s just a few things that could be added to the app and the community to make this even more worthwhile. In terms of the app it’s to do with the “buddy’s” there should be a motivate button as I’ve seen some of the people I’ve added as a buddy have not seem to continue, dieting and trying to get healthier is best with some motivational support which the fb page has agreed that there should be one. Also before I forget there needs to be a basic splash page of “what you can have and what not to have while fasting” as a lot of people either don’t read back or research this themselves which clutters the chat/community page. As with the fb and community group there needs to be an admin that will post up a sticky for people to read like a “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” since people don’t actually read FAQs. Other than that it’s a great app to help on a weight loss journey..Version: 1.11.1

Good but could be betterSome apple health integration would be nice but I’d more want an Apple Watch companion app App is good apart from those nitpicks.Version: 1.82.0

Read my reviewThis is possibly the fastest way to lose weight or get fit because it’s truly worth getting it. From day 1 I lost 1.8kg and I was shocked about my results coming out so fast. I realised that if u have a goal and u want to achieve it, it is possible and the help and efforts this app gives u, u will achieve ur goal. Also it makes a difference between eating when ur bored and eating when u are allowed does that makes sense, but totally recommend it 100% it never gets boring and has many activities u can do even thought u don’t have to pay, just go try it out. Good luck on ur next journey!.Version: 1.78.2

Exacellent Fasting AppTried this app simultaneously with another that had a truckload of bells and whistles however I find this one to have more flexibility, in terms of having the ability to go back and change / modify your start and finish times for accuracy purposes.Version: 1.25.3

As Fantastic as the name suggestsFastic is an excellently designed app for keeping yourself on target. Whereas most fasting apps are offer lots of variety in the “pick up for a new-year’s resolution, then drop as soon as the going gets hard” category, Fastic’s innovative features like the “streak” you are awarded for maintaining daily fasts and “Frosties” which reward you for sticking to your goals, keep you positive and motivated to continue. This clever gamification of the process is what makes this app stand out from other apps, which are all essentially glorified clocks. Fastic makes healthy living feel as rewarding and manageable as it should really be. A must-have for anyone who wants to give their health a boost..Version: 1.42.0

Feeling goodI have completed my second 12 hour fast and am already starting to o feel more in control of my eating habits. Have moved up to the 15.9 level..Version: 1.54.0

I’m a loser - in the best way!I’ve been using this app for less than 2 weeks now and I have already lost 7.2lbs!!! I am OVER THE MOON! I was very happy back when I was around 9 and a half stone, which is about average for my height and age etc. Due to various new medications, a very happy and comfortable marriage and various other factors, I have ballooned to 13 and a half 🤦🏼‍♀️ For me, that is seriously obese. So I’ve finally decided to get my act in gear and do something about it. The best thing about the intermittent fasting is that you don’t have to dramatically change straight away. My eating habits haven’t really changed, but I only eat during a 10 hour window. I do try to fast longer to over 15 hours some days too, just to challenge myself. I’m drinking plenty more water and I’m more conscious of what I’m eating. Fastic has been a very supportive programme for me (I only use the free version). I hope it works for others too. I’m determined to get my weight back down to a more healthy number..Version: 1.22.3

New to this app, but loving it!Signed up to another app and it wouldn’t let me use anything without paying for it. This app gives you the basics for free, with some amazing paid extras. Easily tracks my fasting - great for people who do better / learn better with visuals..Version: 1.78.2

Contenu intéressantJ’adore les capsules d’informations qui sont proposées, je les trouve pertinentes et facile à lire..Version: 1.79.0

Jase from Waituna West NZLove the APP and losing he kilos. Just one question does the APP sync with others - like Fit Bit or a Keto APP?.Version: 1.28.3

Just say no for a little bit longerThought fasting would be easy. I have always been able to skip breakfast, so what’s another 5 hours .... I’ve prepared my yoghurt, fruit, nuts and honey (inspired by our trip to Crete) In advance to sit in the fridge, waiting for the time.... not licking the spoon or honey stick has been a real effort!!! Water and ginger or turmeric tea is a great help (something hot) when you get a hunger pang .... The “water reminder” serves as a reminder, but more so helps to remember the commitment I’ve made to myself, and makes me think about healthy habits. Lessons are short enough that they get my attention and have real meaning. It’s amazing how reading things you already know (stated in a slightly challenging way) make you focus So .... 2 weeks in. More focused, a voice that easily says no to sugary snacks, a notch more on the belt, a voice that is determined to reach my fasting time!! Feel better and quietly proud of achieving the goals that I set!!.Version: 1.27.2

Great appThis is the best app I have used for achieving health goals. It would be great if it acknowledged weight goals achieved in some way and keeps a record of them. I have just achieved my first weight goal and have started my second. I am loosing weight slowly but consistently using Fastic and a LCHF diet..Version: 1.46.1

Love this appIf you want an app you don’t have to pay for this one isn’t for you unless you want the most basic option. But in my personal opinion paying for this app is so worth it! I just had my baby and I want to lose all this extra weight and eating salads and healthy foods just hasn’t worked for me. I tried fasting before and it really helped, until I got sick of salads and gave up. But this app shows you healthy foods to eat that you won’t hate i love the recipes and they have vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten free and meatless options so if you can’t have certain foods they will acomidate that. There are three levels and the more I tense the level the longer you fast for so if you’re not comfortable fasting for 20 hours and only eating for 4 of them start off slow and you can get more intense the more comfortable you are with fasting. I recommend this to anyone that wants to lose weight!.Version: 1.16.0

FasticLove this app.Version: 1.50.1

The best IF app – and I’ve tried a fewFriendly, informative, motivating, easy to use. You can use the free version, but having the stats and other extras is worth the sub. The best intermittent fasting app I’ve used. The bug a while back was troublesome (long story) but the Fastic team fixed things pretty quickly and were super-friendly despite my snippy email (it was a bad day). Even offered me free membership to compensate. Great support crew. Great app..Version: 1.70.1

GoodSo far so good im also doing chloe ting and i have been enjoying this app i don't normally writw reviews im also a teen starting my last year in middle school and i want to have a "glow up" because im decent and i do have self love but weight is one of my biggest insecurities i weigh 166 at 13 so im overweight usually i fast from 6:00pm to 8 am 14 hours its good but something is making me struggle is the fact that im hispanic taht sounded kind of racist BUT IM NOT!!! the point is my parents are from mexico and mexico has greattt fooddd and thats whats making me struggle in my family everyone is overweight and the thing tht has caused this was the food its great yes it is but its better to stop or get smaller servings im not saying starve yourself i mean take smaller portions and chew slower trust me it will change your life i used to weigh 170 lost 20 lbs gained them back after quarantine and ive lost like 3 lbs so i decided id lose 40 lbs so i could be around 130,120 its not unhealthy but i would just not be big yk but yea school starts in month as easy as i wish i want to get rid of it but it takes time and effort but i do recomend this app:).Version: 1.56.0

Couldn’t be happier!This app is amazing! It’s changed my life for the better and the helpful hints along the way are great. Even my friends have joined in. I also love watching the fasting meter. Makes fasting fun. I’ve also noticed I can tell when I’m hungry or just craving now..Version: 1.37.0

Great way to kick start a healthier you!!I was in a real rut and after a period of being pretty good exercise and diet wise had gone down hill over a period of a year or so to the tune of 2 stone and a whole lot of BMI!! I tried kicking starting my old tried and tested methods but just couldn’t get into the swing again until my daughter recommended this app and it just clicked for me - only a couple of weeks in and feeling really good - there’s so much going on in the app and so much encouraging info available around the benefits of the fast period and how to deal with the not so easy days that it almost distracts from any difficult periods. I have to say I’m calorie counting during the non fasting hours and I’m not going bonkers with treats, there again I’m not nibbling rabbit food either. I would recommend you keep in control of your calorie intake and choose wisely and take note of the prompts and lessons included in the app because although it says you can eat most things in moderation if you go down the 3 mars bars a day route fasting isn’t going to save you - all in all it’s worked for me and gave me the kick start to get back in control - highly recommended - a big thumbs up 👍👏.Version: 1.28.3

Great app but some English localisation issuesI’m enjoying the use of the app but I’ve been finding little bits where the text was clearly translated from German but not entirely. Such as when you start a Frosty but the button to end it is “Frosty Beenden” or when talking about “human growth hormone” it’s mis-spelt as “human groth” or “Insulin-like groth factor”. Hint of the day “ask your partner or freinds” when it should be “friends” A comment to the devs I’d suggest extracting the English text and sticking it into something like Microsoft Word or Grammarly to help you pick up on those mistakes or typos otherwise it will be a pain to find all the mistakes..Version: 1.17.4

I love this app - from a hard to engage personI love the look and feel of this app as well as the content and just the very simple application of a fasting timer as the primary. This is simple but so motivating. I was sold on fasting for health benefits as have battled with chronic ill health and so have read every book theory going bit fasting is definitely the way for me to lose weight (not previously the main goal) but to support health. I’m now using for worthy loss, haven’t seen any yet but will report back after a few weeks. Love the first nutrition lesson - all perfect sense, trust our amazing bodies and be kind!.Version: 1.35.2

The only app that has really helped me lose weightFastic has far exceeded my expectations. There are so many features that this app includes. It’s amazing. You simply enter in when you start fasting, enter the length that you want to fast every day and you’re pretty much set! There are also challenges that the app encourages you to do every day. When you are fasting there is a timer that tell you how long you have left to fast and what is happening to your body in detail while you’re fasting. After you press the stop fasting button it’s shows you up in the top right corner how long you’ve fasted and it shows in the top middle how many days you’ve fasted. If you ate 30 minutes past the time you were supposed to stop, that’s okay! You can change what time you stopped eating or even when you stopped fasting! I’ll always recommend this amazing app and I’ll be using it until the app is gone! It’s not only good for losing weight, fasting helps get rid of bad toxins in your body. Who wouldn’t want an app that helps you be more healthy? This app is definitely worth it. Go for it! Get this app for a better healthier lifestyle..Version: 1.24.0

It’s great!This is a great app and keeps you on track with fasting. I’d really like the app to have more features like documenting your food to count calories during the eating window! That would make this so awesome and more comprehensive then it already is! Great stuff!.Version: 1.68.1

2nd go round is a winnerI tried this app some time ago but nothing stuck and I soon deleted it. Im a firm believer that some lessons in life will only work and make sense when we are ready to learn and experience them. As such now is one of those times. I really like the simplicity of this app. You turn on and off your schedules with a tap, it reminds you when to drink your water and it has such good content to read and help you along the way. Im helpful for the discount on a years subscription and im looking forward to using it this year. With just under 1.5 weeks under my belt, my body is starting to clear out some junk, i feel better, have less tummy ache and my skin is clearing up. Its worth a go if you struggle with boredom eating and snacking at the wrong times like me..Version: 1.78.1

😎A super app to help you keep on track! 😁.Version: 1.80.2

I love it but there are some minor problemsI started my bad eating a long time ago 10 years old to be exact. I didn’t eat anything other than junk. I think this app should be open for younger children who’s parents are concerned with their health. I wasn’t even able to get started because according to this app I was under weight. I am aware, but it’s difficult for most people to see doctors depending on where they live, I think this app should help me gain more weight so I’m not as underweight. That’s like giving birth at a doctor’s office but then them telling me since I wasn’t eating enough I can’t have a baby. I do love this app however, those were the only 2 serious problems I had with it. That I believe should be changed. My 13 year old niece told me about this since I was going on a diet, and she wanted to do it too but for some reason, even though on the app it states it’s for 12+ she was too young to join..Version: 1.71.0

Easy app to followThe fasting timer and water log is simple and easy to use and stay on track.Version: 1.24.0

Life changingI never write reviews but this app is so good! The way this app tracks the activity happening in your body as you fast is always motivational. Oh—my blood sugar is already settling down, why break fast now? The window it sets for eating and the assumption you’ll fast again helps you roll from one day to the next. The frosty system is paced really well. It gives you chips that you earn and can use to take days off. The meal tracking function is clunky and not very useable. Could do with some work. I think it should feel more like a diary than it does, or maybe a bigger picture window to see your food retrospectively. My guilt around eating/not eating has changed dramatically. I’ve tried IF and OMAD before but always gave up quickly. There’s something very easy about IF now I’m using Fastic that feels like it could just be my new lifestyle around eating. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.14.1

Can’t wait for updates to happen in certain areasIt would be fantastic if the free version gave more. I’m thinking on paying for the Fastic plus subscription but I don’t understand why people that don’t want to pay for premium features miss out on so much, like in the info for the app it says that the nutrition coach is there to help you but it’s not! If I want any healthy recipes I have to pay for it when you clearly advertised that you give healthy recipes. And another thing that would be great would be if the app synced to the Fitbit app as I have a Fitbit and do so many steps a day but it doesn’t count, the only way it counts steps is if you use the health app and carry your phone with you every step you take, which isn’t how I walk all day, most of the day I have my phone sitting somewhere and miss out on getting the steps just because I don’t want to have to hold my phone constantly as I’m doing anything and everything. So it would be greatly appreciated if you could fix these minor issues then I would be 100% happy..Version: 1.18.0

Fastic is great; could use one change.I have been using this app for a while now, and am loving the use of flame streaks to keep the motivation high. However, I have recently been appointed by my dietician to only fast 4 days of the week separated with days. There is no way for me to have frosties to make up for the non fasting days without losing my massive streak… so I ask the developers to allow users to set a “routine” or something of the like where they can schedule on what days they should be fasting and what days are left, that way the streak is built from a user set routine of fasting that they are motivated to continue, rather than having to keep it up every day of the week. Great app, would and have recommended it to many people and they have had a go and seen astounding results :) Thank you fastic team 🤙.Version: 1.80.2

Wonderful app but a few minor things would’ve be helpfulSo far I’ve been doing fasting for a month, I’ve lost 8 lbs and I haven’t seen weight loss like that since I was in my 20s and working out every day. I have not needed to work out and I’ve been drinking more water. The insights are so helpful and makes you feel like you are really accomplishing something and hitting goals. The down side is that you have to track water by cups and most people use a water bottle so it would be nice to track in ounces. Also the areas where reports are, tend to be hard to read and the profess can we hard to tell some weeks. One last note is that I have always been someone who struggled to stop eating once I started during the day. This app has helped to empower me to eat only during my window and the results spur me on to continue every day. I really like that I can change my fasting method each day as there are days that I need to go to events and eat before 1 PM. Overall wonderful app!.Version: 1.64.0

Great appThis is a great app- makes it easy to count fasting and switching it up if needed.Version: 1.78.2

Day twoSo far it’s fine. Decent reminders. But the ads to buy buy buy are annoying but what do you want for free..Version: 1.61.0

Simple easy-to-use, great articlesI’m trying this and the Simple fasting app. This is easier to use and more intuitive. The articles are also more interesting and keep me motivated. I like that to can log how I feel. I tend to use this open field to note my meals as well. Wish: I wish there was a feature that sent me a notification to end my fast and gave me a button to click to end it. Because after 16-18 hrs, I’m just going to start eating. Then, a notification to start fasting, same deal. If this can be achieved, it’s be a game changer. Otherwise, it’s not hard to edit my fasts to reflect what I did. Though see the bug I noticed. Issue/Bug: Data graph does not show corrected fasting times though when you tap through it shows updated info. What it does show is an overstatement of my fast (22hrs vs 17 when I forgot to stop the fasting tracker). Again, much easier to use than the Simple app, which forces me to log my food and doesn’t make it easy to do so. Fastic makes it easier to make this a habit and be successful, without stressing me out. The just-right amount of graphs keep me motivated without triggering my perfectionist tendencies. Loving this. I’ve been tempted to skip a day of fasting but I want to hit that 21 day goal! And I will. Been using this for 1.5 - 2 weeks and dropped about 3 lbs. Steady and healthy and I eat very well. Thanks!.Version: 1.58.0

So far so goodJust started using the free version to see if I like it. The fasting timer is good and the reminder to eat before fasting helps..Version: 1.27.2

Won’t open anymoreGreat app until the latest update. No longer will open for me. Jut get the initial splash screen..Version: 1.70.1

Only one thing missingI love this app. So much interaction and the daily lessons are great at keeping me focused and accountable. I also love the time tracker with added info what your body is doing each stage of fasting. The only suggestion is maybe adding a food diary! One where you could input what you’ve eaten and how many calories perhaps to track when you’ve gone over recommended daily count? That would make this app a complete all in one tracking device. At the moment I use fitness pal and this so would be handy to have both incorporated? Otherwise I love the app and will continue to use! Thanks!.Version: 1.18.0

Road to recoveryAfter trying numerous diets buying books on the subject of weight loss I came across this by accident what a lucky break. I Have only just started this programme over a week ago already after years of trying to lose weight have already got down to 14st 4lbs from 15-2 tried the 16 hr fast for two days which was pushing it but it broke the back of the trying to lose weight brigade now on the 12 hour fast not religiously following the programme but not breaking the Fast either. I am now seeing that the goal is definitely in sight and my health has improved as well. Very happy to say to anyone give it a go. I think the organisers genuinely care..Version: 1.50.0

Brilliant!I love this app. I use the free version without the bells and whistles and it works for me. I love the countdown and where I am on the fasting cycle and the accompanying information, which by the way is really informative. Who knew what was happening to your body when you stop eating!! It’s so easy to navigate although to be fair because I haven’t upgraded there isn’t much to navigate. You can choose which cycle you want to use, and if you want to subscribe there appears to be a whole raft of help and dietary advice available. I use another app for all that but this is perfect for me just as it is..Version: 1.55.2

A great reminder toolWorks as a tool to keep you on track. I would rather pay for an app rather than a subscription based product that masks the amount of money it costs over time..Version: 1.58.0

Great appThis app really helps with my fast I love having a timer counting down. Have recommended to friends..Version: 1.53.0

Great App Minus Community ChatI loved this app! That is until my second day when I got into the community chat portion. I had a few questions about intermittent fasting, so I decided to give the group chat a try. I was instantly bullied, cussed at, and so were others who were trying to use the app for (shocker) intermittent fasting! I was then told to get off the group chat if I wasn’t going to “act sexy” or socialize on it. Then I was told I should not be on there for fasting questions. The horrible part (to make matters even worse) was that some of their employees were also involved in the inappropriate chat sessions. Nevertheless, I made my complaint and was only told they were “sorry” for my inconvenience. I wouldn’t pay half of the money that they are charging for this app to be bullied and cussed at. Truth is it’s a half decent app, if you’re willing to put up with the above crap and don’t mind paying for not being able to have full usage of it. I don’t think I will be renewing my membership at the end of the month. There are a tons of decent fasting apps for half the price..Version: 1.21.0

ExcellentJe suis très satisfaite du programme! Merci beaucoup 😊.Version: 1.78.2

Love this appI love this app, has been extremely easy to use, no adds and very encouraging with a range of information. The only thing is the update done recently got rid of the feature which tells you how long you have been in the fat burning stage & ketosis etc... this was a great motivation to keep going. Is there anyway that could be brought back??.Version: 1.41.1

Supportive & informativeThis app helps you to understand in detail why intermittent fasting (IF) is good for you. You get to know what happens at each cycle after food and how IF supports your health while assisting in weight loss. I’m you can check in at any stage to check your progress, it encourages you to get active in small ways. There is a community of users to discuss, ask and share your highs and lows with which can be a blessing when you need an answer, support or encouragement. It’s also good to be able to offer the community that those things to, give & take..Version: 1.18.0

Great app flaws with updateI’ve been using this app for nearly 3 months and it is fantastic. I wanted to lose weight from beginning of lockdown and started running, however lost 0 pounds. Since using this app lost just over a stone and look better than I have done in over 2 years. Only issue with it is, the water tracker is resetting when I start fasting at night, annoying as I don’t always remember what I’ve had to drink during the day. Other than that, great app. If you want to lose weight I definitely recommend.Version: 1.33.1

Keep me motivated - thanks!I love this app. So much info and motivation. It feels like a game - but it’s helping you create a healthy lifestyle bumped your with some great insights and knowledge..Version: 1.27.2

This is so niceThey make fasting seem enjoyable and make it all cutesy so it feels less like “I need to do this to lose weight” and more like “this is a fun new routine that i can do” Plus the water tracker and step counter that it has is pretty helpful and a little reminders to drink your water especially during fasts great app:).Version: 1.53.0

OK…butI found this app and thought it looked interesting and was encouraged to download it once I read the rave reviews. I decided I would buy a subscription for a year as I was determined to try something new that wasn’t a restrictive diet. Navigating through the app it seemed to indicate I could eat whatever I wanted (within reason) then it seemed to indicate only 2 meals should be taken during non fasting hours. There was also promise of a group chat available within the app which I thought would be helpful. I could find nothing about a group chat until a few days later I was invited to join a Facebook group to which I had to apply for access. I therefore specifically opened up a Facebook account and applied to join the group, although I see there are a few entries on the Facebook search relating to Fastic I wasn’t sure if these were the ‘chats’ they were referring to. So, I emailed their help team got a case number to clarify about the group chat and number of meals and waited and waited for a reply, I sent a chaser and then received a notice of closure of my case without them even answering my email. The site is OK but I don’t think, based on my recent experience, it’s worth paying a subscription for as I think I would have got as much as I needed from the free site. Let’s hope I get access to the Facebook page soon…and an answer to my email..Version: 1.56.0

Great appI downloaded the app after a recommendation from a friend, she has lost a fair amount of weight in a short time but had other positive effects to her sleep quality, energy levels and overall well-being. I have completed day 7 of Fastic. I’m completely new to fasting and have found the Fastic academy very educational. It explains the basics and offers advice and motivation to continue. I’ve done every fad diet on the market for years. This doesn’t feel like a fad and is more of a change in lifestyle. The Facebook Fastic community is a fabulous source of support, information and sharing of success. It demonstrates that people have used fasting for a number of years and have experienced real benefits from this lifestyle. I’ve noticed that from day 3 my eating habits have changed and in my eating window I tend to pick low carb, high protein and vegetables in meals. I have increased my water consumption and feel energetic and well. A lifelong insomniac, I have been finding my sleep quality has improved significantly over the past 3 nights. I think I have found a way of eating that is healthy and will adopt long term. Lost 4lb in first week and don’t feel at all deprived. The Fastic app is great for managing fasting times, as a source of information and recipes. I would recommend this app 100%. I have given 4 stars because I think it would benefit from being linked to MyFitnessPal or garmin/Fitbit for step tracking..Version: 1.35.2

Excellent but ...So far this is excellent, it’s easy to use and lovely to look at. It’s clearly been designed with love. The only reason I’ve dropped a star is because I paid to upgrade and to be honest there really isn’t the additional content to justify nearly £30. The no quibble guarantee isn’t working for me. If you go to the site it tells you to claim through iTunes but iTunes arn’t making it easy. It’s not something that would put me off using the ap and I would be happy to pay less just for the original content itself, so it not a biggy, just a pricy lesson learnt to read the reviews first ! Just be careful before signing up and paying..Version: 1.35.2

Love itAbsolutely loving this app it makes IF so much easier :).Version: 1.14.1

Genuinely an amazing app!!Simple, easy to use, does exactly what it says it does. I’ve only been using for a week and haven’t had a weigh in but I feel much healthier and fulfilled and as someone who was previously a binge-eater, I haven’t felt this positively about food and enjoyed my diet so much as I do when using this app. App takes the time to educated you on the process on losing weight through IF and also teaches you all sorts of other important facts about your health and your body. Favourite and easiest “diet” I have ever tried in my entire life. I absolutely never go hungry as I have with previous diets as your fasting window and eating window is easy to set up to work for your own eating patterns (I tend to eat meals a bit later than the average person). While you can pay for a full version if you want it, you absolutely do not need to get it to use important features. All necessary features are available to you completely free. Also has a handy punchcard type thing to make sure you drink enough water which I’ve found extremely helpful. You won’t be disappointed with this app, TRUST ME!.Version: 1.32.1

Slow and easy steps to lasting, fasting, successThree days in and I’m enjoying Fastic. I get clear steps to introduce my body to fasting and staying hydrated and starting to understand what’s the difference between eating through, boredom, anxiety, worry, a need for comfort, and when I actually need to eat. There are multiple daily, scientifically and medically backed, information blocks, to help you further understand the processes your body is going through. It’s user friendly, easy to navigate and interactive in a charming way. It’s not overwhelming or overly demanding, the choices given are fully explained to help you choose the path you wish to take. It’s supportive and seems excellent value for money. Highly recommend it..Version: 1.46.1

C’est totalement Wowwwww !C’est totalement Wowwwww merci j’adore cette application!😁👍.Version: 1.82.0

Fasting trackerSuper easy & helpful with wee tips, just got the free option to help with my time and tracking! Definitely recommend as a basic tool.Version: 1.78.2

Fantastic!!!I don’t normally like subscription based apps but I got an amazing offer and I thought, why not? It’s time to get serious about my health and fitness and I think it was a sign for me to make this change. I am so glad I subscribed because this app is so easy to navigate and use. I love the library section and the large selection of recipes which you can adjust the filters to show you vegan only or gluten free recipes!! I used to use a leading fitness diary which was great at counting marcos and such but I needed something to be more than just a food and exercise diary. Thank you so much for creating this app. Keep up the good work!!! 💕💕.Version: 1.28.3

FasticI find this app very informative with informative on how your body is working every hour when fasting. I didn’t buy full app, right now I’m using the free part of it.. It tells you to keep drinking water through the day which is fantastic…for me it’s perfect!!!!.Version: 1.79.0

So far so good!Like the app, makes sense & is easy to use..Version: 1.82.0

Great Except For Frustrating Daily TasksThis is a great app for intermittent fasting and the lessons it teaches are really informative and bitesized enough to digest, I love that. However, I have a bit of OCD and when I have tasks flagged to do each day that are allow notifications or add a buddy that I can’t get rid of as I dont like to allow notifications or have a fellow friend who would like the app. It gets a little triggering and I almost deleted the app as seeing these tasks not completed each day and knowing they never will be is a little distracting and gives a feeling of failure rather than the positives this app tries to promote. If it was possible to remove a task from the list and mark it as something I cant or dont want to do so it doesn’t show in the list that would probably make this app pretty much perfect for what it offers. Fingers crossed its possible to do this as I do really like the app..Version: 1.31.0

IrritatingI’ve signed up and paid for 6 months membership and done my first fast. I went in to complete the first one and it requires me to join again and pay again. This is looking like a rip off. If this is just a glitch it’s an expensive one. Please fix ASAP or I want my money back..Version: 1.71.0

Love this app!I am a type of a person who can download bunch of apps but soon to find that I am not using them. I had lots of stress after loosing my husband a year and half ago. My weight sky rocketed and I seem to be in a vicious circle. I learned a lot about Intermittent Fasting (IF) but it was hard to keep up with everything falling on my plate. With this app I feel I can totally do it! And actually doing it! My game now is to stick with it. It has been a week and since the way app is made I am logging in every day and with helpful hints I am keeping up with my IF. I feel great. I am not craving sweets or junk. More over my sleep is much better, which was a huge issue. I lost two pounds, in first week which is a game😃 every week loose two pounds . But most importantly my clothes feels loose. Yes I am loosing inches! I want to thank developers and creators of this app. I like the way you did it. Also reminding me to log in with my crazy busy schedule very helpful! It is like having personal assistant who is watching you for your healthy habits!.Version: 1.56.0

Really helpful with tons of useful info!Love that it notifies me when my fast is done! And there is so much more useful information than just when to start and stop. They explain why and how fasting is important..Version: 1.10.1

Great simple appThis app got all I need, totally recommended even the free version.Version: 1.81.1

Amazing app!I just started fasting for the first time and I must say that this app is so helpful, user friendly, very educational and motivating! I recommend it 200%!!!.Version: 1.85.1

Love it! Helpful and Encouraging!I’ve wanted to change my habit of over eating and develop self discipline. They say “when you control what you eat, you can control your world”. The app without the Fastic plus has been amazing! There were times I wanted to give up and give in to the foods when my family would eat very late at night but it seems to know when you need encouragement. So far, I’ve been drinking more water, eating more veggies, and read valuable lessons that I have applied to my life. I have very little self control when it comes to food, especially meat. Veggies and I have become good friends now especially with my digestive system. I have more self discipline than before with food! I know if my family eats late, they always try to save me some for the next day during my eating period. A big plus was that I can have a fasting buddy! My boyfriend also has food controlling problems, he tends to eat very late at night and doesn’t have a routine applied. It has helped him lose fat in some areas of his figure! And develop a great routine for him to eat. And for me too! So far I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last week. I’m not starving myself, I’m drink more water and I feel so much better than before! The different levels of fasting also help too. I started with 16/8 but when things got difficult I reduced it a beginner level fasting then build up to 16/8 and that’s where I’ll stay and won’t go further. I’ll consider Fastic Plus in the future ❤️.Version: 1.9.2

Great basic app for intermittent fastingWould be great if they added Siri voice commands too start and end fasting.Version: 1.78.2

Wow, how easy was thatI’m a 52 year old guy, I’ve always been in good health due to 2 yearly fitness and medical checks over the last 30 years in the police service. However following a knee op and boredom eating throughout lockdown my weight had gone through the roof, at least 4 stone more than ever before. However after an easy 40 days using this app, cutting down a little on alcohol and pretty much cutting out treats I’ve managed to lose 2 1/2 stone already. I have gone hardcore 20/4 fasting but I’m amazed at how good I feel, less tired, less grumpy and genuinely feeling better all round..Version: 1.48.0

Just started, but I’ve already lost weightI picked a difficult level from the get go (fast 6:30pm-12:30pm). It’s hard for me right now, but getting easier by the day. The app helps you track and reminds you to drink water, which I really need. It gives you daily challenges like “eat a handful of nuts to break your fast.” There are exercise challenges and it counts your steps. It gave me nutrition selections and recipes for vegetarians because I was able to select that option. If you forget to hit the button that you are fasting or done, then you can retroactively change it. It adjusts fasting times for you. I started at 6:10 pm last night so I fast until 12:10pm today. I’m using this for weight loss and 3 days in, I’ve lost 3-4 pounds. I have also stopped using artificial sweeteners, part of a challenge. Everyday, it gives you a lesson into intermittent fasting and they are interesting. I also don’t feel like my migraines are any worse with this. I don’t feel sluggish or foggy. So, only a few days in, but totally recommend this! I’m also pleased it’s helping me make better choices (like no artificial sweeteners in drinks and eating more nuts/dried fruit to feel satiated..Version: 1.25.3

Highly recommendedBeautiful interface that’s easy to use and effective. Super motivating to use each day. Love it..Version: 1.30.1

Wow!This app is so easy to use and motivates so well. Love it!.Version: 1.57.0

Wish there was a food/calorie trackerI mostly like this app but I really wish there was a food/calorie tracker. For me, it would double its effectiveness. Fasting is great but if you overeat in your eating time it can slow or even undo all your progress. There should be a calorie goal too for the meal. As well as food suggestions equaling the calories you should eat. And the fasting stages are not correct. It takes far longer for the body to reach ketosis, fat burning and autophagy. Those can take 2-4 days not just a few hours as they like you to believe. So the app isn’t exactly accurate. There’s also no long fast options. And it’s annoying that they stop your time or give you a frosty of you don’t log in. Like, bro! I sometimes fast for days at a time! Not just 23 hours or less. Just let me pick a long fast! It’s a cute fun idea but lacks depth..Version: 1.61.0

More intuitive than other fasting AppsThis is the second app I’ve used to get back on track with fasting. The thing that is different about this one is that the way the app encourages you to stick to fasting does not pull in your ego like the other app which was all about competition. I find myself wanting to fast for three reasons: 1. I’m mentally ready and this app suits me 2. The app educates me, thereby increasing awareness of myself during this process, and 3. The colours used in the app communicate care and the images are positive and relaxed when combined with the colours. I know this because I’m an expert in applied colour psychology..Version: 1.35.2

A very good appI readily admit I only began using this app today, and as such cannot attest to any results for myself as yet. However, the app is incredibly well-designed and helpful. The ability to change fast lengths depending on your fasting experience, as well as how much you want to challenge yourself is great and the reminders it sends to drink water and other important tasks really helps keep health habits in check. Perhaps in future an Apple Watch compatible app could be introduced as well? It would be a very convenient way to check your fasting status on the go, especially in situations where checking your phone is less practical. Regardless, highly recommended for anyone looking for a companion to help in fasting..Version: 1.30.1

Very engaging appThis app is very engaging to use, and also has really good information that I haven’t seen elsewhere (when ketosis starts, when autophagy starts, and what that means) It’s fun to use and this has kept me going. Only a couple of criticisms - I would like to be able to change the goal length after finishing the fast, because I’ve sometimes accidentally put it longer than I intended. Also I would like to be able to find instructions somewhere, as it took me a little while to sort out how to work it .... but well worth it if you want to try intermittent fasting - I’ve never stuck to it before and this time I have. The reminders are good too..Version: 1.56.0

Great App could be even betterI like the App and it really help me track my fast well. I feel it underuse the capability of iOS. I wish it had a Shortcut compatibility so I could start my fast via Siri or have a complication for Apple Watch to see the time and start/stop it..Version: 1.79.0

Fun appEarly days but both easy and fun. I’ll keep you posted 😁so far pretty easy.Version: 1.45.0

I really enjoyed eating before this appNow I enjoy fasting.Version: 1.88.0

Good and effective - some room for improvementI’m 8 days into using Fastic - enjoying the experience and getting good results. But I can’t give it 5 stars because I don’t think it helps you enough with your start and end fast times. I’m always having to go back and edit the times, because I’ve told the app when I’m starting my fast, but it seems to assume that I’m still fasting until I tell it otherwise. Believe me, I know when it’s OK to start eating again - it’s the most important time of my day! But I don’t remember to switch modes manually in Fastic. So why can’t Fastic alert me that I’ now in eating mode and automatically switch over?.Version: 1.62.0

Amazing AppI’m 2 days using this app and I’ve 1.6kgs so far! Yay! Highly recommend.Version: 1.56.0

Love this appVery informative and love the recipes.Version: 1.14.1

It’s going to be different this timeI have only done 4 days but already with the support of this so app I feel so much more confident I am going to get off the dieting yo yo wheel!.Version: 1.25.3

This works!I never thought I could get enthusiastic about losing weight. My primary goals were to lose a bit of weight gained over covid and to get back into an exercise rhythm. This app really helps. It’s not just inspirational but educational as well, and being simple to navigate is a true bonus. The ‘rewards’ are a bit over the top, all the stars and flames and ‘whoops’ etc, I never was much of a ‘high five’ kind of person but it’s easy to see past this cheesiness and get on with the core function. Recommended? very much so!.Version: 1.74.4

Buddy issuesThe information that is shared from one buddy to another are flat lies. The goals are skewed to show less than actual and weight loss shows more than is actual. For example my goal is 180lbs and I have lost 4lbs so far. On my buddy’s screen is shows my goal 116lbs and my weight loss at 20lbs. If this is not a glitch in the programming, I find it deceptive and disheartening. People/women struggle enough with weight loss without an app pitting they against one another. If you are lucky enough to have the love and support of a friend and you choose to use an app like this, the information should be accurate. That being said, I do like how the app works for me. I like the information, education and recipes. Don’t get me wrong I love the buddy feature I just don’t want it to be like that. It seems like it could be fixed. Support please not greed..Version: 1.22.3

Easy and it worksStarted using Fastic on January 1st and have lost 12lbs. Regularly exceed the 16 hours and haven’t been really strict with what I eat, just the time period. Main bugbear is I can’t edit my water consumption. I press the edit button but the only editing is to delete the day completely. Please fix Could you amend the ‘end fasting’ screen so that it all appears on the same screen. I regularly end my fasting period but forget to click on the end fasting or confirm that needs to be scrolled to. I then find later that Fastic still thinks I am fasting. It’s annoying and winds me up every time..Version: 1.60.0

Pretty good but I don’t speak GermanI love the app - I’m only using free version. It especially helps having the reminders to drink water, start and stop the fasting windows, etc. What I find difficult is that every now and again things come up in German (i think) which is pretty useless to me. I was asked to take a survey and then it changed to German so I couldn’t answer any questions! Please fix this..Version: 1.30.1

Great app but could do more..Little notification pop up banners of motivation msgs like - you got this! after 12 hrs fasting - then hourly after that - to keep the momentum going would be great! I often forget what time I start fasting and eat before my 16 hrs is up.Version: 1.79.0

I’ve fasted before, and I will fast againI’ve been intermittent fasting for about 5-6 months now, about a month before quarantine, and this app is good at what it says it will do. As mentioned before, I’ve been fasting for a few months now, and I have very rarely broken the fast. I’m going to say only a handful of times in special situations, but it was always hard to remember the exact hours I would begin fasting. This app is great with keeping track of how long I’ve been fasting, and the feature of it alerting when the fasting is over is great as well. I don’t upgrade from the free version because honestly I just need something to help me track, and that’s exactly what this is. I’m aware I use it as a glorified stop-watch basically, but it meets all the needs I have in an app about tracking my fasting periods. I love the way that everything on the app is easily accessible and I can flip between screens as efficiently as I need too between breaks at work and whatnot. I love the little information that is given, even if it’s super basic information. It’s great as what it advertises to do, and it doesn’t make its advertisements all about the upgraded features that a lot of people don’t like to buy into. It’s a neat little app that is user friendly and I will be using for at least another month before I go back to college and get thrown off the routine. Keep up the good work guys!.Version: 1.21.0

Great app and a friend for lifestyle changeI am 60 this year and recently found a letter I’d written to my Mum when living away from home at the age of 19. I talk about being on a diet in the letter which means I’ve been ‘on a diet’ for over 40 years. I have tried them all believe me but thought I’d give IF a try and can honestly say I feel better than I have in ages. My clothes fit better, I have more energy, I’m not hungry and I list 7.5 lbs last week. Do for the diet jaded among you all I would say is give it a go. The app makes it really easy to stick to the fasting and eating times and it reminds you to keep hydrated. I love it. Here’s to my lifestyle change for the next decade..Version: 1.37.0

Really well thought outThere are a lot of rubbish apps on the store but this is genuinely one of the good ones. I knew a lot about losing weight and had a lot of success in recent years reversing diabetes and training for half marathons but this app has been helping drive me into dealing with 20 hour fasts in a healthy and educated way. As I want to hit a lower weight in a sustained way. I paid for the year as the knowledge base inside the app is very well set up and useful. Fantastic work from the authors and it really proves that fasting is beneficial to not only body but mind as well..Version: 1.18.0

Encouraging and Educational!I am really enjoying this app. The daily education and reminders of what good I am doing for my body as I fast keeps me encouraged and motivated. The “rewards” of stars and more are nice as well though I don’t really understand what to do with them, LOL! The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that a longer fast (36 hours, for instance) is not yet available BUT when I asked support about this I got a quick reply saying it will be available in a future update. I completed my longer fast anyway and the app did ask a couple times if I was still fasting and let me say yes so ultimately the whole fast was tracked. Yea! When I entered my initial goal into the app it gave me a possible timeline to reach that goal using a 16:8 plan, but I can no longer find that possible date, or see if it changes as my goal (fat loss for me) is achieved. Regardless, I am seeing progress and I am happy!.Version: 1.45.0

Easy to followI really like this app. Very easy to follow and gives you small daily goals to achieve plus it shows you and educates you what’s happening in your body with every stage of the process..Version: 1.59.0

Tracking progress = More ProgressIn west Philadelphia born and raised On the playground where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys, they were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighbourhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared And said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air" I whistled for a cab and when it came near the License plate said "fresh" and had a dice in the mirror If anything I could say that this cab was rare But I thought nah, forget it, yo homes to Bel-air! I pulled up to a house about seven or eight And I yelled to the cabby "Yo, homes smell you later!" Looked at my kingdom I was finally there To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-air.Version: 1.25.3

Wanted add my weight progress and it started me from the beginningWhen you are signed into an app there should not be an option to start again without telling you that you are already a member or a message to say this step will start you again. I deleted the app..Version: 1.21.0

Weight loss made easyI am really enjoying fasting I can’t believe I feel this way . Loads of energy, I can eat all the good foods I love in my window of eating. I have realised that I don’t need to consume as much food as I used to and still have energy . I think I have reduced my daily caloric intake by 500+ .... no wonder my jeans fit❤️.Version: 1.24.0

Not as hard as you thinkThe fasting is easier than I expected and the reminders for water and exercise keep you on track. I am eating normally but the fasting stops snacking and raiding the fridge in the evenings with a glass if wine. 5 days in and almost 2 kilos off😀.Version: 1.78.2

Simple app, good results, annoying notificationsThe app is great apart from a small point. You may think it’s silly but after a while it gets annoying. I’ve been fasting 17:7 for a few weeks now and feeling good. I will say though-developers, if you’re reading this, the notifications don’t seem to sink with the app that well and it’s pretty annoying and lets the smooth and good looking app down a bit in my opinion. if I have a time change for when I start before a fast for whatever reason it still notifies me to tell me I should start when at the wrong times. It then tells me to start the timer quite often even though it’s not time. I would turn the notifications off but I like the nudges to drink more water. Apart from this, I have used it every day so far..Version: 1.21.0

Tracking stepsHi can the app link to my Fitbit watch or can we add steps manually as don’t always carry my phone with me so miss out on a lot of my steps. Thx Marion.Version: 1.78.2

Simple, motivational and funI’ve lost 11kg using this app on the free version! (Coupled with calorie control). I like that it’s simple and not too invasive with its reminders HOWEVER the new release has a weird glitch that notifications are telling me to stop fasting half an hour early, I’m also not liking getting the ‘sign up for paid service’ notifications now which it didn’t used to do Overall a good tool.Version: 1.74.4

Alternatives for frostiesI like this app, hence my rating. Thus, this is not a review. Improvements/feedback: -Awards: Could you introduce awards or badges to keep people motivated. Example: Award or badge for completing lessons, exercise goals, etc. -Frosties: Could you introduce other things to spend frosties on. Collectible avatars? I don’t want to spend frosties on food related rewards, i.e., skipping a fast. Macro tracking: It would be great if there was an option to track macros track as well. 😄.Version: 1.60.0

Not demandingI’ve noticed I’m a bit slack putting in water/fluid for the day so a subtle reminder is done through the app, jogs my memory to enter the glasses drunk! I have no issue fasting which is a good thing for me but keeping up my vitamin intake helps with this! The level of fitness at my age 76 is comparable to a much younger person!.Version: 1.35.0

ExcellentVery helpful app,less stress ,more joy..Version: 1.71.0

WorthwhileIf you’re looking to get started fasting, this is great for tracking and reminders. Good info and UI, a bit expensive for what you get, but worth trying. The gamification aspect is great, and made it easy to stick with it..Version: 1.84.1

FasticLoads of information and quick tips to help along the way! Highly recommended.Version: 1.66.0

Good ApplicationVery good , but pricing is very high for the plus membership.Version: 1.64.0

Good so far and not feeling conned.Despite a goal being to leave a 5 star review on day 2 I’m still continuing with the app. Early days but I’m drawn to persevere with it and signed up to the 3 month Plus option. So far I’ve had a couple of hours of hunger pangs before the end of the fast but it’s not been bad. Then there’s a 6 hour period when you can eat and as there’s only so much a stomach can hold it’s hard to overeat if you follow the sensible menu on offer. My conclusion: you’ve nothing to lose except some pounds if you download and try out the app for a while and don’t fall prey to the offers that cost £s..Version: 1.57.0

Best thing since sliced pieI’ve been using this app since Monday and I’ve already drop one pants size. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while I paid for a year in advance I believe this app is going to be life changing. I had been juicing since 2010 and I’ve lost some serious weight but once I stop juicing I put the weight back on. This app holds me accountable so I’m determined to finish my daily fast, complete my steps, and drink at least 12 cups of water a day. My goal is to lost about 70lbs. However I feel like this will be different because I’m going to stay on this program. This takes the place of making up excuses this app keeps you focused on what you should be doing all the time seven day a week.I love this app thank you Fastic you change my life I’m definitely a believer that this app works and I can wait to see where I am in a year..Version: 1.69.0

Fastic great appI gained in weight a year ago. I'm 5’0, and I have been skinny all my life until my hormone starting kicking off a year ago. I have always been active, but since I'm getting a little bit, older. I'm getting lazy. My knees aren't healthy like it used too, plus also I got married since then my weight got out of control. I gain 20 pounds I used to be 110 now 130. However, I decide to pay for this app to help me reach my goal and learn to control my eating habits. So far I'm thrilled because I started on Monday and today is Wednesday I have lost 3pounds which I weight now 127 until I reach my goal I won't stop. There is a lot of support, great lessons and community support as well I have joined the Facebook fastic community, and there people giving you advice. Don't hesitate to give a try so far it works. Also, this app provides you a receipt for healthy food, and there is a lot another great thing they provide. Try you won't be disappointed. However, you need to be very strong, willing not to be tempted. Good luck..Version: 1.22.3

Incredible app!I can't say how much I love this app. It really help me with tracking my fasting and keeping me motivated throughout the whole process. I love the new ios 14 update that allows me to track my time on the homescreen! I hope in the next update they would include water tracker as a widget as well!.Version: 1.27.2

Cautious optimismWaking up day 3, I’ve been pretty focused on the time for 2 hours but now not hungry. So that’s great cuz I feel pretty good. The fact that it’s free and I don’t have to track foods and put a lot of time into this makes it great. I want to improve or enhance my life and health and I’ve been looking for something that is not all consuming like weight watchers or noom. So far looking at a clock, being deliberate drinking water and maybe being aware of my movement have been easy to incorporate in my life. For me I have odd day/night work hours so the timing may need tweaking but it’s been ok these few days. I only wish the free app had a question platform, and it may I just haven’t found it. To sum up I e spent more time on the review than I’ve had to on the program. YAY!!!.Version: 1.45.0

New to this but good so farI’m on Day 3 and enjoying the app so far. The prompts to drink are helpful and I like how it talks you through the different stages of your fast. I logged onto the community last night and found all the previous complaints were true. Very little helpful discussion about fasting, and most from a much younger age group and different time zone. So THANK YOU for the change to WhatsApp today which is a far more supportive and mature group with helpful tips from other UK nationals. I’d really like to see a calorie counter integrated into this app, as fasting only works with a calorie deficit. Also, it would be ideal to be able to manually add in other activities that your iPhone step counter cannot count, eg. swimming. Thanks..Version: 1.18.0

Easy sustainable weight lose (self control needed)I have been doing the fasting diet first time almost two weeks ago. I was drawn to this cause I needed to lose weight. I had gained quite a bit of weight due to covid-19. I had realized I had topped my highest weight yet at 387lbs. I have lost just under two week at (two days left of second week) I have lost 13lbs. I’m a 36 year old male 6’5” with back issues and I’m able to cut back on sugar I’m able to add greens and vegetables. I lowered my walk to the lowest but try to push past that when I can I don’t walk ever day but I try to reach my goal 2-3 times a week and I do my best to drink the water recommended. If you can deal with not eating while you sleep and drink water and walk when you can you will see results fast! At my current weight loss and weekly progress I should reach my weight goal of 225 by the first week of January! Please help your self be healthy!.Version: 1.65.0

Note to review readers!!Hey sorry I wrote a review that was terrible and I got my apps mixed up. Fastic is great. My review was meant to be about ME which is rubbish! Sorry I tried to delete it but not sure it worked. So I follower up with a quick - it’s great review!! You must think I’m a crazy person. Soz’.Version: 1.60.0

Nice and simple- missing one ease of use featureI needed an app that tracked fasting with a beautiful interface and simplicity. This coupled with its widget does the trick and so I switched to this after trying two other apps. The only reason I give it 4/5 is I think there is a real lost opportunity that it doesn’t have a coupled Apple Watch version which other apps do. Every time I get a notification reminder to close my fasting window, I instinctually try to use my watch to do so and then am reminded that’s not possible. Since the app’s strength is its ease of use, I really think this should be considered as a good addition- not everyone keeps their phone by their side during their meals and I’ve had multiple times I’ve forgotten to close/open a window because I left my phone somewhere else. Otherwise, it’s very easy and visually pleasing..Version: 1.78.2

Helps balance my bodyI’d heard of intermittent fasting but had never actively practiced it, except skipping “breakfast”. It’s so easy to overeat during lockdown isn’t it? Stuck at home all day, not as much work and I found I was eating in between meals, even though I didn’t feel hungry, as well as snacking in the evenings right up to bedtime. Yes, it would be nice to shift that stubborn 8lb I’ve been carrying for two years, but I’m doing IF primarily for health. I love the daily lessons in the app on how IF can help all areas of our existence. I’m eating less (I’m not cutting out a meal but eating 3 smaller meals in an 8-hour window) because I feel fuller. I also have much more energy. It’s a win, win..Version: 1.36.2

Simple, Better Control of Fasting PeriodsBetter than other apps because it gives you more personal control over your fasting:eating periods. Other apps set the schedule. It’s akin to getting on my bike, and setting your workout…I’m much more likely to complete the workout because I decided to start it. Ending it early feels like quitting, which motivates me to finish. Love the depiction of the stages of fasting (burning sugar, fats, ketosis, autophagy) on the fasting page. Keeps me motivated to finish the fast. Great educational and simple blurbs on fasting, and health. Knowledge is also motivating because it gives you the reasoning behind intermittent fasting, which gives me faith that I’m on a good health plan. App is simple and intuitive with easy daily routines to create good habits..Version: 1.80.2

Best AppIt is a great app I have only josh started my journey and this app gives me the confidence that I will stick to it. It gives you daily information and tells you what is happening to your body through the hours you are fasting I love reading it and learning what is going on. It is the perfect app for anyone who wants to start.Version: 1.51.0

Lose weightI’m into the third day. I’m feeling good..Version: 1.83.1

So many spelling errors.Just a heads up guys. I’ve found at least 4 spelling/grammatical errors after only using your app for a fortnight. Kinda painful. Also, the over the top advertisement for your paid upgrades make it almost torturous to use. At least offer a free trial for the ‘plus’ features?.Version: 1.16.0

The siteI find it hard to manoeuvre around the site. It would be great if we could talk to our buddies right in the app instead of going to the Facebook group..Version: 1.28.3

Gently supportiveI have been fasting since December using this app. I found it extremely helpful and supportive. I don’t have many people around me to support me so it’s just me and “self Control”. I just need gentle reminders. I like the stars and Frosties, childish as it seems. It gives me a sense of progress and achievement. I use my Frosties now and again for a “day off” but I don’t feel like I’ve “failed” and I may as well give up because I had “earned” the break. Often I will use a frosty but then realise I fasted during that time anyway so I can unuse it ! Just takes a bit of pressure off. Yes definitely worth a try..Version: 1.82.0

Two weeks in with positive results!During the pandemic I managed to control my weight through exercise but I desperately need to lose and couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. Figured I’d give this app a shot. Just in the first few days I noticed I was sleeping so much better! Within 10 days I had dropped 3 lbs! I don’t find it too difficult to fast 16 hours. I begin my fast immediately after dinner, usually around 5:30 or 6:00. I’m drinking more water, and in my feeding window I pretty much eat what I want for meals. No time for snacking, which is good for me. Still able to get in all 3 meals. Breakfast around 10 lunch at 1:30 and dinner at 5:00. I am saving my “frosties” for special days when we are able to eat out again. I am hoping the weight loss continues. It is so encouraging to see the scale move in the right direction!.Version: 1.42.0

Basically an accountability aid and a spoon-feed textbook, in a good wayI like that the user has to go in and press “start” and “finish” for fasting periods. Just that little manual confirmation helps add so much weight to the commitment. Turns out, it’s easy to not eat potato chips at 10pm after pushing a button saying I won’t. So this cognitive model works well for me. I also like that there is a daily weight tracker function, as well as little lessons which explain the science behind fasting-driven metabolism in an easy-to-understand way. This app doesn’t have too many features, but most of them are very practical and helpful. My one suggestion is breaking daily goals down even more, like “did you eat wholesome for lunch today” or “list three occasions where someone helped you today” or “How many times did you say thank you?” Getting into that positive mindset can benefit from smaller but more frequent reinforcement..Version: 1.18.0

A life changing appHonestly, this app has it all. Over lockdown I got very dehydrated as I forgot to drink, my eating schedule was non existent. Add into that me being a long time insomniac and it made day to day life very unpleasant. I also put on weight which made me very insecure. However, this app has changed that so much and it’s only been three days. You have a water tracker with reminders that has finally got my water intake up to 2L a day and the step tracker which has made me aware that I really need to do more exercise. But of course, the main attraction is the fasting. Not only does it have a timer with different parts of it labelled so you can SEE when the fat starts to burn, it also gives you loads of lessons on both the process of fasting and on just general life changes. It’s completely stopped me from my irregular meal times and snacking, and as a result I’ve had a better time sleeping and I have more energy throughout the day. I have no doubt that I’ll be losing weight in no time. In conclusion. The app is great, it puts all the tools to succeed into your hands, all you need is the motivation to follow through with it..Version: 1.56.0

Info on nutrition and calorie intakeI love this app! One thing though if your fasting to loose weight it’s not just about when you eat but what you eat too - a colleague told me she gained weight while intermittent fasting. After further questioning it became clear that she was intaking far more calories than she would use or burn during excercise in a day so dispute eating at the right times she still gained weight - maybe include some info on the basics of weight loss eg. You mist co dime less or equal to the amount of calories you will burn in a day - not many people actually know this!.Version: 1.29.2

Great tool!This is an amazing tool to keep track of your eating and especially drinking water! Great features, just a shame it’s subscription based to get the full app. I’d much rather pay a one-off fee. Nice to be offered a discount after using it for a few days though. But still, subscriptions suck..Version: 1.78.2

I’ve found success with this app!I have tried 16:8 Intermittent fasting on my own before and even though the concept is so easy, I totally failed. And this is coming from someone who was a pretty thoughtful and healthy eater, and then toddlers happened. I found it difficult to keep an eye on my fasting/eating windows on my own bc I also was juggling two other schedules. But this app changed that completely. So easy, it’s really positive and motivating (you never feel defeated which I think is such an important aspect of reaching a goal), there’s so much more you can utilize out of it as far as additional habits, and you can go back and edit your times bc sometimes life takes us away from our phones but we still met our goals. I’ve lost weight, I drink wayyyyyy more water, and feel really good and it’s 100% bc of this app. PS I bought another app a week before this one and so glad I decided to ditch that one for this one!.Version: 1.45.0

Please give it a goYes you’ve probably looked through numerous weight loss apps before and tried all sorts of different things just like I did, you might even be reading this and thinking “yeah but it doesn’t apply to my situation it won’t help me” Trust me, give this app and the idea behind it a go. It has helped me combat my comfort eating related to depression which I’ve had for just over 10 years and has stopped me always thinking about food food food and craving all the bad types of food, chocolate, biscuits, pizza, burgers, etc. Please give this a ago , I would hate for someone out there that might be in a similar mindset/situation to me to miss out on the benefits this app and idea has to offer..Version: 1.17.4

The best thing you can get for yourselfThis app is one of the best things iv done for my health. Theres some really good information on here that helps you understand why your doing what your doing. It makes things simple and effective..Version: 1.63.2

Great but recent issuesI’ve been using the app for 9 months and am a paid user. It is the reason I’ve lost 30 pounds and have now finally achieved a “healthy” BMI again after the fluctuations of growing 2 human beings. It taught me the science of fasting to motivate me, prompts me to drink throughout the day, and in general holds me accountable. I loooove the graph of weight over time, which for me is quite motivational. But it’s not just the weight loss - when you take yourself to autophagy on a regular basis, you really do begin to feel “clean”. It’s really been very nice for me- which is not to say it will work for everyone. There are a few issues: 1. Support is suuuuuper slow. In early December, it took them about 5 days to auto-acknowledge they had received my message and another week to answer. 2. So. Many. Glitches. I have no idea why someone thought the latest major update was a good idea. As reviews show, newer people can’t figure out how to set their fasting splits. Also, the app is now telling me to fast before it’s actually my fasting time and WORSE tells me it’s time to eat before my timer is up! That’s ridiculous..Version: 1.78.2

Love itI love how easy this app is to follow. I love the recepies how you include the video as well as the written recepie. I love getting the stars when I have achieved a task. I love being able to look at my progress. I love the reminders for fasting and drinking water. I love the information in regards to the history of intermittent fasting. Really educational and encouraging. Thank you.Version: 1.27.2

PerfectI’ve lost weight before, but struggled this time. I don’t want to log my food every time I eat, and keep having to say no to things I really want. Life is too short! But something had to give, or else be content with the extra weight. Fastic was my last ditch attempt at dropping the stone I couldn’t seem to shift. One week in and 5 pounds down already. I can eat what I want, and still go out, have a drink and socialise. I do the 16:8. So 16 hour fast, half of which I am asleep for, and an 8 hour eating window. I eat sensibly, but if I want a bar of chocolate, or a glass of wine (cocktails last night!) I have it. Normally I fast from 6pm to 10am. But if like last night I indulge socially, the app just pushes on the fasting window. It’s so easy to do. I like the motivational science around it. If my willpower starts to drop, I can see what is happening in my body according to where I am in the fasting cycle. So just an hour more to go. A reward system allows for cheat days but I haven’t needed them so far. What more can I say? Fasting appears to work for me. Losing inches, dropping weight. You could do it without the app, but for me it keeps me “honest” and it also sends reminders direct to my Apple Watch. So it’s like having your own coach. Top marks!.Version: 1.27.2

Definitely works!I used this app for 2 months on the 17:7 fast and lost 2 stone. I found fasting worked really well for me because it didn’t restrict the lovely food that I love eating, just meant I had to schedule my meals which is doable! The first week is hard but once you get into the swing of things it is definitely doable. I do think the app could provide more information on disordered eating and the difference between healthy intermittent fasting and suffering from an eating disorder. I think it can be easy to get carried away with these things, especially for young adult girls who are insecure about their bodies. This is an important issue and I don’t want this app being used for the wrong reasons or encouraging people to push themselves too far. It should perhaps give warnings on the higher fasting phases and a cut off point to indicate when someone may be taking it too far and putting their health at risk, and should prompt the user to speak to a health professional about their habits. Just a couple of ideas. Generally a very good app I just think this aspect should be considered!.Version: 1.37.0

Really good motivator, small suggestionIve been using fastic for a good two months now and im already impressed with the app and how it’s been helpful in reducing my midday snacking habits and cutting out post-dinner snacks entirely! I dont really use the other features other than the timer and weight logging (used to use the water tracker but the notifications became too cumbersome so i turned it off), and its interface is clean and easy to navigate which is why i decided to use fastic over other fasting trackers. My one suggestion is apple watch support. I actually once stopped using fastic and tried using other apps because they have apple watch apps. If the watch app could integrate the water tracker, fasting timer to see your current progress, and a start/stop fasting button, it would be so much more convenient!!.Version: 1.58.0

Great fasting trackerI’m using the free version and loving the tracker. I’ve done 20/ 4 fasting before for eight months and loved it felt great, but a change of lifestyle made me relapse to binge eating so found this app to get me on track and it’s perfect. Now when I get sneaky thoughts to just binge eat, I look at my tracker and see I only have two hours to go and what my body is doing now to rejuvenate my cells. It also reminds me to drink water, which I need..Version: 1.71.0

It’s not as hard as you might think.I thought I would find it difficult as I have always eaten breakfast, but that’s not the case. I do get hungry but find that a glass of water kills the hunger pains, or a cup of black tea. I like the daily reminders that encourage me, and the meals are good too. I’m sleeping better and feel good. I have lost 2 Kg in the first week and I’m sure it will get easier week after week..Version: 1.33.1

The best app!!This app is amazing, it’s teaching me discipline and to stick to something! They make it fun with incentives such as levels, stars and frosties! Highly recommend.Version: 1.85.1

MotivationIf any of you fasting out there breaks your fast 5 hours into your cycle, Fastic won’t hold it against you just simply edit your start time and you will be given a new eating window time, I’m sure we all have moments just don’t give up or give in - I’m on basic fastic and only done 76 hrs fasting and being overweight I feel the fat loss in my tummy! So keep at it everyone, your’ve got everything to gain but weight and inner accomplishment !.Version: 1.53.1

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