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Wingspan: The Board Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Wingspan: The Board Game app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wingspan: The Board Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about wingspan: the board game?

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Wingspan: The Board Game for Negative User Reviews

Very small textLove the board game but this is not for iPhone with too small text and no option to enlarge. Suggest iPad only otherwise unplayable..Version: 1.1.175

Good Game But BuggyI really love this game, it’s so much fun. If it weren’t for how buggy and unreliable the game is, I would give it 5 stars. It crashes constantly and every time it happens, even if my turn just started, it says that I timed out for over 5 minutes and lose karma points, which is very unfair. It also doesn’t notify you it’s your turn if playing multiple games and sometimes doesn’t update when it’s your turn and again claims you timed out. If the developers fixed this it would be a great game..Version: 1.1.363

Doesn’t work. Wasted my money.Just paid $15 for this great board game so I could play it on my iPad. It doesn’t open. Can’t get past the load screen. Crashes and closes. Wasted my money..Version: 1.1.181

Nice implementation, but app has bugsGood graphics, nice implementation of board game, but app has following errors: 1) At end of game, after the score is tallied, there are menu options to return to the Main Menu, Replay, etc. These buttons do not work (game against AI). The app gets stuck on the score screen and the only way to restart or return to the main menu is to completely close out of the app. 2) Completed games don’t seem to clear out of the main menu current games list. When you click on them, you just get stuck at the score page again. 3) You have to click on bird cards multiple times to place an egg with that bird. It doesn’t seem to work first try every time, or maybe I don’t know where to touch on the bird card… 4) When activating habitats, you often have to touch them multiple times to get them to work. Maybe they are just slow or laggy? 5) Also, it’s easy to still be required to follow through with some action in the bottom right menu (choosing a food or laying an egg for example), but not notice this action is required, so you are trying to move on and touch something else, but it isn’t responding. I wish the menu was somehow highlighted or there was some signal when an action is required..Version: 1.1.175

Automa IssuesThe automa scores incorrectly. It picks food and that somehow adds to a “birds in habitat” round goal. Adding eggs to habitats sometimes scores toward bird goals for it as well. Not sure what the background rhyme or reason is for the scoring but it makes it next to impossible to beat the automa on anything but the first difficulty level..Version: 1.1.223

The straight up facts about this game…The Good: Beautiful game! User interface is pretty straight forward and I learned to play easily. Love love love the games graphics, sound design, and attention to UX details in its port of the non digital version. The Bad: AI too easy. I never played the non digital version so I was totally new to the game. Since downloading it, I have played every difficulty level and number of AI opponents. Even at max difficulty and number of opponents, I still win by 25pts+ every time. I’m a beginner and yet I’ve never lost. The Ugly: Online Multiplayer is UNPLAYABLE! I have attempted to play online numerous times and every time, some error, hang, or uncompletable event occurs to one of the players and they time out. I have yet to be able to complete a game or even make it to the third round before failure. These problems are mentioned all over the games discord suggestions or bugs section. If these problems get sorted out, I’ll be happy to change my rating to 5 stars..Version: 1.1.223

Fun game but terribly, terribly slowI really enjoy wingspan and this is a great digital version. After the most recent update, however, the game has become insanely slow. Part of the fun of playing a board game against bots is not having to wait while other people make their moves. The AI’s are SO slow now that i often get distracted/bored while waiting to take my turn. I hope this gets fixed soon, otherwise i will probably uninstall.Version: 1.1.367

Great Game, but annoying bugWingspan is a really fun game, but it has an annoying bug which only appears intermittently. Ocassionally the green progress arrow fails to appear, often after selecting a food. The only way to fix it is to close the programme then restarting the game and it works again. Maybe because on iPad Pro, but very frustrating. Shame as love playing the game all the way through when it works!.Version: 1.1.176

Performance is so bad on iPhoneEven on latest iPhones, with 4 opponents it becomes an idle game, not to mention the bugs.Version: 1.1.345

Two player game keeps crashingThere is no way to send feedback with attached screenshot through the app and the 2 player game keeps crashing if a player plays the forest/food option x2 + additional bird card trade, there is no forward or backward option available and the game has to be abandoned - a pitty 🤷🏻‍♀️ we ❤️ the board game version, this app disappoints too often in 2 player mode.Version: 1.1.181

Multiplayer a bit buggyThe game plays well locally, but online play seems a bit buggy. An opponent timed out near the end of a matchmaking game. I got offered to finish the game against local AI or leave. Both buttons were grayed out and I couldn’t do anything. Restarted the app and it took 5 karma from me..Version: 1.1.176

Help!This was great, but when the newsletter, delivering welcome news of the expansion came out, my iPad has been unable to play a whole game without shutting me out. Very frustrating! Love the game. Please fix this glitch!.Version: 1.1.340

Great game but still needs multiple updatesThis game is great and fun. But there still needs to be multiple updates. For example: 1-We need to be able to have a FRIENDS list so we don’t have to type in our friend’s usernames every single time when playing online with them. 2-On iPhone12Pro the game doesn’t play the AI’s turns and I have to exit the game and re-enter it again to see that the AI have played their turn. 3-When playing with friends online, the game doesn’t always notify you right away. It’s your turn but the notification comes one hour late..Version: 1.1.321

Love the board game. Love the AppReally enjoying being able to play the game without taking over the whole table. More birds please! Edit: I still love the game but am finding that cards keep vanishing from my hand which is really weird. (Not from the face up cards - from the actual birds in my hand that I am about to play) is anyone else finding this? Edit: since the update I have been twice timed out of an online game for not making a move when there was no move there for me to make (both time at the first stage where you pick birds - there were no other players yet selected and no cards to choose).Version: 1.1.321

Hanging/freezingWhen playing my game often freezes/ jams, not allowing my do anything but yet my timer is still counting down then I end up getting kicked off saying karma -5points. This happens while I am playing the live 3 player online game..Version: 1.1.296

Love the game BUT…I love this app so much. Got it after getting addicted to the board game version. I play the app all the time and am absolutely obsessed. Lately, when playing online 5-minute per turn games, it will get “stuck” showing it as another player’s turn and will not move on to show when it is my turn. I try leaving the game and coming back to see if it will reload. But then the game just crashes and when I reopen it, I get a notification that I took too long on my turn and have left the game and lost karma points. How can I report this issue so it can be fixed?.Version: 1.1.223

This game just takes too long facing people online.I keep trying to play a full game and when people are taking there sweet time I can’t take it. I just end up falling asleep. I’m trying to enjoy this game because by round 3 I know the game speeds up but not when your opponent’s take way too long to do one quick thing. I enjoyed the physical copy of the game so much more. If I could get a refund that would be nice. I won’t be playing on the phone anymore. People are just inconsiderate. I can’t take it when someone takes that long. I understand maybe a minute but come on every turn they need a long time to decide. It takes me less than 30 seconds to take my turn. I would like a refund. I’m going to stick to games like dominion where people actually play the game. It’s sad because I feel like using your whole deck in one turn in dominion was faster than someone deciding to gain food or to draw a card in wingspan. The board game gets 4.5 stars when facing the right people. This mobile game is getting a 1 star from me. I never leave bad reviews..Version: 1.1.367

LimitedLove this board game but have only played it about 10 times and can no longer go to the next move as the bottom right arrow has disappeared. Very disappointed..Version: 1.1.176

Glitches take away starsThe board game is fantastic. As a birder and a lover of games Wingspan is terrific. The online version, however, is glitchy. I tried writing to the developer and got no response. I hope this feedback helps them address these shortcomings. Otherwise, the online version is really helpful at learning the game, and the graphics and music are great..Version: 1.1.367

Fun, but needs faster online playFun game. I love the mechanics, but currently the fastest multiplayer game they offer gives each player 5 minutes to play their round, and games can easily take up to an hour and a half when the other players milk their turns. There’s no reason to take almost five minutes on your first turn. I’d be happy with a 3 minute timer or even 2.5 minutes..Version: 1.1.340

Buggy - and I don’t mean the bird food…25% of the games I’ve played have been unfinishable. The ‘end turn’ button will randomly vanish partway through the game leaving you in limbo. Pretty frustrating! Apart from that, game looks and plays amazing. Without the bug it’d be 5 stars from me..Version: 1.1.181

Fantastic gameI love the Wingspan board game, and was so excited to find an app version! Overall the game runs smoothly, but I found that in several instances, the continue (arrow) icon disappeared and I wasn’t able to proceed with the game. I currently have a few games in progress where I got stuck and can’t move forward. I’m hoping this bug will be worked out, because it’s so much fun to play!.Version: 1.1.181

Beautiful Rendition - With a Fatal FlawThis adaptation is gorgeous and really captures the spirit of the game. But buyer beware - you can be in the middle of a game you are enjoying, get distracted for a few minutes, and when you get back to the game… it’s gone. It’s bizarre because you can save games when they are done, so the mechanism is there… why they don’t save along the way is beyond me. Three times now, I’ve lost my game… and that makes a beautiful experience a LOT less tranquil. 🤓.Version: 1.1.263

Overpriced and the app keeps crashing in the middle of a matchI’m a huge fan of the board game so making the decision to buy this app (even if it’s extremely overpriced for an online game) was not difficult. However, after 1hr of playing vs AI, the game kept crashing at the same spot. I tried playing a new game and I’m still encountering the same issue. What’s the point of having a game if you can’t even finish it?.Version: 1.1.263

Needs notifications badgesJust started playing the game and I love it. But with the relatively short turns and lots of them, the game really needs notification badges for asynchronous games to let players know when it is their turn. This is standard in other asynchronous games I play, such as Agricola, Race for the Galaxy, roll for the galaxy, Castles of Burgendy, Through the Ages, etc. Losing several hours per player turn due to the need to go into the app and check constantly is making it unplayable..Version: 1.1.345

Now crashes constantlyI am totally hooked on this game — I play way too much. I love the board game as well but my spouse and kids don’t want to play nearly as much as I do. This app gives me the full original Wingspan experience and now my family is afraid to play me, so that is a disincentive for them too! I’m looking forward to the Europe and Oceania expansions and will happily pay for both when the time comes-assuming the current bugs are worked out. My big problem is that it’s started quitting on me. All. The. Time. I’m playing on an iPad that’s new this year and has lots of capacity. I don’t know whether it’s the game update or the iOS update but either way, it’s not an every now and then problem but a constant problem. I’ve rebooted to no avail. My current game will save but quits on me every time. I really need to have this fixed because this app is my favorite game of all time and I’m having withdrawal symptoms..Version: 1.1.263

Unreadable on phonesMy phone isn’t small (8 Plus), but the UI is unusably small. Seems like this needs an iPad to play. All the text is incredibly small, including critical information like whether it’s a “+” or a “/“ between resources. Unfortunately, had to request a refund. The board game is great and this game looks lovely, but I couldn’t play it..Version: 1.1.181

Disappointed that I can’t use my id from switch versionDevelopers could learn from the Star Realms app by having your id/login follow you around between platforms along with your games. Sadly you are forced to have a new id for each platform!c.Version: 1.1.175

Great game but terrible on battery lifeThe game plays great, definitely a polished app, but it just absolutely destroys my battery life. I have animations turned off, battery saver mode on, but it still takes over 10% of battery life for just a 10-15 min session of gaming. Would love to see some optimizations with power usage..Version: 1.1.321

Fun but some glitchesI really enjoy playing this game, it has helped keep me sane through lockdown! Unfortunately the app has decided to close out after each turn which gets quite annoying - hopefully this can be sorted soon?.Version: 1.1.263

DisappointedI bought so I could play with friends online and it won’t even let me put in any online name. I chose something respectable and something no one else would have but I couldn’t even have that. Very disappointed.Version: 1.1.340

Nice game but buggyThis is a very beautiful game, and it’s very faithful to the board game with the art and I love how peaceful and pleasant the music and animation is. But, I’mRepeatedly encountering a bug or when I try to play a bird, after I select my food there was no option to continue. I keep trying to back out and restart but it won’t move forward. I took a screenshot and tried to report the issue, but apps report just takes you to a website where you can buy things or you can subscribe to the newsletter but there doesn’t seem to be any option to get technical support. Anyone know how to report issues for this game?.Version: 1.1.181

UnplayableI love this game. I have it on Steam and have played the physical game as well. The app, however, is unplayable. Similar to what other reviews say, it freezes and closes down without notice. I have not been able to get past the loading screen once the profiles have been made. I tried in multiplayer and automa. No success..Version: 1.1.296

ConflictedI’m conflicted, and thus rating three stars because while the game is beautiful, the illustrations on the cards, the habitats, even the menus, I feel like the tutorial is a bit rushed for the density of gameplay. I believe that the games I’ve lost thus far (4 out of 4 played in addition to the tutorial game) were lost partly to just rng luck which happens in any good card or board game, but I think on the other side it was because I didn’t have a handle on the rules because the tutorial walked me to the door and then left. While I don’t expect a hand holding clicker by clicker experience, a more detailed description of the game might suffice for the extra two stars. I hope the developers will consider these requests but otherwise amazing attractive game!!!!.Version: 1.1.158

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