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Wingspan: The Board Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Wingspan: The Board Game app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wingspan: The Board Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about wingspan: the board game?

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Wingspan: The Board Game for Negative User Reviews

Online Play UnbearableThe custom games are fine and fun, just like the board game. But the online play is almost physically painful. You get “karma” points for playing a game through (plus one point) and quitting a game early (minus five points). If someone quits that you’re playing with you get nothing. If the game glitches, you lose the five points. Often another player will stop playing but if their turn is before yours it will glitch and you will be blamed and lose the five points. And then you’re only matched with people of a similar karma level, so then you are constantly matched with people who quit the lower your points go. It’s terrible. And sometimes the buttons on the online play won’t work. I’ve been playing for three days, never quit a game, and am down to 31 karma points due to the terrible system. It would be worth the money if the online play was fixed. Right now it’s just frustrating..Version: 445

Beautiful Rendition - With a Fatal FlawThis adaptation is gorgeous and really captures the spirit of the game. But buyer beware - you can be in the middle of a game you are enjoying, get distracted for a few minutes, and when you get back to the game… it’s gone. It’s bizarre because you can save games when they are done, so the mechanism is there… why they don’t save along the way is beyond me. Three times now, I’ve lost my game… and that makes a beautiful experience a LOT less tranquil. 🤓.Version: 1.1.263

App keeps crashingGood game but difficult to rate it highly due to bugs with cards and will consistently crash at least once during a game. For such a high $ price, my expectations were higher.Version: 1.3.653

The straight up facts about this game…The Good: Beautiful game! User interface is pretty straight forward and I learned to play easily. Love love love the games graphics, sound design, and attention to UX details in its port of the non digital version. The Bad: AI too easy. I never played the non digital version so I was totally new to the game. Since downloading it, I have played every difficulty level and number of AI opponents. Even at max difficulty and number of opponents, I still win by 25pts+ every time. I’m a beginner and yet I’ve never lost. The Ugly: Online Multiplayer is UNPLAYABLE! I have attempted to play online numerous times and every time, some error, hang, or uncompletable event occurs to one of the players and they time out. I have yet to be able to complete a game or even make it to the third round before failure. These problems are mentioned all over the games discord suggestions or bugs section. If these problems get sorted out, I’ll be happy to change my rating to 5 stars..Version: 1.1.223

Good gameGood game but it keeps crashing…. Can’t play even one round without crashing.Version: 1.3.653

Nice implementation, but app has bugsGood graphics, nice implementation of board game, but app has following errors: 1) At end of game, after the score is tallied, there are menu options to return to the Main Menu, Replay, etc. These buttons do not work (game against AI). The app gets stuck on the score screen and the only way to restart or return to the main menu is to completely close out of the app. 2) Completed games don’t seem to clear out of the main menu current games list. When you click on them, you just get stuck at the score page again. 3) You have to click on bird cards multiple times to place an egg with that bird. It doesn’t seem to work first try every time, or maybe I don’t know where to touch on the bird card… 4) When activating habitats, you often have to touch them multiple times to get them to work. Maybe they are just slow or laggy? 5) Also, it’s easy to still be required to follow through with some action in the bottom right menu (choosing a food or laying an egg for example), but not notice this action is required, so you are trying to move on and touch something else, but it isn’t responding. I wish the menu was somehow highlighted or there was some signal when an action is required..Version: 1.1.175

ConflictedI’m conflicted, and thus rating three stars because while the game is beautiful, the illustrations on the cards, the habitats, even the menus, I feel like the tutorial is a bit rushed for the density of gameplay. I believe that the games I’ve lost thus far (4 out of 4 played in addition to the tutorial game) were lost partly to just rng luck which happens in any good card or board game, but I think on the other side it was because I didn’t have a handle on the rules because the tutorial walked me to the door and then left. While I don’t expect a hand holding clicker by clicker experience, a more detailed description of the game might suffice for the extra two stars. I hope the developers will consider these requests but otherwise amazing attractive game!!!!.Version: 1.1.158

This game just takes too long facing people online.I keep trying to play a full game and when people are taking there sweet time I can’t take it. I just end up falling asleep. I’m trying to enjoy this game because by round 3 I know the game speeds up but not when your opponent’s take way too long to do one quick thing. I enjoyed the physical copy of the game so much more. If I could get a refund that would be nice. I won’t be playing on the phone anymore. People are just inconsiderate. I can’t take it when someone takes that long. I understand maybe a minute but come on every turn they need a long time to decide. It takes me less than 30 seconds to take my turn. I would like a refund. I’m going to stick to games like dominion where people actually play the game. It’s sad because I feel like using your whole deck in one turn in dominion was faster than someone deciding to gain food or to draw a card in wingspan. The board game gets 4.5 stars when facing the right people. This mobile game is getting a 1 star from me. I never leave bad reviews..Version: 1.1.367

Game wont openGame closes immediately after opening after purchasing the european expansion. DO NOT BUY UNTIL FIXED..Version: 1.2.443

Constant online crashesI love this game but it always crashes when I’m playing online and it makes you lose karma. I’ll be having a great game and then boom! Crash. It makes me so so sad..Version: 1.3.553

FrustratingI loved this game and played a lot. The old version was quite ok despite some bugs. I updated new version today and found it it’s disappointing with ridiculous crashes. When I tried to play a specific bird in a habitat, the game crashed and had to log in again. I tried quite a number of times and it happened again. Then I gave up and played another card, it worked which is insane. I feel like it intentionally makes me lose. When I played new rounds of game, crashed become worse. I was so frustrated and plan to uninstall the app. Worst experience ever..Version: 1.4.677

EE Keeps disappearingWhen it works it is great. However, even though I have purchased the additional backgrounds and the European Edition it keeps disappearing. It lets me keep the avatars but the birds are no longer available. Restore purchases does nothing. The only thing that has worked is to delete the app then reinstall which means all saved games are lost. Monster couch did not reply. This seems to be a big bug..Version: 1.2.437

In App Purchase ProblemPurchased game and had no problems after buying the dlc in app I no longer can open the app or play, waiting on refunds.Version: 1.2.437

Automa IssuesThe automa scores incorrectly. It picks food and that somehow adds to a “birds in habitat” round goal. Adding eggs to habitats sometimes scores toward bird goals for it as well. Not sure what the background rhyme or reason is for the scoring but it makes it next to impossible to beat the automa on anything but the first difficulty level..Version: 1.1.223

Awesome game but glitchyNo way to contact the app creator through the game so I have to reach out here; the game is great but it glitches all the time. The whole point of the online game ability is to operate off karma points, yet it routinely glitches out during gameplay causing me to lose karma points. The spinning time counter says it is someone else’s turn, yet after the timer has elapsed it commonly says that I timed out, not them, then I lose the points. It has happened at least 10 times and is infuriating. Plus in general they need a better way for managing karma points in general. How do you only gain 1 karma point if you win a game? Also, how do you get absolutely no karma points in any way for sticking in there playing a game when someone ELSE times out. It makes no sense. And let’s say you give up on the online version, even the hardest AI version is way too easy. It’s not worth playing. I had such high hopes for this game after playing the physical board game…. But this is disappointing in execution..Version: 1.3.640

Multiplayer a bit buggyThe game plays well locally, but online play seems a bit buggy. An opponent timed out near the end of a matchmaking game. I got offered to finish the game against local AI or leave. Both buttons were grayed out and I couldn’t do anything. Restarted the app and it took 5 karma from me..Version: 1.1.176

Should be 5 starsWas fast becoming my favourite game on my phone and easily 5 stars. However once I purchased the European Expansion my game crashes on opening every time. Even after deleting and reinstalling. Please fix soon!!.Version: 1.2.437

1 player works great, online not so muchThis game is awesome and beautifully made. Playing against automatic or AI is really sweet. Online is kind of a mess. The matching is based on “karma” which is great in theory. You gain a point for finishing a match and lose 5 if you quit early. Unfortunately you will ALWAYS lose the 5 if your game glitches out, but frequently don’t get credit for a finish. You also get no credit if an opponent quits, even right at the end. So for example, my karma got knocked down into the low 30’s almost right away. Since I have played 50 games and only gained 2 karma. I’ve finished 5-6 against players, and all of the rest someone else quit first. If that happens, karma should be granted to those who are still in. Fix this and it’s 5 stars. Also would really love some kind of ranked play. Still well worth the money!.Version: 1.2.437

Online game not availableOnline game not available. Whenever you open a game, the app shut down. Contact tech support took them 9 days to ask clarification question (after I followed up with them) and after 5 days still no aknoledgement…. I have better tech support on other « Free games »..Version: 500

Currently unplayableAs of 7th may 2022 this game is unplayable. Crashes on splash screen on second opening. Resetting iPad allows it to get to options screens but then it crashes again. ±Will revise this rating when fixed. R.Version: 1.1.428

Now unusableGame was great until update, now game crashes multiple times every round so is almost unusable on iPad..Version: 1.3.618

Love the board game. Love the AppReally enjoying being able to play the game without taking over the whole table. More birds please! Edit: I still love the game but am finding that I get an error message or get logged out without me noticing and so I drop out of games and lose karma through no fault of my own. Frustrating because I end up playing with people who drop out through choice and it takes ages to build the karma back up..Version: 480

Not worth the moneyHonestly I have never played the board game. I thought the game looked Interesting. I paid my money. Was excited to play. Watch the tutorial and was so lost. Tried to finish the game in the tutorial and was lost. Took a break. Watched the tutorial again and was lost. Played the tutorial to the end and lost. Tried to play the AI twice and lost. Sometimes I can’t click on anything. I mean no área, no bird feeder, no nothing. And turns keep going buy. It will tell me to activate the area. But they don’t activate. I wants me to take food. But none of the food I. The bird feeder is what I need and at one point there was no food. I can’t use the bird because the food is wrong. And I don’t know what happened to the worm I got. It’s no longer in the feeder. It keeps wanting me to take bird cards, then give back a bird card. I really wish I could get my money back. It keeps changing to my opponents screen. Or some other screen and I have to keep switching back. It’s a beautiful game. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.3.597

The last update ruined the game!!I got this app when it first came out. I’ve been obsessively playing ever since. Unfortunately, the new update had rendered the game unplayable. The first game I set up with a friend crashed every time I tried to take a turn. Eventually we figured out we had the same exact starting hand! Next time I tried to start a game it wouldn’t let me because it said I had 10 open games, I only had 7. Now trying to start another game with my partner. Won’t show up for him. He starts one with me, but it won’t show up for me. Before the latest update the game occasionally glitched for me. Now, it’s unplayable. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Especially given this app and it’s expansions are NOT cheap. But clearly the software is..Version: 1.3.532

European update broke the appDo not download until this is fixed.Version: 445

Beautiful game, tons of issuesI’ve been playing this game for over a year now, but starting in November 2022 it started crashing multiple times per game and it has gotten worse over time. Reading other reviews, I’ve concluded that this is an iOS issue on iPads, which is what I’m using to play on. There seem to be different kinds of crashes, those linked to playing a specific card and those that happen at transitions (between turns). I’m getting frustrated and have not been able to figure out how to contact the developers. I’m really sad, because I love the game, but the issues are making it not worth it. It shouldn’t be this hard..Version: 1.3.628

Great game but terrible on battery lifeThe game plays great, definitely a polished app, but it just absolutely destroys my battery life. I have animations turned off, battery saver mode on, but it still takes over 10% of battery life for just a 10-15 min session of gaming. Would love to see some optimizations with power usage..Version: 1.1.321

Fun but some glitchesI really enjoy playing this game, it has helped keep me sane through lockdown! Unfortunately the app has decided to close out after each turn which gets quite annoying - hopefully this can be sorted soon?.Version: 1.1.263

Great game but still needs multiple updatesThis game is great and fun. But there still needs to be multiple updates. For example: 1-We need to be able to have a FRIENDS list so we don’t have to type in our friend’s usernames every single time when playing online with them. 2-On iPhone12Pro the game doesn’t play the AI’s turns and I have to exit the game and re-enter it again to see that the AI have played their turn. 3-When playing with friends online, the game doesn’t always notify you right away. It’s your turn but the notification comes one hour late..Version: 1.1.321

Fun, but text is smallI have the board game and loved so much I got the app. I have enjoyed the challenge of playing against the Automa and other users online. I have only done this a few times and didn’t encounter any glitches. The app did crash once, but my game was still there. The biggest complaint I have is the that the text is very small! I have 20/20 vision & have to squint! Also, when you have a lot of cards, it’s difficult to go through each one to enlarge it in order to view the details. PLEASE fix these two issues. It appears I’m not the only one..Version: 479

Font too small and faintLooks like a great game but on a phone I just can’t read the words easily. So the experience is difficult. My eyesight is poor and the developer doesn’t seem to have considered this..Version: 445

Great game but flaky programming and poor tech supportWingspan itself is a great strategy game, but this version has many functionality problems. Sometimes the number of turns remaining does not display properly and even increases between turns. Sometimes the game abruptly ends even though the final round hasn’t yet happened. It often crashes at the final score screen right when you click on the button to save or discard the match. These errors were not present in earlier versions of the game, but have become persistent annoying bugs that seem to be getting worse. Since the game developer has no tech support or contact method, leaving this text in the review is way to get their attention..Version: 1.3.559

Fantastic game, but iOS version has game-breaking issues.I own this game on PC, Switch, and now iOS. However, the iOS version occasionally runs into hilariously awful problems. Namely, the current version will sometimes not allow you to utilize egg exchange for supply food (e.g. Chihuahuan Raven). You LITERALLY have to skip the ability to allow the game to progress, and clicking the “next” button doesn’t allow you to initiate the exchange. I’ve also noticed AI birds losing/gaining bird counts in EOR goals, and occasionally the game will crash when trying to load an existing game. An otherwise amazing game held back ONLY by its bugs on this iOS port version..Version: 1.3.597

Super buggy - unfortunateI love the board game and was thrilled to find the app. But it takes all the fun out of playing because the app is so buggy. I’ve had three games with a friend ruined in the past week - two that got stuck on an AI player that wouldn’t play, and just now one where my very last move won’t go through, the app crashes every time. Even in games where I don’t get stuck indefinitely and get to finish, the game constantly crashes. Over and over. I really wish it were better, but at this point I need to take a break because it’s so frustrating. Hopefully they find some folks to fix the never-ending kinks..Version: 1.3.553

Many Basic Notifications are missing; No Friends ListFirst off, I think for a purely technical standpoint, this game is great. The graphics are cool and colorful and the structure of playing the game is pretty well developed and feels pretty natural. My issue is really with the lack of game notifications via the red circle with a count inside it that is common to many other games. This feature lets me know at a glance how many games I have. The fact that there is no list of friends I can use to quickly create multiplayer games, instead having to manually enter their user names each time. I also think the 72 hour limit for async multiplayer games is very limited and I often end up getting expired sessions. I’d like to see an option for times up to a week as I’ve seen on other apps. The base of this game is great but it’s lacking some communication and connectivity features that would help elevate the overall user experience..Version: 1.3.617

Love the game BUT…I love this app so much. Got it after getting addicted to the board game version. I play the app all the time and am absolutely obsessed. Lately, when playing online 5-minute per turn games, it will get “stuck” showing it as another player’s turn and will not move on to show when it is my turn. I try leaving the game and coming back to see if it will reload. But then the game just crashes and when I reopen it, I get a notification that I took too long on my turn and have left the game and lost karma points. How can I report this issue so it can be fixed?.Version: 1.1.223

App crashes when openingAfter purchasing the European Expansion the app now crashes every time I attempt to open it. If I delete the app I will lose all my saved games. I’d hoped todays update would fix this but right now the whole game is unplayable for me..Version: 1.2.431

Now crashes constantlyI am totally hooked on this game — I play way too much. I love the board game as well but my spouse and kids don’t want to play nearly as much as I do. This app gives me the full original Wingspan experience and now my family is afraid to play me, so that is a disincentive for them too! I’m looking forward to the Europe and Oceania expansions and will happily pay for both when the time comes-assuming the current bugs are worked out. My big problem is that it’s started quitting on me. All. The. Time. I’m playing on an iPad that’s new this year and has lots of capacity. I don’t know whether it’s the game update or the iOS update but either way, it’s not an every now and then problem but a constant problem. I’ve rebooted to no avail. My current game will save but quits on me every time. I really need to have this fixed because this app is my favorite game of all time and I’m having withdrawal symptoms..Version: 1.1.263

Latest version has major bugs with “once between turns”Overall we love the game, but we have had two games completely crash since the latest update with a “9002” error when a “once between turns” bird was activated late in the game. We are playing 5 player games so there can be a lot of interaction there, especially at the end of round. Only had a few games here and there crash over the previous few months, so something is definitely buggy with this latest release!.Version: 1.3.532

Very small textLove the board game but this is not for iPhone with too small text and no option to enlarge. Suggest iPad only otherwise unplayable..Version: 1.1.175

Fantastic game, but recent bugsThis is a contender for my favorite board game of all time, and the digital adaptation has been fantastic — until now. The game (with European expansion) began developing a series of bugs just yesterday (for instance, my # of remaining actions decreases although I haven’t taken a turn, and the app force closes at the end of every game now). I haven’t seen this many bugs since I was a beta tester for the European expansion. Unfortunately, it is unplayable with the actions bug as it is, and I am very disappointed as my sons and I probably play this 10-15x per week. I am eager for the glitches to be resolved and will restore a 5-star rating once they are..Version: 1.3.532

DisappointedI have been trying to upload the wingspan iOS on my iPad after paying for it. It will not upload or reload each time press the button. If this app will not work I want a reimbursement. Such a shame cause I love the board game and could not wait to play on the go.Version: 1.3.567

Too longI really enjoy the game, however it seems in order to simulate a real boardgame experience, they give the AI players ‘thinking time’ which is interminable! There is no way to turn this off to speed up the game, so I will often choose not to play because I don’t have the time for the ‘other players’ to consider their moves and finally get things done..Version: 1.3.653

UnplayableI love this game. I have it on Steam and have played the physical game as well. The app, however, is unplayable. Similar to what other reviews say, it freezes and closes down without notice. I have not been able to get past the loading screen once the profiles have been made. I tried in multiplayer and automa. No success..Version: 1.1.296

BugsI love the board game version of this, and I just got the app yesterday. But having played several times on my phone and on my iPad I’ve found that multiple times when I’m tapping to start my turn it thinks I’m tapping that I want to gain food. And it won’t let me go back, so even though that’s not what I had planned to do on that turn I have to get food. Why is there no back button at that point and why is it so touchy that when I start my turn it thinks I’m getting food? Also there should be an easier way to give feedback within the game itself. But writing a review seemed the only way I could do it. OK now I feel like I need to add to this review. I went back and tried to be so careful when I tap to start the turn but it still kept happening. Also I can’t figure out an easy way to pause the game or get out of the app. I feel like I really wasted my money buying this app because it’s so frustrating I don’t know that I’ll play it again. How can I contact you directly to request a refund?.Version: 445

Hanging/freezingWhen playing my game often freezes/ jams, not allowing my do anything but yet my timer is still counting down then I end up getting kicked off saying karma -5points. This happens while I am playing the live 3 player online game..Version: 1.1.296

Very good when I could complete a gameSadly the app now crashes halfway through a game, which is really frustrating considering the cost of the app and expansion, and how much I had been enjoying it up until then. There is also no useful help online..Version: 500

Disappointed that I can’t use my id from switch versionDevelopers could learn from the Star Realms app by having your id/login follow you around between platforms along with your games. Sadly you are forced to have a new id for each platform!c.Version: 1.1.175

Repeatedly crashes mid game and no support providedThe worst game app I’ve ever experienced. Crashes 2 out of 3 games and no support whatsoever despite repeated requests..Version: 1.3.653

Unreadable on phonesMy phone isn’t small (8 Plus), but the UI is unusably small. Seems like this needs an iPad to play. All the text is incredibly small, including critical information like whether it’s a “+” or a “/“ between resources. Unfortunately, had to request a refund. The board game is great and this game looks lovely, but I couldn’t play it..Version: 1.1.181

Performance is so bad on iPhoneEven on latest iPhones, with 4 opponents it becomes an idle game, not to mention the bugs.Version: 1.1.345

Buggy - and I don’t mean the bird food…25% of the games I’ve played have been unfinishable. The ‘end turn’ button will randomly vanish partway through the game leaving you in limbo. Pretty frustrating! Apart from that, game looks and plays amazing. Without the bug it’d be 5 stars from me..Version: 1.1.181

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