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BeReal. Your friends for real. app received 100 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using BeReal. Your friends for real.? Can you share your negative thoughts about bereal. your friends for real.?

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Concept is greatOkay, I love the idea of this app. But as others have said pleasssse include more time zones… I see it’s been asked for months and their still is no option. It makes for being in australia trying to use this app really pointless… I also love the idea that people have said about having a leaderboard with how fast you post. Seeing as you can still post past the 2mins with no change actually also makes that part slightly pointless lol. But as soon as australia is added to the time zones it’ll be a 5 star for me!.Version: 0.22.5

Issues& notificationsI want to give this 5*s but. Been using for about a week. Fun. Notifications don’t come through all the time. This is so disappointing. It’s very good app but missing features. Layout was a bit confusing trying to find things. Maybe some more privacy settings because first time I used it I couldn’t tell if it was public, it was only a few days later when I find it saying friends only. Please fix notifications not working. This isn’t my phone, friends has same notification issues with BeReal..Version: 0.18.0

CANT CREATE ACCOUNT WITHOUT PHONE NUMBERApp looks so good but I can’t create an account without a phone number- which I don’t have. Pls make an update so I can sign up with an email. This sucks...Version: 0.23.3

Good idea, app is buggedThe buggy app defeats the purpose of this app. You get the notification but the BeReal session doesn’t load in/start. How can I be real when waiting for the app to load, if it ever does? Unusable in the current state.Version: 0.22.4

Needs a few improvementsGreat idea, fair execution... the main problems are upload speed, setting captions, posting comments, and sending reactions... basically the whole functionality of the app! It's understandable when you have everyone logging onto the app at the same exact time, but photos take a while to upload even with good internet speed. Reactions sometimes just don't go through, or appear to go through but later you look back and your reaction isn't present on someone's post. You can't set a caption when you take a photo, only after it's posted. And often captions will appear to go through but don't, or you'll get a massive error banner when attempting to share one and it may or may not go through anyway. Same goes for comments -- either appears to go through and doesn't, or appears not to go through and may or may not. The error message usually says something like TOO_MANY_TOKENS which is of no help to a user. Also a major privacy concern is that the app has access to my contacts without explicitly asking for permission. Maybe this is in the terms and conditions and I mistakenly didn't read it, but your users deserve to be explicitly asked and informed of what data you're collecting. I have never let a social media app access my contacts and yet... So it's a fun idea but seems really bare bones and like a lot of bugs need fixing, and the contact scanning is weird..Version: 0.20.1

I can’t accept friend requestsI do really like this apps concept but there’s some bugs I have encountered that make it unusable in some cases. One of these is that I am literally unable to accept friend requests. A few friends were accepted when I first downloaded the app but the ones that were sent afterwards cannot be accepted. I’m just left with a loading screen around where the accept button is that doesn’t change: I’ve waited 5+ minutes, restarted the app, redownloaded the app but nothing works. Another annoyance I’ve found is that posts can take very long to upload. I have had instances where it’s taken a couple hours to upload. I’m pretty sure it’s not my wifi and since I saw a review with the same issue I imagine it’s a bug. Fix these bugs and I think it will become a very good app..Version: 0.20.2

ProblemsThis app has a list of issues. Like a long list. If they want to reach out I’m happy to share the list..Version: 0.26.1

Great idea, but probably the buggiest app I’ve ever usedIt’s a really fun concept and has a lot of potential, but there are problems essentially every time my wife or I try to use it. It has gotten to the point where I think we’re just giving up on it. Too many problems to mention, but mainly I’ll tap the notification and 1) there’s a one in four chance that it will bring up the camera interface or just open the app and you can wait and hope it opens the camera or you can force close it a few times until it works, or 2) it opens the camera and you take the picture to post it and… it will say 27 hours late or something and you’ll have to retake it or 3) you take a picture and then it does absolutely nothing or 4) it actually works. We have up to date 13 Pro and Pro max iPhones, but on different carriers, so I don’t think there is any excuse other than a poorly made app As far as features, requiring a shot from both cameras isn’t my favorite and I would like an option to have your history be visible to friends if you want to share. Also being able to choose camera focal lengths.Version: 0.23.0

Had its timeI can’t speak for everyone, but as a Uni student, BeReal was great over Easter break because my friends and I could see what each other were doing. Now Easter break is over, the feed is less interesting and the network is still too new to have an enticing public section. I like the urgency of posting- I understand that it’s supposed to give people a healthier idea of what their friends are doing day-to-day, as apposed to mainstream social media which perpetuates users posting only the best, filtered and edited photos of themselves and their lives. This is done through an “on time” and “late” function, but it’s all sort of ruined because I have on more than one occasion sent the photo on time with 4G and full signal or full WiFi, only for the post to take 2+ hours to send. My friends have had similar issues. I hope this app can sort out some of its issues, because it’s a much healthier approach to social media- but my friends have started to stop posting and I fear that the hype is already on its way out..Version: 0.20.1

Front cameraThere should be a feature to disable the use of the front camera when taking pictures.Version: 0.21.0

Good fun but there’s several issues with itDownloaded this a few weeks ago for a bit of fun with my friends, unfortunately something happened and I fell out with some of them. I then removed them as a friends but would still get notifications that they were posting for several days afterwards. This is an issue because in the notification you can see their image, albeit small and blurry, and so likely they could see mine which I didn’t want and was why I removed them in the first place. Secondly 2/3 times a week I will post my BeReal (doesn’t matter if it’s on-time or late) but it will be stuck “uploading” for several hours before it’s eventually uploaded. I’m still able to see and react to others BeReals during this time, but it’s still rather frustrating!.Version: 0.20.1

Good idea BUTI love the idea behind this app but there are a few issues with it that need fixing. First of all, I’ve found that it takes AGES for my photo to upload. We’re talking like 5-10 minutes. And sometimes it will say it’s late even though it’s been taken and submitted on time because of this. I also can’t see my memories for the last week or so which is annoying as I liked the idea of looking back on all the photos I’ve taken. Once these issues are fixed, it’ll be a lot better!.Version: 0.20.1

Bugs everydayEveryday there are bugs always it is annoying!.Version: 0.20.1

Brody xxStupid app. Really pointless.Version: 0.23.0

So badGave me cancer.Version: 0.24.0

Time zones! Notification settings!I like the concept, and it’s been fun so far but I’m getting seriously sick of being woken up by a notification at 3am because the app has no concept of time zones. It also seems to ignore the fact I’ve turned off time sensitive notifications in my phone settings, and still pings me on the middle of the night. I wish the app had granular notification controls and the ability to say do not alert between specific hours..Version: 0.22.5

5 Stars up until this glitchI love bereal dont get me wrong - 5 stars all the way until today when I posted when the notification dropped. When i posted my bereal would not stop loading for over 10 mins although was appearing on my other mates phones. I was getting notifications of reactions however my friends page was not updating and staying on a black screen with a loading symbol. Ive reset my phone and deleted the app twice which then resulted in me having to retake my bereal which is odd as my account seems to had already posted my original. No change since the loading screen now, can view any of my mates posts or even see the discovery. A real bummer for me as bereal was becoming my go to app :/.Version: 0.23.0

Had to deleteI have to delete it as it is so glitchy it doesn’t even work. I really like the concept and for the short time that it actually worked properly I really enjoyed it, but now whenever I get a notification and then try to take a photo, it doesn’t upload, it doesn’t work at all. Even when I try to post late, it never uploads my photos and I never get access to see my friends’ photos. Quite frustrating. Let me know when it gets fixed, otherwise not much point keeping it on my phone✌🏾.Version: 0.16.4

Obvious data collection scam.This app has become popular among Gen-Z, some friends from school got it which convinced me to get it, but as always I was skeptical about this new trending app which seemed to pop up out of nowhere. As someone who has dabbled in hacking and cyber security it became apperent quickly that this app is simply a data miner in disguise. For example, if you cover up your face it will give you these little notices like “Your friends want to see your face”, and “where are you?”, basically a way of saying we need to see your face so we can collect data from it somehow, weather that is to train some kind of neural network idk bit it seems very sketchy to me. And finally for those of us who want to keep our privacy, when you go to delete your account it asks you questions that you entered when you first made the account, so if you came up with fake answers on the fly, you likley wont remember them and BeReal gives you no way to backtrack and get the information you entered in turn making it virtually impossible to delete your account if you enter fake personal information. It was only today that I finally had enough and tried to delete it. For your own sake please do not download this app, there is nothing on this app worth your privacy and security. I hope I have done a few of you a service by leaving this review. TLDR: Do not download, this app is likley used to mine personal data..Version: 0.25.1

Fun but needs work..Always fun! However, I am very disappointed that we can’t look back on our comments that were left by others and what our picture caption was. Also a couple glitches have deleted some of my days and I don’t always get the initial BeReal notification!.Version: 0.25.2

Add more time zonesNeed a dedicated NZ / AUS Timezone so they aren’t always late at night.Version: 0.22.1

Cant post lateCant post even 2 minutes late as the camera just shuts off everytime i try to post a late bereal :/.Version: 0.20.1

Need to count in NZ time zoneI love this app, it’s so cool but it’s telling me to post in the middle of the night before work. These are not the moments I want to remember 😭 (otherwise it tells me I’m late and I hate being late). Peace and love.Version: 0.20.2

I love this app so much, but…It honestly makes my day when the bereal notification goes off in the day, and I love keeping up with friends who are far away from me, however, my bereal doesn’t actually work when the time to post comes around, no matter how much wifi or data I have, it always takes at least half an hour to post, and in that time it doesn’t refresh what my friends are doing. I understand there is a large multitude of people using the app at the same time all over the world, however the developers should have thought of how to handle this when they made the app. Sort it out bereal. Please..Version: 0.20.2

Could be betterI enjoy the app, like most people have said, the spontaneity is a really unique way to avoid glorified posts or unrealistic updates. Similar to most people, it is frustrating working around the glitches and the bugs. It takes forever to upload pictures even when I hop on immediately. I’ve had my pictures change unexpectedly, I showed my friend a selfie of us, then when I uploaded, that picture was gone and was just a blurry photo of the floor, but I hadn’t clicked to retake. And I don’t like that if you aren’t sitting with the app open for the 5-10 minutes it takes to upload, you are said to have uploaded late. A final issue I have that is simply personal, I hate when it alerts super late at night. I’m a millennial in a grandmas body, and my geriatric self goes to bed around 8p so I’m always destined to miss out on it if it’s past my bedtime. Overall, I do enjoy the app. I enjoy sharing with my friends and seeing what they are up to. I think it has a lot of potential. I’ll patiently wait for the creators to iron out some kinks..Version: 0.20.2

App is so brokenGood idea but the app has so many bugs and glitches it typically never works for me. Crazy too think an app can have such a high prevalence of issues given how viral it is..Version: 0.25.2

Needs more tome zonesThis app is so fun, but i live in New Zealand and none of these time zones even correlate with mine at all. please make a nz/aus timezone!.Version: 0.20.0

Super fun but lots of problemI love the concept of the app. it’s a more private version of like snapchat in my opinion. It’s really fun and youre only on it for a couple minutes so you see what others are doing and you can react and then move on with your day. I love the simplicity of it. You get to see what others are doing with their life without having to compare anything or stir drama. My biggest problem with the app is that there’s many glitches. Today the app made us redo the bereal. (meaning it didnt save and we had to do it again) and it often times forgets to alert us when to do it. For me I don’t see everyones on time. This one persons bereal shows a day late(it’ll say x posted 27 hours ago or something instead of the recent one they posted). So there’s many problems with is but otherwise it’s a good fun app to stay in touch with people in your lives and it’s funny to see what everyone is doing at the exact moment..Version: 0.22.1

Fun concept but kinda jankyI like it enough to keep the app, the concept is good enough and gives me another way of interacting with my friends each day. I like that you add your own reaction images. I don’t like that when you’re taking your picture you can’t see both cameras even though it will take an image from both. It can take a long time to post, a while to reset the next day, a while to delete an image and is overall just a bit awkward to use sometimes. I’m hoping over time it will improve as I can imagine the novelty will wear off and being left with something that’s not always simple to use will probably end in deleting it..Version: 0.20.2

Can’t post a photo when I get the notificationI can’t post the photo when I get my notification. It only lets me post after a friend does. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but to no avail. Am I missing something?.Version: 0.22.0

Bro whatI downloaded this thinking it was gonna be like the locket app and it is EXCEPT when you take photos there are little messages that are so passive aggressive and rude?? completely unnecessary aswell as not being able to take more than one photo a day? dumbest design ever the app is super confusing. If you don’t like the photo you took too bad because you need at least 10 friends to retake it, try getting 1 person to join this app ugh..Version: 0.22.4

Needs more time zonesThere’s such a thing as a World Clock…. Technology from aaaaaages ago. Literally. Catch up..Version: 0.22.4

Great idea, lot of bugsI really enjoy the whole premise of “being real” and simply showing what you’re doing in the exact moment when the timer goes off. However, there’s quite a few bugs that make this difficult if not impossible. On multiple occasions, I will take my BeReal (on time!) and it shows that it’s posted after the timer is done counting down, but if I close out of the app and go back to it a couple hours later or the next day (before the next timer goes off), my post is gone as if i never even posted - so now i have several blank spots in my memories even though i absolutely posted on that day. The app also has the habit of not wanting to load from time to time. I’ll click the notification to post and either the app itself just won’t load in, or it will show me my friends have posted and to click to post my BeReal, no matter how many times i close and reopen the app. I really do enjoy the app and it’s premise, but these are some debilitating bugs that almost make it pointless to use sometimes..Version: 0.24.0

TimingIt would be better if you could someone select a time does it ask you that it’s every day at 10 pm when nothing is going on.Version: 0.22.5

Be Real acting up and I can’t even tag people on my be real.I like the app BeReal, it would just be amazing to see more features put on this app and especially ways to tag people on be real. — I like this app, I really do. I just want to see more features put on this app, more effort to make this app better. — I can most likely say I like the app be real, and I am certain lots of others like this app a lot too. — It would be more fun, I am not saying that it isn’t fun because it is, I like be real because when your be real has been on the be real app for over 24 hours you’re not just gonna be able to throw a picture in be real and say something like “hey this is what I’ve been up to”, you have to recreate your be real. You actually show off what your doing it is kinda old school, I’m not an old school person however I can admit that I do know no one wants to spend all day on the phone (especially if they’re a busy person). — I mean honestly you don’t even have to caption a be real unless you really want to say what you’re up to. The only downfall about the app be real for me is: 1) it’s lagging pretty badly. (I’m not sure if it’s a server issue or an app issue, but it should be addressed.) 2) it’s hard to find people that I know on Be real, this should be addressed in the next update. 3) It doesn’t let you tag people on a be real, I like to tag who I’m with so I would like this updated asap please. Many things could be changed..Version: 0.23.3

Good but not too goodThe app is promising and I love the concept… but idk why is so useless on my phone (which has the software updated and everything). The only thing that works instantly is when I have to take and post a picture, otherwise it is incredibly slow -and I cannot stress the word SLOW enough. It never loads my friends pictures, takes days to accept a friend who’s added me, doesn’t let me add a biography cause it crashes every time I try to do so, and a huge amount of etc… If this feature was changed, I’d be 100% happier..Version: 0.20.1

Great concept but app isn’t up to scratch yetI do love the idea and still enjoy posting and engaging with posts BUT the functionality is still lacking so much compared to other big social media platforms. Every time I post, the app buffers - not through fault of my WiFi - and ends up saying I posted late when i didn’t, it just took ages to upload. Also a bunch of other things are glitchy for me and just make using the app a bit of a nuisance. Thankfully it’s only a once a day thing otherwise I think the functionality would drive me to delete the app altogether. I am sure these are still early stage teething issues that will be ironed out as the app grows. And I hope that this app doesn’t end up full of adverts, leading it to end up spoilt like insta and Snapchat have been over the last few years..Version: 0.21.0

More Time ZonesLove the concept. Really do. They Asia time zone doesn’t work for New Zealand. This has been raised again and again in other comments. Please please add more time zones 😊.Version: 0.21.0

Yeah no thanksWe already have plenty of social media apps. The more we have the more harder it is to know who’s on what social media app. Pass..Version: 0.20.1

BugPlease fix bug that prevents accepting friend requests.Version: 0.20.1

Work on upgradesI get the motive of this app. I think it is very positive and eye opening but I think I can speak for a lot of people when it is annoying to have to post everyday and have a timer that gives you anxiety because you haven’t posted in that time frame, and kicks you out. Also if you don’t post a picture on that day then you can’t see others posts which I think many others can also agree is very overwhelming because you want to see others posts but don’t want to post yourself. And one more thing. When you post, you have to post your back and front camera. I see how that makes you know what’s on the inside and outside like for example, like when you post a picture to social media but you don’t see the reality of it but it is really annoying when you don’t look good on the front, or on the back camera. Yes and you can put your finger or something over the camera to cover the front or back camera but it looks tacky and I wish there was an option where you can either resize the little square icon with the front camera photo, or make it an option to have it or not. I hope you take these ideas into consideration. Thank you..Version: 0.23.1

TimezoneWould be so great to have a timezone for New Zealand as the notification comes through really late at night, I’d love to get notifications at random through our daytime!.Version: 0.22.5

Good concept but needs more developmentIt’s a good idea, and I’m enjoying keeping up with my closest friends, but I think the app needs further development in terms of functionality. My main gripe is that it is slow, and can be a little frustrating to use. Navigation around the app is also not very instinctive so it takes longer to learn your way around compared to other social media apps. It also needs improved accessibility, such as being able to increase text size or have dark AND LIGHT mode.Version: 0.20.0

Poor supportUPDATE: Support contacted only after directly receiving a bad review. To make matters worse it has still been almost two weeks and 0 action has been done to solve this issue. They seem to not care and claim that the tool require to help my issue is not working. If this was the case, it’s unacceptable that it has taken this long to get it working. It comes off as they don’t want to help or support their users. Original: I am willing to change this review once I get the support I need. I have emailed across many days with no response. I am locked out of my account because I signed out and wanted to change my number across to a new one. I don’t have access to my old number anymore..Version: 0.23.3

Unable to see the front facing cameraI like the premise of this app, but I’m not using it due to it not working properly. The front facing camera never shows me what it sees so that I need to guess where exactly it’s pointing, and I can’t take back and front facing photos separately. Besides that it sends it immediately without me being able to check I’m happy with it and so often end up with a blurry mess. What is that about? The app is also sluggish and takes a while to load once I’ve hit the notification telling me it’s time to post. Terrible user experience. I’m on iPhone XR with iOS 15.4.Version: 0.21.0

Shockingly badThere is absolutely no rules on what you can and can’t post! I post what ever is I front of me and that could be anything from watching a film to being at the beach. But as soon as they thinking you are posting something you shouldn’t (even though they have set no rules) they demonstrate your account without warning! No only this but the app is filled to the brim with bugs! Let me list just a few: Notifications don’t go off You randomly stop being able to add people Search boxers don’t work View a post and come off of the post it send you to the top of the feed Randomly getting signed out Showing you have friend requests when you don’t No rules anywhere on the app Unclear instructions when you first download There are so many more to list but I can’t be bothered to list things when they creators just randomly ban people without warning! The concept is great but it is so poorly executed!.Version: 0.22.5

App is frozen for meMy app first froze on uploading, didn’t know mine got uploaded until friends reacted to it. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and restarts my phone and everything. Reopened the app got asked to take another photo and now it’s stuck on friends and won’t load any of my feed. Please fix this ASAP!.Version: 0.23.0

ProblemsPlease fix the “error, beReal not found” problem for a higher rating.Version: 0.20.2

Good idea bad executionMy friends and I downloaded this app for fun, but the time zones are all horrible for us. We just get pinged between 8pm-2am to post a picture. We all work, or have university so everyone either posts a pic in bed or skips that day. I thought it would be fun and during the day, not just a way to say goodnight to my friends sometimes. Sleepy app..Version: 0.22.4

Great idea, okay executionI love the idea of this app so much!! My friends recently had me download it, we’ve all gone our separate ways while attending college, so we’re always looking for fun ways to stay connected. I love getting to see the little snippets of their daily lives, since I don’t get to like I used to when we all lived in the same city. My biggest issue is the bugs. Half the time, I don’t get a notification that it’s time to post, or I get it and it will say “6 minutes ago” for when the notification showed up on my phone, even though it JUST showed up. I miss the window, no big deal, just post it late right? It takes FOREVER for the app to load up the photo option once you click the button, EVEN if I manage to get onto the app within the 2 minute time frame of posting. It’s a lot of clicking, closing out the app, reopening, clicking some more, and waiting and waiting. It’s frustrating to not post “on time” even when I’m opening the app as soon as I get the notification. My friends have shared they have similar issues, and while it’s not enough to make us stop using the app, it does make using it a little frustrating on most days. Fingers crossed more updates will be added soon, as I really do like the concept, just not how buggy it is..Version: 0.22.5

ReallyWhy dose everyone rate this app so high. Honestly this app sucks I understand the idea behind it but in the pursuit of being real, you end up making something that is fake. The team behind had had some great advertising but unfortunately, this app isn’t for me and everything I said prior was my own opinion if people enjoy it good for them, but it’s not for me.Version: 0.25.2

It’s good but could be betterIt’s a good app and the concept is good but the execution isn’t very good. There should be an option for anyone in your friendship group to ping everyone else randomly or there should be an option to have more than one ping a day as to have more memories in one day (kind of like Snapchat). Also the notification settings on myself and all my friends phones don’t seem to buzz it just flags up as a notification and we 99% of the time miss it due to it being silent even though our phones are on loud / vibrate. I also think the time zones are completely wrong, we keep getting pinged so early in the morning or really late at night, for a European time zone what’s wrong with the afternoon 😂😂.Version: 0.17.1

Novel, needs work but has great potentialI love the idea of this app. Social media is a joke nowadays because we curate our posts to appeal to certain aesthetics and create a false reality of what our lives actually look like. Apps like instagram feed into mental illness, making you think you’re not doing enough because other people appear to be living these lavish lifestyles when most of us are spending most of our time just chilling and wearing comfy outfits and being “boring”. This app is great because it rebels against this guise of perfect lifestyles and aesthetics. You get a notification at any random point during the day and you’re encouraged to post within two minutes of receiving the notification. It gives a more realistic perspective of what your friends and acquaintances are actually doing on a daily basis and it feels so much more real. I love the idea of this app. This is where I want to see social media go from here. There are quite a few bugs that i’ve noticed which is normal for a newer social media app, but it’s nothing that im not willing to work around and wait for new updates to improve the smoothness of the platform, to work out the kinks. Once the app gets a little better in this sense, I would be more than willing to give 5 stars. Other than that, y’all are fighting the just fight. Keep it up..Version: 0.20.2

Can't get back into my accountI was really enjoying the app and even getting more and more friends onto it as well. I love that it wasn't curated, random, seeing a snapshot of what people were up to, it really changed my perspective but then it randomly started logging me out and when I tried to access it it said "hello let's get started" and I re-entered my details to try and get it through but it wasn't working, and at first it posted updates from my friends and then it stopped altogether and I can't get back into my account and I don't know what to do! I don't know what glitch it is, I closed it many times and restarted my phone and switched from mobile internet to wifi and nothing worked! I hope the developers sort it out!.Version: 0.22.1

Fun but getting staleA refreshing idea for social media and has good groundwork to be a great app, but it’s just missing some things and is getting stale quick. I just had like the 3rd night in a row where it went off at 11pm or later. App gets super slow and chunky when it’s time to BeReal since every user hops on at the same time. The discovery page is nothing intriguing and interactions with friends are kinda meh. Also it will sometimes randomly delete your old BeReals so maybe screenshot the ones you really like just incase. I honestly would prefer if everyone’s went off at different times. Gives you a reason to keep coming back to the app to see who’s posted and the app wouldn’t be so slow when it’s your time to post. And I don’t know how they handle time zones, but maybe this could help if they are trying to give the west coast evening post possibilities while east coast people wake up the next morning to see their time was at 2am or something..Version: 0.25.2

Time zone issuesI like the idea of the app a lot but the time the notification comes for those in New Zealand / Australia is constantly after 10pm. Please add another timezone for those in Oceania/Australasia!.Version: 0.20.1

Signing inYou guys should have a thing so you can sign in without a phone number I really want this app but I can’t use it without a phone number.Version: 0.24.0

Bud fixes neededI love this app and haven’t had too many issues but today i took my be real and about 10mins later went onto the app and it was asking me to take another one. But in my history it showed the be real i had just taken, it had reactions from my friends so i know it fully uploaded. I logged out and logged back in hoping it’d help but now nothing in the app will load. Please fix.Version: 0.23.0

Great concept, needs workAbsolutely in love with this concept! it takes the pressure and toxicity off of social media and adds a fun surprise element for when it’s time to post! i love looking through my friends posts, not feeling pressured to look good or edit anything, and not being embarrassed about how many friends i have, likes i get, etc. amazing concept and the app is good how it is…if it would work properly:/ the app is CONSTANTLY glitching!! almost every single time i get the “time to bereal” notification, i click on it and the app opens but doesn’t prompt me to take my picture, it goes to the screen that shows mine and my friends posts from yesterday but doesn’t update to even take the picture in time. i open and close to app multiple times but it still takes forever. by the time it does update and open the camera, the timer is already out and then it takes forever to load and post it so i’m just sitting there waiting for it to go through. again, i love the idea of the app, which is why i put up with the glitches and still use it but it is really annoying and makes for a frustrating experience, considering i rarely get to post on time because i have to close and open the app 15 times for it to even work..Version: 0.22.5

The notification is intermittent3 weeks ago I would’ve rated 5 stars, because this app is so fun and I love it. However, my biggest gripe is that the 2 minute countdown notification no longer comes up every time. Some days I get it, the next I don’t and it’s not until someone else posts it late that I do get any kind of notification. I don’t know what has changed since I first downloaded BeReal, but the main feature that drew me to this app is no longer functioning like it should be. (And yes I’ve played around with my notification settings to troubleshoot this issue, to no avail) If this issue gets resolved I’ll update it to 5⭐️.Version: 0.22.1

I as a human i am definitely devastatingI down loaded this app, it was amazing in till THIS happened. I was at a amazing ice cream store and wanted to take a picture because my be real notification went off. So I took the photo like any person who USES this app would. So it said it was loading to send normally it does this so I thought NOTHING off it. Until I got back to my house and noticed it did NOT go through. Well I was on the verge of tears because I really wanted to share this AMAZING moment with my FRIENDS. But instead this app had the mind of its OWN. So I swiped out of the app to see if it was just a LITTLE bug, new SHOCKER it was not that. So I shut DOWN my phone and guess what it was not that. If it was do you think I would be righting this right now? 😡 taking the TIME out of my DAY to right this. So I DELTED the APP and re download it. Again picture NOOR my friends picture where able to be seen. So I tried 10 more times EVEN calling my friend to see if SHE could help. She was like “that is so sus” and I was sad so NOW I am not downloading this for a while to SEE if the app could maybe think about be NICE for once. Sorry NOT sorry for WRITING this..Version: 0.23.1

Lots of bugs, frustratingI love this app, don't get me wrong. It's fun, engaging, and different then other social media which I really enjoy. However there is SO MANY bugs. My BeReal always takes forever to post- which I get could partially be bad wifi/service on my part, but plenty of others that I am friends with have had this issue as well. However I do not have a problem with this so much as I do my BeReal deleting. Today my BeReal posted, didn't take much time to post and I was 2 mins late. I would have been on time a common bug occurred in which I could not see on my screen that it was time to BeReal and therefore I could not post a BeReal. It worked eventually, though, and posted. When I went to check my BeReal later today it was still there but I noticed that it wasn't showing up in my Memories. I left the app open thinking it would catch up but instead my BeReal completely disappeared. When I tried to post a new one it would not work, even after refreshing many times, powering off my phone, and deleting+reinstalling the app. I don't understand how this happened and why I can suddenly not use the app. I'm also disappointed that the BeReal deleted because it was a very cute picture. I'm just hoping this issue will resolve itself somehow..Version: 0.25.0

Fun w/ flawsI was initially attracted to BeReal due to its concept. I liked the idea of straying away from the typical inauthentic social media model of carefully curating every single post in order to create a persona one wishes to project. A rush goes through me every time I get the notification that it's BeReal time — you never know when it's coming and you're never prepared for it, but it certainly encourages you to live your best life because that moment could be any moment. It's also a fun way to look back and keep track of the day-to-day. That being said, the app does have its flaws — which is to be expected given its novelty. There have been multiple occasions where I'll be notified that it's time to take a picture but upon opening the app, I just see my feed. It's not much later that it's actually BeReal time and I don't get an accurate notification for when it occurs, forcing me to consistently reopen the app throughout the day so I don't post too late. Additionally, despite having strong wi-fi, there have been times where it has taken hours to upload my photo. Despite me taking the photo right on time, because it's uploaded later, it counts as an hours late upload. Lastly, sometimes it takes quite awhile for the camera to successfully load..Version: 0.22.1

Concept isn’t something to fan out over…It’s supposed to be a stress free media outlet which is something I am all for but… - Having the app shout at you for being late and making you post a “late” be real isn’t the judgement free environment it promises plus it’s a rather poorly concealed attempt to addict people to opening it each day. - Having both cameras working isn’t something I like either. If I’m trying to take a selfie I don’t want my work or my room or my house in view either as parts may be embarrassing. - Unless you have thousands of friends added in a big community it’s really just better to message over literally any other app… want to see peoples faces Snapchat done! - The idea was good but it’s executed poorly with pathetic attempts to keep you drawn in. It’s has a unsatisfying aesthetic and is an overall horribly made app..Version: 0.20.1

Should get a « sign up » and a « log in » buttonI woke up this morning and went into the app which logged me out. I could still receive the notification from my account but i couldn’t log in it since they forced me to create a new one. Would like to get my old account back because i don’t know what to do since there is no « log in » button when you open the app.Version: 0.25.1

Great in theoryI dont use social media often, so i have no idea what this app is supposed to revolutionise or evolve, but its honestly just a bad app. as far as i can tell from my 2 days of using it, people have found it a challenge to fight the idea that you cant take a perfect picture in 2 minutes. there are two types if images i have seen on this app. boring, or staged. if i wanted either of those options i’d head over to instagram where at least i can post a picture without freezing the app. and maybe id even get some sort of human interaction, which falls short and feels distant through the reaction and comment options on this app. the “flaws” of social media this app is trying to avoid simply highlight the reasons people love apps like instagram, twitter, snapchat. the ideas it brings to the table are easily worked around, no matter how inflexible they present it. for the past 6 hours my app has been frozen, despite having data and wifi, despite closing and reopening the app and despite restarting my phone. what was supposed to be a fun app with friends that find it difficult to engage on social media has been boring and frustrating, only feeling more distant than interactions on other medias. i would also point out that as a person with body and facial dysmorphia, the ability to turn off the front facing camera would make the app a lot more enjoyable and less stressful..Version: 0.23.0

Changed phone number - lost entire BeReal photosI was enjoying using BeReal until I bought a new phone and changed numbers. All of a sudden, every time I tried launching the app, the app prompted me to start a new account. I couldn’t sign into my old account. I contacted BeReal and they responded by saying they were having problems migrating accounts to new numbers. I’ve emailed them several times and they refused to respond. I’ve now lost all the photos I had been taking everyday thinking I was creating memories but BeReal has just thrown them all away. Extremely poor level of customer service..Version: 0.22.4

Cant sign upOnboarding process is broken.Version: 0.20.1

Can’t make accountThe app shuts off after I enter the cellphone code.Version: 0.25.2

BffrY’all rly won’t let me BeReal😔💔.Version: 0.25.0

Toxic expectations and a warning.I don’t want to lie and say this app is bad, but I definitely would not recommend downloading it if you have bad body image or self-esteem. I do myself, and I’ve had trouble uploading the BeReal for the day, or even replying to others BeReal with the Realmojis. This is because the whole app is based around the idea of showing your face off to others - and if you don’t you aren’t able to view your friends BeReals which basically render the app as redundant. Though, since this app is so popular right now, it feels as if you’re missing out on something if you’re not on BeReal, so you’re faced with societal pressures to do this. But everyone’s trying to make their life look picture-perfect, so you start to feel bad when yours is just you in bed. For people who don’t like showing their face off on social media to a large audience at once, I wouldn’t recommend. At least with other social media applications like Snapchat, you’re able to personalise what you are sending to each individual person depending on what you’re comfortable with - and you don’t have you show your face if you don’t want to (unlike with BeReal). This app has affected my mental health and personal image in a negative way, and it feels toxic. I just wanted to write this warn people of how this app might not be for everyone. However, with certain tweaks to the app, this could be prevented (i.e. not needing to upload a BeReal to see others)..Version: 0.23.3

Glitchy pointless appSuch a glitchy under developed app. Absolutely useless too. No point in it just a take on snap chat. Send a picture once every 24h and the time is always super late at night. So boring. Don’t even bother with it..Version: 0.22.1

Can’t see old BeRealsThis app is fun, a friend introduced this to me and it’s an interesting concept that’s for sure. However the only thing that’s putting me off giving it 5 stars is the fact that you can’t see old Reals you have posted. It kinda makes the app seem pointless when you think about that. You get notified to take a picture in 2 minutes for it to be gone within seconds of you closing the app. It would be great if you could see old reals as it would be a fun memory unlocker..Version: 0.14.3

Premise good but execution is poorI think the idea is great but there’s numerous issues. Firstly, upload times. Even on full bars WiFi it’s still a 50/50 if the image will actually upload. Drives me mad when I get a good picture on time and then it never uploads and just straight deletes itself. Secondly, the automatic front facing camera picture. It needs to be turn off able. I know the point of the app is pictures in the moment but that automatic usage of the front camera just feels invasive. Finally, make comments or captions editable as it’s a pain seeing a spelling mistake that you can’t change. Overall the app would be perfect if the execution was better and uploads were more optimised or got backed up somewhere if they failed to upload in time or if you didn’t have a signal/mobile data at the time you took a picture within the app..Version: 0.21.0

Fun but please add better time zones!Please split the time zones better, especially for New Zealand the notifications are always 10 pm or later :(.Version: 0.20.1

Can we get more time zonesWould love to just choose my Timezone exactly, idk why it’s split between continents in the way it is, excludes a large amount of people and is confusing I would like to just choose +12 but I have to choose east Asia which is +8 which isn’t really the same.Version: 0.22.1

It’s good app but has SO MANY BUGSI like the app and recommend it, but I just want someone to sort all the bugs of uploading it. About a year ago I, and others, deleted the app because it kept playing up but we like the idea of the app so have re downloaded it. It still has ‘uploading issues’ and issues regarding commenting saying ‘ERROR TOO MANY SUBSCRIBERS’… whatever that means. Anyway I just hope it gets fixed because it can be quite aggravating..Version: 0.20.2

Work onsThink the idea of this app is amazing and has a really good idea to it. But I have just realised after getting all my mates to download it doesn’t work for us. We are all located in New Zealand and you guys only have three time zone options, therefore all of the “random” notifications come through during the night and we can’t do them on time 🥺, would be great if there was a pacific time zone but I guess not . Thought I would let you know that you could have more people using the app if you were more accomodating to the. Rest of the world.Version: 0.20.1

A great concept but lots of bugsI love the concept of the app, but the fact that it’s extremely buggy makes using it less pleasant to use. for example, notifications don’t arrive on time, making me post late. sometimes the capturing notification comes a few hours after it should have. front camera glitches often making the selfie pink and distorted. at times when commenting or reacting to friends’ posts, the comment or reaction just disappear for no reason. not to mention the long times of posting and getting a notification but not having an option to capture when opening the app. I think with the huge and growing user base the developers should use more resources to fix all the issues ASAP..Version: 0.22.1

Time zonesDoesn’t have a New Zealand time zone so notifies you to post at weird times..Version: 0.20.2

Needs more workThe app is often slow to upload photos, and sometimes never uploads them at all. This time, it knows I have uploaded a photo (someone reacted to it), but claims I never did upload, so other posts are locked. When I try to ‘post a late BeReal’, even though I have already posted one, it attempts to upload a bit, allows access to friends posts for a moment, then locks me out again. More polish is required..Version: 0.23.0

Bugs are a huge problemI really like BeReal and I enjoy using it to connect with my friends on a more authentic level - even when we’re states apart. That being said, I am frustrated over the bugs that the app has. At some points it makes it totally unusable. There are several that I run into on a daily basis. The first of which is phantom notifications for both the BeReal time and my friends posting or reacting to my post. I will log onto the app and nothing will be different than before even though it notifies me something changed. Additionally, when the BeReal notification goes off it takes from a full minute to ten minutes to even open the photo feature. So by that point I am being counted as late to post the BeReal even though I opened it as soon as I received the notification. And finally, even after that, the post takes an obscenely long time to upload. I’ve had it take up to several hours to upload one photo even when I had a setting wifi and cellular connection like I normally do. Ultimately, I hope the team is working to fix these issues because the app has a lot of potential, but it is just being lost to these unfortunate bugs..Version: 0.22.4

Great idea, not great executionThe premise of this app is really good and I’ve enjoyed using it. In terms of the features it offers, I really can’t complain. It’s a great way to keep up with friends you haven’t seen in a while without going through the pain of small talk. However, the app itself really needs work. Uploading BeReals can take up to 15 minutes even when the photo is taken on time, and when it finally does upload, it tells all your friends that you posted late. Writing captions and leaving comments on friends’ posts often avails nothing except error messages and has to be attempted several times. Also, launching the app from the “2 minutes to post a BeReal!” notification often takes me to my feed instead of the camera, so that I have to force quit and relaunch the app for the camera to appear, at which point I’ve lost maybe twenty seconds I could’ve used to take a photo. These issues don’t really stop me from enjoying BeReal, but I don’t want to leave a five-star review for an app which only works properly half the time. Once the issues are patched, I will update accordingly :).Version: 0.20.1

Fun idea but needs bug fixesGreat concept but the app is very buggy and needs a notification centre. I get multiple ghost notifications and obviously can never find them within the app..Version: 0.22.0

Bad timingAlways gives the notification at night.Version: 0.20.1

“not social media”Overall really like the concept of this app. Social media is a huge waste of time but it’s hard these days to stay connected to friends and family across the country and across the world without it. The fact that this app (tries to) force users to post what they’re doing in the moment also does a great job at eliminating the fake reality of socials. When my brother was convincing me to get this app, he told me that it’s impossible to scroll forever like I did on IG - the reason I deleted it. And while that’s true on the “my friends” page, one can easily switch over to discover and use it just like any other time sucking social media site to scroll for hours. I know y’all are working on bugs but an additional feature would be a way to make the discover page optional, so that for those of us who don’t want it, it’s not even on the screen at all (ie there’s no separate discover tab at all) and doesn’t tempt us to waste time on the app. This could be done using a switch in a users profile. If you are really trying to be “not social media” please make the discover feature optional!.Version: 0.22.0

Notification?The app tells me I have a notification but when I open the app it doesn’t give me any clues about what the notification is for. I find the UI to be confusing and presumptuous. to create a clean look it seems as though the designers removed any sort of guides or rails to help a user find everything they need.Version: 0.25.2

Needs more timezonesAs a user in New Zealand, seems really weird that the closest timezone is East Asia.Version: 0.22.5

UnusableApp used to be great but you need more servers. You can’t even see your posts or anyone else’s anymore. The BeReal notification will go off and it takes hours before you actually see anything. You need to fix this ASAP or people will stop using your app..Version: 0.20.1

Logged out and cant log back inBeReal has been pretty great so far, sometimes it glitches but that's understandable. I tried posting a BeReal today and it just kept on saying loading anytime i would go back to it and i also could not see my friends so i decided to log out. When i went back to the app there was no option of signing in it just asked for my name etc. like when you first sign up. I would like to get my account back and my memories because i had quite a bit there :/.Version: 0.20.2

Very buggyA lot of notifications that don’t appear on the app and it’ll tell me I have 2min to post my BeReal but then when I open the app, nothing happens..Version: 0.22.4

No South Pacific time zoneI live in New Zealand and we don’t have a time zone which reflects our time! Everyone gets notifications between 10pm and like 5am in the morning, and so everyone just posts the same thing when they wake up. When will our time zone be included?! So slack.Version: 0.23.0

Notifications are nutsUnlike most others, I have no issue with upload speed. My beef is with notifications. “On BeReal, you’re in control of your push notifications,” the settings page states. Barely!! I want to get notifications for comments on my posts only, but toggling “comments” on means I get notified about every comment between my mutuals. Plus, there’s no landing page specifically to contain notifications (realmojis, comments etc). I’ve had the red notification bubble on the app thumbnail for hours now because I can’t for the life of me figure out exactly what I’m being notified about. There’s zero indication of what it could be! And hey, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there’s a fix for all my problems out there. But if there is, it’s the least intuitive fix in the app store, because it’s impossible to find help within the app!! Please change things so that we can access notifications more easily, personalize them in more detail, and know how to make those changes ourselves..Version: 0.21.0

App is pointless and boring (and also doesn’t work)I got it because it’s the new fad and all my friends wanted me to, but I’m so bored of it after about a week. Instagram works because even though it’s unrealistic it’s the interesting parts of peoples lives. If someone I know is doing something fun (like going out for a meal, to a concert, met a celebrity, etc) I’d want to know about it and see it. I do not care for the 5th photo in a row of everyone I know posting nothing of interest. But that’s just what BeReal is. It’s a showcase (a rather depressing one) that no one does anything with their lives. I reckon it’s even worse for people after finishing uni who probably just get the “send a BeReal!” notification half way through their work day. And finally, it’s horribly optimised. One day, the “post late” button didn’t work at all, so I reinstalled it, and then it found my account but none of my friends, so I couldn’t use it. Now, when it’s fixed itself, I click on the notification to post and it doesn’t work, so I have to post late even if I wanted to post on time. The app’s super buggy and slow and just feels like a gimmick (which, to be fair, it is).Version: 0.22.4

Good concept, needs some workIt’s a great concept and I love the idea behind it, however, for it to actually work I think they need to increase the amount of people that their app can handle at one time. Because everyone literally gets the same notification and the same exact time, I think this sometimes causes the app to become overloaded which causes the app to kind of “glitch out.” There have been many MANY times where I get the notif that it’s time, open the app, and nothing happens. Either it just shows my feed from the day before, takes the entire two minutes to open my camera, or even says I haven’t added any friends yet and shows me a blank feed. This is really frustrating to the point where I know several people who have since just stopped using the app because it doesn’t work when they get notified and then they forget to upload a post later on because it doesn’t remind them. This app needs a LOT of work, but I’ll probably continue to use it until the hype dies down..Version: 0.22.5

Very angry customerHello. I just downslope this fun app yet i cannot add friends please let me know what it sup because i’m getting seriously angry..Version: 0.20.1

It’s good but there is room to improveThere’s nothing thrilling about this app, but I guess that’s kind of the point. It breaks the barrier between real life and social media pretty well. Critiques: first, there’s no way to see who’s relied to your comment if you don’t see it on the notification, so if you accidentally get rid of the notification you might have trouble tracking down comments on other peoples BeReals. An activity tab would be useful. Second, the notification never goes off before 10am, but often goes off after 10 or 11pm, definitely favouring night owls over morning people. I’m assuming this isn’t just a coincidence as I have had the app for a couple of months now, and the notification has never gone off in the morning. (For reference I am in Australia so there’s probably something with time zones). Anyway, it would be possibly better if the motivation could go off at any time of day, including the morning. Third, it would be good to be able to see the time you posted your BeReals in your memories. Anyway, thanks for a unique social media experience, it’s pretty neat ✌️.Version: 0.25.2

Needs to be updatedI really like this app, it’s something new and unfiltered and in the moment but I have issues that when you get the notification to upload, you open the app but there’s no button to straight away upload, you have to wait for the app to come up with a prompt to do it always takes over 5 mins to load :( also then once you’ve managed to get your picture and upload it, it takes ages to upload it, I opened the app the second I got my notification today but had to wait for the prompt for 40 mins while closing and reopening the app to see it that fixed it, finally took the pic and it’s still trying to upload it now, if these problems were fixed I think it would be a very cute and personal app xx.Version: 0.21.0

Great idea, CRAZY glitchyI just saw that this app was growing in popularity, so I just wanted to try it out to know how it worked, but it’s been surprisingly charming! I love it now, but I swear, every day it’s another insane glitch. Rn it’s almost strobing my My Friends feed from the blurred out “Can’t see this until you post!” and remembering that I already posted. It takes forever to get to the posting page when the alert comes every time instead of showing up immediately, cutting down the amount of time you have to post yours in time, but you also really can’t post in time almost ever because it takes minutes to upload your post. But being able to see what your friends and family are all doing at the exact same moment in the day has been so endearing and just way more interesting than I thought it would be. I’ll keep doing it, but idk if I can keep recommending it to friends bc of how embarrassing the glitching is. Really makes it annoying to use..Version: 0.20.1

New Zealand Time ZoneIt’s great but the East Asia is not New Zealand’s time zone and we are still getting it going off in the middle of the night which makes it not as fun. Please add an Australasia/Pacific time zone!.Version: 0.21.0

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