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BeReal. Your friends for real. app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bereal. your friends for real.?

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I want to see themI want to be able to see my old BeReals, so I can look through all the memories..Version: 0.17.1

A waste. 0 starsFor one they’re “paying” people to try this out, but i’ve had it for over a week now i think n i’m still $40 less than what i was told 🤣🤣🤣 This app is SOOOO BORING. SO very. pointless. all you do is click when it tells you to snap what you’re doing and that’s it. posts it for however long then moves on. this is genuinely a waste of time for everyone. i don’t know where y’all thought the entertainment was in this, but it just isn’t there. no one is interested in this app. no one will ever say “omg you know that app BEREAL!? DOWNLOAD IT ITS SO COOL” just no.Version: 0.13.8

Doesn’t workButton to take the photo never works. Worked the first time but never again. Updated the app and everything. Also, for it to be successful, I feel like it needs to link to Facebook so you can add more people..Version: 0.17.0

Rose and thornThis app is fun and I enjoy using it with my friends that live abroad! Though I wish there was a way to delete other peoples live reactions or comments on your own posts (if they’re like inappropriate or rude.) if this feature exists, I would like for it to be easier to find..Version: 0.19.1

Australian TimezoneNEEDS AUSTRALIAN TIMEZONE PLEASE.Version: 0.17.1

AUSTRALIAN TIME ZONESThis app is amazing except for the fact it doesn’t have an aussie time zone. so please if in the near future an aussie timezone could be added that would be amazing.Version: 0.17.0

Fine but not differentIt worked fine, there were some additions and rephrasing that needs to be done, like exiting out of the camera, ratcheting then having to close the app in order to do that. It doesn’t seem different and better than Instagram or any other social media, I can’t see it becoming a long term entertaining app. It does work well enough for what is there..Version: 0.13.9

Love it but hardly works for meI love love this app but for the past few times when my friends upload it just shows up as a black screen and never loads. Why is this happening?! If this glitch is fixed i’d me a much more regular user..Version: 0.16.3

Issues& notificationsI want to give this 5*s but. Been using for about a week. Fun. Notifications don’t come through all the time. This is so disappointing. It’s very good app but missing features. Layout was a bit confusing trying to find things. Maybe some more privacy settings because first time I used it I couldn’t tell if it was public, it was only a few days later when I find it saying friends only. Please fix notifications not working. This isn’t my phone, friends has same notification issues with BeReal..Version: 0.18.0

Good idea but too glitchySuch a good idea but the app is so glitchy and has so many errors it’s ridiculous. Constantly posting my BeReal for the day and it’s not uploading or it says it’s uploaded and I see my friends but when I go back to check 2 hours later mine never posted and it’s telling me to a post a late one. Very frustrating, I never know if I have posted and if my friends can see..Version: 0.13.8

This app lets you be realI really enjoy this app and the experience. It’s incredibly fun having to rush to take a picture and seeing what all my friends are doing. My main grievance with the app is the inability to save the photos taken not in the app’s format; sometimes I get a really good photo from one of my cameras and want to just save that one. My second critique of the app is its allowance of late posts. I find them to be completely contradictory to the main premise. Late posts change the concept from “you can only post once per day at a specific random time” to “you can only post once everyday after a random time”.Version: 0.19.1

Bug fixes ?I love the concept of this app soo much but, sometimes I get the notification and the app doesn’t let me post. Other times I don’t get any notification :( I can’t wait for it to be more streamlined! Also sometimes the upload fails so you think you’ve uploaded and you go back and you’ve lost your pic :((.Version: 0.13.1

Videos won’t uploadLove the concept of the app but my videos will not upload :( Everything else about the app is amazing and works well, but it’s frustrating that my videos won’t upload. It says uploading for hours and then will say failed to upload..Version: 0.19.1

Nice idea but badly executedApp is unreliable and glitchy, sometimes having to take a BeReal 3 times and reopen the app in order to actually post one and unlock seeing what my friends are seeing. On saying that, the idea is great, and when it does work I love the concept. Needs some serious work though..Version: 0.13.2

Time zonesMake Australian timezones.Version: 0.14.2

Australian TimezoneI really enjoy this app and what it’s doing. However, being that there are only two time zones (EU and US), I think it really makes the app less enjoyable when I get an urgent notification at 2 am when I’m fast asleep. So I would definitely recommend the developers to add at least a Timezone for every continent if not every country. Would it be hard to implement? Thanks.Version: 0.17.0

HeuresCe soir c'était trop tard.Version: 0.16.5

Can we get more time zonesI live in nz where it’s always basically night when it’s day in most of the world. Could our lot get a Timezone because getting the notification at night every time is boring.Version: 0.17.1

Not meant for AustraliaGreat idea but no option for Australian time zone.Version: 0.16.4

Really interesting and fun concept, app borders on unusableExcited to see where this project goes and update this review! The feed itself is sooo boring and that’s half the fun 😆 At the moment there are a dozen technical issues that make using the app more of a chore than fun though. The main ones that come to mind: - Opening the app from notifications often leaves it in a glitched state - if someone reacts to your post while the app is open you can’t see it in your notifications or on the post until you restart the app - the friends feed often doesn’t update until the app is reopened, etc - only time zones are US and EU? What about Asia? Feed can be confusing when people are posting in the different time zones. App could really use a thoughtful design :).Version: 0.15.1

NoI set my thing to my friends only then i got a notification that someone commented on my post and it was a random person no one i knew and i was just shocked i let my friends know then we all deleted the accounts that we had so i don’t recommend this to people who don’t want random people seeing what there posting i’m terrified!.Version: 0.17.0

Good app but needs more timezonesIn australia the time to take a bereal is always when i’m asleep.Version: 0.17.0

Can’t see old BeRealsThis app is fun, a friend introduced this to me and it’s an interesting concept that’s for sure. However the only thing that’s putting me off giving it 5 stars is the fact that you can’t see old Reals you have posted. It kinda makes the app seem pointless when you think about that. You get notified to take a picture in 2 minutes for it to be gone within seconds of you closing the app. It would be great if you could see old reals as it would be a fun memory unlocker..Version: 0.14.3

Timezones are funkyLove the idea but no Australian Timezone so always at weird times.Version: 0.14.0

Love this app but SO GLITCHYI love this app so much because it’s such a fun way to interact with friends, but it’s also incredibly glitchy which kind of puts a damper on the whole point of the app. When I get the notification that it’s time to post, if I go to the app it glitches out and won’t let me post. I’ll either see a dark screen with a banner that says “so and so is capturing a be real” or the app will take forever to load which will cause me to post late. Obviously this doesn’t really matter but half of the point of the app is that you only have a designated 2 minutes everyday to post an ON TIME be real, when the app constantly glitches out and doesn’t let you post on time that kind of takes away from the experience..Version: 0.14.2

Fun app but very dysfunctionalThis app is so much fun, however I don’t always get notified when it’s time to be real and when other people have been notified of the time to be real my app will not give me the option to post the next days real so I feel a bit fake. Love the app tho u are superstars.Version: 0.13.1

It’s good but could be betterIt’s a good app and the concept is good but the execution isn’t very good. There should be an option for anyone in your friendship group to ping everyone else randomly or there should be an option to have more than one ping a day as to have more memories in one day (kind of like Snapchat). Also the notification settings on myself and all my friends phones don’t seem to buzz it just flags up as a notification and we 99% of the time miss it due to it being silent even though our phones are on loud / vibrate. I also think the time zones are completely wrong, we keep getting pinged so early in the morning or really late at night, for a European time zone what’s wrong with the afternoon 😂😂.Version: 0.17.1

Good but very glitchyFor example be reals not uploading and I can’t select a profile picture, otherwise very fun app.Version: 0.18.0

Great concept, but notifications don't workI love concept! However, it's hard to follow it when I'm not getting any notifications whatsoever, making me always late. And yes, my notifications are turned on both on my phone and in the app. I tried reinstalling it too. I know some of my friends' notifications work, so maybe it's just my phone? (13 Pro Max).Version: 0.17.1

Had to deleteI have to delete it as it is so glitchy it doesn’t even work. I really like the concept and for the short time that it actually worked properly I really enjoyed it, but now whenever I get a notification and then try to take a photo, it doesn’t upload, it doesn’t work at all. Even when I try to post late, it never uploads my photos and I never get access to see my friends’ photos. Quite frustrating. Let me know when it gets fixed, otherwise not much point keeping it on my phone✌🏾.Version: 0.16.4

No way to change or delete profile once createdI made a mistake when creating the profile. Now I can’t make any changes. Not able to contact developer to get help. Very frustrating.Version: 0.19.1

Awesome but so buggyThe app is great, got a ton of friends on there but there's soooo many bugs. Whenever I click the notification the app loads and never opens so I have to close it, people's profile pictures get switched randomly, and people's comments just don't show up. Comes off as really amateurish honestly..Version: 0.14.0

Doesn’t really workI like the idea BUT the app barely works - says it’s uploading my image all day until the next notification comes in to take a photo and the previous one gets deleted. Since the app runs in a 2 minute time window, even a slow upload speed makes it pointless. I’ll be looking forward to re-downloading once these bugs are fixed..Version: 0.17.1

Neat idea, bad appI like the concept but I have found the app unreliable and frustrating to use. It often doesn’t load or just fails to upload a picture once I’ve taken one, even when connected to WiFi. Clunky. Shame..Version: 0.13.1

My favorite social media ever, until todayI am a big fan of Be Real. I’ve sent bug information, downloaded the beta/test version, and I am considering joining the feedback group. Then today I saw a notification symbol on my Be Real post I had never seen, so I clicked on it…. “Share your BeReal to discover who from your Friends took a screenshot of it.” (With a name/profile blurred out) Are you kidding me? Really? If you have the ability to know that someone has an image that I uploaded in there phone then I should be handed that information on a silver platter. (Regardless of who, friends list or not!) How dare you use someones privacy against them for your app to “grow”. 8/12 of my Friends on BeReal only have it because I told them about it. I’m sure I could just as easily get them to remove it and the people who told myself about it by showing them all the “”feature””. If you want a good idea to work, don’t advertise it like it’s something that you understand. BeReal is a relatively new idea for social media, don’t screw it up over something like this..Version: 0.15.4

Can’t add my friendI love this app and would give it 5 stars easily but I can’t seem to add my friend. I have 18 friends added but for some reasons bugs when I try to add one of my friends in the suggestions. When I click add it just loads for a minute or so and then bugs back to saying add again. Please can you help me or fix this issue!.Version: 0.20.0

Love the concept, but not polishedLove the concept of the app, but it still needs a lot of bug fixes. The app won’t allow me to comment on other people’s posts saying I have insufficient permissions to do so. Switching profile picture is a pain, since I have to exit my profile in order to change it again and whenever I am able to comment on others posts it shows my old profile picture for some reason..Version: 0.14.2

Why should I report an issue with BeReal. Your friends for real.?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of BeReal. Your friends for real. to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a BeReal. Your friends for real. customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using BeReal. Your friends for real..

Is BeReal. Your friends for real. not working?

BeReal. Your friends for real. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact BeReal. Your friends for real..

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