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BeReal. Your friends for real. app received 108 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bereal. your friends for real.?

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LoveDownload now.Version: 0.22.4

Developer Please ReadHi! I love this app. I ask one thing of you and one thing only. Please do not add on too many unnecessary features or change much from the social side. It is what I love about this app- it only has one aspect to it that allows you to focus on the realness unlike other forms of media. One post a day is perfect with only captions and comments and emojis- no likes, no private messages, no “stories”, nothing else. It’s perfect the way it is!.Version: 0.16.2

Fun but GlitchedLove the concept of trying not to post late, except when my posts continue to show they’re loading, never actually post or post late. Annoying.Version: 0.22.1

The coolest concept I’ve seen since a long timeI wish more people would know about this app I absolutely love it! One of the best thing that coulf be added to this app would be the ability to link other social media (it would make life so much easier and would get so much more people to use the app and follow their friends).Version: 0.16.5

App is what social media should look likeEvery social media should have this refreshing concept.Version: 0.14.2

Good but not without issuesAll in all a good app. Way better and less fake than other social media. There are a few things that would make it better. 1. Fix notification problems - when you click on the notification telling you to post it doesn’t always take you to the camera bit of the app. You have to relaunch the app multiple times to let you take the pic. 2. Stop saying you’ve posted late when it’s the apps fault for running slow - sometimes it takes hours to post even though you took the pic on time 3. Change up the posting times more - the notification always seems to hit between 3 and 7pm when it would be more fun to have it at more random times of day. I’d want more notifications in the morning / earlier in the day.Version: 0.20.2

Good concept, app needs workVery refreshing concept and could work but almost every time it’s time to BeReal you click on the app and it doesn’t load, it’s down to a few seconds then you’ve posted late which I’m assuming can be fixed. Also if someone reacts to your BeReal and you click on the notification it always says couldn’t not find BeReal or something along those lines. I think you should also be able to see comments and reactions to your be reals that have expired in memories..Version: 0.22.1

I LOVE THIS APPSeriously I think everyone should be on this it’s so fun. My only qualm is that sometimes the app crashes when you get the notification so then you’re late but other than that I think it’s great and I really hope more people download!!.Version: 0.19.0

ONSo fun love love love.Version: 0.22.1

This idea and execution is SO good!I’ve only had this app for 3 days, but it’s so fun! this app feels like a daily energizer at a random point in the day where you just interact w your friends for like 15 min and get a nice energy/mood boost! and since it’s just in-the-moment pics between only friends (and no influencers), you won’t get sucked into this app like you would with IG, TikTok, Twitter, etc, which is SO optimal! these developers really ATE when they designed and programmed this app! ❤️❤️.Version: 0.17.0

Great concept (but a bit buggy)Giving it 5 stars cos I want others to get it since it’s a great concept HOWEVER it is pretty buggy. At some points it was just posting for hours without doing anything and I couldn’t accept friend requests. Basically it was like I didn’t have a wifi connection even though I did. I know bugs are hard to sort out and overall it’s great :D.Version: 0.20.1

A great way to keep up with friendsSuch a fun app! I don’t get to see my friends much irl but this allows me to keep up with them and see what they’re up to in the day to day..Version: 0.22.5

Very good, very nice!WOW don’t even get me started on this app, i heard about this app through a friend who was addicted to this. I decided to download it and give it a try, overtime i have added more and more people and now have over 50+ new friends on there! It’s amazing to get a insight to other peoples lives and to show people what i’m up to aswell. The react feature is also great, you can have a great experience on this app and it is a core part of my daily life, i love sitting looking through everyone’s bereals and reacting to them based on how i feel, such a addicting app that doesn’t destroy your mental health like what insta and tiktok does, instead it opens your mind and gives you a sense of calmness. It also adds another step to your routine. I don’t know where i would be without this app!.Version: 0.22.5

Love the idea! A few bugs…I love this app, a really positive way to connect with friends and the concept is unique and fun. A great addition to the social media world! However, I do have one slight issue which is that I always seem to have at least 2 notification badges for this app which don’t disappear no matter how much I use the app - I am not sure what they are notifying me about even! Several of my friends have had similar issues with badge notifications for this app as well. Would be great to fix!.Version: 0.22.1

21st CenturyThis new app is the best new way to communicate with your friends! They are really trying to solve the issues that social media platforms have created by letting me be my authentic self and share an honest picture of my day. As part of their ambassador program, I’ve been finding it so fun and rewarding to share a window into my day with all my friends and see what they’re all up to. I highly recommend to download and spread the joy 🎉.Version: 0.13.13

We wanna play too!NZ resident here - please add more timezones! At least half my friends and family live in a European time zone so posting at the exact same time isn’t realistic but I love everything else about this!.Version: 0.20.0

So Fun!I used to find this app awfully boring and a waste of storage on my phone, but once I convinced many of my friends to get it it became super fun and interactive. It’s a newer app so a lot of the glitches are still getting ironed out but every day it becomes more smooth and it is a great alternative to Instagram and Facebook that tend to be the highlight real of your friends lives. Be real out there guys.Version: 0.17.1

Love the concept but…I’m in Australia. My friends and I would love to use this but we’re like 10hrs ahead of Europe and USA and can’t change the time zone :/ It would be good if you could just set GMT + x hours or - x hours instead of selecting between 2 time zones..Version: 0.19.1

Good but racially motivated and a bit savageThis app is actually good and funny! It’s a good gen Z version of snapchat and it’s really genuine. Although, this app may give you some comments about your face. Like : why are you in your bed at 4pm or open your eyes (im asian 🥲). But other than that, good app!.Version: 0.17.0

Great Idea for Socialising OnlineI have got quite a few of my friends to get this app. It’s a way for people to post without having to take hundreds of photos and photoshop or try and be someone they aren’t. I like the fact there are no filters or anything. There should be a reward system for getting your bereal on time.Version: 0.21.0

Love the app, but could use some improvements!I love that the app tries to accomplish what no other social media app has before and it makes for a very exciting social media experience but I feel it could use some updating. For one I wish that after a Be Real was posted it would save to an archive so you could go back a view it, rather than just deleting after one day. I also wish you could choose the amount of times it goes off in a day because I feel that once a day is too low and would be way more exciting if it went of, say, three times. Otherwise I love the app and use it with all of my friends! <3.Version: 0.13.13

The only social media that’s not ToxicLove this app its so genuine, it will never take off and thats why its awesome. Just your close circle 10/10.Version: 0.20.1

Australian time zone needed!App needs more features and needs to be updated for Australian time zone!.Version: 0.14.2

Fire conceptIt is so original and a guenine way to interact with friends and also to « discover » the wonderful people of this community.Version: 0.19.1

AmazingSeeing people living day to day without manipulation or pretending what they are not is incredible. I highly recommend. in addition, the app not having likes or number of followers makes the experience much more meaningful. Another thing I really loved about this platform is your posts are visible for 24 hours for others, but for you if you want It is saved as a diary. And as simple as it sounds, it helps me a lot to monitor my days and mood..Version: 0.22.1

Time zone in nz?There is obviously a demand for this app! Well done to the developers! Hopefully, you can find a way to monetise it. Plz add some time zones for NZ.Version: 0.22.4

Great app, would love added featuresBe Real is awesome. A lot of fun, and great way to stay connected to your friends. I would love to be able to add more to posts, kind of like instagram stories. One feature I would absolutely love to see is music. I love adding music to my instagram stories and would love to see it on Be Real. But also, Be Real should add stickers and other things to make posts more exciting!.Version: 0.19.1

Great concept!It’s a great app I just wish there were more time zones!! I read that after all the New Zealanders commented you added East Asia time zone but that’s not even our time zone - please add NZST so it’s not all at 8-9pm that the timer notifies us! And add more times it’s always within the same two hours I’ve noticed or at least this week it has been. Also I’ve been having issues with commenting and putting the face emojis on other peoples pictures - it deletes them and comes up with error messages saying their photo doesn’t exist!.Version: 0.20.2

Very good, just some extras I’d like to seeUnique idea and operates very well considering the amount of sudden traffic that must appear. I love it. However some things I’d like to see are based on the “memories” and old BeReals. It would be fun to still be able to see locations, captions and comments when looking back. Reactions would also be fun to look back on, however maybe that would require different permission allowances? I feel like some of these (like captions) are very basic and I hope they are added soon.Version: 0.20.1

Great app, but…IT NEEDS TO HAVE AN AUSTRALIEN TIMEZONE SETTING, because I’m getting alerts for the two minutes but it is 3 OCLOCK IN THE MORNING! But other than that it is a great idea and good app..Version: 0.19.1

Great App !!The entire concept for this app is great. It’s to keep social media simple and real, while most of the world is getting lost in the unrealistic expectations that most social media apps set. As a collegiate athlete that had the opportunity to connect with and work with some of the BeReal employees, I can whole heartedly say I believe in this company and the people behind it. Their goal is to make social media real again with this great app..Version: 0.14.2

Like app but not getting notificationsI really like the app but I am not getting the notifications for when to post my BeReal which is frustrating.Version: 0.22.1

Amazing ideaSuch a lovely app,and great for collecting memory’s-thanks for making this!!…i would love 2 things though : 1) someone accepted my friend request and i didn’t find out…maybe i missed the notif but if there isn’t one then pls add!! 2) yesturday with wifi and data i tried to upload my bereal and it kept saying notification…probably a glitch but yeah keep doing aamzing work-zora.Version: 0.20.0

Good - Needs More Than One Pic A DayI really like the application and the idea behind it. I probably would’ve given it a five star review if there was a way to choose how many times a day you can take a picture. I feel like once a day is not enough for many people. Maybe if there was a way to choose between one, two or three times a day. It would still lend to the spontaneity and reality grab of what they’re trying to create with the app, but allow a broader picture of an individuals day and allow them to share a little bit more. Just my two cents..Version: 0.17.0

Not bhedGood soize.Version: 0.17.0

Fun but…This is fun but my friends and I are college students and it would be fun if this was a challenge where you can connect your credit card so if you or your friends don’t do it you can set an amount that someone has to pay and it can be put towards a group drink fund!.Version: 0.16.3

Fun app to use with friendsFun way to interact daily with close friends. One suggestion would just be about the time zones - you are prompted to do snaps at night time, when I’ll rather just anytime of the day. Also when you try to change the time zone, it would delete your BeReal?.Version: 0.20.1

La vieMa vie a complètement changé depuis j’utilise cette application c’est malade.Version: 0.18.0

So fun!This app is sooo fun! I look forward to the notification everyday because it’s funny to see what everyone is randomly doing when they get the notification. I was able to get a few of my friends to download it, but i hope the app blows up because it’s so fun..Version: 0.13.8

AusNeed an Australian Timezone.Version: 0.17.0

Love this App!!Love this app and it’s authenticity! Be real challenges present day social media users to to show their real selves. No editing snd no filters. In a society like today where pictures are constantly being altered by filters and FaceTune, it is nice to create a platform where people can be their true, real selves. My only wish is that you can post more than the limited amount you are given a day!!.Version: 0.14.2

Great app. Unable to log back into your own account on any other device.This app is such good fun and it gives me and my friends that extra bit of excitement during the day to see what everyone is getting upto on their day to day basis and are able to make memories on the spot. However, you are unable to log back into your own account as you would be able to do with any other social media on a different device. My phone has been stolen therefore I have lost everything on this. I believe you should have the choice to log in and out of your own account not be made to make a new one..Version: 0.20.1

My Fave Social MediaWhat a brilliant app. Class content, Class idea & all round perfect execution. BeReal offers no filters, no editing, just natural people doing natural things. This is why it has quickly become my favourite app!! One photo a day, people acting completely natural with no time to ‘fake’ what they’re doing. Thank you BeReal for what you have done. The App the world needs, but doesn’t deserve!!.Version: 0.20.1

Great ConceptBeReal is a great concept, it’s unique to show exactly what’s happening in your life without the pretence of perfectionism. Stay where you are, take a photo and interact with others. Issues are related to server performance, it’ll often post your photo late despite you taking it on time because it’ll take so long to upload. It’s not a huge problem, but makes you feel a bit bad when it says you’ve posted late when you’ve left it to upload but then doesn’t complete until you reopen the app..Version: 0.20.2

👍👍Awesome app. Awesome idea. A suggestion to make the BeReal more than once a day.Version: 0.17.0

Love the appI travel constantly and therefore am often separated from my friends and family. Bereal allows us to spontaneously connect and stay in touch even when we are worlds away for mes other..Version: 0.15.1

GoodDon’t see the point in the timer but great app.Version: 0.22.1

Australian TimezoneGood app, but we need an australian timezone! it’s annoying getting notifications at 3am when nobody is awake. will use the app again when the timezone is added..Version: 0.17.0

Join BeReal!!I’m a big fan of the app itself and the mission behind it. Once you are comfortable with the app it is easy to navigate and it is a great way to stay connected with your friends no matter where they are in the world. I think the app does a tremendous job of providing a platform that allows you to connect with your friends in an authentic and genuine manner..Version: 0.14.0

Great concept! Have some suggestions tho.I really like the idea of this app. It seems like an app that would be really good for peoples mental health. Unlike other social medias there is no pressure around posting, you just post! I think the real reaction and posting aspect make this app really unique. I would say that some things could make it even better. Such as getting rid of the comment feature. I think it takes away from app..Version: 0.16.6

Love ideaBut sometimes no picture shows up for my friends in my feed (it’s all black) even when I reload the app, I know it’s not multiple friends doing black screens so I think it might be some sort of glitch or loading issue.Version: 0.19.1

Amazing app butI love this app and I think it is a really good idea and I’m really pleased I got it! I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering getting it. But, I have to two things that could be improved: first of all I don’t think there needs to be a time limit because it doesn’t do anything and can be a bit stressful. Also maybe make it easier to send someone a friend request because I’m really confused on how to do that😂. Other than that this app is amazing get it right now you will not regret it!!!.Version: 0.20.1

Australian Timezone!The app is great but it needs an Australian timezone as my friends and I are getting our notifications around 3am ruining the point of the app. Cheers.Version: 0.17.0

Net love of my lifeI did.Version: 0.22.5

Love this but I agree w the other reviewI like the idea of this and want all my friends to join! Like the other reviewer suggested, a private archive of old posts would be really cool. I also think 3 posts a day would be cool as well, as long that the older 1-2 posts from the same day stay up for the rest of the day instead of being replaced before you’ve seen it. Great concept!.Version: 0.15.1

Good premise but a few suggestionsThe premise of the app is quite interesting and well done and it has some p cool features, i’m not sure if this is a current feature but maybe a way to block people or for hiding suggestions of friends to actually last longer? It’s quite easy to see people you don’t want to pop up now and then in the app and it does kinda take away from the experience..Version: 0.22.2

Athlete Program = 🔥This app is such a good concept, and their athlete program made it that much better! They reached out to me and asked if i would like to join their program and i joined in a heartbeat! they were super professional and supportive and were very helpful throughout my participation in their program. i highly recommend it for any athlete that wants to get paid, while using a one of a kind, revolutionary app! thank you BeReal!.Version: 0.14.2

Suggestions for improvementI really like BeReal but I think it’d be better if the posting time was completely random each day rather than getting later in the day each day. Or if there were a few posting times randomly — that way there’d be some in the morning/afternoon/night..Version: 0.16.6

Australian time zonePLEASE australian time zone plz plz i don’t wanna take my be real in the middle of the night plz.Version: 0.17.0

Refreshingly new and uniqueI really enjoy that BeReal is a newer platform that brings us the joys of social media and sharing with friends without the negative effects of it too. I like that it’s a way to capture what’s happening in the moment and eliminates the possibility of glamorising and editing your life to impress your followers and friends. When the front camera takes the picture I appreciate the absence of seeing what you look like as the picture is being taken as it allows for a more authentic image of you to be taken. And lastly I enjoy that everyone’s profiles is kept minimal I’m the sense that you cannot look at a feed of other people’s previous BeReal photos and ‘stalk them’, you can’t look at number of friend and compare, only the number of mutual friends you have in common is available to see. And so thank you, for creating an app which is purely fun and carefree without the harmful effects that other platforms generally have..Version: 0.20.0

Authentic and interesting conceptThis is a one of a kind app that has a lot of potential. Definitely see the potential for it to become widespread, needs some aesthetic changes and differentiation from snapchat’s private story feature. Otherwise it’s easy to use and can help friends stay in touch, especially long distance!.Version: 0.13.3

Almost revolutionaryI've found this app to be very versatile for my social life as I can see what my friends are doing in their days without having to start a convocation along with the reaction feature where u can capture a live moment (most pull a funny face) this app is great to start convocation too instead of asking what they did that day you can ask how was what they did as you already know a little glimpse of what they are up to , also a pretty cool way to catch up with family and people you may not see or be so close to Would defo recommend to all and also to add all the fit birds on your suggested/may know page it will boost your game 100x My only criticism is the lack of npc players to add I've been very curious of them lately and would love to be able to study them through this app as they can be somewhat intimidating in public ..Version: 0.22.5

It’s good sometimes slowSometimes the app is slow but the concept is v cool.Version: 0.22.5

Athlete ExperienceI love how open and honest this app is. It captures in-the-moment pictures with no editing, just the real you. Using it as an athlete allows me to show my followers what I do in a day for as it is. Love the app and I strongly recommend you to make an account..Version: 0.14.2

Super fun appVery fun app to use with your friends. You never know when the BeReal will come out so it’s always an exciting time when it does. Let’s you see what your friends are doing on a more personal level. Would definitely recommend!.Version: 0.17.1

Athlete ProgramI’ve been a part of the Be Real athlete program for about two weeks now. The Be Real team, especially Juan, have been extremely nice and informative to me, making the program very easy. I’d recommend partnering with Be Real to any athlete because of the people who work there and because the app’s no filter and spontaneous concept is awesome..Version: 0.14.2

Issue after Updating?After i updated the app, i’m still getting all the notifications, but when i go to the app, i’m just faced with the loading wheel of doom, nothing happens. i’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, logged in and out etc and it’s made no difference. how can this be fixed?.Version: 0.23.0

IdeaThis app could totally become another social media platform, if you could view everyone’s memories by clicking on their profile. It serves as a log for the year but also a place for your close friends to see whenever they want.Version: 0.18.0

Experience with Athlete ProgramI was given an opportunity to be a part of the BeReal athletic-sponsorship program, and I had a great experience! I was able to learn more about the app and utilize it in my day-to-day life. It is an empowering concept that I was privileged to be a part of, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere that it provided. Everyone I worked with was easy-going and made the experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend taking part in this program if you are given the opportunity!.Version: 0.14.2

I love this appIt’s so wholesome and refreshing to get real pictures from your close friends, I hope it survives.Version: 0.22.1

Suggestions:I love the concept of this app, i especially like the fact you can keep it privet so it’s not about likes/followers. I do however think they could add a few things. Such as; the ability to set a time to ‘be real’ everyday (or a time you’re unable to ‘be real’) to avoid missing it due to work / any other responsibilities. A band letting you know the if you have missed your ‘be real’ or if you still have one to take today. Add more time in between taking the front facing photo & back facing photo. or allow the user to take each them self, rather than the app flipping the camera and taking the picture. Add a flash back mode. Things like ‘a montage of the last week’, ‘a month ago today’, ‘every be real you’ve taken at this location’. Adding to this, add the ability to take a short (3sec) video (or) a photo as your ‘be real’ for the day. - This will make the flashbacks / montages better..Version: 0.20.2

Actually really fun with a group of friends!!No doubt this app needs some work, but hey they’re a new app they’re working on it! Make all your friends download it and it’s actually really fun!! Seriously tho it’s only fun if you have a bunch of friends on it TRUST ME.Version: 0.15.1

Very entertaining and a great, unique way to stay in touch with friendsMy friends and I absolutely love this app. There are so many great features, such as how it saves your posts as memories. We love the RealMojis and the way you can comment on each other’s posts. We also love how the apple widget shows the RealMojis on your homescreen. It’s also great how everybody gets the notification at the same time. However, a few improvements/further features would enhance the app experience. Firstly, when posts are saved in memories, you cannot see what you captioned the original post with- it would be great if you could see the captions so you can fully remember the memory. It would also be great if you could see the comments and RealMojis alongside this. Secondly, it would also be great if you could create group memories- my friendship group would love it if we could see each other’s memories, especially as we often appear in each other’s posts. Overall, a great app and highly recommend..Version: 0.20.0

LONG DISTANCE LIFESAVERMy friends go to college far away and one of them found this app and it’s been so so fun to snap pics of what we’re doing and it’s a way to not miss them as much! I think the widget on the home screen feature is my absolute favorite. Just wish you could send like two-three pics per day instead of one but overall still a 10/10!.Version: 0.19.1

BeReal ReviewBeReal®️ is an efficient and quick form of social media. BeReal was originally designed to show peoples true lives instead of the ones on other social integration sites and apps, e.g. Instagram. However, one improvement that BeReal could have is the usage of your phones battery life. To Conclude, I think that BeReal is an amazing social app with some tweaks needed. Yours Sincerely, Anonymous.Version: 0.22.4

Cool AppPretty cool app, hopefully soon there will be more timezones available and we can post more than once a day!.Version: 0.17.1

Timezone and nudgeGreat idea for an app but more time zones need to be added (New Zealand please) and it would be great if we could nudge our friends to post.Version: 0.18.0

Sooo Real!When I first got this app, I was hesitant about if I would ever use it. After having it for a few months, I really enjoy taking my daily picture and seeing what all of my friends are up to!.Version: 0.19.1

Best app ever! 1 small problemThis app is THIS close to being my favorite app I’ve ever downloaded. I just wish it would save comments and “I realmojis” on my posts from day to day so I could look back and see that for my own personal album. Change this and it’s literally flawless. Oh except it also automatically sets everyone’s time zone as Europe..Version: 0.19.1

Concept should be changedI love this app but I really do think the concept needs to be changed. For one, I don’t think you should be allowed to post a BeReal late. Maybe extend the time to 5 minutes but the point of BeReal is to see what your friends are doing at the exact same time of the day as you, and being able to post whenever you want really defeats the purpose and makes the app pretty boring. Also, maybe you can get to see other peoples BeReals without having to post your own with the above restriction..Version: 0.18.0

EVERYONE NEEDS THIS APPI absolutely love this app. It’s the one place I can connect with my friends authentically. I never find myself comparing my life to others on this app. Unlike other social networks, BeReal brings me happiness and makes me feel comfortable in my own skin..Version: 0.17.1

Good but can be betterLove BeReal but PLEASE implement an option to retake the preset quick react photos!! Also more time zones would be cool I live in New Zealand and often get the notification between 11pm-1am due to there only being THREE time zones for the app worldwide.Version: 0.22.4

App update suggestionFor the first couple of days the app was fun. But after a few day you start to lose interest when it becomes a story or Instagram. I believe to capitalise on the idea of spontaneity you should set it so if you do not post within those 2 min, then you can’t post late and can’t see anyone else’s BeReals. This means that the app is unique from the rest of the social media temporary posts such as Snapchat story’s or Instagram story’s. 🙂.Version: 0.20.2

Can we please see friends pats bereals!!Would love if you could see your friends past reals when you click on their profile in the same way you see your own!.Version: 0.20.1

Incredible appThis is a fantastic approach to a new social media app. Works amazing with a great concept behind it. I truly believe this app will be the future of social media as it is a sustainable and realistic social media that provides something no other apps do. Being a college athlete I was able to work with this app through their athlete program. Getting to know a little more about the app and the people running it I can say whole heartedly that the people behind this app are incredible people who are extremely driven towards making social media real again. 10/10 app..Version: 0.14.2

I love the app but it’s been glitching recentlyI really love this app I’ve had it for probably two months now but recently it started glitching and not allowing me to post and when it does allow me to post then it takes my posting after two seconds of it being up and then re-upload it by text down so as I’m looking at other peoples posts it keeps coming down and just not working in general. I still love the app it’s just very annoying..Version: 0.20.2

Absolutely love this appIt brings a fresh new look to all things in social media. It’s main goal is to bring back authenticity and all the good things involved with social media and it sure does that very thing. It’s safe to say that once a day I actually am glad to check my phone!!.Version: 0.14.2

Great idea, great appAlexis, I think this app is fantastic, I like the restrictions on posting that stimulate social activity which builds friendships and relationships. I’ve not seen any subscription fees or upgrades, but I would subscribe (but not buying virtual gifts) if I knew people here and could do without the adverts. The problem however is I don’t know anyone on the app. Sure I can use the Discovery feature which is a great solution although I know I won’t find anyone local and most aren’t here in my country - the UK. If it does take off and go viral, then the idea will be sold to Meta or another social company or that company will recreate the app on their network where everyone is already..Version: 0.20.2

BeReal is so REFRESHING!This app really does have the potential to change people’s relationship with socials. Using your post as an access key to everyone else’s posts is an awesome feature. I worked as a part of the athlete program for promotion in the US and am so glad I found BeReal!.Version: 0.14.2

I was skepitcal at firstBecause my friends all had it, and started screaming whenever the notification would appear, as they treated it like a race. I thought it’d be yet another unhealthy obsession. I downloaded it reluctantly but the app is actually really good! Love the authenticity of posting at a random time! My assumption was DEFINITELY wrong. I have a suggestion for the realmojis too! It would be hilarious if you could select an emoji from the emoji keyboard as well as the default ones! This would make for some hilarious faces 😂😂 I also have a suggestion for the feed! I have a few friends on here (people from a larger community of friends) and it can sometimes be tedious scrolling down to the bottom if you want to see what a specific person was up to, so maybe a search bar could work? This would only be to search for people who you’re friends with already. tl;dr: This app is so much better than I thought it would be! Well worth the download..Version: 0.20.0

More opportunities to Be Real each day!I love this app! you guys should have an opportunity to be real twice or 3 times a day instead tho! I feel like it would increase on the app and also give us more photos of our friends to see!.Version: 0.18.0

Awesome platformI love this platform it’s so fun and different than other social medias , however one thing id like to change is the memories feature, I would love to be able to scroll through old posts of my friends and such days after . I would love to be able to have it as like a long feed from the beginning ! So with that being said it would be awesome to be able to change the memories from only visible to you to friends only or even public if you wanted . !.Version: 0.19.1

More time zonesPlease add more time zones!! For NZ!!! Otherwise so good :).Version: 0.20.2

Only phone numbers:(Amazing app and amazing concept. But it would be so much nicer if we could linked other social media to see people we might not have their numbers in our phones..Version: 0.16.3

Love this app!I love the idea of this app that it gets people to be more genuine when posting to social media and trying to cut out all the fake stuff. I do wish that it would give you a little more time to take the second picture and I also wish that you could go back and see all the photos you post. Other than that the app has very good and has good intentions! Definitely download it!.Version: 0.14.2

Something fun to look forward toI love that the be real picture is scheduled randomly throughout the day. it helps me stay on my toes and let’s me look forward to something that almost all of my friends are a part of. hopefully they come out with videos soon!.Version: 0.17.1

Good concept but buggyThe app is a very good concept and executed brilliantly however I find it has lots of bugs. For example it takes ages for the camera to come up when I click the notification only giving me 30 seconds to post, it deleted my BeReal today and won’t let me put realmojis on sometimes. Nonetheless it’s still a good app but please try and sort the bugs out before adding any new features..Version: 0.22.1

Funny & EffectiveI can genuinely keep up with my friends! Just getting a little glimpse of someone’s day makes for great conversations next time you see them. It really is social media without all the fake stuff added in! The app still has lots of room for growth & I am sure the developers know that. But even without a completed vision, the spirit of the idea (being real on social media) has been well executed..Version: 0.19.1

Really fun!I really enjoy it and the fun dynamic it brings to social media. It’s simple and unique way to connect with friends (especially my long distance pals!). However that being said, there are two major changes that I think could overall improve the experience. Both having to do with the memories feature. First of all, I think memories should be a feature that you can select to be visible on your profile for your friends. Sometimes I want to reminisce on my friends pages, especially if we appeared on each others BeReal. Second, memories should keep comments and RealMojis. Today, I was looking at a comment thread on one of my friends BeReals and thought…I’ll have to screenshot this thread to keep it because the comments don’t save. That being said, the app is great and enjoy it immensely! I think with a few more adjustments this could very quickly become my favorite form of social media…who am I kidding! It already is!.Version: 0.17.1

Great appWould be good to have a few more be real minutes throughout the day but overall great fun.Version: 0.22.1

An amazing appI’ve been using this app for a while and can say their mission and the purpose is all profoundly important! This app is intended for short use and for people to actually engage with friends in a meaningful way! I really respect the founder and the people putting in work to make this app amazing for its users.Version: 0.16.6

Simple and connectiveUnique and addictive.Version: 0.20.2

So fun!I find this app really fun because it makes me contact my friends easily (I have a hard time just texting them. I get weirdly nervous) BUT my only complaint is just I have a hard time being able to comment on my own post. I have to click it several times in order for me to comment on mine..Version: 0.13.13

So authenticGenuinely love this app. All my friends and I have it and it’s such a nice way to share but in an authentic and real way. The fact that there’s no filters, no option to edit, no option to stalk profiles. I love it. Such a healthy social media app. I’m hoping there will be an app update soon as I’m noticing a few little glitches. The app will notify me when someone has added me but when I go on the app there’s nothing there. Similar to when the app will show that there’s a notification with the little blue icon but then when I go on the app there’s nothing there. Hopefully these little glitches, along with some other ones I’ve noticed, will be sorted soon as this app is genuinely so good for mental health and well-being..Version: 0.20.2

Fantastic appOnce you have a few mates added it’s hilarious.Version: 0.19.1

My experienceOne time I took a accidental photo of my gentials but other then that I like be real a lot!.Version: 0.22.1

Just get itThis app is so fun tbh. I was skeptical at first, but it really just is a non intrusive way to keep up with friends daily..Version: 0.19.0

Love this app, have one suggestion!This app is so much fun, me and a lot of my friends use it and we always get so excited for the notifications to pop up. One thing I would like to change is when you click on your profile, you should be able to see your past BeReal photos. It would be so fun to be able to look back and see yours and others photos instead of them all disappearing after a while..Version: 0.14.0

😕 BeReal. Your friends for real. Negative Reviews
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