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BeReal. Your friends for real. app received 142 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bereal. your friends for real.?

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BeReal is amazingBeReal is so amazing, I got it about 12 days ago and since I posted my first BeReal I’ve been I love with it! I have been able to see what people are doing all around the world both what’s in front of them and their face so you can see what exactly they are doing! You can also reacted to their BeReal’s and what your face is doing represents the emoji that you have to look like. I have absolutely loved BeReal from day 1 and you should to..Version: 0.25.1

Is not time consuming!Imagine using social networks just for 2 minutes a day!.Version: 0.23.0

JusticeforHenryAs the very emotional catcher person that i always been, i needed to write an useless review as always but still very fan girl material to express the emotions that i feel on these right seconds. Absolutely! The content that my mind and soul have felt while reading this delightful poetry was like no other. Theses gold creators sentences made the tears that i normally shed more prominent and truly 4K materials, that even the cameras of National Geographic. As the perfect people’s pleaser that i am.. I have to say that my vocabulary can’t compare to you so very much hope that you won’t cry blood at the sight of these.. sacrilegious words and sentences. This subject of yours will be effective and fast so the next day that you will put this honey producer beautiful mind candy’s. I will be ready to outsmart the wind, ohh me unhinged butler of you ohh, gold book producer. Thanks you for being kinder than the world to make the decision to share with us your holy water attracters confession. I wish you a very good stay in prison. Someone alive-.Version: 0.24.0

Good but racially motivated and a bit savageThis app is actually good and funny! It’s a good gen Z version of snapchat and it’s really genuine. Although, this app may give you some comments about your face. Like : why are you in your bed at 4pm or open your eyes (im asian 🥲). But other than that, good app!.Version: 0.17.0

EXCELLENT, but needs bug fixesI absolutely love this app. As someone who manages professional accounts on major social media apps where I have to be cognizant of an online image to maintain a business, this is the only app where I feel like I’m really EXCLUSIVELY connecting with friends and fam. Absolutely a breath of fresh air, highly recommend that you get on this app. That being said, the popularity has outpaced the fine tuning of development. There are bugs as far as when you get notifications to post, as well as an abundance of notifications about when other people post (which I wish I only got the one that tells ME to post). In addition, I really wish I could tag friends. Beyond that, the dev’s have pinpointed a very necessary corner of social media that revolves around genuine spontaneous life and real connection. I’m excited to see what comes next..Version: 0.22.4

Amazing appValid asf.Version: 0.23.2

Simple But EffectiveSo I’ve never had any want or need fo all the social media platforms cause I’m worried I’ll get sucked and and feel the need to post all these great photos and videos and tag people and do all that stuff. Not with Be Real. It’s so easy cause you only post one time a day at a certain time so you don’t spend 30 min finding the perfect location and filter and trendy background audio. You just take a photo and it’ll snap a shot of you front and back camera so it shows what you are REALLY doing. And same with your friends. So it’s kinda de stressing cause you can realize people aren’t doing all the amazing things they post elsewhere. And since there’s not 3 million people on it it’s also not toxic or inappropriate at all. I really like the app. It’s simple, but you still get to post and see other peoples post. Just minus the fakeness..Version: 0.22.5

It’s awesome but…I really like this idea for the app the 2 minute timer, the late post, the front and back camera pictures but only 3 problems. 1 is I want them to add a way to post more than just once or twice a day because I got this app to see what people were up to not just to see what they were doing like 6 hours ago. Second thing is the time between the cameras taking a picture. It’s 3 seconds but it would be easier if it was 5 and on the screen it showed a count down instead of saying “smile 3,2,1” it’s not very accurate and making that simple change from that to it actually counting down on your screen would help out a lot. 3rd thing is they need to add a area type of thing like you can pick where you want your discovery feed to be located. Usually it’s all random and you’ll see a post from Italy and then one from Russia like if I’m in texas United States I want to connect with people in my area so maybe that’s a feature they could add but it might be difficult because someone people don’t have their location on in their posts which is fine it’s your privacy do what ever you want with it but I feel like the people who have there location on might want to see other people in their location. Other than those 3 things the app is super fun and nice to just scroll around on..Version: 0.23.3

This app is horrible!! absolutely nothing to do..(Btw i only put 5 stars so that it can get at the top and so that people can see this) My friend made me download this app and all I can say it that it’s useless and is inefficient. It makes my phone glitch and has bad errors. All you are able to do is add friends and view their posts. Also, you’re not even able to post more than two photos at a time, which is absolutely ridiculous!!!! This app doesn’t even include any videos for your to post, nor watch… plus, the controls on this app are to utterly confusing… This app isn’t even like any normal app… I mean I don’t usually complain about many apps… but this one just has so many things to complain about. Adding friends is a whole different page on the app which makes it even more confusing. I don’t know what else to say… so that’s all I have for now… thanks for letting me rate your bad app..Version: 0.23.2

Why is it so good?It really is great to be more active and social for every one in many ways… I gotta say hands off to the creator. It is really great to see what your friends are doin and keep only your BeReals with your friends. I love and all my friends and family love that BeReal can be really friendly and appropriate for kids and adults. We love that it brings suspense and keeps our life’s private but social..Version: 0.25.2

I love itI love BeReal however, I wish I could go to my memories and look back at the real-mojis & comments my friends have sent me. Next update, please add that feature !!.Version: 0.24.0

Great concept (but a bit buggy)Giving it 5 stars cos I want others to get it since it’s a great concept HOWEVER it is pretty buggy. At some points it was just posting for hours without doing anything and I couldn’t accept friend requests. Basically it was like I didn’t have a wifi connection even though I did. I know bugs are hard to sort out and overall it’s great :D.Version: 0.20.1

Absolutely amazing contact supportHad an issue with my account and got a reply under five minutes, and the issue resolved within 30mins. Definitely makes me appreciate this app so much more. 🫶🏼.Version: 0.35.0

Fun, no Ads, and a quick snapshot of every daySo I used to do a one second a day video, but waiting to compile the videos and not sharing them with anyone until I chose to do so was kinda lame. Then this app showed up! I love it! I’ve been able to share some of my travels quickly and still be focused on the rest of my day, without having to keep posting to keep up relevance. My only thing - is I wish the times that were pushed were a little more consistent to like “working hours” or if there was a way to set up a window so I don’t miss the notification sometimes. Additionally, sometimes the push notification doesn’t send?? Even though I have them turned on. Not sure if that’s the app or an iOS issue! My true rating would be 4.75 stars out of 5 because of those few small details..Version: 0.25.2

Love it! NZ/Aussie Timezone please!!Really like the app, and the layout ect. Really wish you would create a NZ/East coast Aussie Timezone. 4/7 times the notification goes off between 11pm and 2am for us in New Zealand. It kinda defeats the purpose of the app. Thanks.Version: 0.25.2

Bug fixes or bugs created?Love the app but the new update seems to have created more problems than the ones I never noticed that it “fixed”. My friends and I no longer get notified to post and when we do it only lets u scroll to see maybe three posts at a time before closing off and saying we have to post to see other peoples posts but our original post is still active. Really frustrating and hopefully this is fixed soon cos otherwise it’s such a fun way to see what’s going on with friends you don’t otherwise have regular contact with..Version: 0.25.2

Thank you.My cousin has recently told me about this app and I have been putting it off for days. That’s probably my biggest regret in life. I have downloaded the app for less than an hour, maybe even 30 minutes. And let me tell you, this app has already changed me. Mentally and physically. It helped me get over my ex, it helped me lose weight, I can even look my brother in the eyes again (we had a pretty big fight). This app makes me, me. So thank you. You are probably wondering why I didn’t give you 5 stars though. You can post anything you want on here. That is not okay. My cousin Lyla is 13 soon to be 14 years old. What if she saw nudes, alc, weed, etc? What would you do than? Please make a update where people supervise what people post. It is needed, not just for lyla, but many other kids out there. This app is a disgrace and horrible. It is why America is the way it is. But thank you, for truly inspiring me, Lauryn Ann Isabella..Version: 0.20.2

I love the app but it’s been glitching recentlyI really love this app I’ve had it for probably two months now but recently it started glitching and not allowing me to post and when it does allow me to post then it takes my posting after two seconds of it being up and then re-upload it by text down so as I’m looking at other peoples posts it keeps coming down and just not working in general. I still love the app it’s just very annoying..Version: 0.20.2

Nice app :))What I love about this app is that you don’t have to replace the other social media apps you already have. It’s just like a simple little extension in your day, and it’s fun! What I recommend for the developers I guess is that they have this ranking system between friends only (because I feel like if it’s made worldwide, it’ll be a little toxic) where they count the streaks of the people who are either on time (not being late in the window of 2 minutes) or the “most realest” (where the people with 0 retakes) or maybe both! I think it’ll be a great addition to making this app more enjoyable. However, love this! Great work to the guys who had this idea and to the many people who made this! :)).Version: 0.23.2

Love it !Wish you could view others memories & vice versa.Version: 0.20.0

Really fun!I really enjoy it and the fun dynamic it brings to social media. It’s simple and unique way to connect with friends (especially my long distance pals!). However that being said, there are two major changes that I think could overall improve the experience. Both having to do with the memories feature. First of all, I think memories should be a feature that you can select to be visible on your profile for your friends. Sometimes I want to reminisce on my friends pages, especially if we appeared on each others BeReal. Second, memories should keep comments and RealMojis. Today, I was looking at a comment thread on one of my friends BeReals and thought…I’ll have to screenshot this thread to keep it because the comments don’t save. That being said, the app is great and enjoy it immensely! I think with a few more adjustments this could very quickly become my favorite form of social media…who am I kidding! It already is!.Version: 0.17.1

BeRealIt’s fun to use and I can see what my friends are doing I would recommend there is nothing really bad about it.Version: 0.35.0

Love the app but one problemI love be real it’s a great app and I recommend it for others, but when I get notifications it shows up in the corner of the app like normal and when I exit the app it goes back to normal. But when I get anothe notification it says I have like 85 or like some random high number of notifications and it really bothers me because I’m that kind of person, I would like to keep notifications on to see when my friends post to see what they are doing but I know it will be a problem in the future. And yes I have tried to troubleshoot like turning off all notifications then turning my phone off but it hasn’t been working. Just hope you guys come across this review and try to fix it in future updates of the app. But for now I will be turning notifications off and will probably check later on in the week to see if it fixed itself..Version: 0.27.0

TimezoneThis is a great app. A really unique yet fun way to social with your friends… One advice for BeReal is to also create a pacific region Timezone. The closest option would be east Asia but I still get notifications like at 11:00…Countries like Australia and New zealand would be affected. Overall a great app👍.Version: 0.25.2

My BeRealThe BeReal app is the best app that has ever come on the App Store, it’s made my life so good. In fact, it changed my life. Before I got BeReal, I was a lonely ingenuous nerd. I had this huge crush on someone in my school. His name is Trent Jackson and he is so hot. I thought he would never like someone like me. But because of BeReal he did, he saw what a quirky girl I was and fell forme. He tells me everyday that I’m not like the other girls and we kiss every day, and maybe do even more ;). I think he’s my soulmate. He has beautiful golden brown eyes, I love him. This is a conversation we had before we started dating. “Hey my name, i-i saw your BeReal, I didn’t know you liked football” “Ummm… ya.. I know it’s weird… but me and m-my dad watch it together 🥺” “No it’s cool, I’ve never met a girl in to stuff like that… you really aren’t like other girls.” He lets out a hearty laugh. I think i could fell my… you know what getting wet and hot. The way he speaks makes me totally blush. We started to react to each other every day and our crushes grow deeper. I started to be more confident in myself. And he started not to care about what his “popular friends” started to think. But there was one hook, his dump stupid blonde bimbo sluty girlfriend. Eyeroll. She started to get mad at him for reacting to me. In more then one way. One day she got she jealous that she pushed me into a locker and called my farts stinky. I was so embarrassed. I had had enough. I started singing fight song. He was so proud of me he broke up with her and kissed me so hard <3. The rest is history, his dumb ex was laughed out of the school his ex friends following. And Trent and I are happy. The whole school loves me know <3..Version: 0.25.2

Wonderful conceptA lot of social networking apps are very centered around the glorified aspect of people's lives. I love that at a random time of the day you post right there and then what you are you doing. If you miss it, it's okay because you can post late. You can see likes and comments but only for that day's BeReal. You can't see how many friends someone has either. Truly game changing..Version: 0.23.1

I Love the app, have a recommendationI love the concept of this app and the fact that I can be social without the toxicity and having to worry whether I am making someone else feel down by making my life look more grand than it actually is. Instagram and Facebook are so toxic that I have deleted both and just use this. I have also convinced many of my friends to join this so that I can keep up with people close to me in a real way. My recommendation is to make the notification and comment flow more obvious. For example, sometimes I leave a comment and then someone responds but I never get a notification that they respond. Or I get a notification that is so nondescript that I can’t figure out what the notification is for. Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing, BeReal team and please don’t add ads!.Version: 0.33.1

Good concept, app needs workVery refreshing concept and could work but almost every time it’s time to BeReal you click on the app and it doesn’t load, it’s down to a few seconds then you’ve posted late which I’m assuming can be fixed. Also if someone reacts to your BeReal and you click on the notification it always says couldn’t not find BeReal or something along those lines. I think you should also be able to see comments and reactions to your be reals that have expired in memories..Version: 0.22.1

Love this app, butI pretty much only post on Bereal now since i just prefer to see what my mates are really doin yk no filter just real emotion ahah but one thing I’d absolutely love is to be able to post a be real whenever I want instead of having to wait for the next notification but I want to share what I’m doing right now, it’s a bit frustrating if it makes sense I’d love an update where you can also post at times other then the notification ..Version: 0.24.0

Love it but there are a few bugsI have had be real for months now and i haven’t had many problems but over the past couple of weeks i have been experiencing problems such as: i don’t get the notification, my be real posts then deletes when i open the app up again, it’s says post a late be real when i have already posted. A few of my friends have had similar issues too. I still am obsessed with the concept and love the app. Would recommend 😁..Version: 0.25.2

Amazing appOk so first off i want to say that i love the app so much. it’s really great and you can make it private as well and not share everything with anyone. the only thing that i might add is some kind of streak system. where like if you miss a day it resets your steak and also maybe like a best friends system where like depending on who's bereal you react to the most and stuff like that. other than that ITS AMAZING.Version: 0.28.2

Very good, just some extras I’d like to seeUnique idea and operates very well considering the amount of sudden traffic that must appear. I love it. However some things I’d like to see are based on the “memories” and old BeReals. It would be fun to still be able to see locations, captions and comments when looking back. Reactions would also be fun to look back on, however maybe that would require different permission allowances? I feel like some of these (like captions) are very basic and I hope they are added soon.Version: 0.20.1

Love this app but who decides when it’s time to BeRealI love this app for all the same reasons everyone else, it’s unique, gives you a chance to be authentic, and if you and your friends have a good sense of humor it’s very fun. My question is, what dictates when the 2 min timer starts? When I first installed the app, it was around 10am for a few days consecutively which was ok but not ideal since most people are doing the same thing around the same time each day and during the week that’s usually just working. After those few days the time seemed to be more sporadic but the latest was probably around 5pm. Now today, it’s almost 10:30pm and I still haven’t gotten the notification to share. This isn’t even really a complaint because I think if it was the same time every day, it would be too predictable and easy to kind of curate a post rather than an authentic photo, i’m just curious what’s going on or if there’s any type of pattern to it. And of course I just received the notification rn which I knew would happen.Version: 0.23.3

We wanna play too!NZ resident here - please add more timezones! At least half my friends and family live in a European time zone so posting at the exact same time isn’t realistic but I love everything else about this!.Version: 0.20.0

Bug issuesThis is such a fun app! Its just that it takes all the time in the world to post a picture!!! It’s been 2 days exactly that MY picture hasn’t been uploading. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG..Version: 0.25.2

Very good, very nice!WOW don’t even get me started on this app, i heard about this app through a friend who was addicted to this. I decided to download it and give it a try, overtime i have added more and more people and now have over 50+ new friends on there! It’s amazing to get a insight to other peoples lives and to show people what i’m up to aswell. The react feature is also great, you can have a great experience on this app and it is a core part of my daily life, i love sitting looking through everyone’s bereals and reacting to them based on how i feel, such a addicting app that doesn’t destroy your mental health like what insta and tiktok does, instead it opens your mind and gives you a sense of calmness. It also adds another step to your routine. I don’t know where i would be without this app!.Version: 0.22.5

💋I love this app tbh I have made so many friends and I love to see what people are up to!❤️❤️.Version: 0.35.0

Great app but buggyI’ve been using BeReal for a little over a month and it has slowly become my favorite social media app. I love the concept, and everyone who I recommend give it a chance also ends up loving it. The only reason I could not give the app 5 stars is because it is still super buggy. I have a permanent notification symbol on the app, it has the little red circle with the number 1 and there is no way to make it go away. Sometimes it goes away by itself, but then comes back randomly. Also, when you are looking for new friends on the app, and you see people who might be in your contacts or have mutuel friends, there is a button to add them, or a button to ex them out. When you ex someone out from the list, they go away, but then randomly reappear? The bugs are not game-breaking but it’s quality of life things that should be fixed given that the app has went pretty main stream. This is the first review I’ve ever given so if anything, I hope this gives some feedback to the developers. Keep it ad-free!!! We love that there is no marketplace. It’s simple, it works, don’t break it PLEASE..Version: 0.24.0

Great app but i have a suggestionThis app is a breath of fresh air. i really enjoy the concept and it keeps me and my long distance friends close. However since having the app my friends list has grown and suddenly the closeness that i felt has started to fade. would it be possible to have a close friends page and your normal page as well the discovery page? That way I can see and react to my close friends and have quick look and occasional react at the other pages? Thanks.Version: 0.24.0

Very entertaining and a great, unique way to stay in touch with friendsMy friends and I absolutely love this app. There are so many great features, such as how it saves your posts as memories. We love the RealMojis and the way you can comment on each other’s posts. We also love how the apple widget shows the RealMojis on your homescreen. It’s also great how everybody gets the notification at the same time. However, a few improvements/further features would enhance the app experience. Firstly, when posts are saved in memories, you cannot see what you captioned the original post with- it would be great if you could see the captions so you can fully remember the memory. It would also be great if you could see the comments and RealMojis alongside this. Secondly, it would also be great if you could create group memories- my friendship group would love it if we could see each other’s memories, especially as we often appear in each other’s posts. Overall, a great app and highly recommend..Version: 0.20.0

Almost revolutionaryI've found this app to be very versatile for my social life as I can see what my friends are doing in their days without having to start a convocation along with the reaction feature where u can capture a live moment (most pull a funny face) this app is great to start convocation too instead of asking what they did that day you can ask how was what they did as you already know a little glimpse of what they are up to , also a pretty cool way to catch up with family and people you may not see or be so close to Would defo recommend to all and also to add all the fit birds on your suggested/may know page it will boost your game 100x My only criticism is the lack of npc players to add I've been very curious of them lately and would love to be able to study them through this app as they can be somewhat intimidating in public ..Version: 0.22.5

Great First-Social-Media platform for anyoneBeReal was my first social media platform, and I love it because it’s not as unsafe and toxic as SnapChat. I love the idea of the mix of Instagram and Facebook, and the way i have two minutes to post. I love the way of “liking” posts by using a selfie expressing an emoji. It makes things a lot more fun and creative. I’m not really fond of the fact that you can only post one per day, because I would think you would want people to know what their friends are up to. I also don’t like how you can delete a BeReal up to two times, because I was taking one, and I had already deleted one earlier, and I didn’t like the one I just took, so I deleted it. I tried to take one again, but I had to wait. Other than those two concerns, this app is amazing and should be awarded a trophy!.Version: 0.28.2

BuggedLove this app loads, gives me memories to look back on, but recently its been glitching! I am not getting the time to be real notification, but when I realise it has gone I will take my be-real and post it, then when I go to look at others it says I need to take my be-real to view theirs, which I have but the app thinks that I haven’t. Ans it shows up on my memories. Please can we find a way to fix this?!.Version: 0.25.2

Fun but GlitchedLove the concept of trying not to post late, except when my posts continue to show they’re loading, never actually post or post late. Annoying.Version: 0.22.1

Great! But…This is a great app and I love posting pictures of myself while also being able to see my friends pictures. The captions are also great! I’m able to write one describing what I’m doing in the picture and what not. But, putting all that aside, there are some issues. First, the uploading. If I’m not in the app while my post is still loading and then it will never upload so I have to wait until I see that it stopped. Another issue for me is the adding, requesting, and just friending in general. I have one friend that can see my posts, comment, react, and he can see my profile in his ‘friends’. Although he can do all of this, I can’t do anything with him. I can see that he reacted or commented on my posts but I cant see him in my ‘friends’ and I cant see his posts. I have tried to add him many times and he has accepted me many time and vise versa. I’m not sure what the problem is? Besides all of that, this is an amazing app! But it has some downsides..Version: 0.24.0

💕💕💕Slay all day.Version: 0.23.3

Awesome appI really love be real, but there are definitely a few things I would like to talk about on the more negative side of things. The app is not very great if you struggle with insecurities or don’t feel so positive about yourself. This is because that when you post you may look “terrible” and literally just sitting in bed, but your friends might post a gorgeous picture of them out at a fancy lunch or on a crazy holiday across the world, etc. That’s why I think it may be kind of toxic, but now I have a lot to say about how it’s good so let’s talk about that. He be real is so fun and it’s a very easy way to share with all your friends what you’re up too and I love the idea of the realmojis as well to react to your friends posts without having to comment or anything. I also think the app was such a cool idea!.Version: 0.25.1

Very goodIn the beginning there there were a few bugs when I switched to a new device for example it would not let me change my profile picture I was acting really strange I think it just had an updated but that problem was resolved because it let me change it and I think now it’s back to normal I’m not sure exactly what happened but I personally think you should get be real it’s a really great app and it’s really fun just for family and friends or if you want to do it with the public too. There are some perks about be real to for example you can also delete your be real whenever you want to be I’ve course you have to do it only once a day is all it allows which is fine it’s better than nothing and one last thing I do I have to point out is that it takes a long time to send….Version: 0.24.0

App update suggestionFor the first couple of days the app was fun. But after a few day you start to lose interest when it becomes a story or Instagram. I believe to capitalise on the idea of spontaneity you should set it so if you do not post within those 2 min, then you can’t post late and can’t see anyone else’s BeReals. This means that the app is unique from the rest of the social media temporary posts such as Snapchat story’s or Instagram story’s. 🙂.Version: 0.20.2

Issue after Updating?After i updated the app, i’m still getting all the notifications, but when i go to the app, i’m just faced with the loading wheel of doom, nothing happens. i’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, logged in and out etc and it’s made no difference. how can this be fixed?.Version: 0.23.0

Good premise but a few suggestionsThe premise of the app is quite interesting and well done and it has some p cool features, i’m not sure if this is a current feature but maybe a way to block people or for hiding suggestions of friends to actually last longer? It’s quite easy to see people you don’t want to pop up now and then in the app and it does kinda take away from the experience..Version: 0.22.2

Needs some improvementLove this app but has some problems. My biggest problem is the amount of time my photo takes to upload. I have also had my photos just not post and I don’t notice until later and then they are gone. There should be an option to react to comments. The 2 minute notification should stay until I have posted my photo..Version: 0.23.1

Great but little problemI love this app. very much. it didn’t do me any wrong until i posted a bereal and you know i go out of the app and i go back in like 15 minutes later and it says that thing like “post a late bereal” and i already did so i was confused but i posted another but my old bereal came up so then i thought oh just a little glitch so then i started scrolling to see my friends bereals but then it glitched back to “post a late bereal” and i couldn’t see anyones bereal. PLEASE FIX PLEAASEEE.Version: 0.25.2

So authenticGenuinely love this app. All my friends and I have it and it’s such a nice way to share but in an authentic and real way. The fact that there’s no filters, no option to edit, no option to stalk profiles. I love it. Such a healthy social media app. I’m hoping there will be an app update soon as I’m noticing a few little glitches. The app will notify me when someone has added me but when I go on the app there’s nothing there. Similar to when the app will show that there’s a notification with the little blue icon but then when I go on the app there’s nothing there. Hopefully these little glitches, along with some other ones I’ve noticed, will be sorted soon as this app is genuinely so good for mental health and well-being..Version: 0.20.2

Great app. Unable to log back into your own account on any other device.This app is such good fun and it gives me and my friends that extra bit of excitement during the day to see what everyone is getting upto on their day to day basis and are able to make memories on the spot. However, you are unable to log back into your own account as you would be able to do with any other social media on a different device. My phone has been stolen therefore I have lost everything on this. I believe you should have the choice to log in and out of your own account not be made to make a new one..Version: 0.20.1

Be real reviewThe only problem I have is that this app doesn’t have enough time zones but other wise it would be a 5 star but I live in NZ and I have my time zone in east Asia and I get the be real notification at like 11:00pm sometimes.Version: 0.25.2

Amazing but camera issuesLove this app, definitely get it. However, i wish there was an option to set a default camera for phones with multiple cameras. My 1x camera is broken but my 2x camera works, but the app doesn't let me use it. Instead it takes two photos from the front facing camera. Please fix this, great app though.Version: 0.23.1

Should be allowed to block peopleLove the app but I believe it is a basic social media app feature to be able to block friends..Version: 0.25.0

Amazing app, bad performance.I absolutely love this app! The little (non jaded) view that you can share and see into your friends lives is super fun, but at the same time, not nearly as addicting as normal social medias. Once you have posted for the day, you can look at your friends current post and maybe comment or react to them. After that there’s really no reason to stay on the app and end up killing your whole day. The only reason I am giving this 4 instead of 5 stars, is the fact that not only myself, but all of my friends as well have performance issues. You will get the prompt to post, click on the app and wait for the app to load, sometimes even as long as about 5 minutes. Then when you post, you are automatically late. 8 out of 10 times I experience performance issues. Luckily more lately, they have been that I can launch the app and snap my pic, but then it takes about 2-6mins for your post to actually upload. (The reason I said luckily is because as it is taking an eternity to upload, it has the timestamp of when you took it, so it won’t be automatically considered a late post)..Version: 0.23.1

Great app, needs some bug fixesI love this app, but recently it has been having some issues with posting that it needs to fix in order to retain its users. The app was working perfectly for the first month and a half I had it, but there have been a lot of issues in the past week. Maybe there has been a massive influx of users recently that have caused these issues, but it has seriously affected the quality of the app. For example, recently when I’ve posted, the app is stuck on the “uploading” task and I can only see the posts that people posted the previous day. Today, when I posted it showed me peoples posts from today but when I try to comment or react the posts revert to yesterdays and it says that I need to post a late be real to see the posts. I am not sure why this is happening but it needs to be fixed quickly or these issues will become tiring and prevent me from regularly using the app..Version: 0.20.2

Great appBeReal is a a social media app. I will admit, I don’t usually use social media because of parents and everything, I actually do like this one. It’s not always dinging with notifications or wasting hours of your day. It’s just there. You can take a photo of wherever you are and then with out spending more than 10 minutes scrolling, you can see what all your friends and family are up to at some point in their day. It’s really simple too, no complicating privacy risk, no stalking really, unless you turn your location on. But even then you can choose to send publicly or just privately with your added friends. And you can’t just add someone they have to add you back so there’s no way they could see your photos if someone sent you a request. One more thing, I love that the reactions you can put on someone’s BeReal aren’t just little insignificant emojis, now their emojis, but you take your own picture of yourself making that face. It really is a good based app and I love taking my BeReal everyday..Version: 0.25.2

Love this app and giving some suggestionsI absolutely love using this app and seeing what my friends are doing. i also love using the react emojis to the posts. just a suggestion i think it would be good to add a feature where we can like comments and also have comment chains instead of replying to a comment and making them line up. i think it would also be good to have a messaging feature. ofc the purpose of this app is just to temporarily see your friends posts and share your day with them but i think a messaging feature would be nice :). overall a very good app 👍👍😄😄.Version: 0.23.1

I am now realBefore I downloaded this app. I always new something felt wrong. Something wasn’t right. And that was because I was fake. The matter that made up my skeleton, my skin, my flesh, all fake. Everything changed once an app by the name “BeReal” was published to the App Store. I downloaded the app and noticed something was different, something changed, I was startled at first by this phenomenon, but then I stared enjoying the feeling. I asked my doctor what might have changed that made me feel so complete, he said I was diagnosed with “Realism”. “What does this mean doctor?” I said nervously. “Oh no need to be worried little young-ling, it means unlike myself and 99.97% of the population you are intact real. The rest of us are fake.” The doctor explains. “Oh… this is, rather pleasing news doctor, how should I a proxy this situation?” I say delighted. “A celebration is needed for this matter!” The doctor says excited. “Does cake fancy your interest?” I ask. “Why that would be rather splending little boy, let us gobble down that cake!” I slice the cake and hand the doctor a slice. Minutes later the doctor collapses and dies. I panick at why he fell and call another doctor for help. another doctor enters the room and asks what the situation is. I inform the doctor of what happened. The doctor screams at me telling me that the doctor on the floor is a diabetic and the cake overloaded his blood sugar killing the man. The. Police arrive at the scene and I start getting interrogated. “I didn’t do it I swear!” I exclaim. The police don’t care and I get sent to jail. I’m still in jail as of writing this, but the moral of the story is that I’m still real as ever and downloaded this app will make you real too! :).Version: 0.22.5

My Fave Social MediaWhat a brilliant app. Class content, Class idea & all round perfect execution. BeReal offers no filters, no editing, just natural people doing natural things. This is why it has quickly become my favourite app!! One photo a day, people acting completely natural with no time to ‘fake’ what they’re doing. Thank you BeReal for what you have done. The App the world needs, but doesn’t deserve!!.Version: 0.20.1

Favorite app right nowI love the authenticity and unfiltered approach this app has taken. I get to see the random things my friends are doing, and share my own daily activities, and it’s genuine. I feel like I am more myself and more relaxed with sharing on this app, then other apps like Insta. It’s fun to let go and not care so much about the curation of your feed or daily posts. This app creates such a healthy, realistic environment. Love it.Version: 0.22.1

Awesome concept, needs work stillI looove the concept of this app. Something less stressful to post on than Instagram thats just for seeing your friends/family’s faces and lives on the daily. My biggest beef with this app is that it notifies you when people post comments, etc but then I have to search through every post to see where the comments are, and half the time its just someone I don’t know commenting on a friends post, but I can’t choose to not be notified for that specifically. Having a notification screen where I can see all my notifications and click through to the posts they’re on would make everything soooo much better. And please please please include comments with the memories/let us choose to let others see our memories!! Sometimes I post late and then the next day’s B Real is early and I miss what people posted/commented ☹️ I also think the Discovery part kinda ruins the point of this app. Wish I could at least choose to hide it. Thanks for keeping this simple though, I hope it stays that way - I really love it, its the best!!.Version: 0.24.0

Great concept!It’s a great app I just wish there were more time zones!! I read that after all the New Zealanders commented you added East Asia time zone but that’s not even our time zone - please add NZST so it’s not all at 8-9pm that the timer notifies us! And add more times it’s always within the same two hours I’ve noticed or at least this week it has been. Also I’ve been having issues with commenting and putting the face emojis on other peoples pictures - it deletes them and comes up with error messages saying their photo doesn’t exist!.Version: 0.20.2

I hate the new update☹️😡I used to give five stars but since the new update this is what it deserves! the new update added all the people that you have 1 mutual friend with to the mutual friend list! This is not helpful whatsoever now my list is a thousand times longer and it’s even harder to find the people I want to friend on the list. The reason why it is so much longer is because If you have like 30 friends and each of this friends have 50+ friends then you have like 1 million mutual friend in your list bc it is literally all of your friends friends! This is so frustrating for me! I also hate the new update where the comments and realmojis are on the same page it’s less nice to look at. I hate giving this review because this is one of my favorite apps and I would hate to delete it but the new update is a real disappointment so if this could be fixed that would be nice.Version: 0.31.0

Giving out pointsI think a really good addition to the app should be that you get maybe some points if you are on time on the be real as people are just waiting until they are doing things and then posting late which is fine but i feel that it would really improve the app a lot and it make it very real and more fun to race with friends to get it on the right time.Version: 0.22.5

Amazing ideaSuch a lovely app,and great for collecting memory’s-thanks for making this!!…i would love 2 things though : 1) someone accepted my friend request and i didn’t find out…maybe i missed the notif but if there isn’t one then pls add!! 2) yesturday with wifi and data i tried to upload my bereal and it kept saying notification…probably a glitch but yeah keep doing aamzing work-zora.Version: 0.20.0

The only social media that’s not ToxicLove this app its so genuine, it will never take off and thats why its awesome. Just your close circle 10/10.Version: 0.20.1

Fun app to use with friendsFun way to interact daily with close friends. One suggestion would just be about the time zones - you are prompted to do snaps at night time, when I’ll rather just anytime of the day. Also when you try to change the time zone, it would delete your BeReal?.Version: 0.20.1

Country & 2022 RecapHello Wonderful BeReal Peoples, I love BeReal and I love the 2022 recap but there is one problem I want to do it again when it’s New Year’s Eve but it won’t let me make a new one. I live in Australia but me and my friends have to use east Asia to all get the same time because otherwise it would all be messed up, so it would be wonderful if there where more country’s involved Kind regards Kaitlyn.Version: 0.28.2

Add streaks! 🔥The app has improved a lot since it released, which is cool to see. Used to be really slow, but now it works really well. There are a lot of cute little details like the “smile” or “anyone there?” Messages when you take a selfie My problem isn’t the app itself, but a lot of people will purposefully not take their BeReal until they’re doing something interesting. At that point they’re using the app like a simplified Instagram story, which defeats the whole purpose of BeReal. This isn’t anything that the app can really control (I think letting people post late is still good because it keeps people engaged even if they accidentally miss the window). But it would help if you could get a streak of how many days you got the BeReal on time! Not everyone will care about it, but it would be cool to have a little number and 🔥 next to the time that you posted. Enough people would start to care about their streak that hopefully it will solve a bit of the issue..Version: 0.27.0

Love the idea! A few bugs…I love this app, a really positive way to connect with friends and the concept is unique and fun. A great addition to the social media world! However, I do have one slight issue which is that I always seem to have at least 2 notification badges for this app which don’t disappear no matter how much I use the app - I am not sure what they are notifying me about even! Several of my friends have had similar issues with badge notifications for this app as well. Would be great to fix!.Version: 0.22.1

Amazing app WHEN it goes off during the day!Hey be real crew, I would like to inform you that your app is really cool and has a really good idea behind it. But it’s really annoying how it goes off during the night multiple times a week during 8-11 pm. It’s not interesting and makes it kinda usless, I would advise you to make the pets tiers of the time it goes off more Lilly during the times 8:00am - 5:00pm as that’s usually the times when people are doing interesting and fun stuff which would be perfect FOR BE REAL. Whereas instead we are getting a lot of be reals at 10-11pm which is not good for the apps use if yk what I mean..Version: 0.24.0

Be real. more like, be real is awesomeThis app (be real) is very awesome thats for all the great memories ive made in the past hour after downloading this app!.Version: 0.23.1

Cant Add FriendsJust recently downloaded this app but when I go to accept a friend request it says “unprocessable entity” ? please help fix this as i wont be able to share my be real experience with others thank you in advance :).Version: 0.24.0

Great idea, great appAlexis, I think this app is fantastic, I like the restrictions on posting that stimulate social activity which builds friendships and relationships. I’ve not seen any subscription fees or upgrades, but I would subscribe (but not buying virtual gifts) if I knew people here and could do without the adverts. The problem however is I don’t know anyone on the app. Sure I can use the Discovery feature which is a great solution although I know I won’t find anyone local and most aren’t here in my country - the UK. If it does take off and go viral, then the idea will be sold to Meta or another social company or that company will recreate the app on their network where everyone is already..Version: 0.20.2

DmBro can you guys add dm’s so i can hit up these girls man.Version: 0.23.3

Great appThis a great way to see what your friends are up to. Great “social media” alternative. No Likes (Which helps with mental health) definitely recommend for young teens. Love this app!!.Version: 0.35.0

TimezonesIt is a great app and I love it but if there could be one thing I would change it would be the Timezone we are in east Asia when we live in Australia so it always comes at night time and I never get to take my bereal with my friends in the day so I would really love a time zone for Australia as then i would be able to take my bereal on the day. It usually comes between 5-11pm and occasionally goes of a bit earlier like around mid day but that is pretty rare so I would love an Australian Timezone as it would make the app so much better.Version: 0.31.0

ExcellentA good way to keep in touch with your friends and family who have be real . I definitely recommend it😎buuut if you lied to ur friends saying oh I’m in Hawaii I can’t see you today and you do your be real with someone else they will see it and be MAD! This has sort of happened to me . Aaand like every few seconds you check your phone constantly just to check If be real has gone off . But if you look messy that day and you post and everyone looks great you feel embarrassed. Also if all ur friends hang out one day without you and you do your be real and see them you might feel left out 😑😩😢which is sad but this stuff might not happen to you so I recommend it. HAPPY JUICE!.Version: 0.30.1

Amazing app butI love this app and I think it is a really good idea and I’m really pleased I got it! I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering getting it. But, I have to two things that could be improved: first of all I don’t think there needs to be a time limit because it doesn’t do anything and can be a bit stressful. Also maybe make it easier to send someone a friend request because I’m really confused on how to do that😂. Other than that this app is amazing get it right now you will not regret it!!!.Version: 0.20.1

Good but not without issuesAll in all a good app. Way better and less fake than other social media. There are a few things that would make it better. 1. Fix notification problems - when you click on the notification telling you to post it doesn’t always take you to the camera bit of the app. You have to relaunch the app multiple times to let you take the pic. 2. Stop saying you’ve posted late when it’s the apps fault for running slow - sometimes it takes hours to post even though you took the pic on time 3. Change up the posting times more - the notification always seems to hit between 3 and 7pm when it would be more fun to have it at more random times of day. I’d want more notifications in the morning / earlier in the day.Version: 0.20.2

Nombre de reprise 😒Enlever le nombre de reprises.Version: 0.30.1

So amazingBereal is so good that i had to self diagnose myself with PFF (put food first) <3 anywho, i love bereal nonetheless. shows the realism of life without edits :D.Version: 0.35.0

So funI love the idea of no filters or follows and just posting your reality. One thing I think needs improving is that too many people I know say the app is becoming ‘too repetitive’. So I reckon have some more activities that help bereal expand like maybe add short 5 second video options when taking BeReal or add ‘missions’ where it makes you have to take 7 bereal snapshots (1 per day for a week) in a row and then you get to unlock a feature like ‘customising the bereal app icon’ (for your own app & Home screen). I thjnk it would make the app 5x better and more exciting and I can get more friends to join back! 😁🙂.Version: 0.30.1

No complaints!What’s nice about BeReal is that only your friends that you add/accept requests for can see your BeReal for that day. The notification comes randomly, and you are able to post late. (it marks how late you are, don’t worry about being late it’s not a big deal) The only picture of you that strangers could see is your profile picture. BeReal is awesome, you can’t put filters on or import any photos! Just watch who your friends are, and only accept people that you know. I have not seen any inappropriate BeReals or Realmojis so far. I generally only accept people that I am friends with. It will not notify someone if you delete their follow request. BeReal is not a bad social media app, you get to see people you know “being real” and not just the filtered, airbrushed, and hand selected instagram posts that they spent weeks planning. You get to see them, and what they do normally in their everyday life, not just the highlights that are on instagram. I hope this helped someone that is on the fence with BeReal. Just download it! 😊.Version: 0.23.3

Suggestions:I love the concept of this app, i especially like the fact you can keep it privet so it’s not about likes/followers. I do however think they could add a few things. Such as; the ability to set a time to ‘be real’ everyday (or a time you’re unable to ‘be real’) to avoid missing it due to work / any other responsibilities. A band letting you know the if you have missed your ‘be real’ or if you still have one to take today. Add more time in between taking the front facing photo & back facing photo. or allow the user to take each them self, rather than the app flipping the camera and taking the picture. Add a flash back mode. Things like ‘a montage of the last week’, ‘a month ago today’, ‘every be real you’ve taken at this location’. Adding to this, add the ability to take a short (3sec) video (or) a photo as your ‘be real’ for the day. - This will make the flashbacks / montages better..Version: 0.20.2

I like it but memories get mixed upI like the concept and enjoy seeing what my friends are up to in this format! Only issue that annoys me is when you miss a day or a few days and go onto the app, the photo you take will show up in memories as being from whatever day you missed instead of the day it actually is. So if I don’t take Bereals on the 2 and 3 of the month when i take one on the 4th it’ll come up as having happened on the 2nd..Version: 0.31.0

Love it!I really enjoy that BeReal keeps the fun part of social media and minimizes the toxic part. The only constructive criticisms I have: (1) my app frequently glitches and will say I have a phantom notification when there are no new notifications for me to see. Because BeReal doesn't have a page where you can see a list of your notifications in the app, I have to go through every single photo on my feed to make sure I've seen everything, and then I have to go to Settings and temporarily disable Notifications for the app in order to get the one phantom notification to go away. So here I'm recommending that it would be great to fix this glitch, and to create a page on the app that lists your notifications in one centralized place so you can easily see what's happened since you were last on the app. (2) I do not feel like it's necessary to get a notification every time a friend posts late. It's fun to aim for the same 2 minute window of posting, but it's annoying to be notified every time someone posts late. The only push notification I actually want is just when the BeReal goes live. (3) For some reason It won’t let me save a new profile picture which is very frustrating. Overall I love this app but I think it has a long way to go to get better..Version: 0.23.0

Just enoughThis is perfect for introverts that just want a little social media action.Version: 0.25.2

Just be reeeaaaaaal!Very interesting concept. Real time feed of both rear and front camera pics makes the dynamic exciting of knowing what your friends are really upto 🤩.Version: 0.23.1

GlitchyI enjoy the concept of the app, but there needs to be a way to allow users to reattempt to upload their photos due to bad service. When I tried to post my photo tonight, it was taking much longer than it should have. After a minute or two, it said that I uploaded the image, but the app kept glitching out. I closed the app to reboot it, and my selfie for today was still there but no longer appeared in my memories. Even though I can see what I posted today on my “My Friends” feed, I am unable to see my friends’ posts and the discover page because the app doesn’t think I posted. Isn’t there a possibility to save that photo as a draft for that exact moment in the event the app glitches out so we can attempt to post it again? That would keep the spirit of the app within the moment, but it is not our fault if our internet screws us over. While I’m here, I would also like to ask if it would be possible to add a privacy feature where you can set your images to public while setting your location view to friends only. Thanks for reading..Version: 0.20.1

Interesting ConceptI think the concept of this app is intriguing and attempts to show the reality of what we do — unfiltered and realistic. At the moment it’s exciting as it’s a novelty, however I feel that once this wears off, it won’t be interesting anymore. I guess we’ll see how it goes!.Version: 0.23.3

Amazing fun app but can’t change my profile photoThis is an amazing fun app that helps me connect with friends but I have tried several times to change my profile photo and it doesn’t work. I’m stuck with a random colour and the letter A which I would really like to change..Version: 0.23.0

Nice Concept, Needs Work, MANY HIPPA Violations!!It’s a good idea for an app, very simple but effective design, and it’s just nice to see what your friends are up to. There are some bugs, the main of being the poor load times and the fact that half of the time I take my photo and the app deletes it instead of posting it. Another thing that I think should be added is a feature that either a) blurs out screens, b) can recognize when there is classified information in a photo and either warns the poster or doesn’t let them post the photo, or c) provides an effective way to report photos posted of peoples private information. The amount of posts I have seen from nurses posting patient’s information is astounding and frankly dangerous. Hopefully users can be more responsible..Version: 0.23.3

FunLove bereal - great app to stay connected and portray yourself in the moment. It’s become like a game to me, definitely not going to miss a bereal for 2023!! looking forward to my 2023 recap 🤪.Version: 0.35.0

Like app but not getting notificationsI really like the app but I am not getting the notifications for when to post my BeReal which is frustrating.Version: 0.22.1

Great to see what friends are up toAwesome app honestly. Just writing this review because of a few nitpicks. Primarily a comment chain system to make commenting more interactive as well as seeing comments in the preview. Furthermore reacting to comments. The comments just seem like an underdeveloped feature. Also being able to write your caption while the photo is still uploading seeing as the BeReals take forever to upload (not your fault I assume everyone trying to upload a photo at the exact same time can be difficult to manage). Overall seriously cool app.Version: 0.23.0

Great ConceptBeReal is a great concept, it’s unique to show exactly what’s happening in your life without the pretence of perfectionism. Stay where you are, take a photo and interact with others. Issues are related to server performance, it’ll often post your photo late despite you taking it on time because it’ll take so long to upload. It’s not a huge problem, but makes you feel a bit bad when it says you’ve posted late when you’ve left it to upload but then doesn’t complete until you reopen the app..Version: 0.20.2

BeReal ReviewBeReal®️ is an efficient and quick form of social media. BeReal was originally designed to show peoples true lives instead of the ones on other social integration sites and apps, e.g. Instagram. However, one improvement that BeReal could have is the usage of your phones battery life. To Conclude, I think that BeReal is an amazing social app with some tweaks needed. Yours Sincerely, Anonymous.Version: 0.22.4

Not like other social mediaI really enjoy that BeReal keeps the fun part of social media and minimizes the toxic part. The only constructive criticisms I have: (1) my app frequently glitches and will say I have a phantom notification when there are no new notifications for me to see. Because BeReal doesn’t have a page where you can see a list of your notifications in the app, I have to go through every single photo on my feed to make sure I’ve seen everything, and then I have to go to Settings and temporarily disable Notifications for the app in order to get the one phantom notification to go away. So here I’m recommending that it would be great to fix this glitch, and to create a page on the app that lists your notifications in one centralized place so you can easily see what’s happened since you were last on the app. (2) I do not feel like it’s necessary to get a notification every time a friend posts late. It’s fun to aim for the same 2 minute window of posting, but as an adult, it’s unrealistic, and it’s annoying to be notified every time someone posts late. The only push notification I actually want is just when the BeReal goes live..Version: 0.22.1

Recommend but…I really like this app. It’s very fun and a really cool idea. I would like if there were more times zones (I know a lot of people have said this) but posting the same thing everyday is a bit boring or posting the next day is as well. Also I would like if there was an option to log in. I was logged out for reasons I am unaware of and was unable to log back in or create a new account as my email had already been used. Somehow I was randomly logged back in but I would still like a solution to this issue. Finally it would be cool if you could use photos already taken… I understand this may ruin the authenticity of the app however the notification didn’t come through so I decided to take a picture with my phone normally instead but have now seen the notification and I missed it. This is disappointing because I had some really fun photos from the right time. Since I prefer to use the app to look at my “memories” and see what I was doing on different dates I would like to show the pictures I took of what I was actually doing Again, great app. I highly recommend it is very fun..Version: 0.22.2

GREAT APP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I think BeReal is a great app. I love the whole idea of aiming to post on time, all at the same time. I think this is a great way to see what people are up too. My only thing is the time. I could have my time zone set to my country, but sometimes the be reals go off at like 11 at night. And at 11:00 I’m not out anywhere so i don’t really have anything interesting to post. Other than that, overall it’s a great app and i definitely recommend downloading it and getting your friends on it too if they aren’t already. I rate this app 5 stars as the problem i have isn’t really anyones fault. I use this app all the time and i haven’t missed posting for over a month or two. Now stop reading this and download BeReal..Version: 0.28.2

RefreshingI’m loving this social network. It’s not full of influencers and posers. I have only my close friends on it and it’s great to see a little unedited snippet of what they’re getting up to each day. So many of the other social platforms people post only the fun things but be real helps me remember that everyone has to work and isn’t always out doing amazing things. It helps me to feel connected to my friends and I love it.Version: 0.27.0

AmazingSeeing people living day to day without manipulation or pretending what they are not is incredible. I highly recommend. in addition, the app not having likes or number of followers makes the experience much more meaningful. Another thing I really loved about this platform is your posts are visible for 24 hours for others, but for you if you want It is saved as a diary. And as simple as it sounds, it helps me a lot to monitor my days and mood..Version: 0.22.1

Was the best app then….I looooove this app it is amazing and I had no suggestions until something weird happened. So I posted my BeReal and then closed the app and went onto other apps. Then ten minutes later I go back into BeReal because some of my friends had posted and it says that I can’t look at their posts because I haven’t posted my own, which I had. So I checked and the picture I had posted was coming up in my memories. I checked on my friends phone and it said I had deleted my post for the day. I tried reposting a different BeReal but the same thing happened and I decided to just leave it. The next day I go to post my BeReal and the same thing happened, it posted then disappeared and won’t let me look at my friends posts. No matter how many times I posted the same thing happened. I have tried deleting and re-downloading the app multiple times and have restarted my phone multiple times as well. I looked online and it says that there is a common problem with the new update but I’m not sure if this is it or if my phone is just being stupid. I love this app and it was my number one until this happened so I would love if this could be fixed or if someone had some advice on how to fix it!!!!.Version: 0.23.2

Why meBeReal is great and all but I wanted to delete my BeReal and once I did I couldn’t post anything else until the next day. Let me please redo my BeReal, I can’t miss a day. That’s ILLEGAL!! How would it feel if you wanted to send a pic to your friend but it turned out terrible, but your phone died so you couldn’t delete it and send another one? Once your phone turns back on you find out your friend saved it and is now going to threaten you with it. That is exactly my situation at the moment. Please reply to me BeReal dude, and heal my heart, before it breaks and I won’t be able to see my friends BeReal. This is cruel. I would’ve given you five stars but come on! My life is ruined and I won’t be able to sleep until I can post my BeReal for January 20th again. Answer my prayers. P.S. never mind once I updated it I could see my BeReal you the man 🫶🏻.Version: 0.31.0

Things to improve:)I think if they did it at different times throughout the day because atm in nz it’s only at night at like 11pm ect and no one does anything fun then.Version: 0.27.0

Daily photo projectI enjoy BeReal. I’m in my 40s and did a daily selfie back in 2007. Since then I always fail at keeping track of taking and uploading photos. This app takes care of that with the daily notification and platform. I like that I can see what friends are doing at the same time as me. It’s easy to share the photo to other places. A couple of frustrations: I started in late September 2022 and have not missed a day. Yet two of my memories are missing: Oct 23rd and Nov 5th. There was another one that went missing (Oct 11) that eventually reappeared. I would love for the missing two to come back. The notification is very rarely in the morning. Perhaps due to America being one time zone on the app? I would love more morning notifications and less of the evening ones where I’m just sitting on the sofa with bad lighting! Perhaps the US could be split into two zones so that those of us in CST and EST could have earlier notifications. I was tempted to switch my time zone to Asia but then I wouldn’t be posting at the same time as friends..Version: 0.33.1

Thank youHow am I suppose to feel real without BeReal 😫.Version: 0.25.2

Good concept but buggyThe app is a very good concept and executed brilliantly however I find it has lots of bugs. For example it takes ages for the camera to come up when I click the notification only giving me 30 seconds to post, it deleted my BeReal today and won’t let me put realmojis on sometimes. Nonetheless it’s still a good app but please try and sort the bugs out before adding any new features..Version: 0.22.1

Amazing app! Has some problems5 stars because I know how important rating are to companies. But I would give it a 4.5. The actual act of taking the BeReal every day can be glitchy for me and my friends. The screen to capture won’t pop up and it makes it so I often will go to “take it later” and then never will. Other than that this app does everything that it aims to do and more. The real as an app has become a talking point within my community and even those who don’t follow each other on the real talk about taking the be real every day and everybody looks to see where other people are during the day. I have sincerely noticed this app make a positive impact on my community and I get a rating from that way hopefully the developers can see some little errors and fix them moving forward..Version: 0.24.0

The Anti-social media Social mediaIs such a fun app that tackles social media issues. That being on our phones all the time. BeReal as suggested in the name, is you being real in that moment and is interesting enough for you to come back each day and not spend a whole lot of time on it. More friends the better with this app..Version: 0.33.1

Be real videosThis app is really well thought out i love the idea of making people “be real” rather than faking their life on social media to look cool, when in reality most people just sit in their bed. my parents love this app for me and my siblings to show us how social media can be fake a lot of the time. and it also is a great thing for friends as well, my friends and i at school are always taking photos with one another if it goes off at school. i think in the future you guys should add an option to not only take photos for your be reals but to also do videos! i think it would really captivate peoples lives more, especially if they’re at a concert or on a roller coaster, i think it would be a really cool update to see! it could be a 10 second or less video, working the same way a photo does with front at back camera and it would be a great feature!.Version: 0.23.3

Finally decided to download the appIt’s easy, it’s chill, it’s fun and it’s real.Version: 0.35.0

Great Idea for Socialising OnlineI have got quite a few of my friends to get this app. It’s a way for people to post without having to take hundreds of photos and photoshop or try and be someone they aren’t. I like the fact there are no filters or anything. There should be a reward system for getting your bereal on time.Version: 0.21.0

Great but…Everything is fine except now I have to take a breal every time I want to react to a friends BeReal and it’s getting real annoying, I deleted them downloaded it again but nothing changed, so I’m not sure what to do,.Version: 0.25.2

Fun but slowThis is so good. I love this app. However, it takes a huge amount of time to post when a picture is taken. And, sometimes it doesn’t even let me post. Leaving me with an error all day until it posts 8hrs later with the first BeReal I tried. I know this has only happened once but i hope that it is being dealt with. On a more constructive side, I think we should be able to see who our friends are following and who follow them. I also think that we should be allowed to have our memories public if wanted. Some might like it private but I believe having the option would be amazing. Thank you for creating such an amazing application, A BeReal fan.Version: 0.22.5

Pls add “ghost” modeBeReal is said to be just for close friends, so it would be good if you could make it so other people who aren’t your friends can’t see you in the suggested friends (with mutuals) or with your BeReal reactions on your friends posts. This is as it allows people to add you and I feel bad denying friend requests with people I’m friendly with but not very close, and also kind of ruins the specialness of BeReal where it’s really good for close friends and not performative like other social media..Version: 0.26.1

We Love Being Real!!!!“It’s like an insight to everyone’s life that you didn’t know you needed.” Peyton and Char are BeReal advocates. We love BeReal. The way that that everyone is truly real is crazy in this fake society. On Instagram, all we see is edited models doing unimaginable things that we regular folk can only wish that we could do. With BeReal, however, everyone is encouraged to BE REAL!!!! Not only do we see people in their true form being lazy, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, or just petting their dog, we also get to see people we normally wouldn’t talk to react to our lives in a positive way. It’s exciting to see everyone’s reaction when the notification is sent out everyone - regardless of who they are - is ecstatic to just be real. The rawness of the app shows what a real human being is. The reality is, we’re not always at the beach looking snatched or at concerts with our friends. It’s reassuring to know you’re not the only person just sitting on your couch all day. NOT ONLY THAT, but there is nothing - I mean nothing - that you can pay for!!!! There is no pressure to get the best version of the app, just a bunch of people posting on the same app at the same time just being real..Version: 0.23.3

A great way to keep up with friendsSuch a fun app! I don’t get to see my friends much irl but this allows me to keep up with them and see what they’re up to in the day to day..Version: 0.22.5

Very goodI think BeReal is a very good app to have because it’s good to at least share a moment out of your day and it is pretty fun trying to get it on time..Version: 0.30.1

2 minute warning suggestionI’ve been thinking about the realness of this app and how some people deliberately wait until a good part of their day. Maybe an idea to get people to try and post within the 2 minute window is they get to sit at the top of the feed with those posting later in the day at the bottom? Or alternatively a little badge when you get it in the 2 minute window.Version: 0.23.3

I was skepitcal at firstBecause my friends all had it, and started screaming whenever the notification would appear, as they treated it like a race. I thought it’d be yet another unhealthy obsession. I downloaded it reluctantly but the app is actually really good! Love the authenticity of posting at a random time! My assumption was DEFINITELY wrong. I have a suggestion for the realmojis too! It would be hilarious if you could select an emoji from the emoji keyboard as well as the default ones! This would make for some hilarious faces 😂😂 I also have a suggestion for the feed! I have a few friends on here (people from a larger community of friends) and it can sometimes be tedious scrolling down to the bottom if you want to see what a specific person was up to, so maybe a search bar could work? This would only be to search for people who you’re friends with already. tl;dr: This app is so much better than I thought it would be! Well worth the download..Version: 0.20.0

Lots of FunFor some reason i don’t get notifications when the actual bereal goes off but i get the rest of them. other than that really fun to take and see other peoples posts..Version: 0.23.1

So much funI really enjoy this app, it’s a great way to stay connected with friends throughout the day and creates a fun competition of who can post on time..Version: 0.20.1

There might be hope for social media after allI am really excited about BeReal! I love when I tell people of it and they’re like, “what’s the point?” But then get it and love it! 😂 But It does make you think, other than showing real life, what is the point? Maybe we can add some incentives or points for posting within the two minutes or for smiling or doing something unique when posting (since the camera recognizes when you smile and stuff). I also would like to have a feed or DM feature where you can connect with other users more than just using realmojis and comments. I would go talk to them on another platform if we create real connections. Lastsuggestion, i know we see our memories, but what if our friends could see them as well? OH and add video to posts would be hot! Especially since TikTok stole your idea and did just that 😆😂 you’re clearly onto something..Version: 0.25.0

Great but could add a few time zonesIt’s a great app I use with my friends but sometimes it goes at random times in the night as I couldn’t put my time zone in because it wasn’t there! It would be helpful if you add New Zealand times Australian time etc so we can get it on time without waking up in the middle of the night! Otherwise, highly recommend!.Version: 1.2.0

BeRealI have not been receiving any BeReal notifications, iv tried to fix, and reset the app but it’s not helping. It’s also kind of annoying how there isn’t NZST as I live in New Zealand. But over all it’s pretty good, great way to connect with friends yeah lol.Version: 0.24.0

Great potentialNeeds some improvements that hopefully come with time. Major one for me is offering more time zones and different/random posting times each day. I’m in Australia and so far I’ve only been asked to post at 9pm- just as I’m about to go to bed… I understand the realness about that but it’s the same shot every day, me on the couch or bed unwinding from my *busy & exciting* day and I could have posted something different that would give a glimpse into my actual life..Version: 0.20.1

Such a good appI've only been using this for a few days and I love it I been getting soo into it and sometimes have a laugh at be reals.Version: 0.33.1

Laggy asThis app is good but it always lags out and when I’ve posted my photo I still can’t view other people’s! Very annoying.Version: 0.25.2

Needs Timezone ExpansionAwesome idea for a social app! I would have given it 5 stars if the time zones were more inclusive beyond the current 4 (see: Australia and New Zealand). Additionally, the option to choose a time frame for your chosen time zone would be cool! For example, I am awake and active from 5am-8:30pm, so ensuring random notifications are set to come up during that time period would allow more variety with what we can show in our photos..Version: 0.20.0

Awesome app🤩I downloaded this app because everyone was using it 🤷‍♀️ and I fell in love with it! You know how when your with ur family and they ask what have u been up to this week you can just open bereal to check😱. It’s so nice to keep up with what you where up to on a certain day and bring back ✨memories✨ of times with your friends and family! I definitely recommend this app for you or your teen!! ☺️💗.Version: 0.23.3

Love the app but..I love bereal it’s such a great concept except for the fact that it has gone off past 9pm for the fourth night in a row. This defeats the purpose because most people are asleep and it’s not fun because everyone has to post a late the next day. You can’t expect everyone to stay up to 12pm each night it’s unrealistic. Also a recommendation is that when you search one of your friends up and click of their profile it comes up with their bereal for the day. But other than that everything is great!!.Version: 0.25.2

Refreshingly new and uniqueI really enjoy that BeReal is a newer platform that brings us the joys of social media and sharing with friends without the negative effects of it too. I like that it’s a way to capture what’s happening in the moment and eliminates the possibility of glamorising and editing your life to impress your followers and friends. When the front camera takes the picture I appreciate the absence of seeing what you look like as the picture is being taken as it allows for a more authentic image of you to be taken. And lastly I enjoy that everyone’s profiles is kept minimal I’m the sense that you cannot look at a feed of other people’s previous BeReal photos and ‘stalk them’, you can’t look at number of friend and compare, only the number of mutual friends you have in common is available to see. And so thank you, for creating an app which is purely fun and carefree without the harmful effects that other platforms generally have..Version: 0.20.0

Love the app! Hate the bugs!I absolutely love this app and the entire concept of being real on social media. I have seen some reviews of people wishing they could upload their own pictures, but I feel like that’s what Instagram and other platforms are for. I love that this app displays the mundane and boring portions of life and shows that real life is not what you see on social media. As much as I love this app, I have found that there have been so many bugs and glitches in the two months that I’ve had it downloaded. I understand that it’s such a popular app and I guess having so many people on it at the same time could cause the bugs? I absolutely love this app and can’t wait to see those pesky little bugs go :).Version: 0.23.1

Yes queenYour Friends for Real. Everyday at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes..Version: 0.24.0

The real insite to BeRealBeReal is great for capturing photos and sharing with friends but there is some downsides, in BeReal you can’t post if you have deleted 2 photos. And another downside is that you can’t see others posts unless you have posted But overall it’s a great app, a bit confusing to beginners but once you get the hang of it you’ll love it, I rate BeReal, 3 stars.Version: 0.30.1

😕 BeReal. Your friends for real. Negative Reviews
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