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Old memories not loading properly.I have been using bereal close to a year now. When I go to my older memories in the app, most of the pictures have loaded but a few remain “unloaded”. This isnt the same as looking at a day one didnt post a bereal. It simply displays the grey card with no loaded image. Weird thing is, if its a day with multiple bereals posted, the other two bereals are shown but the first isnt. Secondly, my old memories no longer have the reactions/comments it used to. Part of why i liked this feature was being able to look back and remind myself of how my friends reacted to something one of us would post.Version: 2.3.1

Great appBeReal is a a social media app. I will admit, I don’t usually use social media because of parents and everything, I actually do like this one. It’s not always dinging with notifications or wasting hours of your day. It’s just there. You can take a photo of wherever you are and then with out spending more than 10 minutes scrolling, you can see what all your friends and family are up to at some point in their day. It’s really simple too, no complicating privacy risk, no stalking really, unless you turn your location on. But even then you can choose to send publicly or just privately with your added friends. And you can’t just add someone they have to add you back so there’s no way they could see your photos if someone sent you a request. One more thing, I love that the reactions you can put on someone’s BeReal aren’t just little insignificant emojis, now their emojis, but you take your own picture of yourself making that face. It really is a good based app and I love taking my BeReal everyday..Version: 0.25.2

I LOVE IT!!BeaReal is a great app where you can see what your friends are doing. It is private to you and your friends but if you want to let people you don’t know see you BeReals you can post yours on discovery. You can accept your friends requests or decline them and you can have your own profile pic, likes to your friends, and you can comment. This is why i think BeReal is awesome and i think you should download this app. You get only 2 minutes to do a BeReal and you have as many tries as you want within that time limit. BeReal send you a text message on when your BeReal needs to be posted and if you miss that text you can post a late BeReal so your friends can still see it. I hope you take this into consideration and download this app. Trust me you will NOT regret it. Your sincerely, Anonymous.Version: 0.36.1

Great but could add a few time zonesIt’s a great app I use with my friends but sometimes it goes at random times in the night as I couldn’t put my time zone in because it wasn’t there! It would be helpful if you add New Zealand times Australian time etc so we can get it on time without waking up in the middle of the night! Otherwise, highly recommend!.Version: 1.2.0

Love BeReal just the way it is.I love this app just the way it is. Please don’t change it. If you’re complaining because you want to scroll or stalk through someone’s feed, go and use one of the other social media platforms. If you want to be able to count your friends or likes, do it elsewhere. If you don’t like the front camera, hide. Just stop whining. At my age there’s one particular big social media app that my friends use and I’m sick of the curation and the ads - it’s so dull. This is app is keeping things real. Love everything about it, just wish I could get more of my middle-aged friend on there!.Version: 0.25.1

Awesome appI really love be real, but there are definitely a few things I would like to talk about on the more negative side of things. The app is not very great if you struggle with insecurities or don’t feel so positive about yourself. This is because that when you post you may look “terrible” and literally just sitting in bed, but your friends might post a gorgeous picture of them out at a fancy lunch or on a crazy holiday across the world, etc. That’s why I think it may be kind of toxic, but now I have a lot to say about how it’s good so let’s talk about that. He be real is so fun and it’s a very easy way to share with all your friends what you’re up too and I love the idea of the realmojis as well to react to your friends posts without having to comment or anything. I also think the app was such a cool idea!.Version: 0.25.1

Instagram but without the ToxicityLove the whole idea of bereal! It’s so refreshing to see my friends share their not so Instagram-able parts of their days and strip away all of the unrealistic expectations social media has put on us all. My only constructive criticisms are these: (1) the bugs. I’m sure they’re constantly being worked on and the app has gotten more reliable in the 4 months I’ve had it on my phone. But randomly, I’ll still find I have to restart my phone or delete and reinstall the app for it to work. Not as often as before, but still sometimes. (2) there should be a limit to how late you can post. I love that everyone shoots for that 2 minute window, but I understand that sometimes, you might not have your phone on you at that exact time or you’re really busy and can’t snap the photo. But really often, I’ve seen people (carrying over the mentality from Instagram) wait 7, 8, 9+ hours until they’re at a concert or until they’re with their friends to post - I’m guilty of it too, I’ll admit. I think there should be, in addition to the “on-time 2 minute” winodow, an “hour or two total” late window and after that, no one can post. This would also limit the absurd amount of notifications the app sends out. Just thoughts! Love it though!.Version: 0.23.3

I would enjoy this but…I’d love to say this is fun to use, but almost everyday this week since installing it my notification to do my BeReal has come through before or around 8am. Obviously I’m not always going to be awake by then as I may have been out the night before or may have a lie in because I don’t have a morning class. This means that 5 out of 7 of my pictures have been classed as late. Surely there should be a setting where no can say that notifications can come no earlier than one time and no later than another. One of the only ones that I got on time literally appeared as I was putting my phone on charge before bed, so if I’d been a moment later that would’ve been missed as well….Version: 1.21.4

Still veryyyy buggy despite being out for 2 years+Lately been having trouble with captions constantly deleting themselves even when I rewrite them. Tried to report the bug in the app but the ‘report a problem’ page just loads for a second and then times out and remains blank. I want to help you improve your app! Also the page for time zones has a typo and says ‘all your BeReal will be deleted’ missing the plural. Otherwise fun and great thanks.Version: 2.4.1

Flawless?With BeReal. you don’t have to scroll through fake photoshopped photos or even ads. If you want to you can have a single friend on it and still get the same joy as from a couple hundred, I have used it for a year and the only critical thing I can say is, well nothing. I am sat on my bed writing this review and now that I’m really trying to find a flaw I see how perfect for users this app really is, the only flaw I have thought of is really a mistake on the side of the user but I will say it anyway. It’s not private, if you have friends who don’t know something your doing then they can find out. Example is I made this mistake and got some people suspecting that I was gay because I posted about the show queer eye ( I am gay but I’m not saying cis het people can’t watch it ) yet even this “flaw” is a mistake on the behalf of the user and is addressed on the app saying only add close friends. - Will 13.Version: 1.15.0

AwesomeThis is really one of the only social media apps I actually have, but it is great. First off, the sole idea the app is built around is amazing. Allowing people to see the real you and vice versa is just the best part about the app in my opinion. Then there’s the way the app carries out this mission, which is just incredible. There’s the extra posts you get if you post on time, and you only get one repost if you post late and delete your previous post, but that’s just to name a few. There is one problem though that I’ve been noticing that has been happening almost every time I try to post, both on time and late. Sometimes I’ll click the send button, but it doesn’t go through, so I end up posting late when I don’t realize what happened. However, when I do notice what happened, I have to post another time for it to go through, but then it just sends both posts I made. Besides this small bug the app is amazing. Five stars for sure..Version: 1.10.1

Neat.I like how it shows how many times you take a picture and if you post late. The app is a pretty cool indicator of your life as your know it. Be feminine. Be REAL. Lol…have I taken 4 retakes of my picture to get the best angle? Yes. But no filters and no tagging. Love it. You get to see a recap at the end of each year and see what has been going on in your life in that moment. And you don’t have to take a picture of yourself. I don’t take the photo of me in it every time but most times I’m in it. I take a picture of myself because I like to see any fluctuations in my weight that are viske but that’s a whole separate issue. You can choose private. Or have more fun and expand your horizons and let it be open global. Sometimes meeting cool people from around the world can help distract from the real world lol okay I’m over this. Good app. There are a couple things that I would change but I am honestly way too tired to even start typing them..Version: 1.7.1

Love this app and giving some suggestionsI absolutely love using this app and seeing what my friends are doing. i also love using the react emojis to the posts. just a suggestion i think it would be good to add a feature where we can like comments and also have comment chains instead of replying to a comment and making them line up. i think it would also be good to have a messaging feature. ofc the purpose of this app is just to temporarily see your friends posts and share your day with them but i think a messaging feature would be nice :). overall a very good app 👍👍😄😄.Version: 0.23.1

We wanna play too!NZ resident here - please add more timezones! At least half my friends and family live in a European time zone so posting at the exact same time isn’t realistic but I love everything else about this!.Version: 0.20.0

Love it but a bit annoyed atmSo me and my friends religiously use bereal and we have streaks that we have all kept since we started in early April - it has been such a big part of our uni lives that we have a gc to discus what we’re doing based on our bereal. However the other day (7th Dec) my photo uploaded yet did not save to my memories. I contacted customer support and asked if it was possible to either return the photo, upload a black screen or upload an alternative photo taken on the same day and after ‘running round’ and ‘jumping through hoops’ talking to multiple different staff members they finished the interaction by saying “nothing can be done thanks for your comprehension”. So I’m a little bit annoyed as it has ruined the look of my memories and I just wish something could have been done..Version: 0.28.2

Nice app :))What I love about this app is that you don’t have to replace the other social media apps you already have. It’s just like a simple little extension in your day, and it’s fun! What I recommend for the developers I guess is that they have this ranking system between friends only (because I feel like if it’s made worldwide, it’ll be a little toxic) where they count the streaks of the people who are either on time (not being late in the window of 2 minutes) or the “most realest” (where the people with 0 retakes) or maybe both! I think it’ll be a great addition to making this app more enjoyable. However, love this! Great work to the guys who had this idea and to the many people who made this! :)).Version: 0.23.2

The new repost updateI absolutely love this app, but there is one annoying part. Whenever I’m posting my be real and I accidentally sent it when my friend looks bad I deleted it and retake it but you can only delete your Bereal once with it Allowing you to retake it again. That gets on my nerves because what if the second time you take it someone says you look bad or something is showing that you don’t want to show. but after I delete it twice, it will refuses to let me take it again. Maybe we could retake it three times, thanks! Edit: Okay so this is now in the future and it’s about the new repost update. I love the fact that you can repost others bereals and all that, but lately it hasn’t been working for me or my friends. It only lets you tag certain people and when we I search up my friends on the feature, they don’t pop up. I’ve tried closing out of the app, reloading, and all that. This also happened to my friend when she was trying to tag me, it said that I wasn’t her friend. I don’t know what happened but this only happened recently..Version: 1.19.1

Great conceptI loved bereal when I first downloaded it, it was great to have little snippets of my life to look back on and it was easy and simple. However, I find that now the app glitches more than it works correctly. Often I get the notification to post and I’m unable to, with the app showing that I’m posting late on yesterday’s posts, or sometimes I don’t get the notification at all. I would love if the app was fixed for these bugs as it really is a great concept, and I loved using it while it was working correctly..Version: 1.10.0

Lots of FunFor some reason i don’t get notifications when the actual bereal goes off but i get the rest of them. other than that really fun to take and see other peoples posts..Version: 0.23.1

Good. ButYou need to give long time limits, what if we get the notification and we’re not in a safe place/situation to take a photo? Then we’re told take a late post and locked out after one 😥..Version: 1.17.2

Great potentialNeeds some improvements that hopefully come with time. Major one for me is offering more time zones and different/random posting times each day. I’m in Australia and so far I’ve only been asked to post at 9pm- just as I’m about to go to bed… I understand the realness about that but it’s the same shot every day, me on the couch or bed unwinding from my *busy & exciting* day and I could have posted something different that would give a glimpse into my actual life..Version: 0.20.1

TimezoneThis is a great app. A really unique yet fun way to social with your friends… One advice for BeReal is to also create a pacific region Timezone. The closest option would be east Asia but I still get notifications like at 11:00…Countries like Australia and New zealand would be affected. Overall a great app👍.Version: 0.25.2

FunLove bereal - great app to stay connected and portray yourself in the moment. It’s become like a game to me, definitely not going to miss a bereal for 2023!! looking forward to my 2023 recap 🤪.Version: 0.35.0

I am now realBefore I downloaded this app. I always new something felt wrong. Something wasn’t right. And that was because I was fake. The matter that made up my skeleton, my skin, my flesh, all fake. Everything changed once an app by the name “BeReal” was published to the App Store. I downloaded the app and noticed something was different, something changed, I was startled at first by this phenomenon, but then I stared enjoying the feeling. I asked my doctor what might have changed that made me feel so complete, he said I was diagnosed with “Realism”. “What does this mean doctor?” I said nervously. “Oh no need to be worried little young-ling, it means unlike myself and 99.97% of the population you are intact real. The rest of us are fake.” The doctor explains. “Oh… this is, rather pleasing news doctor, how should I a proxy this situation?” I say delighted. “A celebration is needed for this matter!” The doctor says excited. “Does cake fancy your interest?” I ask. “Why that would be rather splending little boy, let us gobble down that cake!” I slice the cake and hand the doctor a slice. Minutes later the doctor collapses and dies. I panick at why he fell and call another doctor for help. another doctor enters the room and asks what the situation is. I inform the doctor of what happened. The doctor screams at me telling me that the doctor on the floor is a diabetic and the cake overloaded his blood sugar killing the man. The. Police arrive at the scene and I start getting interrogated. “I didn’t do it I swear!” I exclaim. The police don’t care and I get sent to jail. I’m still in jail as of writing this, but the moral of the story is that I’m still real as ever and downloaded this app will make you real too! :).Version: 0.22.5

Good but a few bugs 🤍BeReal is an amazing app that allows us to share what we are doing. I really like the memory part where you can go back in time and see what you were doing then. However, there are a few bugs. For example : when they send notifications that someone just posted. Their post only appears once I have refreshed the page multiple times. Another example : for the moment, when I want to post my BeReal it says it didn’t work. I have searched up on internet on how to make BeReal work again and none of them have worked. If I could have a little help that would be great. Thank you !.Version: 0.36.3

Glitching after a year of useI’ve been posting bereals daily for over a year now and in the last week my app has begun to glitch out. Every time I get the notification it crashes and shuts down. I am only able to post after deleting the redownloading the app every time the notification comes. This is disappointing because I have never had any issues with it before. Nobody else I’ve talked to has has this issue. I really like this app but this needs to be fixed soon or I will have to stop using it..Version: 1.8.1

Good but racially motivated and a bit savageThis app is actually good and funny! It’s a good gen Z version of snapchat and it’s really genuine. Although, this app may give you some comments about your face. Like : why are you in your bed at 4pm or open your eyes (im asian 🥲). But other than that, good app!.Version: 0.17.0

Love itI love BeReal it is the first proper social I had so that’s why I used it so much . It works really well and it is a really good app . But I have given it a 4star rating as sometimes it glitches like during the summer it spent all day loading and it didn’t post that bereal and the next day it didn’t post my BeReal as I was pressing the retry button but it wasn’t doing anything ( it had done that twice now once in November to ) .another thing is that one time it completely got rid of my suggested friend list for like 2-4 weeks . Also when I go onto the camera to take my BeReal late or and extra one I can’t get off the camera without restarting the app . Last 2 problems is that this one might just be my phones problem but whenever I have my location on it’s never where I acctually am it’s always put by a bit but a noticeable bit . Last one is that it sometimes zooms in on the BeReal. Of my frineds and I can’t see most of the reaction button . Overall I love the app and it’s a good way to see what my friends are up to it’s just those couple of problems.Version: 1.21.0

👍Really good way of showing people what your doing without using filters ,like most social media platforms allow, showing your real self. The only thing i would say is that once you get 50 friends it shows 50+ so you don’t actually know how many friends you have. Personally i would have it as once you get to 100 friends then it should be 100+. Another idea is to allow us to text a friend on there privately, for example if your friends with a person but don’t see them so often and want their number you could text them privately on BeReal. People might not necessarily use the private chat but i think it would be useful for some people.Version: 0.29.0

Interesting ConceptI think the concept of this app is intriguing and attempts to show the reality of what we do — unfiltered and realistic. At the moment it’s exciting as it’s a novelty, however I feel that once this wears off, it won’t be interesting anymore. I guess we’ll see how it goes!.Version: 0.23.3

Great App- love it!Love this app- great way to socialise + being real! love the idea and it’s really good especially how a lot of things you see online are fake this is a great way to reassure yourself that not everyone is constantly out or doing nice things and that people do just generally have normal lives rather than being out and socialising all the time. It’s also quite safe, although random people can add you the only thing they can see of you is your profile until you add them back. only thing is screenshots- I don’t like how people can screenshot your be real and even though it does tell you i think it should be at least optional to have people screenshot your be real. But overall i absolutely love this app and it is definitely worth the 5 stars i gave it!.Version: 0.31.0

So good!! But a few glitchesI LOVE bereal! It’s so fun and I love all the new features that have been implemented in the past few months like the 2 extra BeReals when taking on time and the chat feature. However, I’ve noticed that it has started glitching quite a lot. I’ve tried everything, clearing the app, restarting the app and it always ends with me having to delete it for it to unfreeze. All in all considering this is my only complaint it’s not that bad but it does get quite annoying. 😊.Version: 1.10.0

Love it!! But a few bugsOver the last couple years bereal has become hugely popular. Me and my friends absolutely love it and look forward to bereal time every day. It really makes you feel connected to people on a “real” and more comfortable level. I love that there’s options to add what music you’re currently listening to, and 2 extra bereals if you post on time. BUT I have noticed a few bugs; sometimes the music will not connect and just not post with is a bummer, sometimes if I post on time my BeReal will delete itself if I close out of the app too soon and make me take a late one. I really love the simplicity of the app, I won’t be stuck scrolling for hours. Just post, see what everyone’s up to, and stay off of it until tomorrow! However, with recent updates of adding more and more features to the app like bereal groups and now possible creators being added, I’m worried it’s gonna lose what’s it’s known for…which is not being like other apps. It’s slowly becoming more like “social media”, instead of a secluded app for posting with close friends. I really hope they don’t lose a huge crowd of people after all these updates. The app is starting to feel more crowded and confusing, which is nothing like the bereal I grew to love. Overall amazing app, but I hope they keep it real! 😉.Version: 1.22.0

Why I think BeReal is a good appHi! Now I have had BeReal for about a year now. And I am never expected anything bad on the app. I think the app is really good for making friends! My friend had BeReal and when I got it I only have 1 friend on BeReal and now I have 23! BeReal is also such a friendly app for kids that maybe want social media a little early 🙈. I would say probably if your kid does not go public there good! If you don’t know what “pubic” it’s just you can only be friends with people you know like friends and family, but you can also go public which lets you see strangers life and what they do and friend strangers AND strangers ca see your life. Now when saw go public I knew that was a BAD idea and I don’t really recommend that for kids under at least 13+ maybe even more. Overall I think BeReal is a great app to make friends on and get to know different people and what they do in there life! Again I would recommend the friends only because even tho you friends might not have BeReal you if you have 1 their friends can friend you and I have gotten to know such great people who I did not know were in this world! So ya overalll this is way I rate BeReal a 4 out of 5 and think it’s a good app for teens, and maybe older kids!.Version: 1.21.3

Was 5 stars, now 4, but you can make it 5 again!To the BeReal team: I’m a college student who joined your platform in high school. I’ve loved it and it’s been amazing, I don’t use traditional social media so it’s great to have a quick, non-addicting, way to keep tabs on my friends. One major problem, hence why I withdrew a star: the new celebs and brands feature. I don’t like celeb news/gossip and frankly have never understood why people feel the need to follow people like Swift and Bieber everywhere and track their whole lives, so I’m already not a fan. But the main W of BeReal imo is the lack of influencers and “popular cool people”; on this platform everyone has always been equal and has just as good a chance of being seen as everyone else. Now with this new feature, we’ll just have yet more beautiful girls and rich sporty guys making the “normal folk” feel inadequate. I can’t see this going any good, just harm. So please at least give people the ability to hide that “discover more” tab, in case they just don’t care to see celebs and brands in with their friends. Thanks!.Version: 2.1.0

Time zone !An Australian and New Zealand time zone would be very awesome to add because east Asia is not our time zone and makes be real go off most of the time at bad times/ the very end of the day .. if those time zones were added this would be 10/10.Version: 1.12.0

Refreshing social mediaI LOVE Be Real! I’ve been using the app just under 2 weeks and I love the concept, the values behind the app and how easy it is to use. No filters, no followers, no fakery, just real life. I hope it catches on! My only two suggestions so far - which my Be Real friends all agree with are: 1) an in app notification centre of some sort would be helpful- if you get a notification on your phone or a few of them with other stuff its hard to remember what they were when you click on the app and once you’re in there’s nothing to remind you otherwise of who commented or reacted etc. 2) there should be the option to make your memories public/available to friends, I know that there’s the possibility to screenshot in the moment but it would be nice to be able to catch up on previous posts from friends not just the latest one. Thanks again for a great app though- it’s really nice to have a more healthy social media option available!.Version: 0.23.3

Like app but not getting notificationsI really like the app but I am not getting the notifications for when to post my BeReal which is frustrating.Version: 0.22.1

So amazingBereal is so good that i had to self diagnose myself with PFF (put food first) <3 anywho, i love bereal nonetheless. shows the realism of life without edits :D.Version: 0.35.0

Good but could be betterI love the idea of taking real photos of a snapshot of your day and sharing that with friends. It would be good to be able to go back and view not only the picture, but the comments. Currently you can only see comments up until the new days BeReal photo has been taken. Also maybe do a chart displaying the person who takes their photo soonest, on time. Great update - so now you get 2 more photo uploads if you post on time. The knock on to this though is even though I try to post on time, it looks like it’s gone through, then it shows the 2 more pics box, then it refreshes and my photo has gone and I get asked to post a late bereal! Please resolve this as it’s super annoying thank you!!.Version: 1.12.1

Suggestions:I love the concept of this app, i especially like the fact you can keep it privet so it’s not about likes/followers. I do however think they could add a few things. Such as; the ability to set a time to ‘be real’ everyday (or a time you’re unable to ‘be real’) to avoid missing it due to work / any other responsibilities. A band letting you know the if you have missed your ‘be real’ or if you still have one to take today. Add more time in between taking the front facing photo & back facing photo. or allow the user to take each them self, rather than the app flipping the camera and taking the picture. Add a flash back mode. Things like ‘a montage of the last week’, ‘a month ago today’, ‘every be real you’ve taken at this location’. Adding to this, add the ability to take a short (3sec) video (or) a photo as your ‘be real’ for the day. - This will make the flashbacks / montages better..Version: 0.20.2

Very goodI think BeReal is a very good app to have because it’s good to at least share a moment out of your day and it is pretty fun trying to get it on time..Version: 0.30.1

It was frozen even if I reset all my appsIt was frozen and would work I have experienced this happen for a while and I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with BeReal I’m just saying that there might be a bug in BeReal so BeReal could you check for bugs please thank you..Version: 1.8.1

Great concept!It’s a great app I just wish there were more time zones!! I read that after all the New Zealanders commented you added East Asia time zone but that’s not even our time zone - please add NZST so it’s not all at 8-9pm that the timer notifies us! And add more times it’s always within the same two hours I’ve noticed or at least this week it has been. Also I’ve been having issues with commenting and putting the face emojis on other peoples pictures - it deletes them and comes up with error messages saying their photo doesn’t exist!.Version: 0.20.2

My opinionSo this is my review of bereal, and I think it’s pretty funny tbh u ask someone to take a photo of you but ur taking a photo of both of yous. But also if ur taking a pic of like the wall or something and u dont want to show ur face I dont like that fact Bereal says oh who goes there like its a wall its a room or if its somewhere else. But it’s also good in this way because it encourages you to give up every hate about your face and show off your smile to everyone u have added. But in the meantime if u do show ur face it gives u nice comments saying u have a beautiful smile or I love ur shining teeth. I love bereal but sometimes forget to do it. Thanks for the notifications, I think I’m fine ☺️.Version: 0.30.1

BeReal is amazingBeReal is so amazing, I got it about 12 days ago and since I posted my first BeReal I’ve been I love with it! I have been able to see what people are doing all around the world both what’s in front of them and their face so you can see what exactly they are doing! You can also reacted to their BeReal’s and what your face is doing represents the emoji that you have to look like. I have absolutely loved BeReal from day 1 and you should to..Version: 0.25.1

Amazing fun app but can’t change my profile photoThis is an amazing fun app that helps me connect with friends but I have tried several times to change my profile photo and it doesn’t work. I’m stuck with a random colour and the letter A which I would really like to change..Version: 0.23.0

Love this!!I love this app so much!!! I love all the features and that but I just have one wish. That’s to be able to post my BeReal to only me. The reason for this is some of my family members don’t want to be shown to my friends but I want them in my memories. Maybe you could only let people do a certain amount of only me posts per month so that people don’t just post to themselves to see other peoples and use the other features. Thanks though, this app is so cool and I love it!.Version: 1.7.0

Love this app, butI pretty much only post on Bereal now since i just prefer to see what my mates are really doin yk no filter just real emotion ahah but one thing I’d absolutely love is to be able to post a be real whenever I want instead of having to wait for the next notification but I want to share what I’m doing right now, it’s a bit frustrating if it makes sense I’d love an update where you can also post at times other then the notification ..Version: 0.24.0

It’s awesome but…I really like this idea for the app the 2 minute timer, the late post, the front and back camera pictures but only 3 problems. 1 is I want them to add a way to post more than just once or twice a day because I got this app to see what people were up to not just to see what they were doing like 6 hours ago. Second thing is the time between the cameras taking a picture. It’s 3 seconds but it would be easier if it was 5 and on the screen it showed a count down instead of saying “smile 3,2,1” it’s not very accurate and making that simple change from that to it actually counting down on your screen would help out a lot. 3rd thing is they need to add a area type of thing like you can pick where you want your discovery feed to be located. Usually it’s all random and you’ll see a post from Italy and then one from Russia like if I’m in texas United States I want to connect with people in my area so maybe that’s a feature they could add but it might be difficult because someone people don’t have their location on in their posts which is fine it’s your privacy do what ever you want with it but I feel like the people who have there location on might want to see other people in their location. Other than those 3 things the app is super fun and nice to just scroll around on..Version: 0.23.3

Fantastic!Really great. All my friends are on it now as well, so it’s actually useable unlike last year, when it wasn’t as popular!!.Version: 1.6.0

Yes queenYour Friends for Real. Everyday at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes..Version: 0.24.0

One Week In.An honest new take on social media. The pressure of the timer nudges you to capture life’s candid moments, a break from the intricacy that goes into other media posts. The calendar documents and arranged these moments for the user, allowing you to see just how life unravels one-day-at-a-time. However, the app can look a bitttt unpleasant and only pseudo-simplistic at times. and Navigation features could also use some smoothing. UI elements can be easy to miss-click and less than intuitive, such as switching from your contacts list back to your RealFeed. Would love to see updates to the layout of the app, as this is a goldmine of a concept. Another small UI bug: The rear camera half of posts are also often automatically switched to the wide-angle lense on iPhones when the first shot you take comes from the selfie camera. Nonetheless, I am loving the at times hilarious reals from friends. And it’s always funny to get a buzz from BeReal at times I never would’ve thought to share. As strange as it may be at first, those moments are, well, real..Version: 0.23.1

BeReal was great until they added private message featureI will still use this all because I like being real and seeing what my friends are up to, and that’s what made this app unique. But in their recent update adding the private message feature, it now feels like any other social media app where you can DM friends. The good design of the one post a day (with the added bonus for on time posting which I like because it gets people posting more on time) now has this feature which can turn it into an app which you will spend more time on- like we need more time on social media! I don’t think people will use it all that much since Instagram and Snapchat still exist, although fb messenger is by far superior. Anyway, I love the concept of the app but not the new feature of DMs.Version: 1.5.0

Fun!This app if fun and it’s exactly what it describes. You get a notification at a random time everyday and take a picture but with both cameras. You can add your friends and family if they install the app of course, and see what everyone’s up to! You can post late BeReals if you miss your notification. When you get a notification you click on it and it immediately goes to the app for a photo. You have 2 minutes then it becomes late. There is no catfishing because you can’t add photos and no photoshop. This is a really fun app especially when you see your friends funny photos😂 you don’t have to only see your friends as there is a discovery page where you get everyone’s be real around the world. You can also change your BeReal photos from friends to everyone. I don’t get to do my BeReal everyday because I’m busy and else but this is a great way to see what people are doing and get inspiration on what to do! This is now the end of this review and if you haven’t downloaded this yet…What are you waiting for? It’s free! With no online purchases or adds! Thank you for reading this and hope you enjoy the app! Best regards-Abby!.Version: 0.33.1

Such a good appI've only been using this for a few days and I love it I been getting soo into it and sometimes have a laugh at be reals.Version: 0.33.1

Dear Bereal, don’t go too farHi Bereal, I am a daily user of your services and as someone who grows exceedingly tired of social media, I view your platform as a true relief in todays social media climate. However, a word of caution. Me, and others I have spoken to on this matter have agreed that we fear you going too far. The introduction of posting more than 1 Bereal when you post on time is ok but makes me concerned that more add ons will come. DON’T GIVE US FREEDOM. Less is more. The limitations is what makes Bereal so great. Don’t ruin it by adding more opportunity for content splurging, it’s a slippery slope. We have more than enough apps like that. What you have going is good but please consider these crucial points. Don’t be like them..Version: 1.1.0

A Fun Way To Share With FriendsI love BeReal it’s and app i find myself using often but not to and addictive point like many social medias. BeReal is a great way to share real time. Photos with friends no editing no filters. It’s a fun way to look back at memories and things you’ve done with family and friends such as going to theme parks or movies or even just an event with people, sitting in your room or in the car you can see what your friends are doing and share what you’re doing. It’s a great way to meet people that you may not know from schools or athletics and it’s truly a great way to connect in general I am not a user of social media, but I do have BeReal because I honestly feel real using it. I feel like I do not need to fit into a box of what is pretty and what is not because everyone is just smiling ready for the picture or the notification to pop up, it is a great app for teens in tweens alike and I recommend it to many close friends to enjoy alongside me..Version: 2.5.0

I love the app, but there are some complaintsOverall, i love bereal. it’s such a fun way to keep up with friends without the toxicity of other social media apps. however, i feel like lately there have been some things that have made the app slightly more difficult to use. nothing major, just enough to wear it’s a little bit annoying. there have been several times where i don’t get a notification saying that it’s ⚠️time to bereal⚠️, making me late to post when i could’ve been on time. another thing is that the ability to tag people in the caption of my posts has been taken away, even though some of my friends still have that feature. also, there are times where i am listening to music when bereal goes off, but it doesn’t show that i’m listening to anything on my bereal. that’s pretty much all. like i said, there’s nothing major, just enough that it gets to be annoying. but again, i do love this app and think it’s such a fun way to connect with friends and family! i definitely recommend!.Version: 1.15.0

ExcellentA good way to keep in touch with your friends and family who have be real . I definitely recommend it😎buuut if you lied to ur friends saying oh I’m in Hawaii I can’t see you today and you do your be real with someone else they will see it and be MAD! This has sort of happened to me . Aaand like every few seconds you check your phone constantly just to check If be real has gone off . But if you look messy that day and you post and everyone looks great you feel embarrassed. Also if all ur friends hang out one day without you and you do your be real and see them you might feel left out 😑😩😢which is sad but this stuff might not happen to you so I recommend it. HAPPY JUICE!.Version: 0.30.1

Amazing app, bad performance.I absolutely love this app! The little (non jaded) view that you can share and see into your friends lives is super fun, but at the same time, not nearly as addicting as normal social medias. Once you have posted for the day, you can look at your friends current post and maybe comment or react to them. After that there’s really no reason to stay on the app and end up killing your whole day. The only reason I am giving this 4 instead of 5 stars, is the fact that not only myself, but all of my friends as well have performance issues. You will get the prompt to post, click on the app and wait for the app to load, sometimes even as long as about 5 minutes. Then when you post, you are automatically late. 8 out of 10 times I experience performance issues. Luckily more lately, they have been that I can launch the app and snap my pic, but then it takes about 2-6mins for your post to actually upload. (The reason I said luckily is because as it is taking an eternity to upload, it has the timestamp of when you took it, so it won’t be automatically considered a late post)..Version: 0.23.1

Had potential to be perfect, lost in trends.BeReal was a perfect app to visualise other peoples day to day lives and get insights to how other members of society live, however the discovery page being limited to only "celebrities" and "influencers" really ruins the "Being real" concept and makes the app boring. As much as I want to share my life to other interested people l also want to see what exciting things other communities are doing. I could scroll for hours looking at the discovery page fascinated at what other places look like. Limiting the global page to only celebrities and influencers is very degrading as if other peoples lives do not matter and that doesn't seem fair on other users. This app is becoming more and more basic, loosing the unique concept of social media..Version: 1.1.0

Issue after Updating?After i updated the app, i’m still getting all the notifications, but when i go to the app, i’m just faced with the loading wheel of doom, nothing happens. i’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, logged in and out etc and it’s made no difference. how can this be fixed?.Version: 0.23.0

This app is great! I really enjoy it!!I really enjoy this app. It’s a fun way for me and my friends to connect and “be real” in a social media app. I’m not really into all of the other socials but I do really like this one. If I could change one thing about this new update with the multiple posts if you post on time, I would add being able to see those multiple posts in your memories. I really like being able to look back on my posts but if I could see the extra two posts that I did and not just my first one that would be great. Because I really like some of the ones I’ve posted and want to go back and see them but the days that I’ve posted multiple just have a white boarder around them but I can’t see what else I posted. If the people in charge of this app and the updates and whatever see this. It would be absolutely amazing if this was made in addition to this great app. Thank y’all so much!! Edit: love the update and how you took into consideration what I said previously. Again I love this app so much and how I can engage with friends. Seeing all the bereals I post in one day in my memories, I love that update. If I could make one more recommendation I would ask about saving the comments and reactions. I know I’ve had some fun conversations in the comments that I would love to go back and reread or see some of the hilarious faces people make in my reactions. I love this app and how it works, thank y’all so much..Version: 1.7.0

Not like other social mediaI really enjoy that BeReal keeps the fun part of social media and minimizes the toxic part. The only constructive criticisms I have: (1) my app frequently glitches and will say I have a phantom notification when there are no new notifications for me to see. Because BeReal doesn’t have a page where you can see a list of your notifications in the app, I have to go through every single photo on my feed to make sure I’ve seen everything, and then I have to go to Settings and temporarily disable Notifications for the app in order to get the one phantom notification to go away. So here I’m recommending that it would be great to fix this glitch, and to create a page on the app that lists your notifications in one centralized place so you can easily see what’s happened since you were last on the app. (2) I do not feel like it’s necessary to get a notification every time a friend posts late. It’s fun to aim for the same 2 minute window of posting, but as an adult, it’s unrealistic, and it’s annoying to be notified every time someone posts late. The only push notification I actually want is just when the BeReal goes live..Version: 0.22.1

Really good, but I have some ideasThere was a new feature added recently that allows you to post 2 additional BeReals IF you post the first one on time. However, I noticed that when we try to look back at our memories, we can only see the first BeReal that was posted. I think we should be able to see ALL the ones we posted that day, and I also think we should be able to see the captions we had with each BeReal when looking back at the memories. I also thought that, although the idea of rewarding people with 2 more BeReals for posting the first one on time is great, it could be reworked a bit. I think that if someone posts their BeReal ON TIME, they should still get 2 more to post. BUT ALSO, if they post it a little while after the BeReal time (maybe 10 minutes or so after) they should be allowed to post at least 1 additional BeReal. If they post more than 10 minutes after, they only get that first, 1 BeReal. I think this would be more fair because some people aren’t on their phone all the time and/or don’t have the opportunity to post the first BeReal right then and there, but still want an extra BeReal. Other than that, I love this app :) I hope the creators can take some of this into consideration..Version: 1.1.1

Fun but GlitchedLove the concept of trying not to post late, except when my posts continue to show they’re loading, never actually post or post late. Annoying.Version: 0.22.1

It’s been great for a year but…It has been fun sharing my memories with my friends for almost a year and a half now, but now the app won’t load my BeReals properly anymore when I’m on time. Which is irritating as I like to share at least two each day. Every time I’m on time I try and upload my BeReal but I keep getting the message of “upload failed. Click to try again” but I’m able to upload a second one? It doesn’t make sense!!!! I try and reload it by coming out of the app but it doesn’t work I even change locations just in case it’s the location but it’s not. Please can this be fixed as it’s not just me my friends are also affected with this issue and I’m sure others are! Apart from that I love the app! :)).Version: 1.15.0

Laggy asThis app is good but it always lags out and when I’ve posted my photo I still can’t view other people’s! Very annoying.Version: 0.25.2

RefreshingI’m loving this social network. It’s not full of influencers and posers. I have only my close friends on it and it’s great to see a little unedited snippet of what they’re getting up to each day. So many of the other social platforms people post only the fun things but be real helps me remember that everyone has to work and isn’t always out doing amazing things. It helps me to feel connected to my friends and I love it.Version: 0.27.0

Missing BeReal.I genuinely got the app so I could share what I was doing with friends but unfortunately when looking for old BeReal a I notice they were missing knowing that I had posted that day as I saved it to my camera roll just to find it missing when wanting to view it. The content wasn’t anything odd and was just set so only my friends could view it. I was pretty disappointed with it as I hadn’t had issues with it previously. I would just like this mistake to be fixed so when people view old memories they will be there and not think that they hadn’t posted that day. Thank you and I hope you took this into consideration. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.3.0

Was the best app then….I looooove this app it is amazing and I had no suggestions until something weird happened. So I posted my BeReal and then closed the app and went onto other apps. Then ten minutes later I go back into BeReal because some of my friends had posted and it says that I can’t look at their posts because I haven’t posted my own, which I had. So I checked and the picture I had posted was coming up in my memories. I checked on my friends phone and it said I had deleted my post for the day. I tried reposting a different BeReal but the same thing happened and I decided to just leave it. The next day I go to post my BeReal and the same thing happened, it posted then disappeared and won’t let me look at my friends posts. No matter how many times I posted the same thing happened. I have tried deleting and re-downloading the app multiple times and have restarted my phone multiple times as well. I looked online and it says that there is a common problem with the new update but I’m not sure if this is it or if my phone is just being stupid. I love this app and it was my number one until this happened so I would love if this could be fixed or if someone had some advice on how to fix it!!!!.Version: 0.23.2

TimezonesIt is a great app and I love it but if there could be one thing I would change it would be the Timezone we are in east Asia when we live in Australia so it always comes at night time and I never get to take my bereal with my friends in the day so I would really love a time zone for Australia as then i would be able to take my bereal on the day. It usually comes between 5-11pm and occasionally goes of a bit earlier like around mid day but that is pretty rare so I would love an Australian Timezone as it would make the app so much better.Version: 0.36.3

Great but little problemI love this app. very much. it didn’t do me any wrong until i posted a bereal and you know i go out of the app and i go back in like 15 minutes later and it says that thing like “post a late bereal” and i already did so i was confused but i posted another but my old bereal came up so then i thought oh just a little glitch so then i started scrolling to see my friends bereals but then it glitched back to “post a late bereal” and i couldn’t see anyones bereal. PLEASE FIX PLEAASEEE.Version: 0.25.2

GREAT APP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I think BeReal is a great app. I love the whole idea of aiming to post on time, all at the same time. I think this is a great way to see what people are up too. My only thing is the time. I could have my time zone set to my country, but sometimes the be reals go off at like 11 at night. And at 11:00 I’m not out anywhere so i don’t really have anything interesting to post. Other than that, overall it’s a great app and i definitely recommend downloading it and getting your friends on it too if they aren’t already. I rate this app 5 stars as the problem i have isn’t really anyones fault. I use this app all the time and i haven’t missed posting for over a month or two. Now stop reading this and download BeReal..Version: 0.28.2

Fun but slowThis is so good. I love this app. However, it takes a huge amount of time to post when a picture is taken. And, sometimes it doesn’t even let me post. Leaving me with an error all day until it posts 8hrs later with the first BeReal I tried. I know this has only happened once but i hope that it is being dealt with. On a more constructive side, I think we should be able to see who our friends are following and who follow them. I also think that we should be allowed to have our memories public if wanted. Some might like it private but I believe having the option would be amazing. Thank you for creating such an amazing application, A BeReal fan.Version: 0.22.5

Bereal is amazing, but a few things!I recently got BeReal about a month ago, and love it. However, there is a thing that I personally would change. I think it would be useful to have a set schedule. It would be optional to have this on, of course. But this is because I haven’t once hit a time when i get the notification, and take it on time. Whether im at practice, or studying and don’t want my phone to distract me, or sleeping. If, for example, I had schedules and the bereal came in when one was on. In this case, the bereal would appear when the schedule ended, and I would still get the two extra bereals (thats my main goal honestly) and instead of saying the bereal was late it would say “schedule on” or something like that. Also, more reasonable times for it to come?? It came out at midnight a few nights ago and ive heard stories of it coming out later in the night. If someone desperately wanted to take it then, they could use a extra, save it, or delete it and redo. Just suggestions!!.Version: 1.5.0

GlitchyI enjoy the concept of the app, but there needs to be a way to allow users to reattempt to upload their photos due to bad service. When I tried to post my photo tonight, it was taking much longer than it should have. After a minute or two, it said that I uploaded the image, but the app kept glitching out. I closed the app to reboot it, and my selfie for today was still there but no longer appeared in my memories. Even though I can see what I posted today on my “My Friends” feed, I am unable to see my friends’ posts and the discover page because the app doesn’t think I posted. Isn’t there a possibility to save that photo as a draft for that exact moment in the event the app glitches out so we can attempt to post it again? That would keep the spirit of the app within the moment, but it is not our fault if our internet screws us over. While I’m here, I would also like to ask if it would be possible to add a privacy feature where you can set your images to public while setting your location view to friends only. Thanks for reading..Version: 0.20.1

Really funI really enjoy posting on this app and I think it is very safe but you should definitely stick to the age guidelines just in case but you can change your settings to friends only instead of public which is useful. I also think that it’s great to see what your friends are up to without having to ask them and be awkward 😂. On the other hand, is can make you feel like your life isn’t as exciting enough because you might think that people are just accidentally posting late when really they’re making it seem like there having an exciting day by only posting exciting moments. Many may disagree because the point of the app is to ‘be real’ but some are just there to fake ‘being real’. Overall, I really love this app and would highly recommend it to other teens and adults to connect and have fun! 🤩.Version: 1.3.0

PLEASE FIX THIS!!!So first of all I think that bereal is a fun app to see what your friends are doing and I over all really liked bereal for the time I had it. Although one day bereal went off as normal and i took a bereal but it was not posting. I tried closing out of the app, turning off my phone, and deleting and taking a new bereal. After none of that worked i though maybe it was just being glitchy so i deleted the app. I then reinstalled it, but when i opened the app it would just load and load and load and then finally say that it couldn’t reach my account and to try again later. I tried multiple times everyday for a while. I also tried deleting and reinstalling. Nothing worked. So i gave up for a while. The. a few months later I opened the app and it worked!!! But then just a few weeks after it started working it broke AGAIN!! I was so mad. And then the same thing happened. It worked for a few weeks and then broke again so right now my bereal is currently not working. I also looked this up online and apparently this has happened to other people. Bereal please fix this🙏🙏🙏.Version: 1.14.0

DmBro can you guys add dm’s so i can hit up these girls man.Version: 0.23.3

Great to see what friends are up toAwesome app honestly. Just writing this review because of a few nitpicks. Primarily a comment chain system to make commenting more interactive as well as seeing comments in the preview. Furthermore reacting to comments. The comments just seem like an underdeveloped feature. Also being able to write your caption while the photo is still uploading seeing as the BeReals take forever to upload (not your fault I assume everyone trying to upload a photo at the exact same time can be difficult to manage). Overall seriously cool app.Version: 0.23.0

Been using for six months :)!I started using this in November 2022. It’s now May 2023 and I’m still using it every day. It’s really fun! I love that the app has introduced Bonus BeReals; it adds a sense of urgency to post on time so I can post extra if I want to. I also love getting to see some of my friends more than once a day. There’s only two things that would improve my experience of the app. 1. Let us save the emoji reacts from our friends. My friends make really cute faces in the emoji reacts! I want to be able to go back and look at them. 2. Auto-save our Bonus BeReals to our Memories. At the moment I have to manually screenshot them to save them. Would be great if they could be saved to Memories like normal BeReals. It would also be great if, when saving posts from Memories, we could choose to save them as two separate photos. They get cut off with the other picture blocking the focus of the photo sometimes..Version: 1.1.0

Be real videosThis app is really well thought out i love the idea of making people “be real” rather than faking their life on social media to look cool, when in reality most people just sit in their bed. my parents love this app for me and my siblings to show us how social media can be fake a lot of the time. and it also is a great thing for friends as well, my friends and i at school are always taking photos with one another if it goes off at school. i think in the future you guys should add an option to not only take photos for your be reals but to also do videos! i think it would really captivate peoples lives more, especially if they’re at a concert or on a roller coaster, i think it would be a really cool update to see! it could be a 10 second or less video, working the same way a photo does with front at back camera and it would be a great feature!.Version: 0.23.3

My BeRealThe BeReal app is the best app that has ever come on the App Store, it’s made my life so good. In fact, it changed my life. Before I got BeReal, I was a lonely ingenuous nerd. I had this huge crush on someone in my school. His name is Trent Jackson and he is so hot. I thought he would never like someone like me. But because of BeReal he did, he saw what a quirky girl I was and fell forme. He tells me everyday that I’m not like the other girls and we kiss every day, and maybe do even more ;). I think he’s my soulmate. He has beautiful golden brown eyes, I love him. This is a conversation we had before we started dating. “Hey my name, i-i saw your BeReal, I didn’t know you liked football” “Ummm… ya.. I know it’s weird… but me and m-my dad watch it together 🥺” “No it’s cool, I’ve never met a girl in to stuff like that… you really aren’t like other girls.” He lets out a hearty laugh. I think i could fell my… you know what getting wet and hot. The way he speaks makes me totally blush. We started to react to each other every day and our crushes grow deeper. I started to be more confident in myself. And he started not to care about what his “popular friends” started to think. But there was one hook, his dump stupid blonde bimbo sluty girlfriend. Eyeroll. She started to get mad at him for reacting to me. In more then one way. One day she got she jealous that she pushed me into a locker and called my farts stinky. I was so embarrassed. I had had enough. I started singing fight song. He was so proud of me he broke up with her and kissed me so hard <3. The rest is history, his dumb ex was laughed out of the school his ex friends following. And Trent and I are happy. The whole school loves me know <3..Version: 0.25.2

Great but…Everything is fine except now I have to take a breal every time I want to react to a friends BeReal and it’s getting real annoying, I deleted them downloaded it again but nothing changed, so I’m not sure what to do,.Version: 0.25.2

We Love Being Real!!!!“It’s like an insight to everyone’s life that you didn’t know you needed.” Peyton and Char are BeReal advocates. We love BeReal. The way that that everyone is truly real is crazy in this fake society. On Instagram, all we see is edited models doing unimaginable things that we regular folk can only wish that we could do. With BeReal, however, everyone is encouraged to BE REAL!!!! Not only do we see people in their true form being lazy, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, or just petting their dog, we also get to see people we normally wouldn’t talk to react to our lives in a positive way. It’s exciting to see everyone’s reaction when the notification is sent out everyone - regardless of who they are - is ecstatic to just be real. The rawness of the app shows what a real human being is. The reality is, we’re not always at the beach looking snatched or at concerts with our friends. It’s reassuring to know you’re not the only person just sitting on your couch all day. NOT ONLY THAT, but there is nothing - I mean nothing - that you can pay for!!!! There is no pressure to get the best version of the app, just a bunch of people posting on the same app at the same time just being real..Version: 0.23.3

Fun app to use with friendsFun way to interact daily with close friends. One suggestion would just be about the time zones - you are prompted to do snaps at night time, when I’ll rather just anytime of the day. Also when you try to change the time zone, it would delete your BeReal?.Version: 0.20.1

Just be reeeaaaaaal!Very interesting concept. Real time feed of both rear and front camera pics makes the dynamic exciting of knowing what your friends are really upto 🤩.Version: 0.23.1

So funI love the idea of no filters or follows and just posting your reality. One thing I think needs improving is that too many people I know say the app is becoming ‘too repetitive’. So I reckon have some more activities that help bereal expand like maybe add short 5 second video options when taking BeReal or add ‘missions’ where it makes you have to take 7 bereal snapshots (1 per day for a week) in a row and then you get to unlock a feature like ‘customising the bereal app icon’ (for your own app & Home screen). I thjnk it would make the app 5x better and more exciting and I can get more friends to join back! 😁🙂.Version: 0.30.1

Very good!I really love this app. it’s non toxic and doesn’t push unrealistic standards onto people. i like how it’s not “followers”, but instead it’s friends. i also like how not anyone can just add you and they can see your stuff, but you can’t see anyone’s posts unless your added which is amazing to me. i have one idea though; posting on your “story”. it’ll of course be the usual BeReal picture layout, but you can post any time of day, and it could re-set after when your regular BeReal resets! i think it would be a fun way to post your everyday life to your friends when you want to. and maybe there could even be a limit of how many pictures you can post on your story as well (i personally think around 5 would be a good amount if you were to put a limit on how many you can post.) it’s just an idea i have in mind and i think it would be a great addition to the app! thank you for reading, please consider it!!.Version: 2.6.0

Bug fixes or bugs created?Love the app but the new update seems to have created more problems than the ones I never noticed that it “fixed”. My friends and I no longer get notified to post and when we do it only lets u scroll to see maybe three posts at a time before closing off and saying we have to post to see other peoples posts but our original post is still active. Really frustrating and hopefully this is fixed soon cos otherwise it’s such a fun way to see what’s going on with friends you don’t otherwise have regular contact with..Version: 0.25.2

Bug issuesThis is such a fun app! Its just that it takes all the time in the world to post a picture!!! It’s been 2 days exactly that MY picture hasn’t been uploading. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG..Version: 0.25.2

BeReal is awsomeBeReal is AWSOME, it’s a great app if you like to show your friends what your doing and who your with😊. I don’t really count BeReal as like a big social media app. I’m not allowed to have like Facebook and instagram or TikTok so this is a great start for middle schoolers or anyone. Your the one who decides what people you are gonna add (they are the people who can see your BeReal pics that you post) and if someone tries to add you, you have to accept their friend request before they can see anything. BeReal is really fun, I’m a middle schooler who just got it recently, my mom allowed it instead of instagram. It’s fun to challenge your friends to see who can get more reactions, the reactions are when one of your friends or family makes a face with an emoji then makes it so you can see it kind of like a comment, you can also comment too. The emojis you can use with your pic of your face reaction are 😍⚡️👍😃😂. And yea this is pretty mischievous BeReal, also you can do the same to your friends BeReals. Hope this helps you☺️.Version: 1.16.1

It’s so much fun, but still some lagsFor about a year and a half my best friend would always have this photo to take. Once a day she would yell, “time for BeReal” and everyone would gather around pose and tag each other, I would be so confused but thought it was just new slang for taking a photo or whatever. (At the time I was really taking a break from social media platforms snap, insta, etc.) Later at a sleepover I bring up this one day about how I want to start taking more photos of us hanging out and post them, then she wips out all these pictures we’ve taken together on BeReal and recommends the app. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I downloaded the app and soon as she explained it to me. I set up an account and added some friends and well I don’t regret anything. It’s such a fun app to have, it has such a good community and I don’t really understand any hate towards it. The only thing is that sometimes I’ll post my BeReal and then it doesn’t work and I can redo it like it lags out if you have low connection. But overall you get to connect with new and old friends, you get to look at all sorts past memories/phots and just overall be real. 😌.Version: 1.18.2

So authenticGenuinely love this app. All my friends and I have it and it’s such a nice way to share but in an authentic and real way. The fact that there’s no filters, no option to edit, no option to stalk profiles. I love it. Such a healthy social media app. I’m hoping there will be an app update soon as I’m noticing a few little glitches. The app will notify me when someone has added me but when I go on the app there’s nothing there. Similar to when the app will show that there’s a notification with the little blue icon but then when I go on the app there’s nothing there. Hopefully these little glitches, along with some other ones I’ve noticed, will be sorted soon as this app is genuinely so good for mental health and well-being..Version: 0.20.2

Positive BeReal. ReviewThanks so much BeReal. For your amazing app, I love it lots. I love how you can take a photo of where you are and then of your face to show your emotions of where you are, instead of just taking one photo like it make more sense taking two but I mainly love how you can react to peoples BeReal. With the little emoji and a pic it’s great. And I don’t think I have anything negative to say about your app it’s great thanks for taking a moment to read this review. :).Version: 0.36.3

Great idea, great appAlexis, I think this app is fantastic, I like the restrictions on posting that stimulate social activity which builds friendships and relationships. I’ve not seen any subscription fees or upgrades, but I would subscribe (but not buying virtual gifts) if I knew people here and could do without the adverts. The problem however is I don’t know anyone on the app. Sure I can use the Discovery feature which is a great solution although I know I won’t find anyone local and most aren’t here in my country - the UK. If it does take off and go viral, then the idea will be sold to Meta or another social company or that company will recreate the app on their network where everyone is already..Version: 0.20.2

Love it !Wish you could view others memories & vice versa.Version: 0.20.0

Daily photo projectI enjoy BeReal. I’m in my 40s and did a daily selfie back in 2007. Since then I always fail at keeping track of taking and uploading photos. This app takes care of that with the daily notification and platform. I like that I can see what friends are doing at the same time as me. It’s easy to share the photo to other places. A couple of frustrations: I started in late September 2022 and have not missed a day. Yet two of my memories are missing: Oct 23rd and Nov 5th. There was another one that went missing (Oct 11) that eventually reappeared. I would love for the missing two to come back. The notification is very rarely in the morning. Perhaps due to America being one time zone on the app? I would love more morning notifications and less of the evening ones where I’m just sitting on the sofa with bad lighting! Perhaps the US could be split into two zones so that those of us in CST and EST could have earlier notifications. I was tempted to switch my time zone to Asia but then I wouldn’t be posting at the same time as friends..Version: 0.33.1

Almost revolutionaryI've found this app to be very versatile for my social life as I can see what my friends are doing in their days without having to start a convocation along with the reaction feature where u can capture a live moment (most pull a funny face) this app is great to start convocation too instead of asking what they did that day you can ask how was what they did as you already know a little glimpse of what they are up to , also a pretty cool way to catch up with family and people you may not see or be so close to Would defo recommend to all and also to add all the fit birds on your suggested/may know page it will boost your game 100x My only criticism is the lack of npc players to add I've been very curious of them lately and would love to be able to study them through this app as they can be somewhat intimidating in public ..Version: 0.22.5

Cool AppI like a lot about this app, unlike most social media platforms this one hardly pushes consumerism, news (real & fake), or ads in your face. It’s simple, not demanding you be on it at all hours of the day (tiktok). While many social networks give people the opportunity to present a reality that isn't their actual life, this counters that. Other than being late & choosing when to post, there isn't a whole lot of faking you can do. If you're listening to a song it wont let you change it after you captured ur bereal, showing everyone you were really playing that, at that time. I think the feature where you get bonus bereals for posting on time is great bc it encourages people to post on time and wait less for that perfect pic & rewards you with bonus ones. At this time the bonus bereal feature is still being worked on but the idea overall is really sweet. All around I've had a great experience on this app..Version: 1.1.1

SuperThis app is great because like the name it is just very real no filters or fake news also it has the opportunity to see what your friends are up to and sorta be with them it love it but it is also a bit risky bc you can add people you don’t know but they do need an approval which is safer. However this app is very slow and most people will probably agree with me it teak along time to take my be real and let it send I don’t know if this is because of my Wi-Fi but I find it very annoying. Another great thing is that this app is no money and has a great background thought. Overall I think this app is brilliant and definitely worth getting it..Version: 0.33.1

Amazing app WHEN it goes off during the day!Hey be real crew, I would like to inform you that your app is really cool and has a really good idea behind it. But it’s really annoying how it goes off during the night multiple times a week during 8-11 pm. It’s not interesting and makes it kinda usless, I would advise you to make the pets tiers of the time it goes off more Lilly during the times 8:00am - 5:00pm as that’s usually the times when people are doing interesting and fun stuff which would be perfect FOR BE REAL. Whereas instead we are getting a lot of be reals at 10-11pm which is not good for the apps use if yk what I mean..Version: 0.24.0

BeRealU love BeReal it is an amazing app honestly I would recommend it to every1 it is age friendly, amazing and every time you forget that you need to do a BeReal it sends you a notification so it’s really help full that it reminds you to take 1 and when you want to look at your past BeReals it lets you see them you can connect with friends by adding them on BeReal you can also see who your friends are friends with and you can add them too so overall it is an amazing app it is 1 of my favourites because I can see what my friends are up too you can also see what your friends friends are up to when the press send to friends of friends and you can do that too so if I was you and don’t have BeReal I would down load it right now. Thanks for reading.Version: 1.20.1

Love this app but who decides when it’s time to BeRealI love this app for all the same reasons everyone else, it’s unique, gives you a chance to be authentic, and if you and your friends have a good sense of humor it’s very fun. My question is, what dictates when the 2 min timer starts? When I first installed the app, it was around 10am for a few days consecutively which was ok but not ideal since most people are doing the same thing around the same time each day and during the week that’s usually just working. After those few days the time seemed to be more sporadic but the latest was probably around 5pm. Now today, it’s almost 10:30pm and I still haven’t gotten the notification to share. This isn’t even really a complaint because I think if it was the same time every day, it would be too predictable and easy to kind of curate a post rather than an authentic photo, i’m just curious what’s going on or if there’s any type of pattern to it. And of course I just received the notification rn which I knew would happen.Version: 0.23.3

Amazing!BeReal is so fun and entertaining! I love BeReal because you can’t use filters or backdrops! It’s you and your friends in the moment. I love that all of the RealMojis are nice and not hurtful and that you can leave fun comments for them to see. The fact that you get to choose who you can be friends with is so nice. It allows you to keep your account between friends that you know personally. You can choose to share it for everyone on discovery or just with your friends. No one even needs to know your location. You get to pick what your profile says and what picture you want to use. You can change the picture at anytime. Now with the new update you can post up to 3 BeReals if your on time. This encourages everyone to post on time and makes it so much more fun. You can react to all 3 BeReals with different RealMojis depending on how you feel about them. It is so much fun. And the safest type of social media platform. I would recommend BeReal to all of my friends and family! LOVE BEREAL AND THE WORK PUT INTO IT!! ❤️.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome concept, needs work stillI looove the concept of this app. Something less stressful to post on than Instagram thats just for seeing your friends/family’s faces and lives on the daily. My biggest beef with this app is that it notifies you when people post comments, etc but then I have to search through every post to see where the comments are, and half the time its just someone I don’t know commenting on a friends post, but I can’t choose to not be notified for that specifically. Having a notification screen where I can see all my notifications and click through to the posts they’re on would make everything soooo much better. And please please please include comments with the memories/let us choose to let others see our memories!! Sometimes I post late and then the next day’s B Real is early and I miss what people posted/commented ☹️ I also think the Discovery part kinda ruins the point of this app. Wish I could at least choose to hide it. Thanks for keeping this simple though, I hope it stays that way - I really love it, its the best!!.Version: 0.24.0

Great app needs a few adjustmentsLove BeReal - I think it should give notifications to your friends when you post your second and third BeReals. I think it would also be better if the camera didn’t take the photo on 0.5 when you take the selfie first. Otherwise great..Version: 1.4.1

Refreshingly new and uniqueI really enjoy that BeReal is a newer platform that brings us the joys of social media and sharing with friends without the negative effects of it too. I like that it’s a way to capture what’s happening in the moment and eliminates the possibility of glamorising and editing your life to impress your followers and friends. When the front camera takes the picture I appreciate the absence of seeing what you look like as the picture is being taken as it allows for a more authentic image of you to be taken. And lastly I enjoy that everyone’s profiles is kept minimal I’m the sense that you cannot look at a feed of other people’s previous BeReal photos and ‘stalk them’, you can’t look at number of friend and compare, only the number of mutual friends you have in common is available to see. And so thank you, for creating an app which is purely fun and carefree without the harmful effects that other platforms generally have..Version: 0.20.0

NotificationsHonestly love the app, I think it’s a creative way to show what you’re up too at that specific time & depending on your mates personalities then the bereals are also funny to look at. However, when leaving the app it always says I’ve still got notifications to open when I haven’t. I’ll have been on multiple times, checked my reactions, comments, friend requests, all the things you can think of which would give me a notification and yet the little icon with the amount of notifications on the app still does not clear. A few friends have also mentioned this happens to them too. So I’m unsure if it’s just a bug that needs fixing but it’s really annoying to a person like me who cannot stand notifications showing when you know there isn’t any there to look at..Version: 0.25.2

Great appI like the idea of this app because it doesn’t take up too much of your time, but just at a certain time in the day you get to see what others are doing at that same time. Its kinda wholesome The memories system is very nice, being able to see every single daily picture you’ve taken, and I can’t wait to rack up a nice collection Only complaint is that the server can be a bit patchy sometimes, making the app pretty laggy and annoying to use. Sometimes it doesn’t even detect you’ve taken a photo! However I imagine this problem will be fixed with time since this app is still quite a new thing.Version: 0.24.0

Love it, except for one thing….This app is truly amazing! The idea of a filterless, REAL social media is genius. I have also really enjoyed all of the updates! You can really get a look into your friends lives by knowing what they’re listening to, seeing front and back cameras, and viewing the extra two Bereals. I also really love looking back and seeing Bereals from past days. It’s so fun to remember each day. I basically have short term memory, haha, so it helps me remember outfits and such. Though, there IS one thing that needs to be fixed. When I go into Memories and click on the days that I took multiple Bereals, I am only able to see the first one I took. I am greatly disappointed by this because my first Bereals are usually the ones I like the least. They were taken on time and aren’t as fun. The app should be updated so that when you click on a day that you took multiple Bereals, you are able to swipe up or down to see the other two. That way, we are still able to view ALL of the Bereals we take. Thank you for your time! I highly recommend this app for all ages!.Version: 1.3.0

Things to improve:)I think if they did it at different times throughout the day because atm in nz it’s only at night at like 11pm ect and no one does anything fun then.Version: 0.27.0

Love the app but..I love bereal it’s such a great concept except for the fact that it has gone off past 9pm for the fourth night in a row. This defeats the purpose because most people are asleep and it’s not fun because everyone has to post a late the next day. You can’t expect everyone to stay up to 12pm each night it’s unrealistic. Also a recommendation is that when you search one of your friends up and click of their profile it comes up with their bereal for the day. But other than that everything is great!!.Version: 0.25.2

No complaints!What’s nice about BeReal is that only your friends that you add/accept requests for can see your BeReal for that day. The notification comes randomly, and you are able to post late. (it marks how late you are, don’t worry about being late it’s not a big deal) The only picture of you that strangers could see is your profile picture. BeReal is awesome, you can’t put filters on or import any photos! Just watch who your friends are, and only accept people that you know. I have not seen any inappropriate BeReals or Realmojis so far. I generally only accept people that I am friends with. It will not notify someone if you delete their follow request. BeReal is not a bad social media app, you get to see people you know “being real” and not just the filtered, airbrushed, and hand selected instagram posts that they spent weeks planning. You get to see them, and what they do normally in their everyday life, not just the highlights that are on instagram. I hope this helped someone that is on the fence with BeReal. Just download it! 😊.Version: 0.23.3

The only social media that’s not ToxicLove this app its so genuine, it will never take off and thats why its awesome. Just your close circle 10/10.Version: 0.20.1

GoodGood app to stalk your friends.Version: 0.36.1

Recommend but…I really like this app. It’s very fun and a really cool idea. I would like if there were more times zones (I know a lot of people have said this) but posting the same thing everyday is a bit boring or posting the next day is as well. Also I would like if there was an option to log in. I was logged out for reasons I am unaware of and was unable to log back in or create a new account as my email had already been used. Somehow I was randomly logged back in but I would still like a solution to this issue. Finally it would be cool if you could use photos already taken… I understand this may ruin the authenticity of the app however the notification didn’t come through so I decided to take a picture with my phone normally instead but have now seen the notification and I missed it. This is disappointing because I had some really fun photos from the right time. Since I prefer to use the app to look at my “memories” and see what I was doing on different dates I would like to show the pictures I took of what I was actually doing Again, great app. I highly recommend it is very fun..Version: 0.22.2

A great way to keep up with friendsSuch a fun app! I don’t get to see my friends much irl but this allows me to keep up with them and see what they’re up to in the day to day..Version: 0.22.5

Absolutely amazing contact supportHad an issue with my account and got a reply under five minutes, and the issue resolved within 30mins. Definitely makes me appreciate this app so much more. 🫶🏼.Version: 0.35.0

Amazing appValid asf.Version: 0.23.2

Used to run well now doesn’tI’ve had BeReal. for a long time and it had never crashed, froze or deleted my photos however around august and September oh this year (2023) my BeReal. just freezes and I cannot scroll, post or click on anything I have deleted and reinstalled the app a number of times which is only a temporary fix, I had checked for updates before deleting the app. Please fix this soon, I am loosing patience and might not reinstall it if this continues….Version: 1.10.0

Good but filled with bugs!The premise of BeReal is awesome! You have 2 minutes a day to take a picture of yourself? 0 filters, completely real. It's an awesome app that is definitely needed in a world full of "perfect" social media posts. However the app itself is hard to use. Updating the feed takes a minute and even sometimes you have to restart the app for it to refresh. I've encountered many times where i've taken a picture but when i go to enter a caption or just put my phone down for a second, it prompts me to take my picture again. Also, sometimes opening the app again removes my caption or reactions to other's bereals. A lot of the time it seems like a refresh and saving issue, not quite connecting to the server whenever an action is taken. So a really imaginative and creative app, but with a lot of issues to iron out! 🫶🏻.Version: 0.25.1

Great app but buggyI’ve been using BeReal for a little over a month and it has slowly become my favorite social media app. I love the concept, and everyone who I recommend give it a chance also ends up loving it. The only reason I could not give the app 5 stars is because it is still super buggy. I have a permanent notification symbol on the app, it has the little red circle with the number 1 and there is no way to make it go away. Sometimes it goes away by itself, but then comes back randomly. Also, when you are looking for new friends on the app, and you see people who might be in your contacts or have mutuel friends, there is a button to add them, or a button to ex them out. When you ex someone out from the list, they go away, but then randomly reappear? The bugs are not game-breaking but it’s quality of life things that should be fixed given that the app has went pretty main stream. This is the first review I’ve ever given so if anything, I hope this gives some feedback to the developers. Keep it ad-free!!! We love that there is no marketplace. It’s simple, it works, don’t break it PLEASE..Version: 0.24.0

Great app but i have a suggestionThis app is a breath of fresh air. i really enjoy the concept and it keeps me and my long distance friends close. However since having the app my friends list has grown and suddenly the closeness that i felt has started to fade. would it be possible to have a close friends page and your normal page as well the discovery page? That way I can see and react to my close friends and have quick look and occasional react at the other pages? Thanks.Version: 0.24.0

Be realBe real is amazing especially with the time when you can post on time and then if Your late you still get to post and also it says it is for 12 years and up when there is nothing to have to do with 12 year old behavior I’m 10 and all my other friends are 11 and we are all on bereal there is nothing that your kids can see that is bad because all you do is make friends THAT U KNOW and you will be all and you just take pics and share but other than that is is absolutely amazing! Oh and one more thing I love the new update because now if you lost on time then you get to take two other post whenever you like and one thing that u suggest is to make sure your kids don’t go on discovery mode that is at the top of your screen because those are random People that you won’t know and sometimes they can be all around the world so I would be careful and don’t friend request them because they can be creeps. And that’s what I think about BeReal hope this helps!.Version: 2.4.1

The Anti-social media Social mediaIs such a fun app that tackles social media issues. That being on our phones all the time. BeReal as suggested in the name, is you being real in that moment and is interesting enough for you to come back each day and not spend a whole lot of time on it. More friends the better with this app..Version: 0.33.1

Be real reviewThe only problem I have is that this app doesn’t have enough time zones but other wise it would be a 5 star but I live in NZ and I have my time zone in east Asia and I get the be real notification at like 11:00pm sometimes.Version: 0.25.2

I was skepitcal at firstBecause my friends all had it, and started screaming whenever the notification would appear, as they treated it like a race. I thought it’d be yet another unhealthy obsession. I downloaded it reluctantly but the app is actually really good! Love the authenticity of posting at a random time! My assumption was DEFINITELY wrong. I have a suggestion for the realmojis too! It would be hilarious if you could select an emoji from the emoji keyboard as well as the default ones! This would make for some hilarious faces 😂😂 I also have a suggestion for the feed! I have a few friends on here (people from a larger community of friends) and it can sometimes be tedious scrolling down to the bottom if you want to see what a specific person was up to, so maybe a search bar could work? This would only be to search for people who you’re friends with already. tl;dr: This app is so much better than I thought it would be! Well worth the download..Version: 0.20.0

Cant Add FriendsJust recently downloaded this app but when I go to accept a friend request it says “unprocessable entity” ? please help fix this as i wont be able to share my be real experience with others thank you in advance :).Version: 0.24.0

App doesn’t load when the notification goes offTo whom this may concern, I love using this app. However. There’s an issue where I open the app by clicking on the notification and it doesn’t load and allow me to take my bereal and to resolve this issue I have to delete the app and re-download it again. In doing so, it resolves itself but then the issue keeps coming back Other than this. It’s an amazing app to see what my friends are up to.Version: 1.10.0

BeRealI have not been receiving any BeReal notifications, iv tried to fix, and reset the app but it’s not helping. It’s also kind of annoying how there isn’t NZST as I live in New Zealand. But over all it’s pretty good, great way to connect with friends yeah lol.Version: 0.24.0

Very good, very nice!WOW don’t even get me started on this app, i heard about this app through a friend who was addicted to this. I decided to download it and give it a try, overtime i have added more and more people and now have over 50+ new friends on there! It’s amazing to get a insight to other peoples lives and to show people what i’m up to aswell. The react feature is also great, you can have a great experience on this app and it is a core part of my daily life, i love sitting looking through everyone’s bereals and reacting to them based on how i feel, such a addicting app that doesn’t destroy your mental health like what insta and tiktok does, instead it opens your mind and gives you a sense of calmness. It also adds another step to your routine. I don’t know where i would be without this app!.Version: 0.22.5

The new updates GUYS PLEASEI love this app but please for the love of all that is good get RID of this new ‘three photos’ thing it’s so ANNOYING to have a huge circle button at the bottom of my screen and it’s made the app way slower to the point where my friends bereals refuse to show up when i get a notification they’ve posted also the new timer thing is weird. why does it go up. i get the point is to show how late someone is but like. what does that matter? literally who cares other than people who screen record their bereal and who even cares if they’re late??? they’re influencers we don’t give a toss about them. if the timer doesn’t go DOWN it isn’t a timer guys it isn’t forcing you to take it when you click on it now is it other than this new stuff i love bereal. it’s so fun <3.Version: 1.1.0

BeReal RatingBeReal is the perfect thing to see what your friends are doing! BeReal makes you and you’re friends and family connect more ! BeReal sends you a notification everyday! That notification means it’s the time of the day you take a photo and it’s not always the same time so then u can see what people are doing at different times ! And when u take a photo of yourself and/or friend(s) it takes another photo but on the opposite camera so like the back of you phone ! You can use BeReal on an iPad,iphone,phone and take photos ! You can even react to your friends BeReal by simply take a photo on which emoji u want for example if there BeReal is funny u can react with the funny reaction of a picture of you! You can see how other people have reacted to you’re friends BeReal ! I have found BeReal such a fun thing to look up to do everyday! And if you post your BeReal right when you get your notification you can post two more one more today or two tomorrow or one tomorrow one today you can only post your extra one before your next one goes off!! There’s a year recap we’re all the photos you’ve took make one year recap in one vid ! Thank you for reading this this is why I love BeReal and think it’s underrated I give it a five stars I definitely recommend!!! go ahead download now and it’s free and there’s way more about it but this review is already long so yeah byeee tysm for reading again.Version: 1.6.0

PLS GIVE US THE OPTION TO CHANGE UR NUMBERI am literally only keeping my number rn bcs I don’t want to lose my account- like guys come on. We can connect our Spotify now but we can’t change number? Let’s be for real💀.Version: 0.36.1

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