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Won’t let me swap shiftsSince the newest update everything has been working fine up until now. I requested to swap shifts with one of my coworkers but after a couple days they never accepted or denied it. I asked them about it and they said they never got anything in their inbox. I canceled the request and tried again but he still never received it. He then tried to request to swap shift with me for the same days. I got a notification that he requested to swap shifts but when I opened the app there was nothing in my inbox. I have tried several times with other coworkers but nothing ever shows up in their inbox or in mine..Version: 1.0.15

I use it for work but it doesn’t workThe app overall isn’t bad it just glitches a lot. It always says it won’t clock me in because I’m not at work but I’m standing right inside Walmart. Another thing I can’t stand is please fix the option where when you put in pto or ppto PUT AN OPTION TO FIX IT IF WE MADE A MISTAKE ON THE HOURS. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put 8 hours instead of 1 or 2 hours. And I can’t even fix it so there goes all my paid time off. It’s so annoying please fix it..Version: 1.1.1

Please fix your appEverything i list is a problem not only i, but every associate in my store has had with this app. the biggest issue is with it being very slow. there have been numerous times that i have had problems with the app upon clocking in that caused me to be late and have to use my ppto to cover. many problems with it saying “proximity error” whilst inside the store and attempting to clock in, usually takes several tries to get it to acknowledge that i’m in the store. “unable to get time zone” is another pop up i get often as well as just flat out refusal to accept my time clock punches. lots of issues with the “item information” scanner, again, mainly with it being very slow. there are many times when i will scan a item and it will say “unable to get item information” or do something along those lines. has issues with linking to a printer for case labels and/or will print the labels incorrectly. sometimes the scanner will not scan barcodes at all. here lately i’ve had a lot of issues with the app randomly crashing and also with the screen continuously loading when trying to print a case label. all of these app issues make my job very frustrating and take time away from doing my job effectively. a lot of these issues are not new and have been going on for months. it’s disappointing for a multibillion dollar company to produce a app this faulty for its associates. please do better walmart.Version: 1.5.1

Clocking in and out issuesLately I have noticed when it’s time to clock in and out from my shift it freezes. I’ve had to turn my phone off and on to make it work. Now I have to delete the app then loading it back on. Having to start over for my password ect. When I think it’s working I get an error message. Then I have to log on a computer to see if I was clocked in. I have had times where it says I clocked in and I wasn’t. The time was saying I clocked in at this time but I didn’t start work till 1 hour later. It’s confusing and time consuming. This issue will have us thinking we are clocked in and started working when in fact we have not due to this glitch. This issue will put our jobs in jeopardy. So please fix this ASAP. Thanks!.Version: 1.2.0

No time clock featureI like where this is going but I am unable to use the time clock function. Actually my whole store, 5608, is unable to use it. The feature doesn’t even show up for us. It would have been a great option for us while waiting sometimes 10-15 minutes for a health screening on the side of the building. So many times I had to fix my punch so I wouldn’t get an occurrence. Hoping this gets fixed soon..Version: 1.0.15

Issues with signing inIt’s a great app it has always worked for me, but all the sudden it signed me out and when I tried signing back in it’d asked me to verify by sending a text to my phone. The text never came in and I couldn’t log back in. I sign in one of the computers at walmart and made sure the correct number was on the 2 step verification. Now when I try to sign in on the app it does not allow me to verify, it just says to visit a link to add a form of verification. So I cannot use the app. What can I do?.Version: 1.3.1

BRING BACK THE ROSTER FEATURELove the new app & being able to clock in & out. Must still be some bugs because I occasionally have to reboot my phone to get the clock feature to work. Also, please bring back the Roster feature. Without the TMAT, we are unable to see who works. The Roster showed associates in order of time they worked, which was great, whether I was on the clock or not. The AskSam does show schedules, but if an associate has several work areas, it doesn’t show the complete work day. 🙁 BRING BACK THE ROSTER FEATURE! 🙂.Version: 1.0.11

Good app but time clock doesn’t work rightI tried to use the time clock feature to clock out for lunch when I was doing the door host position and it said proximity error even though I was in the store. You have to be like in the middle of the store fir it to work at store 2361 but besides that i like the new update. If you can fix the time clock issue then I will update to 5 stars. Ps it also takes like 30 seconds for it to register the clock in or clock out I really hope you can bring down thirds times.Version: 1.0.11

Two associates/ big problemI loved this app as it made things easier but I live with my son who also works at Walmart and about a week ago I checked my schedule and the schedule was wrong and it said I was clocked in when I was at home and I realized it was my son’s schedule.. I tried logging him out and deleting the app and nothing works and my son has never signed in to my phone and I can no longer clock in or find my schedule..Version: 1.0.15

Great Start, Has potential but needs work.This App has so much potential. To start the clock in feature is great when it works as well as the other features. Features that need to be added. 1. Timesheet history such as punches by day and total hours worked for the week etc. in app 2.Paystub, allow associate to view paystub and print paystub new and old in app. 3. Allow Associate to check attendance exceptions balance in app. 4. Allow Associate to call out Sick/Tardy directly from the App. 5. Face ID question at beginning needs to be disabled once you request not to use it. Instead of having to hit no every time app is opened. Give option in settings to activate it later if wanted. 6. Be able to adjust benefits such as 401K % and ASPP deduction etc. 7. Be able to adjust direct deposit amounts and accounts Thank you for continuing to make this app better for everyone..Version: 1.1.1

Completely glitched now I can’t get back into it at all.Absolutely terrible. I can’t even use this app anymore because it completely locked me out after two failed attempts at my passcode because I was typing it in too fast. And then when I tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, it still thinks the app is downloaded so now I can’t even use it to clock in and out anymore. So now I have to completely restart my phone to see if that works because I have tried EVERYTHING. The ask Sam feature was fantastic when im working but nope can’t use that anymore..Version: 1.2.1

Major problemsFirst lets start with this app constantly trying to access my background data and facetime (why is it even trying to access facetime?!?!?!) and when trying to scan it constantly tries to turn my microphone on when trying to scan an item(which it’s scanning barcodes why does it need the microphone) Secondly when scanning items it consistently tells you the wrong location or that it cannot read this upc also if yu side by side them with a working scanner(handheld) it comes out completely different then the app and yu still need a handheld because yu cant fix shelve counts or anything and crashing every 10-15 scans Do not use this app!!!.Version: 1.1.1

UpdateUnable to pull WOSH and OT data for my store. Says I’m not allowed even though I should have access since I am salaried. Would like the ability to view/download my paystub from the app. I know many of my associates would also appreciate this option…also the option to print the paystub to the main laser (or another printer in the store) through the [email protected] app would be amazing as well. Similar to how the mod flex tool can print to the main laser. I have several associates I help each week with printing out their pay stub and it can be time consuming especially for those who have trouble remembering the log in information needed..Version: 1.4.3

ScheduleOne of the main reasons I use this app is to quickly see my schedule. For some reason it’s not showing me my schedule at all, nor an option either. It’s missing on the Home Screen and under the Me tab the icon is missing. The icons next to where it’s supposed to be, appear as though the schedule icon was never there. So now I have to log on to the Wire to see my schedule, which in itself takes awhile because that website is also buggy. Just ridiculous..Version: 1.5.0

The last big update broke featuresWhenever I go to do a price check with the app and scan the barcode the system will tell me to use the other barcode so I have to hand key in the UPC for it took work makes it too tedious to do when your in a hurry. The clocking status is unreliable constantly shows unknown. Then when I go to use my pin to log into the app it tells me my pin is incorrect so I have to close the app and use the Face ID to get logged in then the pin works fine again.Version: 1.5.0

It get the job done, but recently I’ve been locked outI think the app is very streamed line and simple to understand alway room for improvement. I just can’t come up with one because I’m not a app developers or someone with a idea. The only problem I have is a big one in my opinion is being locked out of the app. I’ve been locked out over two weeks I think at least, me, fellow employees and even managers have tried and failed to resolve my issue. It keep telling us that I have to setup a 2 step verification. We tried that and also tried to remove the number to no headway made I hope this problem can be resolved or maybe someone can assist my issue thank you for reading my cry baby essay.Version: 1.5.1

Stop exporting your business to our personal phones!I didn't care about how good or bad this app was when using it was optional. But now you are rolling out plans to make us use our own data, our own battery power, and surrender control of our own phones settings just to do our job. These are our devices! You don't get to require we give you access to our location or notifications. You are more than capable of providing a time clock and your own handheld devices for us to do our work and there is no acceptable reason to take those alternatives away from us..Version: 1.3.0

White ScreenThere have always been bugs and issues I’ve been able to deal with. Scheduling and time punch not showing up (have to restart app) and proximity errors even though I was standing in my store. Recently though, regardless of how many times I uninstall and reinstall the app, or restart my device, it only shows a blank white screen. Never really had issues with the app prior to the past few changes and updates that have been made. Seems as if the main focus of development is on the amount of features and not how well the main features of the app work..Version: 1.4.4

Time Clock disappearedSo this app was working really well at first, and then about a week ago, my time clock option disappeared and I can’t clock in and out from the app. Also, when I click on the “Me” tab, my name isn’t there. My name says Not_found and my hire date says Invalid date. My role also says Not available. Like..am I no longer an associate there or something??! I’m really mad because no other associates seem to have this problem. I can still see my schedule and associates working so that’s the only good things. Also, the walkie function doesn’t work. Or I don’t know how to work it..Version: 1.0.14

So so on update.Maybe a little below so-so. The update was last week and it came with the option to clock in/out of work as well as for lunch. However it works about 20 percent of the time. I’ve been late clocking in twice already because I relied on the fact that the app would take care of me. This update needs a update and soon. Also, the new push to talk between employees works about the same. I get a text saying I have a message but rarely get the ring. That function I can do without. I will give more stars and a better review if I see an update concerning these problems..Version: 1.0.11

Got a notification that I can’t even click on for an app updateGlitchy and unreliable and then when I go to schedule nothing loads so many problems with clock in and out feature not convenient at all… sometimes it works to submit ppto and sometimes it doesn’t. It won’t load time off requests that are current and on top of that 4 days ago I got a notification for an app update and it didn’t let me click to see the update. Went to my App Store and it’s “up to date” Says the last one was a month ago..Version: 1.5.1

Can’t handle transfersI transferred from a store in CST to a store in EST, and though everything has transferred over work wise, the app still assumes I’m back at my old store, and still lists that as my old store and position weeks later. I can’t review my schedule, it clocks me out an hour in the past so I then have to adjust the next day that way I don’t lose a whole hour of work each day, and now, it won’t let me clock back in from lunch because I still have “23 minutes left before I can clock back” even though I’ve been on lunch for a whole hour. Everything I’ve tried hasn’t fixed it yet 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 1.2.1

App does not workWalmart fix this app and give everyone the opportunity to clock in and out through it. Our time clock is a mess and doesn’t work better either. It’s really nerves wrecking struggling to clock in at work cuz time clocks are not working. Since the introduction of this app I have used it twice and that’s about it. Am literally standing inside the store and the app tells me in need to be close to clock in am wondering what close it’s really talking about. I have gone to the break room, by the customer service desk, towards the pharmacy, by the SCO, by the door, outside the building and nothing seems to work cuz according to the app am not even in the store facilities 🥵.Version: 1.3.1

GlitchyWhen I clock in/out, sometimes it will say punch fail and I have to wait 1-3 minutes in order to try again. sometimes it gives me a proximity error even tho I’m connected to their wifi. Everything else seems fine, it’s just that when it comes to clocking in/out it gets annoying when it doesn’t wanna work the first time around. It’s my 4th week at Walmart and they wanted me to use this app since they are gonna get rid of the actual clocks, therefore idk how to actually clock in with my badge, so this app is all I got..Version: 1.3.2

As a People Lead I should be able to see Overtime and other features!The app does amazing things, but needs a lot of improvement. Not only is the rollout for features slow, they don’t come out with things before decommissioning on other devices. I noticed that salary managers have access to seeing people related metrics such as overtime. Hello… people leads should have access to all functions that salary managers do on this app. Also a message feature to go along with the walkie feature would be great. I’m talking about text messages, almost like a time clock message for the app. We should be able to leave messages when the associates clock in..Version: 1.5.1

Interrupts musicNo really, it does. Anywhere. At home listening to music and want to check your work schedule? Gotta pause your music for you. Listening to music before your shift and want to take a look at your hours for the day? Pausing your music for you again. There’s no functional purpose unless your intent is to pause the music of associates are currently on the clock. This is just as dumb because 1. If an associate was on the clock and on their phone and as bad as that function would make them out to be, they probably wouldn’t be looking at the associate app, and 2. Your good associates look at the app on their breaks usually, if not just to find merch when they aren’t on break.Version: 1.2.1

I can’t open the appThe app was working fine yesterday but now when I go to open it now says that I need to create a PIN number, except I can’t. When I go to create my PIN number the number pad on the screen appears enlarged with the 0 being cut off. Also the numbers on the pad that do show only show the top half, and the seven eight and nine buttons will not respond when touch. So how am I supposed to set a PIN and access my schedule and other features in the app if everything that is supposed to show doesn’t and what does show everything still doesn’t work. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and restarting my device, but that does not help. Now the app is useless to me. I can’t scroll down either..Version: 1.1.0

Glitches really badThe app does work sometimes but there are times where when I got to clock in or out that it won’t accept it and sometimes glitches and won’t let me clock in or out or allow me to start/end my meal breaks. Everything else seems to work fine though. My main concern is the clock in and clock out. My badge doesn’t work and this app is the only way for me to clock in or out at this time. It was just this morning I clocked out and it said it took it then I loaded back into it after I had left the facility so I could check my schedule and it told me there was an error with my clock out time and therefore I had to turn around and go back to the facility to clock out. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and it really is quite an inconvenience. Please fix ASAP!.Version: 1.1.1

Needs lots of workThis app can be a pain when using the time clock. There is some areas at work the other will not work. Wifi is all over the store but this app won’t work. Also some times it takes a while to acknowledge your punch and sometimes it goes through very quick. We are given Samsung devices at work but can’t do anything other than using back room app. No sales floor app at all. The walkie on this app is slow and buggy. Couple things that I hate. 1 is when someone walkie me I have to have the phone to my ear as soon as it rings or I will miss the call. 2. Sometimes it takes time to reach the other person. I really think that it should have a text option and also have it so when someone walkie over and we didn’t hear them then we can replay it. Just like leaving a message. Just really need more options for work..Version: 1.3.1

Me at WalmartI’ve worked for the company for 7 months. I was hired for stocking associate. My first day they stuck me in the freezer. So my job was to pull items that were needed and put them on the shelves. Also to put the overstock items back into the main freezer. Let me say I did the job amd figured it out. So I was stuck where no one wanted to go. It’s brutally cold at -10 degrees in the main freezer. Also stocking the shelves is cold. But the problem is they don’t provide you with cold weather gear. That’s on you. So all the other employees get a nice cushy job while you freeze in the clothes you brought. So you have to buy your own gloves and jacket and hat. No reimbursement. Then come to find out that no one wants to work that department. You are on your own. It’s cold and the work just piles up. There is no way one person can do the job. Oh. And if the job isn’t done…they reprimand you. Lol I put my notice in yesterday. What a joke. And this is the company that brings you your food???.Version: 1.5.1

Great conceptI am enjoying the new features. I couldn’t use the clock in feature today because I worked past midnight last night and it made my time all wacky. The walkie feature never sends the message, it’ll send the notification of it being sent. But then nothing comes through and no way to replay it. Also, the roster not having it sorted by time is super sad and not being able to plan for the next day is a bummer too. I am excited for the direction and hope the bugs get worked out soon!.Version: 1.0.11

An app thats so unintuitive it can (and has) costed people their jobWhen requesting to use ppto your only able to use it in 15 minute intervals, perhaps thats more so something with company policy but that isn’t the issue. the scroll wheel by default STARTS at 8 hours. There is no induction that this can be changed unless you figure it out by sheer luck or if someone else physically does it for you the first time to show you. Second there is no system in place to double check if or confirm that you made the right selection. now keep in mind you need to work 30 hours to earn 1 hour of ppto. The way its set up, and ive even checked Reddit for a solution on how to recover my own ppto and apparently the same issue seemed to have been present two years ago and absolutely nothing has changed. literally all it would take to fix this is an extra screen that has what the request is, a small 5 second timer before you can select anything at all other than to go back and change (and even thats not entirely necessary) and a message says “are you sure?”. the lack of effort (by whoever runs the app’s systems or the higher ups within corporate, not necessarily within the individual stores) put into fixing this problem is insulting..Version: 1.5.1

The app worked great the first month but then it stoped workingSo I started working for Walmart the in may of 2020 and the first month but then it stoped working it would not allow me to log in. So I redid the two step verification and it still didn’t work so I deleted and reinstalled it still didn’t work. So I called the support that Walmart gives you and they said that there’s not much they can do but give a ticket that someone can look into later. But about 4-5 months after getting this ticket they canceled it with no reason or s as anything. So I tried and do the two step verification and also uninstall and reinstall and still didn’t work. So now I’m really mad still and I would like for someone to help but there’s not anyone willing to help with my problem..Version: 1.0.11

Use to be A Great App but Major Problems that no one knows how to fix.I used to be signed on to this Walmart App. But when I got a new phone and download the app and the verification for it. And try doing the two step verification. It kept denying saying that the wrong numbers for the step verification. And when I tried to go in and delete my two step verification it won’t let me delete it or add another. And with HR saying that soon they will get rid of time clocks how will I be able to clock in, going on meal, and clocking out when they app refusing me and other people. With HR not knowing how to fix it. Putting in tickets for it to get support on to fix it. Been past 5 months and still haven’t gotten it figured out for us people who are having these problems..Version: 1.4.4

It’s okay.My main issue w the app is that I will enter my PIN I correctly by accident, so I type it again. It’s wrong, I doubt it but okay. Do it one more time, wrong again. Have to reset PIN. Even if I enter it correctly it says I didn’t. It’s easy to reset, thankfully. But when I need it rn, the PIN likes to screw up. I been w Walmart 3 weeks & already had to reset it 3 times 🙃. The clocking in function works for me, but it always says “can’t verify current status”. I look at it tho, and I am clocked in. Takes forever to load though. Also, many items I scan don’t have a spot, but use a team member’s device and it most likely has a place. 😑 Why does it make a difference? For the most part, it does what I need it to do..Version: 1.4.4

White ScreenIs a solution/app update to fix the white screen problem coming soon? I haven’t been able to use the app for almost a month now. I’ve already submitted my details to app support and I haven’t heard anything back. Reminder: when I open the app it skips the login page and just goes to a blank white screen. I’ve already deleted the app, reinstalled the app, after doing this it does ask if I accept terms and conditions, want to allow location tracking and notifications. Then when it’s time to actually login it goes to a blank white screen..Version: 1.4.4

Inconsistent performanceAlthough there is a lot to love about this app, they really need to improve the bug fixes on it. Many times I’ve gone to login and it makes me sign in all the way from the beginning and re-establish my identity. Also, when there are punch errors that are corrected it continually gives associates error messages which is confusing. The walkie feature is practically useless as it is now. Texting would be a better option. Also, as a people lead or manager it would be great to have an option to be able to message ALL associates at once. Sometimes there is communication that we used to be able to send out as a time clock message which we can only do to associates that are on the clock. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter..Version: 1.5.1

Cannot Access or find anyone to helpThis app was working fine. When they removed the mobile time clock, I could not login . The two step verification will not call me back. I cannot find anyone to help. I cannot get in to see my schedule. All calls go to nowhere. I called a couple of weeks ago and actually got a person that assigned a ticket number for the problem. Now I can’t get a live person anywhere and support chat only works if you’re on the wire?? Come on!! So frustrating! At least with the old app I could get my schedule..Version: 1.1.0

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