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MealMe: All Of Food, One App Positive Reviews

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MealMe: All of Food, One App App User Positive Comments 2023

MealMe: All of Food, One App app received 40 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mealme: all of food, one app?

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MealMe: All of Food, One App for Positive User Reviews

Great appEvery time I have used the app, it always saves me money. It not only finds the best price but it also compares other apps as well. I just wish there were more restaurant options. I also strongly believe MealMe should stop taking orders 30 minutes before the restaurant closes. I’ve never had an issue till today. I placed an order, got the notification stating the restaurant received my order then again when it was being prepared and then again when the food was on the way. 15 minutes before it stated that the driver was away from my home, they canceled my order. But thankfully they were able to issue me a full refund and gave me extra meal me coins to use towards next purchase. They still deserve a 5 star. Won’t fault them for one bad moment. Thank you MealMe creator!.Version: 23.20

Customer Service saves the dayI had a long day at work and didn’t feel like cooking. I order a kitchen sink slice with sauce and a cookie. Instead I got a wart attack, no sauce and chips. To make things worst I opened the box and saw flies all over the food. The flies are still in my home as I type this. I was upset and couldn’t eat what I was given. Being able to talk to customer service made me feel better. I like that I was given the choice of a refund or MealMe credit that was more than the order I paid for. I was going to delete this app but the customer service changed my mind and made me want to keep it. I like MealMe because it is much cheaper than other delivery apps. I don’t always order food but it’s nice that when I do it won’t cost me $30+.Version: 16.11

Awesome Service!The app is a little slow, but they’re options are so much better and cheaper than you’re other food ordering apps!.Version: 23.24

NiceNice price nice service nice foods.Version: 23.0

Pretty good but minor tech thingsI’ve had a couple orders with miscommunications but customer service has always fixed them really well. Be careful when ordering on holidays, I don’t think they register fully which restaraunt are closed or open on Holidays because I was able to fully order and be told a driver was coming when the restaraunt in question was closed for Easter. But they refunded me completely with some extra credit for inconvenience which was great. I don’t think some add ons go through either (ex. bag of chips w a sandwich) bc my restaraunt receipt didn’t show an add on but my mealme receipt did, but same thing - i reported it and they refunded me for the add on plus some credit. Cheers!.Version: 23.19

Lives up as it’s advertisedDon’t expect crazy low prices but you can definitely save a few dollars with this app compared to traditional food delivery apps.Version: 18.48

Great serviceThe services are top notch.Version: 23.12

Missing foodDale was amazing and calm with me . I feel like this app is the best.Version: 23.28

Great customer serviceThe app is amazing. Especially the customer service is really good. I had conversation with Frances today and i really appreciate their assistance. ❤️.Version: 23.24

AwesomeGood customer service.Version: 23.26

Great costumer service!Testing this app I realized I started to use it way too late. This app is engineers to work for you!! And while there is a lot to cover within the app so much so that it’s a times hard to come back onto the same customer service thread or verify whether you’re doing a pick up or a delivery order, I have trust that the team is doing the right things, going above and beyond for the user to have a seamless experience. I committed the mistake of ordering a pick up order when I meant to have it be delivery and the customer service peeps were very professional and fast to respond as well as caring and detail oriented, they tried to arrange for someone from the restaurant to come and do a delivery and when all options were exhausted they stayed on the thread to make sure I arrived pick up my food and then safely return home. Huge congrats to the team on being a cohesive unit and raising the bar for the whole industry. Provecho!.Version: 17.13

KeannuCustomer service big help KEANNU!.Version: 23.16

Love it, new go-toIt actually works for me, I was hesitant at first cuz of some other reviews but everytime that I’ve ordered I’ve gotten my food before time. The only thing I’d have then improve is tracking. Sometimes it says your food is still at the restaurant being made when it’s been delivered long ago. Otherwise great, so much cheaper than skip, Uber, doordash etc.Version: 23.21

Customer service agent KeannuI had a problem with my order and their agent named Keannu was very helpful..Version: 23.16

Vert NiceGreat service.Version: 23.22

Lots of Potential!I think this app has lots of potential, but they still need to clean up and get right. The help button at times leads to nowhere and one time idk if it was the places I picked or the app, but I placed my order and they cancelled it about 5 times. It does the price comparisons (I don't check that because i KNOW it's cheaper than doordash etc) and has saved me probably $10-20 just in the fees and everything. So far doordash is still my #1 because it's the easiest and the customer service is more accessible/easier. But i'm looking forward to further developments and future updates to improve! Just hope if it does become more popular it sticks to the point of this app (still cheaper than others)..Version: 17.17

Mie a real oneI tried out MealMe bc I was tired of the unreliable customer service other apps. I already loved that they randomly gave me money back with orders and that they saved me the most $, they also have awesome communication between their offices, the driver AND the customer which was an exceptional plus! Having eaten next to nothing all day (work got in the way) I trusted MealMe to get my order to me swiftly and cost effectively. I was incredibly happy they delivered on that and surpassed my expectations, Mie even reached out through text when our chat got disconnected on the app! Overall, they kept today a good day 😎.Version: 12.4

Can’t Live Without ItThis app changed the way I order food. I used to spend an hour checking between all the other food delivery apps to see who was cheapest and fastest and had my restaurant. Then pick what I think is the best price and wait another hour for my food! This one-stop shop option does all of that for me in mere minutes with ALL of the restaurants. I usually have what I want in thirty minutes and know I am getting the best price! Their support is great too. I had my first issue with a restaurant messing up my food and within minutes Abby G. credited my account back but her kind attitude made my day. I LOVE MEALME!!!!.Version: 17.36

Cheap, speedy, great customer supportI’ve been using MealMe off and on for the past month or two, and they’ve always run ahead of schedule and have been generally affordable. Tonight I had my first issue when the McDonald’s ice cream machine was down and I was past the window to cancel it myself. After a quick chat with Roel, he canceled the order for me and got me a refund, all within about 10-15 minutes Edit: after several perfect orders I had another road bump with McDonald’s where I had received the wrong order entirely. Abby made sure to refund me quickly for more than my order was worth. Stellar customer service yet again!.Version: 17.32

Amazing customer serviceThey were so supportive and nice Thank you.Version: 23.26

MealMe ReviewThis app is great. It is easy to use when buying food almost anywhere! There are a few problems that most delivery apps tend to have and that’s the high service fees for even a simple delivery(one that this app has an issue with too, but I found that will all the other apps I tried ordering food with so I guess I won’t take off any stars for that). I highly recommend you all to use this amazing app! Additionally, something to fix about the app are the sudden bugs/lags from being on the app for too long. After about 5-7 minutes of being on the app, it will automatically freeze, but that’s something that can fixed easily, so not a worry!.Version: 23.31

So cheap! So awesome!I googled food delivery services with promotions and this came up. I used to order from Uber eats all the time but thank god I was shown that I’ve been spending all wrong, and over-spending on food that could easily be way way WAY cheaper. I’m annoyed I wasn’t the one to tell everyone about this app but I guess I suck…at least I can review it here and reassure you that this is an awesome app! Haven’t really checked out DoorDash yet but will do so in the future..Version: 23.0

ThxReally good service.Version: 23.30

Good soVery nice app.Version: 23.21

Seriously not bad.It’s not terrible. I use this app often. Very often. And it’s seriously not bad. Only problem is the tracking. I almost never know when I have a driver, or if they are on their way or if they dropped my food off. I have to text the meal me customer service every 10 minutes to check on my order. And they say they are working on it but sometimes it’s fixed sometimes it’s not working. More so just not working. But i almost always get my food with no problem. They have a lot of options, including stores and grocery stores. And if you ask for a refund they don’t mind giving you it..Version: 25.18

Meal meVery good app and quick service and no need to pay extra for delivery charges.Version: 23.14

Great customer serviceI received the wrong order and I when I contacted customer service they instantly gave me a full refund and were very polite!.Version: 23.28

GoodGood customer support she was Angelica thank you for your help.Version: 23.19

Review #13Amazing app was able to help navigate any problems I had and manage to give me a refund when things went south. 🙃.Version: 23.19

The BEST customer serviceI’ve had a few issues with past orders and those issues were ALWAYS resolved by the customer service. In addition to fully refunding my orders when applicable, the customer service agents have also given me small freebies in the past, which I have greatly appreciated. They make me feel very valued as a customer. I’ve been using this app for a few months now and I’ve saved over $200 because of MealMe. I find it difficult to use and other food service app because this one has the best customer service and the most freebies!.Version: 16.14

Food Is Always Hot and Fresh / Customer Service Outstanding 🍻Wow, this is truly an amazing app. I compare all the delivery services, and find the best deal for you at the cheapest price. Whenever I have a problem the customer service team is always there to help and they’re very kind, and helpful to whatever situation you may bore. I truly love me or me MealMe and definitely Think this will become a bigger thing once people realize just how much money you save from this App Alone! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Stars and keep up the amazing work! :) - side note - Abby G. An customer service associate member, helped me the best with one of my situstions and she is outstanding! :).Version: 18.26

RefundTrès bon service clientèle.Version: 23.20

Meal me supportThey are amazing with help when things go wrong and the time it takes to fix a problem is fast and easy.Version: 23.28

Excellent customer service!I had an issue with my cafe rio order. It was delivered without my sour cream I paid extra for and without the drink for the kids meal. Dale assisted me. He was great! He heard my problem, checked my order quickly and gave me a few option to choose from to rectify the situation. Once I decided he was quick to process the refund. Dale was even so nice as to wait for me to respond as I was at work and couldn’t write back immediately. He was understanding, nice, and so quick to fix things. I greatly appreciated his help! Thanks Dale! He even sent me this link so I could do it today after work since I didn’t have the time right in that moment. Thank you meal me for having great employees!.Version: 18.42

Customer service is TREMENDOUS 🙌🏼Had waited longer for my food then usual and contacted customer support for my order. The issue was resolved in a matter of a few minutes and they were so graciously kind to offer me a 10$ credit for the issue of inconvenience with my order. Dale is who assisted me and if you’re fortunate to have him or any other of their customer representatives, you will surely be in great hands! Thank you MealMe and thank you to everyone working behind the scenes of this amazing app, you guys are all awesome. Been with you guys since the beginning and RARELY ever have issues with my order. For the first time for this to happen to me and be helped in such a kind way, wow, truly awesome. Love you guys thank you so much being the best food delivery app there is!.Version: 18.36

Great prices but it still has some bugs to sort out.Although this is certainly a great app if you’re looking for a wide variety a good at a good price, there are still some bugs that have to be sorted out. Pros: - huge variety of food as it’s not limited to just one food delivery service - great prices with very transparent costs for each delivery option - constant promo codes - no added fees by the app - great customer support (I’d like to, in particular, compliment Keannu for helping me get a refund for an order that was marked as delivered by the driver but never showed up (and was not marked as delivered by MealMe)) Cons: - bad tracking for your order - some bugs where your order gets tracked as not delivered but it was delivered - several other bugs throughout the app Over all, not a bad app, and although there’re quite a few bugs that still have to be fixed, I do recommend this app if you’re looking so save a few dollars per order, expand the amount of restaurants that can be delivered to you, or both..Version: 18.41

DaleDale really helped me out with when I didn’t revive my meal.Version: 23.22

Meal Me has a lot of potential and why you should download this appMealMe is a great app for finding good cheap restaurants you might’ve not had the chance to try before, what is the fastest delivery and what’s the most reliable delivery. I think the idea is ingenious removes the hassle of trying to cross reference between apps seeing what’s the cheapest when you’re on a budget. They also allow you to choose in whether you would like to keep your funds or give tips to either the company or driver for the service you get. Although there are occasional kinks when you order the customer service on the backend is phenomenal they provide excellent help when things don’t always go the way you expect. I highly recommend giving MealMe a shot if you’re on a budget but want delivered meals. Special Thanks to Dale P and Richard Young for being amazing customer service..Version: 17.13

Great Customer Service/AssistanceAfter having an issue with my meal delivery, I informed the MealMe customer service. They provided me with a speedy response and assistance which allowed me to receive and additional $2 back. You can tell they place customers over profit because they did their best to allow me to receive satisfaction. Thank you MealMe! I recommend this app to anyone searching for a variety of restaurants that they are yearning to eat at with a low budget. This app is very similar to Uber eats but it has much more features such as the ability to control how much you want to spend..Version: 18.28

Best food delivery app!First off I would like to say, I live pretty far out from the city and most food delivery apps will restrict the places I can order from because “it’s too far” (despite me being willing to tip more , to compensate for me being far out) but I haven’t even had a problem with that so far on this app!!! If a delivery driver is a Available, I will get my food no matter what! Another thing is that the customer service was AMAZING! I received a wrong item and they completely refunded me my order with ease and no hassle! I would 100% recommend trying this app out. It’s really affordable as well!.Version: 17.23

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