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Mesmerize - Visual Meditation Positive Reviews

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Mesmerize - Visual Meditation App User Positive Comments 2022

Mesmerize - Visual Meditation app received 71 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mesmerize - visual meditation?

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Mesmerize - Visual Meditation for Positive User Reviews

Motion sickness but awesomeI tried it a few days ago, and after it, I really felt amazing but I also experienced motion sickness. I know Dr. Joe Dispenza really encourages people to use the kaleidoscope, which is really what the app does. The ladies’ voice is amazing and she does such a good job with the meditations/Hypnosis. I just don’t know if I can watch the video of the kaleidoscopes because I do still feel dizzy and it’s been 36 hours or so. I feel dizzy in the head, and fatigued, and have a very small appetite. I’m pretty sure it’s due to this app, but I’m not 100% …so after I get better, I will have to try the visuals/kaleidoscope again and see if it reoccurs. If it does, maybe I can train my brain to be less affected with the motion sickness by repetition, or I might just have to only listen to the audios. Not sure yet. We will see!.Version: 1.9.4

Cheaper than TherapyAs a psychologist I can’t recommend this product enough. Many people struggle with meditation and there are many styles to get confused by. This programs visuals seamlessly help anyone who can see to slip into a relaxed, focused state. Regular, daily practice with this app will help you to de-stress and begin finding easy solutions to your problems. Cost wise; Its not just OK to spend money taking care of yourself, it’s actually essential..Version: 1.8.38

CalmingI love this app. I bought the yearly subscription, and it worth it’s weight in Bitcoin. I think we all are in mindset right now that pushing the human spirit into a downward spiral due to this new way of life during a pandemic. Work life , home life, and relationships in both places are being pushed to frustrating new levels of anxiety. Mesmerize and their team are providing a tool that can help you take a backseat to all those anxieties and help you to focus on breathing and enlightenment. Even if for just a few moments, you are able to transfer your anxious thoughts into a positive feeling within your soul internal battles. Even works for babies. So give the trial a shot and let Mesmerize transfer you to a better well connected and less stressed version of yourself. Namaste. Please, if you could Mesmerize team, add support for streaming audio to all Bluetooth enabled devices such as speakers both Apple and Google. Thanks again..Version: 1.8.17

This app is so much funI’m shocked to read some of negative reviews on this UNIQUE visual experience the app provides. I find I really enjoyed this app at night because it puts you in a state of deep relaxation that you aren’t expecting till you experience it for yourself. I feel like the reviewers that had anything negative to say about this app don’t actually appreciate the efforts made here, and probably don’t appreciate anything at all lol However some of the designs are to bright, so I wish they had an option to dim the colors or change the themes. Regardless this app is useful if you value visual-picture thinking. If you don’t care for imagination then you probably will dismiss it to quick and it’s not worth your time.Version: 1.5.4

Love this appI find it so hard to meditate this really helps me to focus on meditating!.Version: 1.5.3

Fell asleep instantlyI don’t normally write reviews for apps, but I had to for this one. I have a few sleeping problems, I don’t want to say insomnia but still something along the lines of it, and this put me to sleep immediately just with its songs and stories (might I recommend the Cave Paintings song, by the way). Absolutely love it. Another thing- all these meditation apps are phonies that make you do a bunch of weird stuff that doesn’t help with anything. This app doesn’t do that- perfect meditation walkthroughs. It even lets you add your own breathing patterns!.Version: 1.9.7

Love it, will be back.Current intel on managing subscriptions: Settings, Apple ID graphic at top, subscriptions then it tells you what you are already trialing and you can cancel but Mesmerize will still be listed in your subscriptions to easily resubscribe. I was able to scroll through the animations and hear a sample story by hitting I think more options for subscriptions then the x in the top left of the starting screen. It actually did not start a subscription or trial a at all when I tried it just now but I think the app is really well made and has a nice variety of animations..Version: 1.4.10

Wish I could use across all my Apple devices.I do love the app and find it quite helpful. I am quickly able to feel my body calm. It would be even better if I could use it across all my Apple devices. I am able to access in my iPad but on my IPhone I can not, so I am limited on my use which does get frustrating as I do not always have my iPad with me. I have tried to log in and it says the account does not exist yet in my subscription lists it is clearly there and active. Please advise.Version: 1.8.8

One ideaI really like this app, hence the 5 stars, however would love it if you could set a timer for the screens, and reach some sort of ending..Version: 1.5

This app is awesomeEver since I started using this app I have been sleeping better every night. I have been more relaxed and been better than ever when It comes to trying to fall asleep. Some nights I would lay in bed sometimes all night trying to get to sleep. Some nights I would get 2 hours and some nights I would have 5 hours. When I first started using it I had almost 10 hours of sleep. If I am too awake and cannot fall asleep I will go on the internet and try and find ways to fall asleep. None of them worked except for this app..Version: 1.7.4

Super coolTrippy but cool. Nice music and breathing instructions..Version: 1.4.10

The best app I’ve ever downloaded!This app is amazing! I have never written a review like this, but this app completely deserves it. The visuals are so interesting and there’s so so many to choose from. The experience is completely customizable, from the visual, to the sound/music, to the rate of your breathing. The developers are clearly highly educated about the mind and how to calm it, and they provide plenty of information about the science behind each aspect of the app. I struggle with anxiety and this is the only app Ive ever found that has helped. Also great for sleep! Thank you so much to the developers, this app is wonderful! My favorite app of all time please download!!!.Version: 1.6.6

Different purposesIm loving that it has a multi purpose focus. I use the focus option when im working. I use the stress reliever when work gets too stressful, and use the sleeping function at night. This app really helps level headedness. But the ONLY reason i changed it to 4 stars is because of the audio. If I’m using my air pods, when i pull my earpiece out the phone automatically switches to speaker mode. So if im using the app to relax while putting my 2 yr old to sleep. And an earpiece falls out. My phone goes to loud speaker mode and wakes up the baby. So app devs. If u can make it so the app pauses when pulling out air pods. That would be PERFECT!!!!.Version: 1.8.32

Rockstar app!Trippy as hell get it now.Version: 1.4.7

Amazing appThis turned out to be such a good app, super relaxing and amazing for meditation. One thing that would make it that much better would be to add a VR setting so that the visuals cover your whole field of view!.Version: 1.8.1

Just WonderfulI tried it for free for a couple of days but knew within the first few minutes that I would pay $50 a year for this. So I did. What is that, like four bucks and change per month? Worth every cent. I usually turn off the sound and use my own music but rest assured the music options and narrations provided are first rate. The visuals are super mellow and groovy: I have about 30 in my favorites already. I definitely favor the more brightly-colored and mandala-like visuals, fluorescent kaleidoscope-looking stuff etc although there are plenty of less gaudy visuals for other tastes. If these folks sold a headset that just did nothing but show these visuals they’d make a ton of money. Hang loose :).Version: 1.8.11

Great for ADHD FolksWorks great for getting a quick 5 to 15 minute session to help focus the mind. Instead of trying to clear your mind, it seems that by carefully stimulating it the “ADHD”m mind” takes all the visual and audio stimulation to zone in one the one thing. This helps to allow you to then shift that zoned in focus on what you really want to get done. PS: $5 for actual help with focus for an ADHD sufferer is not even close to being “a lot of money”. Either it works for you or it doesn’t. If it does, it’s more than worth the money..Version: 1.8.34

Was a skeptic but it actually works!I have severe anxiety to where I wake up with a racing heart and shaky hands and short breath and tight feeling chest . I don’t have healthcare and was convinced there was no option for meds that will help and didn’t think visual apps worked. I downloaded a few and they did nothing until I found this one. The visuals and the narration along with the music really really worked even though I was convinced it wouldn’t. It took a good half hour or so but the relief is so worth it. If you have panic attacks or anxiety you know how sometimes you just can’t shake it and I’m that person. I will definitely be using this app everyday now..Version: 1.9.7

Quarantine Game ChangerWow, I am shocked to see any negative reviews for this app! I downloaded Mesmerize in hopes of any of the following: becoming more calm, getting to sleep earlier, or at least getting better quality sleep. It has met all three of these goals! There are a ton of visuals to choose from and you can mark your favorites to enjoy anytime. The music and narrations are all really soothing and can be mixed and matched together. I’ll be honest - I rolled my eyes when I saw the price and wrote myself a reminder to cancel the free trial on my calendar. Now after using it, I understand the value offered and feel like I am getting a pretty good deal! I’ve never written a review for an app, but I wanted to support this one. Please keep up the amazing work!.Version: 1.7.1

AmazingHonestly i love this but one thing you could improve is the slow movement (it’s not very smooth).Version: 1.6.6

Just take my money....First off, I went into this a teeny bit bitter after seeing the subscription come up fairly quickly. I thought whoaaaa 12 a month or nearly 50 a year....seems a bit reaching. Truth is,I was just gonna delete it and press on without even trying it. Then I saw a visual,it captured my brain. I thought "ooooooh that's pretty -let's just look for a little and then delete" 35 freaking minutes later and 2 meditation sessions because "good lord,what have I stumbled upon"?You did it,you hooked me and there is no way I can let this slip away after 3 days. So yeah you took a majorly stressed pharmacy Tech and gave me some peace and I am more than happy to show my appreciation for the obvious dedication and work put into this app. Yes it's an investment and who's to say I will be able to continue paying every month, but dangit -I am committed to at least this one and when I can possibly afford more, I will come back. Thank you for this freaking gorgeous experience!.Version: 1.8.10

100000000000000000000000000000000000starI love your app.Version: 1.5.8

This app is wonderful, something for everyone 💗I started using Mezmerize several months ago, I did the free 3 day free trial first and found it so calming & soothing to my nervous system, that I decided to pay for subscription. It’s definitely worth the price in my opinion, they have so many different visuals, from beautifully serene to psychedlic. They have a wonderful array of different guided meditations anything from 1 min to 30 min long, i love that they have short affirmations or meditations to make it easier to commit to (and several different voice options too). And they have a wonderful selection of different background tones & music & ambient sounds as well. I respond well to things like asmr & hypnosis & Fibonacci sequence style visuals, so this one is definitely one of my favorite apps for wellness & mindfulness. I use it every day now, it helped me get through the intensity of being in a pandemic & I’m still finding it invaluable. Worth every penny. Thank you so much. 💕.Version: 1.8.23

AmazingThis app is incredible, I’ve been looking a for a good meditation app and this one is by far the best. The combination of a guided meditation and visuals makes the experience so much better. I love how you can choose what type of meditation you want to listen to as well as the background music playing while you listen. Please keep developing the app and adding more visuals I’m obsessed!!!.Version: 1.8.1

GoodI was very baked watching this app and it sent me on a journey through time and space and at the same time cleared my mind. Revels are the one when your all beaned and that..Version: 1.4.3

Fixed my sleep issuesI’ve always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and I’ll be up for hours in bed, restless. After using this app (and installing nightlights) I am able to consistently fall asleep fast. I don’t normally meditate (it always makes me sleepy) but with Mesmerize I am able to meditate myself to sleep which is double benefit! I never realized how chaotic my thoughts were as I tried to sleep until I tried using this. It so effortless to calm your mind, especially if you respond well to voice over meditations. I found it so easy to stop letting my thoughts run wild as I was trying to rest. While my mind is still frequently chaotic the rest of the day, I am hoping to see some improvements overtime of using this every night..Version: 1.8.38

Great appGreat app 100% recanend.Version: 1.7.1

Cancel subscriptionHello team I have accidentally paid for 1 year subscription while I wanted just for a week subscription. It would be great if you could refund me the amount I paid for 1 year and deduct just the week’s subscription. Please get back to me regarding this Saba Fathima.Version: 1.7.4

Mesmerize is a beautifully designed appIt hypnotises me to sleep 💤.Version: 1.5

Better than Headspace!I canceled my subscription with Headspace and I now pay for Mesmerize instead. I was hooked after the free trial! I love how customizable the sounds, meditations, and visuals are! Using this app has honestly become my favorite part of my day! ☺️It helps me relax, meditate, visualize, sleep, and it does wonders for my anxiety/phobia/ocd tendencies. Thank you Mesmerize for giving us this amazing mental health tool! I told my therapist about this app and have been telling all my friends too. It’s just so helpful!.Version: 1.8.12

Too expensiveToo expensive for what it is. Very nice app but I wouldn’t pay for this. It should be free.Version: 1.5.7

10/10 definitely worth the moneyI don’t think I’m over-exaggerating when I say that this is the best meditation app out there. What I have been able to accomplish in regards to my mental health and self-esteem is nothing short of amazing. It has healed my mind, and helped show me an inner strength that I didn’t know existed..Version: 1.8.13

Awesome! Even better if you add VR option.Amazing!!!! Please add VR option. For mobile vr headsets like youtube..Version: 1.5.8

Amazing. Best meditation app, hands down!I struggle with anxiety, mental fog, and ADHD, and I found this app to help tremendously in calming me down and keeping me focused. I have tried various apps such as as Calm, Headspace, etc., though I would always find the guided meditations either boring, too vague, and difficult to follow, or the soundscapes too distracting. The audio and visuals on Mesmerize however, are so pleasing to the senses—listening to them feels like a transcendent cinematic experience. There are also so many different soundscapes depending on your circumstances/mood, so the app has plenty to offer..Version: 1.8.31

SurprisedI like this app more than I care to admit. Just checked it out because the ads annoyed me and well here we are. There’s a lot of work and care that has gone into this, making audio settings and it’s quite nice to help with my writing. I’m able to set myself in environments that I’m writing about and I didn’t think I’d be the type! I look forward to future settings, a trail ride and some desert nights would be quite nice. Thank y’all for this app honestly, it’s helped me out of a creative hole..Version: 1.6.4

This app is the bomb!! Taken me to the twilight Zone!I stumbled upon this app and I must say I am an extremely picky person with sleep apps. Have tried many over many years and this one is truly the bomb!!! Im on my second day and Im loving it! I was so excited about this gem I shared it to people I know need it bad! Taken me to the twilight zone in a great way! The price is a little steep, but I will make a decision by tomorrow about the subscription. This app should be prescribed by psychiatrists and psychologists definitely. Superb job! Signed~Pickiest of the picky!.Version: 1.8.26

The Art of ZenThis is the second or third app in the mindfulness and meditation realm, and it’s the most scientific approach I have found. I have found these combinations of open monitoring, and focused attention meditation techniques are the most viable for those suffering from more severe forms of sleep, pain, and anxiety dysfunction one may be suffering from. Many of these approaches are used by professionals in a cognitive behavioral therapy setting. A truly complete approach in mindfulness and meditation..Version: 1.8.6

Worth every $ of the subscriptionI saw an ad for this app and agreed to pay the subscription for the chance to learn how to meditate and tend to my own mental health. The content is fantastic and very well suited to anyone who is willing to introspect and really wants to benefit from it. In a very short time it’s taught me to calm down and re-balance my mental state almost instantly, to an extent that I haven’t experienced in YEARS. For those of you concerned about all these reviews regarding the cost - what alternatives do you have out there that are free? A therapist? A yoga studio? A monastic retreat far from the noise of modern civilization? They cost a whole lot more than “free.” If you’re serious about learning to meditate and want to dive in head first, this app is for you..Version: 1.7.4

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This app is the only thing that gets me through panic attacks. THANKYOU.Version: 1.8.12

Spaced outWell wicked man , specially after a big fat one.Version: 1.5.8

Very nice.This app is very nice..Version: 1.5.4

Worth it’s weight in goldThis app is just fantastic! I’ve struggled with multiple mental health and neurological conditions my whole life and constant anxiety is part of that. I’ve recently had an increase in crippling panic attacks and this app popped up on a Facebook ad so I figured why not? My body and nervous system slowed down noticeably by the third visual. Just now I woke up to a panic attack and got to test this out in crisis mode. I’ve done meditation for years and took a 2 year course in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy(DBT) and mindfulness is one of the core aspects of DBT but I still struggled to use those skill in panic mode. The visuals help with that immensely and I was able to get back to my baseline after just 15 minutes, something that usually takes up to an hour post panic attack. I’ve never done a free trial where I actually paid for a subscription at the end. I did with this app, before the free trial even ended. I do wish the price was more accessible- I’m also a psych nurse and would love to be able to recommend this to patients but it’s cost prohibitive for the vast majority of the population that I work with. All in all, so worth it if you need something visual to assist your mindfulness practice, have lots of anxiety or if you’ve done or are currently in a DBT program..Version: 1.9.4

MersmerizeMy first impression of this app is that it has lots of features on it. For example, there is guided Meditation, Music, and what they call “visual breathing.” Several options like this are helpful, since the topic of mental health is so broad. This way, there’s something for everyone. The idea of “mesmerize” is interesting, since it has been a coping mechanism for anxiety since the early 20th century. Franz Mesmer started using the hypnosis as a therapeutic method in order to “make the unconscious conscious.” This helps people to understand things about themselves that could be making them anxious that they didn’t recognize before. The history of mesmerizing and hypnosis proves this method to be accurate, which is why i started using this app..Version: 1.8.36

Trippy as hellAmazing.Version: 1.4.10

This appThis is the best meditation app I’ve ever came across! So calming and helps with sleep.Version: 1.7.1

TrippyTrippy and calming.Version: 1.6

Great app for college students!I’ve used other meditation apps but I really love this app. This app stands out and is very innovative. The visuals, voices, and music are all awesome. I can tell a lot of time and effort has been put into this app! I think if you guys offer a student discount like headspace you will attract many users. I think college students will really like your app as I’ve showed it to most of my friends and they all thought it was really cool!.Version: 1.8.12

Perfect for newbies to meditationThis is a mind programming & conditioning app.I am very pleased on the frequencies & the music & visually does take you on a journey to another era .perfect for meditation newbies anxiety ..Version: 1.4.10

Well worth itI have a regular meditation practice and have taught Mindfulness for years. This is an excellent app, particularly for those who struggle initially with meditation. It’s also very valuable if you are in a public place but need to calm yourself: Headphones on and stare at your phone. Nobody would know you are secretly meditating! Perfect. I love this and will be using it with my children. It’s a crowd pleaser in terms of graphics. I love some, dislike others as they are too manic for me, but who knows which ones my kids will pick? This feels like a more accessible way for some people to take the step towards meditation. Well done app developers. A super aid in keeping us all calm and grounded and not expensive at all!.Version: 1.5.8

BestThis app is so good I just want to fall asleep just looking at the app picture and the bad thing is that you need to sign up for something I do not know what but I think it is to get more wallpapers but it is still the best and if I could give it a million stars then I would but I love it and I love that you can just go on it when ever you want and just like 30 of 20 minutes later you are asleep so bye I need to go and take a nap jk but I am still going to us it when I go to sleep and when I take my naps Wich I do not do but what the heck I will do it anyway so bye.Version: 1.6.4

So helpful!!I never write reviews, but this app has helped me out too much to not do so. I downloaded it for fun, mostly just because I thought I could watch funny little videos, but it's helped more than I thought! This app has become part of my nightly routine. There's a wide variety of videos and lots of options on settings to adjust the video just how you like. The narrations are useful, and always help me feel more calmed before bed. The best part is, it feels like a payed service! As much as I'd like to, I don't have the money for a membership, but there's so much you can do for free. This app has been such a help since I got it, and if you're scrolling through the reviews trying to figure out if you should download, I highly encourage you to..Version: 1.8.40

GoodGood app but the pricing could be better, possibly a one time purchase instead of subscription.Version: 1.5.7

Hypnotic relaxationI can’t believe there are so many visualizations. I usually use them to calm my breathing and distract me from anxious thoughts. The audio meditation that I have used so far is also very professionally done. I have a problem, however. I have no record of being asked to set up a userid and password when I paid my significant subscription fee using my iPhone. I religiously record such in my password manager. Now when I try to get this app to run on my iPad, it will not even recognize my email address so that I can use ‘forgot my password ‘ so I can record one and ‘restore’ to my iPad..Version: 1.8.10

Great...except VERY EXPENSIVEI love this app and thought it was great, unfortunately it is very pricey $80 a yr? That’s ridiculous! I thought it was a one time fee NO THANKS.Version: 1.4.7

I hope this is helpingAnd you haven’t asked for money yet.Version: 1.7.4

👍🏻Love this app already!.Version: 1.6

Mesmerizing ReviewThis is my FIRST review of an app. I was a little skeptical to try it, but boy am I glad that I did! There are so many reasons that I think this app is GREAT! I happen to love visuals like these, and bright beautiful colors too. Of course, for people who like other visuals or dull colors, the app has those as well. You can see so many amazing visuals! I set my breathing to what works for me. Now, I do not have to count the seconds of inhale, pause or exhale. The music is great and I can change it, or the calming narrations! You can save your favorite visuals too! I suggest to give it a try for a day or two, and cancel if you do not like it....Version: 1.8.22

Trip outBring back the 90s again.Version: 1.4.10

TrippingNice visuals on LSD.Version: 1.5.6

Fair dinkum!Fair dinkum!.Version: 1.6

So far so good!I work in home healthcare overnights and use this as a tool to help my patients relax and fall asleep, as well as enjoying it myself. It's easy to get lost staring at the huge selection of hypnotic visuals and I like that you can choose a library of favorite imagery and sounds to refer back to. The app also has basic white noise type sounds you can choose if you aren't in the mood for words and music. You can also choose the voice you like best on most of the meditations, I like the whispery sounds of the Abbe and Anna voices. If you decide to switch up music/narration it transitions seamlessly in a way that doesn't interrupt your reverie..Version: 1.9.4

My all time favourite!I must say this is my all time favorite meditation app and I have tried MANY. The customer service is exceptional. High quality audio and content. Try it you will not regret it. ♥️.Version: 1.8.16

Awesome, but £50/year subscription really?!!Should be £4.99 - no subscription They’re doing it because their target audience (old people) won’t know how to cancel their subscription, so they just keep paying and paying. Good strategy, but very dishonest..Version: 1.6.2

Lemon haze I’m in a daze.I’m on a lemon haze and being caressed by the pillow train to comfy town. My body is a futon factory of bliss and my mind is as calm as a room before a party. Where all the snacks are out and lined up. The dizzy pop hasn’t been popped yet. The playlist is fresh and you’re eager for it to be heard. I used to like that. But now I’m on a lemon haze. Writing reviews at this hour. And what is this hour? Does it matter? Does any of it matter? I haven’t heard toploader in a while. I might spotify then later. The voice in the app keeps saying to count. I can’t help counting in my head like the count from Sesame Street. Von too. Vla? Vha ? Bvla? She keeps saying to start again at one of my mind wonders. I’ve got to three so far and keep having to start again at one. Would I like to take a sad nap yes I would. But I’m. It giving up. Ok gonna get to ten of it kills me. Imagine if it did kill me. Ah crap I’ll have to start at one again. I’ve been thinking about dying having tried to count to ten so many times without being distracted that you die of hunger or boredom or gout or something like that. Do people get gout now or scurvy it sounds archaic. White old fashioned. Not like a broken heart. Which is very current and raw. Ah bin bags I’m going to have to start at one again. She says I have to honour myself for trying hard. I don’t think that would be fair on me or her. I only made it to six and I really concentrated. She said now I can get on with my next task or continue meditating. My arms are tingly. You’re reading this a lot quicker than it’s taken me to type this message. So much so that my beats have run out of battery and I swear I only charged em earlier. Say that last bit in a West Country voice. Just that last sentence. Not that last bit of my life. When we said I could go on with my next task I bet she didn’t think I’d be thinking about changing the last bit of my life to different accents. But there we go. Ok. Bye. Good app. Won’t be paying the £54.99 for the supscription though. As who got that kinda cash for these gadgeamatronic mascardes of fortitude and vanity. I don’t think that’s how you spell mascardes as spell checker changed it to meat heads. Now I’ve got to start at 1 again. I really must go. 5 stars. Daddy won’t pay..Version: 1.5.7

Great app, subscription too expensiveRally cool meditation app with some great relaxing meditations. There are two really cool patterns - the first and last one. This is just too expensive at $10 a month. I’d happily pay $3 a month for it. Or a one time purchase of like $25-30 to unlock everything. I can’t really afford to subscribe to this when it costs as much as Netflix but looks like a screensaver..Version: 1.6

Good app; pricey subscription.The free trial was amazing. in the short time i had access to it, i can say mesmerize is truly great app; a wide selection of patterns, and music/narrations. i particularly enjoyed the ‘dreamy myths’ in the narration section. i love everything about mesmerize, just not the price for a subscription. if you’re looking for a high-quality mental health app, and are willing to pay 62-ish dollars (cdn) for a year-long subscription, i would highly recommend mesmerize..Version: 1.9.5

Bloody brilliant app!One of my favourite apps in the world ever!.Version: 1.7

It’s important. Are you a visual learner?I find meditation a difficult process. I love my mind of wonder and don’t care to silence my mind when my eyes are closed. I am a visual learner. Not quite the guy that sits in front of the TV that you need to get their attention but i do get engaged more in things such as educational documentaries, learning video’s, etc. This app really did it for me!!! Not in an uncomfortable way (don’t like drugs) but i was high after 15 minutes in. I’m hoping the program developer might make a reversal switch. Many of the vortex’s push out to you instead of drawing your attention inward. Just changing their direction to completely take me away and in. Absolutely love this app!!!!.Version: 1.8.8

WOW!I love this app!!! I tried the calm app and the calm radio app but you are the best calming app yet. My brain has never felt so zen in my life and I have tried guided meditations, subliminal cds etc. The solfeggio scales and binaural beats have changed my life and the way my brain feels. I am sending you guys a big thank you and continued blessings in your endeavors. Today I am going to cancel my calm radio subscription since your app is all I need. I love so many of your stations and am looking forward to new ways to chill out. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.8.1

Better than Calm appAlright. So I used the Calm app for years until i started to become less satisfied with it. Somehow it felt redundant. I came across this one and was immediately hooked. There’s a serious variety of different types of meditation. My favorite part of this app is the fact that they cite references to literature and why the type of meditation is beneficial. As an RN, this gives me lots of confidence in their product, and I have certainly experienced the benefits with its regular use. HIGHLY recommend for anyone stating out with or experienced in mindfulness.Version: 1.8.34

Takes 99$ out if you are distracted by other life stuff and you miss the cut of date.Takes 99$ out if you are distracted by other life stuff and you miss the cut of date of the free trial. This app is meant to be for therapy and then it stress you more out by taking the 99$ out. Disappointed.Version: 1.8.1

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Doze: Sleep Sounds and Stories Positive Reviews, comments
Doze: Sleep Sounds and Stories Positive Reviews

Doze is the last sleep app youll ever need. Upgrade your sleep experience with ultra-relaxing sounds and stories that...

Scrollaby Positive Reviews, comments
Scrollaby Positive Reviews

Scroll yourself to sleep... 1000+ sounds, stories, music, meditations, and visuals designed to give you great sleep. I...

Resonate - Visual Breathing Positive Reviews, comments
Resonate - Visual Breathing Positive Reviews

Breathing is the most important thing you do. It is one of the most powerful methods to alter the way you think, perform...

Gardzen - AR Meditation Positive Reviews, comments
Gardzen - AR Meditation Positive Reviews

Clear your mind and relax with an immersive augmented reality meditation experience. Transform your surroundings into a...