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DraftKings Casino - Real Money App User Positive Comments 2024

DraftKings Casino - Real Money app received 37 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about draftkings casino - real money?

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DraftKings Casino - Real Money for Positive User Reviews

FunGood games and rewards.Version: 4.10.0

Hospitality bestAlmost instant withdrawals is no one can compete.Version: 4.31.0

TrustworthyFair and trustworthy with a lot of choices.Version: 4.29.0

Please fixI like the game I definitely feel like all of the slops are totally against the player but the live table games I like a lot and when ever you withdraw I just wish it could be directly deposited back in to the account because you can take it out of are accounts in 2 seconds but it takes close to 2 weeks to get it in to are accounts I definitely think you should fix both of these problems because I do understand stand the house always wins but when you put 500 in to a slot and you don’t get one big win off playing a dollar - 2 dollar spins you should at least hit one I just withdrew money front the game it took over 5 days and I get because of the holiday but on any given week it’s still the same and then it’s telling me that you guys will process it for three days please fix his problem have a just direct deposited back into the account it it was taken out of.Version: 3.19.0

DraftKings casino reviewJust sharing my input on the DraftKings Casino app. It’s a good app. The cool part about DraftKings is that if you want to learn say about baccarat or Kino….. even blackjack any card game really, they have a demo version that you can play for free to up your skills and they also have a learning area where they break down how the game should be played and what the best suits are to have at the table games before you actually put any money down. I really like playing the demo version of blackjack it’s taught me up a lot about it thanks DraftKings. The drawbacks to the dreaming app is that it shuts down constantly and that it seems like when you win especially on slots it kicks you write out after you win anything and then you have to restart the app which is very frustrating I hope that one day gets fixed other than that it’s a great time thanks.Version: 3.24.0

Love itGreat casino DK!.Version: 4.32.0

FD couldn’t shine the back of DraftKings ballsDraftKings is not only the best Sportsbook by a little bit, but by a MILE. Not even close… if you want to compare FanDuel with DraftKings it is unfair and I don’t know how people still bet with fanduel… there is a lot of Sportsbook sites out there and DraftKings is honestly the best. They give you all kind of promotions and free bets.. some other sites aren’t to bad (even though they aren’t near as good as draftkings) there is still okay ones but FanDuel and barstool Sportsbook is not one of them: both TRASH compared to draftkings and almost all other sportsbooks.Version: 3.19.0

Best Online casino in Ontario by far!!!DraftKings online casino has the fastest payouts, the quickest deposits, of all casinos in Ontario!!! It is number one in my books, and many of my friends also gamble online and they all agree. With same day payouts,makes you number one! I wish there were a few more games, but you’re still a five out of five with the games you have. I love the slingo that’s my favourite, and you have many to choose from but we need more. Lol Thanks for the great service,Fast payouts, Fast deposits all round no issues. Thanks for the great service many others could learn from this site. #1 SITE FOR ONLINE GAMBLING!!!.Version: 4.28.1

Good wins and good gamesEasy to play easy to win and wicked fast payouts what’s not to like!.Version: 4.27.0

Good siteGreat selection of games to play love it!!!.Version: 3.32.0

Good games and winningLots of good games to choose from and the payouts are good also. And if you want to withdraw, it’s done in a speedy manner..Version: 4.33.0

Great casinoFun game, lots of promotions and friendly customer service.Version: 4.13.1

TrustworthyOne of the best casinos out there. Many slots and promotions..Version: 4.20.1

First timerReally enjoy slots !!.Version: 4.27.0

DraftGood stuff.Version: 4.28.1

Won $10.000 on the first dayThis casino game is the best the first day I singed up I won 10,000$ and I’m hoping to win more I highly recommend it for others try it out it’s fun and has lots of different types of games to enjoy.Version: 4.24.0

AwesomePay outs quick and easy! Lots of games to play loving it !!!!.Version: 4.15.1

TreborNice👍.Version: 4.20.0

Above & BeyondThis app is the only app I’ve ever used but with others that my friends have used and still do, I feel like I’m always on the better app with better choices ( odd boosts ) and promos. Any time I’ve ever had a issue, it’s always been resolved and when football season is over, I always get emails with promos that are fairly better than most sites, overall it’s a great app that’s easy to navigate and not difficult to wager One thing I would improve is, if their is a event you like but are on the fence about, if you could move it to a “ keeper “ or “ I like “ section so it’s easier to get to when and if you decide to pull the trigger and opt in on that action, an example is, there is a game I like later today but if I don’t hit any early games, I’m likely not going to take that action and due to my scatter brain, I’ll likely forget what game it was and go back and look for it ( if I remember ) and probably find the wrong game.Version: 3.18.0

I’m feeling’ hot hot hotHype man, Moonbuddy here! Whether you are a gambler or not... Draftkings will surely be able to fill your downtime with its expansive library of games . These user friendly games can make you some serious money... if you try new games snd keep playing within your budget, it might be more like a day at an amusement park than a payday, but without the lingering nausea when you lose. Set boundaries for your spending , and enjoy responsible escapes from your nauseating daily grind. There’s nothing wrong with investing in gameplay. People sink millions in to a virtually invisible stock exchange, with little to no knowledge of what they are even invested in... I have multiple portfolios, and nothing ever seemed to make sense, and I didn’t have time to investigate what it was I was finding.... after looking deeper I had been investing blindly in to companies that are linked to corruption, deceit, and greed... Gaming is small....fun and fair.... it can be instantly rewarding , The Market is big...untouchable, and beyond your control... You choose..Version: 3.4.0

GreatLove the site.Version: 4.25.0

Fun!Easy to navigate, very clean look. Let’s get this money guys!.Version: 3.32.0

Darlene thornI am always happy when I can play on your site and I am very thankful of the gifts I receive.Version: 4.29.0

NiceeeLovely.Version: 4.19.1

Draft Kings Casino 🎰I really enjoy playing on Draft Kings, they have a wide variety of different Casino games and a lot of interactive live games as well! I especially like the demo mode that you can go in and view how a game is played before you spend any money toward it to see if you even like the game! Thanks Draft Kings keep up the great work! We love the extra promotions you send out and the free play is always greatly appreciated!! For those of you who like sports betting look no further Draft Kings has it all! 🎰🏇.Version: 3.35.0

WowMy fiancé and I love going to the Casino but had missed it with the pandemic. We found our favorite game on here. So far with very little we have won huge. Bet big, win big! (But always within your limits, be safe and have fun!) Thank you, DraftKings, for bringing back something we’ve missed doing and giving us the biggest wins we’ve had on this game! (Even higher than the casino!) Also... the winnings only took two days to show up for me! I cannot believe how fast I got the money. Best app with real and big wins ever!! Now the casinos are back open but my hubby and I have an “M&M’s” (Money & Movie) night where we eat M&M’s and snacks and play DraftKings casino while watching a movie… And I prefer it!!.Version: 3.24.0

So far loving draft kings!Has the games, excellent pay out and very few glitches so far unlike competition..Version: 3.32.0

FrustratingI have been playing for a while now. There has always been issues with connection(not on my end. I already checked.) I would be in the middle of a game and it would freeze. I would have to get out of the app completely and reopen it. For the last week, I have been trying to get on and play some games. Most of the games I try to play are giving me an error that a game is already in progress. I have emailed them and have gotten no reply. At this point, it is simply too frustrating to try to enjoy some down time with draft kings. I am withdrawing what I have in this app and moving it to another. They need to work on their severs or something. Maybe they need better tech guys….Version: 4.4.0

Fairest rules and smoothest gameplayDefinitely the best online casino app from my experience on the App Store. They offer a pretty generous free play bonus at signup. Other apps tend to crash more often; in contrast, these servers feel more stable with minimal drop outs. Good variety of slots (my favorite) and table games. You also don’t get the feeling of “the fix” with this one (I.e. dealer magically gets four blackjacks in a row when you’re ahead); play seems fair. As with all gaming apps and casinos in general, the odds are ultimately stacked in favor of the house, so don’t bet what you’re not willing to lose. However, with a little bit of luck and setting of some reasonable personal limits, you can come away with some extra coffee money..Version: 2.39.0

PLEASE READ AND SAVE UR MONEYI really wish I could post my screenshots but the casino games are RIGGED To the MAX..a scattered will pop up on a rail to knock u off winning it’s very noticeable with the game called “Double Stacks” then u start to notice it with every other game I played everyday for about a month straight always depositing 50 or 40 Dollars and never made it past 150 dollars..I won 800 dollars the first time playing then after that it was a straight losing streak like they have something against me but it was just a SETUP to bring me back to chase my losing Money I’m now 3600 I’m the hole from playing draft kings the only site that seems to be fair is “PokerStarsl.Version: 2.52.0

Totally Fixed SlotsUnbelievable how much the slots skip a beat.. total waste of money and time.. I realize that they are a gambling site… unfortunately by far not a good one!!!! Never heard of anyone winning big on slots! EVER ON THIS SITE….Version: 4.31.1

Great program great appEasy to use trust, worthy and secure.Version: 4.17.0

Best Casino!It’s the best casino for promotions and gifts!.Version: 4.29.0

DraftKing goodI love DraftKing because I can escape my nagging wife. Just joking guys. I spent a lot of time on FanDuel PA casino site. They have 2 blackjack sites versus DraftKings 12 or so. DraftKing also has 3 times the number of FanDuel slot games. I haven’t asked DraftKings to send me a check yet, so I can’t comment on that. It’s Friday 9/30, I agreed to your survey and above comment popped up. It looks like my type of humor. Perhaps it’s an earlier opinion I assumed reached you but still in “limbo”. I don’t play FanDuel at the moment. My 9/30 comment is “I’m glad you brought back “game of the week”. Typical “bet $10, get $10 credit” stuff. I recommend making it “game of the day”. Sure, DraftKings might overall lose money but you don’t realize you gain more layers willing to hang around and play (lose!) other games. Bassjack.Version: 4.0.0

DraftkingsMy go to. No unfortunate events no problems no other place to go when gambling is your thing. Set themselves apart from other gaming providers in many ways. There is just a different feeling I have being present on draftkings apps or actual locations. Like they sharpened gaming up. If draftkings were a chick that’s at a friends party, she would be the the gal that’s got a tattoo resting just enough above the belt line of her black leather pants she’s got a boob job and she’s undoubtedly the hottest girl there. But what makes her even better is she doesn’t act like she’s all that. She makes sure she is all that. She doesn’t try to be the best she makes sure she is the best..Version: 4.9.0

My go to top 2I belong to quite a few sites and tried many. DraftKings is by far one of the best. Some sites are the usual win when you first sign up and then take everything they can from you. I have won on a pretty ok basis that has made playing fun. There is nothing worst than spending hard earned cash only to watch it disappear in 2 minutes of playing. Easy withdrawal process and prompt courteous customer service. Good promotions that do not require 100 hoops to jump through. This site has a lot of games to choose from and a lot of bet levels. Highly recommend. The app is good. Once in awhile a glitch, however it is consistently a well working app. Would like to see some surprise bonus cash like other sites do..Version: 3.34.0

Great AppNow give me bonus.Version: 4.19.1

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