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Reports: Followers Tracker Negative Reviews

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Reports: Followers Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Reports: Followers Tracker app received 120 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Reports: Followers Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about reports: followers tracker?

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Reports: Followers Tracker for Negative User Reviews

Unsafe AppI hadn’t even used the app for more than two weeks and it had messed up my followers and following so bad. At first it was just minor and I didn’t notice until I started getting requests from my friends that I thought were already following me. Then I noticed I also wasnt following my friends that I see on my IG all the time. When I looked at my profile, My following and followers had gone down by hundreds. I reset my password and everything because I thought I might have been hacked. But it was this app causing the glitches and issues that I never had to deal with before..Version: 3.1

Not working but...Edited: heard back from the developers and apparently this is a problem with all these types of apps as IG has changed how they work. Looking at the reviews on many of the others, looks like they all have the same issue. Originally wrote: I loaded the app (after reading good reviews) and it’s wrong. I dont have many followers and the app says a hundred less than I know I have. Tried contacting the makers but it goes to ‘chat’ and the messages get read but no one responds. So all in all not impressed at the moment. If things change I’ll come back and edit this..Version: 3.1

Insta is on to youI like all of the app features and the accuracy of the functions, but I have now been blocked by insta twice for using the app. They make me change my password, and block my activity for a week. Once in October for purposely going to insta through your app to follow someone, and once in December for accidentally hitting the follow/unfollow button on your app and being transport to my page through your app, after which I did nothing on my page, but they still knew. Now, I feel like using the app is too big of a risk because they have obviously figured out how to detect it, and I’m tired of changing my password and being blocked. I would use it and not go through the app to my page, but the chance of accidentally doing this seems too high at this point. Update: Thank you for your response, but it didn’t really address my concern. I’m not concerned about you hacking my account. I also understand that your app directs me to Instagram to initiate actions. However, Instagram has detected the use of your app twice now when you redirect me to my account. I do not want my account deleted or blocked because I use your app. I need to know what you are actually doing to resolve this issue. Looking at the reviews, I’m not the only one who has had this happen..Version: 3.1

8/10Great App. Did well searching for Followers not following and the rest. Had issues with Syncing and Loading the last couple of months. Always got stuck at 97%. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Nothing. Had this for a year. Had zero issues until recently having lots of issues logging in, staying logged in, and using the app. Multiple log in notifications from my support team. Very Concerning. Unsubscribed to Subscription and will find business elsewhere. Thanks.Version: 3.1

Scam appIf you download this app you will be scammed..Version: 3.1

RubbishWaste of time, didn’t even give me accurate info. Don’t bother!.Version: 3.1

MehThe app is good, but it needs some adjustments. first of all, on my end, the followers count is incorrect. I have over 1000 followers and the app says that I only have 180. Second of all it randomly tells me that people have unfollowed me, when in reality nobody has. Even today it said that someone unfollowed me and I went to check my Instagram and Instagram told me that they have actually not unfollowed me. overall the app is fine but I’d recommend something else due to the false information this app is giving.Version: 3.1

Premium features are MisleadingProfile interactors doesn’t record traffic to your page; I know this because I had friends visit and scroll through my posts, and they never showed up on the report. If a person likes a photo you’re tagged in on someone else’s Instagram profile, they will show up on the report making you think that person visited your profile, which is not true. It also cycles random people into the list even though they haven’t liked on commented on your posts at all. I know this because I have followers who have never liked/commented on a photo randomly appear on this list even though they didn’t interact with any of my posts or tagged posts..Version: 3.1

DO NOT DOWNLOADThis app ruined my life!!!!!! My account which I use for business and fashion influencing was deactivated & I am receiving phishing emails from someone pretending to be from Instagram. I lost my 10,000 followers, my photos and memories, my business contacts. I lost 5 years of my hard work and my life. I should have known to not trust a third party app. This app is NOT safe. Do not listen. Still working 24/7 to try to get it back. I will not give up and hopefully am able to rescue my account. It’s been 5 days filled with stress and anger. I lost my job! Memories!! Time!!!.Version: 3.1

Can’t log inI’ve changed my Instagram password twice I’m certain I’m putting in the right letters and it still says incorrect password I do think if I get in I’d give this five stars so I’d relly like to get it fixed.Version: 3.1

FakeI would love to know how this app determines who is a “secret admirer”. Instagram doesn’t share information like who has been visiting you profile with third party apps, so there is no legal way for this app to know this information..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t Register My FollowersI used another app for Instagram analytics for about six weeks and it stopped working, so I shopped around for another. Instagram made me change my password due to possible hacking or phishing. Found this app and was very hesitant as you must PAY before knowing if it even works. So I purchased the $7.99/month and kicked off the analytics. It doesn’t register my followers accurately. I have 3000 and it only sees 180 followers. I’ve submitted a ticket to the help desk via the app, but haven’t heard back or resolved. At this point, I’m out money and no app. Caution!.Version: 3.1

I want a refund (update: Do not get)I paid for the year subscription then was immediately locked out of my acct for “suspicious activity”. I canceled my subscription but obviously am still paying for the year, this app is horrible UPDATE: They really tried to blame Instagram locking me out on my own actions. The only action I took was downloading this app to see who unfollowed me. I got locked out IMMEDIATELY after I paid for the year subscription. IMMEDIATELY. I didn’t even have a chance to see who wasn’t following me back and unfollow them because I logged out of this app and deleted it so that I could get back into my Instagram. Instagram told me to change my password because of a “suspicious login.” So no, developers it was not because of me..Version: 3.1

TrashI’m gonna give you guys a fair warning right now do not download this app it is complete trash.Version: 3.1

ScamBought one month subscription, unsubscribed and it locked premium features after I paid.Version: 3.1

Locked accountI’m literally not able to log back in. I’ve tried going through Instagram support but it keeps overriding it and asking my to verify my account using an email I don’t have access to anymore and isn’t on my account anymore Edit: the email you want me to verify my identity with no longer exists and I’m not able to get into the account I tired going through Instagram to unlock it but when Instagram gave me access again the message still popped up showing that it’s a problem from the app I use my Instagram to market and sell stuff for my business I need this fixed as soon as possible..Version: 3.1

CrashesThis app used to work so well , I would use to see who would unfollow me, but since the new update where they made too many changes like who has blocked you and worked on aesthetics, every time you open the app and press start analysis the whole app crashes after hitting 95%. I hope this bug will be fixed as this is the best instagram app out there.Version: 2.0

Worked for 1 dayAfter 1 day I stopped receiving updates and the app couldn’t refresh. While support claimed it’s an issue with Intagram I’m not convinced that this is worth money.Version: 3.1

UmGot my whole instagram account hacked and deleted i dont recommend.Version: 3.1

Almost Got HackedTried using this app to track stats on my new small business page. Shortly after (maybe 30 mins later) trying to log in through the app I received a notification from my iPhone reporting that someone just tried getting into my instagram somewhere in the middle of Virginia. I couldn’t figure out my password but that might have been a good thing as it could have be used to successfully get into my account. Additionally, this could have been the only thing that allowed someone to try to get into my account. I did not recently open any other apps or accounts that would have triggered someone trying to get in to my account..Version: 3.1

Full of bugs!Ever since I downloaded and started using this app my Instagram account kept randomly unfollowing, restricting, and even blocking people repeatedly and without my knowledge or consent. It was very frustrating and for the the longest time I didn’t know what was going on or why this was happening. But then I started to suspect it had something to do with this app so I uninstalled it. And wouldn’t you know, suddenly the problem finally stopped the moment I deleted this app! It was very frustrating and embarrassing continually having to re-follow my friends after they randomly got unfollowed for no reason!.Version: 3.1

Cannot use on second phone without paying again?I tried to install or login with 2nd phone and asks for another payment - plz can you advise if its possible as paying for each device isnt an option. Will change review if its possible. Also your app support link takes you to a forbidden page so this is the only way I could get in touch..Version: 1.6

Account lockedMy account got locked by IG because of this app. It’s a good app but it seems IG does’t like it, it affected badly my reach. I’ve uninstalled it..Version: 3.1

The app is good but I think there’s a bug.To elaborate, I’ve been using the app since the pandemic hit and it’s been great, working fine. Yesterday, I started my analysis and it said I lost half of my followers (in which I didn’t) I decided to log back in and waited 24 hours for the analysis again. The same thing happened. I’m not sure why but it’s been giving me false information about my profile and I’m not sure why..Version: 3.1

Sketchy , not bussinThis app helped me figure out which pick me unfollowed me but it hacked my phone 0/10.Version: 3.1

Y u need my money?? >:(I only downloaded it because i want to see who’s viewing my account but i have to buy the extra version if i wanna see who :(.Version: 3.1

Got hackedNever had my Instagram hacked or any issues before this app. Downloaded it and the next day I was notified by Instagram that someone unknown had logged into my account. Lucky I caught it in time and changed it. I would say don’t risk downloading the app but if you really need to, atleast change your password to something random before downloading the app until you finished using it, uninstall and then change it back. I wouldn’t recommend this tho..Version: 3.1

DO NOT USE - lost accountI used this account and hours later my Instagram was disabled due to suspicious activity. It’s now been over 6 weeks, and I still haven’t been able to get back in. Instagram does not like you using third party apps. Please help me recover this Instagram!.Version: 3.1

Average but not worth subscriptionSame as every other app to track followers. Do not purchase the option to view profile interactors as do not believe it's accurate - it seems to just show accounts of pictures you have just liked :( ?? Not convinced.Version: 3.1

Got my account blockedMultiple bans 24hr 48hr etc now my account is blocked for 6 days with Instagram for using this app..Version: 3.1

Stopped Working- terrible customer serviceI purchased this app last year and used it mostly successfully, with it having the occasional glitch. About a month ago it began completely getting all the analytics wrong- said I only had 100 or so followers when I have well over 1000, saying people unfollowed me that didn’t and are actually the accounts I interact with the most, etc. I gave it a couple weeks- did all the uninstall/ reinstall/ log out etc , and no change. Then I wrote a support ticket. They responded very quickly that this is a known issue and they are working on a fix, but have no timeline for when. I responded that with no timeline of a fix that as a paying customer I was very dissatisfied and how did they intend to make this up to us once resolved. They said thank you for your patience. So basically- we don’t. I responded asking for a refund for the defective product and they stopped answering me..Version: 3.1

Fake reviews and some scamI haven’t downloaded this app yet because I found it to expensive so my friend did, we went on it together and had to pay £5, before this a had a look through the reviews, a lot of them were fake I saw so I already had doubts but when we got in my friend got logged out of her insta for 5 days which we both found really annoying after that we went back on it and every time we went to have a look at her stats it would bring us to the home screen so if you are reading this would not recommend this app being used and if you know why can you please get in touch.Version: 1.10

Not accurateThis app does not show accurate numbers. I went into ig today knowing I had a certain amount of followers, I noticed my number went down so I came to this app to see who I may have lost and it says no one and still reports that I have the same amount of followers from before. Maybe it will catch up but I noticed this before. Maybe I will just find another app and cancel this one..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t really show who unfollowed you very annoyingDoesn’t really show you who unfollowed you and you have to pay for nearly everything like what’s the point of the app if your not really helping people see who their secret admirers are.Version: 3.1

Could do more with checks instead of every hourCould get to better.Version: 3.1

I paid and it’s still inaccurateI’m having ppl unfollow me cuz my followers is going down and it won’t show me who unfollowed me. It still says I have the same amount as followers as before. I did a scan and everything. This app sucks and can’t even give the info I need.Version: 3.1

Account HackedThis app is a scam it worked well and I signed up for the subscription but shortly after I downloaded the app it said someone was trying to hack into my Instagram account and I also got a random phone call from Sweden and I never get out of country calls. I wish I would’ve read the reviews first .. Waste of money and now I’ve got to change all my passwords on my phone. It seems that app developer it’s just responding to everyone who’s getting hacked with the same generic message that the app is safe is not..Version: 3.1

My account got banned!DO NOT download this app. Once you put your log in details it tells you who doesn’t follow back. When u start unfollowing people you get a message pop up from Instagram staying they are restricting your activity. At just like that the account is banned. Don’t do it! I’m lucky I didn’t use the app for my main account. Still upset I have to create another account 🥲.Version: 3.1

Dont use!I BOUGHT the app first of all. to have all the premium effects. firstly it’s hacked my account. since using it it keeps logging me out of my instagram and i have to change my password. the load up is so long i have to load it up about 3 times and crashes everytime. really disappointed as i spent money on it..Version: 3.1

Buyer BewareMy instagram got shut down because of this app. I was using it to unfollow people. Even though Instagram opens separately (in its own app window), they detected I was using a 3rd party app to unfollow. While I was switching back and forth to unfollow people, Instagram immediately locked me of my account for suspicious activity. Also my account was hacked in the process because I got an email from instagram in Spanish telling me my password and email was changed. I have no other explanation for the ban, except that I was using this app in the very second it locked me. Sadly my Instagram account is now indefinitely blocked and no way to get it back. From reading the reviews sadly I’m not the only person this has happened to. Use at your own risk..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t workWhen I logged in, it loaded my account to 15% and then said my account had timed out. Tried many times without success. Deleted the app..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t workGot reports on my phone for Insta. Wanting to see who’s viewing my profile. There’s a “secret admirers” section which has stayed exactly the same for two months, even though I know others have view my page, both followers and non followers, during that time..Version: 3.1

Tad expensiveIt’s a bit expensive considering you don’t get anything extra from the free version, yes you can use other accounts and see who your secret admirers are, but that’s it, doesn’t show ghost followers and things like that. Add that function and it would be a 5 stars..Version: 3.1

It could be betterI like how the app shows who unfollows you and who Dosent follow you back for free. However when I tried to pay for the subscription it wouldn’t let me because it said the expiration year of the debit card must be from 2021-2041 and I think that’s a bit of a joke..Version: 3.1

PaymentIf i delete my acc will my money still come out of the app?.Version: 3.1

Stopped workingWas working fine until it told me I had lost the entirety of my followers and then it told me one of my closest friends had unfollowed me, so in the bin it goes.Version: 3.1

It was great, until it wasn’tI used this app daily to see who’s following and who isn’t. It was great. I was able to follow those I want following and unfollow those that weren’t following me. Then one day it just stopped working. My number of followers dropped by almost 2k and my number of those that don’t folkie me jumped by that same amount. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it to no avail. Support tells me it’s a bug that will be fixed in the next release. What I want to know is when is the next release coming out?.Version: 3.1

Proceed with cautionThe service works well, giving you the ability to uncover people who aren’t following you back; usually the bane of Instagram. However, this app is likely storing and sharing login details as my account has been accessed multiple times from dirty overseas locations, only after using this app..Version: 3.1

Not badI really like this app but I’m not sure how accurate it really is. Also confused on what profile interactors are? Will users pop up here if you are regularly on their profile or is it just if they are interacting with you and your profile? Also now recent are the interactions? Otherwise, love the insights..Version: 3.1

Could be better...I got the app awhile ago and I do like it, but some of the fun parts then I was looking forward to when I got this app, couldn’t happen for me. I wanted to see who my “secret admirers” and the “profile interactions” but I have to by a subscription for that. And if I had the money I would, but if I had to pay for it for one month I wouldn’t want to pause $4.99. But other than that o think this app is pretty good..Version: 3.1

Good butWish we could filter the secret admirers. Any chance that can be added?.Version: 3.1

Very unhappySince using this app we have lost lots of followers. I have seen multiple reviews of people having the same thing happen to them where followers have been removed and they did not unfollow. This needs to be sorted out..Version: 3.1

Recently stopped workingIt worked well till about two weeks ago now it is inaccurate and therefore useless It kept reporting I had lost followers but on checking I hadn’t Contacted them, they sad they knew of this new glitch. They blamed Instagram. Said they are working on a new version. No dates given. I’ve deleted it..Version: 3.1

FraudI had my account hacked the same day I downloaded this app Trust me and don’t download it.Version: 3.1

Wowww👀This does not give ads whatsoever I highly recommend it because this is just wonderful like it’s easy to use and everything and like all you Gotta do is just download it and put in your account and just do what you need to do and it just does it without no ads no ads bro no ads that is really nice of you guys and that is just wonderful I think you are so much and I’ll give you good five big five thank you so much.Version: 3.1

DisappointedWhen i went to download the app and used it it was pretty useful. but after i deleted the app, a bunch of spam account that looked like mine started following my followers and asked them for there mobile number. then i got a bunch of messages from my friends saying, “is this you” or “did you get hacked”. one of the spam accounts had blocked the account i put on for the app so i couldn’t see it. i went on my other account and went to see that it was still there and still asking people for their mobile numbers. the app was accurate at the least but i didn’t expect that form the app. even tho it didn’t hack anything i was still pretty upset that it had been using me to get my friends numbers. it was also weird because the people they asked i barely knew so it was weird for me to ask for their number. before you download the app make sure you are aware that it can do things like this..Version: 3.1

HorribleTold me 1200 don’t follow me and I checked on Instagram in my followers and they’re all there still following me. Don’t download.Version: 3.1

So far pretty goodI am happy with the most part of it. I just don’t really like how you have to pay for some things..Version: 3.1

Don’t downloadIt hacked my insta.Version: 3.1

Data breachMy Instagram account got hacked after using this app! I had random posts to my account and the login details were not input anywhere aside from logging in this app!! Coincidence? I think not. I’ve paid for annual fee too so am hacked and out of pocket. Do not recommend..Version: 3.1

Would rate 0 if possibleGlitchy app, signed me out a few times also why am I only able to unfollow 15 people every 10 mins after paying for a month subscription??? Even when attempting to unfollow people who didn’t follow back it was glitching out and showing me people who i already unfollowed in that category. Do not purchase this app.Version: 3.1

Not sure yetThat is all.Version: 1.7

Blocked my Instagram accountFirst I purchased this by mistake. My baby had my phone. I took it off him and the purchase went through. Within less than 2 mins I had emailed and asked for a refund. It came back saying this app doesn’t qualify for a refund. So I thought well I’ve paid £20 for it I might as well try it out. A couple hours later a message pops up on Instagram saying because I’ve shared my password with a service that goes against its community guidelines. I was blocked for 5 days which felt like forever. I removed the app from my phone but I still got blocked AGAIN for another 7 days. I use my Instagram for business so this has devastated me..Version: 1.10

Inaccurate InfoWhen I first downloaded this app it worked fine and showed accurate numbers. After 6 months it stopped and displayed odd/off numbers that were totally inaccurate when comparing to my ig. I reached out to the team and they said they are “working on a new version of the application I’m which errors described by you will be fixed.” That was over a month ago, now. Before writing this post I even deleted it and re-downloaded it just to see if it needed to be updated. Needless to say... it still isn’t working after a month..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t loadSays doesn’t have wifi but my wifi is great.Version: 3.1


ScamI’ve tested this to see if this app can actually tell who has been looking at your profile and it simply does not work. Scam..Version: 3.1

Useful but UselessI used this app just to see who followed and unfollowed me and it was good for awhile but then it stop working. It would “analysis” but nothing happened. App isn’t great anymore and doesn’t even work. Glad I didn’t pay for this..Version: 3.1

Used to workThis app used to work great. So great that I paid the yearly membership fee for it to support the developers that worked on it. Then a few months back it stopped working. It was reporting only a small fraction of the followers I had and therefore reporting way more unfollowers than the actual numbers. At this point it’s completely unusable. Months later and several messages to the support team, and it still is not fixed. The dev team told me something about Instagram changing their API which broke their app, but a lot of time has passed and starting to think this app won’t be fixed. I cancelled my membership sadly, would love to get my money back since I only got about half use of the yearly membership that I paid for..Version: 3.1

Only good for who unfollowedI downloaded a month at £4.99 to see how it is. Apart from telling you who unfollowed (which you get for free) there’s no point paying. It claims to show you who’s looking at your profile but not following, its impossible to give this information. Anyone who appears on here is someone who used to follow you and has gone on your profile to unfollow you. I have checked. Don’t bother paying! Waste of money!.Version: 3.1

It’s okayI downloaded the app and lost 10 followers..Version: 3.1

Disappointment!It took 2 minutes for me to regret purchasing this app. A friend told me about it and because my favorite musical artist follows me on IG, I was giddy with excitement to know how many times she has viewed my page. I know it’s been at least one because she liked and commented on one of my pictures, as well as followed me. I had given her my IG handler the night prior. My heart is racing with excitement as I check. The result, zero. I’m disappointed. I check the friend I’m talking to and it says 7. He tells me that’s definitely wrong. For fun I check names like Taylor Swift, Oprah, Celine Dion. They show 2. I never comment on their stuff. They wouldn’t have any idea who I am. I thought to myself perhaps I expected too much. Maybe my friend was inaccurate about what this app does, but in the app description, first sentence it says “Want to know who is viewing your profile?” BULL!!! Waste of $4.99. I’ve cancelled my subscription, deleted the app and changed my IG password..Version: 3.1

It’s okIt’s ok... I use it once a day because they try to charge you for everything in the app so you can only see new followers and unfollowers. Oh and you can only “analyse” your profile once every 24 hours because again they try to charge you to do it anymore than that. Does what it says on the tin though, just once a day..Version: 3.1

ScamIt scams your account and post bitcoin ads don’t do it.Version: 3.1

Not HappyI got this app last year and it was working great for the longest time. It tells you when someone follows/unfollows you, who stalks your account, who isn’t following you back, and more. Super super accurate too. I unfortunately have to give it 2 stars because two weeks ago it stopped working properly and my follower count is screwed up along with who isn’t following me back and it is not allowing me to see any updates. I emailed them and they said they were working on it but it’s already been 2 weeks and have heard nothing from them nor have I seen any changes in the app. I really like this app so I hope they fix it soon..Version: 3.1

Somebody tried to login my IGAfter shortly downloading this app, the app states that my login information will be safe and nobody will use my information for anything else. I used this app with no problems at first, it did its job by telling me who my unfollowers were and after I was done using the app, I get a notification from Instagram that somebody in China attempted to login to my Instagram. My Instagram stopped the perpetrator but I will not recommend anybody to download this due to the fact that I didn’t download anything else besides this app and they have my login info. I changed my password right away and do not appreciate being deceived. If you have important stuff on Instagram, make sure to NOT download THIS app. If you don’t have anything on your Instagram like me, then go ahead and do it. 2 stars because the app does do its job, & minus 3 because of the attempted hack. Also it’s $4.99 a month to see your admirer and also other features in the app..Version: 3.1

ScamI tried to logged in thrice but didnt work. I typed in my username and password to my instagram account but nothing is happening. I cannot log in. I hope them not stealing my data or anything like a scam to hack people’s instagram account.Version: 3.1

PHISHING SCAMMy account was locked after using this app and i got a notification that it was due to a phishing scam. I cannot access my account now. DO NOT USE.Version: 3.1

Instagram account deleted at 65k followersLogged into this app this morning as usual, got to 40% ish on the scan then said error and wanted me to log back in, which I did as this has happened in the past no problem. Tried to do scan again and same error then I was logged out of my account on all devices, tried to log back and my account is now deleted so thank you for that! Immediately delete this app do not log in!.Version: 3.1

Doesn’t workI used to love this app but one day it suddenly stopped working so I deleted it. Today I decided to get it back to see if it worked again yet, but now it won’t even let me login to my Instagram it just says that there is no Internet connection even though there is. You need to sort out your app.Version: 3.1

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP !Do not allow them to access in ur account, this is a scam.Version: 3.1

HackInstantly hacks your instagram.Version: 3.1

Profile Interactors are not people who clicked on your profileI bought the subscription thinking the profile interactors would tell me who clicked on my profile page (and didn’t do anything else). Here is the response from customer service: “Instagram does not collect data about users who visit your profile without any action. Therefore, we can not collect such data either.” The profile interactors are just people who have liked your posts or viewed your story. And it’s not even necessarily within the timeframe of the last analysis. Weird..Version: 3.1

TerribleThis is terrible..Version: 3.1

QuestionWhen wanting to delete the app when it says all account data will be deleted, does that mean your instagram account will be deleted or the app will delete ?.Version: 3.1

SuspiciousWhile using this app Instagram kicked me out and said my account was being used for phishing, when a third party app takes my information and accessed my account and made me change my password so I uninstalled it.Version: 3.1

This ain’t it FolksDO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FAKE APP! There is no free trial, they charge you right away just to show you inaccurate information. Trust me, you are much better off without this app. When it showed my “profile interactions” it was all accounts I’ve never seen or heard of in my life. These app’s legitimately can NOT access that type of personal information, so they grab whatever accounts are similar to ones you follow, and just call it a day. It’s just a way for them to take your money. Not impressed, shame on you app developers 😖.Version: 3.1

DO NOT DOWNLOADThey hacked my instagram and erased the whole thing like it never existed. i can’t log in, keeps telling me to refresh and try again later. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.Version: 3.1

Crap AppGot kicked off Instagram for using it. Talked to their support team and their response fit the problem. “ Hello! Your safety is guaranteed when using the application. We do not store your logins or passwords in compliance with GDPR. Once you log in to the official Instagram site, we can receive the necessary data for your account analysis. Followers can be managed directly through the Instagram application, which emphasizes the security of the app. We do not restrict our users in any way, these restrictions are imposed by Instagram😔. You are under the Instagram limits if you use third-party apps, actively follow and unfollow other Instagram users, or if you have a large number of followers. Instagram limits are only affected by your profile actions. When you are sanctioned by Instagram, the application is harder to use.” This doesn’t make much sense to me but on top of getting booted from Instagram (which I can’t afford as I use it for my business) the analysis would never finish. I kept it overnight and it still didn’t finish. 8 hours! That’s too long. I asked for a refund. Owned it for 2 days..Version: 3.1

Don’t buyHorrible app waste of money.Version: 3.1

Don’t get itI firstly got it and it was good. but it dosent work it says people don’t follow me back when they do and my account got hacked because I put my details DONT GET IT IT IS REALLY BAD AND A SCAM.Version: 3.1

I never write reviews.....butI recently downloaded this app to try and see who was unfollowing me. Within not even 20 minutes of having downloaded the app, I can no longer view who I follow on Instagram. It now brings up a loading error when I try to view it. I’ve tried updating the app, logging out, deleting the app entirely: none of it works. I’m not very happy about this. It’s best to just save yourself the trouble and not download the app. Seems as though I’ll likely have to be contacting Instagram to get the problem resolved..Version: 2.1

DO NOT BUY - SCAMThis app works very well for about 20 minutes then suddenly you can no longer log into your Instagram and it’s an ongoing battle trying to get back into your own account. It took me about 30 tries switching back and forth from my mobile phone and laptop, refreshing over and over, resetting password etc etc. I instantly get an email from Instagram about suspicious activity and that I’m temporarily restricted from certain functions. Thank God after an hour i got my account back. My friend who I unfortunately told to download this app as well was not so lucky. He did not have access to his IG for days. He was receiving emails about different login attempts from different cities, his Instagram would just time out completely when trying to authenticate himself through video, and he had to reset his password about 4 times. Thankfully he was able to get back in after 5 DAYS of mayhem. Long story short save yourself the trouble and please don’t use this app. It’s a straight scam and idk how Apple even allows this product to be sold..Version: 3.1

At first I liked itI bought the premium version, but my account gets flagged ALLL the time now. Instagram is constantly making me change my password because it thinks my account is getting hacked based on my “unusual activity”. Super annoying. There’s gotta be a way around this issue. Changing my review because of your lackluster response. It’s clearly NOT working and NOT fine. I’m not saying you’re hacking me, but I am saying my account is CONSTANTLY getting flagged and forcing me to change my password. This ONLY happens after I use your app. Figure it out..Version: 3.1

Was good when it workedSeems to have stopped working..Version: 3.1

DumbI’d give 0 starts if i could. i have to wait 10+ hours to see who unfollowed me after doing it the first time? why make that feature free if you’re gonna add a wait time to it after the first use? then you’re gonna ask for payment to analyze when we want instead of paying.. if you’re money hungry just say that..Version: 3.1

Waste of moneyThis application doesn’t work properly don’t waste your money on this!! Never accurate!!.Version: 3.1

HmmThe app works great, it’s the best out there. Never crashes, lets you know who’s unfollowed and all that good stuff, but since using this, my Insta was (“hacked”) and I needed to change the password. My outlook reported unusual activity, and now I’ve just got a FB alert that someone unsuccessfully tried to log in to my account. All in the space of 7 days since using this app. (I’d rarely had a suspicious alert in the past 12 months), so I’m doubting it’s a coincidence..Version: 3.1

Support team doesn’t replyI was enjoying the app quite a lot but suddenly my data Is all wrong, it doesn’t show me real statistics anymore even though Im paying the monthly fee, I have tried to contact the support team but no one is replying....Version: 3.1

I got hacked.After a few days of downloading this app, i got hacked. my insta account got disabled for ‘not following guidelines’, and right now, i’m trying to get my account back. what makes it worse is that the form to get your insta account back has a bug right now, so it makes it even more frustrating. after this, i am no longer downloading these types of apps. it risks your whole instagram account, and i now realize how risky they are. don’t download this!!.Version: 3.1

Pretty sure this app was causing Instagram to flag my account as a botThis app was showing me I was losing followers about 3x as fast as I was gaining them. It didn’t raise any alarms because that does happen for various reasons, but then I lost a follower and it made absolutely no sense. I’m friends with the people who manage the page, we have dozens of mutuals, and they follow 1400+ accounts and I was the only account that got unfollowed. I followed up with them and they said weren’t sure how it happened, and immediately followed me back. Google search says that Instagram can shadow ban folks if they are using unauthorized software, so I’m not gonna be using this app or any others like it anymore..Version: 3.1

It’s okayThe app is very good shows your secret admirers etc but you have to wait a day to update your profile. I just downloaded the app and I saw that somebody unfollowed so i went to check who it was but you have to wait a day for it to come up to date or buy the subscription. Don’t get this app.Version: 3.1


Doesn't workFollower and following count is inaccurate..Version: 3.1

DO NOT BUY - PROBLEM WITH CURRENT VERSIONI bought this app a few days ago and it worked correctly once. I have communicated with their app support via WhatsApp. I was just told that there is a new version being worked on as they know about the current problem. Funny, they did not tell me that when I first reported the issue. Not sure why they are even selling this current version if they it doesn’t work and know they’re going to replace it? They did not seem very willing to give a credit either..Version: 3.1

Works great....bu only when it works!So when it works it’s great. But I paid for premium, don’t have any other apps attached to Instagram, have tried once each day for the past two days and still receiving the “over the limit” message. If it doesn’t work soon I may have to drop my rating as it will be money poorly spent..Version: 3.1

Don’t waste your time or moneyMy first app review only because I foolishly spent $4.99 to use this app which does not at all do what it says. The “data” they allegedly got from my profile is off by hundreds and totally incorrect. It’s like they took my data, threw it in the air and grabbed a handful of information, put it together and present that as your analytics. When I reported the gross distortion to their WhatsApp customer service number to a woman named Anastasia I was told: “Thanks for the feedback. At the moment, we are working on a new version of the application in which the error described by you will be fixed. Thank you for understanding!” Their app does not all do what the ad literally says it does. Don’t waste your money!!.Version: 3.1

L DEVELOPERS THEY MAD THEY CANT GET INTO MY ACCOUNT CUZ I NEVER SIGNED UP🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡I have no personal experience but i can clearly see your replies are copied and pasted, and you hack peoples accounts. so good job at being actually neanderthals🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 L existence L life L developers. cope.Version: 3.1

TrashToo many micro transactions for an app I’m gonna go on once then delete. 😒.Version: 3.1

Rating100% Scam.Version: 3.1

Locked out of InstagramThe app works and does exactly what it says that it will do. The only problem is that Instagram immediately locked me out. It said that someone in Alabama was trying to log onto my account. Now I can’t get back on my Instagram no matter what I do. I’ve been trying to become an influencer and this is really damaging to my progress. I can’t say that the app is the reason someone was trying to log into my account, but I can say that the app is the reason that I’m locked out of Instagram. I’ve never been locked out and this is the only thing that I did..Version: 3.1

MehIt’s like one i I’ve used before. Nothing too special actually. It shows the people who you follow and they don’t follow back and people who follow you but you don’t follow them back also lost followers and recently gained ones. Ok normal stuff. But the secret admirers isn’t freee. You have to pay premium to use it and it’s really tempting to check out but I’m not gonna pay for that! Honestly I thought all of it would be free but it’s the more tempting ones that aren’t. So now you know. Anyways goodluck..Version: 3.1

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APPI was using this app and it was working. Until I go onto my Instagram and I get logged out… so I end up getting back in and changing my password but this is not a safe app and the will hack your account.Version: 3.1

It’s okI downloaded this app and paid for the 8 bucks for the premium and it said that kim, charli damelo, dixie damelo and other famous people viewed my profile many times which is pretty much impossible so i don’t know how accurate this is..Version: 3.1

SCAM!!!My account got hacked after using this app. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!! It is not legit!! I got hacked and my account got locked because of this app!!!.Version: 3.1

ScamThey log into your account.Version: 3.1

False advertisingThe app says profile interactions but the account that show up are only accounts that I recently like a picture of. False advertising saying it shows who viewed your profile because the list is just people that you’ve actually like a photo of. I paid for premium just for this feature so it was disappointing other than that it works well to show your unfollowers but there’s a bunch of apps that do it just the same..Version: 3.1

It’s okayThe ‘lost followers’ is good and seems to be accurate however, the ‘profile interactors’ section seems wrong as it shows that people have looked at your profile when in fact you have liked THEIR photo? Doesn’t seem to make any sense… surely not every person who’s photo I have liked then visits my page? That is after paying for the app too….Version: 3.1

It was perfectThis app was great in the beginning seriously even fro people who didn’t buy it still did the basics and was a great app then I logged out and logged back in Bc the app wasn’t loading and it restarted all my progress never told me when someone followed or unfollowed and it removed the 1.4K followers I actual have and now it says I only have 200 followers and it doesn’t show anything anymore when I restart idk if I did something or ?- but it’s not good anymore I would say you should still download it but find another app as well.Version: 3.1

Mysterious log insI just got this app because I was feeling dramatic and a lil toxic. It worked and showed who wasn’t following me back but you have to go to Instagram in order to unfollow the people so that’s annoying. Anyway the important thing is the very moment I logged in to my account on the app there was a mysterious log in on my account on Instagram at THE SAME EXACT TIME. They say they don’t take your info but obviously they do just be careful and change your password as soon as you use the app. So scammy..Version: 3.1

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