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Password Manager - Safe Lock app received 35 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about password manager - safe lock?

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Safety firstThank you for your help and thank Jesus Christ for my life and thank goodness for my family.Version: 1.03.00

Maddd password appMad app.Version: 1.04.00

I think it is good management for the person that uses many passwordsThe person that uses many passwords.Version: 1.03.00

Lock appI don’t know how to work this app but I think it is cool i really need help but practice makes perfect.Version: 1.03.00

Locks all of ur appsThis is amazing app get it now.Version: 1.03.00

So goodI love the app I can keep all my private stuff on it and no one can get in so I just love it.Version: 1.04.01

This app doesn’t deserve the backlashI personally love this app. I think that the reason people are giving bad reviews is because it is hard to get out of the free trial screen. I recommend looking up a video on how to do it because once you get out of it (which it is pretty easy to do) it doesn’t bother you any more with the trial. I also love how someone actually takes the time and responds to these terrible reviews, when most other companies don’t. Thank you Hannah!! And just to be clear, I am not one of those people who work for the companies and dish out good reviews for money. I just like this app. The only other thing that I do t like about this app is that there is no way to be sure if they are going to steal my info, but there is no way for the apps to make us trust us. So I am still trusting them. Thank you for reading!! Have a good day..Version: 1.04.01

Here is a tutorial to get outSo... If you cant get passed the “trial” thing, well here is a tutorial. So go down and press the add button..Version: 1.03.00

How much I love this appIt’s so cool now my dog can’t use its paw prints like the rubbery part and get into my apps!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.Version: 1.03.00

This is horrible because it did it and let me lock stuff up I put in the right knee is so badHvghvhhjbvb.Version: 1.04.01

I love this app lotI give this a Five star rating because I can have my phone staff of people you tied to get in my phone because I’m the president and ty for help me out and at usernames is my bother name so I did at oh umm one yeah ty.Version: 1.04.00

Face IDI like the fact I can use Face ID with this app unlike mSecure where you have to pay for that feature just to use it..Version: 1.03.00

Thanks for your time I just cannot is your day and dayThanks for the ty I just cannot I was just.Version: 1.03.00

AWESOME 🤩🤩🤩Ok so first off, I just wanted to say that this app is amazing and really convenient. I found this app from an ad on Instagram and at first I was skeptical because I was scared of getting hacked, so I tested the app with an instagram account that I have and so far my account is fine. For everyone who can’t get passed the trial screen, there’s words in the middle of the screen that says something like “ads+locked features” I just pressed that and it got me passed the trial screen for free. I do like how you have to have a password called your “Master Password” (there’s also an option to add face recognition or Touch ID) to get into your passwords so people can’t access your passwords without the password. I like all the different “apps” you can save your passwords in, I would also like to get to save my password for other trending apps like TikTok ect. if you have the rights for that. For everybody who’s also looking to save some identity info, credit card info, passwords, and even secret notes, this app is definitely for you!! I’m not sure what the app is like if you pay for it but trust me there is a way to get passed the trial screen!! I definitely recommend this app and I will tell my friends about this app! Thank you!! 😁😁 (also reading back through this review I realized I said “password (s)” a lot. 😂.Version: 1.03.00

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAYOk people, just to be clear, you DO NOT have to pay to use the app. You can totally skip it, there’s an x at the top. Good for keeping passwords and it’s pretty basic to use. The ad isn’t very true, you don’t use Touch ID to open all your apps but you need Touch ID to access this app to find your passwords. Otherwise good app.👍🏻.Version: 1.04.01

All about the password gameIt’s a good app for when your friends or family or Strangers try to get on your phone they can not because if you go on the app they can’t.Version: 1.03.00

AMAZINGThis app keeps away personal info inside one tiny little app so you don’t have to tell any one the information if you don’t want to and Biggy/Coda Norris you can write down whatever you want (even your crushes name and by the way Biggy if you are reading this I think she actually loves you back ❤️❤️❤️).Version: 1.03.00

For the people that keep saying “ I can’t exit the trial page”.If you want to exit the trial page you will see a button called “Ads and locked version” press it then it will ask for your master password. After you do that you have to go to setting go to passwords and auto fill, then press auto fill passwords! After that tap the password manager app button. After you do those instructions you can log in or don’t (your choice). Then when log in at any app you will find passwords! It will open the app and ask you for your finger print or master password. After that it will log in in the app Thank you for your time Faisal.Version: 1.03.00

CoolCool.Version: 1.03.00

GreatI give a four star because I am only just logging in and you don't need to have the subscription you can just press the x in the corner. It is not taking your personal info because you can just fill in this thing where it says identity but if you are worried you don't need to do it. The app is perfectly safe and recommendable.Version: 1.03.00

PasswordI want to have a password with higher safety.Version: 1.03.00

This actually works!I read all the most recent reviews about this and all of them had like 1 star or 2 stars saying they couldnt get off the trial page thingy, when i got on the page, the trial thing was on my screen but then i saw a button called ‘master password’ so i clicked it and then it took me to write a password so i can get all my passwords things secured or finger print, i did both, anyways this app works perfectly fine, im just not sure if its safe to write passwords in apps cause i dont know if any hacker can hack this app and take passwords but nothing has happened, im just not sure about the credit card details, but yeah nonetheless this app works! Thank you.Version: 1.03.00


LL.Version: 1.04.01

PwIs ight.Version: 1.03.00

PassNICE!!! Love it.Version: 1.03.00

About a passcodeHi I am Olivia princess and all your passcodes with your thumb and your passcode I’m not telling nobody mine because somebody can be spying on me and my iPad if you haven’t saw on Facebook you can see right now but it’s a really good app and I can download any app I want it’s very very very very very very very very very very good but I love it I just love it the whole thing like why would I not download it is the best Ok bye.Version: 1.03.00

It works super wellIt looks works really well I love the app I used to my roblox account and it wasn’t getting hacked like it usually did.Version: 1.03.00

ITsMeYou so funny.Version: 1.03.00

OkOkk.Version: 1.03.00

Amazing 🤩😘It is so amazing my mom and my brother could not get in it 🥳 because my mom did Not know I had a boyfriend and I was writing notes about him.Version: 1.03.00

This app is really good for hacking cause my old phone got hackedSevinç.Version: 1.04.01

DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAMEIt is a really bad app it hacks you it doesn’t even work and it cost money App Store has got really really good at playing tricks on people so please don’t download it or else I’ll hack you and waste all your time and money 💰.Version: 1.03.00

CiprianÎmi place foarte mult.Version: 1.03.00

Great AppI love it because put your Touch ID in if you forgot the password to the app and if you forget one of your passwords bad it is in the app locked up and safe then you will remember it when your see it again..Version: 1.03.00

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