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Family Island — Farming Game Positive Reviews

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Family Island — Farming game App User Positive Comments 2023

Family Island — Farming game app received 81 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about family island — farming game?

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Family Island — Farming game for Positive User Reviews

Best game ever!I love this game, I actually spent £120 on gems which my mum wasn’t happy about but I couldn’t help it, will be making this a one off with the payments, u don’t have to buy things though, that’s a choice. It takes a lot of memory up on ur phone so make sure ur iPhone has plenty of available storage, unlike me who can’t play it just now without having to update it and I have no storage free to update the game 😡😢. I’ll sort my iPhone 7 out I just need to delete videos and pictures as my phone is packed with tons of games and pictures and videos 🤣. But best game ever and can’t wait to play it once my storage is restored x.Version: 202013.0.9903

You Should Definitely Download This GameI usually don’t write reviews, but I honestly love this game, so I had to. To address a couple of the issues other people have mentioned: there are pop ups that advise you that you can buy energy, rubies, etc., but honestly, they are in no way excessive IMHO. Of course the devs want you to purchase these things, they would like to make some money. I have made it quite far in the game, and I have not purchased anything at all. That is not to say that I won’t in future, but I haven’t up until now. I do agree that sometimes you have to find an excessive number of one particular item, and some of these things take a great deal of energy to procure, but this is not really any different to games similar to this. Plus, there is a lot of free energy that you can find on each island, in addition to energy for updating the game, and daily prizes when you log in. There is also a little timer thing that gives you some extra for watching an ad, and even a little bonus where you get 20 minutes of an energy discount, where actions cost less energy than usual. This is the one game that I play multiple times a day, and I never get bored. I really enjoy the quests, and have even gotten first place a couple times. The family members are all so cute and engaging — especially the kids — and they make this all the more fun. Definitely download the game, and just have some fun with it!.Version: 2022150.0.16566

Great Game!!This is a great game. Really enjoy it. The last update makes it crash though. Once it is fixed I will love to continue to play it..Version: 202010.0.8725

Family IslandExcellent relaxing game, enjoying it very much, thank you.Version: 2022206.0.22287

Love it but might be deleting 😢I give 5 stars for the style of the game. I do love it and look forward to playing it. But hate that I can only play a few mins before I’m out of Energy!!! And to buy them, which I already did I spent $30 in one day and still didn’t feel it helped!! I am sadly considering deleting only cause it’s to hard and take to long to make energy or get it. This would be one of THE BEST GAMES if it wasn’t for that. Which then takes way way to long to complete tasks..Version: 202001.0.5464

Start new gameIf I want to start over a fresh game how can I do that ?.Version: 202009.3.8528

Fun game… ABUSIVE in-game ads!First off… this is a FUN game. I don’t have bad things to say about that. However, trying to contact them for questions is an exercise in frustration. Their contact feature in-game doesn’t provide a back button, so if you choose the wrong category to report under, you’re stuck. Also, contacting them online generates a generic email that says you need to use the app if you want a response. The issue I have is with the in-game ads for Solitaire Home Design Fun-Times. The ads are horrible and abusive. I’ve seen three different ones on loop and they’re all depicting abuse and humiliation against women. One of them is a woman getting slapped to the ground because she’s taking too long tying her guy’s tie. She then pees herself! Another ad starts off with a guy cutting off his girl’s hair because she made him mad in some unexplained way that’s OBVIOUSLY her fault!!! They all end with the woman freezing to death in a house. These are NOT ads that should be shown under ANY circumstances and I really wish someone would show a little responsibility (and common sense) and screen them out. I much prefer the ads for the other games. Those, if repetitive, are entertaining..Version: 2022152.0.16771

Great gameI really like this game, I’ve spent a lot of hours building up my island. Lots of new play tasks to do weekly, though I can’t remember the last time I actually managed to complete one of the weekly tasks because they take so much energy, I suppose it’s to make you purchase energy and I have done on occasion and still not managed to finish the task island but it’s been so long now that I’m starting to not bother and use my energy to upgrade the buildings on my island instead. Overall I would recommend the game though..Version: 2022204.1.22155

Love the game but...The game concept is brilliant! Great graphics and fun themes however, the amount of energy each task takes up is too much and it means there is not a lot that can be done on the little energy we have. I understand you want people to purchase energy or gem stones, but the amount of energy used up, it wouldn’t last long and seems a huge waste of money. If this were changed, the game would be much more appealing..Version: 202011.1.9290

In app purchase doesn’t workSince playing this game which I great I have not been able to purchase any rubies. If I try it say whoops something went wrong..Version: 201910.1.5305

Server crashing /unable to connectGood game, easy and fun to pass the time. Difficult to advance in many stages if you don’t play all day (which is impossible if u work a full time) but this is a game right. Concept is to play through the difficulty’s. Would be nice to have more opportunities for energy and diamonds well more less keys and tools would be a blessing as well. But onto the trouble at hand since the past two updates the game is having trouble connecting to your server/ glitching and restarting as well. Doesn’t do much harm most the time because I’ll just wait a few hours and it’ll eventually connect through but in the times such as the current event, it’s hard to keep a top spot in the leaderboard if u can’t connect and use the limited energy u can have saved up in the time frame. ya know.. open to any tricks because maybe it’s on my end but from me restarting my phone to updating the game as well as using data and home WiFi I have reached a dead end. But other then the current issue I do like the idea of it and the opportunities y’all give to scope out multiple islands, which is ideal so u don’t get bored out with the same aspect👌.Version: 2021144.0.12000

Awesome gameGreat game except the energy LOL.Version: 202102.0.10659

Family islandSo fun. Definitely worth it! Don’t have to wait to get energy like in most other games. Totally worth it definitely get this game.Version: 2021070.0.11142

Amazing game! <3Honestly such an amazing game and the guides are so fun! This game in general is so fun I’m already at level 10 in just 5 days of playing I’m absolutely addicted and can’t stop playing it. I definitely recommended it. I was just bored looking for games on my App Store and I came upon this and I was the best download I’ve ever made. All my other games are boring but this game is so addicting I swear. I’m looking forward for the updates coming up but have a fun time playing I guess! x.Version: 2022150.0.16566

Love this gameI got the game maybe two years ago. Played it for awhile and became impatient with the time it took to make certain things. So I didn’t play the game for almost a year. Then as of recently started playing again bc I never deleted it bc I still loved the game. Or how I ran out of energy fast. I didn’t understand how to play the game in a smarter way. I also didn’t understand that the regular island quests and festival Islands were two different things and that you don’t have to do the festivals lol Anyway, now that I have more of an understanding of the game and to only make things when you needed I absolutely love it. Love the characters personalities and story lines. If there were a couple of things I’d change it so you’d be able to trade with others and to be able to turn the island decorations, house and stuff around in a complete 180. Other then that I absolutely love this game and really have no complaints at all..Version: 2021190.0.12921

Enjoy it but could improve.I’m liking the game so far. I’m level 22 currently. The challenges are fun, but I’m getting frustrated that I can’t finish any of them. 3 days is not long enough with the amount of energy needed to complete them, which means they take time (or real money!!). But I don’t have all day to play the game. I play a few times a day for maybe 10 minutes at a time. So either energy needs to replenish faster, tasks need to use less energy, or energy gained from food and gift boxes needs to increase. The game is not going to be fun for long if I can’t finish anything. Also, some of the ads I have seen pop up are becoming inappropriate. My kids play the game also, and I don’t like them seeing ads for games that are sexual or violent..Version: 2022120.1.15166

Great gameSuch a great game, I have easily spent most of my COVID lockdown playing this game. The regular updates and new islands available means there is always something to occupy your time with. There is the option to buy extra resources, energy or gems, however I am yet to purchase anything. Opening chests will supply you with just enough gems for anything you may need. Energy is the most important resource, making food is the best way to get energy. Sometimes I feel the resources needed to upgrade your buildings is a bit much, especially with the merchant and shamans orders, which you need to complete to get energy, golden keys for chests and resources that you can’t get anywhere else. The Tribe/clan feature is okay, you can talk with others but as the tribe leader it would be nice if there was something so you could know who in your tribe is still active or how long it’s been since they was last online. Overall I’m very happy with the game and will continue to play..Version: 2021060.1.11105

AddictiveI do find myself coming back regularly as it is a great game. Love the idea of watching an ad to get bonus energy. Change up the ads though or it will become boring mini games for ads are great as I find new other games to play while waiting for energy to come back. If I didn’t do it this way it would cost me a fortune one here or there is okay but not all the time as I have bills too..Version: 202016.1.10562

Shein gift cardI literally only got this game to get the 750 shein gift card lol.Version: 2022200.0.21425

Love the game but...Love the game but I couldn’t give it 5 stars for 2 reasons... firstly because there are a few glitches and it kicks me off a lot so I spend more time loading than playing the game. Secondly there is just too many things to do with the same machines. So I need axes, but I need spears to make the wood, and there are about 10 open projects for me to do... which is also annoying. Happy to have things to do, but with the island and the main game and then annoyingly there is never enough storage and you cant seem to get more unless you want to spend money on diamonds making the things. So you end up with piles of logs/ sticks everywhere or you end up selling them for level points... which I also think is rubbish. Why not give us things we could use? Even energy!! But this is just my opinion! I love the game... just a few tweaks would make it fabulous! Much better than the bleeding escapes games!.Version: 202008.0.7899

Great gameI absolutely love this game. Only had it for a few days but can’t stop playing it. However there is one issue, STORAGE. In order to complete quests you need to craft stuff, but then you can’t use it as there isn’t enough storage. If you use your rubies you to upgrade, it only upgrades a minimal amount and that is quickly used up. You soon find you have run out yet again and before you know it you have run out of rubies and the only way to get more is buy them. I will not buy things in games. I would be more than happy to watch adverts to either get rubies or increase storage. This really needs to be looked at otherwise once I’m all out of rubies I’ll end up deleting the game, and I really don’t want to do that..Version: 2021190.0.12921

Love this but on problemHello the people who made this game it’s very annoying like one of my other games Ever Murch it’s annoying when you get Max stuff well so you can knock down stuff and what like what if you’re at school you don’t get up to extra ones because you’re being way for so long six hours you don’t get more stuff to knock down all those bushes and plants and stuff which I don’t like so please can you change that problem please.Version: 202008.1.8017

Solid gameI just like it ....Version: 202010.1.8838

GameIt’s a nice little game but there is not enough time to finish the challenges unless you spend actual money it’s the same with upgrading the buildings you can’t do anything unless you spend money which I @m sorry I won’t do.Version: 2022206.1.22525

A bit different from mostReally enjoying this so far, great graphics and interesting storyline.Version: 1.0

FunnnnThe game is brilliant and it is so fun I can play the whole day its so good and even though on the advert it showed that Bruce was running and you had to figure it out that doesn’t happen but it is still amazing and the nature music is wonderful and Izzy and Tim are hilarious when they have conversations and Izzy and the mum are so cute when they do there puppy eyes they are so adorable like when the mum broke her nail doing something she I also like that you don’t just build and stuff you Also answer questions like about Mother Nature And it’s just so fun. I love the game so much and looking around the beautiful nature in the game it’s just wonderful..Version: 202005.1.6898

:/Très bon jeu mais depuis hier je suis incapable de me connecter.Version: 2021144.0.12000

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App is fun to play but a scamEverything is so expensive, I’m on Polar Island for christmas event and It says to clear everything on site before i can break this bush, I did and there’s NOTHING near it and i can’t break anything behind it but it still wouldn’t let me break the bush. Very unhappy because i used up all my energy trying to break every single little thing around it and it didn’t let me access it STILL WITH NOTHING AROUND IT. IM FRUSTRATED.Version: 2021222.1.14070

Energy replenishment issueVery addictive game, have loved it so far. Just got to level 9 and when I need something like stone it cost 75 energy, but the max it replenishes to is 69 and I can’t get a lot of energy from other things, so when I have enough to break this stone down, I’ve used all my energy, so essentially I’m going into the game, doing one thing and that’s all I can do. Then I have to wait hours for my energy to replenish. This doesn’t make the game enjoyable. There’s no point me keeping the game when I can’t really enjoy it which is such a shame. Also, it annoys me that I cannot move the ground plots for the corn and roots, I assumed I would be able to move it later, so I’ve put them in an annoying spot and now they’re stuck there..Version: 2021172.0.12610

Good concept but needs some thinkingI get the idea of energy restoring etc but when it takes so long and evaporates so quickly it seems pointless. Can’t even get salt because there isn’t any starfish near so can’t get energy by that. Getting it by shaman is hard because as soon as you try to start getting stuff the energy is gone. All that is needed to be re thought is how salt is gained because that allows energy but it also keeps you playing the game instead of just waiting for energy to refill Whether salt could be gained through something like animal feed, or starfish float onto the shore at a certain rate whilst you’re in the game. Something like this is definitely needed as it really ruins the quality of the game as it just takes the fun out of it and leads to not wanting to play because it’s pointless Like I said great game and one of the best developed, this is the only thing I’ve noticed that’s needed.Version: 202101.2.10643

Fix itHi, ok first I would just like to say-Wow what an amazing game. So I just started like 2 hours ago and was all excited 😛 then after playing for i don’t know maybe twenty minutes I got bored bc you have to wait ages for your roots to grow and if you have no other things to do than it gets so boring. Next, after I have watched an advert to get energy to break stones and wood 🪵 it freezes and I have to close the game then go back into it. Last, this is the main reason I gave it 4 out of 5, it is nothing like the adverts 😡. That is the main problem I think. Coz the adverts look great 😊. My congrats there. Oh and can u just add. It is so annoying when you run out of energy coz you can’t do anything I exited about an hour. Other than that it is great 😊. Thanks for 📖 reading..Version: 202017.1.10615

Love this but frustratingThis game is one of my favourites but it takes too long to get through an island which is changed every few days so your against the clock to complete many tasks and win something to take home that gives energy. I’ve managed to win a few but feel that they only give energy once every so many hours plus it stops giving you energy after 30 times have been completed. I think those items won should give you energy indefinitely as you took the time and effort to win them and it would help with completing future islands. There is also the issue of the boosts being too expensive which put me off purchasing them. I’ve purchased a few but they run out too quickly because it’s gives 500 energy and 20 rubies. That’s makes it disappointing when trying to complete tasks to gain access to parts of island needed to complete essential tasks. Please think about giving more energy for us to complete islands. The shamans orders are far to hard when you need to make 3 stools and 3 bricks which are harder to make needing many other tools in order to make them, this takes hours and numerous times returning to the game. You could lose many players due to this because it always leaves one feeling dissatisfied and disappointed..Version: 2021220.0.13905

LoveloveI love this game and I love that we don’t need to share or have fb friends to go further :).Version: 2022204.1.22155

Like it but frustratingI like the game but find it frustrating that things cost so many energy points for little reward and it’s slow to level up, collect supplies to level up etc. also find it frustrating that, for example I use 158 energy points to break up rock, I then have to use more again to complete the break down and collection of the same rock source. So they hit you up two or three times on the same source. Energy packs are too pricey (especially cause it’s USD) but I have brought the energy pack when on sale only due to my frustration at having to wait so long to collect enough energy to get enough resources to complete tasks. I guess this is the desired outcome of the games developers so it’s a win for them but I feel like while I enjoy playing this game I will eventually tire of having to wait so long to do anything and move onto something else..Version: 202006.1.7513

Less EnergyExcellent gameplay only issue is the energy we get is too low as compared energy required for clearing the pathway, too slow recovery rate as well, otherwise awesome game.Version: 201910.1.5305

Great game!Love the whole concept! Great art, great characters, love that you can occasionally choose what answers the characters give. My biggest issue is that bathroom and shower brakes. They barely give energy as is....why make it harder to keep them. It’s almost pointless to have them. Also, we should be able to use whatever amount of energy we have left to go towards tress, rocks, etc, to help knock down the cost. So if a tree is 114 but your top limit is 72, you should be able to use all 72 toward that tree so you can go back later maybe finish knocking it out. It seems like it’s awful difficult to accumulate the amount needed. Granted I’m currently only level 13, so maybe once you get a little higher it’ll be slightly easier???? Also the current holiday love island and bird island seem almost impossible to get through unless you’re paying for gems to get dynamite. I had to stop wasting my energy on those cause I’m not really getting anywhere. I understand you need to make money too but it shouldn’t be impossible. Throw an occasional ad for energy or something to help..Version: 202002.0.5730

Addictive!When downloaded I spent hours and hours on this game and reached around level 9 and for some reason no matter how I try get energy through food even chests it is not enough to continue playing for hours like I did because of this I feel like I will loose interest in the game as it takes forever for the energy to generate and if I need to chop a tree or something it takes aloootttt of energy and I can’t seem to generate enough please fix this or this will make you loose the game users as I’ve seen other reviews saying same thing about the energy. Also I downloaded this on my iPhone first then my iPad which I mainly play it on but when I tried to get on my phone again I get a message saying oops something went wrong try again and no matter how many times I try it doesn’t work also I can’t delete app and download again as it says it will loose data and I am using the same login with my iPad and don’t want to risk loose all them hours I put into the game! Please fix the energy and a way for me to use on phone and I will forever be on this game! It’s worth getting if you can spend time doing nothing but play this game it is very addictive!!!.Version: 2021144.0.12000

Jett CattI have rewritten this review because of recent updates to the game. The addition of advertising though in some regards could be seen as a negative is actually a positive. It has made getting energy and rubies much easier which speeds up the game. I have something of a problem with all games that try to get you to spend cash to gain extra resources. I know game developers require cash to keep going but I don’t like being forced to pay for what is advertised as a free game. On the other hand I’m willing to watch a certain amount of advertising to allow them to gain revenue. Some companies take that to far but so far this one hasn’t. Hope they keep making improvements to the game and I can highly recommend it..Version: 202007.1.7699

Not the best game I’ve played, but it is good.The game has a few issues and crosses (stuff seen/heard in ads that aren’t in the game) that I really do not like. The game would crash a few times at first, then it would work perfectly. And the soundtrack, I do wish the settings could have the choice of 3 soundtracks that would probably make the game. If not, at least stick with the extra music you hear when you level up. I don’t wanna just hear the same old crap that would play as the main music no matter where you go. LITERALLY! And where’s the voices that anybody (if seen the ads) would expect? Even bermuda adventures has different voices in-game. Similar to this game, but it’s 9+ (I don’t understand why this is 12+ when it has no profanity in it) and it gives a lot more fun to it in a way. But those are basically a few problems, clarified into one huge review. Have a good day, Melsoft. Oh, and the waiting time for the higher grade tools and item crafting are ridiculously drastic. Maybe lessen the time by 10 minutes for anything that’s 45 minutes or longer even now?.Version: 2022124.1.15439

Fun and easy without spending money!This is a fun game my daughter and I like to play to kill some time or relax. I like that I don’t HAVE to spend real money to play. The only downfall is the amount of energy it costs to gather supplies is high compared to the energy actually given. Sometimes I’m only able to chop down one tree or smash one rock then I’m out of energy. I have all of the items that give you energy for my level but it still builds slowly with too low of a max limit that will regenerate while I’m not playing. You’re also not given enough keys for the amount of chests there are to open which gets a bit frustrating. But overall I enjoy playing the game. I would play more often and invite more friends if the amount of energy was higher. I’m a terminally Ill single mom on a fixed income, I can’t afford to spend actual money on the game. Also, I invited my daughter, who downloaded through the link and was not given the 100 energy it said I would get. That needs to be fixed..Version: 2022178.1.19302

Wish I could give it 5 but I can’tI love the graphics and whole concept of the game, everything is there waiting to be played... except for how long it takes to do anything because of how sloooooowwww the energy is acquired. Either you wait for far too long, or find the very very few & far between berries etc for energy. Or you could cook! Except you can’t, because you need salt which again you’re more likely to win the lottery than find what you need to get enough energy to do anything, like knock a big tree down without it taking 2 days worth of gameplay. Please please please be more generous with the energy, it just makes sense to fix this as I am probably going to give up playing now, along with lots of others as seen in reviews..Version: 202101.2.10643

FrustratingI love the game but I have the same issue. You gather all that is required to build the structure only to find there is another level to build it. Not only that but when you gather sticks etc and you don’t have enough storage and it places it in bundles, those bundles go behind trees and you can’t get them until you chop down the tree. It is beyond frustrating. The time it is taking to build energy I’m playing other games when I would just play this one. Other games also offer incentives like unlimited energy for x amount of time etc. Something to think about..Version: 202102.0.10659

Great ConceptI really enjoy the concept and graphics...the characters make me chuckle too...the game play however needs some are limited on your energy and many tasks require more energy than you have and it’s extremely hard and time consuming to really get higher levels...then you spend all that energy in one or two tasks and you are left with nothing to do while you wait ....after you setup home base you can make goods which again is a waiting game that leaves you with little to do can’t even bargain with the trader for the supplies you have to give him what he asks for and he gives you set items...same with the shaman....and since when do streaks come from a rooster? I’m actually fine with the Shaman being random he well a Shaman...but I should be able to barter with the trader...and there has to be a better way to clear trees and rocks...maybe allow you to use the energy you have and slowly chip away at them .....Version: 202008.1.8017

Great gameFinally a good game. I can make progress, makes me think wisely, I don’t need to expend a fortune to get rewarded. This is the only game that provides me with good entertainment online..Version: 2022206.1.22525

Bug du jeuxCe jeux est super mais depuis hier soir il as un bug dans le jeux donc sa marque erreur et il ce ferme seul !!!.Version: 2021144.0.12000

Great game but.....The game is great apart from the zillion times you are thrown out, which is really frustrating as you are constantly reloading the game, especially when there is a new part to the game which is time restricted such as treasure island. The time given is only a few days so it’s impossible to complete all the tasks. The game is fun but there should be better rewards and a bit longer on tasks. My only other moan are the chests that you have to open, these should hold more keys and saws etc as it’s such a long road to get these items, especially when a log needs 6 saws to cut it down and there is only 1 saw in a chest..Version: 202011.1.9290

I like it so far tbhBut I brought a good deal of gems and energy but it hasn’t shown up yet on the game..Version: 2019.3.2941

Wish I could say something more positiveChristmas Quests.. up til now, the game has been rather enjoyable, but I'm on the last part of the Christmas quest and there is yet one more island to send gifts to and I have exhausted Star Islands resources.. how on earth are we going to be able to complete this??? So, twice now, there's the icon from the kids to open your gift.. but I can't find the gift.. ??? Where are these gifts? The lighthouse is on its last stage (7/7). There's an icon saying to complete it but when you click on the lighthouse, it tells you it's not ready to update?? It's costing way too many gems to complete the Christmas tasks.. really developers, why so GREEDY? Make this less expensive and you may find more people will play.. at this stage, with it costing so much, I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends about it and suggest they download the game And so few gifts from you.. most games gift generously over seasonal events.. help to put you a little ahead.. here you are doing nothing but bleeding us dry There is never enough Shells, Grass, or Sticks.. needs to be more random drops of these items, especially shells. This is really FRUSTRATING !!!.Version: 201910.1.5305

Really hard to level up but funGood.Version: 2022202.0.21777

I think I’ve got an island glitchI do love this game, the only thing that bugs me is this one thing that I think is a glitch. Divination island has been stuck on the travel roster since the beginning of me playing the game (for reference I’m currently working on Storm Island and in game I’m on level 32). I’ve completely stripped it bare of any materials it could give me and now it’s just useless. I feel like this isn’t meant to happen and I have to end up giving up island with more recent and better items when I reach a new island and it’s super annoying. Can this be fixed in any way or should it be a simple delete and download again? I don’t want to lose my progress I’ve put almost a years work into this game..Version: 2022184.0.19736

Addictive but can get tiringFamily island is a really nice game with a beautiful design and lots of things to do and see. It’s great being able to grow and build your own island but also being able to go to other islands and explore their cool design and fun tasks. Although there are components of the game that do get pretty annoying and cause you to not want to keep playing. For example, to clear a big tree in your camp uses up almost all of your energy for then the next day it grow back. I spent so much energy and gems clearing huge amounts of space in my camp for it to have all grown back the next day. This gets so frustrating so I just end up not playing for a while only to come back to find that more has grown back again. I do not believe at all that this is a good tactic to get players to continue playing as it is just so frustrating coming back to your camp a few days later to see all your energy and gems have gone completely to waste..Version: 2022104.0.14408

First reviewI like playing this game but at times I’m confused on how to do something or where to find the object needed. Maybe when you click on something it should have a blurb/text bubble..Version: 202010.2.8876

One thing…I love this game, you can place stuff wherever you want and you can have a berry eating competition with Tim, but the only downside is, that I don’t like when you can’t do what you want in starting out for your island, and I don’t like how you just have to wait for stuff to finish when you haven’t got any rubies. And the game won’t let me update I don’t know why but the rest of the game is the best!!!!!!!! And also one more thing- it should be for 7+ because there is not any scary things..Version: 2021160.0.12311

Awesome gamePersonally this game is really fun but there’s just one problem which is that there’s not much energy for myself to play longer, just wish the developer would update or increase the energy so players like myself can play longer and enjoy it longer. Without energy we can’t really get resources therefore it takes a long time to grow the island and having to wait for the energy to restore back is long as well. However, Family Island is one of the best game i’ve ever played..Version: 2021060.1.11105

Tribe exchangesGreat game, but would be better if it was easier to upgrade things, as you have so many quests to upgrade buildings. Also energy fills up too slow, treasure island is really difficult to complete. Would be amazing if you could exchange items inside your tribe and visit each others islands..Version: 2021080.0.11182

Family islandHow do you restart the game if you want to start from the beginning again.Version: 202010.1.8838

Too much work!I would give the game a higher rating because generally I like it but it’s frustrating to spend money on extra lives or diamonds to satisfy a requirement that would take like 600 energies when they get refilled 87 at a time by level 31 and then find out that the next requirement is like 15 clay bowls that would take forever and I’m sure something else after that- a person with a life like kids and a job would never win a quest on this game. Everything takes way too long or requires way too much and waiting for the energies to refill to do each thing is so frustrating when you don’t even get much compared to what’s needed. For instance: Even upgrading things like the house is a tonnnn of work time wise and then waiting for the low amount of energy to refill just to cut down one tree and find out it makes only a few planks that then make only a couple boards that each take an hour?!? Toooooo muccchhhh wooooorkkkkk. And a lot of the game is upgrading the buildings that are already there. New stuff would be nice, or pets maybe? Anything? Graphics are pretty though 😬.Version: 2021132.0.11702

EnjoyableLike playing the game. I Would like to see gold tools and keys available to purchase with rubies like you can energy. There are not enough tools in chests you open, either with one key or three, considering you need a minimum of half a dozen of each to complete adventures. I find I can't complete all the quests without a purchase which does spoil it for me. Still that's the whole point I guess from the developers point of view..Version: 2022142.0.16172

The games great!The game is great😃😃 u can have more than the max energy it nearly has everything a survival game has! Some survival games can be scary but instead this one is fun and not scary 5 stars!.Version: 202102.0.10659

Good game, minor bugsThe game is good to play, very enjoyable. But if you need to click something behind a tree you can’t click it, even if it is not blocked. The game needs a mechanism or something so you can click the thing behind the tree, if it is not blocked by another object. Other than that it is a good game, if that was fixed I’d give this game a 5/5..Version: 201908.2.4862

Telling my version of the gameI really liked the game I do understand about the frustration of the energy always running out but I always seem to make the food and then they have a bunch of energy plus if you leave it for a few days you get plus energy so every time I’ve gone back onto the game it’s amazing I do you like the game I really do it’s actually quite fun and it’s something that I can play that will help my muscle movement in my hand and show that I can play a game without getting frustrated arm but I don’t like how it costs money if you need more Energy A new forgotten to make the food but other than all that I actually really enjoyed the game.Version: 2021220.0.13905

AwesomeI love it!.Version: 2022206.0.22287

I adore this game!But kiss your money goodbye. It’s highly addictive and highly expensive to play. Without paying the game is almost impossible. Five stars because it’s fun and maybe people with more self control than I have (or more money) wont mind the price..Version: 2022206.1.22525

No SpendThe sole reason I scored thus game so highly, other than it being fun to play, is that you don’t HAVE to spend money to play it fully. There are so many games that require you to spend cash in order to get anywhere but this game gives you quality game play regardless of whether you spend or not. Sometimes I think the amount of materials needed to craft are too much and then boat comes too often so when you’ve finally made enough of something to upgrade a building then the merchants boat need it, which can be frustrating but like I said, no cash spent so there’s not much to grumble about really. More games like this please!.Version: 202010.0.8725

NiceNice, relaxing and easy game.Version: 201908.2.4862

Love the gameThe game is relaxing and entertaining! It doesn’t push you for money loadings and only has reasonable amount of ads. I hope we could load energies faster or have more bonus energy tasks, otherwise it gets bored easily. Love the game..Version: 202009.1.8329

I miss my little familyThis was my favourite game. Totally hooked until it sadly stopped working. The new releases of mini games and challenges keep you interested for sure. Of course you have to choose whether to participate as they can distract you and use up your resources but with a bit patience and a steely resolve you can make good progress in this game without spending a single penny. Although sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a little splurge! It’s easy enough to just dip in, set a bunch of tasks going, spend all your energy and then do something else for a while. Then you just pop back and repeat. Ahh I do miss it. All I get now from my little buddies is ‘oops something went wrong’. So sad and despite clearing down all non essential items to make more space too. Yet I can’t bring myself to delete it because it was, and is, my favourite game. Well done to those clever developers!.Version: 2021124.0.11600

Visit nearby island questNot completing. Stuck. Nvm it’s fixed so I came back to say. Just some quests are unclear.Version: 201908.1.4654

Super fun game.. but energy is annoyingI love this game it’s very fun and I like how construction doesn’t take time, just resources. I just wish the max energy was a bit higher, especially due to how many obstacles are often 100+ energy. If not making the max energy bigger, maybe making it possible to eat food (to get more energy) when our energy is already ‘full’.Version: 202009.2.8437

Just 1 ThingAn excellent concept, it C.o.u.l.d keep me hooked for a life time and not many games can do that with me, but reading the comments 99.9% of people seem to be having the same issue as me also... for the amount of energy items are quite complex (when in reality there not) but it comes down to... for very little energy comes very little progress comes very little time played, and as a result It’s not giving us a time to make ourselves involved with the game instead it’s just like clicking ten buttons and now it’s time to shut down the game from what looks as to be from level 15 onwards we are only really clicking buttons way would we want to go back again, this is really sad for me cause I was loving it so much 😢❤️.Version: 202009.3.8528

Need more OOMPHLove the game and been hooked since downloading it. As a player I would love to get more freedom with decorating the island using a “coin” based system. Currently from what I see, buying decor requires the use of Rubies. Rubies are extremely difficult to find and the only other way to get more is to pay... I think using rubies should be for more speeding up the making process for items/buying extra items that are missing. Not for decor. It makes the game too difficult to personalise our islands. Reducing costs of energy used in late game I believe will get players to play even more at this point with special events and on top of the main quests, it just costs too much and is not efficient enough for anyone from lv15+ to progress which ends up making the game boring since we have to close the game every 10 minutes and wait hours for energy to replenish. Speaking of replenishment energy takes too long to replenish. I would say letting energy replenish at a pace of 1 energy per minute will make the game more enjoyable for everyone! I would love to see more changes to the game and play to make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone!.Version: 2021124.0.11600

Really Fun but...This is a really fun game. I enjoy playing it very much, but at the expense of my bank account. The keys, scrapers and grass stuff needs to have additional ways for those items to be created earlier in the game levels or players are going to get frustrated. Say at level 20 you can add a second weaving hut and a stone mason hut!!! The upgrades of those don’t do much so to have a second hut making supplies would be helpful. AND the keys are so hard to get!!!!... and eventually are just too difficult to get in time from the merchant. So you purchase some with Ruby’s and energy but that’s a little pricy after awhile because to get more than one key you have to purchase the higher amounts. Why can’t we just win a bundle of 3 keys from time to time. I don’t mind paying a little to get ahead but this game isn’t worth playing if you creators don’t give us a little help. It’s just too expensive and the wait times become boring if you don’t pay and so you we stop playing. It’s really up to you creators. Thanks for your time..Version: 2021132.0.11702

Good game but the energy is tiringSo I love this game, it’s one of my favourites however the energy is getting so annoying. I really think the energy should keep adding onto whatever we already have. I’ve been playing for months and the highest I’ve ever got is 1000 energy which took absolutely ages and then was used within 5 minutes of getting materials to complete the challenges. And the lighthouse is taking more building than the bloody Eiffel Tower. If energy could be accumulated quicker it would be a much more interesting game and if I didn’t need a degree in biomechanics just to build a lighthouse (it better be worth it!!!).Version: 202015.1.10526

ReviewPersonally, I quite enjoy this game considering I only started playing yesterday, but am I a little annoyed that the game crashes like every 5 minutes or so... would love for there to be something done about that but overall a good game..Version: 202014.0.10492

!! FANTASTIC GAME !!This game is amazingly fun and very addictive. I love it so much and it provides a platform for the whole family to come together and play simultaneously and bond around a common interest and goal. Well done Melsoft!.Version: 202103.0.10737

Good game but....Hiya , I’m really enjoying this game. However. The amount of energy needed and supplies needed for certain things isn’t real flash. I like a game I can get fully engaged in, this one needs so much energy to go anything, I can’t really do that. So I’m on the hunt for another game to give me that level. Fingers crossed you can make it better for the energy we have been allocated and also not so unrealistic for the things we need to produce for opening bridges, gates and areas etc or even to just build the items or upgrade things, but far fetched really. Quite frustrating.Version: 2021090.0.11213

I agree with otherI absolutely love the idea of this game, it really does have the potential to be one of those games you get lost in for hours. Only you don’t get enough energy to do that, some things take upwards of 50 energy to clear and it’s just not that fun to come back every couple of hours just to clear one tree or pile of rocks :/ I’m all for micro transactions in a game but I’m not going to pay $7 and up for ‘big’ amounts of energy that still only get you like, 10 more minutes of gameplay. I’m only on level 10 and have had the game for maybe 2 days and it’s starting to become a little boring :(.Version: 202010.2.8876

So far so goodGood tasks, nice pace, interesting island so far..Version: 2022206.1.22525

Fun but very limited energyI like the graphics and stories but the energy is so limited that is gets difficult to achieve anything…I have never been able to even come close to completing an island is disheartening..the game is really aimed at those prepared to put in big $..not those prepared to put in small amounts…i don’t mind paying for the energy if it is worthwhile but you would have to pay over $40 to get through one comp and the rewards are not worth it..the game becomes dull after a time as you don’t want to spend anything as you get so little back.Version: 2022204.1.22155

Double charges a lotStop charging my card twice every time I purchase something jeez.Version: 202010.1.8838

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