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Infinite Galaxy App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Infinite Galaxy app received 84 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Infinite Galaxy? Can you share your negative thoughts about infinite galaxy?

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Infinite Galaxy for Negative User Reviews

Fun game but frustrating translation to EnglishWant to put this at the top. Please review the use of the word “already” in descriptions etc. you are using it incorrectly and makes some comments unclear to English speakers. Comes up when you initially send out ships for instance. “You have already sent ships for …” no I haven’t actually since it was the first time sent out. There are other translation issues but this one is really annoying. I’ve been playing for a while and still don’t know the details of various events. Im sure if I was more aggressive in learning I could ask around in my alliances. The game has nice graphics and sound along with fun gameplay. Similar to other camel games but not overwhelmed with players who spend a lot of money and destroy the lower players, or players who don’t want to spend money to win the race. If you do want to be aggressive about staying ahead and dominating, you need to go on the newest server/nebula (is it really a nebula?) and buy up some packs to advance flagships, supporting ships, various base improvements asap. Otherwise you will have no chance against paying players. Which is fine if you just want to grind away at your own pace. I find this game has the ability for both types of players to co-exist. Some small print and buttons when playing on iPhone but not too bad. Love that they are always updating the game..Version: 2.9.1

Good game, but SO much going on.I think I'd benefit from being eased into some of the features a but more. I've ayed gamesime this before and understand that thry can be complex for the sake of being rich and robust... But you lost me when I was getting the hang of upgrading the home base and was suddenly sent to a Fixed Star and asked to explore. Tipped with recruiting and assigning... It was a bit much for my first half hour of play..Version: 2.12.1

Lots of dead playersIt’s like experiencing covid 19 in space. Not much interaction because there are so many dead players. Sure you can join a clan and talk to those guys but if it’s a big clan. This is a very socially distancing game (vast space/galaxy).Version: 1.0.1

Avoid ItLess than 3 months ago, this was a fun enjoyable game. Today, try help tickets that are unanswered greater than 2 months (so far) and a battle mechanics system that only requires one player to be good (attacks default to the stats of strongest player). This means, no skill needed. 30 people show up, the other team with 29 lose. They have ignored the feedback from this change. Announce events, cancel them before they begin “due to errors”. Release a new event that can only be played for minutes at a time due to their server errors. This would be the worst time possible to decide to play this game..Version: 2.10.0

Love the fact it’s a space game!I do feel as if the game could provide a bit more guidance as to how to play the game. It is very easy to miss small details that may play an important role. The campaign is very interactive, one of the best I have seen. However I don’t like the fact that the campaign mode is tied into the story line. I gave this game 4 out of 5 stars because it is a complicated game. I like a challenge but if I am going to spend money I would rather make intelligent purchases. This game is way to expensive to play but it is fun. It’s very hard to get resources..Version: 2.7.3

Too expensiveTo work your way to the top levels is costly. It’s a huge waste of time. Do not get started. Not only do the rewards get more difficult to collect as you raise and level with the designers change the rules as they go, they reduce the rewards and other ways the bottom line is, you can only improve by spending a lot of money. Most people drop out and some of the bigger players are just using accounts people have given up and running many many accounts at once advance. The net result is you’ll be competing with people that have enormous advantages over you and you’ll be suckered into spending more and more money. Do not get started. Don’t download this game don’t play it do something else productive with your time. It’s a complete waste of time..Version: 3.0.16

Don’t bother unless you plan to pay handsomelyThis game is a good concept but fails miserably to produce. It is a simple cash grab. Resource costs and production rates become unsustainable beyond level 19 without continuous cash injections. I am very patient and even I lost patience with this game..Version: 2.9.2

Graphics are not as cool as they look.You certainly buy into the cool looking trailer . A game like this you kinda know what you are getting yourself into… If you are like me and are into these types of games and spend your hard earned cash. I expect better quality graphics. Examples: observation modes feel flat sometimes. 2 dimensional at best. Other times it works. Inside the spaceport while teleporting you get into this kinda star warzy feel that you are hyper spacing through the galaxy. Again graphics lag in this department. Give me more cinematic experience. I play 20 plus hours on this game. You can do better I. This department. Battles also fall on there face.. campaigns are mediocre at best. Special missions like galaxy star. Another missed opportunity. If it wasn’t for the Awsome community I would have stopped playing a while ago. Give me more flare!!! I want better showmanship. Wow me!!! Developers can do better. You got this far. Now take it to the next level and solidify you stamp on mmo time based games..Version: 2.9.2

Far too muchTo remember in the 5 minutes after downloading. Got rid of it.Version: 1.1.2

Great game but doesn’t work on certain devicesOn my phone the game works perfectly and it is really interesting and different to other games which is good but the main problem I found out that it doesn’t work on some devices for example I tried playing the game on my iPad so I get a bigger screen but as soon as a character starts to talk the game crashes..Version: 0.2.11

Newbie jumperIn every game in this genre a player is gifted one newbie teleport to move to a server of their choosing as long as they are below a certain level so they can decide in which server they wanted to play. After one day of playing this game and seeing the server I was in was full of players who had been playing a week ahead of me I knew I wanted to start in a server that was new with players like me on the opening of the new server. I spent today and last night upgrading my account but making sure my command center never got to level 8, the level where my newbie transport would expire, waiting on a new server to open so I can use my nebula transport to get there. When the new server opened I clicked teleport and it gave me an error, too many resources. I thought to myself, that’s weird. It never warned me that I can’t have resources when I teleport but none the less I will try to use all my resources. I used speed ups and research to use all my available resources down to less than 100k. Still teleport gives me an error. “Resources exceed limit” I bought a few packs and was really gearing up to enjoy this game but after this I just want my money back.Version: 2.0.1

Storyline non existent, dreadful dialogueDialogue sounds like it’s written by a 14 year old and that probably is being hard on the 14 yr old. The alliance I’ve joined seem really nice I do feel after 24 hrs I’m going to get bored with it. Explore by clicking ? Mark’s on a Risk type board layout click two more time Yes I did mean explore wait 10 mins ...... search for results click to see what is in the drifting space craft ( for the 15 th time, o wait nothing) 100+ times later mmm.. Build ships, beat bad guy, not enough ships get beaten. Build more ships mmm Guess? You got it. WIN. I’ve played hundreds of games and these new genre of wait unless you pay, for instant gratification. I wouldn’t care but they haven’t got a patch on wing commander and it’s ilk, and how many years ago were they? Don’t believe me try for a couple of hours..Version: 2.2.3

Why douse it not workLatterly Sihanouk in with apple doesn’t work it kicks me.Version: 2.7.3

AlienstouchedmeWas great now it’s all P2W Devs will not address cheating issues, it makes them money. Players are leaving due to being BULLIED but hi level players. Totally unfair system rewards a nasty game culture. Do not invest in this game, just end up with heart ache.Version: 2.2.2

Game ratingGreat graphics, but game play and story line boringly slow!.Version: 1.2.3

评论是电脑人这个游戏实际评分很低,因为这里的所有活动都离不开充值。而且冲很严重。玩其他星际游戏吧。作为一个充了很多钱的老玩家,不建议玩这款这为钱的游戏。.Version: 3.0.5

Pay to Win PlatformI have been thinking playing this game for about a year. During my time I’ve spent $10-$15 a week to try and remain competitive. Even then I was still lagging behind the people spending 20-50 (or more) to grow quickly you must pay and there is no reward for not spending money. The real winners in this contest is the developer who have no problem selling packs for $50-$100 that won t even advance you 1 level. The graphics are nice but it becomes a routine of out spending your competition to win. I wish for a game in the future that will allow us to to play competitively with out having to drop cash constantly..Version: 2.8.0

It use to be a great game but …It use to be a great game, balanced learning curve and challenging … about 6 months ago. Now, they keep opening new servers that are basically empty and no one has to fight each others to get new territories. The game doesn’t make sense anymore. New players can’t keep up the pace in old servers and new servers are boring. It use to be a great game but not anymore. Stop opening new servers if old ones aren’t full yet..Version: 2.12.4

Decent game. LEANS HEAVILY to pay to playStarts off great, but you will be dominated non stop by pay to play players. This game caters to players who spend a lot of money, a lot of the high tier flagships you cannot get without spending money and there is no chance for a free to play player. You will get destroyed. This game is designed for you to spend a tremendous amount of money. Unless somehow you get lucky and get in an all free to play nebula you will be screwed. The end game is 100% for pay to play players. DO NOT start playing this game if you don’t want to spend money..Version: 2.7.7

Small alliances can’t surviveI had fun for a little while playing this game but you get big alliances that end up pushing everyone off the game. I survived as long as I could but I was just playing for fun and growing my base. Since I didn’t hand my one single star over to a Karen they decided to big boy it out of me and ultimately ran me off the game. Even after they destroyed my star platform and I had to teleport across the galaxy to start a new they followed me and burners now my new alliance headquarters. For anyone who wants to play this game. Unless you want to waste 6months to a yr of your life just to have some Chinese alliance take you out I’m warning you in advance just stay away from this game. It’s designed by communist for a communist empire to win and if you aren’t then walk away. Great game but terrible people and terrible game design.Version: 3.0.22

Pay to win garbageDon’t waste your time or money on this game. It is heavily monetized so any true progress has to be purchased. Few rewards at first to get you hooked then it’s just a money grab..Version: 3.0.3

Unplayable - got worse with each updateCrash after crash. Doesn’t allow you to re log on for anything up to an hour. Players are calling for a boycott of any future purchases until issues sorted, so it’s not just me. Camel/Apple seem to be selective about which reviews get published, so I have low expectations of seeing this in print..Version: 2.7.1

Fun game but very unbalancedI like the game but everyone is quitting because it is so heavily in favour of pay to win players. Free to play, low spenders and even medium spenders are just so, so far behind the whales that the whales are quitting because there isn’t anything for them to do. As of the most recent update on July 13th 2022, just added more spaceport levels, but that will only serve to increase the gap even more..Version: 3.0.1

Fantastic, until update!Only thing that hinders the game is energy... Update, energy is what players despise, and now you lower the energy from 50 to 30? Are you deliberately wanting players to quit? Deducting one star! Seems you all are going the greedy route, and that’s just what ruins games! Give the players what they want, and they will stay. Give the players what they want to buy, and they will buy! Which works in keeping players on board, because they are satisfied! Please stop with the petty money grabs! Or restrictions trying to encourage players to spend. Which only works for so long, undoubtedly, because eventually we the players feel ripped off for our life force and energy!.Version: 2.2.0

Nothing for the solo playerI like this game, some good features. The storyline is okay (who reads the dialogue text right?) and the sense of having to level up and unlock more content in missions and rewards is good. The outer systems are easy enough, however, that’s where the game stops if you are a solo player, you really need to be in an alliance to get to inner systems. There are also a number of events that are alliance only. Shield buffs are really hard to come by unless you purchase them, so expect visits from ‘players’ a lot stronger - try to gather resources to progress with insufficient protected storage - a lot of resource loot drops are in the form of secure crates, so save these. You”ll enjoy playing this for maybe a month, then game becomes repetitive and like other similar games, pay to progress..Version: 2.2.2

Boring Click GamePositives: Nice space and ship graphics. Reasonable try at a story. Good ideas for tech trees, etc. Negatives: No real game play, based on classic pay to win. (Highest power rating wins, but need to but it). Behind all the “ideas” it’s just a click, collect, repeat game. Could have done more with their resources, as clearly they had some development money. End of the day, boring and repetitive..Version: 0.2.9

Not a good gameI would not recommend this game to anyone. The uncivil behavior of players within the same alliance is unbearable. Certain alliances go beyond their gameplay. I am in nebula 77 and alliance cnl thinks they are allowed to dictate to all players who to merge with and what alliance to belong to when it’s the players right to make that decision. In addition if you voice your opinion they will tell you to stop crying and they will come and attack your spaceport. This alliance does not understand that humans learn at a different rate from each other. This is how humanity is. No one learns at the same rate. But they want to dictate to everyone how the game should be played. Contact customer service and they don’t care. I would not recommend this game to anyone as many players have abandoned their spaceports and quit the game because of this alliance. Other nebulas are not far from this either. I wouldn’t even give this game one star but unfortunately it would not let me write a review without giving it one star.Version: 2.12.1

Pretty GoodThis game is a little more interesting than other upgrade games. I wish the battles were more involving and hands-on, and that there was more detailed customisation..Version: 0.2.11

Pay to winThis game was very fun at first. The graphics are great, the gameplay is great and the people can be very helpful. Once I got to a higher level, I noticed how disadvantaged I was compared to other players since I can’t afford to pay money on this game. All the strong players in my nebula have payed enormous amount of money for ships, resources, crew, etc. I have no chance against these people since I am poor. The creators of this game need to make it more equal because many players are leaving due to this unfair advantage and I’m about to follow them. So unless you have a lot of disposable income, I’d suggest finding another game..Version: 3.0.0

Be Ready for the walk!This game is ridiculously front loaded. More so than any other mobile game. You hit a paywall and hit it fast. Absolutely nothing to do outside events and when events are introduced, they are lacklustre, tedious and demonstrably unrewarding. Don’t even get me started on the customer service. If I could give it a 0 star, I would.worst customer service I have ever encountered.Version: 2.10.9

Pay to play: stagnant developmentThe game isn’t too fun. The events are repetitive and the gameplay is very boring. There’s only so much to do. The developers are mostly focused on creating more ways to make people pay to play. If you want to play this game and be effective, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on flagships and crew. There is no place in the game for free-to-play people. If you play this game and don’t spend money, you are at the whim of the whales (big spenders) they can wipe out your spaceport and rob you blind with no repercussions. Now for the Inter-nebula matchmaking: the matchmaking for their new event “Cosmic Ocean” is terrible, the whole event is a money grab. You have to spend money to get buffs, if you don’t spend the money, you can’t compete. I’ve been playing for over a year now and have spent thousands on the game, hoping that it would eventually become a game that was worth the money and time I put into it. It isn’t and it likely never will be..Version: 3.0.0

Way too expensiveEvery aspect of game play is designed to be inconvenient if you aren’t paying a LOT of money into the DOZENS of ‘special discounts’ the company offers. Want to have a chance to even slowly accumulate good gear? Buy it is the only way to be able to accumulate it. Want to move your base more than once a month? Pay. Want your alliance to not be destroyed? Everyone must pay. The actual game play is boring and repetitive. There’s no strategy to how you build a base. There’s no skill to mindlessly attacking npc pirates over and over to accumulate materials to grow and build. The ‘fun’ of the game is pvp, but if you want to do that more than once a week…you guessed it. Pay. If you aren’t online 24/7 be prepared to be gang attacked and wiped out. I will repeat it one last time in case you didn’t get it. Unless you want to spend a fortune to be ‘the best’…. Skip this garbage. It’s very short on content and fun..Version: 2.2.3

Alliance mechanics flawBe aware, there is a very likely negative scenario for a new player. You start the game, the scenario leads you into request to join an alliance with other players, you do, then it prompts you to jump into ally space. You get off the game for a couple of days for whatever reason, you get kicked from the alliance (this is the policy for most of them) and then ex-allies start attacking your base..Version: 2.7.2

Lag issuesDevelopers really need to sort out the game play lag on big missions with lots of ships on the screen ... nearly unplayable at crucial times and will also crash and make you log in again . Other than that a really good free game.Version: 1.1.0

Its not sync and open at allIts freaking 2 GB game and take 5 mins to start and not even downloading contents properly and lost the connection at the end..Version: 2.7.2

Not for me.This looks like a great game, but I had to delete it after I worked out how much of my time it would take. Constantly waiting for a slot to start constructing or researching something. I’ve had this before with other games when I have woken up at night and got up because I knew there was a chest to open or something. Of course you can pay real money to speed things up. 😉 Not for me..Version: 2.4.0

Prepare to Be DevastatedAfter putting several weeks of time into the game building up my fleet, upgrading, and campaigning, I logged back in to find I had been attacked while attending RL. My ships had all been destroyed. Most of my resources were gone. My alliance proved pointless. All the hours and work spent on the game was wiped out in a single day. I wasn’t there and was helpless to do anything to prevent the crushing blow. This game may appeal to the ultra-hardcore gamer, but the fact that it can be as brutally punishing as the scenario above caused me to delete the app immediately. I don’t have time to waste on a game that would allow my progress to be so easily erased. I couldn’t imagine spending any significant amount of money on this game. What a terrible gaming model..Version: 2.10.1

An unfair gameIt is a pay to win game, but the rules are so unfair that people not only can’t afford, but also no chance to the minimal spenders. Strong big level players compete with weaker players, killing the fun in both, the strong players don’t enjoy killing the weak and the weak can’t play. Even if you spend , the value of what you get is not good. It is like a black hole where money disappears. A lot of players are leaving although they have spent some money..Version: 3.0.5

Waste of timeThis game is a good game but if you don’t spend it’s not worth playing . Resources take forever to acquire, building upgrades unrealistic, easily wiped out by higher levels and you can never rebuild . You just acquire enough resources than hit again by a higher level ,so time to repair and there goes resources,.Version: 2.3.1

Worst game ever!!!!This game doesn’t even deserve a star .. at first I love this game I love playing I enjoy it and playing it with my alliance . But in this game you have alot of alliances bigger alliances who just go around and take fun out of this games for other’s players who just enjoy playing this game Alliances like 87G , 87C the 87 alliances they are just bullies , these make it that your alliance doesn’t suppose to grow are enjoy playing the game like you want to . So just be wasting your time downloading this game start playing and and you can’t go no where because they forbid it and my your gaming experience difficult through you don’t want to join their alliances. This is the worst game I ever downloaded and if I known it was like this I would never download it and hope you all other out there read this and see that some games should be available to be downloaded because of some ignorant idiots in it ..Version: 3.0.14

Something great ...with big issues!Nice game...but when you play it for few months and you see that with every update that passes by it’s getting harder and harder to play from an iPhone 7s ! It crashes every other big fight! And when the company collects such amount of data from your device and never gets it fixed ! Should I really put a ticket in for this issue? They will tell me to buy another phone!.Version: 1.1.2

Wifi only?Doesn’t work when off wifi. Annoying Update: it worked for a while with my new phone on all networks. Now it’s back to wifi only. Delete and reinstall does nothing. Guess I’m done with the game.Version: 2.2.0

Very disappointedI bought multiple pack from over £1000 in less then 3 days I did not received 4 of the pack that I purchased but they got my money…and didn’t reply on my mailing!!! more I was going to research to do some with speed up , wow the game become laggy and with 2 skills upgrade I lost all my speed up 10 times more value. I play on iPad 11 Pro 12” good fast tablet , I have fastest internet in the United Kingdom Virgin Media. This company “IG” Infinite Galaxy are not serious, they do not care about players issues , I’m waiting even today to get the 4 packages that I paid for and not received. I was very nervous fact for witch I detailed about my issues that I had with IG. I will like all to see and read the reviews first then you decided if worth to play this game. Many thanks.Version: 2.10.0

Good but buggedExcellent graphics movie good intro to but it kicks you out a LOT And then just lags so I stop playing and went back later did it all again could someone fix that please but over all I’d say download it try it out!😁.Version: 1.1.2

Too much feature creapAfter about 15 minutes in, I was still in the tutorial and being told to tap here and there and still had no idea what I was doing or able to remember all the features that were thrown at me at once. This game could be slimmed down and some of the fat cut out to be made more appealing yo new players with new features being slowly added as the player advances. Devs need to realize that if you can’t hook a player within the first 2 hours, they probably won’t return..Version: 2.7.3

Same old same oldJust another “build up your base in a race with others, then get attacked by someone who paid to win and lose your resources” game If you’re up for dropping loads of $$ then have at it. The graphics are nice though..Version: 0.2.9

Completely brokenHi - I did the 2.0 update yesterday -from that point on I cannot open the game - if I reboot the iPad I get the loading screen for 1 sec then see a token issue or reload - but I can never select it in the 1 sec before the game crashes - every time after that only 1 sec view of load screen (after Camel games vanishes) before Crash to homepage - completely broken and unplayable..Version: 2.0.0

Exactly the same game mechanics as so manyThis is like the Zombie strategy game and so many like it …. Play for weeks and weeks before you even start to understand what’s going on. Feel excluded because all those who are really into spend lots of cash upgrading things and using all the jargon. Eventually after months you’re realise you’re a hamster ina wheel doing the same thing over and over again… farming and spending money … no thanks … time to look for a real game.Version: 2.4.0

What a disappointmentFrom the description and reviews this looks like a really good game. Described as a “next generation, fully immersive space strategy building game set in an infinite universe with high quality 3d graphics” let’s fix this. This is a last generation, non-immersive game which involved tapping bits of the screen at pre-set intervals, with high quality 3d graphics. in fact, the biggest mystery to this game is why the developers spent so much time on the graphics, but didn’t employ anyone to work on game play, user interface, storyline, script writing or acting. the script and acting is beyond bad. however bad you think it might be, it will be worse. it is not possible to set your expectations low enough. this is just a space re-skin of that game you have already played - you know the army one, the undead one, the one with dragons. it’s the same. you choose a building and build it. arguably, some of those others at least make sense. really. don’t bother with this..Version: 2.3.0

BoringPlayed 5 seconds. Gameplay lacks anything lol idk who would play this. Click a button to shoot ships every 30 seconds is the game. Nah. Lol.Version: 2.9.0

Infinite GalaxyI’ve been playing this game for what will be two years in a few weeks. Obviously it has been compelling if I have been playing so long. The last six months has been telling though. What used to be a fun way to spend time has become nothing more of a pay to play enterprise. Less rewards for general play and a flood of paid rewards. It has become impossible to keep up without spending money. I have decided to stop trying to keep up and put a permanent halt to donating to Camel until rewards are balanced. Camel has become greedy….shame on you Camel..Version: 3.0.9

Worst update everAs someone who has enjoyed and invested in this game for over a year, this latest update is nothing more than a massive cash grab. The requirements to max level your spaceport, buildings and tech require a massive amount of a resource that you can gather at an incredibly slow rate, unless you are willing to spend up to $16k on said resource. I will not spend a penny more in this game, you should be ashamed of your greed Camel.Version: 2.12.4

Same old multiplayer RTSSome interesting ideas, but overall the game stagnates very fast. Defending bases use all their fleet and flagships so pvp becomes extremely tedious having to get together at least 3-4 players to perform any meaningful attack (around past level 17). And even then any plunder you get is just not worth the time or the lost ships since it’s split between teammates. If devs fix the fighting mechanic to where only one flagship can defend, it would shake up the game. Otherwise for me it’s a 1 star snooze fest..Version: 1.1.2

Major Pay to WinThis game is fun until you hit about lvl 25 on your command center. After that it is only enjoyable if you pay for upgrades. There will be folks that spends tens of thousands of dollars and crush you if you don’t spend the same amount of money. Once you hit lvl 30 on command center, forget being competitive unless you’re spending money. You’ll get crushed in PvP fights. The rewards from events are also terrible, they don’t benefit the free to play or pay to win players. I’ve been playing over 2 years now and wish I had never started. At this point I only log on to chat with alliance members, as I have not been able to compete with the money spenders for about a year now. TLDR: look elsewhere, this is a huge pay to win game that requires thousands of dollars to stay relevant..Version: 3.0.32

Poorly written dialogue spoils the gameThis is very obviously a good game graphically, albeit a little complicated; this is why it gets three stars. The reason that it doesn’t get any more is because the dialogue is very poorly written and is obviously translated from an East Asian language and cultural standpoint into English. This creates dialogue which is clunky and false sounding which destroys the story and the illusion of being immersed in the game. Shame, if they had got an actual English or American writing team for the dialogue, this could’ve been a five star game..Version: 2.10.10

Dialogue; it’s fake; no emotionIt’s trash, it’s too proper with them pronouncin’ every letter in every word and sometimes the words in it gets replaced by completely different phrases! It’s evident you didn’t have humans say the lines. I can smell bots a mile away in this game. The pauses mid-sentences; aren’t real. Fix this..Version: 2.2.1

No instructionsI’ve been playing blind , the beginning it was all selected what to chose with no reason why. I have item that I have and can’t use….again no reason why or how to get there….play several battles and I need more power , where do I get it. My opinion it’s not very user friendly , to get to anything you have to wait a long time to upgrade anything , or you need to pay to advance…… again not to thrilled ….. I’ll play for awhile and if I can figure out how and it changes for me I’ll think about what I wrote. Ohh and joining alliances……yeah most of the ones that are looking for people have requirements for high power and high levels of command base……just my .02..Version: 2.10.5

Events are great but….Could be a good game. Events usually run for 1 hour. The pvp events and fun ones anyway. If your not in a popular time zone your stuffed. Basically if your not American time zone don’t bother.Version: 2.10.0

Looks neatLooks like a neat game if I can get it to start. I just want to play, not interested in all these story lines and other crap..Version: 2.11.2

Potential, but wastedA well presented game, but is missing the fundamentals. Why can’t I connect?? (“Lost connection to server”)..Version: 2.7.7

It’s not to bad of game, but very pay to winThe game a very nice game. Events are ok, but need more day long events. And need for cash items (like teleports) needs to drop..Version: 3.0.7

OkayWaited over a month before I reviewed. Bought 5-6 packs, gave it a go. Since an update won’t work my new iPhone devs have stopped replying to me lucky it still works on my iPad been 2 weeks. But after a month it’s all over. Good while it lasted. Rss imbalanced in the end. Just about everyone has gone inactive now on my server..Version: 1.1.2

One small step for Camel, One HUGE step in the wrong direction.This was 5 stars, have dropped to 1. The latest update increasing the level-cap of spaceports and warships has been completed. This has now essentially put any of the new benefits behind a massive paywall. Those that pay are now looking at THOUSANDS of $$$ after having already played for over 1.5 years, those that prefer the free way are looking at many…..many years of painfully slow grinding..Version: 2.12.4

Ok so farJust started playing… started out good and fairly different, but the first attack … and 2nd, no idea what to do. It would be great if the game included more conversations with the crew. Including a couple a. b. & c. type questions and/or answers. Interacting with the crew in certain ways creates different outcomes./ A lot of information crammed into a small iPhone screen and the font is very small. You can tell they want you to spend real money pretty quickly. A suggestion - come out with a computer version and charge for it..Version: 2.6.0

Game has gone into the bin, don’t waste your money!The latest update is awful, they’ve put every feature behind a paywall and it’s clear they’ve made their money and are just trying to kill the game, what a sad company Camel Games has turned into No more flagships alone so you have to have warships, removed farms, removed all the good rewards from the events so now even the events aren’t exciting anymore Overall just a greedy developer, don’t waste your money Used to be a 5 star game, now it’s just boring unless you just want to pay ALOT of $ to unlock every everything.Version: 3.0.0

Completely pay to win. Very similar to other phone games.I have been playing this game for three years. I have probably spent at least $1,000 on in-game purchases. I participate in nearly every event. I am barely in the top 200 on my quickly dying server. The only redeeming quality this game has are the friendships you form with your alliance mates. Full stop. Unless you are the recklessly spendthrift scion of some High Table wannabe crime lord, you will not truly enjoy this game. The last half dozen “features” introduced have just been naked cash grabs. You can’t get any of the new features without dropping hundreds of dollars. If you have played a phone game where your alliance wins territory, settles into a pretty much permanent hierarchy, then gets tossed into mini game server wars where you constantly get served up like hors d’oeuvres to pure whale alliances, you have basically played this game already. “Free to play” needs to die as a game model..Version: 3.0.32

Best mistake ever!You know that heated relationship that literally eclipses everything else in your life? The one both of you know always comes with a very cruel, very short time limit? The one that’s a epic mistake you will always do all over on the rare occasion it comes your way? That is this game. Each server has a unofficial built in time limit. An actual game over. You may catch on sooner or later than most. No more new players are showing up in the outer ring, no new alliances are popping up on the map, the two or so dozen alliances that already exist are actually a ever dwindling pool of alliances with active members and ever growing number of ghosts. At some point, you will catch on and it won’t take a minute to do the math on that and realize the strongest one or two alliances win the game once they take the center. At that point; growing your spaceport, expanding territory and taking on events become a little more meaningless each day and there is nothing a player can do to change it. The crazy part about infinite galaxy is… …wait for it…. You are having so much fun with this game that when you catch on you keep playing for however long it takes to get as much as you can out of this ride. I can’t rate this game no matter what the little star meter on top of this review ends up saying. This one is a genuine one star and five star game at the same time with no possibility of being 2,3,4 stars..Version: 2.9.0

Terrible ui updatesThe ui updates for this game are terrible why are you making the game look worse ?.Version: 2.2.3

Looks like an awesome game but crashes after 3 minsI’m getting stoked to play the game and the app just crashes every time I try to play I play for like 1-5 mins and it crashes I’m very sad I have to delete this game it’s useless since I can’t play it! It says it works with my phone also.. :(.Version: 1.1.2

So SoFun at the start but turns into a money game very quick.Version: 3.0.28

Limited play timeI almost gave it five stars until I realize the game only lets you play for 30 minutes and then asks you to share your personal data or else you cannot continue playing. One star review is not even worth it but you have to give it at least one in order to write a review. Why would anyone share their personal data? Why don’t you just ask me for my social security number, my bank account number and my vehicle license plate number? It would be a much more direct approach..Version: 2.7.3

Horrendous acting and dialogueThe game looks nice but it’s based on a game mechanic that has been done to death (build, wait. Build, wait longer etc... you all know the type). What killed it for me however was the absolutely diabolical voice work and dialogue. It reminded me of the voice acting done in the original Resident Evil game (if anyone is old enough to remember that lol). But yeah, it’s terrible..Version: 1.0.0

Game reviewThe game is good to start of with but then after afew weeks you really it’s same thing everyday none stop repetition. Even the events seem the same and are quite repetitive..if they add more fighting between players or a variety of NBC’s to fight then maybe it would add another level but I can see me not playing this more than a month before I get bored and quit.Version: 2.4.0

More than I expected.So, I was browsing games, looking for a time waster, when I found this. At first I thought it was just another worthless mobile game; but it was actually pretty interesting. The fighting mechanics are cool, you can move your main ship around and use some attacks and stuff. It’s not first person fighting, it’s more like you’re watching from above. There is a set of campaign levels. They get increasingly hard as you progress. But they are a good source of materials. You can view everything that you can do from your spaceport main window. This can basically show you all the controls and stuff, it allows you to upgrade your port and make ships. You can also view events, campaign, and your alliance from this page. I managed to get to spaceport level 19 without paying :) Alliances - these are basically groups that you can team up with. Makes the game very interesting. You can chat with alliance members and work with them to attack others, get to the center of the world, and finish events. There are a lot of things to do in this game, I covered a few of them. I spent a lot of time on this game. Only reason I took off a star is because I left the game for around two months, to find that I lost all my progress :( I suggest you play this game to find out for yourself how great it is. :).Version: 2.7.7

ScamelThey updated to the whim of the top 1% Flagship only rallies are gone CO lockout strategy gone Alt account farming gone and they updated to pretty much every movement will cost $$$ This is just a blatant attempt to kill the servers. Camel has made their money and now they want to kill the game only after 400 days after my server got launched. This is the biggest scam I’ve ever experienced in my life.Version: 2.12.4

Great Game , dreadful supportThe game is easy to use and fun too play. Unfortunately I reinstalled the game after a series of crashes and malfunctions and lost my profile. Despite contacting Support many times over a two week period and them responding by repeatedly requesting the same information, they gave no further response. Because of the poor service from them I gave a poor rating otherwise it would have been higher.Version: 2.9.1

Great game but definitely a pay to winStarted playing this game ~6 months ago and got super hooked. After about a month a lot of the game play started to feel like a resource grind. It’s gotten worse since then, which wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t for the fact that some of the flag ships aren’t really obtainable without spending. As a free to play player you can get pretty strong in a year or so but the game also has events that you are limited in without spending money. I get that a game has to earn to survive but this one is pretty tough for free to play. If you don’t mind spending it’s great. If you’re free to play, good luck, I recommend multi-accounts to cut down on the slow grind at the 2-3 month mark..Version: 2.10.2

System RulesOne I despise is the leadership of alliance if you don’t login constantly you will lose leadership of your alliance, so if you spend the money to create and alliance you BETTER MAKE SURE you login every 8hrs or at least. Or a random member or next in line with highest promotion will own you’re guild sadly this has happened to me but I luckily had got it back with no help from the support of the game the support is absolutely useless there is no support this game needs a lot of updates and some change in rules, I absolutely love the gameplay but the way the game is ran by system is not even 1 star from me only reason why this review is 3star is for the gameplay it’s self..Version: 1.1.2

Menu after menu after no gameplay!!The first 2 mins of this game you’re watching endless non- interactive animations followed by endless options and modifications to a ship that you haven’t even taken control of then to be shown a battle sequence (I presume the battle you’re thrown in to) to find you have absolutely no control of what’s going on - not even your ship that I couldn’t even see!!! Pointless... you’d probably have more fun drowning!.Version: 2.2.0

Just another pay-to-win war game 🤑🤑🤑🤮🤮🤮Do you want to know what this game is about? Have you ever played one of the hundreds of build your citadel/castle/base…train soldiers… gather resources… you get a shield to protect you for the first couple of days and then WHAM! some guy who put real money down and is 10 times your level comes and stomps you… type games? Well this is unfortunately the same thing 😔…but in space! I’m really disappointed that this turned out to be just another “free to play, but pay to win” war game. Two stars for the awesome graphics. I sure wish you’d use this type of graphics engine for something other than war games though. How about a nice game about space exploration? I usually put money in to remove ads..etc.. on games. I’d pay for a really nicely done space exploration game. But real $$$ for just another war game?..nah, I’ll pass..Version: 2.6.0

The game is fineHowever Camel continued support of player admins who abuse power on the official discord is too much to handle. Why invest in a decent game only to be driven away by IGO discord admins on a ego power trip. Stay away from this game as Camel refuses to respect their player base..Version: 2.9.1

Server issueJust keeps saying connection to server failed..Version: 1.1.2

(Honestly) BoringThis game is geared towards either playing for hours on end or spending real currency to advance. Characters intermediately built. Development takes days on end so if you don’t share this game to other players, you won’t develop fast. Replay value is none existent so beyond a trial run, it will get boring fast. Rewards are a joke. You have a lot of reward gains however they don’t add up to 0.01% of anything you need to play this game. High rank players will try to loot you often burning your stuff and being rewarded your resources. Overall this game is useless..Version: 2.5.1

Loaded on 2 apple productsAnd both will not boot the game at all..Version: 2.7.8

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