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Share Location: Phone Tracker Negative Reviews

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Share Location: Phone Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Share Location: Phone Tracker app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Share Location: Phone Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about share location: phone tracker?

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Share Location: Phone Tracker for Negative User Reviews

They never stop bugging youI actually like the app but when I get bugged every 20 seconds to love and rate the you go...2 Stars.Version: 7.0

David[email protected] yo uh have to keep requesting even when indefinitely is picked Not worth the effort Best off picking your phone and calling to find out where they are.Version: 6.9

This app keeps turn off.This app keeps turning off - not worth it..Version: 8.5

EhI don’t know why you guys gotta do all of these new things to the website but I don’t like em..Version: 8.5

Very glitchy.Very unreliable. When it works (when!) its fine. It just mostly doesn’t..Version: 10.4

JessI paid for this app to see where someone was and they excepted it but the app kept saying they were off-line I couldn’t even see where they was all day so it was a waste of my money.Version: 9.8

MessageWhy do I keep have to sending A message to them to see where they are.Version: 10.8

Costs money..Costs money and you have to wait for approval even if the other IPhone is set to share location... Looking for the app that came with the iphone.Version: 7.2

Stopped working once paid for itWas working well while on test then once paid for stopped working despite reloading closing and reopening.Version: 6.0

Not ReliableI have had the app for over a year now and paid hefty price to use it. It was meant to help my wife and I see where we are but very regularly turns off where I am creating questions from my wife. I work in an area where cell service isn’t great but I still always have two bars so I am not sure why it is consistently turning my location off..Version: 15.7

Doesn’t give correct locationI was really hoping to like this app. Even happy to pay (both of us paying $2.99) but first couple times it either gave wrong whereabouts and/or wouldn’t turn on!! WTH?! I NEED TO KNOW WHERE MY 14 year old GRANDSON IS AT ALL TIMES , but it didn’t work. NO, I’m not a stalker I’m a PROTECTOR. Last week a boy in our neighborhood was wrongfully taken to Juvenile Hall and my grandson almost got caught up in the situation too. Thank goodness I had a screenshot of him nowhere near the incident. I have a great relationship with him and he and his friends understand it’s all about love and protection. I NEED AN APP THAT CAN CONFIRM 100% 24/7 EXACTLY WHERE MY 14 yr old BOY IS..Version: 4.5

Dont bother they are now charging to use it.The old app was better..Version: 3.1

TERRIBLEWhy do you have to request for peoples location you’ll be able to do it because if they were in danger and they don’t have their phone on them they wouldn’t be able to it’s not fair I hate this app is the worst app in the whole entire world I don’t know if my mummy was okay and I have requested that she never had her phone on her this app is terrible I don’t know what to do right now literally I know this is a long paragraph but it is important so DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CRUSTY MUSTY APP.Version: 10.5

Rubbish to installDon’t bother to technical to install.Version: 7.8

UselessThe free version is useless. Upgraded phone no longer supports “find friends” so I tried this app. It only shares location for up to an hour. It’s useless unless you want to pay 2.99 a month. I only use it about 10x a year. NOT worth it ...delete..Version: 5.0

Really unhelpfulI used to love the find my friend app but now the person you want to locate has to open the app for their location to update...really unhelpful.Version: 7.4

SuckkkssssSo this app right here said I was in the ocean?!?!?!?! And in real life I was standing RIGHT THERE, and I was near Africa?!?! I’m not African or when to Africa.Version: 6.9

Extremely poorIt frequently disconnects even I do not turn off my location.Version: 11.8

ScamThey gave this to me for free and I signed up to the one month free plan, once I realised I had to ask to track I deleted the app a month later it billed me again it should delete the account if left inactive for 1 week and it has been deleted. Rot in hell..Version: 13.8

SketchySeems a bit sketchy. Tried it but could only find people who also had the app and could not track unless it was open. Cancelled after 2 days..Version: 6.9

Terrible user experienceI downloaded the app and it automatically subscribed me and it is extremely unclear how to unsubscribe, awful user experience.Version: 8.0

Absolutely horrible serviceWill never use this app in the future.Version: 9.4

Won’t let me cancel subscriptionThis app is terrible won’t let me cancel my subscription I don’t use the app enough anymore so I don’t really need to use a subscription but the only options that appear are to change plan and not cancel.Version: 14.4

ExpensiveFind my iPhone is free why would anyone pay for this app? Mystery to me!.Version: 7.5

Poor location findingSet this app up on two phones sitting side by side. The tracking location for one phone was accurate but for the second phone was about three miles away. If the location displayed is wrong, of what value is the app? Deleting the app..Version: 5.9

OptionsThere should be a share indefinitely option.Version: 3.1

Absolute CrapJust another waste of money. Don’t bother.Version: 7.4

HelpI’m not sure how to use it yet. Is there a way to watch someone’s location Live?.Version: 8.3

Not what I neededI had an earlier version which allowed me to track a family member as they were traveling. This was handy once when I could see that they made a wrong turn in a hurry to get to the airport. This version does not allow me to do that without getting the family member’s permission. That requires them to respond while driving. I just want to know how close they are so I can know when to start dinner. I can’t seem to be able to add a new family member to the earlier version..Version: 7.0

What a bad moveOld app was much easier, friendly and simple, also why pay for this!.Version: 1.5

10 bucks for sharing locations with each other.Terrible..Version: 7.5

Worst app ever1. You have 3 day trial then you have to pay 2. You have to ask your friends Lastly you have to text your friends for it to work.Version: 5.2

New disappointmentYou took something that was very useful for keeping up with my family and ruined it by trying to make money on it..Version: 11.9

Find my friendsThis app is horrible!! It used to be very simple. Now it doesn’t work at all. I’ve sent a request twice and it still doesn’t work. They are trying to accept and it doesn’t. And now you charge for it!!.Version: 4.6

What happened to Find Friends?Find Friends used to be an iPhone app where you could share locations with friends and family members indefinitely through the app without having in-app purchases. Why was it replaced with this one where you can only view someone’s location for 45 minutes before having to buy a “premium” version? Who would do that?? It’s pointless....Version: 7.8

Drops offlineWe have to constantly re connect as we all drop off through the day. Dont pay for this. Not worth the money.Version: 5.6

TerribleTerrible. Hard to use unless upgrade, upgrade.. UPGRADE. Doesn’t give u any info on moving forward and use, u guessed it, unless upgrade. What happened to “find friends” without sharing UR location??? $2.99 3 day trial of course auto renewal unless canceled. Because u know..we all remember all the S$$T signed up for..Version: 5.8

TrapMy daughter wanted me to use this app to follow her. 3 day free trial, but... cancelling the subscription is not simple. Not sure why she wanted to use this app when she has an iPhone with the app included..Version: 7.0

No goodThe links don’t work.Version: 3.1

Problem with historyI like the BUT initially I was able to see past history, but now I can’t and the ability to manage past history has vanished from the settings. I paid for a pro subscription so why has the app been limited ? Please respond..Version: 7.6

Not liking the new appI updated my phone and it download the new version of find my friend which I am not liking as with the old version you could see someone Indefintly without paying a monthly or yearly fee so I am defiantly going to look for a new app that doesn’t have this cost I get a once of payment but a monthly/ yearly to see the own safety of your families location I am not for.. this was handy as my husband drives long hours so I could check he was travelling alright.Version: 6.9

Did not mean to load this subscription appAttempting to cancel before a.m. charged $10 a month..Version: 9.9

SafetyIt would be better if it were like Google where you can see constant movement are use this for my wife safety I need to know her exact location when she takes an Uber because of dangerous people working for Uber.Version: 8.4

Find a friendsHave to pay to use—No.Version: 10.3

Waste of moneyYou have to ask permission each time you want to locate your kids. It’s completely dysfunctional. A total waste of money..Version: 5.1

Shared locationRunning this app continuously and my hubby runs it also - he claims he is not in the places shared location has him at- he swears- we have been married over 45 years - now do I doubt him or your app? Something is wrong also the icon around his picture will turn green the outer part of the circle and it says Live- now this just started happening- what the heck does that mean It moves everywhere???? I don’t know who’s right? Then his picture for no reason will just take off and go to some unknown place real fast then back to where he was??! What the heck???? And ALOT it will say that he is offline without him EVEN touching it- what the heck???! I know a lot of this is to be true cause I’m right there- it’s your app!!!’.Version: 15.7

Don’t waste your time!It says that you can locate your friends location even when there not on the app but it’s not true they have to be on the app in order for you to see there location false advertisement 😒.Version: 6.4

ExpensiveA good app that actually works, too well at times. Constant updates of contact locations far too frequent, four times in one hour. Also it is very expensive as each contact had to pay £9.99 per month. Please can apple bring back “ find my friend” which worked and was free.Version: 14.6

TerribleDoes not update and if you don’t have Wi-Fi then it connects to various towers which are not always nearby to your exact location forget about paying for it that does not help at all it has done nothing but cause problems I’m only giving it one star because there’s no 0+stars.Version: 6.6

This is a Ponzi schemeI can’t believe this BS. so I get this app to track my kids and basically pay the fee. It seems fine except that to track them they have to pay for the app too. What kind of BS is this? So for every person I want to be connected to I invite them - they accept, down load and the kicker is they have to pay. Once my trial is up I will cancel..Version: 5.2

HorribleThis app will not let me end my subscription and I just did it yesterday it is waiting until it charges me the stupid 2.99 then I can end it horrible app.Version: 6.4

Super Expensive!!!No where near reasonable, unfortunately :\.Version: 7.3

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