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IVerify. - Secure your Phone! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

IVerify. - Secure your Phone! app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IVerify. - Secure your Phone!? Can you share your negative thoughts about iverify. - secure your phone!?

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IVerify. - Secure your Phone! for Negative User Reviews

DNS-Over-HTTPS is maliciousUsed DOH via the Quad9 provider and did a dns leak test only to notice two IPV6 ips from WoodyNet (as expected from Quad9) and an additional IPV4 address listing a cloud hosting company datahive.ca. When I was grocery shopping today pages on safari stopped responding. It wasn’t until I uninstalled DOH and restarted my phone that the network acted normally. Uninstalled iVerify and reset my network settings. Definitely an untrustworthy app..Version: 28.0

App not reflecting suggested changesI’ve gone through each of the suggestions and have either toggled on or off, according to the recommended settings, but every category continues to show “0 of x marked complete”. If these changes aren’t reflecting, how am I to trust that the app is even functional???.Version: 5.0

What is this actually doing?Aside from telling me to disable JavaScript in safari (breaks most sites) and other “tips” what does this app provide? Please respond before I refund this nonsense..Version: 3.0

No UpdatesWhat happened to increased security news updates? None. None since July 17, 2022. Not even an article about Apple's security alert and update. It helps to be in the know..Version: 37.0

Garbage appDon’t bother downloading.. all it does is show you the settings you should be using for security and no doubt you’ll already be using them. Total waste of money, It’s almost like an FAQ.Version: 21.0

DNS VPN not workingSince updating the newest version the DNS is not active..Version: 15.0

Scam of an appThis app does nothing but give you a d.i.y list on how to change several settings on your iPhone to make it more secure. You'll save yourself money and the trouble if you look up an forum with this same quality of information. Very disappointed..Version: 15.0

Save Image W/out Metadata Removed in v37?Title says it all. A really useful feature - saving images with out metadata looks to have been rm’d in the latest release, v37..Version: 37.0

No pointUseless.Version: 29.0

USELESS: please give more details on what specific items are being checkedIt would be very helpful if the list of specific threats/breadcrumbs that the app checks for, was provided. Without this, it’s hard to simply trust the developer it’s doing a good job of checking for the right things..Version: 3.0

Outdated appSome good initial instructions on how to secure my iPhone 13 pro. However, some instructions are outdated and work for previous versions of iOS, not 15.3, which I currently have. iVerify Trail of Bits, please update instructions to the most current version of iOS. Also, DNS does not work correctly in iOS version 15.3..Version: 30.0

Stopped WorkingPaid for app and less than 24 hours, just stopped working. Won’t scan for issues. Just says no problems. How can the app tell if there’s any problem if it just does nothing. Disappointed! Want my money back!!!!.Version: 21.0

Notifications SpamAbuses the notifications permissions to tell me daily info about the spyware market and how great Trail of Bits is. That’s nice, but I’m not interested in yet another app who thinks notifications permissions are an excuse to cram ads into their app. Also, the app really doesn’t do anything..Version: 40.0

Not really worth the moneyGood information on protecting your device but in truth you can google most of it for free Once you access app it’s says scanning device for any compromise which I really think doesn’t do anything to actually scan it for security issues ,More just a gimmick.Version: 31.0

By and for elderly by privacy asceticsThis is a good app in a lot of ways, but a bad one in others because it was done by privacy ascetics. There are nice things in it, like that they will warn you if your software is out of date. In other cases; they want us to be elderly boomers who neither have a smartphone nor participate in the world. They recommend turning of Bluetooth. Fine, whatever. Do you have a watch (🍏 or otherwise) or AirPods? Well, they don’t. Do you have speakers you want to play music on? Don’t do that. Obviously they don’t do stuff like have a watch, play music, at least not without wired headphones. They want you to turn off airdrop, too, not just make sure you don’t accept things from everyone. This is an app by people who only do serious things with serious intent. They are the scolds who hate fun. Abstractly their advice is good and yet it is the digital equivalent of being told to eat brown rice, no red meat, no alcohol, and certainly no chocolate. Sure, the advice is good, but who wants to live like that? Oh, you do? You’ll love this app. It is the stern parent of the digital age..Version: 13.0

2 DNS iconsI needed to factory reset my phone recently. When reinstalling Iverify, I found there were 2 icons under the VPN & Network setting. This also happened when I first downloaded for the first time, but at some point was corrected. How can this be rectified? Is there an update needed? Thanks, I’m God’s.Version: 19.0

Fails to notify when updates are available on timeDid not notify me that a security-critical iOS update for an actively-exploited vulnerability was available until almost two weeks after the update was released..Version: 16.0

Very informative but nothing specialBumped down because I sent a question and never got a response. The app says I’m using DoH but under wi-fi settings is says I’m still using xfinity dns???? Leave on automatic or set to manual and For dns server? How do I really know where my dns queries are going?.Version: 29.0

Tracks youIt says your data isn’t collected but I found 7 marketing trackers built in. I find it ironic that a security app (which I paid for) is tracking and most likely selling my data..Version: 16.0

Price a bit steep for what you getOf course, the only thing this app can tell you is your security posture because iOS is a walled garden. The only way to have true insight into security of an iOS device is the enterprise grade level. Nothing wrong with that for non-security minded people. However, I’ve offered all of this exact information on my personal website for free for the current and past two iOS firmware versions, not to mention the same material. I paid the $5 knowing it would be worthless for myself, but even for non-security minded people, it’s a bit steep to pay..Version: 3.0

Waste of money.This app was installed just to see if it worked. It doesn’t. Mine and my husbands phones have both been hijacked. This has been confirmed by Apple and Verizon! Just to see if this would have saved us untold headaches I installed it to put it in our new phones. Simply out, it didn’t work! Not a single issue was found on not one, but two hijacked devices. All thumbs up. Ha! All hands out - wanting my money back..Version: 18.0

Meh not worth itThis app does not go beyond the standard basic checks seems like. Basically enable lock your phone, face recognition, update your stuff and thats it. If i see anything that goes beyond the very basic analysis i will update this review and rate. For now i think is an overpriced app that reminds you to lock your phone and update it. No offense to the developer, theres no real use case here specially since the iOS Apple store provides pretty good security controls since iOS is not open source. Pro: well made app very easy to use..Version: 3.0

Good advice, Good appI’m an IT Consultant. I bought this app knowing Apple’s way of sandboxing limits how security apps work. It’s simple, but great for reminders and education about how to secure iDevices. The information on how to best secure the phone by using the built-in settings is great. Having a shortcut for Cloudflare DoH is great. Update: dropping to two stars DoH not working on iPadOS 14. Not installing profiles for any DoH provider. Reinstall not working. Also, app needs to be updated for newer models. It recommends I upgrade to iPad Pro 2018 or newer despite having a Pro 2020. Needs landscape mode for iPads with keyboards. Will bump back up to five stars when issues resolved..Version: 14.2

Don't waste your timeI understood that this app would proactively "protect" my device by alerting me when security issues arose, or at the least, when i opened it. i just noticed that when i opened the app, it said everything was fine. the i opened the settings app and checked to updates and then immediately closed the settings app when i saw that there was a new os available. then i opens the iverify app again and "all-of-a-sudden" my device was "not secure"..Version: 42

Does nothingThis app really doesn’t do anything. The selling point for this app is that it gives you lists of what youre able to do to se yes your phone……. All these lists can be found online by Google searching how to upgrade your internet security doesn’t do any deep scans or anything of that matter. Don’t pay for something you can Google for free.Version: 31.0

For non tech savvy onlySave your $ A majority of this is just advising you. It can’t see what security measures you have already put in place and advise you on what’s missing, it’s just a$5 run through of what you can do to secure your phone better. The ‘limit software exploits’ section could not detect that my auto updates were on. You get a content blocker for safari basically..Version: 3.0

It’s good but …How is there not a single option to reset all the guides? If I reset my settings or if a software update causes a toggle to reset I have to go through what is already “marked as done”. It’s like the developer wants you to use the app only once. If I am missing the option to reset all guides then I will make changes to this review. Until then it really makes this app a Google search away from being replaced (a free alternative)..Version: 37.0

Don’t waste your money!This is a referral app only! Meaning it points the user to vulnerabilities and suggests remedies, but takes NO ACTION towards said remedies. In my case it claims to have scanned my entire device in less time than it took to purchase the app, yet finds it to be secure. For a PAID app, it behaves as though it is a freebie. After reading other reviews, it seems as though the developer has standard canned responses, no solutions, and does not appear to be in search of any. Disappointing...money down the drain. Yes it is only $2.99, but it was MY $2.99...remitted for services that were NOT rendered..Version: 11.0

UselessThe only thing this app does is tell you to turn things off like Bluetooth, etc. When you do so even if you’re selective, half of the things you rely and don’t work. I don’t really need an app to tell me that Bluetooth could be a potential security threat. I balance that against the usefulness of having my car radio receive phone calls when I’m driving. I think this is a total waste of money..Version: 12.0

Turned conspirationists? Or FUD marketing?Uninstalled, the day they started spamming my phone about big bad government out to get me. Sorry not into conspiracy theories..Version: 40.0

It’s nothing special….It’s basically just telling you what settings to adjust for more privacy and security. It doesn’t actually actively do anything. All of its suggestions I already had activated. Long story short, if you have an average idea of technology and a brain cell or two you’ll probably have all these settings dialed in….Version: 18.0

Good scareSomething very strange happened to me with the last update of this application yesterday. I could not connect to many internet sites, some even required me to send email to their help site informing that they had blocked my IP due to many requirements. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and everything was back to normal..Version: 15.0

My phone is so hackedWhen I bought this app I didn’t expected to do wonders, what I did expected was to the least tell me is something was wrong not even what it was. The hacker can, read it very well, can read, spy in any shape and form delete etc, remotely and you tell my everyday that my device is secure. I am quite sure he can even review your app and laugh at it as I sen you this message, all this on an IOS platform. This bad is your app..Version: 9.0

Not useful, No notificationsJust learned about iOS 15.3 from Matt Green on Twitter, not iVerify once again. I’ve been using this app since it came out and not once have I learned about an update from it (notifications nor widget). So, finally uninstalling. Reflects incredibly poorly on Trail of ____, the company behind it..Version: 30.0

OverpricedThis basically tells you what settings to turn on/off within the iOS settings menu for better security. All of which most people have done and can also be found online. Also gives you tips for better security across different social platforms. Not worth the hefty price tag!.Version: 3.0

Great AppThis is a great app that walks you through a list of settings to help setup a more secure iphone. It’s a great app that explains why you should use those settings. It is getting a bit outdated but most settings aren’t far off from where they were. I’d give it a 4-5 Star if it was updated. I do recommend it to everyone and would love to see a list of recommendations for Safari Experimental Features..Version: 31.0

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