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Simple: Intermittent Fasting App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Simple: Intermittent Fasting app received 77 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Simple: Intermittent Fasting? Can you share your negative thoughts about simple: intermittent fasting?

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Simple: Intermittent Fasting for Negative User Reviews

Buggy app but great contentThere has obviously been a lot of research behind this app and it is an incredible resource... when it works. I have had it for around a month now and have been unable to use it on two occasions, one resolved itself within a day, but I now haven’t been able to access it for a few days now and am starting to feel like I’ve been duped out of a fair bit of money for a few weeks of use... hoping the bugs are worked through though because aside from that, it’s a really good app!.Version: 6.3.2

They scam youI signed the app for simple premium yearly for $39.99 US but after 3 months the charged on my PayPal automatically again $39.99 US. When I asked to refund the second charge. They gave me non sense excuses that when they charge on my PayPal on invoice detail it says 3 months charge. But I paid for one year they have on App too. No one checks the detail invoice which is in second page of PayPal while you know you already paid just for one year not 3months. It’s not worth at all.. the program is not interesting. At the first I was excited but after one month I stop using the App, beacuse when you adding what you eating a day doesn’t say anything about how much calories you had.. so what is the point of adding food.. I did recommend to my other friends when I start to all doing together. But after this second charge I will let them know to cancel. It’s scam..Version: 7.3

One Yuck Moment Kinda Ruins The AppI have to say I enjoy using the app for the most part. It makes logging food easy bc it’s not hung up on too many details. But when I go to check out the Premium service, a very slender girl (one that is not easily attained unless you are genetically predisposed to) is there in a sport bra and shorts smiling and looking free. Also - not a guy there either. For an app that boasts science and health, this is a pretty triggering scene and one that may be placed to guilt someone to buying. It’s there to play on someone’s desperation. It’s just - not at all nice and somewhat goes against what the app seems to advertise (but aren’t all weight loss apps trying to do that in some way?). It’s disappointing. I feel I’m personally strong enough to look past it and call out what that’s designed to do, but there was a time I definitely was not. In summary, just do better than that, Simple..Version: 7.3.7

Can’t enter actual fast timesIt tells you when you should fast, but won’t let you adjust when you actually fast. So unrealistic. I should be able to adjust it if I desire to extend my fast or end earlier. I want my money back but am not optimistic that will happen..Version: 7.3.3

App won’t let me cancel but they keep on charging meDuring the trial, I found it wasn’t for me. But there was no way in the app to cancel because my app showed only the option to sign up for a subscription. Couldn’t do it thru App Store because signed up thru web. Still, I was charged for the subscription after the so-called trial period. Customer service has been no help - slow to respond and then just repeating the explanation on the website. Why force me to use something that I’ve already decided to cancel during the trial and refuse a refund? Don’t believe the trial period is a real trial. Even after being charged for the subscription I still can’t cancel it because the app still thinks I’m not signed up. Come on - they can find a way to cancel it. I’m very concerned they’ll charge me again and claim I never cancelled. Stay away if you think there’s a chance you may ever want to cancel it..Version: 7.3.10

They ignore youI have multiple times requested a refund for my charges before my free trial was over - all I got was one robot response saying someone would contact me but no one ever has - do not sign up beyond the free trial - if you decide you don’t like it & try to get a refund you’ll be out $$ too.Version: 7.3.4

Not so “Simple”This new version of the app has serious usability issues. Very confusing and not so intuitive. If by accident you logged the wrong hours, there’s no way to fix it anymore in your log. The simplicity got lost in the middle of so many functionalities. Uninstalling for now..Version: 7.3.5

Inaccurate stats - buy a book insteadI like the concept of IF and the regime has helped me, but the app itself is poor. The stats are inaccurate (such as average fasting time/performance over a given period) and even when pointed out to the developers (who agreed it is odd, ie, not my fault) they don’t get back to you. The Facebook group seems to have become “who can fast longest” with some evangelical types advising people in a way which could be demoralising with little or no comment from Simple themselves which I think is downright dangerous, particularly if a person has an eating disorder (I don’t). So I’m deleting it and wishing I hadn’t spent the money!.Version: 6.5.9

Don’t waste your money. Don’t do itI want refund. This is a complete waste of money. Does not give you personalized eating window best suited for your metabolism like it advertises. How do you get refund since it is not at all what it said. If I wanted to know how long it has been since I last ate I would look at a clock! Complete rip off and feel like a fool for falling for it..Version: 7.2.8

More specific foods to logI would love it if there were more options for food to be able to log for my meals. A larger inventory and maybe barcode scanning would be helpful..Version: 7.2.9

Nice product, but don’t expect any customer serviceI’m surprisingly disappointed. The app is beautiful. When it works, it works brilliantly and I love how well it integrates into my life. However I have had two problems relating to logging in and to payment, and in both cases I have had absolutely zero response from the published customer service email - and it has been weeks waiting for a reply to my login issue and months for my payment issue. As a result Simple have double the money they should have received and I can’t log in to my account. So right now it’s useless and I’m doubly out of pocket. I would advise being very careful with your login and payment..Version: 7.4.10

Not worth itApp doesnt provide specfic feedback. No meal prep info. 70$ for a year is a waste. You can get free apps which will track ur fasting much better and u can actually enter ur food u eat by scanning them. Dont recommend this app. Save urself the time and money..Version: 7.2.16

BUYER BEWARE!Beware when looking at purchasing this app!! My daughter (4yo) accidentally purchased this app when playing with my phone. It has never been used, other than by me looking at it to see what it was she downloaded. I have twice been charged a monthly fee and have tried to cancel the subscription, but there is no way to do it. I have sent the “Care App Happiness Team” —- what a joke!!! —- several emails asking for help, only to be replied with an automatically generated email saying they will get back to within 24 hours. Other than that, I have not heard back from them. It is simply not good enough! If I could give this zero stars, I would!.Version: 7.0

Took my money but no subscriptionThe app seemed interesting so I subscribed for premium right away. I was excited for the guidance, I went in the app did everything right, but was constantly asked to subscribe and it did not show that I subscribed despite taking my money. I sent 3 emails where I was guided and asked for my information, emails were very nice but nothing happened. I am very frustrated and no longer want to give this a try, very disappointed. I would like my money refunded..Version: 7.3.5

Good App...Just wish it had a full food journal (ie common foods with nutritional information) to help better track what you eat..Version: 7.2.9

FRAUD ALERT .. Refund policy for dissatisfied customers non-existentThey have no clue what customer service is. My wife had a $1.00 charge and 10 days later a $39.20 charge showed up, when she asked for a refund they refused. RUN AWAY..Version: 7.3.7

Can’t cancel it. no contact . don’t buy any it! SCAMCan’t cancel - not in your subscriptions -.Version: 7.2.5

It is not free..It is not free. Money were take immediately for four months. Not user friendly. No support. I have canceled on third day. Trying get money back.Version: 7.3.6

HorribleTerrible people to deal with. Canceled my subscription but still get charged..Version: 7.4.12

Terrible - complete fraudJust give this a complete miss and don’t do it. If you do try the 7 day trial first .. you probably will find yourself still paying if you cancel. I received no support or proper answers to my queries (I do wonder if robot automatically answers) and when had to cancel after a few days of trying to receive help I was still charged the full subscription and no refund. Terrible app and total waste of time and money. So bad I wish I could have selected no stars.Version: 7.2.6

Can’t go back in time?Not sure if I’m just not finding it, but it seems to not have the ability to go back to a previous date to log food, etc. I find this super annoying. If someone enlightens me to the fact that the app actually does have this ability, then I will update my rating..Version: 7.2.8

Quick to take your money!I thought I’d try this app as it was for 1 month free. It was a little confusing at first with a few insights on the way and tracking water. I decided it wasn’t worth it so I unsubscribe (or so I thought I did) but, the app doesn’t worn you that the free month is up. Then bang!!! Your subscription is on going. So I looked up again on how to unsubscribe in iTunes, and it wasn’t there for me unsubscribe. I wrote them an email and I’m still waiting for a reply. If I get a bill from Apple they will here from me!!.Version: 7.2.15

Buyer bewareThis app does not work. I was charged 43.99 for three months and I can’t access the premium section. When I sign out and try to get access back in, it says I need to confirm my address like I’m a new member. It also shows that I haven’t purchased it in the App Store, so I can’t ask for a refund through Apple, but my credit card statement shows differently. NOT IMPRESSED..Version: 7.3.6

So not sign up for trialVery cunning with their trial and refund policy. Beware it’s extremely hard to unsubscribe from..Version: 7.4.37

Unhealthy MessagingI just got a sponsored ad from this app on my FB feed. It showed 6 squares of cartoon women with different body types, describing what you would need to eat (or not eat) to retain that specific shape. One said “The 24-hr fasting plan. Allows you to eat something every day. Enjoy your evening dinner, and then eat nothing until dinner the following day.” At first I thought it was a joke. As a recovered anorexic, I know firsthand that an “innocent” restriction diet can quickly turn into disordered eating. No matter what size you are, eating 1 meal a day is not good for your mental health or metabolism. Severe restriction simply leads to malnourishment (you can become malnourished at any weight) and depression (your body is not able to gain enough fuel for a healthy brain.) It’s shameful to see dietitians taking part in this app. Unless you have spoken 1-on-1 with a dietitian about your body’s specific needs, you should not let an app tell you how to live your life. No matter how much you tell yourself you’ll only restrict for 6 months, or you can get through the hunger pains, this method will only teach you how to mistreat your body..Version: 7.2.5

Some display problemI have downloaded the app on my iPad and for some reason the display is weird and messed up. It is like cut in half with only 1 half showing. I haven’t started using it yet just because of that issue, so if you fix it I would be really thankful. Also, the star rating doesn’t really matter, it is not my opinion, I just had to do it because I was made to rate. But otherwise please fix the issue so I can start using this amazing app!.Version: 6.4.4

Great app, but don’t bother paying for more...I have been loving this app - it’s simple (ha!), clean, well-designed, easy to use. It’s made me more aware of when, what and how I eat, and it’s made my up my water intake to levels I never thought possible! But the Premium upgrade is a total rip-off. I assumed you’d be getting personalised insights, be able to track your eating in more detail, recognise patterns. None of that. From what I can tell all Premium gets you is access to more of those cheery articles and they aren’t even personalised or detailed enough to be all that helpful. If there was a way I could get my money back I would..Version: 6.5.1

Great app, unhealthy contentThe app itself is great, it’s easy to use, uncomplicated, and actually helpful. However, this app is what caused my eating disorder. So just a warning to whoever is considering fasting to lose weight: don’t. There are so many better and healthier ways to lose weight. Food is a necessity and you can’t just eat one meal every 24 hours..Version: 7.3.2

Great logging feature but need to change wordingThis app is pretty good and has potential but it is a bit dangerous in terms of eating disorder provocation not for me just in general...I would hate for a teenager to download this! because every time I log a meal, even if in my eating window and it is a healthy balanced home made meal, it pretty much tell me off for eating. the interface colour pallet changes slightly red and says my sugar levels are way up and that my body is exhausted because it has to digest my food. I get it fasting is good but you have to eat at some point and without feeling like you are being told off!!! I will change the review if this is amended. Wow just to add it is not even close to suitable for 12+ maybe 18-21+ but keep your teens away from this Just to add a response to your response, the age for the app states 12+ in the apple store so that is what I was referring to but I’m glad to hear that you have a safety net in the app that makes it 18+.Version: 7.1.1

On boarding is not greatSo you lure me in with a nice friendly survey as soon as I start, I answer all these questions and right away before even letting me test and see if your product is for me you ask me to pay. Customers don’t want to pay for something until they first try it out. Instead of asking for me to pay you should offer even 1-2 days of a trial to see if I would want to pay. I didn’t even get to see the first screen of the app before I got asked to go premium. It’s a big onboarding mistake. Your users want to first see if your app is for them, before they willingly hand over money. As soon as I pressed exit from premium pay I got greeted with the home screen which doesn’t do well to explain what I should do, the app is pretty but as soon as I go onto th screen I have no idea what the app wants me to do. Am I supposed to input my food? It’s 3pm and the app tells me to refrain from eating till 2pm? I think the app need an onboarding experience, a very quick and small tutorial on what this app is meant to help you achieve. I would have expected to sign in, be presented with some options like: set your fasting preferences, input your last meal. Then the app shows me how it’s going to work. And for those who aren’t sure what they want to do have preset option so the user can just click and go. If you improve that the app would be brilliant but at the minute it’s confusing and not clear on how to operate It, especially for those who never fasted..Version: 6.5.9

Why is editing a fast so difficult?I forgot to stop a fast, and wanted to start a new one. I thought I could delete that inaccurate fast and start again, but I could not figure out how to do that. The UI experience for modifying or deleting fasts is just not intuitive. Moreover when I wanted to start a new fast that had I started a day prior but forgot to start logging, it would just not do it. It was easier to reset my account, than to delete specific fasts. Why did I feel like I had to reset my account, well because as I tried to edit my fasts to display correctly, it undoubtedly changed my avg. fast times. It went from avg. 16 hrs to 5 hrs, and what was even more frustrating is I could not delete the fasts that were inaccurately changing my average because they would NOT show up on my history. Zero App’s fasting modification experience is far superior (adding as a reference point) so hopefully this app’s UI can be improved, as the rest of the app is great. Adding a Fasts icon next to the Explore icon where one could easily edit (start times, end times, dates etc) would be amazing..Version: 6.5.8

Limited for the priceThis app has played a part in my great weight loss, and has helped me understand IF. Having used it for 5 months I have moved on to a more sophisticated app which is truly personalised. I have no need for this one any more. The simple app has become repetitive and I find the tone patronising and annoying. It’s not personalised at all - it just regurgitates articles about various processes you are likely to go through when you are fasting. On repeat. I’m sick of hearing the same points made over and over again. I keep getting messages like “well done for eating more vegetables!”. Um, I’m a vegetarian.... “Vegetarians can be good cooks!”. Thanks... I don’t like that I had to pay for a 1 year subscription when the app’s usefulness has run its course after around 5 months. I don’t like that nearly every sentence used on the app ends with an explanation mark! It’s unnecessary! And really irritating! Isn’t it...?! It’s certainly pushed me away from it! In fact it’s made me hate using the app!!! There are smarter and better apps out there for less cash. I think the developer is being greedy..Version: 6.4.3

It’s ok but not $40 okUnless you are interested in the little articles it suggest or need the little motivational notifications, it’s really like any other tracker, regular paper and pencil included. I do like the aesthetic of the watch face type design for the fast and liquid intake. The “body” one is about useless and will reset to the same dimensions no matter what you eat. From a nutritional background that is simply incorrect. I’ve also seen a lot of what appears to be false advertising for the app on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe the body type fasting and other personalizations will come in the future but they are not part of the apps interactions to date. Perhaps in the future if they fix this and actually taylor the program it would be worth $40..Version: 6.5

Weekly cost with no trial optionI am the type of consumer who is happy to pay for a subscription service once I feel it is the service that matches my needs. Unfortunately this service comes at a cost from the outset. You aren’t aware of this until after you have wasted your time completing the questionnaire and setup process. It has put me off the whole idea of needing an app. Ultimately, do you even need an app like this? It’s not rocket science. If you want to be a healthy weight and have a healthy life, then it’s simple - adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy and exercise. Start with a small healthy change, then increase change ratio. Eventually you’ll have a healthy lifestyle (1 step at a time, never go back or undo your changes). If you’re not prepared to, then you’re not ready for change..Version: 7.4.30

It’s ok.I like the articles and graphics. I’ve learned about snacking and how the body reacts to hunger and the educational aspects. Logging food is frustrating as even if the snack is healthy you get messages in a scolding sort of way, the choices are weird at times as well. Which is frustrating when you have been compliant. The liquid tracker adds incorrectly, or I am missing something. 16 oz of coffee and 16.9 oz water comes out to 26.5 on the app which is annoying as it’s hard for me to drink water and I need to work hard at it. I like the ability to go in and adjust and edit meals and times. Sometimes it asks if you are fasting yet when you are but that day straightened out ok. Is it worth it? For me yes, as I realize I can go a lot longer without food than I ever imagined and feel great. But it needs work on food choices and water addition/tracker..Version: 6.5.9

Customer service is bad and app misleadingI downloaded the free trial. Somehow it changed to paid. So the charged me 40 usd but I still have no access to the app. I have told them as much through countless emails tried to cancel and to use it since I have paid, but have been unable to. They first told me to cancel with apple but apple does not even recognise my subscription. Then they told me They would refund me if I met certain criteria. The fact that I can’t use my app I feel should entitle me to refund but after many emails no response. First time ever with an app I feel like I have been taken for a ride. They have canceled it since so that I will not be charged for another 3 months but I can’t use the other paid app in the mean time. Anyway lesson learnt.Version: 7.3.10

Ridiculously limited profile set up questionsSeen an advert for this and given there was an option for mummy belly, decided to download. My baby was stillborn at 35 weeks. I therefore have no living children but I am still a mum. I had a daughter. I still have a mum belly. The question ‘do you have children’ had the following responses: yes, they live with me; yes they don’t live with me; I have no children. So where do I fit? How can I lose my mum tum if I’m unable to select a relevant option and therefore have the plan for this type of belly? Next, medical conditions. It lists around ten and then gives the option to select ‘I don’t have a medical condition’. That’s ridiculous. I have hypothyroidism. A very relevant condition to declare when it comes to losing weight yet there is no option for ‘other’ so I had to select I have no medical condition! It was at this point I deleted the app and posted this review..Version: 6.5.9

APP WILL MAKE YOU RESENT YOUR PHONEI paid for the 3 month subscription and so desperately wish I hadn’t. It started out okay as most app usage does. I was using the 16:8 program because as a night eater, I could move the schedule around to my daily routine. As I started logging meals and water intake I realized this app needed a lot of commitment. It was demanding and when I would get busy or forget to log a meal or water, the constant amount of notifications became much. Back logging was a pain and if I had a glass of milk at night I would watch the countdown on my app the next day to see when I could eat. I started to hate the timer and it’s lack of encouraging words (You can eat in 2:45:34, uggghhhh) Then I just stopped using it because the app needed more attention than I could give it. I became resentful of the app and the notifications as I wasn’t always near my phone and I would have 5 water drinking, meal, story, and fast alerts. I had a lot of high hopes for Simple and I’m sad I spent money on the 3 month subscription as I stopped using it a few weeks in..Version: 7.3.7

Deeply disappointingI was excited to use this app as am very convinced by the concept of fasting. It was a big mistake to get conned into paying for a year though - the functionality is really poor and I just can’t see what I’m doing with it. So I’ve paid a hefty year subscription for something unusable. What should be a really simple interface telling me when I’ve started and due to finish is completely incomprehensible. And nothing about this app makes me feel informed or empowered about the fasting process. So very disappointing please sort this out - it’s way over-complicated for what’s needed to get started with a good habit. This should and could be a brilliant resource..Version: 7.4.29

Not even worth the timeThis app does nothing except keeps track of your fasting. It offers nothing of value but took my money anyway and won’t refund it even though I don’t use it. Such a waste and a thief!! The Fastic app is so much better!.Version: 7.3.6

Totally Scammed!I feel really scammed by what appeared to be a good app. Totally lured into what I thought was a ‘try me out’ initial experience only to be hit with a £30 bill. It is evident that I won’t be using the app, which is not an easy to use, very basic in terms of presentation and instructions and nothing more, in terms of information, that you could read for free on any google page. The scam comes in when you are told that because you simply had a ‘look around’ that you are now fully charged for the month or year. I have, within 30 minutes of looking around already cancelled the ‘auto renewal’. How very disappointing. Totally ripped off!!’ I would not encourage you to download 😡.Version: 7.2.9

I don’t find this app user friendlyThe app has great articles but I can never read them. The covers just flip by. If they are sent sometimes I can actually read them. All that work writing them it would be nice to read them. If you are busy but started fast hours ago, indicating this back in time is not intuitive. Syncing exercise works well. Wasn’t motivating for me because it really never worked well..Version: 7.2.16

BrutalWhy is it so damn difficult to cancel this subscription? Make it SIMPLER!.Version: 7.3.2

12+ rating but you need to be 18+ to use itI put in my birthdate assuming since the app needs you to be 12+ since that is its rating yet it told me on the app i need to be 18+ to use the app..Version: 6.3.0

Customer serviceThey double charge and then decide not to respond. The most disappointing customer service I have come across..Version: 7.4.11

OkayWhen I first started using the app I loved it and I still find it quite helpful, however I’ve found that as time has gone on they’ve restricted what you can access massively, unless you’re willing to pay for the premium. I wouldn’t mind having certain things that are locked, but it used to be a lot more informative for everybody and now you cannot do anything besides log your fast and eating times unless premium. I just feel like it’s a tactic to get more money off people rather than offering the help and if they were able to offer this before I’m unsure why it’s suddenly being taken out..Version: 7.4.28

This is a scamTheir cancel subscription button on the app conveniently doesn’t work. I tried a number of times and it’s just a perpetual loop. So I have now been charged for a membership. Don’t do the trial..Version: 7.2.12

Cannot track from previous calendar dayEven though my last meal was 8PM last night, the app insisted on tracking my fast only from 12AM today. So it under-counted the number of hours fasted by 4 hours. Tried everything to fix it but couldn’t. It’s a pity because the app seemed easy to use and had good visual cues otherwise..Version: 6.3.2

Frustrating!Keeps randomly changing from English to other language (looks like Russian?). Time tracking says PM when it’s AM and vice versa. Fluid tracker is wrong - adds 297ml when I log 350ml. Just annoying! Would be good if issues fixed..Version: 7.4.4

Unauthorised charge has killed it.Yea do I was loving this app, found the unpaid version to be sufficient for my needs so cancelled my subscription before my weeks $1 trial was up. Have been using the app no dramas (not premium) for 3 months, then out of nowhere copped a charge of $109aud! I have contacted support and explained that this charge was unauthorised, they said that I had not cancelled my subscription and so had been charged twice. I told them this can’t have been right, I had tried to cancel and was under the assumption it had been successful seeing as I had not had access to premium since, but they are still refusing to refund this ridiculous charge..Version: 7.3.7

How do I cancel my subscription?Hi I want to cancel my subscription. After I paid $1 for your 7 day trial I found I can’t download this app on my phone so it’s no use to me. After paying the $1 it says on bottom of page that I can cancel any time within those 7 days on my subscription management page. Does that mean my apple sub management page? I can’t see it there. Thank you if you can help ASAP as I have only 5 days left😩😩.Version: 7.1.1

Waste of money!If you are someone with even basic knowledge of intermittent fasting, don’t bother wasting your money on this app. For example I am pregnant and even though I entered this information it is telling me to fast for 18 hours and eat for 6! What a joke! Seriously, if someone is naive enough to just go by this info without really doing their research, I smell a lawsuit coming their way. Frankly I have no idea what the purpose of this app is. It basically just tracks your info at the most basic, primitive level. I purchased the premium version, and let me tell you, I feel ripped off!.Version: 6.5

Charges and impossible to unsubscribeThis app is a scam in that during the free trial I was unable to unsubscribe. I followed the link and it said I’m not subscribed so I left it at that. Later I realized they had charged my account for the full subscription and in US funds. I want a reimbursement and was given a ridiculous reply. I want to talk to someone in person but there is no phone contact number..Version: 7.3.12

Something has changed… and not for the betterIn Sep 20 I did not renew my subscription even though I thought it was an incredible app that recorded fastings, liquid, food type and activity. Since rejoining a month ago, I come back to loads of cosmetic (totally unnecessary) changes and does not function as well. You have less control. And as for those stupid 5 challenges that take up most of the screen. Seriously? When something is perfect DON’T mess with it. Recommend previous version- definitely not this one. Stuck with it for a year now as I paid for a year’s premium as I thought I’d be returning to the beloved…but no..Version: 7.4.37

Charging you before your free trial is up! Twice!Buyer beware sans it’s so sad I love the app but they charged me twice during the free trial point! $58.75!.Version: 5.1.1

Won’t allow you to cancelI repeatedly tried cancelling this before the 7 days were up. I was getting no confirmation that it was cancelled. Emailed support, got not response and was charged over $50 for something I’m not using!.Version: 7.3.4

Scam artists!!I signed up for a yearly membership and these guys charged not only my PayPal but also my Apple Pay. I followed the proper routes to contact their customer service department by email on January 4. I received no response. I contacted their customer service department again five days later on January 8. They still have not responded to either email despite the fact each time I send an email I get a response immediately from an auto generator stating that my email will be responded to within 24 hours. Very poor customer service and very malicious intent to deceive customers and steal money they are not entitled to..Version: 7.2.9

Timer is brokenI like what this app is and does for the most part. I dislike how they have a ridiculously basic way to add food I’ve eaten. Either make it detailed like Fitbit and others or don’t do it at all, I would prefer to not need multiple apps. Also you clock is broken. I am on a 16:8 plan usually 12pm - 8pm time window. Yesterday I ate earlier and started fasting at 7:00pm but today it is telling me to end my fast at 10:00 am. Trust me I would love nothing more than to eat breakfast in the morning but that is only 15 hours. I’ve tried to reclick the 16:8 plan to try to reset it but nothing. The app definitely knows what time it is from my phone and based on the fasting timer it definitely knows it’s only been 15 hours since it showed that number when it told me to end the fast and as of now it is showing I am on my 16th hour but it’s saying I am an hour over. This is ridiculous, how do you expect people to pay for a subscription if you can’t even get the free and core aspect of the app right?.Version: 7.2.9

Good, but could be better for ketoI have only been using the app a day and I REALLY like it. It is easy and chock full of information and data, which I love and keeps me motivated. My only concern is that it asks you what kind of diet you are following but doesn’t seem to DO anything with that info. For example, in body status, it tells me I am in a “Sugar up” phase when I’ve been following keto and am clearly NOT. The food choices the user has to pick from are very basic/generic, so it really doesn’t KNOW what I’m eating nutrition/macro wise. Not sure how the algorithm behind the scenes works. It also doesn’t have a way to choose things like fat bombs, except to select “dessert” which it really isn’t. If you’re going to ask what diet I’m following, then the app should adapt to account for that. Otherwise, for simply tracking eating windows, it’s fine, but pricey for that limited functionality. I could probably find a free app for that..Version: 5.2

Watch App Needs AttentionTL,DR: the Watch app’s spotty behavior tarnishes an otherwise 5-star IF service. The app/service itself is fantastic — easily one of the best IF guides & trackers I’ve found on iOS. I was most excited for the Watch app & Health integration, too, however the Watch app seems very lacking so far. It’s accurately recorded drinks & snacks, but after multiple attempts I could not manually end my fast though the Watch. Then after opening the app on my phone to end the fast, the Watch app still behaves as if it is actively tracking a fasting period. It’s been over an hour, and I’ve even restarted my Watch to see if that would help it update/sync, but no. Sharpen the behavior of the Watch app & you will easily have the best IF tracker for iOS & WatchOS users..Version: 6.4

Simple and not worth itI downloaded this app as a way of better tracking my fasting days. I assumed there would be a free trial, but it automatically signed me up for 3 months at ~$50. I thought it would offer a lot of functionality given the cost, but it is just an alarm telling you when to start fasting. I thought for the cost it would link to the health app and include exercise, but it only tracks steps. I thought for the cost it would be easy to change schedule and notifications would move with the changes. Nope - it’s painful to navigate and the notifications didn’t always sync. So I agree with other reviewers here - you are duped into signing up and get little for it. Lesson learned!.Version: 7.2.9

NOT HEALTY EDUCATE YOURSELFResponse to developers: I am not suffering from an eating disorder nor have I ever. I am health conscious and educated on how to losing weight the way I am supposed to. You claim to support healthy opportunities for people but this is an opportunity for sever health issues. I am disappointed that your lack of fact and claims with no basis have been successful in fooling people to harm themselves. I am also disappointed in your lack of rebuttals that ended with judgement of my mental health and outlook on things around me. I will be clear, I have no problem with improving self control, and taking control of habits, I only ask that you learn and improve in a healthy way. Please realize this is a terrible way to lose weight and it will all come back as soon as you stop. Please take care of your selves, there are other ways to diet that include more than half a meal a day. Edit: another topic This app promotes unhealthy beauty standards. Disgusting. This app promotes unhealthy eating with no look for the future. This promotion of eating disorders is wrong and shameful, let me be clear. You are NOT losing FAT. YOU ARE LOSING MUSCLE. Forcing these expectations the general youth population through snapchat ads is repulsive. Developers, please let your experts educate you on eating disorders and body dysmorphia which leads people to a toxic app like yours..Version: 6.4.11

DisappointingUnfortunately I didn’t see the option for a limited trial period so have pad nearly £30 for a year’s subscription (the other alternative being £15 for a month so it appeared to be a good deal - more fool me!). I have come across two big flaws 1) while you can set a time for your last meal, the app doesn’t seem to allow you to set the time for when you started fasting. Instead, you tap ‘start fast’ when you remember to do it which can be hours after your last meal. This throws the whole schedule out. I ate at 8pm last night but didn’t update my status until 11pm so, according to the app, shouldn't eat again until 19 hours after I actually ate! If there IS a way of setting the ‘start fast’ time, I’ve yet to find it. My data and ‘body status’ is obviously now inaccurate. 2) there are no alerts to remind you that your eating window is closing and you should eat by ‘x’ time to stay on schedule. These seem to be pretty basic requirements so I feel the app is very expensive for an ill thought out product. Not happy..Version: 7.0

Not HelpfulI really wanted to love this app, but I just can’t. I didn’t see an option for a free trial but I felt committed to intermittent fasting and decided to go for it. Within the first 12 hours I knew I’d made a big mistake with going for the full 12-month subscription. It feels like you need to be using this app constantly to make it at all worthwhile, and if you’re that obsessed with your diet then maybe this is the app for you. I am still dedicated to intermittent fasting and it’s going well for me, but I can’t use an app that needs me to log every sip of water I take because I am someone that drinks water regularly throughout the day. Simple bombards me with reminders to open the app all day long, which is frankly annoying. If you’re 100% determined to record your every move then yes I would recommend this app. Otherwise, you should pass. Wish there had been a good trial version for me to test out first..Version: 7.2.9

Scam. Won’t let me cancel.I paid the $1 for the trial before I realized it was IF. No problem. I wasn’t interested in continuing so I tried to cancel it. No where in my apps did it advise where to cancel. I checked everywhere. I’ve cancelled apps before and was simple. This one was not. So I deleted the app and the next day they charged me $50+! I messaged them right away and they refused to refund my money. I complained then they offered to return half. This is crap. This is the most difficult app to cancel I’ve ever had. Don’t consider the trial unless you can throw away your money. Crap.Version: 7.3.7

Unnecessary AppI have been using this app for almost a month and I am still struggling to find a reason that justifies its cost....Every time you log a meal, the app analyses (....or appears to) your eating/fasting patterns so you would expect some kind of recommendations that helps you reach your weight loss goals, but sadly absolutely nothing happens. If I knew that all the app does is counting the time since your last meal and reminding you when it’s time to start your daily fast, I would have just used the stopwatch on my phone. Information and general stuff about IF is good, but you can get that for free on the internet. In essence an absolute waste of money..Version: 6.4

Good for mindfulnessI downloaded this app after seeing a Facebook ad and initially found it very rewarding. I dropped weight quickly the first couple of weeks, over the last couple of months I’ve found it a struggle to do more than fluctuate over a 10lb difference in my weight. I was hoping this app would help me to reach a healthy weight and it doesn’t seem capable of that. However: this app is fantastic for keeping me mindful of when I consume. It’s wonderful at reminding me to stay hydrated. I find logging meals a trifle awkward because eating takes time, especially family meals, and I struggle to know if I should log when I start eating or when I’m done eating. This app includes a place to log activity , but it would be nice to get reminders to increase activity the way we get reminders for hydration. I really like this app, I just wish it had been capable of getting me the weight loss results I’d hoped for..Version: 7.3

Room for ImprovementI have a suggestion regarding the ‘Healthy’ trend under ‘Journal’. Currently there are only 3 options when we log our meals, which are healthy, unhealthy and mixed. Putting myself as an example, I only eat 2 meals a day. My dinner is generally healthy, whereas my lunch is generally mixed but leaning to the healthy side. When I log, I always put mixed for lunch and healthy for dinner. However, this put my trend at 50% healthy, but in reality, I feel that i eat a lot healthier than 50% (around 80%). Therefore, my suggestion is how about changing the options into a rating scale instead of 3 rigid options of healthy, unhealthy and mixed? Customers can rate their meal on a scale of lets say from 1-10 depending on how healthy they feel. In this way, for my case, I can put my lunch at 7/10 and dinner at 9/10 for example, and my trend will come out to be more accurate..Version: 6.4.8

So disappointedThis app does not work for me So I fast all the time, and when I do eat I only eat protein so that I stay in ketosis and this app does not work for me simply becaUse it does not recognise my food and the fact that I am not knocking myself out of ketosis so all the information the app then feeds back to me is incorrect I was disappointed that there was no free trial, and so I contacted the people at simple for a refund as they state on so many reviews that apply to them for a refund Again more lies.... they messaged saying they don’t refund and that u have to apply to Apple who said that I am not entitled to a refund even though the app simply is not workable Disgraceful attitude from both Simple and Apple.Version: 6.4.4

FrustratedPretty frustrated with this app. It would work great for beginners on IF but I’m past that stage. I never got a seven day trial for free and three days into my subscription I want to cancel but I’m not able to get a refund. I feel cheated..Version: 7.2.7

Good but still a couple of tweets necessaryThis app is pretty good in terms of tracking fasting and there is lots of good info in it. I would have given it more stars but there are a couple of key things that are missing. 1. Calorie count - fasting does you NO GOOD if you are still eating too much. While this app asks you to put in what you are eating, there is no request for amount, which means there is no estimate of calorie intake. Which means I have to track that in a different app. It's a hassle. 2. Zero-cal sweeteners - I use them as a sub for sugar in my coffee (because seriously who like black coffee?) but there is no way to add them. THEN I read an insight that says they break your fast because they activate your insulin response?! If they break your fast same way sugar would, why would you not add them as an option and include the alert like you do for sugar? These things need to change in the app for it to be really a great fasting app..Version: 6.4.5

A little disappointedOverall has potential, but they have to improve on user friendly the app is confusing. Logging the meals, man does that some serious attention, you have to simplify it down to where we can old our own meals and able to scan the bar codes..Version: 7.3.2

Ok at best. Software issues.Ok. My wife and I signed up for a three month trial of the software. Here is our honest review. We were very excited to try this software. Something new to help track the fasting associated with our keto diet. In the first few days the software seemed to work well. Start your fast, end your fast, log your food, etc. After a week of fasting, I noticed that the software was only showing three fasts had been completed. In the reports section it showed I had only fasted 3 times in the reports. In the log there were 7 fasts present. The reporting seems to have some software bugs. My wife and I started to feel a bit frustrated with this. As the weeks went on we started fasting less. And stopped altogether while we were on a short trip. The major flaw of the software is that assumes that when your not entering data, you are fasting. So after 4 days it was like, “Amazing job fasting for so long!” It claims you can go back and add in your fast later in the log. THIS FEATURE DOES NOT WORK. Overall we found the software pushy and like it was guilting us for having a snack or not drinking enough water. And you can’t actually edit the log and have it work properly. I would not recommend this software until someone has fixed the glaring bugs that are present..Version: 7.2.12

Scam!!!!!!!!States 629 reviews and yet only shows the same 6 reviews regardless of the search / sort criteria you use. And 3 of those are not reviews!.Version: 7.2.15

Not flexibleI wanted to use this to track longer 48h fasts, which I hold once per month. But it can only track daily fasting. If I don’t put in food it automatically enrols me in a 3 week long fast. There should really be a way to just pause, and track when I want. I’m not going to start double tracking daily meals in here when I have MyFitnessPal for that..Version: 7.3

CathyI do not want this app, where do I delete! You took money from me that I did not authorize!! Please refund me!.Version: 7.3.7

Needs some improvements but alright so far!The app could do with some improvements. The wellness companion chat service isn’t that interactive & the food options are limited. Some articles are great but some are not that helpful..Version: 7.4.34

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