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Paired: Couples & Relationship App User Positive Comments 2022

Paired: Couples & Relationship app received 86 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about paired: couples & relationship?

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QuestionLovely app but its not really for us, how do I cancel before our free trial is over?.Version: 1.434

Love it - but bring back community answers!It’s been a great app to help get inside and understand my partner’s mind; even five years later I’m still learning new things! However we have a gazillion apps as well as in person to be able discuss our answers, what we loved was reading the good, bad and ugly from the community answers. Sometimes it gave us ideas on how we could better our relationship, sometimes it gave us a laugh. Please bring it back.Version: 1.433

Excellent appLove this app! Highly recommend..Version: 1.375

Long-distance stapleLong distance is hard, harder than you think going into it especially when lockdowns and boarder closes keeps you further apart. regardless of how strong the relationship is, for me it was inevitable that we would hit roadblocks in our communication, effort, and feeling connected to each others everyday life. This app has so far really helped bridge that gap in showing us where our faults and insecurities were and have helped us connect in a similar way to when we were together. Worth every dollar that the premium account costs..Version: 1.436

Amazing app for helping to build a great relationshipThis app is excellent and has really helped my relationship with my partner. The daily questions help to spark important conversations which you might not have otherwise had. The courses are so well put together and are of very high quality. All of them are backed up by relationship research, and I have really enjoyed listening and reflecting on them, and I think it has definitely made me a better partner. The pairing feature is so handy as then you and your partner can work on things together and improve your relationship. Thank you Paired!.Version: 1.374

Love this appMy partner and I got it and answer every single morning. It’s a great way to communicate and be open so I would highly recommend this app to anyone with a significant other.Version: 1.436

Long distance loveI’m currently in a long distance relationship and we’re only see each other once it twice a month, so communication is overly important. I love this app because provides content to keep us communicating and growing even with distance between us..Version: 1.434

FantasticBest communication app for couples I found.Version: 1.376

Love this app!I love this app and the conversations it brings about between my wife and I, it’s a little nod to our relationship every day and we really look forward to answering the question and discussing our answers! My only tiny criticism is that it is aimed at straight couples as when you click on the ‘how will answering this question help my relationship’ button it always refers to male and female couples. Doesn’t really affect the questions but it would be nice if it felt more inclusive!.Version: 1.437

Excellent appThis is a great app and something that I think we’ve all been waiting for- it’s so good to be able to do the questions and think about aspects of your relationship that you may not have reflected on before. It’s great to have daily thoughts that support all aspects of a relationship. It has really helped in the present and will make us better partners to each other. Also brilliant to have so many high quality professionals involved. Well put together and easy to use..Version: 1.375

Games 👍 Couple Quizzes 👎Please can you add more games? They’re fun to play together! Not a fan of couple quizzes, feels like we’re ranking each other, without any explanation...Version: 1.436

Very good!This app was really helping me and my partner and make us feel much more connected however it now won’t work!!! i open the app and it goes to a blank white screen and even if i wait, it doesn’t change! i hope it fixes soon, my partner is quite stressed that we can’t use it anymore.Version: 1.386

LOVE IT!!!I’m in love with this app. It gives us an extra thing to look forward to everyday. After answering we have discussions on the responses. Super interesting!.Version: 1.433

Great appI love everything this app has to offer. Has brought my girl and me so much closer. My only wish is that I could have a button to click that will tell me what questions she has answered that I haven’t. A “shortcut” per say. :] but other than that, absolutely amazing. Gets us to answer things with giving us the space to not have to take our answers to heart. Gives us fine to answer truthfully while the other person has time to think before “retaliating” and to take it to heart..Version: 1.433

Such a good investment into our marriageWe love this app and recommend it to all our couple friends - it has definitely given us something to talk about and brought us closer.Version: 1.434

Paired reviewIt has helped my boyfriend and I communicate better and more openly. It also helps see where the other one is at on certain things!.Version: 1.420

App is great, wish it still had one feature.The app is great, it’s really worth the time and money. My partner and I have been closer than ever and have used the topics in the app to be the basis to start conversations. In the last update, they removed the ability to see the community comments. I really enjoyed reading the comments from other users and have gained really valuable information. I would really like if that was reinstituted as the community often had great ideas..Version: 1.433

Great daily activities and legit expertise for keeping relationships strongI tried this app out, a little skeptical at first given that I do not enjoy couples therapy. To my genuine surprise I found that the daily questions were actually fun to go through with my partner, and we’ve discovered things about each other that have been really insightful. The audio course are the perfect length too—just a few minutes long but a ton of helpful information, delivered by experts in the field, such as Pepper Schwartz. I think this app would benefit anyone in a relationship who wants to create more closeness or learn how to manage conflict and communication. I would say it’s less couples therapy and more something that will prevent you needing couples therapy!.Version: 1.377

Great if you are having trouble connecting & communicatingIn less than a week this has been an amazing tool to help us connect in a neutral and blame free way, giving us the ability and safety to say things we may not otherwise say, and understand each other on a deeper level. 100% recommend.Version: 1.433

Break up the day to dayGood fun questions to break up the day to day! Courses look interesting too, will have to give them a go.Version: 1.380

Affordable couples counselingThis app was just what my fiancé and I needed. We love the daily questions and have those discussions. In you truly use the app for what its worth then this will be similar to couples counseling except you will have to hold each other accountable to actually do the daily tasks. If you do them, you will notice an improvement in your relationship..Version: 1.420

Super Helpful and Great to Pair with PartnerGreat UX and design and super helpful content and sessions with professionals- the quizzes are a great, easy and simple way to have a daily check in and perspective. I highly recommend this app for everyone to try - especially as a first step to support nurture and improve your relationship and dialogue..Version: 1.378

HelpfulHelped to make my husband and I feel more connected while working away from each other. I look forward to reading his daily insights and it helps me to understand how he is feeling in our marriage..Version: 1.436

Little confusedIts a really good app. helps me and my boyfriend but im a little confused on how it works. do we have to pay to continue to use it or is there a free quiz or something each day? im not sure.Version: 1.434

Excited to continue using this!This app has helped me and my partner discuss topics we usually don’t talk about. Whether they’re “uncomfortable topics” or just things that don’t come up in our usual conversations, we’ve enjoyed being able to talk and find out more about each other thru the daily questions..Version: 1.377

A really nice app for couplesMy partner and I downloaded Paired around three weeks ago and so far we really like it - the daily questions/quizzes are our favourite part of the app! I’d really, really love if Paired developed some sort of chat within the app so that partners are able to discuss question/quiz answers in the app, it would feel like a safe space to discuss certain issues and topics brought up in the questions I feel :).Version: 1.392

Transformed my relationshipThis app came to me in an advert, best thing ever. It’s changed the dynamics of my relationship. We both look forward to each other’s answers. It’s a super intelligent app and the makers leaving some major features free — JUST LOVE THEM! I’m recommending the app to all my friends. Pls stay free in many ways ❤️.Version: 1.433

ReviewMy girlfriend and I downloaded this recently and it’s already significantly helped our relationship. I’m someone who thinks everyone should go to therapy and this has been a FUN way to have difficult conversations but also playful ones. 10/10 highly recommend!.Version: 1.436

Great app but..Really really been enjoying this app with my partner, this is my first time writing a review and i guess it’s more of a suggestion or request? we love using the app but maybe adding a little bit of couple “type” flexibility would be great? me and my partner are both asexual and portion of the questions we get are heavily sex driven... i guess it would be nice to have an input that would exclude us from sexual questions since the feedback seems to “punish” you for choosing neutral or bad responses on the sex questions haha..Version: 1.432

Great AppI like this app. My partner and I communicate and he doesn’t even realise good one guys... why is it men hate communicating lol so let’s use Paired they never know 😍.Version: 1.420

Better Communication ToolWhen I downloaded this app my partner and I were barely talking . We were not communicating well at all. Through this app we started talking and laughing and it really helped us dig deeper..Version: 1.437

The Magic ElixirI have been having major communication issues with my boyfriend for over a year now. He is not someone who is comfortable with talking about his feelings openly, and both of us having mental disorders creates obstacles I believe we wouldn’t have otherwise. This app has saved my relationship. To my surprise he downloaded the app and enjoys the quiz aspect. I was able to see his true feelings about situations that I had no idea were bothering him. The check in made me super happy to see that we are on the same page about certain things. It encourages talking points, and has us discussing about our answers every night. He has even started doing the writing prompts. The various podcast style helpful tips have helped me learn how to better our conflict resolution. I feel like we have a much better understanding of each other and all around so happy and actually enjoying our time together. Thank you so much for creating this app I look forward to using this every day.Version: 1.425

Great app!Easy and informative 👌.Version: 1.377

Great information and thought-provoking questionsQuality app! My only gripe is that the streak function seems to be broken, in that it resets to 0 each day even after filling the daily “love meter”..Version: 1.376

Amazing product!My girlfriend and I are absolutely addicted to it. It’s such a great way to have the small conversations about things that matter or could be improved in our relationship. And the best part is that you can squeeze those moments into your daily routine so instead of mindlessly scrolling Instagram on the bus you can now have very intimate exchanges with your partner on things that really matter..Version: 1.433

Warm feelingsThis is really really fun a d an amazing way to have some cute little reassurances during the day as well as practicing how to self soothe and not have big reactions, instead waiting to be able to have conversations about some of the subjects. Would be better if allowed to edit your answer and comment on partners responses..Version: 1.432

Engaging and really helpfulIt’s all too easy to take our relationships for granted, over time. Paired is excellent. The daily questions, quizzes, and tips help me to reprioritise my partner and our relationship..Version: 1.378

BRING BACK COMMUNITY ANSWERSI love this app, it’s so helpful and educational and even the free version is still extremely beneficial. but please, for the love of god, bring back community answers. they brought me an amount of joy you could not imagine. i miss them with every passing day. thank you..Version: 1.434

Idea for improvementI had actually thought about doing something like this on our own so when I found out this app existed it was perfect. Overall I do enjoy using it and the games help make the experience fun and the quizzes help pinpoint areas of improvement. I upgraded us to a premium account so that we could answer as much as we wanted but the one thing I’ve found that I dislike about the app is that after your partner answers questions, there’s no easy way to see what is still left for you to answer unless you do it right away. We’re both incredibly busy so we answer the daily question each day but the bonus stuff we sometimes answer a few days a part so we can give it our full attention, in the chat the material your partner answers comes up but it is difficult to scroll through everything to find what you missed. My suggestion would be that on the next update, there be a spot designated to this on the home screen. Right below the daily question I think a to-do list would be incredibly beneficial to the users..Version: 1.437

ReconnectingI really enjoyed this app. It’s already brought my partner and I closer and we’re only on the fourth or fifth day..Version: 1.432

Love it!!!!I didn’t expect to like this app this much! Lol amazing way to really get to know your partner and talk about important topics we forget or don’t get a chance to talk about beforehand.Version: 1.431

Download, it’s a must!Me and my partner use this every day. We haven’t had much problems in our relationship other than a few times where we have both lacked communication. Using this app has helped us both to understand how similar we are, we don’t look at each other’s answers until we’ve both answered, and even then we both answer the same! It’s helping us grow more of a bond then we did before and that we may have been missing and not realised. Highly rate this app. We only use the free one because we can’t afford the monthly payments but even so the questions are always good to know..Version: 1.433

Conversation provokingThis app has some great quizzes to help couples find individual crunch points to discuss their relationship and brainstorm things they can do to make it better. Defo worth a go.Version: 1.380

Worth itMy husband and I have been in a weird spot for a couple months (together for 10 years) so we were looking for ways to bring us back. I came across this app and was like “hey why not” I like not knowing his answer until I answer or vice versa. We talk about our answers afterwards. It’s not always what you want to hear but at least you get to talk about why you feel that way. Good questions and I like the quizzes best. I feel like it was a step in the right direction for us..Version: 1.433

I found this by accidentThis is so good.Version: 1.3

Dark mode possibly?Light mode is a little taxing on the eyes in the deep of the night; possible dark mode👁👁.Version: 1.434

Love!Such a fun daily activity to do with my spouse. We always talk about it after and it’s topics we wouldn’t have really brought up. It’s definitely bringing us closer adding more to our day.Version: 1.432

We love it!I downloaded Paired as a fun thing to do with my boyfriend and we love it. It’s quick and easy and we’ve learned more about each other. Would recommend..Version: 1.410

Amazing app!Initially hesitant but we’ve got into it and already seeing improvements in our relationship 🥳.Version: 1.380

Great for the free partI didn’t pay for it, and the free part is convenient and really help the communication with my partner! 1 question a day is good for me.Version: 1.429

Excellent appThis is an absolutely great app for couples. Gets conversations going about things you may not have even thought to talk about or issues that might be a little awkward to raise. The creators reply to emails super quick and are always looking to help. My relationship was pretty good already and even we have benefited from this. Worth the investment!!.Version: 1.374

Love the quizzes and questions but...I wish there was an option to watch ads in order to access the advice columns, as I can’t really afford the entire membership and didn’t realize if I read all my “free” journals the first day I got the app, I wouldn’t have any more to use. It would be wonderful if those without a membership could access two or even one journal a day that pertains most to a situation regarding themselves and their partner that could help strengthen their bond..Version: 1.432

Relationship medicineWhether your are in the early stages of a relationship or a long-standing couple this app is an outstanding way to communicate with your significant other. I recommend it to everyone..Version: 1.433

Good app but could use some added featuresI’m so far pretty happy with the ease of using the app and the type of questions and quizzes that are given but I did have a couple suggestions: 1). For the love notes, I feel like you should be able to pick from a lot more emotions than like 10. There are so many feelings you could be feeling and I don’t think it should be limited to such a small amount. Maybe even 25 feelings would help me really express how I feel as I write a love note. 2). I think you should be able to jot down notes after you and your partner take a quiz. We should be able to discuss the questions and take some notes and write about it so that we have something to look back on and see how we’re progressing. 3). We should be able to redo a quiz in a couple weeks or months. I want to see the progress of my parter and I. Are we feeling better than before or worse? Then we could compare the results from 2 months ago and today. 4). It would be nice to be able to respond to their answers on the questions. Even with a limited amount of letters. This would be nice when we are unable to immediately discuss how we feel about how they answered the question. Hope some of this feedback makes it back to the big guys who made this app because it is a great tool for couples! I just wish these features were added!.Version: 1.399

Great App!!This app has helped my partner and I better understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. We’re already great at communicating and have a very strong relationship but this app helps us check in with one another on a daily basis to keep our relationship flourishing..Version: 1.436

Fun app for conversationsMy husband and I are in a transition on all facets. We have a difficult teenager. We’re opening a business. Emotionally we’re shifting and spiritually we’re at odds. So i got the app just to creat some i ta act between us. It’s been a fun app to explore and we have more to talk about and we can see how the other is perceiving certain aspects.Version: 1.433

AMAZINGI love this app so much. My partner and I have had it for over a year with countless days of streaks. I’ve learnt so much from my partner. This is really beneficial for your relationship, since it saves time for you to think about what to learn from your partner each day!.Version: 1.428

New, slick appThis app is slick and easy to use. The questions are great, didn’t think my partner would necessarily be up for it, but they like it too!.Version: 1.375

We love this!My boyfriend and I have been using this lately for just that extra piece of communication during the day. It helps us fully understand eachother with the daily questions..Version: 1.429

Best communication of my marriageMy husband and I have been married for almost three years. Our life has gone super fast since we said, “I do.” we have three kids and super busy jobs. Communicating with so much stress has been difficult. We have been on the brink of divorce because of how unhappy we've been. This app, in the last four days, has helped us reconnect and feel heard by each other. It's low pressure but helps us gain insight into what it's like on the other side of our relationship. I'm shocked at how close we feel and with how much easier it is to communicate with my best friend and the love of my life..Version: 1.432

LifeThis app has really helped my fiancé and I discuss some big things regarding our lives together and the way we feel about things. The question pack about preparing for a wedding was super insightful into how we’ve actually got different ideas and hopes for our future. It’s grown us as a couple and as people. I really love him and I’m glad this app has been so beneficial..Version: 1.436

Couples need to download this app!!!Paired has been an incredible resource my wife and I now use to help us find areas in our relationship we can work on and sustain other areas where we are strong. Definitely recommend any couples looking for more ways to further develop and grow their relationship, look no further than Paired!.Version: 1.436

I love This appThis app is making my boyfriends and my relationship just that much better. Highly Recommend for long distance type Or communicable relationships..Version: 1.436

Great app!A really tasteful couples app full of fun yet sensitive and interesting ways to improve your relationship and challenge your current daily patterns..Version: 1.375

Great app!I like that you can see other people’s answers, and only after you answer first to not get influenced. My relationship with my boyfriend was already so great, a real beauty. But the app required us to make time out of our day FOR our relationship. 1 by answering the question, forcing you to think about your role and your partner’s role in the relationship, and 2 by taking the time to talk about the answer(s) after. It’s like a mini date. It opens your eyes to many things you might not have really thought about. The tips and exercises are an amazing plus. Of course it’s hard to implement right away but if you take the time to actually do an exercise, there’s a great big connection at the end where you just wanna stare into each other’s eyes and say I love you all day and cuddle. Or at least that’s how I feel. Like I said, my relationship was already great to begin with; strong communication. I’m sorry I can’t say for a relationship that’s struggling. :/ Hope this helps though. Wish y’all the best!.Version: 1.427

Relationship GoalsIt’s dope to get to use trialed games, questions, & surveys on your partner to ask the hard questions and the necessary ones as well. It eliminates bias and helps the two be as real as possible..Version: 1.436

Even the free version opens up great conversationsMy partner and I have been using this daily for over 2 weeks now, and we really like it! It’s a nice touchpoint during the day, and the questions are pretty interesting. You get lots of “teaser” content that’s locked, but I honestly think the free 1 question a day is a nice sustainable pace for us, and gets us more capable of asking any questions we want later. Nice app!.Version: 1.436

Daily questionsHubs and I are having a blast answering the daily questions! Highly recommend..Version: 1.434

Free App is great.So we love the free app and I would definitely go to the paid app but really feel that it’s way too expensive at the correct price. The daily quizzes and questions make it a fun way to delve a little deeper and start off a bigger conversation..Version: 1.436

Practical, Easy to UseGreat, practical lessons that feel relevant to almost any relationship and come in short bits of audio that are easy to find time for. Really enjoying it so far..Version: 1.378

What a toolYes this question answer format really gives one perspective. COVID this COVID this Our relationship must endure An App as this seem easy Result PURE.Version: 1.434

A moment of connection in our busy daysI think everyone who is doing long distance and are super busy in their life can relate to lacking that everyday connection with their partner. This app has been a wonderful new way for both of us to take a break in our day to think about each other, bring up some new thoughts, or simple smile. :) Its a great way to feel connected and let them know you are thinking about them even while you are living your busy life :) Love the App!! 💛💛💛.Version: 1.378

Great App, Needs chat featureSo far we love this app! The only thing we wish it had that it doesn’t is a chat feature with your partner. I would like to send them things in a chat with some words on why I’m sending or things I found helpful from it in a chat!.Version: 1.432

Loving itWe are on day 4 and are really enjoying the app. It’s definitely helping us.Version: 1.425

Good app for when both are truly committed to enhancing communicationMy partner and I have been together for two years, and love each-other very much, however, different life and relationship experiences means we have different love languages and ways of communicating. She put this app forward to me as a way we may try to improve the way we speak and understand each other sometimes. When both of you are committed to using this app daily, it’s really good for making you look at your relationship, and yourself, by promoting you with a series of big questions, and little quizzes, and has small, bite sized articles of various relationship aspects. Some days we both answer the questions and don’t then break down our answers in detail after, but we just have the little insight into eachother, and sometimes we talk about the answers at length as a good conversational topic. We’ve really enjoyed the app for a month or two on the free version, and have now gone premium. The only small issue I have with the app, is the cost. I think it’s about £60 a year between the two of you, which is quite an outlay…. We waited until we got it half price. Even then, £3 a month or similar sounds about right..Version: 1.437

Keeps relationships positiveI discovered this app 2 weeks ago and I’m addicted. I only use the free version but that’s perfect because you get one question or quiz per day and with our busy lives it fits in nicely. It reminds you to stay open and honest and there’s a lot of conversation that comes from it which I love!.Version: 1.434

Awesome!Love this app! I work with a lot of couples and this is a great tool for increasing communication. I also love that is a quality time without having to be with the person.Version: 1.436

Good appI love this app because it does get me and my partner talking about things we wouldn’t necessarily talk about but I really think there should be an option to watch ads to unlock more questions or quizzes because I can’t afford to pay for it but want to answer more questions.Version: 1.434

Fun idea for an appMy wife and I both got this app, and I’m really enjoying it. It’d be nice if there was more free content, than just one question per day, and they’re a little pushy on the premium subscription, but overall it’s a really cool concept, and we’re really enjoying it..Version: 1.434

A good start.This app is a great idea, and has a lot of potential, but needs a LOT of work. It’s prohibitively expensive for what it is, and non-intrusive banner advertising for romantic cruise packages and local therapists could help with that. Also, our favorite feature — community answers — is no longer a part of the app, and since that disappeared suddenly, we find ourselves using the app less and less. In summery, it’s a great idea, not ready yet, and not worth the amount of money they are charging for the content provided in the premium package..Version: 1.434

This app sparks great conversation!My partner and I both look forward to the daily questions. Sometimes light and fun and sometimes deep thought provoking. It’s a great resource for any relationship..Version: 1.436

Love it!My husband and I are raising 3 kids and have a 4th due in 2 months. He works a lot and we don’t always have the time to sit down and communicate how we’re feeling. This app helps us to communicate on our own time and learn new things about each other. It’s super easy to use and we both enjoy it..Version: 1.434

SO good!Just download this app and already paired with my partner! The welcome quiz is great and I love that we can ask each other questions everyday. We both work a lot and find it difficult to always connect like we want. So I hope this will be a fun way of doing just that. Really like the podcast feature too. Highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.374

Good idea, but expensiveWe are currently on the free tier, but £9.99 a month - which is more expensive than Netflix - is too much to pay for an app. If it was a one-off payment for the app or a non-recurring fee, that would be fine. Otherwise, I think anything up to £5 a month for two people would be fine..Version: 1.376

Great insightLove this app.Version: 1.434

Learn about eachotherMe & my husband have been together for almost 8 years and even though we have been together for that long, I still learn new things about him because of this app. It opens up conversations that we’ve never had before & it’s great. The only thing I wish we could do is to be able to continue a whole conversation once we answer the daily conversation question..Version: 1.424

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