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DJ it! - Music Mixer Pad App Complaints & User Negative Comments

DJ it! - Music Mixer Pad app received 79 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about dj it! - music mixer pad?

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Can’t play all my libraryCan’t sync my music from my playlists!!! Why!!!! Only few songs rest can’t, Annoying.Version: 1.13

Unlocking thingsMore stuff could be unlocked without the subscription (like you could unlock it with adds)!.Version: 1.30.1

I couldn’t even turn it on...I clicked it when it downloaded and I wanted to disable 100+ tracks but it wasn’t letting me but when I click explore it says I need to pay :(.Version: 1.20.1

Not buyingHello, This app would have been rated higher if I could even get in the app, I first open it up, and you have to pay a trial to get it, I’m not doing that, This app actually looked really cool, and I’m really into music, but if you could please make it free, I’m not saying make the app fully free, because I know you need to make money, But please make it free where I can at least log into the app and try it, and if I really like it, maybe I would spend money on it. Thank you..Version: 1.25

I don’t wanna payI don’t wanna pay £8 a month it may be a small amount but the game is terrible.Version: 1.22

Me (not a Karen)Grown grown it’s crona.Version: 1.25

Can’t even play without payingI deleted it when I found out I had to subscribe to play it, and you have the gall to use an ad that had actors in it.Version: 1.24

How to work itI don’t know how to start the app when it ask me do I want to go pro I don’t know how to get off of that screen without paying.Version: 1.19

Does not let you mix existing musicI downloaded this app thinking I could mix two different songs and I downloaded songs to my iTunes music and it said that the songs are copyrighted. You can just mix music that they have available in the app. such a waste of time 🙄.Version: 1.16

UmmI haven’t tried it yet but.. Why do we have to purchase the subscription to get to the actual app.Version: 1.24

I hate this appNumber one I have to pee and I don’t wanna have to pay so you could do better on that number to y’all are gonna make me have to start a great trial for seven days and then I got a pay 999 so I’m not gonna do that and number three this app made me think it was gonna be for you but it wasn’t it was money I I wish I could write a zero star rating.Version: 1.22

AnnoyingSo I just started and it won’t let me get out of the subscription screen how do I do this.Version: 1.25

TerribleThey say that it’s free to download but you get a 7 day free trial then they begin to charge you..Version: 1.21

AwfulI installed this game and I had to pay no matter what awful game don’t install.Version: 1.19

Haven’t tried itI hate how you haft to pay to use it.Version: 1.25

HowI opened the app and couldn’t get pass the join pro subscription page please make it obvious how to actually get on the app please a response would be nice.Version: 1.19

Please Help!!!!Hiya, so I have just downloaded this app, and if i press explore it takes me to the free trial and the pay thing. I don’t want that and I want it to go away. How do I get it to go away? Please! I will just delete if I can’t get it to work!.Version: 1.25

0 stars like come onYou know have to pay for what’s supposed to be a “ free app “ wow great job I thing your app would have been awesome if you didn’t make people pay just to get in.Version: 1.20.1

Y do you need to pay?Y do need to pay every month? Please change this please.Version: 1.25

Don’t DownloadThis app does not work you have to PAY $16.45 every week.Version: 1.20.1

No pointWhat is the point of these dj apps offering apple music as a selection if you can’t use any of the songs do to them being copyrighted? this app will skyrocket if you collaborated with Soundcloud, otherwise 1 star..Version: 1.11

Why can’t I get pass the premium promo?When I downloaded the app, I opened it and it took me to a premium promo. I tried to find an “X” but, their was no “X” at all. I don’t want to subscribe for any premium services. Please fix this. I just want to use the app, not sign up for anything..Version: 1.25

Get good at making gamesThis game is the worst game I’ve ever seenit makes u pay 8£ per week just to play it when it says its free.Version: 1.20.1

I just downloaded this and it wont let me play?I just got the add and its not letting me past the subscription screen i have tryed reseting it but it isnt working so until you fix this its a 3 star rating (mostly because i havent played yet i so i dont know if its good or not).Version: 1.20.1

BdBad so bad your bab you abb.Version: 1.25

Itz gud but...Everything about it is good Where do your saved songs go to Every time I make a song I go everywhere but I can find it.Version: 1.15

Just wants moneyThe app started off good that’s why I’m not putting a one star but now I can’t even use it it just slams this premium thing you can buy for there app in your face and you can’t get out of it so you either spend money or don’t it’s a waste of time I’m trying to actually use the app not just stare at it and if it’s not supposed to be like that then developers fix it!!!!!! 😑😡.Version: 1.19

You have to payIt is a free game and you have to PAY AND YES PAY TO PLAY IT.Version: 1.25

Just annoyingWhen you think it’s a free app but you have to actually pay 16 dollars. I’m utterly disappointed..Version: 1.25

BruhYou have to pay 16 dollars just to play a music game with this game your on youtube this game pops up and you play then you 16!! Dollars and the age is 4 LIKE WHAT.Version: 1.25

I cant play without paying.I just got the app because I wanted to make songs and stuff. But I cant play without getting the mixing toolkit. There's a free trial for 3 days but after that you need to pay 10$ a year. But Im only a kid sooooo. I cant pay for it..Version: 1.25

Are you forced to have proAt the beginning after i clicked the button there was this pro screen and i am stuck on it, add an continue button please, im not paying 10 dollars, its a waste of time..Version: 1.19

Money money moneyAs soon as I open the app it came up saying get the pro version and no other way to go onto the app without paying my mum said I was are allowed to buy it so this app I’ve rated one star do you not download unless the makers fix it.Version: 1.25

MoneyHow do you play the game without paying because I really want to play it but if I pay my parents will get mad and then I have to use my birthday money.Version: 1.19

Forced to subscribeI don’t get why you force me to subscribe. Before I would just use the simple version but when I open it now, I have to subscribe. It was good while it lasted..Version: 1.19

LiesIt says $9.99 a year, which I was totally down for, but then when you purchase it says 9.99 a week. No thanks. I’ll go with one of your competitors even if it’s the same price just because of this..Version: 1.25

How do you play the game without payingI downloaded the app to play a dj game. But instead I downloaded a app to see that I have to pay to play the game it doesn’t show any option for me not to take the trial what can I do..Version: 1.23

SCAM!Does NOT want let me play cause I have to subscribe and 10 bucks a week or is it a month? Anyway it’s trash!.Version: 1.24

Make it betterThis game is so bad I can not play it I am not paying or having a free trial this game is terrible make it better that is why I am giving it a one star rating because it is so bad.Version: 1.25

I have to pay for a free app now???I’ve had this app for months (free) and it was fine. I had like 20-30 songs for free (with the option to subscribe to a monthly “premium subscription for hundreds of more songs). Now when I launch it a while after using it, there is no way to use the app (no “x” to close the premium promo). I can’t use it for free anymore without signing up for a subscription! Please fix this..Version: 1.19

What even is thisI first go on, excited to show my friends my DJ skills but I can’t even get off the free trial screen for some reason. Please respond to this on how to get off the screen..Version: 1.19

£9.99 a WEEK!!£9.99 a week!! That is way to much for any app, I’m sure I don’t even pay that for software on my laptop. He free trial is for 3 days, so don’t be fooled by there responds. £9.99 a week! Nearly £520 a year lol.Version: 1.29

This is a problemSo when I got Dj it the first thing that popped up on my screen was a trial in want to pay for it but there is no way out of the trial screen I tried everything nothing would to the trick so the maker of this game should fix that..Version: 1.19

>:(It won’t even let me go past the subsription thing.Version: 1.20.1

TRASHDear people who want to get this app, you should think twice before getting it, because you HAVE to pay $16.49 to use the app, you do get a 1 week free trial but, it would be better if you could just test it out without having to buy anything. Like all the NORMAL and GOOD Dj apps. 👎🏻.Version: 1.21

It says I have too pay and I don’t even know if it’s good so I’m not paying for this!I don’t want to buy this now.Version: 1.20.1

Idek!I downloaded the app two minutes ago and All it wants is money. I completely don’t understand why this got such a high rating? It won’t even let me on to the app it just asks for a subscription??!! No thankyou..Version: 1.25

Believe it’s good, but paid subscriptionI downloaded this app thinking it would have most of the things and basics I need for DJ-ing, but then it says u have a one week free trial, then $7.99/week! If I have to signup for a free trial I don’t sign up cuz then u forget to cancel and there goes $7.99 you didn’t want to pay 4.🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.12

Not that goodThe game looks fun but you need to make it so you can play the game for free no money included and make vip songs or something.Version: 1.25

RubbishThis makes you sign up for £10 per week that per year is £720 do not install they just want your money.Version: 1.20.1

Help plzzzzzzHow do I listen to saved videos plz can someone let me know so I can Show friends and family.Version: 1.14

DONT GET ITHi my name is Hazel I’m 10 years old and I recommend you don’t get the app unless you’re willing to pay 🙄 The app has a 7 day trial but then you have to pay £7.66. Please don’t waste your money on this app 🙏 Thank you for reading my review . God bless, goodbye 🤗.Version: 1.17

Seriously?So I have seen your answers to the “free trial” questions, and now I am a little disappointed, so does this mean the ONLY way to use the free downloadable app, is by using a free trial? You can’t just get the whole app for free? So what is the point in the free download? And the only way to keep using it is by paying for it? If not please tell me. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.20.1

Don’t buyThis is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life AND you have to pay just to use it AND it’s false advertising so don’t buy this.Version: 1.20.1

This is not worth itI thought this was a free app but to use it you have to pay I don’t want the trail I don’t want access to pro stuff I just wanna use the app without purchasing anything so I say don’t get the app.Version: 1.25

Good app, few improvementsAs far as I can tell there is no way to fine tune your tracks into beat except for using the jog wheel which stops the track and doesn’t offer small movements, would pay for this app if this is added so songs can be easily aligned. Other than that this I like where this app is headed..Version: 1.7

You haft to use the paymentOk it’s really stupid I just downloaded it and it immediately says that I can pay £10 a week for a premium but it doesn’t have a limited version, so stupid don’t download.Version: 1.23

It sucksYou have to pay to play.Version: 1.22

BruhI just got the game and it seems cool but I have one issue where I can’t play the game unless I subscribe to your free trial subscription and where it’ll start charging you 9 dollars.Version: 1.20.1

WhyWhy do I have to start a free trial I don’t want to just let the ads come I don’t care about the ads I’m just trying to play the game should I delete this app.Version: 1.25

The others are correctThe others a 100% correct I don’t know why I got this for free. This game is trash I can’t believe I have to pay $16 per week just to play this. Your better of deleting this game (If that’s possible) of the App Store literary! This game is cool on the advertisement but it’s actually trash like I said earlier. So just don’t make games anymore.Version: 1.20.1

BaadYou must put a free trial for one day so that I can see the quality of the application. I am not a banker until I pay money to try something that I may not like..Version: 1.25

Why did they create thisI don’t want to pay £8.00 per month and there is a button that says (above start free trial £8.00 per month) enable free trial and Its always on and I want to turn that setting off.Version: 1.19

It won’t workI’ve just downloaded this app and was quite excited to use it but I’ve loaded on and I can’t get past the pro advert I would not like the pro version I’d like the basic standards how can I get past this.Version: 1.25

I can’t find itI NEED make a beat for my friend for our rap battle and I can’t it anywhere I checked on files memos literally everything but I couldn’t find it which defeats the puporse of DJing because obviously you want to also listen to it after a set I hope developers respond.Version: 1.14


Waste of timeI don’t want to pay for the full thing can you please make that an option.Version: 1.21

Money all waysWhen the app loads on they asks for money this game should be gone.Version: 1.26

DO NOT GETLook, it may look like this game is free and all that, but actually once you get the game you have to pay $16 dollars a week to use it. So basically it is just a app that wastes your iCloud space..Version: 1.24

Money, money, money 🤑This app looks good, but you can’t play without paying, unless you count a 3 DAY free trial. It’s not worth £9.99 A WEEK. If it was £9.99 a month I would be ok with that but £9.99 EVERY WEEK is a lot. If it was free it would be good but it ain’t so it not worth it unless your willing to spend £9.99 a week on a DJ game..Version: 1.25

All I want to say isI don’t even know what it does bc you have to pay for it. How about you delete this app off of soo store if your going to get people to pay to play ur..Version: 1.25

It won’t let me play.It won’t let me play I just want to play the game btw it wants me to buy premium so I can play it....Version: 1.20.1

YesThis app used to allow you to put in your own music from YouTube, now it doesn’t do that anymore, how else am I supposed to listen to music and make it louder? You need to put that back instead of the music you provide..Version: 1.26.1

Fix this appLook this might look like a fun dj game but it cost money at first I thought it was good But it’s pretty much trash so if the creators hear this fix this app.Version: 1.25

YFirst off I downloaded this game because I thought it was going to be free but it turns out you have to pay nine dollars a month to play it I think there should be a free version before you have to subscribe..Version: 1.25

Why do you have to pay?First of all, I get that you’re just an app trying ti make money. However, you’re deterring people that a) don’t have money in their appstore acct and b) don’t have a credit card because you have to have at least some money in your account to actually use the app, and disable the people who are broke and just want to use the app to try something new.Version: 1.21

I can’t even rate this the worst music appThe game needs u to pay 16 bucks a months no point in getting it.Version: 1.25

SuggestionsThis app is so great but I think it could be better for people if they can access SoundCloud on it to play more music because Apple Music is locked and there should be a settings bar to enable you to edit the deck or turn table layout thanks.Version: 1.9

Would be brilliant but serious flawMeans I prob won’t keep a subscription going if I can’t share any of my recorded sets. What’s the point in recording anything good at all if you can’t let your mates hear it? App itself is really well laid out and the beatgrids work as well as Traktor but laid out like Virtual DJ. Good for scratching too. But please implement a ”sharing to” option so I can post links to my songs on twitter, upload to soundcloud or sent the mix to mates even by way of an upload straight to a cloud or something. It REALLY REALLY NEEDS THIS - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TOO - OTHERWISE, NO POINT IN CARRYING ON AN 8 QUID MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. SORRY GUYS BUT THIS LACK OF A MAJOR FEATURE HOLDS IT BACK FROM A PERFECT 5 STAR REVIEW (oops sorry bout caps).Version: 1.17

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