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Remini - AI Photo Enhancer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Remini - AI Photo Enhancer app received 127 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Remini - AI Photo Enhancer? Can you share your negative thoughts about remini - ai photo enhancer?

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Remini - AI Photo Enhancer for Negative User Reviews

One the best editing appsI love how you can edit blurry photos and give it a higher quality I would definitely recommend to use the app. One thing I don’t like is that there are ads and you only get to edit 4 photos or less a day you can’t edit as many photos as you want in one day. - another thing I don’t like is that it can’t edit a face it definitely changes the whole shape and it ain’t good as it edits other things. Overall I use this app and love it to edit my blurry photos. :).Version: 1.3.11

Monotonous and needs improvementThis app, compared to other AI photo generation apps and services is extremely consistent, to the point where I get the same images 2-3 times per image generation run. You get extremely similar results every time to the point where the app feels extremely monotonous. It would get a 5 star rating if the avatars were included in the monthly subscription, and if there were more options to change the photo generation (this could be in the form of a larger selection of models, the ability to enter text prompts along with model selection, or the option to create/upload a model of your own that would make the AI generate a much larger selection of images). It would be a perfect app if there were an option to remove watermarks as well..Version: 2.9.72

Used to be phenomenal. Now is obsolete!Remini used to have absolutely astonishing features. Things like taking a beat up black & white photo and repairing it, colorizing it, and adding motion to bring life to the oldest photos. Now they “upgraded” to delete all of the things that made it unique enough for me to subscribe. It’s now not much more than the enhancement button that’s on the phone’s camera, except it takes much longer to do the enhancements. It’s incomprehensible how the developers thought it was a good idea to remove all of the features that made their app so magnificent and special. It’s extremely annoying to have paid for those features only to have them taken away. Bring back the phenomenal Remini from a couple of years ago and I’d subscribe again. The current version is so useless that I not only canceled the subscription, but also deleted the app because it went from being absolutely mind blowing to completely irrelevant. What a shame..Version: 2.9.8

TIME TO UNINSTALL THE APPWatermark Added in New Update Guys i have been using this app from last 3-4 years and never seen any watermark after u until the last update after even watching 1 minutes of advertisement they have add watermark to photos!.Version: 2.9.2

Just not that goodI’ve waited a while before leaving this review. Clarity is good on photos when you want your images that are not sharp to appear clearer other than that I’m not happy with the app. I’ve recently tried to edit a 7 second video and after an hour it’s still hadn’t finished 🧐 If you have multiple short videos to do which only take a matter of minutes not hours this is not the app for it. My down time on my work load has increased and now I’m am set back on deadlines I had to meet for my business. Please sort this asap as I will have to end my subscription, also why do close up images look spooky and weird like 10 different people have been mixed in! Not good please fix and quick, the clock ⏰ is ticking.Version: 2.7.15

Overrun with ads.I got this app a couple of months ago and haven’t used it since. However, today I went on the app and it said that there were some changes. Before, you were able to simply upload your photo, enhance it, and then save it to your phone. Now, you have to either watch an ad to upload a photo or pay $1.50 a week to remove ads and make the pic better quality. Not only do you have to watch an ad to upload the picture but you have to watch one more just to save it to your device!? This is outrageous. Get this app if you don’t mind watching ads or paying every week..Version: 2.0.1

Please Rectify ThisI sincerely loved using this app before the update that removed the VIDEO enhancing option. Your video enhancing tool was faultless in my opinion and didn’t need to be taken away. It is so disheartening to see that you have still not returned this feature after more than a year now and are so ambiguous about your intention to do so. PLEASE restore the video enhancing option as it was the BEST feature of the Remini app. Without the video enhancing option this app becomes redundant in my opinion..Version: 2.9.6

GarbageNot only is the quality of phot editing bad, it forces you to watch a 30 seconds ad to even start editing, and then another 30 second ad to save it. Absolutely terrible..Version: 2.5.0

Disappointed 👎🏽Not worth it.Version: 2.1.0

Latest changes have ruined a great appThis was once a 5⭐️ app, sadly it seems to be going downhill. ALL enhanced photos look like they have been ‘painted’. What appears to be brushstrokes are now visible on an enhanced photo. Teeth remain an issue. They change colour and shape and can give an unwanted comical appearance. Lately a large ‘Remini’ label now appears at the bottom of your enhanced photo, ruining your picture. A ‘remove label’ feature appears but this takes you to a page offering a subscription and does nothing to remove it. A cheap ploy to get you to pay for a monthly contract. Please do better Remini!.Version: 2.9.2

The new update makes the app uselessBy their own admittance, the developers stated they had removed and changed a lot of features available through the free features. I tried using the basic photo sharpening feature and found the quality was absolutely appalling. Big patches of blurring still remained, there was a lot of inaccuracies, and I could see they had really dialled down the quality of the feature for their non-paying users. Pop-ups pushed me hard to pay to get the “better” (read: usable) version of the photo. To use the free version, you have to watch a minimum of two ads, so they’re still getting revenue even through their “free” features. I guess the developers really want the best of both worlds: users paying a premium for a decent result, and other users providing ad revenue for a very low-quality result. But I’m just deleting the app now. I’ll manually sharpen my pics through photoshop instead. If you want me to watch 60 seconds worth of advertisements every time I edit a pic, you’ve got to give me something that’s somewhat usable..Version: 2.0.1

DisappointedThey’ve added a watermark to the photos and there’s no option to remove it unless you pay. So not only do you have to watch two ads to sharpen a photo (which was fine with me), now you watch two ads and it still has a watermark on it. I’ve used this app for the longest time, paying if I have a lot of photos, safe to say this change is disappointing and I have no use for the app anymore..Version: 2.9.1

New update crashesCan’t open the app after the latest update. V2.9.6 …. Crashes as soon as you tap on it..Version: 2.9.6

Didn’t workIt just straight up didn’t look any better…. You could say it looked worse..Version: 1.7.0

Doesn’t work - not happy for paying subscriptionPaid for subscription. Been a paying customer for 6 months now. Doesn’t work now with no notifications of errors being dealt with , restarted phone , re downloaded app , but still issues not on my end. Not easy to contact about the issue either . For something requiring a payment this should be dealt with more considerably to the customer . At least a free month or something for the inconvenience. Not happy with service . Just being honest . Other than that . It’s a fantastic app when working..Version: 2.6.6

Will not load camera rollIt just constantly loads!!!! please fix this.Version: 1.5.11

Great for AI HeadshotsMy review is based only the AI photo feature of this app.  PROS * This is the first AI Headshot app that truly looked like me. This app is African American/Black ppl friendly. I was truly impressed by the image rendering. I'm truly impressed by this app as it pertains to AI Headshots. CONS * Every person using this app for headshots, their background, clothing, hair, and makeup will look exactly the same. There's no way to customize this. * Compared to other photo editing apps, I find the price to be extremely high. Definitely, too much for me to commit annually. I don't edit enough pictures for the subscription to make sense in my budget. * Update: I broke down and purchased a weekly subscription to test out everything the app has to offer. My subscription mentions unlimited download but I received an error that I could not receive any more downloads after my 20th. Customer service is frustrating as you to wait 72 hours for a response… if they respond at all. There is no way to request a refund..Version: 2.9.62

LllBest app.Version: 2.7.0

Stupid quotaThis app enhances imagines very well but the fact that if you can’t pay for the enhanced version of the app you have to wait a whole day for so called ‘quota’ to refilled is stupid. I have important legal documents that have to be enhanced because they weren’t taken very well that are time sensitive. I don’t mind the ads as long as I get to enhance stuff as much as I want. Very disappointed and will be using another app that doesn’t have a stupid quota on the amount of photos you can enhance in a day..Version: 1.5.8

Fix this pleaseI’ve been using this app for a long time and have always loved it for having login details and more than 2 feature (enhance/enhance+). But now I can’t login, there are no other features other than photo enhancement, and over all not allowing me to use it properly for video enhancement and that also for free Please fix this, I love this app, but not the recent update.Version: 1.7.5

What happened to the other features?!I originally downloaded Remini, and paid for the subscription, for the “Colourise Photos” option, and later found the enhance+ photo option very handy. There were other feature too which were very good when I needed them. However, upon opening the app to use one of said features, they had all been removed with the exception on the Enhance and Enhance+ options! I would like to see all the other edit options back sooner rather than later, as I paid for a subscription to use the colourise option, but now it’s been removed. A refund for the final month of my subscription or the other edit options reinstated would be wonderful..Version: 1.7.5

Not sure why you need access to ALL my photos for storageI like the app so far, however I don’t think I should have to grant the app FULL access to my photos just to save it. None of my other photo editing apps require this. They all are “selected photos only” and “add photos only”. This app does should NOT require full access to my photos in order to save it. Will have to delete it unless you change this requirement..Version: 1.6.4

Why did it have to change?I used to subscribe to the old Remini, had done for some time. I loved it as it was. But since everything changed I rarely get to see enhanced pictures. Despite that fact that I continue to subscribe 80% of the time my attempts to enhance pictures result in the app crashing and throwing me out. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, and the app is fully up to date. I don’t usually write reviews for apps, but I was forced to in this case. I’ve no idea what can be done about it, so I’ll wait and see if it starts working, and cancel my subscription if it doesn’t sort itself out very soon..Version: 2.0.1

What’s happened to this app?I used to love this app. I even wrote a glowing 5* review. But in the past few weeks it’s been changed. Instead of the pin sharp accurate images it used to produce, it now makes everyone look filtered and cartoon like and, frankly, ridiculous. Has some spotty kid taken over programming from the adults? Please revert to the original Rimini, which sharpened and enhanced fuzzy images. I don’t want Kardashian filters or Instagram fakes. If this continues, I’m cancelling my subscription. It’s gone from 5 stars to 2. I’m not one bit happy with the “improvements”..Version: 2.9.42

$12.99 a week?The cost of this app is absurd. $675 for a year? There’s no software on the planet for a casual user that’s worth a third of that. I don’t understand these app developers that charge such outrageous fees. I’m not even going to comment on the app’s capabilities because it’s not important given the insane cost. The App Store is pretty much dead now that it’s populated by crazy apps..Version: 2.9.13

Miss older versionGreat app. Used it for blurry pictures like anyone else but since the added watermark was added, it forced me to uninstall and download its completion..Version: 2.9.2

Commercialized & Sometimes IneffectiveWhile this app does a good job of enhancing mildly blurry images, it’s usage doesn’t extend far past that. You have to watch many ads to enhance multiple images and can only enhance five a day before having to pay (basically you’re paying them with your time if you don’t want to pay them with money) On top of that, there are now watermarks on the photos, which I find rather annoying considering I’m already watching ads and am limited to five enhancements per day for these services, and if you dislike your result? Too bad, because you won’t be entitled to another enhancement. My least favorite aspect of this app is that you’ll have to watch a bad before enhancing each photo, so if you have a spotty connection, you still won’t be guaranteed a working enhancement and, even after watching an ad, might just get an error message. Overall, I’m disappointed with the deceptive, commercialized tactics sometimes used in the design of this app for a service that can be inconsistent. One a more positive note, I absolutely LOVE the colors, background, and face beautification features. They give users much more freedom with the final result while also allowing room for improvement and hope to see more work on these features in the future..Version: 2.9.26

It’s okay.There are a lot of bad reviews on this app. And I mean, a lot. Every review is people being angry and upset and the developers are not fixing any of the problems. The app itself is really good!! I really love the app and how well it enhances the photos. I use many applications for my art, and so this is absolutely perfect for it!! Just.. the app is kind of broken. You can enhance up to 3 photos a day for free, and then the rest with adds. There aren’t any adds that it will let you watch.. However, you do get 3 daily credit for free which is nice!! A lot of the app’s functions are also broken, you have to log in with gmail or Facebook if you want to enhance your photos for some strange reason, the other ones broken. There is also a big lack in information on the purchases, especially the “pro cards” which I found quite frustrated as I would be very happy to spend money on this app, especially if there was a one time payment to enhance photos and such forever, even if it was $15 or so. Thank you for this app though, and please fix things soon!!.Version: 1.0.11

Chase a bag, but at what cost?If you're wondering about the actual enhancing itself, remini is almost preposterously good for uprez-ing blurry faces n stuff of the sort. if that's what you're looking for, i'd definitely give it a 5 for that, but as a long time (way over a year) user of the app, i've watched as features that were perfectly free previously were stripped away from me or locked behind a paywall (2x enhance used to be free). i use the app, but i don't use it THAT much to be shellin out money for a subscription. and the ads are egregious these days. one 30 second ad for the initial upload, one to save and one to exit. 1 minutes 30 of ads just for one image ??? it never used to be that bad. it used to be one 30 and, if you're lucky, one 15. we had a good thing going! by all means the developers deserve money for remini (it works crazy well), but gradually taking away features from free users is just... kinda sucky. after all, if it ain't broke, why try to fix it? i don't think i'll ever see the vision..Version: 2.7.0

False advertisingIt is not free to use as they advertised.Version: 2.7.7

Once Good, but ruined by developer’s greedThis app is genuinely great, works really well. But over the years it’s become more and more difficult to use if you do not have a subscription. First they made it so if you didn’t have a subscription you had a limit on how many photos you may edit per day. Then, they added compulsory adverts making you watch an advert per photo you edit, THEN, they made you watch *two* adverts when editing one photo and even now after EVERYTHING they’ve made it compulsory to have the ‘remini’ watermark on you pictures when editing. It’s genuinely disgusting, it’s becoming less and less useable for people who don’t want to be the *RIDICULOUS* subscription fee of +£4 a WEEK! That is genuinely abhorrent, that’s 4x the price of a streaming service subscription. Maybe if you put the ridiculous and unreasonable price of subscription down instead of making it more and more needed to have one, more people would subscribe. I hope the developers consider that, because unfortunately I’ve had enough of Remini and after 3 years of using it, I’m out..Version: 2.9.4

Remini doesn’t openThe app does not open at all , there is a problem with the app for 3 weeks , please fix it I asked many people , and they said it’s the same for them and it doesn’t open.Version: 2.9.6

Doesn’t work anymoreWas a cool app either a hit or miss with pics tbh, but it hasn’t worked anymore maybe for the past year. it doesn’t allow you to process the pics and just crashes..Version: 2.9.14

All features have been removed except enhanceAlll features keep being removed from the app apart from enhance. I pay a subscription and Expect to receive what I pay for only to be told to uninstall the app each time, (now 4 times)to reinstall it again. Contacting you by messenger I’m told contradicting advise with not a clear explanation in the meantime Remini are telling others something completely different. Get this sorted before losing money, or is this part of the plan, get folk to pay a higher price when it’s reinstalled again? So six weeks later you’ve changed the format, you’ve removed all the features except enhance. Do yourselves a favour people don’t waste your money, this app is going from bad to worse. Complete and utter crap! Leave a review it says, yet no response. No apology for taking money for something that mo longer works!.Version: 2.0.1

It does not recreate the original photoIt made my photo look weird and not how the original photo looked.Version: 2.9.5

Day 3 of being told I've reached my limitI haven't generated any ai images in 3 days yet am still receiving the pop up that says I've reached my daily limit. Meanwhile, my subscription is running out..Version: 2.9.6

DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEYIf you sign up via desktop, they will make it SO HARD to cancel. I tried going through their support team. I submitted a ticket to cancel the day I was charged to avoid another charge. They took over a week to get back to me so I was charged again. I followed up, and all they gave me was a link to an article that shows you how to cancel. Surprise surprise, it didn’t work. I told them this, and now they want me to go through a whole process of getting a backend ID, Providing an invoice, etc. I’m not asking for a refund, just cancel my dang subscription!!! Use the email that I’m giving you that’s attached to my account and cancel. I refuse to believe it’s this hard, they’re just dragging it out for the membership fee. Also, I only upgraded to pro for the “bulk import” but it was so slow and limited to like 10 photos. If I would’ve known that, I never would’ve upgraded in the first place. 0/10. I used to recommend them to my friends but not after this..Version: 2.9.75

Review2 star: This used to be a good app. It used to look clear and soft. Now, when the edits finishes, it doesn't look natural anymore. You see the image's details get distorted. Ads are before and after edits. Lame..Version: 2.9.16

Decent app with nonsense pricingThe picture results vary from shockingly good to bad depending on your base image. It will leave artefacts such as a cross hatching effect in the hair and around eyes. Details like ears, teeth, tongue and eye highlights will sometimes leave you preferring your original blurry picture. Pricing is a confusing mess I have no way to understand. I was paying 7.99 a week yet I see others on here talking about a free version with ads. In the app I see 10 different subscription schemes. On this page under in-app purchases I see 66 different pricing schemes. I went looking for an explanation but couldn’t find one. I won’t keep paying until the quality improves, would be happy to see some ads, how do I use the app that way? I don’t know. Currently waiting for my weekly subscription to run out to see what the app does after that. 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 2.7.9

Can’t do videos etcCan no longer edit videos, or use any of the other features they used to have. No point paying premium for this anymore.Version: 1.7.5

Effective, yet flawed.This editing application is extremely effective, and you can see noticeable and significant changes with the final product. I have no issues with that aspect of the app. However, I do have a number of problems with some of the execution. For instance, after un-blurring a small amount of photos, you are forced to wait six hours just to edit another. A way to rope irritated customers to purchasing Pro, not to mention that the wait time is unreasonable. And the amount of ads are overkill, not to mention painfully repetitive. Another attempted persuasion to make an in-game purchase to escape all the balderdash. All in all, I give this app a three-star total review due to the money-hungry aspects and limited time. If the developers put how the app downloaders feel into consideration, this review would be, without a doubt, 5/5..Version: 2.0.0

Pretty good app but lacks moral compassThe effects that it can make are incredible, no doubt about that. Though It does have a ethically wrong feature. Having to pay for extras even though you are paying for it. In my experience, i have the trial mode for a week and then I’ll start paying, so fair enough that I need to pay for extras. I bought the extra feature for 8 Australian dollars so I can use the ai avatars. I put a whole heap of pictures (8-12) and transformed them amazingly, but when it came to getting rid of those photos and trying new pictures to transform, they expect me to pay $8 again in the span of 10 minutes. Excuse me, what!? I paid 8 dollars already to use that as well as the subscription I will be paying for. You are TikTok famous. Paying for it the first time, fair. Paying for it the second time, right after purchasing; you are actually taking the pīśs..Version: 2.9.60

1/5Added watermarks which defeats the whole purpose.Version: 2.9.3

Not as good as it used to be unfortunately!I’ve been using this off and on since launch, all the features were great and each had a use. Now there are 2 options and these are not very good. Photos are no longer as sharp as they used to be, even when using the Enhance+. In most images now, you can hardly see if anything has been enhanced. I miss the earlier versions, dropping those to concentrate on Enhance and Enhance+ was a big mistake. Now with recent updates, you boast about the Avatar feature but so far I’ve been unable to find that feature, just the massively toned down Enhance and Enhance+. May I suggest that you released another app with all the features it used to have, Retro, colourise and descratch etc and maybe boost the effectiveness of the Enhance/+ features of the current release. I feel I’m paying the same for less. Other apps are catching up, time to either step up or step aside I’m afraid..Version: 2.8.1

Literally ruinedI used to love this app. My favorite feature was the oil painting and I was so devastated when I went to use that very feature, had to update the app to use, and then came back to a completely downgraded app that only left enhance. (A feature that I DON’T EVEN USE) If I wanted to just enhance, there are so many apps for that. What your app had was very unique and special. This was the first photo editing app that I’ve been excited about using, and now it’s like you’ve taken something personal from me. I know it’s just an app, but it made me kind of depressed when everything o created on the app disappeared and turned into enhanced only. I will not be downloading again until your app goes back to how it was, not being boggled down by the man of uniformity. BUT! Being as unique as it was before. You don’t have to be like every app to be awesome. You were perfect as you were. I have to give one star when I wish I could not rate at all. There’s nothing good to say about this update. And I’m surprised people who liked Remini love the update. The rest of us love the old you..Version: 2.6.11

It okI love this app but sometimes it adds random glasses on people and everyone’s eyes become cross eyed lol..Version: 2.0.1

Developers, take a look at this review.This app should have more improvements. lemme answer my questions. so I don't know why it was so great before. I enjoy being able to download my photos and receive assistance with my overlay edits. I'll verify. Why did I have to wait 9 entire hours to upload my photo to this application. I was never given any information about the limit or anything. I had to do a screenshot to do so, as I can use my overlay edits to do so. and that was really irritating back then. because I was angry at the unexpected experience. Upon completion of that time, I felt a sense of relief. and returned to the app. I was able to observe and it was finished. so I went back and download my overlay edits. I planned to download it after that. it didn't let me so I had to do the old way and screenshot again. and it got on my nerves. The annoying ads are the next issue. so when am watching the ads to download my photos it suddenly glitch and the ad stopped and 1 sec was about to go and it didn't so I was confused because why would it glitch. Even after logging out of the app, offloading it, and downloading it again, it still failed to download. I had no intention of this happening to me or being my reaction. I attempted to avoid boredom after that. I wrote this to calm myself down. I am optimistic that the developers will see the try-review. Fix the issue as soon as possible..Version: 2.9.69

Very Dissatisfied UninstalledCanceled my subscription without letting me know! now the price is not even the same. It went from a dollar a week to $2.99 a week that’s a big jump. And I was a faithful customer for about a year my account and my card was hooked up as a automatic payment. I did not cancel. I don’t know why they canceled it without telling me and they didn’t tell me about the price jump! So I just will find another worthy the app to use. Makes me very sad because I fixed a lot of old photos with this app. It worked very well. But the change is too much and customers shouldn’t be disrespected this way. If you’re going to change the price or cancel my subscription, send me an email or something. I didn’t find out until I want to make a photo and it said buy pro. I have been using pro a year and paying a dollar a week why change that without telling the customer. It’s unfair for me to have to start all over again and pay triple. I’ll search elsewhere. I had so much love and praise for this app. I really enjoyed using it. Not anymore though!.Version: 2.9.45

Very unsatisfiedI recently purchased a subscription to Remini only to discover that after using it for 1 day all of the features had been taken away except for the Enhance and Enhance + feature, fortunately I only subscribed for 1 month, I feel for the people who have subscribed to this app for 12 months, if you are going to take away every feature that you advertise, you should at least let people know that, you have not given me what I believe I have paid for!!!.Version: 1.7.5

The honest review 😕😡Bad bad bad when I tried the app on my moms photo let me tell u I have fifty million reasons why this app it bad 1: it made it even more unclear 2: it made my moms face fat 3: I tried it on and blurry pic and it made Noo difference at all I swear if u could put photos on ur review I would 4 : it it has to much ads 5 : it takes a long time loading and my internet of finished because of this app it takes lot of dada and internet and so on bad bad bad bad bad abda bad bad bad bad baaaaaaaaad do not download do not tell I did not warn u this is a total scam this app should be happy I gave it one star warning do not download ⭕️⛔️☢️☣️⚠️.Version: 2.9.35

Good app but lacks behind its competitors.Lacking in functionality compared to the competition but it works nonetheless..Version: 2.9.19

The auto color editor is annoyingI get that u just want people to buy premium, but all I want are clearer photos of my mexican redknee spiderling, aristotle. he’s a baby and i wanted clear photos of him, but when i’d enhance them through ur app, a random color filter gets placed on it and i have to use the “color editor” option to ‘disable’ the filter. but when i go to save the photo i can only save the original version with the wacky color 😐. i didnt download this app to get a free randomized editing job on my photos. i just wanted them to be clearer so i can see his tiny hairs and tiny eyes better. i’m uninstalling because theres no use for blue photos of spiderlings. other than that the ehancing part is VERY nice, i loved it. without the color filter. with the filter it looked like a filtered instagram photo from 2013..Version: 2.9.7

Fraudulent and DeceitfulWhen you start by trying their service for free, they show you ALL the features (Sketch, Paint, Portrait, Video Enhance, etc.). Once you subscribe, and pay money, they all disappear and you stay with only the “Enhance” feature, unless you pay very expensively for the “Cards”, which are a sort of tokens that you have to buy separately and are quickly gone with each new usage of those extra features (some of which are ridiculously limited, like “Sketch”). I consider all this design to be deceitful and incredibly disappointing. I will cancel my subscription and will never come back..Version: 1.6.7

Totally DisappointedRemini was always my go to app to enhance photos, which I did on a very regular basis. All of the features which I loved (and paid for) are now gone. Enhance and enhance+ are not enough alone. I often used the ‘retro’ option which was great at enhancing blurry or low quality, pixelated digital images. Or I would use a combination (retro followed by enhance) I had a load of ‘pro’ credits that I paid for that are now gone. My subscription has just renewed last month at almost £30 but I have now cancelled it as the results from the last two remaining options are not good enough. I may as well have just thrown my money down the drain. When I enhance a photo, I don’t want to enhance just the face, leaving the rest of the image very low quality, because that just looks odd. Sorry Remini, you’ve lost a very loyal user and I will now have to seek out an alternative that was as close to how you were before you ruined your app. So disappointing..Version: 2.0.1

Devastated you removed the Paint featureI built a successful business using your paint feature and suddenly removing a very good tool was just ridiculous. The enhance+ feature is useless. So disappointing you won’t give your loyal users a simple paint enhance feature back. Uninstalling Remini now and so is the rest of my family. Emailed replies from Remini don’t even address my very politely and detailed emailed concerns expressing how important the paint feature was to my livelihood. They just kept saying they are focusing on the one main feature of unblur. It doesn’t makes sense because that option is terrible now. Enhance Plus is no different to enhance and don’t even get me started about all the ads. I feel like they must have sold the app to a third party because it’s terrible now. I used to love the app but I have no use for it or time for its ads. I work in the digital art industry and we all agree. I would be happy to change my review if they return the paint feature..Version: 2.8.7

Good on faces onlyWorks good on faces only (not hair or background at all) sometimes will add extra teeth inside someone’s mouth. It will take away wrinkles and freckles (which may not be the worst sometimes) Taking away 2 stars because 1) For some reason the app turns off my music when I open it. Annoying! and 2) I paid for the subscription but it wants me to pay more/ additional subscription to use the website.Version: 2.9.15

What happenedNew update has made this useless. Photos are overly white. Why does it change the colour? And not only that, the photo enhancement is terrible. Roll back to the previous version. I will be unsubscribing and using another service if they don’t bring back old version.Version: 2.9.18

Smart AI; Dumb DevThis app used to have more functionality before they gutted it, things like video enhancement, make photo faces come alive, color from b&W, remove scratches, etc, but now all it does is enhance. And while photo enhancement was the best part from the aforementioned suite of utilities, it still is less functional than what I had purchased in an annual subscription. Although, I’m not happy about that, they did promise new features after removing functionality. However, those promises for new features never materialized or haven’t been released yet; the only new thing I’ve noticed since the start of 2022 was the persistent and nagging "are you satisfied with result?" An annoying amorphous question that should have been answered the moment I saved the image. So… I wouldn’t recommend this software as it’s not the only AI assisted solution to photography in the App Store. The changes to this decimated app while making promises of vaporware features gives me no faith in their roadmap of development. Smart AI dumb DEV. It is what it is..Version: 2.7.7

TrashI’m not paying 13 dollars A WEEK to see a picture better. that’s literally 676$ A YEAR. With that money I could buy a ps5, 135 LITTLE CEASARS PIZZAS. If you want a better picture just get another phone instead of using this app..Version: 2.9.10

No workThe app updated and stopped working. I demand an immediate repair or a refund of the money paid..Version: 2.0.1

App unreliableI’ve cancelled my subscription after one day. I attempted to upload photos via the app to no success. I jumped between wifi and network but all attempts to import images remained on the spinning upload screen. The longest I left it “uploading” was 20 minutes. On my fifth attempt I received a pop-up advising I “need to slow down” because I’d exhausted my daily upload quota. Weird given I couldn’t even get started. I hate wasting my time and will continue my search for another app..Version: 2.9.67

2023 REVIEWTLDR: unless you have a stack of old photos to update within a week, don’t bother. Pics may also look kinda crazy. I used to pay for this app and was so happy with it. there used to be WAY more features. and the payment options were a MONTHLY PRO subscription for like $7 or you could purchase credits for your photos. They also used to log saved photos for you. Now they’ve dropped everything. All of the effects, and the log, and the subscription options are horrendous. you have to choose between $7 a WEEK just to use the regular version or $13 a WEEK for the PRO version. They give you ONE credit each DAY that you use it, but you cant purchase them anymore to use on pics. Remini, Other apps are introducing AI recovery. Please remember your market..Version: 2.9.9

GreedyWas a good app till it suffered from greed I used it only for the enhance feature, and that was like less than 12 times a year so made no sense to pay for a subscription. They slowly started locking features and making people pay now to access what was free. Ads in the free one went from 30 seconds to a minute, had to watch 2 ads before being able to save pics. And now when you save the pic they slap their logo on it unless you pay the subscription.Version: 2.9.4

It won’t workI just downloaded this app and it worked just fine at first when making my AI photos and I hadn’t had a single ad. Then I went to change the photos I uploaded and it had no options to do so. So I decided why not delete the AI person I created and start over (still hadn’t had a single ad). Then when I went to recreate my AI photos it kept trying to make me pay for pro for every model I picked (and I went through every one of them). So now I can’t use the app to do what I downloaded it for. Why would you make the app free with ads and then not have ads (not complaining about it) and not even let me use it without paying for it. Isn’t the whole point of having something free with ads watching the ads to get your result without having to pay for it? I just don’t understand why I was able to use it five minutes ago for free and now I can’t use it without paying for it. I watched my sister do the same exact thing five different times and she wasn’t being forced to pay for it at any point. This would be a good app but unfortunately I’m not a fan because of this..Version: 2.9.60

Why we need to payPaying is really stupid, I wanna have a proper photo with a good quality and you make me pay for the better quality modes and if you want to use the free mode it does nothing. Just go to Picsart apply the hdr effect it’s better than this..Version: 2.6.5

DisappointedI use this app a lot. Unfortunately in the last week or so I have become quite disillusioned with it. *Photo enhancement… all photos come out too bright. I now have to go to other apps to adjust brightness and contrast. *Video Enhancement… videos are not saving . There is no dedicated save button for videos. To save you must press the cancel button “x”. This used to give a save option. Now all it does is say “oops try again later. *Very difficult to contact support. I have written to them about the issues only to get a automated response to check prewritten Q & A * This app is very expensive. Only current option is a weekly fee. There are never any offers for a discounted yearly membership to make it affordable..Version: 2.9.53

DisappointingAsks to sign up and pay for better quality and no ads. No problem for a small fee a month, I sign up. Since changed to weekly payments (nearly quadrupled the price per month) and now I have to watch ads and receive lesser quality photos, even though I still pay monthly. If you’re going to charge me still, you could at least take the ads away….Version: 2.6.17

&9 a week? No thanks.That’s $470 a year. Outrageous! Making it one off payment would be a lot better..Version: 2.6.13

Cannot restore purchase on iPhone 14 proThis is an amazing product and I have been using it a lot in my video work to upscale video. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 14 pro max but when I opened the app it no longer allowed me to access my subscription and subsequently the video enhance feature. I followed the helpline page which told me to click on the restore purchases option on the pro subscription page. There is not a restore purchases button on that page. I emailed customer support they told me they would get back to me in 2-3 days, it has now been 11 days. The developers have left me high and dry with two videos depending on this product for completion. It’s a fantastic product but I can’t recommend it when the customer support in no existent..Version: 2.9.6

LOVE the photo enhancement, BUT I just have ONE issue….Okay so the photo enhancer is AMAZING!!! So is the video enhancer. BUT, the video enhancer requires you to pay, which I understand, so I tried paying for a subscription. When on the subscription page, nothing will load, whether I’m on my WiFi, or my data (which both have pretty good range, so I know that’s not the issue here). Anyways, on the subscription page, it says “IAP not prepared. Click refresh” but when I do so, nothing happens (and I tried several times). I REALLY want to purchase a subscription simply for the video enhancement feature, but this issue is keeping me from doing so. If the developer could please simply reply to this and help me fix it, that would be very much appreciated, and my rating will be changed to a 5 star right away! But like I said, other than the issue I stated above, this app is literally MINDBLOWING, and I am VERY eager to subscribe, so im really hoping you guys see this and reply soon!!🙏🏼 Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.5.11

Updates Made it WorseThis app is overall the best I could’ve found in a while. About a year ago it worked very well when I was just starting out my photography and wanting to clear up faces. Even really blurry pictures came out fairly consistent. However, as it kept updating the smoothing got too smooth, eyes got frequently distorted, and they added a need to pay for most features and it is in no way affordable nor worth it. During the free trial, enhance+ results were practically the same with more unnatural smoothing or eye color changes for whatever reason. Odd enough: most of the pictures I used that year ago when it worked well were blurrier than the ones I try running through it now! The biggest issue, though, is the app’s difficulty with race and ethnic features. Even with increased definition on bigger noses or thicker eyebrows, the app always shrinks them into Eurocentric features. I typed this right after trying to edit a picture from a k-pop concert. All of the idol’s facial features were distinctive; I only needed more definition on her eyes. The app made her eyebrows more square, her eyes wider, her lips more puckered and small, and straightened and shrunk her nose. It seems this app has been reprogrammed with more images of white people as I did not have an issue with this prior to recent updates. None of it looks realistic anymore, this app had potential that swirled down a big drain..Version: 2.6.12

Don’t purchase premiumOverall the app is very useful, and most features are good, but do not purchase premium. I payed for the premium feature, that unlocks video enhance and other features, but unfortunately, you only get 5 pro cards to use before you have to purchase more for £6. This means you don't have unlimited usages of the premium features. Also, the video enhance is not very good, as it takes up to an hour to pre process then another half hour to process fully and the end product usually isn’t great. The app is pretty good, especially the photo enhance feature, but be aware of what your paying for..Version: 1.7.0

Nice idea but glitchyTakes ages to load the adverts they want you to watch, then it fails to process your photo. You try again, watch more adverts, finally you get a result, then you have to watch more adverts to save. When it fails you have to start over. Finally I saved one photo, tried for a second photo and it said your daily allows has run out - try again tomorrow or pay £5.00 for a monthly subscription. Frustrating? Yes! Worth it? Results are hit and miss depending on whether your photo suits the algorithm. If you have patients and time on your hands it may be worth experimenting..Version: 1.7.0

Basically good but....Some of the results are very good but some enhancements make you look odd when zoomed in,weird eyes,teeth and all hairy ! But my main gripe is after paying $38 for about 30 pictures I then have to sit through 2 lots of adds while the picture is processing. After paying all that and doing 5 pictures it then advises me that only 5 per day are allowed and I will have to wait till tomorrow to do more unless I subscribe . I just paid over a $1 per photo and am not permitted to use the app. No way will I subscribe Absolute ripoff..Version: 2.6.10

Better than it was…not as good as I hopedI tried this twice so far…I had a picture my 3 year old nephew took while playing with my phone and if it wasn’t blurry it would have been an unbelievable picture. It cleared it up a lot…still blurry but better however I have a weird line across my forehead in the edited picture. Just don’t zoom in if you do zoom in on the picture it looks nothing like my face though and it also looks deformed. The second picture was another my nephew took while playing with my phone this time of his twin sister this cleared up the picture however her face looks like one of those china dolls. The picture now is blurry and her face looks like I photoshopped a creepy china doll and covered her face with it. She looks super creepy. Just a fyi I used the free version for both pictures. I’m a little disappointed I couldn’t improve the pictures more and better but I can’t expect miracles..Version: 1.7.2

Haven’t had any joyPaid for the premium version with the intention of improving some video as well as photos. The tabs on this version doesn’t have anything like the ones on the advert. There are no options to do anything but enhance a photo. Even then the faces are clear but the rest of the detail on the photo suffers. Contacted Remini and after days they just replied with “ we decided to remove some of the tabs to concentrate on a subset of features in the latest version” so other than improving a photo, and not having adverts, it doesn’t do what it shows above. Pretty disappointed..Version: 1.7.5

A Tragicomedy of Broken Pixels and Broken DreamsPrepare yourself for a wild ride through the unpredictable world of Remini AI Photo Enhancer, where pixels take on a life of their own and wreak havoc on your photographs. In what can only be described as a digital rebellion, this app turns the notion of enhancement on its head, leaving you questioning the very foundations of visual aesthetics. Let's not forget the grand finale of Remini's mischievous AI symphony – the wardrobe malfunction extravaganza. Pants vanished into the virtual ether, leaving the pseudo-professional portraits unsuitable for LinkedIn or your business portrait a touch more scandalous than anticipated. It seems Remini has a flair for the dramatic, transforming one into a fashion renegade with a dysfunctional cleavage that could rival the red carpet at the Met Gala accompanied by 3 legs and 6 fingers. Heed this cautionary tale and approach Remini AI Photo Enhancer with skepticism. Seek solutions that can fulfill your photo enhancement needs with the precision and finesse deserving of your photographs. Remember, sometimes the best enhancement comes from the skillful hands and discerning eyes of a professional photographer and/or retoucher..Version: 2.9.60

TfWhy can I no longer enhance videos ??.Version: 1.7.5

Would make a lot more money if PRO was cheaperAs an editor I struggle to find good video enhancing apps on mobile, I did a free trial with the Remini video enhancer and it was really good. The price however, is appalling. I would be willing to pay for this app if it was a reasonable price, but £200 a year is ridiculous. Considering a lot of your target audience are probably young adults who video edit, and don’t have £200 lying around (not many do to be honest) its a mistake on your part. I’d also be a lot more willing to pay monthly, but you only have weekly and annually. It just seems like a money grab and it’s really disappointing considering the enhancing is really good - but no where near worth £200..Version: 2.9.35

Does not unblur hardly at allMuch too expensive to have such poor results. Definitely not worth $12.99 a week! Looking for a refund..Version: 2.9.16

Loved the app but feel cheatedI was a great advocate of this app after taking the plunge and paying for a 1 year subscription. However a couple of months after paying the developers removed a number of photo enhancing options such as removing scratches from photos. I feel cheated as I paid for a year subscription for the app as it was. If the developers wanted to make such a drastic change they should have offered a refund for the remaining period of the one year license..Version: 1.7.5

Gimmicky. Idiotically expensive. Deleted!I see a sub to Adobe Photoshop for a fraction of the cost..Version: 2.9.11

Where’s the other features?There used to be the colourise from black and white to colour feature. Where has that gone now? I paid premium to use ALL of the features (there were so many) but now there’s only the enhance feature. You’ve removed everything in the update that made Remini great. I’m taking off my subscription..Version: 2.0.0

Free trial??!You guys charged me immediately when I did the 7 day trial. I expect my money back!!! Not cool!.Version: 2.9.18

No longer worksThis used to be a reasonably good app. Then I had to uninstall and reinstall for space management, and after reinstalling it doesn't let me log in, so I'm left with just the very limited free account and annoying ads. Can't 'restore' subscription either, it just says there is already an active subscription with this account. Yeah, I know that, that’s why I’m trying to 'restore'… I see a lot of similar issues other people are reporting online. Don’t waste your time with this app now..Version: 1.7.1

(Terrible Update) Used to be 5 Star.Wow, how sad to see such a handy app turn into another copy paste cash scheme, I’ve honestly used This app for a long time to enhance old family photos or to add realism to video game characters for fun, I had no problem watching the ads that they had back then because it was worth it honestly, I loved the layout of the app. The option to color old photos and they even had a option to enhance videos! Being able to switch and add new accounts was a nice addition as well. All I can say is I’m really disappointed with where this app is now, more ads that’s are 30 at least now, you can no longer enhance a 2nd time for free, they’re basically just trying to shove pro down our throats and for what? They took out all the other features that made the app unique. I’m really let down and I’m hoping they’ll go back to the old version, but you know how these phone apps developers have become with all the micro transactions. 👎🏻.Version: 2.0.1

Remini does awful teethEverytime I try to enhance photos, the teeth and other small details are messed up. The faces turn out great though. It just needs a good few fixes on details or at least recognising them. Also for some reason I can’t use the discover features even when I have all my permissions set to allow Also I want to pick and choose which details to enhance and which to keep because in some photos the details turn out better than other but are ruined by something wrong with the face or hair. For example I want to not enhance the face cos if I do details like freckles and realistic skin gets lost, this happens to a lot of professional photos taken with a quality photo and ruins the overall picture. Also it makes the eyes come out in unrealistic especially if you wear makeup. And the hair in some blurry pics will come out really weird if there’s not enough information on them.Version: 1.3.10

Waste of time & moneyI purchased this app to enhance one video - it was the only video in my library that failed to upload to Remini. I followed their lame suggestions (‘make sure your device is updated…try switching from wifi to data’ 🙄), just so I could say I had, no joy. I edited the video to make it shorter - reducing the file size - still no good & their AI support is useless. Ended up remaking the video on my laptop for a better quality video (FOR FREE!)..Version: 1.7.2

Took Away Features, Will Switch ServicesI was a really happy adaptor to Remini. I used it a lot for creative and professional work, alike. I even went on Zoom calls with CEO’s of rivaling start ups and companies, speaking with them why I had canceled my memberships with them. I often mentioned that Remini was my go-to. Not anymore. They have stripped features of both the Lite and Pro versions, and now I can’t justify the weekly price tag that they’re trying to push. This was a great app, but like many other companies in the zeitgeist, it won’t be long before this company fades into the rest of the saturated market. Think about the backlash from companies like Blizzard and how that is faring them. It was a good app. Not anymore. Would not recommend. There are a plethora of apps and services to choose from that is just a simple google search away. I would advise you to do that, instead of downloading this. I can only predict the predatory and greedy roadmap that Remini has in store for its future. Note: I am a dolphin. I spend about $10,000/year on games and in-app purchases (CoD, Genshin impact, nijijourney, midjourney, chatgpt plus, AFK Arena, Guardian Tales, Honkai Star Rail, Epic7, etc. The list goes on). I am a VIP member (big spender) of many companies, but I am only loyal to apps/games that provide quality customer and user experience. Disappointing..Version: 2.9.68

Dishonest! Don't Purchase!Originally, I liked this app and purchased a 1-year subscription. But, over time, here is what happened... First, they find ways to throttle down usage for frequent users of the app. I experienced numerous failures and shutdowns, when I used the app frequently. Second, they added "unwanted" functionality that I needed to disable (one by one) when I was upscaling a photo -- it slowed down the process as each disable click is very, very slow. When I upscale a photo, I don't want to modify the image color, I don't want to beautify the faces (and make them look different), and I don't want to change the backgrounds (this app now defaults to these things). But, worst of all, I purchased a "PRO" 1-year subscription. It had certain functionality when I purchased it. Recently, they decided this subscription is "PRO LITE," which now makes some of the functionality I subscribed for out of reach -- they want users to purchase the "PRO" (full) version at $190 per year!!! Crazy!!! It's a bait & switch. I deserve my money back!.Version: 2.9.44

Used to be betterSince the recent update happened I’ve noticed this app seems to over exaggerate detail on pictures especially the facial features . I’ve used this app for some time now purely to enhance blurred pictures & I’ve never had any issues with it but since the most recent update I’ve not liked a single result whenever I’ve attempted to use the app . I don’t know what they’ve done to it but it really makes your pictures look blatantly fake as if you used a really obvious filter 🤦🏻‍♀️ just wouldn’t recommend it at all now . It used to be my “Go too” app .. sadly I’ll not be using it any more ..Version: 2.9.11

Good until you use it loads, 4/10 pictures come out correct or decent in qualityJust bought it for one month to see how it is, unfortunately it’s not that good if you’re doing loads of images as many just don’t look right, the person has to more or less be looking at the camera. Great for restoring mugshots but bad when it comes to backgrounds, shirts and just anything that isn’t the face. The sharpness should be improved and equally the AI should try and sharpen the image to make it look decent. Sometimes there’s mystery lines around the subject and the over all quality of the image is ruined if the background, areas around the face look awful. Definitely needs more development to justify paying monthly or anything more than £1.99. It’s worth a purchase Prince but personally I period the pay for it monthly as most images (4/10) don’t look good at all..Version: 1.3.9

I love this app but.I’ve been using this app for ages now, just messing about with photos of the kids and what not, nothing serious. I loved the colourising of old photos and scratch removal.. all of which you took away, I could handle watching an advert (which you likely receive some money for) and the 5 photos a day limit. But now you’ve made it so I have to watch an advert to preview, then to save AND now it has a watermark on it as well…. I’m Not one to pay big bucks for an app and $30 a month for something I use once in a while is just not going to happen, and now there’s double adverts AND a watermark it’s a case of, you either make the app more attractive for free users (who watch adverts you likely get paid for) or you’ll probably lose customers. Word of mouth is how I found this app, your free user base who tell people how great your app is would totally add to the amount of people willing to pay for it. All it’s going to take is someone to bring out a very similar app with less restrictions on its free users and you’ll lose that spotlight. Great app, love the results. Too restrictive now and has become more restrictive over time for its free users (who watch adverts) and too expensive for the casual user. You need to find a comfortable in between..Version: 2.9.2

Not a great experienceThe app clearly states that it works on videos yet when I load up the app it only gives me “enhance” and “enhance+” as options. Assuming enhancing videos is a premium feature I subscribe for 1 month to test it out. After subscribing the only change is no ads but no other features are available. I try to contact their support email but have yet to receive a response. Having to then troubleshoot myself I try to download the app on a second device but when I go to restore my subscription on the second device I get “unable to verify purchase receipt please repurchase”, okay maybe a subscription is only good for one device but I do not think that information is very clear, then to make it worse now when I open the app on my original device it says I only have a free account and gives me the same message as my second device was giving, and of course no response from their support email..Version: 1.7.2

No customer serviceWhile I absolutely love this app, I have an issue with my subscription. I have contacted them through email, Instagram and left feedback through the app and I have received no help at all. Somehow my subscription is not giving me the unlimited edits and I am stuck with the 5 free ones and needing to watch the ad. I’m paying for something I’m not receiving. Every time I try to ‘restore’ my purchase, it says I already have an active subscription on my Apple ID, but at the same time I can’t access it! Please fix this issue or contact me for some help resolving it, please..Version: 1.4.1

Frustrating.When i first downloaded this app , it was much more amazing back then. It wasn’t trying to rip off their users/customers money off of them. But now literally the most basic things in this app , we have to buy them. You cannot even get the original colour of an picture after using this app because in order to get that you have to purchase those features. Like come on now really? My relationship between this app has been like a rollercoaster ride. at one time all the basic things even will be not premium and at another time it’ll all be premium. It has really become frustrating and to the people who genuinely love this app. and stop trying to rip people off by making everything about this app , money. 🫠.Version: 2.9.25

Doesn't recognise Premium prescription..For a few weeks now, I've had issues that my premium subscription isn't recognised. I have two ipads, and support confirmed that I should be able to have Premium login on both of them. They, for some unknown reason, have removed the login page within the app, so I can't put in my details! I tried deleting Remini on both of my ipads, so I could start with clean installs, but that doesn't clear any info which seems to be embedded in the Apps, and if that info is wrong, then you can't alter it! I know I have a valid subscription, and my login info is correct, but there is no way to tell the app that! So I'm paying a subscription for something I can't use, and I'm limited to five a day.. This has gone on for ages. I'm in touch with support, but they are really dragging their feet. I shan't be renewing my subscription unless they can quickly get their act together. At the moment I wouldn't suggest their services to anyone!.Version: 1.7.3

Great toolI genuinely use it everyday. I edit a lot and it helps a lot. However, when they removed the option to change how much of the enhancement effect is applied… kind of ruined everything. Like now I can’t decrease the amount applied so there’s times the enhancement looks horrible and obvious. Sometimes it even adds weird features (like turning lips into teeth) or removes important ones (fine details). I won’t say “I would’ve given them 5 stars if…” because although the app is better than others, it still has room to grow (in a good way). So I would’ve given them 4. Especially with the new Ai avatar tool. That was crazy good at what it doesn’t and I truly thought it would look trash lol. Overall this is worth it if you edit frequently using other apps. I like to use it before/after a project I’m doing for people. But recently I haven’t used it much due to the issue I mentioned earlier..Version: 2.8.11

Too much paid features progressively getting worseThe app is great but all the features require a subscription at an absurd price £5 per week is way too much a few updates ago you could use features by watching ads what was the need to change that? The app is supposed to enhance pictures but you can’t do that properly without spending money. Let us watch ads instead like before. With each update this app gets worse and worse it’s at the point where it doesn’t even enhance pictures unless you’ve paid a stupid amount for a slightly better enhanced version.Version: 2.9.26

Was ok until it stopped workingI was very happy with this app and it did a great job on my photos until it stopped working. I now only have 1 option ‘enhance’ available to me? I’ve tried contacting support numerous times but I haven’t received a reply. It’s a waste of $7.99 if it only works for a couple of days then doesn’t. Customer service is non existent too..Version: 1.6.7

No help whatsoeverThis app can sure be fun, and it does typically, very good work. But when I tried to fix the cracks in a photo of my mom it kept failing. I even went and paid again to have it enhance plus a second time but it still won’t remove the cracks. The app suggested I try to contact them using various social medias, which I did. They never ever ever replied. Today I finally figured out after about 15 minutes how to cancel my subscription. But then it decided to not cancel it today, it informed me that it’s going to charge me for next month also and my account won’t be canceled until the end of August! Absolutely not! After searching and searching I finally found their email address and sent them an email, well I tried to but it said the address is not valid. I want to cancel my subscription, as of today. Do not charge me for August! And I want that photo of my mom fixed that I paid for! This is not cool..Version: 1.5.11

Used to be really cool, now it’s boringDecided to rewrite this review. I downloaded this years ago. The main reason I really liked this app was because there were more features, like colorizing a black and white photo, and there were many more features that made the subscription worth it, even if I never got it. Years later, I want to try and use it again. I downloaded it again, and I knew something was off, because I thought “Wasn’t there a login screen?” And it never loads. This was on my tablet, and I realized that the main screen in fact didn’t have all the features I loved, and it was only Enhance and Enhance+. I thought this was only for the one App Store, so I downloaded it on my phone same thing. It was only when I went on the reviews that I realized that they “improved” it by removing EVERYTHING that I liked before. Now it’s just like every other app, and now it forces me for every single photo to watch an ad to enhance. I will not be getting the app again OR getting the subscription unless you bring these back..Version: 2.9.1

Weekly limit on yearly subscription plan?The app works great, renders are fairly nice, overall the quality is very good. However an issue one might encountered is the weekly gigabyte limitation on the amount of content one can process/upload and enhance, paying for a more expensive subscription plan to get exclusive features while later on being met and having weekly limitation on said features one is paying for… the video enhancement tool in app won’t work after uploading a file a mssg saying to try again later will pop up, the only solution is to log in through and online browser re-uploading the file while being met with the same mssg Horner instead actually being able to download ones uploaded file. :| It a great app but it seems unfair and annoying to give money for a service with features I can’t really use or rely on at my own convenience :/.Version: 2.9.56

Downhill due to greedThis app USED to be amazing. The editing was great, you had to watch a 30 second ad per image edited, but I understand they need to make money somehow. Then one ad turned into 3– okay fine, they wanted a bit more profit. Annoying but I still used it because it worked great. Well now, not only do you have to sit through THREE 30 seconds ads PER photo, you also have to pay $6 per WEEK to actually get the photo you just edited without their logo plastered over it. $312 per year to use an app? It’s gotten a bit ridiculous. So for that reason I’ve stopped using it..Version: 2.9.4

INSANE PRICE GOUGING!!! $15/week!!! $50/month!!!Pathetic!!.Version: 2.9.2

Disappointed in the changeRemini used to be my favorite app for photo editing. It had amazing features. I often found that enhance feature was a little too “strong” often adding teeth and weird things on certain photos and giving the photo an unnatural look. The “retro” feature was the perfect compromise and it didn’t add teeth to peoples faces or distort features. I’d heard many who did the app update or just purchased lost these features on the original app and are now only left with enhance and enhance +. I intentionally didn’t do an update for this reason. Today I couldn’t use my app unless I updated which then caused me to lose all the features I love… retro, paint, color, portrait etc. I tried using the enhance and I see no improvement… only difference now is your app offers one marginal at best option and none of the other ones that separated you from the rest. There are Facebook group that complain about this app now and the changes… you should listen to the people and go back to what everyone once loved. Sorry to say you just lost a customer and I will not be renewing in the future..Version: 2.6.8

Great app, but major issues nowI Love Remini, however for the past month I haven’t been able to upscale any photos. I watch the ads but am soon greeted by a “Oops! Try again later!” Message..Version: 2.9.12

SneakyI signed up for a 7-day free trial and the Pro feature. This app never notifies you when the free trial is over or let’s you know ahead of time you’re going to be charged—basic courtesy reminders. Especially since they charge $9.99/week for their Pro feature which didn’t do a good job of unblurring my photos. By the time I realized that this trial had ended, I’d already been charged for three weeks. I’d seen the charges come up on my card statements and couldn’t figure out what it was from until today. $30 for an app that couldn’t do the job I was looking for it to do is a massive disappointment and I should have been more vigilant about this app. I just think it’s sneaky and they have a non-refundable policy. I used this app for one day and paid $30 for a crappy job. Recommendations to the developers: -for an app that charges so much, you should really let your customers know (as a basic courtesy) of upcoming charges -the non-refund policy is really sneaky and underhanded. There are plenty of people who can miss these subtle charges going through, never used the app for more than one day, and end up paying a ridiculous amount for it -notify your customers when a trial is ending (very unprofessional to do otherwise) This app’s features are not worth it for $9.99/week. In hindsight, I should have been more careful of signing up for something like this and now I know better..Version: 2.7.10

HorribleThis app used to be so great it didn’t cost anything now it does which is stupid the stupid logo when you use it and having to pay no ridiculous And it keeps crashing I’ll use it once and it I try to use it again it won’t even open it’ll crash before it even opens I tried uninstalling and reinstalling that does help Fix your app and don’t make it cost so much.Version: 2.9.15

Bad app updateSeems like they updated the app, used to be a pretty good enhanced but with the new update it just whitens your face ?.Version: 2.9.14

Seriously overpriced, ridiculously long ads if you don’t pay.Seriously high prices just to use video enhance.. $9.99 a week? That’s absurd. Then if you don’t pay that premium then you have to wait like a few minutes because of ads, there should be rules to apps that overprice their services. The photo enhancements are not even the legit ones, it’s photos that are from other peoples photos that it’s matching with. Apple needs to do something about this. When this company first came out this app was the best app for upscaling photos. They even added a video upscaling feature that was also great, but now they announced they were making this much much better and what did they do? Took out video editing, bumped up the price and has stayed still for another a year now. With their updates always saying improvements when there really isn’t. Oh! And they even added a pc version but you of course have to pay. This isn’t really a photo upscale, they actually look into a data base of similar photos and use small details make your photo not technically yours anymore. You will figure this out by the quality of photos that look really off. This app was good, there’s much better now..Version: 2.9.80

Works great for portraits, awful for landscapesI’ve used this app to go back to my old library of early 2000s era low-res digital photos and scanned 35mm film to improve quality. I’ve even used it to recover as well as possible a set of images that were lost from just their thumbnails (worked ok not great for that). When it comes to portraits and faces, the app is quite good. Sometimes it messes up eyes, wireframe glasses and necks, and even adds facial hair, but overall it’s quite good. It is pretty much useless for landscape images. There are really two options for landscape. The first removes a tiny bit of grain and does an edge detail enhance that turns film grain into bizarre embossed patterns. The second obliterates all fidelity to the image beyond about 25 feet from the camera, so forests of trees get smoothed into oblivion, rocks get softened to look like smudges, etc. that’s often fine for background bokeh effect in a portrait, but worthless in a landscape shot..Version: 2.9.61

They got greedyThis app USED to be really good when you didn’t have to pay to use it. You could fix photos and colourise them and you were able to do this I think 5 or 10 times per day which was reasonable considering it was free but then they got greedy with money and now all you can do is fix an image after watching an ad you can’t colourise anymore now everything is locked behind subscriptions.Version: 2.6.5

HorribleI don’t know what changes they made to new updates. Photos look bad! The v2 and v3 enhance is just awful and unusable. Even the regular v1 is awful. Go back to the old January version. Or else I won’t pay anymore for it.Version: 2.9.18

UNHAPPY CUSTOMERI have written and still no response as to why we are only seeing 2 features. We didn’t pay to only see two features. Someone respond because I am not the only one asking this question..Version: 1.7.5

Utter Rubbish, complete rip-offSuch a disappointment after all the hype. Marginally improved a couple of photos but did so with a completely unnatural air brushing effect which I did not want, made my partner look like a completely different person. Shocking results and £2.49 for avatars - stupidly I tried it! Total waste of effort, time and money. The results were nothing like what is shown on the app where the model has a series of AI avatars where she looks the same physically in everything one but reality again is a distorted face, airbrushed skin (but excessively so) and bad painted effect images that are just awful. Genuinely if you want to look like Barbie and Ken, and completely plastic then this is the app for you. Now where is the number for Trading Standards …..Version: 2.9.2

Parts of the app missingAs someone else as said the only things available are the enhance and enhance plus which by the way the enhance plus I don’t see any difference to the enhance yes it does a half decent job at enhancing faces but with the rest of the photo blurred and subconsciously this makes you see the face sharper than you think but my main issue is that I have subscribed for 1 year and now part of the app that I paid money for has been removed so please put back every other option available that was originally here and you would probably find more people purchasing this app.Version: 2.0.1

DONT PAY FOR THIS!!!!After getting premium you are still faced with limitations on your account !!! THIS IS THERE REPLY ON WEBSITE. Support Updated 1 month ago FollowNot yet followed by anyone Sometimes, usage limits may be enforced on specific features for subscribed users as well. Your AI generations or enhancements could be limited in two ways: A periodic limit of usage: this limit usually resets the next day and can't be dismissed. Also subscribed users need to wait for the limit to reset. A quantative limit of usage: this limit blocks further generations, but can be dismissed by paying an additional fee that's proposed in the pop-up. Our team put a ton of effort, expertise, and love into creating the app—and maintaining it takes a lot of resources. The AI we use to edit your pictures and to generate new versions of you is complex, and takes an incredible computation power. Although it’s an expensive process, we're working hard to extend it as much as possible for our users..Version: 2.9.76

Please stop letting ppl on stan twt use this app.It’s vile, hurtful even, to see the things this app does to photos. i’d be willing to sell my soul just to get these people to cut it out. it hurts my head and my heart to know people use this for any and every photo they find..Version: 1.5.8

Where did all the features go?I just opened the app and found that 90% of the features are missing!!! There’s no face animation anymore. That’s too bad as I’m going to have to use some other app from now on..Version: 1.7.5

Awful updateThis app was perfectly fine until you introduced the paid subscription which means that unless you pay £10 a month, Remini automatically adds this ugly white filter to brighten the photo and there’s no way you can get rid of it unless you pay, even though it’s un-natural and has been added on. I think that’s totally unfair considering we are made to watch 1 minute adverts to simply get a photo saved. What a joke this is. Please remove this ‘Remini pro’ scam and go back to how this app originally was..Version: 2.9.25

UnimpressedDoes virtually nothing with a premium subscription fee..Version: 2.9.19

Most of the features I love are no longer available!I use to love this app, I was able to do amazing things and I wouldn’t have mined paying a little more to have the features I loved remain in tact. One of my favorite features was colorizing old photos. I was able to make the past come to life, even was able to animate faces of loved ones that have past. For the life of me, I don’t understand why they would have removed these features. I would be happy to change my review if they just listened to their customers and brought the old features back. I even tried the Pro version and it was exactly the same as the regular version, except I could use it on a PC. None of the old features were part of that version either. I’m very dissatisfied in fact, I was a paying customer and without warning they took away all the features I loved. Honestly this should be turned into the Bureau of Better Business..Version: 2.1.0

Not for me I’m afraidNot much if any improvement to the quality of the photo I tried this with. Didn’t want to persevere as there are 20 second ads every time you click anything in the app. I understand developers need to make money but the customer experience with this app is truly awful. Maybe the paid version is better but the hugely intrusive ads in the free version just turned me off completely. And you have to create an account just to try it out. Not necessary. Give your customers a better experience and they may be more inclined to purchase..Version: 1.6.4

Not so goodEveryone like to unblur their pictures and it removes most of the blur but I don’t think it removes all of it also their is way too many ads, like you have to watch an ad just to do one thing and it’s very annoying and how you have to pay just to make pictures look decent is not good I think everything should be free and you’re pretty lucky I am giving you 2 stars.Version: 2.5.0

Started off good but then they ruined their own appStarted off well, fun app for restoring pictures and recolouring pictures and you got a daily limit of how many pictures you could edit which was fine. Loads of different things you could do with a picture But then they got greedy and wanted more people to subscribe to their paid options and so they removed every editing option available for users who don’t pay. So now you can only enhance 5 images a day for free, nothing else. When before there used to be a good 20 different things available to you for ways to edit a picture. Making it move, make it blink, touch ups, recolouring black and white, turning into a sketch, painting etc. Now there’s only one. You can’t even sign out anymore for some reason as well and they’re removing your saved projects early 2022. Not sure why companies start off with a good service and then ruin it for themselves.Version: 1.7.5

Payments on top of the already expansive subscription?????This is a first. You sign up for the thing. $5/month ($60/year if you’re counting). Then, in order to get the “”Enhance +”” feature (double quotes because this is so... tacky) you need to pay more money for each “”Pro Card””. It’s never made that clear until you start exploring the app. Apparently the AI gives you several versions of the improved photo so you can pick one. $5 for 5 Pro Cards, $10 for 12, $25 for 30 and so forth. WAY too expansive for what it is. Flimsy browsing among my pictures. It defaults to a camera(??) every time, instead of my photo album. Why on earth would I fix a picture I am taking right now !!!)? I got on the subscription but it’ll be a one month thing. The promise is good, it somewhat delivers on that, but they’re crazy if they think the program is worth this much. To put the final nail in the coffin, the biggest drawback in my opinion is the fact that you’ll end up with a new version of the photo you’re “fixing”. There’s no using the app from within Photos either. In addition to editing the photo, I need to re-add all the information about date and location again. Making this much money, they should probably invest in ways of making this happen. Saving: did I mention that no matter how many times you click on a picture to save it to the camera roll, it’ll say it saved it, only to never show up anywhere?.Version: 1.3.9

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