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ReminiI downloaded Remini about 10 months ago because I was doing online school, and for tasks where you had to use photographs they always came blurry. So I started using this app and it worked, the photos that were blurry before were all clear now. My teacher could see the improvement in my work, because of this app. I would suggest this app definitely, if you have pictures from you camera roll that you want to keep but are all blurry then download this app for better quality..Version: 1.6.1

BrilliantThis is a really good app but it has a few issues. It only enhances the face and not the whole photograph and it can be a bit hit & miss - some photos turn out incredibly awesome, others it does nothing and some it changes the look of the face to the point of looking really creepy lol. But I’m still loving this app, if it was able to work its magic on the whole photo I’d pay for a subscription for sure (I’d like to know what the cost of a subscription is and what the premium features are? There is nothing in the description as far as I can see outlining this) with the app as it is I’d pay a one time upgrade. Thank you to the developers 👍🏻😊.Version: 1.7.5

It’s a great app but…..I just ran across this app and downloaded the trial before committing to purchasing. So far I will say the Ai generated photos and variety of model images and super impressive best I’ve seen thus far. I would like to see the ability to change maybe the outfit color, shoe color etc just to give you the ability to customize your photo a bit more. I imagine this would help everyone on the internet not having the same Ai photos.(maybe this could be available for higher tier members. The price is much higher than I have seen $9.99 is a bit steep for some however if you think about how much money and time it saves you or your business on photo shoots I guess it’s not so bad 😆 The model images all have the same or similar body types (for females) maybe consider the ability for user select a body type that looks most similar to theirs. PLEASE fix the hands and feet issue on the Ai photos the hands and feet and off they look disfigured. I assume Ai photos want to look as natural/normal as possible, this issue totally challenges that and most photos will have to be cropped. Lastly question: if you are using the paid version does it remove the water mark on your photos? I’m still on the fence with keeping the app I will try the video feature and decide..Version: 2.9.55

This app is awesomwI'm so happy to see old photos revived. Thanks Remini.Version: 2.9.93

Pretty DECENTIt’s a pretty good app ngl, would defo reco, haha d’ya like what I did there...anyway it’s a good app with it’s attempt of making the photo come to life, it executes that well. Room for improvement (not much tbh) if it could make the whole photo look better, what I mean by that is, achem, for example when you have a picture of a face it only makes the face look clearer or whatever it doesn’t really make the background look more clear, like the whole photo sometimes doesn’t come out clear ... if that even made sense 🥴OH YE and I mean it really adds some FUNKY teeth mate I mean it kinda looks a bit sus and creepy if you ask me personally, it dont rlly look that good but ye... ANYWHO , like the app it’s pretty good would DEFO RECO (definitely recommend) and you might be impressed, thanks for reading my review which prob made 0 sense, ight see y’all ✌🏼.Version: 2.4.0

Love this app!I absolutely love this app. i edit photos and make wallpapers and this app has quite literally saved my life. i was relieved in the last update that you can now enhance unlimited photos a day with a free account, unlike before when you could only enhance 5 photos a day. however, since this update has come up, the amount of ads have doubled and you now not only have to watch an ad to enhance a photo but to save it as well, i guess this is a given considering the option to enhance unlimited photos a day with a free account is now available, nevertheless, it is a massive pain and takes about 5 minutes to enhance 1 photo. apart from this, the only other improvement that could be made is the option for video enhancing, as someone who loves to make edits for fun, it can be a real pain when you export your video from capcut and it is horrible quality and it would be amazing if i could do what i do to my photos, to my videos with remini..Version: 2.0.0

This app is awesomeIt is annoying that I have to pay a subscription for certain things but if I need to make the quality of my photos better this is definitely the app I will be using. Five star review. Thank you Remini.Version: 2.9.112

ReviewAbsolutely love it thank u for this amazing app.Version: 1.7.3

GoodThis app is a game changer 🔥.Version: 2.10.11

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Such a good app… I had too leave all my friends lately and I wanted a phone wallpaper of all of us together so I looked and I found one and I loved it…I put it as my wallpaper and it looked so blurry and disgusting 🤮 you could barely see who it was… I saw this app thinking it would be bad and they just forced you too pay for it… but I tried it and it is one of my favourite apps of all time….Version: 2.6.14

Pretty goodI used this app to enhance a photo of my great grandfather and after a couple “put-throughs” I finally got to a point where it looks good, although it does look a bit like a painting in some parts. Overall good app, made a blurry black and white photo into a realistic colour photo..Version: 2.0.1

Transform Your Photos with EaseI've been using Remini for a while now, and I am constantly blown away by how it effortlessly improves my photographs. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned photographers. One of the standout features for me is the automatic enhancement option. This feature saves me significant time and effort, especially when I'm not sure where to start with editing. It's like having a professional photo editor in your pocket. The app runs smoothly and I have yet to encounter any issues with it. I appreciate the regular updates that introduce new features and keep the app running at its best. In conclusion, if you're looking for an app that can truly elevate your photographs, look no further. This app is a game-changer and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in photography..Version: 2.9.86

Parts of the app missingBack with another review … you charge a yearly subscription of nearly £30 and that should entitle you to everything in the app and not even more money to have other options if everything in the app was for the one proof £30 a year then you would probably get more people subscribing … not sure why I’m even writing this review anyway because no actions or replies get took anyway ☹️ As someone else as said the only things available are the enhance and enhance plus which by the way the enhance plus I don’t see any difference to the enhance yes it does a half decent job at enhancing faces but with the rest of the photo blurred and subconsciously this makes you see the face sharper than you think but my main issue is that I have subscribed for 1 year and now part of the app that I paid money for has been removed so please put back every other option available that was originally here and you would probably find more people purchasing this app.Version: 2.9.97

This app is the best! 💃✨🐸I downloaded this app a day ago and I already love it! This app makes my photos AND videos 100 TIMES BETTER! nope I’m not one of those bots 🥲 but this is amazing! I’m giving it a 4 because well I haven’t used it since yesterday so maybe there are bad things in the app but for now it’s great! I recommend you getting it for free! Just watch a small ad 8) but one tiny problem is when I take a pic of a plant and I make it more higher quality, it’s a bit too much and everything goes really bright but besides that...it’s amazing! And no, don’t fix this update because I love it c: thank you renedi! my teachers and friends be like- 🥲I want a pic like this too🥲 Well have a great day!.Version: 1.5.0

Face only?I’ve used the enhancement part of this app a lot to clear up some photos and it’s been awesome! I only have one problem... why is it only enhancing the faces in the pictures and not the full picture? Is it because I haven’t bought a subscription? So it’s like a taster of what the app can do but for a full image enhancement you need to buy the subscription? I have no problem with that if that’s the case, I completely understand that this is how the creator is making money I just with that it was specified at the start that it was going to be like that. Other than that, AMAZING app! Highly recommend!.Version: 1.4.2

I love Remini.Someone recommended Remini. If thought I’d give Remini a try. I have been using it to clear up old pictures and actually some new pictures of people. I see an old picture that is blurred of a friends. I download it and run it through Remini and if it comes out good, I will message the picture to the owner (usually family) and ask them if it looks better, to try Remini. It does not always work. I have done pictures of me and in one, I actually look like a deformed little creature. That has happened to a few of me. Remini actually focuses on the eyes and slightly smooth’s the face. The program don’t always get it right. A few times you will say, those eyes just aren’t right. Many times however, I say, oh my goodness, that is beautiful. I love the program. I recommend it to everyone. I am retired with very little to live on, so I do not have PRO. I use it once in a while. Try it. You’ll love it. 4-3/4 Stars..Version: 2.8.7

Minor distortions & trouble with raceOverall a darn good app. A couple of snags I’ve hit: the app is not good at dealing with 3/4 views, or someone who is looking away from the camera. The app seems to want to make eyes looking forward. Which is fine, except when the face is not looking forward. I got some pretty gruesome results and finally accepted that there would be some old photos that I would not be able to use here. There are many more I can, so it’s not the end of the world, but it’s sad to have to leave out some of your favorites because body or face positioning aren’t right. Also: my dudes. Not everyone is white. All the eyes are tinted a very pale blue or green and my Chinese grandpa has blondish hair! My dark-skinned, multiracial father does not have light eyes and never did - even when he was little 😄. These are black and white photos so the tinting should be able to be turned off if you don’t want it. In some cases it’s quite subtle and evocative. When dealing with nonwhite people, though, you cannot have the default eye color be light. There’s a difference between light eye color and putting in catch-lights to make the eye sparkle. Yes to catchlights! No to default light eyes..Version: 1.7.5

AI is awesomeGood to is and simple way to covert favourite photos.Version: 2.9.88

Expensive but impressiveI tried this app sometime last year and was left with some enhanced pictures that I never used because they changed the way me and my family looked way too much. I decided to try re-downloading it today because I have some low-quality pictures with bad lighting and WOW it works so much better now. Seriously it didn’t change our faces at all but made everything look so much nicer!.Version: 2.10.5

Great appThis is honestly an amazing app. I have managed to reenhance some of my childhood photos and I am so happy with the results. Truly recommend this app to restore low print photos..Version: 2.7.9

Great easy appSo easy.Version: 1.6.7

App not workingI have been using this app for quite a few months now and in recent days I had suddenly problems opening it. Yesterday it stopped working altogether. I would have given it a „5 star” but now….Version: 2.7.9

Just awesomeThis app is a magic. Just using free version n i am loving it.Version: 2.9.103

Simply the bestI cannot express my gratitude for this app. It’s a top class AI generator. I wish they add more and more features. Also, if they decreased the subscription fee it would be great. A+++.Version: 2.9.86

SuperbLove this apps so much!!!.Version: 2.10.11

Long wait for photos to loadThis app can produce some really impressive images from old blurry photos (although occasionally it gets it wrong and throws up some grotesque results). The main drawback I find is waiting for it to load photos from the device, I have a lot of photos and it seems to refresh every time which takes a minute or two. Once they load they are not in the same order as they are in the photos app so if you are looking for a particular image it can take a while to locate. To get round this I find the photos in the native app and ‘favourite’ them which puts them near the top of my albums in the app. Hopefully the developers can improve this side of the app..Version: 1.5.2

Best app everI actually cannot believe this app has no other good reviews. This is a photo editing app that went viral on tik tok and broke the internet! This app completely revamps the quality of images to the point where loved ones can see there pictures of past relatives clear again, or for people like me who still have an iphone 8, so the camera isnt goodin diverse lighting situations. Are there ads? Yes, but that is how people make a living these days. Do you need to wait to receive the photo you’ve uploaded? Sometimes, yes, but the end result is so so worth it!!! Please download this app, you wont regret it..Version: 1.3.9

Great appThis is the best a.I app I have found so realistic and so many options 👍.Version: 2.9.84

Great app just one thingThe app is absolutely immaculate the one thing that just needs to be changed is the quora every time I want to remaster more photos it’s says it’s run out and he only way to have unlimited photos it to pay 13 dollars to have unlimited photos if you could just make it so you don’t run out of the quora that would be great keep up the good work great app 100 out 100 👍.Version: 1.7.5

Totally recommendI thought it was fake till I try it myself and it was shocking!!! If you have pixelated pics just use Remini and the subscription is worth it.Version: 2.10.15

I Love itNice application!.Version: 2.10.12

Incredible qualityIs soo great at increasing photo quality! Only downside I’ve found is the lack of a function to enhance larger batches of photos. You can only edit one photo at a time on the mobile app and 15 at a time on the web. The only reason this is a downside is because I love the software so much I’d want to add it to all my images..Version: 2.9.72

Very easy to use, highly recommendThe ads are pretty annoying but it’s amazing for a free app! Would highly recommend! 😁😁.Version: 2.0.1

Works wellWorks well on faces. Makes goods decisions about likely details when restoring damaged photos. It doesn't do a lot of work on surrounding details and backgrounds, but this is an app for ipad and iPhone rather than a powerful desktop..Version: 2.0.1

Easy to use and makes the photo very clear.Nice.Version: 2.7.9

Great enhancer for photosUpdate: they now let you choose to turn on and off color enhancement, face beautification and background enhancement! With color and face fix turned off the photo is true to the original picture! There are even 2 versions of enhancements for some options. So totally 18 variations for users to choose from! Glad they listen to their users! I downloaded it a while ago and it has since added “degree of enhance” options. Original comment: It used to mess up some little details of the face. It seems to improve somewhat as well. Update: Asians now can get straight eyelashes now(although can still be a bit messy), and smalls details like speckles are kept, which are definitely pros. What I don’t like is how the picture got brightened and lose some to tonal details. If I want that I can do it myself with photo editing apps to the exact degree I like. Unblur was good enough before. Users would generally want accuracy over beautification from an APP like Remini. Besides, 9$/week, the price is too much..Version: 2.9.41

Amazing!I’ve tried finding an app that could enhance my photos and drawings and have always been disappointed, this one is amazing, the results appear subtle when viewing zoomed out, when looking at the pixels up close it is incredible.Version: 1.6.2

AmazingLove this app!.Version: 2.10.10

Amazing clear photosI have many photos of my first daughter that were taken with an older phone camera so the quality was grainy and blurry. This app has allowed me to turn them into beautiful clear photos. Words can’t describe how amazing it is to be able to look back at now clear non blurred memories of her. Would definitely recommend this app ❤️.Version: 2.0.0

GoodGood.Version: 2.10.11

Love your app but refuse to upgradeDear Developers, I have 2 iPhones. One iPhone is updated to your latest app version but you no longer have all the other features that I loved- face animation, video enhancer, portrait mode , painting mode etc. That was a great version of your incredible app which you ruined. The extra widgets in your app were incredible. By upgrading your app you lost me as an artist. On this iPhone still running IOS 14. iPhone 11 Pro Max I enjoyed all those extra features- face animation, video enhancement , different painting and camera features and cartoon until today when I tried to use the old version for video enhance ad there are no video enhancing apps quite like yours, I get a message from your old app, a notification that I must upgrade. I refuse!!!! How can I remove the notification that appears when I launch your app to upgrade to your latest version which of course removes all the features that I love. Please answer me..Version: 2.6.16

Remini review and tipsThis is mainly for the app developers or people in charge whatever. First and foremost you guys would do so much much better if you’d offer the service to charge monthly not weekly fee. So far from what I’ve used it it’s a huge help to have here and then when I have an image I really want to try and save but the downside is I don’t use it as often to pay weekly it’s just to pricy for a weekly charge and being honest 2% of people actually don’t mind that. But the other 98% people that could help you grow and be worth it don’t use it or like me I only pay for it here and then if I get busy and have tons of photos I need touched up. Charge 7.99 a month and watch how you’ll grow and if you actually change I will personally put the word out to my photography community because I know they will definitely sign up for that!..Version: 2.9.25

Remarkable!I have been a loyal user of the Remini app for a while now and have found its features truly remarkable. However, I have a concern regarding the automatic lightening of skin tones during the enhancement process. This inadvertently perpetuates the issue of colorism in society, where lighter skin is deemed more desirable. I kindly request the Remini app development team to consider providing users with the option to enhance their photographs without automatically lightening their skin tones. This would promote inclusivity and allow individuals to celebrate their unique features without conforming to societal norms. As a devoted user who appreciates the app's value, I believe that modifying this feature would enhance the overall user experience and contribute to combating colorism. I hope that the developers prioritize this modification to create a more empowering and inclusive environment..Version: 2.9.83

Remini reviewThis is a must have app for any photographer. So often I took a shot and miss the mark (the main subject) by a little, Remini come to the rescue. I have used its other functions too. The Colorise is another one for BW photos to bring different life to it. May not be the best but a good start. On the whole I wish Remini will make the app for desktop computer. I will be the first one to purchase it. Highly recommend..Version: 1.7.5

Absolutely incredibleI’ve been consistently impressed with the capabilities of this photo enhancement app. It’s not just an application; it’s a transformative tool that has brought a new level of clarity and vitality to my photographs. The image I recently enhanced has been given a new lease on life, with sharp details and vivid colors that truly capture the essence of the moment. The user interface is intuitive, making the process both accessible and enjoyable. The results speak for themselves, with every pixel enhanced to its utmost potential. This app deserves nothing less than a 5-star rating for its exceptional performance and the professional quality it delivers. Highly recommended for both novices and seasoned photographers looking to elevate their visual stories!.Version: 2.10.6

It’s incredibly proficient.I’ve been using this app for a few years now, and the difference in quality has come very far. Back then you would only be allowed to use it on pictures with faces, but now you can do it with random things including insects!!! One of the reasons it’s getting a 4-star review is due to the fact there are quite a few ads. I get that’s their main source of revenue lol, so I can’t blame them but sometimes I feel as if it’s greedy. If you want to use the app continuously, you end up having to watch ads for several minutes as they come on after restoring a photo and then, when you want to save the image. Also your app sometimes struggles to pick up on thin materials like string, yarn, and spiders webs etc. which ends up distorting parts of the image. For example, a refurbished picture of my grandma knitting with yarn would have a high chance of being distorted in specific areas. I hope I was able to give you some feedback that is understandable. Thankyou so much for this service. I’ve restored my moms childhood photos with my grandma and it’s looks so beautiful. I’ve also restored a photo from when one of my family members was at war, the picture was black and white!!!.Version: 2.7.17

AmazingVery good app, enhances the quality a lot !!.Version: 1.5.4

Amazing appI paint portraits from old photos. And I constantly struggle trying to see details in older faded pictures. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I uploaded my first photo to this app. I could see facial features that were impossible to see in the original photos. This app is going to make my portrait painting so much easier!.Version: 2.0.1

.The best app ever🥰.Version: 2.10.11

One of the best editing apps!Great editing app just downside is all the ads like most apps have, it costs money to use almost features but some are features are free to use if you watch the ad..Version: 2.9.86

Lost long before his timeMy mothers brother sadly took his own life when he was just 18th years old.. after watching a video on AI advancements and alike I found this app and it transformed as it says.. an old blurry photo taken around 1955 and probably the last photos of him. I will show her tomorrow (now 3am) and I am sure it will bring back both sad but also fond memories! This is an amazing advancement in humankind and very much appreciated!.Version: 2.6.11

I love this app so muchThis app is amazing w clearing photos, I’ve cleared so many old photos of people. The only thing is teeth looks a bit funny, it may look like there’s smooth filters on what you’ve unblurred but the other filter ‘portrait’ will clear them up really quick. Also pictures with bad quality have come to life. There’s no charge too you just have to watch 10 second videos. I love this app so much n think it’s worth downloading!.Version: 1.7.5

ReminiSo amazing I can finally look at my old photos that was so blurry. Highly recommended this app 🥰.Version: 1.6.7

Was greatHave enjoyed this app a lot, but it was annoying that after paying for the option of creating avatars, the images were watermarked. But what is worse is since I updated the app today, it no longer works. It thinks about opening, then crashes.. Hopefully you’ll fix it otherwise I certainly won’t be renewing my subscription, disappointed 🥴.Version: 2.9.16

Should have kept additional optionsThe enhancement option works pretty well, much better than using the old portrait mode which rarely seemed to do anything. But I subscribed for the app for the other options like paint and colorize. They worked GREAT and were a lot of fun to use. Enhancement + has pro options, but not enough difference between them to make a subscription worth it. To subscribe for the price, just having the enhancement option now seems to barely be worth subscribing. At least bring back the colorize and paint options. You still have them as screenshots on here and in the opening screens on the app itself. Yesterday was going to give 5 stars, but now happy I waited, because this is extremely misleading now..Version: 1.7.5

Wow! Great job!Make the decision yourself!.Version: 2.10.9

Like WOW AMQZING!!!This is the first product I have ever used that is actually 10,000 times better than advertised. I’m telling you, I was just about to buy the super expensive subscription with I stock photo and then I stumbled upon this app, I’m sure because of algorithms, but this time they worked in my favor! Absolutely amazing. You can literally zoom all the way in to the picture on someone’s face and it is completely corrected. For some reason though, it doesn’t correct everything else around the face quite as well, but most of us just sent her on the face anyway, and I guess that’s what this app does too. But trust me, it is 100% worth it. It really can clear up your face and it does do a little work for the background to but, what it does in general is almost scary..Version: 1.7.2

Gob - SmackedI rarely let anyone mess with my photos but as I’m trialing this app, I am absolutely astounded by the results so far. The ageing process option had me virtually on the floor rolling around in tears of laughter! Half a day into my trial period, I can’t wait to see what else this app can do. Only tested a few photos with the image enhancer and am really impressed. Go ahead, you’ll get hours of pleasure with this app!.Version: 2.9.92

VERY GOODI love the app, it brings life into any old photos and enhances the quality superbly. Thank you!!.Version: 1.7.5

ReviewI hate how we have to pay for more Remini fixes.Version: 1.3.10

Amazing for the price of a few adsIt enhanced my image quality by a lot and saved me having to buy proper images. Instead I enhanced my blurry saved ones from Google printed them out and hung them up. Definitely would recommend..Version: 2.9.75

Old memories come to lifeCompleted my first photo and was happy with my first time using the app. Looking forward to updating more old photos..Version: 2.10.10

The most Advanced PhotoEnhancerVery advance photo Enhancer The most amazing photo in Enhancer if only you had a video version one if you do please can you give me the website because I miss the video Enhancer you also had if you have it my email.Version: 2.6.16

AmazingIt saved my photos that were about of focus.Version: 2.10.9

GreatI loved most of the photos generated. A great app..Version: 2.9.84

SelfiePerfect.Version: 2.10.11

Post update problemEnjoy this app and generally satisfied but since the most recent update the app doesn’t open then just crashes and my home screen appears. Please fix this issue with a new update..Version: 2.9.26

Love it!!!Amazing app to lighten up old photos 🙏🏽💯.Version: 1.7.3

Amazing!I am incredibly impressed with this app! My boyfriend has been colourising old photos of my Grandparents for me to frame and give to my Parents as Christmas gifts. I was excited to see them in colour, but they still didn't have the face detail. Kind of blurred looking. This sent be looking for an app to help… And oh my goodness! I can’t wait to give these pictures to my Mum! They look absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier. Absolutely recommend..Version: 1.7.3

I’m pleasantly surprised at how well this app works!I have a pretty shaky hand, and a lot of blurry photos that I’ve been meaning to edit. I’ve tried a bunch of other editors before, but they don’t really cut it - some even worsen the quality. But with this app, it literally took seconds to enhance my pictures and the results were so good. I can’t believe that it actually works! Thank you for developing this app. <3.Version: 2.6.0

Unhappy subscriberYou have killed the app with the update you can’t do anything with it no more apart from enhance the face I used to like how you could resize your image a word of advise don’t mess with things that wasn’t broke try fixing other enhancements in the programme instead of blurry bodies after it’s enhanced the face I won’t be subscribing any more I used this a lot but you have ruined it I’ll go back to photoshop on my pc not impressed.Version: 2.0.0

Really good photo enhancerThis app help save my bad shots or low red photos from the delete button. It also made some bad photos from the internet become high res masterpieces. It is not perfect as it didn’t save some photos but it has a 95% success rate. Overall it is a really good app and I would really recommend downloading it..Version: 2.7.9

ReminiLove the app.Version: 1.3.9

Great but over pricedThis is an excellent App now but the cost to use it is astronomical… way beyond what most people can afford… Note to the owners… Don’t be greedy, you will make more money, if you lower the price, to let more people have affordable access….Version: 2.9.110

It’s been great!Update 2: Everything has been awesome! 5 stars again! UPDATE: Remini hasn’t worked on my IPhone XS for about a month now!! I keep trying with every update, and it crashes on startup!! 5 star review is now a 1 star until the problem gets fixed! Remini does better work than it’s iOS competition. Clearly the best on iOS. Unfortunately, their network can’t keep up with user demand (unable to connect, or long processing times). They also make it seemingly impossible to sign in on more than one device! I would LOVE to make Remini a stable part of my workflow, but find it frustrating. That being said, if you’re working with older pics from an old phone or digital camera, it works great. Working with HQ photos seems to be what causes the issues. Lots of potential to be incredible though..Version: 2.9.80

The only app that actually worksRemini was the first app I found on the App Store to enhance photos and it did a mind blowing job yea the faces still look weird and smooshed like a painting but I actually does very good at showing details. But then I thought i could try out other apps turns out none of them make a difference they make faces look photoshopped some do alright but still weird and I tried even the best reviewed enhancer apps but still nothing. So if there is one app you should trust it’s Remini does a whole lot better than everything else Developers if you are listening thank you for this app you did soo much better than other apps keep up the fantastic work.Version: 2.7.0

Really enjoy this appI have taken some old family photos that weren’t best quality and made them clearer. So happy with them. It won’t work on really bad ones but does in majority..Version: 2.6.5

Great appSuper simple to use!.Version: 2.10.14

Watermark for Pro SubscriptionI handed Remini a solid 4 stars mostly because it works wonders with image quality – seriously, impressive stuff. But, and there's always a but, the whole "Oops, something is wrong" situation can be a real buzzkill, especially when my internet is on its A-game. Also, about those watermarks – yeah, they're like that one guest who overstays their welcome. I signed up for a yearly subscription, but nope, the watermark keeps showing up. Here's hoping Remini gets the memo and sorts these quirks out in the next update. Fingers crossed! 🤞.Version: 2.9.101

Up until the recent update this was The perfect photo restoration appFirstly - this app - when fully functional - is FANTASTIC. The final results can be outstanding! However recent updates have removed all but the Enhance Photo features. I understand the need to update the video enhance feature and hope this returns soon, bigger and better (it would be nice to get an algorithm that can enhance or sharpen the background of a video rather than just the face in the foreground to bring clarity to the entire frame) but the biggest loss is the disappearance of the Colourisation feature. Hopefully that will also return, better than before. The new interface takes some getting used to - hopefully this will be ironed out once the other features are brought back online. I do miss being able to access previous enhancements to re-download (often I have to clear memory if there is insufficient space for an app update, it was useful to delete enhanced images to clear space then re-download at a later time) The addition of a feedback button under settings would be great so we can offer suggestions of future features we would like to see Otherwise this is a phenomenal app!! Please update the page (or app) to let us know when the other (in my case frequently) used features will return. Keep up the phenomenal work though!.Version: 2.5.0

I like it BUT…The new update is honestly very aggravating. It went from only needing to do 1 ad to 2 and the second ad for being allowed to save the photo. If you’re gonna put more ads, then give more credits or allow unlimited saves one. We still only are given 5 credits. Not cool! And on top of that, it sometimes changes the color of my skin which isn’t appreciated! It makes it lighter than what it is at times which I don’t understand. Was also disappointed that it does good with close up selfies/headshot photos but doesn’t come out so well with the same thing but that person being slightly farther back. Still pixelated or blurry. I thought that would’ve been something that y’all would’ve fixed… instead of putting more unnecessary ads. Anyways, besides that I do love the app, I just think these issues need to be eliminated..Version: 2.0.1

Man…just wowI had doubt about this app. And boy…i was blown away with the result. You guys are legend! Cheers!.Version: 2.4.0

Amazing!!!I want to blow a photo up onto a canvas for my parents for a Christmas gift but the photo was taken in a Photo Booth at a family wedding (which was a lot of fun! Defo recommend a Photo Booth at any wedding!!) anyway! We go loads of lovely photos, mum, dad, my sister and me.. but due to being in the Photo Booth they weren’t the bet quality and slightly pixelated.. so I downloaded Remini to give it a go and the difference between the before and after was incredible!!!! 100% recommend Remini if you have pixelated or blurry photos!!.Version: 2.7.7

Best filter app by far.I love this filter app for a few reasons.. One reason is it can take an old photo that has been screenshot and/or just doesn’t look good anymore or may be blurry or just bad and it will bring the photo back to life. The picture will look like it was just taken. It is awesome. Plus the price isn’t bad at all. I got the smallest paying plan which is $1.99 a month (I think). I’ve never paid for a filter app before this one. I can only imagine if I were to upgrade it to the Pro version for $6.99 how great the photos would look. Oh wait this is the best/coolest part! So I uploaded 6-8 pics of myself and AI combined the pics/ my features and added changes like blonde hair with blue eyes and so it’s you but a different version, way better looking version. So cool. If you want a different look, here’s your preview! Awesome app! Definitely try it out!.Version: 2.9.82

😍😍Superbe application.Version: 2.10.13

Can’t restore my purchaseI really like what this app can do. However, I was having some issues with it after subscribing for 3 months, so I deleted the app, reinstalled it, then tried to restore my purchase. It just says that there is a purchase already associated with my Apple ID. No kidding. That’s why I’m trying to restore. I tried this on my iPhone 12 and iPad mini 5, but it won’t let me restore. So basically, it looks like I’ll have to wait for the remainder of my subscription to run out before I can make it work again. What a scam. Edit: Remini was able to work through my issues. It all was related to signing in with Apple. Once we made my actual email address the account email, everything worked. Also, they have basically eliminated any crashing from before, scrolling is now ultra smooth, and the entire experience is now top notch..Version: 1.7.3

Excellent app!!! Hours, days, weeks of fun!!!Even the free version would give an excellent result when processing my old out of focus pictures. Although, one may have to watch a 30 sec add for the process to start, then another for the result to arrive, it’s worth the wait: the results can be truly stunning! Congrats to the developers and a huge thank you for making this app accessible!.Version: 2.7.7

Close to perfect, But….This is, without a doubt, an incredible example of the power of AI. On soft images and “old” photos, it magically brings details back to the faces in an image, and it’s darn near perfect… but…. It’s greatest strength is also it’s Achilles heel. It obviously draws on a large database of images that it sorts through as reference to create detail that just doesn’t exist in an original image. Unfortunately, those details can sometimes make the person in the photo look like someone else. The second downfall of this is that while it restores incredible detail to faces it does nothing for the rest of the image, which is at the least, a huge letdown, and at worst, it just makes the image look downright awkward. 4 stars for a mostly magical experience… minus 1 for those moments when the magic just doesn’t work..Version: 2.6.0

Best app everBest app ever.Version: 2.10.11

I hated my post birth photos… until now.Honestly I felt sad and embarrassed to share my post birth photos, I wanted to share them and those beautiful moments but never did. Thank you to Remini for making me love them again! I feel like it’s the best gift! And it looks like I had a professional photographer there!.Version: 2.9.117

Works real goodLove running my pics thru Remini before light room..Version: 1.6.7

Amazing!This app is not what I expected, I first downloaded this app because I saw it all over Tik tok so I had to try it. Once I downloaded it I tried out some blurry photos and black and white photos and just like that it went from blurry to clear! Amazing app and def recommended.Version: 1.3.10

Highly recommendedGreat app.Version: 1.3.11

Best appLove restoring photos to a better quality. Thanks to this app I’m able to do that. Highly recommend this app 💕.Version: 2.9.86

Amazing app but many advertsThis app is amazing and really helps, you can’t use photos too far away though. The only thing is you either have to pay to use it without ads or you have to watch a long advert, i don’t pay because the ads don’t bother me too much but i know some people really hate that. You have to watch an add to do the process of unbluring it ect and another to save it to your camera roll (or you can just screenshot it).Version: 2.7.9

AmazingThis app is amazing for un-blurring photos, making your photos into art and more. I absolutely recommend it! Good job👍.Version: 1.7.5

Freaking Amazing! Done the Impossible!Okay! This app has a few problems: like the option for video enhance for some reason is not available for me, and has an iPhone UI only, and depending on the photo used, the result can be a bit variable, but…. It is still freaking amazing! In all my twenty years+ experience of photo editing I have never seen anything like it! I have tried to “fix” out of focus photos with sharpening tools etc but really it’s just increasing grain contrast so the viewer’s eyes to think that it is more in focus but the amount of loss in real details and graininess limit it’s use severely. Come Remini! It has actually done the seemingly impossible! It makes blurry photos look sharp as if it is in good focus. As I have said before the result may vary so you really have to check your result carefully as sometimes the AI may make a really weird mistake and make you subject look ridiculous but this is not very often, and when it does it can often be fixed manually with another app like photoshop. The only real rescue I know of for an otherwise un-usable out of focus blurry shot. The subscribed version is definitely worth it as it gives you a few result so you may pick the best one. Suggestions: -iPad Pro compatible interface as this app is definitely professionsl worthy and we like to edit on a big screen. -a more professional looking interface. -Where is the video enhance option advertised? -***option to preserve the original Metadata!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.7.2

Very coolThe ads are annoying but this is amazing. It takes a while for one photo but the results are worth it! I use this for unblurring photos of ma boi ✨big Q✨😌 I recommend this app if you are patient!.Version: 1.6.2

Beat photo editing appThis is the best photo editing app i have ever seen so far. Initially you can edit few photos for free after that it asks for subscription. You can take 7 days free trial as well and edit limited photos per day without subscription as well. This app turns your normal picture to HD pic. I wish there video editing feature should have been free too..Version: 2.9.107

My favourite AppJust love this app for creating, having a bit of fun and experiencing quality end product..Version: 2.9.86

Wow!!!Very few apps wow me but I’ve got to say, this one did. Obviously it depends what you need this app to do to your photo, but for me I needed blurry faces or pixelated faces to be improved. Let’s just say it has performed way better than I thought it would! The quality of the faces is unbelievable, really did not expect it to work so well. Like I said, it depends what you need it for, but for me it’s by far the best app I’ve used by a mile..Version: 1.7.2

Game changerI’m blown away. Frighteningly good.Version: 1.3.10

Remini was good until…Ok so when I downloaded the app, I went through all the questions and I wanted to see ai photos of me, it worked but then the second time it was asking for money. I decided to delete it and get it back and when I pressed use this model, it bring me to a payment plan so I pressed the cross and it wouldn’t work. I couldn’t use any of the models and I kept deleting it and getting it back so it would work but no. So what’s the point if I can’t even use a model? Huh? Like all I can do is enhance and I don’t wanna do that! I JUST WANT TO SEE ME AS THE MODELS!! like WTH I don’t care about a dumb payment plan, I see other people doing it for free SO WHATS UP WITH MINE? I am not trying to be mean but can you just give me steps how I can do it for free? Bc I am starting to see that there is no point to it. Thank you for reading my report… I hope you can reply to this soon enough..Version: 2.9.68

Great but some problemsI do like how i’m able to enhance videos and photos but i’ve tired it again after a year and shocked by the difference, it’s improved majorly in the abilities it has but uses it in the wrong ways, It makes skin lighter, removes any texture on the skin as well when i want to keep it. The ai’s reconstruction abilities are way better but i’m not a fan of how smooth the faces end up and sometimes i will get strange results. The videos aren’t the best and the eye will change shape throughout the video when they look around which i think is weird n stuff. Thats all. Maybe there should be an option on wanting to enhance texture and reduce noise together making it look more realistic, instead of washed out smooth baby skin which just looks like an ai generated person.Version: 2.9.55

Works perfectlyIt’s the only app that works for me.Version: 2.9.43

FalanI love this app so much.Version: 2.9.84

I started crying.My father passed away when I was nine months. And for vast majority of my life I only had one photo of him. It was very unclear and scruffy. Up until three years ago where I was able to get hold of some more. But just like the first ever photo I had, they too were blurred, scratched and very unclear. My whole life I had family telling me I resembled him. Had his eyes. Had his eyebrows and hair. His “look”. I was named after him also, so as one can imagine, it was a very heartache I felt, to look like this man, be named after him, have his blood running through my veins... yet not know what he clearly looks like. Up until this app. For the first time I can see his facial features. Those eyebrows I have been gifted with. Those beautiful bold eyes. Each strand of his hair. The freckles on his nose. I can’t believe how handsome my father is, so thank you so so much for making photos of a man who no longer is around, come alive for me. ❤️ real tears and goosebumps is what I felt. So if any of you want to know if this app is good. Please don’t hesitate. Download it now and watch the fond memories you once had, or if your like me, the only moments you will ever have, become real right in front of your very own eyes ✨.Version: 1.3.10

Honest ReviewI’ve tested every photo enhancing App available on the App Store & Remini in my opinion is the best one, a lot of negative reviews are from people who don’t understand that this App doesn’t restore and improve the whole picture, it’s mainly for the face, to restore family photos, selfies etc… & it does a great job at that. Even though there might be an occasion where i don’t like how the picture came out, no App is perfect, I’m still giving it 5 stars because for something that is so affordable/powerful & easy to use how can I not? There’s also other features like cropping photos, turning pictures into paintings and drawings, animating a photo to have the eyes move & a lot more. A great feature that could be really beneficial for this App is if they released some sort of system where you could choose what area or areas you would want enhanced, right now there isn’t that option, so for example I’m enhancing a photo of a man smiling wearing a suit in the rain, the whole picture will come out great, face looking HD, but the rain is abit blurry, if there was a system where you could pick what area you do or do not what effected would take this App even further!.Version: 1.6.7

Love this app.I can’t afford PRO. Even so, I have been able for the first time in my life, been able to see clearly facial details and a clear face of my parents photos from before the war and others from the 50’s. I was astounded at the clarity and used Remini for photos I had of my Grandmother and Grandfather dated around 1915. I was in tears seeing the amazing results. Can’t thank you enough. Huge hugs.😘❤️.Version: 2.6.5

HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDA++++ I can’t thank you enough, it has restored some most cherished photos and bought then back to life 100%.Version: 2.8.7

AwesomeGreat app.Version: 2.10.11

Love the app, but…I love this app and use it all the time for photo enhancement, however, the video enhancement takes hours and hours to apply. Does it really need 5hours to enhance a 30 second video? If that was fixed it would be the perfect app..Version: 1.7.1

Remini is fascinatingGreat to try out. Some results are dubious like the descratching that left a “seam” where the photo had been scrunched. The colourised photos are very washed out too. But tiny black and white photos can be enlarged and enhanced to make you do a double take and go wow! Photos from the past can be lost but once digitised they can be easily stored and dispersed in perfect condition..Version: 1.6.4

Why am I paying a month fee to see adverts now?I pay a monthly fee for this app, which I was happy to pay for, now I am getting loads of annoying adverts I have to sit through before my photos are processed on the iPhone ( I don’t get this on the iPad yet) The photos come out okay I must say, but I don’t see why I should have to sit and watch these loud adverts as if I am using a free app, so I think I will unsubscribe now.Version: 1.5.11

ReminiMakes photo clear.Version: 2.7.15

Love love love!I don’t normally write reviews but this app is amazing. I’ve used it for years to clear up my photos and it’s never let me down. It even adds newer and cooler stuff such as the ai generator that I’ve been having fun with recently. Sure, there are ads but not nearly as much as other apps and they’re worth watching for the final product..Version: 2.8.7

GreatIt works like magic!.Version: 2.9.101

Super application!Je recommande fortement !.Version: 2.10.11

Learn which photos suit this app bestI’m quite impressed so far with this app, it certainly has produced some really good sharp results from really old photos to fuzzy screenshots. Over all it does very well. But you will need to learn which images suit this app and which don’t. I’ve had some that looked like melted faces or done in Picasso style but these have been in the minority. You may want to touch up the processed image on Photoshop but give it a go, you will be very pleased with most of the results, I know I have been..Version: 1.7.5

What is happening! :(Hi omg i love this app and been using it forever, it’s literally my favorite editing app of all time <3 i use the enchance feature EVERYDAY for my instagram posts & edits. but recently it just does not work. it says no connection and like try again later. it doesn’t even start progressing! i tried everything u guys wrote in the help center thing, updated my phone and app, tried both cellular data and wifi, vpn and no vpn. gosh i did everything. like i did have problems getting my pics done since the new appearance and update, but now it’s just not working. please fix this asap i have many instagram accounts that depend on this app! i tried every other app and they’re not as close to good as u guys. i love u and really need your help :( i hope u have a great day, don’t forget that ur worth the world 🫧🫶🏻.Version: 2.5.0

Pretty good i guess !I think overall it’s a pretty good photo editor app, I mean there’s not lots of apps that let you enhance photos. But I personally feel that it’s missing something. There are some small bugs that should be fixed, but other than that it’s a really good photo enhance app, (in my opinion they should probably add videos too.) i’d actually give this three stars just because there isn’t much to the app itself, but i wanted more people to see this review before downloading. i’m definitely keeping the app because i have lots of laggy/bad quality photos lol. Anyway, Just read this before downloading because it might not be all you were expecting, which was also my reaction. So, yes, this is a good and useful app! i recommend it about 80% because i know a lot of us have loads of photos that need to be enhanced i guess lol, Have a great day!.Version: 2.6.11

Good but notI like the way this app make our picture better but I have to wait so long to get the result, the ads annoy us a lot.Version: 2.9.106

Love it!Nice apps to make blurry photo more enhance.Version: 1.3.10

Photo enhancedPhoto was enhanced and I unblurred perfectly 😁.Version: 2.10.9

PerfectionRegardless of you needing to watch an Ad to use it and save it? I for sure, recommend this app One Hunnid, 🫰🏾💯.Version: 2.7.2

Thank youI don’t know how to convey the way I feel about this app. I downloaded it last night and quickly realized I had to subscribe. My reason, I have been trying to get pictures of someone dear to me who passed close to twenty years ago and very recently I had my opportunity to do so. As you might expect what I got was grainy and blurred, some where even faded and torn. Not only did this clear most of that up but over enhanced pictures have made it possible to see what he would look like today. He would be mid-thirties. The animated feature gave me great comfort to see him candid like I remember. I know most users will not have an experience like mine but I suspect this app will be a huge help in healing from his memory. Thank you so much for giving me this..Version: 1.5.11

Amazing app for creating OCsI’m not the the type to leave reviews and this is my second ever review on the app store in like 13 years of being on apple. The other review was also just just made five minutes ago for another similar app. Needless to say this app is just that good. I have cycled through 30 different apps in the last 3 days and this and PhotoApp are the only two that fit my standard and are doing what I wanted them to do. Which was to create realistic looking OCs for the book series that I’m writing. Finding this app saved me from pulling all my hair out from the frustration of the other apps not meeting my requirements. Whoever designed the ai features deserves a full on french kiss or whatever equivalent they prefer =).Version: 2.10.12

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