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What is Klover - Instant Cash Advance? Description of Klover - Instant Cash Advance

Your payday can’t come soon enough! That’s where we come in. Get a Klover cash advance up to $200 cash – even if your payday is 2 weeks away. And unlike banks, there are no late fees, credit checks or interest charges. Like, legit zero-zero.

* Enter your name, email and phone to sign up in seconds
* Connect your bank so we know where to send your money
* Pocket your cash in minutes –– get up to $200

But we’re not just a one-trick pony. Here’s why over 2 million people have made Klover their budget bestie:

Earn points for things like taking surveys and watching ads. You can then cash them out for a bigger advance or to enter our daily sweepstakes.

You’ve got a chance to win $100 every day. Plus, five people get to pocket $20. That’s over 2000 chances to win each year!

Level up your money game with Klover+ innovative budgeting tools. Create spend goals, opt-in to track your credit score, and earn extra points when you reach savings targets.

It’s not sci-fi, it’s borrowing from yourself. Ditch the banks with high fees or your friends with high horses. Get a cash advance through the Klover app with no credit checks, late fees or interest charges. Legit zero-zero.

We’re not your typical financial Institution. Our biggest goal is to see you financially free.

So, we’ll never charge you annoyingly high fees. Instead, we can give you a swiss army knife of money tools, plus immediate cash advances by leveraging your most valuable asset -– your data.

By transparently leveraging your approved data, we can provide low to no fee financial products and services to save you time and money.

Your data is always anonymized (we’ll never know who you are) and securely stored using 256-bit encryption (we’re talking military-grade, bank-level technology here). When you opt-in to our Truth in Data agreement, you’ll unlock all the Klover app perks –– like cash advances, budgeting tools, sweepstakes –– without any credit checks, late fees or interest charges. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Got a question? Reach out to us at [email protected]

Disclaimer: Klover does not offer loans. We are NOT a payday loan, cash loan, personal loan, or app to borrow money. By validating your employment you can access money you’ve already earned.

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Klover - Instant Cash Advance App User Reviews

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Klover - Instant Cash Advance Pros

It’s a good app! Just a few suggestions.The app is definitely helpful, and I’ve enjoyed it and find it unique amongst similar apps, but there are a few things worth mentioning that could be worked on. The first would be that you have to gain points to have an advance available as opposed to having that as an option but also giving a base amount once direct deposits have been verified through our checking accounts. I do also like the option to add value to your advance by scanning receipts, but I purchase about half of my things with cash for better budgeting purposes, so the need to find receipts with my account number was a bit disappointing and I think it might be something good to consider for others as well! I have enjoyed you all’s platform and it truly is helpful and unique, I just thought these things might give users an even better experience with you all!.EmberTomarasVersion: 2.17.1

Great App! Helps Keep Money in your Pockets!This app is great. I was very skeptical about it when I first got it. I get iffy signing up for things that ask for personal information and banking but I really needed extra money at the time and gave it a try. I have to say since day one, I have found myself using it constantly for extra cash when needed and it works like a charm! This has helped tremendously especially during rough times. I highly recommend it for everyone living paycheck to paycheck or can’t get approved for credit. Thank you guys!! Keep up the good work. Another plus is the bonus incentives they offer for other products!! Btw, I had trouble getting approved for loans including payday loans even with a great credit score. Upon finding other options, I came across this app and it was simple to sign up and get paid. It’s straight forward and to the point. Get cash right away and pay later. No having to worry about asking people to borrow money. This is a huge help..WordySteveVersion: 3.48.1

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Klover - Instant Cash Advance Cons

Scam, misleading, and just pointless !So im eligible for $100 advance BUT every time i try to complete or sign up for the 4000 point offers….the app connected to those 4000 points either doesn't load, wont send verification email etc yet the smaller point ones will with no problem. Im starting to feel like you guys intentionally rig these points to keep people from getting the advance. Be honest because noone is going to join 25 plus apps or links to get that. Why make it so hard and you guys have our banking info? If the person is paying it back, is in need of the advance, why be so complicated ? You dangle it and take advantage of people who may be in need? Thats decent to you guys? Right now id need to get 3,500 points to cash out $100? Huh ? Thats so many spamming apps. At this point can you just delete my account , im going to leave my review and not look back. I did one measley advance and the next 1 has triple the points to cash out, ????? make it make sense and be for the people and not greedy to the people. Its 2nd hand embarressment seeing a “referral” option - never again.Since1988818Version: 3.66.0

I LOVEd itI had been using Klover for months without an issue. Got an advance for $100 a week consistently for over 4 months. All of a sudden it was giving me an error message. After reaching out to CS, they had me remove bank info and resubmit it. They assured me that would fix it. Well, after that, the app kept telling me that I didn’t have enough points. I reached back out to CS, they said it didn’t make any sense, they could clearly see I was set up for the correct option and there’s no reason I couldn’t take the max and I wasn’t setup to need to use the points. Then I received a message from a different rep saying I am on a waitlist. Like what? After messaging back a few times, all I got for a response was I was put on a waitlist. Why after using the advance for months does this occur? I pay monthly as well.. so no changes to my information or employment or anything that should prompt that kind of change. And no one was willing to correct the error for a loyal customer who always paid back their advance and never had any issues...GrantmacdonaldVersion: 3.79.0

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Is Klover - Instant Cash Advance legit?

Yes. Klover - Instant Cash Advance is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 182,612 Klover - Instant Cash Advance user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Klover - Instant Cash Advance is 93.3/100.

Is Klover - Instant Cash Advance safe?

Yes. Klover - Instant Cash Advance is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 182,612 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Klover - Instant Cash Advance is 93.8/100.

Should I download Klover - Instant Cash Advance?

There have been no security reports that makes Klover - Instant Cash Advance a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

Klover - Instant Cash Advance Screenshots

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Product details of Klover - Instant Cash Advance

App Name:
Klover - Instant Cash Advance
App Version:
Klover Holdings, Inc.
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Finance, Shopping
EN ES   
App Size:
186.01 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
30 July 2019, Tuesday
Last Update:
29 May 2024, Wednesday - 14:11
IOS 15.0 or later

Klover - Instant Cash Advance 2024.5.28 Update Note
✱ Version History

We fixed a bug around users getting removed from their surveys and improved the experience around offers..

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