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Klover - Instant Cash Advance App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Klover - Instant Cash Advance app received 30 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Klover - Instant Cash Advance? Can you share your negative thoughts about klover - instant cash advance?

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Klover - Instant Cash Advance for Negative User Reviews

Horrible!The app was great at first, THEN when it came down to my second repayment the app became horrible! My advances were increasing then it took almost half the day for it to pull my repayment from my account and I forgot to unlock my card and now it’s not even trying to pull the payment at all which caused my advances to drop! “Customer service” is absolutely no help as they really can’t do anything and it takes them forever to respond so by the time you hear from them it’s too late! WHY can’t I make my own payment instead of waiting for the app to run it I haven’t had any issues making my payments with Dave OR Empower but KLOVER is definitely the lowest on the list for me rn! Then I’d be wrong to not even allow it to take the payment from my account. DO BETTER! Stop acting like y’all can’t make other options in 2022 almost 2023!! UPDATE ** Was already in contact with “support” they’re also no help. 5+ days past my repayment date and all they can say is it attempted multiple times even though I have notifications from my bank on both my phone and email with no attempt notifications. They claim they processed the payment which should’ve been done the day I reached out but instead made me wait another 3 days. App still isn’t refreshing my bank information and nothing loads up properly..Version: 3.52.0

Scam, Doesn’t work, customer service is lazyThis app is a joke and has been since the day I downloaded it. Never been able to scan receipts, the point system randomly changes and when it came to actually linking my accounts for an advance it just didn’t work and left me on a page with a sad face emoji and told me to contact support. When I did get a response from support they sent me a copy and pasted article from their help page, clearly I had already read and determined the issues they stated were not the issue then told me they can’t do anything. Could of taken the time to at the very least look at my account and write me a personal message after determining the issue. Poor app development and lazy customer service. There’s plenty of other apps out there way better than this one, this one feels like a complete scam just like a ton of the other reviews say, notice how fake developers responses to comments are as well. They had no problem verifying my debit card by taking money and not giving it back. Now I have to cancel my card as I’m terrified they will do it again. Don’t do it !! Not worth it.Version: 3.0.0

Eventually stops working, poor customer supportApp worked great the first couple months. All the sudden after repaying my last advance, the app no longer will accept my debit card that was already verified and linked to the account. So now I can’t get any advances I earn with points because the debit card was somehow unlinked from the account and fails to link every time I try and re enter the card info. Even went as far as contacting my bank to ensure it wasn’t a problem with my account or card and it turns out it’s no fault of my own because I’m in great standing with the bank. I email support thinking maybe it was a bug and just needed technical support. I was instructed to remove my bank account and re link it and then I will be able to add the card back to the account. I was excited to use the app again and followed the instructions given, and it still failed to link my card. I was offered no further help from there other than an “I’m sorry this is happening to you”. It’s a joke. Especially when there are so many other competitions that I’ve had ZERO issues with. And to show Klover the same level of courtesy showed to me, Earnin, FloatMe, Empower, Money Lion, etc are all competitors that offer better apps and support. I have yet to run into issues until I signed up with Klover. Stupid decision on my part. Don’t waste your time downloading this app, you’ll thank me later..Version: 3.36.2

Inconsistent, and bad customer serviceI’ve had this month for up to 3 months. Things were going fine, besides the normal issues you’d get among at other apps too. Main issue first started when an expedited request I mad at 5.00 on a Sunday didn’t hit my account until Friday morning 5 days later the same day customer service finally got back to me. The 4-5 business days shouldn’t be that long for a simple email considering usually first responses don’t even solve the problem if it’s something that still hasn’t fixed itself within those 4-5 days. It’s also inconsiderate considering most people using this app cannot wait 4-5 days for something they expedited in less than 1 and still get forced to pay a 9.99 charge (for $100 advance). The final straw came when all the sudden my bank connection needed to be reconnected and I kept getting the same message when I went to do so “Your account already connected” Plaid reached back to me within a day explaining what to do as well as telling me to reach out to Klover, which I of course did before hand. Still 6 days later no email response. I actually sent a 3rd message out to Klover as I was furious over the customer service to just cancel my account. Rather than emailing me back over my original issue or even trying tj solve ANY issue I’m having with them which I made clear in my final email they just rather not dealt with any of it and canceled my account for me. Super disappointing..Version: 2.42

FrustratingSo, there’s this function where you can earn points based on what “offers” you take, and the more points you have, the higher an advance you can get. I’ve accumulated 3.7K points and in that time my card is still unverified. Ive made around 8K in surveys and download sign ups, but the only one thats posted to my account is the lowest point payment of 1.6K. I’ve given all my personal information to all of Klovers third party connections, and all support says is “wait it out” The whole point of getting a cash advance app was to pay my security deposit today. Now I have no idea if they’ll wait until my payday. ‼️ So until here I had kept the review in pending, waiting for better service to hopefully happen. It has been a business week since I paid back my late advance right on time and it still says the payment is being processed. I’m so angry with the entire process, and the apps constant crashing makes me feel even worse. Id give it no stars but I want people to see this..Version: 3.82.0

Not a care in the world about their customer baseFirst of all, despite having fully repaid anything I ever borrowed from this app and having then requested a complete deletion of my account and being told my account was removed. However, here they are trying to pull out $4.00 from my checking account again. Considering i deleted my account, i find this absolutely ridiculous. Not only that but since i noticed the aforementioned attempted charges to my bank account, I decided to login to the app to see why. Oddly, my password didn't work. I sent a password reset request. I received an email containing the reset link. The link very prominently displays it's "https" wording in the link text within the email. Great, but when you actually click on the link you're forwarded to an insecure page that does not use ssl certificates. This is 2022, and let's encrypt literally gives away SSL certificates. There is absolutely no excuse for any company, especially one that offers financial services to leave their users unprotected like this. In fact, I think there might even be laws against this..Version: 3.34.1

Was Great Until It Wasn’t - Bad Customer ServiceThis app was a lifesaver for me, but be warned if your debit card is close to expiring or you get a new one you are screwed if you try to use Klover again. I have spent the last week attempting to put my new card on file with Klover and was getting nonstop error messages. I tried everything from logging out and back in, uninstalling the app and reinstalling, completely removing my bank account and setting it back up, literally will not verify my new card. I contacted customer service explaining this and instead was told to try logging out and back in again, when I said in my original message I had already attempted this. I tried a few more times just to be sure and nothing. Tried reaching back out to customer support on their feedback email and heard nothing (I also work in CS using Zendesk and I know they see the negative feedback in their system, lol) I just tried to reopen my original help ticket so we shall see. I guess i’ll edit this review if I ever actually get help..Version: 3.82.0

Not the best…To start the app continuously had issues verifying my card I’d get charged multiple times on my bank statements of a few cents over and over. Even though it was a small amount it continues to say in app that I needed to verify my card in app for advance. Once I finally.. got through that I tried to do surveys and stuff I racked up almost 1000 points and tried to get an advance. I could only take 30 dollars out which was okay with me. I chose the expedited method and waited all day for an update or even the deposit itself no sign of it. Not only was there no sign of the deposit the app that continued to glitch somehow took me back to the you need to verify your card for an advance screen. Which is odd because it literally requested a deposit and was approved hours ago. There needs to be a separate way to track your deposit or even active customer service. I literally did all that work to get points for a deep and the app glitched and now it’s stuck this way. Writing this review still waiting on my deposit. Long story short DO NOT use this app huge waste of time doing surveys and earning points to be scammed out of a deposit with no active support to help resolve the issue..Version: 3.64.0

Eligibility for advanceI haven’t seen an option for a non-points advance since they made points advances a thing so I finally got curious and asked support what’s up. This was their response: “Here at Klover, we have a few strict requirements that need to be met in order for a customer to be eligible for an advance. One of these requirements is a customer must have a pay cycle of either 7 or 14 days. In addition to that, the paycheck must be directly deposited into a checking account on a Thursday or a Friday.” I technically get paid on Fridays but the bank account I have connected pays out early (on Wednesdays). I’m asking if I can send paystubs to prove that my paydays are Fridays and see if they can use that instead of me having to connect a different bank account; I’ll update this once I get a response. Just wanted to let other people know that if you can’t get a non-points advance, it might have something to do with when you get paid..Version: 3.43.1

I LOVEd itI had been using Klover for months without an issue. Got an advance for $100 a week consistently for over 4 months. All of a sudden it was giving me an error message. After reaching out to CS, they had me remove bank info and resubmit it. They assured me that would fix it. Well, after that, the app kept telling me that I didn’t have enough points. I reached back out to CS, they said it didn’t make any sense, they could clearly see I was set up for the correct option and there’s no reason I couldn’t take the max and I wasn’t setup to need to use the points. Then I received a message from a different rep saying I am on a waitlist. Like what? After messaging back a few times, all I got for a response was I was put on a waitlist. Why after using the advance for months does this occur? I pay monthly as well.. so no changes to my information or employment or anything that should prompt that kind of change. And no one was willing to correct the error for a loyal customer who always paid back their advance and never had any issues...Version: 3.79.0

Extremely unreliablePleas don’t use the app, it’s unreliable at best and if it actually does give you the option to advance without using points beware you probably won’t be able to the next time. Even after clearing payment on time and waiting plenty of business days. The app is constantly behind. The surveys don’t always give you points and there’s not really much help from their team. It’s only one person who gives basic answers. I wouldn’t waste my time with it. While it may work if you use points just know that those don’t always reflect correctly. It’s a lot of work for little reward. Just save time and find another more reliable app. ****update, tried again, waited the allotted time again. Just don’t do it, the whole response from their developer team was just a way to have people think they’re helping but it’s the same old run around the same old story. Don’t do this app. You will be constantly waiting hoping they’ve updated information on their end, but also if your really in a pinch it will only work right the first time, after that it’s just a longer and longer cycle of waiting and uncertainty****.Version: 3.59.0

Not so badThe app works and gets the job done, when I first downloaded it was under the promise you’ll get up to $250. If you really think that’s gonna happen good for you, but that’s a lie, the max amount I have gotten was $100 and if you don’t use the app in one payment cycle, the amount will start going down again, so it’s made to keep you getting money in order to get a higher limit, otherwise they’ll stop giving you from a $100 down to maybe $30. Also, in order to get money you need to have about 900 points, which you get the points very slowly and when they have promos like “scan 2 receipts and get 200 points” is a lie, never works, so basically you really have to work your points getting 5 points for each receipt or 10 for watching adds… just imaging how many adds you need to watch to get 900 points, do the math, crazy. If you’re patient and you aren’t really in a emergency then go ahead and use it, if you need good amounts of money and quickly this app is not for you. A good example of fake offers is this one right here, I’m supposed to get 200 points for leaving a review, but as soon as I go back to the app this is what pops up “offer wall error, unable to fetch offers. Please contact our help center for further assistance.” Like please, I would understand if it happened once or twice but it happens all the time….Version: 3.34.1

Would give zero if possibleThis app does not deliver on advertised promises. Had the app for several months, always running in background using battery and data, no change. I maintained bank balances and deposits well above there minimum, but never got off the so-called “wait list”. But the REAL kicker was the inability to change my bank info, neither in the app or with the assistance of “customer service”. My account info was stolen which necessitated a change in account numbers, card numbers and what not. When I couldn’t make the changes in the app, I reached out and was informed that there is literally NO WAY to update, change account info? Are you kidding me? This is such a basic thing, especially when dealing with numbers actively phished for fraudulent purposes, I still can’t quite wrap my mind around it. It speaks to the the lack of foresight and careless disregard for their current and future customers. On an unrelated note, I have not met one actual customer of Klover who is even moderately pleased. I have heard multiple stories that match my experience. All of them downloaded the app on the misleading advertising that highlights advances that never materialized, even after months of maintaining standards and letting the app constantly track your every move. I honestly doubt the veracity of any of the glowing reviews..Version: 2.28

WARNING: STAY AWAY. Shady and not as advertisedI never give the personal bank info they ask for like your passwords and stuff to anyone or entity ever doesn’t matter how legit or who you are but annoyed at myself for falling for exactly what was worried about..worse is can’t do much about it yet and unsure if anything will happen. All I’m going to say is they ask for all the info and process it and then nothing - they got all my info and not getting anything - don’t think they’re not checking stuff - It’s shady when they say what they require as in how long accounts been open amounts etc etc and I surpass they’re requirements by far. The reason they give that I can’t use them isn’t true, I clearly do have what they say i don’t. The to top it off you can’t delete anything. Or change anything. You can submit a request where they’ll get back to you in a few days it says but that’s it. So they have all the info I can’t delete or change anything or close account nothing they got it and won’t give me anything and now crossing my fingers they process my request who knows when. If i hear back at all but who knows I just don’t like this at all it’s not right. Even if they do i guarantee it’s going to be a back and forth long drawn out hard time if and when anything is undone. I don’t advise i warn do not use this..Version: 2.36

It works 3 stars worth, let me explain.1. It’s a gaming system. Watch videos. Give information and you earn point. 2. The most you can borrow is $30 which is 900 points. Points are easy to get. 3. You get points by doing things they let you do to earn points. Example: answering questions on your age, race, address, ect. 4. You must link your debit card associated with your bank account in order to get the money. Guess what? It’s a $2.50 a month subscription you are signing up for. Clever. 5. I thought this was a “pick an amount” and borrow it. Nope. It is a maximum of $30 which is payed back within a week or two automatically since you had to link your debit card anyway. *this isn’t what I thought, but I did get $30 within 60 seconds, but had to pay like a $4 fee to get it that quick. Otherwise, I would of waited 3 days for a free deposit. Maybe they will grow into something much more. At this point, I’m just going to rack up points since $30 isn’t enough for me. When it is enough for me, I’ll have the points..Version: 3.34.1

Good at First, but Only Gets WorseDO NOT USE THIS APP. This app has stolen money from my bank account and the customer service refuses to help me. I really enjoyed the app in the beginning, and it helped me in many rough spots. However, after a few months of using, it just doesn’t work the same. For example, after the first two cash out rewards I got, I am no longer receiving any more. I have been waiting on my third reward for three months, and every time I contact the customer support they just say something along the lines of “Sorry, it may be delayed!” When I ask how long it should be delayed, they only respond with “It may take 2-3 weeks for it to process”. No one has helped me with the fact that I have waited almost two months for the cash out that I spent hours watching ads for, and as far as I am concerned I will never receive it. They have also STOLEN MONEY from my account. When it comes time to pay back the advance, the app has automatically been taking out MORE than what they gave me to borrow. I’ve attempted to resolve this with the customer service but no one has gotten back to me. It’s sad because this app had the potential to change my life, but after you use it a few times they stop caring about you and only care about making money for themselves. Overall, utilize it if you need it, but don’t depend on it or trust it because it has proven to me to be lacking and somewhat of a scam whenever it feels like it..Version: 3.57.0

Possible Improvements ImplementedI really needed a loan yesterday to pick up medication. Klover made me enter in my debit card information for the second time this week. I've taken out and repad loans before, so this made me feel suspicious of this company's practices. In addition, I was flabbergasted that this company will charge 9.99 for an instant delivery for "maybe" getting your money quickly and under 5/6 hours. However, the app finally decided to not blame my bank and I was back into the system by early a.m. today. So far, I was able to take out a small amount and I've paid 2.99 for immediate delivery. This time though, the company is guaranteeing my money will be delivered within an hour. It's been 25 minutes, so I'm hoping that the deposit will actually follow through. I'm willing to be proven wrong. One positive: I appreciate Klover having a cash out limit based on payback ability and current income. I don't mind not being able to take out the full 100 because I understand the smaller loan amount is meant to help mitigate overdrafts. So I really agree with that practice. I'm hoping this new delivery time is accurate - we'll see.Version: 2.16

Lots of WorkThe app in service is OK but it’s a lot of work to get a Cash Advance that you still have to pay fees for. Other apps you can just apply for the advance and pay the fee. We have the points and then still pay a fee so it’s a lot. Even when you do it to help with the fees, the amount of points you need to even get $.50 off is so crazy. Use the points system to increase the amount you can get or to decrease fees or to extend repayment dates or something to that nature but the way you have it set up now it’s just too much work unless you really really need it and even if you really really need it they are just other apps out here that don’t require all of this. I like the concept but I think it just needs to be tweaked a little bit so it can be user-friendly worth while to the user. People aren’t going to spend an hour on your app trying to get $50 when they can just go to another app, spend the same amount in fees and get $50 in less than 10 or 15 minutes. Even with that though I think your site is awesome especially being able to link the stuff that you use like places, you shop and etc. Maybe you could even add in gas points or something. You have a great concept it just seems like it’s not synthesized for the actual user. Once you make that connection, I think this would really top the others. I hope this helps and thanks for asking for my feedback and of course thanks for the advance lol..Version: 3.51.0

App was completely useless for meI filled out all the details and they told me I was approved, I just needed to link my debit card. Once I linked my debit card, I got extremely conflicting information on the status of my account. I kept getting notifications that told me my card was verified, I went through the entire process to the point where they told me “your money will be in your account in a few minutes!” Then I waited for a few hours, went back to the app and it said my debit card needed to be verified…so I entered the information AGAIN and it would not even try to verify again. It would not say it couldn’t be verified, just nothing would happen. So I disconnected the bank and reconnected it and entered the debit info again and the same exact thing happened. I figured oh well I guess it’s not happening, but now I’m getting emails asking me if I’m enjoying the advance that I never received! You guys need to figure this out because if your system thinks you gave me money, it’s wrong, and you can check my account transaction history to confirm that..Version: 3.36.1

Scam, misleading, and just pointless !So im eligible for $100 advance BUT every time i try to complete or sign up for the 4000 point offers….the app connected to those 4000 points either doesn't load, wont send verification email etc yet the smaller point ones will with no problem. Im starting to feel like you guys intentionally rig these points to keep people from getting the advance. Be honest because noone is going to join 25 plus apps or links to get that. Why make it so hard and you guys have our banking info? If the person is paying it back, is in need of the advance, why be so complicated ? You dangle it and take advantage of people who may be in need? Thats decent to you guys? Right now id need to get 3,500 points to cash out $100? Huh ? Thats so many spamming apps. At this point can you just delete my account , im going to leave my review and not look back. I did one measley advance and the next 1 has triple the points to cash out, ????? make it make sense and be for the people and not greedy to the people. Its 2nd hand embarressment seeing a “referral” option - never again.Version: 3.66.0

Needs work (some problems)Honestly, I gave it a good amount of time and was hoping for better. My primary issue, the app does not charge you on your pay date like it claims to. And support is slow to respond (only email) and they can not help you apparently. It actually charges you shortly before payday, which is the worst time to charge it as most people living paycheck to paycheck (or not) will have the least amount of money in there account which makes it more likely they will incur bank fees, destroying the point of it. I have waited for a few direct deposits all bi-weekly on the same day and yet klover chooses the incorrect date. Then, I asked support if they charge partial payments and they apparently don’t. But I got a partial payment attempt that I caught because I happened to have my bank card locked and got a failed to process alert from my bank account. I just feel like customer service is very bad, or the service itself is or the apps poorly made… regardless, the problems I’ve had destroyed the point of the app in the first place. This is just my experience..Version: 3.23.1

Money stolen from my accountI’ve used this app for about 6 months now and haven’t had any major issues until recently. This week, I noticed a random charge from Klover for $10. I ignored it, thinking maybe the monthly subscription was just higher than I remembered. The next day, another $30 was removed my account. I messaged Klover that day and received an email that someone would get back to me in 2-3 days. In the meantime, my account was close to overdrawn due to bills having just been paid and my payday coming up. I borrowed $70 from a family member to get through the end of the week and put $50 of it into my bank account. Within a few minutes of my deposit, Klover took $50 from my account. I put the other $20 in so that the account would not be empty and yet again, Klover withdrew $20 from my account just a few minutes after deposit. I still have yet to hear from anyone in the company and had to put a freeze on my bank account to stop the fraudulent charges. I have always paid back my loan on time and have kept up with the monthly membership. I can’t see any reason for this money to have been removed from my account other than for scamming reasons. It was a very useful tool for a while, but I will be revoking my membership once this is figured out..Version: 3.58.0

Shop around firstLoved it at first , no other stuff thrown in . Just direct and to the point. I even started saving receipts for the first time in my life . And then the bank issue. It is important to update your login credentials every few months to keep your accounts as secure as possible. The fact that you can not just unlink the bank acct and re-link backup bc someone changed their bank login info is, for lack of a better word, shocking. Tbh I thought they were lying to me until I saw all these other comments. The best part, which isn’t where I spent months paying on time etc never late to be banished, it was where when I asked if there was a timeline, I was told I don’t qualify- which didn’t even make sense nor what I was asking. That’s it , they never responded to me again when I asked for clarification on what they meant by that. Eventually after a few days of being ignored, I asked to just delete my acct and I’d move on. Guess you’re not allowed to do that either bc I’m at 5 days and counting w/o a response. Two stars bc it had potential and im writing this on a Friday. Disappointing..Version: 2.32

Great Until Not So GreatThis app was working great for me for months and then all of a sudden it won’t give me points for receipts that ARE in my account but states it “doesn’t match with primary account” and then I only get 5 points. No I’m using or paying with any other form of payment, only the connected and linked card. When I did try to reach out about it I get no response. I even emailed my “digital receipts” to the email they supply on their app multiple times and I haven’t yet to receive a response back or any points at all. This will be my last time using this app as it’s been happening for months. NONE of the receipts I scan work or ever give me 50 points. They even say you can get 2X the point for Walgreens receipts. But I even tested the theory and went to Walgreens and used my only debit card (linked in app) and it only gave me 5 points because it said it didn’t match my “primary account” which isn’t true because I only have one card. It just says the same things over and over. I’ve followed all rules and guidelines and they still screw you on your actual points earned. I did recently get a response from customer service basically telling all the same stuff I already was aware of. I don’t ever get any help or anything ever resolved with this team or app..Version: 3.34.1

Alright, could be betterGetting points is harder than they make it out to be, I watched probably 50 videos for points, it only gave me point for 5. It also says Dollar General receipts are worth 2x the points, all of the ones I scanned match transactions in my bank account but it said they didn’t do I didn’t get the double points. It also won’t allow me to connect my retailer accounts, gives me an error saying my login information is wrong (it’s not I changed it right before trying) and it’s impossible to get ahold of support in a timely manner. Also, you can use points to pay the instant transfer fee, but they want you to use the same amount of point for that fee as you are using for the advance… it should line up with the amount of points you need per $10 advance (300 points = $10, so the fee of $4.99 should only cost 150 points, not $900 when you’re trying to get $30) If you fix the issue of only giving points for 5 videos a day, allowing people to use less points to get instant transfers and also sticking to what you say about double points, I will update the star rating..Version: 3.37.0

Hands down worst advance appThis app was nice at first but then as i kept using it they started changing and updating things like how many points you need for advances and making it more and more difficult to actually get the advance unless you want to spend money you don't have on their partner apps they advertise to get the points or invite friends which generally takes forever or you dont get the points so you have to watch hundreds of adds they get payed from you watching to get an advance you pay to get just makes no sense they know they make the most money from people watching adds for 10 points an add so they keep increasing the amount of points you need to get the advance not to mention they cut you off of watching the adds after a number of adds you watch till the next day, they rather profit from add traffic and partner offers than actually do what they advertise they do this app will not survive in the long run unless they accommodate the users more, the whole point of an advance is to get it when you actually need it not when you’re able to earn it a week after your already homeless or lost your car.Version: 3.76.0

Cash advance is pointlessThis app might as well just be a regular banking app. I make well enough money for a measly $20 advance and not havento watch literally hundreds of afs to do so. Not only that but the because of glitches i dont even get my points for confirming purchases (which is five point’s per purchase within the last 7 to ten purchases that’s available to collect points from) when I tap the purchase it says “youve earned 0 points” and then resets as if ive never tapped it. AND ANOTHER thing. The glitches also prevents me from getting points for putting in my retailer account credentials. so the only way i can get points is paying/playing for offers, winning points (which cost points) or watching ads. You have to watch roughly around 120 to 140 ads just to borrow $20. The ads glitch out occasionally and dont even give you the points or you have to close the entire app to get out of the ad. I would suggest just being a financial advisor/banking app without cash advance features. The point system is a total fail and a waste of time..Version: 3.84.1

Klover ReviewHonestly, I'm pretty split on this app. Firstly, I hate the points system. It's very annoying and it makes next to no sense. It makes this app less of a cash advance app and more of an app closer to Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks. Why should we have to pay back the $5 PLUS a fee after having to spend almost a full week watching ad's for y'all & taking surveys just trying to get enough points for five dollars, then have to pay that back in a week or two? I don't feel like the point system should be around if we have to repay, or I don't feel like we should have to repay if we are stuck with this point system. Not the biggest fan of this app. There are drastically better cash advance/borrowing apps. Cleo, Albert, Dave, Empower, Moneylion are some I've used just to name a few, all of which work with my bank, Chime, and do not have a point system where you're forced to watch 20 ads for 100 points just to get the literal bare minimum. This app is just overall inconvenient..Version: 3.61.0

Claiming I didn’t pay but in reality I DID.I have been using the Klover app for quite some time now and I took out a loan back on October 20 and I successfully paid it yesterday. However the Klover app is claiming that I did not pay anything even though it is reflecting on my bank statement that I paid the $114 and it has been successfully posted to my bank account and has been dedicated off of my available balance within my bank account; in which I have also provided screenshot proofs of my bank statement to Klover via email. Now all the sudden the app is asking me to connect to debit card even though my debit card has been connected to the Klover app for the past few months since I started using the services. I find it funny how Klover chooses not to respond to any email that I sent this morning and nor do they have any phone support to quickly rectify the issue. It’s funny how they can take a payment and deduct from somebody and then claim later on that the person never paid them. This is uncalled for and this issue needs to be handled and rectified immediately as this is unfair to me as I do have debts that I currently owe and need to pay..Version: 3.84.2

Gaining pointsHello! I have been a Klover user now for a couple months but only took a advance out now twice. The process is understood but tedious than most, here’s why: - when you need an advance you must gain 600 points for $5. How you’d earn these points is by ad watching, which would give you 10 points each ad. Sometimes though, using the ‘watch ad’ tab DOES NOT always give you the points. Instead it’ll go to a progress bar called “watched ads” where you can watch 20 ads for 200 points. You have several options to scan receipts, as well as logging into your Walgreens, CVS etc accounts to also gain points. Would I recommend Klover - Yes and No - here’s why - if you need a advance and you have the points and the correct bank for it, you will get the payment. Here’s why No - due to the fact you have to gain points in order to get your advance, without a lot of ways to gain quick points it will kind of make people go to MoneyLion or Dave. I also find it unfair because most of the time you do not gain the points you did a survey for or made a account for. I recommend if you are going to use Klover, make sure you don’t need the money at that moment. You will need spare time to work for the points. Also, leave a couple points within your account as well as open the app everyday to gain 5 or 10 points. Lastly, they now offer the option that your 5 recent transactions within your bank account, can now be claimed for 5 points within the Klover app..Version: 3.37.0

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