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Klover - Instant Cash Advance App User Positive Comments 2023

Klover - Instant Cash Advance app received 22 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about klover - instant cash advance?

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Klover Points ReviewI have been using this app for the past couple years. This ad is truly amazing. Anytime I need it any extra cash I’m able to have it in my account within 30 minutes. You’re all OK I had all when I go to complete offer some of them I have never redeemed my points for it. I never deviate my points for the Relief Fund 100 Points, Inbox Dollars 100 Points, Scholly 100 Points, Survey Junkie 500 Points, Sweeps Club 100 Points, and I Love Samples 100 Points. I’m not sure if that app isn’t updating but that was 1000 points and I’ve also completed a couple surveys that I never received points for, and I had receipts that I scanned that match my checking account and I only received 5 points and I should of received 50 points. That happened about maybe 8 to 10 times. I know the app was having issues for a while but I should receive all the points that I missing. Besides the points issue, this app has been a lifesaver at a time in need..Version: 3.34.1

Love this APPThis is one of my go to apps. I personally think it’s better than the Affirm’s. I like that it doesn’t depend on my credit numbers. When someone stole my credit card number & I had to change information it caused an issue with my account I was able to contact Klover talk to a real Person in the US & they were able to fix everything for me right away. Even called me back a few days later to make sure everything was still ok & ask if I received good service. Every person that worked with me was awesome & made me feel like I mattered as a customer/client. I like the fact that they keep adding new features to better the app. I always recommend to my clients, co-workers & family & will continue to. Thank Klover you the best..Version: 3.35.2

Eh, not great in comparison to competitorsFirstly, as a person who has a long-standing consistent direct deposit history with a relatively high-earning occupation, the most I have ever qualified for is $45 off the bat. If I factor in the “points system” (which I have mixed good and bad feelings about), the maximum has been $70. This is typically during a week where I work many days in a row and allow my location services to be on at all times with this app. During weeks of paid vacation, I’ve seen this drop down to $10 (LOL) I regularly log into upload receipts, as I use several receipt tracking apps for points. NEVER have I seen anywhere near the $130 advertised all over the place. The interface/design of the app is lovely & modern. The “instant” boost costs $9 and is processed the following business day if requested after 10:30AM CST (rendering the “instant” perk virtually useless and an unnecessary $9 fee (which is also by far the highest “instant” fee among its competitors). When I add up all these irritating obstacles and shortcomings, I find myself using this particular app among the last if I find myself in a pinch in need of cash, as I know the reality is I may receive $25 in like five business days in most scenarios. Typically, my cash flow situation is solved by then, rendering this app more tedious and useless. FYI, apps like Solo, Branch, MoneyLion, Brigit, and even FloatMe have actual “Instant” perks which cost half are literally instant..Version: 2.39

Great App! Helps Keep Money in your Pockets!This app is great. I was very skeptical about it when I first got it. I get iffy signing up for things that ask for personal information and banking but I really needed extra money at the time and gave it a try. I have to say since day one, I have found myself using it constantly for extra cash when needed and it works like a charm! This has helped tremendously especially during rough times. I highly recommend it for everyone living paycheck to paycheck or can’t get approved for credit. Thank you guys!! Keep up the good work. Another plus is the bonus incentives they offer for other products!! Btw, I had trouble getting approved for loans including payday loans even with a great credit score. Upon finding other options, I came across this app and it was simple to sign up and get paid. It’s straight forward and to the point. Get cash right away and pay later. No having to worry about asking people to borrow money. This is a huge help..Version: 3.48.1

Best AppI was browsing Facebook, like any other day, and suddenly I saw that a friend shared an App called klover, so I decided to take a look at it. Then I discovered the marabout of the app that tania in front of my eyes and at that moment I was going through a bad time so I decided to ask for a loan from klover and if in 2 minutes I already had the money in my bank, the fantastic thing about klover is that I never They will ask you for as much information they believe in their users as we users believe in klover, and the best of the best there is no interest but if there is a fee that is worthy for the Klover loans, it solves my problems. The most elegant thing about Klover is also that if you invite a friend they give you $ 20 grace if free, fantastic, I really recommend Clover and I want them to give them 5 stars because they are a wonderful team..Version: 3.13.1

Okay butThis app seems good in concept but others are doing better right now. The idea of short term loans between paydays, small fee, and restricted so a person does not end up paying their whole pay day back seems very profitable during inflation times. And there are apps doing it pretty well. The problem with this app is that it connects a person’s loan amount to points earned through third-party challenges and apps. So you end up undoubtedly getting tons of spam ware on your apps, taking surveys, watching adds just to end up paying back the loan, plus the fee, plus any “tip” they requested while they derive add and regeneration revenue from their users. So either eliminate the fee or make it less burdensome to obtain the points necessary to get extra grocery money. Just seems cruel and not very humane to the working people who use your app..Version: 3.50.0

Amazing AppWhether you’re just trying to get your credit back on track or you’re in a bind financially and need a little boost to your bank account, this is the app that does all of that. You’re able to get a base amount for a small dollar advance and you have the opportunity to earn points to get more of an advance. The fees are small one time processing fees for instant delivery of funds or you can wait a couple days and get it fee free! You can leave an optional, small tip so they can continue helping others but that’s not required. They have definitely been there for me when I needed it between paychecks. My only complaint is that you’re unable to pay your loan back prior to the due date but that’s not that big of a deal to lose a star over!.Version: 3.35.2

Better than nothing. At least in this specific situation.It would be really really nice to be able to get the hundred dollar cash advance that is advertised by & for the Klover app. Otherwise it is a very good app. It’s easy to navigate and I enjoy spending the wheel and doing the sweepstakes. I’m not big on surveys but I don’t mind everything else. I would just like to be able to get more than a five dollar cash advance because I do have direct deposit and I have been using this app for about six months now and I’ve only been able to advance $20 twice and every other time it’s been five dollars and I always repay my cash advances with tip every time and on time. At the very least I would like to have an explanation as to why you advertise $100 cash advance but then only offer five dollars to the occasional $20 for people that do have qualifying & Recurring direct deposits..Version: 3.36.0

It’s a good app! Just a few suggestions.The app is definitely helpful, and I’ve enjoyed it and find it unique amongst similar apps, but there are a few things worth mentioning that could be worked on. The first would be that you have to gain points to have an advance available as opposed to having that as an option but also giving a base amount once direct deposits have been verified through our checking accounts. I do also like the option to add value to your advance by scanning receipts, but I purchase about half of my things with cash for better budgeting purposes, so the need to find receipts with my account number was a bit disappointing and I think it might be something good to consider for others as well! I have enjoyed you all’s platform and it truly is helpful and unique, I just thought these things might give users an even better experience with you all!.Version: 2.17.1

Love Klover ! It is the best in a pinchI have used this app for a couple years now and beyond all the other spot me ina pinch type of apps, this is still my favorite. The others require you to have a job with direct deposit from a payroll to get qualified. Well if I had those i may not be in a spot like I am when I need some help with cash! If I’m unemployed is when I need the help most!! So this is great - as you put in some time with a few ads and what not surveys and could get $5 or $10 quickie loan. Of course I’ve borrowed as much as $130!! The only improvement id make is when 'paying with points' I've earned through the app, I feel should not have to pay back whatever it is i just used my points for - especially if is a rush fee. If give 5 stars if that was the case. But in a relatively short time I could be eligible for $5-$10 and the comparable amount through say a survey app. Could easily be a couple hours! love the whole company of Klover, Klarna, etc ♥️.Version: 3.34.1

Fast and easyHonest opinions about the app are that I love it! Klover’s entire process was easy to understand and use. Being a college student I sometimes find myself stuck in a bind to pay bills, pay for food or gas. But thankfully I was able to get out of that due to this app. The process works by setting up an account and connecting your information to the account. For me it took less than 5 minutes but it says it could take anywhere from 24-48 hours to verify your account. Once verified, you’re brought to their main home page where you can complete tasks to gain points. As you collect more points you then can use those to redeem a boost. The more points you earn the more you will be able to pull out. Once you’ve reached the points you need to pull out a cash advance, you can proceed to transfer the funds to your bank. You’re given options such as your next payday, tips, and whether you want it instantly for a small fee or for it to take a couple business days with no fee. Overall this app is easy to understand and I recommend it to all my friends who are stuck in a bind or just need a little extra..Version: v3.30.0

Your dumb if you don’t use Klover!!!Like most people who are just everyday workers, sometimes you mis-budget! And when I say this I’m telling you now, I’m not a Klover Employee and I wasn’t told to say this by anyone…. BUT!!! Over any other app of its kind Klover is hands down the best for me , I’ve recommended it too any person who has asked me for money or just falling behind on bills … They Literally have something for everyone! In my case I like to keep an eye on my credit score, and occasionally I may need a few dollars or more then a few lol to carry me til the next week, These days when that happens I don’t stress I just open the Klover account and it’s handled in 1-2 minutes … a lot of these different companies don’t take the people and/or “customers” seriously it’s all about the quick buck or more subscriptions! Klover is stress free … Any other app you have too meet like 9-10 qualifications just to get 5$ Using Klover is not the case! It’s simple easy too use and Fair!! On a serious note Download it already …. See for yourself -Chris M.Version: 3.39.0

Good but needs changesI have been using Klover for a while which really helped me out until recently. When using Klover I usually had good experiences. The only things I would really love to change are: 1. Add the ability to change or postpone repayment dates. A lot of competitors have already made that possible and it would be nice to have that ability here. Because of this, Klover is usually my last option 2. The surveys are terrible sometimes. After I will complete one for 10-15 minutes, I end up at a screen with just a twirling symbol. I’ve waited for a long time, and nothing happened. It’s like it just crashes. Then you aren’t even awarded your points AND they have no record of you completing it which is shady sometimes. Those are the two things I would suggest need changes. Other than that, klover has been pretty average..Version: 3.34.1

I just downloaded the app 20-3..Done. Didn’t even get a chance to leave a pre review while I “waited for my requests to process and have my boost available at the time of my choosing…Which was right between 20-3.. you get the point. No don’t just give positive reviews if I noticed a few bad bugs..App seems to crash or lite crash where the app won’t close in on itself but you’d be smart to do it the moment your page stops loading. Close, open (like-new) #Newcarsmell . Downer also the first bank you link or provide Info to kolver with you’re basically stuck with that account u till you contact support and even then sometimes your beat bet is to ask them cancel your account and you can start fresh again linking ur bank though there is a time frame and expensy to wait is never reliable..Version: 3.13.1

So far so goodUpdate from my original review. Issue with bank account verification has been resolved. I like how you can earn points for boost or use them to cover instant transfer fees (8.99). So far so good! ***original review*** I set up everything and for whatever reason my bank account couldn’t be verified by Plaid even though I just used the same 3rd party to verify my account for another application (not a loan app). Even after following their instructions in their help section, it still didn’t work. Then I tried to create a new account with my secondary email thinking it was just a weird glitch … AND THE APP GLITCHED! When I tried to sign in it said that my password was incorrect so I created a new password …. the system said that the newly created password was incorrect. I wanted to try this but I’m done after three days. I’ll be deleting it and pray that my information isn’t.Version: 3.20.1

The good, the bad, and the uglyKlover is a very easy to use and fun app, nothing really much to it everything is instant so when they say u can earn points anytime u can u really can, the bad thing about this app is that they really should have a feature to where u can earn more points better and efficiently take a long time to even get 1000 points and thats only $10 , the ugly klover doesnt have a support center where u can directly contact employees of the company they give questions that are frequently asked and give u answers to them all though that is somewhat helpful i think talking with someone would make things much easier But i would recommend this app to everyone its not bad just need some changes and improvements.Version: 3.34.3

Klover is amazing!!!Whenever I need extra cash… Klover is the only app I can think of. They said you can receive your money in less than an hour… mine comes in a second literally. I love the chance of earning more points to get even more boosts. I will recommend this app to anyone. I typically have issues with other apps such as (Earnin, FloatMe, etc) simply because I feel the systems are outdated or very flawed. They can never prove my direct deposits from work even though my bank is connected and I’ve proven with so many paystubs… it started giving me a headache. Klover though… very different. All I did was connect my bank and debit card and got a boost just as fast as you can say one, two, three. Thanks Klover because when I needed somebody… you guys were there. I will continue using your services 😊.Version: 3.34.1

Klover appKlover has definitely helped out big time when I was a little short. It’s easy to use and very self explanatory. I’ve been using it for over 4 months now and it’s definitely convenient and a life saver when something comes up unexpected. It also keeps track of your spending and you get points for receipts which also has saved me a few times after being double charged for something and the total didn’t add up. I used to throw away receipts or tell them I didn’t want it but now keep them for points. It causes me to go over my purchases and I’ve caught a few times that an item had been double charged and was able to go back and get them to correct it. I could’ve lost/given away over 43$ on one purchase and only realized it when I was scanning the receipt to get points on klover. I’d definitely recommend this app to anyone who’s curious about their spending and where their money is going..Version: 3.48.0

Right on TimeI am very grateful to have found Klover. Living check to check is no fun. It’s even worse when you get paid once a month from the job like I do. Luckily, Klover was ready to help. The app is so user friendly. People who have trouble with technology will have no problem using the app. The layout and design is simple and aesthetically pleasing. After a simple walkthrough setup, which includes linking your bank account, your on your way to requesting some quick cash. Payback timeframe is reasonable and fees are pretty much nonexistent depending on your choices at checkout. What I enjoy most is the extra perks. If you earn enough points by watching videos, answering questions, spinning the points wheel and even adding your workplace, you can take out another advance. Pretty much anytime you interact with the app, your earning points. I recommend this app for and to everyone. Thanks Klover for being there to help us out when we hit those small financial binds. I greatly appreciate your service..Version: 3.51.0

Great app all around and easy to use!I kept downloading different apps trying to find the one that best fits me and my current financial situation and I was skeptical about almost all until I stumbled upon Klover . This app was the most ideal for me not only for how easy it is to use but I loved how they also give you an instant boost that took no longer than a couple minutes to show up in my account ! I needed the money for an emergency bill coming up and as soon as I signed up Klover gave me an amount that I am able to use and repay at a later date which was very helpful and exactly what I was looking for ! I then began searching for apps close to what Klover offers and I couldn’t find one . I’d recommend this app for anyone in need of some quick cash and anyone who wants to organize all of their expenses the easiest way !.Version: 3.29.0

Life Saving AppKlover shocked the heck out of me. Usually these types of apps promise “quick and easy” cash with no credit check, etc., they either ask for wayyyy too much info (why do you need my grandmas name, seriously) or require some outrageous minimum balance first. Um, if I had a decent amount in my bank account I wouldn’t be asking to borrow $40! Klover doesn’t do any of that nonsense. Within 5 minutes of downloading the app I was offered up to $50 and it was put into my account instantly for a very small fee ($1.50 I believe). I went on with my life and then that night I entered one of their daily raffle things to win $20 and guess what… I won! I’ve actually one it twice now after having the app for about 3 months. I’m very impressed with Klover and can’t thank them enough! ❤️.Version: 3.42.0

How clover helped meI’ve only used clover once and it helped me when I was low on funds after I paid rent to get some groceries for the week. Honestly there are a lot of apps out there, Dave, Earnin, possible and float…but clover seems different and fun…I still have yet to understand it but I like the fact I can borrow a small amount like possible and Earnin…Dave raised their amount from $50, $75 to 100$ and 200$…I don’t ever like borrowing that much because then I’m in dept to those other apps. So Klover is nice because I can keep it simple and not worry about being broke again from Dave…during covid I got caught up in the lending app wormhole…spent almost a year borrowing…paid them off during the holidays…but always was short…klover seems more user friendly and i hope to continue a great customer relationship with them..Version: 3.30.2

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