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Fitness Coach: Home Workout App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Fitness Coach: Home Workout app received 158 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about fitness coach: home workout?

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RidiculousI hate to sound like a broken record but I find it absolutely ridiculous that this app advertises itself as “free” when it requires a subscription. There are so many free apps that are just like this that don’t require a subscription in the slightest. I’d highly recommend you go use one of those instead unless you have spare money that you’re willing to spend on this. In that case, good for you! But unfortunately I cannot vouch for the quality that you’ll get because requiring a subscription for something that’s advertised as “free” is just too much of a turn-off for me..Version: 2.2.8

Not freeSays it's free. It's not. If you don't wanna pay, don't even bother downloading.Version: 2.2.9

MoneyI decided I needed to workout so I downloaded this app. It let me sign in then told me I had to pay even though it said it was free of all charges. I swear every workout app makes you pay money. I’m sorry not all of us are rich and will the pay extra money for an app..Version: 2.2.8

Please make it cheaperHi I am a young swimmer with dreams of the olympics and I need a good app to keep my muscle and fitness good at the moment because I canot go to my training at the moment, I really wanted to try this app but I don’t get this much pocket money every week. Please help even if it was just a pound less I could just stretch to that , thanks 😭.Version: 1.4.13

SubscriptionI have 1 weeks subscription but now I want to cancel it, and I don’t know howwww, it is taking my money and there is no way I can cancel it, not even on settings or on the app, so can you do something about it!!!.Version: 2.0.5

ScamI saw this app off of instagram. i was happy becasue it seemed like everyone was getting their summer bodies. i said why not! i wanted to get more in shape and stay healthier. it says it is a free’s not. they make you have a subscription in order to use the app for workouts. if some people like to pay for these things...go ahead!! it would be a great app for you. but it would be even better if you made it free. also it says that it will only take 4 weeks to reach your goal. it seems a little unrealistic, so they might be making that up. so..this app is really just a scam..Version: 1.4.15

Mandatory to payI was looking forward to trying this workout app, that I had discovered through a ad from Instagram. I was excited to use it until when I was close to trying this app a subscription thing popped up when in the ad it was looked at as if it’s free. Don’t get it if you don’t wanna pay !!.Version: 2.3.1

Manage premiumInconsistent payment withdrawals. No access to manage premium within the app as it doesn’t process at the ‘tap’ on the manage premium. Even if you mash the in app button it won’t let you manage your premium. can’t even opt out of this app. very sneaky move- definitely won’t be downloading anymore apps from this producer..Version: 1.4.16

DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!Why can't these apps be free? It's stupid and unnecessary to charge people for wanting to be fit. It's not fair. Acting like everyone got money to waste on an app that in my opinion should be free just like every other fitness app out there should be free too. Why can't finding the right way to exercise for your body be so difficult to find and on top of that not free at all. Yall so fixated on charging people for things that everyone should have free access to, to feel good about themselves..Version: 2.2.9

False advertisingIt says it’s free in the add disappointed when it said I had to pay when I tried using it.Version: 2.5.8

Sneaky behavior NOT recommendedI’ve got a pop up saying to enjoy 1 week free and then pay $4.99 per week to make sure I would have enough time to try their program. I have accepted it and they took straight away the money from my wallet. This is a scam behaviour and I would not definitely do any plans with you. I will also contact apple to let them know..Version: 2.6.6

MoneyIt seems like it would be a super good app to use, but you have to pay 10$..Version: 1.4.10

I didn’t get to try it :(Well I have been told many times to get this app and since I have been wanting to work on my body and fitness I got it, but when I put my goal in and everything they want to now, It then said that I had to pay about $8 each week or something like that and we get three days for free. I can’t be bothered paying money when I can search up on the internet for a workout so I don’t have to pay money. Like why does everything have to be payed for theses days???.Version: 2.2.9

AwfulProbably the worst fitness app I’ve ever seen makes you pay for a app that doesn’t tell you what to do the AI is too dumb and you can’t scroll down it’s just a frozen screen. I could have made this app in a few mins and it would have been way better than this it’s basically just a slide show asking for your money. £29 a month for this is just a joke really it actually made me laugh that some simpleton actually thought £29 would be a reasonable price for this excuse of an app.Version: 1.4.16

I’m not sure if it’s just a bugWhenever i have tried to start up the app there are the typical sort of questions you would expect for a fitness app. However when I’ve selected “loosing weight” and it asks for my weight it will not move on to the next question it doesn’t seem to like 25kg..Version: 1.4.16

😒I wish we didn’t have to pay to start loving ourselves, it should be free. 𝖢𝖮𝖭𝖥𝖨𝖣𝖤𝖭𝖢𝖤 𝖲𝖧𝖮𝖴𝖫𝖣 𝖭𝖮𝖳 𝖢𝖮𝖲𝖳 𝖬𝖮𝖭𝖤𝖸!.Version: 2.2.9

Don’t buy, not worth itI am 15, and therefore can not afford to pay for these apps. I wanted to try something new for my weight loss journey, and it costs money. Of course, smh. I simply just uninstalled this and got a calorie counter app, like MyNetDiary, and found some at-home youtube workouts I enjoy, I find this much easier..Version: 2.2.9

False advertisingDon’t advertise an app as being free… This is not a free app it requires a method of payment in place so they charge ur credit card after a few days of using it..Version: 2.3

Terrible app developmentIt’s an alright workout app, which is why it gets 2 stars instead of 1, there are a few problems with this app. Whenever I go to do an exercise, the video almost never loads up, so I’m left with not knowing what to do. Sometimes, I close the app but even then it work. Another thing is, after a few days, the exercises start becoming very very hard. They should have an option at the end of the exercise to ask the users if next time the exercises should be easier or harder..Version: 1.4.16

People have said it is is great but it can t a lot of money😭I was so excited to get this app and then once I logged on I was like oh my gosh I’m really excited to use this it’s going to get me really fit and it’s the perfect app to get me startedBut then I realised once I’d logged on it was it was all good and then it said that I had to pay a lot of money to so if you’re willing to pay money then it’s a great app but if you’re not then I wouldn’t recommend it.Version: 1.4.16

DisappointedThis is very disappointing to all the people who want to work out. You should not have to pay just be be a better version if yourself. I wish there was a 0-star rating choice..Version: 1.4.16

NoIn my opinion there are no good weight loss apps that and free so if you made it more affordable that’s be great.Version: 2.4.8

CrapYou have to pay and it says it’s free in the add like bro that’s false advertising 😂.Version: 1.4.5

0 StarsYou have to pay almost $30 a month even though the ad says it’s free? Don’t download it’s a waste of your time unless you have the money to pay them... I don’t so I deleted immediately XD.Version: 2.2.9

Don’t downloadI downloaded this app bc I want to get some muscle and you have to pay!:( I am not paying just for this I can do it on YouTube don’t download I am very disappointed 😡.Version: 2.4.4

Please ReplyI was really looking forward to using this app and making a difference. I downloaded it, and I was really excited but then I found out you had to pay 😔 I can’t afford to pay for this app especially in these times 🥺 Could you do this: Make loose weight free but for loose weight there can be a premium which would show you meals you can eat. And could you make it so the other 2 options still have to pay 💰 Please I can’t find a better app Also there was false advertisement because there were tiktoks saying you can loose weight for free and stuff like that 😶 Please reply and please can you not reply with your default message… please can you actually consider my idea?.Version: 2.2.9

UnbelievableWhen starting up the App. It looks really good but after I did the intro I was really let down by the purchase screen £4.99/weekly. I thought this could of been a typo but it wasn’t. Not to mention once cancelling the off and just going through the workouts. Non of them loaded and it kept suggesting me to buy the membership. No thank you!.Version: 1.4.14

MisleadingI see this on my ig page every day so I finally decided to try it out. I thought I was finally about to start something good for myself and I was really happy and excited, but then after I entered my requirements, I found out that I had to pay just to use the app even though it’s widely advertised as a free app. This caused me so much stress and pain because now I have yo scramble online for a real workout plan. I hope this app becomes free because if it doesn’t start changing, the app will fail. This was so disappointing and took a toll on me emotionally because I thought I FINALLY found a way to do workouts correctly. False advertising. Scamming you into downloading so they get more money. I cant believe there are good reviews..Version: 2.2.2

False Advertising at it’s FinestThese kind of companies are aggravating me lately. They portray themselves as a “free” app on their promotions on tik tok, the most popular choice of social media currently, collecting tons of downloads. But it requires a subscription? I’m sorry? 3 days for free, then a $4 subscription. Which isn’t a lot. However, I guarantee you that a huge amount of the audience these creators targeted on tik tok cannot afford to spend an additional $4 every month (on something they were promised would be free) when minim wage literally doesn’t even meet living expenses; but I digress. You promoted your app, on a popular social media platform, saying it was free, and it requires a subscription. Would it be acceptable if Netflix advertised itself as a free service? No, because it requires a subscription and it is understood that false advertising isn’t cool? I’m not sure but thus is garbage and it’s rude. TLDR: Angry gen-z telling you this app isn’t free. It requires a subscription. Thx.Version: 2.2.2

Misleading and frustratingFirst of all, I’m so sick of these “free” workout apps that actually require a subscription, especially because I was excited to hear that this was an app that you could use even if you didn’t have any workout equipment. But I can literally just look up some exercises on Pinterest for free and it’ll probably be better than this app. Secondly, the issues with the weight. It’s totally fine if you’re using a fitness app to lose weight, but I’m not trying to lose weight! And I said that in the beginning when the app asked me what I was trying to do, I’m trying to build muscle! And yet, even though I said I wasn’t trying to lose weight, they still asked me about my weight goals, and I couldn’t skip the question. So I put ten pounds above my current weight, figuring I’ll probably be a bit heavier once I’ve got some muscle on me. Then, it showed me the graph for how long it would take me to reach my goals, and I realized it had no idea what it was talking about. It’s a scam, y’all, it’s lying to you. Because at the amount of calories they’re listing me as burning (and considering they have no idea what my caloric intake is), there’s no way I’m gaining ten pounds of muscle in four weeks. They’re making it up. They’re just slapping a graph on a four week chart and saying that’s what they’ll help you do. PLEASE DONT GIVE THIS APP MONEY..Version: 1.4.13

Not workingI heard that this was a great app but when I downloaded it, at the beginning bit where you need to make it your personalised workout, it doesn’t let me scroll down. Because of this I can’t pick the options that are right for me..Version: 1.4.14

HelpThe options only take up half of my screen so the option at the bottom I can’t click I wanted the lose weight but I just wouldn’t let me click it then when I had to pick an area to focus on the buttons where covering the writing so I don’t know what it said I don’t know if this is just my phone or anyone else has had the same problem but I don’t know what to do please help :(.Version: 1.4.15

I couldn’t cancel my subscriptionSo I haven’t even used the app yet. I saw it advertise on Instagram and downloaded it. I chose “lose weight” as my goal. It let me pick multiple target areas. And it had a three day free trial and the after three days started at 4.99 a week, which I didn’t think was bad. So I did it. Then I started reading the reviews. One review mentioned it wouldn’t let them cancel their subscription and I immediately went in to see if it would let me change it, and it wouldn’t. I couldn’t even click on it. It also changed my goal from “lose weight” to “stay fit.” I was excited to try it, but when it comes to paying for it, I should have the ability to cancel whenever I wanted..Version: 1.4.13

Great workoutThe workout are great but the app glitches.Version: 2.4

Extremely disappointedAnother one of those “free apps” that actually sends up costing money as soon as you try to use it. I’ve seen this app everywhere and really wanted to try it out, but like many others, was incredibly saddened by the fact that it actually costs money to use. If you’re going to promote an app as free, then make it free. Don’t give people the false hope of bettering themselves in a quick and non costly way, then immediately ask them to hand over their wallets. False advertising, just like many other “free” apps; if I could rate it zero stars, I would..Version: 1.4.16

Unable to deleteDeliberately difficult to delete account, would not reccommend.Version: 2.0

Complete ScamI saw this on insta and thought why not, it’s free... then I read the reviews... and then after downloading it, It all made sense... notice how the vids have the tiktok usernames cut off... that’s because they’ve been stolen. It also claimed to be free... but forces you to buy the premium in order to be able to do anything. It’s not even worth it, as gym memberships are cheaper, they’re capitalising on the fact that we don’t have the resources to go to the gym right now and the fact that people have the time to do this. Please Report this terrible app and corporation..Version: 2.2.9

Not happyI didn’t even get to work out because it cost money. It shouldn’t cost money to be a better you.Version: 1.4.10

DisappointedI got really excited when I found out about this app. I put in my height and weight and such then it said that it’s £20 month. I swear that it’s literally impossible to find an app like this that’s predominantly free. I found a way around it though: You put in the height and weight then you select a trainer. Then you screenshot the things that you need to do weekly, then uninstall the app..Version: 2.3.3

Not free!Don’t put up false adds..Version: 1.4.7

No instructionI don’t really know what the point of this app is... I got the subscription, tried to see what workouts it suggested and basically I get a single photo with the name of the workout, then a timer telling me when to do the workout. The problem is, I don’t know how to do ANY of these workouts... you can tell me the name of it but what’s the movement? I tried on cellular and WiFi and literally there’s no video or anything to show how to do the workout. If I have to google things to learn a workout I’d rather do it for free..Version: 1.4.16

Do Not UseIt would s a rip-off you have to pay to use it. I think it should be free. It is like $10 a week..Version: 1.4.16

🛑Would not recommend AT ALL !!!!!🛑I downloaded this app on Thursday night to begin my fitness journey on the Friday, my Friday workout was amazing really good and FREE ! However the next day on the Saturday I couldn’t follow through with my 30 day plan as it proceed to try make my pay and after reading through other reviews others have had the same issue too! DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IS A SCAMM !!!!!!.Version: 2.6.1

I really wanted to like this appThe preview pages in the App Store are NOT even in the actual app. There’s no nutrition, no search bar, no profile page. It’s completely false advertising! Also. There isn’t an “upgrade” option that would explain why I’m missing selections. This is weird. Plus, with the actual sessions/weekly programs. No sound with the exercise demo and the timer doesn’t make sense. The first exercise went on for over five mins. Didn’t move forward to the next. I had to manually click the next button. Doing this is disruptive to a workout. Like what the hell am I missing?!? Other than that the quality seems really good but that’s worthless if the app doesn’t match hats advertise..Version: 1.1.4

What’s the point?What’s the point of having a fitness app to get your dream body and pay 8 bucks every week? Such a rip off.Version: 2.2.9

You have to pay?!At first I thought this app was really good and actually gave you workouts from hime. However when I got everything set up it said I have to pay £6.99 a week! And only the first 3 days are free. It’s very sad and upsetting to hear that because I had a feeling that it would work. Please can you change this setting and have it for free. - Letitia 😔.Version: 1.4.5

Why not just post adsWhy can’t u just make it free and make money off ad revenue, it’s so annoying charging a monthly amount..Version: 2.2.2

Just because it’s free to download doesn’t mean it’s freeI thought this app was free, I was wrong. When you first download the app it will ask you what type of body your aiming for. Then it will ask you your weight, hight, and what weight you wish to be at. After that it will take you to a screen where you can’t go any further unless you sign up for they’re monthly fee. Which is $5.00. They try to persuade you by giving you with a 7 day free trial. All in all if you’re looking for a free app to help you loose weight this is not the one..Version: 2.2.7

Hard to view daily workout videosI decided to try out the free trial and wasn’t put off by the 4.99 subscription fee. But once I tried my first workout I noticed that the only way to view the actual workout it wants you to do is to watch a very small thumbnail that was only available from the main screen. Once I selected to begin the workout I was not able to see the actual moves anywhere which is fine I am sure for those who know these moves already but not so much for someone just starting out. I canceled my subscription for now and will continue to look for something else..Version: 1.4.16

Ne mérite pas une étoileSi tu annonces ton appli gratuite ça doit être gratuit !!!!.Version: 1.4.16

False Information 😂It said on TikTok that it was COMPLETELY ‘free’.Version: 1.4.16

WasteI really wanted a free workout app because they are rare. i’ve seen people use this and it looks free... but when you download it it costs money. it shouldn’t cost money to try to be a better version of yourself.Version: 2.3.3

No instructions whatsoever !The exercises are good, the plan is great, but I wish that they’d give us instructions! I know there’s a video for every workout but its not enough! They’re from one angel and don’t really tell you what to do. A little writing explaining things would do! (Squats for 60 seconds) ok how many squats is that? And for the stretching exercises, it doesn’t tell us for how long to keep the position! Just ‘do this for 60 second!’ Which isn’t helpful at all! Also, it would be nice if at the last few seconds, it would give some sort of an alarm or something so I’d know that my workout is about to be over! Otherwise great app, but it has so many things that need to be fixed!.Version: 1.4.16

So many flaws and not worth the moneyFirst of all, yes is a paid app and the problem is not the money itself but what you get in return, which is a full of flaws app that doesn’t give you many choices, your settings are not taken in consideration whatsoever, the AI is not clever enough and you can choose no accessories it will still create a full workout with just accessories and you can create a workout with the exercises that are best suited for your needs. Overall feels is that the app was rushed created and £10 a month is a lot of money for the little return. Also they don’t refund you..Version: 1.4.16

Dumb appYou Should not have to pay for the app.Version: 1.4.16

1/5This app is super overpriced and it also charged me after i cancelled my subscription and deleted the app. there are wayyyy better free apps and this is just a waste of your money.Version: 1.4.15

MehIt ok I guess,I mean I’m 10 and I have 50kg, tbh,I’m kinda sad that I have to pay for it and it cost lots for me and stuff because you know, most people don’t have money, I hope I have money in the future for this so I’m not fat..Version: 1.4.16

Not able to cancel subscriptionI just downloaded the application and i have a 3 day free trial, however I would like to cancel the subscription. There is no way to cancel my subscription and I am concerned for it to charge me in 3 days if there’s no way to cancel..Version: 1.4.16

It wont loadI already paid for the subscription but when I go to do the workouts it just freezes or it keeps loading and doesn’t work.Version: 1.4.13

About the paymentI think you should have to pay to use this app because in able to lose weight you need motivation to get motivation you should be able to be free !!.Version: 1.4.16

Good app but technical error?My videos won’t load on the app to give a tutorial of the exercises. just comes up with a blue screen or never loads at all. i know this isn’t a wifi issue as i have tried using 4G also :/.Version: 1.4.16

Weight Promises & CostI am over weight for my age. So I put my goal weight as... well my goal weight. 70 lbs lighter than I currently am. And it’s promising me that I will be that 70 lbs lighter in 4 weeks. Only costing me a total of $21 to become the perfect person I wish to be.... just to anyone out there. I have never seen this kind of work done to lost 70lbs in a month. Unless I’m INSANELY overweight to which I’m not, I put my goal lighter than someone my age, height, and gender should be. Even then, I’ve seen it take longer. I tried the trial and the training is fine and dandy but no help to the rest of life. Like food, water, much of anything. And in reality I would probably spending quite a few months shedding off 70 lbs costing me way over $21. Let’s say even just 6 months. I’m looking at near $200. When I can get another app for $30 a year or weight watchers for $200 a year. Very strange to me..Version: 1.4.10

“Free”I’ve seen like 20 ads saying it’s “free” but I go and download it now I have to pay???🥴🥴.Version: 1.4.16

WHAT?I’ve seen many advertisements on social media saying that it’s free and easy to use. I downloaded the app and all of a sudden it costed money. The advertisements are very miss leading and I recommend not to get this app.Version: 2.3.1

Wonky and UnusableI cant scroll down at all and I cant tap certain areas of the screen. For example, for my fitness goal I cant scroll down all the way to see the 3rd option so I can only read “Lose a few...”. I’m guessing they mean pounds so I try to tap it and it is completely unresponsive. So I just selected a different goal and the next screen has different options and the arrows are all pointing in the wrong directions its just super wonky and frustrating to use. On top of that, you only get the first few days for free then you have to pay an absurd amount of money..Version: 1.4.16

IdkSome of us are fat and broke we don’t got money to play for this.Version: 1.4.16

Literally wanted to be fit.I think this would be a great idea IF YOU ACTUALLY LET PEOPLE IN?! I mean yes you need money, but seriously? Not even; unlock this stretch/exercise! Like its stupid. And if i cant even get in!! You should have just put the app up for how much. There is really nothing much to say about this review.. Just if you don't want to pay money to get fit, i would not suggest this app. If you can pay money, i think its a good idea! But if your in quarantine, don’t have a lot of money, its not the best idea.. Thanks for the people who actually took time to read this. ❤️❤️.Version: 1.4.10

It’s good but could be betterI do like this app for its work out programs and daily challenges the downside to the app is that it is quiet - no music, no countdown noise (and no options for these) I also don’t like that you can change your goals for what areas you want to work on (at least I couldn’t find them - you can change everything but that) it’s a very simple app and it’s a good price for what you get but more would be nice..Version: 1.4.16

It’s not that goodIt’s okay since it asks you your weight, height and goals and makes a fitness plan for you. But you have to pay if you want more than 3 days of workout.Version: 1.4.13

Should be free.You shouldn’t have to pay for something you started with and all y sudden have to get charged for something you need help with..Version: 1.4.16

AHAHAAH, WHAT?Hot chocolate just straight hot chocolate nothing else that's a breakfast on the meal plan 😩😩 nom nom also i don't think we all have access to clams and duck hearts lying in the cellars <3.Version: 2.4.8

NOI’m not paying £6.99 A WEEK just to get some workouts fitted to my body. It’s was so good till I got it all set up. It thought that I was gonna have a good body after this and then I see you have to pay. Please take this off so people can be comfortable and not have to pay. This is a lot of money when u think about it..Version: 1.4.7

Don’t get this app if you don’t want to pay $11 every freaking month!Everyone always says “or yeah this app is great you should download it” and it says it’s free, and then suddenly you have to pay 11 freaking dollars every month just for a dumb app!!! And I’ve seen other people typing about it’s a scam and they take even more money out of your banker count like seriously! PLEASE people read this before downloading this app.Version: 1.4.11

It is a decent workout app but is a overpriced scamThe workouts on the app is very good I feel but it is $12 a WEEK for this. I canceled it after knowing the price yet it charged me again. Then it charged me $7 for something else. wouldn't recommend for people who don't have an unlimited bank account.Version: 1.4.12

They sponsored Nickvideos!Ew.Version: 1.4.12

It’s Okay...I think that this is a great app. It’s just that I don’t think that people should have to pay to work out. I know there is a trial, it just doesn’t make sense to me that you have to pay. I know that’s how they make their money. But paying is useless anyways. To start you actual lesson thing you have to either do the three day trial or just pay anyways. This is an okay app. Would recommend to people who are okay with paying..Version: 1.4.16

Hate this appI just seen this in an ad and well I wanted to see what was all the hype about so I decide to FINALLY download it and HONEY no it’s not worth it as soon as I opened it it asks me about my goal etc and it takes me to subscribe and I’m trying to see an X so I can click out but there isn’t any, anyways DONT recommend... I don’t get why this app has stars. What I really RECOMMEND is to try Chloe Ting, she gives workouts for FREEEEE and she gives meal plans etc, she’s amazing and she’s so motivational during every video, hope y’all get your body :).Version: 1.4.16

Payed subscriber that app doesn’t recognizeI payed for the 3 month subscription and loved the app. The problem came about after I bumped it up to a yearly subscription. I payed but then the app acted like I wasn’t a subscriber and kicked me off. I checked to make sure the subscription processed and it did but the app wasn’t processing it. I tried restarting my device, I tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Eventually I canceled my subscription and asked for a refund. I tried again a second time with the yearly but again, it worked for two days before acting like I wasn’t a subscriber. I contacted Apple and followed their instructions to try and fix the issue but that did not work so I contacted the app developer only for them not even being able to do anything at all as they “ don’t have access to personal accounts”. I had to unsubscribe again and ask for a refund. Such a disappointment. I really liked the app while it worked but it is permanently deleted as a third time is NOT happening!.Version: 1.4.16

False advertisingSo i’ve seen lots of advertisements for this app, it was allegedly “free”. Once I got the app, only 3 days were free then I have to pay monthly. Doesn’t really sound that free to me.Version: 1.4.16

PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!I tried this app because I saw the ads thought “this is crazy, it’s obviously trying to enforce fat shaming.” Spoiler alert: it is. The ads are completely discriminatory and are harmful to the body image of young teenagers, who they’re aimed at. In fact, most of the time the videos used for the ads are used without the original content creator’s consent. The body they try to push is completely unachievable for most body types, and sets the stage for a bad relationship with food and potentially eating disorders. Please do not download this app, and if you see and ad for it please report it..Version: 2.2.9

Doesn’t loadI can wait for an hour and nothing will load, I bought premium and now I can’t unsubscribe and I cannot use the app.Version: 2.0.1

Paying as a student!?We come from a society where you always judged and made to feel bad about yourself at times. I am a student and although you may not think it £6.99 A WEEK is a big deal for a student. I was so ready to finally start getting in shape and making myself become happy with my body but I am now unable to do that due to the fees of this app..Version: 1.4.5

Very disappointedI was so excited to have a app that you didn’t have to pay to use and after I put in my weekly info it tells me that I have to pay!? No thanks I deleted the app very disappointed.Version: 2.5.5

HorribleIt is not free even tho it says it is i think it is terrible don’t waste ur time doing this there is a really good free app called work out woman.Version: 1.4.12

Incredibly hard to unsubscribeThey have made it near impossible to unsubscribe from the service, almost to the point of being scammed..Version: 2.0.5

Why do we have to pay?I downloaded the app and thought this is an app that I will love cause it will help me get back into shape and make me more motivated but once it said you have 3 days for free and then you have to pay $8 whenever you work out my motivation went down hill.Version: 1.4.16

MoneyI downloaded it and you have to pay for it.Version: 2.3.3

It’s okay, but the previews don’t loadI like the structure of the app, I’m fine with paying for it which you have to do right off the bat. The titles of some exercises are odd. For example? What the heck is a crepe move??? I can’t cancel my subscription though, and if charges me $20 a month. So, that’s not ideal. Would like to figure out how to cancel the subscription inevitably, but for now, I’m mostly enjoying app. Just not enough features for the price. Like just make the icons load and I’d be happier..Version: 1.4.16

SCAMMMI was offered money by their ‘sponsor’ to download the app and use it for ten seconds, only to find out that they were false advertising and I didn’t receive any money. I would just like to point out that this fitness coach pay people to scam you by offering fake money to download and use the app, so this suggests that most recent downloads were fake..Version: 2.3.2

Too much money!!Do not download this app. You get 3 day free trial and from then on you have to pay $8.00! Unbelievable!! Do not get this app it is a waste of your time..Version: 1.4.16

MehI wanted to try this app to try and lose some weight, a bunch of ads on TikTok and instagram intrigued me also people on TikTok kept telling people to get the app! So I finally did only to find out you have to pay quite a lot of money, which is fine! It’s so normal people need money...BUT they never made it clear you had to pay! And that’s what annoys if you sponsor people, tell them to tell us that we will have to pay!.Version: 1.4.16

IT AINT FREEThese app is a scam it says it’s free but you gotta pay like 30 bucks a month to use it don’t get it.Version: 2.2.8

OIt ain’t free.Version: 1.4.12

Don’t make me pay moneyI really wanted this kind of app because I really want to get strong and fast but this app makes you pay money but I really don’t want to. Developers, if you are reading this, please don’t make me pay money for this game. If you do stop making people pay £6.99 a week I would put this at 5 stars. Please stop this.Version: 1.4.4

DisappointingReally disappointed with this app. I really wanted to get fit and lose weight so I paid the price even tho it was a ridiculous price! After the 3rd day the app refused to open and kept glitching. I have now cancelled my subscription and won’t be using this app again. I don’t recommend this app, save your money!.Version: 1.4.16

I thoughtI’m only a young age and I wanted to start loosing weight and I thought this app would be great but after filling everything out it say I can do free for three days then I have to pay 30 pounds just to work out it’s not worth the money. Mind you I’m only thirteen and I am not going to pay that much money just to workout. Could find better apps that aren’t pricey, it may have been good but I just don’t want to pay that much sorry..Version: 1.4.16

MisleadingI really wish I could be more satisfied with the app but IVE SEEN IT EVERYWHERE and it’s got me thinking that the app will be free but like ANY OTHER APP there would be certain things you had to pay for like a premium version of it, but now that I’ve gotten the app I’m not happy at all I’m just a teenager who found the app off of tik Tok and I’m trying to survive high school and I’d really like to have a small waist and flat stomach so I don’t get picked on for my size THIS APP GAVE ME FALSE HOPE I’ve been trying to lose weight for so long and people were saying this app works great so I thought FINALLY and now I’m just disappointed.Version: 1.4.16

They are all lying.You have probably come from a tiktok advert or seen someone who has recommended this app on social media. Claiming its free well its not , so don't waste your time. It would be great if you made it free then if you really needed to make people pay, they can have a premium account or something for more workouts and added extras im not to sure. Please stop advertising it's free..Version: 1.4.15

LiesWhen you see the add says free but then when you download if and fill everything in and bam, you want money. A three day trial is not long enough. Will contemplate if I’ll by this.Version: 2.4.8

ScamI seen an advert of this and decided to get the app. When you get it there’s a small survey you have to complete before using it (it was very easy and simple, just to help you get the best exercises) after I completed the survey it asked to play £30 per month!!!!! Or 3 days free trial, I’m just really angry that on the advert it never said you had to play to use it!😡.Version: 1.4.16

IM UNHAPPYThis app makes you do a “free trial” if you want to do a work out. I thought this was a pretty good app until I saw the subscription that you had to put in if you wanted to work out. This outfit is pretty good besides the prescription part, I believe they could’ve done really better. Luna! If yo see this, just know we all see your just trying to get money, STOP! You claim this is a “4 and under app” but this is at least 10-12 year old app. This trial isn’t worth it, it’s just a scam. If you wanna ignore these true facts then be my guest but this is just a warning. -unsatisfied customer..Version: 2.2.7

MoneyA lot of people don’t have much money so can you change it for free please just saying bc it annoying bc it cost MONEY.Version: 1.4.15

Rethink.You should rethink your advertisement plan, advertising incorrectly is illegal and also just think about all the people who got excited for your app and never used it because it costs too much. Broke people wanna feel good about them selves and their bodies too... I would adore to gain some muscle on my sad lil bones but seemingly we never have a simple app where you should purchase new workouts instead of having a “membership”. Maybe think about it... have a workout for the core and bum and a workout for the arms an legs n purchase everything else... idk just a hunch. Sucks your app was so amazingly laid out and I have financial issues atm n cannot use. :) looked fun.Version: 2.2.8

BugThe app has been really helpful to me, until recently, I have come on to it and it’s showing me a blank screen on all pages except my profile. It won’t even let me create a custom workout. It’s quite expensive so I’m not happy to be paying this for it to not work. I updated the app and turned my phone on and off and still won’t work after a few days. Hopefully this gets sorted very soon..Version: 2.4.9

Dont getHow do you cancel this. I deleted the app and for some reason it keeps changing my dads credit card when I did not even enter one in. It went with the family sharing plan and did not notify me. Ive been charged twice when i dont even have the app installed anymore..Version: 1.4.11

Was free, now you have to pay?I have been using this app for a while now and I really like it because it’s free and easy to use, now all of sudden it’s the new year and you have to pay to use the app? Very disappointed.Version: 1.3.3

Better optionsLooked like a great app until I actually got to the part where it said you gotta pay. I would rather just go to an actual gym or download a free app like gymshark. Would be better if you didn’t have to pay and didn’t bait us into downloading it by paying for the app itself..Version: 1.4.11

The worst appNot free.Version: 1.4.12

Worst app everCosts 40 dollars. Really ridiculous for just an app. Do not get it is useful and doesn’t work. 40 bucks is wayyyyy to much for a useful app it sucks. I would rate it a -20 if I could.Version: 1.4.12

My review!It looks like a good app but it would be better if the people who can’t afford to pay for an app every month other people have got bills to pay and food to buy so not a lot of people have enough money to pay £23-£24 every month some people don’t get that much money from working and like I said they have to pay bills so I couldn’t use this app because you have to money and I don’t have enough money to pay an app £23 every month just to try and get fit I personally think you should make a fitness app that’s totally free then more people will download it !!.Version: 1.4.15

This horribleI love this app but now that it’s a new year I have to pay I shouldn’t have to pay too want to be better version of myself like can u guys go back like when it was free..Version: 2.3.1

Only free 1 weekIt generally is what it says: workouts for you that you can follow along from home. But note: it’s NOT free. I used it one week and now can’t unless I subscribe. Also, you can’t search for exercises, and more important to me, during the workout, you can’t pause and get a tutorial on the exercise. (I tried tapping something that appeared to be an explanation of the exercise, and it just skipped me forward.) An extended trial period may have hooked me, but only one week free doesn’t reel me in..Version: 1.2

Really disappointedWhen I looked at this app I thought it was great because it all seemed free but I did the starting settings where you were supposed to personalise your exercises and then it told me that to progress I had to pay £6.99 a month. As far as I could see there was no way of accessing workouts for free which was really disappointing. Maybe I’m just being stupid and you can access certain workouts free but I couldn’t do anything and I couldn’t even go back to personalising workouts to see if I could use the app without personalisations. Will be deleting but would consider re-downloading if I get a response about free use..Version: 1.4.4

SCAM!Selected the free days and 1week sub. They renewed it without that being written into the sub details! They don’t have a way for you to manage it properly. At least when I hit the button to manage sub it didn’t click at all. If you are having the same issue go through iTunes to cancel. Otherwise they’ll keep renewing your subscription and taking your money!!.Version: 1.4.15

This app requires moneyI’ve been told to download this app and i’ve really wanted to start focusing on myself and my dream body but this app requires payment for the routines and exercises. i was really excited to try this app out to see if i’d see any improvements and achieve my dream body. what a bummer..Version: 2.2.9

U have to payThere’s no reason that u have to pay i’ll just get another app🖕🏼.Version: 1.4.15

It stole my moneyFirst of all I tried the free trial then I canceled, canceled that means stop paying for it right, nope I got a fifteen dollar gift card for Christmas and now it’s gone, after I just canceled.Version: 2.3.3

Workout Women is better.I saw this app being promoted and thought it would be amazing since i’m already working on losing weight. As soon as i opened the app it was so cool i was so excited. but then i saw that it’s 4.99 a month and i could never do that. It would be such a better app if it was free for the main part and the challenges and stuff could be a subscription. That’s what workout women does and i’ll stick to that app since i can lose weight with it for free..Version: 1.4.16

U shouldn’t have to payU shouldn’t have to pay to be a better you I mine as well go and use another app that is just as good as this one for free.Version: 2.3.2

MoneyI think you could give people at least 2 days for free and if they like it then pay $7:99 for the week I don’t know why you have to pay for just the free days and if you don’t like it they lost $8 basically.Version: 1.4.13

I really am annoyedSo this is with all apps so you guys aren’t the only people getting a review like this, how come we have to pay like $10 (im not sure the exact amount) a month to do a 25 min workout? Like at a gym that’s normal cause they have to pay the electricians pay workers etc. like I want to stay fit but I’m not very aware of what type of workouts help certain parts of your body so I downloaded this to understand what I was doing for certain games parts of my body do I really need to pay for that? Sorry I had to give such a bad review..Version: 2.0.5

Took my money on the free trialI got this app and it took the money when i tried to leave the app, it took my finger print. not only that it took the money straight out of my account and took more money then was meant to you took close to $20. hoe can i get my money back?.Version: 1.4.7

GarbageIt cost money and why would you pay money to get your self fit? Instead use the app lose belly fat it is much more useful.Version: 1.4.16

PatheticYou have to pay..Version: 1.4.16

Great workout plans BUT.....I’m being very nice and giving it a 3/5. The work outs are great and the apps ability to track your work outs is awesome. Sadly here’s where it loses 2 stars maybe 3 if I wanted to be really critical. The app loads fine but the workouts for me only load half of the time. Most of the time if I’m able to even “finish” the work out it’s saying that I finished a 30 minute workout in 8 minutes. Most of my time is spent just trying to get the workouts to actually load and start like they are supposed to. This is very hard and discouraging for someone who is naturally lazy and just now finally working out after this long quarantine. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed the app and gotten some good workouts in the last few days since I started using it BUT I am paying for this service and the fact that it doesn’t even load or keep track of half of my workouts is pretty annoying. I would love to do the special daily workouts but they don’t even open for me. I really hope this problem is solved so I can continue to use the app..Version: 2.2.9

MoneyIt’s does look fantastic, and I get that 8$ isn’t a lot but some people such as myself can’t afford to pay anything and there is not free fitness app witch is a bit disappointing but this app does have really good features.Version: 1.4.16

Not free!!Before putting on ads? Please mention that you have to pay a fee dollars for a WEEK.😊.Version: 1.4.6

Not very friendlyThere are two ways the app measures a workout, personal counting & a timer. I started a workout and did the 1st set of 20 they wanted but didn’t realize I had to hit forward to get to the next workout. The next workout was timed. With the app being silent; there was no indication on time other than constantly looking at the screen. I would look up and it’s a totally different workout. The meal plan was a bonus, but it would be better if there were some sort of shopping list. It’s not a user friendly app. It’s got potential but lacks basic functionality..Version: 2.2.1

Do not use!!!I’m just coming on here as someone who downloaded the app simply to write a review. The advertisements on Snapchat which are steered towards younger females show a girl’s tiny waist and she is literally sucking in her stomach so much you can see her RIBS! I would be willing to give this app a try if the advertisements weren’t so ridiculously problematic and reflective of “health” goals that are unobtainable HEALTHILY. The amount of eating and fitness disorders that the advertisement alone could trigger worries me as someone who studies fitness. Please do not endorse this app and what it seems to stand for..Version: 1.4.8

8 DOLLARS A WEEK?!I hate how you have to pay to use an app, i want to stay healthy and loose weight and this app has been all over my adds. but i do not want to pay because it’s 8 FREAKING DOLLARS A WEEK THATS 32 DOLLARS A MONTH AND 415 DOLLARS A YEAR, FOR SOMETHING YOU CAN FIND ON A WEBSITE and i do not have a card everyone says this app is good but at least let people have a free freaking version what about the people that cant afford it ?!.Version: 2.0.5

DisappointingI don’t really want to pay but the workouts are only available if you pay every week the only thing that I could do without having to pay was the challenges section. I wish that you didn’t have to pay but I guess that’s just how it works, thanks but no thanks 😐😐😐.Version: 1.4.13

It started okayIt started okay and it had so many free options to use and it was great, because there were hundreds of workouts and challenges for free- with the OPTION of paying for a customized plan. But the second time I went into the app, it stayed in the page trying to get me to pay. The X disappeared and now I can’t use the app without paying. It’s trying to charge me $20 a month which I think is too much. If I could use the free workouts again, it would be a 5 star review, but I can’t do it’s basically unusable. So I say if you’re not willing to pay $20 every month don’t get it..Version: 1.4.12

I don’t like how you have to payThe app is good but I hate that we have to pay to get the full experience. I have to get another device and time with the set time which is really annoying. I don’t think we should pay for something that we can find on a website..Version: 1.4.16

They sponsor a transphobic tiktoker who has shown so much disrespect to the black communityI was looking forward to using this app but I later found out that they sponsored nickvideos on tiktok, a transphobe who has shown so much disrespect to people of colour and so I will no longer use this app and I shall delete it, which I recommend you all to do until they say something about it..Version: 1.4.16

BruhOk this app is a waste guys lol the people on tiktok played you but if you were dumb like me and accidentally got a subscription it’s ok i can help u. Ok so first you gotta go to contact us and then it takes you to a place to select what went wrong then that take you to a link where you can cancel the subscription. Idk if this would work for non apple devices tho.Version: 2.2.8

MoneyI don’t have enough money to buy it every time but it’s a good workout app.Version: 1.4.14

Money stealersI have reported them taken down my account and they still find a way to keep stealing my money DO NOT GET THIS!!!!! Now I have to get a new card and it’s so fustrating!!!.Version: 1.4.16

Use workout women instead it’s freeUse it.Version: 1.4.16

My reviewIt says that you have to pay $8 dollars a week, so my parents won’t let me, so I haven’t even tried it out, but it looks like a good app if we didn’t have to pay.Version: 1.4.16

:)App is absolutely awful couldn’t scroll on the first second or third slide wouldn’t let me use unless I paid and honestly not many people are going to pay for an app to loose weight when they could look up the same things they want to loose on the app don’t recommend downloading.Version: 1.4.16

Can someone help?I’ve just got the app and selected female- but he next stage only shows me two options with part of a third on at the bottom that I can’t select. I won’t let me scroll down either so I can’t chose the option that I want- I’ve tried powering my phone off and back on but still nothing :( Can someone help?.Version: 1.4.7

SubscriptionWhat if we just want to get fit but can’t do everything because we need money to unlock the full app..Version: 1.4.16

MoneyThis app seems great so far, but I’m not sure about needing to pay to have it after the trial. Not all people have this amount of money. I get that it’s probably run by actual coaches, but people who want to lose weight, gain abs and/or stay fit probably can’t even pay that amount monthly. Sorry if this review is a pain, it’s just disappointing when you want to get on a program that needs money :).Version: 2.2.7

MoneyPlease note on the ad that I will have to pay to lose weight and gain muscle 😁.Version: 2.2.1

Disappointing :(((I downloaded this I was so excited! I’d seen the adverts and couldn’t wait it was going so well personalising your own routine but then once I’d done that it asked for a LOT of money per month and I’m young and was looking for just a free app to help motivate. I’d rather pay a gym membership. If your looking for a free app like this then my favourite one I have used religiously is 30 day fitness you can do SO much stuff for free the only thing that costs is like meal plans and I don’t need that. Hope this helps and game producers I wish it could be free cause I bet what your offering is the same as the other free apps :((.Version: 2.3.1

I dislike this app very much.My rating on this app would be 1/5. This is because just when I downloaded the app and took the quiz, IT CHARGED ME for better excersizes!!! I have to PAY REAL MONEY to learn basically nothing but fake excersizes. I can tell the excersizes won’t help at all because they are CHARGING me!! This app is horrible, i would rather just do my normal and loose 40 pounds by doing a basic warm up, jump training, rolls, Push-ups and running up and down my stairs. I promise my normal daily excersizes are way more useful, no money needed all you gotta do is read a review on this horrible app. That’s all i gotta say, this is my opinion. If you can spend money like a trillioniare, then go ahead and use this app..Version: 1.4.12

Terrible app!!I saw this app on an add and i’ve been wanting to workout and be more fit lately so i get the app thinking it’s free unless you want to buy the premium. i open the app and it asks me a few starter questions and made a workout with good exercises to do. i look at all the exercises and run around the house trying to find dumbbells a jump rope and a yoga mat even though one of the questions was “do you have any equipment to workout with” and i chose the answer no. after thirty minutes of trying to find the things i go out to my backyard because it’s t he only place with enough room to workout. i go out even though it’s raining because i felt motivated enough to workout anyways because i just spent half an hour trying to find everything i needed. i set everything up outside and tap the “start workout” option and it immediately brings me back to the get premium tab. i thought it was just a glitch so i exed out of the tab and tapped the “start workout” option a second time, same thing. i soon realised that in order to start the workout i needed to buy the premium for 4.99  ͟pe͟r͟ w͟e͟e͟k͟. so there i am standing in the pouring rain in a tank top and shorts thinking i was going to be productive and workout for once. i am very disappointed with this app..Version: 1.4.16

DéçuBeaucoup trop chèr et incapable de réussir à enlever l'abonnement ..Version: 2.3.3

Don’t get the appThis app was way too over priced and took more money than it said it would. Wouldn’t recommend this app. Why can’t we get a fitness app that is COMPLETELY FREE, I’ve never come across an app that is free and actually helps me loose weight, wast of money and time..Version: 1.4.8

Videos not loadingI’m new to the app and excited to use it even with the premium subscription however the videos never load. It difficult to follow along when there is no video demonstrating the exercise. Is this a known issue? Can the bug be fixed? Just annoying knowing that I’m paying for a subscription for a broken product..Version: 1.4.16

Free trial is fakeIncredibly generic exercise app, and you can easily get the same content for free online or through other apps. despite having a free trial it automatically rolled over and made me pay, and it is almost impossible to unsubscribe. the fact they targetted CHILDREN through online influencers to easily get money out of them is appalling..Version: 1.4.16

Not a free app! Full of flawsIt’s a subscription based service, with very little information on the workouts before you do them (doesn’t say how many times they repeat). They say you can do workouts without accessories but include them in the workouts anyway. Next week after a workout it gave me a workout instead of a recovery day. Load times were horrible. Cancelled my subscription after one week..Version: 1.4.14

Very disappointed and it’s not free.I was hoping to train during the winter but then all of a sudden I have to pay?? Why do I have to pay for this?? I could just go on YouTube and search a fitness thing for free, but that will take longer. I was hoping it would be free....Version: 2.4.9

Needs more free workoutsI am enjoying this app and the workouts they have provided but a lot of them need to be paid for.. which I didn’t mind at first but I was just doing one of the challenges and now it disappeared...hope there will be more options for people who can’t pay right now!.Version: 2.5.7

NO MORE PAYMENTSI really wanted to get in shape and I thought this app was really going to help me and as I was logging in and the app was asking me questions I was like this seems like such a good app and then it asked me to do a free trial for 3 days then £6.99 per month and I was so disappointed as we are self isolating and I can’t get a gym membership this was the only way i could workout everyday and get in shape. I think a lot of people have had the same problem as me and it’s really annoying..Version: 1.4.7

It cost moneyK guys come on this is ruining my plan to get skinny then get money! it’s not the other way around jeeze.Version: 2.2.1

You need money for itWhen I saw the app I thought you did not need money to use it or anything so I downloaded it and when I first opened the app it ask me questions about me like my height and my weight and other things and when I finish the questions it said that I needed to pay 30 dollars or less a month and then I did not pay bc that's a lot of money and there could be other apps that are for free and then I just deleted the app and I got it a different one for free and you do not need to pay so I would say this is an ok app if you want to pay to do your workouts.Version: 1.4.16

It’s okUnfortunately this is not for me. It says 24 minute workout but it’s closer to 30 minutes. The 5 minute stretch session is actually 6 minutes. The time isn’t a big deal to me but the calories burned are off by too much for me to ignore. The 1st workout says 278 kcal but I only burned 165 according to my Apple Watch (I know most of these trackers aren’t the most accurate) this is more than 100 kcal difference and thats a deal breaker for me. I start a workout expecting to burn close to what is claimed. I would also like to have some sort of signal that gives you a heads up that you are switching to a new exercise. For me it’s not worth the cost..Version: 1.4.16

Why should I report an issue with Fitness Coach: Home Workout?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Fitness Coach: Home Workout to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Fitness Coach: Home Workout customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Fitness Coach: Home Workout.

Is Fitness Coach: Home Workout not working?

Fitness Coach: Home Workout works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Fitness Coach: Home Workout.

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