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Super Hit Baseball App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Super Hit Baseball app received 86 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Super Hit Baseball? Can you share your negative thoughts about super hit baseball?

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Super Hit Baseball for Negative User Reviews

Just got cheated. Immediately deleted gameReally enjoyed this game for an hour or so, then played one game. First inning was down 1-5. Second inning, I hit 7 to take it to 8-5, other team up second inning, gets to 8-9 and the game immediately calls it. Only one run behind, still the third inning to go and I could have easily caught up. Bogus..Version: 1.2

Crap gameRubbish game u have more chance off hitting out then u do scoring runs and u always seem to get a opponent who has to play as a user because it’s just a way for them to cheat and win.Version: 1.4.1

Starts off well but then.....The game starts off well, skill is required to time hits and gain runs. A lot of fun. Then you start getting the mismatch games, playing teams that have superior field numbers and pitchers. Finally, and this is the real put off, specials start to kick in where skill stops and luck just kicks in. One of the stupidest specials is where all the targets bar one disappear and all the outs randomly move, it’s called pitcher focus. Talk about taking the fun away and adding frustration. Yet another sports game ruined by stupid specials. Update: continued playing as I wanted to see if this got better as a skill game, it did not. Came across another special which fills the bases so a poor player can get runs without a any dexterity. Then another special called “pick off” started appearing with the ability to pick off a player at a base, no control by batting team , just random. These specials just make Medicare players seem good. If you are looking for a game where your skill counts DO NOT CHOOSE THIS ONE. Uninstalling it now after I downgrade my rating from two to one..Version: 2.3.1

Luck FiestaIn the end the game boils down to luck. I played religiously for a few weeks, but in the higher league it is all luck based. If you don’t have the two top tier pitchers, you will never win as they both have incredibly unfair powers. The lower tier pitchers have super basic powers where the high tier ones will literally give your opponents free outs. Besides the luck of the draw with the pitchers, you often will get unlucky based on which fielders are out and where the walls are. You can have the best fielders in the your line up, but if the walls are put on the opposite side then it doesn’t matter. In the end, there is zero skill to this game. If your powers activate, you get good wall placement, and you get the right fielders, you’ll easily win, but that is all up to chance..Version: 1.2.5

There is great deal of cheating going on this gameI have brought to the administrator a lot of evidence to back up what I have said.A team has decided to put together 4 teams and a whole bunch of players to draw from.Your 1 team is 50 players.well this team puts 4 teams in all the same name except for I number st the end is different eg(team name 3)team name 4 team name )too and just team name 4 a bunch of fill in splatters go back and forth by by requests and being booted only to be picked up by other team .why?? so someone is playing 24/7 on there teams.How they communicate???everyone downloads a chat ap Discord you’ll get thousand of texts a day on everything going on .if your leaving some takes your spot.time zones everything Them24:7 your team maybe 4 hrs/day.You play 20 days for the season you’ll never finish don’t by any in game ap cause you’ll be waiting your money.Mark my words you won’t win and be tops of medals.Version: 2.4.1

Constant disconnectionsConstant disconnections when playing stadium 3 and upwards and when reported all you get is a automated reply ... GET IT SORTED !!!!!!!.Version: 2.0

Don’t waste timeWorst game ever.Version: 2.0.3

RiggedThe game is so rigged and when you have all bases full its. a definitive out.Version: 1.1.1

Video often unavailableIOS 11.4.1 Since around 1 week, I have almost always the “No video available for now” and lose extra pack of cards. No retry offert, the popup close..Version: 2.1.1

Can’t play music while playingThis is either a poor design choice or a frustrating glitch. As a commuter I enjoy that I can play this game for short periods in the morning and afternoon, however not being able to play my own music in the background is a frustrating aspect that has left me not playing this game. Fix this as soon as possible.Version: 1.3

How do you aimI don’t really like how you can’t aim.Version: 2.2

Lost coinsI have now lost over 3000 coins cause of your inadequate programming. And poor situational awareness. Why would I support or continue using a product where they are letting down their users..Version: 1.1

CoinsIt is way too hard to get coins.Version: 1.2.6

MehGets boring pretty fast need more.Version: 2.0.1

Fun Game but major connectivity issuesI love this game but it seems to have server issues at multiple times per day and takes time for “disconnected” issue to resolve. Also often get “no videos available” message and I agree with others about the pitch selection circle: it slows the game down and should revert back to previous version I’d give it 4-5 stars if these annoying issues were resolved.Version: 2.3.1

Not bad needs workIt’s very slick and plays well. Nice concept. However sound goes after 2 rounds. iPhone 11. Also I’ve unlocked stadium 5/6 and I have opened multiple pro card packs but it continuously gives out stadium 1 / 2 players.. cmon guys don’t make this another cash grab!.Version: 2.0.3

No support provided after game crashed and lots all purchases.After purchasing many items from the game, the game crashed and lost all purchases. Tried to reach developers to address the issue and return the purchases and exp - nothing. Now I’m stuck with lost purchases and back to level zero. Really unhappy and disappointed..Version: 2.3.2

GlitchyGame was great when I first starting playing, also rather challenging at times.! Which I liked.! Recently though the games been freezing up in games and homerun events.. a little over it happening, probably won’t be playing it much more if it continues to happen.! A shame because it was fun.. freezes connected to wifi and mobile data....Version: 1.4.3

MehIt’s okay at first, but if you get stuck with Takahashi as your pitcher, you will soon lose every game once you get around 800 level. Upgrading him does nothing. He throws BP. Slow, straight, down the middle. There needs to be more pitchers available in the random cards. Also, sometimes you will have enough cards to upgrade a player, then when you click upgrade, you lose a card and can’t upgrade. It’s fun for a day..Version: 2.2

Fun at first...But the when you’re having games, where each player has say “20% chance” of certain abilities you find they get every time. Almost feels like an absolute cheat of a game. The percentage of ability cards means next to nothing and ruins the game. Pitcher focus is the main cheating card. You’re hitting it blind basically. You can see one and no matter where you hit it, it hits the out cards.Version: 1.3.2

LAG!Wish I could give it more stars but lag has cost me way too many games. Don’t bother until they fix it in my opinion..Version: 2.0.1

RIGGEDThe game starts off innocently enough. The balls go where you hit them. If you understand the mechanics this makes the games very easy to win because the AI is a complete joke. I’d have preferred an honest challenge but the core gameplay was still fun so I kept playing. I assumed over time the AI would improve to make games more challenging, but no, it’s the opposite. Instead the game starts fudging your inputs, makes it so that an easy line drive you’ve hit hundreds of times his way too far left or way too far right, whatever it takes to send the ball directly into an out wall. I was racking up nearly 30 runs in a game, had an undefeated streak of nearly 50 games and suddenly every pitch goes wrong when I KNOW my timing isn’t the problem. It’s not fair and it reduces the game to luck of the draw rather than an honest competition. Congratulations devs because you earned an instant delete. I would’ve happily kept playing and watching ads to support the app, but no longer. Way to sabotage yourself. Game over..Version: 1.5.4

Great but not for socialising...The game is great fun to play but you cannot play with friends which doesn’t really help the update which allows you to add friends and play with each other would be amazing and would make the game more popular..Version: 1.0

Shit gameUr game suck the start doesn’t even let me play if I could I would give it 0 stars.Version: 2.0

Fix asapThis new selecting a pitch is horrible and needs to be removed immediately.Version: 2.3

You only play against their botsWhy do developers make you think you are playing against someone else online when you are really just playing against their AI? On this game, you only play against bots. The outcome is predetermined and there is little (if anything) you can do about it. After playing about 1,000 games, I’ve learned that your “opponent” will score a certain number of preordained runs. I’ve also determined that if the AI doesn’t want you to win, you won’t. Think I’m exaggerating? Watch how often your opponent has laser-like precision until a certain number of runs are tallied. Then watch him hit into consecutive outs, seemingly well off the mark. Also notice how, when you’re hitting, you will seem to hit the ball right at a fielder in those instances where the AI says you shouldn’t get a hit. To top it off, notice how the game will place the fielders in highly advantageous positions when it wants you to score, and highly disadvantaged positions when it thinks you shouldn’t. Given these maddening limitations, I must admit that I wouldn’t have played 1,000 times without it being fun. This is why I give the game 3 stars it would have been 5 stars if I felt that the game was inherently fair..Version: 1.4.3

WhyThe game has gone from 3 innings down to 2. Thus means sometimes someone only has to bat once to win. It detracts heavily from the game so why would you do this?.Version: 1.2.1

4 fielders is too manyIt’s fun at first, and then the field is too crowded to even be able to have a chance. Yeah, yeah, maybe I’m just bad. 3 fielders was fun, and then it got to be too much, and then 4 giant fielders. It gets frustrating.Version: 2.1.1

RiggedDo you ever actually play against a real person vs the rigged profiles that are actually computers...?.Version: 1.1.1

TOO MUCH ADSThe game is fun but each action, we need to watch a video ads (20-30 sec). It’s too Much.Version: 2.0.3

Potential but lots of problemsThe game is an interesting concept and is mildly entertaining however there are tons of bugs and glitches. The primary one is batting timing. You can delightedly attempt to hit to one side and time it as such and have the ball go the complete opposite direction (always into an out wall.) Additionally, you swing and miss a lot even if the timing is perfect. Sometimes you’re just predisposed to strike out and there’s nothing you can do about it. I tested this a few times on a hunch (34x to be precise) and every time I waited an obscene amount of time so I would hit it square to center or even a bit opposite and if would swing right through you can literally see the ball disappear for a split second because the bat goes right through it. Probably part of how the game is set up so you can’t dominate too much. Lastly, when you’re playing defense there’s nothing you can do except select pitches if you have a multi pitch pitcher, other than that nothing you just sit there and wait. Extremely boring and frustrating, there should be some component when you’re playing defense, perhaps allowing to set up your players in the field strategically (before you see the out and hit walls of course.) It’s a decent set up but LOTS to work out and fix, although an improvement from the last time..Version: 2.0.3

Not playing real Players.Really the only thing I dislike about this game is the fact you don’t play real players. I know this because I’ve experiment in many games with the “ball emojis” you can pick to sort of taunt the other team. In my experience, they’ve only here shown one on the opposing team in response to when I send one, never on their own. And the fact that there will be many in game situations where literally all of their base hits will be on one side or another and all they have to do is swing super early, or super late..... I have the original starting pitcher still, so it’s not hard at all but yet they’ll hit it directly to an out. Any REAL HUMAN could handle that. Idk, was very fun at first and interested with collecting the best players and such. But it’s extremely sad and under performing to just play against A.I.’s the whole time..Version: 2.0.1

Comment avoir plus de joueursJ’aimerais savoir quand je joue moi j ai juste 2 joueur en defense et equipe adverse on 4 joueur et plus on peut acheter des joueurs ou quoi ?.Version: 2.0.2

Pay money too make moneyGames OK I guess. Other then the part where I’m getting up there and now I figured the game out. You need to put your real money into this game to go places. Like all games like this, at this point I’m going to delete it. Not paying into these games so stop making them that way..Version: 2.0.3

Addicting yet pointlessThis game is insanely addictive even though at this point in time I have no drive to play it anymore. You portray it to be online, yet you just lie about rankings just to make people come back. Yes, many companies do this. But I don’t care if 1v1s are against bots, but at least make rankings against people so it’s actually fun instead of making some random kid who played 1 game have 500k earnings. Next issue, you make the games against CPU completely rigged after a while. It was extremely easy to get up to a 49 win-streak, but on the 50th game, the opponent had players from 2 Stadiums ahead of where I was playing. Someone explain how that’s fair to me. Also, if you’re going to call them “Deals”, maybe add some extra gems to the purchase. Lastly, make the pack probabilities a little more on our side. At a point it gets impossible to get new players..Version: 2.2

Great game ruinedWas very enjoyable but since the last update the timing of my bat swing is completely off thus making it unplayable. Such a shame..Version: 3.2

Don’t botherThere is no skill to this game, you think you can determine where the ball goes but you can’t, if you watched me play 10 games I could tell you exactly which game I would win or lose! Seriously don’t bother with this game.Version: 1.2.1

Fun at first but quickly becomes infuriatingI first had a blast at this game. I was winning most of the time, the ball was going where it should, and it was just a neat concept. I decided to throw some money the devs way as a result. Oh, was that a mistake. I hit the fifth stadium and suddenly the game isn’t skill based at all. The A.I. (Unfortunately you don’t even play real people) will always score just enough runs to win or blow you out. Your hits suddenly don’t go where they should anymore and had been the entire time you’ve been playing. Every team seems to always have the same lineups too which seem fishy to me. If you decide to pick this game up anyway heed this warning: level up as slowly as possible. I was leveling all my players, even the ones that I wasn’t using because it gives team XP which give you card packs, extra salary cap, and more fielders. The more fielders is where this becomes an issue because you’re only making the game harder for yourself since the A.I. will just hit it into the gaps whenever it wants to anyway. I haven’t deleted yet since I put some money into it and it would feel like a waste but I’m very close to. Going from winning 80% of your games to losing 90% overnight isn’t fun. Especially when you can always predict the comebacks from the A.I..Version: 2.0.3

Great game, deceitful tacticsGameplay is fun, addictive, everything you want in a game! I called them out for stating that they are offering you a 3 times the entry fee when losing a match, but they are often times offering much less than 3 times the entry fee, and taking a lot of your gems for it. There is 1 field where the entry fee is 40k coins. When you lose a match, you get a message, “buy 3x entry fees now!” Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, if you actually look at it, you are buying 45k coins, or 5,000 coins higher than 1 entry fee. COMPLETE RIPOFF!! When I sent a message to support, their response was, “I’m sorry to hear you aren’t a fan of the wording or this bundle.” Wow, don’t fix it and make it right, put it on the customer for pointing out that you are a deceitful game..Version: 1.1.1

OkA good game but a few downfall. Everytime i try and go to play in the 3rd stadium game messes up? Few bugs but otherwise a good game.Version: 1.0.1

Stadium three not workingGood game, just lost all my progress because when I went to the third stage, it stopped working at all. Shame.Version: 1.0.1

Okay GameGameplay is fun for a bit. Your hits are based on what tile you hit on the wall. There are quite a few human players, but you will also experience a lot of computer players. You will encounter numerous situations where the other team has the majority of their hit tiles lumped together while yours are spread out so you better get good with your aim. I’m sure that everyone has this happen so it evens out over time. However it does take some of the fun out of the game when there is literally nothing you can do to stop a long hit streak by the team. No matter the pitch, it is going to be a hit. You have no control over your batting order and you can pretty much tell when you are going to get a loss against the computer based on the batting order you are given. Pay attention and you’ll notice that some batting orders only give you single tiles to hit. You have no control over fielder placement and they will often be out of position for the tiles the other team’s batters are given. As long as you understand you are going to have some questionable wins and losses, you will probably enjoy this game..Version: 2.0.2

Good for a whileThis is a nice little game. Only have adverts if you want to gain a prize, so that’s good. The earlier levels are competitive and fun, the real problem lies with the higher levels. Sorry, but you’re not playing other people, you’re playing AI and what’s more it becomes easier for them to hit their bases as they cluster in 3s and 4s. Improvements would make it a good game to pass time with, but also remember to have your charger near, it eats your battery!!!.Version: 2.0.2

Fun at the startThis game is super fun at the start but like all games continually looks for you to buy things....End it very quickly gets unfair as it rewards for people to buy things. If the game was relatively even each time out it would be a great game to play, but by tilting the playing field so heavily towards these people that buy things it takes the fun right out of the game..Version: 2.2.1

SterloDoes fb sign up.Version: 2.0.2

*not just a game*look at coding* do not downloadUpdate: If it’s not going to run on iPhones, stop selling it for iPhones. Your app is doing something it shouldn’t be to be causing this much power usage. You still have yet to answer what it’s doing. This phone can more than handle a your cheap graphics and process what your simple game would need to run perfectly smooth. The massive overheating and drainage.....What is your app doing that also goes around the silencing of my device and will play sounds even after muting in your own games options. This is not just a game I’ve downloaded........this is messed up I like the game. It wasn’t bad when I started. I foolishly put money into it. As the game goes on more defenders enter the field. At that point, I don’t know what this app is trying to do on the background, but it’s seriously overheating everything, draining the power; dimming the screen. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s lagging like crazy. You can’t play it like your suppose to while it lags. Get ready for all your outs. Can core 20+ runs while it runs right. Can’t score or really hit anything without pure luck while it lags. Simple graphics, simple everything! What is this app trying to do on my devices that it’s not suppose to be doing? They have claimed to fix these issues in this latest update.....nope. I’d almost say worse at this point. What is going on? Seriously! I wish I could get my money back if it’s not going to run correctly..Version: 2.0.2

The gameplayThe game is stupid you can’t control your hits i tap on one side of the screen and it goes the opposite Side And the game is fixed your opponent gets a lot of runs and when its your turn to bat you don’t get any hits and you lose.Version: 2.0.3

Account deletedGame was freezing so I deleted app and reinstalled to find my account was wiped. Shocking.Version: 1.3

Useless updateFun game but has been VERY stagnant lately. Over a literal billion coins with nothing to spend them on, all gem deals are horribly priced, no new fields or XP levels added, etc etc etc. This last update seems like a filler. Extra players no one asked for, boss hunts that there are already 15 of it seems like, and a new app logo. Listen to the fans and players of the game! Give us the ability to deny all club requests, make our own batting order, add more fields and levels, give us ANYTHING to spend our coins on, improve the awful chat, stop giving us card of players we already have maxed out and if you give us the coins instead, make them spendable on something. This game almost immediately loses its purpose once you’re at a high level..Version: 2.2

Would of done 5 star but...Would of done 5 star but you should be able to keep your bat and not have a limit number of times you can use it. I enjoy playing it but would like to have my own personal bat. Also make the mini games on this game that you can play instead of you have to get 30 thousand gems to play a mini game..Version: 2.5

Wait times excessiveThe wait times to open a pack of cards is excessive and is obviously an attempt to get you to spend real money to get them or risk losing them. Otherwise I have enjoyed the game..Version: 2.1.1

Starts off ok, but then….Was fun to start with. Recently, I found that other players get far more “pick offs” than my pitcher gets even though pitchers are apparently same level. I always check now. Makes it really frustrating and not fun. I just played 3 games. Over those 3 games, opponents had 9 pick offs and I had 1. Apparently that is based on ability chance percentage of 16%. I expect the developers want you to spend more money to level up your players to increase your chance..Version: 3.2

Heating upI have an iPhone X and play some high graphic games. But this game heats my phone up after only a couple of minutes that I can barely touch it. Considering it isn’t anything graphically fancy I’m not sure what is going on but this needs to be fixed. Until it is I won’t be playing anymore..Version: 1.2.6

Thanks for the UpdateWas a great game & quite addictive. That is until I had to update it & now it won’t open. Yes, I’ve closed & reopened app. Turn phone off & on..Version: 2.3.1

Boring very quicklyStarts well but you will very quickly be pitted against players who have more “abilities” than you. I suppose you could buy more advantages/abilities...oh hang on that’s the developer intent!!! Guess what developers, were not that stupid! Take your game and play it on your own, because the general public is smarter than you!.Version: 2.1.1

Good gamePretty good game so far, wish there’s more tho.Version: 2.2.1

Great instant pick up fun.A sports game that throws you straight in there. Easy to pick up the basics and the learning curve as you progress won’t annoy you. A game that challenges but never frustrates. Update: still fun to play but since the last couple of updates the game has been reduced from three innings to two and the abilities of some batters reduced. This tempers my enjoyment of the game as I had built a decent roster and was progressing well. Now the challenge remains but shorter games just aren’t so much fun..Version: 1.2.1

Fix ItNo new content for months is one thing, but game now crashes when completing the Mascot event. Is anyone at Hothead paying attention? I’ve spent money on this game and it seems to have been abandoned..Version: 2.0.3

Why?I never understand why game developers continue to take perfectly good games and ruin them with stupid updates. This game was just about flawless before the most recent update. The graphics before were excellent. Now it looks, as someone else said, like a cheap, generic knock off of the original game. Letters and numbers are now microscopic and hard to see and, in general, the game looks amateurish. I also hate the fact that the games are only two innings. It leaves little room for error. Why not have the option for longer games? Also wish you could drop players that you know you’ll never use to better manage your salary cap. Despite all this I’ll keep playing, because I enjoy the game that much, but this game could be perfect with a couple a simple changes, and by going back to the original graphics. That is all..Version: 1.4.1

Entertaining but hit a glitchSince yesterday stadium 3 isn’t working. Game starts and connects with opponent however no bat or ball appears. The scoring/out wall pieces shuffle. Have to turn app off to stop and upon reloading says game disconnected but coins disappear..Version: 1.0.1

Don’t butThey deleted my review this game is terrible if you want to win you have to pay.Version: 2.0

InstructionsI have no idea where the instructions are.Version: 1.5.4

CrashesEvery 2-3 games, it crashes, causing you to lose.Version: 2.2.1

Can't run the game after update my iPhoneCan't run the game after update my iPhone Pretty wired and no following update from this game.Version: 2.1.1

TerribleAwful game not worth the time to download.Version: 2.0

Fun but FlawedIt’s really fun to play and I enjoy it for the most part. It can be challenging, and the events are kind of fun too, not much depth to them and you basically grind through them. The Home Run Derby is based on precision so don’t expect to get the best card pack from it. I treat it like a practice round. My biggest issue is the lag. For such a not-so-complex game, the lag is ridiculous. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens frequently and you can’t expect to score when the ball is mini-skipping down to the batter. If someone is trying to maintain their rank on the leaderboards, this messes everything up and makes it pointless to even try. I’ll probably play it for maybe another week, maybe less, but outside of the lag, the game is fun..Version: 1.2.6

Issues with lagMy only complaint is the game tends to lag like crazy whenever I try to do stadiums with fees 1,000+ coins and higher making it near impossible to even hit a single base. Only scoring ONCE out of all the lagged matches and the very VERY few times I didn’t have a thousand plus coin match without any lag the game was actually fun. It’s not on my end either I’ve got strong WiFi and everything. So basically has a serious lag problem that and if you just finish a 3500 match winning 14-0 and it disconnects you from your match after saying error general services making you not get the coins you won but also lose the coins you invested into the match to begin with.Version: 1.6.8

Overhearing my phoneAwesome game, but this overheats my phone.Version: 1.3.2

Base ballYou can’t get a hit to home run or few bases!!!. You’re always out ..Version: 2.0.3

Only v BotsIt’s amazing how in any of the competitions your team turns into trash. It appears that a lot of the teams are bots and not real people. Don’t waste your time. It also drains the battery pretty quickly too..Version: 1.3

Very disappointed in the customer service.I have been playing this game non stop since I downloaded it about a week ago. Two nights ago while playing the game just cut out and said it was a sever error I believe. All of the coins that I paid to play the match were taken. I reached out to the customer service and they said they don’t know why it happened but that they would not refund me. If these were coins that I just won playing the game it wouldn’t be an issue, but these I paid for. The fact that they were taken and not replaced is very shady to me. Seems like I’m being forced to buy more. I have spent maybe $25-30 on in-app purchases over the first week. This is very bad business not to refund the coins, especially since it’s only like 40,000 coins..Version: 1.1.1

Scam they just want your money......ONLY WORTH PLAYING WHEN YOUR IN THE ROOKIE LEAGUE AFTER THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY TO WIN!! I noticed that in the rookie league I could win almost every game pretty easy, but when I got into the Texas league everything changed. I’m playing teams who have all rookie players but their pitcher is an all-star? How is that even possible? I’ve been playing for a while and I have only gotten one upgrade for my pitcher (which is a pro and I have played way more than a 100 games with with no upgrades). I have gotten a pro or all-star in other positions but this game won’t help me with my pitcher which pretty much makes me loose every game. Even when I play teams that are ranked lower then me (including trophies) they already have an all-star pitcher. It’s just like other games you have to PAY to win... it was fun but not anymore..Version: 1.2.2

Ramp it upFix the Ramp It Up ability! Rarely works and makes the game freeze.Version: 1.2

Rigged, no skill, just a fancy slot machineI have no idea how this game is rated so high. Play it for ten minutes and you will see how rigged it is. There is absolutely no skill involved, all luck. You may as well play a slot machine. Good idea for sure but this isn’t a game, it’s pretty much a slot machine!.Version: 1.6.8

Crashes often, game reverts, unfair cardsThis game should be good, but all its flaws are diametrically opposed to the goals of the game. First off, it crashes often. Games start and then it just shuts down. Secondly, and probably most annoying, is sometimes when it crashes it reverts to your previous day’s progress. When a game is built around the accumulation of xp, gold, and cards, it is very disheartening to lose a significant amount of progress. This has happened to me three times. My last gripe is pitcher cards. It seems very improbably to ever get a new pitcher. I have 300+ cards of my first pitcher who only throws a change up. The easiest pitch to hit. There is a significant advantage to anyone who has a pitcher that can throw anything else. I’d say only about 25% of everyone I play has an upgraded pitcher. So you rarely see a curveball or fast ball, but when you do it changes the game dramatically. Then the opposing team has a t-ball session against my pitcher. Why is it so hard to get a new pitcher???.Version: 1.2.3

Ok at firstStarts off pretty good.. but you are constantly bombarded with upgrade and buy this bat and buy this player..also once you get to the top of the league your team is always overtaken by another player who when you click on the name has played 2/3 games has about 50 points but yet somehow has more coins than you so that you keep playing to get to 1st place and then you never win your league. Play against players who are obvious not real and are bots could be a good game if it didn’t try to always rip you off with OTT extras all the time ..oh yes and you can’t turn off the emojis so while you’re playing someone can constantly send ridiculous stupid faces while your in mid play🙄.Version: 2.9

ReviewGame has potential. It just needs game makers who actually know what they’re doing. Twice now my team has been above the promotion line and yet when it comes to the day nothing ever happens and it resets when the season ends. Secondly if I’m in stadium 10 and constantly winning matches why is it that the rewards is still a silver pack 99.9% of the time when I could get that exact same prize whilst playing the lowest level? Where’s the gold and diamond packs for risking more coins? Thirdly. If my pitcher is one of the legendary characters and is on level 3 and the opponent has the same pitcher but is on level 1 then how is their special ability activating every single match yet I barely see my ability active even once in ten games? Like I said game has potential but is quickly becoming worse with these little inconsistency’s. If they were to fix these problems it would be hard to fault.Version: 2.1.1

Great Game But...Great playable game but unless you bury yourself with ads you won’t get anywhwere! They can be avoided but doing so ruins your playability....Version: 2.0.3

CHEAP AI LIMITS FUNMan do I want to like this game! Based on the old tabletop baseball game, SuperHit Baseball pits you against another “player” in a 2 inning game. Whoever scores more by hitting the ball into the correct area wins. Sounds simple and fun, right? And it is! Until you realize that you aren’t actually playing against other people, at least lost of the time. What you’re doing is trying to beat an AI who is constantly better then you, no matter what level you are, ESPECIALLY if it’s your first time in a new stadium. Score 5 runs in the top of an inning? Watch them score 7 in the bottom of the inning. If you played against other people and skill was involved, this game could be amazing. As it is, just a cheap money grab that makes you purchase packs if you want to beat the computer. A fun but fleeting time waster..Version: 1.1.1

Fun at FirstSimple enough concept. Easy controls and obvious game strategy. Here’s the problem...I’ve played for a few weeks and the only cards I ever get are the SAME PLAYERS I already have. God forbid you start off with the guy who only throws a change up, because you’re stuck with him. Of the 3 different players cards I’ve received...guess what? No pitchers I understand that most players have unique talents, but if you only get to use a pitcher with the EASIEST pitch to hit, you’re screwed every time. There’s like 12 different pitchers! Why is it every time I spend gems on a pack of ‘special’ cards, are they always what I’ve already got!?? So lame and such an easy problem to fix. How did devs not see why a pitcher that throws 3 different pitches at random is WAY more effective than the guy who throws underhand the whole time?.Version: 2.0.2

Turns out to be a game of chance, unfortunately.It’s an interesting game because there is definitely a skill element. But, the further you go, the more you realize that it all comes down to luck. You spend the first 30 games or so learning the mechanics of hitting. This part is fun. But, once you get decent at hitting, the game kinda falls apart because the higher level matches become about whoever was lucky enough to have the RNG spit out a better pitching card. Some of the pitching cards are simply over powered. What ends up happening is that some of the pitching cards make it really difficult to score a hit. Then, when your opponent comes up against your laughably basic pitching card they’re able to lay a smack down that you just can’t recover from. Anyway, the verdict is that it’s a good time waster for a short while, but then it becomes another app that is pointless to open. It has 4-5 star potential if they can figure out a way to balance the chance element..Version: 2.2.1

New Graphics 🤮 and Pitcher Buttons LostThe look of the new overhaul of the graphics is appalling, the text is not clear and the image are less defined, a disappointing update from what looked like a clean and sharp design. Guys what’s happened with your updated game? Bugs everywhere... 1. Lagging (iPhone 8) 2. Ramps stuck and not scoring 3. Text difficult to read 4. Pitcher controls disappeared 5. Prizes are not dropping and the cards not given out. 6. Previously if any iPhone alert appeared (eg low battery warning) your game was forfeited. This is still happening Disappointing update! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 1.4

Coins lostThis game was 5 at first for me personally until a glitch took my coins. I played Pennant race and won a card pack, which I opened and received the cards. I went to do a 1vs1 for 125,000 coins and during the loading screen the pack I previously opened popped up again. Due to this I couldn’t tap anywhere on the screen to get rid of it so that I could play the match. It continued to open up and give me the same cards I just got as if I never opened the pack. In hopes of getting rid of it I exited out of the game and opened it up again to see that I lost the 125,000 without ever getting a chance to play. No investigation was done to look into the issue since they wanted screenshots. It’s hard enough grinding for coins so losing that many coins is beyond frustrating. If any glitches such as this happens to you make sure you screenshot everything since they can care less what happens to you if you don’t. Doesn’t matter how much details you give them such as time, date, and type of devise you’re using..Version: 1.3

If you’re good, play the lotteryThis game is addictive but just way too luck based. It’s luck based on the cards you get in each pack, special moves activating, position of the back walls, even some of the special move. After destroying everyone easily based on skill at the beginning, once you make it to like the 3rd and 4th stadium it becomes almost impossible unless you’re getting the luck of the draw as opposed to your opponent. Edit: Had to lower my rating because as I’ve kept playing it’s continually made it more and more geared towards the opponent. Giving them the upper hand in almost every way. It’s an obvious attempt to get me to spend real money, but there’s no way that’s happening. Second Edit: Wish I could lower my rating even more but it doesn’t quite work that way. The game for some reason just glitches on me and starts lagging for no apparent reason fairly regularly during games. This makes batting nearly impossible as you swing well after you tap the screen when that is happening but strangely enough not at a standard interval. I strongly recommend not getting this game. Just save yourself the time and frustration. Then you won’t get hooked on the casino game of ‘random’ card packs (which never actually give you players that would be helpful to your team that way you spend money to open more). Third Edit: My professional opinion is if you do not get AT LEAST Pedro Marcona very early on, you’re better off deleting the app..Version: 2.0.2

Great game with many issuesLags at times, screen dims for no reasons, sometimes game plays amazing and you can score 20 runs, sometimes you score zero, during special events, game severely lags and by the time you swing the pitch is a strike, but what is most annoying is the free packs they offer if you watch a video, close to half the time a popup appears and states “there are no videos available, please check back later”. Well you cant check back later because the opportunity is gone. Ive addressed this each time it happens via the “contact us” option in the game the the developers refuse to acknowledge it is an issue on their server, instead blaming my cellular service which is not the case as it happens on cellular, wifi, and any place I connect to. Its easy to blame the customer instead of acknowledging you have an issue, Ive missed out on over $100,000 coins due to this..Version: 2.0.3

Glitch city!!Great fun game, but I’ve lost 1000’s due to the glitches that run one screen over another..Version: 2.0

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