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OnX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

OnX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS app received 17 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using OnX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS? Can you share your negative thoughts about onx offroad: trail maps & gps?

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OnX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS for Negative User Reviews

Seems good needs improvementsThe App seems to function well in vertical mode on a device in horizontal mode it’s like all GPS apps, you lose 90% of the functionality. Most people that use these off-road for side by siding especially people with a Can-Am Maverick x3 with a factory tablet hold. We know that the tablet is meant to be in the horizontal position. With this app like many, you can not touch a waypoint you have already set and get the info or drop down. You lose the function bar at the bottom in horizontal view that you see in the Vertical view. I think If you change or rotate the device I think the app should stay the same. Kind of disappointed because I paid the money to use this in our SXS and the functionality is gone how we intended to use it. The device we have iPad 10.5 will not fit in the tablet holder in the vertical position. Please if you can change this and I would be willing to re-rate my review. Also are you planning on a snowmobile version of this? Thanks..Version: 20.18.0

Not sure of valueDownloaded this app to help find trails and dispersed campsites. Didn’t really help with that. Started looking at some trails I’m familiar with and it was lacking. It’s difficult to interpret the what all the dotted lines mean without going to search “Help” for the legend - not sure if I’ll have access to it when I’m off the grid. I was considering paying for the subscription, but based on the free version, the paid version better have a ton more content. Unfortunately I don’t know how much more content the paid version has and not sure I’m willing to pay to find out. App developers really should offer the premium version for 6-12mons for free while they continue to build on a potentially great app. If I knew exactly the quality of the content I was getting, I would have no problem paying for the subscription..Version: 20.18.0

Landscape! Apple car play!I have been using the app for over two years. Premium subscription. I use it for real while off-roading and overlanding. I do love it for this purpose. However, I beg of you to develop this to allow landscape orientation and plead for apple car play. I must use my iPad (so I can see it) and then must use it in portrait mode. Portrait mode does not work well with my vehicle setup. Landscape would be much better. But alas, Apple car play would be the best as it make use of the large screen I already have! Please make it so. I have started experimenting with other apps that are able to do this. OnX has everyone else beat except for this rather serious omission. Thanks!!.Version: 21.41.0

NahIve been (trying too) use/using this app for a little while now. Im a paid subscriber. It was working great up in smaller national forests but im currently on a trip through some pretty large forests with LOTS of trails and its been bricking the app. Freezes every 3 seconds for 5+seconds. Makes trying to locate a new trail impossible .i thought maybe downloading the map area for offline use would fix this but NAH , still does the same. Honestly i think it has to do with the “in your area” feature trying to populate all the trails, but who knows. Really frustrating when i see an area i want to check out but its rake 20 minutes of freezing/stopping/crashing and having to use competitor apps along with this slow one to ultimately use my physical map to get the same/better info. TLDR; app is buggy, freezes and ultimately provides a frustrating solution to something a printed map does..Version: 20.32.0

Overall great content but…Love the app. Took a little time to understand how to navigate the app, however once you get the hang of it it’s great. I’ve had the app for a while now. After they came out with the “premium” membership though they withdrew a few abilities that the original basic membership had for the entire life of the app. Felt like the basic membership was steep but for the the whole app included, I was pleased with the product. Can’t say the same thing now with the adjusted membership classes. Would’ve been a lot better for users to keep original tools perks and all and create new perks for premium rather than swipe from already paying original members..Version: 23.21.1

Not what I expected.First off. It claimed to be $8.99 and month. When I checked out it charged me the full $100 for the year. I would have like to try it out before purchasing. It doesn’t show the difficulty levels of the trails like the popular apps. It shows rivers and streams as trails witch will mess you up. I’ve had to turn around and regroup because of the lack of info several times. This is one for he most rode in places in the southeast. “ wind ridge” 70,000 acres In Tennessee. It’s just a half developed app in my opinion. Had I have had the luxury to try it out before paying the full membership for the year I would have chosen a different map. I’m going to try one more trip with this but I’ll probably wind up buy one of there competitors apps based off what I’ve found so far. Just not with what they ask for in membership fees. 🙄.Version: 23.1.0

Used to love itI used onx off-road for almost 2 years had multiple offline maps and a couple hundred pinned locations and I used the monthly subscription which was one of the reasons I went with onx in the first place and I had no complaints up until a few months ago I noticed I couldn’t use my offline maps or create more updated the app still didn’t work well I went on with my trip in hopes I didn’t lose service and figured I’d deal with it when I got home and forgot about it a couple months goes by and I go to use it again and same thing so I reach out to customer service and they let me know they quit doing the monthly subscription so apparently they just don’t let anyone know and continue to charge them. Well the guy was doing his best to help me fix my account he said they gave me a free year which still never showed up so he told me the best thing would be to start a new account with a different email. Which I would then lose all the data I had saved which I get it I can’t count on it forever just a little shady to me to end a subscription yet still charge people. For the price of the yearly subscription I’d just go with Gaia GPS same price if not cheaper and way more features! Sorry onx.Version: 23.23.1

Closed Trails not closed on appI use OnX off-road exclusively when riding in Western Arkansas as well as for hunting. This deer season, I travel down a road/trail that is on OnX maps, as I had for years. This road is now closed; with NO closure sign, gate or earthen mound. I parked and proceeded to hunt. I received a $230 fine for having my SXS on this trail. I showed the officer the map, he said it’s the wrong map. I showed him the road is not closed on Avenza either, nor on the Forest service map that I carry. The US Forest Service Officer stated that the only up to date map is the MVUMs (motor vehicle usage maps). ONX-off-road and Hunt apps need to ensure their customers are provided with the most up to date and reliable maps. They should ensure that they are using the appropriate MVUM or have a KEY to show which trails have been verified to be open and which have not. Otherwise there’s no real reason to pay for an app that is gonna lead you down a trail to a $230 fine..Version: 20.46.0

Mapping that works but too much misinformationIt’s great to finally have an offline map that actually loads while offline (looking at you Google maps). I’ve never had a problem with it knowing my exact location without service. Beyond that it’s not worth much. Too much misinformation. It might be people posting fake pictures on the wrong trails to gate keep their favorite spots but one needs to actually verify what people submit. I’m sick of spending all day in rolling hills expecting a grand view that someone posted that isn’t anywhere near the area I am at. Also says there are difficult off-road trails where I’ve gone and it’s a paved canyon. Not a dirt road in sight. Do better OnX..Version: 23.41.0

Discouraged with purchaseI paid the $30 for this app and it’s not great but just ok. Very frustrated that the first thing you see when you pay the $30 is that you should have paid the $99 if you actually want to use the app lol. I wouldn’t recommend this app unless you plan on paying the $99 and even then I’m not so sure it’s worth it. Especially since you have to pay $99 every year! Way too much money if you ask me. I will not be continuing my subscription next year. I live in Utah which is home to ATV and UTV trails and the first time I used the app I ended up in a dead end River bottom. I’m sure it’s not the apps fault but I wish it were user friendly and a way to see where you are on a map without cell service. This is useless when in the mountains. Maybe I should have paid the $30 and an additional $99 to have this feature??.Version: 22.9.0

It’s OKThere are a few things this app needs to be great - 1) have a way for users to report trails that are closed for whatever reason; 2) once you find a trail there is no way to get directions to the start/end of the trail - the app just locates the trail but then it leaves it up to you to find how to get to that trail - building in integration with Google/Apple Maps and/or Waze seems like it should be intuitive but it’s not; 3) there is no way to contact the developer or support in the app - there should be a way to provide this feedback right in the app instead of having to leave a review here to tell the developer. In any event, it seems like a solid app - didn’t crash and provided nice offline maps that you can set the area for to download so you can view them without any cell signal. Hopefully the developer can add the features above and if so I will update my review at that time..Version: 20.42.0

Landscape orientation not really supported.I was told that the search function was not supposed to be supported while in landscape orientation. When you click the search button while in landscape mode, the app re-orient itself into portrait mode for you to enter text and then reverts back to landscape mode. Did nobody test this? Let me answer that, no. When I emailed customer service they told me that the search function was never supposed to Even be supported in landscape mode, and that it’s presence itself was a bug. Why would you support the iPad and yet get rid of an important feature in one of the two possible orientations not everybody uses this app in portrait mode, especially on an iPad. seems pretty obtuse. Wish I could get my money back for the subscription..Version: 23.9.0

No navigation…1. I was frustrated to find out that there is no navigational aspect to this app. The reason I paid for a premium off-road app is to avoid buying an inconvenient GPS device. It seems like an obvious feature that is missing. It should be more intuitive to find a trail and then start directions, navigate from to and from your own waypoints. 2. The other major feature missing is the ability to favorite or pin trails. I can’t remember all the trails I find when I’m in the discover tab. You should be able to create lists and favorites so you can plan trips better. Overall, the app is decent but missing some glaring features. I’d love to be able to make this a go to app when I’m doing a Backcountry Discovery Route, but it’s just not there yet..Version: 22.9.0

Worst navigation app everHow do you get people to pay for this!?!?🤣🤣🤣 Almost every other app I have used is better, and actually works. This app is trash. 1: I can’t put in the GPS coordinates in degrees and minutes. A lot of my gps coordinates are in that format. Not in decimal. 2: it doesn’t navigate. It uses google or apple to actually get directions. So the map (that I was forced to download in low resolution) that I downloaded was nearly useless. Of course we were 40-50 miles out in Timbuktu and and when I get out of the car, it closes the “navigation” app (google maps) and now I can’t get directions to get out. We spent 6 hours driving around trying to find our way out, till we were low on gas. And mind you the gas company had punched a plethora of unmarked roads through the area too. So several trails on the map didn’t even have tire tracks. And in low resolution it didn’t even have any kind of identification on the roads on the map. Complete trash. The app wouldn’t even track my location on car play once the phone screen turned off. I definitely will cancel my subscription and go back to Gaia. Oh and Gaia has land owners listed for $30 a year. What a joke..Version: 22.31.1

Very flawedYou are unable to delete an import of waypoints making it completely useless to me. Their support told me I would have to delete each waypoint I imported ONE BY ONE in order to not exceed their waypoint limit. I can’t import anything anymore and deleting each waypoint one by one would take over 60 hours of my time the way this is designed. What useless software and terrible support service. I cancelled my subscription immediately and hope something better comes along. UPDATE: the suggestion in the reply to this review would mass delete important markers from my personal research and is not a viable solution. I’m sorry body can fix this and that it is designed in this way. I need someone to simply delete one large import I made, not delete everything. Fix your software. Add a warning that says are you sure you want to import xxxx waypoints, it exceeds our max and it will break your account..Version: 23.41.0

Lacking for Offroad useI use this app weekly for property information. But as my title says it’s lacking for Offroad use. Almost every “trail” and “trail report” that is shown within 100 miles of me is nothing but an average forest service road that you can drive your families minivan down. The frustrating part is that many of these “trail reports” pass through actual OHV areas with real trails. For example in the Yacolt Burn State Forest the L-1500, L-1200, and the L-1100 roads have reports on them. Yet none of the 4x4 or ATV trails have any information. Once again in Hood River County the routs that are marked are nothing more then forest service roads. Yet the actual Offroad trails have no information. Then there’s the “Tillamook Loop” in The Tillamook State Forest in NW Oregon. The so called Tillamook Loop consists of multiple named 4x4 trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Yet this trail report calls it a 6 out of 10. Many of these are far easier then a 6 rating and then there’s a hand full of trails that should have a rating of an 8 or above. But they’ve all been lumped in together with an average rating that doesn’t represent what you will actually be getting into. As I said at the beginning I use this app weekly for property and land ownership information. But I do not trust it when it comes to anything about trail information. Daryl Keenan.Version: 23.31.0

ImpossibleMany people online say this is a great program. However, there is nowhere in the world you can find any detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use it. For instance some “article” on their web site says you can tap a discover button at bottom left. On my iPad there is NO discover button!! So I’m lost before I start. Before I updated the software, I had a discover button. When I used it and found a featured route I wanted to try, there was no easy way to figure out how to download it so it could be used offline. Now I can’t even “Discover” nearby trails!! Do not get this app unless you have a friend who can take several hours to show you exactly how the SOB is supposed to work. Their “customer service” does not exist. Probably because they don’t know how to use it either..Version: 22.29.0

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