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The Seven Deadly Sins App User Positive Comments 2022

The Seven Deadly Sins app received 134 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about the seven deadly sins?

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The Seven Deadly Sins for Positive User Reviews

StarvedLet me start by saying, this game is extraordinarily fun. The graphics, story, gameplay, and character diversity are all incredible. The gacha drop rate is fair. They don’t give you all good stuff but they don’t give you all bad stuff either. Getting gems (paid currency) is surprisingly easy to do by just playing. No need to spend money unless you really want to. With that said, as fun as this game is, it has one fatal flaw that’s absolutely devastating for players such as myself: lack of endgame content. I have long since beaten the currently available story line missions and I now find myself lacking for purpose in the game. I could grind out all my characters or raise my status in towns or fight pvp but what’s the point? I already have the characters I need at close to maxed out. And given how easy it was to beat the current story with me team I don’t see myself needing to grind out exp any time soon. As it stands, there’s no real motivation for me to do anything besides a quick run of my dailies. I’m hoping the next update comes soon and opens up plenty of extra content..Version: 1.0.0

The more equal the game the better the game.In the game of 7DS the banners and rates are not good for free to free players and getting gems is a pain considering you would have to miss out on two banners to try and get one good character. This is very annoying and time consuming, if they were to make it easier to get gyms for the free to free player’s then we could catch up to the people who have the money and time to play this game 24/7. Other than that the PVP aspect of the game is amazing and you would need to think out side of the box and this is what every game needs however if there where to be matches designed for your play style then this would me even more difficult and challenge you to use different characters than you normally would. As for the farming for resources to upgrade your characters goes well it can get annoying if you don’t know what your doing but it will take some patience never the less. This game is so amazing and I wish I could play it to it’s fullest but what all is stopping me is how many gyms you need for everything so if there where some much easier ways to get gyms it will make the make more fun to play just as well as PVP..Version: 1.2.5

Extremely annoyedBeen playing for many months and have sank many hours into the game enjoying every moment of it when recently I started the app and it just kept me on the start screen and wouldn’t allow me to tap to play, it was like this for at least a week and I decided to delete the app and reload it in the hopes that it would keep my save abs let me play but it has (as far as I know) completely deleted my account and save. I would like some form of support or insight into why this bug happens and if possible I could get my save back..Version: 1.3.0

GREAT F2PI honestly don’t get why are people saying that it’s not F2P friendly. Every single day you can get around 10-15 diamonds (payed currency) from ads to daily quests and smashing boxes in villages. You only need 30 diamonds for a x10 summon. What are people saying about PvP? This ridiculous, PvP is awesome, very strategic and if you hand pick your team and devise some strategy, it will get your far. Also PvP gives u looots of gems weekly. The game is very much beatable without spending a single pound. Also the quality of the game and the range of features is insane, probs the best anime game on IOS right now. It also follows the series completely, every single episode is in there, with addition content from side quests and stuff. All banner characters are available in the coin shop a month after their release, so you don’t even have to be lucky to get them. People gotta chill and try to enjoy this beautiful game, it’s worth the time..Version: 1.0.3

Amazing game.This game is awesome and hands down has to be one of the best free games on the app store. The only minuscule downside i’ve found from playing on mobile is that; when you and conjured up a lot of quests and there are a lot of events, the screen becomes very packed and it becomes hard to navigate. I’d also like to see an exchange set between Rare and super rare pendants because it seems very hard to obtain rare pendants without spending money as there is so much to redeem in the coin shop. Overall though this game is fantastic and i could not recommend it enough, i woke up this morning and summoned a SSR Escanor and was ecstatic! Keep up the great work 👍.Version: 1.1.0

Absolutely Love This Game!Been playing this game for about a year (since the AOT collab), and to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the 7DS series, but this game is top tier. The characters and the story and everything about it is so much better than every other game that does it in my opinion. I even rewatched the anime and am up to date with the manga just so I don’t miss anything in the game. I love the battling, and the grinding isn’t super strenuous. This game is probably the highlight of my day most days and I always get excited when I see an update or something. The characters are amazing and I absolutely love messing with different team compositions and grinding to get a new character I think is cool. I’m not super big on getting the biggest and baddest and strongest team comp for PVP and such either and even still, I was able to, without too much heartache, make it pretty far in PVP by just picking characters that I think are cool and work well together. I say all this to say if you are on the fence about this game, get it! I promise it’ll be worth the 0$ you have to pay to click install..Version: 1.2.8

Seven deadly sinsThis game is amazing it’s so much fun to play and not that hard to learn. It’s also so free to play friendly as there’s so many waddy to get the diamonds you need to summon also even if it regular maintenance they have given us compassion like a diamond or gold with out any problems they are so generous. Give it a try you have nothing to loss like most of us did I recommend rerolling for green meliodas as he will get you through most of the story. The game also has been out for a short time and we’re currently on chapter 7 wich in the manga/anime just started season 2 so there is so much to do.Version: 1.0.3

:)Buy a new phone you plebs. Game works perfectly on my phone, looks beautiful.Version: 1.0.0

Excellent startThe game is just starting off. It’s an early days One piece Treasure cruise or Brave Frontier and pretty much outdoes then both in terms of graphics and having the ability to rerun levels, speed up battle and auto battle. It has absolutely amazing graphics and allows you to run around town as Meliodas! I think in a few years if they stick with it and keep adding characters then this will be a big hit! Very excited to see more characters, including the Ten Commandments.Version: 1.0.0

AFTER MANY MONTHS OF WAITING THIS GAME IS HEREMY FAVOURITE ANIME MAKING A GAME IS EXCITING Plus add more daily gifts so when people login they will be exited and play to earn rewards everyday.Version: 1.0.0

I'm amazedEverything is so refined and well thought out in this game from almost every character having a use to actually being satisfied when you don't pull the mon your going for Because you got 10 other SSR and platinum coins to buy a new mon that can progress your box even further from the coin shop. The ability to interexchange gear and remove gear for FREE. Events where it's half stamina and being able to buy stamina for a single silver coin keeps you drilled well into the game all day up until the time your phone dies or you go to sleep. How cheap multi summons are and how you can get free multis in game by playing pvp every week There's so much this game does right and I can think of nothing it does wrong at the moment except being able to get more ssr pendants but I know that will come soon. There is to much to go over in this review but when you see ads about raid shadow legends being the "rpg that will change everything" or "play for free now" don't listen to that marketing bs I've been on raid for almost a year now and I've spent 5x the money I have in that game then 7DS but my progress is way less in that game then that. Trust me even if your not into the anime you will love this gacha. Every other one out there needs to take notes this is how you create customer retention..Version: 1.0.9

Amazing. Enough said.I’m not a huge fan of anime but I absolutely love 7ds. This game is an amazing RPG and I love that it is based around the actual show/manga. I would recommend this game to everyone. The only thing that I could say would make this game better is getting the voice actors from the other language versions so that you can choose between the original and other languages for the voice acting. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.Version: 1.0.0

Gg so fun!Can you guys update? Pls :D.Version: 1.1.0

Amazing#ThankyouForListening #6weekEscanorBanner.Version: 1.1.17

Amazing!This game is one of the best if not the greatest mobile game there is. Not one thing is bad about the game. The story adaptation, the levelling and character system is perfection. With 500 hours in the game I enjoyed every bit of it. But recently I’ve stopped playing and said to myself. On the next festival banner if I don’t get a single festival character or even one that was useful I would quit the game. I slowly used up all my gems from the past 3 months just to get nothing which is why I’m writing this. This game is truly a great game but as I watched my work fade away I’ve lost the will to play the game but don’t let that put you off..Version: 1.4.1

7DSI love the game just one problem you forgot to add Zeldris of piety so please add him soon other than that the game is the best rpg I ever played😄😄😄😄😄 also please if your gonna have representative hero’s please make them not talk like Meliodas when interacting with a character that would be unique 😁 and please have a permanent 7 catastrophes draw that would be awesome and could you bring grayroad of pacifist except with better moves as an obtainable hero and put limited hero’s in regular hero draws you guys are just being jerks ya know that.Version: 1.2.1

Really good but...I mean the game is really good it’s just that I lost all my progress just for double tapping the app because I needed to do some stuff for school. And the second thing is that there should be a skip button for the tutorial because it’s waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy tooo long and I want my account back please it’s called Pmad or pmad.Version: 1.1.0

Can’t waitI installed and played the jp “Japanese” version. The game is crazy fun and I have no problem rating 5/5. Looking forward to getting in game :D.Version: 1.0.0

Really good gameI really enjoy playing this game, I just have one issue where the game keeps crashing when I play for a while. I’m not sure if it’s because I have an iPhone 7 or because of some bug, but keep up the good work!.Version: 1.1.17

Love the new update!Please stop being money hungry and refuse the prices for the large packs. Only Rick millionaires will but the $124 packs! I bought a few diamonds and it got me absolutely nowhere. I’ll never put Monty into this game again to try and get a head..Version: 1.1.3

The dev team work really wellFirst off I’d like to thank the creators of this game for making a very wonderful game. It’s entertaining, has good rpg elements and has no end of things to do. You can even make music tracks! They also listen to their players and make well thought changes during the updates to make the interface more user friendly and easier to work around. Really great mobile game..Version: 1.2.6

Addicting MasterpieceI’m not much of a gamer or big into anime, but I tried this one when I stumbled upon it because I had seen most of the TV show. This RPG does not fail to blow my mind. I can’t believe it’s free, because to call it a masterpiece is no exaggeration. From the opening tutorials, to the incredible artwork, to the combat, to the satisfying rewards system, to a dialogue and narrative even better than the show, this game sucked me in big time. I deleted this app from my phone yesterday for one reason: it was dangerous for me. The 12+ rating on this game falls far short accounting for this game is. There is no actual sex, but there is innuendo and no doubt in my mind that the makers want you to lust after its characters. There’s even a “gyro” feature that lets you get a close up of Elizabeth’s swelling body. Not good. Or rather, too good. It became a way for me to escape into more than one kind of fantasy and was a gateway for other ways of passing time on my phone. This won’t be a problem for everyone, but it was for me, and I wish the rating would be increased to account for this content..Version: 1.0.3

#ThanksforlisteningOne of the best gacha games I’ve played and the Devs are trying to do a better job. There are still some issues that need to be addressed but slowly getting better. I highly recommend you to try this game, you won’t be disappointed! =).Version: 1.1.17

Grand cross is an amazing gameAwesome graphics, in depth game play, cool battle animations, it’s hard to say anything bad about it. The only thing I see a lot in other reviews is that the game has too many perks to spending money. But that’s an issue with the players not the game, the devs need to profit in some way so I don’t really see a problem with it. Though I do recommend playing free. It gives the game more of a challenge and you feel more satisfied as you finally get enough Demon’s Blood to get the final awakening on your favorite character. Changing the subject though, I love how even some of the smallest things at least give some sort of reward or buff. Like for instance, buying an expensive cosmetic for a character with gems not only makes them look cooler, but also can give them a nice little boost in health or defense. There’s so much strategy with these little things that it’s kind of intimidating at first, but if your new and still thinking about whether to get the game or not, then honestly, if you weren’t convinced already by it’s insanely high star rank (currently 4.7 stars) then I also recommend getting it. It’s free, so why not just give it a try, I can guarantee unless your not into gacha games, or you don’t like the violence then you will absolutely love this game..Version: 1.3.7

Best Mobile Game I’ve PlayedNetmarble have and are continuing to try the utmost. They’ve made a few mistakes but they’ve made twice as many fixes and QOL improvements. I have only invested £30 into this game (and only because I genuinely wanted to support the devs) and i have all the units in the game with top 5% CC. This was not difficult nor did i feel pressured to spend a penny. The graphics truly are brilliant and capture the source materials art direction I feel. You get plenty of gems a week and can save for a generous shot at any banner. I have never been able to get as many of the meta heroes in any other gacha and 100% recommend you pick up this game and quite possibly find your new favourite gacha!.Version: 1.1.0

Love the GameI love this game and was really disappointed that Assault meliodas didn’t drop because of all these cry baby’s “ I didn’t have enough time to save diamonds ” cry me a river , it’s not the only time he’s coming out , if you don’t wanna spend money then don’t , if you can’t then get a job it’s that easy . I think you’re doing great net marble , people complain your not following Jp , that’s too bad this isn’t JP . They want the one Escanor before assault meli, it doesn’t even go like that on the show assault meli is the reason the One even has to show himself . I spend money and will continue to do so no matter how fast the banners come , Love this Game and the Pace it was going , now it’s just boring that we have to wait cause all these cry baby’s that don’t spend money wanna complain about . Your obviously not going to experience the same if you don’t spend something you expect to play for free and experience the same as people that are spending ? Go play a different game then . Thank you Netmarble . I love this game.Version: 1.1.17

One of the Best Mobile Games Ever!First off, GET THIS GAME! I have to say I’ve been watching the Seven Deadly Sins anime for a little over a year now and this is by far the best story-based mobile game I have ever played. The cutscenes are something that you would see on a pc or console game. The story is accurate and enjoyable to play along to as well. The customization options are numerous and creative. The battles in this game are creative yet stick to the original RPG style (which is something I love). The way of leveling your characters up via enhancements, awakening and so on is an amazing idea and it really puts forth how we would see some type of power up happen in the anime. To sum it up, this as an amazing, fun, beautiful, well-made, immersive game. I can only imagine the work that the creators put into this game. I’ve been playing for the last day and it has consumed 80% of my time since then. This is a type of game that I would expect to be on pc yet somehow they made it such a magnificent game for mobile. 10/10 Best Mobile RPG or even game that I have ever played!.Version: 1.0.3

AmazingI love this because it’s the seven deadly sins.Version: 1.0.3

#BoycottAssaultMeli2021Myself and a large amount of the community have been annoyed by the contradiction in the developer notes around November. In the Dev notes it was stated that the pacing of the banners for characters were being considered and would be improved. However after getting the Festival King, Archangels and now assault meliodas, there is no reason to believe that our voices have been heard at all. Not only that but the banners are a lot worse then from the Japanese version of the game such as the missing leader of the Archangels Ludociel on an an Archangel banner. Assault mode meliodas also had the Sariel and Tarmiel on his banner but if that happens on global then those who did summon will feel as if they had wasted their gems. On the other hand if there is no Sariel or Tarmiel, then those who were going to skip their banner to get them on the Assault meliodas will feel as if they missed out. No matter what Netmarble does people will be mad because the banner was released when it was. The release of Assault meliodas was unnecessary at the moment due to the copious amount of replacements characters that could be released in place..Version: 1.1.17

Having funGood game.Version: 2.5.0

Gacha Game done right, So far...This mobile game is honestly excellent, you can see the people who worked on it had some degree of passion when it came to the show and how characters are supposed to be represented. Presentation & Graphics 5/5 +This game barely feels like a mobile game during its cutscenes, it shapes the shows actual story and lore quite well if you decide to watch and read everything and every single battle animation feels quite nice to look at. They're honestly nice enough that I turned doqn the X2 Speed just to enjoy them like a proper game. Fun & Gameplay 4/5 +Generally, as an anti-mobilegame type person, I'd say these types of games are garbage and should be burned in hell. This one however, doesn't make me feel like I need to spend money to progress and feels rewarded, I've spent around 10 hours in the game so far so I'm still at the beggining, but it's been very fun to combine cards and such, Misc thoughts This game will absolutely destroy your battery if you try playing it on the highest settings but will look like a PC Game, straight up. Even better than some anime PC games at times, THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO SEE - Text Speed option, the ingame text is very slow and being able to speed it up without it being instant would be a nice QoL change. -Eventually more characters, but that goes without saying, it's barely something to mention. -More minigames, similar to the pig jumping one, it breaks the monotony and keeps you refreshed. Closing thoughts This game is actually very pleasant to play, I feel myself wanting to just read a few more quests and cutscenes instead of just being a daily grind zombie fest. And the fights are quite fun with the cards system. It's deffo' an app you should try. Give it a go my dudes..Version: 1.0.0

Game is goodThere may lots of influencers and their sheep trying to bring it down because they’re entitled kids but the quality inside the game is great. 10/10 would recommend.Version: 1.1.17


ADD TRADING ALREADY OR IN THE NEXT UPDATE P L E A S EInstead of people buying gems, or buying stuff in general in this game they can easily just go and buy an account for WAY less than what is being sold for gems. If a developer sees this, just know that you are loosing money without even noticing if you haven’t yet. Here’s what I’m saying, if you added trading we could more than easily trade items, characters, etc. with each other and you’d be able to make money simply. Trading is way much more needed than anything else in this game, forget all these events (they’re fun, I’m just saying) we really need trading. Even if it isn’t for money just add trading. It’s way too hard to go and buy an account when you want to become better faster. I know trading may be a difficult thing to do as I’ve done it before, but this is a suggestion. If you could make trading make it so that we can have at least 2 of the same characters please. This game is very fun and exiting and I really love it but trading would really draw in more players, for pvp and the game in general. Please just add trading, thanks..Version: 1.0.9

This is the most epic game that gets my anime feel onAfter looking for games like this for almost forever, I am relieved that I found this game. I started this only a few hours before I reviewed it and it’s got great storyline, action packed adventures and so many different characters to collect and choose from, each having their own abilities. What I’m trying to say is this game is a blast and I would totally recommend it to those anime fans..Version: 1.0.3

PolishedGreat game...addictive...looks amazing on iPad Pro...some of these game I don’t know what to do next or where to go but the intuitive menus and drop down access to sub missions or main mission works well as all you have to do is press on mission and it will lead you to where you need to go...I enjoyed the show on Netflix so this game has added to my enjoyment...thank you...😎✌🏻.Version: 1.0.3

Starting again…I absolutely fell in love with this game when I first got it! I played it for hours and got super far and I felt like I was at the near peak of the game for a while, until I switched phones and lost my data. I felt absolutely crushed. I lost the hero I loved most Berserk Meliodas and that banner was still up when I lost all my progress. I reinstalled and haven’t even spent a week on it for when I got Berserk Meliodas back as a regular SR for a different banner. Although I am super relieved and my passion for this game has sparked up again, that’s when I realized a problem I didn’t before… the rare collabs and banners are great, but when a new comer can’t have anything that was offered before, it makes PVP, one of the most important diamond grinding areas, really hard because they have powerful hero’s from previous banners that us new players don’t have access to. So I’m thinking that maybe banner hero’s that are actually from the 7DS should be put into a banner that is always open, especially so that players don’t have to feel pressured to spend diamonds on a banner and then have that hero just be a regular SR for a different banner. Thank you.Version: 1.2.9

Great gameI love how it follows the story of the original story but if the characters were voiced in English as well it would be even better.Version: 1.1.9

Wow just wow!!I never Wright reviews but this time I will. Where do I start!! This game is stunning in every way.. I haven’t put it down in the last two days and I play a fair few games that are now on hold because of this. The story line is down to the T.. the graphics are breathtaking. I’ve grown a little bored of the typical turn based RPGs but this one is like no other. I love that each skill can be powered up by combining them. So far I haven’t come across a pay wall and I hope I don’t either because I’m enjoying this game more than any other game I’ve played. There seems to be tons to do from gathering your team (seems to be a small roster so far, hopefully future updates will include other characters such as escanor and hopefully the 10 commandments) to battles to events and even helping the villages out along the way to build up friendships in the towns, which result in you being able to buy more valuable items in each towns. Bravo netmarble a masterpiece of a game!!.Version: 1.0.0

To all you hatersBoi my sister got all 10 commandments every sin max lvl sun shine Escanor every SSR character in 7 months without spending a dime so you don’t have to rant about how you have to buy so much stuff just so you can get silvers etc.Version: 1.1.12

好游戏!很好玩!根本停不下来!.Version: 1.0.0

BugOn first level I keeps crashing right after I finish it.Version: 1.0.3

CRASHINGI was so excited for this game to come out when that was ruined cause my iPad Air keeps crashing! Plz fix this The new update has come out and nothing has changed my iPad Air even though it’s capable with the game keeps crashing can u please fix this Netmarble Corporation.Version: 1.0.3

Best Game of it’s kindI rarely write any reviews for any game but this one truly deserves one, and a great one at that. The game is polished and well made. It might start out a bit complicated, but it doesn’t take long to understand everything even to it’s smallest details. Don’t be overwhelmed and take your time. One of the most important things are good developers that listen to the fanbase, the game is constantly being updated and always gives you new things to do. I’ve been playing it constantly and I’ve not been disappointed. (And I’m a F2P player) As long as you save up on diamonds and key items, you should have no problem in keeping up with most people who might put money into the game. In my opinion, a 10/10 game and that was even more solidified after the release of a certain superhero anime game who’s name doesn’t need to be mentioned. Truly a top tier game within it’s own kind. Great job to the developers and thank you for listening to the fanbase. Quality and Quantity..Version: 1.2.5

ErrorsI'm having a issues with the game . It will take me to the second Level of the tutorial than the game freezes and crashes . Please fix ASAP as I need to start leveling up.Version: 1.0.0

The Best Game Out ThereI preordered Seven Deadly Sins and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m not a big fan of the turn based card games but this game is different. It melds the turn based card aspect with that of strategy turn based games on the counsels. The story was amazing and I was sad that the story ended before all the sins could reunite. That brief sadness turned to joy in the realization that more is to come. The loot drops are amazing and I have gotten more than fair enough items to keep me grinding for more. The story is rather long and interesting. Beating the story isn’t a small feat but if this game grabs you like it did me then you’ll probably finish it all in under a week or less. PvP is amazing and easy to grasp. Honestly just writing this cuz of server maintenance and this game is all I got on my mind. 5/5, 10/10, 20/20, 100% worth downloading. Make it for the console with more in depth gameplay, moves, characters, multiplayer, open world, turn based and rpg stlye combat and I’ll preorder that and throw the money in your face developers, with the upmost respect for your great game!.Version: 1.0.0

Good awesome gameThe game has been excellent so far, however the only thing I would say to improve is to make the actual battles a little more speedier. Right now I’m doing a quest that tells me to use a specific amount of stamina but because of the event everything costs less stamina, which means I have to repeat the stages more to use the same amount of stamina. This wouldn’t be of any grief if the battles could go faster than times 2..Version: 1.1.17

A few things you could make betterIs when your in the hero menu and you can’t scroll through hero and you have to look at a section on a hero, and also, I think you should make a evolution up past UR, but other than that it’s all good. I think that the pay to win is little ridiculous, but recently they’ve added more ways to get expensive stuff free in challenges and I think that that’s great. For example, full awakening tokens cost 30$, but every update they add a way to get one or two for free by completing a challenge. Also, like many people say, I feel like limit breaking past lvl 80 Is super hard because of the bellmoth cores. On hard mode, you only get two for a win and extreme you get 6 or 8 for host bonus. Basically what I am saying is that if you beat hard mode, it’s the same as repelling it with Hawk’s Mama. Extreme mode is like super hard, and it’s rare to find another person strong enough to beat it. I am a super fan of the show, so my judgement may sometimes be clouded, but I think it’s a great game other than small imbalances..Version: 1.4.2

Global devsAs much as I love this game, it’s clear to see that the global version is being mistreated in terms of content, multiple times have global been given the short end of the stick and the lack of transparency between devs and players is non-existent at this point Extremely disappointing considering the facts. EDIT: The devs have upped their communication and have been for more transparent, there were mistakes on their end but they were quick to address it this time, if they continue like this then I have no worries about the game in the future.Version: 1.1.0

Actually IncredibleI’ve been playing for a few months now and I’m still not bored. I usually get bored of these gacha games after a week or so. I am 99% free to play player though I did spend a little to support the game as it really deserves it. The thing that I like the most are the constant events that keep it fresh. The story is great, battle mechanics amazing. There are various versions of most characters, you can usually find a play style for a character you like. Summon rates seem to be decent, and the event exclusive heroes are fun to obtain. I don’t have anything bad to say really, the story missions can be suddenly quite difficult I suppose when they require you to use a hero you’ve not invested in at all but just adds to the challenge. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. Keep up the events dev team, really great aspect!.Version: 1.1.12

Op comebackI played this game since launch and as soon as the one came out and ban I started to get bored and didn’t play the game for half a year now I’m back and very interested the ragnarok is amazing added so much stuff to do and it really puts me in the mood to grind.Version: 1.3.9

All around pleasing to playIf your a fan of the series then you’ll love the game and if you have never heard of the series you will still love the game it is well thought out and has plenty of events with free items plus a myriad of characters each with their individual uses. It is honestly one of the best mobile games I’ve played where I have not felt like I’ve had to invest a single penny to progress and with their true to story feel and customization of your tavern (your base of operations) it even has things for the players that are interested in more than just great gameplay it really is a very well thought out game and I just want to say the people that complain it’s too complicated just aren’t willing to take the little bit of time and learn it piece by piece because unlike a lot of games you don’t feel rushed by a ranking system to play none stop right from the start nore have to spend money to keep up if you don’t but I just want to say I recommend this game to any and all players of rpg team style turn based games btw I never write reviews but after reading a few nonsense negative reviews of this game I felt I needed to if nothing else as payment for over a year of gameplay without spending a dime thank you dev team.Version: 1.1.11

Incredible with One Annoying ProblemNow this game is truly incredible. From the animations to the graphics and just everything about it really. My one main problem with it that annoys the living hell out of me however, is that you have to use certain characters in the story. Like I get it’s for story purposes but it’s really annoying. I’m at a point in the story where I need my units basically LVL 70 and Max Stars just to get through the missions but now I have to go and use Griamore and Gil who I haven’t touched at all? Like why? I personally love Escanor, as most do, and I love the Commandments so my main team 4 of the Commandments and now I have to level Gil and Griamore up just to pass a mission. But other than that its one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played..Version: 1.1.10

Why is Milim so hard to get???I love this game I’ve played it for a bit and after a while I started to lose interest, but then I see that they do a collab event for the game with “that time I got reincarnated as a slime” and it was super cool, especially the story but the only problem that I see is that you obtain milim as easy as the other 2. First off Benimaru is obtainable from the quest line and second all you have to do is buy rimiru but with milim you would have to pull one of the other two 3 times for tokens or get super lucky in the draw with like 10 other normal ssr’s with twice the possibility and the 3% chance of even getting an ssr while 3% is already a fair amount I think that making it so milim is so much harder to get than the other 2 is kind of dumb and in my opinion makes it slightly unfair for some players trying real hard to get her and get screwed while other can get super lucky and get her first try and be chillin. So like personally if it was me I would make it like a series quest completion thing where you complete all the crossover quests and get a ssr collab select ticker or something, but other than that it still is one of the best games out there..Version: 1.0.9

#ThanksForListeningEDIT: after the developer notes, I am much more satisfied about the banner releases being adjusted so players can realistically actually save their gems for essential banners. I seldom write bad reviews for apps. I have financially supported this game before in the hopes that netmarble will implement features that players will actually benefit from. I have stopped supporting this game because it’s clear that this company does not care about its players. Banners are released way too quickly. A majority of the players who cannot afford to keep buying gems have missed out on a lot of essential units. It was already pretty bad when the Goddess Elizabeth and Lostvayne Meliodas banner was released right after the King of Fighters Collaboration. It’s very clear that Global version of this game is just a cash cow for netmarble. This game isn’t sustainable for its players anymore. Even after all the complaints and a response from netmarble itself, things have remained the same. Not only is this company milking us dry, but they are liars as well. The nail in the coffin is the rapid release of the Assault Meliodas banner. You have killed a game that was once fun. Good job, Netmarble. You will not be getting another cent from me. Unless these issues are addressed, expect a huge drop in your player base. With games like Genshin Impact coming out, it’s no wonder that this game is losing players daily..Version: 1.1.17

So goodJust great. Lots to do and very friendly for the f2p.Version: 1.0.3

7DSThis is a great game that stays true to the anime whilst giving great bonus content such as collabs and other special events. I have played this game since release and honestly believe it is the best mobile game currently available. My only downside to the game is the summoning system but you don’t always get lucky. I am disappointed with some of the community constantly complaining as it puts the developers in a tough situation making them do one thing that some people hate and then going back on it and upsetting others..Version: 1.1.17

Please animate the actual seriesCould you guys please re make the whole Season 3 of 7 deadly sins? I’m saying you should do the animation for the actual series please. The people handling animation for the series right now are doing a very bad job..Version: 1.0.0

Perfect. Please keep supporting this game!This game is so good. It has something in it for everyone. I typically do not play hero collectors and I almost always despise gacha games, but Netmarble has nailed it with this one. F2P friendly, addicting PvE, challenging PvP, tons of quests, events, and more. Friendly to both the casual player and the grinder, this game is packed full of content. If you are a fan of the anime or manga, you get to experience it in a completely new way while still holding true to the story. If you have never watched the anime, the game is still amazing in its own right. The only way I can see them improving on this is to keep doing exactly what they’re doing: keep adding content (events, quests, dungeons, new heroes, cosmetics, etc.). Also it would be absolutely amazing if the story chapters of the game extended into the most recent seasons of the anime. I honestly hope the developers support this game for years to come because I can’t put it down..Version: 1.1.7

Amazing Game But Major Crashing IssuesFrom the graphics to the gameplay, this game has it all. The game mechanics feel smooth and are a refreshing take on gacha RPGs. The integration of scenes from the anime into cinematic format is an amazing way to tell the story, regardless of whether or not the player has watched the anime. Even then, players already familiar with the story are given not only the option to skip but jump from one scene to another for speed reading. The small q.o.l features this game has makes it extremely engaging and fun. That said though, as it is new, I half expected all the bugs and crashes but after recent patches the crashes have been more frequent now occurring after even 5 minutes into the game. I can barely get through a single battle without crashing, let alone the fps drops. It’s a great game but the only real issue right now it seems is optimisation and in the future hopefully this will be fixed..Version: 1.0.0

TT-TTEvery single time I enter the app, after I delete some stuff, it tells me I don’t have enough storage space. I know my storage space isn’t enough, but I already deleted enough so that it entered the sequence where it downloaded the extra necessary data or whatever, but after I leave for 2 minutes it tells me I don’t have enough storage space once I enter the app. This cycle repeats. I’m uninstalling and reinstalling it, and I hope this can be fixed... Edit: So that problem was on my part, but now the audio doesn’t work. Great game though, I love how on par it is with the anime and manga, but still adding several twists and turns for side quests. Edit 2: Nvm about the audio, I restarted it and it was fine :).Version: 1.0.0

They’ve done the right thingThey finally started listening to the community and slowed the release of banners which shows that they are connected to their players and that’s very reassuring for the future of this game.Version: 1.1.17

Suddenly pop out of gameThis is a good game but Please fix urgently..Version: 1.0.9

AmazingThis is probably the best free mobile game i’ve ever played. with seven deadly sins being my favorite anime it makes the game even better. the graphics, the cosmetics, the grinding, all of it is fun. I’ve been working my way through this game for the past month of its release and there’s only one thing i would ask be touched on. Can you please, please, please make it easier for us to get SSR pendants? It seems to be the only thing i have a problem getting in this game and i don’t want to pay to get them, i don’t want this game to become pay to win. if you could make it easier for us to obtain SSR pendants easier it would definitely help a lot of us players. i hate playing PvP with people who already have their characters level 70 when i can’t even find ways to obtain SSR pendants without paying for them, i want to have fun too. other than that, this is easily one of the best mobile games out there, and if the problem that i pointed out can get touched on, this game will be perfect. thank you for bringing us this game!!.Version: 1.0.3

A great game but 2 draw backsThe game is great like the cooking the characters and even more but there 2 draw backs that make it 5 stars The first one is that the gameplay can get repetitive and sometimes boring due to grinding to become stronger especially the side quest which gets some people tired due to all of the work you have to do to get a piece of food or equipment the only good in the side quest are the 30 gems you get after you complete each chapter town and like the 1-2 gems you collect. The second thing is the difficulty of the game. The game is really hard because not knowing what to do or grind a lot to get nothing and it keeps on grinding and even if you pass the level the next one makes way more difficult and you keep on grinding to win especially awakening, evolve and upgrading gear they are all frustrating due to the fact the books take hours along with pendants to evolve, the cups and materials you need to awaken, and just forgetting to upgrade your gear. But I might be overreacting cause I know it does not apply to anyone.Version: 1.0.3

Next UpdateHi, I live this game with all my heart as well as me being an anime lover this game has ticked all the boxes needed, I would like to ask if it’s possible if you can also do another anime crossover with the Anime called Overlord. The anime itself has a lot of promising abilities you can add and customisable clothes can be added aswell..Version: 1.1.3

F2P friendly high production value GachaCurrently the gacha system is really F2P friendly, where even as a free to play you get to enjoy 99% of the games content/ units. Although I’m not a big fan of what they are doing right now, pushing all the banners so global can catch up to JP.Version: 1.1.12

Bye gurtajI don’t know a lot of seven deadly sins characters but these are the ones I know Ban Melidoas Elizabeth Escanor jerchiro.Version: 1.0.9

Doesn’t work on phoneIt says it works on any phone which has atleast iOS 9 but it keeps crashing during the tutorial on my IPhone 6 which has iOS 12.Version: 1.1.11

AddicitionAwesome game. Highly addictive. Cannot wait until the other characters are available!.Version: 1.0.3

Great game but crashes galore.I love this game a lot, I think that should be stated first because if you’re on the fence about trying it out, you should definitely give it a shot. It’s an extremely generous gacha game in which being a free to play doesn’t impact your ability to te certain characters. However a few glaring problems rear their ugly heads after playing for a while, the game has constant crashes, I play on mobile and it’s rare for me to be able to play more than 10 minutes without the game crashing, this may vary from update to update however. My other complaint is netmarbles way of handling the meta, they’ll create a problem, let it run rampant and then try to sell a solution afterwards, this can lead to very toxic metgames which can be harful for the game. Other than that, no complaints!.Version: 1.2.10

✨amazing✨I absolutely love the game, been playing it for a few months now but theirs maybe two problems.. 1) getting diamonds us wayyyy too hard, when you replay quests you dont get gems 2) certain quests are annoying when it comes to their cc and over-all strength, i was stuck on the quest when you need to fight the people affected by zeldris’ commandment because they were way too strong considering they’re just normal people.Version: 1.2.4

AmazingBest game on mobile.Version: 1.2.00

Best gacha game I’ve ever playedHonestly it’s the most ftp friendly gacha game I’ve ever seen. You get so many gems from gameplay, rewards and achievements. This is a game where the game masters actually play the game and listen to feedback. I’ve never played a gacha every day consistently since the day I started. It honestly is the best in depth and thoughtful game on a mobile device, where you can relive the anime. They keep improving the game and quality of life changes are the nice extra touches. I feel blessed to find a community that I love, just from playing this game during Covid. Give it a go, you won’t regret it 😍❤️❤️.Version: 1.0.9

GameGreat game just started playing,but to make this game over the top for me would to have a option where the characters speak English plsssssssss make this happen.Version: 1.0.0

Best in its class?This might be the best gacha-anime-turn based-RPG I’ve played, yet. Gameplay = solid, I like the idea of combining cards to make attacks and powers stronger, other than that, it’s similar to most of the other games with a turn based, 3V3 style. You upgrade, level, equip items on and evolve heroes, trying to make the best team. Graphics = lovely, I’m playing on an iPad Mini 5 and everything looks great. Playing on a bigger screen than a cellphone really contributed to my appreciation of the look. Presentation = impressive, any cutscene pertaining to the main story is fully voiced and you even get scenes from the anime that they took the time to 3D render. You can freely roam towns, plenty of quests, raise affinity and relationships with characters, change clothing of said characters, there’s PVP, the game has made me laugh plenty of times....there’s just so much good to this game that I can’t see a reason to take a star off for. It doesn’t even try to force purchasing anything on you. Truly one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played..Version: 1.0.9

Excellent gameAmazing game but can you raise ssr rates by atleast 1%?.Version: 1.1.14

Amazing Game!This game so far is one of the greatest games online Anime game so far. The ranking system in PvP is excellent and fair since as you rank up to like Champion etc, you will not rank down to Masters rank which is really amazing in my opinion. The Gameplay still has relations to the Anime which is good. The daily rewards are really nice to have since you can get some good rewards from them. However, I would want to recommend you guys to make a Summon Banner for all the Limited Banner characters (like Escanor) to be in a single Banner summon. This is fair because most people who put a lot of effort to the game grinding for the Limited Banner characters might not get them and it is very sad for players that might not get them. However, by adding this to the game people can still have a chance to get the characters they want again in just a single Limited Banner draw. This can be a good idea for the game for people (like me) who put a lot of effort in grinding in this game..Version: 1.0.3

Very goodIt’s a solid game for mobile. Very friendly for free to play players and constantly getting updated with more stuff to do. 98% of people’s complaints on this game are ridiculous like complaining about it crashing when it’s just their potato phone. Definitely check it out..Version: 1.0.0

Amazing and worth your timeGreat and fun game even if you don’t spend money you still can play and enjoy everything this game has to offer. it’s especially great if you enjoy the show as it’s really fun to see all the characters and use them.Version: 1.1.10

PeakThis game maintains the community behind it and continues to show it listens to its community even if it is at the cost of profit. Sure, there were decisions that were made deemed bad by the community, but the team behind it made changes that better suit the needs of the players. A lot of the community complains about the summoning rates, but if every player had access to the units that persist to come out without having to spend money, that’s a loss for the company due to the lack of need to buy the diamonds and packs, and they even give guarantees for each festival banner to have a chance at getting the featured units even if the players aren’t able to play it. That being said, i think there are definitely features that should be added to get diamonds perhaps weekly or even monthly to make diamonds more easily obtained for those of us that’ve already completed most of the in game tasks other than the pvp rewards or those of us that are struggling to complete some of the harder tasks. As a whole, this game is a top tier game and i’m glad to be a part of the community in which the devs listen to oh so well. thank you for the going on 2 years of fun! looking forward to what comes ahead..Version: 1.4.0

Best gameThis is the absolute top notch best game ever and to all people that say it’s a bad game because it’s going to fast I would say chill out the game is just trying to make it the best experience for you and if you don’t want to pay then don’t pay just save gems because unless they are an collab character they will come back in a different banner and for everybody who needs it I wish you the best of luck honestly with the archangels and assault meli and the one when he comes but this is quite the unique and amazing fun game and if you see this please wish me the best of luck I am really trying to get sariel so I will give you luck in exchange for my luck I even hope you #boycottassaultmeli ppl get lucky but that does not change that there is not a single game better than this and if you disagree then that’s your own opinion but this is my favorite game of my life and if netmarble producers see this than thank you for the greatest game ever and please wish for me to get sariel because it will be hard and I’m only 300 gems in but wish me luck and to everyone else who plays good luck on the banners and to ppl who dislike the game I don’t even think you guys have seen the anime and if you love this game but haven’t seen the anime don’t take that as an insult but this game is amazing best game of all time.Version: 1.1.17

One of the best mobile games I’ve playedIt is unique in many ways, you quite literally run the boar hat tavern and are able to run around the various towns you visit through the story. As well as the unique costumes and cosmetics for characters you can purchase or unlock, the are many characters you can unlock simply because there are so many variations to the same characters. It really is a fun game, I love to play it and I think it’s better than some console games ahahahaha!.Version: 1.0.9

Great RPG for 7ds fansWith most games, I generally just delete them straight after downloading them due to them being way too repetitive, but this game is completely different. I’ve devoted hours to getting through the story mode, and I can safely say it’s a challenging but fun experience. All the characters have unique moves and abilities, non of them being the same (except for Meliodas’ full counter, but that’s a key part of his character, so I’ll let them off). Download this game if you’re a fan of the anime/manga, you won’t regret it..Version: 1.1.13

Boss RegenarationI love this game and the story is amazingly accurate and well designed I like that every character has a use in the story as well and the developers seem to be constantly working through issues and bugs to keep the game running smooth and thanks to the many updates over time and the crossovers I have acquired many characters I enjoy playing and can use them in pve/pvp. The story mode as I said is well designed but I hate one thing more than anything and its the most infuriating thing this game has and its the mechanic where every single boss has life-steal and goes back to full HP after one turn its bad enough when your forced to use a character you haven't upgraded but a boss that can regenerate back to full HP after one turn is insanely overpowered and it ruins the game when a enemy who should be dead already keeps hitting you once and getting like 75% of their overall HP back. One more thing the drop rates are terrible I have been playing this game for almost two years now and I haven’t once got red dairiari after summoning over and over on the Pt 2 banner like I understand the developers need money to develop but after saving up 30 diamonds and getting nothing but SR and R characters it makes me lose interest in the game and delete it and then come back when reset happens because I feel like I’m grinding for absolutely nothing..Version: 1.3.0

AMAZING!! so so good!I absolutely LOVE this game! Seven deadly sins is one of my favourite anime's and this gane has recreated it perfectly! i havent been able to stop playing it, the graphics are impecable for a phone game, the story line is on point and omg the characters! i love how you can customise their outfits for the battles and all the different skills that are available. There are so many quests to do which makes it so your never bored 😆the cutscene clips they do as well during the main questline are amazing quality and perfectly match what actually happens in the show 😱All the different varients of the characters you can team with make it so fun but also how you can use others characters to assist you! i could go on forever but honestly i am addicted to this game 😅😌defo recommend downloading and giving a go! Aahhhh love ittt!!!!.Version: 1.0.3

Pull rateI love the game and I play it all the time I love it but the pull rates are so stupid I’ve spent over 1,500 plus gems on accounts I’ve rerolled just trying to a decent account but I’ll spent like hours just to get one decent account and even that decent account I’ll spend hours farming just to get 30 gems just to get shafted just to do it over and over again and get shafted every time then I moved to JP servers and got shafted and it wouldn’t be that bad if the rates were just like 3-4% that would be better and if you listen to every big SDS players (I’m not saying y’all don’t listen y’all do a amazing job at listening to the community and doing stuff that people like) they say that summoning rates are just to low and it’s hard to even get units you want but besides the summoning part of its an amazing game and I love it and love playing its honest the only gotcha game I play so I just wish the rates were at least a little bit higher like 3-4%.Version: 1.1.9

PerfectBest game EVER, detailed and just like the anime, what else can I say? Well there are some flaws in the system, but the new update should patch them up.Version: 1.3.1

Thank god this came out to other countries!!I’m a huge fan of the seven deadly sins series and I was waiting soooo long for this game to be accessible to people outside of Japan n stuff,,,it’s really great!! Normally I don’t like games like these but it’s actually really fun and rewarding!!! The only issue I have right now is I can’t actually play it?? I was increasing my storage size and now I get a notice that says that I need to sell unneeded items, but I have space and it won’t let me increase my storage space any further so I can’t actually progress in the story or do any other matches, this has only come up recently and I hope it get fixed soon so I can continue playing daily :)).Version: 1.1.0

Great Game/Please Fix BugsLove the game, and love the experience of going through as the sims, commandments, scouts(aot add on characters), and the overall strategy sense the game gives. I just have one concern. Even when connected to WiFi; the game will kick me off. Today; I just went to check a few things, and it kicked me off before I even got to do anything, let alone move around the tavern. It’s extremely frustrating because it’s done this for the past two days now and I love the game so much that I don’t want to delete the app; just to redownload it to potentially even lose all of my characters(3UR, at least 8-10SSRs, etc...). Please; if this bug could fixed, I’d greatly appreciate it. I don’t know if it has to do with the programming or the service I have. I can deal with my service kicking me off because I’ve dealt with dropped calls and delayed texts, etc, etc...But my service has never really forcibly kicked me out of any game I’ve downloaded from the App Store. Please fix if you can? Thank You!!! Overall; like I said, I LOVE The Game. It’s just that one issue..Version: 1.1.3

Pay to win more than you thinkI had 800 free to play gems which would mean I could do 3 to 4 step up banners however when I summoned on the banner for green ban I had to use all 800 and still couldn’t get him due to shocking bad rates so you have to spend more money to pull features characters which is disgusting and money grabbing and due to this fact I can’t support the game for that reason as they really just want to take your money from you and that’s not what games are about not worth the time due to this.Version: 1.0.0

Amazing game, but just one character...Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is an amazing turn-based game originated from the anime Seven Deadly Sins. The main story is a practical review of the actual anime(minus the movies). The characters in the game are all quite balanced and are acquired from a gacha mechanic within the game. All balanced except for one, Lostvayne Meliodas. So far, I have never been aware of patch notes informing of nerfs or buffs on the characters. This version of Meliodas was an anniversary limited character and only becomes available for a few weeks before you need to wait another year for the event to return. My only problem is the PvP mode is extremely unbalanced and completely unfair if you do not possess this character. His unique ability has about every other previously considered strong character completely crushed and his Lifesteal is extremely high for a pure strength hero. Every other hero has at least one weakness. For example, some heroes take a couple of turns to become extremely powerful, and some characters are the opposite and have a few turns of practical invincibility in the start. I can only hope that a miracle happens and this unfair character gets nerfed at least a little bit..Version: 1.1.11

Cool, but crashes on my phoneI really do enjoy this game, for the most part. What I mean is, the gameplay and mechanics of the game are super duper awesome, however I have an IPhone 6 and the game crashes constantly. I got through the tutorial, after about an hour of rebooting and watching it crash multiple times. I am now in the town, Venya or vanya, and the game crashes when it goes to the cutscene and this highly bothers me, I don’t mind the game crashing while in combat because you can just relog-in and pick up where it crashed, however when it comes to huge cutscenes (and yes, I have the quality on the lowest of lows, and have the skip animation on in setting) the game will crash. Which now I can not get past mission 5 because of this crash due to the cutscene. I still enjoy the game even though I can’t fully experience it. That is why I gave it five stars because I believe it really is a freaking amazing game, even if the problem is with my phone but they shouldn’t say that the game is compatible with my phone when it crashes at certain scenes. Please developers, please fix this for the IPhone 6! I’m begging you. :( I still fully support this game.Version: 1.0.0

BoycottAssualtMelibanner2021This is appalling to people like me a free to play who spend hours grinding gems so we can get characters. Stop rushing out op characters. We need time to save up. Also for the sariel banner anyone who spent 300 gems or more should get a free ludociel or escanor because you cucked us so bad on that banner I did get both but, Ludociel should have been in that banner. And release assault meli at April. Release the one on may and make the guaranteed one at 600 gems please. It’s too hard for us free to play players to get gems. If you see this I hope you decide to do this it will help the game..Version: 1.1.17

Is okay and badI really like the details and the story mode but there’s one thing I hate it keeps on crashing on my phone I’m using a iPhone 6 fix it keeps crashing every time I get on for some reason can u please fix this.Version: 1.2.7

Good gameGood gacha game rates ain’t good animations are but allot of unneeded dialogue during quests plus you don’t get a gem per fight like other gacha games and it’s hard to afford packs early in the game only by completing missions what can be tedious to grind early on extra outfits good idea but cost too much gems to obtain good you can auto quests but get useless rewards dupe system raises ultimate attack levels like other gacha games battle system is basic but still entertaining when pulling off moves and combos liable ultimate attack and dual attack animations that’s a good touch overall not a bad game.Version: 1.0.3

The best game ever!Sorry haters.Version: 1.1.0

So many collabs but the base game is broken!!I can’t even load in! Tried everything - clearing caches, redownloading the game, waiting on wifi and mobile data. The game is busted. Such a shame, I was looking forward to this game but it’s just over hyped trash.Version: 1.1.11

Not like other gamesAs someone who plays a lot of other mobile gachas, this game has impressed me from the beginning. The amount of free summons you get from playing the game is MASSIVE compared to others, I think it ends up being about 14 free summons a month if you just save. There are units that are better than others, but a use can be found for most. PvP is genuinely fun and diverse, but the biggest thing about this game is that it appears to constantly be improving. I understand the game has to make money, but over time the game has made many things more accessible to players than they were upon release and it is appreciated. The grind can be slow, but you actually feel like you’re time is getting you somewhere in the game. The community team of this game is FANTASTIC in listening to their community, and respond quickly and appropriately to the players. I’m so excited to see the continued development of this game. Thank you for slowing down banners while still trying to catch up. #Thanksforlistening #6weekescanorbanner.Version: 1.1.17

Incredible!I simply love the way this game works, all the different functions and all the gameplay. Im bad at using clever sentence making to my advantage but I just need to say that the way you can combine cards, pull new hero’s, the levelling system and the way you just have to grind a bit and put effort into this game and can’t just go swoosh level 90 or something. I really think that this game should just try to add a little more opportunities to get good hero’s, other than that this game is great and you will have a lot of fun playing it..Version: 1.4.3

This isn’t a surpriseI’m not surprised I rated it 5 star, scene deadly sins in a adventure and action game, outstanding! I love the anime already and being able to play it is a gift and I’m happy netmarble made this since of the quality was worse this would’ve never happened, it’s got great action, quality and visually it looks great and it goes a long the story line too. I’m hoping you guys will eventually add more of the Ten Commandments/Six knights of black into the game and if you haven’t already got to the season “revival of the Ten Commandments” I hope your working on creating it unless released because I would love to see more of this game, although it’s not deed for deed/word for word and the animation is a bit rough it’s still astonishing. If you could improve on the animation I seriously don’t know why people wouldn’t rate this a 5 star.Version: 1.0.3

AwesomeGame is really good. Its full of twist and turns. Great colab event with I got reincarnated as a slime, would recommend this game 100%.Version: 1.0.9

Does not work on iPad Air 2Crashing at menu screen since download.Version: 1.0.0

AnnoyingStop making me fight effing Gowther, it’s not fun..Version: 1.1.0

BannersEdit: I just saw patch note for the 2/9 update and thank you for listening to the community and bringing out more content and gem events imma give y’all the 5 stars y’all deserve it with all the changes that y’all have made and it also shows that y’all listen to the community so again thank you. Banners are coming out way too fast also the banners are becoming bad like for archangels why y’all have to take ludo, escanor and blue demon meli out like come on start thinking about the players and the F2P players too they gotta have time to farm Dimonds so please do something to fix it because if you don’t then y’all are gonna be having less and less players and like I said at the start don’t bring the banners out too fast and even less back to back #BoycotAssaultMeli2021. Edit:ok the people from netmarble did good with the banner and assault meli but there’s another problem the content where are the final bosses list one was king and gowther like yes thank you for bringing them back I didn’t get their outfits the first time but what about final boss ban escanor Gil and others ( im not sure if any others have been done so I just wrote the ones I know have happened on jp) also the tower of trials y’all have left us out on a lot of gem events so please just give us more gem events.Version: 1.1.17

Best animeI’ve waited ages to play this and I’m so excited!! 💗.Version: 1.0.0

Ok but needs one little thingThis game is by far one of the best games with extremely good graphics, story line, characters, etc. it has amazing collaborations one being with, The Time I Got Reincarnated Into A Slime and this one being AoT. But there is one small thing that is a little op for global at the moment. Red Escanor, one of the strongest units in no and geared pvp for its insane health and life steal. So pls if you can put in a counter to it that would be amazing. And one more thing pls for the love of global pls don’t put lost veyne meliodas in global at least wait a while to do it because even in jp lost vayne has hurt a lot of people gaming experience so pls wait on that for a little longer but for the people downloading the game for the first time it’s gonna be easy to progress through the game with you getting an absurd amount of gems per day and it’s also gonna be very fun. So in all this game is one of the greats to go down in history I just hope that people can also experience this type of game and enjoy it that is all.😉.Version: 1.1.3

GoodThis game is the best game out there ..Version: 1.1.17

#boycottassaultmeli2021Where do I start for F2P players you are releasing must have banners within 3 weeks of each other, that’s no time to farm the gems and even if you do farm them you can’t summon what you want because the rates are so low, and now assault meli just after the archangel banner??? What a joke, your playerbase will die if you keep this up we can’t summon because of your own mistakes, it should be events not new banners.Version: 1.1.17

AddictedWhen I started playing this game I got addicted and still am, I learned that there’s other characters from other movies such as eleven from stranger things, I love how you can play as other characters too so it doesn’t get boring and there’s many things to do, this game is so good it’s hard to put in words but if I had a choice to delete this and keep my games I have now or keep this and delete the games I have now then I’ll keep this, it seems never endless and I love these types of games, I’m currently trying to get the green and black dog, which I forgot the name of, keep up the great work, and maybe you could add more animal characters if it’s not too hard or if it doesn’t ruin the idea of the game, I just love animals.Version: 1.2.7

FantasticWhat a fresh breath of a party based rpg game with accurate story that practically scene by scene plays out from the anime/manga whatever it’s called. Collect new characters from the series and build up your team to take on bosses and enemies as you move amongst the chapters, so much is given to you, I can’t see why you would think you’d need to pay to progress, that’s not true at all. The developers put a lot of great work into this games graphics and animations and it shows, what a magnificent game. Only suggestions are to add more new ways to play these types of games..Version: 1.0.0

Banners realising stupidly quick and not f2p friendlyThis game was awesome when I first started playing it but in the last couple or so months I noticed the banners kept speeding up until the point where you could have 2 or so new banners every week. I understand that netmarble is trying to produce more content. But have they ever considered making this game a lot more f2p friendly. You will have money coming in from whales that spend a lot on this game and that’s good for business but completely destroys popularity and the entire community. Netmarble you need to give more to f2p players for them to even consider spending a penny on this game, but also make it friendly so that they can remain f2p at their own will. I will give you a better review once you make your game better..Version: 1.1.17

The tutorial is good but keeps crashingI was enjoying the toturial a lot but when it started to load at one point it played the audio for around 5 seconds and then crashes I understand it is fresh out the works so I’m hoping in a few updates I can get into playing.Version: 1.0.0

AMAZINGI’ve been a big fan of SDS for years, and this game does not disappoint. You can really tell a lot of hard work was put into this masterpiece, interactions with characters, side quests, story line and righteous combat. Everything and more! Graphics are top notch for a mobile game and no bugs! Really happy with this, I can die a happy weeb..Version: 1.1.12

#ThanksForListeningAppreciate that they listen to the community when they aren’t happy, people make mistakes, but it’s good to see that they made a genuine apology. It shows that they care about their player base even if they don’t know what they want without being told..Version: 1.1.17

Seven deadlyGood love the the game.Version: 1.0.0

HelpI’m really exited because red Gowther came out and everybody is saying he’s good but I spent Over 390 gems and got Shield boy and Hendrickson I’m gonna try to to pull red Gowther again at 7PM to 7:01PM with my 60 Diamonds so I just wanted to text you creators for luck help me out if you want tho I really want you to and yeah I choose 7PM because I thought 7 deadly sins have 7 in it so 7PM must be lucky right?Pls Help or I will feel down and get sad over the fact that I grind for 400 gems and all these youtubers have 200 gems and somehow getting gowther at the last pull,I know youtubers spend money on the game and the fact that there making a video on 7dsg help people find the game and play it,but I’m sorry I don’t have money nor am I special enough like them to make content in this game, but either you think I’m “selfish”HAHA it’s Gowther commandment (I know it’s bad)or maybe you just might wanna be kind to me or other players who might ask you the same thing,but even if I don’t get gowther I will still play this game:).Version: 1.0.3

This is a REALLY good gameI read some reviews and a lot of the bad ones are very false. Yes sometimes it crashes for some people but not everyone. I’ve never had that problem so maybe it’s not the game but your phone. Nothing they can do about that. Graphics are great and gameplay is fun and challenging so it keeps you on your toes. Some people also complain it’s too difficult and it’s unfair or that new players can’t catch up to the veterans but it really isn’t. All you need to do is farm a bit and get good gear. You can even leave auto play and auto repeat on overnight if you have stamina potions which are pretty easy to get. I’ve never gone under 100 since I got to 100. Btw all this is talking from f2p perspective as this is one of the most f2p friendly games I’ve ever played. Even whales have to put in effort too. I hate complaints where people talk about p2w and whales cause they exist but all you need is a bit of effort and you’re good. That’s not all I have to say but it’s a good game so just play it and see what I mean. Don’t get too addicted..Version: 1.0.3

AmazingLove the game its so cool with the story.Version: 2.4.0

Make The Game Easier7ds is perfect! The game seems fun because it is, but there is one thing they could do to the game. Make the game, EASIER!!! It is so hard for me and other people to fight level 65 knights when I just complete! If you can do anything to the game to make it easier, please try to!.Version: 1.1.14

AngryWas really excited to play but it keeps crashing before I can beat the first lvl I don’t know if its my phone but it shouldn’t be I have a brand new iphone6 with its os up to date I just want to play.Version: 1.0.0

AmazingThis is such a great game and I’ve been addicted ever since I downloaded it. So I suggest everyone play this game. However due to my own stupidity, I didn’t sync my data to my account and I just deleted the app as the new iOS update kept interfering with game. So now all my progress has been deleted and it’s been a months worth of progress. I am very upset at myself. Sorry for the rant, however do download the app and remember to sync your data 😂😔.Version: 1.1.10

10/10 would definitely recommendIt’s a great game, it’s sometimes a bit grindy but I think I’m just under powered, my only problem is with some fights where it has required hero’s, most of these hero’s are chance based draws, e.g. chapter 7 has a required merlin and she has a 0.9% chance of being recived in the part 2 draw so I’m currently stuck till I can receive her from the draws.Version: 1.1.17

NowAlright times up give us a collab with black clover.Version: 1.2.2

Complaint/complimentFor some reason the game will only stay on the loading screen but apart from that it’s pretty good. Please try to fix that.Version: 1.1.10

Great game.So far I have found it to be fun and exciting. It is the only game I have played that keeps getting better without having to pay for anything. You can if you want but not necessary. It is worth trying out! Love the auto feature but don’t think it will win every game if your very evenly matched..Version: 1.0.9

Normally would rate 5 stars butI love this game until I was playing and my game started to glitch so as you do I swiped the game up and went back in but I got RESTARTED all my progress was gone al of it all my URs all My SSRs everything I worked so hard the previous day I finally got my king to 6 stars and he was amazing and my ban to 2 but when I got back on it was all gone. If anyone knows how I can get my account back I would really appreciate it my account name was Sirmeilodas. Please 7DS I just want my account back I GoTS Ma ACcOunt BacK.Version: 1.1.0

Brilliant game, especially if you’re a fan of the seriesThis is one of the most addictive games I’ve had on a phone, yes it’s very much pay to win, but you can still enjoy it without actually spending a penny. Takes a bit of a grind and effort but definitely enjoyable throughout. Don’t listen to some of the cry babies who review it as one star because ‘they release stuff to quickly’ Fact is if you’re sensible with you in game currency and don’t spend on everything as it pops up you can easily keep up. Barely spent anything on this game and have pretty much everything they’ve released up to date and will still be able to summon on the next banner..Version: 1.2.00

Good overallI love the gameplay mechanics and stuff. The heroes are good and diverse. Even though it’s pay to win, you don’t feel the need to buy stuff as you can enjoy earning it. This game is really good after my expectations went down with raid shadow legends - (horrible gotcha rpg) this is like a actual good one. It however does crash sometimes however very rarely like once or twice a month for me if I leave it on auto. If you are having trouble and the game keeps crashing make sure your device not only is over ios9 but HAS 2GB OF RAM or more. That’s why older devices before the iPhone 7 or 6s don’t work. It’s not the games fault, it’s the devices and they clearly state this. Anyway recommend it..Version: 1.0.0

Needs some tweekingThis game is amazing to play. Really gets you into the story of seven deadly sins. Has a bit of pay to win but rewards are decent enough to the point you don’t need to put money into it.. my big issue is once you get up to demon mode hendrickson all strategy goes out the window because from there on everyone is immune to debuffs and petrifying and other strategy moves and instead you just need to hit them hard to win.. so instead i find myself just playing the pvp instead now.Version: 1.0.3

Great game but...This game is amazing it has great quality and it is worth the £20 but there is just a few things that are not that great and one of them is that whenever you log out of the game and you want to go back in the game it tells you to download some game files and I just don’t have time for that and I’m sure that some of you guys don’t have time for that to and also whenever you try to buy diamonds it says that you have reach the limits. But overall is a great game!!! Another problem with this game is that the global version of the game is so trash in the animation but the Japanese one is amazing, it also takes a lot of time to level up I have had this game for one year and I am still on level 29😔.this game is great overall but (please fix these grand cross)!.Version: 1.2.2

Amazing - NezukoI’ve played a lot of games, but never have they been as good as this! I absolutely love the anime and now I’ve got the game to go with it. So fresh, the graphics are amazing, the mini tutorials are refreshing and clear, the games not complicated to understand, not repetitive at all, you’re not forced to buy diamonds, the options there but you really don’t need to if you play the story out and do all the fun quests! constantly bringing new events in, new characters, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored, I hope it doesn’t change!.Version: 1.0.9

Great!It reminds me of Dokkan battle on mobile and then the upgraded Dragon Ball game on mobile... well and then this! Oh and Naruto shippuden. I’m only referencing the games with a similar style.. collect materials, evolve and collect characters from the show. Except 7DS takes it a step further, with a clean item storage menu very niche, “1 use items, Misc, ingredients, food, equipment, hero materials. As well as - great graphics - a pretty alright well mediocre to damn good combat system, as well as auto battles which makes collecting materials a bit of a breeze, set it down and do other things in the meantime - cooking - destination and travelling is amazing - more lore in sub missions, more stories of the areas in the show - Collabs and events (TTIGRAAS, aka bringing Rimiru tempest in, amazing and on par event) - outfits and weapon skins, with bonuses!! - character quests -village friendships And ah so much... it’s beautiful and I throughly enjoy it So celery - Meliodas.Version: 1.0.9

Best Of Both WorldsI really enjoy the casual playability, while I strengthened my favourite characters ready for the battles that followed. When you start playing pvp you’ll really appreciate the the training it took to awaken the true potential of are Battle Hardened Characters. Plenty of in game currency for completing areas just remember to safe it ready for when there is a character that best suits your Play style. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊.Version: 1.0.3

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