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Age of Apes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Age of Apes app received 75 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Age of Apes? Can you share your negative thoughts about age of apes?

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Age of Apes for Negative User Reviews

Worst GameLike all there games, there not player balanced. The very high level preys on lower, There are no way to win in any planning. High level players dominate every event, prey on lower, so there no way one can advance without paying hundreds of dollars in shields and quickly advance.. There no way to plan. These games are not about skill and planning, more a arms race who has bought something other player does not have. If everything was even, and everything available to all, then it would be about skill and planning. If your the type will pay to win this company will treat you will, but price high and you better continue to pay or you end like the rest of us never getting anything for endless hours of playing a very badly designed game, made to make money for those that more likely never play games to know how badly these game are. There are solutions like giving unlimited shields for levels in the early stages, once you get high enough to defend yours through planing and skills, the unlimited free shields are removed. You Tool given to low level players to even out the high level. In oder to be a planning and skills game you have to be balanced and even for all, but it’s not. Unless you like giving your money away, this is not a game for a true gamer…..Version: 0.33.5

Good game BUT….So firstly this is an amazing game one of a kind but I’ll say this is massively pay to win the gap between spenders and F2P is actually insane like the rocket castle only 30 people got it and your had to reach 1.3mill power in comparison I’ve been playing like 3 days nearly and I’m not even half a mill I’ve been very patient but I think it’s time to throw in the towel most people cannot afford this game….I hope in future developments the free player can prosper too :).Version: 0.41.5

To boycott T4FI agree! Sea game could of been an awesome game to play for a very long time! But! They allowed I think the Asian community to just be stupid and destroy servers! SMH! I feel bad for the good honest players being crapped on but I do have a little bit of a smile because I warned with my last post on the server I was on to the Asian players they were going to destroy the server and before you know it..server be dead and or shut down and by the way I have no problems with Asians.. I love Chinese women LOL and the other games I’m playing? The Asian community is fine.. I’m not sure what was up with that game & the Asian players?! ! But these devs? I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them! I played the other war game the one with the female leaders… that game I will admit it stayed pretty even it wasn’t too bad but it got very boring.. if you’re looking for a game that’s relatively new…look into warpath, it is from the developers who make rise of kingdoms… awesome game!.Version: 0.30.8

It used to be funThis game used to be fun, then all the money that has to be paid to even stay somewhat remotely relevant. Playing it for free will only last so long, and nevermind the huge amounts of glitches and bugs in the game, which you finally trick the system into letting you report it only the have the support team brush you off and say oh it is being fixed or whatever. I lost money and rolls and everything on this game and have spent hundreds of dollars but I don’t matter to them, only their big spenders do. And I do mean big spenders. Then those guys go around bullying and beating up on the smaller guys simply because they can because no one else will spend that kind of money. Honestly best to just stay away from this game unless you just want to blow tons of money and to find out it still isn’t enough..Version: 0.59.2

Be CarefulFor some reason game uploads separate files to your phone, deleted this immediately!.Version: 0.41.6

Installed in my filesIm very confused usually apple store games have a hidden directory where they store game files and run from. In the case of this game it installed in « my files » dorectory which should be a personal directory for me to store things on. Im very unsure why and how they even have access to this directory prompting me to think it is a security issue or breach of some sort. I have reported this to apple as well to investigate….Version: 0.46.3

The Devs are scammersUpdate - the devs and customer service are scammers. I have communicated my points directly with their in-game customer service. Customer service either parrots what their management tells them to or is a poor excuse for customer service. When I brought up a vip-level customer service they told me if I wanted that level of customer service I need to download and use other, unrelated apps. I stand by my original review and wish Apple would take them off the App Store and totally reimburse every player who has made any purchase in this game. Nobody should play this game, not even on a free-to-play manner. Original review: Do not play tap4fun games. The devs exploit players wanting to have fun, making it impossible to be competitive unless you pay a ton of money or play for several years. Recently, a bug was exploited that a few players discovered and took advantage of, making them significantly stronger than everybody else. Rather than giving back the game resources, troops, and other items used to recover from this, the developers sent some players a meaningless reward that only helped recover very little assets. The developers punish players when the developers create ingame mistakes, but also punish players when they allow other players to exploit their (developers) mistakes. No recourse or punishment was made against the players that cheated, they were allowed to receive rewards and continue to play as if nothing had happened..Version: 0.50.5

Boring game. Nothing similar to the game promotion videosI have these type of games. Having very attractive Ads but the game is not as good as expected..Version: 0.50.5

Another game with misleading adsI downloaded this because the ads I kept seeing for it made it look like a puzzle or collection game, but ended up being yet another “base building” game like so many others out there. The only reason I’m giving more than one star is because it DOES have puzzle mini games but these are thrown in like afterthoughts and don’t affect the rest of the game. The main point of the game is to build a base on a giant map, join a gang of other players, and try to work with other people to make your gang bigger and stronger than the others. If you’re into that kinda thing, then enjoy..Version: 0.52.5

Loss accountSpent nearly year playing, all registered but sudddenly restarted. Asked for help but can’t find account. Be careful wasting your time on game and spending money on it then loosing it..Version: 0.35.5

No starsOnce again. Just another game that plays nothing like advertised..Version: 0.48.5

It’s is okIt is very fun when you first play it but soon it will get boring. It a rip off of rise of kingdoms and top war combined. It is also massively pay2win and people who started way later than me are millions of combat power ahead.Version: 0.46.2

Used to be funVERY MISLEADING ADS. NEVER HAD A SCREEN LIKE THE ADS. When i started playing this, it was a blast. But this game is more about Pay2Win. If you are not willing to spend at least $50-60 a month, you will not enjoy it for very long. Research takes months after a while, training troops takes over 24 hours. These times are to get you to pay a lot. I know someone that built quick but spent almost $30,000 in 6 months. If you play this be prepared for the pop-up’s asking you to buy regularly ***Update*** Devs, there is not one scene in the game where we actually trade punches with another player. So please do not lie about thinking the players will think it is similar to the ads. Those ads are completely false advertising. The arena seems to be similar to operation mutants but we don’t chase down bananas either to grow..Version: 0.54.2

It’s coolYay.Version: 0.52.7

Same oldThere are some interesting aspects of the game, but if would have been nice if the developers would let you chose which of them you would like to enjoy….instead they disappear very quickly and are replaced with the same old “ state of survival “ hardcore competition where if you are not 24/7 online or pay a lot of money you are just a target for the rest of the nutters out there.Version: 0.45.1

Good and bad stuffGood stuff first, love the game the design and how you can explore everything and unlock more areas. Now bad things, it won’t let me do anything I’m trying to lvl up my wall thing but I keep on getting teleported to my gangs place, and when I’m in the green it won’t even let me teleport! I’m seriously thinking of deleting this game..Version: 0.42.4

Total garbageThis app is nothing like the ads it is crap.Version: 0.52.0

Age of ApesGreat game but t4f support stinks. I opened a ticket 2 updates ago. Ticket was closed and I'm still getting notifications from support. This is getting rediculous getting constant notifications for something that only happened once. UPDATE; Updated game twice in one day. New building added does not work. Reported it to support. Got 3 responses. 1)Standard response acknowledging ticket was received. 2)Support updating me that they will have me a response in 24 hours. 3)Support contacting me to rate their service ticket was closed. ALL within 12 hours of reporting issue. Guess what. Still have the problem and ticket was closed. If I have to delete game again I will seek a refund on my subscriptions and never play t4f games again. Stars went from 2 to 1 because I have to give them one. Developers contact me NOW.Version: 0.46.2

Ignored As Loyal CustomerThis game was my favorite until yesterday it force closed on me. I can’t get back, I tried everything. I informed them about the issue. And I got ignored. I even tried the suggestions from the internet and deleted the game to re-install it again but it’s worse now, it doesn’t allow me to install it. Now my gaming friends will think I abandoned them, and we have no personal contact because that’s not safe. Thank you Tap4Fun, not for the waste of money, but for the waste of months playing this game, recommending it to all my personal loved ones, and to have it end like this. ~Alhkiller, Knull, sorry for DavyJones, dragon, [MRVL] Venom.Version: 0.56.7

LoadsWhen it tries to load it kicks me out of the game.Version: 0.50.5

Basically be the first or pay to winI have tried to play age of apes multiple times but I always was near the bottom in power even when I had a strong gang I saw ape’s with millions of power while I only had 500 thousand either because I was not first on the server or others get insane boosts by using money and another reason I uninstalled is that you need a lot of time and strategy to even get to considerable levels of power which I don’t have because I have school and am not the best at strategy so unless you have a debit card with money you can spend or a lot of time and effort you can’t get to the top.Version: 0.60.2

Service client defaillantLe serveur bogue souvent. Suite à cela mon compte a été perdu et le service client met des jours à régler le problème. En fait, j’ai l’impression qu’ils ne le régleront jamais. Mon compte est perdu et cela me décourage assez pour abandonner le jeu. Bref, je vous recommande d’éviter ce jeu pour éviter les déceptions..Version: 0.50.5

Con artistsSo, I bought a limited super gift card pack twice! Neither of them have I received, each value was £2.49. When I reported it to customer service, the bloke started off quite helpful and I was encouraged I would receive what I have paid for twice. 48 hours of waiting for a reply and sending receipts and transactions of the items I have bought from the app, I get a reply saying I’m not allowed the items I have purchased. They then offer me something totally different which i believe isnt worth it. Just be careful when purchasing from these, as you may not receive what you’re asking for and something completely different..Version: 0.40.7

False AdvertisingThis game legitimately had a Facebook ad that compared in-game cinematics to in-game graphics and then claimed the cinematics weren’t identical to the game graphics, but it was close and it is a fun game. That’s paraphrasing but the point is… they made an ad about cinematics compared to gameplay and then the actual game the game has doesn’t even use the gameplay that they used in the ad? What a JOKE. You can’t showcase cinematics vs gameplay and then use gameplay that isn’t from your game! The game is fun so I’ll give it a Star, but take your 1 Star review for false advertising your own ad that is supposed to show it isn’t false advertising? Reporting these games to Apple is easy. Keep these companies in line or else the future of entertainment is always going to be bait and switch. I’m sick of it. Edit to dev response: No. you portrayed this game as one thing and then flipped it while actually playing. That’s called bait and switch and is illegal in many markets, and is against Apple TOS and they have a report description for that under scam/fraud. Why even come onto reviews and lie MORE. 1* for you. Get out of here with your crap..Version: 0.50.5

Age of apesNot a bad game. Needs a bit of tweaking.Version: 0.47.5

Ads lie againNothing like the ad of a monkey punching it way thought a walls to get bananas. Just the same as a ton of over games on the market. Don’t bother..Version: 0.45.12

Constant random crashingThe game crashes at odd times. So many bugs that myself & other players experience. Like playing the game, but annoying. Another issue is the times when gangs participate in taking certain buildings on the map, how about changing those times every so often so it doesn’t favour certain countries all the time..Version: 0.51.2

Duplicate purchaseI somehow managed to purchase the cyclone rally twice, I approached their support and was advised that because it was purchased via a third party platform I would have to approach Apple to get this fixed. So I did and Apple refunded one of my the duplicate purchases, which was good. When I returned back to the game I had an email saying that because I had got a refund on the purchase they would take away all my cd’s to the value of the purchase. I have been trying to get this resolved now for the past 6 days and they still have not resolved this for me. The gave me an in game xx package of 8.6k and as soon as I loaded it it went because they are still saying I had a refund and was not entitled to the cd’s. I’ve have paid for something and I am not receiving it. To me that is theft. Apple need to deal with them..Version: 0.46.3

Gameplay so far is lacking.I’m an hour into this game. The cutscenes are excellent, the base building is standard, and the actual fighting is…very basic. The fights turn into this generic grass field with generic color coded buildings that you drag from one another to take over(similar to galcon). Seriously we’re in a ruined city so why isn’t the battlefield…a ruined city. Maybe this is just how the intro is. I’m gonna give it a chance because the cutscenes and the audio are of very good quality. However if the gameplay stays this way I’ll most likely stop playing..Version: 0.41.10

I liked this game but…I started to play this because of an advertisement, so I hade the game for about a day and half I was getting on it later in the evening I was loading fine all of a sudden it kicks me out to my Home Screen and reloaded it see if it would work then it did the same thing then I checked see if there was a update there wasn’t so I turned of my internet on my ipad then turned it back on it did nothing. So plz get it fixed because I’m looking forward to playing this game more.Version: 0.55.5

Nothing like the AdSure ads are supposed to be appealing but this is just straight up lies. Deleted immediately, make the game like the ad then I’ll reinstall. But this is just a rip off of the many games like this. You can’t say ads show the most interesting part of the game when it’s a completely different game shown..Version: 0.53.2

False Advertising, Boring, But Unintentionally FunnyFirst off this is not a .io style game as advertised, there is no online element apparent, despite the small bits of real “gameplay” trying to deceive you into believing. There no real gameplay to be talked about, it plays as a big tutorial where in it tells you where you click, what to press, and your “reward” for doing so. The gameplay loop is click on an objective, wait a few seconds for it to be completed, then tap a challenge objective and play the advertised collect/fight over bananas against bots. No challenge, no online, and no time worth wasting here. However the silver lining is: the idea of a game about chimps fighting over bananas in the .io style is hilarious. I so desperately would like to return to monke, but no return is to be had here.Version: 0.55.5

Another game where are not like the gameDeleted after 2 min.Version: 0.52.6

Don’t download.Misleading add and the idiot white guy playing it and explaining what his character Ape is doing is a troll. There’s no boxing ape. He’s a liar and it’s pathetic that he needs to lie about this game to make a living. Your a goof of a human being. Goof is not a nice term. If you want to know what the real game is like just scroll to screen pic 5. It’s such a lame game. Like that white troll explaining it..Version: 0.46.0

Please read before download!This company is a total scam! Myself and about 100 other people bought coins off there direct website and because they had a clitch we did not know about we got a discount on the coins. Just thinking it was a sale we went through with it. Well they took the in game currency away then held our account hostage asking for more money. $350 to be exact. Complete illegal scam. Of course Apple sides with them like they always do so you wont get your money back. Leaving this game and Apple all together. If it happens to you go to your bank and get it all back. Complete and utter scam! Edit: to developers response please do not lie it was through your own website you had a Clitch where everyone got a good deal. We as loyal gamers thought we were just getting a good deal. Then you say we took advantage and take the money we spent back and demand we pay more. Again all do not fall for there lies and scams..Version: 0.61.7

Better OptionsIve played for almost a year now. I got sucked into leading and its the only reason I stuck around. There are FAR better options out there within this genre. Rise of Kingdoms for example puts this game to shame. The first thing I would say is DO NOT spend money. There are far too many game altering bugs that will take any money spent a complete waste. Fighters not gaining rage while defending passes lead to huge troop losses. A bug making it so I cant city hop and reinforce teammates lead to our clan leader getting zeroed. I mean you might as well take your cash and just set it on fire. Besides anything you buy will be nerfed a month later anyways. Cant wait to escape this game but im a loyal guy so sticking out and keeping these videos and screenshots for a good laugh later on..Version: 0.26.2

Honest reviewThe game is fun, it is definitely pay to win. The developers don’t seem to care about the game anymore but more about how much money they can make they keep raising the prices of in game purchases. Putting gambling type features in the game. They get away with bad customer service and sketchy game sales through keeping the game as a beta. If you have problems with your purchases good luck they truly do not care about you once they have your money and if you refund a purchase more than once your account will be banned..Version: 0.56.0

Has potentialCouldn’t give this one star, the devs felt the need to bulk up their adverts with a little bit of spice to make it look better. Which it doesn’t need. The fake adverts are annoying and a misrepresentation of the actual game. The gameplay is meh, at best. Nothing we haven’t seen before part of the problem now is devs don’t focus on one type of game instead mix 3 or 4 together in the hope it does. This game is no exception. The only thing that makes this game stand out and makes it have potential is the graphics, apart from that it’s a very very generic game with adverts selling up gameplay..Version: 0.45.12

Fake fake fake fake fakeI still don’t understand that mobile game continue to make fake ads. Misleading ads are a crime in some part of the world!.Version: 0.50.3

They are lying to youI play this game through an advertisement which was a totally different game than the original. I’ve read the responses the developer has made on why that is, and I noticed that this developer is lying to you harshly. Now i didn’t pay any money on this game, (because who really pays for these things anyways), so Im not to concerned with how many things you have to buy, (I also don’t game much). Yet my problem here is the false advertisement and then the developer lying to us to keep us playing this game, (because hopefully, eventually, possibly, much likely, in maybe 10 years are So, the game will be like it was advertised). I think we need to hold businesses more accountable a lot more because these companies are more disconnected with the people who buy and/or use their products..Version: 0.56.7

My Age of Apes reviewIn my opinion this game is fun but has some flaws. This is definitely a pay to win game for sure and also if you are attacked over and over by anyone higher get ready to lose 3/4 of your troops (they die) and it literally takes forever to build them back. So something you spent a long time trying to build aka troops can never be brought back as easily. If these are not for you I would suggest avoiding this game. I liked the game until the biggest player on the server I am on, attacked me, killing off 3/4 of my troops. I spent a long time trying to build those and even though I knew coming into it that this game was pay to win, you will find that it is very difficult to recover after that. You can blow lots of money on this game too just a heads up..Version: 0.57.2

My personal opinionIt’s a cool game not gonna lie but it was hard for me to find my friend and add them which was a bummer for me so maybe Im on a different server idk but please find out a solution.Version: 0.52.0

Looked better in the adI gave it a try. But somehow it was so different than advertised. Some games do this, don’t know why. But marketing has ever been prone to, er, dishonesty. Anyway, I think it is a kids game and maybe that is fine..Version: 0.52.7

Pas comme l’annonceC’est est jeux basé sur l’argent, et on passe la majorité du temps à faire des update de bâtiments qui dure des heures et des heures, à moins de dépenser des $$$..Version: 0.46.7

Game devs and company are not trustworthy.I would be careful about spending money for this game. The lack of real customer service is an issue and they will falsely advertise package prices based on their own mistakes to get people to buy only to take back the items purchased and not refund the money. Don’t trust the game or developers. The response to is to customer service which is a joke because what do you think I along with others have done for multiple days. We contacted VIP Customer service and in game with the same AI generated bot response. Some people are threatening suing the company for misleading people. Apple services would not even refund the purchase. A big joke all around..Version: 0.60.1

Another misleading money pitThis is yet another game where The ad is exceptionally misleading of the gameplay The gameplay changes completely after a few levels You eventually have to join with another group of players to progress, to sucker you into hanging around longer in order to not disappoint people The game starts off fairly simple but then becomes exceptionally complex after a while, requiring you to spend all your free time in the game progressing every aspect Progression which is easy initially eventually becomes almost impossible without frequently spending money on items As such I recommend steering clear of this app and any similar money pits.Version: 0.51.2

Customer service is uselessLet’s start with the basic form… there is no simple way to submit a report. You have to trick it into finally providing “submit a report”. Someone thought it would be great to only be able to provide screen shots when you are asking the bots random questions but not when you are submitting a form?!?? The forms are horizontal so if you play on cellphone which fun facts it’s a mobile game you CANNOT see what you are writing to correct edit… you have to wait for customer service to ask you maybe for screen shot or not. We are constantly spammed by mail from someone giving themselves the name leader who is not a leader of any alliance to leave the game and go to discord. I have reported this several times but customer service cannot figure this out or cancels requests… for bizarre reasons… I’m guessing they have no interest in improving the fundamentals of customer service so they never have to fix anything and they close out tickets for screenshots I tried to submit but can’t..Version: 0.59.2

Don’t ever play this game guys!!!!!!!!It’s sad to say but Tap4fun is the one will destroy your enjoyment of a game . They will make each P2W or top player of each servers feel they can be very strong and powerful in their own world untill you spend like 25-35k$ to max vip and then they will merging u all to oldest servers to make sure u got beaten by bigger TOP who spend more than u a year played…. It’s because they want to make sure U ALL Spend more and more to catch up or get Zeroed by others , and trust me u can’t even earn Anything from Events no matter how strong and how much moneys to spend before that because they will also make sure u will always losing by others Who can spend $$$$ in a day! That’s all Bull*** that hundreds players from our group servers feeling now about this game . And don’t trust their 5* ratting cuz most of it is FAKE.Version: 0.62.0

Another misleading gameHaving the add looks attractive and the real game is stupid, is called scamming..Version: 0.45.12

Pay To WinThis game is Pay To Win. I’ve seen players spend upwards of $10 USD per day to become huge. Then they bully you for no reason. They claim that they are “farming” you for resources, but when they are level 30, the resources you have below level 20 are pocket change to them. It’s a very sad community of broken people. Many of the players in this game are abusive and racist in the chat. There are a lot of players in Asia, and the Middle East that say abhorrent things and then claim “I’m not American, so I can say those things because I don’t know any better.” The worst players on the server I played on were straight up egomaniacal narcissists. They’d get in the live feed and just spew outright garbage to make themselves sound like important people in the game. The MEOW gang leader was a complete tool. Lying, being deceitful, social engineering, and distrust are the only ways to get ahead in this game outside of spending tons of money on in app purchases. Like many of the other reviews, I was sold on the puzzle aspects, which after level 10 just disappear. The variety of the games dwindles as you get bigger and soon you are continually pushed to buy upgrade packs to stay competitive. What other reviewers say is 100% true. One or two gangs get huge by spending, then form a clan. Finally you are constantly bullied and attacked by them making the whole game play experience nothing more than a daily annoyance..Version: 0.53.6

Nothing like the adsOk game, much the same as various others but nothing whatsoever like the ads. I was looking forward to playing the game in the ads. I don’t know why these companies use ads nothing like the games or why such ads are permitted.Version: 0.51.2

Not bad but not so goodI played this game for some time, but it has a lot of stupid moments - stupid banners that you have to close every time, stupid bugs and freezes, and sometimes, it’s not a logical game. The reason why I removed it was the case when I bought the upgrade for one h with their in-game currency, and it purchased another one with the most higher price. I collected those CDs for a while. But their support blamed me, saying I was not attentive and this was my problem. Instead of a solution for this, they just blamed I’ll not recommend this game with such relations from the administration.Version: 0.51.2

Fun, but…This game was a lot of fun, however they monetize the crap out of it by constantly throwing repeated ads to buy their stuff at you while you’re playing. Once a session would be fine, but they constantly barrage you with it over and over. Then theres the lack of players. They lock the servers to new players after a certain time frame, then no new people can join, to fix this issue, after months and months of hard-work and gameplay, they will reset you, your clan and almost everything you’ve worked towards, then combine you with other servers (where the players are stupidly higher power) and compensate you with a few cd’s and some building speedups while you’re in the midst of basically starting over. If you play, don’t pay as everything you pay for and work for will just be essentially restarted with the exception of your level and your items. I for one will not be downloading or playing this game again..Version: 0.50.5

Trash Game!! Total scam, PLEASE READ⚠️This game stinks. First of all, we downloaded this game because of what we saw on the ads, on the ads they said that you ate bananas and got bigger, and jump through fences to get more territory. 😡 Second of all, the storylines are a big snore. Third of all, the game is not as fun as we thought it looked. We are super mad, and we will definitely not be playing this game anymore, straight to delete. Normally, we know that games are cheats, like the bingo games, where you can win “real money”, but we got caught in our own temptation! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! I’m warning you, you’ll regret it ⚠️.Version: 0.50.5

It’s a pretty game but it’s still pay to winThe game artwork is beautiful and the gameplay is great. Thais does nothing to escape from what the game becomes after a few weeks, which is people throwing a LOT of money at the game to buy power and rolling over whatever you manage to develop. Why bother? You either pay to win or you just give up. Save your sanity, enjoy the game a bit, then uninstall it..Version: 0.45.1

Broken!!!This game has the potential but having issues logging in over and over. Once logged on it runs fine. However every time I come off the app having login issues again. Fix it!!!.Version: 0.46.3

Switching serversYou should be able to switch servers with your main character, adding another server is pretty cool, but the downfall on that is you have to start all over again when your in a different server. It’s a good money making scheme for the developers, I give you guys that. But it’s discouraging having to start over again, and again. The game will get boring, and eventually everyone will find the next game to be suckered on sooner or later. and you’ll have your whales playing the game themselves. And when they find out competition is hard, they’ll find a different game to play as well..Version: 0.45.1

GoodHas potential..Version: 0.45.10

Ad vs when you play the gameTotally different when you play the game vs the add 0 stars.Version: 0.47.0

Nothing like the adsDon’t waste your time.Version: 0.46.3

Advertisement is a lieGame is nothing to what the advertisement showed. Disgusting hope you guys get sued..Version: 0.51.2

Doesn’t store your dataUpdate: I've got response that I should reach out to customer support and they will help me to find my old account. I did that. They said that they can't do anything since my old account wasn't linked to Apple ID or Facebook. And I also don't remember user ID (it was default random string) and server ID (there was more than 1??). I’m curious how often other users remember their ID and server ID. I guess, it would be one more abandoned account. Now it helps to resolve the mystery of why everyone in my “band” became inactive - they also lost their access. I used to like this game. But once I moved to a newer version of iPhone - I’ve lost the whole progress. A bunch of other apps stored their state even if I didn’t login there. But here I lost everything. I won’t start from scratch. It’s not worth it..Version: 0.49.6

State of survival clone.. Nothing like the ads - false advertising - Apple have no integrity. All in all the game is good but fairly generic copy and paste of similar games with apes. Their is a problem with in- app purchases got charged twice. Will now see if they refund the money or flog this off onto Apple. Would have got 4 stars if app purchases were not a problem..Version: 0.49.6

Terrible Game; Don’t bother.The best graphics are reserved for cutscenes. The actual gameplay is horrible. In the intro, they called the Apes “monkeys” twice & continued to do so in the game. After that, I just couldn’t take it seriously. Delete..Version: 0.45.12

False advertisingThis game is nothing like they advertised.Version: 0.46.3

Cannot repair wonder emporiumI downloaded this game yesterday and I am enjoying it a lot but I seem to have run into a bug that will not let me repair the wonder emporium and I am stuck on how to fix it.Version: 0.45.5

Nothing like the advertsHave played this game for 40 around minutes and there have been no moments like any of the adverts I watched. It’s been a real waste of time. The animation in the cut scenes and the character designs are great, so didn’t give 1 star. If you like those build a base clan type games you might like this, but don’t get it to play the game you saw in the adverts. Devs, please don’t send that generic “the adverts are the ideal version of the game” or whatever you’ve said to others. That’s not what’s happening. It’s pure false advertising and I do not understand it at all..Version: 0.52.0

Don’t make purchases. And won’t receive event prizesDon’t make purchases as you won’t always get what you paid for and customer service won’t fix anything. They will just say that you received it when you didn’t. Even with screenshots for proof. Also if you should win an event you won’t get your prize. I placed 3rd in the feat of strength event an didn’t receive my award. The first 5 were supposed to win a city skin an nothing for me. I was the 4th to reach 2,500,000 strength and then passed to 3rd place and stayed there for the whole event. So by either metric I should have gotten the skin but nope. I won’t support this game anymore and I will never ever play or download anything that this company is involved in..Version: 0.59.1

Needs to improve servers or somethingThis game is cool being two days exploring it . But there are some servers issue or something that simply is freezing the game. I have to deleted and re isnatalled back and works but later going through the screens within the app its crash. For now I will dleted and later give a try. All my others apps works great and this only happens with this game. May be to many users!. Please work on that. I write to them , but still no asnwer, Since is not im gonna rqts a refund for sime of the purchase within the game since I cant used.Version: 0.41.11

Can’t load the gameCrashed within a few seconds, can’t even load the game..it’s been months like this.Version: 0.25.1

Nothing like descriptionGame is nothing like description, it’s state of survival with monkeys. Grinding to build and upgrade cities, waiting for hours for upgrades to complete unless you want to pay cash, mini game of taking over monkey huts is fun, it is just another grind to build city with annoying story narrative designed to get you to pay for speed ups or resource because you are impatient. Nice fun graphics.Version: 0.51.5

Was fun until the new updateThe game was super fun and chill until the newest update now it takes forever to upgrade one thing which ruins the game for me and almost everyone I know who plays the game. I wouldn't recommend playing this game to anyone..Version: 0.51.0

Purchasing packs delayed cost me the game then got billed moreSomething is wronge with the way this game bills and gives you packages I was trying to purchase them I thought it was me they weren’t applying so I’d try again or another well it billed me for all the things while I was trying to get it to work I didn’t get it costing me the games battle. I did call apple customer service they did issue me a refund as I told them the billing issues interfere with the game particularly whe you need a timoly response to beat a distributor then all the sudden I go back in the game a ton of packages I did t buy pop up as if I bought them saying they have arrived. What the heck. Anyway the packages amount to allot of money they ai only wanted one on. Apple was able to give money back on some not the apply game weekly 4.99 package but did cancel this..Version: 0.53.7

Same old story.Like all these strategy / build games you will spend days if not months building your squad to even get anywhere near strong enough to take on anyone who has already been playing for months on end and part of a huge clan - ready to steal all your resource the moment your AFK. Either that or in my case the same clan who invited you will boot you, to then steal your stuff. In short - way too clan orientated and a horridly overpriced pay2win structure. Shame because it delivered a lot of promise, sadly it is old news now..Version: 0.46.3

Click baitBoring game nothing like it’s adds waste of time don’t get it.Version: 0.50.5

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