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NatureID: Plant Identification app received 42 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about natureid: plant identification?

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It makes ur plants not deadMy plants looked dead. Apparently I wasn’t suppose to feed them everyday through winter. Now they don’t look dead. Thanks..Version: 4.6

Great :)It works on fake plants as well as real ones.Version: 1.10

Superb appMy son is really into plant and wherever we go this instantly tells us what any plants we see are. It also tells us how to care for our plants and has interesting and easy to follow info on the plants. And it’s free. Brilliant..Version: 4.7

Best app for plant owners!This app is awesome! It’s really easy to use and has some really cool features other apps don’t. It identifies plants really fast and gives very helpful care tips. I’ve recommended it to all my friends!.Version: 3.12

Fast and precise!I was surprised at how fast they recognized a fruit I accidentally bought in the market and didn’t know what it was….. Turned out to be a coco plum! Works even better on european plants, definitely recommend..Version: 3.12

Very usefulI wanted to get into gardening and grow my own vegetables and fruit, but I didn’t know where to start. I saw an ad for this app and decided to give it a try. There’s a ton of info and insights for newbies like me, so now I’m looking forward to harvesting my first crop..Version: 3.13

I missed the name.!it went too fast ‘Ole?? ????’Too fast. I still have no idea. Is this inaturalist? Jane.Version: 1.10

Quelle app utile!!!!Fonctionne très bien, très utile!!! Merci!.Version: 2.5

Great toolSaves you from thinking plants are weeds..Version: 2.1

Plants etcWhat a brilliant app gives you all the information you could ask for..Version: 5.5

Tried itHave tried this over the week end and was very impressed. Very addictive! Compared it to one or two other apps and id’s all corresponded. A little confused with the range of subscription options. No info about what their differences are. Is there a website to spell out the differences in the subscriptions..Version: 5.0

Great 👍Great 👍.Version: 2.3

AmazingSo helpful to keep my plants happy and healthy. I’m not much the gardener type and tend to kill plants but this app has helped me to properly care and actually come to love plants!.Version: 4.3

Don’t Understand The Hate!!This app is AMAZING! I don’t even have the subscription and it is AMAZING for looking after your plants! 100% recommend! Please don’t be turned away by all the bad reviews because it genuinely is a life saver and has literally saved my plants life by giving me information I didn’t know before! 🪴🪴🪴.Version: 4.3

Cool app!So far, didn’t have any problems with this app. Recognized 98% of all my plants correctly. Developers, please add more mushrooms, different weeds, seaweed, and other wild plants! That would be sooooo cool to read about them too! This would make you 1000% unique!.Version: 4.2

How do you cancel subscription??I’ve been looking how to cancel my subscription after testing this app out and I couldn’t find out how and all of a sudden $96 was taken out my account. Is there a way this can be refunded? I think I’m still on the 3 day trial period? Was a great app - just don’t need it myself - thanks. Michael.Version: 1.8

Pretty helpfulI don’t have much of a green thumb, so I need a little extra help lol! I must have pretty common house plants because there were zero issues identifying my plants. Exact plants were identified in a few seconds. After reading reviews, the common issues must have been worked out because not only does it identify the exact plant, it doesn’t recognize my dog as a plant lol! So I’m assuming breed identification is not a feature anymore. I took a star away because I tried the yearly subscription ($9.99 one) and it literally changed nothing. I have no idea what you actually get with the subscription. Also, I didn’t find any information on how to identify any issues with the plants..Version: 4.7

OkayIt’s got a good structure as an app but it’s identifying feature could use some work. For their photo references used to identify these plant/dog/cats should be taken with phones as to make in more accurate since we are not all professional photographers. But other than that it’s an overall great app and helped me bring my succulent back to life..Version: 3.10

Well DoneCorrectly identified piper excel sum (kawa kawa). PlantSnap couldn’t..Version: 1.4

Do Not Agee To the “Free” Subscription but if you didI gave it Five Stars just so you can see but we only wanted to use it once. It automatically subscribed you to the ANNUAL payment for $50. So to save the majority of that mistake, go to settings on your iPhone. Search Subscriptions. And change your subscription to Weekly for $7.99. THEN cancel. This will mean they will refund you $42. Major sure to CANCEL in red immediately and you won’t be stuck with a yearly subscription. Do not cancel the yearly subscription first. Sign up for weekly, get the return. THEN cancel weekly so you are only charged for a week instead of a year subscription. Easiest solution to the problem..Version: 2.5

Plant identifierInformative.Version: 3.13

A wonderful experience so far!I decided to install this app after I saw an instagram ad. I have 10 plants at home, so sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the last time I fertilized them. The app’s reminders help me a lot, now I don’t need to worry about remembering my care routine, the app does it for me..Version: 3.12

Paying customerThis is one of the few apps that deserve to subscribe to. Perfect tool for shopping plants, maintain them and have a blooming home garden..Version: 5.1

Paying premiumWhen I started using the app it sent me straight to the premium page. Why so much money?! I would have at least liked to see more plants available. Good advice though!.Version: 5.0

Purchased accidentallyI accidentally accepted the payments hoping to refund as soon as possible. Sorry.Version: 3.12

Awesome app, very helpful 🌱I’ve had this app for about a month now and I love it! It’s very helpful and now all my plants are healthy! You take a picture of your plant and it tells you what it is and how to care for it. It has all the info you would ever need for any level of experience. You can set reminders for different care and is very easy to use. Also now the subscription isn’t a problem and the only limitation without it is that after a few plants, you need to watch a 30 second add to add a new one. Highly recommend this app, 10/10.Version: 4.1

Room for improvmentsI think maybe you could not have to watch a sponsored video after scan but still great app.Version: 3.11

Excellent AppCan learn so much about plants..Version: 4.2

Great and another thing..This really does work. But after I did it for all my dogs. I just looked at all the cute animals. Recommend if u just want some wholesomeness and wanna look at the cute little cats and dogs! 😊.Version: 2.2

Umm soo i accidently bought this plant app !Ok soo umm ... Ummm soo i accidently bought this plant app i saw on facebook i clicked the button and it popped up the plant app on my apple phone store page thing any who i accidently layed my finger on the home buttun which automatically paid for the plant app 🙀sooo i guess ill hav ti try it out n see wut it can do Lol ! story of my life !.Version: 1.3

No chargeHi, I want to ensure I won’t be charged. The app did not appear in my subscriptions, as I deleted my account on the app. I just want to make sure there will be no charge. I definitely want to cancel. The free trial has only just started. Can you confirm that I will not be charged please.Version: 4.3

Did my Task. Actually Impressed 🙌🏼Just wanted it to find out this mysterious plant my mom got. It was a funny idea at the time but it actually worked. Not sure about the other features, but I'm very impressed. 10/10 would recommend for at least this one time use.Version: 3.11

Exactly the appThe app I was looking for..Version: 4.5

Top plants IDIt’s helpful application that can be used on daily basis.Version: 4.1

RevuesI love this app and it is really good and it seems to have been better than it has to be the same thing as the other one or the other one.Version: 3.14

Love itI hate it it is the worst.Version: 4.3

Fun and easyThe app is really easy to use and sort of fun for me take pic and the it will give few options and pic it and has tons of info.Version: 3.2

GreatIt’s wonderful to identify strange plants.Version: 2.5

Great App, but have suggestionsI think the best and most helpful part of the app by far are the “Plant Profile” and “How to Care” sections, so I wish they came up right away when you opened up the plant instead of the “Journal” and “Reminders.”.Version: 4.3

Mike WillJust got it but so far very impressed.Version: 3.0

ReliableVery accurate. Very easy to watch ad then get good answers..Version: 2.3

Easy to join hard to leaveYou get 3 days freeband then you get charged. Inpossible to peave.Version: 2.4

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