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TravelBoast: My Journey Routes Negative Reviews

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TravelBoast: My Journey Routes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TravelBoast: My Journey Routes app received 49 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TravelBoast: My Journey Routes? Can you share your negative thoughts about travelboast: my journey routes?

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TravelBoast: My Journey Routes for Negative User Reviews

One thing to sayI have one thing to say about this app make it easier to follow highways because I don’t know how that is all.Version: 1.62

Really enjoy it….But your latest update now has annoying ads when you try and save your drives, if you click the “X” when it pops up, it doesn’t save. It didnt do this before the latest update. You’re better off fixing this. Otherwise, pretty fun to use until the latest update.Version: 1.57

NoobNoob.Version: 1.51

Not good for long travelI wanted to keep tracking my travel for a year, but I can’t save and come back later. Also, it won’t show the stops in the video clearly when you fly a long haul flight and put in the stops along the route. I can’t figure out how to delete a stop that was made accidentally once it has been entered. Not a bad app to show a short trip or road trip, but not for me..Version: 1.79

Entertaining, stillEntertaining on the back end when it’s complete should you not be busy at work. Great that it’s free (for now?) less the premium vehicles. Some suggestions for the developer: Ability to delete a single waypoint. Currently the “delete” wipes everything. When attempting to move a waypoint it will build another waypoint without a way to delete it. This may be more difficult. Why not create where it follows the road in lieu of a poly line that has to be reformed for each waypoint placed? Meanwhile enjoy!.Version: 1.55

Cool idea but crashes after spending an hour building your tripIt’s a very cool idea but unfortunately, I just spent one hour building my trip and the app Chess glitched out and added a bunch of random waypoints and then crashed, this is extremely frustrating, especially since I paid for the premium membership.Version: 1.80

Incomplete Map of PakistanIncomplete map of Pakistan.Version: 1.52

Terrible glitches and crashesIt’s just terrible. I’m was trying to make a video with it, but it kept messing up my map and travelling. It would glitch and when I would try to play the video, the app would crash. Even on my new iPhone 14 pro. It never works properly. Please, don’t get it..Version: 1.80

Glitchy videoesThe videos don’t come properly waste of time.Version: 1.74

HORRIBLEThis app is great except for the fact that you CANNOT move without messaging up the route you created. any time you even TOUCH the screen you create a new destination and it is VERY frustrating since it is almost impossible to fix it without getting rid of any destinations after your mistake. PLEASE GET RID OF THIS FEATURE!!!.Version: 1.68

Bit of fun,It is bit of fun creating a route to show friends and sort of free, but if you want the full version, at nearly £22 I would want it to do more, like Tracking to upload, Delete last waypoint, Snap to road, Save to your journey so you can continue editing on a holiday for example. So in other words, overpriced. Having said that it is bit of fun. It would also be nice if it was clearer in the App Store, what the in app purchases are.Version: 1.81

HorribleEvery time I tried to make a journey it would kick me off the app.Version: 1.74

Travel appIt’s a shame this app does not lock onto the phons gps signal when moving. I also had to pay for the icon which should really be free. I feel a little let down by this app..Version: 1.55

TrucksWould have given it 5 stars because I like the app, and as a content creator it is great, however the choice of colors (need black) and the fact Big Rig Flatbeds aren’t available to choose is a disappointment. It would really be great if the development team could add Peterbilt Model Trucks with Flatbed trailers. Also adding black as a choice of color. I drive a Flatbed truck, as do millions of other drivers. Don’t leave us flatbedders out!! Once I see those flatbed rigs as a choice I will resubmit a 5 star review!!! Hopefully soon!!!.Version: 1.57

Good but a lot of bugsIm trying to move my points but they only move a certain amount pls fix it.Version: 1.52

Fun but buggyIt makes cool videos but there is a serious bug if you try to do a circumnavigation trip. The dots to adjust vehicle types will disappear and if you try to watch the video the app will crash. You can test this yourself by putting in a route like LA > Rome > Singapore > Panama City. If that bug was fixed I would give it 5 stars because otherwise it is really fun..Version: 1.74

Does not follow roadsThe car drives over large bodies of water and takes the shortest path between two points in Canada, as though there were no roads or highways. Useless app, nothing like the videos on TT. Disappointed..Version: 1.67

Changing my vehicle typeApp has no setting where I can change the vehicle type..Version: 1.68

SuggestionsWould love it to stick to the roads and not just a straight line between destinations.Version: 1.75

Waste of Money on iPadProThis app is a wast of money on an iPadPro: No landscape mode, no ability to add additional stops. Thought I would map an upcoming trip from Seattle to London to Cairo. Seattle to London, no problem. But double tapping and dragging to add an additional stop did not work. Just resulted n moving the London location. Tried with finger and Apple Pencil. No luck. And I purchased a year’s subscription. Пустая трата денег..Version: 1.59

YassOnly came here cuz of tiktok 🤞🍷.Version: 1.66

Its ok theres some bugsI try to change the vehicle again and i cant and to be able to i have to re-download the whole app.Version: 1.68

Great New AppGreat idea for a travel app! There is much more that can be done yet to make it even better - but for now it’s still great!.Version: 1.74

This sucksIThought you could control it with your finger but nope vehicle won’t switch ether is there a way to fix this?.Version: 1.55

What a waste of time!Watched the tutorial, started putting together the trip and the whole thing crashed. Tried again and the app crashed again. Wasted so much time on this. This app is not ready to be released. It should still be in development. Great concept but a broken final product that will only waste your time. Best to avoid and find an alternative..Version: 1.81

A horrible appThis is the worst app I had ever used in my it is so complicating and what are you eve supposed to do with this app 0/10 never again..Version: 1.67

More routShould add more stops and search.Version: 1.57

More VehiclesBe nice to see some more vehicles like classic tractors and stuff.Version: 1.79

Didn’t deliverPaid for an update to car towing a caravan. Payment processed but app not changed..Version: 1.72

Confused..So I downloaded this app because I have seen several Tik tok videos of people traveling single roads (garden state pkwy for example) but I can’t figure out how to do that? Do I have to manually add all the turns and stuff? Or what do I do?.Version: 1.54

Sort your app out.It is fun to use but it keeps crashing all the time.Version: 1.61

A tad disappointedI used it for my holiday journeys and liked how you could pay for the premium items separately but now you need a subscription and you have to watch an advert to save your video. I get that apps get popular and you want money for that but come on, adverts? It really does want me to look elsewhere for a similar app when I find this one so bloody useful..Version: 1.77

ReviewIt’s a good app but it’s has a lot of errors/mistakes like when I said Cuba it brought me to the middle of the ocean do I would appreciate if you would fix that!.Version: 1.80

Always room for improvementWorks well although some frustrations. Maybe I need more practice but I don’t find instructions 1. I would like a catamaran as an icon for the sailing boat 2. Adding a photo to a location dominates the frame too much. 3. The flying seagulls etc stay for too long.Version: 1.74

Cute but very limitedI wanted to use this to share a rather detailed sailing journey, and would have paid, but it appears you have to manually input all of your waypoints, which I’m not going to bother with. Would be much more useful if it had the ability to import GPX/TCX files..Version: 1.76

App is crapI’m a professional truck driver. I thought this would be a fun way to let my family know where I was going next. I purchased the icon for a semi truck for $1.99. When I tried to use the app, the semi truck icon was not available, and the route the app indicated from Florida to South Carolina was through the ocean!.Version: 1.64

Why does 90 percent of the game cost money?So I downloaded this app so I can make Fkwe plane flights for fun intil I picked what vehicle I wanted there was only 6 that did not cost money I hope you guys fix this because this is ruining the game..Version: 1.78

Paid but not updatedVery much disappointed, paid , but still on free version ? Could I have a refund please ? Otherwise yes , would be a great app !.Version: 1.80

Stupid photo framingA great app now ruined since adding compulsory ridiculous frames to photos whether you want them or not. Shame, now unusable because of that 👎🏻.Version: 1.78

Version updated not goodI dont like the update ..the old one was really good.Version: 1.81

I like it but there is a glitchI love this app and I have designed a really good route but on the screen it’s 53 seconds long and is smallest car so it’s like a nice line that follows road but once you save it and go through ads when you watch recording video it’s a massive thick line which blocks view of roads. So I like the idea but please this needs fixing.Version: 1.68

Fun activity to do but not too friendly to use.It could be me who couldn’t find the function. It’s very sensitive when you touch the screen within the route, it comes up with another circle. I still don’t know how to delete function if I made a mistake..Version: 1.74

Could be betterPlenty of things to workout. The map drawing needs to be easier. Why not just put your route in and have it automatically trace the route? Doing it with your finger is hard..Version: 1.81

...So Basiccly ImTrying To Start From A Specific Country To Make A Empire For A Video, But It Does Not Let Me?!?! Can You Fix This?.Version: 1.80

BadIt kicks you out when you try to see a video! I know it works on other devices but it isn’t working!.Version: 1.76

Great app BUT…I’ve had this for a while now and absolutely love it, but it keeps removing my subscription every time there seems to be an update. Alex did sort for me, but it’s done it again which means I’ve lost all my data and routes I had saved 😡.Version: 1.81

Pretty cool but time consumingThis is a pretty cool app to show what routes one took on a trip. But there has to be an easier way than to drop dots all over the map to show your route. Also when you drop a dot I wish the line wouldn’t move behind the previous dot so you don’t have to waste time going back to correct it..Version: 1.65

Great Barrier Reef Islands missingWe wanted to record our sailing adventure around the islands off Queensland, Australia, but the islands are not on the map. Searched for answers but no luck..Version: 1.81

Good ideaGreat app to a point but would be better if you could get real time route recording. That way the icons would folllow the roads you take rather than flying over the map. Also the ability to switch icons between journeys this giving the full idea of the trip taken so on essence if you pick the plane obviously it’s gonna fly across the map however if you pick a car it has to follow roads it’s ect.Version: 1.62

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