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Papa's Cheeseria To Go! app received 69 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about papa's cheeseria to go!?

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Papa's Cheeseria To Go! for Positive User Reviews

YesThis game is great! It can be played on the go, and there are many things to do. I am less bored now, thank you..Version: 1.0.1

Best Papa’s To-Go Game Hands DownBest compatibility with the iPhone for to-go games… not to mention, the proceeds of building is the best out of all of them!.Version: 1.0.1

Better then pcDownload this its a good game better then pc.Version: 1.0.1

When r u making new games?Hi, I LOVE these games!!! And have bought every single one of them. I was wondering when you guys will be making more? My niece loves them as well, she wanted to know you guys are making a cake game, snow cone game, etc.Version: 1.0.1

So addictiveThis game is therapy for me, please make more of these games they are awesome.Version: 1.0.1

Good game!I played these games growing up but this one stuck to me specifically. I reached rank 150 when the game was on the computers. One day when I went back on cool math games. I saw that I wasn’t able to play it anymore. I was so devastated but when I saw it on my phone I was like oh my goodness I need to get it. So I did. I’m not a big fan of how I have to play it on my phone. I don’t like the drop everything on each other instead of dragging it and dropping it. But I’ll do anything for these games..Version: 1.0.1

Outstanding GameI would absolutely recommend this super fun, cheese filled game..Version: 1.0.1

Needs the ability to sell clothesTitle.Version: 1.0.1

Should offer vertical gameplayI’ve played the different Papa’s games since I was younger. They’ve always been very fun and this app doesn’t disappoint, however I wish there was an option to play this one vertically which would be easier on a mobile device. Please continue making these games because they’re so fun!.Version: 1.0.1

Good Game! But there is an Error!Nice game! Very relaxing! But, there is an error! I tried getting the sticker “Hacky Hamwich!” But when I served it to him! He didn’t like it and I didn’t even get the sticker! If you somehow encounter this too then it shall be fixed in the future!.Version: 1.0.1

Amazing Game! One problem though...I love this game a lot and I’ve been enjoying it so far! Papa’s Cheeseria is one of my more favorited Papa Louie games that Flipline Studios has to offer. Though, I have one problem... sometimes when I’m on the Build Station, the cheese selection at the top will freeze after I throw away one sandwich that I messed up the cheese on. This is a small problem and you may not read this, but I wanted to talk about it anyway. Btw, I’m on Rank 49!.Version: 1.0.1

U should make moreOmg this games are da best plz make more I love these games I have all of them I love them so plz make on if u can.Version: 1.0.1

💛💛💛Hands down the best papas game. I’ve completed the game on my laptop and now I’m close to completing it on my phone! I love it so much and can’t wait to get more!.Version: 1.0.1

Best game in the worldI love this game hella a lot because it’s really fun,you guys should make more of this ones.Version: 1.0.1

Love these gamesDefinitely my favorite games. No adds at all either :).Version: 1.0.1

AmazingI love every papas game but could you please add the rest of them on mobile..Version: 1.0.1

Love this game!!!It’s a great game! I almost like it as much as the PC version, as I can play it anywhere (including on the couch, 10 metres away from the computer but much more comfy!) The controls do take a bit of getting used to but they are pretty well designed for small screens..Version: 1.0.1

Pretty goodI loved this game on pc but it just doesn’t have the same controls as it did, I feel like I can’t work just as fast. Need to be able to switch to which ever station I want instead of going through them all (saves time!). Overall though it’s pretty good..Version: 1.0.1

Fun, and addicted!This game is so fricking fun, I was just seeing what I could buy in the App Store and then I got met with these iconic games.. I decided to buy this one and OH BOY AM I NOT REGRETFUL.Version: 1.0.1

Good gameThis game is great and all but can you please change it to work more like on computers.Version: 1.0.1

Grilled cheese!I love this game I got it yesterday and I’m not disappointed the only thing is it gets hard sometimes but other than that i like it.Version: 1.0.1

A great time passing game 🥪I’ve been playing this game for awhile and now I’m rank 60 it’s really fun to play and there’s so much to do, it’s a really great time passing game as well lol 😂.Version: 1.0.1

PERFECT.I HAVE BEEN WAITING FORVER FOR THE MOBILE VERSION!!! Anyways. the app is worth the 1.99 payment. No ads. No lag. No bugs. Phenomenal graphics. Easy to use. I highly recommend it to any Papa Louie lovers..Version: 1.0.1

Inventory can get messy.Although this game is very fun and enjoyable, the inventory system can become very messy. I often end up with multiples of the same item from Foodini’s mini games, which I have no use for. It would be a nice if there was a way to sell extra unneeded furniture and clothing. Furthermore, the inventory bar that pops up when decorating the lobby is very confusing, as it makes it look as if you have more items than you really have. Please adjust the inventory bar so the same items don’t show up again after swiping horizontally. Another feature which needs improvement is the clothing sorting system. We should be able to drag the clothing we want around to organize our “closet,” instead of relying on only the sorting system, which can be a pain to scroll through if we have a lot of clothing..Version: 1.0.1

GlitchSo i bought the timers to let me know when to flip the grill sandwiches ( all 3 timers) and they don’t seem to work, i’m not sure if this is a glitch or .. but please fix it. Overall great game, i enjoy it ❤️..Version: 1.0.1

Best game !!!I love all the papa games but just on this one , can someone fix the alarms when it comes to the grill station. You should be able to buy the girl alarms and then have it stay at the grill like Scooperia and Pancakeria ... every time you remove the sandwiches , the alarms go away as well . Please fix .. thanks :).Version: 1.0.1

It’s amazing but...I love the games on the computer and I play them all the time, but the reason I love them is because of the gameplay. The side-scroll & drop condiments onto the bread in my opinion is not a good take on the game the drag & drop is better because it’s easier to control. But that’s just a opinion besides that it’s great and an amazing stress reliever..Version: 1.0.1

Great qualityI purchased the Papa’s Freezeria earlier but the overall video quality wasn’t great but this game really steps it up!.Version: 1.0.1

Love the game but...I love this game and all the Papa games, but there is a glitch on my slider escape mini game. On the second level no matter in which direction i move the little slider I don’t hit any bumpers and I go off to the side thus losing the level. I can’t get past this level for that reason so if you could please fix this bug that would be amazing! But other that it’s perfect as usual..Version: 1.0.1

This game is perfect!My honest opinion is I really enjoy this game, I also am a fan and I have enjoyed almost all the papa’s games! Thank you Flipline Studios! This game is the best and ideally enjoy this more then everything. 5/5.Version: 1.0.1

Good but..This app is great! The best! Very enjoyable. There should be no complains. But the only thing I am bugged about is the fact that it costs money. On a laptop or computer, you can play it free. But in mobile, you have to pay. I was disappointed when I realized I had to pay. Well, I bought it because I know I love this game since I play it on laptop. Don't get me wrong, the actual app itself is good. Thank you for reading!.Version: 1.0.1

Love!!!Love to see one of the older ones finally on iOS!! I actually had a thought the other day, what about a coffee papas game? Like making different coffee orders? I thought that would be really cool & fun. I had an urge to play something like that the other day..Version: 1.0.1

Please read thisI’ve been playing Papas games for years now and when I found that they came onto the App Store I was rejoiced. I currently own my personal favourites Freezeria, Hotdoggeria and of course Cheeseria. Cheeseria in my opinion is one to the most immersive and developed papas games released on the App Store and congratulate flipline for their great transition from desktop to mobile. The one thing I would suggest is bringing the price down just a little bit, as big time fans like me even question the amount of money I’d be spending if I bought all of them. Just a thought. But thank you.Version: 1.0.1

I own all the gamesI own all of the flipline studio games and this is one of the best since they came out with it more recently..Version: 1.0.1

Good Game!This Is Great!.Version: 1.0.1

More game ideasHere are more ideas to make for a game you could make,craperia, a steakeria, nacos, and salads..Version: 1.0.1

Fun gameWhat I expect from this studio. I just wish that they let you adjust the sounds instead of having an on/off button.Version: 1.0.1

I love the game but.......Okay so I accidentally deleted this game and I’m panicking thinking it wouldn’t save and guess what it didn’t and I spent money on this app in game and all of my progress is gone and I kind of wish it would ask if you would like your progress to be saved because now I have to start over 😫🖤.Version: 1.0.1

🧀Great game! You guys should make a Sushiria To Go!.Version: 1.0.1

Amazing! best so far!This game is quite challenging and awesome. my favorite of the newer games. people say its a copy?? technically every game by flipline could be a copy, but why this one? favorite so far..Version: 1.0.1

AWESOME!!!🤩😍🥳I’ve always loved Papa games. Ever since I got my iPad I’ve wanted to get one and this is the one I decided to get. I played this for 2 whole hours before my mom called me to dinner. This game is sooooo much fun and sooooo addicting! Keep up the good work!👍.Version: 1.0.1

NostalgiaI’ve been playing these games since I was a kid. Love getting to play them on mobile. I get re-addicted every few months. Works like a charm, no necessary in app purchases, no pop up ads. Awesome job :).Version: 1.0.1

Trop facileJe trouve le jeu amusant et bien fait dans son ensemble, par contre je crois qu’il pourrait être plus difficile. Je trouverais ce jeu beaucoup plus intéressant si le niveau de difficulté augmentait graduellement, par exemples: plus de clients à la fois, plus de clients dans une journée, leur niveau de satisfaction et de patience devraient être plus difficiles à atteindre, etc. Merci!.Version: 1.0.1

Best game I have playedI have played flipline games since 2013 and by far is the the best app. I have finished the entire game..Version: 1.0.1

Wow! I did not think the game would be this great!👍🏻😛So unbelievably amazing!!! This is a game for all ages and even adults!!! I love how customers judge your food! It is so fun to find out what people think about your cooking! I used to play this game on go math but on the iPad? Forget it!!! So much better in the App Store! I am definitely getting more of these games!!!❤️.Version: 1.0.1

Awesome 👏🤩I LOVE this game it is so awesome and there are no ads! It is my favorite papas game but I would love it if you would make papas bakeria! Otherwise I think this game is so worth the money 💵!.Version: 1.0.1

Absolutely Addicting!!I’m so happy with how they have updated the Papa games for mobile devices, it’s worth the $2 to me!! Super fun details throughout like holidays and food specials. It’s a great game to pass the time as well.Version: 1.0.1

What a gameAbsolutely biblical game worth every penny I spent on it, thank you to the people who made the game, I hope you have a biblical day.Version: 1.0.1

Fun but needs improvementI enjoy playing the Papas cooking games on my laptop, so I decided to buy the mobile app. Although I love the game, there are a couple improvements I think are needed. First of all, I think there need to be more visual cues for a person trying to line up the condiments on the bread (the drag and drop online is much easier). In addition, the fry condiments are too sensitive-it’s way to easy to accidentally press the plate for half a second too long and end up putting two or three times the necessary amount of the topping. If those two things were fixed, this game would be great..Version: 1.0.1

Great gameIt’s a good game maybe not the best app game but it’s quite easy. I’d say the Doggeria is by far the best one..Version: 1.0.1

Add it plsY’all should add the free play food truck to to way like y’all have it on papas Cluckeria.Version: 1.0.1

Papas cheeseria is fun if you can see itIt would be nice to see text descriptions of items because some items are hard to see and look identical or are washed out on the tiny screen. Aside from that its fun assuming you can see the items to get the order right. Some customers can be too hard on you for that. Aside from that its fun, highly customizable and has cheerful music..Version: 1.0.1

Love love loveeee!If u are trying to choose one I recommend this one! It’s easy and fun! I have all the other but this is the best one!.Version: 1.0.1

PLEASE COME OUT WITH PASTARIAI love all of the papa’s games and have all of them except the pizzeria. I would really enjoy if you would bring back or just bring the Pastaria game to iPhone. It helps me past the time during the quarantine and not be sad.Version: 1.0.1

Great gameIt’s a really good game but to be honest my favourite is the title screen music..Version: 1.0.1

Absolutely love this game!!!!I would recommend buying this game. It’s totally worth the money. I’ve always loved the papa’s games my other favourite one of all time is the papa’s Freezeria. It’s a fun way to make sandwiches. And fun for all ages 👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.0.0

Please update glitchesLove the game!!! but doesn’t seem like it’s supported for new iOS.Version: 1.0.1

One of my favoritesThis specific Papa’s game was ADDICTING! I played all the way through all of the holidays and I even finished most of the Achievements. Such a fun game!.Version: 1.0.1

Please update holiday !I love papas games I’ve been playing for soo many years ! People still play these games ! I’d hate to be stuck in cinco de mayo , please update the holidays <3.Version: 1.0.1

🙌🏽Cheeseria has to be one of my favorites now, I absolute adore it. But let’s get to the main point of why I wrote this review. I wrote this just to give some suggestions like Saladeria, Nachoseria, Burritoeria, Muffineria, Biscuiteria, Chocolateria, and Fruiteria!!.Version: 1.0.1

Good gameThis is a good game don’t get me wrong but this game isn’t really on my top 5 but it would be in my top 7 maybe and it has one of my favorite characters Rudy.Version: 1.0.1

Great game xxThis is my first time playing this game on a mobile device such as my iPhone 6s and I really enjoyed it However it is a bit confusing without upgrades and all that. I love flipline studio games on tablets and on my phone I would recommend it for beginners if you have never played games like this but like I said before it is a bit confusing..Version: 1.0.1

Great gamesI live and breath flip line games been a big fan for years. Please release papa sushiria and papa pasteria my all time favorites. Thank you for creating a game that doesn’t get boring overtime..Version: 1.0.1

Papa’s Cheeseria to goBEST GAME EVERRRRRRRR, I swear this game is the best in the hall App Store maybe because I just love food, but I highly recommend this game 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽.Version: 1.0.1

The best papa’s gameI NEVER EVER write reviews but oh my god i love this game. i’ve been playing these games since elementary school and papa’s cheeseria will always be the best. it’s like an improved version of the burgeria. i love every aspect about this game. it’s the best like 2 bucks i’ve ever spent. and if you’re thinking about getting it, DO!!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

It’s one of the bestI love the papa game series and this was my very first game that I got so it has that special place in my heart but Pancakeria is just a bit better but if you wanna buy it I highly recommend it!.Version: 1.0.1

The best one in the series!!It’s definitely my favorite and I’m so glad I can finally play it without needed cool math games.Version: 1.0.1

Yes Yes Very GoodThis is by far my favourite papa Louie game. I adore all of them of course but this one hits different. I’m rank 85 and going. Also got all of the stickers and going for all gold star customers!.Version: 1.0.1

A glitchThere’s a glitch that the hair is fuzzing a lot it’s irritating me a lot throughout the game, so can you please fix this glitch it’s really annoying but it’s a good game to play..Version: 1.0.1

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