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Freezing IssueThis happens from time to time, after a few games the game decides to freeze while everything else is active. I’ve had this happen to me quite a few times and witnessed the same issue happen to my friends while playing together. The timer doesn’t help at all once it runs out it magically reappears never to run out again, even if I minimise the game hoping a bot replacement would atleast continue the game but never works. Its a big bug as the game is literally stuck even after the frozen player quiting the game. If it happens during the start its not a big problem until it freezes during a long lasting game which is just frustrating and annoying making it almost unplayable. I genuinely enjoy this game ignoring this issue while it is uncommon to happen it makes us players regret purchasing this game, it should run smoothly being a paid game..Version: 1.1.6

Really Frustrating App- Freezes A Lot!!This is the LEAST user friendly app I’ve used in a long time. I don’t usually pay for apps, much less $5.99... Once you’re playing the game, if you have to jump out of the app (like to receive a call, txt someone back, turn on wifi, etc) it freezes the entire game, and everyone has to restart. Also, the game randomly freezes whenever it likes, and you lose the entire game. I’m yet to actually be able to finish one single game. 0 stars, I want my money back. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.1.0

Should have an “are you sure?” Or “confirm” buttonWhen choosing what to do with you properties, the game should contain a confirming button before the action is done. When I was looking at swapping a property with another player the mortgage button was accidentally hit and I touch one of my properties which automatically mortgaged it when i didn’t mean to hit it. I then un-mortgaged it, but it at first didn’t respond and then mortgage it self again. The game did this three times in a row. In turn lost $600. Not impressed..Version: 1.0.0

Worst monopoly game everWhen playing with AI, you will always land on go to jail, taxes or any property that you don’t own that has houses or hotels built in. While the AI conveniently skips your property with houses/ hotels. The AI always seems to get the chance card that take you straight to go or the cards that give money and you will always pick cards that have fines to pay. I have played this gave over 50 times with AI and I came close to winning only 1 (came 2nd out of 3) Would not recommend. The real game is much better. Save your money, this shouldn’t be a paid game..Version: 1.3.1

Not a fair game at all!!!I love playing physical monopoly board game because whatever you get from dice you know it’s random and luck but this phone version definitely isn’t fair and all luck. when one particular player gets lucky they will keep getting lucky and keep missing other people’s property so they don’t have to pay rent but other players keep land on their property and I ve had so many times where other player have landed on chance and the card says to go to that lucky players property with lots of houses and the lucky player kept missing other people’s player houses for like 3 rounds. Or other player keeps going in jail so they never pass go to earn their salary which then they will not be able to build more houses or earn any money or they keep paying tax like 3 times in a roll I had in my experience. So the game chose its winner and keeps on giving them the right amount of dice! I regret paying £4 for this phone app!!! The irony is that you can say this is just life, someone always gets more luck but I m telling it doesn’t work like that! No one can be lucky all the time no one! You really need to fix this and make the app game fairer so not only one person keeps on getting lucky..Version: 1.3.1

Rigged dice breaks immersion and funUnfortunately as others have commented, there is something up with the dice and AI of this game. A early response from the dev says the dice are random, I suspect there is randomness but the AI can weight the dice so it’s more probably you land on numbers that fit the AI’s profile it has assigned to you. I agree with others that note it clearly chooses a favourite and absolutely punishes one player with the remaining players being given middling success. You can also expect if you have created your first houses to follow the field of dreams mantra. If you build it they will come. Overall it’s a real shame, everything else about the game is great. It’s fast, fluid and offers a micro transaction free experience. I would class the extra boards etc as DLC. There are no timers for instance. But like most monopoly computer games, the fun is short lived. Once you see the patterns and some truly unbelievable behaviour, you question every throw of the device being fixed, warranted or not and that just isn’t fun. If I were to bet, I would guess it is cheaper and easier to build an AI when it can control all aspects of the game than it is to create an AI that genuinely has to play and trade skilfully in response to truly random events..Version: 1.2.1

Multiplayer is a nightmare!I haven't been able to finish a single multiplayer game. The graphics are good..Version: 1.0.5

I love this game but....Fix your glitches! I get stuck on certain screens and get kicked off. It’s not my connection nor my internet because I’ve played live games like this a lot and have no issues. But I hate it when I’m winning and all of a sudden I get stuck on a screen and can’t do anything. At the very least allow us to leave a refresh or come right back or something to fix this issue. I always have no choice but to quit to menu! It’s very frustrating! You could allow like a 30 second window if a player doesn’t return and play. Also you should add a chat feature even if it’s preprogrammed with emojis or phrases or something it would be more fun if we could communicate. Time limit or limit the amount of offers/trades in one turn each person could get a maximum of 3 in each turn. This goes for the counter offers also if green tries to trade pink; pink can counter offer that counts as one offer each. They can counter back twice more each and then they either reject or take the trade, and their turn is over..Version: 1.0.10

SO MUCH FUN.....when it works.I love monopoly and the app because it takes away the hassle of keeping up with board pieces and having someone act as the bank. However, it is far too common for a player to get disconnected or for the game to freeze, ultimately ruining the entire game and leading me to have wasted 2 hours of my time. Also, it is hard to differentiate when a player is simply not paying attention, forgets to roll, or forgets to end their turn so it would be EXTREMELY USEFUL to have a ******chat function****** or at least a button the players could use to notify other players when the game has come to a standstill. I really hope that the monopoly app creators will take these suggestions into account as I have recommended the app to many people and know they have experienced the same frustration as me. Also, it would be awesome if their was a way to pause the game (which I know may actually difficult due to connection issues). Additionally, the game disconnects when someone gets a phone call or even if low battery signal pops up on a players phone. Sometimes the bots will pick up and play for the disconnected user but other times the game is screwed. Regardless, I love how the game is customizable and has great layouts. Love this game, will definitely keep playing, but would profoundly appreciate some improvements given that the Monopoly brand has historically been held with such high regard..Version: 1.1.0

Online play boringWithout real human interaction the game is painfully boring. Often you are playing vs AI which are stupid and also make the game boring. Find a way to fully interact with players, otherwise the game is dull and not worth the money..Version: 1.4.5

Fun but glitchyUsually paid apps don’t crash as often as this one... I bought a token, I can’t use it, the game hard crashes every few games. Lots of fun when it works though..Version: 1.4.7

Great game! Add ons - not so much.I bought the snowdrop valley theme to play and was very excited. I start to set up the game and select the new board and all was good... Until I went to change my character to the snowmobile. It said it was still locked. I went back to check if it was included in the theme pack and it was. Now I am majorly disappointed because I spent $11 on it just for the feature I was most excited about to be unavailable. I would either like this to be fixed or be given a refund - very disappointing..Version: 1.1.5

Yet another bug!Considering I had to pay for this app, it is annoying and frustrating that the app constantly freezes, usually during a long game where one of the bot players has to raise money by selling a hotel. The app then freezes and you have to abandon the game. This happens all the time! Please fix it. Other buyers beware. Update 20/08 - thank you for fixing the freezing issue. The game is playable again! Further update 26/08 - it has now developed another fault, the same as the original freezing issue when hotels are sold, but the bug instead of freezing the game, causes all hotels and houses to be removed from the set instantly, whether they are needed to be sold to pay the rent or not. In addition, these ‘disappeared’ houses and hotels are NOT returned to the pool so are lost for the rest of the game. Again, it makes playing the game pointless: Please fix this!.Version: 1.2.5

Game crashesI hate playing online games and having the game pause and not go any further, I paid for the game I shouldn’t have to pay any extra $50 for more boards when the game keeps disconnecting.Version: 1.1.3

New Update GlitchingHave had that game for about a week and everything ran smoothly playing online with a friend. Now the game has been updated, and now when a “reconnecting” appears in the middle of a trade, the game freezes and no one can move. We have had to restart two games today because of this. Before the update, if there was a reconnection for any reason AI would just take over. Please fix. This is very annoying..Version: 1.1.2

Stuck on reconnect!!The game is good and feels pretty much like the real thing, but if you get a notification or touch the home area on the screen, check your battery lever or ANYTHING, it disconnects you, which is very annoying, and you can’t return until the next turn. If you are in the middle of doing something and it disconnects, it doesn’t end the turn and the game is effectively stuck with no way of getting it back! Extremely annoying if you are playing with friends and well into a game. Really needs to be fixed..Version: 1.1.3

Love it but serious issuesLove the game but there are serious issues. The game is a battery hog. It drains the battery so quickly. It freezes up which forces you to close it and open it again. The trades the A.I. players make are ridiculous and play after play they repeat over and over even if you silence them for that turn. Real players wouldn’t do half of this stuff Sometimes it appears that the dice roll is not random. Sometimes the chance or community chest cards can be the same thing on back to back draws. Who goes first, second, third is flawed because it depends upon how you are listed and who rolls the highest dice when playing against the A.I players. Not as much animation is needed which may help the battery drain or at least give an option to turn some of that off. So many things in each turn slow the whole game down and could be altered to keep it moving. Why not put the property cards displaying in the lower right rather than taking up the whole screen. Overall I enjoy the game but this one needs some work. I get tired of it draining my battery quickly..Version: 1.2.0

I can’t believe I paid money for this appThis is probably one of the worse game apps I’ve ever downloaded, let alone played. The dice/computer COMPLETELY controls who controls the board, and thus who wins the game. This game is suppose to allow one’s ability to make good deals determine the player’s ability to monopolize the board. However, MOST of the games I’ve played the dice have been fixed to my disadvantage, and normally allows one or two players to have success. On average, I’m only able to by four, maybe five random properties a game, which doesn’t even allow me to make any trades at all with other opponents! In fact, in one of my most recent games I ONLY LANDED ON THREE UN-PURCHASED PROPERTIES THE ENTIRE GAME, AND WAS OUT OF THE GAME RATHER QUICKLY!!! And this has been consistent throughout most of the games I’ve played. This game, the disadvantage of the dice constantly working against you, have made this game EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING TO PLAY!! I don’t mind losing at all, but I DO mind the dice/computer dictating who’s allows to land on what properties, thus creating a disadvantage to some players. Fix this problem or refund me my money, and I’ll just get rid of the app!!!.Version: 1.2.3

Biased Dice and AI luckMonopoly is primarily luck based, so it’s strange to see the same pattern in every game in the pass and play. The blue AI always has lots of money and no properties, the red AI always has lots of properties and no money. They trade completely un-strategic properties to give each other monopolys, for far less than they’re worth. Then even after I have hotels on green, yellow, pale blue and pink, somehow manage to only hit one of my properties every couple of laps of the board. Ive noticed this every game for the past week, 2 games per night, which is enough to make ‘bad luck’ seem implausible. If the AI was fixed, this would be a great game..Version: 1.1.3

FreezesThe game freezes very often, forcing you to quit the game, with no option to rejoin. Your game is lost. Time is wasted. Very frustrating!.Version: 1.4.8

Lost count of how many games have frozenThe game itself is really neat. However, online multiplayer is abysmal. Every third game freezes up and it’s incredibly frustrating. I wouldn’t recommend playing because of this..Version: 1.1.3

FIX THE AI AND DICE ROLL ALGORITHMSThis app has some of the most horrible AI in any game I’ve ever played. Absolutely horrible. Anytime I add an AI in the game, whether I’m playing with other real players or just a lobby of computers, the AI is seemingly always rolling favorably. It’s obvious that the computer players cheat via the dice roll. There have been countless games that both me and my brothers have played where the AI player outlasts us because it gets favorable rolls. Even when a whole side of color schemes has been bought up and houses/hotels applied, they always seem to skip over those spaces until the game comes down to human player and AI. This is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever encountered on a cell phone game because I’m an avid monopoly player and I’m well aware that the dice doesn’t favor anybody at anytime. The math or algorithm behind the dice roll needs to be addressed before I can enjoy this game. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY unless you have people around you and can play locally. Also the game has horrible issues with it disconnecting, and the AI makes you miss out on deals or rolls. Please fix because the premise of being able to play monopoly digitally is well needed..Version: 1.1.3

Waste of timeGreat game!! However, I bought this app so that I could play with my long distant friends, but we could never finish ANY game. The game has way too many bugs. It crashes and stop the game every time someone disconnect, which affects you and everyone else playing the same match. Getting disconnected is way too common, it happens when you get notification, when you click off the game for a split second, when you get a call, when you get a low battery warning, or poor wifi connection. The game can stop and crash at any point in the game. I wasted 2 hours playing a round just so it could crash mostly every single time. Out of the 35 games I’ve played, I only got through 7 of them. Mind you, I had to pay for this app. It’s ridiculous. DONT BUY THIS APP unless they start making changes and improvements to it. Also they do not have any type of communication system so you can’t talk to your opponents. That should be included in the game to communicate with your opponents, negotiate for trades, or just to simply remind your opponents to end the game. There are many more flaws that takes away the authentic feeling of playing the boardgame Monopoly. Once again, don’t waste your money and time on this app until they start making further improvements and changes to it..Version: 1.1.3

Has the potential to be a great game! But dice roll IS NOT RANDOMThe graphics and UI on this game is amazing. Yes there’s the issue with the app freezing on the odd occasions but that’s not the thing that spoils the gameplay or fun for me. It’s the not so randomness of the dice. On too many occasions I’ve been suspicious of whether a dice roll has been determined before you roll. I’m a computer programmer and I don’t see why this function for a dice roll is not made random?! Just use the rand() function for whatever language the game is written in to allow a truely fair experience otherwise you wonder what’s the point in playing as negotiating techniques and strategy count for nothing. Fix that issue and we’ve got a REALLY good game. Otherwise I’ll go back to POGO and play monopoly there with friends. LETS SEE IF THE DEVELOPERS REALLY DO READ ALL THE COMMEMTS FOR REVIEW AND DECIDE TO RESPOND BACK. OR ARE THEY PICKING AND CHOOSING WHO TO RESPOND TO?🤔 Update the app soon please, I’ll be waiting and watching 👀.Version: 1.1.3

Fun but buggyWill rate 5 stars when the game gets fixed. Game keeps freezing and then you have to restart the whole game all over again..Version: 1.1.5

Would like to pause online games with friendsEverything works great, but in real life we might play for a while, then leave it for a day or two before coming back and finishing. The app can do this if you’re in pass n play, but would be great if we could do this when playing with friends online. In online chess you can set a time limit for each turn, up to a week or two, and this is a function we would use for Monopoly if it had it..Version: 1.4.2

Good game, poor executionThis is definitely one of the “Greatest Games Of All Time” as we all know, but when it comes to playing it, you can be half way through a round and have accumulated all the deeds you wanted, just for the game to suddenly crash. Definitely builds you up for a failure. $7 for a game that crashes every time. Not worth at all, very disappointed..Version: 1.4.11

Crashing and player inaction still issues in online multiplayerThis is a good game but the issues stop it from being a great game. I have played multiple online multiplayer games now and at least 50% have been stopped due to player inaction or crashing. This is really annoying especially mid way through a game when things are starting to get interesting. I have read that you have added a timer but this really doesn’t stop some players from holding up the game indefinitely. The crashing is disappointing and when an ai player takes over your turn it is hard to load back into the game and it doesn’t work all the time. I was prompted to write this review as a game I was in just crashed mid way through 😠. I think you need to adapt this for digital media the board game was great but if a player misses there turn or timed out the should be increasing punishments miss a turn > go to jail > miss a second turn > 200m fine > miss a third turn leave the game and property returned to the bank. Needs improvement for such an expensive app!.Version: 1.1.5

UnfairI have played this game so many times throughout isolation I have picked up that a players chance on winning is decided by the game. There will be one player that lands on numerous properties giving them and advantage then there will be a player that is doomed from the start. Always landing on tax squares, or squares with no property. Not to mention half their time spent in jail. On occasions where I have been the dud player all the other players have made it around the board countless amounts of time giving them 200 at each pass. Where I have yet to make it around the board once due to constantly landing on go to jail. This just makes it highly frustrating(when you are the dud player) otherwise it can be enjoyable. I think it would be a nice extra if there was a chat box so players could communicate with each other..Version: 1.1.3

Poor quality for 6.99I like to play online and when the games not freezing constantly Im getting the same players offering me the exact same trades every play and have started to notice a pattern emerge, I feel like “Online” is not really online as I can only make offers in blocks of 5 eg $140,145 where I will get offers of weird numbers eg $138.Version: 1.0.7

Please add a kick out function!This game is awesome but there is a big huge turn off that makes me regret the purchase. Whenever you play online and if a player is inactive for any reason, there is no way to kick them out and keep playing. We are STUCK. Waiting. It’s wait and see. And wait. And wait.... PLEASE improve this by either have a possibility to kick out someone after X minute(s) of inactivity or have it automatically done or replaced by AI playerZ this is beyond annoying!.Version: 1.4.8

Worth the priceLooks and plays nice. Doesn’t track stats or have achievements, and you only have access to one board unless you pay DOUBLE the game price PER additional board. Sorry publishers, you’re not getting more money out of me for something that should have been in the game in the first place..Version: 1.4.4

Too Random - Poor Board Game DesignThe developers are regular assuring you that the game is not rigged or random, but that is the issue with the game. Board games in reality are fixed in many ways. For example, a deck of cards with a discard pile ensured that every card in the game will be played before a player can draw a second copy of any card. This also ensures equal odds of getting a card. This app takes the simpler approach of randomly generating the card on each draw. This means you may draw cards like “Speeding Fine” two or three times in a row, while never pulling “Advance To...” cards of any kind. The odds of card drawing seem to also favor the weaker cards. The developers assure that’s not true, but an easy way to restore faith would be to have the cards work with an actual deck and discard system instead of random generation upon each draw. To me, the purpose of this is to mimic the board game, if you wanted to change the fundamentals of the game then a different game mode would be nice. A “Randomized” mode could be fun along with the original two, but I would want the “Classic” mode to run like the classic board game. Otherwise, the game is functionally okay. Some cards do not work as intended, like cards that require paying between players, but most major bugs have been worked out. TL/DR The old app was much better.Version: 1.3.1

Next turnI have been playing this game since a lot of time as it’s fun to play with friends online but when it come to proper online players at start it’s really goes well but the frustrating part of the game is when some one in middle of game doesn’t end turn as they might forget or might have quit. For that there is no timer or any indication of the player wether they are still with us in the game or not. After playing for an hour and waiting for your turn for another half hour doesn’t give me any sort of fun winning the game bunch of times. So this timer or indicator for a player needs to fixed first priority of bugs. If this isn’t fixed then it ruins all the fun of lot more players of “MONOPOLY”.!.Version: 1.1.0

Game has a freezing issue as well as rigged diceThe dice rolls in this game are not random at all and completely rigged. It determines where it will place you based on the circumstances and it has become severely obvious after playing this multiple times. When I am playing with friends this game has a tendency to freeze and completely stop the game from progressing for all players. There’s no way to bypass this apart from starting a new game. Obviously this is frustrating after playing a game for 45min+ only for it to freeze leaving you no choice but to start all over again. Very disappointed, paid and invested lots of money into this game whilst constantly and consistently having this issue. Please fix this game or at least refund my money because it is very frustrating and paying for a game only for it to have such severe issues is very annoying..Version: 1.1.5

Good but could be better as nonsense of progression when you have won a couple timesLove the game but no senes of progression and then it gets boring .. I always seem to get the short hand when playing online and seem to loose against other players .. perhaps Other players are better , it can’t just be bad luck as I believe this game is pure based on chance and luck so shouldn’t make much difference when playing online as opposed to computer other than the fact that it more difficult to make trades with realy players who want to dominate the bord .. but that’s just my experience .its so annoying when someone takes ages and then the whole game is put on holt always seems to happen when I’m doing well eager to make next move . I agree with earlier review to add leaderboard and leagues like loads of other games I play so you can at least win a game and it goes towards something especially since you have to pay for it in the first place it would make playing allot more meaningful especially in lockdown.Version: 1.2.2

Not ImpressedThe game locks up, there is no ability to communicate with other players, you can’t choose how many players, and you can’t turn off the dragged out process with each roll. Was excited to be able to play online, but this whole game needs fixing, as well as removal of insulting prices to get upgrades! A game of 6.99 shouldn’t have costs of nearly $50 to upgrade!!.Version: 1.0.4

TOO PREDICTABLE TOO GLITCHThe game is way too predictable, you can pretty much guess how the dice will land based off of how how much much money you have. I find it hard to believe that the dice roll is a true random, it almost feels like the games selects a winner before the game starts, and if you’re the lucky winner, everything plays in your favor. If you’re the loser of the game, you’ll find yourself landing on little to no properties, exhausting all of your money from constantly paying other players rent, paying money to the bank, and or paying to get out of jail for the 6th time (my exact experience) in a roll because you the dice “rolled” you directly to “goto jail” every time, or the community chest sent you to jail or you rolled double 3 times. And then the issue of the glitches, I was simply trying to add hotels to the brown property on the board, and made the mistake of moving the app on the screen just a little, no completely moving or closing the game just a slight shift, and I was completely kicked from the game, making it difficult rejoin the game to end my turn. There are many issues but it’s overall too problematic, I will be seeking Reimbursement..Version: 1.1.3

Not goodWhen playing online the game freezers. Waste of time. Never been able to finish a online game. Reason why I brought it was for online. 1 star.Version: 1.4.5

Online multiplayerIt’s interesting that the “people” you verse in the online multiplayer appear to be robots.... Their continuous trade attempts match exactly what the robots do in single player......Version: 1.0.5

That’s not right you need to read this 👇🏻What exactly we paying for man ??? I love the game but it’s not right that every time I want to play with a friend if the internet didn’t work for exactly 3 seconds the game frizz or not even the internet sometimes by itself start reconnecting and i’ll be waiting for few minutes and then exit the game I’m really mad you guys making money for bad software that’s not fair and i’m not interested anymore to play your game!! I need an explanation?!.Version: 1.0.11

RiggedThe cpu always gets the best chest and dice rolls and they would always put you into the tax and a.i most of them always goes to jail when a lot of hotels are out to keep themselves safe.. it would be like that for 3-4 turns always going back to jail and be immune.Version: 1.4.5

Losing Players are TOXIC!Can we please figure out a patch to where players who are losing CANNOT stop the flow of gameplay but staying stuck in an untimed Menu? It’s so unfair to the rest of us who are enjoying the game..Version: 1.0.7

Weighted DiceHere’s my 2 scenarios 1: I had a the yellow and brown color set with hotels on each. Everyone went bankrupt except this guy named Budwiser and I, he owned the orange color set only with a few mortgaged properties. I go around the board and each time...I land on his orange then get sent to jail. I went around 4 times and each time I landed on his color sets. He goes around the board 6 time while I was in jail and only once landing on my brown color set... 2: I owned the brown color set once again, while I passed go I landed on income tax. Rolling again due to doubles, rolling I land on the chance. I prayed to not draw the advance to st Charles place but my prayers went unanswered. I drew the card and payed my rent from a hotel on st Charles. Having to mortgage everything. My next turn I really prayed to god to not roll a 2 or a 3 due to them having hotels...I roll a 2 and go bankrupt. My properties went untouched the whole game after putting houses down...I really am not the one to point fingers at rigged games but...when I see people rolling past a whole section of houses and landing on chance and free parking every time...I don’t have much of a choice to believe it’s something more than bad luck. A refund would be great but not likely due to the greed of corporations now a days.Version: 1.3.1

Game breaks literally every gameSo I have had monopoly for like two weeks now, and the first week I was just playing against A.I. And getting a feel for the game, but recently I’ve been playing multiplayer. Now multiplayer is fun and all especially when I’m winning cuz I’ll have a few thousand and a row of hotels that bankrupt two other players. But then it’s always fun to just flash my wealth around and buy properties from the last player just so that it’s harder for them, but every time I do this (or just if I trade properties for money in general when someone’s bankrupt) it gets me stuck on the keep property mortgaged page. So I click unmorggage. Then I click it again. Then five minutes later I’m still spam clicking the button and I have to leave to solve the problem. I’ve tried everything I could but it always does this. Monopoly’s a great game and all but honestly I’ll probably just delete the game because it’s just annoying and frustrating when I have a hotel on boardwalk, all the railroads, and like 10 other hotels, while the other player has two properties left unmortgaged, then they win because the lousy game crashes on me. So just make sure you can actually handle monopoly on your device because I’m assuming it has something to do with that. Don’t wanna waste 7 dollars for a game you can’t even play..Version: 1.0.7

GlitchesGreat game but glitches far to much and disruptive to the game had to cancel many games and start over because it glitches.Version: 1.1.3

High potential, missed markAt the onset I absolutely loved this game. After playing almost 20 single player matches I found some major flaws. The most annoying being the roll of the dice is not random. I understand that anything can happen in a dice roll but it seems the dice rolls are scripted. To prove this I played a single player match against one ai player on easy. I controlled all property and railroads from the go square to free parking, yes that includes the orange properties! The opposing side only had boardwalk and park place. We both had hotels on all monopolies owned. For a numbered point of reference that’s 13 out of 20 to one side while the ai had 2 out of 20 on the opposing side. I recorded 12 cycles and I landed 8 out of 12 cycles on either one of his two squares while the ai landed only 9 times on my 13 squares out of the 12 cycles. Almost every cycle I landed on his two properties and yet many times the ai only landed on a chance, just visiting, income tax, or community passing through unscathed on my side of the board. When the ai did land it was a surprise. I’ve played enough games to realize there is some scripting going on. Very disappointed!.Version: 1.0.6

Don’t waste your money - game freezesThey really need to fix this app before continuing to charge for it. Yes the graphics look nice, but what use is that if the game can get stuck at any point? We had been playing an ‘online with friends’ game for over two hours, when one player was kicked out and the AI that took their place wouldn’t move. There was nothing we could do and we had to abandon the game. Looking down the reviews, this is clearly a bug that has been known about for months and months without being fixed. It is pretty galling having to pay £16 for 4 people to play together for an app the makers know is broken. If the app worked, it would be a marginal recommend. It’s a fairly fun and faithful recreation of the board game, but some of the graphics slow down the gameplay and the system for making deals is less than intuitive..Version: 1.1.3

Good game. Disappointing when it freezesHi, I really like this app the game is just like the board game and is great fun to play with friends online. It does seem to now freeze every second or so game when playing online and doesn’t recover. It is very frustrating and we have to give up on the match. It seems to happen when you do something extra in a turn e.g. check a property's rent, go to mortgage and then back out these and other cases make it freeze and not select the next player after end turn is hit. It is not just an iPad issue either it happens on iPhone too. If this could be fix this would get a 4 star rating. For a 5 star please add in game chat support. Thanks.Version: 1.1.3

Game is filled with broken glitches that ruin your gameHi this is the second review I’ve written this one is short because it’s self explanatory. You need to play your own game for real sit down for an hour and play each mode especially play with friends because the game glitched out and I could not return back this is a serious issue because the game will disappear after and have no way back to return. Other glitches were someone will only own 1 railway station and they you have to pay $50 for the one station when we all know it’s $25, when your playing pass and play and your first player and every time you can not at all trade with the AI’s :/ like what this game is a really good time waster but you seriously need to sit down and uncover all the bugs for the game you so furiously rushed with no consideration for the people that HAVE TO PAY FOR THE GAME THAT IS BROKEN!!!!!! seriously please play your own game.Version: 1.0.8

FrustratingIt’s so frustrating the game keeps going while we all stay waiting when someone leaves the game.. couldn’t you design it where they just leave and everything gets split between the players that are left playing. So annoying.Version: 1.4.4

More like MoFLOPolyThis game should be sent directly to jail and not allowed to pass go. If you think getting “pay $115 for each hotel” is a soul destroying card when you’ve got a full street, try playing this game when it freezes after an hour of playing!! If this app were a woman I would take her out for dinner and leave her with the bill. The worst game I have ever played, 0/5. Will only continue playing it everyday because I have a big tournament to win against my friend otherwise I would delete it..Version: 1.1.3

Game LagYou pay $7 and the game can never come to a end because of the amount of lags there are in this game. Not enough codes in the app to reduce the lag and when you’ve almost finished the game it will freeze and waste your whole time playing. Not worth $7 at first I didn’t even think it was the real monopoly. Plus you pay $7 but you have to pay $8-15 for any other map/board Don’t recommend, get the original board and relive your childhood. Please fix these bugs and update version.Version: 1.1.3

Can’t trade in online modeThis app has always been very glitchy and I’ve often not been able to complete games due to it crashing. However very recently it’s been completely unusable due to the fact that no one can make trades in online mode. This needs to be fixed BADLY. Also - I suggest that there be a chat function where you can write custom messages. Would really help aid trading..Version: 1.2.1

Game algorithms are rigged.I’ve been playing this game for a few months and began to believe that the dice generator was rigged to keep the game progressing even against some pretty amazing odds. If a player gets too powerful too early the game will purposely miss that players monopolies to almost absurd amount. I had six hotels on one side of the board and all other three players missed me for three complete cycles around the board. Still I couldn’t prove this until my last online game where I was able to quickly dominate the left side of the board with three hotels and four houses on each property for the other monopoly. I had just built the four houses and “rolled the dice” I landed on community chest and was asset building repairs. This should have been impossible since there are only two repair cards one for chance and the other for community chest. The community chest repair card had come up earlier and I counted the amount of cards played. It was seven. Since there are only 16 cards in community chest it should not have come up again for at least 8 more cards. Game is entertaining but certainly not random. It’s rigged..Version: 1.1.3

Nice graphics but game crashes and bad functionalityThe decisions you make in Monopoly often depend on where everyone is located on the board, but the programmers make the pieces disappear at extremely important moments! There is no leaderboard or ranking of any kind so each game stands alone. There is no penalty for quitting or taking ages to have your turn so sometimes you will sit there for five minutes to go and make a cup of coffee and watch TV. Also, unless you’ve ignored all the other reviews, this game crashes. Constantly. The graphics will entice you, but they were clearly made by a different group of people. The logic of how this game is programmed is ridiculous. That’s the programmers - the same people responsible for the game crashing ALL the time..Version: 1.0.8

Not up to standard.This game is full of game-breaking bugs and issues. I literally just played a game where no players could accept any trades at all — they were all immediately and automatically rejected. Imagine a game where you could not make any trades. It would not be able to end. And the game before that, there was a visual glitch that made the game very harder. In this game of Monopoly, each owned property has a coloured label to show who owns it. One property, the middle orange one, failed to even show its coloured label upon its purchase, so I couldn’t even see who owned it, or if it was even owned at all..Version: 1.2.1

Game freezes oftenReally annoying - more times than not the game will freeze and I am forced to exit the app and unable able to continue to the game. Seems to happen often after someone attempts to make a trade. I tried to play twice today and both times when the game was starting to get interesting, a player tried to trade, trade was rejected and after that the game froze. Super frustrating and puts me often starting a game because there’s always a good chance I won’t be able to finish it. There are other issues like once I rolled a double to get out of jail and it said I didn’t roll a double? Weird. Another time I was unable to buy any houses on my properties despite having enough money and a full colour set. Big shame because I love the game but the freezing issue is very frustrating..Version: 1.1.3

Freezes a lotThe last two times I’ve played a game, it froze half way through which was incredibly frustrating especially since I had hotels on my properties and nobody else had a property set yet. I think it froze because when it was my turn, I tapped on one of my properties to view how much would be paid if someone landed on it, then it just wasn’t responding. I also think the chat should at least give the option to say ‘I’m stuck’ or something so other players don’t get angry at you. I also think the game should allow game styles like choosing whether you wait till you’ve gone through the board once before you can buy properties because that’s how I have always played in real life.Version: 1.4.5

The odds are stacked against youI dont know why they do this, but they will rig the game in favor of the AI. It got to the point where I can accurately predict my rolls. If I own 80% of the board, they will only land on the other 20% and that happens 100% of the time. The computer makes trades amongst themselves that aren’t fair, they’re only helping each other get sets to knock you out of the game. If you have hotels, the AI WILL NOT LAND ON THEM. Only between your hotels. It’s laughable at how predictable it is. If a 6 will land you on their hotel, you will roll that 6. I had a property of every color in my last game to ensure no one can build, so what happens? Yup, I land on their railroads only. So what do I do? I buy one of their railroads for a ridiculous price. The next turn, the computer acquired a railroad from another computer to re up the price. I know what you are thinking, why wouldn’t they buy that railroad prior so that they had all 4? Nah, only when I take the railroad away are they ALL OF A SUDDEN interested. It’s insanity how much they fix the games in favor of the computer. I have no clue why, we’ve already paid for the game, but they do. It’s painfully obvious. You’re welcome for the money I spent..Version: 1.4.4

Should support more languagesThe game is fine, but should support extra languages like Arabic..Version: 1.4.9

People keep quittingI was super excited to play this game because my boyfriend had installed it on his computer and I wanted to play with him. I bought it and started playing with other people but the issue I constantly run into is either when somebody is losing or about to go bankrupt they intentionally quit the game. Or I assume they quit the game because the game will just stop. They won’t roll, make a trade, or put houses down. The game is at a standstill and I have no idea why. There needs to be some sort of timer for everything so that way the game can keep moving or if someone doesn’t make any moves for a long period of time or purposely leaves the game they should go bankrupt and their properties should either get auctioned off or return back to the board for the other people to buy in the future. It’s super annoying having to leave a game because nobody is moving or being sore losers. I don’t have any interest in playing this game anymore because of this. It takes so long to even start getting to a place where you’re making money and getting people to land on your properties so going through all that just to quit because someone doesn’t want to play the game anymore is annoying. Wish I could get a refund..Version: 1.2.1

Gets stuck in Online Mode all the time!!!First of all, the “dice” is a completely rigged bs. The chances for triple doubles are extremely high when you put it against the odds from doing some simple math. After the building phase, everybody just goes to jail most of the time. It’s almost impossible to play with conventional Monopoly techniques because of the rigged chances of the dice, and having to deal with random obnoxious bots online, even if you chose to play with real people. This game has too many bugs and too few features. Online Multiplayer never works, they’ve got tons of bots and it always freezes, forcing all players to force quit the game. The animation is also way too long and it’s been frustratingly improbable trying to play with others online. And the fact that the game is server-sided does not change the developers’ minds to at least rent a competent server, because from what I’ve witnessed throughout the last few months, the servers have been utter trash. And the monopoly Hasbro has over this game makes this distillation of laziness and greed the only game of its kind on App Store, leaving you no choices but to buy it if you want to play this 100-year-old board game. It’s just ridiculous. oh yeah btw, you can’t trade anymore given that the new version has this freaking bug that player just automatically rejects your offer. what a genius feature.Version: 1.2.1

Love, BUTFirst of all I just wanna start by saying I love how you guys added monopoly I love!!!! The game play atleast 3 times a day especially if I’m on a winning streak I’ll play even more but when it comes to the online player section you guys have to do better for starter. Can you guys notify us when someone else has left the game it’s really difficult when you don’t know either to wait or leave especially if it’s a really good game going on and you’re waiting 30 mins to see if someone’s left the game or just haven’t been on their phone. Also would it be possible if someone were to leave the game could you guys maybe notify that and then put a CPU into the game and notifying that a CPU has been added so there’s no waited time to see if the game frozen it’s been plenty of times where the game is getting really good and suddenly it freezes it just breaks the point of online and makes me want to play with CPU instead cause it’s less time consuming not having to wait on either the game or other people. But overall the game is great just needs a few adjustments to tweak out -Jam.Version: 1.2.2

Frustrating awful gameIt has been fixed so you lose when playing with the computer by conveniently not landing on your hotels ...but you always land on its ...Version: 1.3.1

BlaI enjoy playing monopoly a lot, but there needs to be some improvements: 1. If I have a get out of jail free card, at my third attempt at a double (where I fail) the game should use my card as opposed to having to pay $50 2. The rules in monopoly say I can manage my properties whenever I want, however in the app I can only do it when it’s my turn. Doing it whenever I want would open up new strategies..Version: 1.2.2

Rigged as hellThis WOULD have been fun and entertaining IF it wasn’t so obviously rigged. The dice rolls are not random, statistically improbable to the point of being ridiculous - this becomes even more transparent after you get a monopoly of any kind, your AI opponents almost always seem to get repeated miraculous rolls time and time and time and time again, you might get the odd one land but- what’s the point of playing when this is such as pervasive theme with nearly every game, don’t buy this game unless you want to lose, lose again and then keep losing because no one lands on your property- two thumbs down, game designers need to install a REAL random simulator. Or if you are going to rig the game, go and study play psychology before you write your program.Version: 1.0.9

DisappointingNo option to save online game progress No communication in online gameplay Game crashes almost every online game Overall very disappointing as this could be an excellent game.Version: 1.0.10

Endless glitchesPurchased to use “online with friends” function. In 3 days we are yet to complete an entire game without the game freezing, where the only option is to quit game. Disappointing as there’s no warning and no way of getting back to the game you were playing. The graphics etc are awesome however it’s not playable in its current state. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS GAME.Version: 1.0.7

Good game but not random game playI like the game, and I’ve not had any issues with crashing, but I have to say that the number of times I’ve played it against AI or online players the game play is not random. The dice are not random! It seems to determine a player that it will advantage or disadvantage through the game play. Too often players will just land on chance or community chest on each turn around the entire board - not giving them an opportunity to buy properties whilst all other players buy the whole board. You can also have some colour properties that are never landed on, or one particular property in a colour set that is never landed on. If a player has a whole colour set and puts houses on, you can end up with each player continually avoiding landing on them. This removes enjoyability of the game. It needs to be random dice to really see how the game plays out. The game should not determine which player it will give all the advantages too and which it will try to bankrupt out of the game. I know that the game can’t determine what deals or actions you might take to purchase or auction a property, but this is the only random element. The dice are definitely ‘weighted’ and over influence the game play. Please please please allow the dice to be totally random!!!!.Version: 1.1.3

DisappointedBought this game as a bundle all the other games work great! But this game is the opposite, haven’t had one full game yet and we have tried multiple times, every time it just freezes and you can’t exit out to refresh the game because you’ll just end up losing your whole game. Would also be great if you could exit out and then come back to it on a later date of you had not finished playing. Has the potential to be a great game but was very disappointed with the game overall, mainly because I paid money for it to just not work in the first place, would rather just have my money back really..Version: 1.2.5

Game is riggedI have little doubt that the dice in the game is rigged when playing with AI. I’m not always against dice rigging in these types of games if it makes the gameplay more fun/skill based but I don’t really think it does - this just annoys you. Perhaps they should have a feature like in Ludo Online where you can see rolls from each player and how often each player is getting a double or certain number. You have a 1/6 chance of rolling a double and you have around a 40% chance of rolling a 6,7 or 8 - it just doesn’t seem that the AI plays by those rules most of the time. I also think that others aspects could be rigged, I saw in one of my games the AI was sent to prison 3 or 4 times in a row, twice from chance cards in a row and then twice from the tile, where it was in a part of the game where it was favourable for it to be in jail. I also wish there were options to reduce the turn times for AI and also to change the amount of starting money. Just annoying really. Edit: Also there seems to be a really annoying bug where the game freezes when an AI needs to sell houses to pay for a large rent. This makes the game even more infuriating because it’s often unwinnable..Version: 1.2.4

Highly Necessary Additions NeededHi! I’d like to start off by saying .. this game is missing a lot! It felt very unsatisfying to win an online multiplayer game and not receive any sort of prize as a reward. The dissatisfaction alone was able to push me away from wanting to play the game totally. There is a dire need for some form of level-up system, coin transaction, and prizes. I’d like to believe that this app has not even scratched the surface of it’s potential to be incredibly fun, and highly social. The only customization is being able to select what you play as before a game and what map you use, but what about having your own profile and being able to search up other people? What about leaderboards to see other friends or leagues that you’re able to participate in? The menu is so bland, and it is so very clear that a lot more can be added to make it much more engaging and addictive. Personal daily challenges & achievements. And if it’s all done right and very cleanly, I might even consider the unthinkable: Paying for some of the maps and tokens. Because I would be THAT much engaged in it..Version: 1.2.2

Great but needs real improvementNow Im a huge fan of the game which was why I downloaded it. However there is so much improvement needed. When playing there is no time limit on turns so if a player decides that they are losing instead of just quitting the game they decide to just leave the app so there is no way for their turn to end. This is left with all other players waiting. I waited HALF AN HOUR on one game just because I thought I’d leave it while I was watching the football. This happens way way way too often and it simply ruins the game completely. Why dont you simply introduce a time limit on go’s so that players will have to take their go otherwise if their time limit runs out you can deduct some of their cash. Another idea is once its one players go give the other players the option to call time so there can be a time limit once time is called. This one issue is really really bugging me about the game Especially with it being a paid game too. I RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO PURCHASE THIS GAME until this issue has been resolved. Its really unprofessional of them to not fix this issue yet and it seems like they do not care about our views as there doesnt seem to be much done about it. Another issue is that once a game has been won there is literally nothing else to do. There should be a leaderboard or a tournament or some other option as once a game is won we cant even see our own stats etc. Dear monopoly creators, please Improve!.Version: 1.4.5

FreezesI have played about 5 games and each game freezes up which causes u to quit quiet frustrating especially when you’ve spent 30+mins on one game.Version: 1.3.1

Fun, but doesn’t feel randomI’ve been playing on hard for a few weeks, which I assumed were the AI’s not taking unfair trades and just overall making you really use your problem solving skills (looking several moves ahead like chess) in terms of buying and trading properties. I noticed that I would strive to get my pink and dark blue set every game, but nobody would land on them once I added houses and/or hotels. I noticed that they would skate right by and all of a sudden I keep going to jail when no player had been the entire game. After 30+ games, you start to notice trends. Today was kind of the breaking point for me when an AI owned Park Place and nobody owned Boardwalk. This was the beginning of the game and neither I nor the 3 AI’s had more than 2 or 3 properties and nobody was close to a set. I offered everything I had plus ONE THOUSAND dollars and the AI refused my trade. The next turn he rolled, landed on Boardwalk, completed the set, and put several houses on each. I’m pretty intelligent and am very good at recognizing patterns. Not saying it’s rigged, but adding this to the difficulty level makes the game incredibly frustrating and not fun to play..Version: 1.4.4

"We've fixed it" but they haven't.UPDATE 24-May: Once again the devs release an update to fix unreliable online play and it does nothing. Still unreliable, still frustrating, still ripped off. UPDATE 17-May: Tried it again and sure enough it just froze with no action on the AI player an hour into the game. This makes it 4 out of 4 games that have frozen. UPDATE 16-May: Latest update has made the game even more unreliable. We've played three games and every time it has frozen. Their infrastructure (by their own admission) wasn't sufficient and it's no better with this latest update. Developers - Forget the new features until you fix the game itself 🤦‍♂️ 1 - Randomly the game will stop and it's no one's turn. Can't get it to move to the next persons turn, so the game just stops. 2 - If I'm playing "Online with friends" and I dare to change to a different app, it disconnects the game and then there's a 50/50 chance the game will crash out (as above) or I'll be replaced with an AI bot. It's incredibly disappointing to be playing against friends and then to have a game destroyed by glitches..Version: 1.1.6

Stops at trading...This app is really bad. Waste of money..Version: 1.1.3

Do not purchaseExpect to go to jail all the time and never collect $200 by passing go. The game will constantly send you to jail to prevent you from earning income. When you do finally get past GO expect to land on income tax often erasing the $200. While this is happening no one will land on your properties,ever. Eventually the game let’s you pass go and start winning but for some reason draws each game out forever. Save your money and frustration. Do not purchase.Version: 1.3.2

Ruined by Scripted dice rollsI admit, I have a relatively limited knowledge of programming and app development. That being said I have noticed the game is incredibly scripted when it comes to dice rolls and the AI. First game I played I won easily, hardly ever landed on any AI properties where as they could only seem to land on mine. Incredibly dull but still a win is a win. However since that first game I have attempted to play 8-9 more times and have noticed simple patterns in the dice rolls and the AI. No matter what difficulty setting you set the AI as with normal monopoly it’s all about luck. For the last 4 games the same AI Character has managed to collect atleast one property set before they’ve finished the first lap of the board. Then without fail the player will land on said property for the next 2-3 rounds. By this point it is a losing battle. Wouldn’t mind if the dice was true random but the patterns are quite easy to identify after around 5 games. Waste of money.Version: 1.4.4

Come on.When I’ve already paid for the game, why is it just constantly filled with in-your-face in app purchases. Greedy developer who just want money ruin the mobile gaming scene. Plus the fact that it’s full of game breaking glitches and very limited customisation, the fact that anyone has to even pay for this game in the first place is ridiculous. Make the game free, fix the bugs, reduce the in app purchases, and you’ve got yourself a somewhat decent game no thanks to the developers.Version: 1.0.10

Freezes!I like to play online and about 6 of us have paid for this so we can all play online but it freezes and we can’t even finish the game. So annoying and a waste of money. You’d think with the number of complaints they’ve gotten they would have fixed it by now. Should of read the reviews before buying..Version: 1.1.3

Should be freeReally annoyed that I paid 6$ for this game and haven’t been able to finish 1 multiplayer game..Version: 1.0.7

I really want to love this!!Monopoly has always been a fav since I was old enough to understand. But I don’t usually spend any money on apps unless I know I’ll use it. Well, I played a few days straight while stuck at home for a bit at Christmas. The AI is ok but it was playing against other people I was looking forward to! I won the first two times and thought that I was gonna really love playing this. As I played more and more I noticed some frustrating things. I don’t have to win all the time and make enough mistakes to know why I’ve lost. But the inconsistency on the dice roll for all players is a predictable algorithm with no actual randomness. When I pay $4 I don’t except the world but I would have liked the opportunity to earn thru winning, other boards and pieces. No leaderboard or way to keep stats in this digital world was a surprise. I’m hoping for change as my thoughts seem to be repeated over and over again in the reviews. I’d love to be able to get my friends involved but most would be upset paying for something with some of the missing options. Thanks.Version: 1.4.4

Un seul problèmeJe jeu est parfait mais le seule problème est qu’une partie sur 3 le jeu bogue suite à un échange ou autre transaction. Soit que nous attendons de 15 minutes à 30 minutes pour que le jeu dégèle ou on doit fermer tout et recommencer une autre partie. Comme mentionné j’aime vraiment le jeu mais au prix qu’il coute c’est très décevant qu’il ai ce problème majeure selon moi. Ce problème est là depuis au moins 6 mois..Version: 1.4.7

Buggy multi, good soloJust as other players experienced issues with multiplayer, dices show up on top of other players considering buying property, which which keeps me from rolling the dices and play my turn. If free games can make online multi work, then a $6 app like monopoly with almost everything in app being paid content can certainly do it. Good game overall, but $$ should imply better quality, we are not talking about a super complex game here..Version: 1.3.1

Lack of effort madeThis is seriously one of the most cash-grab money hungry gaming apps I’ve ever encountered. It is so obvious the people that created this monstrosity of an app did not care and made this just to make quick money. The app looks so pretty and colourful and gameplay mechanics seem unique but the Overall Gameplay is complete trash. So many times I have had to restart the app because it randomly freezes in an online mode. It often crashes when a player has yet to quit his turn and there are way too often moments where players are forced to wait long periods of time for no reason. When players have a complete set of land, the dice tends to favour land that is unowned and right next to the set. It is so obvious that the game wants to keep the mode going so it manipulates the dice in this way. No level system is implemented. Just randoms playing each other which is okay but for $5.99, i expect at such a price, to have more value and variety within it. Very disappointing. Yet to try versing my friends but after playing this, I don’t think I want to..Version: 1.1.3

Extremely annoying glitchesMost games I play, never finish. Randomly the game will stop moving, no one will play their turn and it says it’s reconnecting on next turn, but never does. If you close app and go back in, it kicks you from game completely, no warning. It ruins the game that could be so good so much. I can’t believe I paid 6 bucks for a game that doesn’t even work. Only about 1 in 5 games do I actually get to finish, there is always terrible glitches like this..Version: 1.1.6

Totally unplayableWell I have decided to leave a review for this entirely unplayable game. There is a freezing issue where it just crashes and you can wait however long you want it pretty much waits until you quit and start again. Now that’s not very useful in a long playing game. I’ve had it happen when I first rolled my dice, which isn’t as bad as when you have been playing for a while. To restart then. But one of the most annoying things about this game is the ability for other players to stall the game when it doesn’t go their way. Now there are many children out there who love to do this. During making an offer if the player pauses they can freeze the game as there is no countdown to get them to make an action. If there is a frozen player no bot takes over to at least allow some kind of gameplay, all their properties essentially become locked out to other players. The children can keep making these frozen players transfer offers which just stops the gameplay dead. Continually. And that’s the ‘quick’ version of the game as the normal game is less likelier to complete. So if you really enjoy being stressed and enraged and demoralised all at the same time, unlike me who thought about smashing my own phone which I haven’t even thought about in a very long time, then this is the game for you! P.S. Hope I didn’t pay for this game which I suspect I did since I love playing monopoly, I want my money back big time if I did! Crooks;-).Version: 1.0.7

BadDo not purchase. Game freezes constantly and we were almost an hour into playing. Absolute let down.Version: 1.1.3

Lots of bugsI wonder if the multiplayer version of this games was tested properly. The amount of bugs is insanely high. 1. Sometimes a player exits the app while in its the players turn and that game hangs forever 2. Why can I see other players cash during a multiplayer game? 3. A player purchases a land and the players color code does not show under the land except you exit the app and return The list is endless..Version: 1.1.3

Who is Race CarPlayed this game for an hour with my grandson then he was locked out of the game and someone called Race Car appeared. Not good enough. I paid for this game for myself and two grandchildren. A waste of money.Version: 1.1.3

Game is loaded with glitchesOne of the worst apps of all time I’ve played when it comes to glitches. It will freeze mid-game with extreme regularity and everyone will be using the (very limited) speech options to vent their frustration, before having no choice but to leave the game. Literally just played an online game where a player went bankrupt and (about a dozen turns later) it was his/her turn again. Needless to say, the player couldn’t roll as his/her piece wasn’t on the board any more but what it did do was jam the game up and I had to leave. Seriously, how do you mess up the oldest board game on the planet? That’s what I want to know. Not like it’s a highly intricate, technical game. Guess it must be for the troglodytes Marmalade have programming it. Sack whoever you have and start hiring people who have a clue what they’re doing. Get it done. P.S. Your dice roll generator?? Programmed. Reads NOT RANDOM. I know numbers & averages and your dice roll generator is not even close to random. And your AI players? Trading monopolies for nothing much in return?? Who does that? A 3 year old, maybe ... Get your game fixed. You’ve been told. Now get to work you maggots. Bye..Version: 1.4.5

JoJe trouve désolant que les autres pions commencent toujours en premier, car ils peuvent acheter des terrains tout de suite.Quand arrive mon tour soit que je paie ou bien ce sont de cases chances ou autre c’est décevant, et on gagne jamais contre les ordinateurs.Version: 1.4.5

Game not funThis game is pretty much rigged even when playing online (which I am convinced that when playing online you are still playing with computer players). I will land on everything bad like income tax and luxury tax about 6 times during one game while playing online and the other players constantly land on chance and community chest and gain money. Online games can’t be real people because when they make trades it almost never makes sense, like a player would have 2 of three of one color set and will trade another player for the third color for something like a railroad or water works and the player would accept the trade. Not only that but it’s as if they choose from the beginning who they want to win the game because that player will gain so much money in the beginning and even when you have property with hotels that person will go around the board about six times and not once will they land on your property or anybody’ else’s, but you will land on theirs every time and the other player’s will land on theirs too until they go bankrupt and now that player who they choose will own all the property and you’ll constantly keep land on all their property (while they constantly pass yours no matter how many color sets you have with hotels or houses) until you are bankrupt..Version: 1.4.4

Devs, please read thisI really love the game, I'm only giving it one star to get your attention, then I'll edit it to 5 stars On the next update, could you expand on the in-play messages? It really needs expanding, it's so frustrating the way it is, there is a real need to be able to communicate better with other players Could you add these? "Why?" For when someone who is near bankruptcy, and buys Park Lane, or just does something completely rediculous. "Why did you do that?" Would really come in handy "Maybe later" For when they want to trade a property, or make some form of deal, but you're not quite ready to do it. This would stop them getting angry, and not want to trade with you later, it would also let them know it's not completely out of the question, but there is a possibility Change "Hurry up!" To "Please Hurry" (No explanation needed here) Get rid of "hmmmmm" it's just gay, never used, and adds to more scrolling to find the message you want "Lol" this would be used heaps if you added it. Anyway, that's my two cents worth, let me know what you think.Version: 1.4.5

Waste of moneyI bought monopoly a few years ago on the App Store. But it was removed and no longer available to download. Then this came out at (price) and I bought it. The characters don’t have any animation, there’s no features. If you want any other boards, you have to pay more. Waste of money. I don’t recommend you buy this version..Version: 1.4.7

Trading stopped workingCan no longer trade while playing online.Version: 1.2.1

DisappointedFirst of all this game has many great qualities. It has so much potential and still one of the best games I’ve played. Fast, neat, colourful. But after paying a hefty $6 fee to play, it jamming and and freezing just as the game is coming to an end is awful. We played two games tonight and it froze unexpectedly both times. Very disappointing. Even more so when we realised only a max of 4 people can play in the multiplayer. Not sure we’ll be playing again..Version: 1.1.3

Great but super frustrating.Was having a blast playing with my friends last night until the issues started - it really puzzles me how this app struggles to bounce back if the host or other players connection dips. We had to restart our game after 30 minutes of play time followed by 1 hour and 30 minutes into the second game. Monopoly is already frustrating enough as it is let alone having to worry about the game freezing 3 quarters of the way through. I honestly feel like the theatrical features of this game should be toned down if they can’t master letting the average user get through a game..Version: 1.1.3

4 player glitchWorked alright initially however when trying to play with 4 players the game crashes halfway through. Game freezes and doesn’t let the player end their turn - forcing everyone to restart. This is extremely frustrating as the game is advertised to accommodate 4 players however I am yet to complete a 4 player game without the app crashing. My friends have the same problem when playing with 4 players. Should not have paid $6 for a game that I can’t even play with my friends. Why can you just let me play with my friends 🥺👉👈.Version: 1.1.3

Too many bugsMonopoly is obviously a great game, unfortunately this mobile game is awful. The game may stop at any time, making you wait for ages and than you realise it.. I noticed that: if you try to sell a mortgaged property, it will crash when it asking you if you want to unmortgage it or pay the fee for keeping it like this. It doesn’t give you any statistics about you passed games. The gameplay is good, I hope these problems will get fixed soon otherwise I better ask for a refund....Version: 1.0.7

It always freezesThe game is great but seems to be very glitchy. When playing online in multiplayer the game always locks and you’re never able to finish a game. If this wasn’t the case I’d rate it 5 stars..Version: 1.0.7

Game keeps crashing after updateIt’s a good game until it just stops working, please fix this!.Version: 1.4.8

Amazing game but with a lot of bugsAmazing game, brings back the childhood with multiplayer version. With saying that, ton of bugs for a paid app, not sure how that passed through testing. When trading or doing something, if someone receives a message or call entire thing gets stuck and player either can’t end his turn or it gets stuck for all and you have to restart, very frustrating if that happens half hour into the game. I play with a fear of inevitable hang of the game. Still a lot of bugs and needs improvements, like you cannot reduce animations, would be nice to reduce or have options to some of the features. I’m sure new updates will fix these issues and my star rating will be more like a 4-5 then. Over all amazing experience. Super fun with family. Highly recommended.Version: 1.1.2

Fun game but a few issuesThe game overall is really good. However there are some issues which can be very irritating. 1) players taking forever to end their turn, they should implement a timer for example 30 seconds. Without any activity, it automatically moves onto the next player. 2) the game randomly crashed. This could either be because someone’s either quit the game or the game has just crashed. This needs to be fixed. 3) auctions can be irritating as if I bid for a house, it doesn’t count and it’s just very laggy. Without these issues, I find myself enjoying the game very much. However, it does require some improvement. I hope you listen to my suggestions and improve the game. Otherwise, I’d give the game 5⭐️.Version: 1.0.7

SucksThat you have to purchase options that should be available on game purchase. Would I pay extra for pieces on an actual board game. No I would not !.Version: 1.4.9

Good game but...... could be betterThis is a good game but the UK board should be free as it is more popular worldwide than the US one. If I was to purchase the extra UK board and I create the game, the board should be UK for everyone, including my friends.... but for some reason this is not the case and everyone needs to buy the pack. It costs more than the game just to get the board for your own country.. Also when you play multiplayer and someone leaves they should get replaced with AI instead of freezing the game and wasting in some case over an hour of people’s time..Version: 1.0.7

Monopoly App SucksDon’t waste your 5.50 on this app. As a matter of fact how do I get a refund. First off to play on line with friends you have to put in a code that is sent via another messaging app, not invited through monopoly. When you put the code in, 50% of the time it doesn’t work. Often the app doesn’t allow you back into the game if you leave for any reason. The game actually continues with the computer playing your turns if you step away for any reason. It’s monopoly, what’s the rush!! There should a way to chat with other players while watching play. Nope there isn’t!! So you can’t chirp or get chirped!! So many improvements needed!! A company like Hasbro has been around forever should be able to get it right!! Sorry, that’s my rant!!.Version: 1.1.0

Devs say not rigged. I say YES!I have played enough games vs AI now to know that the game’s dice rolls are either not random at all and the events that transpire are a poorly written “random simulator” rather than an actual “random number generator” for dice. Stop trying to pull the wool over your customers’ eyes. There have been an immense amount of games where either me or one or more of the AI have an OVERABUNDANCE of luck. ESPECIALLY on easy. This doesn’t feel like raw game play at all, and if you don’t hog properties the AI will make the “perfect deals” and wind up with a monopoly within the first round or two. This is on EASY. I tried “Hard” difficulty and all it seemed to do was diminish my LUCK and not make dealing with AI more difficult. My chance cards were likely busts, I always landed on their properties while they literally would miss mine over multiple runs each round, and I always found myself in jail. You may as well get rid of the dice. I will be uninstalling this rip off as soon as I am done writing this P.S. don’t argue with your customers with passive aggressive comments like “I’m sorry that you feel the game is rigged, we promise it’s not”. When it clearly is depicting something that is clearly not actually happening. Shove it. Don’t bother replying. Tired of being ripped off..Version: 1.4.4

Very buggy, don’t waste ur time with thisThis game is fun to play..when it works. Always crashes. U can get one or two games without crashing out of every 10 attempts. It’s not worth paying for this until the bugs r fixed. The developers need to work harder to fix this. There have been no updates since I have had this game. Very disappointing..Version: 1.0.7

I love this game but...It really needs to be improved. Playing on an iPhone 11 online w friends and in the middle of the game it just disconnects while connected to both wifi and mobile Data. Also disconnects when u check your battery in the middle of a game. For a paid game, you would expect a bit more of a sturdy game. Thinking of getting the season pass too but this kind of is the one main reason I got the game (playing with friends online) and the fact that I have never been able to finish a game with friends is quite annoying... PLS UPDATE AND FIX THIS MONOPOLY TEAM <3.Version: 1.0.8

TERRIBLY UNFAIRI paid £3.99 for a game expecting it to be good. I would like to make a complaint that the dice is completely unfair. It singles out one player sending them to jail 3 times in a row and then allowing other players to land on all the good things. It leaves one or two players with 1-3 propertys and the other players with the whole board. Today I played a game when I was winning because a player went bankrupt because they landed on my property and all of a sudden the money they owned and cards were all transferred to one other player when it should have been me that took it all. I left the game knowing this was unfair, the game is severely unfair and badly created with rubbish dice that had no random number. Each game has the same pattern for each player and it’s always played the exact same. I’ve played loads and only ever won once. It’s terrible needs to be fixed..Version: 1.4.4

Game Breaking Mechanics.Hello, I have played several games of Monopoly on this app. So far, the games have all been 4 players with 3 AI all on easy mode. All my games just so happen to go the same way. At first, because the AI is on easy mode, I to great! I’m usually the first to get monopoly while the AI is rolling decent and realistic rolls. This positive trend follows into the middle game up until the endgame. During the endgame, their is a switch. With 2 players bankrupt, me having a thousand dollars minimum 2-4 monopolies all with a few houses and hotels. The other player is generally just as good. But, something changes. For some reason the AI just so happens to just the correct numbers to avoid my hotels/2-4 houses...for like 6 rotations to the board... they literally almost never land on my properties when there is only one AI left. Me in contrary, is landing on every single one of their and gets all the chance cards which make me pay more. The chance cards they land on gives them money no matter what in the endgame. You cannot tell me this game is rigged against the player. Sometimes AI’s came back several thousands of dollars and ended up winning. The game while fun, is against the human player. If not, explain my experiences. “Which happened consecutively”.Version: 1.0.7

Absolutely frustrating don’t waste your money!Hi. I absolutely love playing monopoly however with the old version and the new version; considering I paid to download the app it keeps crashing. Sometimes to fix this I have gone off the app and gone back on and it has worked and sometimes the game just quits for you and you are no longer able to play the game. The new version, which has had some upgrades I.e the card dealing at the beginning a bit like quick play when you use the actual board game. However this version crashes way more than the old one. I’m extremely disappointed as it has happened three times in one day. An absolute joke to be quite frank. I didn’t pay to play for ten mins for it to stop working! Please sort this out. I’m using an iPhone X so it can’t be that my device us an able to handle the game. Please sort it out. As soon as. As I’m sure I’m not the only one it happens to as other players in the game experience it crashing on their devices too..Version: 1.1.5

Cheating *collusion* Long Waiting TimesMany players I have come up against collude. Both players will buy anything they land on. Then when most streets are bought, one player will trade all their money and streets for $1 with the other cheat. Also game stalling and freezing occurs often. No chat as-well. This game needs so much improvements and anti-cheat prevention software..Version: 1.1.3

Worst APP STORE game everEven though the board game is an amazing game for the whole family. This game is a nightmare. It will get stuck an hour into playing and the hours you have spent playing a full game mode will be lost. It has happened to me 8 times, yes you heard me right 8 times and i have only played 3 games successfully. On top of that, there are no achievements and no way to track your progress. I should have read the reviews before purchasing this horrible app. Will be requesting a refund now..Version: 1.1.3

Good game except for.........UPATE REVIEWUPDATE - The issue with the buttons being too large and preventing some game actions has been resolved, the freeze problem has only gotten worse since the last update. 3 of 5 games today I was unable to complete due to game freeze. This is not something that is acceptable on a free game but should be corrected immediately on a paid app. While I enjoy the game, the fact that some many minutes and hours are wasted because games cannot be completed is totally unacceptable. PLEASE FIX. Really enjoy Monopoly and love the game. However reading the reviews, I find two issues that have popped up numerous times on other reviews that I am also experiencing also. Since the last update, I have had several games that just freeze and you are out of luck. What a waste of one, two hours plus, very frustrating. The other really big issue is if you purchase the color block of Virginia, St Charles and States, the Houses and Hotels tab covers Virginia and States and there is no way to add Houses and Hotels. These are the two main issues that I have run into that others have as well. Hopefully this will be resolved soon..Version: 1.1.3

Great game that’s too glitchy to finishThe game is fantastic, just like the board game. But it comes with so many glitches that it literally becomes impossible to reach the end of a game. Just played 3 games with my friends online, and all 3 ended prematurely due to glitches or malfunctions. For starters, if your phone receives any notifications that pop up on screen, you run the risk of being disconnected from your online multiplayer Monopoly games. This includes pop-up notifications for texts, emails, phone calls, other apps, anything. And especially don’t think about quickly exiting the app for any reason, that’s a guaranteed disconnect. But even if you play the game without distractions, certain mechanics start to breakdown after enough time passes. You’ll draw Community Chest cards to pay $50 only for the debt to not be taken from your account. You’ll roll the dice only for them to disappear and your turn to never end, the token never moving and it being impossible to reroll the dice. You’ll make a trade offer, only for the game to freeze and be impossible to resume. My friends have so much fun playing on the app, but have only successfully completed a handful of games since the app’s release. Clearly, more troubleshooting and supporting updates are required before this app becomes more playable..Version: 1.0.10

Could be better with an explanationThis is a review for people who are considering to buy this. First of all I bought this game the day it came out. I was very disappointed as their was a lot of just waiting around for players to play their turn, I assume they were experiencing server problems or other issues. This has now been mostly fixed however their are some glitches. One which I just got was I pressed to end my turn but the game just paused. I was still able to talk to the other players in game. However I think the best item for longevity for any game is adding rewards. What they should do is for instance if you win once with a certain character it gets a gold skin instead of the original silver skin. But ultimately they need to add a feature we’re the player wants to play to unlock something and that makes us the players want to play more. But overall this game is okay it is in a much better state than when it was launched. But once again to keep players playing and buying in game items to generate a revenue we need a items that are won from winning games.Version: 1.2.2

Graphics are great but lacking in smoothness of playI purchased this app yesterday, whilst I love the monopoly graphics the game freezes on numerous occasions, making you feel like the real gamble is whether you’ll get to the end of the game. If they could sort this app out that would be great as I have paid for this ‘experience’.... I would not expect this level of glitching from a paid for game compared the smooth ability of free games! I would also like to see some profile interface...whilst winning a game online is great, there are no incentives or rewards for your efforts. It simply says you have won and that is it. There is no ‘leaderboard’ to show many games you have won, there are no daily incentives to revisit the game etc. All progress is lost. I would suggest that if you win a game/not that a first prize, 2nd prize etc of ‘monopoly money’ gets saved to your game play bank. These can be used to purchase rare pieces, new boards etc. For a game that you can spend an hour playing, it’s gutting to not have anything to show for at the end of it! Get these things right guys and you’ll make monopoly one of the best gaming platform apps going! 🙂👍🏻.Version: 1.0.7

Glitchy Expensive, Glitchy, Mess of an App. Horrifically built. Do not download.*game is hyper, hyper expensive. You can literally buy a physical monopoly set for the cost of the season pass. Some micro transactions within the game are more costly than the entire original PC port of this game, which is ludicrous considering it’s already not particularly cheap for the base app. Typical hasbro. I wouldn’t mind so much if the app was made well and didn’t glitch consistantly. But.... *Playing on an iPhone XR, encounter a game breaking glitch in around 30-50% of online matches I play. Usually in the form of all the buttons on the left (mortgage, deal and property purchase buttons) completely disappearing for no reason and being impossible to make visible again, or the game simply freezing mid turn. I thought maybe this was a latency issue, but left it unattended to catch back up and it was still loading mindlessly 20 mins later. *Game completely disconnects and reconnects if you accidentally minimise the app, lock your phone or even slightly swipe back out to the app marquee. This leads to game crashes or further glitching around 40-50% of the time. *No in game chat. Monopoly isn’t a kids game. There’s no reason for WSOP to have curse-sensitive text chat available and not Monopoly. I maybe get where they’re coming from, but surely there’s a compromise. Even button chat options, or something Alike, would make the online play at least feel somewhat interactive..Version: 1.1.3

Great games, serious issuesLove monopoly and it’s a shame that this app has such big problems. 1. 70% of the time on online mode, game gets half done, then gets stuck on one person rendering the game unplayable. Please fix. If someone quits, replace them with AI and let the other users know. 2. For a game with a reputation for taking so long, each movement and animation takes far longer than it should. These should be as quick as possible to facilitate fast playing. Nothing worse than a slow game. 3. No progress can be made or levels or challenges or any effort to make the game a little bit engaging. No matchmaking with similiar players. Has lots of potential but just poorly designed..Version: 1.0.7

Fixed and buggy GameThis game could be so good! It's a shame that it crashes 50% of the time, forcing people to leave the game, you can be playing for an hour, to have it crash and ruin it for everyone. Also, this game is obviously programmed to give lesser players a chance, the dice rolls are most definitely not random. If you are doing well, you are far more likely to land on other players properties, hit tax, get bad luck etc, but if you're losing and doing badly, you almost always miss other properties, collect money from chance, or get sent to go! I understand this makes it more interesting, but it's incredibly unfair and immensely frustrating when you are winning by such a long shot, that you get taxed every roll of the dice, get sent to prison, just so the game can allow lesser players to have a chance. It's about as random as these betting apps that tell you you have a 1/10 chance of winning £1,000,000. Please remove this annoying and unfair feature, and please stop it from crashing every other game!.Version: 1.1.5

Great but frustrating.Great game. Very frustrating. Some games play through till the end. Often times just freezes part way through regardless of internet connection. Also, when playing with friends, cannot pause play... if someone needs to leave the app for some reason, they cannot re-enter the game to play on. Also, when playing 3 players, once one player has become bankrupt, you cannot do any deals with the remaining player, it defaults the deal to the bankrupt player with no option to change and nothing can be done. Some work needs to be done..Version: 1.0.4

Great game when it doesn’t freeze. Few other annoying issues too.Positives: Great game, Great functionality, feels like the dice is decently random. Negatives: -Freezes and won’t recover 1 in 3 games. As previous review, it’s annoying when you’re 10 mins in, it’s infuriating when you’re 40 mins in. -Chance and Community Chest cards do not function as per the proper game (shuffled, then drawn in order and card placed at bottom of the pile to cycle through again. The last game I played the first 3 chance cards were ‘Advance to Mayfair’ - complete rubbish! They are Monopoly, they are the experts...they should know better. -The tab for mortgage obscures the oranges which is a bit annoying clicking it over and over when you are mortgaging/unmortgaging oranges until it finally works. -More annoying is when trying to buy/sell houses on the light purple (Pall Mall etc) and the tab affects your ability to do it...over and over the tab goes in and out as you try to click the sliver of property around the tab with no houses added until your time runs out and you’ve not managed to do what you intended. It affects that group so badly I now avoid the set. Completely skews gameplay because of bad programming. Maybe if those issues were on a free version but at £3.99 that should be pretty basic stuff to get right. Those issues really take away from the experience of an otherwise 5 star app..Version: 1.1.2

TerribleJust don’t. You’ll never win..Version: 1.4.7

Please Beta test before releasing updates, Thanks!I would of course give this game a better rating if there wasn’t a problem, but boy, was there a problem! I woke up this morning to play everybody’s favorite board game when I noticed that the interface had changed slightly. Apparently, there were some ‘improvements to the interface’. I didn’t think it was I big deal at first until I hit a brick wall. You see, I was trying to buy a house on States Avenue and with the ‘improvements to the interface’ they’d added, the stupid Buy Houses button completely covered up the property, so good luck putting a house on States Avenue! (or Virginia Avenue, for that matter!) These ‘Improvements’ make it very hard to see what I was doing at times, but make it impossible to do certain things to other times. This makes the game virtually unplayable at times, particularly making certain plays like trading or mortgaging property or buying/selling houses. I’ve been playing this game a lot recently and only noticed this problem today, which means it updated last night for me to enjoy these ‘improvements to the interface’ today. I’m playing on an iPad Pro 12.9 if that helps your designers fix the issue, but quite frankly it shouldn’t really matter. The software should’ve been tested more vigorously before release. Put simply, PLEASE FIX, THANKS!! Other than that, the game’s great!.Version: 1.1.2

Not worth $6Charged $6 for the game but you get one map. Not really worth $6 in my opinion considering you literally have to buy everything else..Version: 1.4.5

Great game when it works..It is a good game but only when it works, it freezes a lot and find yourself waiting a lot of the time. Once it works itself out your go has automatically been played for you! Also you don’t have to option to play with friends and other random people which is annoying. I’ve found myself trying to enter a game at the same time to get into a lobby together, which doesn’t always work. I do wish you could change the rules and play with friends and other players and not with just computers. The free parking rule is a great idea however I can’t play it with others and my friends. Please will you look at these issues if possible it would make the game so much better😊.Version: 1.1.3

Fun but overpricedClassic monopoly, cool you can play online but not worth the price, should be 1.29$ max. Season pass is 50$ like get real.Version: 1.4.9

Heres the deal.This game has so much potential, but with the current bugs its unplayable. I just played a game with my fiancé, where we both got into a online multiplayer lobby (why is there no option to bring friends into online multiplayer) so when we were playing im not sure what happened but it ended up freezing for her without ANY notice to me. On her phone it was frozen she had to close app, for me it seemed as if she was playing just fine. Before it froze she told me she landed on me as i wasnt paying attention but on my screen no one landed on me. Its 100% off sync on her phone i had $250 on my phone i had $77. Theres so many more bugs im sure u guys been told by now. And so many more things you guys can improve on. So heres what I did. I made a community ran subreddit for this game i’d love for some of you’re companies employees to join. Its r/monopolymobile we can easily get the subreddit to grow and i can get a list of complaints/bugs/suggestions/glitches sent from players to you guys as theres no direct way to get these sent so people know you guys are listening. Hope you see this and hope to see you in the reddit..Version: 1.0.4

Great, but buggyI’m a big fan of monopoly, always have been. On the surface, this game brings back the nostalgic classic board game we all love. But, it also comes with bugs. One majorly annoying bug is how the game freezes, for no reason. The city animations in the middle continue, but the timers stop, and nothing happens - forcing you to wait 10 mins in the hope it wakes up, before force closing the app and realising you just wasted 1.5 hours of your life. Also, there are a lot of kids who play. Whilst it’s fun for us oldies to show the kids a trick or two, it’s not fun when they decide to trade all their properties for 1$ to another player because you’re about to bankrupt them. There needs to be a way to stop them doing that, as it ruins the game almost as much as the freezing!.Version: 1.1.3

So sadCan’t even select offline multiplayer. Total disappointment. Expects your friends to buy the app and all play on your own devices instead of playing together offline on one device. This is appalling given it costs for the app!.Version: 1.0.7

GarbageThis game is terrible. The monopoly itself is enjoyable and similar to a real life board game, however every game I have played online multiplayer has crashed and froze. Really defeats the fun and leaves no motivation to play start another game as 30-40 minutes was just wasted playing one that crashes and you dont get to finish. Also no chat option when playing with friends which is pretty lame too..Version: 1.1.3

Game freezesThis game has a lot of potential but there’s work that needs to be done. The biggest problem is that the game randomly freezes and does not resume. I have not been able to complete a game. Please take care of this issue as soon as possible. Chat mode is also pretty useless. It would be much better if players were able to actually communicate with each through the app..Version: 1.2.1

Too many lagsToo many lags when playing online and your playing for an hour and 15 minutes almost at the end and it crashes, so annoying but good game.Version: 1.1.3

UpsetDuring my time in the game someone asked to trade properties I wasn’t owning money and I have nothing mortgage nor did the other player have anything mortgaged. I was playing fast mode so there was no taxes or chance cards. but for some reason it glitched and it said -500 it made me bankrupt and I lost the game therefore don’t download it sucks thank you.Version: 1.4.9

FrustratingHonestly, I’ve had a lot of fun on the app but more often than not, online multiplayer just freezes mid game. We don’t care about the chat function. Just fix the bugs, please! I’ve bought the app on two different devices!.Version: 1.1.5

Disgraceful - make a game for Frozen instead!I don’t usually write reviews but I have to here as so much time can be invested in a game and then it freezes. There is nothing more frustrating than having spent a good hour, going around the board, building up properties and when you finally have a monopoly and players are about to do deals and buy houses and the games gets exciting and the thing FREEZES - game over! I really hope you can fix this. Otherwise, it is a disgrace that you represent the world famous game of Monopoly and Apple should ban you until you can ensure this problem is fixed (sometimes happens after a trade request) Rather than adding chat and other features, fix the freezes so players can finish a game!!!! Add - ‘good game’ in chat as option once sorted freeze issue. Make board slightly larger on screen, little small at moment on iPad screen. Give players an option to play without the detailed graphics if this means there is less chance of freezing. Graphics lite version to provide more chance of completing a game!!.Version: 1.1.5

The AI is unfairHow in the hell do you own everything except 5 locations, with properties on them and still lose? Not realistic at all!.Version: 1.3.2

Good game but too many bugsUpdate Dec 22,2019: latest update to fix the issues downloaded. First game after that, the game hangs in two minutes. What a shame Hasbro, for not even getting an app right and making us spending money on a lemon! Great to play when it works. Fun for families. Freezes too often. Needs to be fixed. Has to should’ve waited to get a good version out instead of releasing the Beta(it appears to be a beta with the amount of bugs and glitches).Version: 1.0.7

Bad glitchWhen you get far into the game and start buying houses and having decent sets the game glitches and the end turn button keeps coming back up every time you click it. The whole screen freezes and won’t let the other player have there turn as the whole game freezes and you pretty much have to end the game. It’s so annoying as this games great but annoying to play because every time you get in a good spot or make a good trade the whole game has to end. Please fix it asap so I can continue to play the game!!!.Version: 1.4.8

Rework the AI algorithm please!!I was, and still am, a huge fan of the original iOS game which was discontinued last year. This new version is nowhere near as fun to play. Sure, it looks better, and there are more ways for you guys to make more $$ from it, but the new AI algorithm is simply a drag to play. With the old game, if I played 20 games, I could strategize and win about half of them. With this new version, I’ve won only once in 20 games! And that’s only because I refused to trade. The AI consistently ends up with more funds from giveaways and pays less taxes while the human pays more taxes and gets fewer random giveaways. Please rework the AI algorithm to make it a more enjoyable and better balanced game!! Reply to developer: I never accused the game of being “rigged.” As any programmer knows, there is no such thing as “random.” Programming any software takes human choice. My point was that the programming of the old version of Monopoly was more balanced than the present version, and as such, the present app needs to be reworked to be better balanced and more enjoyable to play. For version 1.3: the background (city) sounds are much too loud now! Can barely hear the sound of the board anymore. It’s the sound of the dice and playing pieces on the board that bring it alive for me. Please lower the city sounds back to where they were. (I play it without music.).Version: 1.3.0

Difficulty settingsThe AI in the game is ridiculous. You think Hard difficulty would mean the AI plays with a better strategy but no just makes dumb trades with the other AI so one of them has a full set and hotels before you’ve gone around the board a few times. Making it basically impossible to win. 4 players basically becomes 3 against 1 with the goal being for you to loose. Not much of a board game when played on hard. Not hard at all when played on medium cause you win off the same trades. And easy difficulty pointless..Version: 1.4.7

Super Glitchy!Anytime throughout the game it locks up and freezes! Such a disappointment after playing most of the game and not being able to finish. A waste of money! Don’t buy!.Version: 1.1.3

Pretty averageThe multiplayer is pretty average, I would suggest creating lobbies instead of just randomly joining people, also the multiplayer games mostly fill with AI that attempt to act as other players but you can tell as soon as they do trades because they offer amounts not ending in 5 or 0. You should be able to speed up the game when playing with AI, such as a simple speed up button or be able to skip animations. The game overall plays like monopoly but yea, adding these would make the game much better..Version: 1.0.5

Not worth the outlay!I rarely buy apps as there’s so much fantastic free content available, so it’s really annoying when you buy an app only to find out that it’s not at all worth the price tag. This is an example of an app taking advantage of the reputation of a popular physical game but sadly not delivering even close to the fun. I’ve played a few games now, where it seems that the algorithm has already selected who will be the winner, so the game feels rigged, eg. when 1 player cannot get around the board without being sent to jail or another player with all of the assets & plenty of money lands on free parking every round. This just takes all the chance out of the game, as well as all the fun. When you’re trying to join a game with friends, it regularly says one person has no internet access when their phone shows full wifi. Sorry this screams of lazy developers! I wouldn’t recommend!!!.Version: 1.4.4

New update, new bugSince the last update, some trade arn’t displayed to the player, or the are really fast then automatically refused. The game also keep freezing..Version: 1.2.1

GlitchyAlmost finish a game and it locks up can’t play anymore have to restart. For the money you pay you think you could chat with people but nope. They have a pre set chat..Version: 1.4.5

So much potential!!!I’ve spent a fair few hours playing this game and thoroughly enjoy it when it’s running as it should, great graphics and very smooth. However I have the same problem as a lot of the other reviews; the game suddenly just freezes sometimes and doesn’t allow you to continue, basically completely voiding that game and infuriating you in the process. The other issue I’ve had is the game sometimes doesn’t give you the option to put houses on some colour sets (e.g I had the reds and yellows, I was allowed to put further houses and hotels on the reds but not given the option to add further hotels to the yellows) I can’t think of any reason why apart from it just being a bug which I Imagine can quite easily be fixed. Fix this please guys!!!.Version: 1.1.3

Nice Rendition, A Bit ColdThis is a slick, nice running monopoly game. I first saw it played on Twitch and said I have got to experience this. The graphics, animation and modeling are really fun. Based on old reviews, I think many issues from the past are solved. The network seems reliable and the rules and variations are pretty much on point. The AI players add a new dimension. They are annoying at worst and a wonderful addition for shrewd dealing humans, at best. The klunky repetitious and nonsensical “offers” they make are pretty bad. And the fact that they only assess deals based on value of the deeds and classifying them as “easy, medium, or hard” just improves their luck and reduces yours makes them pretty frustrating at times. But they’re fun to push around and like I said, they create a whole new dimension in game play. Imagine making a deal with a predictable robot to mess up your human opponent, etc. That said, the overall game feels cold and lonely. How do we know we are really playing against a human when we join Multiplayer online? What is our own record of wins and losses? What if we want to play against a particular player again? Marmalade and Hasbro are doing a pretty nice job getting all their games online. But these old parlor games deserve at least a minimal social component to keep people returning. Edging really close to four stars!.Version: 1.1.3

[Up-Date] Heard back from developerThis is a great game, the UI is awesome and the gameplay makes the game more interesting. My big problem is constant freezing in the middle of online games. It’s like the server hosting the game just stops as the board UI (cars/trains/choppers etc) still carries on but the physical game just stops. The turn timer is a good function, but it still needs work as it doesn’t fully work always. Sometimes the timer runs out the the user is still holding up the game. I have paid for the game as well as the season pass, would like to see the above issues fixed first before adding new boards/tokens. [UPDATE] I reached out to Marmalade Studios and got the following response... “Unfortunately, the third-party service that we use for our multiplayer servers has been experiencing some problems caused by the heavy traffic load that it is getting due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This appears to be affecting some of our players who report being unable to play with friends, getting disconnected, among other network-related errors. However, players also report that these issues aren't permanent, and sometime later everything is back to normal. We are doing everything in our power to address this and will be releasing updates to our games throughout the coming weeks to try and minimize the consequences of connection drops. We are releasing an update this week that is supposed to help the disconnection and some performance tweaks.”.Version: 1.1.3

Unable to complete gamesI find it frustrating that whenever I’m playing with friends and decide to open a seperate app (to read a convo in instagram for example) briefly, I get kicked out of the game and am unable to rejoin the room, effectively wasting 1+ hour of my and my friends time on a game that wasn’t even close to finishing. So many rounds have been utterly wasted due to a family member suddenly calling one of us, etc. Overall this game would be so much more worth it if it didn’t forcefully disconnect you from a game just for tabbing out of the app for a split second..Version: 1.0.9

Online issuesNeeds to fix the bug that freezes in the online player mode. You can’t even play a round without it freezing..Version: 1.1.3

Dice is totally unfairThis game has a fully broken dice. It decides at the start of a game who’s going to win and who’s going to lose. Certain characters will land on multiple properties and even take sets by themselves, while other characters will go around the board 10x and not land on a single property that they can buy. It’s beyond a joke to be honest. A game like this shouldn’t be 110% luck based. There should be some skill in the game which decides the winner through smart trades ect. Instead you’re playing a game that favours one player, heavily punishes another player, and the other two are in between. They need to fix the coding of the dice that allows some fair gameplay land actual skill in the game. Currently it’s just a pressing the dice simulator and the winner is who ever lands on the most and most beneficial sets. Yesterday I played a game where one player landed on all FOUR stations HIMSELF. He then proceeded to take around 5000 in rent total by the end of the game JUST from the stations because every character was continuously landing on all station.. like what is that all about?!?! Where’s the fair in that?.Version: 1.1.0

Scripted games galoreI guess this is the downside of an electronic game vs real dice. Many scripted games which favour the computer or the person in the weak position. Any strategy goes out of the window on this one. Even if you have 3 sets with houses on vs 1 set. The computer does its best to even things up unfairly with timely dice rolls and random community chest and chance. I just played a game where I had 2 sets, oranges with houses and hotels, Mayfair and park lane with 3 houses on each and 3 stations, against an opponent who had two yellows and very little money... kick in the script. They buy the last yellow, miss all my properties 4 times around the board, I get house repairs, they take all the money from free parking and put houses on their yellows. I land on the only one with 3 houses and then continuously on the yellow properties 4 times in arrow while he misses all properties with houses and the stations every time. He keeps landing on mine only when all houses are gone. No surprise I land on it twice in one go, to go bankrupt. The developers of this game have clearly scripted this game for what reason, I don’t understand. I’ve played many games with real dice on a real board and have never experienced this. Advice to the developers, Make it random and fair..... it can’t be that hard. I Won’t be playing this again. Save yourself the frustration and play the board game instead..Version: 1.1.2

Lost connectionMany times I played this game for almost win and lost connection then reconnecting but can't join again.Version: 1.1.3

Keeps crashingTried to play lots of times multiplayer with friends and get through quite far and it freezers every single time. Not worth buying please fix.Version: 1.4.5

Love this game ..... butReally have enjoyed this game, however when it comes to playing online against friends it does not work! You cannot save a game and play in a turn about way - frustrating. And even if you decide that you will complete a game, it freezes!! What a pain! If this was fixed it would be 5-stars for sure and I would be getting more family and friends into playing it!.Version: 1.1.6

Developer PLEASE READLook, this is an awesome game. Truely a great classic, it’s been executed nicely, smooth gameplay, good graphics etc. how ever, online gameplay is nearly impossible. Not sure if it is laggy or people take for ever to complete their turn, we need a timer to stop quick flow of the game. LISTEN TO YOUR CONSUMERS! once this has been fixed and I can finally enjoy a good old game of Monopoly you will have my 5 stars..Version: 1.1.3

App will not let me purchase new boardI’m trying to click on it and it won’t let me purchase the board when other games let me what’s happening I would uninstall it and open it again but I’ll have to buy it again.Version: 1.0.7

Game freezes when a player quitsVery frustrating...more than one hour into a game with 4 online players and I’m clearly winning and when it gets to the next players turn nothing happens! The icons in the background are moving and the internet connection is good but I suspect the player quits the game because he is losing and that seems to freeze play. It’s happened on several occasions. An AI should take over when someone quits and it should be announced. Also, there is no opportunity to communicate with the other players. Too much “noisy” scenery and not enough attention to some key aspects of play. Also, why does the Community Chest or Chance card say “Go to Mayfair and if you pass GO collect £200? The only way to pass GO is if you were already on Mayfair which wouldn’t give you a card so there is NEVER a situation to pass GO on the way to Mayfair!.Version: 1.0.8

Needs SERIOUS fixing.There are a few things that keep this game from feeling like a genuine Monopoly experience for mobile. One of my biggest complaints is the fact that you cannot do something as little as pull down your notification screen a smidge without being forced to bear a 20 second+ dimmed out “Rejoining game...” screen. That’s ridiculous. Why should it take that long to get back in the game when I hardly even left? The connection errors/bugs are ridiculous and make it rare to get a solid game in. That’s unacceptable, really. What’s the point in playing a game that’s likely to crash because of bugs? Also, the lack of any form of communication between players is upsetting. Seriously, no chat box? No ability to use our microphones? You want to charge $4 for a board game and not let us speak to each other? They’re also charging $30 for a season pass that I believe features strictly cosmetics. 🙄 Marmalade, if you want our money at least give us a solid game. Another complaint I have is the only games rules we have to choose from are: Classic and Quick mode. It would be nice to have the options to change the rules/play custom games and whatnot. To the Monopoly fans, tread carefully because this game was clearly developed as a cash grab and not to give us the mobile Monopoly we would expect in 2020. The base gameplay is acceptable, but the flaws make the game close to unplayable..Version: 1.0.11

Room for improvementsI love monopoly and I was upset when they discontinued the previous app. Then I see this one and has better features such as playing with friends around the world. Perfect. However, I would really like if the maximum players was upped to like 6-8 so more friends can join in and make it feel more real ! There are a few glitches like the whole leaving by mistake and not being able to join back to the game you were already playing ! Bummer. There is also something off about throwing the dice, seems premeditated. I would prefer if we could move the dice while touching the screen just like the old app. Felt like the player determined the roll and not the computer system behind the game. All I have to report for now..Version: 1.1.3

Flawed but funThe single player game is fun for awhile, and certainly worth the initial investment, but the key to the longevity of the game is the multiplayer mode. This is fun, too, but you have to be prepared for some disappointment. Currently, there are bugs that prevent games from being finished, and these bugs can happen after you’ve played for 30 minutes or more. For example, if somebody owes money, and they try to make another deal to raise more money, this seems to stop the game. It seems to lose track of whose turn it is (and who is still owed money). Sometimes, if someone refuses all your deals for that turn, it ends your turn for some reason, but the End Turn button is still shown. Pressing End Turn at this point stops the game. If you are low on battery life and get a battery warning, it can disconnect you from the game. Also, players sometimes stop playing, and there’s no warning or way to resign without stopping the game for everyone. In spite of these flaws, it’s a fun game, but there’s room for improvement. Personally, I’m waiting for these issues to get addressed before investing more money in a Season Pass..Version: 1.0.10

ProblemsI really love this game especially now that you have made it possible to play in phone it’s even better, but there are some problems that I am facing, like our pieces are invisible idk if it’s the internet problem or the game, I think it’s game cuz other games runs smoothly with same internet and can you add free text like quick chat or emoji to know whether they are playing or not it would be more fun that way too, also can you add time limit like if the person doesn’t roll the dice in 1min they go to jail something like that so that other players don’t have to wait forever, if these are improved in the game I would love to give you 5 stars cuz it’s worth my money. Hope you update it soon..Version: 1.1.3

Online games TERRIBLEI love playing this game with friends online HOWEVER it is useless if you want to just play online with other players. I haven’t managed to get through a single game without someone leaving on their turn in such a way (such as in the middle of a trade) so that the next person can’t take their turn and we are essentially frozen. It makes it a complete waste of time playing because I can get 40 minutes into a game and be unable to complete it because it only counts down from 3 to give the next person a go if the person before left in the middle of their roll. This would be an easy to fix problem that the developers must be aware of. Please fix it because currently I am feeling very disappointed with my purchase. And won’t be recommending it to friends further..Version: 1.1.0

Freezes up consistently!!!NEW PROBLEM: the game consistently mis moves the pieces! I thought I was making the mistakes but nope every game it happens SEVERAL times. Roll a five & it will go 6 to land you on someone’s hotel...incredibly frustrating. The game is also very predictable. If you build properties the next roll the next player almost every time won't land on you. I like the game, however another issue is that it freezes up at crucial junctures of the game. Such as after a trade. You have no choice after several minutes to abandon the game. Very frustrating after vesting so much time into it. Also I just finished a game & I bankrupted every player then it announced the last bankrupted player as the “winner!”. Ticks you off especially after spending an hour with idiots that want to make the same trade every single turn! I almost quit several times but I hung in there and put up with it because the other normal player suffering through the BS like I was. The game definitely needs some improvements. I would give this 3-1/2 stars but it won’t let me. PLEASE FIX THE FREEZE UP PROBLEM! CONSTANT CONNECTION PROBLEMS TOO! I check my internet & it’s connected. And all my other devices are working..Version: 1.1.3

Dropped the ballThe game is good when it’s works. Most of the time it freezes in the middle of the game. Online is the same. You pay $6 but you only get 1 board to play on and you have to pay for the rest. The big issue is when it freezes, online, with friends online, offline. This shouldn’t be happening for an app you pay so much for..Version: 1.4.4

Why should I report an issue with Monopoly?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Monopoly to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Monopoly customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Monopoly.

Is Monopoly not working?

Monopoly works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Monopoly.

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