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MONOPOLY - The Board Game for Positive User Reviews

100% riggedI have now been playing this game with my flatmate for around 2 months now, and I can confirm that it is definitely rigged. Every game a favourite is chosen, who will consistently roll exactly what they need to complete sets, or to avoid landing on other people’s houses or hotels. In all fairness, I have been the recipient of this bias a few times, however more often than not I am on the losing side. I really wish that they would fix this obvious issue in the game, so we could all enjoy an even playing field. Having said all this, I will still give it a rating of 5 stars, as every night me and my friend get sucked in to give it another go. It is a great game, we just wish they could make it fairer for all..Version: 1.4.7

Love itGreat app I’ve been playing multiplayer games for about 2 weeks now. I noticed the other day some bugs that are coming up, for example when some players buy a property their colour card isn’t going under that property to indicate they own it. Also every once in a while the game just freezes and no one can do anything. But over looking the bugs it’s a great game.Version: 1.2.2

Could do with a scoreboardI am a big fan of this game and love the graphics and gameplay. To the developers I would like to ask, do you intend to develop a leaderboard with different leagues at some point in the future? I’ve won a few games but don’t feel inclined to play again when all that happens when you win is a little message saying ‘you’ve won’. I think you would get a lot more people playing this game if there was a leaderboard with different leagues or at least something to play for. For example for every game you win you get a certain amount of points or money and with these points or money you could buy something, like for instance a new piece for the board or even a new board altogether instead of having to pay actual cash for it. Anyway overall I love this game, but don’t see the point of spending another hour playing a game once I’ve already won a game earlier on the same day. If I could climb a leaderboard and play for something, maybe I would..Version: 1.1.5

Monopoly reviewGame is a fun game and is really high quality for six bux I mean it’s just Monopoly but unlike the board game version you can play solo just like normal monopoly you can play with friends or online for playing on your own you can make it harder for more experienced players or noobs that you know never played and you can choose custom rules e.g when you land on go you collect 400 or you don’t collect rent in jail there are many more options than that tho. There are different boards that are 3D yes 3D! With many 3D maps. The design is smart it’s cartoony but not to cartoony also having different pieces with tons of options to choose such as a T. rex or a cat many times of me playing it I’ve always had lots of fun building my monopoly in game. This game is a very well rounded game with great graphics epic mechanics all for only a cheap six bux may be different depending on the currency but still it’s great and fun peace out.Version: 1.2.1

Online has issues but goodWhen I play online with friends it often freezes or cuts out which is super annoying. But otherwise it’s a great app and lots of fun with your friends or just against the cpu. Worth the money if you like to play monopoly..Version: 1.6.15

Great game, some issues though.Overall very good, can quickly find a game online and seems to run smoothly. However it would be good if there was some online leaderboard that could rank players on performance etc. Also some issues during gameplay. For example, you cannot use your Get Out of Jail Free card if you don’t roll a double on your third turn, you have to pay the fine. Also, money from chance cards is not taken/given to and from others players, for example It’s my birthday, you get the 30M but the others players are not deducted 10M each and vice versa for the Elected Chairman of the Board, you are deducted 150M but the others players do not receive the 50M each. Other than that I cannot fault it so… :).Version: 1.5.0

I love it but...First of all, I don’t usually leave a comment or any reviews but this one push my hand considering this is one of my favorite games. First, i wanna say that the game’s interface is very well designed. It’s like playing the actual game on another level. Second, i like how we have the option to play the QUICK mode since this game is naturally takes forever (which is nice somehow) to end. Third and on the bad side, i wish there is a way for an actual chat rather than the pre wording that is not even applicable for every scenario. EG, if trading cards, reasoning for trades or refuse etc. that would be like the actual game and that will add the excitement in playing. Also, themes, boards, and tokens are way expensive. Would be nice since the game itself is paid, features should be lesser the price and not higher than the actual game. Lastly, on that note i wish there is an option to add the player as a friend for future game. That will actually make the experience more real rather than it’s always random guest and while playing with random people, you can’t add any of those players per say. Overall nice game. Worth the money. But these improvements will make it more fun to play the game..Version: 1.1.6

Just played - Monopoly was actually fast-paced!So I didn’t expect to get all of the fun original Monopoly when I downloaded - it’s actually more fun in some ways as an app. All the tedious board game logistics, like setting out cards, flicking through paper money etc. was out of the way, which allowed us to play an INTENSE game. I never played a game with so many mortgaged properties and so many deals, it was subtle, tricky, full of twists and turns. You can blast a few rounds around the board effortlessly enjoying the clickety-clack of pieces moving. I’m not saying you can replace the nostalgia of a physical Monopoly board - what I’m saying is app version lets you play original or custom rules monopoly games so wicked fast it would be impossible to do by hand. Monopoly aficionados will feel like savants..Version: 1.2.4

Smooth gameplay, but dice are unfair and AI moves are scripted.Bought monopoly on the App Store as have played the board game a few times and liked it a lot and the app offers a great way to play it on the go. The game is beautifully made and the gameplay is smooth, however in my opinion and comparing it to the physical board game the dice are biased. On single player across multiple games it seems that you always land on your opponents valuable squares, which more or less makes you bankrupt quite quickly and it seems that it’s always the same AI character that wins, while you and the other AI don’t stand a chance. Even playing with other people I feel like the game is rigged slightly towards one player but the player that it selects is different every time, I’ve even had the winners of the game day to me that there is no way they should have won that. If you put the AI on medium or even hard then forget it as all it does is make you land on your opponents squares. Even so it’s a very well designed app with smooth gameplay. Well worth 4 starts but can’t give it 5 due to the biased dice and strategic moves by the game to push you onto your opponents squares. But definitely still worth it if you like Monopoly..Version: 1.5.6

Monopoly - A Very Fun Game.This game is my favorite game. I’ve liked the traditional board game ever since I was young. The board game is very fun to play with family and friends. I think that it’s very convenient to have a digital version of the board game on the App Store, that’s why I bought the game on the App Store with my money! For them to have finally make it easy for us to just enjoy the game without actually setting the game up with the traditional board game is pretty convenient. My aunt always says that I take up too much space setting up the traditional in-hand board game and always told us to play outside where the wind will then blow all the money away, and then we’d have to run to retrieve the money on the ground. Until, she suggested me to just buy the digital game on the App Store. Although I really like the digital version of the game, I still want my own, in-hand monopoly board game since the one I always use belongs to my uncle. Very great and convenient game. Though, I’d suggest the developers of the digital monopoly board game to add digital rewards in the game every time you win a match. I’d also want the developers to allow us to see our statistics that we and other users can view such as how many loses and wins we have in total. Maybe even have a statistics of how much rent we paid and earned. Overall, it’s a very entertaining game when it comes to playing with friends and family..Version: 1.7.14

The Best!!!!I absolutely love Monopoly! I finally bought this game! (And I’m so glad they finally put it back in the App Store) My brother and myself are always playing it on the board, but after so long one or the other of us gets sick of playing it with only 2 people because all you do is hand money back and forth. So now we can play to our hearts content!! I remember there being a Monopoly in the App Store awhile ago and I absolutely loved it, but our iPad crashed and I couldn’t find another one until now. There is one thing that I loved about the old one that this new one doesn’t have and that’s is: while you are playing you could look and see how much % chance this certain lot would be landed on and by whom. For example, when I’m trying to build a house I’d look and see if the cat coming down the road would land on either Baltic Ave or Boardwalk, and the one with the greater % I’d build the house on. (I hope that makes sense) Anyway that’s about the only thing I’d change! And by the way, I LOVE that you do not have to be connected to WiFi to play!! Keep it that way!!.Version: 1.0.8

Alot of fun and great looking appThis has saved me and my boyfriend from boredom during lockdown in the UK year to covid19 pandemic. we’re playing online using my iPad and iPhone to forgo passing the device back and forth. We are very competitive but in a fun way and this app serves us perfectly for this. The game has frozen once but we just restarted it and it was fine again. Particularly fun way to pass the time especially now, we are encouraging our friends to download so we can do a virtual games night next week. At least this way no one can flip the table! ... Brilliant graphics too, it makes the game very visually engaging so brilliant for children too. My only bug bare is that we pay for the app but there are still in app purchases for things like themed boards and player pieces, but I understand the developers need to pay themselves somehow. Thank you!.Version: 1.1.3

Super fun BUT CRASHES A LOTThis is and has always been a fun board game. The only downside is, for a paid app game, it does crash and freeze lot. The worst part is, it doesn’t recover when it does so the game being played end up getting trashed and needing to restart a whole new game which is SUPER FRUSTRATING!!! Especially when playing with online friends… it freezes just about every game..Version: 1.5.6

Love itI’d read a few reviews that said this app wasnt great and that it kept crashing and was slow. This put me off buying it but I got it in the end as part of the Hasbro multibuy with Battleship/Cluedo and Game of Life. I’ve had no issues as yet and am playing it heaps due to the lockdown! Great classic game and now I get to play it all the time!.Version: 1.1.3

Love this game, couple of things could make it even betterOverall, I love this game. I purchased the add on’s and love playing different boards and having a choice of pieces. I agree with Daleboy that a leaderboard would add to the longevity of coming back to play again and again. I would love to be able to view the boards in more detail, maybe if you could get to ground level and have a look at all the elements rather than just seeing it from a birds eye view? Sometimes the game crashes and the whole thing needs to be abandoned, which is a shame when you commit to an hour or so of game play. Having said all that, it is a true to life game, the boards and pieces are lovely. I much prefer this version to other computer games of monopoly I’ve played before. Thanks..Version: 1.4.5

Major glitch needs to be fixedHi. I think this game is really awesome and I’m addicted. My experience though has brought me to a glitch. The major glitch is when someone owes you rent, but they go bankrupt and have to give you all their properties which are mortgages. If you unmortgage them but you don’t have the money to unmortgage them it will ask you that you need to mortgage one of your own properties to unmortgage the one given to you by the player who went bankrupt. After that happens you can: 1. no longer receive money from anyone ( if someone lands on your property and owes you rent they will give u money which you won’t receive). 2. Not be able to have a turn ( it will just keep skipping your turn going to the next player). 3. You won’t be able to win the game even if you have made everyone else go bankrupt. ( it will just make someone who is bankrupt have a turn.) Iknow explaining this might not make sense but it’s really annoying getting this glitch when you were just playing for an hour straight and not being able to win like come on. Overall I think the game is really fun just that needs to be fixed and then the game will be a 5 star game from me. Thanks.Version: 1.0.7

Good but could be even betterMonopoly is about being victorious and let’s be honest, rubbing that victory in people faces. Now, maybe a chat is too dangerous. However at least a lol or some emoticons to show your arrogance and cockiness would be great. Also app glitches a little from time to time. Also, would be good if we could take on the Ludo format of having stats of wins, losses, pretty much a basic profile to show our achievements. ㅎㅎㅎ let’s go!!!!.Version: 1.2.2

Fun but needs a scoring system!Love monopoly and love what you guys have done with this! My main qualm and problem that disengages me from playing more is the fact that there is no personal record of “won games” or “winning streak” or any point system at all. If you could create a point system that other players can click to check out your achievements and compare with their own, that would make the game SIGNIFICANTLY more fun and incite competition amongst online players! Please, please develop a record system that tracks our wins and losses!.Version: 1.5.0

A Game that Should Be GreatThis game should easily be 5 stars. It looks amazing, it’s got great visuals and animations, the controls and interface are fantastic, and it has great pacing. There’s just one big problem that makes it very frustrating to play. When you play against AI set to Medium or Hard difficulty, your rolls are sabotaged. I’m Easy mode, players all hit spaces with the same random likelihood and the AI players will just accept almost any trade you make them, making it easy to win. In Medium mode and higher, rather than making the AI more intelligent with their decisions, the game just makes your rolls extremely unlikely to be good, which is not a fun way to increase the difficulty at all. At the start of the game, you will almost always either hit a space that is owned or you will hit community chest. The AI players will often have 5-7 properties before you get the opportunity to buy even one, so there is almost no way to catch up, and the AIs will freely trade each other color sets constantly. Also, I hit Income Tax probably 5-6 times per game. Seriously, keep track of your games and you will realize you hit Income Tax at a much, much higher rate than any other space on the board. It’s a beautifully designed game that should be a blast to play, but the odds are clearly stacked against you which makes it not much fun, unfortunately..Version: 1.9.9

This game is soooooo goodIt’s so fun when you beat the people that you’re playing against. The only bad thing is that you’ve got to buy the game and buy new boards and stuff to play on and there is store too. But you get to play against real people and you can play against computers too. Also, the FaceTime update isn’t actually here I was so excited for the FaceTime update just that it isn’t actually here but no I’m going to try to find it but I don’t think it exists. the cool thing is that you can also quick mode normal mode to take less time. Well that’s what I have to say about the game oh and there’s more modes like pass and play play with your friends so just that.Version: 1.8.8

Want more in-depth custom rules availableFun but want more customization. The monopoly rule that when you go bankrupt, regardless of total debt owed, all assets go to the player to whom the debt is owed is totally ridiculous. If I owed $100 to a friend and couldn’t pay they wouldn’t get everything I own. The bank/collections would when they seized my home and assets lol. The player should get compensated for the debt fairly at atleastttt that value FIRST (lots of fun options here)…and then all properties can either go to auction for all or be returned to the bank and become available for purchase as you roll. Otherwise players that have been getting trounced all game can just get ridiculous freebies (properties, sets, etc) at the expense of the wealthy players who really did the “bankrupting.” Totally absurd. As an example, I just all but bankrupted 2 CPUs with my hard-fought-for sets and then in succession they both owed the 3rd CPU player less than $30 each on their next rolls and went bankrupt…and suddenly the worst player on the board just got 4 complete mortgaged sets and every other property on the board. Laughable. Maybe thats a Monopoly rule bc this game was made for teens? Regardless, never played that way as a kid bc it was a joke and ain’t playing that way now..Version: 1.9.10

More content neededEdit: thank you for fixing the glitch I can now actually finish games without it freezing. What would make me give it 5 stars is if there was more content like adding other versions of monopoly like dogopoly, disney, stranger things, Star Wars etc. I really enjoy playing this game but what I hate is that I hardly ever get to finish a game which is really frustrating. When someone goes bankrupt the game freezes. Fix this issue and I’ll be more than happy to change my rating.Version: 1.0.11

Really good game but some flawsThough it is a really fun and good game, there are stupid glitches that happen every time. 1. After I buy houses and click ‘end turn’, my game freezes and makes me impossible to end my turn which makes everyone mad. I also want an actual chat not just the words that you can only use to make a reason why you’re not ending your turn. 2. Chat is really annoying sometimes. I click on the speeches and absolutely nothing happens so I think they should fix that to..Version: 1.5.8

Pretty cool gameIt’s a ,ot of fun, be warned when you start a game be sure to have at least an hour free time lol.Version: 1.7.14

Like the boardgame.This is a decent game so therefore gets a decent rating. While it does exactly what you would expect from a monopoly game, there are some things i feel could be improved to bridge the gap between the physical board game and this handheld version. One of these being the ability to see details of cards you own during other player turns, it’s fine if you attempt to do it in your turn as you can look at everybody's cards but are then against the clock to play your turn. I would definitely recommend this as who doesn’t love a good family dividing game of monopoly though it does seem as though some of the “players” found online are just bots that make really illogical trades regularly. when put in a full game with real people it is very fun, though more could be done to improve conversing with other players, maybe an actual chat log and not the bone dry comments that can be made in the current game..Version: 1.2.3

Great game - BUT glitchesI’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. The graphics are great, gameplay is the good old monopoly we love & adore however while the game has no issues when playing offline or online with 1 other play, when it’s more players online the game tends to glitch especially during auctions. It may seem like a player is taking longer than usual but several times I’ve sat there waiting 5-10 mins for them to make some sorta move or to accept a trade but nothing. I end up having to close the game and wasting time getting halfway through and ending it. I’ve now given up online play - not worth the waste of time. Stick to offline and you’ll be fine. Also one other thing that I miss from an older monopoly app is a statistics tab - that would be great! 4 stars from me due to the bugs.Version: 1.0.8

Pretty good! Could be improved…This is a decent Monopoly game. It’s straightforward to play, looks good, and is responsive even on an old iPad Air 2. Seems reasonable value at £3.49 although the in-app purchases for extra boards etc are somewhat extortionate, thankfully these aren’t necessary to simply enjoy the game. The house rules could benefit from some additions, namely: (1) a rule that you cannot purchase property until you have gone all the way around the board once and passed GO, (2) a rule that removes the limit upon the maximum number of houses, and (3) a rule that allows houses and hotels to be sold back to the bank for their full price rather than the default 50%. Also, where the “Free Parking money” rule is applied it would be nice to have an indicator of how much money has accumulated before someone lands on Free Parking. Finally, it would be a lot more enjoyable to play online if a custom set of house rules could be applied, with the game seeking to match you with other players who have specified the same combination of house rules, or if that precise combination is unavailable then allowing the player to choose from a selection of other games that are as close a match as possible..Version: 1.7.5

Pricey for what you get... Another glitch...Rather expensive. The upfront payment only gets you a basic kit. Pay more in-game to get any extras. Gave it four stars because it looks promising, and I played it for a week or more before today’s problem. Was playing solitaire, into the serious part of the match, then suddenly I was unable to buy houses. I could sell the houses I had, but not buy them back. Tried restarting, played for a while to see if it would fix itself. Would like refund....Version: 1.1.3

Current bugYou have a current bug that doesn’t allow some players to trade. It quickly rejects the offer before anyone can even see it. Please fix this glitch. Thanks!.Version: 1.2.1

The game is niceHello so I’d start off by saying what a fantastic game and it brings back so much memories the gameplay and the pieces overall the game is fun and gets you through some time if you need to kill there is a bit of problems I was hoping you could fix for your game starting Id say there’s a bug where after a players turn it dosent go ok to the next player it just kinda runs there with no one having turns it’s hard to chat with another person because of our limited words that’s a problem or a bug for most people if you could fix it please another idea id suggest is add currency such as if you win a game you get *5mt* monopoly tokens these can be used to buy pieces or dice or maps Id suggest the pieces cost *10mt* and up depending on the design maps could be *20mt* and dice could also be *10mt* that’s is all I hope this reaches you have a nice day and thank you for the game I’m so sorry another thing i was having questions if you and a friend don’t want to play with bots if we could join another party of two from other players online only options we get are ai or guest so if you could please would be amazing.Version: 1.9

Love the game but suggestionsHad the game a while now and love the gameplay each game is different had games last 20/30 minute and others lasting an hour or two. Love the fact you can play monopoly fast without having to worry about handling money and on the go. I do feel similar to others who’ve mentioned biased game play with some games tending to lean towards certain players where Iv had games with players landing on every property with multiple doubles mean while I’m hitting every non property and low numbers for multiple rounds the board. Still love the game. Suggestions would be introducing the ability to use custom game modes online with random people whether it be join random online custom games. Or have the ability to select a few must have features in a game lobby to join the basic house rules are fine but it would be nice to have house rules without having to end the game early online and not having to play against AI if You want them. Another suggestion is I like the idea of a season pass and being able to buy new pieces and themes it could be good to also include the different game modes of monopoly in the physical world such as sore losers, cheaters edition and longest game ever. Even if you had to buy them, Something to spice up different game.Version: 1.6.7

Great appWould be better if we could EARN new tokens and boards Overall very happy with it.Version: 1.6.21

This game is indeed a travestyThis is a false, absurd and distorted misrepresentation of a classic 120 year old American board game that was in reality stolen from and old, grey haired Quaker woman to begin with. The dice are loaded in favor of the AI, as the rolls are definitely not the product of a random number generator as the truly should be. I believe I can prove this beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt by way of recorded motion screen capture of the “tip toe” pattern that emerges after the player develops any of his properties. The AI will simply not land on those properties for a minimum of 3 times around the board. If it were truly random, a bell curve representing landing on improved properties v not landing on improved properties would emerge, not the 100% in favor of the AI as this game clearly provides. Another aspect of the game cheating is its “deadening of the touchscreen area of a property you wish the mortgage or unmortgage”. Clicking or pressing the screen does nothing because that area of the screen has been rendered useless; unaffected by your touch. These are just a few of the featured frustrations this game offers. If you can move forward from these discrepancies the game is pretty cool and a good way to kill some time or take your mind off of something else even more negative that’s eating away at you. So, come on with the shenanigans Devs. Why you gotta be like this, huh?.Version: 1.9.6

One issue :)The reconnecting issue is a huge problem for me. It’s been the reason why I haven’t won many games when I was clearly about to and it’s just annoying having to restart a new game all over again. Not being able to swipe out for one second or accidentally swiping out, please change this issue. This is the only reason why it’s 4 stars and not 5..Version: 1.5.8

Good but could be betterSometimes the app will crash and I have to delete and download it again. Would like a couple more features available for its cost. Also (I know this is really little and silly) but if someone gets a a chance or community chest card and it’s says collect 50 each from the other players. They collect the money but the other players don’t loose money. I really like the new update where you are given some cards at the beginning of the game,( could there be a new rule where all the cards are distributed) but sometimes when I clear it then come back it gives me new cards and gives some cards from sets that I had with houses on to other players and it won’t let me trade and I can’t collect all the rent for the houses and property *I* paid for Other than that’s its really great.Version: 1.1.5

Great, but could use some bug squashingIt’s monopoly, just like you remembered in the classic board game, which is what I’ve wanted on iOS for a long time. After playing very frequently, I’ve been noticing some issues. 1. Dice rolls do not seem random. Quite frequently the computer rolls the perfect number to squeak by your hotels. It happens way too often. 2 when playing multiple computer opponents, if the first computer player on the list of players on the right side of the screen goes bankrupt, you can no longer purpose a deal with the other remaining opponent. It defaults to try to make a trade with the bankrupted player with no option to change it to the other player, so the only way to trade is to wait for the computer to strike a trade with you and then counter the trade. 3 when you get a card that says each player pays $10 for a birthday or whatever, the money never comes out of the players account. Maybe that’s because of the free parking rule. Not sure. 4 if you use up all of the houses so that there aren’t any more in reserve, and then sell a hotel, more houses Automatically appear. Seems odd. Being able to speed up the game instead of watching each and every animation would be appreciated..Version: 1.0.7

Issues and improvementI gave it a 4 star because the issue of the game freezing in a online match sometimes and i have waited a good 10mins to see if anything happens also coming off and on app to reconnect and everything is still in the same place so that needs fixing for sure. Also a idea for making the game more interesting is if you add in a leaderboards to compete in and a stats menu so u can see how many games u have played and won and maybe highest amount of earnings in a game etc, maybe u can reward players that get the wins with coins or something and have it so u can slowly grind the game to unlock new features/ cosmetics and back to the leaderboards maybe having a weekly leaderboard and top 10 win bundles of coins or unique outfits etc overall game is fun to play when its working and hope u take the time to read this and think about implementing so new things :D.Version: 1.1.3

Need more space to play with friends together.Hopefully editor can update 6 people play together..Version: 1.5.8

Please update chatI really love monopoly, and this mobile version is awesome! I’m able to play with my sisters who are on the other side of the country. I only have 2 issues with this game: It freezes sometimes and we aren’t able to finish it. I understand that apps can’t be perfect, but it feels like if I pay money for a game on the phone I would like it to work properly all the time. The second issue is the chat options. It’s cool that they have a chat, but I don’t like that there’s only set options for the chat and you can’t say what you want. I get it if it is to prevent foul language when playing multiplayer, but I think there should be a chat box where you can type what you want if you’re playing “online with friends”. If you’re playing with your friends then I want to be able to talk to them when playing not be limited to the set options. Can you please consider changing this, and looking into the game freezing? Thank you. Again, I love this game very much and I have a lot of fun playing it. I play it almost every day with my sisters. It would just be much better if those issues were addressed..Version: 1.7.4

Non-utilitarian, unnecessary trade offersThe game’s port is great, both for those who want to play the game as it was meant to be played - according to the actual rules - and for those who just want to play using their house rules, as the more popular ones are all playable. Reasons for losing a star: Utility strategy is faulty, as you should never buy a utility at full price (can’t be upgraded, and the rent payouts are too low), but the AI (even at most difficult level) buys the utilities as if they were buildable properties. I have yet to find a Monopoly app that uses correct buying strategy. As with most other Monopoly apps, this one uses the “buy everything you land on” approach, which is okay, but not ideal. Search the Internet and read “The Monopoly Companion” book for the truly strategic ways to play this game. Second, the AI doesn’t know that it should stop offering the same trade over and over once you choose “Reject All” and the board situation hasn’t changed. Rejecting the same trade offer after every AI turn is tiresome, especially when there’s only one AI between you and victory, and you know you’re going to win. Just put up a screen that allows you to resign. You should know when you’ve been beaten. But since it’s a free app (don’t bother with the pay options), it’s a pleasant diversion..Version: 1.9.1

Highly recommendedMy sons and I all bought this at the beginning of the pandemic when they couldn’t visit. Now we still play it regularly - I am extremely vulnerable to serious illness if I catch covid so this game means we can all play while in our own homes. I love that you can customise the rules to popular House Rules, such as double money for landing on GO and bills going into Free Parking, to be won if you land on it. And a choice to automatically auction properties when landed on. Players can personalise themselves with a nickname and cheap in-app purchases give you a wide choice of pieces and boards. 2 years of playing it has worked perfectly. If I had to have one small gripe it would be that there aren’t enough houses. If we all have sets with houses on, sometimes we get stuck because you can’t just pay for hotels without filling up with houses first, (like we would if we ran out of houses in the physical game, so you either have to sell houses from one set for the benefit of another set, or we just kind of go round in circles and can’t advance our game. That said, we do prefer this to the physical game - no piles of money to try to keep neat, plus it’s shorter - with 3 of us it’s usually 45 - 90 minutes per game. This really has been a pandemic lifesaver and I highly recommend it!.Version: 1.7.2

Love this game but the board is too smallThis game is really great but it’s hard to read the names and prices on the board. The graphics are great but the board could be bigger without compromising the quality of the graphics. Please please make it larger for my 42yr old eyesight..Version: 1.5.8

No crashes yetOnly local games played so far though..Version: 1.1.3

I have some recommendationsLove the game but here are some situations that could improve the game immensely. One player forced all the other players to leave the game as he sat in Jail and didn’t do anything. It doesn’t have a time limit for the player as they just sat in jail with the options (roll a double, pay the fine or use his GOJF card). This is the only way a person can stall the entire game forever, until everyone quits. I would suggest giving the person 30 seconds or they by default pay and get released - at the end game being in jail is a great place to be so making them pay is a good incentive to speed on up. It would be better if you could opt out of the animation that zooms in on the board, watches everyone’s roll and symbol hop each field. It would give all players more time to asses players properties and strategise on potential deals as the default wide angle you get when it’s your turn allows you to see the entire board and bought properties. Regards, J.Version: 1.5.6

Major Glitch, needs to fixed ASAPOK I’m loving Monopoly, can wait to see what themes get released down the road, especially after how they rekindled my love for Cluedo. However, what’s frustrating me at the moment is the fact that even though I want to (was looking forward to playing the Snowdrop Valley Theme over The Christmas break, but couldn’t), I’m unable to purchase any In-App purchase due to there apparently being “No Internet Connection Detected”, even though I’m connected to my wireless at home. Please fix this ASAP. What is the point of having In-App Purchases when the game literally prohibits you from purchasing any of them by telling you that there’s “No Internet Connection Detected” even after you’ve just updated the app (which requires an internet connection).Version: 1.0.8

Freezes!I like to play online and about 6 of us have paid for this so we can all play online but it freezes and we can’t even finish the game. So annoying and a waste of money. You’d think with the number of complaints they’ve gotten they would have fixed it by now. Should of read the reviews before buying..Version: 1.1.3

More than I expected!This digital Monoploy is the best version I’ve seen, really a great game that makes it easy to play the Monoploy we all know and love to hate; either solo, with friends or online! Seriously worth the money, and although there are in game purchases, they aren’t really needed unless you want them. The App Store price gives you the full game that includes that which everyone has come to expect from the physical version and more. And if you’re like me and can’t convince others to play me at Monoploy every other day, then the solo mode is for you. The hard mode AI are great competitors, but don’t forget the online mode as well!.Version: 1.7.14

Love making people bankruptI am really enjoying this game. I love taking everyone’s money and making them bankrupt 🥰.Version: 1.1.3

Love this game!EDIT: now that I’ve gotten a developer response informing me that they are working on giving the players options of which community chest cards they would like, I’m happy to give the game a full five stars! They have been working hard to please everyone with this game and including features like offline pass and play and fixing bugs left and right and I can only say that I really appreciate all the effort and love they give this game. Five stars well deserved. Original review: I love this game and I really want to give it five stars but my only gripe is that they changed the community chest cards. I get that a lot of people are offended at the old cards because everyone in society is so hypersensitive about everything these days and everyone likes to be a victim but it just shows that they are willing to compromise on the game to not offend people who get offended at virtually everything. I lost a bit of respect for the company but the game itself is still amazing. I’m just going to postpone my updating of the game for now..Version: 1.6.4

Awesome game but a few suggestions!I’ve been playing this mobile edition of Monopoly for quite some time and I figured I’d give my official review. I would like to start with a brief list of suggestions to make the game a little more enticing to potential players as well as current players! The maps currently playable are wonderful and creative (as I’ve got the season pass) but if you could try to bring some of the more up to date Monopoly boards that we see in stores such as the Rick and Morty board or the Monopoly Cheater Edition, that would really make the game pop. Adding a section for players to create more custom rules on their private games as well as allowing players to group up with friends and adding other random people from online rather than AIs. Some smaller suggestions would be to allow the players to click a button for random token/name selecting in AI games. Also, being able to look at properties on the board when it’s not your turn as well as a “free view” giving the ability to zoom in on the city and appreciate the architecture while other players are taking their turns. Aside from the occasional lags in the game during online play, I would still rate this game at a 10/10 and will continue to play!.Version: 1.7.19

Bugs, but fun!Echoing the other reviews, multiplayer is a mess whether you play online or not. Seems to be a bug after trading, the dice never show up again. Unsure how this runs in the background because play doesn’t seem to continue if I pull my control center menu up for a second to adjust brightness, change music etc. Hoping some updates will be released soon and that gameplay will improve! I’d also love to play the paid board once for free before purchasing, just a suggestion..Version: 1.0.5

Great gameSince your latest update I can now easily purchase houses for the pinks on my iPad. Thank you. The only other minor fault is that it will hang from time to time and the only way I have found to get out of this is to come out off the game and back in again and AI will take over but you can continue on the next go. Otherwise I really enjoy playing it. Old review Due to the latest update it is virtually impossible to put houses/hotels on Whitehall and Northumberland Ave as the Houses tab opens up across both properties. There is a minute part of the property showing to try and put houses on and when doing so you invariably end up closing the buy houses tab. This is when playing on an iPad Air. Didn’t have that problem a few ago (before update).Version: 1.1.3

Few things are missing but still nice game!It’s a nice game but there are few features missing which should be there. 1. PC AND HUMAN INDICATOR Indicator if the opponent is a pc or real person (In online games). If the person leave the game for example then you should see a pc Symbole or something like that. 2. REJOIN OPPORTUNITY The opportunity of rejoining a online game if the app was closed or lost the connection. For example that if you are at the main menu you get a message that if you want to rejoin the pending game. If you press “NO” then you can’t rejoin anymore. 3. TABEL OF RENT VALUES If you have the turn you can look up streets/cards and see how much rent the owner got from this street/card. Would be nice to have a opportunity to see a table of all cards of the game and how much rent they earned. Sort by rent value descending. 4. INSPECT CARDS AT ANY TIME That you can inspect cards at any time in the game even it’s not your turn. if in a later update this features got added to the game then I will give 5 stars rating. But all in one a very good game..Version: 1.2.3

Fantastic Game but needs some amending!!! dev’s listen up!!!I love this game and enjoy it a lot as it reminds me of the old days when the family will get together and play the board version of it. HOWEVER, there is some room for improvement which will help weed out the sore losers who ruin the game for others. I have been in multiple online games where some players (sore losers) are not able to handle losing so they decide to just close the app or not roll the dice. There should be some sort of timer implemented or something so that if the player is inactive for X amount of seconds/minutes the dice is rolled on behalf of them and after 3 rounds of inactivity they are removed from the game - not sure how it would work if they land on a property and have to mortgage because they do not have the funds (maybe this can be done automatically for them?) or they miss a X amount of turns and if anyone lands on their property they do not have to pay rent (this will stop players from deliberately being inactive to miss turns). I hope the developers read this and take it into account on the next update as this is a really fantastic app. P.S - For all you sore losers who cannot comprehend losing do not play this game as you are ruining the fun and I hope your Christmas is ruined because of this. Thanks thats my rant over. Feel free to reach out me if you want further information or need me to test anything :).Version: 1.6.12

BugsFor a game that was only very recently released, it runs very smoothly, with a UI which is very easy to use; embodying the traditional Monopoly board game. The only issue is I have yet to complete a game due to being soft-locked, where the screen does not change. Similar to a crash except I can still click on my opponent's icons but nothing else works, which always results in my games having to end early through Quitting, or more commonly force closing due to frustration. Edit: post-update I have finished a few games by now, and while the chances of the game crashing and other display glitches - such as landing/buying property animations not moving - have decreased. I have still failed to complete games much more often than not, which is still very disappointing. Please make this game better and soon, we should not have paid for a game we cannot play properly. Four stars to three from me. Edit2: 20th December The past two updates have been successful in trying to smoothen the gameplay and reduce the crashes. The game is great. One question I'd like to ask the dev team is how often AI take over the game and suggest that there is a notification of when such an event happens. It has bothered me that AI has taken over the game so obviously but I have to pretend I'm still playing against online players. Can we change this? Back up to four stars again!.Version: 1.0.7

Being idleAfter playing this game for about a week, i have noticed a very annoying issue with playing multiplayer because a lot of the time people are idle from the game for a while and we all have to wait which i find a huge issue. to resolve this i recommend if being idle for more that a minute you get kicked from the game. this then helps the game to carry on playing without 3 people having to wait for one person..Version: 1.8.3

FrustratingHonestly, I’ve had a lot of fun on the app but more often than not, online multiplayer just freezes mid game. We don’t care about the chat function. Just fix the bugs, please! I’ve bought the app on two different devices!.Version: 1.1.5

Poor ExperienceOrganised a Christmas monopoly game with the Mobile version. Everybody joined and was working fine until someone received a phone call. They were kicked from the game and AI took over for that player. During a trade to raise money to pay rent, the trade happened and the rent wasn’t paid. Just before the end the game it froze and crashed and we lost the game. The cost $5.99 was not worth a game that doesn’t work correctly..Version: 1.0.7

Good single player experience, shame about FacebookI wanted to write a review because other reviews were so unfair, blaming their luck on rigged dice. It's as if they never played board games IRL. The game is very good. The AI is, overall, competent, but undervalues train stations, blue block and orange block, overvalues utilities. Would be great if AI responded to trade offers to show how close they are to accepting it, because IRL if I find a deal insulting I say so, to prevent wasted time. .... there were a couple of bugs. An eliminated player wasn't greyed out one time. Another time I touched something while another player was moving and I got a message about how I have no money or property (or something of the sort) which only went away when I reset the game. Also, Facebook. To play this online you have to agree that your location and web identity information will be sold to Facebook. Unacceptable! I didn't plan to play this online but if I had, I'd be seeking a refund..Version: 1.6.3

Addictive but flawedFrom a design perspective the game is very good. I like the customizability of the options like not having to do auctions or getting 400 if you land on Go itself. If you play single player mode against the machine, here is what you can expect. You will go around the board very slowly the first one or two times while the other three players jump ahead 7 to 11 spaces at a time buying up all the properties ahead of you. You will land on chance, community chest, free parking, every place except the properties that you want to buy. When you do eventually collect a color group and try to build houses or hotels there, expect other pieces to land on the space in the middle of your properties or land just beyond them. You have to wonder how random the dice rolls are. There are difficulty options, which is far as I can tell just affect how willing the other pieces are to make trades with you. When it’s not your turn, you can see them freely making deals with each other, but when it’s your turn, expect to have to pay 200 over face value to buy any property while they assemble groups right away. If you can’t get a group going right away and build on it, you will be wiped out quickly. You will find yourself mortgaging everything and selling your house off right away as the other pieces build quickly..Version: 1.6.12

Love it!(1) - love the game, no complaints (2) - not 100% sure of fairness as i don’t always stay through the full round (3) - if i could change/add it would be … (1) I love the game it’s easy to understand, fun and fair, no complaints at all. I mostly use the game for single player and before buying read all complaints, they were mostly about multiplayer, only tried it a few times but seemed to work completely fine i have only had the game one day but already addicted and nothing wrong. (2) I did say the game was fair but if i’m honest i don’t completely know as if i’m even starting to lose i quit and re start so every game i play i win ahahahahaha but personally no complaints from me! (3) I love that you can customise the rules suited to your personal preference although if i could change anything i would recommend that the creators add a feature where you can disable buying properties unless you’ve been around the whole board and passed ‘Go’ at least once as in the past i usually play that way but it doesn’t bother me (i just think it would be cool to add that in as i know other people play that way sometimes not everyone but yeah).Version: 1.7.18

My opinion and advice (read)Omg BEST GAME EVER and I also recommend you to play “pass and play” cause I owned the whole board and money with it it’s so cool. 1 minor issue the waiting a month to change your name is kind anoying but other wise it’s amazing! I think the maps should be free cause they look amazing, houses and hotels are just STUNNING. 🤩 I’m JUST WONDERING if you could update it so more then four people can play if that’s ok 👍🏻 with you Like maybe 5 or 6 but the game will prob go for hours then also make more game mode choice things if your allowed to but otherwise it’s a really fun game all these monopoly lovers should download its FREE NO SUBSCRIPTIONS YOU ALSO DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY IT LIKE OTHER APPS! I Certainly recommend this game for people. FIVE STARS ✨ CONGRATS 🥳 hope you read this!.Version: 1.5.0

Super jeuJ’adore le jeu tel qu’il a été conçu! Vraiment cool de pouvoir à nouveau se servir de nos variantes d’enfance dans cette version......À quand le jeu Monopoly Deal???.Version: 1.3.3

Great game! I play it all the time!I love the new update 1.11.1 that came out a couple days ago. I like how it keeps track of your “Tycoon” stats; like your most profitable property sets, and how much money you’ve made from them. What I would like to see hopefully in the near future; is to be able to change the banner color for the players. I was surprised that this update changed the banner color you always had; from purple to light-blue. This gets confusing especially for my first few games, because I have to remind myself that the purple properties are no longer mine. If that happens; I’ll be really, really happy! ;).Version: 1.11.1

Extremely FunEver since I downloaded this game I have been constantly playing it. This game takes the struggle out of someone having to be banker. A game dragging on for 10+hrs and people are always online playing. There were a few kinks with it in the beginning. But I am seeing that they are fixing it now. I am only giving it 4 stars because as of late a lot of the games I have been in the middle of playing will just not be able to resume. It will be someone else’s turn and they just never come out of their turn. I think their should be a time limit once they have handled they business. Otherwise you have to wait until they “end turn” & this creates problems in the game. My games were all lost and needed to be exited after this occurred and all that I worked for or played for was lost. This creates a waste of time. Which is pretty unfortunate but other than that this game is extremely fun. I purchased both the other boards the snow and the 1930’s board I love all of them. Wish the tokens were a bit cheaper and more options. Overall few bug fixes and this game is going to remain my favorite. I have been telling everyone about it so that they can join me in a game virtually!.Version: 1.1.5

AddictiveI can’t stop playing also great when I have family around.Version: 1.6.20

100% HonestI was hesitant to paying for the game, but i'm now addicted! also love the fact that there are no temptations to spend any real money in the game. so fun to play, with my friends and people online. it's worth it. 100% honest.Version: 1.11.1

ReviewThis game needs a chat between players but otherwise we great fun! Also a nudge button for slow people 😂.Version: 1.1.3

Please add fast forward for Vs AiLove the game it’s exactly like I play in real life the only thing I wish was that when I play by myself against ai opponents I don’t have all day. Would be a great addition if you were able to speed up the other 3 ai players turns to speed the game up a bit.Version: 1.11.1

I love this game but...It really needs to be improved. Playing on an iPhone 11 online w friends and in the middle of the game it just disconnects while connected to both wifi and mobile Data. Also disconnects when u check your battery in the middle of a game. For a paid game, you would expect a bit more of a sturdy game. Thinking of getting the season pass too but this kind of is the one main reason I got the game (playing with friends online) and the fact that I have never been able to finish a game with friends is quite annoying... PLS UPDATE AND FIX THIS MONOPOLY TEAM <3.Version: 1.0.8

If it actually worked it’s greatJust about every game freezes, complete waste of money if you can’t rectify these issues , very frustrating investing an hour of your time and the game freezes, tonight I have started 3 games and all have frozen so I give up!!!!.Version: 1.1.5

Monopoly is the bestMonopoly is a game where you can challenge yourself and if you when you feel really good I normally like to play classic instead of timer I don’t know why just classic takes up more of your time and that kind of makes it better and right now I just won and I think it’s great and even though it costs a few dollars it pays off.Version: 1.6.14

ChildhoodBrings back the old memories playing with the family ❤️.Version: 1.5.0

Good game. Less featuresThe board game is good. Hangs a bit sometimes but that’s okay It will be great if the game had a chat or just spectate option while playing with friends..Version: 1.1.3

Unfair Game Play (how is no one talking about this)Design is great. I like the colors and the modern feel of moving environments makes extended play time feel flowy and not stagnant. The peices are fine I just used to enjoy the Car actually driving and the Ship actually sailing so it’s like game is modernized in all the wrong places. Above all else the game play is so very unfair. It rolls you exactly what you don’t need EVERY TIME. I have still never won a game, it lands me on spaces that I can’t quite afford just to show me its updated mortgaging and trading system, you can successfully predict what every player will land on by determining what would be worse for you. I know it’s supposed to make for a “challenging” atmosphere but it’s so heavy handed and obvious. The only fun I have with this game is literally TRYING to lose and watching how ridiculously things play out. If you have big money and storage to but. it’s worth a chuckle but if you’re looking for a fun GAME (as opposed to an hour long march of death) then pass this over..Version: 1.2.4

Good game but has small issues.I like this game. It is just like the old monopoly I used to play except way faster because the money was automatically transferred. I do have some complaints though. If you’re gonna make an app cost money, don’t have in-app purchases that cost more than the game itself. There is some small details that I am slightly concerned about. If you spam click a property you want to mortgage then you lose money until you can’t click it anymore. When you are paying someone money it will do the transfer animation with the monopoly dollars but it will do the same animation no matter how much money was given/lost. The dice. I am slightly annoyed when they land on a flat surface when it should be landing on top of the buildings. It would be cool if the dice Didn't land on the buildings as if they were drawn onto the board. If they landed on top of the buildings that would be cool. These are just minor issues that I would be fine if they didn’t change. Over all, this was a great game to play with my family and I highly recommend playing it because you can pay 15 dollars for the real version or 4 bucks for a virtual version that goes faster..Version: 1.1.2

Good game but agree with previous comments.....I love monopoly and this is a great game, brilliant graphics and easy to use interface, personally I don’t feel like the game is rigged, I win some and lose others and sometimes the dice seem so unfair but when I play the game in real life it sometimes ends up being very frustrating if your having bad luck. I agree with previous comments, some kind of leader board or point system where you can upgrade things or unlock new content would be an excellent addition, as once you’ve won there’s nothing to show for it. I was not impressed with pay to play new boards after making initial purchase. Maybe that’s something you can work towards with wins..... Thanks Dan.Version: 1.5.6

This game is the bestYou love monopoly this is fun you can pass and play kinda like local play where you give the phone to your friend and play together. Online play is where you play with random strangers and you play together. There is also offline where you just play with bots or robots or computer. The newest update is online with friends where you play with friends in other devices and you guys can be in different countries. I think it’s worth your money. It’s is also good because you don’t have to worry about losing any game cards houses or hotels or take the long set up and you don’t have to worry with the rules they do them for you. If you don’t play with original rules then there is custom rules you guys can put but only when playing alone robots or friends it goes, not online randomly. I think this game is worth your money and you should buy it if you have the board game as well then I don’t know what you should do but I got even still I had the board game. So byee.Version: 1.6.19

Addictive and great for those who like to quit and start again at a whim lolI’m not really interested in spending money in this sort of app so I play the computer members (3 others) and I love how if the game isn’t going my way I can just quit a start a new game 🤣🤣🤣 petty but just how I like it 😎👍🏽.Version: 1.7.4

Honest Review + RecommendationI have had this game for a while now and it continues to be one that my family and I continue to come back to. The fact that you can play solo, with family members on one device, online with family/friends, or with random people is really good. Basic things such as the main characters, board and dice are all free but you to need to pay for fancier add ons. The one thing I would change is that when it comes to versing family and friends online, it would be appreciated if there was a way to leave and come back to a game instead of being disconnected completely if you have internet troubles, etc.. It would certainly make my family and I more motivated to play those games together knowing that we don’t have to sit down for a couple hours straight in order to finish the game..Version: 1.9.1

Plays brilliantly, except when soft-lockedThe game is very enjoyable - love the addition of custom rules and the overall game is very aesthetically pleasing, but it’s extremely frustrating when you’re 2 hours into a game and the game is forced to end as a result of the UI hiccuping and forgetting whose turn it is, leaving the game frozen with no way to recover. This happened to us after a trade, it was still my turn, but all icons were greyed out and there was no way to progress: the game was forced to end about 90% the way through - super frustrating when you’re winning! Please fix this, or perhaps implement an auto-save system for the host to restart the game from the last turn? It’s difficult to commit to a game of Monopoly when you don’t know if you’ll make it to the end!.Version: 1.0.7

Great! But.....Monopoly works great, it seems all of your consistent updates have made for a seamless game experience. BUT, there is one feature that I’d love, and that I was kind of expecting when I purchased the game - it would be especially useful during the current times of confinement. That feature is pass to play COMBINED WITH online multiplayer. My partner and I would love to be able to play together on my iPad, taking turns against two other friends over the net. This feature would be super and I imagine alot of people would appreciate it..Version: 1.1.3

Great return to form for Monopoly on iOSWith attractive graphics and a fast pace, this is one of the best electronic version of Monopoly. All that would get it to five stars is not locking the UK board behind an in-app purchase; for so many people around the world, *that* is the board we grew up with..Version: 1.4.4

Great Game and Customer SupportThe game itself is a lot of fun and their customer support team is class. I play this game with my family all of the time and it is a super fun and addicting experience. I probably play this game every other day at this point. I was having some issues with my Bubble account so I reached out to Marmalade Customer Support and they were able to fix my issue in a professional and timely manner. Really nice people. My family and I have had some good times with the game so I would wholeheartedly recommend giving it a Chance if you have been thinking about it..Version: 1.11.2

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