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Kingdom Two Crowns for Positive User Reviews

Great game but…Love this game and have been playing since New Lands but with the new update I’m not able to zoom in. At 1x everything is too small and hard to see. Maybe I’m missing something. I still give it 5 stars.Version: 1.1.13

Oh godThis game had me playing nights on end love the campaign wish it were more islands 🌴 hate the challenge seems unfair..I love the game but it’s missing something...maybe a free play mode where you can actually re spawn.. Sandbox? Idk 😐 but It’s addicting. If you could do something like that..Sweet. Other than that good work..Version: 1.03

Love itLiterally played this game for 11 hours straight yesterday. I haven’t been that addicted to a game in a really long time! It’s a difficult game too. Got to the third land during winter, and didn’t stack up money before I left the previous land...suffice it to say, I didn’t survive haha. The music is incredible, as well as the scenery! Please add all the music you can, I love your selections. All that said, I really do wish there was an iCloud feature. I wanted to port over my progress to the iPad - Come top find out, though, I would have to start anew (unless I somehow missed the iCloud option?). But yeah, great game! Hefty price, but if you like simulators, this might be an awesome choice for you..Version: 1.02

Me a lil saltyU gotta make a warning screen or are I sure screen if ur launching the boat and u didn’t ring the bell bc I forgot and my 40 hour play through just got ruined.Version: 1.1.11

Easiest game in the series.Finished it. It’s so easy compared to the two other games in the series. I must have struggled with new lands for weeks. The mechanics of this one makes it easy to win because you can build a lot, lose the game, return on the island and everything you’ve built is still there, plus portals don’t regenerate. In any case, it is good fun. I don’t know where the other biome is and multiplayer would have been nice, but it was worth ten dollars..Version: 1.03

I don’t want to be stressed outSo this game is great 😊. But when I came back from island 2 my base on island 1 was destroyed. So idea: freeze the greeds from getting any stronger while the player is gone sound good? Also you should either remove the greed’s ability to steal the dog Or give the dog some usefulness. In fact please do both. An if no then just immortalize the dog..Version: 1.1.11

Masterpiece.This is the best game I have played on any system. It does everything right: simple controls yet deep gameplay, beautiful pixel art, immersive soundtrack, and new updated biomes. I have spent over 100 hours playing this gem and loved every minute..Version: 1.1.14

Nice game some bug need to fixBug what I encounter with a few games 1) Winter starts at day 10 on Island three 2)When I finished the achievements ”blow up two greedy islands” I end up losing the crown with no reason; something interest is I finished the game on day 22 but it shows I lose the game at day 51...? So weird. 3)when some bulk coins show up on the screen the game becomes really laggy. 4)Some personal stuff, the cloud(mist in the game looks pretty but too much of them make me feel annoying. After all, this is a really good game and I enjoy it soo much; thanks you guys for the fantastic game!.Version: 1.02

VikingsCan u add Vikings cause they have a interesting mythology and I think it would be pretty cool.Version: 1.1.6

Zoom option!I have played the first and second game countless hours and am accustomed to the normal zoomed in view but in the Norse dlc the view is zoomed way out to where you can’t see details and it’s honestly hard to play that zoomed out because I can’t make out the difference in my citizens. I’m on an iPhone XR and even with a decent sized screen it’s still almost unplayable. I’ll still give 5 stars because both the first and second games are flawless but they also have an option to change the zoom. Please just add the option to the dlc. Thank you!.Version: 1.1.13

CoopNothing to say about the game absolutely amazing. With all the visuals and stuff the only complaint or suggestions rather is making the coop be able to do online coop. This game is fun and all but I wanna play with my friends too even though you can split screen coop but it just feels different you know. I know this game is still relatively new so can’t wait until that feature comes out..Version: 1.1.14

AwesomeAwesome but once I played for 10 minutes it felt impossible to get coins..Version: 1.02

Love thisIt’s funny seeing people complaining about this game without even reaching the 4 island, it’s funny seeing people complain about the mechanics of the game paired with their non-existent common sense (don’t ask your builders to cut down some trees in the evening). This game is much more easier than new lands: villagers will now run away from greed if they get too close, knights are much more useful, PIKEMEN, addition of beautiful new themes, and multiple reign system where if you die, an heir to the previous monarch will succeed the crown and play from the first island. The whole idea of the new gameplay is to expand on replay-ability; this means that you won’t be able to clear and entire campaign in a single reign without any help. However, there are still problems with the game such as: farms spawning wayyy too far away from your base so you have to expand early on - normally you SHOULD expand as much as possible, but in later islands blood moons are more frequent and more deadly, which makes it impossible to expand too far; hermits’ walking speed still hasn’t been fixed, they will take multiple days to get to your town hall, and if it’s your second reign on an island you haven’t cleared it’s a problem because they’ll get picked off by greed which spawn mid-day. Yes you can mount them with you but it takes away valuable time away from you individually transporting them one by one when instead you could have been scouting. Griffon is too OP, you don’t even need to get any other mount just get back to the first island to get it and you get a literal jeep running on dead rats. But most importantly, the knight statue is BROKEN , any new player will activate it thinking it’s useful but it makes your knights suicide themselves. P.s- forge not spawning is just a bug, reload and save the game for it to spawn....Version: 1.1.8

Great on any platformWow! Just wow. Easy and simple to play, loads of mysteries to discover and overall brilliant. I always wanted to play a game like that and I finally found it. I personally prefer the Playstation version but I love the mobile version too… can’t wait for another expansion pack.Version: 1.1.14

Great gameVery very good game, it’s clear from the start and from the community that the developers love the game themselves..Version: 1.02

Immersive and atmosphericThe sound design and music elevate this game to a sublime experience. It’s worth playing for the atmosphere alone..Version: 1.1.14

Extremely BuggyI love the game, don’t get me wrong. The controls are simple and the concept is easy, but there’s so many things wrong with the game. 1. My squires won’t recruit free archers 2. Archers won’t go in their towers 3. I had a whole game almost completely reset every time I died so I would lose all my progress and not be able to rebuild and repair There’s also an issue in which if you destroy all the homeless camps then you can’t get new people so you can get trapped on the first island after death and not be able to do anything.Version: 1.1.9


WowIncredible game.. My son and I are avid Players, I accidentally found this game, am so glad I did Buy it, well worth it! Warning: you will be addicted!.Version: 1.1.10

GoodNice game.Version: 1.03

Less harder difficultyThis time, no glitches! But the game is still too hard, please lower the difficulty or perhaps add an “easy mode” for average players like me please!.Version: 1.1.11

I loved NewLands and now I love TwoCrowns!So good honestly a dream to see a sequel to new lands make it to IOS, doesn’t always happen with such realized games. I’ve noticed a few bugs with Knights changing skins during certain animations, it would be great if this could be patched. Thank you!!.Version: 1.02

Amazing game, but here is a ideaI have been a fan of the kingdom games sense the original, it’s a perfect RTS game for those who love a mix of money management, defense, and expanding. But there is one thing that bugs me in two crowns, it’s the knights. In kingdom new lands I noticed that when ever a wall is about to break your knights should begin falling back to the next wall before the greed would break through. But in two crowns I noticed that knights/squires no long do that, I always saw that this little fall back is a good way to have players see the difference between hunters and soldiers. With out that fall back I just see soldiers as hunters that don’t give you money making them almost useless besides for the fact of clearing portals. Seeing how this fall back mechanic is already a thing in new lands would it be to hard to to add it to two crowns? Maybe you could replace the knight statute buff with the fall back? Anyway I hope you guys add the fall back to two crowns soon, this has been my ted talk.Version: 1.1.5

BeautifulJust wish I had money to buy the DLC.Version: 1.1.16

I love this gameThis game is one of a kind and I love it..Version: 1.02

Chơi chế độ co opSao không kết nối 2 điện thoại chơi với nhau dc vậy!.Version: 1.1.15

Love the gameTen seconds in and I am already in love with this game. It’s very simplistic in many ways but the art style is amazing. Though I will tell you that I experience a little bug where if you save you pop back into the game and drop a coin. It’s only a very small bug and doesn’t ruin the imersion in no real way, but I would just like to tell you so you can fix it..Version: 1.02

Love the gameLove the game after got use to it , thought it was a bit stupid but then the more I played . Got harder and harder it’s a really tricky game don’t know how many times I had to start over.Version: 1.02

Mostly Great experienceFirstly, the game starts with only a tutorial to introduce the controls. Everything else is up for you to find and learn yourself. I really liked having to try different things and use observation rather than just reading about what to do and how to do them. It made everything more interesting and engaging, while still being intuitive enough for me to figure out. I really enjoyed this type of play style, but it may not be for everyone. The changing background and music are neat, and fit well for pixels. However, the save system needs improvement. It’s inconsistent and you only get one save slot for every play through. Annoying, I get that it makes your actions have irreversible consequences, but it also throws me off from trying new things in fear of making permanent mistakes..Version: 1.1.14

Very good game 😊The game is very good.Version: 1.03

Magic Keyboard support...almostGame is beautiful, and extremely well done. I was very surprised to see keyboard support and it is my preferred method of playing. However, I am using the new Pro magic keyboard and the keys seem to lag specifically in the menu screen and when holding shift to gallop (gallops then immediately stops). Still deserves 5 stars, but I hope this small issue gets fixed!.Version: 1.02

Amazing game butThe game is well worth it’s higher price point, I love it and spend too much time on it tbh. However even after 3 updates from the developers I’ve noticed that farmers still do not work correctly 3/4 of the time. It’s too bad because it’s a very fun and realistic way of income but they need to be fixed. Most of the time they won’t go to work at farms I’ve built. Please fix! Also adding a little more detail to the tutorial would’ve been very helpful..Version: 1.02

Solid gameThe game is amazing. It has simple but fun gameplay, great audio and it feels like you’re in a retro game! Though there are some changes needed: -more citizens -a more detailed tutorial - and more abilities and attacks for monarchs themselves for more defence. Otherwise, love the game (it’s worth the money)..Version: 1.1.9

NOT ONLINEThis game is great! I’ve had the pleasure of playing Kingdom 1 and 2 several times. I really thought this was going to be an online version, not a split screen hookiedookie. I recommend playing this game, just not split-screening. Throwing hands over annoyance of close proximity to each other is common amongst my siblings. Please add online, you make more $.(Then again, I’m no finance expert)..Version: 1.03

Great game, maybe bugs?Loved New Lands on switch, so bought this immediately. Wondering if buying/upgrading buildings is bugged because it seems very difficult. Or maybe something that could be improved? It’s a critical feature and should be easier. Otherwise the classic gameplay of Kingdom on iOS!.Version: 1.02

AmazingLove this game so much, It’s actually one of the only games i have found that allowed me to use my apple keybored however there is was small bug and that is when i click shift to make the horse run, he runs for a split second then goes back to walking even if i am holding shift down. Stunning game and definitelyworth the price!!.Version: 1.02

Great gameIt’s a great game but there are glitches like coins falling out of my bag randomly this even happens with gems, there are also some light glitches like when I am behind a certain wall I suddenly light up or when I am near a tree they light up I am sure you’ll fix this and it’s a great game overall..Version: 1.02

😎😎😎✋✋✋Okay so to get straight to the point I had ONE ERROR that happened to me and it’s not that big of a deal, but sometimes when I would gather up gold coins and try to purchase something or use those coins for an upgrade, not all the coins would be visible it would just be invisible, but still allow me to do what and have what I paid for with the gold coins. PROS: -Love the graphics -MULTIPLE MODES LIKE YESSS MAAM -My character is just *chefs kiss* and also my companion animal IS A BIRD LIKE HSJSAOWHBRGE okay that is just super coolbeans -THIS GAME HAS MULTIPLAYER LIKE THTA IS JUST INCREDIBLE -Overall I like the game, but if I had to change ONE THING it would be to allow any ports or ships that we build to stay and last on an island that we leave so that we can come back to it whenever we need too. I get that it makes the game more challenging and difficult, but yeah 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Anyway thank you to all the developers of this game for EXISTING!!!! LIKE YOU INCREDIBLE PEOPLE ARE SO CREATIVE AND SO INCREDIBLE THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME DHAKASJDVDB thank you :))))) Stay safe guys and have a great day 😁😁😁😊😊😊😎😎😎👍👍👍.Version: 1.1.6

AmazingHello, Have been an avid player of New Lands and Two Crowns is a great addition to the series. A lot of small improvements from New Lands and still the same feel and look that we had before. My one request, can you please add (or add the ability to add in game) the soundtrack from New Lands? The soundtrack to Two Crowns is good, but the sound and musical pieces in New Lands served as its own element and to me added tremendously to gameplay experience. Would love to listen to past tracks while playing Two Crowns. Otherwise 5 stars!.Version: 1.02

Love the Game keep it UpHonestly I never played a game like this on the phone before, I love the music, the graphics and most of all the features, love the game and how it works. Definitely recommend even with the small fee to buy the game..Version: 1.1.14

Great gameIt takes the best parts of the original and adds even more. The developers have done such an amazing job on this game..Version: 1.03

Awesome gameBeautiful game just wished there were more instructions such as I didn’t know u could ring the bell to get the people on the boat.Version: 1.1.5

Good game need some improvementBrilliant game, yet need some improvement. 1. Npc IQ need some upgrade, e.g. farmers keep going back to water wheel even when there is a greed raid. 2. Npc walks tooooooooo slow, especially when most of the island is occupied by my kingdom, sometime villagers wouldnt run towards tools/weapons due to distance and just hang around idle. 3. Musked greeds have a high dodge rate against Ninja's attack, causing them to turn back to villagers faster than normal, not sure if it is a bug. 4. Pikeman sometimes stay behind walls that are not the outer most, causing them to be rather useless. 5. It will be very helpful to show a statistic of how many builders, farmers, archers etc on the island, use ratios if the subject is side specific. 6. Even if the dock portal has been destroied, knights and archers will still pointlessly guarding that side, even when assigning new recruits, half of them goes to the portal side..Version: 1.02

Beautiful art and soundAmazing game and beautiful experience. Please add online coop support this is very deserving of 5 stars. only need to play it with my friend overseas !.Version: 1.1.14

FiX/ADD THE ZOOM OPTION!!!Love the series if not the best strategy game I ever played on my phone… it’s amazing guys you just have to download it and enjoy the ride … a little disappointed at the new Zoom out style view .. I have a smaller phone and it’s unenjoyable for me because I can barely see some of the features … I will still play it it’s that good .. hopefully they are reading this and give us options to “Zoom” in .. enjoy !.Version: 1.1.13

It’s missing network multiplayerThe game is almost perfect only I want to not have to share a tiny little screen with my friends. All it needs is multiplayer over the internet even if it’s just LAN. Other then that it’s perfect..Version: 1.03

I can’t or don’t know how to find any gemsI can’t find any gems! I also can’t upgrade my walls or anything without what looks like stone above them, Maybe I have to survive the full moon but I don’t know where to find any gems and I don’t know how to upgrade my walls and buildings, Can you explain to me how to do both of those? Other than that I love this game!.Version: 1.1.8

RecruitmentLove this game but have one request with some compounds. The only issue I have with the game is that I’d have no one to recruit if I build where the camps are. There should be a way to recruit even if you take down the trees near the camps. Perhaps you can renovate the camps into pubs where you can recruit people for some money? The point of the game is to build expand and defend but how can I do that without more people to add to my kingdom. Other than that I absolutely love this game and have played it for hours and will continue to play for more. Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.02

Great gameVery enjoyable, however I noticed that you can’t make the horse gallop using keyboard keys for some reason..Version: 1.02

So good!There’s a glitch where the archers don’t get on the towers.Version: 1.1.9

I enjoy it but please fix the multiplayerI truly enjoy this game and have so much fun playing it. I’ve been playing the Xbox edition one and it’s been a blast. I enjoy this game because it allows coop and that’s fun. Though, coop best works on consoles because phone screens are to small to share. On Xbox, you’re also able to have players online join you. Please add that feature into this mobile version. Allow us to play with online friends..Version: 1.1.13

Great GameThis game is as good as the other versions of the game (consoles, PC). And so far I have not ran into any glitches and the graphics are amazing. Well done Raw Fury for making the game for Mobile..Version: 1.02

I love this gameThis is exactly what we were waiting for. actual good game for mobile. not a money grab. if you like roleplay games, get this. If you dont like roleplay games, get this. just get the game okay its amazing. graphics amazing, gameplay amazing... Looking forward to future updates!.Version: 1.1.14

Good game one requestCan it be local connection from two different device, sharing the scream is painful..Version: 1.1.5

GreatSometimes Fps drops, but i assume it's because of my old iphone 6s. Otherwise great game. 5stars I recommend it..Version: 1.1.14

An annoying problemThere a problem where when ur builders get attacked while building something they run away but when they run away they completely forgot about the build so it pretty much broken because i can’t get the builders near the build so they can build but they to far away so i litterly can’t build that thing any more..Version: 1.03

Epic Game indeedThere is only one thing that is wrong with this game. For me that is. Please fix it to where the apple keyboard and other keyboards work with this game. It doesn’t let you sprint and when I walk around, my horse just sometimes stops. This is still a real game!!!.Version: 1.1.7

ICloud savesReally good game- but how do you do iCloud saves?.Version: 1.03

The best game everVery good game I would rate this game 1000 stars.Version: 1.02

Amazing game, just have one question!My question is about the Norse Lands map, which I still haven't found a way to access, even with the purchase of it. I don't see the update icon on the game, it looks like there's a challenge map still being built in my game, but I also don't know if it's part of the first world you start in or something. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME.Version: 1.1.14

Love it but....Literally everything with this game is marvelous except for a couple of things. Yes the game is still fresh and has some bugs here and there with the archers not coming back and the builders not continually cutting down trees after the raids. The biggest flaw in this game is the split screen coop mode in the game. I for one literally bought this game without hesitation because me and my brother both love playing the game but honestly playing split screen on a phone can seem to be difficult seeing how the gyroscope mechanics are constantly changing with every little gesture of your finger. I propose a Bluetooth or WiFi multiplayer experience and I’ll give this game a 5 star rating . That’s all I ask.Version: 1.03

A wonderful game!The game is everything it was said to be. Really appreciate this developer and all there hard work. My only suggestion for the developer is to perhaps add in game instructions for in game controls or release a play through guide on their website. I had to write the developers of this game yesterday just to figure out how to use the new characters ability’s on the dead lands expansion two fingers on the screen side by side then swipe up. Works great just would have never known had I not asked there support team..Version: 1.02

BeautifulThis game is beautiful ,for pixelated graphics it is the best I’ve seen.the water is the best I’ve ever seen in a game of this type. Everything about the game is done perfectly.Version: 1.02

Apple Arcade? Who is she?Shout out to the devs for releasing a finished product that doesn’t require a monthly subscription. It’s well polished. Fun (and in later stages not so fun (i mean that in a good way)) this game is very satisfying to brave. the sound design is immersive. the environments are beautifully crafted in that pixel goodness we’re addicted to. game feels more grounded than the previous in that you feel less like you can lose it all in an instant. more persisting. and playing with a friend just makes this the goat. so yeah. it’s worth spending the money on this game..Version: 1.02

Just downloaded, very good.So I just got the game a few mins ago, and I was not disappointed. the game itself is very much like the one that came before it and yet so much more at the same time. I like the fact we can now customise our banner, as well as the fact that we can get new mounts through from what little I have seen of it a gemstone system which is quite nice as well and further more I have seen very few if any bugs so far. I also do like how you have added a bit more challenge by adding a greed portal at the docks, should prove interesting. Overall the game appears to be in good order, and excellently done and I look forward to whatever comes next..Version: 1.02

Great gameI love it. My only issue is how on earth are you supposed to know what anything does? There’s literally no tutorial and no description on any different mounts and random villagers you can pick up. As far as I can see there’s nothing that indicates what they do besides jumping from my mount right after I pay them or 6 days after I pay them. Help us out devs. No one wants hand holding but throw us a bone.Version: 1.1.5

WinterI would love to give this game a five stars but the winter mechanic needs to be fixed. I just finished the first and second island and moved to the third but as soon as I got to the third island winter started and I couldn’t get enough gold to hold off the raids so I died. Please fix the winter mechanic so I can’t start when you get to a new island..Version: 1.02

Good GameAfter finishing the first campaign the game is awesome! Sure their are some bugs that are in the game that are subtle that barely hinder the gameplay. Such as abnormal coloring for the knight, griffin and other bugs such as dancing villagers/soldiers. (Can’t decide what task too do) Hopefully coop mode would be updated to accommodate it more successfully. Ten bucks is a bit pricey and I recommend buying this game on sale and the New Lands for three bucks or two?.Version: 1.03

Amazing GameThanks so much for working on and releasing this port, the game runs very smoothly like pc and has great graphics. The only thing I have an issue with is how the top player flips upside down when the phone goes up. Could you please implement a switch to turn that on and off, because then I can play by myself with two players and have the two player advantage. But yeah the game is amazing and I recommended it like the other kingdom games..Version: 1.02

KingdomThe amount of peace and prosperity this game bring to me is abnormally good. When I beat the Norse lands DLC I felt this sadness set in because I remembered how happy I was when I heard your making a new DLC. I hope to see more of this game. To the music industry, artists, and programmers and all the makers. I hope you live for eternity..Version: 1.1.14

One of my all time favoritesOne of my favorite games. So simple but yet so complicated. I have sunk hours into this game and now even more with the dead lands mode. My only gripe is that there are no cloud saves for using different devices. When I play on the go on my phone or at home on my iPad there is no way to share saved between the two..Version: 1.03

Great but greater with additional contentThis game is already amazing, it’s a successor to kingdom new lands, but it could be even more amazing , I’ve already finished most of the game , it’s still great and vastly replay-able but i think it would be even more fun with some additional content, I still recommend the game!.Version: 1.1.11

Beautiful gameThe graphics are so pretty! the soundtrack is incredible and the mechanics take some time to learn but are really interesting.Version: 1.1.14

An Epic Beautiful GameUnrivalled pixel art, clean UI, cool gameplay concept and engaging challenges. They keep adding new game versions and I sort of wish I would pay for them because they truly deserve them..Version: 1.1.13

3rd game please???This game series is amazing🤩 new lands was great and 2 crowns is stunning... please make a 3rd game... would be cool to play from the greed POV having to destroy the kingdoms or having to defend a greed kingdom from the humans that finally decided to bring the fight to the greed using the teleportation portals (takes 8 coins to build) that are left behind after destroying the small greed portals... just an idea but a third game would be amazing either way!!! Keep up the good work🥳.Version: 1.1.11

NeedsIf will be cool if there are women as well, they can reproduce and bear children not just recruiting people in camps. Women can aslo work on farming and another job. Another great idea is that we can choose our character appearance, uniforms, flags, kindom name, people uniforms. We can build Shops and houses, schools, hospitals etc...Version: 1.1.5

It’s a good game butFirst off it’s a good game but second off it is really hard call me like stupid or not very good at games but is there a way to make the game easier like I think there should be like regular hard extremely hard easy and utopia modes it would make my playing experience more awesome I doubt you’re listening to this but if you are please consider it PS can you tell me if I’m like bad at gaming because everyone else seems to be very good at this and 13-year-olds are supposed to be very but it video games but i’m not very good at playing video games.Version: 1.1.14

Where are new themes?Great game. Really! Great. Game. But... where are the “post-release updates with new themes” that were promised? The game has been out for a year now and we’ve gotten nothing. I’m not looking for a freebie, I’d happily pay for a new theme or expansion. Come on, guys. Don’t promise something if you’re not going to come through..Version: 1.1.8

Amazing gameplay and co-opI have played this game for weeks and I’m still not tired of this game, I have played it by myself which doesn’t change a thing with the gameplay but when your with a friends it’s so much more fun and enjoyable. It has SPITSCREEN!!!.Version: 1.1.11

AmazingI have never written a review for anything in my life, but this game is just so well made and beautiful that i just couldn’t not write one. The nature to this game is so peaceful and calming yet it can be so intense at the same time, This is my favourite game ever made. thankyou for making such a incredible game..Version: 1.03

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