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Amazing concept!!I love the concept and I know this will be huge in the near future. They’ve already got some big licenses on board and I’m sure there are more in the works. The UI is modern and easy to use and the social side of the app with likes/comments is a nice addition too. Downside would be the load times and some other small things but this is super early and in Beta so I’m sure it will be smooth sailing soon enough. Excited to see how this pans out!.Version: 1.0.330

Best investment everI don’t regret investing in this. I have get something for 50 dollars and sell it double the price one day that’s soooo cool🤗❤️ Its secure as far as I know😻🙌🏽.Version: 1.0.339

EASILY THE BEST NFT WALLET ON THE MARKETTwo thumbs UP 👌👊🏻👍👍.Version: 1.0.316

Amazing interfaceBrilliant interface out of all the digital asset apps, still in beta but many improvements and updates are out regularly..Version: 1.0.333

Great appJust waiting for a new drop so I can get in early to get some rare stuff!.Version: 1.0.330

EcomiThis will lead the NFT industry..Version: 1.0.333

The future is hereThis app is fantastic, cannot wait till it takes off! Such great UI and functionality, really easy to use.Version: 1.0.325

Loving thisFuturistic stuff.Version: 1.0.333

WowThis is such an awesome app, I can’t stop showing my mates the vault with my collectables. Apparently Veve is still only in it’s beta, looking forward to seeing what comes next!.Version: 1.0.325

Amazing concept!As a physical collector the idea of digital might seem very odd, but when you think about the future of the digital world, it really starts to make you think they’re really onto something here... Think about ‘Ready Player One’ the world of VR and gaming will eventually go that way... Now imagine having a place for all your digital collectibles in that virtual world... It’s something you’d be proud to show off just like your physical collection. Thinking about the amount of money people spend on stupid skins in games like Fortnite and Warzone... There is a huge amount potential here, and I’m SO excited to see where this goes. Not only a supporter of OMI but also a huge fan of the concept, marketplace and world VeVe are working towards. Very early adopter so I’m patient with things but the App as a whole needs a massive redesign, the UI & UX needs to be worked on a lot. But as I say it’s very early days & I believe they’re currently in beta so look forward to when they spend more time and effort on improving the entire UI & UX of the app. Thank you guys, I’m a huge fan of Ecomi/VeVe, keep up the great work and can’t wait for the future. Ps - please work on a Santa Monica/Sony license so I can get a Kratos (God of War) collectible 🙏🏽😊.Version: 1.0.325

The future is here!!!Awesome way to combine augmented reality with my favorite collectibles. Both me and my kids love it!.Version: 1.0.316

So coolVery cool app!.Version: 1.0.333

Awesome appThe future of collectibles and easy to use.Version: 1.0.271

Most exciting app on my phoneLove everything about this app if only the drops was everyday I would buy everyday!!.Version: 1.0.350

Amazing! This app is the future!Don’t think twice about it download it!.Version: 1.0.333

Amazing platform still in beta. Imagine the hype when they gonna release itI am very proud to say this is the best app in 2021! Guys you believe in future? Do you like collectibles? Do you like superheroes? Everything is in here. Don’t get me wrong the app is still in beta but i had a run with the app runs smoothly looks very professional from my prospective I am very eager what will happen in future owners of this app are very motivated and eager to reach their target 🎯 I’m all in with this app omi to the moon🚀🚀🚀.Version: 1.0.338

Ready Player OneGet involved now because this is some of the most exciting tech since the inception of the internet! Omie is also my homie 🚀.Version: 1.0.341

My kids love the Batman collectiblesMy kids are obsessed with placing their collectibles around the house and yes in AR and taking photos..Version: 1.0.297

Surprised me. Is this the future of collectibles?I was pretty skeptical that that would impress me, but I can definitely see people using this, and there’s already some cool NFTs available. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than I expected for a Beta version. Excited to see what comes next..Version: 1.0.316

Good for betaStill needs work but its still in beta so hopefully it improves over time..Version: 1.0.339

Well doneGood app worth tying out.Version: 1.0.338

Love this appSo at first I was confused about what this app was but after checking it out and getting the hang of it and the purpose it served I bought a few collections and made a crazy amount of gains selling them! If you collect funkos like me than this is the app for you bc you get to buy collectibles that are very much worth good money and it’s a new app so you still have time to jump in the boat.Version: 1.0.339

Best App For CollectorsOk where do I start. This app will be a revolutionary to how we collect. I truly can see big things for this app and with the vast amount of licenses this company has with Alfred Kahn in its realm. It will be only a matter of time when this app becomes a house hold name with billion + users..Version: 1.0.325

POKEMON POSSIBILITIESNFT Well Known characters you own This the future for collectors /market place to buy/sell Augmented reality Drive we’ll know named cars with your phone Many more things to come don’t get left behind show this pioneering project love.Version: 1.0.333

Incredible!Incredible app and the future of collectibles! The app is still in beta (early development stages), so if you’re having issues with the app, don’t give it a poor rating just yet...as you’ll be loving it in weeks/months to come! Google...Facebook...Amazon...Netflix...Veve!.Version: 1.0.338

Great appGreat for collecting! Bit buggy sometimes but it’s in beta so can be expected. Keep up the good work guys. I hope they bring pokemon to this!!.Version: 1.0.333

Good but can be betterGood for collectors but choices not very appealing and app can be better (make a desktop, web and ipad version).Version: 1.0.339

This is the futureLove this product, even in its early stages. I can see the potential for this and the NFT market is going to be the next Pokemon card hype 😀.Version: 1.0.333

Welcome to the new world :)VeVe app is cool. Let’s you buy , save and trade your digital assets. AR let’s you make rooms to roam in that have your characters in a mode where you can interact with them. :).Version: 1.0.271

DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES, VeVe is the Future!So you like collectibles, even more digital collectibles? Well VeVe is the app of choice! Purchase, trade and resell NFT’s (Non-Fungible-Tokens) are digital collectibles that can be purchased in-app using conventional payment methods (even though the technology is from blockchain and tokens) so need for any funky manoeuvres to access and purchase the NFT’s. 2FA authentification allows for safe keeping of your collectibles! Enjoy this amazing new world of collectibles!.Version: 1.0.350

Great Collectibles App and StoreSuper stoked to have a place to get these collectibles. So much fun!.Version: 1.0.316

I am excitedCan’t wait for more collectables to drop!.Version: 1.0.333

Fantastic conceptThe ability to bring my NFTs into the real world and interact with them is incredible!.Version: 1.0.341

AwesomeUser friendly app , their collection is 10/10 no problems over here, this company is doing something different in the world and It’s exciting.Version: 1.0.325

This is amazingLove the experience. So easy to use and such cool and premium collectables. Looking forward to what they have to offer next. So exciting..Version: 1.0.333

IncredibleThis is the future of collecting. The best brand names yet, and more to come. You are already able to view others’ showrooms!.Version: 1.0.316

Love itCool.Version: 1.0.341

BobbydazzlersBest app on the store! This is the future of collecting and I’m happy to be part of it so early! Do some research and you’ll see VeVe is the best NFT company out there and everything is sellable which means some serious profit can be made on the collectibles..Version: 1.0.338

VeVe is the future 🚀One of the most promising NFT project, solid team, exclusive licenses, amazing brands. It’s a matter of time before VeVe goes viral!.Version: 1.0.350

Great start for Beta PhaseBought a ton of NFTs already. Looking forward to more Ghostbuster drops along with NFL gear. Please allow to link your OMI to the VEVE wallet or be able to send it on both android and IOS apps please..Version: 1.0.316

To the moonThis is massive with so much potential involved, ar looks crazy this is taking nft to another level. I hope they get all the big names that I’ve seen in the future line up simpsons marvel Nintendo etc.Version: 1.0.333

This shouldn’t be as addictiveMy friends say to me, it’s not a real thing, but trust me, this is in it’s early stages and you sort of feel attached to them & walking in the vault is very cool. These aren’t nft’s in my opinion, they are what they say - digital collectibles & it is an amazing concept & my kids love it already even though they aren’t keen on Batman. As the app grows & more brands follow this truly is going to be an epic digital playground & I’m excited to see where this goes. AR glasses would take it another level but the simplicity of the app is brilliant. I hope the bidding system is made more fair like a lottery to stop people hoarding them, that’s my only downside but that can only mean the app is popular but just needs to be tweaked to prevent multiple device purchases somehow. It truly is an amazingly fun app that has brought a smile to my face during these strange times in lockdown UK. Congrats Veve on a brilliant app (that’s still in beta?!) I can’t wait to see what the future holds..Version: 1.0.339

Love the VeVe appLove using the app and excited for future drops. Can’t wait to try out the marketplace too.Version: 1.0.338

BEST IDEA EVERMy mind is blown... This is going to be HUGE..Version: 1.0.316

Veve poised to be the greatest NFT platformI love this app, the quality of the artwork is world class! With all of these great partnerships and amazing drops, it’s clear that VeVe and the OMI token are going to take over the NFT space this year..Version: 1.0.333

Love it!!Very clean and well built app with a range of licensed digital collectables for everyone! A lot more coming too I hear..Version: 1.0.297

Solid AppSolid app in beta format, will only get better with the tech behind it.Version: 1.0.339

Wow future is OMIThese guys know what they’re doing this is definitely the future of an nft collectablesCan’t wait to see what they do with NFL.Version: 1.0.325

Veve Is the best!Hands down the future of the NFT and collectables market!.Version: 1.0.350

The future of digital collectiblesThese 3D augmented reality collectibles are amazing. Wish they had more unlocks for Australia. Their IP is incredible and all going up in value. I cannot wait for Star Trek!.Version: 1.0.338

Best out thereWhat can I say. Veve is the best. That’s all that needed to be said..Version: 1.0.350

The bestSo cool... so user friendly... the best NFT project iv ever seen.... future of digital collectibles hands down.Version: 1.0.316

En avance sur le futur 🙌🏻Hâte de voir comment l’application va évoluer 👌🏻.Version: 1.0.338

Taking NFT’s and collectables to another levelIt’s truly amazing seeing the possibilities this app brings to NFT’s, this app is only 2 months old and it’s blown me away. I bought a Delorean on launch and I’m so happy with it!! Can’t wait to keep collecting new drops every week! Thanks Veve.Version: 1.0.341

Bebe appAbsolutely fantastic.Version: 1.0.339

The future!!!!!Amazing app! Really user friendly and has a lot of potential..Version: 1.0.333

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE - be historically correct and buy $OMIThis is it. The future. I’m writing this here as a memento. I am writing this here as proof of being historically correct. Ecomi and Veve are the future of NFTs and digital collectables..Version: 1.0.333

Could become addictive..Love the features of this, digital collectibles are weirdly attractive and I like the concept!.Version: 1.0.325

Great project off to the moon!The VeVe app and ECOMI are doing incredible things in the NFT space, going to be a huge project and the future is here!!!.Version: 1.0.350

Really Cool!I’m a collector of comics, cards and sports memorabilia. This is a really cool addition to my collection. Was skeptical of the idea at first, but after seeing the app and content, this is so exciting. Can’t wait for NFL, Superman and GM!.Version: 1.0.330

This app is ok fireCrazy NFT app Never thought figure will be this expensive!.Version: 1.0.350

Best NFT AppVeve is the coolest app by far for NFTs. They have such incredible licenses. Super hyped for the new drops..Version: 1.0.333

InnovativeAwesome idea for collectibles! Can’t believe the quality of the store and the collectibles, will be picking up more!.Version: 1.0.333

Digital collectiblesWith the amount of licences this company are getting things are only going to get better. Designed for interaction and exchanges of digital collectibles. Very promising project..Version: 1.0.339

Only in BETAIncredible app. Only in beta! This thing is gonna disrupt mainstream collectibles and go crazy! Definitely worth downloading and trying out!.Version: 1.0.325

So fun and so forward thinkingAmazing application by a forward thinking and incredibly visionary team. The quality of the product is fantastic. The digital collectibles are really neat and fun to play with. The app has everything I want and we’re still in beta! The team has huge plans for Veve (they call it the Veveverse) and over 100+ licensed brands. Star Trek, NFL, Batman, Adventure Time, Ghost Busters, Back to the Future and more..Version: 1.0.316

Get in while you are early!Everyone should be downloading this while we are early to the party, once this becomes more mainstream and they start getting licences for more bigger and famous companies, characters and programmes people will be kicking themselves they never started collecting or even had a look, I suggest it highly. When it’s out of beta mode it will go parabolic!.Version: 1.0.341

The future of collectablesI've had this app for a week or two now and I know it's only in beta so there are going to be a few issues. But honestly what a great app. Being able to buy and sell collectable art is going to be the future. NFT's (non-fungible tokens) are so new and going to explode. Very excited to see where the space goes. Looking forward to the NFL joining the app..Version: 1.0.333

Love it!!!Its like Pokemon, gotta get them all!! Love the app, had from beta stage and its only getting better. Long live veve and ecomi!!!.Version: 1.0.341

Pokemon? I love this appThis is now my favourite app because i love the concept of being able to interact with your collectibles but I would love to see NFL and Pokemon collectibles in the near future.Version: 1.0.341

Just the beginningFor an app in its infancy it’s fantastic. Engaging and very easy to use. The more collectibles that drop the better Veve will become..Version: 1.0.325

Awesome!My favorite is Harley Quinn ❤️ and Batman!! Great app can’t wait for future development!.Version: 1.0.316

Best NFT functionalityI like the veve.Version: 1.0.338

Great appYou might retire off these one day!.Version: 1.0.325

WowAmazing. So impressed. Great tech and user friendly!!!!.Version: 1.0.316

The futureThis has seriously potential. Love it.Version: 1.0.339

The future of collectiblesI’ve followed this project since it launched and with every update they are making improvements. Huge brands and many more to come!.Version: 1.0.316

I LOVE THIS APP!If I could give this 6 stars I would. I don’t see to say anything more than download and enjoy the ride #OMI.Version: 1.0.333

I’m a believerGreat idea with unbelievable potential. Still waiting for my first drop experience but got my hands on a cool Batman and Joker between drops no problem. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Fist “interactive” collectible possibly being released this week (Ghostbuster ghost trap). And they announced the first of three Delorian versions from Back to the Future coming out April 8. Seriously, check out the other licensing deals they’ve got. It’s going to be huge. Seems like a great team of people working on this too. Great vibe. Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.0.338

The best app for nft collectibles!It is the easy way to buy digital collectibles! Also, they sign partnerships with greats companies..Version: 1.0.333

The futureSooo cool!.Version: 1.0.333

Great app!Enjoying Veve. Look forward to more drops.Version: 1.0.338

Really cool!Love the collectibles!! Really cool AR tech allows you to take pictures with your favorite collectible. This is going to be a big deal!.Version: 1.0.316

This is going placesI really like this! For a beta version it’s not bad at all. Some touch ups needed to UX but the fundamentals behind it are great. Solid project, well done devs. Aston.Version: 1.0.338

WowBest NFT APP 🚀🚀🚀.Version: 1.0.339

Well this is coolStumbled upon this app while looking at NBA Top Shots, can’t wait to grow my collection.Version: 1.0.316

Digital art to another level !Amazing app! I love the digital collectibles and the whole concept .High level !.Version: 1.0.325

Fantastic!Fantastic app! Easy to use, amazing collectibles.Version: 1.0.325

GoodGood app.Version: 1.0.341

King of NFTs and Future of Digital ArtAbsolutely unbelievable, still so very early, in few years time, this will get a name of one of true legends in the industry. Keep it up..Version: 1.0.350

The Future of CollectingThis is amazing - an entire market place for the worlds most popular collectibles..Version: 1.0.325

This app is the future!As a collector of Pokémon cards and other physical collectibles I wasn’t sure what to expect from this digital collectibles app at first, however after using it for a month now and buying some of the collectibles, i am absolutely HOOKED! I love the collectibles so far, and I can’t wait for the next drops! Also the fact you can take pictures of your collectibles anywhere in the world in augmented reality just takes the app to another level! My dogs have become digital friends my Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! I can only see this app taking off! P.s. Bring on the Pokémon! ;-).Version: 1.0.333

Best NFT trading platform out there!I had so many problems with other nft platforms but veve runs so so smoothly, and has so much high quality content, can’t wait until the nfl and Pokemon content gets added! Great work guys!.Version: 1.0.333

Amazing collectiblesLove this app. I have some incredible collectibles, and can’t wait to see what other licences appear..Version: 1.0.338

Fantastic qualityAttention to detail in these well know characters is by far some of the best on the market. In app purchases are so easy and features on the app interacting with the phones camera is fun for kids and adults. Top marks even with being in the beta version.Version: 1.0.325

Amazing collectibles appThis thing is taking NFT digital collectibles to the next level with DC Comics, NFL, Back to the Future and more. If you are not scooping up these collectibles and $OMI coin that backs the app, you are missing out!!.Version: 1.0.316

Ready for PokémonLove this App and can’t wait for more drops to come! So much to look forward to.Version: 1.0.339

Amazing AR collectiblesSo much fun collecting high quality 3D digital versions of my favorite collectibles, arranging them in my showroom, and taking AR photos with them. Batman, back to the future, fast and the furious, Jurassic park, Star Trek, the NFL, and more all dropping this year! Get in early now..Version: 1.0.297

Great appI have been using this app since early March on the whole the app is great and any problems I’ve had have been resolved within 24hrs.. would definitely recommend this app.. once the teething issues of the app’s popularity are sorted this will be a first class app enjoy by millions...Version: 1.0.341

Best NFT app by farVEVE app is amazing! So easy to use and only 2 months old! Only up from here as they bring in more amazing brands like the NFL, DC and hopefully ;).Version: 1.0.338

OMI is the future of NFTGreat app! Design needs a revamp tho, looks kinda 2013.Version: 1.0.325

Getting better every updateThis app is still in its early stages of development but is getting better every update.Version: 1.0.350

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Slick and innovativePretty awesome, this is the future of collectables..Version: 1.0.272

Amazing opportunityHave you seen Ready player one? It begins here!.Version: 1.0.338

This is gona be big!Love the vault, so cool as you walk in and see your characters. This app has crazy stuff in the pipeline with the biggest licences out there😳 I can’t wait! The force is strong with this one🙄🤭😉.Version: 1.0.341

Fav nft appThis app is gonna lead the NFT space just watch.Version: 1.0.333

THE FUTURE OF COLLECTABLESNothing more to say..Version: 1.0.325

Really coolThe digital collectibles on here are so cool and amazing to be able to experience them hopefully they will be rare in the future!!!.Version: 1.0.325

Easy to buy collectibles and even easier to sellGuys you need to try to app out, if u don’t want to get into crypto they have other payments available for buying nfts and there is a marketplace you could sell them whereever you want. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.Version: 1.0.339

I LOVE THIS APP! and it’s still in Beta!!VeVe is a great experience for any collector! You get to own officially licensed collectible items and play with them in VR and AR! You can even share your showroom with other people and let them see your collection! Great idea!.Version: 1.0.333

Amazing!Love everything about it. The AR functioning is so cool and my kids love having their photos taken with Batman!.Version: 1.0.297

Collectibles for the Future - AmazingThis app is incredible, at first I wasn’t sure about it as us humans don’t like change. But think about the future - this is how collectibles will end up and we can experience it early and collect what is to be some of the rarest NFT collectibles going. Not to mention if even more big names come on board! Love it, keep up the amazing work Veve.. ECOMI!!.Version: 1.0.341

Love my VeVe collectibles!I’m so excited for these collectibles! I love my Ultraman! But I can’t wait to see what the future brings!.Version: 1.0.339

Future of collectiblesSuch an amazing app, hearing big things for more drops, despite being in beta the team have been really helpful and looking forward to more drops!.Version: 1.0.341

In beta for the moment but the product is INCREDIBLE!The collectibles are ON POINT! Can’t wait to see what else they do with the AR. They will easily dominate the NFT world!.Version: 1.0.333

Looking good . NFT App is usable no tech complexityLooks and works great ! Hopefully will able to buy in the UK with fiat ( Apple Pay) directly from store drops . Thank you ! Can’t wait for future updates 🤓with new capabilities!.Version: 1.0.325

Loving my Digital Collectibles!!For an app in Beta it’s functions really well. There’s a few loading issues and the social feed has room for growth. But overall impressed and excited for the future!!.Version: 1.0.333

Veve is the futureI’m so excited about this app. I love it. Virtual collectibles are the coolest.Version: 1.0.350

Wow this is next levelSuper excited to be part of this new state of the art digital collectible app.Version: 1.0.325

The future of NFTHappy to be a part of a growing community. I always walk past collectable/ gaming stores in shopping centres and look at the collectables to buy, but never got around to it. This app makes it easy to purchase some child hood favourite collectables for great pricing. The app is in its early stages and will be the future of NFT/ collectables. Dive into this wonderful world and download the app NOW!.Version: 1.0.339

Excited for the future of this app!An amazingly fun and creative app! I’ve always love the idea of AR and the creative possibilities surrounding it. Very excited to see what else becomes possible with it as time passes... Real scratches that collectors itch!.Version: 1.0.338

Superb QualityI really can’t believe how good these things look. The best I’ve come across so far. Keep up the good work!👏🏼.Version: 1.0.325

Very slickEasy to use.Version: 1.0.333

Brilliant!Making collectibles digital makes it easier to store and no worries about damage 😮.Version: 1.0.339

10/10Really so Much potential!.Version: 1.0.338

This is amazing!!I’ve been in the NFT space for a while, but nothing comes close to what VeVe can do!! The AR is so sick!.Version: 1.0.333

This is the future!Amazing app, being able to get these first NFTs ever made by the best brands in the world is just incredible. This app has a bright future!!.Version: 1.0.333

Best NFT appEasy to use. Good collectibles. Great things planned for the future incl games and a meta verse. It is in beta so still a little bit buggy, but get in early for the rewards later on.Version: 1.0.341

Veve app digital assetsAmazing one of kind.Version: 1.0.339

Amazing App, and it’s only BETAThis app is super fun. The licenses are amazing and there’s more coming. This thing is the future of collecting. Some bugs here and there, but it’s still BETA so I’m sure everything it’ll be fixed. Beware, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!.Version: 1.0.330

Love it!Super easy to use and love the augmented reality! Cant wait for Ultra Man!.Version: 1.0.338

AmazingWhy is this the most used app on my phone lol.Version: 1.0.341

NFT currently best appVeve is currently the best app to buy and trade licensed NFT! They provide updates every, already 250k+ users and way more to come ! Can’t wait for the next drop 🔥.Version: 1.0.350

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