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Best app to collectiblesLove how easy to use the app is and how great the collectibles look. Keep it up guys 👍.Version: 1.0.463

BobbydazzlersBest app on the store! This is the future of collecting and I’m happy to be part of it so early! Do some research and you’ll see VeVe is the best NFT company out there and everything is sellable which means some serious profit can be made on the collectibles..Version: 1.0.338

Awesome appGreat selection of collectibles, user friendly :).Version: 1.0.325

Bringing us into the futureThis app has made me enjoy collecting again. Get to read and own expensive comics at a fraction of the price. Sure it’s hard to get drops, but I have got so much more on the marketplace. App has a big future..Version: 1.0.595

I LOVE THIS APP! and it’s still in Beta!!VeVe is a great experience for any collector! You get to own officially licensed collectible items and play with them in VR and AR! You can even share your showroom with other people and let them see your collection! Great idea!.Version: 1.0.333

Solid App being improved slowlyDon’t listen to the crybabies. This is the future of collectables !!.Version: 1.0.528

Great App!Great app for NFT’s! Obviously it’s extremely hard to get one as there’s hundreds of thousands of users and only a couple thousand mints per drop but keep at it and you’ll get some drops! I’ve probably managed to get 5 out of the last 20 drops but that’s how it is! Good luck!.Version: 1.0.541

The futureThis app will win the meta verse.Version: 1.0.473

Amazing App, and it’s only BETAThis app is super fun. The licenses are amazing and there’s more coming. This thing is the future of collecting. Some bugs here and there, but it’s still BETA so I’m sure everything it’ll be fixed. Beware, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!.Version: 1.0.330

5 starsThis APP should come with a warning label. Something like… “Warning, this APP is addictive” lol I wish the company & crew continued success well into our future together where we will converse in the VeVerse ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.0.578

Don’t listen to the haters!I never leave reviews but this app and collecting experience has changed my life! I wish I would have known about this app so much sooner but glad I’m one of the lucky ones who decided to take a chance and I haven’t looked back since! Don’t miss out on collecting items that could one day soon be your early retirement plan. I’m serious, this is the future and VEVE is the beginning. Remember that every company and every app constantly evolves and nothing is ever perfect but if this is the beginning, I’d say VEVE knocked it out of the park. Don’t listen to the complainers because you will miss out on an incredible collecting experience and community! Enjoy!.Version: 1.0.545

One day in and OBSESSEDHoly heck! I’m new to crypto and NFT’s (only been on my radar a few months) came across ecomi without any understanding of collectibles and I’m telling you one day in and I’m on it like I used to be on other social media apps. Very inviting interface. Fun to interact with people. For someone who just thought I’d pop on and off. I’m not obsessed and open it more times a day than I’d like to admit. So grateful to feel like I caught onto this craze early and have snagged some amazing pieces. This is truly changing the collectibles game. And even as a non collector of things previously... it’s still clear this is going to change the world of collectibles. And I am SO HERE FOR IT. 👏🏽.Version: 1.0.350

Amazing concept!As a physical collector the idea of digital might seem very odd, but when you think about the future of the digital world, it really starts to make you think they’re really onto something here... Think about ‘Ready Player One’ the world of VR and gaming will eventually go that way... Now imagine having a place for all your digital collectibles in that virtual world... It’s something you’d be proud to show off just like your physical collection. Thinking about the amount of money people spend on stupid skins in games like Fortnite and Warzone... There is a huge amount potential here, and I’m SO excited to see where this goes. Not only a supporter of OMI but also a huge fan of the concept, marketplace and world VeVe are working towards. Very early adopter so I’m patient with things but the App as a whole needs a massive redesign, the UI & UX needs to be worked on a lot. But as I say it’s very early days & I believe they’re currently in beta so look forward to when they spend more time and effort on improving the entire UI & UX of the app. Thank you guys, I’m a huge fan of Ecomi/VeVe, keep up the great work and can’t wait for the future. Ps - please work on a Santa Monica/Sony license so I can get a Kratos (God of War) collectible 🙏🏽😊.Version: 1.0.325

The best NFT APPHands down the best nft app. Basic supply and demand is why drops go so quickly. There is no other nft company partnered with this many big IPs. Also the ability to put your nfts in your show room via AR / VR is amazing ! The app is still so early I am on the markets everyday. Everyone I know who’s joined this app within the past couple months have been very happy with their investments. A lot of the negative people commenting are those who don’t understand veves future plans. MTL is coming OMI migration already happen. We are so early and congrats for being ahead !.Version: 1.0.564

The FutureYou’re in an historic period of time. The thought of paying for in game digital items once was unattractive. Now that industry is a multi billion dollar industry. You’re in the period where people are questioning ownership of a digital collectible. 5-10 years later, gen z and beyond will see this as the norm. The app itself is already amazing and its only in beta. Im sure the team is taking feedback into account and optimizing where they see fit. My only comment is to make the UX/UI more aesthetically pleasing and incorporate a better navigation ecosystem. Ecomi is leading the way in this new uncharted space..Version: 1.0.325

Everything great comes with some hateI have been a veve app user for 9 months. When I first found it there were about 10,000 downloads and the app has now eclipsed 1 million+ downloads. The developer/social media teams ability to scale the app for the growing user base while paying attention to their customers desires is quite honestly unparalleled in the business industry in my opinion. You may find people leaving negative reviews about how there are glitches or various other complaints but all that I have observed is that time after time the user interface, speed, and functionality of the app improves on a week to week basis even as the user base continues to grow. The social media team makes themselves available via twitter and Instagram and is very well connected with the user base. There will be development obstacles for an app that has grown at the speed that veve has in order to keep the UI flowing smoothly but the brand partnerships, fun, community, and ability to learn about a new technology in collecting digital assets of brands we love makes this app a 5/5 from me!.Version: 1.0.528

Fantastic and addictive!Downloaded VEVE back in March time and wasn’t personally into collecting, but now I find myself having trouble parting with my collectibles and comics! Would recommend anyone to download. The project has so much to give that we haven’t even realised yet!.Version: 1.0.539

Brilliant App and Amazing FutureI’ve been using Veve since mid 2020, and as the user growth has been growing it’s harder/impossible to land drops. But that’s not a bad thing, it means that everything in the app has value and will continue to increase in value. Yes, the app has had technical issues, but remember it’s still in its infancy and it has improved tremendously from the beginning. I’d encourage anyone to see past some of the issues, do some research on the team, community, and plethora of articles and videos about Ecomi/Veve, learn where it’s going and join the ride..Version: 1.0.555

Fantastic qualityAttention to detail in these well know characters is by far some of the best on the market. In app purchases are so easy and features on the app interacting with the phones camera is fun for kids and adults. Top marks even with being in the beta version.Version: 1.0.325

Gets better with every update 👏Gets better (and more addictive!) with every update. Improvements to make drops fairer, better AR graphics and lighting (thanks Trevor) and nice new items every week. Something really different and special compared to other apps..Version: 1.0.402

The Future of CollectingThis is amazing - an entire market place for the worlds most popular collectibles..Version: 1.0.325

Forward ThinkersIf you can see the eventual adoption of NFT’s or digital collectibles into mainstream then this is somewhere you want to be, like any other investment or collection there will be people who down talk it or have had a bad experience, if you believe in the IP and the project then you will be thanking yourself in years time, remember this space is a new frontier and it pays to get in early, if you have doubts.. look up the team behind the company that’s leading this project, cheers..Version: 1.0.588

This shouldn’t be as addictiveMy friends say to me, it’s not a real thing, but trust me, this is in it’s early stages and you sort of feel attached to them & walking in the vault is very cool. These aren’t nft’s in my opinion, they are what they say - digital collectibles & it is an amazing concept & my kids love it already even though they aren’t keen on Batman. As the app grows & more brands follow this truly is going to be an epic digital playground & I’m excited to see where this goes. AR glasses would take it another level but the simplicity of the app is brilliant. I hope the bidding system is made more fair like a lottery to stop people hoarding them, that’s my only downside but that can only mean the app is popular but just needs to be tweaked to prevent multiple device purchases somehow. It truly is an amazingly fun app that has brought a smile to my face during these strange times in lockdown UK. Congrats Veve on a brilliant app (that’s still in beta?!) I can’t wait to see what the future holds..Version: 1.0.339

Collectors must have!Finally a digital collectable app with real world purpose..Version: 1.0.325

The Future of NFT’SThis app is incredible, so much fun collecting the variety of of different nft’s already out & can only imagine what’s to come next. Setting out your showroom & interacting with your nft’s (digital collectibles) is a great time. The team behind Veve are doing amazing things & this will be the future of nft’s & digital assets. 10/10!.Version: 1.0.541

Solid AppSolid app in beta format, will only get better with the tech behind it.Version: 1.0.339

Collectors DreamSo many brands releasing sought after items! You will find what you like and you will love your collection! Be patient and keep time between your moves unless you know what you’re doing. Being patient is good since every other month there’s big pumps in the market allowing you to be ahead of others just by getting in earlier !!.Version: 1.0.575

To the moonThis is massive with so much potential involved, ar looks crazy this is taking nft to another level. I hope they get all the big names that I’ve seen in the future line up simpsons marvel Nintendo etc.Version: 1.0.333

Love this appNowhere else can you get a digital collectable that gives the opportunity to purchase a childhood hero in NFT form..Version: 1.0.512

Made me into a child againThese collectibles reignited my passion for collecting exclusive collectibles in form of NFTs. Can see this team leading the NFT industry More users have come on suddenly which made it a bit buggy on drops but team rectified in a day!!.Version: 1.0.512

Good but still needs improvement.I believe that VEVE does have its potential in the long term future, but it’s in its early stage. There will of course be glitches and bugs. People also need to realize that it indeed is difficult to get the collectibles on drops days. it’s not because of bots, but simply because of the high demand and traffic in servers. Roughly a million people on one app pressing the same button at the same time will without a doubt make collectibles sell out quickly and smelt the app glitch. Assuming there’s 60,000 collectibles as there has been for the Disney drops. That’s a 60,000/1,000,000 chance of getting one which is only 6%! I’m not saying there isn’t any bots, who knows. but I definitely do believe that the correlation is more so with high demand. Please please also research and learn before investing. Veve still has yet to add in the ability to exchange for gems and money. Overall, amazing potential, still have improvements..Version: 1.0.512

Incredible!Incredible app and the future of collectibles! The app is still in beta (early development stages), so if you’re having issues with the app, don’t give it a poor rating just yet...as you’ll be loving it in weeks/months to come! Google...Facebook...Amazon...Netflix...Veve!.Version: 1.0.338

SpeechlessDownload this app, open it up and you will be so addicted to collecting it will make your head spin!.Version: 1.0.402

Best app i have ever usedHighly recommend it.Version: 1.0.339

Fantastic app!Amazed by some of the low reviews on here, but more on that in a minute. Listen folks, Veve is a GROUNDBREAKING app. NFT’s are the future and if you don’t get in now, you’ll be left behind. Veve has constantly improved their app since day one, and although there are still bugs, they are moving forward to fix things. And their collectibles are second to none. As for the negative reviews, a lot seem to be coming from the “entitled” crowd who don’t seem to understand that a “limited edition collectible” means that not everyone gets one. If you want a participation trophy, this isn’t the app for you. But stop crying about how you didn’t get the item you wanted. Guess what, not everyone does, but that’s what the secondary market is for..Version: 1.0.528

NFT FutureThis community and app are amazing! Collect what you love, Flip items to bump your wallet to secure those out of reach items Highly addictive and potentially profitable. Disney, Marvel, DC, Ultraman, USPS just to name a few! This is what Opensea should have been!.Version: 1.0.564

Best App For CollectorsOk where do I start. This app will be a revolutionary to how we collect. I truly can see big things for this app and with the vast amount of licenses this company has with Alfred Kahn in its realm. It will be only a matter of time when this app becomes a house hold name with billion + users..Version: 1.0.325

Best thing since sliced 🍞!!This app has changed my life! 💯 the best thing since sliced 🍞. I’ve turned $8000 into $50,000. Have been in since March/21. It’s still early in the game. If you like to collect and like making 💰 VEVE is a no brainer guys. You will love it trust me.👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿.Version: 1.0.575

GreatThe one stars are from people who weren’t lucky and or quick enough to secure a drop. I haven’t even landed one yet, but I’m not complaining. The app is significantly less buggy than it was before despite the influx of new users trying to get in on the NFT train. With such a small team, that really says something. I guess my only concern/complaint is the bots. Other than that, I have 0 reason to bash the app or the company. They are very informative, responsive, and are pretty clearly working hard and tirelessly on the apps usability and functionality. If you want to to start making money off linceases NFTs (Disney, Marvel, Cartoon Network, etc) this is the place..Version: 1.0.512

ImprovementBetter, no more crashing 😁.Version: 1.0.519

Best NFT app in existenceSo many premium licensed NFTs available in the app. The team is fantastic and the opportunity to put your NFTs in AR and play with them is second to none! Keep up the great work guys!.Version: 1.0.532

Excited for the future of this app!An amazingly fun and creative app! I’ve always love the idea of AR and the creative possibilities surrounding it. Very excited to see what else becomes possible with it as time passes... Real scratches that collectors itch!.Version: 1.0.338

Great AppLove collecting and bringing it anywhere I go!!!!.Version: 1.0.473

Love it!!Very clean and well built app with a range of licensed digital collectables for everyone! A lot more coming too I hear..Version: 1.0.297

Collecting InvigoratedVery fun app experience - it has reignited a comic collecting pastime from years ago, while allowing for so much more utility. Gone are the concerns of taking a comic out of its case / fingerprints or stains, storing / moving / securing…basically not being able to read and reread your books, and sharing your collection is as easy as opening your phone. Further, the digital collectibles (NFTs) are stunning, with superior 3D quality, animations & easy purchase access. Best of all, the IP licensing is incredible - these are not 2D napkin drawings…they are approved NFTs from trusted artists and brands like Marvel, DC, Universal, Star Wars, DISNEY and even COCA-COLA. Although early in its development, this app is built by veteran collectors FOR collectors. With Pokemon’s Alfred Khan on board as a partner, expect to see many exciting things and brands in the years ahead. You do need to be cautious, as it is easy to both get carried away and buy the gems needed for the app, with no guarantee of financial success, but if you invest carefully with what you can afford to lose and ignore the FUD that comes with any new platform, you may find yourself suddenly REALLY enjoying some of the awesome integrations with Marvel / Disney+ and much more..Version: 1.0.595

Killer collectibles, app needs some TLCI’ve been collecting on the app. The app hasn’t gotten the attention it needs yet because of how big this has grown in such a short time. In essence this was still supposed to be Beta. Due to popular demand, it’s being forced to grow much quicker than they intended. So there are glitches, bugs, etc, but there is a solid team that are experts in the collectibles world, and a community that loves it all. If you don’t get something on a drop, don’t worry. They have a marketplace to buy it second hand on the app. Plus there’s multiple drops every week!.Version: 1.0.519

Wish I would’ve joined soonerHonestly love this app! I first heard about VEVE in February of this year and didn’t join until August and my biggest regret is not joining when I first found out about it. This app is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and not only that but I was able to join a crazy community that surrounds did Jake the dog collectible! Who would’ve thought such an awesome experience would have come from this. Please please please download this app buy your first Jakethedog NFT’s and check out that community could not stress how happy it will make you!.Version: 1.0.528

Get in while you are early!Everyone should be downloading this while we are early to the party, once this becomes more mainstream and they start getting licences for more bigger and famous companies, characters and programmes people will be kicking themselves they never started collecting or even had a look, I suggest it highly. When it’s out of beta mode it will go parabolic!.Version: 1.0.341

So much fun with a bright futureVeVe is an amazing Digital collector app! I’m 40 and was never into collecting before I found the app. I had never read let alone owned a single comic, now I find myself hunting comics in real life too. My kids love the collectibles, we hide one around the house before bed and the kids have to find it! Fun for the whole family. Bonus… just like real collectibles the value of these digital collectibles will go up over time. Once you are able to remove gems as freely as you add them this app will reach the moon. It’s still early, get in while you can!!.Version: 1.0.532

Awesome appIt crashes on my iPhone SE (2020) when I press the play button on a market listing, and I think the UI could do with some work. BUT I love the concept and all the collectibles that are available. With so many big licences, I can see a bright future for VeVe..Version: 1.0.350

Great app defo 5 starsBeen using this app for a while now great company with great ethics really interested in customer experience and fairness.. had an issue with a drop.. they gave me a free collectable.. veve is still early well worth a look if your a serious collector...Version: 1.0.512

New User ExperienceI’ve been using this App for a little over a month so still figuring things out. Overall the app is nicely done and is easy to use/navigate. I have noticed glitches when you go to view a collectible after downloading it. After downloading if you touch the touch your screen the app will crash. This can be an annoyance as you have to restart the app and then find the collectible again. From what I hear the VeVe team is working hard to address issues and improve the app. It can be difficult getting drops in the store due to the demand as a result if you want something you’ll have to purchase it in the open market. Yes the price will be higher but if you really value the item get over it and buy it in the open market. Overall I’m happy with the app..Version: 1.0.545

The FutureI hesitate to give a good review because the community is growing so fast that it’s getting very hard to get drops. The difficulty is the reason for many complaints. People also don’t understand how things work because VeVe is so new. Not being able to withdraw funds isn’t a defect. It just takes time to get the license for this and we expect to have it this year. Now, there are bugs. There are bots. Like with most things. But they are moving quickly to address issues. As for things selling out in 1 second, that’s not a scam. That’s math. If 100K people go for 30K collectibles at the same time, that’s everything in a second. Still, my family enjoys it and I can’t wait to see what all is coming in 2022..Version: 1.0.541

*Warning* Will turn you into a collectorAmazing app that lets you buy limited edition fully licensed premium digital collectibles, and now comics! These 3D models can be viewed in Augmented reality as well! Take photos with your favourite characters😁 Heard of NFTs, but not sure how to get into them? This app has Marvel, DC, Universal and the coolest independent artists in the world, all together on this easy to use, no-Blockchain-knowledge required platform..Version: 1.0.473

Need iPad version!!!It’s amazing how the things are developing day by day. The collections are outstanding but really hard reading those comics of our dream!!! Those are childhood memories, it’s a request to develop iPad version so that we can read. Cheers.Version: 1.0.473

Amazing interfaceBrilliant interface out of all the digital asset apps, still in beta but many improvements and updates are out regularly..Version: 1.0.333

Loving my Digital Collectibles!!For an app in Beta it’s functions really well. There’s a few loading issues and the social feed has room for growth. But overall impressed and excited for the future!!.Version: 1.0.333

Wonderful and simple entry to NFT’s with great community!I have been part of VeVe family for about 10 months, joining in march 2021 and I was honestly blown away by how well the app has improved over time, how we kept getting better and better brands signed on, releasing collectibles AND how cool it was to see different smaller communities forming within VEVE fam based on collectibles we love and collect. It’s also quite a thing that we are this early and all these collectibles will most likely rise in value over time so your purchases might even have possibilities of giving you profit if you decide to sell them. Honestly, just download the app, experience a few drops, experience collectibles and placing them in AR/showrooms or try reading a comic in AR, and I bet you’ll be surprised how cool it is..Version: 1.0.545

Solid!So early and already, some of these licenses are some of my fave brands and characters! Very cool. List of Ecomi VeVe Brand Licenses: • DC Collectibles • Ghostbusters • Harley Quinn • Batman • Superman • tokidoki • Back to the Future • Jurassic park • Monster Hunter • Ultraman • Adventure Time • Powerpuff Girls •Star Trek •NFL • General Motors • Ultraman.Version: 1.0.338

Super rare stingray Irwin collection only 10 being dropped.Live in luxury all around the world while punters donate their hard earned into my bank accounts. I warned you all this was a scam the minute they advised you couldn’t cash gems 💎.Version: 1.0.539

Amazing collectiblesLove this app. I have some incredible collectibles, and can’t wait to see what other licences appear..Version: 1.0.338

Future of collectibles right here.Fantastic app, I’m already addicted! Massive names just keep coming in terms of partnerships. User experience seriously smooth considering the ridiculous volume of people using it. Can’t wait to see what the future holds..Version: 1.0.512

Best app for digital collectible investment, entertainment and profitability.I’ve been involved in Veve since February 2021 and the team behind the company have improved the app tremendously in such a short space of time. As a result they now have a great product, the app runs smooth, the community is amazing and the Veve team are continuously growing everything in the right direction. The digital collectible NFT world is about to explode and Veve is at the forefront of this, with huge licenses, great 3D collectibles and comics and way more to come not just in terms of items to purchase in the app but the exciting features that are still to come..Version: 1.0.541

The next evolution of investment grade collectablesVeve has the license to re create a huge number of important IP brands through its revolutionary new collectables app. An amazing opportunity for us all to invest in these important digital collectables early on..Version: 1.0.564

Don't give up on the app!Been here since Feb and it's been an amazing learning experience. Love collecting this has got me into collecting physicals of what I own on veve. Amazing idea, amazing implementation of a future concept which will soon me adopted by the masses. This year you will be able to see the cash out feature which will allow Every people to purchase without any worries. Even though it's a fact Marvel, Disney, Universal aren't going to scam you? Most believe they apparently are out here to do so, so that cash out feature with be massive. Despite that I love what I own, love using it with the augmented reality feature. Prefer that to VR and think it's more usable in everyday life. Love this App for the team love the products they are producing and that I own 🖤⭕️.Version: 1.0.541

Soon to be a household nameGreat app, certainly has some growing pains however the team is very proactive and open with communication. As a collector this allows me to buy and sell and collect the things I enjoy without having to add another room to my house!.Version: 1.0.519

Endless fun!What an exciting and innovative app! This platform has an amazing community and I can only see tremendous upside from here on out!! 😄.Version: 1.0.512

Great app, early opportunityRapidly building app, scaling and expanding into several industries- licensed collectibles, metaverse, gaming, social, finance etc. Fun to use and great to be a part of an awesome community and the next wave of technology..Version: 1.0.512

Love veveBeen a member since last year and so much has changed. As more users harder to get drops but since bots have been dealt with have been able to get one or two. Huge IP present such as Star Trek, Disney and marvel with AR and animation. Plus comics. So glad I am early still..Version: 1.0.596

This app is the future!As a collector of Pokémon cards and other physical collectibles I wasn’t sure what to expect from this digital collectibles app at first, however after using it for a month now and buying some of the collectibles, i am absolutely HOOKED! I love the collectibles so far, and I can’t wait for the next drops! Also the fact you can take pictures of your collectibles anywhere in the world in augmented reality just takes the app to another level! My dogs have become digital friends my Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! I can only see this app taking off! P.s. Bring on the Pokémon! ;-).Version: 1.0.333

Definitely doesn’t deserve 1 starThis app is such an amazing opportunity to get in this early… imagine being a normal person working a normal job and having the VERY FIRST Spider-Man NFT or VERY FIRST Batman nft or VERY FIRST Disney NFT OR THE VERY FIRST of so many other huge brands.. all the ppl that left 1 star missed out on drops , didn’t get what they wanted , or sold out and missed out on huge gains.. this app will never deserve 1 star if anything at a minimum it should be 4 stars because it’s still so new so yeah some things need to be worked on but the bigger picture means so much more in a situation like this.. congrats to anyone who gets this app, it’s addicting asf😂.Version: 1.0.545

Very addictive and compellingIgnore the reviews of those who are salty they didn’t get a drop. Yes it is hard to land a collectible, after all there are literally 100,000 people trying to score 10,000 high quality items. No, there isn’t any more a bot problem than any other popular platform that gives you a chance to 10x your investment. It’s obvious this team cares about security and is continually striving to improve the experience. Best of all you don’t have to spend anything, just download the app for free and enjoy browsing through all the premium 3d collectibles at your leisure!.Version: 1.0.512

Veve is litThis app is pretty awesome . Nft is the new collectable space ..Version: 1.0.325

FunPretty cool to own classic characters from my childhood and beyond. Never knew who Ron English was untill VeVe showed me. Exposure to digital art and pop culture AR. And that’s just the future. App is smooth and the VeVe community is pretty cool. The VeVe management stream Adair bit with lots of cool news and updates. Nice and transparent..Version: 1.0.376

So Your Own ResearchI have been a part of this app since March-April of 2021. I understand where people can be frustrated about not getting drops sometimes but that is the nature of the beast. I can confidentially say I get the drop 50-60% of the time. You have to realize and understand that there are over 150,000 people including you on any given drop date. Trying to be the fastest to the collectible. In regards to the bots. Every industry in existence has people scamming botting or trying to cheat the system in some shape way or form. To think VEVE is any different would make you naive. There will always be foul players trying to beat any system. Just like with the ps5 and people buying dozens to resell them at double the price. Now they are still back ordered. In regards to the Gem to USD. It take 2 years normally to get that license. Even Coinbase. One of the largest exchanges in the world did not allow you to withdraw your earnings from its platform for the first year or so. And now look where they are. Just keep these things in mind when listening to the rest of the reviews. Stick to the facts, not just opinions..Version: 1.0.545

Amazing platform still in beta. Imagine the hype when they gonna release itI am very proud to say this is the best app in 2021! Guys you believe in future? Do you like collectibles? Do you like superheroes? Everything is in here. Don’t get me wrong the app is still in beta but i had a run with the app runs smoothly looks very professional from my prospective I am very eager what will happen in future owners of this app are very motivated and eager to reach their target 🎯 I’m all in with this app omi to the moon🚀🚀🚀.Version: 1.0.338

Ready for PokémonLove this App and can’t wait for more drops to come! So much to look forward to.Version: 1.0.339

Finally a NFT collectibles app that’s intuitiveThis app is the future of NFT exchanges.Version: 1.0.325

When will we receive send/receive gems option in ios version of the appWhen will we receive send/receive gems option in ios version of the app.Version: 1.0.545

NFT top dog!I’ve been using veve since march and have managed to build up a fairly substantial collection. Amongst all the delays and chaos this company has pushed the boundaries of IP in the nft space and is a force to be reckoned with! Get to know before it’s too late!🚀.Version: 1.0.539

WELCOME TO THE NFT SPACE!This app lets you collect what’s going to be the Next Greatest COLLECTIBLES of all time in EVERY sense of the way! These aren’t just nicely put together drawings or renderings, this is Licensed Digital ART that we all know and love! Bringing these amazing characters into our life’s as NFT’s is only the beginning and if you are here you have found the hidden GEM! From CartoonNetwork, to Marvel, DC, Disney!!!!! And so many other official happy partners that it’s hard to keep up! We have an amazing team! And an even more amazing FAMILY! It is hard to secure some drops on release date but remember there are 500k + users and growing, but don’t forget the secondary market! Where anything is possible! Come join us!.Version: 1.0.532

Best Collectibles app hands down!Veve is the the most fun I’ve I had in a long time! Premium digital collectables with the best Licensing you can find around! No competition! Only the beginning to what’s to come for this amazing app! 🚀💎.Version: 1.0.539

🤩 No more BOT 🤩So happy that veve take action against bot Everything is possible now 🙏🏽.Version: 1.0.596

Fantastic!Your own VR display showroom and Augmented reality features to interact with fully licensed NFTs. It’s addictive, I can’t wait for more new content. If you’re a collector then this app is well worth a look..Version: 1.0.364

Awesome appThe future of collectibles and easy to use.Version: 1.0.271

Best/Safest NFT Market AroundWant access to all of your favorite pop culture brands like Disney, Marvel, DC, and more??? Look no further than this app. Does it have things that need to be worked on? Yes! But the team is continuously dropping new items and making adjustments to the app in hopes to make the experience that much better for us. The latest adjustments made have seems to limit bot activity which has made this app fun again! Cash out is coming soon just be patient and enjoy getting into something this big at this early of a stage. For all of the Veve is a scam reviews let’s think about this for a second… would these major brands blindly partner with a sketchy app? My answer is they probably vetted them pretty hard and made sure people won’t be getting scammed. Keep calm and Veve on!.Version: 1.0.588

OmiThis app is amazing! Can’t wait for updates in the future to be allowed to start withdrawing out profits into ££ and for the change over to immutable so our collectables can be everywhere! Last but not least i also can’t wait for the Omi token to grown massively also 📈🚀.Version: 1.0.519

Future of collectiblesSuch an amazing app, hearing big things for more drops, despite being in beta the team have been really helpful and looking forward to more drops!.Version: 1.0.341

Taking NFT’s and collectables to another levelIt’s truly amazing seeing the possibilities this app brings to NFT’s, this app is only 2 months old and it’s blown me away. I bought a Delorean on launch and I’m so happy with it!! Can’t wait to keep collecting new drops every week! Thanks Veve.Version: 1.0.341

The future of collectibles !!! I’m hookedGet yourself some Batman NFTs. You’ll thank me later.Version: 1.0.333

This is amazingLove the experience. So easy to use and such cool and premium collectables. Looking forward to what they have to offer next. So exciting..Version: 1.0.333

Best NFT trading platform out there!I had so many problems with other nft platforms but veve runs so so smoothly, and has so much high quality content, can’t wait until the nfl and Pokemon content gets added! Great work guys!.Version: 1.0.333

Addicted & Lovin VeveThis app will change lives. Whole family on the app. Only problem is that all the action happens for us Australians at 3am, but we get up anyway. If you love Disney and Marvel or a lover of pop culture check it out. Should not really tell anyone as it will get even harder with more people on the app. Good luck if you do!.Version: 1.0.541

Download ASAPThe sooner you download the earlier you will be to life changing wealth. Not a moon boy but if you know about nfts or own any you are early. The earlier you start the better your collection will be and worth a lot more. These should be seen as assets which they are they appreciate overtime and soon can make passive income through renting. Been on the app since April and I love it. Came from the ama just download the app and give it a try. (Also spoiler if you don’t want to download the app I spent $7 for a digital comic book (nft) I sold it for 8k yes sounds like a scam but defiantly is not just check the market place out and the value ).Version: 1.0.532

Good nftNice collection!.Version: 1.0.578

Veve is the Disneyland of collectiblesAmazing app!! Been on since January and never been a collector previously but getting addicted to these. Cause they’re so good!!! Can’t wait to see where this project goes and am a proud holder of their Omi token also. Thanks #ecomi.Version: 1.0.384

Endless possibilitiesI downloaded this app to see what all the hype was about. Just to be clear this technology is new but these guys are going to change the world! Can you imagine a virtual reality world where you can play with your collectables! Just amazing! Can’t wait for the next drop!.Version: 1.0.350

Great collectiblesFinally got my first collectible and could not be happier! Just a small FYI, the prices state dollars but in the UK it charges the amount in pounds. For small purchases the difference is nominal but for hundreds or thousands, it makes quite a bit of difference i.e. £600 ≈ $839, which means I get approx 239 less gems.Version: 1.0.350

Watch this space…Great app with its flaws but more importantly an impressive license offering and limitless potential. This is the future….Version: 1.0.583

A new market leaderAmazing app, ahead of the curve in every way. Watch this space.Version: 1.0.325

Best app for NFTsVeve is hands down the leader in digital collectibles. The point is for them to be difficult to obtain so not everyone can get one on drop day. It forces you to stay current with the drops so you really get excited when it’s time to try to get a collectible. The NFTs themselves are flawless and fun to look at, interact with, and move around your vault. Soon veve will have an open world type atmosphere where users can visit each other and check out their collections. If you use decentraland then be on the lookout for when veve crushes it and takes over. I love it and my 4 year old can get enough of my Spider-Man, Superman, and other digital collectibles. The best part is that you can resell them back to other collectors for profit in the veve market. It’s probably the coolest way to make money and entertain my kid at the same time..Version: 1.0.451

The Future of Collecting and Much MoreFirst let me say this app has a lot of bugs! It is 1 year new and as expected as most betas a lot of glitches and errors especially during big drops. The other biggest thing is you can’t cash out if you do miss a drop! Your gems are stuck in there for now until they obtain the Money Transfer License. They have confirmed they will get it once they finish wtv regulatory stuff they must satisfy. With all that being said I still give it 5 stars because of the team in charge, the licenses they’ve acquired, and the approach they are taking On NFTs, Digital Collecting, Metaverse, and just the future in general. There is so much I could write about how bright the future is for this app and the assists tied to it..Version: 1.0.512

WowThis is such an awesome app, I can’t stop showing my mates the vault with my collectables. Apparently Veve is still only in it’s beta, looking forward to seeing what comes next!.Version: 1.0.325

AddictiveEasily one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded. This is the future, if you haven’t downloaded already then do it right now!.Version: 1.0.512

A real review VERY HAPPYBeing a new user to the app.. I really like it.. I think it’s a big coincidence and unfair of the previous reviews. Yes it’s difficult to win items, but items (even the common) are rare for the number of users..hence being worth something, and giving it that bit more thrill, yes I have won on a drop and also purchased on the marketplace, where can sometimes get a little bargain. There is talk on social media about bots taking over and I’m sure the developers are working on the problem, hence some of the recent delays in drops and site maintenance. If you like collectibles and are just getting into nft’s then this is ideal, some really good license’s under their belt already some really good collectibles and comics. “Some” really good groups on socials will vouch. Glad I was introduced to it.Version: 1.0.555

Best collectible appNice seeing Veve and their next gen collectibles..Version: 1.0.384

Makes me money trading brands I know and loveIt does have its issues like cashing out but my overall experience and fun I haven’t wanted to cash out. Just keep investing into a new generation of collecting.Version: 1.0.541

Amazing concept!!I love the concept and I know this will be huge in the near future. They’ve already got some big licenses on board and I’m sure there are more in the works. The UI is modern and easy to use and the social side of the app with likes/comments is a nice addition too. Downside would be the load times and some other small things but this is super early and in Beta so I’m sure it will be smooth sailing soon enough. Excited to see how this pans out!.Version: 1.0.330

Start collecting NFTs here!Easy to use with loads of 3D collectibles including Disney, Marvel, StarWars, DC, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Voltron and much much more! In most cases these NFTs are available exclusively on VeVe and with thousands of new users joining every day there is a good opportunity to resell your collectibles at a profit if you want to..Version: 1.0.545

Amazing Community!The veve app and the NFTs the company is creating are second to none! That’s not to say that improvements aren’t needed within the platform, but veve listens to what people want and are constantly working out bugs with haste. Aside from having deals with numerous famous brands, the most amazing part is the community. This is a project you can truly get behind and mark my words, this WILL be the face of NFTs one day. This company and what they are doing are here to stay! People will talk about the mark they have made in the digital world for years to come. Buckle up, this is going to be a wild ride!.Version: 1.0.486

Veve X Ecomi = Wow WeeeeSo stoked to be involved in Collecting with Veve! Who thought couple of legends from New Zealand could make waves this big, enjoying the journey and excited for the future with Veve and the Omi Token.Version: 1.0.441

The future right hereAbsolutely fantastic concept, this gets better every week and now they have partnered with marvel the collectibles are gunna be great. When they add the VeVe multiverse to this app then it will hit another level. The future of collectibles and gaming in your hand.Version: 1.0.402

The future of digital collectiblesThese 3D augmented reality collectibles are amazing. Wish they had more unlocks for Australia. Their IP is incredible and all going up in value. I cannot wait for Star Trek!.Version: 1.0.338

Easiest way to invest in NFTs - VEVE appThis app is already changing the way people collect collectibles. Why invest in something that you can’t show off and be proud of? This app allows you to put all of your collectibles in a vault - allowing other users to view your items that you own. You can also easily exchange collectibles using their market right on the app. The best part is that the app is still in Beta and has huge upside potential from here. You should download it and be ready for the next collectible drop. The last one crashed the app.... which on a positive note shows the crazy amount of volume. But Ecomi has been letting us know that their team is hard at work making sure the next drop can sustain the MASSIVE amount of volume that has newly been coming to the app. 5 stars highly recommended.Version: 1.0.338

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