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Farming Simulator 20 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Farming Simulator 20 app received 68 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Farming Simulator 20? Can you share your negative thoughts about farming simulator 20?

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Farming Simulator 20 for Negative User Reviews

ForestyYOU NEED TO ADD FORESTY.Version: 1.1.10

Could be betterI enjoyed this game for a few weeks, however it all feels quite boring now. Having done the different kinds of farming on different fields there’s no where else for the game to go. You can’t build more buildings, do different productions, modify your setups, store equipment properly etc. It’d also be great to see some other simple equipment such as a jcb loader so you can move bails around in smaller quantities. I get it, this is a phone game, but people are paying good money for a game that goes nowhere and leaves you bored after a few weeks. Even some different maps to play on, to expand the gaming experience a bit… Fingers crossed for some decent updates on the future 🤞.Version: 1.1.9

IPhone XI’ve the giants brand and have had every farming simulator since 2011 both pc, Xbox and phone. Hopefully this game will be great after a few updates. My main concern is that i have a IPhone X and I am unable to buy fields or even see the prices and my least favourite thing is that Ai are unable to deliver loads to sell points to enable more time for you to enjoy harvesting, unlike in the 2018 version of the game. Please fix and make my life great again. :).Version: 1.0.1

More of the same old thingIf you have played a recent version of this game then don’t waste your money. Yes it’s a little nicer with a few more bells and whistles but it’s basically just more of the same old thing. Ive played a previous version because I liked seeing all the equipment that I don’t own. However that shine has worn off with nothing new that’s really worthwhile to offer. I’m also pretty sure the creators have never stepped foot onto a real farm. Farming is not just about tractor work. Yes it’s a big part but it’s not everything. Unfortunately this is how this game frames farming. A very narrow viewpoint of what its really like to have a farm. There is so much depth that the game chooses to ignore. I’m not sure why because it would make the game more challenging and fun. Note to the creators: farming is not just driving a tractor over a field and then collecting money. Do some research. Go work on a farm for a month. You will understand what you missed..Version: 1.1.0

It deleted my best worldI’m not happy I just got on the game I went into Career and my best world was gone it just disappeared I had around $400,000 dollars a A114 valtra tractor, TX32 New Holland harvester, Ziegler Corn champion 5R, rabe MKE 300, Amazone ED 3000-C, Strautmann SEK 802, Lizard Module 4. This may seem like it’s all a lie but it’s not I had the idea if I have all these cheap machines it will put me closer to getting a cotton harvester and farming cotton it did put me ahead but not by much. Is there anyway you can help me get my world back or do something to give me the money to restart but with all my gear and money. If you can this would be great. Please reply..Version: 1.1.10

Pretty goodI love the game I play fs19 17 and 15 on multiple platforms and love the farm sim franchise, and mobile is cool I’ve felt this way about it being on mobile for ages, only things are - When playing with a controller you cannot change look sense, interiors steering moves to quickly and unrealisticly, when using tilt and the little bar oh there is to big of a gap in between turning left to right, last three things, can you add more trailers you can use with pickup, add more customization because at the moment can’t even change color of what your buying from what I know of, and can you have in option to have you side and reer view mirrors - if you read this and eventually do these things I would appreciate, other than these great game.Version: 1.1.6

Crop ratesThere is many things so good and many things bad. Good things— looks natural, vehicles speed feels fast rather than fs18, Feilds big, Bad things— crops rates so bad, it very less price, every crop should be start from $1500, crop graphics looks not good rather than fs18, and signs of crop as well bag like a little child drowning, not mills giving extra price rate like in fs 18 1.9 times prices, Not auto drive option for sale. Roads are so wide..Version: 1.0.2

Not workingDownloaded and app keeps kicking out. How do I get my money back?.Version: 1.1.12

Missing some previous elementsGood graphics and machines but there’s a lot missing from the game. No AI to take grain to sell. Camera doesn’t auto centre when you double tap the screen, instead goes to internal view. No easy way to recenter. No auto driver to move a vehicle to a waypoint. Tractors can tip over and there’s no way to reset without a lot of mucking about. Game has so much potential but is let down by simple things that were in farm sim 18 and now not included..Version: 1.0.1

Can’t play on a iPad 😤😤Can’t play on a iPad 😤😤 and bought from ipad but my I can play in phone but I would much rather play on my iPad.Version: 1.1.4

Waste of moneyI have played farming sim19 on Xbox quite a bit and when I found that I could getting a mobile version for farming sim 20 but I was merely impressed as you can’t walk about on the map you can only stay in veichle’s. The veichle’s that can be bought have been limited and on every new game you are immediately given a plot and some basic equipment you are unable to tree farm and I found that doing tasks are much harder I believe the mobile version is an utter waste of money and I would love to be able to have a refund.Version: 1.1.0

DisappointedI do like to graphics and the copit view not like fs 18 and the Large trailers for animals but the thing that lets be down is that since farming simulator 16 had the 8ntroduction to forestry and farming simulator 18 also had forestry farming simulator 20 has no forestry equipment what so ever. Please bring back forestry in next mobile game thank you.Version: 1.1.2

Next UpdateWhen I unload bales the bales fly everywhere. It is annoying to lose bales to where I can’t reach them. It would be nice to have a bobcat or loader. Manure doesn’t display in the manure storage. Don’t get me wrong this game has strong potential. Just want to give my opinion on what glitches there are and what can make the game better. Willing to change my rating if and when the 2 glitches listed here are corrected..Version: 1.1.5

Giants softwareI think u guys should add a 2021 versatile four track 610 tractor and a 9X John Deere combine..Version: 1.1.5

Poor formHaving played all other versions of FS I was excited for FS20, $10 price tag was enough considering other game prices and the in game costs to get some decent cash to upgrade machines, so I was willing to pay it from the enjoyment of previous versions of FS. Have played it for a few days now and been pretty disappointed to say the least. Spend more time driving around down narrow roads trying to not roll the tractor over from a fence or car or hillside. A lot of stuff is spread all over the town, harvested quite a few crops now and sold to high markets and can’t seem to get ahead at all. Would anticipate 50+ hours of play to even try to get enough money to buy the next field (which I actually have no idea what it’s worth). Then to make things even better, my games don’t seem to save every time and now I’m locked out of the current saved game. Disappointed for sure..Version: 1.0.2

Step backwards in gameplaySo far the graphics are horrible on anything but the high end tablets and very difficult to set the camera in a good place without knocking it out of position. The steering is very difficult compared to the FS games. Lots of things missing compared to FS18 making the game not as enjoyable, yes the map is better but at the expense of the game play, definitely not a upgrade over FS18 in my mind. I spent days playing FS18 but hardly touched this game as it’s so backwards to play. Some serious updates needed to get back to the same level of gameplay as the previous versions. Overall I’m very disappointed after being very excited for this version!.Version: 1.0.3

Money pitJust do it like on pc, it won’t hurt. For example: allow to sleep and skip the night and crop won’t rot. Allow to lease equipments etc..Version: 1.1.4

Should have stopped at FS16I went from FS14 to FS16 and was wrapped with the updates to the AI with helpers, and funds trickling in for watching ads....didn’t mind that at all. The persistent “A new version...” finally got me and I thought I would be equally stunned with the changes in this current version. Not enough helpers, driving and zooming on the vehicle position is terribly sensitive and fiddly, the tractors stop if I turn off the game and do not restart automatically so I end up with have sown and half grown fields. I regret buying this is nothing like the old ones in gameplay and I didn’t even find out half the info I needed from the game help, I had to go to social media! Worst $9.99 I have ever spent. I wish Apple gave refunds..Version: 1.1.2

Gameplay brightness @ night/ Night-time sleep feature (skip through dark)I’m making these notes as I go In hopes to further improve this simulator; The potential is so great and the game is a lot of fun as it is. Especially for a IOS Application. It just needs a little bit of fine tuning In terms of gameplay customization, to make it incredible. If a nighttime sleep mode was available, or a brightness control feature in the settings menu were to be added, that would greatly improve my gameplay, and others as well. Also just a few side comments; The in-app purchases are cleaver, can’t knock that, business is business. But I wish the ability to turn a larger profit through yield of plant was more prevalent. The fact that the gameplay currency is structured around in-app purchases of coins is almost too cleaver, and I was very disappointed when I found out that the tractor I wanted/ needed for my gameplay would cost me actual money lol. Basically wish I was easier to make money within the gameplay, without the purchase of coins. But I also understand nobody would purchase a $10-20 application either. All constructive criticism here.Version: 1.1.8

Farm sim 20I play both farming simulator 18 and 20. The graphics are a little better on 20 the fields a little bigger. The controllability is much less than 18. The equipment is less played one years ago could put up wind mills and all for extra profit .. 18 had forestry at least. If didn’t know better would think the 20 is the the older version much less to do and much less control can’t send machinery to places that it’ll be needed, can’t send them to get washed, refilled all that. Gimmick is you can ride a horse. If debating with one to pick you’ll be happier with the 18. Severely disappointed Payed for the app and bought 4-5 of the million coin packs to get it up and running leaves plenty still needed to play for so wouldn’t advise spending too much to begin or what’s the point in doing anything if have a full reserve of money and everything straight away. Love them sims just wish they had put more work in instead of planning it that people would spend and with the least amount of effort to make the game the most profit. Farm sim 18 could pick what colour truck you wanted etc too. So a lot less detail on the the newer version..Version: 1.1.5

Please read and FIXWhere is multiplayer I used to love playing with my friends this is one off the reasons why I love this game. Also the fact you can’t change sensitivity or almost nothing to do with any in game controls is very poor. I played for a week and all my save game has disappeared bring back the iCloud save. Fix your game and make it worth the 10$ price tag you put on it..Version: 1.0.2

Repair neededNormally a good game. The latest version has crashed on me five time or more. Waiting for an update. The game sounds differently when it’s about to crash with a cracking sound..Version: 1.1.10

Sensitivity & morePersonally, I think it’s a good game although the only things that ruin it is: The sensitivity is really high and I’m not sure how to turn it down? I’d prefer to use a steering wheel when driving and I don’t have access to this?? I also prefer break and throttle pedals but those aren’t there either which I find highly disappointing when you pay £5.99 for a game only to find it’s not much better than Farming Simulator 18. The animals and being able to ride the horses is really cool! I like that! But yeah definitely change the above and this game will get my 5* rating! In the mean time I rate it a 2*. Also they’re are much more available on FS19 for Xbox - I.E forklifts and things and I think these should be placed on the app also!.Version: 1.1.5

Bugs fixIt won’t load in it keeps glitching out.Version: 1.1.13

I am very frustratedI own every plot of land on the map and all planted with fully grown soybeans, I went to go do something so I quit the game and turned my iPad off, when I got back to log on it tells me “failed to load save game” I have over 200 hours on that map and I’m not going to give up and delete it, so I went out of the app the back in I got into my save game only to realise it had sold all of my land and I only had 5k in my bank, I was about to harvest over 1mill in soybeans but no I have to play 3 to get all my land back. This is really annoying because I was waiting to sell my crops but now I have to sell my machinery to get some land, please fix this. I have never spent money on the game but now I’m going to just to get my stuff back. Fix it please..Version: 1.1.2

Overheats and other issuesOver heating my phone so limits play so much that I can’t even finish a field. In app purchases aren’t available yet which makes buying and upgrading kit very hard also the lack of AI help is silly, except for the flat map I much prefer FS18 so far. Hopefully a few updates are being sorted to fix the issues especially the overheating of the phone and the in app purchases. Also the camera settings are terrible. Can’t recentre properly and lack of controls all over is disappointing.Version: 1.0.1

Good game, irritating bugsGot this a few days ago as I love fs 19 on my console, had a lot of fun, game is simple honest and a bit grindy but that’s the farming sim deal. However now when I try to open my save game, it closes the app. I’ve tried it multiple times including restarting my iPad, I would just delete and re download but I would lose all my progress, very frustrating.Version: 1.1.3

MutepleplayerPls add multepulplayer.Version: 1.1.0

DisappointingI have 30hrs on this game, the rewards for your grinding are ridiculous. The yield from 4 fields of soybeans (fertilised) 29k. Seriously? That is less than half of a semi trailer (60k) from 4 fields! Obviously the developers are going the same route as every other mobile game developer, frustrate the players enough so they will relent and buy coins in game just to be able to gain any sense of progress. But due to a back-end glitch in-app purchases are unavailable. LOL Game is heavy on battery and when you consider the amount of time you will need to log, playing while charging is the only realistic option. ‘Realistic daylight & weather’ = night so dark that it is virtually impossible to see and there is no option to turn this off, the desktop version of the game allows you to go to sleep and fast fwd time to daylight. This version doesn’t allow that. But hey tractors have lots of fieldwork lights yet they only come on when the implements are activated. Yet you need to align the vehicle before you activate! As for the weather again there is no disable option in settings or fast fwd time option. And today this was the final straw that caused me to delete this game. A real life rainstorm prevented me from going out so I logged into the game to kill some time only to find that a hailstorm in the game prevents you from doing stuff too. So there is your realism!.Version: 1.0.1

A real updateI think the first thing they could do when updating this game again is be Able to get in and out of vehicles and customize tractor and harvester Be able to switch from tires to tracks And what really could be updated is The farm It’s peony small I don’t mind if the next update is a 1 GB big Because this game needs some changes and add class and new holland harvesters and more cars.Version: 1.1.2

MultiplayerCan you please make farming simulator 20 multiplayer in its next update..Version: 1.1.5

Boring and tutorial is unclearWouldn’t recommend due to title.Version: 1.1.4

Very disappointedControls are very poor ! When dark lighting is very poor! This game is in need of UPGRADES! FS 18 way better. I am not impressed at all, i feel Giants took my money from me. I’m not impressed Giants games are usually awesome..Version: 1.0.1

Can’t load appCan’t load on my iPad, everything checks out, no internet or wifi issues. Game is probably a 5 star if I could actually play it. Works on my old phone so not an age of device problem either.Version: 1.1.12

Add multiplayerAdd multiplayer then game is mint.Version: 1.1.11

GuttedReally disappointed with the game. I’ve been playing FS18 and just fancied something new so thought i would finally give 20 a go. I can not believe how bad this is compared to 18! The good points, and there really aren’t many. The graphics look really nice and the map having hills etc looks great and a nice touch with machinery slowing to go up hill. But that’s pretty much it.... Having come straight out of FS18 I didn’t think I’d need the tutorial, how wrong I was. So I reloaded the game and did the tutorial and it helped.... for about 2 minutes as that’s the extent of the tutorial. After that your on your own as the in game help and guides online are incredibly poor. It was a struggle doing pretty much everything. The lack of AI to take crops to be sold or move machinery around the map is infuriating. I kind of understand the reasoning being to slow everything down which would be okay if the actual game play was any good. Moving any machinery is completely different to previous games and not enjoyable at all if you have to go to the other side of the map and back just to sell goods. I’ve played for barely an hour and for now, until major changes are made, I won’t be playing anymore. I wish I could get a refund..... so disappointing.Version: 1.0.3

Great butGood selection of equipment and features. It would be great if you could add a front-loader. There’s a massive amount of YouTubing needed to work out how to play the game if you’ve not played to previous versions..Version: 1.1.0

EhSo I just recently got this version. And I will update this post if I need to after I’ve played more. The last version I played was 16 and I loved it so I bought this one thinking I would love it more. Pros: I love the graphics and that you can actually buy and take care of you animals. I also like that you can ride and train your horses. Cons: the controls compared to the 16 version are absolutely terrible!! I can barely drive any of the tractors or trucks. When you try to barely turn it doesn’t’s either crank it completely right or left there’s no tiny movements. And a lot of times when I try to go right it will turn left. I hate the controls. PLEASE FIX THIS! I also don’t like the setting. My farm looks like a run down piece of crap and so does the town. Recommendations for the future: let us be able to get out of vehicles and walk around to interact with stuff more. Let us be able to pick and build our own farm instead of having to use whatever is already pre set up for us. It would be cool if we could hire specific people to work for us all the time and be able to pick from a list of workers. It would cool to be able to have a family. It would be cool to be able to go auctions to buy livestock and equipment. Having a farm is mite than just driving tractors it’s a way of life and I think this game could be incredible if it was made more lifelike..Version: 1.1.4

FrustratingBeen playing for a week now and frustrated at the cost of equipment in comparison to how much money you get back for the produce i.e forage harvester £515,000 take a huge trailer of chaff to the biogas plant and get £3000 for it!!! Took me a long while to work out how to keep animals & all the different equipment you need to keep animals as the tutorial is very basic. For someone who has never played FS it’s been a tough learning curve of wasting money on equipment that isn’t really needed. You will have to buy coins if you want to progress otherwise write off a month of your life just to get anywhere. The game has grabbed me but it does need some improvement, knowing what I know now I probably wouldn’t buy again unless changes are made..Version: 1.0.2

No forestry.There is les vehicles. Only one baler and no forest equipment. Fs18 is better. Not worth the price.Version: 1.1.0

Not happyOnly 4 helpers is not enough, you can never buy all the fields as you can’t work it, Baking and hauling is not worth the time. Not enough returns from the animals to make them worth while and also to feed them it is manual work. To be able to supply them with all the feed and water makes it expensive to keep. Fertiliser and seed never runs out. There is no return from spraying. Can’t sell straw as chaff so no point to harvest chaff as it doesn’t pay. Helpers can’t sell produce so spend all the time on the road crashing into stuff. Chaser bins are pointless. Quad trac is so expensive to buy but doesn’t work any faster that the 6250 John Deere. Market demand prices are not increased enough to go chasing them. Some front mounted cultivators would be good so you could sow corn and sunflower and cotton in one pass. Not enough outlets for grass, so to purchase the big grass machinery you can only need three wagons of grass a week to keep animals going then it’s back to baking to sell grass so pointless doing anything with grass..Version: 1.0.3

Ugly map and terribly laggy gameplay.I downloaded this game having been a fan of farming sim for a while now. It advertised what looked like a nice map with clean graphics and lots of machinery. In reality it was laggy the map was ugly and the vehicles were very basic with no customisation. I couldn’t even change the colour for gods sake. I would not recommend this game and would instead recommend the old game( Farming simulator 18) as a very good and fun game with nice graphics a nice map and lots of ways to change up your vehicles. Although there is not as much to do in fs18 it is way more enjoyable to play than this game..Version: 1.1.4

More yieldNeed to make the yield more. I get 10k yield per field witch is fertilized. Makes the game go slow and after hours of playing it feels like there’s no achievement.Version: 1.1.12

Farming Simulator 20There’s no plough to extend a field, there’s no way of chopping down trees so that the tractors can work without hindrance, there’s no roller to adjust the width or length of a field, E.G the end of field 4, the harvester leaves patches of grain because it can’t get to the edge of the field to cut it, field 1, the seeder gets stuck on the end of the field to the right of the farmhouse as it turns to the left to go back to seed the rest of the field, in the proper game, we can put up a fence so that the tractor will do a reverse turn instead of trying to go over a mound and in F S 19, I can use the ground edited to fatten or smooth out the land where this is a problem. Any notices that come up for buying cows when passing the shed in a tractor and empty trailer should pause the game even though a special trailer for carrying livestock should be the only tool for bringing the notice up in the first place, alas the tractor kept on going and ran into the seeder on field number 1 at that precise time and smacked it off course. Give me the original game anytime, the only thing this game is any good for is passing time, I have a lot of that at the moment being furloughed. In all I find the automation a pain in the backside..Version: 1.1.6

Pretty good, it needs improvementOverall I’m fairly impressed with the game, though I feel like it could use some improvement. First, it would be great to give the option of turning off rain. Rain interrupts the game frequently it seems and tends to go on for the better part of a day (in game time). It can be very obnoxious having to basically sit and do nothing and wait for the rain to stop if you’re harvesting. Sure, that sometimes happens in real life too, but in real life farmers would be doing other things (maintenance, etc) during rain if they couldn’t harvest. Second, whenever I use helpers to run the machines at night, the machines run with no lights. That seems really odd and takes away from the visuals and realism since it ends up being just a dark machine moving back and forth across the field. It would also be nice to turn off night if wanted. Thirdly, there are some glitches in the game, such as the header carts tend to move around on their own between saving and reopening on occasion. Also, it would be nice to have the option of not always having to be in a machine to maybe just have like a flyover camera option to scan the farm without always having a machine running..Version: 1.1.4

Farmer jilesThe games good but there’s things you can’t do in this one that you can in others like logging have helpers to help you do like on this you can’t have helpers doing the bailing of hay you should be able to load the back of the pick up change the colour of vehicles you should be able to hire people to help With your live stock because I find I don’t get time to ride horses or look around it’s about different if there was another update where you could do more and just a few things off my list il 5 star it.Version: 1.0.4

Bring the steering back!This a great game, more involved than the previous, which is great as that (FS18) became about a routine. The limited workers here creates a different problem which has now been resolved with the ability to change the time scale, perfect. The detail in the machines, of which I have real life experience of is impressive, amazing in fact. I’d give you 5 stars if it wasn’t for the meddling with the steering in this update, I’ve tried altering the sensitivity to counter it but it just seems so irresponsive and slow. Please can I keep all the changes you have done and give the steering back so it realistic again?.Version: 1.0.4

Not a lot of automationNo automated travel and I end up spending my whole time driving from field to field while my equipment does the fun stuff.Version: 1.0.1

I only gave it 1 star bc read belowI would love to see a hitch on the back of the grain semi trailers so we can make bdoubles and can u pls add lock load on the fliegl thank u I love the game otherwise I need u to refund my $40 that I spent one a saved game that I was working on and I lost the whole saved game I just went to go on one of my other saved games and it kicked me off the app ps pls respond.Version: 1.1.5

Fs 20I really enjoy playing this game it is a lot more realisticOn the iOS the one thing I do dislike is that in farming simulator 18 we had the option for a round Baylor and a front loader tractor that is the one thing I do not like about FS 20 is that we don’t have that option but for FS 21 I think a way to make the game just so much better is by adding a front loader tractor a telly handler as well it will just be so cool and as well I think you should create map like we have on the Xbox farming simulator 20 because the farm is just a lot better The one thing I have noticed that there was only one thing off is that there is only one bomb on if it’s 20 which doesn’t give you is realistic farmlife I think if you could add these things that I’ve said game will just be amazing.Version: 1.1.0

Bug where screen spins continuallyLike this game but we keep getting a bug. You’ll be driving along nicely then suddenly the viewpoint starts spinning around and around. If you exit the game to the menus, the selected option then also just spins around and around. The only option you have is to quit the game then re-load, which cures it for another 10 minutes...... but it soon gets frustrating. If I can provide any info to the developer we’d be happy to do so to get this fixed, probably 4*s from my 5 year old if this annoying and quite massive bug wasn’t present and very disruptive to gameplay..Version: 1.1.2

It is o.kIt good but it has no multiplayer.Version: 1.1.11

I wanted to love this game, but please don’t waste your moneyI really wanted to love this game, but the graphics are terrible. The distances that load are great, but they only extend a few feet out. Past that point the graphics quality drops off the cliff. Then there are the glitches. You are limited to what equipment you can use because certain cultivators and seeders cause the landscape to turn grayed out. They grayed out landscape does not go away no matter what you do. The economy is another issue. Animals are useless. The amount you must invest in them out weighs the pennies in profit you will ever make from them. Giants dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully their next game will improve from these mistakes because I highly doubt they plan to fix these bugs since they have been around for so long..Version: 1.1.7

Wool bale trailer needs updateThe wool bales just slide off the trailer when ever you turn or put the brakes on. Needs to be updated so they stay in once loaded.Version: 1.1.4

Things to think about adding / fixingA tractor with forks to be able to put bales into straw blower instead of using the harvester Multiplayer option like FS18 The option for your workers to use the baler/ loading wagons The option to send your workers to destinations like FS18 A setting to adjust the brightness on screen as it’s horrible during the nights The glitch when sowing the biggest paddock on the map the worker does 2 strips then stops Holding capacity for cows , amount of bales able to be stored to increase The option of changing truck and Ute colour , but also adding different vehicles would be good Changing the long grass around the house as silo to something tidy like short grass without weeds would really make my day But other than that game is an improvement from the last but it seems to was too rushed as the updates are proving the faults.Version: 1.0.3

Like but few issues for me.I have a hard time controlling camera. It can be very touchy. When I first started I made it spin. It is really hard especially with zooming in and out. There are times I am trying to adjust view and it’s just all over the place because it is so touchy. Driving or I guess steering. They are also extremely touchy. I could be driving straight and one small mistakes instantly sets me off to the left or right. Time. It would be nice if we could adjust it to go slower or faster like we do in farm sim 19. Disappointed with options we have. It would be nice if there were more like controlling time, sensitive and make it touch controls instead of the gas pedal 😁 just a thought, I don’t know if doable, but set our own vehicle speed as fast medium or slow or have some way of mAking it go. I have a hard time steering and using gas pedal. I am enjoying but not sure how much I will play when I get frustrated with the controls but the team did a good job. I just started playing so I know most of its me which is why I am just starting to play pc games with mouse and keyboard. Much easier for me with controls on keyboard and mouse. Plus the ability to turn off traffic...if traffic is like it is in fs 19...they are going to need their driving privileges revoked from time to time..Version: 1.0.3

Can’t DownloadHave purchased app only to find I can’t download it on my iPad Air first generation yet it has iOS 12 so go figure!.Version: 1.0.1

So far so average !Bought this game due to all the hype , I’ll start with the good points , the game runs well and seems like the usual grind is in place to prolong the playing experience . The new terrain is great and beats the flat linear fs18 hands down and can’t wait To play further. Love the new and improved equipment graphics wise . Now for the bad ;- Game lags a lot , even on low graphics. After playing for 6 hours on and off its destroyed one phone already due to the heat output just by playing for less than 5 mins . Now playing on a new tablet and the heat it’s produced over the last hour has rendered the power button useless so watch out for the heat!! There’s no auto drive to sell goods / empty harvester No hired help when using a wagon to pick up straw / grass / hay No front-loaders of any kind No multiplayer of any kind No logging Overall the games pretty decent , I was expecting a lot more not a lot less being the follow on from fs 18 but you cant have it all i suppose . Shame it’s destroyed my phone so will have to fork out for another one but with future game optimisation maybe it will sort it self out but ultimately still a phone down which I will have to foot the bill for unfortunately..Version: 1.0.1

Not worth the priceI played FS 16 first and absolutely loved it and thought this game would have more to offer than that one. Pretty disappointed they took out the cutting down wood section of the game but not my biggest complaint. Game is hard to understand and not very first time player friendly (my gf had a hard time understanding what to do and asked me a lot of questions that weren’t covered under the tutorial). Also was just getting into it until I unloaded my bales of cut grass and as it came off the trailer, the game glitched and shot them all into my cow pen with no way to get them out or push them into the trough. That was the “straw” (lol) that broke the camels back for me. Could be a better way or better place to store these, however the game didn’t make that very clear for me. I wouldn’t recommend unless you just wanna farm crops and not do anything with animals..Version: 1.1.7

Some issuesThe game is really good and the graphics are amazing. Although there are some underlying issues to do with this game. 1. My progress keeps getting deleted... I don’t know why but I’ve wasted a lot of time starting over because my farm gets removed. 2. There is no reset button! The mower has tipped over and there is no way to get it back up right... 3. It is virtually impossible to earn a decent amount of money without spending 600 hours on the game..Version: 1.0.2

ReviewPlease developers whenever i listen music in background the game sound get turned off please make some changes so that we can enjoy music in background along with game sound of machinery and please make instrument cluster working amd add also make rearview mirror working so we can enjoy cabin view looks more realistic and please add new holland tractors and combines in the game and can you add b train trailer in game. I hope you will listen players i can pay too for machinery but please make it realsitic for know only 3 stars graphics are awesome no complaints..Version: 1.1.5

GoodGood game but considering the prince of the game itself and the device I play on wouldn’t be expecting faults, however I have had problem after problem with trying to get my animals to breed (4 week after purchasing my cows and not a single one had bred) and these grey squares keep popping up all over my map. I am also having problems uploading my game to the cloud, I have reported all this to The developers but again weeks later and no reply or problem solved..Version: 1.1.6

Needs workSo after quite a bit of anxiousness waiting for this game to be released, I was quite let down after playing it. The controls are finicky, which makes game play challenging. Adjusting the yaw and pitch of the camera, is super glitchy. It constantly does what it wants. The pre game walkthrough is very basic. It doesn’t explain important information needed to play the game. I also feel as if the graphics need some attention. They are decent for being a mobile game, but they aren’t very clean. I also can’t seem to figure out how to locate vehicles on the map. This is something that’s extremely useful when playing. On top of all of this, my iPhones temperature was hotter than expected after a short time of playing. I would much rather have seen a refined fs20 on console..Version: 1.0.1

Needs more thingsThere needs to be,front loaders, more tractors, more trucks, more cars, more harvesters, more Massey Ferguson’s, and much much more.Version: 1.1.5

Not goodI purchased this game for $10 and you can’t even get out of your tractors. Tutorial doesn’t tell you anything and you guys make a game thinking ‘wow this game is amazing’ and publishing it and you can’t do anything but drive around. Any new players won’t know how to buy animals or anything and I wasted $35,000 (in-game money) for a new trailer and it says ‘go to shop and get it’ and i don’t even know where the shop is! Horrible gameplay, bad tutorial, horrible controls and apparently happy people with this stupid app! I know now never to buy any games from GIANTS Software again. I do not like this. If you want fix it and then i’ll be happy. But you’ll probably ignore this like other problems people had. -Turtle.Version: 1.0.1

MultiplayerMultiplayer would be awesome.Version: 1.1.5

Needs some things but it’s okGame play is ok, but there is room for improvement. Would be good to see it go multiplayer. Better lighting on the machines during night. An ability to link up multiple trailers. And bring back the horn beep for grain collection from the harvester, that was so convenient.Version: 1.1.5

More helpersAbility to merg fields, better seeding equipment ,new bourgault seeder way to small, make it so you can shut of rain and night.Version: 1.1.12

🙂 Farming Simulator 20 Positive Reviews
Is Farming Simulator 20 not working?

Farming Simulator 20 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Farming Simulator 20.

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