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Gusto Wallet App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Gusto Wallet app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Gusto Wallet? Can you share your negative thoughts about gusto wallet?

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Gusto Wallet for Negative User Reviews

The app is great the support is the worse I’ve ever experiencedI’ve been trying to get a new card for about 3 months now and every time I get to talk to someone either on the phone or text , they know absolutely nothing more than just what the automated responses are , they don’t speak very much English and it’s literally all people from India that have not intention of being helpful ..Version: 2.0.30

Terrible ExperienceThis app has not been working for me at all. It’s stuck on the main loading screen and doesnt go anywhere after. It just magically signed me out of my account and i cant clock out now neither does the app load up. Im connected to wifi and all my other apps are working fine. Please fix this, i have money saved on gusto wallet and i need to be able to access it ASAP. I dont want to take legal action but if it comes to it i will..Version: 2.0.5

Gets the job doneFor the most part, it works. It gets the job done and shows me all the information I need on my paycheck and taxes. I’ve found that manually putting hours is difficult as tends to glitch. You have to scroll to the time you need because when you try to type it in it either sets it to twelve or at the hour. It’s frustrating..Version: 2.0.32

App is great, countdown to paycheck not so great…I love how user friendly the app is, especially the time tracking functions. As a payroll admin, the loading screen with the walking pig and “your next paycheck is in … days” is extremely frustrating when it comes to new hires, who haven’t logged hours for that “next paycheck” status. Very misleading for them, and then we often get an earful or they assume we simply didn’t pay them because the pig said they were getting paid and they didn’t. It would also be nice to have the option to add a photo through the app vs. getting on a computer. Definitely worth a 5 star rating if the pig would stop telling employees when their next paycheck is coming..Version: 2.0.48

Used to be an amazing appThis app was great but now I cannot see what’s in my spending account or in my rainy day account. I cannot go in and request time off or anything. Called the company they put me on hold for 30+ minutes when they finally came back they said they were still trying to get ahold of someone and asked me to hold again. I asked them to give me a call back…and still no phone call back! What’s the point of this app if you cannot do anything in it or see anything?.Version: 2.0.47

Payment comes in after 4pmPros: Best customer service. Cons: I don’t get until after 4pm….it’s so frustrating. There’s an option to get paid 2 days early….but I would prefer to just have my money deposited into my account at midnight. I’ve been on gusto as an employee for 6months now and have been getting hit with interest fees on credit cards bc payments come in after noon. Very annoying..Version: 2.0.63

Horrible Customer ServiceI signed up so that this company can track payments made to the contractor I used. Gusto knew from the beginning that I will use historical payments- yet, nobody thought to inform me for months that no 1099 will be generated at the end, since this did not apply to historical payments. They let me know, by accident and after I started searching for information, 2 days before due date. This is ridiculous. Great idea and kind of easy to operate but need to do a real maintenance of all the accounts, and to set clearer rules..Version: 2.0.29

Days ‘til paid is a joke. Acts as a wall between you and employer who pays incorrectly.Didn’t get paid until after I was done with temp hire. Not paid time-and-a half for excessive work over 8 hour days? Where is the accountability? Is this a built in barrier employers use to make it harder to file grievances for inaccurate and delayed payments to temp workers? Kinda feels like insulation seasonal companies would use. 123 easy as ABC to avoid employees seeking legit pay. You know who you are. Gusto in some cases you are basically a moat around greedy companies and their money. Where is the link saying: > I have a concern about my paycheck or hours?>My time or overtime is inaccurate. >I would like to submit a concern about my paycheck to my employer. I couldn’t find it. If it’s there and I missed it it’s VERY well hidden..Version: 2.0.20

TroubleHaving trouble with this app. It’s never precise when counting down the day. I usual check and it all ways changes. It can say 10 days left till next pay check. I check the next day then it says “2 days left for pay check”. And when it says pay day today I never see any difference it just restarts the countdowns.Version: 1.2

We have emergency expense(2-3 business days)Hey gusto, just a novel idea an option to do an instant debit card transfer to your personal bank account because trying to receive your gusto debit card through (expedited mail) had been like waiting on a package shipped from China though fedex. If you can’t add an instant debit card transfer to our personal bank accounts, at least fix your grammar…. You need new terms for “expedited mail” and “emergency transfer”. Expedited means fast. Emergency means there’s got to be some sense of urgency. You fail on both definitions..Version: 2.0.32

No starsSwitched to this from another payroll system January first. Difficult to use. Does not break down the information I need for other reports. Two step authentication process, completely annoying and unnecessary. Would never recommend this system to anyone unless they enjoy a constant headache. Uninstalled the app. It was useless, didn’t give me the option to edit the punches of my team. Can’t wait until we dump this for a new system..Version: 2.0.79

User friendlyThe app is very user friendly. But I would prefer to stay logged in rather than continually logging in every time I interact with it. For something that I have to use a minimum of 4x a day, I spend too much time trying to log in. Also geo fence is way off. The geotag place my place of work about 100 yards away from the actual location. So, every time I clock in or out, I have to explain why I am not at an authorized work location..Version: 2.0.52

TerribleStartup time is very slow. I'm ready to clock in and I have to watch a pig walking on a splash screen for 15-30 seconds When I accidentally forgot to clock out and needed to correct my timesheet the app was fighting me. I would enter the time I needed and it would change it before I could tap save. It took me five minutes and many tries to make a correction that should've taken 30 seconds. I'm a software developer so it was not user error..Version: 2.0.32

Helpful when the website is brokenThe only reason I got this app is because tax document downloads on the website are broken, and I can’t wait the several business days they say it’ll take just to respond to my support request. Luckily, viewing and downloading of the documents works in this app, but it looks really bad on iPad. Definitely not meant to run on anything but a phone. Also, the login didn’t bring up the normal interface for using a saved password, so with the app open on my iPad and my password open on my iPhone, I had to type out one of those crazy passwords that gets generated when you tell iOS/Safari to generate a strong password. Not sure why the login form wasn’t recognized as something that could be filled in. This app saved the day when the website was broken, but I doubt I’d use it on a regular basis..Version: 2.0.20

The most frustrating app I have ever usedThis app is not user friendly and with the help/ support line always being closed, if you have an issue your screwed. Tried calling customer service line multiple times through out the day and the message said they were closed, went to the support page and was run around in circles for hours. I finally solved my own problem with no help from the customer service or support page..Version: 2.0.78

Easily the most frustrating part of my work dayIs when I have to clock in and out using Gusto Wallet. My company switched from Tsheets earlier in the year and I lament that change everyday. The app takes forever to load even when wifi signal is strong but working in a shop with steel beams and metal siding wifi signal doesn’t travel that well. I have a wifi booster right beside my station, but even when Im in the same room as the router I often find myself watching that sanctimonious little porker trot in place while I wait for this barebones app to load. Besides that, the app will often not recognize when I clock out which creates payroll issues because every so often I’ll open the app in the morning to find that its kept me logged in from the day before. Lastly, Im not interested in some app-centric bank account or cash card, but there is no way to get rid of the two ad bubbles advertising the card and bank account..Version: 2.0.57

Not at all helpfulI wish the company I work for didn’t switch to this. Honestly not at all helpful. I called them because of fraud being suspected on my account and they didn’t help me at all. Literally was told you provided your card info to this site even though 7 unauthorized purchases were made in your name that’s something you’ll have to handle yourself. I can admit fault. They were not at all helpful not even with giving the merchants number. I’ll stay with my Cashapp and Wells Fargo....even PayPal is way better..Version: 2.0.70

You have no right to be forgotten with GUSTOI had to use this app for a brief 3 week temp job as required by the employer. After my job was completed I reached out to GUSTO to delete account. GUSTO conflated keeping tax documents as required by law with my request to delete the account. I then asked GUSTO to provide me the information in the user agreement where they state that once you use their service you may never opt out (including unsubscribing from emails). GUSTO didn't have this information available as it isnt part of the user agreement. So basically your personal tax info etc is open to hacking indefinitely is someone knows your email and can figure out your password. I now have to compel them to fulfill my request possibly by legal means. I would have never had used the app had I known this. Additionally their "customer service" is not located in the US so if anything goes wrong with your paycheck good luck rectifying that. I have sent 7 emails and got nothing but canned gibberish responses which only makes me more concerned about my personal banking and tax info. User beware with this "service" as it is not worth the trouble or risk of identity theft..Version: 2.0.63

This app ruins peoples livesJust looking at the reviews seeing how many other people have had their money effectively trapped in no man’s land by your app. Unacceptable how many times this has happened. This could very easily be solved by requiring banks to be linked before money is moved into a gusto account. It would be so easy to fix. A very simple change in order of operations. People assume that because Gusto already has their Bank info that it will already be linked (why if you already have direct deposit can’t you link to my account) My guess is that your aim to to make it so difficult for people to access their money that they will just give up and forget it..Version: 2.0.42

Poor Customer Service / App Not Working CorrctlyWhen it comes to people’s money you better have the kinks worked out before you launch. This isn’t a fun gaming app, this app is meant to track and mange TIME AND MONEY! After a week of no email response from customer service, I felt the best way to get their attention is to address my problem in their public forum. The app is not accepting documents at this time. Documents that are necessary to get paid. Neither my boss nor I know whether I will actually receive a paycheck next week, and I can not reach a human at Gusto to confirm, we’ll anything. You get 2 stars because the app design is awesome, but functionality is low at this time. When these problems get fixed, so will my rating..Version: 2.0.20

Do not use this app.My employer sent me a paycheck in October. I didn’t have a bank account yet, so it sent the money to some JPMorgan account. It made this account for me. I can’t access it. I tried logging in through their website but they told me the account number is invalid, AKA doesn’t exist. You’re supposed to be able to transfer funds from one account to the other, but this feature also Does Not Exist. I’ve looked everywhere. Website and app. It’s not a thing. The help guides are a lie. I’m glad my employer had to let me go after my first paycheck now, because that’s $150 I’ll never be able to get back..Version: 2.0.32

Good app but once you set your payment split there’s no going back.My company uses this as their way of payroll the app has been good for it and I always get my checks timely however when I first set up they account it asked where I wanted my checks sent i put 500$ to gusto and the remainder to my bank. Now I have tried to update this every week so that it can all go to my bank account and not gusto and for the past 2 months have been unsuccessful able to change it and it is quite irritating at this point. It’s like it’s only willing to send the money to gusto. If this can be fixed and I can just update my split I don’t see why this app can’t have five stars but that’s a huge disservice..Version: 2.0.63

Worst App and Support EverNone of the supposed features in the app work. You can not use cashout, savings, or spending. It tells you everything is set up but then won’t let you use the features, and makes you submit you info over and over. Support is a joke too. I have been trying to contact them for 3 days, and have not heard anything from them. Don’t bother with this terrible app unless frustration is something you enjoy..Version: 2.0.15

Horrible customer serviceAs a bookkeeper, I have happily used Gusto for about 5 years. About 6 months ago the knowledge of their customer support team deteriorated and they seemingly have put in multiple road blocks to solving clients’ problems. I currently have a support ticket that has been open for a full month. I can’t get them to escalate it. All I want is a 10 minute conversation with an expert in their platform. Then this issue could be over. Their rules only allow me to talk to their first tier customer support team..Version: 2.0.75

App issuesThe app itself is great. Easy to navigate and understand. However it won’t keep you logged in and doesn’t remember your email or password to make logging in easy. You have to type in your email and password each time you log in..Version: 2.0.6

Worst customer service ever!!!Had this app for months and couldn’t get passed the landing page. Had repeatedly emailed support for help. Had to screenshot and email it back four times so they could “forward it to our support team”. Each time I never heard back. (I repeatedly asked for someone to respond and never got a thing) This app is as useless as their customer service. I deleted this waste of time..Version: 2.0.57

App/companyI cannot stand this app/company I will be taking my business elsewhere for payroll my paydays have been altered so may times , and I have to tell my employees, y’all shouldn’t toy around with people money , bottom line is people work people get paid. Then one of my workers account was requiring some documents which he provided and they sent him through the ringer, he sent all the required paperwork and still till this day his unable to access his account. Just terrible.Version: 2.0.68

Never get paid on timeThis app I have been getting paid through this app for a couple months now but it has its pros and cons good thing with this app is you can access a lot of things bad news is we never get paid on time and it happens every time like today supposed to be my payday and it is saying your next paycheck is in four days and this happen every time.Version: 2.0.59

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