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Hammer: Truck GPS & Maps App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Hammer: Truck GPS & Maps app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hammer: Truck GPS & Maps? Can you share your negative thoughts about hammer: truck gps & maps?

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Hammer: Truck GPS & Maps for Negative User Reviews

Poor customer serviceDownloaded the app two different times. First time when it came out, second time just recently. First time, app wouldn’t follow my location, so I had to keep refreshing the map to show my location. Waited a couple days, played with the settings longer, still couldn’t get the app to follow my location. Had same issue when I downloaded it the second time. Messaged the customer support in app and the tech feedback in the help page. Did not get a response in either. App was a good idea for give rough estimates on drive times to my supervisor for trip planning, but couldn’t keep it if that was the only reason to have it. I can google the route and add a couple hours. I may download it a third time later, but there are other options to try first..Version: 1.9.0

Works pretty good.Works fairly good. Don’t like that it will change the route while underway without notice or explanation. Done this to me a couple of times for no obvious reason such as a traffic problem. Fortunately I was in my home territory and just needed the last couple turns..Version: 1.18.3

Bad experience, didn’t work for me at all I might be goodSome people, but for me wouldn’t take me anywhere 😊.Version: 1.18.0

90 days in and Mostly good but ...Easy to use good app good features but can’t trust it to keep you on a good route more than once so if you get a good one save it immediately. Get rid of carpool lane recommendations because ...never in a truck. Please look into making it possible to adjust the recommended routes by dragging your route line. (used to be able to do on Mapquest) this would be more helpful than any other upgrade. Most times a good route but rarely will it give you a great route. When it does you’ll close the app to take care of something before you go, then and open it, input the same destination and bam you’re route is completely changed. Now the shortest route option is 30-70miles longer than the previous route provided and we added some fun skills challenges at the end like a u-turn on a 2 lane rd. or some sight seeing through a small town before we run you back onto the same hwy you just got off of and have you take the next exit. Good luck trying to adjust your trip after the recommendation is given. this app is stubborn. It’s like oh you liked that route did you well how about we don’t go that way again. ever. Please add the hwy exit numbers to the standard rd name description during the route instead of waiting until you get too close to the exit to take your eyes off traffic. Please make the roadway tags a little larger they stay way too small and don’t enlarge no matter how much you zoom in. Good app will keep using..Version: 1.15.2

Nice for what it doesThank you developers! Finally what I was looking for. Better than my garmin dezl. Use it in conjunction with my Dezl just in case but so far works very well. Word of caution tho, don’t entirely trust for low bridges. My Garmin Dezl and this app sends me towards a low bridge near me as well unfortunately. Better routings and finds businesses by names. Satellite view and the ability to manually set entrance pinpoints. So far, so good. Edit: Sorry to say I had to take a star away due to that it at times wants me to reroute down small residential neighborhoods. My garmin rerouted in a safe manner. I think Hammer gps has a ton of potential but maybe just updates will help..Version: 1.5.1

A sad death of a great app.I haul exclusively OS/OW, and this app is perfect… when it works. Let’s review based on it working, and hopefully it will work again. You can save routes and easily alter the routes as your permit changes. The unlimited stops and ability to save your route makes multi day trips a breeze. Just take the time to build your route and you know you are good. If your iPad updates or needs to restart, just reload your saved route. Some of my longer trips have 20 or more route points and this app handled them easily. When works, it is a 5 star app. Right now it does not work at all. It actually crashes so hard I need to do a soft reset to get my iPad to function. This is particularly frustrating, as my ELD is through my iPad as well. I have tried to use it in portrait and landscape mode. With and without extra stops (no added points renders it useless to me). And I have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. All to no avail. I hope it works again some day, but I can not continue to try to test an app that crashes my whole system..Version: 1.14.2

Could be a little Better, but I still trusted and used this app!I took a trip from the NE down to midland with this app, and a couple times the mileage would freeze up but it will still give directions. Then I pulled off at a truck stop and it told me to go all the way down this road when I could see the entrance ramp. Other than that it does a good job of alerting and giving directions. I really like the pictures of the signs when you have to take an exit!!.Version: 1.14.3

Has great potentialI like it but it needs work. No metric. Some other minor details. Can't figure out how to save a favourite. But it did keep me on the truck route. It's very accurate at speed limits..Version: 1.0.1

Good for the most partThe app is good for the most part. Few things it could improve on. Theirs no legend anywhere I could find for the icons. Some icons are too small for read. The mileage is estimated as the crow flys until you add the waypoints. It appears that it only caters to the large fuel brands for fuel prices. DEF prices and total parking spots. Doesn’t allow for driver input on availability. The so called “Mom and Pop” locations are marked. But have no fuel prices unlike other apps. No marked rest areas that I can see. Mostly good for just safe routes.Version: 1.5.1

Pretty Good but u gotta babysit it..I was recently on a route that took me through Winslow and Flagstaff Arizona… after 10 min on the interstate Hammer changed my route adding 2.5 hrs to my trip and was directing me to exit the interstate at Winslow and go north on a bypass route 2.5 hrs out of the way to come back to interstate in Flagstaff… fortunately i figured it out and went by the exit in Winslow and it rerouted almost immediately back to original route and 2.5 hours less of a trip. This was not the first time Hammer had tried to sidetrack me off the interstate for no reason!.Version: 1.17.3

Average at bestI use this sparingly and typically for short runs to confirm a truck friendly route. This GPS app repeatedly gives routes that are longer and less efficient then other truck friendly routes I can find. As an example a North to south run from Wahpeton, ND to Greenville TX. The Hammer app only gives one option that is 1101 miles long 17+ hrs. I can travel this run in just over 16 hrs and spend more time on truck friendly state highways and interstates running 1,063 miles. In routes running West to East along I-80 the Hammer app always wants me to get off I-80, get on Indiana state hwy 30, then travel back North to get on I-80 again. Time consuming and inefficient..Version: 1.16.1

DisappointingHelps to avoid non truck routes but better have google maps on as well , this thing will display a huge sign telling you to exit but will display a huge box right on top of the exit and covering your map to see where you going not to mention it needs contant data or it would go crazy and freeze oh and sometimes you driving south then you exit to eat when it’s time to get on the highway it tells you to get north so u have to reset it and itllgo back to hammering and to top it off today no matter what address you put in it it just sayng thar “couldn’t find a route for your destination “ no matter where i go all day it’s been like that soooo definitely not reliable.Version: 1.9.1

Everything about this app is frustratingAt first I really liked this app but over the past week of driving across the US it’s become maddening. Cannot perform the basic function of finding copy-pasted full addresses, or any search whatsoever. It doesn’t show amenities on the map if they are not on the specific road you are traveling on. I could keep going. I understand this app is free which I appreciate but it’s started to become frustrated. I feel spoiled and silly complaining about. A free app but i just want it to work right.Version: 1.18.0

Not sure about this appI downloaded this app to check it out, and compare with Apple Maps. I punched in my route to see how it would direct me, it was a route I was already familiar with. The app gave me wrong directions twice in one route, and if I wasn’t familiar with the delivery place, I would have been screwed. The recommended route was def not truck friendly, it also directed me to take bus lane exits off the freeway. Maybe this app works good for some, but not in my area. Puget Sound, WA.Version: 1.18.0

Scammer alertDo not download this app. I used it for 2 days and found that there was many errors in bridge height and no truck zones that lead to useless long detours. But the worst this is that at that in order to use it they ask your cell phone number supposedly for support and since then I started to get scammers emails every day. Watch out! They are selling your phone number to scammers..Version: 1.18.0

Fix the bugs!!!!I use to love this app!!! Now all a sudden updates were made and the app crashes. It went from never crashing not one time to now as soon as I click start route boom it crashes. And if I get it up in running it’ll crash mid route. So now I have to pull over with my 4 ways and find out where to go . Use to be reliable but now it’s unreliable !! Get it together I drive a 18 wheeler with a 53 foot trailer can’t go down certain roads and this app lets me know those roads. Another thing if I miss a turn , REROUTE!!! Don’t make me make a impossible U turn or put me in no truck route residential just to get me back on the route. There’s other ways ! Plz fix these problems.Version: 1.18.2

Definitely not designed by truck driversIt works as intended but for some reason it doesn't use exit numbers orTell you whether you need to go north south east or west. Example, it will just say in 5 miles turn onto I-75. You literally have to be staring at it so you know which way to go when you get to the interchange. It also does not use exit numbers. These two things are what real truck drivers use when navigating. It was definitely not designed by truck drivers and it is basically meant for amateurs..Version: 1.17.3

Poor customer supportI wrote a few times that this app does not work in offline mode and I don’t get answers. Support at its worst..Version: 1.17.3

No Truck Road / MisleadingWould tell me to turn right or left on to streets that are No Truck allowed. Would take the long route although I selected the shortest. Wouldn’t take the highway even if Avoid Highway is not selected. Tried resetting the thing. Downloading offline maps doesn’t make the able to find the adresse without Online connection so what’s the point ? I bought a Garmin Dezl and will check that one out and compare. Will update this review in time..Version: 1.17.3

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