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Retro Bowl app received 17 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about retro bowl?

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One problem with retro bowlThis is a really good game, I love pixelated games and this one is by far the best. A big problem about this game is at the start you may verse a tough team and have a really high chance of losing. I didn’t download this game to get intercepted every 2nd throw. Other than that, it is a pretty good game.Version: 1.4.49

Good but could be a lot betterIt’s a fun time-waster, but there is a fine line between simple and easy. This game is just easy. After I was used to the mechanics, in the second full season, I went 19-0. Receivers are always open at the line which usually gets you 5+ yards a play just like that. It would be more fun if it was more difficult. You should make it so that receivers are guarded tighter so it isn’t so easy, make running give you a little more yards on average so the game isn’t so pass heavy, and allow us to kick a field goal from whatever the REAL maximum is. I made a 63 yarder with ease earlier. We all know those “seconds” aren’t really seconds. Two RB seconds are practically equal to one real second. Either change how long your seconds last or add more of them. The biggest thing probably is allowing us to play defense. This will make the game way more fun for everyone, and give another huge aspect to the game. If you do this, PLEASE do not make it easy. If you have to, add difficulty settings. I haven’t downloaded the full version, but I don’t think there are settings for that on there. This game has big potential. Make sure you update it often so the game is more enjoyable and doesn’t start to get boring. Do all these things and it’s 5 stars from me..Version: 1.2.12

Don’t spend money, you’ll just delete thisA good game that goes wrong. Big fan of retro football games. And while this one draws you in with nostalgic gameplay, it soon turns into a sour scam. The game entices you with fun, easy gameplay to start, then turns into an impossible crap battle after that-with your team committing every possible drop or INT. After spending money & time investing in my team, I was then struck by fraudulent dynamics of the game. Despite having a top team, with the best players, by year 6 I averaged -10 rushing yards per game, 0 TDs & 7 INTs. That was an average. I even had a game where I was down 21-0 without having touched a button. It’s one of those frustrating games whose only value is when you delete it..Version: 1.16

BadReally bad game.Version: 1.4.76

Fun but frustratingThis should be a 5 star game, with its simplicity, but season long and dynasty like features, but there are a few hiccups that are extremely frustrating and really sap the fun out of the game. The main one is that running backs wide open in the flat drop the ball 9 times out of 10. I’m not talking about difficult catches with defenders draped over them . I mean what amounts to a little soft toss with know one within ten yards that a 10 year old could catch. Also happens sometimes with wide open WRs at the top of the screen. I shouldn’t have to be playing and “not” pass it to the wide open RB or WR because I know the game is programmed for him to drop it. I want to make football decisions , not computer game decisions. The other major glitch is if you are playing on the extreme level (which you will after playing a season or so that it is the only level to play on because the others are way to easy) is that rarely are you offered and end of game Hail Mary play. It’s completely random as to when it’s one of your audible plays. It should be automatic. If your down in the 4th, just as your offered the onside kick option right away , you should be offered the Hail Mary as an audible option on every play. Lastly if the computer can have a pick 6, return a fumble for a TD or get a safety, your team should be able to do so as well. If those three things were addressed , this would be a near perfect Low tech sports game.Version: 1.4.76

Daily PlayerI play daily, I’ve spent some money buying coins, but this gets no more than one star. Why? The fact that when I’m “canning” through a game and even though I always go for 2, the options still there and I’ll accidentally pick “Kick FG” 25% of the time. At that point, there’s nothing you can do. How is a timeout if you have one left not an option once “Kick FG” is chosen. The last update now includes an on-screen option to punt even if your chose to go for it on 4th. Really? The punt after choosing go for was a more important addition than the ability to call a timeout after incorrectly choosing to kick an XP or FG. Not to mention, how does the FG strength meter still cover the wind gauge when trying to kick? That’s a day 2 mistake that somehow continues to be there. A way to decrease salary cap after upping it to 300mill would be cool to, but apparently something that easy wasn’t thought of. The last update, we’ll call it the “money grab update”, allowed you to spend “coins” to increase the salary cap, but whoever’s running this just stopped after realizing they could charge to raise the cap. Not that credits should be reimbursed by any means, but how about a “decrease salary cap option”? I’d assume that’s a “given”option but apparently it’s not..Version: 1.4.41

Why no defence??? Why no play customisation?This game is ALMOST there.... BUT.... Why aren’t we able to play both sides? We spend all this time and attention building out a defence (hiring defensive coach, drafting defensive players, etc...), but defence is a total n/a when it comes to gameplay. How come? It would seem we should at least be allowed to pick the defensive set-up (blitz, zone, man on man, etc..) and have some control over stopping the opponents offence. Also, a module to allow you to design your own plays would greatly enhance gameplay..Version: 1.4.52

1 on 1 coverage = ImpossibleWhen I first downloaded this game, I had a blast. I loved it. The more I got into it, I realized how bad the accuracy is when throwing the ball. Countless time I have thrown the ball at my receiver and the ball goes nowhere near my receiver and gets picked off by a defender no where near where I threw it. The 1 on 1 coverage results in an interception every time and my receivers are 4 stars. I’m sure a 4 star receiver will catch some of those passes right? Nope, interception every single time. The games accuracy when throwing the ball and the 1 on 1 coverage needs improvement big time. With that being said, the game features are awesome. Being able to upgrade your players, draft new players after the season, trading players for draft picks, upgrading and signing coaches as well as free agents. It’s the perfect game. Just need an update to fix the throwing accuracy and 1 on 1 coverage. I’m not saying it has to be easy to win, I just want it to where I don’t have to run the ball every down because that’s what I’m having to do because a pass cannot be completed without it being pickoff off or so inaccurate that it falls incomplete..Version: 1.3.79

Good game butIt’s a great game but i feel like whenever I loose the ball I have no chance to recover or defend so it seems whenever I don’t have the ball I can’t defend I’d love a defending option so I actually have a chance.Version: 1.3.42

GoodBut im not paying 1.39 to continue playing.Version: 1.09

Great but has issues!!I spent months grinding this game, I love the mechanics, I have no complaints about the gameplay itself... but when you play for months and win over 8 retro bowls with the same team and complete 90% of the hall of fame achievements that you’ve been working for just to log on and EVERYTHING is erased and gone it is extremely frustrating! This game needs a better way to save your progress. There’s no way to transfer gameplay to any other IOS device, if I broke my phone I would be unable to play with my same team on another device. Also what’s the point of playing if you loose all achievements and progress randomly!! Everything I played was deleted and gone, I logged on and it prompted me to start a new game and gave me a tutorial as if I never logged on... extremely frustrating. That being said I’m not trying to bag on the game itself, it has great game mechanics, it keeps things simple unlike most modern IOS games that try to over complicate and drain your battery. Amazing game but I will not be playing again until there is an update that allows you to save and track your progress across multiple accounts and doesn’t crash and make you loose everything you’ve worked for on the game - especially if there is an option to pay for the premium version (which I payed for). Please fix these retro bowl!!.Version: 1.4.76

Fun at first but then becomes stupidIt’s fun when you start playing because there is some real challenge to building up your team from scratch. But once you’ve built it the ‘dynamic difficulty’ kicks in. This is just a fancy way of saying that your 5-star defence will give up points every drive, even against the worst offences in the league. Your offensive players will seemingly lose the ability to run and if you want to pass the ball then you better get it out for a screen because your offensive line will just stand and let defenders past. As a result this game is a lot of fun for a few hours but then just becomes stupid..Version: 1.3.42

Torn about this gameLet me start off by saying that I think the main gameplay loop of this game is fantastic. There’s a feel to placing your passes that sometimes feels better to me than Madden ever did. I love the team building aspect and how it’s simplified. I never liked building teams from the management end in other football games. It’s addictive and rewarding to play. Games don’t take that long and always leave you wanting to start a new one. The price point is great as well. Here are my gripes that are causing me to not rate this 4 or 5 stars. First off, and this may be minor but it always seems that on big plays the receiver or RB slow down so much after getting 30-40 yards. It’s like all of a sudden they are running in molasses. This is frustrating because it completely removes any excitement of a big play. But this leads into my second (and main) issue. This game is too easy. It’s almost as if the slow running was put there to balance the fact that you can pull off huge plays all the time. After a couple seasons it becomes so easy to build a 5 star team that just wrecks everyone and before you know it you’re having perfect seasons every time. There needs to be some balancing done here in a way that doesn’t take away from how good the gameplay feels..Version: 1.2.12

Games Feel ScriptedAlmost everything about this game is fantastic - simple, engaging gameplay and great fun. The only issue I have is that the game feels scripted at times in that, you could attempt to play a game 10 times and you will lose every single time, regardless of how good your team is or how bad the opposition is. Also, if you do nothing else, get a good kicker. The one you start with is absolute garbage and will single handedly lose you games..Version: 1.3.14

DecFun game.Version: 1.4.76

Completely Hot GarbageUpdated again: The game no longer costs 99 cents because it is completely unplayable. Every update makes it worse than before. I don’t even know what is going on over there but I just want to cry because it was so fun, absolutely perfect, and I got to enjoy it for like 3 weeks, my iPad was broken for a week, when I got it fixed and the game was updated it was pretty bad, and I wrote this first review update, took it from 5 stars to 1 and struggled with a broken game, and then they updated it again, and now it is absolutely wrecked. I don’t have the heart to uninstall, I don’t pay for games often, and I wrote “best game... in 10 years” in my first review, but I’m only keeping it in memorial effigy of a game I almost got to have. At this point I am guessing the next update will have even bigger catch radii, completely unstoppable offensive weapons, and the opposing teams will get shut out completely by any defense just a 1/2 star better than their offense, all turnovers too if 3/2 stars better. First review: Just reviewing for credits, but best game I have played in 10 years. Update: bought the game because it was perfect, then the dev updated it. I WANT MY 99 CENTS BACK! If we can choose between 2 and 3 minute quarters, why can’t we choose which version we want to play? I really liked the old receiver tie up game mechanic that resulted in lots of drops and broken up passes, now every throw is a pick or a completion. Refund please..Version: v1.1.92

Good game with flawed designFor a free game and even a dollar it’s good but it has some major problems. While I enjoy the mechanics and aesthetic, clearly development of the dynamic difficulty system suffered. It seems to me that the developer didn’t know how to make AI defense more skilled which I suppose I wouldn’t either so higher difficulty simply makes your players drop the easiest catches known to man significantly more often the higher your difficulty level. In fact, it seems that your players drop easy catches frequently in general, but the insanely high frequency which this occurs at in high difficulty is simply ridiculous. This increased difficulty also makes your defense essentially non existent so it’s a game of keeping up on offense and winning off a last second field goal. My other problem with this game would be the running. While it’s already quite bad that you can generally only throw up to like 20 yards or so, your players run out of stamina very quickly so you can generally expect them to run at most 20 yards after the catch which is in my opinion really dumb. This forces you into letting touchdowns by in score or go home moments when your receiver was wide open and far away from any defenders because he just starts walking towards the end zone after running 10 yards. It also makes the run game utterly unviable. If these 2 main issues aforementioned were fixed, it’s a 5 star for me..Version: 1.4.76

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