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Retro Bowl for Positive User Reviews

NoiceGameplay is real fun, and it’s quite easy to understand. A really good game that I recommend to all..Version: 1.4.96

Review of Retro BowlReally fun game, I think it just needs a bit of fine tuning for it to become great. But overall a solid 5 star game..Version: 1.4.82

Retro bowlThis games very entertaining when you don’t have internet 100% would recommend getting it.Version: 1.4.93

Best game in the App StoreI love this game and have been playing it since it was released I was wondering if we could add a playbook button so you can decide which plays to use to help create a style of play and with this look at adding a create a play function so you would just take route trees and design the play you want. It would also be great if you could structure contracts so that you can split how much a contract is waited across the years it’s signed for and also decide how long you sign a player on. But this game is amazing otherwise and enjoy every minute of it Please could we not change the way the draft works since the recent influx of downloads for the game, the quality of players coming into the draft is reduced, which is unnecessary I’ve paid money to play the game so shouldn’t have to make micro purchases to get or keep a good team.Version: 1.4.96

Why can’t play defense?Good game with huge potential, would be perfect if the user can play the defense part! Pls!.Version: 1.4.82

Best Game Ever!!I rarely rate games.... but this is the best game ever! So much fun to play for hours. Brilliant work. It would be nice to have real players names (a good touch that you can edit) and I do understand there are likely licencing issues around names. Keep up the good work... simply love this game!!.Version: 1.4.22

Perfect to Pick Up and PlayThis is a fantastic game and in certain ways better than the latest and greatest on the market today. I remember a time when you could just buy a game, pop it in your console and get up and running in less than 5 minutes. Now you need to sign into accounts, be connected to WiFi, and have to download updates all the time. It’s understandable given the complexity of modern technology but it does take away from the overall experience. Mobile gaming has followed a similar route and when playing the latest FIFA and Madden games its crazy how many things you have to do to get started. Retro Bowl has brought back that nostalgic feeling to gaming and I look forward to building my team whenever I get the chance. It has a simple interface in which you are always playing offense while the defense is simulated for you. You aren’t overwhelmed with choices and being able to simply choose between passing, running, or a QB sneak instead of memorizing countless A, B maneuvers keeps the game fun and light. It’s ultimately very straightforward and something I could even see more technologically adverse people enjoy. Sometimes, simpler really is better!.Version: 1.4.52

Great game, but not always balanced wellI like this game and I think it’s well worth the price to get the full version. I’ve played through probably 30 seasons so far. That said, the devs often “over-balance” the game at their updates. It seems like after every update you have to totally change your offensive game plan to be able to win games. For example, playing on the highest difficulty I was able to average 4-5 yards per rush attempt, with a nice balance of a few 10+ rushes and a few getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Now after the most recent update, rushing is next to impossible and with the same team I’m averaging maybe 1-2 yards per attempt with a solid half or more of attempts going for 0 or negative yards. This is with a 4 star RB and two 5 star offensive lineman. Now I basically have to throw every play, which just isn’t as fun. I don’t want to sound overly negative. I do genuinely enjoy this game. It’s a nice medium between a casual mobile sports game and playing franchise mode on Madden. Really my only complaint is that the “tweaks” that the devs list on the update notes (and in fairness to them, they do post thorough update notes) occasionally overshoot what I would consider balance..Version: 1.4.49

Totally worth itI got this game ages ago and I’m happy to see all these updates.Version: 1.4.90

GreatThis is truly a fun and enjoyable game, I am glad that I payed for the full version and am satisfied with my purchase, this game makes me sit for hours going through season after season signing player after player, very enjoyable thank you!.Version: 1.16

Best. Game. Ever.I’ve been playing over a year now and I freaking love this game! As an 80s kid the whole feel is so nostalgic and the game play is compelling and keeps you wanting to come back for more. I’ve only had a couple of glitches and the support team have responded and resolved my issue pretty much immediately. I cannot rate Retro Bowl highly enough, it’s a part of my life 😆.Version: 1.4.98

Great gameGreat game but the dynamic difficulty isnt realistic. I’m at dynamic 12 and the other team scores every single drive. My defence is pretty decent too.Version: 1.4.98

Dev fix the chance of touchdown for enemy teamVery good game but there is one downfall and that is the chance of the enemy team getting a touchdown is way to high but over all Good Game.Version: 1.4.98

5 star game with minor issuesFirst of all the game is a fun little time waster. If you miss the simplistic times team building in madden, this is a nice little throw back. The only issues I have with the game is that your players get injured. A lot. And I don’t mean like your QB goes down for the season and you’re screwed, I mean your players get injured every. single. game. And these players will be hurt for 1 or 2 or 3 games, come back and get hurt again two games later. Even with your training facility completely maxed out, the players get hurt. And it stinks when they do because the decline of your offense is incredibly noticeable when one of the star players you signed or drafted isn’t there. The bot players with no names run like they’re wearing lead shoes which takes away from explosive plays. If your RB gets hurt, the replacement back is unusable. Another minor issue I have is you can have a maximum of 10 players with names, and these players are the only offense and defense you have because like I said before, the nameless players are useless. Aside from that this game is a ton of fun, and I highly recommend it..Version: 1.3.14

Please add cfl teams + rules this game is amazing 10/10This game is only missing one thing, cfl teams and a setting to change to cfl rules or an option when starting your game to coach in the cfl. If they add that this game is perfect. ps. get the pro version and cheap as hell and so worth it, who wouldn’t want to name their characters lol (BUT NOT NECESSARY) 10/10.Version: 1.4.98

So addictive!This is such a great game and I can’t stop playing it! Whenever I have a spare few mins I automatically reach for my iPad for a quick game. As a big Rams fan I can’t wait to get the chance at taking my team to the Retro Bowl! I am so happy to finally find a worthy football game to play, beats madden hands down in my book as it actually involves playing the game rather than collecting pointless tokens for pay to win crap. Yes this has some micro transactions but to support the devs of this game and keep them adding more I am happy to hand over my pennies. Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.4.49

‘Fatal Error’ crashes!Love the game, but please sort out the random ‘Fatal Error’ crashing that happens randomly and wipes out all your game history, forcing you to start all over again. I’ve had it happen after 3 seasons and even after 8 seasons…!.Version: 1.4.82

Great gameI would like them to make the players, staff and team upgrades cheaper on coaching credits. and give you an option for a team to have you as their head coach mid season. other than that great game 👍.Version: 1.4.98

College version!Love this game, have played 30 seasons mobile with Jacksonville then S.F before downloading switch and getting premium or whatever the paid version is. First thing I did on my switch version is take 8 hours to convert all the teams to College teams. One division being 2025 SEC, then a collection of my top 16 personal favorite non SEC teams. It runs great and is something I can always load up and enjoy. The mobile version is just as good as the console, and is a must play. K would love to see defense added, but I fear that there’s too much to change and it could ruin the game. Defense is much harder to simulate manually. It requires much more work on computers as well. If defense is added, I feel online multiplayer is a must have as well. Being able to play against each other instead of computers, just like Techmobowl but with modern fixes is a dream of mine. Finally College football being added would be incredible, maybe just redevelopment would be good, making a whole app. Different rules that separate college from pro, most stark being OT rules would benefit from not having to jump around. All In all this game is incredible, and I’m so glad it exists. Btw For My college game, I did 6 years with Ole Miss, then switched to Tennessee Vols. Die hard Vols fan! GBO.Version: 1.5.23

Mobile Game of The Year.I’m not gonna claim to have played this before it got big, because I didn’t. But I’m so glad I picked it up when I did. Even the free version of the game is amazing, but after the dollar version I can genuinely say it’s one of if not the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Beautifully made and so well put together. I love that it’s a full retro style and not some clunky 3D type game. As well as getting to play as a GM and players, it’s a perfect balance between the two. And as someone who can easily get bored of other mobile games in a week or less I can always count on RB to satiate my boredom. I also don’t know how you guys could do it and I’m sure it would take a lot of work but adding star players to other teams would be awesome, as well as them having individual stats. I’m also not sure how or if it would work. But defense. I know I would 100% enjoy that. I’m sure also a good majority of players would love to see a retro basketball or even a retro baseball game. The developers of this entire project have done God’s work with this game and I can’t want to see what the future of this company brings..Version: 1.4.93

Cracking gameJust want to say i love this game. Brings me back to the old games you would play on the Commodore 64. What i would love to see added is watching and picking plays when your on defensive(probably a lot would disagree with me,but it’s jus my opinion)then i think the game would be complete. Love the updates you have added though.Version: 1.3.14

This game is amazingWhen I first downloaded this game I thought that it wasn’t going to be for me but as I got better I started to love this masterpiece of a game.Version: 1.4.93

Fun, addictive, easy to pick upThe game lets you control throwing, running and kicking with easy to pick up mechanics. Getting my first TD was great, after that I was hooked. You have star players you can sign, train and improve whilst there’s also a draft where you get to sign promising rookies for your team. As a casual mobile gamer I can recommend to all sports fans looking for a cool team building, fun game to play..Version: 1.4.82

Wish you could play DefenseMaybe come out with a update where you can choose to Play defense as well? Other than that the game’s amazing been Playing since it came out and retro goal.Version: 1.4.98

Taught me how football worksGetting into this game has taught me how football works. No other football game has taken me past confusion with football and into understanding like this one. Like, I knew nothing about football before playing this game, nothing, and now I understand a lot! I was obsessed with this game for a while, but after a certain point I felt like there was no challenge. Every game basically plays the same way. Especially after optimizing my team, I started crushing almost every game except maybe one or two in a season. Starting a new game doesn't rekindle my interest either because the games still all play the same. I'm not sure what I'd like to see change. But I HIGHLY recommend this game all the same. Especially if it's free! Edit: Actually I'd like to play defense. Right now you don't actually play when the other team has the ball, text comes up that tells you what's happening and you don't control any of it until you get control again. If you have a low star defense, you can expect an opposing team to score every time they get the ball, making every interception devastating, and you can't do anything about it. It would be nice to have more control in order to mitigate this and also it'd just be fun! Still highly recommend..Version: v1.1.92

Fun pick up & playThis is what mobile games are about. A real fun pick up and play which can be played for weeks. Enough to give you enjoyment for instant games and has a development aspect which allows insolvent to what you doing. Recommend for busy dads who sometimes only get 5 minutes and sometimes get an hour!.Version: 1.4.88

Awesome gameSo fun, easy and keeps me busy.Version: v1.1.8

Retro rugbyLove the game, would you guys be looking at making a game of Retro Rugby 🏉?.Version: 1.4.90

Fantastic Find!I’m not sure how I stumbled across this game but I’m glad that I did as it is now my go to game when I have 5 mins, 15 mins or 50 minutes to spare. Well done to the developers for coming up with such a fun and addictive title!.Version: 1.3.42

My favourite game by a distance!What a great find this was. Love American Football and this is a great game. It’s the game I go to when I have a few minutes to burn but also can easily find myself playing for longer, just so I can get to the playoffs. It’s just intuitive to play and most importantly fun. That’s before you have to think about your roster, working within the salary cap, trading your favourite player before he leaves for nothing. Don’t delay and download this today, you won’t regret it..Version: 1.4.49

Great gameYep 👆.Version: 1.4.98

Really good gameIt is a free game and what I know of it isn’t a online game. You would think that it has a bunch of adds but believe it or not I haven’t seen a single add the whole time I’ve played this..Version: 1.4.93

This is Awesome!This a fantastic game filled with smart plays and fun things to do. I rate this game very highly not only because it’s fun but because I think that NFL is great. You have to play this game..Version: 1.4.76

Great little gameA fun little game. Worth playing for free but open up a few more options for a small fee. There aren’t a lot of options, but the simplicity makes it more fun and less nerdy. The controls during a game can be a little fiddly..Version: 1.4.76

Great funExcellent fun, simple game play and plenty of front office options to keep things interesting..Version: 1.3.14

Better tutorialI only just got this game yesterday but I’ve been playing it not stop, it’s fun as an arcade game but also has a great amount of detail. The only minor issue I have is, the tutorial lacks some information like when the draft will be or how to change team. Other than that it’s a really great game!.Version: 1.13

Good little time killerSimple and fun.Version: 1.3.42

This is so much funThis game is amazing and I love the old graphics. The only thing I can do better is in the next update make and online so you can play against friends.Version: 1.4.41

BEST FOOTBALL GAME ON THE APP STOREI love this game, I downloaded it a while back and just reinstalled it recently and love it, my head coach has won the super bowl 23 years in a row on dynamic 16 and 2 years after that (still consecutive) on Extreme! While the game is fun and the new kick off feature is really cool, it needs to be tweaked. I noticed touchdowns and yards don’t track for players when they return kicks. I just played a game with my running back as my kick returner and he got THREE kick return touchdowns! Crazy right! But his stats didn’t track and he received a rating of 2 with no touchdowns. If they get the kickoff stats to track and effect moral for the player then I’d consider this game perfect! I saw in another post that seeing star players on opposing teams would be really neat. It would be cool for my star QB to face off against a Star DB like a Brady vs Ramsey type of deal. It would add emersion into the game. That’s all, download and enjoy! Edit: A couple more things! Punt returns would be cool! The ability to skill check or rng to block field goals. New stats like tackles broken or yards after catch, I get it’s a lot of detail but I feel the creators could do it!.Version: 1.5.17

Classic graphics excellent mechanicsTerrific free game!.Version: 1.4.76

This game is greatThis game is the best game on AppStore I play it all the time. It’s competitive let’s you create your own team you don’t need internet you can play it anywhere u r. It’s free u rly don’t need any money unless you want too this game isn’t payed to win. It almost never gets boring, this is the greatest game out there, although. The game has some flaws and it would b great if the developers could fix it. First the game is very competitive and that’s the whole point but this have has a little glitch for players to cheat, all you do is just close the app and open which I think that kills the whole point of the game because it’s supposed to b competitive but people take advantage and use that. something personal, my game just lost all my progress it hasn’t happened to anyone before and I really like that team it was the team I originally started with but one day I opened the app and my progress was reset. I had also naught the unlimited version and it reset too could someone help or do anything for that. Overall tho this game is fun it offers u everything. Great Concept!.Version: 1.4.93

An actual fun gameHard to believe it, but so far I’ve enjoyed this free game as if it were a real deal paid game. Small elements of Pay-To-Win going on, but hopefully you can have a decent time grafting through the difficult areas. So far, hasn’t been impossible to win, just clearly would be easier if I pay..Version: 1.4.76

Great gameReally good fun. Perfect mix of management and gameplay. Feels like the Sensible Soccer of NFL games and have had some epic battles so far. Only just started playing but already looking forward to the next draft so I can upgrade my useless D-line. Have a feeling this is gonna eat a lot of my spare time..Version: 1.4.93

Excellent little game.Simple enough, involved enough. Great fun and addictive. The perfect little game to dip in and out of but feel like your on a journey with your team. Great game..Version: 1.4.76

DynamiteThe game is great I just want to say that when we win dynamic gets harder and harder I wish that I could choose what dynamic to play on instead of the difficulty rising automatically also add more uniforms please👍🏻.Version: 1.4.93

Well doneLove the passing. The gameplay is nostalgic and it actually is well made. Enjoyed it throughout the first season. It has scenarios after each game which you can control. Like if a player stayed out after curfew or was caught with drugs. You can control if you want to discipline them or ignore. It will add fans or drop moral and each game gives experience so you can level your players. You get to choose what ability to upgrade like QB hits level 2 you can pick arm strength/ accuracy/ stamina or speed. Has full stats for each game / year / and career for each star player. You spend just $1 you can name everyone for your favorite teams. Hire coaches and upgrade stadiums. It’s really well done. Only down side so far is you don’t get to play defense and the RB and WR just run in a strait line after they do their route. You have to swipe up or down to dodge but feels kinda basic. Wish it had a directional pad to control. But the QB play is a lot of fun. You control how far you want or to throw short or lead the WRs. And of coarse it looks just like tecmobowl. Definitely recommend if you are a fan of the old game. I can’t stop playing it..Version: 1.2.12

Amazing funReally good wee game - like the dynamic difficulty which provides a nice challenge..Version: 1.4.41

Best sports game on App Store!This game is incredible, I love everything about it, but that doesn’t mean there’s room for improvement. One thing I wish you would do is add it so you can see a opposing teams roster, coaches, etc. along with during gameplay you can see your opponents Star players on defense, like how you do with the users players. I’m pretty sure other people have said this in their reviews too, but it would be awesome if we were able to start in college or choose to stay in college, I don’t care if I have to pay for that feature, I would get it either way. Another one is of course the option to play on defense as well. I think it would be cool if you added a simulation feature to it, so you can sim games you don’t wanna play, because sometimes after like 5 full seasons of games, you just kinda get tired of playing and wish you could progress your career and franchise without actually having to play the football game. Also I think it should be easier to get Coach Credits, sometimes it’s really hard to resign guys because you don’t have enough cap room, but the only way to make more is to either cut someone or pay Coach Credits to expand the cap, but the expansion cap is mega expensive and the only way to get it without paying real money for more Coach Credits is to farm them for like 10 season. I think if you add this stuff this game becomes App games hall of fame worthy. Keep updating and make this game even better!.Version: 1.5.17

Lots of funYou don’t need fancy graphics, you just need addictive and fun game play. Can you manage to roster your own NFL franchise team and then hold you nerve as you control your QB trying to make that Q4 touchdown pass?.Version: 1.2.12

Best mobile game i've ever playedIt's definitely the best mobile game i've ever played. i've played it for almost a year now, i started in march 2020, and i've been playing it since. i love pretty much everything that's been added in since i first played i just have one suggestion that i always wished would be added to the game. i would love a way to just simulate your own game. it would make it more fun and appealing to the people who like the franchise aspect a lot so we don't have to play with a no name quarterback and get blown out for 16 games lol. i think it'd be cool just as an option so you can play or just skip to the draft and draft a better team. it'd also be cool if there was like a fire coach setting where you could be fired for extra difficulty, or if you could play defense that would make this one of my favorite games of all time. in all it's an amazing game, i love it, and i've been playing since around the time it came out i believe and i got some of my friends to get it too. i understand it's new and it's still having plenty of stuff added to it, but i'd love to see some of the stuff i suggested updated into the game at some point..Version: 1.4.52

Great gameLove the game, it’s a stunner.Version: 1.4.93

Tied for best offline franchise football gameI hate madden with a passion since it removed like every good thing about it. Yet this is a polar opposite to madden in every fashion. The only franchise mode and gameplay that comes close to this is this geometric footbalI game have on my pc and I’m to lazy to check. Though a couple grievances I have is I wish the entire team was customizable which is semi possible with unlimited mode but it’s something I wish was just in the normal free gameplay. Then something that would be great in the unlimited erosion would make a play and/or make a player. Plus making the dynamic AI harder for the Better teams would help, like I need to be like the Jags would be on easy, but then the Chiefs substitute would be on Extreme, just to add more difficulty to the mode and so if I don’t want an undefeated season I don’t have to force a loss on my part.A very minor Grecian error is on player positions, specially o line, if it could be more defined, interior versus exterior. Then add a new class called edge, and I know it’s going the of the dodo, but also maybe a fullback position. If you want a quilting football experience try this game out..Version: 1.4.88

FunFun.Version: 1.16

Super fun but needs some easy fixesI started playing a few weeks back and i love this game, but one thing i found difficult was my morale was always so low with no way to bring it up. i felt like every game a player had a dui or was fighting. there are very few positive situations that arise, like i could throw for 800 yards and the postgame interview would be “what are your thoughts on (insert DB) today” and the two options are both negative. not to mention the fact that i can be 6-0 with 70% fan approval, then lose one game and it plummets to 45% approval (yes that actually happened) there needs to be more positive rewards. secondly i think the draft picks really shouldn’t start with such high ratings. maybe put one or two that start out as like 3 star prospects, but most of them should just be 1 or 2 star players with POTENTIAL to be 5 star, giving you an incentive to hold onto your investment. and also maybe make make coaching credits a little easier to get? everything is super expensive and by the time i can afford to upgrade facilities or get better coaching, my star players are retiring or on different teams and i have no QB because i spent all my coins on a 3 star offensive coordinator. again, fantastic game, but please take some of these things into consideration. thanks!.Version: 1.4.22

Play it like the Big 12!!!There’s two ways of playing this game: 1: Play it normally, with dynamic difficulty. It gets hard pretty quickly, but there’s also the need to adapt when your kicker / QB / WR goes injured for 4 games. It’s not even worth kicking an extra point if your kicker’s injured, just learn short passing! 2: If there was ever a chance to play it like the Big 12, this is it! Keep it on easy, and learn how to play Air Raid / long passes. Defence is of course optional in many cases, but it’s fun seeing just how hard you can push it. My record is 11 TD in a game. Enough to make Gus Johnson calm down a Bit! Great game, seriously worth it. In app purchases not required to have fun, can just make it easier for you if you’re starting out. You get enough in game to mitigate having to buy anything..Version: 1.3.14

Sensi Soccer for the NFLThis games is so addictive yet simple!!! Ive been hooked for weeks. Theres so much in this game from 3 save modes, the draft, injuries, managerial mode and keep up the morale! I even paid for the full mode as it was well worth the pennies! Theres a few creators for ios which should take note of this games depth!!.Version: 1.3.42

Amazing game for football fansI’m not gonna lie I enjoy this game more then madden.Version: 1.4.98

Great game but it could be betterIt would be better if you could choose when you kick D.Version: 1.4.93

Best football game ur NOT playingThis game rocks 😎 but how bout an online mode and plz add a thing were you can play defense. Otherwise I love this.Version: 1.4.82

Really good fun!Enjoying this game so far has a lot of detail just like the big madden franchises.Version: 1.4.82

Good stuffThis is really fun and easy to pick up (and doesn't shove ads in your face!) but if I had to critique it at all I'd say the swiping to dive and move up and down whilst running with the handegg need to have an option to use on screen buttons rather than a swipe, as most of the time the swiping is annoying and doesn't register, or you move up when you meant to dive or visa versa.Version: 1.3.79

Can’t play since updateReally need the developers to fix this. Just updated the app, can’t get past the bye week without an error message popping up. Please look into this as this is my favourite app at the moment.Version: 1.3.35

Great time killerNice to play in your spare time.Version: 1.4.98

BEST GAME EVER BUTTHIS GAME IS THE BEST GAME IVE EVER PLAYED BUT you need like a mode we’re you can play online multiplayer.Version: 1.4.98

Fun game, great features!The developers achieved what they set out to do. Created a fun, retro football game with a nod to Tecmo Bowl. It’s more of a team management simulation, than an arcade style game. Still very fun and has great, well designed features and gameplay..Version: 1.4.76

This game rulesLove this game. Wish they made a college one, too..Version: 1.5.23

Great base gameThe game is almost perfect, I love the quick and easy play style. The only thing I’d add would be possibly more sound during the game and maybe more long term goals or more things to do such as managing players Either way I hope it doesn’t change to much because it’s a great game!.Version: 1.4.93

Sick game - some ideasLove the game have been playing it for about a year now. I would love to see the game add trade between other teams instead of only free agents, like I could trade 2 picks for a round 1 value player or something like that. A game this style would also be awesome for a basketball game!.Version: 1.4.52

YewwwLove this game heaps play nearly 2-3 seasons a day. I know it’s a big ask but u should bring in a defence mode maybe not for the whole set but when they r on 3rd n 5.Version: 1.4.93

So much fun!I downloaded this game thinking it would just be another boring game where I’d play a few games and delete it after 5mins, boy was I wrong! It’s a lot more in depth then I thought and the gameplay is so much fun! I fully recommend this to anyone looking to pass the time in the evening or you’re bored and finding something to play!.Version: 1.4.96

More than I expected!Man this game is simple, fun, and awesome! Not only do you control the office but you are in charge of the entire team, staff, facilities and attributes for everyone you control. You are the GM and head coach and you have to make decisions that you deem right for your players, coaches, fans and franchise. This game was well thought out and exciting. Even the difficulty is unique as your players performance depends on how well they trained or how tired they are from previous games, plus the strength of your opponent. Low rank teams will put up a fight but the high ranked teams will demolish you if you’re not careful! I’m in week 14 and in a tight run to make the playoffs! There’s so much that goes into your decision making like a real GM and I would’ve never thought this game would have it all. It would’ve been great to control some defense too, I drafted 3 DEF rookies to start my new team. But playing offense is just as fun. This definitely gives you some Tecmo Bowl memories but this is a great adaptation. Highly recommend this game! And if my review doesn’t convince you, the menu music alone is worth your $1!!! The retro synths with the beat drop is straight FIRE!!! RETRO BOWL LESSSGOOO!!!.Version: 1.3.14

Free creditsEasy.Version: 1.4.93

Just a great gameLots of effort has been put into this game, the most in-depth franchise mode I’ve seen in a long time. With constant updated there is lots to do. One thing I’d ask is to add a commentary team that occasionally appear with subtitles below saying stats about a player or that it is a rivalry game or a prime-time game.Version: 1.4.41

Fun and all but...Great game one problem I’ve had is that is I want to make a play with the quarterback it glitches and gives it to the running back which one reason I’ve lost many games overall this is the only problem I’ve had other than that I love this game😊.Version: 1.4.76

Best game everAmazing everything amazing 😉 but one thing you should ad is like your quater back or any positon stats you can show in the game from last year or right now and you can have commentators and a presentation in the super bowl. and also put in out of the pocket throws and new celebration. And also put in a my career in the future and add pro bowl take this in for consideration.Version: 1.4.98

The best game everThis is probably the best game I have ever played and ever will play. The only thing I would like to see in the future is a playable defence and the option to do fake punts and fake field goals……and maybe more management decisions (hall of fame stuff) But other than that this game is legendary!!!!!!!.Version: 1.5.17

Excellent game. Latest update fantasticSuch a good game. Fantastic replay. Love the new icons denoting mvp and bowl rings. Would be awesome to have these in stats pages too. Would also be cool to expand stats for best in league tables and best of all time for various stats. Could you increase the Salary cap each season if team tops group/league/bowl? Would be nice not to have to cut some players when they need to be renewed. Latest update is great..Version: 1.3.42

Very AddictiveVery addictive game- I love building up and trading players coaches etc.Version: 1.3.42

Please add trucking by holding the screenCan the ball carrier moves be upgraded to where you don’t lose as much stamina as fast, and to truck while holding the screen.Version: 1.4.93

Brilliant!Absolutely brilliant game and all the updates have been fantastic. Two small gripes though: the latest update seems to have removed ‘forward progress’?! It would also be nice to get some more ‘hall of fame’ achievements to work towards. All in all, one of the best games I’ve ever bought, worth every single penny of the 99p and still great fun 15 seasons in!.Version: v1.1.8

Better than Madden ever was!Love this game. Everything about it is straight fire. But I do have a few suggestions: 1. Defense mode - Come on. There’s no football without a defense 2. Player progression - I think non star players, if used enough, should become star players. And Vice versa. Also make use of X-Factor abilities. Or call it Retro-Factor. 3. Refs and Flags - Maybe add actual refs and show a ref saying touchdown, or announcing a penalty and stuff. Also add penalties and flags and all that. 4. Halftime! - A little halftime show wouldn’t hurt. 5. Game time - allow for maybe up to 6 minutes per quarter. 6. Plays - Allow us to choose from a playbook of plays. 7. Coin Flip - Allow us to have a coin flip mini game. 8. Zooming in on players - Make the camera zoom in on players after plays. 9. POV - Allow us to switch to players other than the quarterback before plays and let us switch between players as a play is happening. 10. Training and Practice - Allow us to train and practice before games to enhance our abilities. 11. Celebrations! - Need more of them. 12. Logo - Put team logos on the fields. That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for your time. Still love the game!.Version: 1.5.17

Great little game!Great football game, love the retro feel! While there’s not much to do in the way of selecting the tactics on the field the gameplay itself is brilliantly simple and the choice between running and passing can be tense! Building your squad then moving on to a “bigger” team can be tough but makes the long term goal of managing your favourite team worthwhile Highly recommended.Version: 1.16

Some more depth elements1. The fans seem to shift to much, for example they could love you then you lose one game and you lose like 20% fan interest. So that needs to be bumped down a little. 2. Add more control over play calling. So you could add a system for offense where every play you have three options to pick from. Then on defense you could make it so you have a pass defense play, run defense play, and balanced play (run and pass). And to decide which one to choose it gives you a percentage chance of which play the offense would call. So if it’s 60/40, 60 for pass, 40 for run. You have a better chance of getting a pick with a pass play but if they call a run play they will get a big gain. Since it’s 60/40. Then same thing with other percentages. 3. Add an option for playbooks. This, would play into hiring coordinators like some scan have a aggressive defense some have pass heavy offense and etc. 4. Finally make it an option for you to start off coaching in college so you can stay there if you don’t want to be in the nfl. Maybe if you do well get a chance in the nfl, if you do poorly you get moved down to a lower conference team like from sec to sun belt or you could just go to a less known college. Also please make these free because I believe these would make this game a five star app..Version: 1.4.93

Absolutely loving itWhilst in lockdown I haven’t really been able to find a game that would keep me occupied without straight deleting until I found this gem! Absolutely loving every moment of it and even recommended to friends..Version: 1.3.14

Great GameAt first... The simplicity of this game worried me; thought I’d get bored. Turns out the simplicity is the best part. The algorithms are accurate. Game play is fun. Not sure why folks are complaining about paying $1.39. Stick a crowbar in your wallets people... great game + $1.39 = bargain! C’mon! Would be great if there was a similarly as simple hockey version..Version: 1.13

One problemIt’s a great game very fun and if I’m bored I can play a few games as they take 6 minutes to play around.there is one issue that’s the interceptions when I throw the ball and my teammate isn’t looking he doesn’t catch but when the other team does they intercept and one more thing is that in the nfl just because someone isn’t a starter they still can catch balls and in this they drop everything.Version: 1.5.23

Ignoring familyI’ll say this much. If I do end up getting a divorce it’s probably because I’m spending so much time playing this awesome game (joking).Version: 1.4.76

This is an all time CLASSIC. Right now!Easy to learn but difficult to master. This game is so addictive because it’s both fun and challenging. The catching is great but once you figure out the running game it goes to another level. Love changing names, love the decision making away from the field. Should I cut these Coach’s? Should I rest a player? Can I can win with great receivers but maybe a low rated QB? Love the stats, love the trades, love the game play . . . LOVE THIS GAME!.Version: 1.4.82

Great game but far from perfectThis is a game that I got recently but already love. The graphics are cool and simple and the gameplay while repetitive has a unique style. As far as the problems go they are more like suggestions to improve not reasons to not play. I wish there was an option to defend, that there were more options in the main menu, the game gets a little repetitive and once you get the hang of the controls can be easy. Love the game though and would recommend for people to download..Version: 1.3.79

Awesome game but...Retro bowl is an awesome but when I’m throwing the ball and they intercepted it from behind there back without looking like man that’s just unfair.Version: 1.4.98

GoodThe game itself is outstanding, I liked every moment of it, I would like a version of it where it has different sports, for example soccer you have the main big countries and then you select where you wanna manage and go from the bottom league to the top divisions in said country and in the European continents you would have the champions league and Europa league so it’s more fun and the actual transfer windows. Also would like sports like basketball, baseball, etc I think it would be good for the App Store and people who like to play the retro bowl game.Version: 1.4.49

Love the game, not sure about the updateI like the bullet pass, but the responsiveness when trying to juke or dive is lagging now which is frustrating when going QB sneaks etc. only happened on this last update. Hopefully a quick fix.Version: 1.4.88

Great gameGreat game so much fun really worth getting it, I have heaps of fun playing it, I would love to see another game of the same style but maybe basketball or something.Version: 1.4.52

Oh yeahThis game is awesome, no complaints about it. But as a Canadian I would love to see a hockey version of this. 👍.Version: 1.4.98

ReviewGame good. Run me my 5 credits..Version: 1.4.93

DecentGood game. Gets boring in late game as AI is super powerful and you can’t make fun plays.Version: 1.4.82

Amazing game but a suggestion for you guysGame is brilliant and I won’t go into why it is because we all already know. These 5 stars are not to get this comment seen as I authentically believe this is a 5 star game that amazingly only costs 99 cents for the complete version. Just one of the things I think you guys could fix as of now is the fan bar. You always start with a team with one win the previous season (and yes you can win last game). Next year, if you make the right moves you can start with a more than reasonable record for your team (I play on extreme so it’s not the easiest thing to do year 2 but doable for sure). Right now I am 5-3 but since I lost my last game my fans are at 1%. Realistically, if you’re a fan of a team that went 1-15 the year before but got a new coach and are now 5-3 through the first half the season, Id like to think you’d be very, VERY happy with the progress. I feel like the bar does not go up enough for wins (especially situationally), and then falls far too much for even one loss. I think you guys could probably look into it and tweak it to make it much better. Anyways thanks for one of the best apps ever created and I hope you guys keep improving the game and adding more features👍..Version: 1.4.96

Addictive, Simple, FunThis game is the best complete American Football game mobile app I've ever played. The gameplay is easy and quick to pick up, and if you enjoy football at a more knowledgeable level there's actually some depth to it that you can enjoy. Really fun, and the limited free game is 100% worth a try..Version: v1.04

Great game but..I’ve deleted and re installed this game so many times for one reason. After a while it gets to easy. I played with only 1 star / half star players and still won the super bowl. Would be nice for an easy, medium, hard option. I’ve they’ve done that since I’ve been gone... no flaws!.Version: 1.4.76

REALLY FUN GAME!This game is super cool, fun and for me, quite addictive! I recommend this game for NFL fans that don't care about the pixel graphics, but I also recommend this game for a lot of people as well. 5 STAR is what I rated this game. I hope lots of people rate it 5 STAR as well. Thanks..Version: 1.4.22

Great app can i Suggest something???So when i got this game it was kinda just another game on my phone but one time when i was playing it my sibling whose in highschool told me that the boys at lunch in highschool always play it so i started playing more. its so fun and makes you really stratagize and plan how to use ur cc heres my idea tho it would be really cool if there was a choice to try to make the defence jump and get five yards and it would be almost like the onside kick and ud have like a 40% chance, also refs would be cool to see on the field and sidelines and u could add some low chance penalties like if player has a toxic moral they would have a higher chance of getting into a fight or something, one last thing last time i was playing my qb had an ingery and i thought it would be cool at the end of a play it go back to the qb and hed be on the grownd and medics would come out and take him of the field and after the game it would say the same thing,,, you dont have to add these i just think those would make the actuall field game more realistic thanks for making a great game.Version: 1.4.96

Very goodDefinitely would recommend, I don’t even live in America or play nfl but it’s a good game.Version: 1.4.93

Thewally❤️Great game.Version: 1.3.37

So good, I can’t stop playingHands down an absolute banger of a game, unsure why all my lineman and D players keep saying I’m ok/poor/terrible every year tho. Should add an X-factor style so like if your WR has 5 catches he gets a speed boost or something or a lineman gets 15 blocks he is unbeatable for a possession, massive potential for an already great game.Version: 1.4.76

Great funThis is my favourite American football game on any platform. I would upgrade but I can’t at the moment. If it was on the switch I’d buy it right away. I wish there was a difficulty gauge you could alter though, as some elements are frustrating due to screen controls. Overall, this game is now one of my favourites on AppStore..Version: 1.4.93

Great Game, but it could improve!This game is overall great but after you get the hang of it and have the best team it gets boring, here are some things you can consider adding: 1. A 2 player system (You can play against friends in the same device) 2. Being able to defend like in the madden mobile game 3. Commentators (It will make the game more exciting) 4. Multiple fan sound effects/ chants. 5. Being able to hear audibles. 6. Laterals 7. More ups and downs (it is boring seeing the same crisis or benefits) These are some examples you could consider adding. This will make it far more interesting and fun!.Version: 1.4.82

Deadly Sports GameGame is great. Free to play but if you support these guys for $1.49, the game gets even better! Never a dull moment as you manage your team, coaches, fans, drafts and free agents while working under a salary cap. Build a juggernaut, then jump ship to another franchise and build a better one! Love it!.Version: 1.4.98

A lot of funThis game is great fun, short snappy games, with a great sense of progression and learning. I played close to 30 seasons and still found myself wanting to play another season! Also, I would say it’s worth paying for the unlimited version. I don’t normally like making in game purchases but in this case it’s great value and it allows you to tweak things to suit you, rather than just removing ads or getting upgrade items. So stick some classic 80s NFL games on the TV, fire up the Stranger Things soundtrack and dominate the league..Version: 1.3.14

New stuff to tryI love this game but I find that it would be better if we could punt return and have the options to fair catch the ball, like holding down for a while. Another thing I would love to see in the game is that once you player makes a driving catch and lands on the ground without any opponent nearby I would like the player to get back up and continuing to run down the field. Overall love this game and it’s can be addicting at times. I also love that it doesn’t have to be on wifi..Version: 1.4.98

Great game but needs some fixingRetro bowl is a great game don’t get me wrong, its just frustrating. First of all you should have the option to be one of the players meaning that you should be able to have a qb franchise or a wr franchise and not only be able to be a coach. Also you should be able to request a trade or demand a release from the team your on because I’ve been on the chargers for 6 years and I signed a 4 year contract. Also the other teams offense is a 1 star rating and I have a 5 star rating defense and the other team scores a touchdown every possession, I literally mean every possession. Also if one of my players are on a fast break the defense catches up every time. How does the defense not run out of energy yet my players have max stamina and run out of energy in like 3 seconds. Another thing, when you throw the ball it’s almost like it’s an interception every single throw. If I throw it 3 yards or less near a defender then it’s going to be an interception. If you throw it anywhere near a defender it will be an interception. Even if there not that close to it but there in diving range they still intercept it without diving, it’s annoying how I have to keep allowing points and changing possession. Also players that don’t have a name and a star above there head are just flat out useless they gain 3 yards in 5 seconds, like what’s the point. Other than that it’s a really good game and I really recommend it..Version: 1.4.93

Good enoughGame is fun and easy to get into and start enjoying right away. Lots of customization that don’t have anything to do with gameplay (uniform and ball style, for instance) which do add an element of fun. As for gameplay it’s fairly routine and the rhythm of the game is predictable. There’s a few mechanical issues with the way the game is played. One problem is setting the ball on either hashmark which the NFL does not do but always instead places at the ball in the middle of the field creating angular kicks. In college the ball is placed on the nearest hashmark. Also when a player falls down without having been touched by another player in the NFL the play is still live. In college the play ends. However in RB the college rule applies so there is an inconsistency there. You can’t make any substitutions during the game. This detracts considerably from you thinking you’re actually coaching since once the game starts you’re locked into whatever players are there. The defense management is passive. Nevertheless, I was able to go into about my fifth season and with a new team (Cleveland) won the Retro Bowl in my first season as their coach. The only upgrade I purchased was the basic $.99 upgrade. I had a good draft and reinvested my coaching credits into team health and morale..Version: 1.4.82

BrilliantGreat game, would recommend to all ages.Version: 1.3.79

Please make basketball oneMake a basketball one with similar format and character naming and team creation and I’ll spend every dollar.Version: 1.5.17

Great gameWonderful game to play on long car rides.Version: 1.3.79

GoodGame good.Version: 1.4.98

Absolute top notchEvery night, before I go to bed… I think of this game. It is absolutely top notch and is better than any sports game I’ve ever played. The coaching and trading aspect, the gameplay, the story is all just elite. Love this game 10/10..Version: 1.4.93

Warning: This Game Is PerfectMy roommate got this game a few months ago, and every day I would hear the little retro music from the living room. He never really made a big deal of it but I would ask about his team and he would give me player updates. The depth of this game is so immense. It’s simple if you want it to be and it can be infinitely nuanced if you are looking for a more advanced level of play. He finally told me that he joined a league and I just had to get this game for myself to see what the hype was all about. I was not disappointed. I’m on my second save, 1 season with the New York Jets and have my sights set on the retro bowl this year! Let’s gooo! Needless to say I’ve sent a link to every single family member of mine, football fan or not, this is a must have. Great art style, fun music, intuitive controls... you name it, Retro Bowl’s got it. My favorite thing is the strange sense of pride you get from the random first team you are assigned to. I was never a Jets fan. I grew up in Dallas, TX. But hey now I’ve got some pride in my franchise. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. IT’S FREE!!!.Version: 1.4.22

Very pleasurableI have played the game and I think that it provides a beautiful combination of gameplay and quality graphics for fun casual gaming and serious competitive play. As a Vietnam veteran it provides an easy intuitive UI that anyone from a child too an reasonably aged fellow “boomer” can enjoy :):)😶‍🌫️👃🏿.Version: 1.4.98

Great funAmazing fun, and great even free to play but i recommend buying the unlimted version for 0.99 purely just to support the devs for making an awesome game, please dont change the core gameplay in future updates!! Would love to see you guys make another game similar to this.Version: 1.3.61

GreatSuper easy super fun flashback.Version: 1.4.52

Best American football game on iOSOnce again conclusive proof that playability will win out over graphics. Deep experience building a franchise and end of season drafts and roster development as well as fantastic game play harking back to the classic Tecmo bowl..Version: 1.16

Better then most Madden FranchisesThis is one of the best game for me on my iPad. The graphics are good, I like them and I’m a young person. Also a very good thing in this is the team morale. I love it because it adds some more depth into the gameplay and almost gives it a storyline to follow. The player ratings are also a good way to tell if a player is good or not. In the draft, that has helped me exceptionally by finding players that upgrade the positions I need and to fill gaps in the team play. That also leads me to another topic; the draft. I love how it only has 3 picks and how simple it and easy it is to make picks and find players to help the challenge of building a dynasty. I also love that after around 2 seasons you can change teams. It helps me decide wether to help try juice up another team or stay with my dynasty. Trading is also a really cool thing in this game, because sometimes the computer comes up to me to offer a trade. It can be for my players and draft picks or theirs, but I can also trade my own players. Sometimes that’s what I do to make a new team and save file challenging. Overall, one of the best games in the App Store to me, best football app by a big margin, and overall a very exciting and fun game to play. I hope if your reading this, please give it a shot, you will NOT REGRET IT!.Version: 1.4.22

Great time passerMobile games are always just cash grabs so retro bowl is a nice change of pace. It’s simple but fun and while it has in game purchases like buying coins(it’s the only currency in the game and you get more then enough by playing) and the ultimate version which just adds some interesting features if you wanna pay the $2. The only thing I want them to add is the super bowl mvp award and being able to trade players for more then 1 pick (Please).Version: 1.5.17

Love itUPDATE Got some of the features added and thank you but would I would like to have the draft be like the nfl draft and also have the option to trade draft picks for players or trade up in the draft and I don’t know if this is a glitch but the rush and alternate uniforms are the exact same. One more thing would like if on week 12 it be thanksgiving and week 16 be Christmas and if for the kickoff game it has the the kickoff logo and for the playoffs it has the logo for the wild card division and conference games . Great game favorite retro game but I would like if the dynamic setting was fixed because it’s way too easy and I wish that the draft was like the nfl draft were the worst team gets the first pick and that the best team gets the last pick(s) and as well as changing the playoff format to the new nfl playoff format were it has 7 playoff teams and that the 1st seed gets the bye and small thing but would like also if we could be able to get different uniforms and customize the uniforms and that it would be free for unlimited version users. Overall great game would like to see those changes..Version: 1.4.76

NewStar have done it again!Speaking as a player who enjoyed more hours playing New Star Soccer than I care to admit. Retro Bowl is just the right mix of familiar mechanics and new experience for me. It’s heartening to see that the temptation to overdo the in-app purchases has been avoided this time (It’s a shame what happened to NSS). I think any sports fan would find this game a great time killer..Version: 1.3.79

Thanks5 free coaching credits.Version: 1.4.82

It’s a level of customization that Madden used to haveI downloaded this game and didn’t know what to expect. I actually figured that I would delete the app entirely later. However, once I saw how much customization you can have, I’ve been playing it so much. You have all of your nfl teams. Okay, it’s not really NFL licensed. But the silver and blue team called “Dallas C” is close enough for me. But what has sold the game for me is that you can change any and all teams to be what you want. I made every team different, put them all in cities like Roswell and Tulsa, and added silly team names like the Roswell aliens or the Auburn Ninjas. You can also change their uniform colors on top of that. The only two things that would put this over the top would be if you could view other teams players and stats, and actually request a trade yourself. Usually if you want to trade a player, you just get a pick in the upcoming draft. If you could view other players stats (and maybe have an option to view the league leaders in passing for example) and decide who you want to go after, this would be the perfect simulation..Version: 1.4.49

Love the game but small issue since the new updateSuch a good game but since the new update I haven’t been able to swipe to dodge defenders. It’s become a pain because I now can’t run the ball and just have to throw everything. Sometimes the swipe works but maybe only twice in the game. I can’t dive now either..Version: 1.4.90

AwesomeWould love more retro games . Retro football is the best.Version: 1.4.98

Another masterclass by Simon ReadAs a born-and-bred Brit, I struggle to get into American football games because of all the complex tactics. This game streamlines the experience beautifully. The only (minor) gripe I have is, as is common with Simon Read’s New Star games, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on enough in-game currency to excel at the beginning, which makes for some frustrating losses against more difficult teams.Version: 1.4.76

Very goodJust here to get free credits.Version: v1.1.92

GoodExtremely fun game no ads.Version: 1.3.14

A ton of funA great little game. Well worth the price. The games don’t last long. You just play offense and it works very well. Had some great games already. Well worth picking up I’m already in season 138 !! Gets addictive trying to get new players to break career records. A great game.Version: 1.4.22

Great game but one more thing will make this game even betterI love this game it is very addicting. I love how your team starts off bad then over the years you get more money and better players and try and win the retro ball. But I what would make it better when you trade your players you can get players in return for them instead of picks. Like we can choose any player from any teams and choose the player you want from that team and propose a trade to see weather they accept. It would be more exciting then just getting a 1st, 2nd or a 3rd round pick when trading a player..Version: 1.5.17

Great gameThe nfl needs too look at this game as an example of what a real nfl game should look like. Theres more depth, more options, more control over your team. Dont even need to spend a cent to have more fun than i have on any madden in the last decade..Version: 1.4.98

A bunch of funNot really into football like that however, this game is sm fun I can’t stop playing it. (also getting my 5 coach credits for this).Version: 1.4.90

Great gameGreat game, fun to play. But it would be cool to see players on others teams and also make trades not just receive them..Version: 1.3.61

.99 for full versionHonest I love this game and am definitely gonna get the full version it is a gem of a game and not a disease like other games that are plagued with ads this game is pure clear the developers want a quality game and enjoyable experience for the player than making money.Version: 1.09

This game fireThis guy is fun and addiction as f… maybe slight improvements could make the game even better, but honestly, it’s not needed. I’ve had no glitches or bugs or even games crashing — you’ve got a 5 stars for me!.Version: 1.4.93

The bestBest American Football game on the store, no doubt about it.Version: 1.4.76

GREAT GAME WITH SO MUCH NOSTALGIAI remember playing GameDay 2002 when it was on on the PS2 or 1. Can’t remember but I loved playing football, don’t get me wrong, new football games are great with their graphics but sometimes I’ve always wanted to go back just play the old stuff. With retro bowl, it fulfills and brings back so many memories. With choosing your favorite or starting off random, the challenges and perks of each player during a draft. This game makes me feel like I’m still kid. I LOVE IT’! One thing if the creators could add though is adding the Pro Bowl into the game. Imagine having won the retro bowl so many times but then going to play a bonus pro bowl with all the top players from the season. That would be awesome. And I know a lot of people wonder about Defense, there should also a way to play defense too. I’m addicted to playing this game, but I would also love if there was feature where we could play defense as well and also have the Pro Bowl added to see all the other players from different teams. Hopefully this happens because people will love it even more!!.Version: 1.4.76

GreatCan’t keep my hands off.Version: 1.2.12

SuggestionsG’day, great game, just have a few suggestions. *Able to play on defence too. *Manually receive kickoffs and kick off. *Manually punt and return punts. *Option to play 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minute quarters. *The quality of team ratings changes over a few seasons (the same teams always appear to dominate and make the playoffs, even after about 20 seasons of playing). Anyway, just a few suggestions, keep up the great work and congratulations for manufacturing such a great game..Version: 1.3.79

Love it but a bit confusingIt’s so addictive I love it but some things are a bit confusing but I figured them out in the end.Version: 1.4.93

Can’t stop playing!This game is soooo fun but simple. The controls are easy to learn. I love all of the menu options and the draft makes this game even more fun. I love the challenge of trying to beat better teams and trying to win the retro bowl while picking up better players. The only thing I would change about this game is if it had more game modes maybe. Like having online and friendlies so you can vs your friends. The option of defence would also be brilliant. But even if these things never happen, I won’t stop playing this game!.Version: 1.4.98

Brilliant GameI don't normally play or review games on the app store, but I had to make an exception for Retro Bowl! This game is fantastic. It's great retro fun, and best of all it doesn't even have any ads. I paid the £0.99 to upgrade it to support the devs, and now I get to customize the teams which is great. Please keep it up!.Version: 1.3.14

Great game please add morePlease add some type of play calling, also sometimes when I’m on the 50yardline and it’s 4th down it only lets me go for a field goal or 4th down but sometimes this can be bad, if my kicker can’t make a 60+ goal and the game is close I would rather punt, also please add some play calls prior to lineup maybe even for defense as if the opponent is on their 15 and there is 12 seconds left I would have only dee coverage to Prevent Hail Marys, also please add some type of hail Mary’s for us as the qb can only throw maybe 30 yards with max arm strength, plus maybe where I can run out of the pocket with qb but still throw as long as I don’t cross the line of scrimmage, speaking of which maybe add some penalties as it says bad moral causes them but I don’t see them ever. This game is great but I feel some addition can make it more in depth for long term playing to spread to our friends to help you make more money, as I paid for this in my tablet. Especially some defensive play, even to be able to watch it would be cool. I understand playing defense isn’t as easy but having a few playcalls would give defense more depth.Version: 1.4.52

Awesome fun!Tried too many games recently where they just don’t hold my attention. Retro Bowl surprised me though and I’ve lost so many hours to “ah just one more game!” Would be great to see a bit more variation like controlling punt plays and perhaps some defensive options too..Version: 1.4.52

Great gameGreat game way better then expected I just wish we could choose from 3 plays for example but still really good.Version: v1.1.8

Great so farI am finding this game great at the moment, I am in my second year and doing well. It is easy to pick up and play, learning curve was high to begin with but once you start making good management choices it gets easier (at this point in time) anyway I highly recommend it for the time I’ve played (I was offered some in game credits to do review now).Version: 1.3.14

Great game but some features to add that could make it betterBeing able to control defence also not just offence for example choosing the players like doing a blitz man coverage zone also to control players in defence like hit stick or interception - Adding corner backs and safeties instead of defensive back - For upgraded version 14 roster give more depth for lineups - When the ball is fumbled and picked up play still continues not just stop on down - Being able to choose offensive plays example choosing plays like run or pass - Adding play action passes and rpo example read option on run pass play action seam - Being able to change routes for players example from slant to streak or post zig zag etc - Clock management - Adding Qb spike and qb kneel - Adding real life nfl rosters and even throwback rosters with current players and retired players Multiplayer - Online vs Head to head - Online franchise Online season to Super Bowl Bluetooth friendly match Bluetooth franchise Practice mode.Version: 1.4.82

BEST GAME EVERThis game is amazing please don’t ruin it with ads please this game is so awesome thank you so much.Version: 1.4.98

GoodPretty fun game to play.Version: 1.4.22

The perfect mobile gameIt’ll sound funny but retro bowl is one of the reasons I started following the nfl more than just watching the super bowl every year. I saw this game on the App Store the day after super bowl LIV. I’ve been in love with this game ever since. The game is fun, satisfying, and rewarding. You get to take the coaching role as any nfl team you like or even create a new team. And this game is less than $2 at the time of this review. Get this game! Support the developers and show the world that there is an interest in fun arcade-like mobile games.Version: 1.4.52

How good!This game is great, its simple and yet very addictive. My girlfriend hates it already..Version: 1.4.82

GameGreat game 5 stars.Version: 1.4.82

Simply amazingDear developers: I love you. This is football perfection (die hard Bears fan, so yes, I bleed football, but done right). This game is a perfect amalgamation of a football rpg with the GM aspects, a techno bowl successor with the gameplay, and Maddow, with the players rankings, drafting, etc. i am I total love with this game, and it was free. I love it some much I HAD to buy the full version. Only a couple of naggles. The main one is difficulty. Hard and dynamic give a challenge by being cheaper. High star players no longer catching the ball, at intercepts EVERYTHING, and even 1 star defenses will give your 5 star offense fits. This must be evened out, as on medium were GODs on the field. I difficulty in between would be nice. I love sitting back and waiting to see what my defense will do without my interference but I’m sure there’s some way you can give the option of calling defensive plays just not control the players. That would be awesome. Otherwise, the nuance in this game is deeper than many console game. My players with drug problems had on filed issues. My star wideout declined with age. Players whose stats weren’t the best shocked and out performed as 5 star players underwhelmed. It is amazing how they incorporated most aspects of football into this little package. These guys need a [email protected]#&@## award for there efforts. Bravo guys..Version: 1.3.79

Retro bowl reviewREALLY REALLY FUN GAME a really basic madden franchise on ur phone this is great (I didn’t want to write this but I get coach points) it actually is a really fun game best mobile game I have ever played definitely one for the football fans.Version: 1.4.93

Mean gameGood game doing this for 5 coach credits.Version: 1.4.96

Worth the 1.39$It’s not laced with micro transactions, gives you a good idea if you would like the game before purchasing it. Overall it’s a good time killer.Version: v1.1.9

Fun GameI think it’s a really fun game, I do think that the end of season rewards should be harder to get, and I think more in depth stats would be cool e.g. how many first downs a player has gotten!.Version: 1.4.98

Lots of funCan’t stop playing..Version: v1.1.92

KickoffsPlease add kickoff returns for non unlimited version and some defence otherwise great work.Version: 1.5.17

Amazing game but…I love this game but there are a few tweaks that need to happen well one main tweak which is why do we have to pay for the whole game when you would get a lot more people in by not getting people to pay for the whole experience other than that the game is so fun and addicting (pls listen to me please I would love to know why).Version: 1.5.17

A must-buyI originally downloaded this game never hearing about it beforehand, played through the first three games, and came across the wall to purchase the rest of the game. For $1. After paying that $1 I have put countless hours into this game building different teams, coaching staffs, and mastering the different concepts the game had to offer. Before the most recent update, I believed it was too easy to score field goals — which was quickly remedied as it is now more difficult which is GOOD. This simple mobile game provides the GM experience you would like to see in an official EA Madden game, but simplifies the gameplay to offensive efforts only, having the defense simulate itself. Playing against teams you’ve built in the prior year can become your worst enemy as you’re going against your own evil creation. You can call audibles, timeouts, cut players, praise/fine players for certain actions, and so much more. The only recommendation I have for the developers of this game (if possible) is to try and implement a lateral system so the football can be passed off to another player close by to avoid a tackle, but with a higher chance of fumbling. Other than that, this game is an absolute must. Even if you know NOTHING about football, you will quickly pick it up and never want to put it down..Version: 1.2.12

Mad fun!Retro bowl is sick, great fun simple but interesting gameplay and a deep enough front office section to keep things spicy.Version: 1.3.79

Excellent game!I’m not much of a fan of sports and sports games, but this game truly impressed me..Version: 1.4.49

CoolGood game would like to be able to play defence and not let it up to chance cuz the defence aren’t very good.Version: 1.5.23

Edited review - I was wrong - it’s still good!Just picked this up again after a year or so of not playing, and while there are a number of good improvements, was worried that maybe the balance has tilted slightly towards pay to win? After playing a little longer, my fears were unjustified, and back to full 5 stars.Version: 1.4.76

Good gameOne the best mobile football games I’ve seen.Version: 1.5.23

So far enjoying it...So far I’m really enjoying this game. It’s the best American football game I’ve played in a while. The problem is that when it says if i want the unlimited version of the game and I press yes it says that I have no internet connection. I clearly do. I’m not sure if this is the same for everyone. I just want to play the unlimited version...other than that it’s a great game, the maker of this game has outdone themselves!.Version: 1.4.82

GameIt’s is a very fun and addictive game. It’s good coz u can play the game and you don’t always win all the time and you have to work your way to the top.Version: 1.4.93

Great gameSuch a fun game, me and my buddy both love it! The dream is to be able to play together online! Please make add an online 1v1 feature or matchmaking.Version: 1.4.98

Awesome simulatorQuick gripe: Honestly the actual game play is so simplistic I would love for more simulation elements to be added into the game. Maybe more in season options to shack up the roster like proposed trades. A more entrance level credit option for some low end free agents. Of course my larger idea is having players have a bust or gem potential with younger players. Everything is very predetermined. I can see the players potential in the draft and as long as I as the user am decent enough at the inputs there’s no downside to even one star players, since I can use my own personal skill to “takeover the game” through the air. Maybe if 1 Star QBs felt worse or couldn’t make the plays I see in my head, but that feels like the wrong answer the right answer sounds like having maybe a few more randomly generated elements to spice up the flow of the game. Other than that difficulty complaint. This game is nostalgic as all hell to look at, and a joy to play. The way you manage resources and grow attachments to your team is exactly what I look for in a game like this. You guys really nailed this development!.Version: 1.09

Great but gets easy after awhileI’ve had this game for about 2 weeks and love it, it has definitely been worth it for only 99p. However there’s just a few small issues such as the running backs being really slow and pretty much useless and I also feel as though after having this game for so long I’m having 16-0 seasons every time and pretty much always win the retro bowl which is making the experience not as fun anymore. Despite this I’m still loving playing the game whenever I have I the chance..Version: 1.16

Worth the moneyI’ve never paid for a phone game before until I found Retro Bowl. This game is honestly fantastic. I’d expect nothing less from a New Star Games game. All sport games should aim to have the same quality as NSG games. Awesome.Version: v1.1.8

My Los Angeles Rams progress got deletedSo, this error popped up and idk what it said but when i pressed ok then it just deleted the progress and restarted me to the Buffalo Bills, i dont know why it did that but i had to restart everything..Version: 1.4.98

Don’t ruin it***update*** They have made a few updates since my initial review, and the game is still the best game out there. Good job, dudes. Keep up the good work. Been playing this game for a few months. It’s a pretty challenging game, classic design and has been lots of fun. It’s starting to lose the fun, though. After the last update, I feel it’s changed too much and made it really really impossible; short passes are fumbled every time, long passes are intercepted. The opposition team with a 1 or 2 star offence scores on every play against my 5 star defence. But it’s still a good mix of a management game and a simulation, making sure you have enough cap space is hard enough when your franchise quarterback goes up in price, but do you really need that kicker... ? Great graphics, remember it’s supposed to be fun. If my players or team get fumbles and interceptions all the time, but the AI do not, it’s not fun. I’m fed up of losing to the Patriots. 😂 Don’t change the game too much, keep it simple. It wasn’t broke. Keep the fun..Version: 1.3.14

GreatEverything a mobile game should be: Fast, immersive, fun..Version: 1.4.49

New Star Games does it again!I’m not an NFL fan but I understand to basics of the game and this game has made those basics fun and require minimal input. As expected there is management of the team and upgrades to get the more you play so there’s plenty longevity! Also I’m a sucker for Pixel Art and it’s executed real well here. And the music is top notch. Well done!.Version: 1.4.76

Amazing Football Game.This is an awesome football game. I’m a big fan of pixel games. I purchased the full version yesterday and I’m happy with the purchase, it is nice and cheap! I like how the games don’t feel boring. In a future update could you make it possible to bring 1 player from your old team to a new team. Or maybe have a daily challenge that gives you a few cc. Thanks for making such an entertaining game!.Version: 1.3.37

Awesome gameJust got into NFL recently and I am really enjoying this game! Would totally recommend to someone who is looking to get into NFL!.Version: 1.4.81

Best football game I've playedThis is what a great game looks like. I'm not one to usually rate a game, but this one deserves it. It keeps calling me back to play it and that is something I see in console games not mobile games, but these developers did great. Yes it is retro which is a let down due to the fact that I play 3D games but that doesn't particularly matter, what matters is the fact that it's fun Now even though it is a fun and amazing game, it does have its flaws, for example your never explicitly shown how the catching works, I had a guy on my little marker showing where the ball was going but the guy three feet in front of him intercepted it, another issue is that you don't get a defensive gameplay view, just text bubbles telling you what's happened, it makes the game faster but it makes it feel like you're not fully in control of your team, I would be happy with just watching it instead of reading it, one I feel a bit more control because I can see who's not doing well or who is great, secondly similar to my first point, I'll be able to know who's my weakest link, if that was fixed I would be happy. Nonetheless this is a great game, but needs a few adjustments.Version: 1.4.22

Great Game!This game is absolutely fantastic. 100% recommend to any fan of sports or pixelated games. It's so fun, enthralling and entertaining to play the games, and interesting to manage your team to be the best there is. Only recommendation is that in the future we can TRADE for other players on other teams, not only sign them as free agents. This game is awesome! Keep it up guys.Version: 1.3.61

New favourite game!I’ve been a one game guy for a few years now and I’ve struggled to find a new go to game. Within minutes of playing this I knew I had found a new game that will annoy my wife as much as the old one does..Version: v1.1.8

HonestI usually don’t review games and only click the “Yes,” when asked to review for free items, but this is an amazing game. It’s so simple but so fun at the same time. I have no idea how football works since I’m into the NBA (basketball), but it’s so interactive. Hoping you guys create a basketball game using this same design, Id like that a lot more. Already bought the full version for $1 and can’t wait to keep playing. Update: I wish the developer of this game contemplated if life was worth living or not. 🏃‍♂️🏢.Version: 1.5.17

Keep coming back to itGreat fun, simple game to play and can be challenging. I’ve been playing on and off for a few years and keep coming back to it. Some new updates this time round only making it better.Version: 1.4.82

GreatGive me my 5 credits :).Version: 1.4.93

Fun retro style game. Better with the premium versionThis game is very fun. I’m on yr 13 on my save slot. I paid the dollar for the premium version and it’s definitely worth it plus the 25 CC. I am dedicated to keeping my QB on the team. He is 4 1/2 stars with MAXED arm strength. He has 3 rings and 3 MVPs. I like the option to switch from team to team. One thing that could change is when you switch back to one of your teams after one year I wish you could still have some of your former players. The good thing about the premium is that you can tag them for your HOF so you can remember your former players and see how many rings and awards they had as well as there stats. This game is worth the download and it barely takes any space up which is a plus. I strongly recommend getting the premium version for the dollar just to get started. One good strategy that I used to get started after a while of playing is once you start trade your players that are not so good for draft picks so you can pick younger better players. I also like being able to have 5 save slots at the same time. It’s good also because you don’t have to spend money to win like most other games and it has no annoying pop ups of new offers. It has a very simple shop where you can get CC coaching credits, as well as websites to browse at shirts and hoodies. Over all this is a 100/5 stars worth the download..Version: 1.4.98

NostalgiaIf you remember the classic 8-bit era sports games, you’ll love this. I really appreciate the lack of ads. Not only that, but unlocking the full game is a steal. Best mobile game I’ve played in a long time..Version: 1.3.42

Unbelievably good for a free mobile game, couldn’t recommend moreThe best game on this app store, miles ahead of Madden purely because the developers have their priories right. The highest marks possible, i’ve spent days on this game :”).Version: 1.4.88

Addictive!Absolutely loving this, and a steal for 99p after getting the first handful of games for free. Looks simple, but very addictive and has that ‘just one more game factor’. There’s nothing like your receiver breaking free from a CB and making for the end zone (although invariably they get chased down). Would like to see some tweaks, such as the chance to onside kick when trailing, but given this comes from the New Star Soccer stable, I’m sure it’ll be added to over time (the Retro Bowl account is very active on Twitter). Five stars for an excellent game..Version: 1.13

Good bones but a few suggestionsFirst and foremost, this game is already a lot of fun. All I feel it really needs is a few improvements to better both the actual gameplay and simulation aspects of it. Pass interference is my key gripe. Really takes the wind out of drives and is a bit frustrating, especially when you first takeover a new team and have bad personnel. Secondly, being able to change formation and choose where your personnel go on the field would be a welcome change. Thirdly, I have yet to experience growth from my coaches, unless I have been doing something wrong, getting my coaches xp is something that hasn’t occurred yet. Finally, maybe some end of league accolades or a player HOF to encourage retaining players and building their story and legacy towards your team. It might not have been what you sought out for when you started out but the potential of this game is off the chain! Thank you so much for making this. PS: The salary cap forced me to cut some players in order to complete the draft. Is there an option to forego draft picks or can one be made to trade a draft pick for a pick the following year? Thank you so much!.Version: 1.09

Another crackerI really like the New Star games, they are deceptively well conceived. Don’t require too much skill to master, enough variety to be interesting without being overwhelming, nice progressive elements, good mix of short and long term goal setting for the player. Very well designed and well implemented..Version: 1.3.42

AmazingOne of their best games yet!! smooth gameplay and the retro vibe is awesome. I’m a big football (soccer) fan myself but this has gotten me into american football and i prefer this game to the retro football one! plaudits to the devs.Version: 1.4.96

Retro bowlI’m Australian so I never really knew how to play American football but this game taught me and it is so fun and passes the time so well, great for car rides as it brings you along as a manager and a player, and no ads or anything so it’s a perfect game 10/5 if I could do that.Version: 1.4.93

Literally the best Mobile Game there is.This is absolutely the best game on the App Store 100%. This is the football game that can really scratch that itch when you want to play a good football game. I play this more than any other sports game on any other platform. It nah seem to have a simplistic style with what seem like simple mechanics, can actually yield some amazing plays and memorable games. The AI is perfectly balanced and even gives me a run for my money in hard mode as it is. The management system is perfectly made, with all the drafts, trades, free agencies, administration management, you can really utilize tools to make a winning team that still gets challenged, and it’s always fun to make multiple saves and build your teams up in so many different ways. There is a team editor so you can even form a new team or make a custom league of your own teams. If I had to complain about anything I’d say fumbling feels a little too frequent, but that can be very overshadowed by everything else in this game. One debatable issue can’t even compare to all the pros about this game. 100% worth the download and it’s worth every penny to purchase the full game..Version: 1.4.93

Bought it and was not disappointedThe game is now free, but even when it wasn’t I was looking for a game exactly like mid you I don’t really care for football I’m more of a basketball guy but I played one free season and was amazed back at its early stage I couldn’t help but buy since my birthday was in a few days with a small very small portion of the money I bought this game and nba2k20 mobile I played retro bowl and I have been playing for 1 year and just recently stared really playing this a game agin like a month ago I won 4 championships in a row I maintain and stack my roster I have attachment to my players I wish you could look at everyone in the leagues stats tho and there was deeper progression system I want intel on teams and when I don’t sign a player I want to see where he goes i also want a option to sim games although there aren’t that many I sometimes don’t wanna play some, I showed my friend and he can’t stop playing this game he wants a stacked roster like me but I’ve been playing so long and also bought some stuff you might be a one man team but take you time and make this happen I’m a happy Customer I want it to be EVEN better though write me back if you see so we can chat maybe..Version: 1.3.42

Amazing Game, Top Tier, just a few suggestionsThis is one of the best mobile games I have ever played. Love the customization, you get to edit the player names, and every team’s name jerseys and location. Love the way the draft works and free agency, you can easily improve your team and rebuild your team with draft picks. Even the gameplay is great, it’s simple but also need skill in order to win. So this is already a great game, but I have some suggestions that would make it even better. I wish you could play defense instead of it just simulating the defensive possessions. And I think kickoffs and punts should be playable too. You could introduce the punter position, or just have the kicker do the punting too. Hope there are plans to add these in the future. Also, I think the star players should be league wide, not just your own team, so everyone would have stats on every team. This probably would take a lot of work, but I think it would definitely be worth it. You could see how the stats of your players compare to those around the league. And this would also open trading your picks for players on your own, instead of hoping a team offers you a player for a pick. Also I hope you guys introduce other games like this in the future, like for other sports, like baseball. Retro Series (World Series).Version: 1.4.81

Play it for real...I love this game. Set it to easy, you’ll win every time. Even the smart option is too easy. Set it to hard, try running the ball as often as you would as a coach... good luck! You get limited time before you get sacked, if you are missing key players it’s easy to see why. Throwing every time is cheating what the Dev has achieved here. And try doing it when your QB gets injured 😂 Finally an NFL game you can play for a few minutes at a time between TV adverts or much longer... latter being likely 😀.Version: 1.2.12

Absolutely love this gameHighly recommend! I payed for the full version and no regrets. For the dev though, since the update I can wind down the clock to under 20 seconds, and the opposition often scores. A tweak here is needed..Version: 1.4.49

Best Game EverI have been playing retro bowl for 10 Seasons and it’s great. But I wish something's could change. First of all I wish you could play defense. It’s really annoying because with a low star defense the opponent will score almost every time. I wish you could change that. Secondly I wish you could tag people to the hall of fame for free. I like the game because there are intense season ending playoff games like in the retro bowl I lost 35-23 then the next season I beat the same ream 22-10. I also like the morale idea because it’s hard to keep your players morale up and it really adds challenge to it. I also like after a game it says like Jamel Nieman was seen shaking hands with the president then it gives you more fans. I like that it is 8 bit and you have to keep your fans up. You get coaching credits every game I like. Another reason why I love retro bowl is you can’t upgrade every player to five stars like other football games every player has a certain potential that is their best. Finally, I like you can get coaching credits and that you can pick up free agents, draft players, coach a new team, but it makes it hard to pick up new players because of the cap room. But I think you shouldn’t have to pay the coins and the cap room for a drafted player or a free agent. I also like how you can get new coaches..Version: 1.4.93

Very goodVery good game.Version: 1.4.93

Top tier gameWorth the 1.39$. I would say it is better than madden and the developers are often updating the game!! I strongly recommend to pay it..Version: 1.4.98

Hope bug fixes are coming soonThis is without a doubt the best sports game you can play on your phone. Full stop, no competitor. I was really excited to see the kick return update last week, but I’m really hoping we get a bug fix update soon that can return the rushing game back to normal. It’s almost unplayable right now taking a 3 yard loss one of out of every five times you try to run the ball. There’s no way I’m the first person to bring it up so I hope it’s coming soon! I’d love to see RetroBowl MVPs and maybe halftime stat breakdowns in future updates. Would also love to see a 3rd interchangeable receiver added as well like you can with TEs. I’ve seen other people say they’d like to see the other players and star players league wide and I totally agree. Would make the trade/free agency market more fun. Would love to have league wide stat boards as well to see who is leading in different categories and make record stats league wide and not just for the franchise. Hope updates like that roll around eventually, I would totally pay for any upgrades that come along. I enjoy the soccer game as well but it isn’t quite as addicting. Would love to see other sports as well, basketball would probably be pretty tough in this format but I bet baseball would be awesome. Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 for SNES would probably be sort of the model for that I’m guessing. Mostly came to plead that the rushing gets fixed but rambled on. Keep up the great work..Version: 1.5.17

Continuous funLove this game so much. Nice and simple yet you can sink hours into it while developing your teams skills. I would love to see a college football teams expansion which you could play through before entering the NFL this it would be absolutely amazing. I would also like the ability to change difficulty as although the playoff run is always challenging once you have played the game enough you can normally reach the playoffs in a single season after joining a failing club. Other than that great work all the little updates have only bettered my experience. Best mobile football game on the market in my opinion 👍.Version: v1.1.92

The perfect football gameRetro Bowl is incredible. I’ve been having such a fun time. The controls are amazing, the pixel style graphics are so perfect and I love all the franchise features as they keep me coming back. This is the perfect football game for iOS. Thank you! I’d love to see a baseball game made the same way!.Version: 1.4.22

New Features??Hello, this game is amazing and extremely addictive for fun and easy playing me as a former football player myself. I got some ideas for potential more fun. First i was thinking having refs/officials with that could lead penalties for all sorts of reasons. But in order for that you could add more plays like double wide receiver on one side and a fly play by running a receiver and or running back across the snap for a hand off or trick play. Adding onto that trick play idea aswell fake punts could be a awesome addition. And you could add a screen play by running a tight end back around for hand off and full blockage on that side, or on the other side with one bootleg run for a dump throw. Now it seems tricky to add all the plays but as the coach in the game who controls the players add a playbook to call these new plays but limited uses to make fair but now it seems offence is overpowered so improve defence intelligence by recognizing plays of a double wide receiver load up watch for a tight end release or send a blitz on quarterback? Those are my ideas thanks for the great game.😁.Version: 1.4.98

Simple yet beautifulThis game achieves the difficult task of making something easy to learn and difficult to master despite relatively simple gameplay. An effortless time waster that will keep you going for hours..Version: 1.4.52

AmazingAwesome game. I play it whenever I have downtime or just get a chance to. The ability to customize your team and manage free agency, coaching, the draft and much more is an aspect I don’t see many other games implement. Obviously I don’t have much bad to say, but there are some tweaks I think would make it even better: Increased chance for interceptions to be by star DBs. I feel like having 2-3 really good DBs only increases the chance an INT happens, not increasing the players chance. I’d love to see my players get more chances to improve their stats so I can see the actual impact they had in their career in the HOF. Simulated games. I’ll never get tired of the game but sometimes I just don’t feel like playing the 2-13 Jaguars in week seventeen. I think simulated games would be really cool to see for research purposes on how to build a good team for newer players. Lastly, I think being able to see a players stats throughout their whole career by season would be really cool, especially if they were traded to you or picked up in FA. Idk about others but I like to see my team grow so getting that story through their stats in their whole career would be awesome..Version: 1.4.22

Glorious Pick-Up-And-Play StuffExactly what it says on the tin - super accessible gameplay with a surprising difficulty curve. Worth paying the extra 99p for the additional features. Would love to see a defence mode introduced in the future but tbh it’s nearly perfect as it is..Version: 1.4.22

Easily the best football game on the marketI simply adore this game. It’s the mobile game I’ve played more than any other and the only time an in app purchase has been an afterthought. I’ve never found a football game I’ve liked as much, and I was able to find new joy in the team editor and adding in my own teams from a sport I used to play. The controls are exceptional and every time I throw and interception or fumble I can only blame myself. The difficulty is great, I did a “can I get a winning season” on extreme without any star players and went 9-7 on my 3rd attempt. The best thing has to be the attention to detail I realize every day. One time I wanted to see how the calculations worked for each team’s strength and did a simulation (playing through season) for multiple seasons and did a graph of each team’s record and postseason. I saw a story. The saints went from 8-8 to 13-3 and won 5 Super Bowls before falling back to 8-8, it wasn’t just random. This game is outstanding, and after seeing how much I’ve been playing I needed to give a review..Version: 1.4.98

Great gameThis game to me is very fun and enjoyable, i really recommend this app to people who like 1 player games.Version: 1.4.96

Great game even with the free versionSimple but enjoyable game. You’re given the opportunity to build a team from bottom dwellers to champions through drafting and upgrading your front office. Offense only is the only thing I can fault with it.Version: 1.3.79

Best game on the App StoreEasily the most fun sports game I’ve played off the App Store, you can tell it was made by people who truly love the game of football.Version: 1.4.98

Could add manager related scenariosThe game is brilliant and I personally think one of the best mobile games To make the game more interesting and immersive interactions between players and the manager could be added, or the press questioning the manager multiple times after a game I think that if this was added I would play a lot more but the games is brilliant as it is and would highly recommend.Version: 1.4.76

Could play it for hoursIt’s one of those games that you can play for hours until your battery runs out, and then you go again once charged! Very addictive and I don’t even know anything about American football!.Version: 1.3.14

Great gameI don’t know if the developers at new star games reads these because this is the first time writing a review, but I was thinking about the idea of a two player event, where each person chooses a team that they want to be, and then they have a great game of football..Version: 1.4.93

Nice gameGames well made and easy to use.Version: 1.4.93

Needed the creditsNeeded the credits.Version: 1.4.93

Very good game but…This is a very well made game and I love it as it’s soo well made. But for some reason there is a glitch in the game where everything just slowly when in a match, it’s very annoying because the only way to fix this is deleting the game and re downloading the game. Please fix this. But everything else is very good and I highly recommend it..Version: 1.4.93

This game is awesomeThis game is awesome and a great way to pass the time. I have put many many many hours into it. I love the way the draft feature and the free agent feature works as well. Just adds more detail and a lot more fun into the game. One thing that I thought about for a long time and would like to recommend to the developers if they are willing to think about it is a trade feature between teams. Like how the draft and the free agency works. I think it would be cool to have another button that opens active trades for players that other teams are putting up. And you could trade your players or draft picks for their players. Maybe not every team will have a player to trade at once and maybe like free agency the options you can trade for change every few weeks so it keeps things moving and you get a lot more interaction between you and other teams. You get to do more on the coaching side like the draft and free agency while you also march your way through the season trying to get to the retro bowl. Just a thought I had and would love it if the developers would consider it. At the end of the day this is their game and it’s an awesome game either way. 5 star game for sure.Version: 1.4.98

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