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ComplaintI would love to advice PalmPay that everytime customer is making payment.......the payment should be pending for up to 1minutes and then it should be delivered after the one minutes because many people will found out that they sent money to the wrong person so they could cancel the payment as soon as they made that makes me send money to the wrong person,within 5seconds the money is completed and it can’t be cancelled or refunded,I would love that PalmPay should make a solution to it on how to cancel the payment after 1minutes.Version: 3.2.1

PalmPayWow🤩I love this app.Version: 3.1.1

ErrorWhy is that I couldn’t get access to my palmpay account since 5 hours now and I’ve been trying sending out money and it doesn’t Please help me to check what next.Version: 2.13.0

You lie about the food items you putting in your app they are not realI order and they gots me debited and didn’t give response I called those number there I was told they did not make any payment to them can you see that since 2 days I’m making complaint no one to respond.Version: 3.1.3

ExcellentYou’ve never seen app with cash back like Palm pay. The layout graphic is great. I’d suggest your engineers work on a site to trade crypto. Or maybe a different palm pay (Palm Trade) app that enables crypto trading. I’m sure with this innovation, you can be rest assured of Nigerians patronage..Version: 3.3.1

Appreciating the successful transactions so farI was actually referred to this app by a friend though and I just wanna say all thanks to PalmPay for the successful and stress free transactions so far. Because honestly with PalmPay I was able to quickly do one or two transfer to anyone I’m having transactions with and actually it’s been a smooth, easy and successful one so far. Please do well to make this always active I’ll surely refer this to my friends and it’d really be a benefit for them too. I think I said enough for the time being… Thank you….Version: 3.10.1

About the appI love this app but ther is one problem in my profile I can’t see where to other for the ok card but this app is awesome and fast very reliable and for the customer service are also the best ❤️❤️✅✅.Version: 2.9.0

The bestPalmPay is Fast and convenient if you are having issues it means your phone is out of date or your app needs an update .. they are way better than the Nigerian Banks . B4 you complain check your phone .. OS or IOS App update or network do your KYC to be able to transact unlimited your account may be frozen it is not verified and upgraded for the volume of transact that u want.Version: 3.5.0

Unsuccessful transactionI made a transaction to somebody since yesterday which is successful in my account and hasn’t reflected in that person account I made compliant and no solution yet please what’s going on is it a crime to use PalmPay you guys have to refund my money back to my account if you no want trouble.Version: 3.13.0

ComplainI would love it when palmpay let you enter password or face unlock before you could access your account, I don’t mean to login, I mean when ever you want to access your account, like other bank does. Thanks.Version: 3.8.1

HistoryThe app is pretty good but I changed my phone and the history is not showing anymore on my iPhone 13 please can you get a solution for that asap.Version: 3.6.0

The best app yet ⭐️⭐️⭐️So yeah PalmPay is the only banking app I have used without having issues like overdraft constant money deduction for transfer charges and so on. I would really like to applaud this app. But you guys are missing one thing out This is a nationwide selling app and you’re telling me it does not have a dark mode really 🙁. Put in a dark mode feature that’s what I really want.Version: 3.2.1

TransactionThis is app is good and fast but I made a transaction three days ago but it’s still on processing. I already chat with the customer service says I will get it back in 48 hours but yet it’s going to to four days still not get back my funds make una do normal ooo.Version: 2.11.1

PalmPay is the bestI really love PalmPay and I would continue to because it has just been the best online bank I’ve ever seen I really enjoyed everything about it and I’ve never for once regret of using it. I just wish it get better even that this.Version: 3.3.0

ObsIndividuals needs to be watchful & careful before sending money via palm pay cause most people love the fact that, palmpay is faster in sending money, taking time to observe the account number before sending is the most reliable way!.Version: 3.8.1

Best mobile banking I’ve ever usedThe best mobile banking app I’ve ever used, you earn reward upon every transactions you make, for very easy to use with swift transactions I strongly recommend it for anyone reading this because with them your money is very save, no scam, no delay, no denial of any transactions you made.Version: 2.3.0

My review for palmpayI was been feed up with bank connections and I tried other mobile banking app but all ain’t that good, till I downloaded palmpay. First of all is the free charges for any amount of transfer Second palmpay sweet coupon 🙌🙌 There’re lots more. You guys are the best. Happy Anniversary palmpay.Version: 2.9.0

I sent money to someone and it was deducted and the sender have not received itI sent money to two people yesterday and up till now the sender have not received it and the money was deducted in my PalmPay balance what is the cause of this ?.Version: 3.6.0

It’s Good to useGood apps love it always using it bet!!.Version: 3.5.0

Why can’t I get a loan without the ok cardThe app is great and I love banking with PalmPay and I have received some hundreds of thousands with PalmPay and I have also bought data and airtime with the… But why can’t I get a loan to solve little issues on PalmPay ?Please there should be a way for a quick loan without the ok card please.Version: 3.5.0

Transfer issuePlease I need to make transfer for the past 5 hours now and it’s been saying invalid pin or will be locked for two hours even when I make use of my face unlock to complete my transaction … I need to make use of my money and it’s not allowing me send after updating the app but I can receive 🥺.Version: 2.11.0

Security reasonsI gave it a 4 star cause it not up to my standard but the app is good but it lacks one thing no security at all no face id to access or pin to login so someone can just open my palmpay and transfer my money out it not making any sense so please do well to look into the security as soon as possible thank you.Version: 3.6.0

THE BESTAbsolutely the best mobile banking app I’ve used, I could make transactions without having data connections all I do is just switch on my data even if I don’t have subscription on it ✅✅💯💯.Version: 3.1.3

Processing issueHello Good morning I’m Adeyeye Saheed by name I need too report this matter here I make a transaction since Saturday but unfortunately the transaction still on processing why why just why I’m sick and tired of this situation I think I get some reply as soon as possible please.Version: 3.4.1

App lockI would be glad if it accepts fingerprints or password and lets the app lock itself after closing it, just like how every other bank app works.. Even when the PalmPay app is closed it’s still there, anybody can just pick up phone and access balance.. I’d love if you guys can change that so that people can be safe and happy using the app.Version: 3.6.0

CouponMy coupon isn’t showing up and not useful for me anymore after I upgraded to the latest version.Version: 3.5.0

HelloI don’t know what’s going on I just want you guys to help me I have money in this and I could not do anything on my app any more I have money in there and I could not login or do anything any more I have to delete the app and try to login again but nothing from them and they are not giving me my money.Version: 3.4.0

Scam!!This app is a scam I have made several transactions for weeks now and it said completed but the receiver has not received any of it. I contacted customer care and they said the issue has been resolved but I didn’t a refund neither did the recipient receive any money. Avoid this app, they’ll rip you of your money!!.Version: 3.10.1

AjiboyeI love this account I have it before but I lost my phone since that time I can’t login because I don’t see the number again I just open this one back.Version: 3.4.0

I you need to include how to get a giftcards on your bank app I hope you do that on your next updateI you need to include how to get a giftcards on your bank app I hope you do that on your next update.Version: 3.7.1

Great mobile money appI’ve never had any problem using this bank app. PalmPay network is the fastest compared to other banks. My transactions go through instantly when sending or receiving money..Version: 2.10.2

Tier 3 issuesI want to appreciate PalmPay it’s a great mobile app and transactions are fast and easy but I have a problem with my upgrade from tier 2 to tier 3 it’s been days and haven’t been sorted out please look into this support 🙏.Version: 3.14.1

Upgrade on TierI love everything about PalmPay but the only problem I’m having is when one is upgrading the tier! Please plan should accept our Nation Id card and let it go! But upgrading the tier is so hard.Version: 3.14.1

ComplaintI love Palmpay but you should please take things easy with defaulter for like 3 days, you shouldn’t be calling on due date. It’s should be up to 3 days at least before you start calling.Version: 3.7.1

FinanceThis is so great.Version: 3.6.1

I send money to a person since yesterday and that person he don’t see the money whyI send money to a person since yesterday and that person he don’t see the money why.Version: 3.8.1

Thanks palmpayThis app is perfectly created and easy and reliable to use, at first I was scared when I put some little amount in it but later find out it just perfect like I was expecting thanks palmpay you deserve lot of rates..Version: 3.3.1

Best AppI don’t have much to say but I just want to say I love this app. It’s very easy to use and it’s fast. Have been using this app for a while now haven’t had any issues. Everything is working fine..Version: 3.3.0

Can’t login my palm payI’m trying to login my palm pay now and it’s not letting me and I have to credit out the money to the owner and right now …… the person needs the money urgently so he can sort out the issues within him.Version: 2.14.0

Good and complainIt’s good app to send and receive payment but there is one error I seen on this PalmPay is that if you’re trying to send money to others then network misbehave it will deducted from your account and show processing in transaction history then the receiver won’t see it How may I get my Monet back.Version: 2.7.0

PalmPayThis app is absolutely amazing So helpful I like it.Version: 3.5.0

Best app everI love this app and have been using it to receive money and sending money to my families the best part are the coupons being given to me several times and the coupon really helps me a lot.Version: 3.2.1

GoodRated 5 star cause it’s fast and reliable connection get resolved as quick as bank ever 😎💯.Version: 3.4.0

I enjoyed the appI would have dropped a 5 star but I’m always having one issues, I can’t access my transaction history! I can only see the last transaction from my profile, that’s so bad Pls can you work on this? Nevertheless the app is nice.Version: 3.0.0

My honest opinionPalmpay is cool and very fast transaction.Version: 3.2.1

GoodIt’s a good app love it.Version: 2.8.1

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