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League of Legends: Wild Rift App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

League of Legends: Wild Rift app received 125 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using League of Legends: Wild Rift? Can you share your negative thoughts about league of legends: wild rift?

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League of Legends: Wild Rift for Negative User Reviews

垃圾傻狗游戏别nm在这恶心人了.Version: 5408

Iphone 6plus or Iphone 12 still crashesStill crashes in normal or ranked games and it’s a pain to get back in on either. For some reason it never crashes in Aram games so ? How come this still happens after 1 year of me not playing Rift LOL. Anyhow typical of Mobile gaming simple fixes never addressed. Great game though that problem makes it frustrating to get into it properly. Looks fantastic and like cod or pubg it’s all about the skins and generating $$ rather than optimising servers and running through devices, although you all make billions and still can’t get it right. So 1 star although it’s a great game. Maybe in another 6 months..Version: 5295

FIX MATCHMAKINGDespite every creator and many players on Wildrift stating that the matchmaking is in a bad state recently, Riot being riot like in the past, just shrugs it off their shoulder, just like how they did for LoL. It is in a terrible state, every game is unplayable with people who are not matched with the same skill set and no penalty for bad behaviour of inting and afk. They have a lot to learn about how the Chinese servers are running this game. EDIT AFTER UPDATE: the matchmaking has been updated and it seems to be following the same pattern as last season, whilst the next half of the season occurs, the win rate of players go up, typical? Keeping players around the 50 percent win rate. Most importantly they still have not punished and rebursed players who are involved in EARLY SURRENDER because of AFK players, still losing LP. LoL on PC has solved this problem but yet you refuse to add this feature in?.Version: 5295

Ok, but not great.The gameplay is fine and the controls are probably as good as they can be without having controller support (which needs to happen when the console version is released). Certain rules that are in place are a step backwards for gameplay and some restrictions seem to be very lazily coded. For instance, if you try to ambush the enemy in a bush, you will get punished for being AFK, even if you are moving around in the bush the whole time. This is ridiculous and makes no sense. Many players in the pc version have used the strategy of baiting in bushes for years with champs such as Blitz. This rule makes no sense whatsoever. If anything, the programming is lazy and should only penalize someone if they are not moving AT ALL for a period of time. I won’t share my thoughts on how LoL has been out for many years and Riot still hasn’t figured out how to do certain things, like match players properly, even at high ranks. One last thing is that Riot still uses players’ same account to log in, yet they don’t get access to any previously purchased skins. Um, yeah no, you won’t be seeing a dime from me if I have to purchase a skin TWICE on the same account. Talk about a money grab..Version: 5408

I want to like this game so badlyWhen it comes to mobile games this has so many great things going for it. It feels and plays a lot like the pc LoL. When I’m on the go it’s a great for a quick game here or there. However, ranked is just plan horrendous. The matchmaking is terrible. When I have repeated games of teammates who go 0/12, 0/9 etc or who are afk and get “a penalty” it just ruins the experience. There has to be a better way to filter out players who are not attempting to play as a team or just plan don’t play in a match. Force afkers and throwers to match up with other griefers. It can’t be that difficult. Nothing can be a buzz kill like a thrower…that is unless you get multiple games in a row with them. Fix it. Edit: I decided to give wild rift a second shot after watching arcane. Been playing for about a month. This season of ranked was going well until I switched roles and started winning a ton. Improved my rank from gold 1 to plat 2 very quickly. It seems like the game noticed my above average play and has penalized me by giving me bad teammates or trolls for 12 games in a row. Literally 2-12 and my winning % now dropped to 50%. It’s so frustrating. I want to enjoy the game but one feeder just ruins everything..Version: 5178

Controls poorly designed, sluggishThe game has good diversity but the actual controls make it a frustrating and unenjoyable experience Manually targeting enemy champions using the advanced portraits in the interface is impossible in fast paced team. Also, when enemies run into fog of war, they are deselected and your champion stutters and auto cancels. If there are two enemy champions nearby, there is no consistency in terms of which is attacked. There is no intuitive targeting in this game. Look at games like MLBB and Heroes Arena for a fluid champion attack/enemy targeting system. In summary, there is just something awful about the gameplay controls. They feel awkward and sluggish and I frequently find my champion stuttering or chasing enemies just outside of attack range. Needs improvement based on mobile mobas such as MLBB for more fluid gameplay..Version: 3585

Draft pick PLEASEEEEGood day Riot HAVE MERCY... I have been playing the game for a while now and I seem to really concern about the draft picking. Some players get really frustrated because they are unable to play the role that they want to play and it could lead to bad team performance and lose the game. If Wildrift could have the same draft pick system like in League, like picking the main and secondary roles that we want to play, I think it would be really helpful for most players including myself. Please do something TT.Version: 3850

Always lose during a dayAs a diamond player, I always lose in the platinum game, but every game is SVP, there is no way to win..Version: 5408

Keep Sending player to non-local server with 250msI’ve spent quite a lot of money to support the studio. But obviously they can’t do their essential works to keep players’ experience smooth. Before i enter the game, it tells me my ping is fine, only 19 ms. And then when I started to find the matches. I constantly get to games with 250 ms ping. It happened occasionally before, but normally next game, you’ll be sent to the local server. But today, I got to 7 consecutive games with 250ms ping, and other players were telling me that they were experiencing the same thing, which is ridiculous. Not going to change the rating unless the problem is fixed..Version: 5046

3 stars.Fix your que/ban system. 5th ranked game on this game with toxic players who feed the other team then leaves 5mins into the game. These players should be banned from the game a couple of hours or even days. Que for trio or even 5 is like 20mins or even longer cause not able to find games..Version: 4027

Fix the OCE SERVER!!Seriously, cool I got in the first few games on the OCE Server I would assume now I’m on some other server that gives me the most disgusting PING! The game is overall great but it’s so frustrating when the ping is messed up. I don’t mind waiting longer for a good connection or at least give us a setting option to allow us to search for a game with at least 100ms or lower.Version: 3585

Trash elo systemAbsolutely ridiculous ranking system. Players at Diamond are worse than players at Gold, don’t even bother climbing or playing the game because if you think your teammates are gonna get better when you are higher in rank, trust me, they don’t because the system is broken. Also, they don’t offer anything to compensate for AFKs and trolls when in ranked games, so if you have 3 AFKs in a row (happened to me), tough luck you are just getting demoted for no reason..Version: 5408

Matchmaking is stupid and game is a coop game.Impossible to climb rank with high win rate because of getting teamed up with wood players. Why don't I Just play PVP instead? Teamed up with bots and loses because fed enemy team. Yikes, dead game would not recommend to those who want to play competitively and seriously..Version: 5295

Used to be goodI used to love this game, and idk since when this game sucks now. U match with people don’t know what to do, I wondering whether there’s normal people in this game now. And I never see a game haven’t update for over two month. Pretty disappointed. Really hope u guys can fix it..Version: 5408

Same as comp versionGames are too long, people running around with no clue what to do, arguing about lanes, insulting each other all game, lag, very unbalanced heroes, never a close game - you either win by a landslide or lose by a landslide. And the problem with 5 players is if 1 player is straight up bad you have a massive handicap. Game needs 6 players..Version: 4027

Too many bots!There are two bots on each side in a lot of games, those bots are dumb and drives everybody mad. If you don’t have enough player, then extend the match duration!.Version: 4750

Trash gameFking stupid game, every time I gonna promote or have win streaks then the fking stupid Elo just give me ai teammates, fking stupid trash game.Version: 5178

Bad game just keep making you loseBad design bad matching system keep you losing and losing nothing more.Version: 5295

Remove the ping display doesn’t make lag awayWaiting toooooo long for this game eventually available in AU. but will bad ping the game is playless. and to fix the lagging your team just hide the ping number to be displayed? such arrogance won’t make the great game no matter how good the desktop version is..Version: 3727

Gameplay alright but everything else is badAs said in title it’s alright but... First let’s talk about the champion selection screen. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD THE BAN SYSTEM ALREADY!!!! I hate having to verse a Ashe in baron lane when I can easily just ban her in the pc version. Second, I need sounds to be able to play properly and once every 3 games the sound just switches off and I just don’t feel like I’m doing as good as I would be doing if there was sound. Thirdly it is extremely frustrating to play ranked and you are last pick and you are being put as a ADC when you can play anything but that. So please implement the role selection system already. Fourth, the ranked disparity in ranked matches are horrible in one match their can be bronze, silver and gold in the game making the person who is in a duo with the gold carry them every game. Fifth, if people already play league of legends on pc can we just be automatically be put in a even at least a slightly higher mmr so people aren’t in a game with new or horrible players. Lastly if you are going to dish out the game like this pls stick with making music. Thanks.Version: 3727

Changing serversIm in OCE server but sometimes i get into ASIA server when ive been waiting too long for queue. Me and my gf start lagging having yellow consistently because we keep changing servers. Please stop this, id rather wait for a really long time queueing than playing on a different server and lagging my head off. Because im guessing when the queue is taking too long, you take us to a different server so matchmaking isnt that slow. Please stop this.Version: 3585

Awesome Strategy Game, However…Overall, this game is really awesome! The characters are super cool! Awesome weapon and armor designs. The animations in this game are so awesome! Very well made! The gameplay is very intuitive, but in competitive play, the strategies are so complicated! There are so many items, buffs, effects, abilities, and attacks to keep track of! If you’re into strategy like me, this is the right game! I love the layout of the map and how each role covers a different lane. However, I do not like the gameplay at all. I find it very frustrating when my character wonders off by itself when I hit the attacking button. There are so many auto-aim and auto-attack mechanics that get in the way of skill. Another thing that bothers me is that some characters use guns. The whole feel to the game is an awesome magic & swords and all that good stuff! But adding a gun is just out of taste and so random. They really should be more consistent with character design in general because some characters are weird little creatures that look like they belong in another game. Such a strange variety of characters..Version: 5295

Unintentional connection dropout punishment to HarshRiot. Love the game as it is but what annoys me the most is that after champion selection and going into the game, it sometimes drops out and the game won’t let me connect unless I close the game or restart my phone. That happened a few time and was punished harshly by not able to connect to any game except for practice games.... there should be a way to distinguish wether it’s intentional drop out or your server or app not allowing the user to connect into the game. Please fix this..Version: 3727

Too many trolls and early surrendersIf you think PC LoL is bad, Wild Rift is even worse with the NA servers having 50% users who don’t even speak english. More trolls than PC makes this game unplayable..Version: 4750

Matchmaking rigged, in app purchases buggedThey match you with the worst teammates if they find out your good. I also get matchmaker with eune or Korean servers when I’m OCE, this screws up my ping I barely win any games if I don’t get mvps and even when I do I can’t carry the bot like teammates I match make with. On my plat promos I played multiple games where I had unranked and bronze teammates. I had to get my friends to help out for my to pass the promos though i was one loss away from losing. The game also won’t let you 5man party, I queued with my friends for a whole hour without getting into a game. My in app purchases also stopped working 13days into the game. All of these need to be fixed or the game is going to die. Game not recommended to lol tryhards..Version: 3585

Good transition of LoL to mobile but the ranked matchmaking is garbageI am currently a Gold player who peaked at Plat 4, and I still get unrankeds on my team, maybe a bronze or silver every now and then, meanwhile the enemy team is higher ranked like plats and golds meanwhile we have bronze and unranked players, making the game harder to win if bot is constantly feeding (I exclusively play top solo queue). Not even mentioning when a support is the one thing used to compensate for a team with low MMR because they can’t carry them. But matchmaking aside, the game feels very fluid, the controls are great, game balance is much better than PC LoL, character models are somehow better than the PC version, but the lack of an unranked draft pick is also what hits this game.Version: 5408

Was great while it lastedWhen I first started playing it was great, was just like the Pc version which I really enjoyed. Every since the last update when I launch the app the whole screen is dark grey/black for 5 seconds then it just closes and I get brought back to Home Screen. The same thing happens on my iPad Pro, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. I’ve tried launching the application at my friends place as it may have been an internet problem but it isn’t. I’ve run out of idea of how to launch and it doesn’t look like anyone on forums has the same problem as me. Please fix this problem.Version: 5046

Too much toxic players, you’ll get frustration than enjoyment not worth it.Toxic players and no one willing to compromise, report does not work it’s just display. Troll picks and not willing to help team. Blazers everywhere. I try to fill positions because no one willing to play in that set up in ranked. Play your troll games in normal. Need a stricter report system to punish the toxic players that are ruining the game. Not fun at all. Losing when playing a good game if fine but losing when players doing the above just not worth the time. Suggest avoid until something is done. The game is not bad but the environment and the players are disgusting. New thing is this bug that reset load outs comes out of no where, lost rank because of this. Very inconvenient and the say contact support but I don’t see any option in the game app to do that..Version: 3850

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAMEThis game has one of the WORST matchmaking. You are rewarded with the most clueless, brainless, hideous teammates for winning games. Do not recommend playing. Only if you want to have the worst gaming experience do you want to play this game...Version: 5408

Unbearable matchmaking for plat and aboveMy god it’s insane, I went on a 8 game winning streak which helped me get all the way to emerald 3, now I’m losing insanely badly. Literally game starts, enemy team instantly gets a first blood then it’s downhill from that point on. I’m playing fine in my lane but yet my top is already 1/5 within 5 minutes of the game, and my mid is 1/4. Why is the game putting me with these people who literally have no idea what they are doing? This is ridiculous, I can admit when I played horribly and I was the leading factor to me losing the game, but these last 3 games I just had were just people trolling, arguing in chat, and literally being completely useless. This matchmaking system for the higher ranks is completely and I mean COMPLETELY GARBAGE. Riot finds pure enjoyment in putting you in these high rank games where you will lose because you have trolls on your games, intentional feeders, and literal infants on your team. It pushes me me so badly from this game, I just don’t understand why riot doesn’t care… losers queue is real… How do you allow these players to get into these ranks? How? HOW? They are a plague to ranked. I thought maybe once I get to a higher rank that you know I’d be with people who are are actually serious about playing the game, BUT NAH ITS STILL JUST AS BAD IF NOT EVEN WORSE!.Version: 5295

After playing since launch, I can’t do it anymoreI’ve been plying league for years on pc, and stopped playing as the matches went way too long and the community was toxic. Years later this released and I’ve played it since launch - it was great, but after so much time I’ve realised riot doesn’t care about its community; I can deal with somebody trolling a game but the toxicity of some people and the constant people who go ‘afk’ is ridiculous. The punishment system needs refining, and as an experiment on every report I placed a message saying ‘another toxic player, email me on X’ and wouldn’t you believe it, not a single email. All in all it’s not a bad game, but the ranking system, the customer service, and the community completely ruin it. GAMES ARE MADE TO BE FUN! This isn’t, after a while you’ll start playing on the hopes you’ll not have a troll or toxic person, and instead of enjoying it, it’ll feel more like an addiction. Don’t download, and if you have it already I wholeheartedly recommend you delete it before it makes you angry and you don’t enjoy gaming anymore. Going from this to something that’s fun is just night and day, no stress and genuine happiness from games; it no longer feels like a chore. ~ from a very experienced league player (diamond IV).Version: 5178

2 problems hereWhy the hell when I log in again I have to keep turning my FPS to 60 from 30... why doesn’t my setting save? And why the hell in a rank game all of a sudden, I got randomly got put in where my ping is like 200 or something I mean yea sometimes it puts u in low ping games but why is there a chance I can get put in games with high ping in rank game out of all things legit I don’t mind waiting longer if it means I get into low ping games legit it’s just stupid..Version: 3585

LMy friend and I was playing a normal round and she got MVP I was happy for her but the game decided to ban her saying she used a third software to hack the game. I think the developer should change that because u was next to her the whole time and she was on the game the whole time! I was literally next to her........Version: 3727

LoL is going to dieI’m a player who start at S3 and I didn’t play it much after I move to high school, and I comeback last year the S11 things are changed, It’s fine, but the waiting time is much long than S3 so I downloaded this app. But it has the same issue with the PC: WINNING RATE I don’t know who made this system, but it always forces me and everyone else’ win rate Near 50% You think it’s fair? It’s funny? Only you think so! More ironically thing is when I reported a “ feeding crazy “ player, the guy matched me again only after half hour! But when I report an AFK player, he got banned very quickly Why you do this ? A feeding player keeps ruining the game, but the AFK player can have other issue like out of power or go to restroom. Why you treat AFK much harder than feeding?Because for you, players are just A bunch of data that can increase you: Riot developers salary and KPI! You don’t want “player “ for this game you only want“ numbers of activity players per day” Any company have to respect their customers, but I don’t see any respect from Riot to their real customers: the players right now. Who you think will keep watching the “ Esports” game you made ? Pro player and their boss? Maybe you think so because they can give you much more money than us: players. Keep doing this Riot. I’ll watch you die in a year. I swear to God!.Version: 5408

To harsh.I loved this game really! But the ban punishment was to harsh. Like just because I was afk for 20 minutes, doesn't mean I have to get a ban for an hour! Now thats just cruel. I don't get it. They know people will delete the game and give it bad reviews but they still let this happen? Just change the punishment for being banned for like a year to maybe take away some of their points? For me I have to go to school so when I be afk and then school ends, I check my phone and I've even banned for an hour? Harsh. To harsh..Version: 3850

Great Game, Terrible MatchmakingI love this game so much and I enjoy playing it but it feels so frustrating to be matched with people of much lower ranks than yourself, against people who are much more experienced. I either win 10 games in a row, or lose 10 in a row. I’m platinum right now, and It’s really not fair that pretty much in every game there is an afk member or someone who has no clue how the game is even played and picks inappropriate characters/spells/runes, when the enemy team is very solid. Discouraging to keep getting demoted because of other people’s lack of experience due to the terrible matchmaking..Version: 5408

Trash Game, Cash GrabTrash game with horrible bounty and balancing in ranked. They couldn’t even try to implement an afk pardon which other game has tried. Less champions than other game while limited items in its current state. Forget getting more than 2 skins unless you can wait for the next 10 years for a free one or pay 15 bucks for a skin that is more pixelated than Minecraft itself.Version: 4750

It’s ok but much prefer the original version of LeagueIt’s fun for an occasional game on the go, but it’s nothing compared to the original PC version. The controls are a bit clunky although I don’t really play mobile games. The auto targeting is a little buggy as some long range abilities such as Lux’s ult will sometimes lock on to a jungle camp instead of the enemy champion, and for melee champs it is difficult to target an enemy champion if they are standing too close to minions with only your finger and not the precision of an actual mouse. There’s no draft picking at this time so champ select can be rough, especially when you get queued with newer players who may not understand roles. I’ve ended up in a few matches with only supports on my team, which wasn’t a fun time. Some additions to the game such as mirror lanes are completely unnecessary and make things more complicated than they need to be, especially for newer players. I opened a ticket with Riot to see if there was an option somewhere to disable the mirror lanes, and the person who wrote me back said that there wasn’t but agreed that it caused things to be messy! Hopefully if their own team thinks this they will add an option to disable it soon. Also with as much time and effort as I’ve put into the pc version as far as unlocking champions and skins, I wish at least some of that could carry over, rather than treating this as an entirely different game..Version: 4027

Bad experienceIt’s my first time writing a review, the game is so unbearable. I would say it is fun to with friends. However, the ranking system is a joke. Don’t waste time, go to study. 用户体验极差.Version: 5295

Fantastic game but with problemI really like the game as I’m really into it recently but other then playing with few toxic players I have problems with the system which sometimes kick me out of the game at the start and later after I go back in it says that I violated the term and policy because I ran away from game which I didn’t do it. This has been worse with the new update. Please fix this problem because if this happens to other players as well you might lose fans because it make it stressful to get get kicked out of the game and get blamed for it..Version: 5046

Matchmaking awfulMatchmaking has become so bad it’s literally unplayable. Game stacks teams to win and lose so you cannot rank up..Version: 4750

Login in is horrible!Whoever design the login system should really consider to fire him/her! I accidentally logout and won’t let me sign back in, when I go to the Cant sign in opinion. It asked to me sign in again! You guys really don’t care about this game at all why you design this game? Ruined the game name and make millions people upset! You know this game is lots people childhood game!!! You people are horrible!!.Version: 5295

Trash gameDon’t recommend playing this game. I already climbed up to platinum but still getting trolls in most of the games. The matching system is really unbalanced. And they didn’t make champions balanced as well..Version: 4027

Toxic play environmentWhy don’t you mute all player by default? Ppl start throwing insults as soon as they are dead. Also the match making system is stupid just like everyone else said. Bad behaviors not probably punished. They just want to get ur time and money but new user experience. Trash!.Version: 5295

Unplayable on mobile networkI’m really disappointed with Riot and Wild Rift. I am a long time LoL player and have spent a good amount of money enjoying both LoL and Wild Rift. For quite a while Wild Rift worked fine on my iPhone 6 and iPhone 11 then one day (for no apparent reason) my games would disconnect at the loading screen. “Failed to connect to the match. Reconnect?” The game would work on wifi but not on my mobile network which is Telstra (largest network provider in Australia). I contacted Riot twice about this issue and whilst they were friendly enough, they ultimately couldn’t help me saying they knew about the issue but hadn’t found a fix for the problem. I have tried everything….. 3G, 4G, I even bought a 5G phone (iPhone 12) thinking a new phone and/or the 5G network might fix it. Nope… nothing. Every patch I hold out hope that they fix the issue but it looks like my situation is not common enough to have it fixed….. I wonder if I can get the money back I spent on this game?.Version: 5046

Great game but pretty bad connection issueThis is one of the greatest MOBA game, everything is just perfectly designed both graphic and control. However, they seems couldn’t fix the connection issue, there were a lot of times when I couldn’t connect to the game before the game starts, thus result in afk punishment. This happened quite often. They need to fix it as soon as possible or the game experience will be ruined..Version: 4027

Pls remove afk banningHey Riot Games I love wildrift, its my first moba and there are tons of good mechanics and champions you can choose from. I have just one complaint, the afk banning. When I have to do something like a chore or help or something, I have to do it, but when im in game, it just bans me for being away for a certain amount of time like for example, i had to fold the clothes today and i was in-game, i was gone for 10 minutes and I was banned for an hour. REALLY!!.Version: 4027

Unplayable on mobile serviceGame will fail to connect on loading screen after character select. Then you will be penalised for “leaving” when the game simply Will not allow connections unless you are on wifi. Just repeating “you need a strong fast internet connection” to a customer who is currently receiving over 90mb/s download over 4g (faster than most standard nbn plans) is not a solution riot games! Your competitors can provide stable easy to use software why can’t you? From what I have seen of this game it is very high quality very well converted from pc. The IP is a great story rich universe with compelling characters (just look at their comics and Netflix series). This is worth your time and even a few dollars here and there for skins/hero’s if your budget allows. PROVIDED you can get it to work!.Version: 5178

Your game is good, the community and the report system is disgusting.I was banned from chat for a whole month for defending myself against other people who were flaming me. Now every game I’m being flamed and harassed and can’t defend myself. I’ve played league of legends since I was 14, I’m now 25 and had to stop playing a few years ago due to my computer breaking and not being able to purchase a new one. Found wild rift was so happy to be playing again. Been playing wild rift for probably close to a year now and honestly I’m now done after rage quitting and uninstalling and reinstalling several times. The community is toxic. Every single game there is toxic people literally ruining the game because their seems to be no punishment for their behaviour either by trolling or flaming and/or harassing other players. The automated report system is a joke. This game is a joke and nothing more than a cash cow and if you like your sanity and don’t want anger issues avoid this game at all costs. If I could rate it -5 stars i would.Version: 4750

Just Play the Real GameLeague of Legends: Wild Rift is a poor parody of the traditional PC game. The mobile adaptation features a simplified version that seems to be appealing to the younger and more casual audience to draw in more players to the franchise, which is fine, but the game itself is very dumbed down. For existing fans you’ll have to slog through a tutorial section, that although can be partially skipped, forces you to play a full scale game against A.I. opponents which is just a waste of time. Additionally, the control scheme the developers have implemented is very unwieldy and clunky to try and use, so it compensates for that with auto-aim mechanics that significantly lower the amount of skill players require to succeed, handholding the player to give them an artificial feeling of success when the game did all the work for them. This game could seriously benefit from changing the controls to something similar to what is seen in Vainglory, which utilizes touch controls in a much simpler and more effective way, with far less clutter on the screen. The lack of effort on delivering even half the quality and care as the traditional game comes off as just a cash grab, and is sad to see in such a sorry state..Version: 4027

Just play pc leagueThis game is a fairly faithful adaptation of the original pc version, it’s stripped down for the mobile platform but overall plays pretty similar. My problem is not with the game itself but the player base (obviously not everyone). League is already an extremely toxic game, couple that with the mobile multiplayer base and you have a recipe for disaster. The toxicity seems lower at first because of the hassle of chat on a mobile device, however the problems occur more in game than in chat. I frequently get players in ranked mode who obviously have never played the game or at least haven’t for very long, locking into a role they don’t know how to play with a champion they’ve also never played before. Very little effort is put into the overall team in this team based game, although this seemed to get better in higher elos. If you’re not willing to grind out a ton of games to get out of bronze and silver, you’ll probably have a bad time with this game. I’d recommend to anyone who plays league regularly and just want something to play be it on a long car ride or to kill 15 minutes while waiting for something, other than that, unless you’re actually willing to learn the game, please stay out of my ranked lobbies.Version: 4027

Toxic and unbalancedA mobile version of the desktop toxic environment with worse matchmaking. They expanded matchmaking to include brand new players vs masters. This always results in a blowout. There is never a challenge. You win easily against new people or they are on your team and you can’t carry hard enough..Version: 5295

Loyal Players SufferI’ve played this game since day one. I have tried and tried to be loyal to this game, even purchasing the pass every month. I play ranked every single day, and through all of the trolls and afk people that I had to go through I finally made it to Diamond. I rarely ever have deaths over four and statistically are shown that I’m better than most in my rank. It was difficult enough having to grind all the way from ground up and to Diamond with all of the disgusting behavior. With the recent update, all players that were in lower Diamond (which wasn’t my fault.. I was at Diamond 2 before I got hit hard with trolls), we were all demoted to Platinum. Now I have to pair up with way lower skilled players AND trolls. Trying to get over ranking issues and reports never mattering, I recently purchased the Redeeming Star Guardian Pass. The developers are SO greedy that they limited the Star Guardian skins that come in one of the mission boxes. I’ve been wanting Star Guardian Seraphine but now won’t be able to get her due to the paywall. It’s always about money. I buy the battle pass every month. Now you want me to spend money on event passes? Fix your game first before taking our money. Why do you penalize your players for trolls’ behavior? I tried to believe that you guys were going to fix the game but it’s clear that you’re not..Version: 5735

Troll gamesI always get trash players on either mobile or league pc. Riot fix your report system on mobile, no punishment on troll players. It is ridiculous and you are losing good players that try to climb up elo..Version: 5408

Matching system is a trollFix ur matching system u always give afk people or people don’t know how play the game when we in high rank. 5vs5 rank can never find this game is trash I’ll they fix there matching systems don’t download this trash game.Version: 4750

Stick to PCI am COMPLETELY new to anything to do with LOL. My boyfriend plays it on PC and I got into the game as a way for us to have fun and bond. All of this to say that I am extremely new to champions and specific details such as runes and items in shop. Within a month I got Gold 2 and Mastery 6. I chalked it up to being a fast learner but now that I play LOL pc I realized that wild rift is just extremely broken. PVP games REALLY need a draft option. It’s beyond annoying when you’ve already called dibs on a lane but another player is butthurt and still chooses a champion that was made just for your lane *cough* jinx. Even when the 2 of us play together, the rest of the team is trash, AFK, or feeding the other team. I am the most mediocre player on WR yet it seems like I carry most games .. and still lose. Forget about ranking up.. they will purposely level you up all the way down to the promo game.. and then give you absolute trolls that will make you start all over. Some champions are extremely broken, I can’t count on one hand how many times I get one tapped on champions that in LOL I actually have a fair fight with. Oh, and you gotta love the massive updates every once in a while. Eats up my storage and I don’t even have that many apps in my phone. 2 stars because this game made a LOL fan and the boyfriend is very happy. Otherwise, zero..Version: 4750

Quick summary + a few dissatisfactionsOverall good game to play. The interactive is better than most other games I’ve tried before. However: - Left a match because my device got disconnected and no matter how many times I tried to reconnect to the match it wouldn’t reconnect, so I exited and that resulted in a 1-hour ban from playing matches which is frankly stupid and disappointing. Also wasn’t my fault. - I was out of the app and got requested to join a match and when I didn’t accept I got another ban from playing/starting matches despite the fact I was busy with school/classes and couldn’t be on my phone. A little disappointed at the queue time when you’re trying to find a match, estimated time is usually 15-30 seconds for my device which is devious because I usually wait up to 7 minutes before leaving the app and trying again next time. Very hard to connect to matches after completing the beginning stages of Jinx’s guide/intro matches..Version: 5295

Laggy gameNot sure why my first review wasn’t published and why can’t I give lower than a star rating? I’ve used the iPhone for years now and this is the first review I’ve ever done. Anyway - this game is filled with bugs and glitches. When you’re not dealing with them however, you’re dealing with toxic team mates. Even from champ select people already arguing. Incredible! Anyway stay away from this game, especially ranked as it’s filled with sweaty preteens, teens and grown adults alike who take out their life angst in the game as they aren’t allowed to swear at their parents or family. It’s a shame the game had lots of potential but as always, humanity is there to ruin it with toxicity. I get punished for disconnecting in a game yet somehow the same player who was outright RACIST is free to play the game. Not sure on the logic behind that one. Every game nowadays is a money grabber and from riot I expected nothing less. Avoid this company and anything it creates at all costs otherwise you’re just be pulling your hair out. Thank the sweet heavens I was able to sell my PC account for really good money, just flog it on eBay honestly it’s that easy. Hours and days down the drain with the PC version and same thing goes for the mobile version. Just look at the negative reviews on the game. It says it all. Mobile Legends has less toxicity if you’re into it..Version: 5046

Great game ruined by a stupid match making system…Solid game ported for mobile… really enjoy the style and the way they have adapted for mobile but unfortunately it’s let down by some super frustrating issues. Firstly, the community are awful. Full of toxic players, which I know isn’t Riots fault. But they need to keep a better control over this. Winning a few games in a row? You will be forced to play with bad players and ultimately loose. Trying to keep everyone at that sweet 50/50 win rate to keep everyone buying their content. It’s the same with all mobile games nowadays. Keep all the casuals and experts in the middle and keep the money coming in. My other complaint is the auto aiming on abilities is pathetic. Missing most shots because the game insists on firing it at a minion even though the setting for ‘player’ targeting is on… so annoying. Such a shame. I’ve nearly thrown my phone at the wall many times because of this game. Be warned..Version: 4341

Could have better position but….This game could be the number 1 in 2015 but not 2020 and yet we are 2021, still suffering massive delay, bad pairing system, cheats. I know it has improved a lot compare to first launch but i don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t experience this over again while RIOT had same issue years ago in PC version, again that makes no sense to us I did spent some money for my favorite champs but definitely not appreciate to software engineer 3 stars thanks for all hard workers.Version: 5178

Ugly game to keep u always onlineUgly algorithm in rank to make random team. Impossible to have normal teammates. We don’t charged to suffer stupid people. Fc this grotty company. WE DONT PLAY TO HELP THOSE HELPLESS IDIOT PEOPLE TO WIN. HOPE YOUR MOM WELL DIE TOMORROW.Version: 4341

Poor app, needs maturityI played this game again and I can say it needs lots of work. Map is too big, Heros are dull and too slow. Needs more creative... I would play MLBB.Version: 5531

The more you play, the worse it getsBetween the breaking of the auto targeting system, to the absolutely broken matchmaking and the complete lack of punishment for players who bm and afk, this game is a complete mess. You’re not allowed to win too many games because then you’re forced to carry people with much lower win rates even if you’re not the type to carry games. The auto targeting will often prioritize a minion or jungle farm or something so far out of your range you can’t even see it on your screen making you waste a skill and lose a kill or worse yet result in your own death in a team fight. Sometimes you get matched with players that are beyond out of your elo (Gold 4 getting matched with Emeralds, Silvers, and Unrankeds in the same game. And that’s all before getting to stuff like balancing or technical stuff like unresponsive touch controls. This game is genuinely headache inducing after a certain point of playing because there are coin flip odds of winning a game, even if you consistently play competently. Also lost a game once after a team surrendered because the game progresses after a surrender is acknowledged and a minion killed nexus before their nexus loss animation started playing, which is a huge oversight. This game is rough and needs a lot of work..Version: 5295

Bad matching systemGame is good but the matching system is horrible! When you’re in higher rank, you get feeder, afk 10 games in a row then if you’re lucky, the other team gets all the feeder and afk..Version: 5408

Developers Need To ListenThe game overall is fine. However when the LoL community has been asking for major improvements for months they never deliver. The worst thing that can happen is a “chat ban”. However these same kids are still ruining games and refuse to surrender causing suffering for 4 other players. Riot you need to step up your game and start giving out harsher punishments. Instead of an”temporary chat restriction” how about a Ranked restriction? Where the player cannot que ranked for 2-8 weeks. This game used to be fun and competitive however it’s over run with the same toxic PC community. It’s a little insane. I tell myself ok I’ll try again tomorrow and the next day the first 5 games include all toxic children or leavers. Makes the game not even playable. I hope this reaches out to a game dev or someone. You guys need to fix match making to have limits too. Being Diamond should not allow gold/plats just because the “system thinks their doing well”. It should absolutely not allow people two entire tiers below you. Literally ruins the game. It should be iron/silver gold/plat Em/Diamond, not allow a gold 4 in an emerald 1 game. Anyway. You guys need to stop dropping the ban hammer and get control of this toxic player base in NA. Speaking of which, I live in the United States. I am never paired on teams with people who speak English. Latins need their own server. I haven’t seen another player who speaks English in months. It’s really annoying..Version: 5295

Stupid AF ranking systemWhen you tend to play well, the system will assign you idiot team mates and that’s how my game experience been ruined. I’m a stupid MF if I ever download this game again..Version: 5178

Pre queue pick neededThis game has been done great! I love the gameplay and everything. Now.... match making!! Plenty of people have commented the same on this so you need to do something about it ASAP. As a league pc player this is something that is a major issue and quite frankly stopping me want to pick up any riot game at the moment. I am happy to play any role at all and usually prefer coming 5th in picking because it means I can try and balance a team and not get stuck with complete toilet. The recent trend is people randomly changes roles; I picked jungle because we were missing it when hovering champions but then our 5th player decided to pick yo jungle and refused to switch leaving me stuck to play Mundo mid. Not to mention he then proceeded to not jungle and just sat top. This review comes after that game as I’m at the end of my tether with this situation as it makes the game a complete waste of time especially as you can’t dodge like you can in pc so you are leaving us to waste the next 20 mins of our time in a game that nobody will surrender and is not fun. The game is beautiful but this issue ruins it. Uninstalling and coming back in a few months time..Version: 3727

Ahri botsAlmost every game I play there is a robot teammates who constantly lets the other team kill them, resulting in the other team being much stronger than my team. How am I supposed to have fun or win a game when u guys fill up games with bots??!.Version: 4750

Great, but frustratingIt’s built very well and feels very fair when you level up get new characters for free but I can’t give the app a higher score until it fixes the connection issues. I’ve been banned for disconnecting during matches due to the game crashing, and the game also crashes whenever you try and reconnect to a match leading you to have to wait till the match ends before logging in again only to be banned for over 20+ minutes due to the game reading it as you “leaving a match early”. Once the game is more stable I can see it being very addictive and a great entry point for people unfamiliar with LoL..Version: 3585

Random bans for nonsenseEverytime I log back in I get an afk warning when in fact I’ve never gone afk then today I also had to wait 20 minutes for “inappropriate behaviour” when I’ve never gone afk or even typed a single message. Bit ridiculous getting punished for something I never even did.Version: 5178

DO NOT INSTALLPlease. For anyone who will read this, this is a garbage game, the mobile version of an already horrendously broken experience. This is the platform for addicted people to spend money on skins. There is a broken matchmaking system that will cost you hours of frustration. This is a literal waste of life. There is no world in which you will not regret playing this game. It is unequivocally a cancer to you and anyone around you. Highly addictive bordering on unethical. This is a horrendous experience, and I would do anything to never have installed this garbage game..Version: 5295

It’s basically gamblingHonestly if you want to find happiness, live a happy life, don’t play this game. When the system controls win rates, and you’re pursuing the thrill of winning a 50/50 game, it’s preying on addiction just like gambling..Version: 5408

Good game but bad playersEach time I play pvp, those new do not know use smite for rift, keep feed, walk around, do not join group, or not assist. So if u do not know how to play then go learn. Each time I criticize their bad behavior by asking their parents. I chat get banned. Why do u not evaluated them and banned them for bad behavior or improve the pairing system. Why I need to shoulder everything? Sad but good game.Version: 5408

Afk playerDoesn’t matter how great gameplay or graphics, lag and afk players will kill your game soon , what is fun with 2 afk at rank promoted time ? Reports system is a joke , they build it just for fun , stop playing in pc cause trolling afk player , and mobile version same thing , time to move another one.Version: 4750

SighIt used to be okay, something changed with the matchmaking recently that makes it really unenjoyable to play sometimes completely unplayable. The system matches you with low leveled teammates who has no idea what they’re doing with only 1 or 2 other high level teammates as you, which leads to the team struggling the whole time. You can’t say anything to them because one, it’s not they’re fault they’re matched with high levels, two, the second you say something you get reported and banned, and why would I do that just because of the games horrible matchmaking. It’s been happening for a while now, won’t be playing unless occasionally when we get a full prematch team. Other wise, it’s a no for me now. Also, voice chat has been down for like 6 months if not more, they haven’t even bothered fixing it and just let it sit there unusable. But the whole time skins are still being released more than there are champions, this is making me feel like LOLM is more about getting people to buy skins than really trying to give us the same experience as LOL pc. Really disappointed..Version: 5295

So disappointedI am a 10 years royalty loler. I played wild rift from S0. The server problem is still here. My main server is OCE, but they always match me to SEA server. And my acc was transferred to SEA automatically and I didn’t do anything. I ask the custom support why it happens. Almost one day gone, none answering me. This problem happens in my other acc. The custom support told me if I want transfer back to OCE. My rank will be restarted. I don’t know why it doesn’t restart when they transfer my acc to SEA. My English is not good enough. But I am trying my best. Coz I am really angry and disappointed. I am diamond now. If it do restart my rank, I m not sure when I can reach it again. Coz I don’t know when the problem will happen again. I love LOL. But I am 30 now. I don’t have more time like now to play my favourite game in the future..Version: 4750

Rank and matchmakingMatchmaking isn’t working well and too many low skill players are higher in rank where they shouldn’t be. Bring back promos, completely remove shields, players must lose more points then get so coinflip no skill system boosted animals can’t get higher. To get higher you must have like at least 70% winrate at your rank to show that you are better and don’t belong to there. And SVP players should get points not lose them. It isn’t their fault that their team is bad. 1 star till changes, at least svp part. SVP must get rank points no matter the lose.Version: 5295

Good graphics terrible teamwork mechanicsJust like any game in the genre, this game suffer the same problem; it positioned itself as multiplayer game, but the game mechanic doesn’t always promote teamwork. I like the individual hero, but the flaw teamwork always let me down, flaws too many to list here. You should go out and make friends, then bring your friends to play this game, rather than to expect the game to match you up with a team. Only less than 10% of matches ever meet a good team. Tips: The moment you enter game, MUTE everyone..Version: 5046

Server issuesThe game is pretty good. However, it is frustrating when you are placed in a wrong server, especially if you are playing ranked. I’m in Oceania but I’ve played many times in the asian servers which are extremely laggy for us..Version: 4027

Worst Rank gameIf you want a fair game, this game is not suitable for you, because no matter how well you play, there are people who deliberately lose every game. Don't download, it will affect your mood. I don't know why there are people playing with such a bad game system..Version: 5178

Very bad, better keep focus on PC versionHello. I gave 1 star for very bad experence on this game. I'm playing from 0 season, and i can say this game is not very bad, whole looking is realy nice. I know this game is pretty fresh but guys... Listen. I left this game a lot of times and came back on every big update and its... NOTHING. You focusing and working on wrong things. Match making system is the biggest broken thing in this game and second one is AFK and TROLLS. Whats happening? Its realy that hard to put some main things from pc version to receive a better quality of gaming? Where is a dodge system from matchmaking? Where is an early surrender if some1 goes afk and points doesnt lost? Another one FAIL. You said working on mmr and fixed it. What did you fixed? I got 4 ranked matches in a row with unranked, bronze, silver teammates, while i m in emerald. Whats this? Who will give me back my lost points of your system fail? Its impossible to play solo que and a lot people will agree with this. At first Focus on the gameplay, not on your wildpasses or other things. I played few times MOBA LEGENDS and i can say guys uhhh, you need a loooot of work to reach that game level... I thought you will be more ready for mobile version, but for now its just more stressful game than fun. Because 8 loss streak and all of afks and mmr system fail its not fun. Good luck for the future.Version: 5046

0Ur game is rigged RIOT! FIX UR DAMNN STUPED GAME! im losing 10 losing streaks in aram with svp, too much CHINESE WINTRADERS! And SO MANY CHINESE PEOPLE TROLLING!!!! I literally went from 62% winrate to 49.7% FIXXXXX IT RIOT! STOP GIVING PEOPLE DEPRESSIONS!.Version: 5408

Good overall design. What happened to the matchmaking?I’ve played this since it was released in my region, the game’s quality and 3D models are as brilliant for a mobile game. The matchmaking was solid during the time it was released but after the Sentinels of Light update I noticed the matchmaking system had changed dramatically. I’ve never been extremely high on the ranks (highest is Emerald) but I notice the excessive amount of unranked-gold 4 players appearing in my pvp, ranked matches during and sometimes after the SoL update. Over time, with these newer updates, the only significant matchmaking changes were with ranked. I’ve been matched up with a whole team of unranked players (against an unranked team) while in my Emerald rank in PvP about 3 times. It feels really unfair to unranked/ low-elo players to be matched up with high-elo players and high-elo players being matched with low-elo players. Please revert the matchmaking back to what it was when the game released, in all honesty it was 100% better and the game had more entertainment value. I’ve had enough with being matched with feeders, trolls, afk players in my team, it’s infuriating and ridiculous. You can’t have fun in any of these game modes anymore, there’s just no point playing. Thanks..Version: 5178

Issues with Wild RiftThe pings is mysteriously worst compare to the PC version which is hard to understand since PC games take up more signal and ping than of that a mobile game, wild rift already has servers worldwide and it scares me to think that since they already have servers around they wont be able to fix this, also the GUI on active items is way too small and shouldn't be at the bottom, we (small handed people) are forced to stretch our fingers leaving the game too uncomfortable to play, I understand it is a recent made games but I have high expectations on Riot Games😑.Version: 3850

Champion balancing issues.Honestly there are some broken champs (Darius, Draven, Yi(Can do just under 2000 dps with ult) Jax, Wukong(less broken) Olaf(Passive axe throw cool down))and then there are champions that need buffs like damage and their crowd control should be better than other champs. For example Xayah’s Bladecaller has less rooting time and probably does less damage than Lux’s Light Binding even though it takes better positioning for one than the other. And what’s up with how you can just tap skill shots and then will just go to the champ with the lowest health? It sorta takes the skill out of skill shot and lowers the skill ceiling no? And I’m none of this will be read or taken into consideration by riots staff so fk me for writing this for however long I did.Version: 3850

Would be 5 stars without the bug that doesn’t allow you to play!Such a good game, my partner and I can’t stop playing it but the only issue is that there is a bug no matter how many updates it still does it every now and then where it doesn’t show the friends list and doesn’t allow you to play the game, you pick your character and go to load in and then it kicks you and penalises you but you’re still unable to play. Sometimes I have been able to fix this bug but just recently it’s happened to both my partner and I and we’ve done everything to fix it and it won’t work. Please fix this bug!! It is the best game otherwise!!!.Version: 4027

The report system is a jokeThe report system is of course not working. You will soon find out that no matter how troll your teammates is, no punishment shall ever fall upon them..Version: 5735

2.5a is a huge letdownI’ve been enjoying the game for the past year before patch 2.5a. I’m in diamond elo and now I’m getting matched with unranked players who just started playing the game. I think this is really unfair to both teams because instead of solving the troll problems, they are still giving us trolls but unranked. This mmr matchmaking system is super messed up and I hope they remove it before everyone gets sick of the game..Version: 5046

The game doesn’t find a matchThey put average waiting time as 5 seconds is more like 10 minutes, if you want play ranked you never going to find a game, you wait for more then 10 minutes and nothing, only loading shows up a few times. Then you cancel the queue to find out you got banned because they game found a match but didn’t pass for you to accept.. that loading the showed up is a match found but nothing.. just a waste of time.. but if you want to play normal game and aram then it’s okay you can play sometimes. But don’t get fooled by the average time, add a 0 or 2 0s at the end and that’s the waiting time, 15 seconds is more like 150 seconds but sometimes 1500 seconds depending if the game is giving you a chance to accept the match or not, otherwise you will end up banned waiting in a waiting list to repeat all over again.Version: 4750

Not recommend to playTBH, this game is fun to play, but it’s a total waste of time. After winning a few matches in ranked, the system starts to assign you with terrible players or bots even. They feed intentionally, assisting enemy team and the report system has no effects on them. Sometimes, it’s lucky for you when the opposing teams have all the bad players. This imbalance has caused a lot of people to leave the community, same reason applies to me. Goodbye, Wildrift..Version: 5178

It’s laggy when using WIFIIt’s laggy when you play with your wifi, if you switch to your mobile data, the condition is much better, but it consumed a lot data.Version: 5295

Please Revert to old Matchmaking!!!Initially through the first 2 season or so the game was great, and looking very promising. However riot implemented a new matchmaking system that has completely destroyed any competitive element in the game. There is NO incentive to rank up, I have reached master currently but don’t even want to progress as there is literally no matchmaking - in fact today i got a platinum and then a challenger in back to back games (make it make sense). Not only that, but the leaderboards are dominated by players who abuse 5 man queue, where 5 high elo challenger players can get matched against solo queue diamonds due to the broken algorithm. PLEASE FIX THIS, and remove premade teams in master +.Version: 5295

BOTSRiot let actual bots in the game to afk in fountain. Wasted money on skins. Riot sucks.Version: 5295

Fix the problem for me!This is a wonderful game. I have played LOL since 2013. I really enjoy the mobile version as I don’t have much time playing PC. However, I am always struggling playing Wild Rift using my mobile connection. I can enter the lobby but the game can’t be loaded when finishing selecting champions. It always says failed to connect the game(or something similar to it). I tried to delete the game and and re-setup. It worked in the beginning but this problem occurred again on the third day that I re-setup the game. I am using IPhone 11 Pro and using Boost service in Tasmania which is equivalent to Telstra. There is not any issues when I use WiFi connection. I am pretty sure the mobile internet connection is perfect for doing anything. I would really appreciate it if you provide any feedback or solutions to me!.Version: 3850

Annoying playing the gameThe game is amazing but its just that after this update the joy stick has began to keep bugging evrtime i move it the game is 5 its just that the joy stick is annoying.Version: 5408

No punishment for those afk playersThe reason why I rate 1 star for this game is there are no punishment for those afk players. People play hard for they rankings and afk happens all the time! While they got reported, they just get banned for few minutes! This is unfair! If you can’t make the punish system better, this game is over!.Version: 5295

GrindThe first few levels you feel like your moving threw a good card game/story… then the wall… I have played multiple characters up to level 6 trying to beat the first couple of enemies in the Gangplank level 2, but to no avail. So I stuck with Vi and leveled her up (by grinding, aka multiple defeats and deaths for chump change reward) and am now on my third attempt with 1 revive that came as part of her most recent level… something like 13 or 14. I really enjoy the game but I think having such a hard map after just cruising the begging was rather thoughtless and cruel. My joy of the game has vanished and it’s become more of a task and choir. I probably won’t continue if I can’t defeat the Gang plank map by level 15. The game is fantastic so I give it five stars, but the legion marauders infinite multiplier take 1 star away. Since there isn’t anyway to heal between the marauders and Swain, another star is destroyed (see how the game plays?). For the constant hammering of Swain taking 1 from nexus without offering a way to balance the fight(usually starting with 15 or less on nexus) another star is destroyed. For the lopsided randomness that favors the Ai another star. Again after such a battle what wins against Swain without proper availabilities and wasted Errol’s presenting the same items… oh no, that was the last star….Version: 5531

Matching mechanism is trashYou will always have to play game with 4 people who totally do not know how to play this game out of 10, if u were the lucky guy, these four maybe in the opposite party, otherwise, you will have to suffer the anger in the next 10 mins..Version: 5178

AfkSo i started playing this game, in reason of playing other mobas before, loved the mechanics and everything, however people just quit the game before it even starts and then in ranked we are stuck with a team of 4 vs 5. Then I do not even have a protection against that and just lose my stars that I worked very hard to acquire. I do think it is completely unfair towards players who really want to go further in the game. How am I supposed to climb if most games I play 4vs5. Riot honestly, I heard a lot of bad things about your pc game when it cames to solo queue but it does seem that even in a game that you had so many years to develop you still do not know how to fix such a simple problem, very disappointed and my enthusiasm to play this game is dwindling day by day..Version: 5178

Listen the player baseOk the game is good but there are a couple of issues the players keep saying needs to be fixed but are being ignored: 1) afk - I have lost count of how many games I have played where team mates go afk. Why should we lose a game because of that? The game result should be excluded if there is an afk 2) ability to ban players - we should be able to ban players for trolling being a noob etc. not necessarily from the game just so they don’t appear on my team again Fix these 2 issues and the game be great. This was 2 things vain glory did have right.Version: 5408

About ranking penalityThis game need to be fixed in the ranking system. If your team has a afker. You are force to finish the game and for sure you are end up losing because the game hero is very balanced. You end up playing till the end of the game because you can’t leave the game or you will be penalized or being afk. And playing a game with 4 Player against 5, you will lose and then you get penalize with losing ranking points. They should fix it so you can surrender without penalty no winning or losing on both team to restart another fair game..Version: 4027

EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED BUT ONE PROBLEMHi I have been playing lol for years now it’s the best game ever but I have one problem with lol it wasn’t portable but now that you have released it onto mobile devices I dont have any problems but one thing you could fix is some country’s are not able to log into it and I have noticed a lot of people can’t join so it really reduces the player size so I recommend fixing the problem for county’s like india and etc Thanks for reading.Version: 4027

Trash matchmaking system ruined the gameGarbage matchmaking system, after playing LoL pc for almost 10years, I’m so disappointed to wildrift, going to uninstall.Version: 5295

Worst mobaThis moba has THE worst matchmaking in the existence of all moba games really disappointed they say they update it but they jus made it even worse.Version: 5178

It’s ok, but missing key componentsI’ve been playing league since 2011 and have a pretty good understanding of the simple to intermediate aspects of the game. One aspect of wild rift that is almost non-existent is the support role. There is no “support item” tabs, but there are some support items but you have to dig to find them. Though there is an easy way to target enemies, there is not a option or function to interact with allies quickly. This makes targeting teammates almost impossible during a team fight and renders the support useless. One key feature of this game that is incredibly frustrating is the character control speed vs. skill shot speed. I would HIGHLY recommend a tweaking of this system. In pc version of league, reacting and dodging skill shots is almost instantaneous because of clicking. However, the transition to mobile kept skill shots at the same travel speed, but users now have to drag their thumb across a screen to dodge skill shots which delays the reaction time. I have never had this much of an issue dodging skill shots on the pc and the above reason is my opinion as to why it is soooo much harder to pull off. I will be deleting this app until these (mainly the support issues) are addressed. I also have an issue with not having access to skins I paid for in the pc version of the game. If money was exchanged then I believe I should have access to that item in all versions of this game..Version: 4027

Amazing game but...Actually almost everything about this game is a top notch but matchmaking is absolutely terrible which takes all of the enjoyment out of it. Firstly even you are in emerald league you are able(and it does happened often) to team up with gold league (2 leagues down) even that matchmaking rules state this is impossible. 2nd there is no option to pick your position in the game so constantly there are teams with 2 adc,2 mid, no jungle etc. 3rd no consequence of anything racism,vulgarity, leave the game, or trolling riot do nothing about it, och there is option to report someone but again riot do nothing about that which only encourages people like that. And last there is no solo queue, so if you’re a solo player you will be constantly playing vs team of 2-3. All of this makes 80% of rank matches terrific to play..Version: 3850

Good game but harsh punishments for bugsI’ve played league on pc for years and I think the transition to mobile is great! However - whenever I get a notification during a loading screen or in game I get disconnected and am unable to reconnect to the game. Because of this bug I keep getting 20 minute afk bans which is super off putting. I haven’t played in a couple of weeks because of this and picked it up yesterday to get the same problem. Super disappointing..Version: 3850

New update issues?I’m not sure if this is because of internet issues but now when I find a match it kicks me out of the game after loadout saying the match doesn’t exist anymore. But when I look at my match history the game has actually gone on and has consequently marked me as AFK which gives me a penalty for something I can’t do anything about which is frustrating. Additionally there are a lot of pop ups that just get spammed on screen..Version: 5046

Poor implementation, lack of any real balance, and servers that will make you throw your phone.The reason league is a good game is because the characters that take skill take time and effort to learn. They have taken not only time, not only effort, but skill away from the equation. I have literally watched Yasuo 5v1 pentakill 6 times after playing the game for almost 30 hours. In the 1,000 hours that I have played league I have seen a Yasuo 1v5 ONCE. There’s literally no point to playing tanks, adcs reign completely supreme in every aspect because it takes nothing to kite. This app is a garbage patch work of league in every sense. The servers crash my game every 3-4 matches and then don’t let me reconnect and then BAN ME FOR BEING DISCONNECTED. It’s absolutely garbage. And if you’re serious about league in any way this game with NEVER, EVER, EVER! Cease to consistently make you want to slam your head through a wall, and upset you to no foreseeable end. In no way should you support this complete and absolute garbage in any way. If this game is taking development time away from league then not only is this app bad but it is a cancer on the community as a whole. DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IF YOU ARE A FAN OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. UNBALANCED IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD WITH POOR SERVERS AND CRAPPY MOBILE GAME PROGRESSION..Version: 4027

Very susVery sus plz remove bots and fix crash.Version: 4750

So close be yet so farI was really enjoying the game with no problems until the latest update came out. Now I have to keep logging in every time I go into the game. Lag/loading has messed it all up with it now taking forever to load things to the point where I think it’s frozen, if this happens while loading into a match I try restart the app and try again but I get slapped with a hours on bans.Version: 5046

Nice graphics and gameplay not badHowever, playing from NZ on a high speed internet and the lag is terrible, even tried playing on a 1GB fibre and still trash, unplayable at times. Also, having to sign in every time I open the game is terrible, no skins synced “I’m not paying for skins again to play this mobile version”. Sometimes not able to sign in..Version: 3585

Frustrating and buggyBrilliant game however, in the 20 games that I’ve played in rank, 19 of those I was given the role of support. I cannot seem to get a game where I can play a different role and it is very frustrating and is frankly making me want to leave the game. I can’t seem to find any options to change this option, if it is indeed an option. I can’t find anything online to help. Moreover, I just received a ban after playing 3 games for leaving the game when I was literally sitting there playing the game for about 2 hours straight? Granted I did leave a game a few days ago however I received a 15 minute or so ban for that offence which is fair enough. Then I get randomly slapped with a 1 hour ban for no apparent reason. Very very frustrating..Version: 4027

RiotFix your game I got afk ban so many times because I couldn’t except the game The lag is terrible I’m right next to my wifi and I’m getting 400ms It keeps logging me out who know why And now I can’t even start the game.Version: 5046

Amazing game that needs a little bit of workI’ll start out saying that I started playing LoL years ago on pc and have a pretty decent understanding of the game and that a lot of people playing this are probably fairly new to the game. That being said the only problem I have with this game is that it doesn’t clarify a whole lot on lanes and what champions are what so when you start a game with what looks like a good team build you’ll have a support going mid when someone else already chose a mid champ or the duo lane players going to solo lane or jungle not jungling and making the solo lane a duo lane. It gets a little frustrating losing games because people simply haven’t been given enough info to know these basic things. Done with the negative on to the positive. This game is amazingly built. No it is not the same as pc but in some ways it’s even more enjoyable. It’s great that right from the start you’re able to build your champion pool so much early on rather than having to grind or pay money. The controls are great and it’s just as strategic as the LoL. Overall I highly recommend this game, just hope developers plan on making certain aspects easier to understand for new players like they have in LoL..Version: 4027

GarbageTerrible new update signed me out and fully got rid of the account I had made with my Apple ID, then the whole Oceania server thing is messed up now and everyone is playing at 300 ping and unplayable and no enjoyment whatsoever. And I still get penalised cause I lag out of the game and can’t join back in. Hurrendous, fix ur game.Version: 5046

Changing my review because your problem is obviousLet people play their preferred lane; or give them the option to only play their lane. It would increase wait times but players would actually stay in the game and they’d likely argue less. Instead you have people playing the wrong champions, or going to the wrong lane, or disconnecting. If people do disconnect their penalized for not wasting time on something that should be fun but wouldn’t be. Not to mention people may have a limited time (a lunch/study break) in which they can play the game. They will now have to waste their time playing a unsatisfying match or be unable to play when they are ready. Just let people play their lane, it wouldn’t be difficult to implement and would make for a much better user experience. Good game though..Version: 5408

Hard to sayThis game is great! It has extremely good effects and everything. But the fact that they punish you by not letting you play for about an hour because you went afk is just not right. There also must be a technical glitch because sometimes I play the game and my wifi cuts of and I am disconnected from the match, when I load back on it says “Due to being Afk and leaving the match when it wasn’t over will make the experience worse for other players your suspension time has now been made to 2 hours. It’s not fair as it happens to me daily and I’ve had suspension of up to 3 hours because of it! They really should make it less of a suspension time for such a minor thing. Therefore I give it a three. It would be five... if not the suspension! 😠.Version: 3727

Match MakingThe developer needs to fix the match making for rank games because there are some players who DOES NOT KNOW how to do rank (lane assigned and champions to pick) and yet they are still allowed on match making. It’s absolutely nonsense to have players that does not have enough experience to enter ranked mode because they always end up FEEDING.Version: 4027

Terrible punishment for toxic/afk playersGreat game but I greatly discourage new players who are looking for a fun friendly game. My son was in tears after receiving hateful messages from team mates talking about how he should die and his parents hate him. No punishment was done to the player..Version: 5531

Fun but awful matchmakingThe game itself is good but the matchmaking for rank is awful i get better allies and enemies in pvp but in rank i can get 14 kills and have the enemy team all dead but my teammates just dont try to take advantage of it, are they purposely waiting for them to respawn or something and they dont even try to farm they just jump into the enemy while laining and pray, even when were having a team fight all 5 of us could be there and only 3 of the enemy will be fighting against us and my team would still lose, my AD carry acts like a assassin, my mage or marksman tries to get as close as possible to the face of the enemy..Version: 5295

Loved the game on PC but there’s too many bugs on mobile...The game on mobile is pretty fun. I like the idea and concept and have a good understanding of how LoL works. I dislike the matchmaking and how it is not skill based (especially your teammates) and hate that I’m having to carry every game in order to get to higher ranks. That’s not a big issue though because that’s to be expected in almost every game. My main issue lies with the fact that on random days for random amounts of time, I won’t be able to play games on my main account. I’ll log in thinking I’ll be able to play a game while I’m on the go and then find that I don’t see my friends that are online, my profile picture, my rank, and the wild pass. All of these things are just missing and at first I thought it was a wifi issue but when I made a second account that issue wasn’t happening on that account. This bug is super annoying to deal with especially because I did grind events to get skins on it and would like to use them. This bug also makes it so that every 10-15 seconds you get a loading “L” (the League of Legends symbol). This bug fix would make the game much more enjoyable and fun. Overall it’s a good game the concept and idea is super cool. Would also love to see more game modes that we see on PC like URF, ARAM, etc. Sadly, until this bug is fixed I will not be playing this game and will have it uninstalled. So, FIX THAT ASAP PLEASE..Version: 4027

Good game but audio problem is driving me crazyI fully enjoy the gameplay but near the 15 minute mark of each match, 90% of the time the audio would cut of completely when I’m on speaker on my iPad pro...it also happens on my iPhone XS. With my AirPods Pro on when it happens instead of going silent the AirPods would makes a few loud pop sounds which almost blew my eardrums and i had to pull them off and disconnect them before my ears and AirPods experienced further damage. Please fix them, this problem has persisted since the game’s release and i really hope this issue gets fixed ASAP..Version: 3850

Trash matchWhy so many people left game at the beginning? Why developer can’t can their account for a day or a week not just one hour!who cares one hour.Version: 5408

Wild rift wants u to buy their skinsTerrible matchmaking if I can send videos here I would have sent 20 second video of 14 lose streaks. this gotta be the worst moba rank system i have ever played. I am a league pc player. i find this very annoying to play in soloq by the fact that nearly everyone are not in there desired ranks. out of all diamonds are a barrier to reach the next rank instead of emerald being a barrier between plat and diamond. I hope you guys can change the rank system instead of 1 win for diamond or emerald promos make it 3 win instead. this would challenge and slowly reduce the rank inflation. by far i am truly disappointed on riot wild rift not the pc they did great..Version: 5531

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