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League of Legends: Wild Rift App User Positive Comments 2023

League of Legends: Wild Rift app received 124 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about league of legends: wild rift?

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League of Legends: Wild Rift for Positive User Reviews

Great gameI never played LOL on pc and i started playing this game and now i know everything.Version: 4027

Casual mob gamer... a+++It takes about 15-20mins per game, and is great! Even losing feels like a win and time we’ll spent as levelling is well balanced! You only really spend real money on unlocking characters which are practically unlocked, either as you play or on monthly specials where a load of heroes are unlocked. It’s worth just playing and enjoying the game as is! You get to learn the play styles of characters as the your profession goes on! So levelling literally helps you learn to play the game well! Get immersed in the games lore and fun!.Version: 3585

Connection problems.I’m trying to play the game on my data when I’m out and about but for some reason it doesn’t want to work on the game for me, it always keep saying to me ‘failing to connect’ and then I go to click the ‘try again’ button but again doesn’t want to connect me, it’s just a little annoying because I always get a 30 minute ban for something which isn’t my fault, I thought maybe at the start it was the location I’m in, but I have full bars plus I tried on other games and worked perfectly fine, I’m not sure if you can do anything about this but thought I’d let you know because I really enjoy the game especially on the pc as well..Version: 3850

Best moba on mobile , more newbie friend than LoL PC even I reckonHonestly I never played league of legends on PC prior to playing wild rift , I did try dota though with a few friends so I had some moba experience but never been too immersed in moba games till I played wild rift ...honestly stumbling upon it was a pleasant surprise and ever since I’ve been hooked. Best moba by far available rn on mobile . Splendid graphics , smooth gameplay and mechanics , only thing that’s lacking is the number of champions that league of legends PC has , however these will come in with time but honestly I find wild rift way more fun , it looks better too and it’s simple enough for anybody to pick up on . Ranked is engaging and challenging. Although it can be frustrating at times as well due to the hate speech and trolling but most of the time it’s all good . Love this game , recommend it to anybody who wants to try something new . You’ll be surprised by how fun this game can be . :).Version: 3727

Job well doneI picked this up after playing on PC for years. One thing I love about this game is how fast the games are. I’m the kind of guy that likes to play every single champ. In pc league of legends it seems to take hours and hours to really lock in how a champ works. Say for instance you accidentally throw your first game with a new champ. Instead of waiting 30 to 40 mins to try again wild rift makes it 10-15. I’ve found myself learning champs in wild rift Rand taking that knowledge into league of legends. It’s almost like a training ground for your micro play. Also if you get into the competitive aspect of the game your macro will be tested as well. You have to make your decisions way faster and the effect of your decisions is made clear much sooner in wild rift than it is in your regular game of league. I highly recommend playing wild rift if you’re new or just need some decent practice. Any PC gamer that plays this and doesn’t find the value in it is missing out..Version: 4341

Best Mobile game out there but TERRIBLE COMMUNITYRiot I really hope you read this because you have done a very good job on wild rift which is getting more work done and growing very slowly which is very good. On the other hand, u really need to sort your community out and this isn’t just a young kid saying this because he get swore at (which is still bad) this a man writing a complaint/letter to riot games. I have many incidents of toxic community’s where people go afk and situations where i have to ban and report people. If you don’t sort this out you will have many people quiting including me. Please sort this out! My king regards Your supporter Xxx.Version: 5295

League gameplay with no chat <3Way less toxic the lol itself. Lot of fun. Two main bug needs to be fixed: Login with riot account doesn’t work properly And sometime the sound crash and never come back.Version: 3850

Transferring our dataCan u please make it so that we can get the things we hav on pc (skins,emotes and characters) and transfer it to mobile and make it so our levels are the same as playing on pc this will definitely make me super happy Thanks ps games great btw :3.Version: 3585

The abandon systemThis game is a very good game. It has similar mechanics to pc version, but has a different balancing system so it is refreshing. The heroes for LoL are much better than other mobas, but i have only one major complaint about this game. The abandonment system is terrible. I abandon three matches in a week, and i have a two hour ban i have to log in to activate. Lets say i have to do something so I am forced to abandon my match. Three hours later, i log back in to a screen that says ive been banned for 20 minutes. Ok. I do it again, only for an hour to be added every time i abandon in 7 DAYS! It is applied to every gamemode, even AI matches. I dont play ARAM, so I dont know if this is the case there. I am now sitting here with nothing to do because i had to go three times in one week. It is stupid, please make a new system. Otherwise, the gameplay is excellent along with the brilliant event systems and how it is the perfect amount of grinding for each hero. But please, this is ruining my experience. Thank you..Version: 4027

Wild rift is the best game on mobile 😁This game is the best idk why people are doing 1 or 4 stars it should be a five stars and only five stars thank you for making the game 😁😁.Version: 4750

Best mobile moba no predatory practiceMe and my wife have been playing this for a while now. Without spending money, with the help of in game events and daily task completion, we were managed to obtain 25 champions of our likings. The gameplay is smooth although people playing have a little clue sometimes on what they’re doing. I think the only issue is the ranked gameplay which allows clueless people to destroy good games otherwise, we believe this must be addressed by raising the entry bar a lil more. Controls are easy and the game flow is fun as. I think we will stick to this for a good long while. Cheers from NZ.Version: 3727

LeavingHello I just want to say I really like this game but something that I found annoying that I’m a child and sometimes when I’m shopping with my parents and I get to Tesco but I’m in the middle of a round and I have to leave when I come back I have to wait at least 20 minutes and there are many more circumstances that I would have to leave for a matter I can’t control so I would like if you could take away the feature or reduce the time from 20 minutes to 5 I understand if these things don’t happen and I will not leave this game if it does.Version: 4027

Bad sportsmanship in rankedI have been playing lol since it first ever produce a hen I was back in high school. When I saw wild rift it was amazing that I can carry and play anywhere just on my phone. I love the addition of both old and new characters. I do agree with the comment replied to you especially with the ranked mode. I am having difficulties ranking up because of afk and intentional feeding. Ever since I started playing ranked, it’s been one loss and one Win. It gets frustrating because you aren’t going anywhere. I believe that developers should add more shield or give more shield to players when ranking down. It is annoying that you are playing so hard and you get crapped over by one person on the team. I understand that that everyone is here to play for fun but many players do not show good sportsmanship and I hope lol can find ways to rectify this problem. There are players who are frustrated and most times just quit mid-game. Wild Rift in general is a great game to learn and have fun..Version: 5295

I loved League as a Warcraft fan but .....I’m playing this game from season 0 and I must say how tired I am of this broken thing. A lot of things are wrong in this game the most broken is lobby. For example I’m playing in diamond and I shouldn’t have 3 games in a row people in my team only from platinum . Information about lobby is clearly saying qualifies emerald 4- master 1 . I will don’t have any problem with that if they will play ok . But they are terrible on wood lvl. I am checking my history and enemy team -all of them emerald/ diamond. That’s happened many many times and question is simply , why is that happening? Next is champion role pick. Of course You -mobile riot -had to make same mistake like begin of PC when you couldn’t choose your role before game , bravo for this . That completely ruined pvp game all matches full of trolled players afk , also ranked 20% of games people fighting about role and many times they troll you loosing game and points nobody care , bravo gg ! Next I am playing in IPad 2018 last gen. and ok losing sound almost every game ....always must restart client. I think ranked system must be changed should be more friendly for players who are not deserve to losing points for teammates who troll going afk have dc or wasting time for chat all time . Chat should be able to switch off easily not like after last upgrade ....it’s many many things to develop cuz for now I now many people wanna drop this crap.Version: 3850

Please do thisThis game is amazing but please can you make so you don’t have to login in every time you hop on.Version: 3585

AmazingI have been waiting forever for this to come to iOS, when do I get Talon.Version: 4027

Amazing, better than PCPlayed LoL on and off on PC for about 10 years. Haven’t played the PC version in over a year because I just don’t have the time to invest. With a busy life, kids, etc. I just can’t set aside 1 hour to play a single match. I love wild rift because it’s everything I used to love about LoL but much quicker! A long game is 25 minutes, I can set that amount of time aside with no issue! It’s honestly the best mobile game I’ve ever played. I’ve never been into games on my phone, just didn’t play any of them, but I’ve found myself playing Wild Rift on my phone at night as opposed to a PC or console game, it’s just that much fun. Can’t wait to see how it evokes with more balances and character patches. Also, it’s surprisingly generous with characters and skins to unlock. I have plenty of characters and enough points to unlock a couple more that I haven’t used. Skins do not transfer from PC but that’s fine, this game is still worth it, especially if you love LoL but can’t manage the 45min to 1hr matches with a busy life..Version: 4341

How did they do itPretty much every mobile moba currently on the market is a blatant copy of currently existing pc mobas. This however is an exception. They managed to bring a pc moba to mobile. Somehow it runs very well. If you were wanting to learn how to play league but don’t have the time for it, this my friend, is the perfect app for you. Rather than spending 30 minutes with one champion just trying to figure out what to do, this game provides you a stress free environment that any beginner would enjoy. It can really be a gateway for beginners to get into the moba genre. I have spent 1,000 hours of my life playing league, so if your looking for a game you can make friends with and spend lots of time on having the time of your life, I wholeheartedly recommend this game. This may just be me trying to compensate for the years I’ve lost to this game, but I don’t regret it. I’ve had a blast and I’m sure you will too. If your feeling confident playing this game I recommend you get started on the pc version, it’s completely free and anyone can download it on any pc..Version: 4750

LeagueI used to play this game since 2nd season on pc i like that they manage to get the game on the phone to but there is one thing that’s annoying me, and is the match making, the game is good no cons about that but the players are so toxic and random, they should do somnting about the lanes. Every time i get into a rank game i see people who wanna go mid or jungle or adc, and is a big rumble on the lane, I usually pick what’s left but some guys don’t do that and they decide jut to ruin your game, i hope riot is goona do sometimg about this, but i gonna give 5 stars bcs the game ia good, but the community is full of 12-13 years old who just insta pick and fight over a stupid lane....Version: 3585

Finally sorted your sht outNice to see you fix the server issues ……………….. eventually. Great game, would recommend.Version: 5178

Best game everI’ve played several other games just like LOL for years since LOL wasn’t available on IOS, honestly I’m so glad this is now available as this is easily the best game ever the skins are so cheap and everything is super affordable the Ingame reward on unlocking the champions is very good for players who don’t spend money on games. I only use money to purchase new skins as Ingame quest rewards give you essential rewards on unlocking ANY of the champions you deserve! You don’t have to spend money on trying to unlock champions or purchase bundles just to unlock new event champions either. Also I don’t get any Lags and slow connections so far.Version: 3727

Game is amazing BUT...Game is 10/10 but: when you in platinum they give you random silvers but when u want play with friend who is in silver u can’t cause to high difference... that’s 1. 2 playin all day cause lockdown EVERY game an afk. 3 when u hit enemy on Backin to base he still goin back to base. 4 when you don’t have a fiends in same range don’t even go play ranked. 5 EVEN IF YOU HAD 5 games in a row as MVP but lose cause afk you still lose point and downgrade. You hurt much more then someone who troll or afk :) cause you give your best but still someone go afk and u fall from your tier. I tell you when system detected AFK don’t take my points cause in this game literally PLAYIN ALL DAY I HAVE EVERY GAME AFK TODAY. Do something with this or I just will stop playin this game because It’s no sense with afkers.Version: 3850

Rank matchmakingBeen enjoying the game but can you guys add the role selection for rank games because its really hard to get a good lineup when your team doesn’t want to fill, and its really hard to play when you just have a mess up roles. This could also be useful because people can now pick the lane they wanted and play it which makes it fun..Version: 4027

Good game but harsh afk punishmentThis is one of the best mobile game and a great execution on transitioning the pc version to mobile. The control and game design are well tuned for the mobile experience while maintain the same mechanisms for all the champions from league. The only downside is that the afk punishment seems to be too harsh for a mobile game. People who Playing on mobile tend to be interrupted more often than playing on a pc, either by network issues, taking calls, messages, or attending to other things. Playing a few games with afk for a good few minutes can result in a few hours ban, that seems too much. For normal game, this will just turn people away. Punishment for ranked game could be done by deducting points instead?.Version: 3585

I love itI want all characters out plz I know your working on it so keep up the great work!!.Version: 3850

Great game, terrible matching system.As much as I hate the problems with this game I find myself reinstalling it time and time again. Ping issues and touch screen delay are a few of the minor issues. Matching system is awful. I win 12 games in a row but then loose 8 in a row. Get MVP or svp consistently. But get held back in gold rank due to my team mates not pulling their weight. I play in a team on my other account and have a diamond rank. Do I think solo cue needs to have a separate lobby so you don’t get stacked teams against you. I play on an iPhone 12 Pro Max and refuse to buy any currency for this game until it fixes these things. But over all, one of the best mobile games on the AppStore..Version: 4750

Amazing game but needs more improvementsI have been playing this game nonstop since it is released to Australia, I am a pc gamer and I disrespect mobile games but this game is an exception. However, this game definitely needs more servers and ping improvements, reduce input delay, graphics enhancements, more events and game modes. I can definitely see this game uprise, but just maybe consider to have some better developers..Version: 3585

Wonderfully made for mobile!First let me just say, for those players who are saying just play pc league need to stop because there is a good market for mobile play and honestly some people don’t have the time investment to play an hour long game and some people don’t have PC set ups to run smooth games. Do not be discouraged by the reviews and try it out! It’s got amazing graphics, very smooth gameplay that has a greater emphasis on teamwork, a nice clean interface that isn’t too overwhelming and other little baubles you can play around with to customize your gameplay and controls to fit your needs. There is definitely room to improve but it is still in beta so it’s not even the full game yet. As someone who plays mobile games and specifically mobile MOBA’s, I can honestly say that Wild Rift is something that blows most other mobas out of the water. Obviously with league to base off of it’s bound to be good but what sets it apart from games like Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor is the fact that it feels strongly team based rather than a heavy reliance on over powered champions to make a random team comp in order to overwhelm a more balanced team. There are certainly overpowered champions that can carry in WR too but at the very least you can come back with some patience..Version: 4341

I have played league since 2012 (Diamond III)Wild Rift is the next evolution for League of Legends, an upgraded engine, upgraded models, quicker games and as the title implies a “Wild Rift”. The map is varied and randomized allowing for on the fly gameplay changes. For anyone saying the touch screen combat is clunky I have to disagree, once I got used to the controls I was stomping on people. Being able to run while autoing and the ability to quick cast on character direction/placement allows for some quick twitch reactions that main client just doesn't allow and makes escapes much more possible and reliable rather than having to just give up and let the enemy team kill you because you’re too slow. The only cons I have with Wild Rift is that there’s a lack of item variety, having more active items like galeforce or zz’rot would allow strategy and gameplay to breath and make choices more important. I also think Runes would be better if they were the full system from main game rather than the weird mixed tier system currently implemented, not being able to use Dark Harvest on Jhin is no fun, if I’m mobbing the enemy I should be able to have a high risk high reward rune that supports my play style if I’m doing good. If you could Riot, please add some modern client features such as Legendary items, potions, additional runes and more boot options. As a Jhin main 3.2 mil mastery, Wild Rift is an absolute pleasure to play. Thank you Riot..Version: 4027

Best MOBA for Mobile hands downThis game is made beautifully! There for sure is a lot more to come since the PC version has been out since the stone ages and there’s, I’d say, less than half the champions available now on the mobile version. There’s always an event happening and getting materials to buy new champions is fairly quick. I’d say too quick to be honest, considering most events you get the new champion for free if you participate. Mechanically not the greatest but compared to other MOBAS for mobile, it’s one of the best. One thing I don’t enjoy about Wild Rift is matchmaking. I’m no pro and far from one, but it’s hard to rank up and when analyzing how much damage I am doing and even absorbing compared to my teammates, just about every other match I do and take nearly the most besides a tank and maybe a support if we had a hybrid. Sometimes even more damage than the entire enemy team which is hard to ignore. It would be nice if “skill level” was not based on more than it is now which seems like it’s just your current rank. One other improvement I want to speak on is being able to see skin effects before buying them. If I am going to purchase a skin for my earned money, I want to know what it comes with such as sound and visual effects that change with the champions skill like the “Arcade” series. Anyways, still excited I don’t need to be on PC to play one of my all time favorite games!.Version: 5531

Puts the fun back in leagueStarted playing League on PC in 2020, had a great time. Unfortunately, the toxicity of some players began to wear me out and I had to put the game down for a while. I recently got back into it almost a year later, but only thanks to Wild Rift. It put the fun back in League for me and I’ve yet to experience anything too negative. You did good on this one Riot. Team comps can be a bit odd sometimes, and mobile players seem to forget to drag a lot, but this is a mobile game, so I’m not really expecting anyone take it too seriously. It is just a game after all. The button layout is well designed and very user-friendly in its design. I have encountered no bugs in regards to that so far. The targeting system is very useful once you get used to it. Game length differs but usually is about 15 minutes or so per match, which is a big difference compared to its PC counterpart where the games typically last about 40 minutes. This is a plus tho as the shorter match times create a more casual gaming experience. I recommend giving this game a try if you play or played League, Overwatch or TF2..Version: 4750

Decent MOBA developed gameI usually don’t write reviews but this game is an exception. Those who played Mobile Legends should seriously consider to switch and there are reasons why as follows: 1. Way better graphics and gameplay life ( no annoying, endless events which takes a lot of time to collect), 2. Much more options in game to coordinate and control champs and maps ( warding, closed lanes which prevents enemies from easy ganks, more attack options as basic attack control mannually), 3. It does represent the actual League of Legends. There are few issues but as a new game it is natural and hopefully bugs and matchmaking will be fixed over time. Switch to wild rift and forget Mobile Legends (as moonton literally copy pasted game in trash version).Version: 3585

My two cents.I had never played the pc version of the game or any other moba before this but the tutorials gave me a really decent overview of the game quickly. I found a few champions that looked like the thing for me and after giving them a shot in game I realised that the true complexity of playing them, this look rad me to go off to yt and check out the extensive amount of tutorials on the champions. I was finished my ranked placements in bronze and quickly made it to silver but the ranked season ended before I could get to gold. So I made it my goal to get gold next season I got that goal quickly and then found so many interesting strategies and ways to build different items on my characters. This was all so interesting and enjoyable to me as I worked my way up the ranks. I’m now near diamond and have learned so much and had so much fun with the game but that’s not it! The true appeal is that you never stop getting better and the community is actually really great even though you get inting yasuo players shouting in all chat about derogatory topics that is not actually common and if you are nice and communicate well the game is hardly toxic. I love this game but I do wish the devs would nerf oriana and give ahri’s ultimate better scaling..Version: 3850

Good but some IssuesI’m really enjoying the game right now and I didn’t find it too hard to adapt to the game play. The only reason I gave it a four stars is because of the lag, bugs and for some reason it keep removing my account so every time I open the app. Sometime I should have to re log back in. Some times during matchmaking I can’t choose a hero because it would just freeze and show the loading screen so when I go out of the app and go back in, I have re log in again. The game also would have started and I wouldn’t know which hero I pick. But I know there’s still a lot of updating and testing happening to this game and I can’t wait to fully experience it. For now I guess I have to be Patient but I just can’t because of how great this game is..Version: 3727

Worthy of pc version.First time doing a review, I have been playing league of legend for many many many years now (11 years almost) and because I moved in the USA without my computer I have been craving for league of legend. After waiting for about 2 years without playing league of legend, I am now so happy to finally play my only favorite game of all time. And this version of league of legend is perfect. Even for an early stage of the game I am stunned. A super smooth 60 FPS, beautiful graphics (just like pc version), super easy controls and very responsive, it even have few more amazing features that even the pc version doesn’t have. I will put money in this mobile game for the first time ever (I never thought I would put money on any mobile game ever but here I am now! ) thank you so much riot game, you are making me the happiest man on earth when i am so far from my home country and my friends (and my league of legend but now I have wild rift so it doesn’t matter anymore lol) . Keep the good work !!.Version: 4027

If u play league pc, u shd read this reviewI play league pc but coz I got it exams, I changed to mobile and only played very few games. My game sense got better as it’s the same game, but I rely too much on spamming the attack button in rift, leading to a decrease in mechanical skill back in real league. Overall, I picked up Annie and other easy champs and sped through ranks just by spamming. Great fun if u have good game sense, but don’t quit league and only play rift..Version: 5178

Fix bugsGreat game and has been really fun up until now, both me and my friend can’t connect any more and then get banned when the game ends we tried to get in to! It’s been happening to him for a couple days and then just started with me today, but our other friend can still ply just fine. Really need to fix this cause it’s very fun to play when you can actually play.Version: 3585

Amazing game, just one issue.So overall this is an amazing game coming from a LoL PC player to Mobile - now the only issue I have found with this game is that for some unknown reason when I’m playing and I’m already attacking minions or an enemy hero my character after I’ve killed either said above will stand in one spot and lag when trying to move and bug out like crazy, any explanations on what that would be due to? For now I’ve not come across anything else graphics and mechanics seem to be working amazingly well - just that lag/buggy situation mentioned above. And I know this is still early stages of the game since it wasn’t released too long ago, but hopefully everything people are experiencing will be sorted out sooner or later. ⭐️ 4 stars for now until bugs/lag & everything else has been patched up. TIA, 11v11..Version: 3585

5/5Originally, I was sceptical about the possibility of bringing real LOL experience to mobile platforms without oversimplifying the game however Wild rift has truly exceeded my expectations. Great models, art, animations with fun gameplay mechanics paired with superb optimisation. The game doesn’t drain as much battery as other “high-performance” games (eg COD) and I have never had a problem with ping/lags even when using 4G. Looking forward to future updates that will bring even more champions..Version: 3585

Amazing game - please go hard against AFKLoving LOL Wild Rift and looking forward to ARAM in the near future! Anyone not taking responsibility for going AFK is pathetic and does not understand the respect, time and commitment that goes into playing a great game. Please create and publish a formal process that clearly shows the repercussions of being AFK to all - to educate and discourage those individuals who do not show respect to others from playing! When you report players after the game for whatever reason, does this get investigated? Not trying to compare but “Mobile Legends” would notify you of a successful report and provide a very brief summary of the result and action taken. At the moment, it feels like reporting is pointless as you have no context as to what action was taken, if any? Also I lodged a ticket today on my account to advise I have items to claim but a notice I don’t have the most current version - Ive checked the app store a few times over the last 2 says and there are no updates! Overall, AMAZING game!.Version: 3850

This is a gem for mobile MOBA fans...I used to be an avid Vainglory player, along with Dota back in the day. Since Vainglory’s server went down due to Covid, Wild Rift has filled that void and then some. I highly recommend this game. It has everything you need in a MOBA. I hate the joystick feature and really wish you guys would add tap controls to it, but this is just me nitpicking. Thanks for this gem, I will be playing it for a long time! Keep the updates and great working coming! The only thing, which I came back and had to add this…why am I getting penalized in ranked matches if a teammate goes afk? I’m Platinum IV ranked, and it seems the higher I go, the more trolls I find. You guys should definitely protect the players that are dedicated to finishing matches, wether winning or losing. If someone goes afk or leaves, they should be penalized. The opposing team should get credit for the win, but why does the losing team, with the afk player get penalized? Please fix this, make penalties more extreme for players that abandon games, and protect those that do not..Version: 4341

FIX OCEANS SERVERS PLEASE!!!Last time I play is 32ping, Some how when I play another game is change to Asian server with200 ping and is really annoying!! I know this is beta, hopefully you guys fix it!!.Version: 3585

Game keeps crashing2 time writing this idk if it went through or not never did a review before sorry Wild rift is amazing I’m glad I can finally play it on my phone now 5 stars however I gave it 4 stars due to it repeatedly crashing every match I go in and it gives me a punishment even though I had no control over it the punishment get worse and worse making it so I wouldn’t be able to play the game at all I’m sorry but this pisses me off because I love it so much but this crash bug ruins the game riot games plz fix do it soon I want to start playing the game with no crashes at all so plz.Version: 3585

ExceptionalGorgeous, gentle on battery life, intensely fun and competitive. There’s no other game like this on mobile... it even got me back into LoL on PC (but so far prefer wild rift. The end lengths are so much better). Ping can be dicey in Oceania (AUS) but that’s the only issue so far. For those complaining of temp bans, you’ll just have to learn to try and start games only when you have the time to complete them. This is a team game so your saving early, for any reason, guarantees a loss and frustrating waste of time for 4 others..Version: 3585

For those coming drom LoL PCNow, I'll start off by saying that the PC and Mobile version [cannot] be compared. Why? Because they are two completely different platforms with communities that look for different aspects and are accustomed to different types of controls. Wild Rift is basically a bite-sized version of PC League that includes the major parts of the game (minions, turret AI, economy, and roles). It's more suitable for players that want to play this game to kill a little bit of time and not have to play a whole full-fledged battle. The devs did a good job at simplifying stuff by desaturating the amount of detail on item effects. If makes it easier for players to learn the game and to make it feel less overwhelming. The only thing I love about this game is its faithfulness to the original and its platform-appropriate adaptation. The only thing I don't like is how the support role has a lack of presence. In the time I have played this game, I have not sensed a support player ever. They felt like dead weight that just followed the team, which didn't seem like it helped or punished anyone at all. If the PvP mechanics of Wild Rift were at least a bit more similar to League PC (in terms of healing and slowing), maybe it would help the Support role feel more valuable. Otherwise, we could run two ADCs and disregard Supp. The reason why I am giving this five stars is because of how the controls and the goal of the game were adapted well..Version: 4027

Surprisingly fun as someone who hates touch controlsI play or should I say played PC LoL and while this is a dumb down version of LoL I am shocked how much more I enjoy this compared to PC. PC version has reach a point where I get constantly harass for having fun, picking my favorite champion , or just trying a new champion. While it isn’t the core issue with PC version it really affects my motivation to play. Here that isn’t an issue so I get to go into a game and have fun, Even in rank. I’m very bad with keyboard so it’s nice to have controls that feel more for me even if I hate touch controls. My biggest issue with this game is some of the auto targeting and how a lot of my skins don’t transition to mobile which is a bummer because I enjoy this version a million times more and I have supported and bought lots and lots of skins in PC. I realized it’s trying to start from scratch but for long time supporters of LoL feels kind like slap in the face specially when I want to transition to mobile and will not be playing PC anymore..Version: 5295

Interesting so farHi there, I have been playing this game for about two months. To be honest, I did find the experience quite good, and Remake didn't disappoint me with the punishment added to the game in the new 3.2 patch update. However Just a few tips I want you guys to now : First, can more gameplay be added? I mean, it seems like there are a lot of different modes out there, but they're all too similar, and I'm looking forward to new mechanics and gameplay in future updates. Also, I hope that when champions wear their skins, their in-game avatars will change at the same time — that lookl really not the case right now. it's a bit weird, don't you think so? Besides, isn't Veigar's damage a little too high? The amount of control and damage is really scary. By contrast, he doesn't have as much fun to play as the other characters, but he's annoying to his opponents. Maybe it’s about time to make some change. Hope you can listen to my opinion! Best of luck to the game!.Version: 5531

An Adventure to the Rift and Back.This is my first dive into the world of Runeterra. To begin to explaining my phone heating up seems cheap but ultimately not on the hands of the writer who penned a story, or the animator who crisped a design for the smallest screens. But never the less no one is without flaws. Despite this I play this game at least once a day. The variety of four moves and 83 characters is already complex. Six classes. Five lanes. Unreleased heroes. Dragons. Hextech. Stories, Relationships, Alliances, Enemies, Love, Revenge, Genius Intellects, Spirited Wit, Selfless Duty! These and many aspects of this game, the lore and the characters are unforgettable. This is an adventure I plan to share for my whole life. Like eating or driving these characters and gameplay is a welcome escape in these trying times of delusion and purposeful disinformation. I will be changing my phone because it cannot be calm while I play a game that frankly, is too big for its humble confinements. I would like an option to give the opposite team thumbs up or praise. This game is in my eyes as perfect as any of us. Good intentioned and delivering in troves with subtle hiccups and lapses in judgement or balancing like the varied characters in all of us. I will return to aid the Rift and see what happens of this Enormous, Adventurous, Wild World..Version: 5046

League of Legends on the Go!It took a while to get to the NA region being that League of Legends was originally an NA made game. Yet, overall it is a fun addition to the many games Riot has created. I have followed their progress since 2012 and I have to say they don’t ever miss a beat when it comes to making amazing development, mechanics and providing their audience with adventure no matter where they are. From the Blitzcrank grab game back in 2015 to the several top notch games on mobile today, Wild Rift has got to be the best. Not only did they learn from mobile MOBA predecessors like Vainglory, they also added their own flair from League of Legends PC. Ensuring the additions of favorite champs with more of the cast to come and an easy to use interface, I’m sure those that give below a 4 star are just the ported over toxic community that had too high of expectations and that their favorite champion (base Urgot) hasn’t been put in. Thank for all the hard work, and always keeping to a freemium policy - Sincerely, YaporaYariziac.Version: 5046

GoodIm looking forward for more heroes 😄.Version: 4027

Great game just one thing...I LOVE this game it’s amazing with great animations and graphics it is now the main game that I play but there is one thing that can get annoying if you leave a game in the middle of one 2 or 3 times you will get banned for a bit like 20 mins the only reason I leave games is because they take a while for the game to finish and sometimes I have to quickly get off because of random things so maybe they could fix that. But other wise great game for kids and Adults alike highly recommend and good luck!!.Version: 4027

Great adaptationPlays surprisingly smoothly with the different controls, the new models also look great.Version: 3585

Since the new patchSince the new patch I can’t get into games. I can get into hero selection but once the loading starts I get “failed to connect to server” error. Which then puts me into a loop as I keep trying to reconnect. I have tried doing this in custom and training and the same issue arises. I was a big fan of this game, but at the moment mobile bang bang is more stable..Version: 3850

Amazing! Read!The game is awesome and so much fun to play. I think Riot really put the time and love in on this one. I’m happy they took their time and made sure they had something special before they released it. I see some people complaining about the controls however I haven’t run into any issues and think they work great and suit a mobile game great. In a lot of ways I prefer this game to the PC version of league, I think the matches are more intense and move quicker. The smaller number of champions is refreshing and makes for more balanced and approachable gameplay in my opinion. The only thing I would recommend at this time is controller support. I think the touch controls are great but adding a controller would really be appreciated by those who use them for other ios games, and especially those playing on an ipad. Since Wild Rift was supposed to be the same game on mobile and consoles controller support would definitely be conducive to this. Again awesome game and thanks so much for the hard work!.Version: 4027

This is amazingAwesome thing that riot made this game on mobile it’s really nice on 60 FPS and I enjoy playing it!!! I just can’t imagine them bringing league to mobile!!! wonder what would happen if valorant came to mobile???.Version: 3585

Amazing! But theres still work to doFirst off, I really enjoy the game, I’ve been playing it since it was available in the UK and havent really put it down, plus its introduced me to the lol ip and theres a lot of cool things to unpack there. There are issues however such as toxic players who will wish horrible things on other players or even their own teammates and honestly wish there was some sort of penalty system for these types of behaviours. Also sometimes the games audio crashes and my game will freeze after a match due to that. I did contact riot who did offer some solid solutions at the time however they did come back. Other than that, id say its a fun game..Version: 3850

Great game however ...So I started playing league on the PC but go so far in and decided the community got a bit a too much for me the in-game insults and the seriousness of it too, really can’t be bothered with it so I moved on to another game that is similar on my phone, (great no issues whatsoever)! However decided to get the new rift game a try and really started to enjoy it again, until you start playing rank, the game start being serious which I understand but the players in-game, people don’t like you buying skins classing you as boosting?! Insults when you lose or die in-game? You report after a match and nothing really happens. It’s a real shame, but I just want to write an honest review of how the game can be once you start getting into it. However despite all the negative which can be all muted... the game is beautifully designed and very smooth..Version: 3727

One of the originals and still the best!I have played the other MOBA games just to see which one I’d prefer (Vainglory was the main other one) but League of Legends seem to be constantly improving, despite being around since the beginning of this genre! I see a lot of low ratings here but their complains are mainly on “other toxic players” and on lag - none of these issues are game related! The game has great balance, a massive array of characters, and lovely visuals, even on an older iPhone 11 Pro (can’t wait to be able to use the 120fps feature on a newer phone!). Overall, fantastic game that will keep you busy for many hours!.Version: 5295

Sets standard for Mobile MOBAGreat change from PC LoL. Due the map being redesigned to fit mobile, Games are much faster and champion design and abilities are very similar to their PC counterparts, making it a nice transition for those who played on PC. The aesthetics are really nice for a mobile game and everything seems polished. Understand it’s still in it’s early stages but I’ve noticed no major ping issues in Oceania so far, even if we don’t have our own server just yet; hence you may encounter players from SEA, Korea, etc..Version: 3585

Great game report system is broken.I got banned for inappropriate behaviour even though I couldn’t type in chat due to settings I haven’t changed so I could have said nothing inappropriate also you can’t use mic unless in a party which I wasn’t so I couldn’t have said anything inappropriate my only guess is I was donating the enemy team so someone decide to spam or just reported me for inappropriate behaviour so not very pleased as I just download today and all ready banned for 20 minutes for absolutely nothing glad the report system seems to be working kinda op because I got a 20 min time out for nothing please fix or have a in game record system so you can view the match to see what was so inappropriate btw great game..Version: 3585

Enjoyable but with Minor IssuesOverall, as someone who has played different types of Moba’s this game has really exceeded my expectations and will become one of my favourite games so far this year and the following to come. Although minor issues such as lag do occur and the ban timer which I personally think is a bit too long could be reduced. Another thing is that I often crash for no apparent reason at all(?). I do hope this gets fixed quick though..Version: 3585

Can only play connected to wifiThe game is really fun. It’s on par with the pc version with the content it currently has and I look forward to the new content that is to come. There is a couple issues though. I can only play the game when connected to wifi, I can’t use my mobile data to play when away from home. The ban from leaving a match doesn’t take into account internet problems witch seems unfair even though if you can’t connect to the game at the start an ai takes over your champ and plays for you..Version: 3585

**glitch**Game keeps glitching now and champions at one stage all had blue solid circles under them whilst I was in game. Uninstalled and installed still no joy.Version: 3850

THIS GAME IS AMAZING BUT-5 stars because it looks and feels better than any other mobile game out there but it has its issues. #1 - no afk protection. Its essential to making the game feel fair. 10-30% of my games on a daily basis are lost to afk or trolling teammates that don’t get punished properly. Meanwhile the chat ban starts at 68 hours. That’s how long an afk ban should be if there’s no afk protection. Way too long for a chat restriction, flame is mean/annoying while going afk/inting ruins the enjoyment of the game for everyone. So PUNISH the players actually ruining the game please. #2 - Lee sin. #3 - wild pass stops. There should be unlimited rewards even if it’s just blue essence IMO #4 - lp gain/loss should just be even no? It’s kinda infuriating to win 1 lose 1 and actually be lower lp that you started especially when that loss is to an intinf player that can just queue up again Otherwise great job great game keep it up a lot of these reviews do not have any validity to them so I wanted to leave my own 👾.Version: 5046

Best MOBA on the App Store!!I’ve waited SOO LONG for this game to finally hit the App Store, and WOW it doesn’t disappoint!! For the longest time I played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which as a substitute was actually really good. However, Riot Games really know how to make a great game, and it really does feel like playing League of Legends on your mobile or tablet. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are amazing, there are no stupid ads cramming up your screen (yet), no crazy long near impossible tasks to do. The Champions are (for the most part) well balanced and the customisation options are very flexible and intuitive. There are some matchmaking issues and lag issues on occasion, but this is still a new game to hit the mobile community, and I’m sure Riot Games are already working on some fixes to address these issues. If you’ve played LoL like I used to in the past, you’ll love this mobile version, and if you play other MOBAs, you REALLY should give this a go, you won’t be disappointed. Amazing Game!!.Version: 3585

Absolutely excellentI began playing MOBA games back in the Warcraft 3 DOTA days and absolutely fell in love with the play style, pace and variety in the genre. As I got older I stopped playing games on the PC and have never played the original LoL because of that. I’ve been searching for a mobile MOBA for ages and the only things that have been on offer for years have never come close to the appeal of the PC versions, until I downloaded Wild Rift. I think this game’s absolutely brilliant! I’ve played it probably every single day for the past 2 months and am not even close to being tired of it. It’s definitely worthy of a 5* rating, if you’re thinking about it, don’t. Just download and enjoy!.Version: 4027

I have a problem...I love this game so much! It’s so fun and I can do awesome stuff with my friends, but I can’t figure out how to notify the bug fixing people 😅 so I’ve resorted to writing a review, I don’t know how to fix the match server relay, it’s really confusing and frustrating because everytime I enter a match it says that it can’t connect, this is really time consuming. Especially when it bans me from playing because I left the match. I have tried logging in and logging out but that doesn’t seem to do anything, I have also tried the tool symbol and I checked your support website, but most of the things on there and for Pc and I’m using mobile. This is a really annoying bug and It would be awesome if someone could fix it or tell me what to do to fix it. Thanks! Morgan3258.Version: 4750

More charactersCan you more characters to the game like that purple mantis thing.Version: 3850

AwesomeGreat game, replicates the pc counterpart very well! I know it’s in beta but i’ve run into some inconveniences First, my audio will sometimes cut out mid game and for the rest of the game i will have to play in silence unless i restart the app. Second, i changed the graphics to be better and it keeps changing it back to default (i think it does this when i plug in my charger, which does makes sense) but i wish there’s an option to just keep it on the setting i chose and not have to keep changing it, because it doesn’t change back when i disconnect my charger. Also it’s not a big deal, but since we’re playing with people in different countries a language barrier will occur, ive seen an auto translate feature been done in other games before and would be great if something like that would be added into the game. But overall i’m amazed by the quality of the game! well done and i’ve already spent money haha.Version: 3585

Connection issuesFirst of all I want to say this game is gold, it’s unlike many others (aside from MLBB but that’s like wild rift not the other way around) the graphics are amazing the gameplay is amazing and overall really fun game. My huge problem with this game is that sometimes I enter a match and it says I am unable to connect even though my wifi speed is high and I have all bars, I have turned my wifi off and on to try and reconnect but it just never lets me, I know this is still an early stage of the game but that’s besides the point, the thing is after a minute of trying or so it just lets me out of the match which of course makes me happy that I don’t have to play a game from behind but sometimes those games are the ones where everything seems perfect and we have a good comp and stuff. PS, there should be a way to organize which pings you want to send out first, (I usually use the group ping but I have to scroll for that) like which 3 pings you want to have at the ready.Version: 4027

Best MOBAProbably the best MOBA I’ve ever played. I’ve tried other MOBA on iOS and they can’t compare to this game. This game combat is so much nicer and polished than others. You don’t have to worry about auto targeting at minions when being ganked or in 1v1. Other MOBAs had those issues even after I messed around with the settings. Everything seems really balanced and I haven’t experienced games where someone would 2 shot me mid-game. Champions and skins are actually obtainable by just playing the game unlike most other MOBAs I’ve played MOBAs where you would have to grind forever or wait till events pops up just to have half of the price of the champion you want. HUD is really good and doesn’t cover your whole screen and the lighting is nice and smooth. Although Wild Rift’s champions have been fleshed out more than their competitors, the champions designs and abilities are really nice and doesn’t seem too uninspired like other MOBAs I’ve played. This game is a little more competitive than other MOBAs I’ve played but who doesn’t like a little challenge. Would definitely recommend this game to anyone who’s into MOBAs because of the more polished gameplay and the minimal grinding for skins and champions compared to other MOBAs..Version: 5046

Beautiful game with some major bugsThis game is amazing, it is way better than the pc version. The games are shorter making them easier to play, things move faster, awesome selection of champions already BUT , I can’t stand the audio issues right now. The game because of the voice chat bug constantly makes my audio sound poor. Now I use amazing earphones and headphones but it’s like the sound is defaulted to me always being on a call so the quality is horrendous. This really needs to be fixed. It’s been over a month riot..Version: 4750

True to the oringinalThe same gameplay only a bit of minor change to make it work better on mobile..Version: 4027

Great but needs workThis game needs work. Its great don't get me wrong however i feel that currently mobile legends is better purely due to the fact that its been out for so many years and had so much time to fix itself up. LOL wild rift however has only came out recently and whilst it has experience from LOL, mobile games are very different to computer games. Currently i prefer Mobile Legends however this game definitely has higher potential than mobile legends will ever have and will definitely flourish..Version: 3585

Best gameShows mobile legends why this game was the first on top beat game on the market place behind clash of clans.Version: 5178

Pretty Dang Good!Exceeded my expectations. I haven’t gotten too far, but the gameplay for the champions are pretty easy and simple to understand. The changes they’ve made to the targetting system was also pretty helpful! I was mostly surprised they still had wards in the game. Overall, pretty dang good mobile game. GJ Riot..Version: 3585

Omg So FunThe only MOBA other than Smite that I adore playing. High-quality game, for sure. 👍🏻 You can tell a lot of time and energy has been given to this game. I heard of League of Legends for the computer and was always interested in trying it but hadn’t played it (no technical skill on a mouse and keyboard.) 😩 They made a mobile version and I’m glad they did because I really am awful with a mouse and keyboard. Game is updated regularly with cosmetics and measures are taken to keep things as appropriate as possible. Of course there will be unpleasant people in the chat but you can just turn the chat off like I did, if you’d like. Also thankfully the characters voice lines during game matches can be silenced. Cause some of them can be annoying. 😌 I’m no fan of violence so I’m kind of surprised I’m so into this game. Thankfully there is no gore, blood or anything that might make sensitive folks like me uncomfortable. I just really like this game. 😁 The graphics are pretty and there are a lot of different characters I’m drawn to. Lots of ways to personalize your favorite characters, profile, and in-game cosmetics. Ummm.. yeah give it a try I guess 😄.Version: 5046

Great Visuals, Great Gameplay, Great EVERYTHINGThough the odd bug here and there, the game has really nice visuals for a mobile game. Bringing such a mainstream PC game to a mobile platform is a refreshing experience for us PC players. It runs fairly optimised on an iPhone 6s Plus (Except for battery life) and would expect more content to drop onto beta players. I love how you guys are giving the odd free skin here and there and hope you keep doing it in the future..Version: 3585

Solid Game, Just Temper ExpectationsI’m no MOBA junkie, nor am I a LoL PC veteran drifting on over to Wild Rift for a breath of fresh air. I am however an avid mobile gamer and a lover of quality and playability. Wild Rift offers lovely visuals, an awesome array of champions, and a litany of nice resources to take advantage of for the purposes of “learning the ropes.” I’m determined to keep a relatively casual mindset when playing this game, while at the same time trying to become a skilled and proficient player that adds value to my team. With this casual (but focused) disposition towards the game, I don’t plan on viciously clawing my way up the ranks, nor do I plan on griefing people who don’t stay in their lane (literally). It’s just a game and I don’t want to take it too seriously; in my opinion games lose their enjoyment too quickly when they’re taken too seriously. All that to say, if you’re like me and like quality & playability then you’ll probably enjoy this game and more than likely won’t experience the toxicity that the leaderboard junkies will either (a) run into themselves, or (b) promulgate. Enjoy the game, have fun, don’t take it too seriously. Temper your expectations..Version: 4750

Good in generalOverall gameplay is excellent, Rewarding system is fair and unlike other same type of game, it doesn’t require any money input to be strong, Skill and knowledge based heavy game just like the pc version, One thing that’s needed in my opinion is the use of blue emotes. It allows us to buy champions, but after sometime, there is no more champions of interest to purchase, so I hope there is a chance to buy chest or prop coins so that we can get some surprises while playing the game.Version: 5178

Super fun version of leagueI’m currently in high elo and are loving the simplicity of things but there are a few issues . The balance of some champs far out ways others . Due to computer issues I can’t play normal league because it constantly freezes in loading screen. This is the only way I can play it but there are several things from pc I want added . For starters how about having a patch come out once a month for the game during the second patch of a normal month of league. There needs to be more champions like some of my favorites I can’t even play because they aren’t one here . For example volibear , ekko, Warwick , and I would love to be able to play some other characters like zac , vex or Gwen. I understand putting the new characters in are quite a undertaking for some of the recent added mechanics. Taking into account it is supposed to appeal to more people I understand it . Also having lore events as well would be super cool like the ruination event from last year but in a smaller scale . Nevertheless I still enjoy the game and hope to see more stuff added in the future..Version: 5295

Wild riftThis game is good to play and full of fun. Not much difference to the pc version, which is quite friendly to a LOL player. Flaws like frequently reloading and long matchmaking time need to be improved though..Version: 3850

Finally, A Game By A Big Company that isn’t a CashgrabI’ve played LoL for about 100 hrs, and LoL:WR for like 5hrs, so far really enjoying it. When it comes out console, this may become my main League game, because I love the full control of player and quicker pace. The only reason I won’t do it now is because my iPhone doesn’t have the best battery, and I don’t own an iPad. It isn’t even because of the controls. I love these controls, and actually prefer them to PC. Can’t wait to see what the full release will hold, with more champions and modes. Great job Riot, and fun way to end this horrendous year.Version: 3585

NiceThe graphics are nice but please do something with the lag and delay because even though I have a fast internet connection, my gameplay is so delay. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, thank you..Version: 3585

Really good but one really annoying thing =/The gameplay is good, the graphics are really good for a mobile game but there is one thing that makes me angry. The thing is that it bans you from playing just because you left the match. Like what if it’s not intentional? Like if your internet dropped out or you have to a really important thing and you HAVE to leave or else. So please make it that there is no penalty if your internet drops out AT LEAST..Version: 3585

Fantastic Game! One little issue.Really enjoying this version of LoL on mobile its fun and entertaining, with a good sense of competition between the community. Game works well when I’m on wifi but for some reason when I’m just using mobile data it seems to disconnect a lot, this happens when I am on 4Gs so not sure what’s happening there hoping we will get more heroes to select from soon!.Version: 4341

Love it!Since I don’t have a PC Wild rift rlly makes it so I can still see how cool and fun League is. (That and I don’t really understand how PC LOL work but wild rift is definitely simplified things to make it easier to understand.) 👍👍👏.Version: 4027

Wildrift is amazing but..Wildrift is amazing mobile moba game. I’ve been playing league for many years and when I play wildrift it has a very similar feeling. The champ models in the game looks very nice and the events give out so many free things. But there are a few minor flaws(in my opinion of course). Some of the champs very underwhelming comparing to their pc counter parts. For exp when you play Camille her true damage from her q is not nearly as much compared to pc and her e range is so much smaller. There’s many other champs that are like this. I understand they need to change certain champs to fit the game, but when playing the champ it just feels different and unfun. Another complaint that I have is the items are different compared to the pc. All the mythic items have not been added to the game yet and I personally really like all the new items from s11 league. Lastly this is just a personal thing but I wish they kept the prices for champs the same, like there should be cheaper champs and more expensive ones so it’ll feel more like league..Version: 4027

It’s a scammerI bought 18$ worth of wild cores and I didn’t get them what type of game is it were it scammes you for your money. But honestly it is a really good game.Version: 4750

Decent game, but a money grab.I’ve been playing League of Legends for years. This game is entirely a mobile version of the computer game w/ a lot of ease of use plugged into it. Overall, it’s a good representation of the game and a lot of fun to play. NOW, the reason I say “money grab” is nothing transfers... which is really sad to be honest. When riot came out with their other game it was linked to your original account which told me it wasn’t created just to get your money. This one however does not do this which means you have to start completely over and you have to buy everything all over again. That’s just wrong. Now I feel like Riot is just in it for the money and not for the players anymore. What a waste of a game that many would play on the go. With this tho I have a hard time wanting to play it because why would I want to spend money on something twice? (For example, you can buy alternate costumes for each character and you have to use real money for those. Why pay for it in the computer version and then again on the mobile version).Version: 4027

Good game! but...The game is good!! but come on riot please let us have our pc skins and emotes on the mobile too. you guys already have so much money..Version: 3585

Good Game/Toxic PlayersI really enjoy the game the gameplay is exceptionally smooth for a mobile game. I had no prior experience with mobas or league really but I have had fun trying to get better. The problem comes when you get matched in casual games with people in gold or above who take the game far too seriously. For someone just starting out it has been really disheartening I want to find a champion to main but in the process you get people who constantly complain because you aren’t at their skill level which can be really off putting and gives me no reason to play the game and get better if all that’s going to happen is people complaining there should be a skill based matchmaking system IMO to kind of incentivise getting better and also give you a proper chance to get better with certain characters. I understand Ranked is skill based but I don’t want to drag a team down when I am trying to get better at the game..Version: 3850

Toxic and offensive playersFinally this game is out and we love it ! The only downside is toxicity of players which you are gonna play with at some matches .. really those offensive players should be banned forever ;-).Version: 3727

Works nicelyyyyI see a lot of complaints about lag and delay but it plays smooth as butter on my iPhone 11 (not pro, not max) even on mobile data! Outdid yourselves riot!.Version: 3727

10 Stars If I Could!!!This game, first of all, lemme start out by saying this. I’ve NEVER in my 6 years of owning an iPhone, EVER submitted a review on ANY game. But this MOBA? League Of Legends: Wild Rift? This game truly is something else. I find myself playing this game for what feels like only minutes at a time, only to realize that 4 hours of passed, and I remember I need to take a break every now and again to give my eyes time to relax themselves. This is the ONLY mobile game I have ever spent THIS much time on, and never ONCE got bored, tired, mad or agitated at. I never played the League Of Legends game on PC. But why would I?! I have the best version of it right here in my pocket!! Riot Games, y’all keep doing what you’re doing! This is a MOBA unlike ANY OTHER. It’s fun, action-packed, visually pleasing, the champions are impeccably made from designs to in-game abilities/movement/lines. ~ To anybody who wants to play this game but MIGHT be skeptical about it? I feel you. I was the EXACT same way when I heard of this game! I heard so many mixed reviews and opinions about the PC version, only to be simply FLABBERGASTED by the mobile version! Download this game. Please. I beg of you. If you’re a due-hard MOBA fan like myself? You won’t regret this decision. :).Version: 4341

League of legends wild riftI’ve been playing league on pc since season 2 and I was really happy with the announcement of it coming to mobile. I really enjoy the overall feel of gameplay on mobile and the current champion roster feels nice. I’m still waiting on my favourite champs from pc league to be added to mobile, 2 have been added Riven and irelia, but waiting on mordekaiser, yone, sett, and gwen. even without most of my favourite champions in at the moment it’s still really enjoyable. Thank you riot for making this incredible game..Version: 4341

Amazing GameFor a mobile game, the graphics are amazing and the game runs extremely smoothly. Before this game I played a few rounds of PC league but never really got into it while wild rift just got me hooked. Personally I would like to see more champions being added into the game, especially some new ones unique to wild rift but I’m sure they’ll come eventually over time. Overall a great game!.Version: 3585

BugEvery time I’m using difficulty champion the gameplay is so delayed hope you fix it soon thank you.Version: 3585

It’s good but can have some improvements.Wild rift is an exceptional game with good gameplay mechanics. It is true, the community can get toxic every now again which is why I recommend turning off the chat if it gets too much for you. The game can feel either really fun or really bad, depending on your game and can take some time getting used to. It’s not very easy to aim but what can you expect for a mobile game. It is also worth noting that Wild Rift also has its own auto-aim system for you which can help to improve your experience. In summary, this game is decent but for it to improve Riot should add draft pick in normal matches and add other modes like ARAM or URF from the computer version because it can become a bit tedious playing the same mode over and over. I can see riot is slowly importing more and more champions from the PC version which is nice to see..Version: 3850

Here’s the thing...This really is the best MOBA game for mobile. I can’t stop playing it. With the roles I understand the importance of everyone being active in the match and the desire to punish those who go AFK or abandon the team. Yes that can be annoying. But banning someone from playing for an hour is a bit much. And if it happens too often in a week then it doubles, and the next thing you know it’s 6 hours, maybe longer before you can play again. Sometimes life doesn’t let you play uninterrupted. Maybe you’re in the middle of a game and you have to make a choice between life, family, friends, and a GAME. The sane person would choose the former, but then you can’t have the downtime you need later because you’ve been temporarily blocked from playing. Oh and if you had to leave but then didn’t immediately get back in to manually accept to the restriction, then when you finally are able to login it sometimes starts the counter at that moment instead of when you quit which makes it even longer. It gets ridiculous. I’ve never seen a game that punishes you so much for trying to balance life and the need for distraction that made you download the game in the first place. Mobile games need more leniency..Version: 4027

Not a bad game, but does have its flaws…I personally enjoy this game a lot. It’s not to difficult to pick up. Not much else to say besides it being fun. The issue comes when people go afk, making the rest of the round highly unbalanced. Not only that, but I wish there was a little more balancing. If one teams gets a lead, most likely they will win. Which I suppose it apart of the game, but it gets unfair and boring when one team is absolutely destroying. That is worse when we have afk people. Still a fun game. Idk why people are complaining. It does it’s job being a fun game for mobile. EDIT. I haven’t noticed many of the issues presented in many reviews. So I will have to get a taste of them before I say something about that. Second is, while in a game, you can’t leave or go without being punished, which is good, but if while being punished for being afk one could still play vs ai, it would be nice because for the next hour or so i have to go play or do something else. Life happens sometimes, and being punished to not be able to play the game at all when you return is unfortunate..Version: 5295

Give this a trySolid graphics with really great match pacing, in comparison to mobile legends chaotic behaviour. Each hero is unique and honestly great visually and gameplay-wise (honestly, can’t believe this is only a half of the 147 champions they have on pc :0). Overall, Wild Rift is a great MOBA experience that brings the essence of league in mobile form. Though, it may be a bit of learning curve for new players at first, a few games with a bit of practice sessions should be enough to equip players in real matches. Other than that it’s strategic, team-orientated and addictively fun. Great work, Riot!.Version: 3585

It’s great without performance issues.The best feeling MOBA on phone that you can get without a doubt. I have played others and the feeling isn’t the same. I think that there can be some performance improvements that will make this amazing. I hope the next update will fix them so I can update this review 🙌.Version: 5046

Please add draft mode!!Ive been playing this game since 2015 and let me tell you it was such a roller coaster. Now that wild rift is still on beta hopefully in the future they can add more gamemodes and better matchmaking. I as a veteran league player i do believe that adding draft mode on this game (wild rift) will improve the experience as a player. Also it will benefit people to learn more roles such as jungle, top etc. Also i do think that matchmaking rn are very unfair as some people are only new and some are veteran league players like me. Please keep up the good work! Im loving the graphics and how the game feels specially the skins etc. I can really see all the hard that you guys put into this game for us to enjoy and distract us from the horror of this pandemic. Hopefully 2021 will be a blast!.Version: 3585

BEST MOBA ON MOBILEThis is an outstanding moba , the fact that it’s on mobile is even better , you can’t get better than this , I’m a moba freak. I’ve played moba since footsoilder days IYKYK ..Version: 4341

This Game Lost Me My Wife and KidsNever married before, but I haven’t touched grass in eleven months since I started playing, so I probably will never have the chance again. I played Wild Rift first on my iPad, after seeing many friends constantly on League proper. I played for a number of months, learning all the champions and grinding ranked. Eventually, I felt like I’d reached my limit, and because of how good this (mobile) game is, I purchased a PC to play the full thing! But to my surprise, Wild Rift still stands in its own right and is as good as the game in many places, sometimes MUCH BETTER than the original. Weaker points are mostly related to superficial factors, the frequent empty headed plays from people playing at work/in class/etc, feeders or inting players, toxic individuals in chat, leavers, and so on. Where the game soars is in its excellent pacing of each match, the punishing but also extremely enjoyable ranked systems(and now legendary update!), and the graphics that are somehow better than the main game. I mean, seriously, the fact that the client interface looks better than the PC game puts those developers to shame. All this to say, Wild Rift team has created something that will be around and exponentially permeating through mobile society for many years to come. I’m excited to see where they take both the casual and competitive scene from here. INSTALL THE GAME AND ENTER THE RIFT!!!.Version: 5735

Best game on iPhoneJust amazing. Great graphics, clean UI. The gameplay streamlines many features from Pc but makes it work excellent on mobile. In fact I’d rather play this than PC and for two reasons: one, reduced complexity in item shop etc; and two, more use of ping and not text chat plus shorter match times means almost zero toxicity outside of ranked. It’s a lot more fun, less stress, and you feel like you’re making more progress. Best MOBA and probably my favourite mobile game.Version: 5046

A great game with a great future ahead of itMy MOBA experience begins and ends with Vainglory. Even then, I didn’t ‘click’ with it in a big way. I sat down to try Wild Rift tonight and came up for air 4 hours later. Max graphics settings on an iPhone 12 is wonderful. Character collecting is steady and they’re all well animated with multiple skins and poses. There’s events, challenges and daily quests - it completely won me over right out the gate. Along with the card game of the same name, Wild Rift is another great window into the world of Runeterra that feels at home on Mobile..Version: 3585

Amazing jobYou’re really bringing the game to mobile. While I was dissapointed that the game couldn’t cross play with computer, I understand that sometimes it’s hard to do that, and in games like pubg they had to almost completely remake their game to be compatible with mobile. I just appreciate that the game is on mobile in the first place. It’s a beta so I don’t expect much, but I’m still waiting for my main to come..Version: 3585

An amazing MOBA from the only company who truly know howWhat an amazing game so far! I love it! And to have this game at my very fingertips all these years later is even better! Everyone knows RIOT are the biggest MOBA developers in the world, and this game is a statement to that effect, download this, it’s a great game, and so far, haven’t seen one ad or even a ‘special offer’ yet. This company knows how to treat their customers right and know that money is not always the answer. Hats off to you RIOT in bringing this already successful game to everyone’s pockets! 10/10!.Version: 3585

Exceptional quality for a mobile gamePuts the PC version to shame with gorgeous graphics, more intuitive gameplay and simplified mechanics while still retaining enough complexity to keep you occupied for hours on end. Extremely polished product and very much looking forward to more updates/additions as the game develops..Version: 4027

Good game to get in to leagueSo my bf plays league and he is always bugging me asking me to start an account and play with him. I’ve never been good at the game and give up trying half way through, when he told me league was coming mobile I said I would try and play that to help me get in to it more.. well all I can say is I’m really enjoying league mobile, I know it’s a lot different to pc but if you want to start out playing league mobile is a great place to start! The only down side to the game is the toxic players who either are angry and start toxic chat or players who play ranked and don’t know how to play. Other than that I’m level 20 after 3 weeks of playing and ranked silver I have made a pc account and started play pc as well! :).Version: 3850

Unexpectedly goodSo much better than Arena of Valor. Wasn’t expecting decent gameplay on mobile platforms but on the iPad Pro, this game is phenomenally good. Buttery smooth frame rate at 120fps, not a hitch in graphics at all on a 3rd gen iPad Pro, if you have something newer then you’ll be good for a while as well. Like that I can log in with existing account for Riot. You can buy buttons to stick on the screen if you don’t like the thumb movement control. I tend to slide around further than the designated circle for movement. Everything else is fine though. The game is easier to play on a touch screen than I would have imagined. I would like to see controller support added though. Arena of Valor was put on Nintendo switch and it works fantastic there. Better yet, put Wild Rift on Nintendo switch as well please, and don’t separate it from the mobile player base like AoV did (that’s why it’s dying on switch). Since apple has allowed controllers via Bluetooth, it should be considered for moba titles on iOS/iPad OS. The only other gripe I have is that nothing transfers over in terms of purchased characters from the PC version. You do seem to get a new hero every time you level up though which is nice. The premium pass is cheap at only ten bucks for extra funsies. Bring controller support and allow things to transfer over like purchased hero’s and skins and this game will be by far the best moba on mobile platforms..Version: 5046

Need more game modesThis game needs more game modes to be added for casual players - who are put off by the toxicity of ranked and even normals - to enjoy the game, granted they have announced a trial run for ARAM coming soon which is a good start, but there needs to be more diversity of it wants to appeal to a new audience. The game itself is well made from the graphics of the maps and detail on champion models to the purchase-able skins which aren’t simply different colour pallets of the same model (which is purely an aesthetic add-on as this game is not pay to win in any way), I have seen some people complain about the controls but while different they are customisable and when learnt it adds more control to your gameplay, even in fast paced team fights, the choice to be able to prioritise or lock on to champions is great ( (you don’t want to be auto attacking a minion or tank in the middle of a team fight if you can avoid it). The only issue I have been ha in has been with the sound which does on occasions cut off mid game and needs a full client restart to resolve but aside from that there aren’t any serious problems with the client or gameplay. Give it a chance, ignore the toxicity (or block/mute them) and take time to learn the controls and you will be rewarded with an enjoyable, if not sometimes frustratingly competitive, gaming experience..Version: 3850

Matchmaking needs fixingOverall the game is satisfying to play. The controls are straightforward, itemization is easy, and the game is condensed enough to be fit for mobile without it feeling watered down. Matchmaking, however, needs fixing and can make not only ranked but normal games unfair and unpleasant. Grandmasters can play in lobbies with silver players in norms and ARAM- that should never happen, even late at night. Every time this happens, the game’s outcome depends entirely on whether the master+ player wants to try. As for ranked, climbing on low ranked accounts can be so difficult it’s not fun anymore. I am low platinum matched with emerald/diamond players every match, which makes me not want to keep playing to reach the rank the game thinks I should be in. To climb I either need to consistently beat players better than me or throw matches until I’m back with people in my rank. Let me play with people near my skill level in unranked matches and don’t put me in ranked lobbies where I’m 2 ranks below everybody else..Version: 5178

GreatDone really well, graphics and skills are done a lot better than I was expecting for a mobile version of LoL..Version: 3585

Problem with new versionWe are having problem to login to the game after updating the new version so please fix it now thanks.Version: 5046

BooEveryone who says it’s bad, broken or cancer is literally just mad that they trash.Version: 5295

BrilliantAs someone who’s played LoL for 6/7 years, this is an excellent version of the game! I was skeptical as to how they’d make it work on mobile but they’ve done a great job. With an expanding family, and a 1 year old, playing a potentially 1hr+ game on my pc just isn’t practical anymore, but this is easily accessible and a perfect representation of the game on mobile. Please remember it’s only in BETA, too, so don’t expect everything to be 100% just yet! And don’t listen to the people whinging about not being able to log into an old account, that’s your fault for forgetting your details!.Version: 3585

11/10 ExperienceI have not had this much fun with a mobile game in a long time. When I was younger my grandma was in the hospital all the time and as a result I would be left in the waiting room or at home playing classic games like Clash of Clan or Doodle Jump on my iPod. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the honor to play a game that engages me with other people online in a competitive and action packed atmosphere. I’ve always been a bit of a nerd who struggled with sports so it’s lovely to find sanctuary within this game. A game that I can take literally anywhere with me and kill time with. If I had to pick one word to describe this game and the amazing experience I’ve had with it, I would have to go with the phrase “tears of joy”, it would be hard to describe this game in any other way. The amount of fun and achievement I have received from this game is beyond me. This game also has been such a blessing as it has distracted me from my addiction to nicotine. I’ve been 2 days sober, thank you Riot Games!.Version: 4027

PLEASE KEEP ARAMI have been playing LoL for 10+ years on PC, I love that I can play LoL on mobile. One thing that I missed massively compared to playing on PC was ARAM mode on the Howling Abyss map. As soon as the update notes came out I was so excited, as soon as I could play it I was so excited, however disappointed when I saw that there’s a countdown. I usually play around 3 games a day, today I have played at least 15 in ARAM mode. I am obsessed and am getting the most out of it. I love that I don’t have the stress of choosing my champ, that it’s all about teamwork, it’s all one late, and how fast paced it is. PLEASE KEEP ARAM..Version: 4027

Best MOBA available for mobileIgnore all the down right dumb reviews talking about players or whatever, it’s idiotic to blame developers for the player base. The game is everything a moba should be, the graphics are beautiful, the champions are diverse and the pool is only going to get better. The controls are smooth as heck and constant balance changes will see champs enter and leave the meta AS THEY SHOULD. Yeah some games you get trolls/afk but there isn’t a moba out there where you won’t find the exact same problem. Looking forward to more champions being added as well as what future patches will bring..Version: 5046

Great game with bad team comps?!?!The game itself is fantastic, fun to play and easy to pick up. The transition from pc to mobile has been done brilliantly. My only downside is there is no draft pick for quick play leading to unbalanced team compositions. The amount of games I’ve played with 4 adc champions and 1 jungle. Or 2 jungle champions and no top lane means that your team is already off to a disadvantage. Draft picks would make the queue time longer but would leave me feeling less annoyed with a loss due to not having a support or jungle champion filling the role my team needs to secure a win or atleast have a fighting chance. Overall with the gameplay and smooth controls I give this game 4 stars and recommend people who love a MOBA game to give it a shot..Version: 4341

Long time league player on PCI was initially super skeptical this would be any good. Took me a couple of games to get handle of it but this new interface is heaps of fun and allows me to play on my IPad Pro. Incredibly well developed and plays super smooth. Nice work Riot!.Version: 5046

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