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Pokey Ball App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Pokey Ball app received 116 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pokey Ball? Can you share your negative thoughts about pokey ball?

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Pokey Ball for Negative User Reviews

Good for a bitGot to level 300 before quitting. Not challenging, levels just repeat..Version: 1.11.7

EhIt's fun but for me it glitches a ton!!! And always kicks me out of the game, it also has a lot of ads! The game is pretty slow for me and it isn't worth it when it does all that to you. Another thin it does to me is when I tap to stop, it doesn't work and just ends my life or round, whatever you want to call it. A lot of the levels are the same or either super short or super long! I have a old phone so it might just be the phone but it's still not that great. After I bought all the skins I just kept getting money and I couldn't buy anything else...creators if you could fix some of those bugs or make it more fun that would be great! Thanks again -deek.Version: 1.12.13

LiesOn the ad this game said I’d receive free robux without credit Card or anything and hasn’t given me anything of the sort this games trash don’t play it.Version: 1.16.5

CriedThis game turns everyone into monsters. I was playing it for so long I lost sense of time and I am now 86. I wasted my entire life playing pokey ball. I don’t recommend getting this game because once u start u can’t stop.Version: 1.14.3

It’s decentIt’s a fun game however, I have a few complaints. There aren’t many different levels. After a while the levels seem to repeat and it just loses all fun. Also some of the skins look a little weird haha. Overall, it’s fun but I can’t see myself playing this game for long periods of time without getting bored of doing the same thing..Version: 1.12.4

Fun but lots of adsEvery level you complete you have to watch a 30 second ad. It’s annoying..Version: 1.11.6

Annoying ads and infoSuper annoying ads... I get that you have to put ads to make money but there are so many before each level there’s a ad, once you open up the game ad and so on. But it is really addictive and fun but it also asks for access to all your privacy info like name and age, I decided to ignore it and there were so many notifications to turn it on it was always on the top of the screen and it had a option to X out but it would just pop back up again. This also happened in another game from the same company..Version: 1.11.5

AnnoyingThis game is full of ads and I keep getting redirected from the app to sky apps or some weird website. 0/10 game just because of the amount of ads in it..Version: 1.15.5

This app is fun at the beginning(I would have given it a 4 but not good enough) I been playing this game off and on for weeks now and theirs a few thing you should know 1st make sure you turn off mobile data for this game or else you will be completely riddled with 40 adds every second by lvl 500 they start recycling maps different backgrounds or different wood thing last it’s really good for background stuff car rides plane ect that every thing.Version: 1.16.4

Fun at firstIt was fun at first. Once you have gone through the levels... what’s left? Nothing. Just the same levels over and over. They have yet to at least add new balls. Certainly no new levels. Yet they had time to put a banner on the game to beg you to support tracking what I do on my phone. I don’t allow add tracking which means to play the game you will see the banner which covers part of the game screen unless you let them track you. Yes you can close it, but it reappears right away. Deleted it since they don’t respect the decision to not allow it. Their game, their choice... just like my choice not to not allow them to track and to delete it when they didn’t respect my decision..Version: 1.10.3

AdsGood game but there are sooooooo many ads. After every level u have to wait 30 seconds for an ad and it gets really annoying.Version: 1.9.2

Can’t exit the ads!!This game is really fun but when the ads come up there is no x to exit the ad so I have to restart the app everytime.Version: 1.12.4

Please read this before downloadingDisclaimer: these are my opinions, they are not meant to insult or offend anyone. And you may think the things I don’t like are great and epic, or the other way around, and that’s great. This game is time consuming and really really fun, and I really REALLY wanted to give it 5 stars, but there are many many things that really get on my nerves a LOT. 1. This game is time consuming, but wayyy to easy 2. At the end of the level there are boxes to get coins, and the number of coins is on the box, and on is 10, and 5 and when I try to get either one, when I tap it, the pin holder goes out, and back in without even touching the box, that was just sooooooo SOOOOOOOOO angering!.Version: 1.11.3

So so...Im on level 1188, still the same as the lower level. Not getting harder. Seems like lots of level where i should’ve had tons of coins, didn't even get half of that number. Ads...way to much!.Version: 1.11.3

Ok bugs and toooooooo much of themToday I was pokey ball it started of great but when I was on level 20 it started glitching and it never did it to me it to me in the other level so I don’t know why it’s doing it now I’m sorry but I think your game has potential but level 20 HAS TO BE FIXED PERIOD!!!!.Version: 1.12.11

Baby GamesThe idea of the game was fun at first and was addictive, however, past about level 30 I noticed an extensive, almost consistent amount of repeated, dare i say copy-and-paste levels. The “boss levels” are the only thing that gets mildy more difficult in its attempts to thwart you with horizontally traveling blocks, but you’ll have to get through the numbers of child’s-play levels (about every 15 levels is a boss level) in between to have your mediocre tapping skills proven for the next slightly modified cycle. Longevity makes a game great and this game does not deliver. On par with a fidget spinner..Version: 1.5.1

Good game just needs some work!Overall this game is a fun and addictive game. It’s not that creative but you can still get addicted to it time to time. The game isn’t very explained well, it just hopes that you understand everything. I’ve had this game for a week now and there are still tons of things I don’t know. For example: Why is there a thing at the top under your level. There are also tons and tons of adds and it gets annoying, after one level I’m just punched in the face with an add! There once was a glitch that there were two adds at one time! I understand the game wants to make money, but I want to play. Overall this game is a solid 2 stars..Version: 1.11.3

PooToo many ads.Version: 1.12.17

StuckWas enjoying this game till I got glitched on level 93 and now I can’t get the ball out of the floor , no matter how many tines I reset the app the balk is still in the floor.Version: 1.10.3

Keeps freezingGame is full of bugs especially when it keeps freezing every 2 mins. Really fun game but isn’t very good when I can’t play it. Clearly spent more money on advertisements then the actual game.Version: 1.14.2

OkI have to say this game was great when I first got it could not get off it but then I realised there where way too many ads. I also think you should be able to go back on the lvls if you want to re-do them bout it is just a bit bad.Version: 1.12.4

Impossible to playThis game would be fun if it weren’t for the ridiculous amount of commercials, I’ve never written a review before but this is a absolutely ridiculous, what a joke, hands down one of the most frustrating games I’ve come across simply because of the obscene amount of adds 👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 1.10

More Adds pleaseCould maybe use more add’s.. at the end of each level is just not enough. Maybe you could add add’s mid level that would make my day 👍🏻.Version: 1.6.2

STOP RIPPING OFF SUPER MARIO ODDESSYThis game is not an original idea its ripped straight out of Super Mario oddessy’s Pokio, this is not ok.Version: 1.11.2

Good gameIt’s a decent game. Gets you thinking sort of. Only down side is you can cheat really easy to get a high score😢. Every time you die you close the app and restart it and your back to you score before you died. I feel like that should be fixed. But all in all it’s a good game to play while bored.Version: 1.7.1

My reviewGreg game but too many adds other wise strongly suggest it.Version: 1.14.2

Ads ads ads that open app storeCrazy amount of ads. Atleast one every time you die or complete a level. This isn't even the worse part though. The ads have an X in the corner after their allotted time that doesn't actually close the ad the first time, but opens the new game in the app store. So after 10 seconds of play you get a 15sec ad that then forces you to open the app store. There are also ingame ads where you drag your finger to play the game. So if you happen to touch them mid game it will automatically open the app store But that's still not all folks. They also have a permanent banner at the top of the screen (covering information like your level, points, etc) that wants you to give them permission to take your personal data..Version: 1.11

Just like every other Voodoo game...The game is well made, like most of Voodoo’s collection of colossal clock killers. Also, it repeats the same pattern that Voodoo always puts into their games because they’re not creative nor original enough to make all levels different. Nearly every level is similar to the previous one, if not the exact same. This game would be great if Voodoo had come up with an app idea that actually has some variety instead of one that consists of repeating the same exact finger movements over and over again. By this, I mean that the only finger activity present is swiping down and then tapping repeatedly. Addition to review: I got to Level 100 to see how far Voodoo was willing to go with repeating levels, and I finally found a level I hadn’t seen before. And guess what? The level literally isn’t even possible! Voodoo is awesome because it’s the perfect example of a failing company..Version: 1.10

It glitchedSo I’ve been playing this game since last year. I was in level 657 and the next day, it restarted. I was in level 1 again! I have no idea what happened but I was so advanced and I guess it just had a mind of its own and glitched or something. Now I started since the beginning, AGAIN! I was so excited because I was almost on level 700, but now I have to restart again. Or instead, I should just delete it because I’m not gonna play since the beginning with 0 money. I had about 10,000 already. I don’t recommend the game that much. Over all it’s pretty fun but i guess it sometimes glitches and you have to restart🥴.Version: 1.12.13

Fun but WAY too many adds and glitchesOk, this game is definitely a fun one but has an outrageous amount of ads and glitches. As I advanced in the game, every round would have an ad after it. This got incredibly annoying and I ended up getting so fed up with it that I deleted the app all together. Along with the ads, the game continued to glitch and sometimes it would even exit out of the app by its self. Now I first thought that this was just a problem with my phone, but I knew people who were having the same issue leading me to believe that it is the games fault. All in all, this game is in no way worth the time although it is quite fun, I would definitely not recommend..Version: 1.9.2

Fun, but...Ok so this game is pretty fun when I don’t really have anything to do. I do have some issues/suggestions. First of all, I am on level 263 and it’s too predictable. I am not feeling challenged because most of the levels are repeats of previous levels. Because of this, I can easily pass a level and there is no challenge for me. Secondly, when I get to a tricky or boss level, I’ll try to poke but sometimes the game doesn’t read that I am and fails me. The same happens when I am doing the last poke to earn coins. I do have some suggestions to improve the game, however. First, in my opinion, there is no point in breaking the boxes if you can reach the next part of the pole, if that makes any sense. Again, this is just a suggestion, but I think that there should be coins in the boxes so there would be more of a point in breaking them. On the other hand, THANK YOU for removing the banner at the top of the screen. Also, I’ve noticed that there aren’t the absurd amount of ads as there has been in the past. This game is overall entertaining and I would recommend it to people that like Voodoo’s other games..Version: 1.11.5

Don’t waste your timeThe amount of ads on it is ridiculous. Keeps coming up with a message that I’ve turned on adblocking on my phone. Don’t waste your time downloading it. You spend more time on ads than the actual game..Version: 1.6.2

Not a good game.Voodoo is 100% a mini game app factory. They come up with a simple concept, push ridiculous deadlines on their devs and the result is a repetitive broken game. Now this game itself isn’t bad once you get past 100 levels, you start to notice repetition. In fact I haven’t even noticed any sort of level limit or any kind of goal. It’s just collect the coins and unlock. What makes this game even worse is that the ads are too intrusive. About every two levels sometimes even after just one level I run into an ad that I’ve seen a million times before. They take around 15-30 seconds to bypass the ad when an average level takes much less time. The ads are what make me want to play this game or any game by voodoo much less. I understand ad revenue is important but there’s a fine line between intrusion and an ad here and there..Version: 1.12.11

Needs an updateI’m currently on level 1,200 and the game is pretty pointless here. The levels are all repetitive, no new skins, nothing else to spend coins on, and you can’t purchase anymore blocks past the stadium on the house. I see that it was added in to look as if you can break the next wooden circle, but you can’t get any higher. It would be very nice to add more diverse rounds, more skins, more blocks to buy or something along those lines. I have 1,033T coins and there is nothing left to spend them on. An update would be nice..Version: 1.16.3

Meh?There are lots of bugs, like the ball gets stuck somewhere or the level is literally unbeatable. The levels are repetitive and there are lots of ads. And you can’t really see how many coins you have. If those problems were fixed I would gladly play this game again. But not right now..Version: 1.12.4

It’s okay-ishWell the game itself is good, it’s fun for when you can’t do anything or your bored but when you get to 21-22 you can’t beat it there’s nothing to land on it’s just two sticks and there’s nothing to play, please fix this it would be a half decent game if you did ):.Version: 1.15.2

BAD GAME AS A MATTER OF FACT THE WORSTWhat’s know this is what’s up because when I was trying to set a high score of 4.5 million I died but I am going to continue so I watched an ad so when I got back from the ad it was so close to the ground that it touch the ground so basically I had to reset and I was going to set a high score of 4.5 million and I got really mad this made me super mad that I cried for hours and hours and hours I was so sad and this really put me in a state of depression I am not even kidding I was so mad and I was renting renting at everyone that I could ever me telling them about this they were like let me try for myself and agates with me it also reset them after watching an add to give you a spare life I WOULD APPRECIATE IF THIS PROBLEM WAS FIXED!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.12.16

AdsThere are lots of ads and I am still stuck on level twenty two. It’s also kinda a waste of time.Version: 1.12.17

Played for 20 min and dropped 60% batteryThe app needs an overhaul, my app has crashed lots and I’ve tried reinstalling it and what not. Just played the game for maybe 20 min and I went from 93 percent down to 31 percent..Version: 1.11.3

THEY WANT YOUR PRIVATE DATAThey will ask you every time to give them your private data and they will keep spam you until you give them.Version: 1.10

Ok game for a bitLevels just keep repeating themselves over and over. Game never gets anymore difficult therefore game gets boring..Version: 1.11.5

It’s alrightThe game is addicting, but the game is glitchy. The part at the end of certain stages with the floating prize boxes, it only lets you pick a certain one: one of the smallest boxes with the least money. Please switch the game back to the original design, I loved it like that.Version: 1.16.2

TrashI don’t enjoy this game. Too many adds. Levels are stupid. Just not fun..Version: 1.11.7

New challengesIt’s alright I just wish it could higher and more like do you need unique challenges.Version: 1.14.2

This is a reevaluation of my previous reviewI purchased ‘no ads’ but they came back. And when I select restore purchases, nothing happens. And the game give me the option to buy ‘no ads’ again! So it needs an update!! This needs to it is be fixed. After playing the game, it is a good time waster. The problem is that you reach the point where the game becomes too easy. The levels become repetitious and too easy to beat. So boredom root sets in. I am at level 371. I do intend to play anymore because there of no challenge and no end. I may return to it when I have absolutely nothing else to do that will be about it..Version: 1.12.17

Battery lifeThis game is fun, sure, but it really kills the battery on my phone. In about 10 minutes of play I went from 90 to 60 percent. I own an iPhone 10r which never has battery problems, and I downloaded this game today and it hoarded the resources, and I was barely Able to use my phone with out a charger. And this game has an insane amount of ads, like each time I passed a level, there was an ad, it’s inexcusable how much ads are found in this game. In a nutshell, fix the optimization problems, and get this app out the background, because it’s killing my battery, and thermally throttling the CPU each time I open it, and lower the amount of advertisements. Without that, I’d give this game 4 stars..Version: 1.11.6

Pokey ball reviewI absolutely loved this game until level 100. You can’t pass it. Maybe my phone glitches but I’m quite sure it’s the app. I’d love to play is but there is no block to attach the ball to..Version: 1.12

Impossible level - level 791I’ve been playing on and off for a while now and since this new update i came up to an impossible level. it’s level 791 for me, i definitely know it’s 100% impossible, and i can’t progress any further, can’t access my home either. please fix this.Version: 1.16.3

Great gameThere is too many ads.Version: 1.11.3

Help!This game is SO FUN and SO ADDICTING! Like, I always think those games in ads turn out to be disappointing, but this one is worth the hype. Anyways, I unlocked all the levels of the house in the game, and now I’m just building my tower into the endless sky. Plus, it’s reusing levels because I played all the levels. I’m on level 800 something, and I am pretty much playing the same 10 courses over and over. Love this game, but this is my formal cry for please make more levels and more towers/parts to the house or another house! I don’t wanna delete this game, I’m addicted, but I’m also bored!.Version: 1.16.4

I hate that I had to give it two stars.This is everything I personally want in a game. It’s a nice, simple time killer. What made me only give it two stars, as with most games is the ads. At times I was watching a ad after EVERY level. I understand, you gotta pay the bills and ad revenue allows that. At the very least, use less adds and make some sort of in game reward system for watching them. The ad that pays you the most gets the better in game rewards. Or have a very cheap option to pay a little bit and have a ad free experience. Just a thought. Ads aside, the game is a 8/10 in my book and that’s a really high score by my standards..Version: 1.7.1

AdaStop with the ads.Version: 1.7.1

It’s.. ok to say the leastSo I have had the game for a while now, I’m even on level 551, but after a while I realised the levels just repeat, over and over and over again. So it’s fun at the start but once you realise the levels repeat, it’s boring.Version: 1.12.4

ReviewI found that when I downloaded this game it was fun trying to win all the different ball designs but once you have won them all it’s kind of boring and I went on the game a few times today and I left it with 3383 coins and came back and there was only 2000 which was quite disappointing but I just think what’s the point of still winning coins if there’s nothing to collect with them other than the 3 sections of ball designs other than that the game helps when your stressed or bored !!.Version: 1.12.4

Not fun anymoreAt first I thought it was a fun game so I end up paying for not advertisements for every second I play but down the road I realize it was just a waste of money, the game has nothing exciting to keep playing for, same levels and same levels the only thing that change is the “money you get” at the end of climbing the same repeatedly levels and lately now you get to go inside a castle and buy blocks to keep climbing up and up and nothing happens… so I don’t recommend it at all after all it’s a boring game not worth to pay. I’m very dissatisfied so I’m gonna delete it because I’m done and I don’t see any fun playing this boring game.Version: 1.16.3

Barely any levelsSo it might seem that there are endless levels on this game however they all just repeat. There may be 50 original levels and once you get past that they just repeat in random order. I’ve played the exact same course 3 times in a row as “3 different levels.” I just uninstalled the game because all I am doing is replaying levels with a new label. There is also an add every two levels when each level may take 10-15 seconds, so there are a crazy amount of ads unless you turn on airplane mode. If they had new levels and less ads it has the potential to actually be a decent game. Once you are at level 30 the levels never get any more difficult..Version: 1.7

Nooooo very scary aah helpToo scary give me nightmare aah help.Version: 1.14.0

Erm.......I admit this game is fun basically u try and get to the top of the tower thingy u can also win coins. But I don’t really like the game because it has loads of glitches. First of all sometimes it just leaves the game which is really annoying when you have a high score. Second of all most of the time it just freezes and then switches off your screen 📺. Lastly when you lose the game and it says watch a video I do that and when u come back to the game it just resets. I don’t recommend this game if you don’t like all these glitches..Version: 1.11.6

Good appI love this game but definitely try make them harder or at least less repetitive thanks! Great game.Version: 1.12.4

How great Pokey ball isI do really enjoy this game but, I have only given it a three star because of all the ads. I think there are way too many ads in this game, like when I’m trying to open a chest there’s always an ad. I do know that is how free games make money, but maybe you could lessen the amount of ads? That would be great!.Version: 1.10

It got badRemembered this being a great mindless game you could play while having a podcast in the background. No clue which update it was but I redownloaded it and the added ads, reduced quality and the constant glitching now makes it near unplayable..Version: 1.16.4

Yeah nah yeahYeah it’s a pretty good game. I feel like the levels would work better if they went up as different heights and the height was unending and the goal was to get as high as you can with obstacles. So e.g 0-50 is level 1 50-120 is level two etc But not bad good soize.Version: 1.7.1

Soooo LAGGYI like this game but it is sooo frickin laggy.Version: 1.7.1

ReviewGame is fun but to much adds! Lol.Version: 1.14.1

In appropriate AdsZero stars is not an option. “Brain Games” ad over sexualizes women and this game to be 12+ allows that ad to pop up every time. Enough!.Version: 1.12.14

GLITCHThe game won’t even let me play it keeps glitching me out..Version: 1.12.4

??????Level 100 is impossible.Version: 1.14.2

Fix it pleaseGood game but so bad when playing the game it doesn’t work always like it restarts your progress if you don’t even press try again they need to have something where they ask “are you sure you want to try over this will reset your progress” and something to get my save that got deleted even though I didn’t touch the try over it also breaks all the time I played and it went to the next level but then sent me back please fix this I tried very hard to get my thing and also make the recover like money but like after the first week of the update where (if) you fix this.Version: 1.11.3

So RepetitiveThe levels repeat so much. And to make it worse level 659 is unbeatable. It’s broken and you can’t beat it. It’s a fun game to kill time with but it’s a one day game at best..Version: 1.11.7

Lost my processIts a really fun and addicting game, the amount of ads are tolerable but i was on about level 270 and i hadn’t played for 2 days, i opened the app and i found all of my progress was lost, i still had the skins for my ball that i had purchased but all of my coins, levels, and the blocks in my home thing were gone, i closed the app to see if it was just a bug but it still showed no progress. Really disappointing because i found the game really enjoyable and had put quite a lot of time into it..Version: 1.16.2

Fun game but constantly crashesI’ve had this game since I purchase my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I don’t know what’s going on, but for the past 6 months or so, there’s an increasing amount of lag, which affects trying to hit the bullseye in several games and will also crash the game altogether. It also doesn’t accurately tally your points. There’s an end goal where you’re trying to land on the line with the most points. On several occasions I’ve noticed I’ll land on a large number like 500+ and it will only tally a couple hundred points..Version: 1.12.17

HorribleI give this game 0 stars I have no words it is horrible.Version: 1.14.2

BORINGThis is Boring don’t download.Version: 1.10.3

Pokey ballThe game is so fun but,I got to level 100 and it took me back to level 1 and then I got up to level 60 and it took me back to the beginning again!.Version: 1.12.13

The same thing as round 1There’s way too many ads, I’m on round 134 right now and it’s literally the same levels over and over, the only different things are the “boss levels” that eventually just become short and easy. If you guys just made it like a leveling thing where you get points and there’s different levels you can unlock as you get points along with other abilities (like lets say a boost you unlock with 200 coins) then it’d be a-lot more entertaining, also make the levels longer and more challenging. I’m just saying the game feels like it could have some more potential but it’s really bland right now, even for a mobile game..Version: 1.10.1

I don’t like the gameI just hate it there’s water this game sucks you can’t even.Version: 1.12.4

RepetitiveInitially it’s a very enjoyable game. Every level is different. But after a while, I noticed that there were similar levels to the ones I had just done... and then the exact same levels one after each other. Download this game if you don’t mind doing levels over and over again. Don’t download this game if you’ll quickly get bored of repetitive levels..Version: 1.9

AMAZINGThis ad game is SO GOOD but in my opinion THERES NOT ENOUGH ADS!!! You should really think about adding some MORE. DONT BE SHY PUT SOME MORE. BUT ACTUALLY too many I can’t handle them they always make my screen go bad and stUuFfF any ways all that was sarcasm except for my screen goes bad seriously take the ads away.Version: 1.12.2

Make more levels!Game gets very boring very fast due to lack of level differentiation and they begin to repeat after level 70..Version: 1.6.2

Holy adsFun game but screw off with all the ads after every time you play it’s so annoying.Version: 1.11.7

*sigh*It’s a good fun game but they neeeeddd to take down a notch with the ads. I know everyone is saying this but they just attack you with them and it is super annoying to have to watch an ad with a fake X after every level. Overall this game is really fun and rewarding but the ads are just infuriating. I have a lot of games like this but none of them are this ridiculous. Also even if I hit one of the higher point square things at the right time it acts like I didn’t hit it and has me fall. I really like this game and want to keep playing but after this I don’t know if I can do it. :(.Version: 1.11.3

Decent?..The ads are annoying, but that can easily be fixed with airplane mode , my only problem is the levels and level 100. level 100 is the level i have got to as i am sick and am off school so of course i need a game to play. in only two days i have gotten to level 100 as the levels are VERY easy. but on level 100 it’s impossible and there is simply NO way someone can pass that! i think it’s their way of being lazy and not making any more levels. the levels are super repetitive as you see in lots of reviews. i am disappointed but it was fun while it lasted..Version: 1.15

ReviewTo many adds. I would play this game every day if it didn’t have so many adds..Version: 1.16.4

Two easyIt is way to easy I am on level 527 my money is 59.37b not billion the one after nonillion and it’s like me on level one pls pls pls pls make it way harder or I will delete this feed back and give it one star and way way way too many ads it like your fun games have so many ads and boring one almost none.Version: 1.16.3

Why I rate this game 1starIt is a good game but every time I beat a level it plays an ad.Version: 1.16.4

Fun for a bitI enjoyed this game for some time. My son and I actually had competitions for high score on one try. That’s when we stopped playing. He reached just over 2 billion and the score started counting backwards. Huh? Did he max it out? Also, he closed his game out and started it again (with the same problem of counting backwards; basically subtracting the points he’s supposed to be earning) and the high-score is now only 80 million. I don’t get it; maybe a glitch. But why put all the effort in just to feel it’s completely wasted. Other than that this game is fun and can get addicting..Version: 1.12.2

Pokey ballThe game is fun and enjoyable, hate the ads coming up if you’re wifi is on, also you don’t get the correct amount of coins at first I thought i was seeing it wrong but I would get 1000 coins and it would only give me like 400.Version: 1.11.6

Would be fun if not for advertsI know the devs need to make money but having an advert every 15 seconds or so is just soul destroying let alone a few that you must wait 30 seconds for abs one press wrong you have to wait another 30 seconds for the bad to play again. Uninstalled.Version: 1.14.2

Ridiculous.This app is ridiculous, there is so many lack of adds! And plus, on other games there is nothing but your commercials! Plus the ball is rigged, I tried doing the thingy where you make the ball stick to the wall, but it didn’t do anything even when I tapped! So I keeper on tapping but nothing happened, at this point I was nearly to ground level on the game! If you have this app, you should think about deleting it. So basically what I’m trying to say is you should remove some ads so there are like ads once in a while, and to fix the ball so it is easier to stick to the wall. Thanks. 🤗.Version: 1.11.3

Is there an endingI’m on level 605 no ending in sight.Version: 1.16.4

Good fun untilGame is a great time shredder although I’ve found after level 100 they are all the same levels or repetitive..Version: 1.11.6

Developer your stupidDeveloper you don’t respond to any of the feedback it bugs me please read this and also the stupid ball has a really hard time attaching even when you press it like a thousand times it won’t attach and also why do you need my info every two seconds it’s annoying and creepy stop I don’t like it and why are there so many adds please fix this and if you don’t respond in the next two days your new nick name is stupid developer.Version: 1.12.4

Awsome2 stars cause it’s hard for me well i am 7 I meant 5 stars.Version: 1.12.4

OkThe game is fun but after a while of playing the game now after every level there is an ad which is about 30 seconds long and really annoying so it makes the game unenjoyable with all these ads and after a while it’s seems like I’m repeating the same round ?? Kinda recommend.Version: 1.11

Average GameThe game itself isn’t too bad but here is my rant of the why I didn’t give it 5 🌟(stars) •TOO MANY ADS after every level there’s an ad and it’s super annoying especially if you can’t skip it. They could still put ads but maybe after every 5 levels or so •Repetitive, most voodo games are like this if am being honest, it’s fun but after a while it gets boring and all the levels look almost the same but in different colors. I think they should be more creative like a candy level, fruit level, superhero level, etc and there should be like daily day challenges so you expect something new everyday •The coins, you can unlock skins with those but after you get all the skins it’s a quite useless So maybe they should make the skins like some skins will give a jump boost other are evil, idk am trying to give examples and maybe the coins for unlocking something and also buying skins Thank you for reading this if you do, I apart from just ranting, I tried to give a solution.Version: 1.11.5

Its fun butThis game is so fun but first of all level 101 is impossible im pretty sure they made it like that so you would watch a ling ssa ad to skip it but besides that im in level 132 and i noticed everytime i make it to the top of the level and it says enter home i enter it and it used to give me a choice to buy gifts and it doesnt have any gifts so theres no reason to go in there anymore and when you try to leave the house it makes you watch ANOTHER ad like wth i like this game but it could have some better qualities.Version: 1.16.3

TRASH!!!!!If you have an iPhone 5/6 I do NOT recommend this to you because it is EXTREMELY LAGGY but I don’t see the ads. The game always pauses because of it’s extremely lag and then the lag messes you up on the death bits. With the lag it is EXTREMELY hard/impossible. Here’s my review. Honestly go play roblox on desktop or PC or something. Because it’s ALOT. Please fix this or I will delete the app forever. 😑😥🤬😡😤😠🗑✉️🖤❌⁉️💢↘️➖NOT STONKS!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.12.2

It’s in every VOODOO game I’ve played!It’s pretty mush this.The think up an idea of a game that is fun but only for 5 minutes.They than implement it with dreadful graphics to widen the downloads and after a month they don’t give it any new updates.Not only that, they play ads after every game which is just begging for the player to pay for no ads which is $5!!!! And most of the ads are from their OTHER GAMES! NOT ONLY ARE THE ADS CANCEROUS AS FRICK BUT THE ‘DEMO’ OF IT JUST MISLEADS YOU BUT IT JUST WANTS YOU TO TOCH THE SCREEN,JUST A BIT SO THEY CAN SHOVE THIER APP IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE SO THEY CAN KEEP THE CYCLE GOING!!!Anyway the gameplay ain’t bad.Helps when on long train rides. 2/5.Version: 1.12.4

WhatIs it normal to find the creatives manager.Version: 1.10.1

Yea No...Why are u repeating levels over and over again, not a lot of people are going to play, so NO.Version: 1.10

GoodAdds.Version: 1.11

OkIt’s okay it’s just a little boring.Version: 1.11.3

Okay game, however~« Before I start, Please read this, and these are my opinions, not to make anyone offended! Thanks! » Don’t get me wrong, I like the game, but it has a few problems. These problems are big and small. First off, there is this annoying sign at the top that says "Support us more by allowing data sharing", it’s impossible to get rid of, and you can’t see the obstacles ahead of you. This gets on my nerves badly. Secondly, the levels don’t get harder, I’m on level 60, and have not been challenged. Who wants a game without challenges? This kinda makes me frustrated. Next, there is WAY TO MANY ads, right after every single level there is a ad! I know your trying to show us some other games, by your company, but why do you need that many ads? This makes me mad. Lastly, the coins are pointless. I know you can get new characters from this, but they do nothing, and once you have all of them the game is pointless! This makes me not want to play this anymore. I hope you took this in, and will help you get your games better! Thank you, so much for reading this! «P.S, I’m so sorry if I offended you! I hope you took my options into consideration, but if you disagree that’s alright! Thank you!».Version: 1.11

RUBBISH, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER DOWNLOAD. :(This game is very bad and I have VALID REASONS!! 🥱 1. BORING LEVELS - The levels are very very boring and can use some extra parts like mutators or something,. I am very disappointed in how badly boring the levels are. 2nd - THE ADS - EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. - EVERY. SINGLE . SECOND. I GIVE UP ON THE ADS !!! Most are very very very very very very very very VERY long. 3rd - REPETITIVE LEVELS!! IM GONNA CONE BACK FOR A MONTH WVERY TIME I PLAY AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE REPETITIVE LEVELS. I’m on level 81 - same level as the “boss level” on 79? I think) Level 83 - aAAAAAAnd we’re back and 81 Level 84 - it isn’t repeating, ITS JUST COINS AND JUMPING We be skipping at this point Level 88 - never again I’m playing this..TGIS LEVEL WAS THE LAST ONE LIKE FOR TWO TIMES Level 89 - same as like on 80.. boxes but nothing else :c Frick a month, let’s do an hour. I’ve been counting on paper for two hours. The total of repetitive levels was 23,675. I’m disappointed. Very. Fix it. Now. Whatever scripting is put into this game is very poorly, and obviously just took around 7 minutes to make. I am very disappointed so please fix this. If there was very bigger word for angry, mad or disappointed, I AM IT. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Also, fix the ads. If you want an income, don’t put so many in. I am mad at this game and deleting when I’ve written this . Fix this. - a very unhappy user ☹️.Version: 1.12.13

LaggyThe game is decent but like most voodoo games it has to many ads and it is way to laggy other than that it’s decent and a rip off.Version: 1.11.3

To many addsEvery time I finish a level there’s a long add. Overall it’s a pretty fun game..Version: 1.11.7

Ads and EasyBefore I start getting into the big flaws, I’ll say that the game does have semi unique gameplay and is kind of fun. First off, this game is piss easy. I beat the first 30 levels without any death or struggle, you can take your time as much as you want as there is no restriction on time, you essentially have an infinite potential score, and all you have to do is hit the same target over and over again. Secondly the ads. There is an ad after Every. Single. Level. It slows down the flow of the game and is very disorienting. It should be a red flag to any game developer that having the player spend half the time playing your game looking at unskippable ads. It’s pretty clear that the devs did not care about this game in the slightest and only made it to make money off of ad revenue..Version: 1.12.4

Lazy creatorsWell, not gonna lie, it is a fun game! I loved it at first, Im right now on level 117 and it seems lime all the stages are the same, with no extra level of difficulty! It thought it was gonna get harder but no, it is easy and boring, it’s like after a certain stage the creators just gave up making new stages, so there is no point on keep playing it! Plus, the ads are annoying, there is always an ad from a stage to another, so I shut down the app and open back every time the ad is playing, cause its faster going to the next stage doing that than waiting for the whole ad to end! Anyway... overall its a good game, just need to add more creativity and making it harder from one stage to another!.Version: 1.6.2

RiggedI find this game very rigged because every time I press the ball to poke into the wall the pokey stick doesn’t stick and makes me loose. It’s not worth getting this game. I gave it 3 stars because it’s is quite fun but sometime it gets annoying..Version: 1.9.2

Too many adsThis is a awesome game but it has an ad after almost every level and each ad goes for around 15 to 20 seconds each. So I would love this game a LOT more if they brought the ads down a bit..Version: 1.12.4

20. Boring. Same level??Ok listen. Why is level 20 (the boss) so hard?? I know some of you might find it really easy but it’s because you’re good at it. 2nd it’s kinda boring. Also every level is so short it’s unenjoyable because there’s adds after every round and every round is about 29/30 seconds long. And why is almost every level the same? Also no offence to the people who made this..Version: 1.12.4

Not a fan but good idea 👎I think this game is ok but needs work for instance this game doesn’t let you skip levels when you are really stuck but good idea I guess 🤷‍♀️.Version: 1.9.2

Game stuckedTry to hit ‘on the finish line’ and the game will hang..Version: 1.12.15

Fun at FirstPokey Ball is really fun and entertaining at first, but then it gets kinda boring just doing the same thing over and over. They should add challenges and boss levels. There are too many adds!😤😡.Version: 1.12.2

Too many adsFun game but I spend more time watching ads then playing. Unskippable 30 second ads after every level and restart..Version: 1.12.15

Ight but there’s better out thereIf your gonna play this game remove wifi and data because there are too many ads every level there will be one and the levels get repeated a lot like there’s no new challenges.Version: 1.14.2

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