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Hive Social App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Hive Social app received 132 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hive Social? Can you share your negative thoughts about hive social?

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Hive Social for Negative User Reviews

New usersNot sure if this is currently being addressed. I’m a new user and none of the sign up or log in options are letting me progress past the starting screen. Just loops.Version: 1.25

What Happened?I created a new account a week ago and was having a really great time, making new friends and reconnecting with Twitter pals who wanted to move to Hive. Today, not only did new posts from the people I follow no longer pop up in my feed, but I was locked out of my account. Every follower I had, everyone who followed me, every post I made ... it's all gone. Every time I try to login, it says I'm a new user and must create an account. But when I try to login using the name, email address and password I've been using every day, it says that account belongs to someone else -- and therefore cannot use it. IT'S MY ACCOUNT! I'm very upset..Version: 1.25

Needs polishComing from Twitter, this app feels very janky and laggy. Sometimes taps just don’t register, scrolling in the profile collapses the header but doesn’t expand when scrolling back up, etc. Additionally, I can’t add a profile picture without providing access to my entire camera roll. I allowed access to specific photos only and that made the app throw a wobbly and won’t let me upload anything without providing full access which is totally unnecessary. I’m sure things will improve in time but given you’re trying to be a viable alternative to Twitter then the game needs to be stepped up..Version: 1.25

Can’t sign inAfter several attempts I gave up..Version: 1.25

Fix the lagging and making scrolling easierThe app is great however it does run slow and is a bit laggy which makes me think people with lower phones are probably struggling greatly trying to use the app and you should make the scrolling more smoother so it doesn’t stop you other than that the app is great and the situation with twitter i’ve seen people transfer to this app (so have i) and it’s good just those problems i’ve explained. I’d give this a 4 even a 5 if it wasn’t for the issues which i hope you’ll be able to fix <3.Version: 1.25

PleasePlease update the app on iOS 14 ☹️.Version: 1.21

Ui Needs touches and has poor security.No 2fa option, please implement totp or security key support (sms 2fa should be ignored). Nice ui but the back button doesn’t work half the time and swipe gestures are really finicky..Version: 2.0.1

CuteSuper cute app and am excited to use it. But it’s glitchy and whenever I log out I can’t log back in. Plus the adding song search feature doesn’t work too well.Version: 1.0.9

A lot of technical issuesReally cute app and layout, but it’s super glitchy. Unable to update photos/cover photo, unable to change name and just constant error pop ups. Please fix the issues!.Version: 1.0.9

PornLiterally porn all over the home page not hidden or anything really unsafe for minors and pretty sure illegal to expose under 18’s to this?? isn’t this also against apples own rules for apps?.Version: 1.25

It’s promising, BUT-After seeing 90% of my twitter friends migrate over here I just knew I needed to follow them. They’re the only people who interact with my art. It’s a beautifully designed platform, and I love all of the customization features. HOWEVER, I picked a bad time to move over, as it seems the entire app is going through a rough patch of bugs. I can’t sign up, and most of my friends can’t log in. I’m holding out hope that hive can get it all sorted and bounce back. Most people don’t realize with it being such a new platform, taking on a flood of people from other socials may not be something it is equipped to handle (yet). With a little patience, I’m almost certain it’ll turn out great. For now though, it definitely needs some help..Version: 1.25

You can’t delete once you sign up!I have tried to deactivate my account some 20-30 times now but this app just doesn’t let you go. I am sick and TIRED of trying—which is probably what they’re aiming for. It’s not just me—all my friends are also unable to delete their accounts. Considering the privacy and security concerns with this app, it is a very stressful and frustrating situation to be in!!!.Version: 2.0.2

Needs work. Make an iOS app, not webapp.UX is terrible, scrolling is jittery, there’s no animation so everything feels way too sharp (such as refreshing) Images load way too slowly, I think that’s because they’re being previewed full size and not compressed. App is quite confusing to use, not very intuitive. Can’t be logged into more than one account at once either. Overall, this is clearly a webapp and not a native iOS app. The experience is pretty bad..Version: 1.25

Poor UX and unresponsive customer serviceThis might be my last resort to get my issue resolved. I’ve tried for weeks to deactivate my account. There is a strange process where you have to type “Yes, deactivate my account” (no simple button press/password confirmation), then the page either doesn’t load or there simply is no page or confirmation email. I’ve emailed support twice but no response - not even “we got your email” auto response. Tried to DM them on Twitter (!) which seems to be where they are most active but again no human or auto response. I get they are a small team but even the simplest steps to create a decent UX have not been attempted. Feeling ignored and stuck on an app I’ve lost all faith in..Version: 2.0.2

Barely functionsI wanted to like Hive so badly. It's UI is so clean and sleek, but I'm getting so turned off by the constant infinite loading bug. Infinite loading when signing up for Hive, infinite loading when trying to set a profile pic, infinite loading when trying to make a post, infinite loading when trying to edit a post. This is definitely more of a visual issue because I just close the app and reopen and all the changes I made during the infinite loading were applied. It's just gross programming. Not to mention the constant fetish porn advertised on the "Explore" page is a MASSIVE turn off from the app. Is this app 18+ only? What if some 13 year old downloaded this app thinking it was like a new Twitter and all they got is a faceful of really niche fetish porn?? I am in no way complaining about the people posting it. But why is Hive blasting it to the front of their Explore page for random newcomers to see?? Overall I am massively disappointed in the developers and their app. If the app ever gets better as a platform or an app, I'll be happy to return and leave a better review. Until then, adios!.Version: 1.25

It has potential, if it wasn’t so buggy.I absolutely love the layout for HIVE, how it’s basically instagram+Twitter with a hint of myspace decorative options to it with the music feature and color profile themes. It’s such a neat app to showcase artwork or pictures, separating different categories of text you post and images you share. There are different genre albums you can look at daily depending what you like (beauty, anime, art, etc). However the HUGEST thing for me is IT IS ALWAYS CRASHING!!! It is SO slow and buggy. I can’t even upload images, because of how buggy it is. I can’t even properly utilize the app ): I wish it had a desktop version available just to see if it was the app, my phone, or the servers. I don’t have this problem with any other app. Which is a bummer as I was really excited to use this app, it’s lovely just so buggy...Version: 1.25

Utter junkThey update the app and you can’t login. Instead being forced to make new account. :/.Version: 2.0.0

EwI hate this app it’s disgusting my daughter lenora saw ttl on here at that’s not safe at all now I wonder why kids these days do drugs GOODBYE KYLE.Version: 1.21

A pretty good platform, yet it’s serve engine and loading speed are god awfulSo far my experience with this platform are pretty good, it’s a rather promising one at that, and hopefully will grow up to be as big if not bigger than Twitter. Non the less I have some issues with it. Firstly, the loading speed, it horrendously slow, and it takes almost hours for someone to load up entirely, regardless of what it is. And secondly the search engine, it only looks up users. Nothing more, I was thinking that there would be more you could look up, like other posts and hashtags. So could you guys take my constructive criticism to heart and use it to help improve this platform, please?.Version: 1.25

Amazing potential!I came across this app on tiktok and decided to give it a go, it has amazing potential and I can see it becoming my go to app! There are some bugs and it’s not very smooth to run but it’s just what was needed.Version: 1.21

So slow and crashes a lotCould be a good app, but it’s incredibly slow, things don’t always load up and it constantly crashes They need to do a lot of support worl or people will get fed up quickly and delete it.Version: 1.25

Won’t let me edit profileIt doesn’t let me edit my profile and it constantly logs me out.Version: 1.0.9

Had potential but is brokenDownloaded this app as a valid alternative to another popular social media. When I first started using it, it was mostly good and had a great UI. Unfortunately, since then, the timeline stopped refreshing entirely, posts were not updated and everything ground to a halt. It just wouldn’t update the timeline at all and I couldn’t search for any posts. In a mark of trying to fix the problem, thinking it was a user problem, I deleted the app and did a fresh install on my phone. Now it won’t log me in and when I prompt for a password reset, I get an internal error (Hive server error). I’d not normally give anything a one star review, or take the time to write a poor review, but when things are this bad, I have to write this in hope the developer[s] can see it and hopefully fix it. If the developer had any sense, they should have quickly hired a good few developers quickly to help resolve any initial issues. There WAS an audience waiting to leave T****er, but it will dwindle away if this app remains a small business entity. It’s broken and doesn’t seem to have a future. Gutted..Version: 1.25

Username issueCurrently trying to create an account & up to the section where you pick your username. No matter what I input it states sure the username is taken. It could be a jumble of words, or even non-sequential letter and numbers, but it still claims the username is taken. Can this please be addressed?.Version: 1.25

Broken Sign-UpMyself and a few other reviewers have ran into the issue of being unable to create an account using email. Type in our details, make sure all the password requirements are met but ‘Next’ still stays greyed out. A remarkable lack of polish for something trying to take on twitter..Version: 1.25

Not stableAfter running my profile fit a couple of weeks I went to post one morning and everything was gone? All my older posts everything? Contacted the help but nothing.Version: 1.25

While I mostly enjoy it…Hive is a great alternative since Twitter started crumbling and with the rise of NFTs and AIs, things have been harder for artists such as myself to find a safe place to post art. This definitely feels much safer as far as I can tell and I hope Hive finds ways to protect artists on here! My only complaint is the NSFW function is pretty broken. Even as I posted one piece of art that was completely innocent, it still got marked for NSFW and I can’t toggle it off at all. And even if you hide NSFW, there’s still some NSFW content that’s shown that are possibly not marked shown in the discovery section. I would complain about the scrolling and unable to see my followers (that one just gives me an error) but in comparison, those are very minor. Otherwise, I’m grateful that this app exists and hope it gets improved upon. One suggestion also is to find an easier way for artists to post art from their pcs in the future but I know that’s a much longer road ahead. But I digress. Thank you and keep up the great work!!.Version: 2.0.1

Mmm...It seems like it could be okay if you get the hang of it, but don’t like that there’s no option to access privacy settings, and there’s no way to delete your account???? And if you go to app support, the server isn’t active?.Version: 1.0.9

Awful Customer ServiceThe app has lots of potential but the customer service is shocking, emails to queries get ignored and also sending twitter dms where they’re most active also are ignored. Why release new updates to things that aren’t the problem. I am also unable to deactivate my account which is frustrating, the app is not great to be on..Version: 2.1.2

Please add an NSFW "off" featureI know im 17 and i should deal with this but theres an overwhelming amount of sexual content (like i saw this guy rubbing his ding ding threw his underwear 😰) and i was wondering if you guys could add like an NSFW content warning feature or a feature to "block" certain tags so that the posts under those tags are like "invisible" ig? sorry if it would be too hard to manage but thanks anyways.Version: 1.21

No scroll-to-top gesture??Decent beginning for the app, it seems to check most things off; very well done! The dark mode can be quite difficult to read somehow? Maybe it’s contrast, idk. The big annoyance so far is that the scroll-to-top gesture isn’t implemented (scrollsToTop)..Version: 1.25

Terrible security and shady ownershipOn Nov 30 2022 Security researchers have found issues which, “allow any attacker to access all data, including private posts, private messages, shared media and even deleted direct messages. This also includes private email addresses and phone numbers entered during login.” There are no content moderators. No DMCA agent (anyone can post pirated content). A bug allowed users to register duplicate usernames as recently as Nov 22, 2022. Requires access to all photos. No transparency on ownership. The cofounder and lead designer was allegedly fired for tweeting slurs but is still listed in corporate filings and on LinkedIn. Stay FAR away..Version: 1.25

It’s good, but could be betterI’ve had this app for a couple of days now, and it’s been fun. As I said in the title it’s good, but could be better. There’s a few things stand out to me. One, the app is constantly crashing. I’ll be scrolling or trying to post something and it’ll randomly freeze then crash, or crash send me back to my phones Home Screen. Another thing is the loading times. Mobile data or wifi, the app takes forever to load. Last thing is moderation. This app needs SERIOUS MODERATION, even with the NSFW filter turned on, I’m still seeing nsfw pictures constantly and it’s annoying and sickening..Version: 1.25

Missed opportunity. Use at own risk.The app’s attempt to rush in and capitalize on an opportunity that it was grossly unequipped and unprepared for has been more than evident. It took way too long to repair and patch the damage or address the issues surfaced with privacy, security, nsfw content. It’s still largely a problem. Twitter replacement, it is not. There’s potential for it being a design/photo sharing app if it wasn’t consistently overrun with unsolicited NSFW posts front and center. Most of the base seeking a Twitter alt has moved on or passed by. Make an account at your own risk..Version: 2.0.2

Hard passCouldn’t see or edit any of my own posts, constant lagging and glitching, randomly deleted my account one day then when I went to sign back in it told me the username was taken, so my account still existed but I no longer had access to any of my NSFW posts..Version: 1.25

Cannot sign back in.Keeps saying “try again” when trying to sign back into my account. It also makes me verify my email every time I try and when it eventually goes past the login it makes me create a new account? I already have one?.Version: 1.25

Can’t login after app updateWhen I open the app it asks me to create a new account, it won’t let me login into my existing account. If I try to open a new account it says my username is already taken. If I tap on “Cancel” the screen just goes completely black..Version: 2.0.1

Needs fixing.I downloaded the app and started typing my email on and password but wouldn’t let me press next when I typed in a password it didn’t tell me any reason why and I put the right amount of letters, number and upper case and lower case so I don’t understand why it won’t let me continue and I’m not the first review that I’ve seen that having the same problem as me..Version: 1.25

I really want to use the app butThe app doesn’t work. It won’t even let me post anything. It’s just all bugs and glitches. Guess I’ll have to stick to Instagram. 😩 So frustrating.Version: 2.0.2

Slow, frustratingWhite screens for days. No new post, no new accounts to discover. Bogged down by everyone‘a exit from Twitter. No communication to explain what’s going on. Frustrating..Version: 1.25

Can’t even get past the policySo yeah, Hive looked promising but I clicked on Signing up, and I have this big grey page about the policy and terms and there is not button nothing to click to get to the next step, it’s just bug and I didn’t event had time to create an account. Great job !.Version: 2.1.2

Slow, and constantly pushing notifications I don’t care about.The last few days has seen a deluge of spam push notifications from Hive about stuff I just don’t care about. I only want to see notifications about replies and new followers; but there’s no option to turn off their spam marketing notifications. Add a result, along with the slow buggy app that’s no good to use; I’m gone..Version: 2.0.2

App not respondingApp is somehow not responding or working at all….Version: 1.25

Crashy LaggyIt crashes a lot and lags and doesn’t respond to touch a lot update: you also have to choose dark mode every single time you log on. Still very buggy..Version: 1.25

App not working :/This app looks like it has a lot of potential with where it’s heading but it still needs a few things fixed. I’m not able to change my profile picture, name, bio and I cannot see any posts on the app not my own. Please fix this and then I’m sure this app will be amazing :).Version: 1.0.9

I like it butI like the app but I’m getting really tired with how long it’s taking to get the app back up to speed. Part of the blame I’m sure lies with the weekly update schedule. Don’t wait a week to fix major things, push updates out as their done. It’s also pretty annoying to hear things are getting fixed like DMs and they haven’t yet. They said it was gonna be last night but still nothin. And everybody I’ve encountered can’t even post videos or gifs bc they don’t work. If they focused on this things and just pushed the update out when it was finished, it wouldn’t be taking a month just to iron out bugs..Version: 2.1.3

App is brokenApp is broken. Posts deleted. Loads weird half the time. Half baked..Version: 1.25

Decent overall experienceLots of fun so far. My main complaint is that I find the tiny text hard to read. This has the potential to become a great platform but will need to become more accessible in order to do so..Version: 1.25

SlowSuch a cool app and twitter replacement with pretty colored themes! I like it, but understandably, it’s slow to load things. It does not load any new posts other than my own now. No new posts from followers or in trending/for you pages..Version: 1.25

Pretty neat little appThis is a really cool app. It’s got a really clean interface, and the ability to choose your theme is really nice too and adds a touch of personality to the app. I do have a couple of suggestions however that would push my rating to a 5 star if they were included. 1) a way to get your profile link. I could not find any way to copy my own profile link for sharing with my friends, however I did find a way to copy other people’s links. I ended up getting fed up and decided to create a second account solely to copy my link. If this is the only way to copy your link, it would be nice for a much simpler route (maybe don’t replace the button that brings up the menu to copy links from with a settings button) or if it’s already there make it clearer as to how this can be achieved. It would be a great improvement to the app. 2) Pinned posts. This one isn’t as much as a necessity but it would be nice to be able to pin a post outlining certain things about you, such as (from a content creator’s perspective) personal boundaries and goals. Would be amazing. Apart from that, it’s a really good app and I hope these features get added in the future..Version: 1.25

Has potentialI love the app if it would work I completely understand it’s new but it has so many flaws in it the app kicks me off anytime I try to upload anything or write a status was told to delete the app and reinstall it after that it locked me outta my account for a whole day saying I have to verify my email cuz of location issues tried multiple times did work til the day after then after getting back onto my account the next day it deleted all my post including written videos and pictures I love what it can be but I’m really hoping they fix the bugs cuz the app is amazing but worthless if it don’t work and deletes everything very sad hope it works soon cuz I want it to take out twitter.Version: 1.25

There was an attemptA lot of people hoped Hive Social would take over the nightmare of the blue bird app. Unfortunately the devs were not prepared, and even after a few days they didn’t make enough changes fast enough. The app was overwhelmingly slow, accessibility features missing, sure it was nice to actually see the people you follow for a chance and not a wave of “recommended” Unfortunately the app now doesn’t show up anything. It’s completely broken, can’t see my posts, other peoples posts, nothing on the explore page. There was so much potential and it got thrown out.Version: 1.25

I get it you have an updateYou sent the notification 5 times in the span of 30 minutes can you RELAX the app is okay idk if it’s better than twitter but it’s fine.Version: 2.0.1

Deactivate does not work.Option to deactivate exists but doesn’t work. I’ve tried over ten times and it still won’t let me..Version: 2.2.1

Unsafe and poorly designedThere are a few rudimentary safety features that are completely missing from this app. If you are being harassed you can’t block anyone (feature simply doesn’t work). You can’t remove followers in anyway. You can’t even look at the list of posts you have liked if you want to return to content you enjoy. If you become frustrated with the complete lack of safety and support and want to deactivate your account, guess what… you can’t. The app doesn’t even have 2FA of any kind. After this latest update the only difference I have experienced is that they now make you agree to a new terms and conditions before you can even log in. Having my information held hostage in this manner is just another stressor I don’t need, especially during the holidays..Version: 2.1.2

Promising, but needs workJust as many of the newcomers, I came to Hive trying to escape the putrid Twitter swamp. Joining was pretty straightforward. I selected art, astronomy, gaming, science, pets and horror as a few areas of interest. I was surprised that the “For you” selection that the app chose for me included a lot of women in sexy underwear, some topless men selfies and quite a few men in banana hammock. I thought it was pretty funny, so I’ll skip them. But the area that needs more work is the search algorithm. I’ve been trying to fin many of the artists that I love and that have also migrated to this platform, but neither a search for their names nor their handle been effective. I’ll stick for a little while, but I really hope searches become more accurate..Version: 1.25

Bad permissionsWants access to my entire photo gallery instead of allowing select photos. Not cool. Big privacy concern..Version: 1.25

Issues with usernamesSo far you can’t use spaces or . _ in your username. Added to the fact that you can’t seem to have a very long username it’s super unfortunate. I wanted to change to this but not being able to take my username from other platforms makes this difficult. Hope this gets changed as I was excited to try it.Version: 1.25

🤷‍♂️Not sure what’s happening, but I’ve been unable to even open the app without seeing a blank, honey-coloured screen. Nothing loads. Can’t do anything, even after the multiple updates. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and I’m still experiencing the issue. I can’t even delete my account. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.0.2

GlitchyApp is glitchy at the moment. I forgot my password, reset it. Then I get a message to confirm location. Followed link, which asks me to set up account again? I already have one! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hoping this will be fixed cause it’s annoying to keep having the same error and issue.Version: 1.25

Account deleted?I’ve had the account for a week, couple days ago the servers were undergoing maintenance. Go to log in, account was deleted and phone app doesn’t recognize my log in info. Deleting app off phone- was giving the slow servers a chance but yea.Version: 1.25

Nice but needs a lot of work!I came over from Instagram to branch out and saw that this was an up and coming alternative to Twitter. I posted my first post the other day and it was more or less okay but could Hive please allow me to copy and paste? I like to type my posts up on my notes first but I soon discovered I can’t copy and paste this over into my post on Hive. I posted again recently just now and spent a lot of time organising the images I used in the post, as well as typing up what I wanted to say in it, only for it to completely disappear? My profile says I have two posts but only shows one of them. It doesn’t show my most recent post and I can’t find it anywhere! It’s quite frustrating! I don’t know how to fix this? I like the app and it feels like it has potential but it’s very buggy and laggy and seems like it has a long way to go. My experience has been just okay so far..Version: 1.25

Don’t Waste Your TimeI throughly enjoyed this app until about 5 days ago when the entire app glitched and wouldn’t load my feed. My notifications wouldn’t load and once they did they wouldn’t take me to the corresponding post when I clicked the notification. I attempted to sign out and sign back in, but when I did that it takes me to a page to create an entirely new account. I’ve reached out to support three times for help with this and no one will get back to me on how to access my original account despite sending three emails to support. I’m bummed because I really liked this app and where it was going, but having to start over from scratch after being established on the app for a few weeks is so frustrating with no help in sight..Version: 1.25

Mature contentSelecting block mature content doesn’t seem to make any difference!.Version: 1.25

Cant create an accountI downloaded to try this app but I can’t create an account using email after putting in my email and password. The “Next” button is untappable so I can’t do anything..Version: 1.25

GlitchyIt looks great, allows for long posts — what’s not to love? How about not being able to see bew posts? Being show the introduction screens and not being able to get past them? Not being able to see your posts because they say you haven’t posted anything? Or logging out and every attempt to log back in is treated like you are trying to creat a new account? Or redirecting you to click a verification email because it thinks you are logging in from a new location, then treats your login attempt as another new account creation?.Version: 1.25

NSFW not working. Porn everywhere (also buggy)I understand that this may not bother some. But as someone who actively tries to avoid looking at NSFW and other more pornographic images, it’s clear to me that this option is not functioning well on the app. It doesn’t matter whether this option is toggled or not, there are still many NSFW images that are appearing in my search/feed. I don’t feel secure using the app so long as this privacy setting doesn’t function correctly. Also, app is slow and buggy. Making things load slowly and sometimes the app starts rapidly flashing on the screen. I’d love an app not under the Meta company that I can use to share my work on. This app seems like it could potentially be that if they fix these major issues..Version: 1.25

Enjoyed this app at firstIt was fun and welcoming initially but I notice my loading times are still very poor and as someone with bad internet I don’t have 3 minutes in between every click to spare. When Hive shut down and came back I noticed how difficult it was to navigate the app more so than it first was. My loading times got somewhat better but every once and a while the app freezes, crashes, sometimes I scroll down and it won’t let me scroll back up for a second or two?? I’m not sure what all the developers have going on as I have heard there’s a total of three people building this app from the ground up. I’ve been trying for about 2-3 weeks now to delete my account and I am unable to do so. I went to check what email I attached so I could be sure to block Hive from sending me spam emails and that page is down too! If I can’t delete my account, my friends can’t delete their accounts, and I can’t even change my email or phone number I put in to make sure my dead account isn’t hacked one day. 2/5 contact me when I’m able to delete my account I’ll reinstall just to do that.Version: 2.1.3

So many bugsJust had a bug fix update but still can’t change any part of my profile at all :/ i’ve been refreshing every single day because i’m so keen to use this app but it’s simply not working right now.Version: 1.1

Decent idea, not very robust or goodGreat idea of having Instagram with a Twitter style feed but the app is slow and clunky. It’s new and has a small team but at the same time I’ve seen controversies about the creators, the app has a strong follow 4 follow culture and there’s little interaction or good ways to search. It takes a solid 30 seconds just to refresh/initially load content after the app is open too which is just far too slow even for 10 years ago. Not having a web version for using in a browser is not good either. Even if you want away from Twitter, I don’t see a good reason to use this over what we already have. You could just use Instagram, keep using Twitter or use other options. Hive Social isn’t terrible, it’s just unnecessary and not compelling..Version: 1.25

Glitch- not working.Username keeps changing back to a blank. nothing is loading. i search- it’s blank. my posts aren’t showing. everything is blank..Version: 1.0.9

InoperableBest of luck in the future but right now this app is completely inoperable. From infinite loading to flashing screens to the app randomly closing, I can barely post one picture and certainly can’t browse. I understand that there are only a couple of developers on this app but that is what a Beta period is for, all these things should have been ironed out long before a public launch. And it’s sad because these problems are going to make people who have joined abandon the app, because frankly none of us want an indefinite wait for an app that is developed properly. I hope this mistake hasn’t dug a grave for this app because “done” is not a strong enough word for what I am with the MetaMusk regime, but I for one am uninstalling because as of right now this app is so clunky it can’t be considered a competitor..Version: 1.25

Good app, needs an updateHas the potential to be better than the gram! Great algorithm, although it’s very glitchy, won’t seem to let me edit my profile at all. Without a bio or profile picture it feels incomplete..Version: 1.11

Impossible de créer un compteImpossible de créer un compte quelque soit la méthode utilisée. Tourne en boucle et ne charge jamais ….Version: 1.25

IPhone 7 problems.Hello, my rating is only low because the only thing I can do is change my username. I can’t change my profile picture or update my name or search anything nothing is working, I understand this app is new so no one let this review change your mind the app seems amazing.Version: 1.0.9

Select photos within the app??Great alternate to Twitter… except when you want to add photos. The app requires full access to photos library or cumbersome process of allowing certain photos going through iOS settings. I’ll update my review to 5 star once this is correctly implemented!.Version: 1.25

Not happy.So I tried to sign up and I never got sent a confirmation code, so I tried again and my device was blocked from the app for my efforts, because of so-called suspicious activity. Fix your app..Version: 1.25

I expect great things...This app has great potential, currently it's very slow to load anything, I hope that is fixed right away cause it does hinder usage....Version: 1.25

Doesn’t workApp is just a grey screen forever. I originally logged in and got it working but haven’t been able to get in for over a month, even after uninstalling and reinstalling..Version: 2.1.2

Glitchy AFLiterally will not keep a profile or cover photo up. When I edit profile the save button doesn’t work 🤷‍♀️ I can’t edit it because nothing saves. I was super excited now I’m just disappointed.Version: 1.0.9

Can’t create an account using an email addressThe Next button stays disabled after the password requirements are met..Version: 1.25

Couldn’t even create an accountCreate an account via email simply stopped with no explanation. Had to go to a separate social media to discover only 100000 per day can sign up with email. Sorry that I’m too old school and refuse to give access to other accounts..Version: 1.25

Can't even use itI was planning to transition over to Hive to get away from the craziness on twitter but I can't even use Hive. I uploaded a profile pic and background image and it wouldn't upload I then updated and all I get is a grey screen. I can't even use the app now..Version: 2.0.1

DisappointingI really wanted to give another platform after the struggles with Instagram and as I tried to created an account, not only have I still not received a confirmation email, but when I tried to resend it it said my email has been blocked for some reason. Not sure why, I have never used this app until this moment so really confused. Hopefully the developers can sort this problem out..Version: 1.25

Good idea, bit of a mess.This app is essentially in its alpha stage. You can download it and play around but it mostly doesn’t work. You scroll, it breaks. You tap on a profile, it gives you a loading screen which never loads anything. You try and make a post, it fails 8 times but on the 9th it works..Version: 1.25

Great App | Terrible Customer ServiceDon’t get me wrong, the social media side of this app is great. They make sure people follow their guidelines and keep them to it. But that brings me to keeping people to uphold their guidelines… I had to make another account because my first one was immediately banned without warning. Not a notification in app or email in sight. And when I reached out to find a solution - no one was there to respond to my situation. It’s been very frustrating to deal with. I would’ve rated lower, but like I’ve mentioned before, the social media aspect is great. Plenty of respect within each community on here. So I’ll remain on Hive for that reason alone..Version: 2.2.1

Good but could be greatI think it’s a great app and has some cool features like repost, typed post(like tweets) and adding songs you like on your profile but it keeps crashing a lot and often it won’t let me log back in. In some areas it’s ahead of platforms like [email protected]@m (using insta as an example bc often is compared to hive) in the ways that hive has taken influence from other socials like Twitter but I feel it’s still lacking and overall would prefer another social like Twitter or insta. I think with a few fixes and added elements it could be ahead of many socials, these tweaks being: - being able to stay logged in instead of having to log in every time you open the app. - having the option to have multiple accounts attached so it’s easy to switch between accounts. - have stories or being able to go live. - have the option to make a slide or collage when you post photos/videos..Version: 1.0.9

Won’t allow me to make an accountWill not proceed to next step after entering email and password to create account. Wants me to use ‘phone number instead’ …will try again later.Version: 1.25

Gaining followersThis app has potential but when people follow me it does appear on my profile and still comes up as 0 followers, same thing when I follow someone it doesn’t show.Version: 1.1

App has a lot of potentialAs it currently stands, the foundation of this app are pretty cool. With a mix of twitter, MySpace, instagram, and Facebook all into one, this app (IMO) should surpass platforms like twitter and instagram. However, due to the nature of the development team (2 people), the app has its downsides. It’s currently super slow (probably due to server infrastructure and influx of new users) and some features (profile music) seem to not be working for some (it won’t play the music on ANYONES profile for me). I would give it a 5 star if these issues were to be fixed. Please for the love of god give this app some breathing room! Small dev teams like this one already struggle to keep up with rising feature demand, and it’s causing the foundations of this app to seemingly fall behind. Please support these devs! Best of luck to all of you!.Version: 1.25

Was great at firstWas pretty good at first but now I can’t see posts from other people and when I logged out to see if that would help I can’t log back in either.Version: 1.25

Zero Customer ServiceThey advertise to email them if you have a problem but good luck bring anyone to respond. The app is still a glitchy mess & it’s just as toxic as all other social media. Been trying to delete my account but the delete link in the app doesn’t work & of course emailing them to delete it gets no response. Overall a terrible user experience and social network..Version: 2.2.1

Buggy unable to login at allLol the verification email doesn’t send and immediately shows up as max number exceeded or something. Also typos everywhere in the process. Tried to sign up again and says an account exists but of course won’t let me login. Totally broken..Version: 1.25

UnusableDownloaded the app, unable to create an account using any of the methods to sign up. Keeps saying to switch to phone # then to switch to email..Version: 1.25

A good effort for a small team, but nothing moreI decided to give Hive a chance since a large number of my friends moved over. The signup process was really fun and seemed like a welcoming home. However, after signup things started to fall apart quickly; errors while posting, multi-second latency on scrolling, and now a full service shutdown to address fundamental security flaws such as allowing edits of other people’s posts. Not to mention the security breach allowing attackers to read all of a users personal records and DMs. I really wanted to like Hive, but I’m just not sure I can ever trust them with my data again. It’s clear they mean well, but… that’s not enough. You also have to turn those intentions into actions..Version: 1.25

FlubbedThis had steam but not execution. Oh well.Version: 2.2.1

TerribleWhere do I start? 1. I made an account as another place to put my art and to find other artists. But I can’t. It’s filled with influencers mislabeling their only fans content and forgetting to turn the nsfw toggle on so I can’t see it. 2. It’s super buggy. It’s so slow. It will tell me I have a like but I don’t. It crashes. It’s barely functioning. 3. I tried to post a video I made but I couldn’t. So I tried to post a picture but I couldn’t. I’ve been able to do it previously but now for some reason I can’t. 4. This morning when I went to check my notifications, despite saying I had 3 posts on the top, everything had been removed. It’s said no posts yet. 5. When I tried to deactivate my account I followed all the steps but it wouldn’t let me. I can’t use it, I can’t delete it. It’s completely useless 100% don’t recommend.Version: 1.25

Needs WorkLooked promising but after yesterday’s ios update things no longer worked so i logged out and tried to log back in and can not..Version: 1.25

Nice - but not getting updates on iPadI like the app, but I am still not getting any updates on my iPad (which itself is up to date). For example a recent update allowed you to block followers, but when I log in and try I get an error message. I am trying the whole “delete and re download” idea (aka turn it off and on again) but not sure if this will work..Version: 2.2.1

Super buggyThe app has an option to enter your birthday so you can opt in to display your zodiac sign. it says you cannot change it once it is set. the prompt said DD/MM/YYYY. i was hesitant but i followed the prompt and entered the day first then month then year. then i go to check it after it’s already been set in stone and it’s showing a different zodiac sign than what i am. not a big deal, right? i then went to the help center to try to get in contact with someone and let them know about this ‘bug’ but when you open the page it’s like blank. no email. no form to fill out. nada. i’ll have to check my popup settings just in case but something like that shouldn’t be made into a popup lol it is a super cool app besides these things i’ve experienced and i’m not going to delete the app or anything like that. this is just the only way i can tell someone that there’s an issue lamo.Version: 1.25

What is going on here???Literally nothing is working. just reinstalled to try and see if it’s fixable and it’s not apparently. literally nothing is working. cant even log into my account anymore it’s not doing anything. beforehand nothing was working either. no posts were loading, nothing. couldn’t even add a profile picture let alone add any more pictures after the two pictures I had uploaded which I didn’t want to upload! i hope you fix this app real quick because I’m about to lose the plot.Version: 1.0.9

Email sign up doesn’t workI would review the app, but I’m unable to even use it as email signup doesn’t work, and with no contact method in the app or on the website (the contact is page has no contact details or form) I can’t contact the developer for help 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.25

DisappointingIt is incredibly slow. Likes appear and disappear. If you have nsfw turned off there are just so many genitals in inappropriate places. I’ve tried to deactivate my account numerous times and nothing happens. Emailed support 3 times (first time was 3 months ago) and have had 0 response. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone, especially since they won’t let you leave..Version: 2.2.1

Please fix the bugsThis app has a really great potential, but it still needs a lot of bugs to be fixed because at the moment its barely working.Version: 1.0.9

Won’t work at allWanted to try this to see if it’s a viable alternative to Twitter. Sadly, when I open the app, all I get is a grey screen and nothing else. Tried updating the app and deleting then reinstalling, but that still didn’t fix anything. Too bad there’s no web client as an alternative..Version: 2.0.2

Has potential but that’s it for now!Hive definitely has potential but nothing more right now. The search function is next to useless. The Discover tab shows mostly porn & sex workers which seem to make up the bulk of the people using this platform. The layout & color palette are great but the owners need to understand a serious social media platform requires a large group of skilled workers to scale up. So far I’ve seen nothing that indicates they understand this. Only one owner is out in the open while the other is hidden. Not sure how long that’ll work while still allowing people to have faith in the platform. I’ll keep an eye on Hive but I’m moving on in my search for a Twitter replacement..Version: 2.0.2

.Really cool app, I love it but has issues with letting me post or edit my posts, also won’t load timeline.Version: 1.0.9

Nice but Needs AdjustmentsThe layout is way better than Tumblr, Facebook, and Mastodon. It’s very similar to Instagram and Twitter. But there are flaws in security like blocking people. The discovery tab is fine but needs a bit more work to be a broader in interests. Also you can’t delete your app which is odd. Sometimes it’s slow and some features doesn’t work all the time. I have high hopes for this app and I see the potential. Maybe hire ex Twitter and old IG employees to make what those apps to help with technical & security issues. I’m putting this app on hold until I know they have more ppl in their team to improve its fixable flaws..Version: 2.1.2

Not worth the hypeI was one of many who recently downloaded this app and created a profile in the wave of moving away from Twitter. Initially, the app was very promising, but it has a lot of bugs and never ending processing times. And now it won’t even work! I open the app and nothing loads, on top of that it says I don’t have any posts which I have posted at least 7 times now and it won’t show any of my notifications. I have tried turning my phone off and on as well as closing the app and reloading it. Doesn’t help. I tried to post a new picture and it wouldn’t post it saying there was an error. So finally, I decided to delete the app and reinstall it only to have it not let me login. Every time I try to login, it sends me a verification email but when I confirmed the verification, it sends me to create a new account and not log into my current account. It is absolutely frustrating! I finally tried to just login without the verification, and it says there was an error. It has a lot of potential, but they really need to work out all of these bugs and issues before I even try to get back into it..Version: 1.25

GlitchyLogged me out after I updated and now it wont let me log in because “something went wrong”..Version: 1.25

Media upload failsApp was working great and then began getting messages that the servers were down for upgrades. My posts disappeared, then came back a few days later. Now I can’t upload pics or video..Version: 1.25

NSFW appNot even 5 minutes into my first time using this app, I ran into NSFW content while browsing one of the trending categories. It was tagged as nsfw, and also wasn’t “artistic” which I guess according to the app’s FAQ is allowed. this was just video of a person touching their male reproductive organ. The settings say you have to opt in to displaying nsfw posts from your settings menu, but mine was turned off and this still showed up. Super off putting. I guess I can understand wanting to allow NSFW content but it doesn’t seem like this app moderates it or handles well and could be an unsafe place for anyone that doesn’t want to see that stuff. Besides that, the app feels buggy and laggy. Pages won’t load, and within the first couple of minutes in the app I had to quit and relaunch a few times just to see content or find the help menu..Version: 1.25

Lots of potential but also lots of improvement neededThe app is cool the UI is clean, but there is a lot work needed on the app. The lag is really bad, I’m guessing it’s all to do with the unexpected amount of users. Which I get they were not prepared for. One thing that’s very very annoying is that when you get a comment notification and click on it you get the comment isolated by itself on the screen, when people click on it they wonna view it under what post that comment was as the notification doesn’t tell you specifically when it’s text based post. Having to click another button to then see the post in that comment seems an unnecessary extra step. The scroll is very buggy. It’s not very smooth and once it starts scrolling there is no cancelling and scrolling back up again you have to wait for the animation to finish. It’s very frustrating Discover could be grouped better I think maybe tabs of thinks you saved at the top that’s scrollable horizontally so you see a grid full of images recommended. Just something to make it more immersive. I do feel like this app can be very cool but atm I am not sure what it’s trying to be. What is it’s goal for the end user. Good attempt though, it’s hard to compete with big social networks that have 100s of staff working on it.Version: 1.25

Absolutely full of bugs and glitchesIt's got good intentions but it's completely full, I mean full, of bugs and glitches. After repairing them, now DM doesn't work, can't receive follow request, can't see anyone who liked your posts. It goes on and on. It's a frustrating experience..Version: 2.0.2

A good startI know this is a new app, and therefore a work in progress, and I’m willing to forgive that. But there are some areas which REALLY need improvements before others. 1. There is explicit content **everywhere**. Your development team should have addressed this before launch; I’m well over the age of consent but have no desire to see this. There should at the very least be a safe-explore toggle to turn off “adult” content but ideally, some better filtering as well. The fact that I can search completely innocent terms and get immediate results for straight up porn is so wrong. 2. Still a lot of display bugs, including one on the home page which causes constant repeated flashing on iOS. Not great for any epileptics out there, or anyone who suffers visual-related migraines. 3. An option to turn off notifications from hive, PLEASE? I don’t want to mute all notifications, I care about messages from people I follow. I don’t want the app notifications that have started popping up every day, they’re just more noise in an already noisy world..Version: 2.0.2

Broken appI’ve had this app for weeks and it’s just a white screen.Version: 2.0.1

Has potential, but way too broken atmI liked it for the first few days it worked for me, and I’d like to support it as it updates and gets better (hopefully) but as it is right now, it’s REALLY broken, even after the mass twitter panic probably making this app break its still not functioning at all now that’s settled down. Posts haven’t updated on my feed or explore for over a week, posts never load on someone’s own page, just tried deleting to see if it’d refresh my feed but now it won’t log me back in at all (saying it’s an issue on Hive’s end). I only address this because I really do wanna see more alternatives to Twitter, more platforms and opportunities for artists to share their work. I’ll check on it again soon and hopefully it logs me back in, but until then I’m locked out, and wanna still try this app out once it’s working more functionally..Version: 1.25

Needs a dedicated feed/timeline but over all pretty goodI ended up making an account and yeah it’s good but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of good features which I understand cos it’s new. It’s like a hybrid of Twitter and Instagram but there’s no dedicated feed like twitter where you can see what ppl you follow share, post etc only the discovery page which presents like a instagram like photo reel that includes EVEYTHING from a certain theme and it’s hard to find people to follow, and when you do find someone to follow you have to go directly to their profile to see their posts but this clunkyness should improve in time. BUT one thing I really like is that you can ask questions to people and they can reply directly to you if they do wish leading to a nice way to interact with fans as a content creator. I think if they add a dedicated Twitter-like feed/timeline in addition to the more instagram-like discover pages it’ll be a pretty good app. I’d like to see the things the people I follow post on a dedicated space rather than having to hunt for in throughout the discovery pages. Over all good job though!.Version: 1.25

Doesn't work, didn't let me create an accountI tried to create an account many times i closed the app and reopened it, i even refreshed my phone and it did not work to explain how it didnt work i typed my email and password and it did not let me hit next i tried tapping it many times and it did not let me fill in my information on the next page, my password fit the requirements and my e-mail was spelled correctly and the button remained dark i then tried to create an account using my google account instead but it still would not let me tap "next" downloading was a complete waste of my time and i am very dissapointed.Version: 1.25

Needs tweaking (not tweeting!)Fair amount of lag time and stability problems (on my iPad). I imagine these issues are growing pains and hopefully will be corrected over time..Version: 1.25

Most features broken. spam notifications. bad/no supportThere's no way to disable marketing notifications. zero support visibility. not sure why Apple allows an app where half the buttons don't work into the app store.Version: 2.0.1

Great app, just really buggyReally enjoy this app. There are a lot of bugs. For example, on your profile it shows how many posts there are but if you add and delete a post, the number won’t change. So it would say I have 8 posts when in reality I have 2 posts. The music feature on our profiles don’t work, I thought if you click on it a preview of the song would play but it doesn’t. Posting is kind of hard bc of the layout. Wish we got notifications. Also there’s a lot of creeps on the app so it’s really disappointing, esp when I have to put my profile in private bc of them and when this app is supposed to cater to a more socially friendly environment. There’s more bugs but these were the main ones for me. Can’t wait to see this app develop even more, it has a lot of potential..Version: 1.18

Won’t allow selected imagesPretty sketchy that they force access to all photos and not just selected ones. They can quickly skim all the meta data off those images including location data. Won’t be using it until they allow selected only access to images..Version: 1.25

Can’t change my picI cannot change my pic or update a bio. I’ve been trying for two weeks in a row. Not happy.Version: 1.11

Username character limitUsername setup appears to have a character limit of 15 characters. This makes it impossible for me to reuse my Twitter handle. Handle consistency is one of those precious things on the web. It’s important to allow that..Version: 1.25

MehTrying to create an account in Hive is a painstaking and arduous task that seems to go on and on forever, and just when you think things are going your way, nothing happens….Version: 1.25

Good, could be better Social SpaceLove fhe sign up process simple and easy to do. Timeline is chronological which is awesome. Just needs in app reporting instead of using email to submit. However the feed is extremely slow to load. Font size is way too small..Version: 1.25

App is AlphaThis is not comparable to Twitter at all, it is best compared to Instagram. Lacking many features that Instagram has and runs very buggy and laggy. Unfortunately has a long way to go to not only go up against the big well established socials but just to even be worth while usable. But I shall keep an eye out and see the updates and improvements come through..Version: 1.25

Dangerous bug causes flashing screenIt started when I tried to make an account. When I tried to send the verification email, I never got the email (yes I checked my spam) so I hit resend email. Then it said “we have blocked all requests from this device due to unusual activity”. So I tried again the next day and got the same result. I used my phone number instead and I was able to make an account. So then I tried making a post with one photo, and everything went ok besides some clunky UI. But when I tried to make a post with many photos, it went very wrong. I posted 6 photos in the carousel post, and only 2 of them actually showed up. Four of the slides were just blank. It gets worse. When I scrolled through the photos again, the 5th and 6th slides started flashing INTENSELY. Like flashing from black to white to black VERY QUICKLY. This is a potentially dangerous bug to those who are sensitive to flashing lights. I’m not sensitive to it but it made my eyes hurt a bit. I’ve used this app for 10 minutes and the bugs are driving me nuts. The concept is really great, and the design is sleek, but the UI is clunky in some areas and the app just doesn’t work that well so far. I’m sure Hive will be a great app in the future, but as of now, it needs a lot of work. If you are sensitive to flashing lights, don’t download this app..Version: 1.25

Not quite thereSeems to have a number of issues that make the app not function correctly with the security features of ios. Am unable to report bugs through apple idmsa, links to the developer contact website but displays no ability to submit a message.Version: 1.25

Bad appEmail verification doesn’t work, app seems like a Twitter rip off. Good try though..Version: 1.25

Many bugsThis app is so broken I can’t even deactivate my account.Version: 2.2.1

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