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A work in progress, but VERY promisingHive is still relatively new as far as social media platforms goes, but already it shows a lot of promise. A lot of new social media platforms try to find some gimmick or attempt to reinvent the wheel. Hive looks to be taking a lot of “best-of” features from other popular social media platforms in the last 2 decades and refining and mixing them into something very solid. Currently my only feedback is: * App performance can be a bit slow at times, but I’m willing to chalk that up to a rapid influx of new users. * Accessibility features such as alt text on images are still in development as of posting this review. * No 2-factor authentication yet. Hopefully we get this soon, as 2FA is pretty important for the modern web. * No desktop/browser interface yet. Overall, I’m leaving my review of 5 stars based on an understanding that this is still a new platform. Hive deserves some attention and could easily become one of the next major platforms if it keeps momentum..Version: 1.25

Excited for the futureI’ve just downloaded hive, and i looks like a really awesome social media platform. it has all of the features of picture posting and twitter like updates rolled into one, but there are also many cool features that make it unique, such as connecting music and choosing a color for the profile. it definitely could use some improvement, but so far it looks promising. i would like to personally suggest a way for creators to copy their own page linked url so that they can add it to a carrd or linktree. i’ve found i can do this for other profiles, but not for my own. additionally, i love that give allows for nsfw content to be distributed, but it would be nice if a blurred screen appeared on posts with the nsfw tag before viewing the actual post. this is just a precaution if anyone were to select “show nsfw” but they don’t want those things to pop up with they are just scrolling through their feed. i haven’t gotten to experiment with hives algorithm yet, but so far it looks great!.Version: 1.25

Everything I’ve ever wanted 🐝I love everything about this app. There’s only a small team working behind it, but they are LISTENING and working on the right things! This is a fairly new app, don’t expect it to be running like a 10+ years app developped by thousands of employees and you’ll have a blast! 💜.Version: 1.25

Promising but not quite there yetI hadn’t heard of this app until yesterday and so far I’m loving it. It seems like the best features of various social media combined into one. However, it is quite slow. I get a lot of blank screens while things load, which takes longer than I would expect, despite using a wifi connection or 5G. Also - I have NSFW content turned off, yet when I go to explore I see a LOT of explicit content. Some is just suggestive, but others are straight up NSFW, sexual content. That doesn’t make it easy to use when I’m anywhere except at home. I’d be more likely to use it more if this were fixed..Version: 1.25

Glitch/BugFascinating app! I started to enjoy it within the first 5mins of downloading Hive. I’m having difficulties w the app backing out after a few scrolls or whenever I tap on a pic/gif/vid. When that’s not happening the entire app and visuals is slow to load images. I’d like to suggest, if possible, it’d be dope if we were able to slide the screen right to return to previous screen (ex: if you were on your profile page instead of pressing the top left top corner of the page to return to the discovery page you could just slide right.) This would be useful for people such as myself who have big phones where it is inconvenient to reach the top..Version: 1.25

Great App! Although…I noticed that app has gotten my zodiac sign wrong, I set my birthday to the 24th of September which is a Libra and it set me with Sagittarius?.Version: 1.25

Fantastic.For only being managed by two people, this platform is *incredible*! I love the simplicity of it, and the customizable options for the profile. The social feeds flow exactly like Tw*tter’s, which means I can just post what I want without having to find stupid servers or groups to join. You can see posts from other people you’re not following, which allows you to find and connect with more people, and you can interact with them the same way you can on the Bird app. If people stick to using this platform, it’s going to be MASSIVE. Well done!.Version: 1.25

Good alternative to InstagramI’m really liking the app despite a few bugs and crashes. But I’m sure it’ll be amazing once the technical issues are smoothed out..Version: 1.0.9

Solid FoundationLooks very promising, recently left Twitter and while Instagram has been an okay replacement, this seems much less “commercialized”, more so a social app for people, not a company trying to maximize how to advertise products. Missed Myspace for the profile customization, which this has in it’s own way. I’m a new user, but I can confidently say I would rather support a platform like this versus a major social media site these days. Glad a major platform failing is bringing outlets like this to light for everyone to see and create communities around..Version: 1.25

Tons of potentialPros - intuitive design that’s easy to navigate - Very few bugs (I haven’t noticed anything myself) - Lots of fun Con - FAR too much Inappropriate/k*nky content that I think need some serious cutting back if the developers actually want this thing to do well. This is the only reason HIVE won’t be replacing my other social media’s anytime soon. But, if that gets fixed, this app would be fantastic. X.Version: 1.0.9

Pretty goodIt’s pretty good and getting better every day! Everyone is down to earth and kind, and you get to add a song to your profile!.Version: 1.25

Good appI do like the app very much. I know right now the servers are are down so the security issues can be fixed which I think is a great idea cause no other app takes the time to shut down to make sure nobodies info is compromised while they’re fixing the problem. I know the app has gotten a lot of low reviews from people who can’t sign up rn or have their stuff not showing but that’s not a glitch. They have announced they shut their servers down while they were dealing with the security issues. It’s literally all over the internet if you just google hive social. I will change my review later about why I like the app when the servers are back up. But so far loving the app and loving that the hive team is taking care of the servers while trying to make sure nobodies info gets stolen..Version: 1.25

Fantastic App but very buggy.Fantastic app and such a cool new and refreshing TRUE organic social media app that I am taking full advantage of. I love it, but I will love it even more when the bugs are fixed and it stops crashing. I understand that the app is run by a very very small team, but if those bugs can be fixed ASAP that would be fantastic..Version: 1.25

A feedback that is 5/10 and here’s why.Upon getting on board with Hive this morning at 11am, apparently can’t get the whole thing to load up and now posting and hearting is still not getting to 100% to where you wanna go straight away. Please improve or others may comment bout this as well, you got the world at your fingers, don’t slip up. All seriousness really do like what you guys are doing expressing artistic freedom for the folks who are starting businesses etc. Keep up the evolution. Buzz buzz, good to be on board..Version: 1.25

Very PromisingThe app seems very promising, though I’ve noticed that my phones auto-capitalisation setting is overridden in this app when posting and it generally seems a bit slow to load. I also can’t seem to find any option for multi-account switching as of yet. Hopefully things like this are able to be addressed as time goes on..Version: 1.25

The app we have been waiting for !!!Instagram who? This app is going to take over with its algorithm, music adding profiles and easy to use functions💕.Version: 1.0.2

Great butThe app itself is great, the layout is nice on the eyes. the profiles are easy to edit. my only problem is the lag, it is unnecessarily laggy and slow. and the fact i have clearly put my birthday as december and when i press “show zodiac sign” it says im a libra … either ive put my birthday in wrong (possibly) or theres smth wrong on the apps end. but i feel like u should be able to change your birthday more than once for this reason . either way great app, just needs some fixing ^^.Version: 1.25

I love this app!!!I think this is what we really needed on the internet. An social media that is owned by a smaller group of people and not by a corporate. The one feature I could ask for is a desktop app or site but other then that I love it.Version: 1.25

A lot of fun!!!In my 7 months of using this app, I never thought I would meet people and end up being friends with them. I appreciate every single one of them and I am so grateful for Hive. Sometimes there’s problems on the app, but I never gave up on it. Developers on this app are amazing too!! Literally everything they’ve done so far is just wow plus they really do make Hive a safe space and they act on it fast, I love them for that!!! Every update makes the app more exciting, so I’m looking forward to the future updates & features soon! Hive is just so fun and you can express yourself without feeling judged by anyone. You end up meeting the kindest and sweetest people in there too..Version: 1.20

I see the effort and it has potentialThere’s clearly bugs to be worked out, changes to be made, and all the other stuff that comes with running a brand new social media especially as a small team. On the other hand I downloaded it to be early expected the bugs and everything that comes with it because I tend to download beta games, the trick is to look into how the app itself will stick out and function long term not on how it functions now. I love the interface and ideology behind the media keep up the patches and I’ll keep staying here much love..Version: 1.25

Pretty good. Twitter has got some competition!Well done, you two! Brilliant that only two devs have made the whole site so far. Just a few reccomendations, and it will be drawing people from far and wide even faster than it is now! (And, of course, making it better for those already on Hive) 1:more/larger servers The app feels really slow sometimes, which is understandable atm, since 1,000,000 people in a week is no small number. However, to help retain these numbers, a better infrastructure system of servers would be appreciated. 2: the ability to save individual posts I don’t want to keep a list of people’s accounts in my notes, or follow every single cool picture I find. That’s all. 3: web browser version Obviously, I am a mobile user, but I’ve heard many say this before, so I want to say it now. 4: improvements to the “trending” tab. This would be so we can frequently see more rising and different content, instead of just seeing what is already at the top over and over again. 5: more people working on the app Not particularly an issue with the app itself, but, as they say, “many hands make light work”. Thanks again!.Version: 1.25

I’m surprisingly delightedAt first I was unsure with Hive but after spending an hour on the app I love it. The app is easy to navigate and it’s easy to create an account. The people you can meet and very kind and wholesome I feel very at home and cozy on Hive.Version: 1.25

Ideas?I see a lot of potential in this app. Its full of all of the most helpful and wanted features from different platforms and its all put together so nicely. Easy to navigate. Using gifs as profile pictures and banners would be awesome. Maybe more than just one song on profile too? It would also be awesome to add an addition to the users zodiac information, maybe clicking on their sun sign could show the rest of their signs in each planet? Id love to see my moon and rising on my display page. An addition to fullscreen short form video viewing like the other social media outlets would definitely help compete too..Version: 1.25

Great alternative to that OTHER appThere’s a social media exodus occurring right now, and if you’re a regular Twitter user who just wants a version of that without the lunatic owner and fringe userbase, then Hive is the thing you’re looking for. Yeah, you could try Cohost, but as of right now, there’s no mobile support, and — I mean — c’mon. You could try Mastodon if you’re *really* into research, ‘cause you’re gonna have to do a lot of it before joining: researching which app is best, and then researching which server to join (a mandatory bar to entry), and then hoping your moderators aren’t closeted bigots who will happily get your whole community un-federated if it means sticking to their own stupid opinions. Tumblr’s always an option, too. No complaints there — if they can survive a take-over by Yahoo, at least they’re more resilient than Twitter after its take-over by *a* yahoo. But let’s be honest. You don’t understand half the stuff the crazy fanbase on Tumblr is even talking about (god bless ‘em). So just give Hive a shot. It’s the scruffy underdog app run by — like — two kids in a basement, and somehow manages to compete with major, multi-billion dollar platforms. You’ll like it..Version: 1.25

High PotentialThis app melds together the best of Instagram and Twitter into one- plus MySpace and more! It’s both refreshing and nostalgic at the same time. My rating is based on the design and ideas, however, people must understand that this app suddenly is gaining a ton of users and has only been managed by two people. So there’s a lot of room for growth and development needed due to the recent high demand. This definitely has the building blocks set to be a better social media than Twitter, and maybe even Facebook and Instagram..Version: 1.25

Pretty good but needs workI found this app really good so far. I deleted Twitter and the only thing I had was Instagram, but the problem was my art would be very low quality. On Hive, it’s keeps the same exact quality and resolution the image was originally so that’s always great. My problem with it so far is performance. I don’t know if it’s a connection issue, but I have been finding my experience to be very laggy whenever I switch from my profile to the search bar. Even when I look for a specific hashtag it takes a bit for it to load and it’s pretty slow. Again I don’t know if this is an internet issue, but I hope this gets fixed cuz I do think this app has potential..Version: 1.25

Great App, but one thing….So far I’ve loved the app. It’s everything you’d want out of a social media minus the bugs, but that’s to be expected when a place blows up overnight. So A+ as far as the actual app, service, and community. It’s stellar. However, I do have a few major concerns that I feel the developers need to address: the TOS, privacy, & investor situation are all, at best, very unclear. It’s reasonable for people to expect to know what they’re getting into & how their data and privacy will be handled. Hive Social does a not-so-great job at explaining any of it. Eventually, left unchecked, this will get the app into MAJOR trouble. Please address these concerns so we can all continue to enjoy your space!.Version: 1.25

A great appI love this app, it's easy on the eye and seems to combine the best bits of Twitter and Instagram. It also has a really nice vibe seemingly, inclusive and friendly, although this may be due to its currently small size. It is a touch slow but not massively so on my iPhone although it may be on others. Everything has to start somewhere and I am excited to see this platform grow..Version: 1.25

Great Alternative to the bird appI’ve been fascinated by what the Hive Social team has been able to accomplish. Yes, there have been road blocks, speed bumps, and frustrations, but this small team is working tirelessly to improve the app. Further improvements can only happen if people continue to support the app, use it, and spread word about it. I’m rating it 5 stars, despite its current shortcomings. The latest improvements make me excited for the future of Hive Social, and I’m so thrilled to be on this journey as a user, and pioneer!.Version: 2.0.0

I am rooting for HivePlease make the platform also available on desktop and profiles accessible via desktop not just via the app and the option to embed posts and share hive links and connect to other apps. I want it to be able to properly compete with the platform that shall not be named..Version: 1.25

So buggyI just downloaded it last night and it keeps making me login/ logout when I get out of the app, it won’t let me update my profile dp, header or bio etc..) and today it won’t let me login at all :( it’s a cool app tho, probably just hella buggy cause it’s new.Version: 1.0.9

Some TLC and it will be amazingVery nice platform it just needs some QOL. Like website and better tools to find posts and topics. The discovery page is kind of a mess of people tagged post poorly to not being content you wish to see..Version: 1.25

I like the appI like the app it’s cool and unique but I wish you could add Amazon music as that’s the music service I have because I have an Alexa..Version: 1.25

Great PotentialAs someone who has been using Twitter for 12 years, I'm loving the potential Hive has. It improves on many functions and the inclusivity promoted via pronoun badges is such a thoughtful feature. One thing Twitter has always struggled with is hiding sensitive content from underage users, so I'm highly appreciative of the Mature Content filter which stops minors from seeing tagged posts. The app is quite smooth but the recent surge of users has made it a little unstable, which is understandable. I look forward to seeing what Hive has to offer in the future. If I had any suggestion, it would be to add functionality to switch between multiple accounts on the app - for example a personal account and an art account..Version: 1.25

Supa heatIt’s already better than twitter, if ur reading this download the app we’re on to bigger and better things.Version: 1.25

Love the app so far, but there are a few issuesSince it’s overloaded with people the app frequently won’t load. I also saw a lot of people complaining they couldn’t get past the “Sign Up” screen because the “Next” button was greyed out. This happened to me as well, except I learned that you just need to add a special character to your password, they just forgot to prompt it:) hope that helps a few people. I’m hoping things will load better once it’s not as overloaded and they have some time to make improvements.Version: 1.25

Lots of potential!It’s a really cool app- no ads- it’s clean and simple it goes have a lot of issues with lagging/glitching, i’m stuck on a black loading screen rn, but in a few updates it’ll be perfect!!!.Version: 1.0.9

Watch this space!Hive has a lot of great potential, it’s slow at the moment and crashes frequently but it’s not unexpected for a new development that has just been flooded with new users. Once this issue is ironed out I’m excited to see where Hive social goes. It already has great social responsibility, inclusivity, and a gorgeous interface with neat features..Version: 1.25

Amazing but few glitchesLoving the app and the community, left my Instagram account and Solely on hive now. Crashes sometimes but expected with a new app, loving the features and interface. Only suggestion is to fix the Spotify connect button, it won’t let me connect..Version: 1.25

Bye bye Twitter by MuskNothing to say really. This is the way to disconnect from toxicity and lack of morals of a billionaire who has decided to be the king of the internet. Hive is still a kid. But it is growing in a proper direction. Hive people - you have my full support and I am ready to be your partner or just promote you on Twitter as long as it’ll take me to move my 1500 followers from there to you. Cheers..Version: 1.25

JOY O’ JOYS!It’s a small social app which feels like a bigger social app. So many of my Twitter mutuals are moving there I couldn’t help but wade in to take a look, and boi, it’s hawt. It’s hotter than Ryan Gosling in a sauna. I’m really looking forward to watching this platform grow..Version: 1.25

Very Promising!Simply put, this platform is very impressive. I recently quit Twitter and have been going through the alternatives to see what I find the most intriguing and unique. Initially, I tried Mastodon but it took over a week to receive a verification email and by that point, I had lost the little interest I had in their server-focused platform. As for Hive, however, my verification went straight to my email (spam folder) and I was able to instantly access the platform. So far, I really love what it has to offer, especially with the music option. As a musician myself, I will find that very useful and I’m sure many others would as well. I also like that can you can clearly display your pronouns and your zodiac sign to express yourself beyond what you could’ve on Twitter. I’ve heard this app is developed by 2 people, and if that is still true, that is beyond impressive. I’ve experienced a few glitches but nothing too crazy, with exception of one. About 20 minutes ago, whenever I was trying to type a comment on a post in my search feed, my screen violently flashes black and white for seemingly no reason until I quickly submitted my comment. It was very jarring and quite frustrating but I’m able to look past that. Overall, I’d consider this to be a great platform worth checking out, especially if you’re familiar with navigating Twitter..Version: 1.25

My opinion/rating on the Hive SocialThe app is still quite buggy but works most of the time. I would like more app updates to improve the experience. But I would highly recommend this app..Version: 1.21

THE NEW INSTAThis app has boost my confidence in posting exactly what I want without judgement. It has no ads and is just a genuine space to express yourself.Version: 1.18

Rather good!I quite like this social media platform. It is very clean, and doesn’t have any gimmicks. My one suggestion to improve it is make the main feed a little more cohesive. The pull down to refresh doesn’t always work, and it has a ‘slow’ feeling about it..Version: 1.0.9

A very good Twitter alternativeIt’s a great Twitter clone that does everything that Twitter can do and more(edit tweets and no character limit). The only negative right now is the dev team seems like it’s pretty small so the app can be a little slow. But I’m not worried because I’m guessing they’ll expand as the user base grows..Version: 1.25

Great Premise, But Needs Some ImprovementI downloaded the app after seeing someone mention it on Twitter. It's a great app, I like how it incorporates the square display of IG and the text posts of Twitter. It kind of reminds me of MySpace with the music incorporation. It's easy to navigate and quite straightforward which I really appreciate. There just needs to be a bit more work on the app's stability. If I want to post a picture I always have to exit and refresh the app before being able to find it. When I visit my account screen, my posts don't show up and I have to keep refreshing it. This could be said the same for both the "Square" display and the "Slide" display. It might be okay for me because I'm not a content creator but it might be a hassle for actual content creators. All in all, great app and exciting. If it wasn't for the laggy features I would give it 5 stars..Version: 1.25

Platform has great potential but there are urgent issues.This platform seems to work fine; I haven’t had enough time to crash it, but it hasn’t crashed yet. Good job so far! There are 2 immediate, urgent issues that the developers need to address, mostly for themselves, but also for users. 1) You need a DMCA Agent, and that information needs to be visible and established. It’s how a service protects itself from being liable for copyright and other violations. You should be able to get this established quickly just by searching for a DMCA Agent service. This needs to be visible and easily accessible from the web, not only from inside the app. 2) your password system refuses to accept dashes (-) as valid characters. The Apple password generation system uses several 5 character blocks separated by dashes, so your system refuses to use the password system of the platform for which it was developed. There are also some intermediate issues that will become an annoyance. Backspace is one character at a time — a long press does not remove several characters. Same with selecting text to copy or delete. That might be a bug. I would have sent this to you privately, but there is no contact information, and you are not accepting bug reports. These are both problems you need to address. I want this platform to succeed; these are new company issues that can be managed well and expeditiously, but they do need to be addressed..Version: 1.25

Almost perfectI just joined not too long ago and I’m a very picky person. I really nitpick whatever I do. I know that this is a small developed app, so I had gentle enthusiasm. I love most of it so far. It’s a combination of my most used apps, so I feel familiar yet with the app. I love the pronouns on your profile, I hope they add more! I love that you can choose whether you want your zodiac sign displayed. The color options, banner, post organizing, being able to like, comment, and repost, etc. Community seems lovely so far. I am having some issues with slow loading and regular crashing that I don’t experience with any other apps I have. I’m hopeful it’s something that will get fixed so I’m only removing a star. I still highly recommend otherwise!.Version: 1.25

The future is excitingI don’t leave reviews. I think they’re pointless 99% of the time. But I had to leave one for you guys. I feel like this app has MASSIVE potential. I love the community surrounding it and the devs seem to really love their app and love what they’re doing. I know to handle the workload, the team will grow but I hope the philosophy stays the same. I just wish I could help you two some how but I’m no app developer. If there’s a role I can play, let me know. You two have something special. Can’t wait to see the Hive grow.Version: 1.25

The Best Alternative to TwitterHave tried a few apps since the downfall of Twitter and Hive is by far the best alternative I have found. The music profiles are a great option for expressing yourself and the hashtag and search functions are already very strong. Some very minor app glitches but these are to be expected and haven’t ruined my enjoyment of the app too much, would recommend!.Version: 1.25

So much betterJust installed it for the first time and it’s so much better, once it has a few more updates it’s legit gonna be better than insta.Version: 1.0.9

I’m in LOVE 💕✨ and I’ve never been this attached to a new app!THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST LOVE CHILD SOCIAL APP OF BOTH TWITTER & INSTAGRAM PERIOD. This app has literally EVERYTHING the two Titan apps currently don’t have and then more! Non-Cropped Images, Supports Long Videos + Videos in general, change colors on profiles, 🔥INTRO MUSIC TO YOUR PAGE🔥. This is definitely an app you must get if you never had MySpace as a kid(me) Of course there is some bugs like some posts loading longer than usual and add ons suggestions that should be on the app like shuffled music, add stories (quick 24 hour posts) etc but I’m not asking for much since there’s literally only a handful of people working on this app alone. Anyways LOVE THE APP, definitely a better alternative from Elon Run Twitter ✨ 🙏🏾🙏🏾PLEASE DONT BE BOUGHT OFF BY ANOTHER BILLIONARE THATS ALL I ASK THANK YOU🙏🏾🙏🏾.Version: 1.25

Has potential - some issues thoI’m really enjoying this app. And think it has great potential in being a big social media platform however I do wish it was a bit more user friendly. It seems to be pretty glitchy (it is newer so it is expected, just hopefully this is fixed). Like when you are scrolling on your profile it tends to be glitchy when scrolling. And sometimes doesn’t let you see a full post. When I go to click on who liked my posts, it doesn’t work. The screen just stays blank. And the music feature isn’t working as well. Hopefully they work on these issues.Version: 2.2.1

Team are dedicated to fixes and securityTeam at Hive are dedicated to their security and servers and have made it known that this app is a safe place.Version: 1.25

Good but could be greatI loved the app way better than the instagram. BUT for some reason I can’t see the pictures that i edited on Lightroom on the gallery to be posted, also the song for the home page keeps bugging for some reason..Version: 1.14

Seems okayI love the idea, the app is a little slow, but looking forward to seeing how it turns out.Version: 1.25

Twitter MigrationMoved to Hive after You Know What with Twitter and honestly vibing with the experience. Hive feels like a throwback to when social media really was about connecting with friends and I love how simple and friendly the app feels. Yes, it’s a little slow at times, but never to the point of being unusable. Heck, I remember the days when Twitter used to crash a lot lol. As with others I’d love a desktop experience simply because typing out longer posts feels easier with a “proper” keyboard and as there’s no iPad app I’m stuck with a blown-up iOS app on there instead of its own thing. Looking forward to where Hive goes!.Version: 1.25

Great alternative!!!.Version: 2.1.2

FabulousLike the early days of instagram, twitter and Facebook this feels friendly and a happy place to be.Version: 1.25

Great new app with room for improvementEarly days but I’m really enjoying Hive. Jumped over from Twitter and loving its vibe! It’s a little slow but understandable due to the high number of new accounts joining. Looking forward to seeing where it goes and how it evolves over time..Version: 1.25

A very good blend of social mediaThis app is great, it needs some tlc for bug fixes but the concept and the parts of social media it has fused together is a good blend. I just hope it remains ad and influencer free (instagram is a hellhole please learn from their mistakes devs). What would make Hive the PERFECT emerging social media platform is web browser compatibility. 🤞🏻.Version: 1.21

This app has great potential!Much easier to reach people than Instagram, loving it so far!.Version: 1.21

Can’t access account and SpotifyI seem to have lost all my posts and can’t view any of the followers I have and I can’t set up my Spotify. It’s a sick app, I love it but I am really sad it’s doing this. Help?.Version: 1.25

Lacks Polish but not PromiseIf you need a new twitter like social media platform this is the place to be. Profiles are similar to that of twitter but with a bunch of quality of life features. Profiles can be split into Main, Just text post, and just images. You can also edit posts, take advantage of far more characters per post, and set pronouns in your profile. I personally made myself a Battle toaster The point is this app is a great Twitter alternative for those looking for one, but this app does have its detractors. There is no auto created feed, You will see the post and retweets of who you follow but nothing else. If you want to see more stuff you need to seek out artist, influencers, game devs, etc yourself and follow them to see what they say. A lot of people are still trying to figure this app out so even the man stream celebrity’s only crack 4k likes but thanks to the low traffic this app has a more positive environment as opposed to the toxic cest pool that is twitter. Great app. Needs some tweaks to be one of the greats, but as it stands there is nothing else Better than it..Version: 1.25

Promising Platform Ahead!I’ve enjoyed Twitter, I’ve enjoyed Instagram, and after seeing Hive advertised as possible new challenger to the social media landscape, I decided to join. Currently the experience is a bit of a mixed bag, but I see the vision for the future. I love the idea of scrolling through a feed of both images and text, and can see immense potential to build community around specific topics (I use Instagram for the bookstagram community, and see BookHive as a promising, even more multi-use tool). I’ve enjoyed customizing my page and could see that getting even better over time. Lots of user experience kinks to work out (and I’d love to see more accessibility features like image/video descriptions), but I think with more investment and time this app will rival long-standing social media institutions. Excited to see where it goes!.Version: 1.25

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